The King of Kungfu in school 521-530


Chapter 522

Chu Yiyun said, "Teacher Guo, I also just accidentally bought an extra bottle of water, look over there, besides me, there are more than twenty other students who also accidentally brought an extra bottle of water."

Teacher Guo Chi looked to the next corner, a pile of water was placed there.

"Ah."Teacher Guo Zhen blushed, this, it's too embarrassing, wouldn't it be seen through to deliberately stammering students?

Tang Zichen received the water from Mr. Guo Quen and smiled, "Mr. Guo, thank you."

"Oh, you're welcome, I'll leave first then."Guo Jie panicked and left, leaving with an embarrassed look on his face.

Chu Yiyun said, "Tang Zichen, I didn't think that even Teacher Guo Chi is sticking up for you."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Don't say it so badly, what stammering ah, then were you just stammering me too."

"I'm not."Chu Yiyun was busy, but at the moment she suddenly found her tone of voice and actions, both a bit ambiguous, I'm the one who is, how does this sentence sound full of pettiness?Chu Yiyun's face was on fire when he realized it.Gosh, how was this possible.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen didn't feel it.

Chu Yeyun busily turned around and walked away to a far corner to continue practicing martial arts by herself.

Tang Zichen didn't go to look at Chu Yiyun much, because he didn't take her seriously at all, but he just happened to be in the same class, and would just occasionally run into her and say a few words. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen shook his head and laughed as he looked at so much water in the corner.

Tang Zichen knew that people wouldn't stammer for no reason, it was nothing more than that he had stepped into the Inner Gate Grand Perfection, it was only a year, the impact was too great for the same first year students, people second year top students, it was only the Inner Gate Grand Perfection.Therefore, many of the students in the class wanted to suck up to Tang Zichen.

"Big brother Zichen, there are so many people looking for you outside."

"Oh, I know."Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen already knew that many people came looking for him, perhaps deliberately pretending to meet him by chance or something, with the intention of getting to know him.

Everyone knew that the feelings between classmates were the purest, and if one got to know a classmate during the academy, that classmate would be able to help in many ways in the future when they developed.Therefore, many, many people in the Martial Academy wanted to get to know Tang Zichen and even make friends, of course, it would be even better to be brothers.

Unfortunately, with so many people coming with a purpose to get to know him, Tang Zichen firstly couldn't, and secondly didn't have that time, so Tang Zichen didn't go out even though he knew that many people were seeking an audience outside the martial field.

Murong Guo Guo and her best friend, the two of them, arrived outside the martial field of the first class of the Blade Department.

"Hello, is Tang Zichen inside the martial arts arena?"Mugo's best friend asked.

"What for?"

"Oh, I'd like to get to know this schoolboy."

"Cut, who doesn't want to get to know, you're the only one who wants to get to know, everyone standing here knows each other, line up in the back."


Murong Guoguo and her best friend took a look, there were at least three to four hundred people outside the martial field of the first class of the Blade Department.

Murong Guoguo's best friend sighed, "See, there are too many people who want to get to know him now, don't even think of getting to know him without a little connection, Guoguo, please ah."

"Ugh, it's just a try, although he does know me, but he and I, don't have any friendship, people may not give me face, you have to be prepared."Mugo said.

"Ummm, thanks."

Murong Guoguo walked to the entrance of the first class martial arts arena and said to one of the gatekeeper's staff, "Hello, could you help me inform Tang Zichen, just say, Murong Guoguo has something to see him."

The gatekeeper grunted, "There are plenty of people who want to find Tang Zichen."

"Will you help me inform him, it's his business whether he comes out or not."

The janitor saw that Murong Guoguo was the courtyard flower, so he gave her this face and went in to inform Tang Zichen.

"Fellow student Tang Zichen, someone is asking for an interview."

Tang Zichen said, "It's been a morning, all seeking an interview, alas, can I still have a pleasant sword practice."Tang Zichen was a bit distraught, just an Inner Door Great Perfection ah, let so many people worship like this, if he announces the identity of a Tenth Grade Healing Master again, Nima, the threshold will be broken.

It seems that hiding the identity of a Tenth Grade Healing Master was indeed right.

People are afraid of fame and pigs are afraid of strength ah.

"Fellow student Tang Zichen, she is the third year's courtyard flower."

Tang Zichen, however, said without any emotion, "What flower is useless, just say that I'm not free, hurry up and guard all the students outside."

"Oh, okay."

Wait, Tang Zichen suddenly shouted again.

"What is it, please say."

"You just said that the third year courtyard flower is looking for me, who?"

Tang Zichen remembered that there was only one courtyard flower in the third year, named Murong Guoguo, who was Tang Zhenghao's fiancée, and back then, the original Tang Zichen had risked his life to peek at her bathing because she was too pretty.If we were to use the original Tang Zichen's identity as a theory, with this Murong Guoguo, although it wasn't a friendship, it was at least an acquaintance.

"Murong Guoguo."

"Uh, it's really her, what's she looking for me for?Is she here to suck up to me too?There's no reason, she's Tang Zhenghao's fiancée, and she knows how upset Tang Zichen is with me.Moreover, back then 'I' peeked at her bathing, she should have hated me to the bone."

Out of curiosity, Tang Zichen said, "Then, let her in."


The gatekeeper walked out and said, "Murong Guoguo, Tang Zichen is willing to see you and let you in."

"Yay, great."Murong Guoguo's best friend got excited.

"Guoguo, thank you for helping me."

"Alright, go in."Murong Guoguo said, while saying in her heart, "Tang Zichen, I didn't expect you to give me this face, and it's not in vain that I was peeking at a bath by you back then.Alas, it's a pity that it's not the same today, nowadays, you're already above me, it's really hard to believe that you, who was such a hangdog back then, would have today."Murong Guoguo was very emotional inside, seeing the Tang Zichen of today, it seemed like she couldn't relate to the fighter who was such a slinky back then, too much had changed, even she no longer had the capital to be proud, and still needed others to give her face.

Murong Guo Guo's best friend looked back at the many students lining up outside and said in her heart, "It's good to have an acquaintance, hahaha, you guys take your time lining up."

Tang Zichen stopped practicing his swordsmanship and his eyes watched two people slowly walk in from the entrance of the martial field, it was Murong Guoguo and a girl he didn't know.

Murong Guoguo was worthy of being a third year courtyard flower, and was really full of charm, no wonder that Tang Zichen, back then, would be desperate enough to risk his life to peek at her bathing, of course, now that this reputation of peeking at bathing had fallen on Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen wasn't sophomoric, though a bit unjust.


"Hello, Tang Zichen."Murong Guoguo's best friend said excitedly to Tang Zichen, as if she had seen an idol.

Tang Zichen, however, looked towards Murong Guoguo.

"You're looking for me?"

Murong Guoguo wanted to habitually snort at Tang Zichen, but suddenly remembered that it wasn't something she could snort at all nowadays, so she shook her head and said, "It's not that I'm looking for you, it's my best friend who wants to get to know you."

Tang Zichen looked to Murong Guoguo's beside her best friend.

"Hi, Brother Tang Zichen, I admire you so much, oh, I'm Lin Yunjia, nice to meet you."

Tang Zichen frowned, I never thought that Tang Zhenghao's fiancée would bring her friend to get to know him, it seemed like this wasn't the Murong Guoguo that he had imagined hating himself with a passion.

"Alright, I already know you, I'm not free right now."

"Okay, then you're busy."Murong Guo Guo's best friend seemed to have her wish granted, and the two of them scrambled away.

At this moment, in a certain villa halfway up the mountain in the Martial Arts Academy.

Tang Zilan hurriedly flew in. The first website

"Zhenghao Bro."Tang Zilan hurriedly shouted.

Tang Zhenghao was standing in front of the window, gazing into the distance.Twenty days ago, Tang Zhenghao had returned from the World Village's adventure, but within a few days of his return, he had heard that Tang Zichen had stepped into the Inner Door Perfection.

He was already filled with jealousy towards Tang Zichen, and when he heard this news, Tang Zhenghao was in a very bad mood, moreover, when he was in a bad mood, he also heard his fiancée even praise Tang Zichen, and at that time, he had a fight with Murong Guoguo.

However, to make matters worse, today, he heard that Tang Zichen had once again struck the Inner Gate Great Perfection.

After Tang Zhenghao learned this news, his entire body was bad, and he had been standing in front of the window the entire day.

Tang Zhenghao only knew at this moment that jealousy of a person could be so strong, or perhaps he was really too jealous or too afraid that Tang Zichen would surpass him.

But just at this moment, Tang Zilan came hurriedly.

"Brother Zhenghao, it's not good."Tang Zilan shouted.

Tang Zhenghao snorted coldly, "What's wrong, isn't it just that Tang Zichen has broken through to the Great Perfection of the Inner Gate, it's just the Great Perfection of the Inner Gate, it's not like he's cultivated to become an immortal, do you need to shout like that.It's as if Tang Zichen has broken through to Inner Gate Great Perfection, and I, Tang Zhenghao, am going to tremble."

Tang Zhenghao was furious with Tang Zilan's performance, yelling and making a big deal out of it.

"Brother Zhenghao, that's not what I meant."

"Then what do you mean by yelling at me to inform me?What's the Inner Gate Grand Perfection, in front of me at the Houtian level, it's still nothing more than a piece of shit, damn it."Tang Zhenghao scolded.

Tang Zilan was a bit dumbfounded, not expecting Tang Zhenghao to react so strongly, not even clearing things up, thinking that he had come to inform Tang Zichen to step into the Inner Gate Great Perfection, fuming, in fact, Tang Zilan didn't come here to do that.

"Brother Zhenghao, I'm not here to tell you about Tang Zichen stepping into the Great Perfection of the Inner Gate, I'm here to tell you about sister-in-law."

"What's the matter concerning Guo Guo?"Tang Zhenghao's eyebrows furrowed and asked.

"Brother Zhenghao, I just saw Guo Guo, who went to the Blade Department to look for Tang Zichen, and, Tang Zichen met her."



sp; Tang Zhenghao's body trembled violently when he heard this news.

Oh my god, the last time Tang Zichen had broken through to Inner Gate Perfection, his fiancée had praised Tang Zichen and Tang Zhenghao had been very dissatisfied and had had a big fight, but I never thought that his fiancée would go for Tang Zichen.

"No, that's impossible."

"Brother Zhenghao, why am I lying to you, it's true.If you don't believe me, go to the Department of Blades now, she should still be here."

Tang Zhenghao immediately flew out, all he knew was that a surge of anger was going to burn through his chest.

He was originally very upset at how quickly Tang Zichen had stepped into the Inner Gate Great Perfection, but he didn't expect that his fiancée would still go to Tang Zichen and act like she admired him, how could this be?

This was simply a denial of his fiancé, ah, a man who couldn't stand the thought of his woman having any admiration or worship for another man, let alone a loser who had once despised her very much and had even peeked at her bath.

"This bitch, she actually went to Tang Zichen, did she forget about being peeked at in the bath back then, she's really pissed off at me."Tang Zhenghao cursed through gritted teeth as he flew towards the Blade Department.

Behind him Tang Zilan followed closely up.

Tang Zilan seemed to be expecting something when she saw how angry Tang Zhenghao was.

"Brother Zhenghao is so angry, I wish he could make a move and beat up Tang Zilan, Tang Zilan is so talented, it's so damn unpleasant, Brother Zhenghao, beat him up."Tang Zilan said inwardly.

Tang Zhenghao quickly flew to the Department of Blades, and sure enough, he was immediately outside the martial field of one of the first year classes of the Department of Blades, and saw Murong Guo Guo's figure.

Tang Zhenghao was furious and flew down at once.

At this time, Murong Guoguo and her best friend had no idea that Tang Zhenghao was here.

"I really admire Brother Tang Zichen, he's handsome and talented.Guoguo, to put it bluntly, your fiancé, Tang Zhenghao, is from the same Tang family as Tang Zichen, but, Tang Zichen will definitely surpass him in the future, and, Tang Zichen is also very handsome, your fiancé, posture-wise, I'm afraid he's not even a tenth of Tang Zichen."

Murong Guoguo didn't retort, just laughed, then said, "Let's go, Yun Jia."

"What, Guoguo, you're not angry when I say that about your fiancé?"Murong Guo Guo's best friend asked.

And right now, Tang Zhenghao was standing a few meters behind them with a black face, what Lin Yunjia had just said, Tang Zhenghao had heard it all, he was already burning with anger, hearing his fiancée's best friend say that about him, comparing him so poorly to Tang Zichen, the anger in his heart was even more to burn his whole body.Moreover, his fiancée, surprisingly, didn't even refute it, which seemed to add another fire.

Murong Guoguo and Lin Yunjia, had no idea that Tang Zhenghao was here.

Murong Guoguo laughed and said, "What's there to be angry about."

"Guoguo, but I just said that your fiancé, who is definitely not as talented as Tang Zichen, and even one-tenth as good looking, you're not even angry at all."

Murong Guoguo said, "You're my best friend, I wouldn't understand your character, you wouldn't vilify Tang Zhenghao for no reason, you're just telling the truth."

"Guoguo, so you also think Tang Zichen is handsome."

Murong Guoguo said, "At first, I really didn't think that that lustful and wasteful Tang Zichen would be as brilliant as he is today.The talent is singularly high, his temperament has changed dramatically, and he's quite handsome, hehe, I don't even believe it's the same person anymore."


In the back, Tang Zhenghao's lungs exploded when he heard his fiancée's words.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zhenghao could no longer control himself and roared, his roar shaking the sky and attracting almost everyone around him.

Murong Guoguo and Lin Yunjia, both of them, looked back openly and saw Tang Zhenghao's face with blue veins, his fists clenched in a yell, his eyes like a bear that had lost his mind.

Both of them trembled in fear, never expected that Tang Zhenghao would suddenly appear in the back, wasn't that, he had just heard all the words?Murong Guoguo's face was white, she knew that her fiancé was very jealous of Tang Zichen, so jealous that the last time he praised Tang Zichen, he had a big fight.And now, oh my god, wouldn't it be a change of scenery, no wonder Tang Zhenghao was so irrational like at the moment.

"Bitch."Tang Zhenghao yelled at Murong Guoguo.

Many people around the area looked over, most of the people around here had originally come to worship Tang Zichen, but they didn't expect to suddenly see a third year supreme senior get angry, and they didn't know what the reason was, but they were also happy to watch the fun.

Murong Guoguo saw Tang Zhenghao openly call her a bitch, and was suddenly angry as well, Murong Guoguo's family was far more powerful than the Tang family, so she had always been not so easy to bully, and now she was very upset at being abused in public.

"Tang Zhenghao, what do you mean, who are you yelling at."Murong Guoguo said in anger.

Tang Zhenghao, who was in the midst of his anger, rushed up.

"Slap."Fiercely slapped Murong Guoguo's face.

"I killed you bitch, you actually came to him, where is the hatred from back then, could it be that you forgot how someone was spying on you back then, you bitch, me."Tang Zhenghao raised his palm again, but at this time, Tang Zilan flew in and hugged Tang Zhenghao, advising, "Brother, don't, sister-in-law can't fight ah." Remember the website

Murong Guoguo was slapped, her face was red, and she cried in aggravation, "Tang Zhenghao, you are not a man, you are jealous of others yourself, not as good as others, so you take my anger."

"You have the guts to say that again."Tang Zhenghao shouted in anger.

"I'll say it again if I say it again, Tang Zhenghao, you're jealous that Tang Zichen is more talented than you, that he's ten times more handsome than you, you're not capable of it yourself, I pooh-pooh.The more you don't let me say it, the more I'll say it, Tang Zichen is just better than you."Murong Guoguo said in anger, she was also really angry.

At this moment, inside the martial arena, many people heard the commotion and ran out.

Tang Zichen also heard the commotion and walked to the entrance of the martial field, only to see that Tang Zhenghao and Murong Guoguo were fighting, there was already a large group of people watching, and there were also bee special reporters in the sky, so I'm sure that countless pairs of eyes were staring at the Genius Restaurant.

Tang Zhenghao was so angry that he was going to vomit blood, his fiancée actually said that he was inferior to Tang Zichen in public, that he was jealous of Tang Zichen.

"Murong Guo Guo, try saying that again."

"So what if I say it, Tang Zichen is more handsome than you, more talented than you, I'm done, what do you dare to do, have the guts to hit me again try."

"Ahhhh."Tang Zhenghao shouted, gritting his teeth, "Good, good, Guoguo, you forced me, it seems that I really have to clean up my house."

Murong Guoguo was stunned, not understanding what Tang Zhenghao meant by cleaning up the portals, she wasn't a child of the Tang family, cleaning up what portals.


In the next moment, Tang Zhenghao shouted at the martial field, "Tang Zichen, come out, you seduced the eldest sister-in-law of the family, I'm going to clean up the family today, come out."

Everyone suddenly turned their attention to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was really innocent, he seduced his sister's eldest sister-in-law ah.

Right now, at the Genius Restaurant, many eyes stared at the Void Screen.

"No way, Tang Zhenghao is cleaning house?"

"Tang Zichen seduced the elder sister-in-law of the family, hehe, no wonder Tang Zhenghao is so angry, fighting in public."

"Tang Zhenghao is a third year supreme student, ah, Martial Academy, out of the thousands of students in the entire third year, there are only three hundred supreme students who have stepped into the early Houtian period, ah, I heard that out of all the supreme students in the third year, they are ranked in the top one hundred.His talent is extraordinary, otherwise, how could he have been favored by the Murong family to marry Murong Guo Guo, a great beauty."

"The Tang family is also really lucky to have produced two genius children in succession.It's just a pity that it caused a scandal to seduce the elder sister-in-law, but if I were Tang Zichen, it's hard for me to guarantee that I wouldn't seduce the elder sister-in-law ah, hehehe, who made this elder sister-in-law, so beautiful."

"Stop it, the Tang family's first genius son, Tang Zhenghao is about to clean house."

At the scene, Tang Zichen walked out without fear, he couldn't even walk out without walking out, everyone had their eyes locked on him.

"Tang Zichen, how dare you, you haven't even returned to your family yet you did something to seduce your elder sister-in-law."Tang Zhenghao gritted his teeth.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Tang Zhenghao, are you sick?"

"Tang Zichen, you did this kind of thing, I am bound to clear the door for the Tang family today, and what you did back then, I will settle the score with you today."

At this time, Teacher Guo Chi came up and advised, "Tang Zhenghao, dissipate the fire."

Tang Zhenghao stared at Teacher Guo Chi and said through clenched teeth, "This teacher, this is an internal matter of my family, you better not meddle in it, otherwise, I, Tang Zhenghao, will definitely be a big enemy in your life."

Teacher Guo Quan no longer spoke, Tang Zhenghao was also a supreme level student, and, having just stepped into the early stage of Houtian, his ranking, which was in the top one hundred among all supreme levels, had a high hope of striking innate in the future, there was no need for him to find an enemy of his own.

Tang Zichen's heart was a bit angry, this Tang Zhenghao was a bit of a bully, in fact, Tang Zichen had no idea what was going on, well, how did he turn into someone who seduced his elder sister-in-law and ruined his reputation.

"Tang Zhenghao, I advise you not to go too far, there are a lot of onlookers today, if you still care about the Tang family's name, I advise you to get out immediately."Tang Zichen said.

"Swoosh."Tang Zhenghao drew his sword and said coldly, "Tang Zichen, you seduced my fiancée, insulted the family, and did such a scandalous thing to hurt the morals of the family, I'm cleaning up the house today in the name of the family, you're asking for it."

Tang Zichen grunted, "Tang Zhenghao, it's not just a matter of time before you see me as unhappy, what's the point of trying to add to your crime, seducing your fiancée?I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, so I'll just admit it.Yes, I did seduce your fiancée, who is beautiful, deserved to be seduced by me, and you, but there is nothing you can do about it, otherwise, what do you dare to do?Clean up the portal?Don't be ridiculous, you're the only one who cleared the portal?"


"Yah yah."Tang Zhenghao's teeth were chattering with anger as he heard Tang Zichen's ravings.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Tang Zhenghao, go home and wash up and sleep, don't embarrass yourself here, back then when I was at the late stage of the Inner Sect, Zichen I didn't even take you seriously, not to mention that now that I've stepped into the Inner Sect, I've never taken you seriously.In my eyes, you are, at best, just a kid with a bit of luck, you keep jumping in front of me, showing existence, but unfortunately I can't see it in my eyes.I'm warning you for the last time now, get the hell out of here right now, or else, don't blame me for being rude to you."


The surrounding people heard Tang Zichen's words and wowed, because, Tang Zichen was too crazy.Tang Zhenghao, a third year Houtian supreme student, hadn't even put him in his eyes, had he forgotten that he was merely an Inner Gate Great Perfection at the moment.

Could it be that Tang Zichen thought that he, an Inner Gate Great Perfection, could fight a battle against the Houtian level?

Although Tang Zichen had defeated many of the late Inner Gate's great successes.

However, could this be mixed up?Late Inner Gate and Great Perfection, no matter how much difference there was between them, it was still the same martial field.The Inner Gate and Houtian, on the other hand, were not the same field at all, the entire Martial Academy, thousands of third year students, only a mere three hundred people stepped into the Houtian, and even Murong Guoguo, the third year, was only an Inner Gate Great Perfection.Moreover, Tang Zhenghao was still the top one hundred strong geniuses among all of these supreme students.

Anyone who heard that an inner-door grand completion student was so unconcerned with the Houtian would wow and then curse a foolish or ignorant rat.

At this moment, in one of the upscale restaurants of the Genius Restaurant, a supreme student who was also an early Houtian scolded, "Frog at the bottom of a well, the Inner Gate still dares to disdain Houtian, there are all kinds of people in the world really.Really think that just because you've been awe-inspiring in the Protectorate Family, you think you're invincible, dumbass.Tang Zhenghao's strength, even I'm not sure I can definitely defeat him."

"There are silly ratios every year, this year especially."

"Tang Zhenghao, clean up your house, this kind of scum who seduces the eldest sister-in-law of the family, no need to be polite to him.At the same time, also establish a dignity for all of our third year students, Tang Zichen, a first year, actually dared to disdain our third year Tang Zhenghao, this matter is not only a matter of Tang Zhenghao's dignity, but also the dignity of all of our third year students." A second to remember to read the book

"That's right, all of us in the third year are fully supporting Tang Zhenghao to clean up the house in order to be righteous."

At the scene, Tang Zhenghao's hands were trembling, he, surprisingly, had never been put in Tang Zichen's eyes, gosh, this was such an infuriating thing, thanks to the fact that he had always thought that he should find a chance to educate Tang Zichen, who knew, people had never put him in their eyes.

"Very well, Tang Zichen, you've thoroughly angered the sword in my hand, today it seems to be more than just cleaning house, so I'll show you how you don't put me, the day after tomorrow, in your eyes."

Tang Zichen's gaze twisted as he looked at Tang Zhenghao.

While it was true that Tang Zichen didn't take him seriously, Tang Zhenghao was after all Houtian, while he was an inner gate, the difference was a domain ah, how big was the gap between a domain, perhaps no one was sure.

"Cut the crap, do it."Tang Zichen said, not having any fear, even if he couldn't beat Tang Zhenghao, he at least wouldn't be hurt by him.

"Swoosh."Just at this moment, Tang Zhenghao killed with a sword, this sword, very subtle, that sword intent, definitely reached the entrance of having a sword in his hand, worthy of a student with the supreme title.

Tang Zichen felt as one

A volcanic heat wave came, just this sword made Tang Zichen feel so much pressure, it wasn't that Tang Zichen couldn't, but the difference in the realm brought about.

Tang Zichen's body not only trembled when he saw that the sword had already reached him, it seemed that he had underestimated Tang Zhenghao's strength, as well as the difference between the Inner Perfection and the Early Houtian.

In a moment of urgency, Tang Zichen cast Ghost Wheel Flash.

His body disappeared like a disappearing ghost.

However, Tang Zhenghao's sword turned in a flash and came back at Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, he was actually able to find the trajectory of Tang Zhenghao's sword when he cast his Ghost Wheel, which meant that his Ghost Wheel could not hide in the eyes of Tang Zhenghao, a Houtian level person.

Tang Zichen could only slash down.


The Killing God Saber Technique tore into Tang Zhenghao, but Tang Zichen was only able to hinder Tang Zhenghao without bringing any offensive pressure against him.

Tang Zichen's face changed slightly, the Inner Gate, was it really impossible to defeat the Houtian?Even if he had comprehended that he had a sword in his heart, he couldn't make up for the difference in his realm?

The facts proved irreparable.

Tang Zichen had completely fallen victim to that encounter just now.

Tang Zhenghao's face screwed up as he snorted in disdain, "Tang Zichen, what other tactics do you still have, so why don't you hurry up and use them?Do you really think you can stop my three moves?Hidden magic?Knife skills?Ridiculous, too low in my eyes, an inner door is an inner door, and you want to boast about the field?Idiot."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, saying in his heart, "If I get beaten by him today, I'm afraid that I'll make the whole courtyard laugh, it seems that I must fight."

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen took out a sword once again.

Tang Zichen held the sword in one hand and the sword in the other.

Tang Zichen had to do something that made it impossible for anyone else to do, and that was to use two things in one hand, one hand to perform the saber technique and one hand to perform the sword technique.

In other words, the Killing God Saber Technique and the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, each using both hands at the same time, so that it might be possible for Tang Zichen to cross a field and challenge the Houtian, otherwise, it really wasn't possible at all.

However, Tang Zichen did not have any confidence in performing it successfully.

Each of the two hands to perform a martial art, let's forget about the power if, just to do it is not an ordinary person can, besides, it has to reach the level of the usual two hands to perform.

In his previous life, Tang Zichen was occasionally able to succeed, but in this life, Tang Zichen doubted it, after all, this body was still a far cry from his previous life.

Then, there was only one fight today, or else it would really be impossible to be a Houtian opponent, even if it was someone weaker than Tang Zhenghao.

Tang Zichen raised his sword with his left hand and sliced it horizontally with his right hand, making different movements with both hands.

Tang Zichen was aligning his state.

And everyone around him was now shocked, "Damn, is Tang Zichen trying to do two things in one mind?Using swordplay with one hand and swordplay with the other to achieve a simultaneous siege of two people?Damn, how is this possible, I definitely don't believe it."

At the Genius Restaurant, everyone was stunned when they saw Tang Zichen pick up a sword and a saber.

One hand and one sword, this could be the equivalent of two people fighting one person.


"You're not going to try to do two things at once, are you?Even if you were to succeed, it would only be the equivalent of two people besieging me, and you think that two Inner Gate Great Perfectionists will be able to defeat me?Ridiculous."

Tang Zichen said, "Ridiculous is you."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense, the sword in his left hand slashed, the Killing God Saber Technique three swords in one.

The sword in his right hand swung, the Dragon Descending Sword Technique, two swords in one.



This was already Tang Zichen's strongest power in sword martial arts.

"Boom."The blade and sword energies turned into two meteor-like forces that blasted towards Tang Zhenghao.

Tang Zhenghao's face was startled, he didn't expect Tang Zichen to actually succeed in doing two things at once, and the power exerted was far from being as simple as 1+1 equals two, this was by no means the power of two Inner Circle Great Perfections that he was talking about.

Tang Zhenghao immediately swung his sword to break Tang Zichen's strike, but the power of Tang Zichen's saber combination was very powerful, so powerful that he felt very hard pressed.However, just the strain was not enough to pressure him into defeat, after all, he was at the Houtian level, and the inner door was only the inner door no matter what.

Tang Zichen's gaze was locked on Tang Zhenghao, in fact, Tang Zichen's sword strike just now was not really to defeat him, but had another purpose.Tang Zichen wanted to instantly divide Tang Zhenghao's internal strength and attention so that Tang Zichen's real strike would be able to knock him down.There was no way around it, the Houtian realm was too strong, and although Tang Zichen's Saber Combination strike was his strongest power, it was still impossible to defeat Houtian with that alone. The first website

As expected, Tang Zhenghao faced Tang Zichen's move of combining the swords and put all his internal strength and energy into cracking Tang Zichen's move, although it was impossible to be defeated with this move, he could at least hold his energy in check.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's body moved and performed the Ghost Wheel Determination, and suddenly disappeared in place, and in the next moment, Tang Zichen was already in front of Tang Zhenghao.

"Ah."Tang Zhenghao was shocked, but, it was too late to react.

Tang Zichen poured all his strength into his entire body and gathered on his finger.

"Yin-Yang Finger."


Tang Zhenghao also reacted super fast, and suddenly tried to mobilize his whole body's internal strength to resist Tang Zichen's strike, but it was simply too late.

"Poof."Tang Zhenghao's chest was pierced with a cup-sized blood hole.

Tang Zhenghao's body, which was originally full of explosive power, was suddenly like a deflated ball.

Tang Zhenghao stood in place with one hand covering his chest as blood puffed out, quickly staining his hands red.

Tang Zhenghao was pierced through the chest, his abstruse Qi was leaking out, and he was already at the end of his crossbow, with no ability to fight again.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's sword pointed at Tang Zhenghao's throat.

Everyone looked on without blinking, seemingly unable to believe that the result of a battle that had no suspense at all was beyond everyone's expectations, Tang Zichen had actually defeated Tang Zhenghao, and most importantly, Tang Zichen didn't seem to have any injuries on the outside, and bracing himself to die would be an excessive consumption of internal strength.

At the moment, Murong Guo Guo stood there with a cold body, looking at Tang Zichen's sword pointing at her fiancé, with an incredible look on her face.

Tang Zichen pointed at Tang Zhenghao's throat and said, "Tang Zhenghao, at this moment, your life is in my hands, so kneel down!


Tang Zhenghao gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, kill me if you have the guts."

"Puff."Tang Zichen stabbed his sword into Tang Zhenghao's chest.

"Ah."Many people at the scene screamed, thinking that Tang Zichen had very much killed him.

However, Tang Zichen didn't kill him, but merely gave him an extra sword to leave more blood.

Tang Zichen said, "Tang Zhenghao, always remember, you never existed in my eyes, don't take yourself too seriously, next time if you have something to show your existence in front of me, then I'll be blamed for being rude."

At this time, Tang Zilan, who was beside the onlookers, yelled, "Tang Zichen, how dare you hurt Tang Zhenghao, no matter what, Tang Zhenghao is also the eldest brother of your family, I think you don't even care about your family, you're too much."

Tang Zichen pulled his sword out of Tang Zhenghao's body, his eyes aimed at Tang Zilan.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen threw the sword in his hand at Tang Zilan.


"Puff."Tang Zichen's sword stabbed into Tang Zilan's body in one go and also pinned Tang Zilan to a tree behind him.

"Ah."There was another shriek, but of course, it was all girls.

Tang Zilan's mouth started to bleed at once.

Tang Zichen walked up and said, "Tang Zilan, I hope you remember this sword, don't say any threatening or sarcastic words to me in the future, and inside you, don't compare yourself to me, even Tang Zhenghao's wasn't put in my eyes, let alone you, do you hear me?"

Tang Zilan looked at Tang Zichen with fear in his eyes, although he was ruthless inside, he didn't dare to show it again, afraid that Tang Zichen would make another move on him, at this moment he seemed to have woken up, Tang Zichen was a completely fearless person, and he accused him of not putting his family in his eyes, what a joke, and tried to use his family to pressure him.

Tang Zichen pulled out his sword and Tang Zilan fell to the ground, bleeding all over the place.

Tang Zichen didn't look at Tang Zhenghao and Tang Zilan anymore and flew up.

At this time, at the Genius Restaurant, everyone looked at the Void Screen and couldn't say anything.Tang Zichen had actually defeated Houtian, and the Inner Gate defeated Houtian, if you didn't see it with your own eyes, this was something you would never believe.

Tang Zichen came to the Sword Department to pick up Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian.

The battle with Tang Zhenghao just now, Tang Zichen was not easy at all, he almost exerted his full strength to defeat him, at the moment Tang Zichen had no internal strength at all, and there were some losses in his meridians, and his mental overdraft was excessive, because the two swords were combined and used in two ways, this heart calculation speed was unimaginably fast.

"Phew."Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the Sword Law Department, and said in his heart, "I didn't expect that Houtian was so powerful, even in my previous life, when I was a great success at the Inner Gate, I hadn't defeated Houtian ah, I wasn't even an opponent."

In his previous life, when Tang Zichen was at the Inner Gate Great Perfection, there was no way he could defeat the Houtian, and on one occasion, Tang Zichen was severely injured by an early Houtian powerhouse.

But in this life, Tang Zichen, with his experience from his previous life and many, many advantages, had actually defeated Houtian at the Inner Gate Realm.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, it seemed necessary to close the door and recuperate for a few days to restore himself to his peak state, then prepare for his second trip to the World Village to train and strike the Houtian.

Although he was now incredibly strong in the eyes of many people, he was still very weak to Tang Zichen himself.


Tang Zichen picked up Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian at the Sword Law Department and had dinner together before returning to his dormitory to start recuperating.Of course, the recuperation was mental, the spirit was the hardest to recover from, and a healer couldn't cure any trauma to the spirit.

The next day, at the Wei Gu Family on Martial Island.

Five people came, one of them was an innate expert, and four others were Houtian experts.

These five people, all surnamed Lan, originally had an outstanding child of the family, very hopeful of striking the innate realm, Lan Jingming.

However, they were killed more than a month ago, nearly two months ago.

How could the Lan family stop there, it was just a pity that they couldn't enter the Martial Island before it was time to open, and after waiting so long and painstakingly, they finally waited for the second time each year that the Martial Island would open to the public.

Then, the Lan family immediately came to Martialwood Island with an innate expert, plus four Houtian experts.

"Kill Lan Jingming, my Martial Forest Academy, a first year student, called Tang Zichen."A strong man from the Wei Gu family said.

"Senior, a child of my family came to Wei Gu Family as a disciple, but he was killed just like that, and although we learned of the news early on, we couldn't come to Martial Island at the first opportunity.Now that it's been almost two months, has your Wei Gu Family, for nearly two months, not avenged my family's disciple in the slightest?"One of the Lan family's innate experts questioned.

The Wei Gu Clan's strongest man snorted, "Lan Jingming has been crippled, and although he has already received the arms of others for him, unfortunately, he is the one whose qualifications have since turned ordinary, and will never be able to become a generation of strong men again.My Wei Gu Family, will not be able to do anything more for him, whether you want revenge or reconciliation, it is up to you to decide.However, Tang Zichen is not a generalist, I heard that yesterday, he defeated a Houtian student at the Inner Gate Great Perfection realm, so you should know how difficult it is to seek revenge on him."

The five strong members of the Lan family said in shock, "That's impossible, how could the Inner Gate defeat the Houtian." Remember the URL

"This matter has already spread in the Martial Academy, and also in the four Island Guardian Families, believe it or not."

The Lan family came to the point where all five of them trembled, if it was true, then that Tang Zichen's talent was too terrifying.

"Senior, even if that Tang Zichen talent is strong, is it possible for our family's genius children to be crippled and just remain indifferent?"That innate expert of the Lan family was unhappy, Lan Jingming was an ah who had every hope of striking the innate realm, but it was ruined like this, otherwise, their Lan family could have had another innate expert sitting in town, currently their Lan family only had five innate experts, so how important it was for them to add an innate expert.

"I've already said that it's up to you to decide whether you want revenge or reconciliation, this revenge is not good."

The five strong men of the Lan family left the Wei Gu family, and Lan Jingming left with them.

"Grandpa Lan Ming, you have to take revenge for me."Lan Jingming cried out to that Lan Family's innate expert.They, the Lan family, had a total of five innate experts, and this one, Lan Ming, was the fourth in strength among these five innate experts, and came to Martial Island once this time specifically for Lan Jingming's sake.

"Damn it, Clan Leader Lan Ming, what should we do, the Wei Gu family won't avenge Jing Ming at all."

"This is our family's revenge, we must take revenge, that Tang Zichen put us

The destruction of the family's genius that had hopes of hitting the Innate Realm is just as serious as killing an Innate expert in our family, this matter cannot be stopped.If we don't make some kind of statement and just swallow our anger, then the other families will definitely think that we are easy to bully in the future."

That innate expert named Lan Ming frowned, clearly not expecting things to be so tricky.

"Let's go to the Martial Academy first and find that Tang Zichen."Lan Ming said.


Five strong members of the Lan family, plus one Lan Jingming, and six of them headed to the Martial Academy.

Lan Jingming had his hands chopped off by Tang Zichen last time, followed by a pair of other people's hands taken over by a healer from the Wei Gu family, and now he was almost recovered, but unfortunately, it was only the appearance of recovery, he no longer had the possibility of becoming a strong man, this hatred, Lan Jingming gnashed his teeth.

Tang Zichen was recuperating in his dormitory, after a day of recuperation, the damage from yesterday's battle with Tang Zhenghao had also recovered.

At this moment, in the distance of the Martial Academy, six people from the Lan family flew into the range of the Martial Academy.

"Where is Tang Zichen?"

"I know the general direction of his dormitory, I'll know where to go as soon as I ask."Lan Jingming said, he could not wait to exterminate Tang Zichen right now.

The strongest members of the Lan family arrived near Tang Zichen's dormitory.

And right now, in one of the houses of the Martial Academy, the dean's brow furrowed as he inwardly said, "An innate expert."

That's right, the dean had sensed that an innate expert had entered the Martial Academy's range.

There weren't many innate experts in the entire Martial Forest Academy, only a dozen or so, so when an innate expert suddenly came, the dean naturally sensed it right away.Innate experts weren't easy to achieve, so any innate expert was very imposing, and standing anywhere in the Martial Forest Academy, one could faintly sense the eye-catching momentum.

The dean immediately flew up to the roof and looked into the distance, as the dean, there were innate experts entering this academy, whether they were friend or foe, he had to find out.

Near Tang Zichen's dormitory, the Lan Family's innate expert asked a student, "Student, where is Tang Zichen's dormitory?"

"Oh, that dormitory building up ahead is where Don Zixon lives."


The Lan Family's innate experts suddenly flew to Tang Zichen's dormitory building.

"Tang Zichen, come out."The Lan Family's innate expert opened his mouth and called out, his voice wasn't very loud, but he could make sure that the entire dormitory building could hear it, while those outside this dormitory building couldn't.As an innate expert, this skill was still doable.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen was in the dormitory right now and suddenly heard someone calling him.

Tang Zichen's expression was stunned, and he could tell from this sound that was emitted that it was an innate expert.

"Oh no, it's an innate expert, it looks like it's a bad visitor."Tang Zichen was startled inside.

Innate, it wasn't something that the current Tang Zichen could face, if one had to compare it, the difference between the Inner Gate and Innate was like the difference between an ordinary person and Iron Man, slapping them into flesh in one go, just the outgoing momentum of an innate expert was enough to crush any Houtian Great Perfection to death.Moreover, Tang Zichen didn't even have a Houtian right now, only an Inner Gate.


"Should I go out when the innate experts are looking for me?Although I didn't take the Houtian experts to heart and dared to compete against them, it's because even if I'm not a match, I'm still confident that I won't be killed, but innate..."

While Tang Zichen was hesitating to fly out, a powerful innate momentum struck from afar, it was the Dean of the Martial Academy.

That innate expert from the Wei Gu family had said that killing Tang Zichen for revenge was not so easy, perhaps, referring to the dean.

The Dean of the Martial Forest Academy was a late innate powerhouse, and although the entire Martial Island couldn't be considered a top-notch powerhouse, it was at least first-rate, and not just anyone could bully him.

That innate expert of the Lan family's gaze shot up to the powerful innate momentum that flew in, looking a little panicked, because, the innate momentum that flew in was so strong that it was still a thousand meters away from him, and he felt the oppressive force coming from him.

The dean flew up, stood on the roof, and smiled at the Lan Family's innate experts, "I wonder which friend has come to our courtyard."

As for the Lan family's other four Houtian level people, the dean didn't even look at them, they were merely insignificant characters to him.

The Lan family's innate expert's forehead slightly oozed a little sweat, and he arched his hands and said, "Meet this senior, I am Lan Ming of the Lan family of the Yanhuang Empire."

"Friend Lan Ming has come to my Martial Forest Academy, I don't know what you want, I am the Dean of the Martial Forest Academy, if there is anything I can help you with, just say so."The dean said.

Lan Ming clenched his teeth and said, "Since that's the case, I won't hide anything, I'm sure you know, Dean, that my Lan family has a genius son, in the Wei Gu family, called Lan Jingming, who was a very promising student to achieve innate talent, but unfortunately, he was crippled by a student named Tang Zichen from your academy.I came here today to find Tang Zichen's theory, and I hope that the dean will give me a convenient explanation."

At this moment, Tang Zichen had already flown out and was standing on the roof, Tang Zichen knew what had happened when he saw Lan Jingming, so it was the family of the Lan Jingming who had beaten and crippled him more than a month ago who had come. One second to remember to read the book

Regarding this matter, although it was a pity to ruin a person now, things could not be theorized after calming down now, but should stand on the scenario at that time.At that time, this Lan Jingming was really abominable, moreover, Lan Jingming was holding the aim of crippling Tang Zichen in order to get Liu Xiangyun at that time, so Tang Zichen was so furious that he crippled him.It was all but his own fault, and he couldn't blame anyone.

Dean said, "Tang Zichen is standing right here, if you want him to give you any argument, you can just ask him directly."

The Lan Family's innate expert turned his head to look at Tang Zichen with eerie killing intent in his eyes.

When Tang Zichen saw the killing intent in his eyes, he was in awe, it really was a bad visitor.

That Lan Jingming saw Tang Zichen and bellowed with red eyes, "Tang Zichen, I'm not done with you."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Lan Jingming, so quick to grow your hand back, you really have forgotten the pain of your wounds and still dare to come to me."

The Lan family's innate expert put away the killing intent in his eyes and said, "You must be Tang Zichen."

"Yes, I'm Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen looked at the Lan family's innate expert without fear, this person, Tang Zichen judged by his momentum, was probably at the middle stage of innate.But no matter what stage of innate, it was fatal to the current Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen dared to be fearless in front of a Houtian expert, but never dared to do so in front of an innate expert, even if he was mad, he knew the score.

The Lan family's innate expert's face was fierce, and he laughed, "As expected

A bit of guts, beating up someone else and still daring to be so righteous."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Just making a fool of myself."

"Tang Zichen, you maimed Lan Jingming, what are you going to give my Lan family for this matter?"Lan Ming said coldly.

"I have no argument for you, do whatever you want, because, Lancing can never go back to the way things were, and any argument, is superfluous, isn't it?"

Lan Ming's face was twisted, if the dean wasn't here, he would have killed Tang Zichen.

Lan Ming looked at the dean and said with an angry look, "Senior, you heard it too, this son is so arrogant, what do you think I should do."

However, the dean did not have the slightest sympathy for him and said indifferently, "It's already happened, and it can't be undone, so why stop there."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, you know what I mean, if you have to force me to tell you what I mean, I'll have no choice but to tell you, Tang Zichen is a genius student of my Martial Academy, if you dare to touch a hair on his head, I'll touch you."


"Don't you ah you, as a worldly family's innate expert, you should know very well how precious an innate expert is, I think there are only a few people in your family who have achieved innate, if you are still stubborn, I don't mind making your family one less innate."

"Dean, don't bully people too much, bullying my worldly family just because you're the Dean of the Martial Academy."Lan Ming's face was angry.

"Oh, for no reason, what am I bullying you for, you need to get out of here now, I won't allow you to hurt anyone in my academy."

Lan Ming twisted his face to look at Tang Zichen and said viciously, "Tang Zichen, we'll see."

"No escort."Tang Zichen said.

The powerful Lan family left with a reluctant and snarling Lan Jingming, it was just as the Wei Gu family's innate expert had said, it wasn't so easy to seek revenge on Tang Zichen.

After they left, the dean looked at Tang Zichen and sighed.

"Thank you, Dean."Tang Zichen said.

The dean said, "Tang Zichen, you are the most talented student in the history of my Martial Academy, I will defend you no matter what.Even if the powerful people of the Protective Island Family want to harm you, I will still help you with all my might, but no matter how much I defend you, it will only be for a while.Sooner or later, you'll graduate and leave Martial Island, and you won't be able to get over this feud without so much ease.The Lan family's innate experts have shown their killing intent towards you ah."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Of course I know."

"You can still laugh, perhaps, you were too impulsive, if you didn't cripple that Lan Jingming, you wouldn't have this feud today."

Tang Zichen said, "No, I wasn't impulsive, Lan Jingming wanted to forcefully steal my woman, and also wanted to maim me in front of my woman, imagine how I, Tang Zichen, wouldn't have maimed him, even if I turned back time, I would still have maimed him."

"Alright, then you work hard, at least I'll do my best to defend you while on Martial Island.Currently, the people of the Island Guardian Family don't like you either, so you're not in a good position in Martial Island."

"Haha, it doesn't matter."Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen's goal was to step into the Innate within two years, so Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of anything, and when he returned to the Innate, what else was he afraid of, ordinary people would never dare to mess with him.


The Dean and Tang Zichen said a few words, then flew away.

Tang Zichen flew down to the Blade Department.

Tang Zichen's defeat of Early Houtian Tang Zhenghao had completely spread through the Martial Academy, and even the Protectorate Family already knew about it.The news had even spread back to certain families in the Yanhuang Empire, and it just so happened that these days, the Martial Island had opened to the public for the second time, so the news had spread especially fast.

In the Yanhuang Empire, a certain family.

"Grand Elder, the Martial Academy has sent back an urgent message."

"What kind of news?"

"That Tang Zichen of the Tang family, he, he defeated Tang Zhenghao."

"How is that possible, Tang Zhenghao is our Murong Family's favored genius, Murong GuoGuo's fiancé, and now he's already gone to the Houtian realm, Tang Zichen, even though he's no longer useless, he can't be Tang Zhenghao's opponent."

"Grand Elder, I haven't finished yet, Tang Zichen has broken through from late Inner Gate to Inner Gate Great Perfection in less than two months since the last New Life Competition.Moreover, just now the news has come back that Tang Zichen has defeated Tang Zhenghao from the Early Houtian stage at the Inner Gate Great Perfection."

"Ah, are you serious or not?"

"A thousand times true, not only did Tang Zichen break through to the Inner Gate Grand Perfection so quickly, but he also defeated the Houtian Tang Zhenghao.Great Elder ah, but Tang Zhenghao is someone who is married to our Murong family, our favored genius was defeated by another son of the Tang family." First URL

The grand elder of the Murong family trembled in shock, "If this is true, then this Tang Zichen's talent is too terrifying, this is a rhythm that will completely surpass Tang Zhenghao."

"Grand Elder ah, what is the rhythm of completely surpassing, this is already surpassing ah.Grand Elder, I think, our Murong Family, shouldn't we do something about it."

"What do you mean?"

"You see, in the beginning, the main reason why our Murong Family folded its hand and didn't mind that the Tang Family was weaker than us was because of Tang Zhenghao's strong talent, and that's why we went out of our way to marry him with the family's number one beauty.But now that Tang Zhenghao has been completely surpassed by another child of the Tang family, I suddenly feel that it's a bit unworthy for our Murong family to marry the family's number one beauty to Tang Zhenghao."

"Ah."The Murong family elder's body trembled, busy saying, "What do you mean?"

"Yes, I mean, switch out the marriage partner and replace it with a Tang Zichen, they're all sons of the Tang family anyway, there's no reason for us to pick a worse one, do you think?"

The elder of the Murong family was indeed shocked, he hadn't even thought about this aspect to go, but it was a good idea.

"But, it's already engaged to Tang Zhenghao of the Tang Family, will they agree to replace him?Wouldn't it be a bit ridiculous."

"Elder, it's simply not up to them, our Murong family is stronger than the Tang family, it's the Tang family that's climbing on top of us, they have to agree even if they don't, besides, whether it's Tang Zhenghao or Tang Zichen, they're both children of the Tang family, there's no loss to the Tang family at all.If it's really impossible, we'll compensate them some more."

"How to compensate?"

"That Tang Zhenghao, let's make up for another family child marrying him, isn't there still a lot of unmarried ones in our family, there's also one named Murong Shengnan in the Martial Arts Academy, let's make her up to Tang Zhenghao.In that case, the Tang family turns out to have two marriages with our Murong family, and they still won't jump up with joy."


sp; "Makes sense, then, let's go, head to the Tang family and talk to them about it.I didn't even think about this going if you don't tell me, Guoguo is the number one beauty in our Murong family, there's no reason to match a worse one."

"Grand Elder, it's not too late then, let's leave now, after discussing the matter, we'll take advantage of the second opening of Martial Island to rush to Martial Island and confirm this matter with their party."

Thus, the elder of the Murong family and a few other elders headed to the Tang family.

Tang Zichen's talent was such that it was bound to become a piece of meat and potatoes, everyone wanted to take a bite, even the union that had been engaged for many years wanted to change people, the Murong family was really enough.

In the Tang family, this news was likewise received at the first time.

At this time, in one of the Tang Family's council halls, the Tang Family's elders were sitting there in a meeting.

"Elders, we received the latest news that Tang Zichen has broken through to the Inner Gate Grand Perfection since the New Life Competition."



"This is too incredible, is he going against the heavens?"

"Elders, be quiet, that's not the point."The elder presiding over the meeting said.

"Damn it, you've stepped into the Inner Gate Great Perfection, and it's still not the point?"

"No, that's not the point, the point is that Tang Zichen seduced Tang Zhenghao's fiancée, they caused a conflict and had a tragic fight, and the result of the tragic fight was that Tang Zichen defeated Tang Zhenghao."


The entire Tang Family Council Hall was suddenly collectively dumbfounded.

"This has been confirmed, a thousand times true, originally Tang Zichen seduced the family's elder sister-in-law, this was a scandal, but the family scandal was completely covered up by Tang Zichen's talent.The outside world only knows that our Tang family's children are highly talented and forgot about this scandal."

"Elder, then what should we do now?Tang Zichen seduced the eldest sister-in-law of the family, if it were normal, this would be a case of applying family law to him, and in serious cases, he might even be expelled from the family."

Another person said, "Don't be ridiculous, now we can't even beg for Tang Zichen to come back, and we're still enforcing family law on him."

Everyone said one sentence to you and one sentence to me.

The Tang family elder frowned, as if it was difficult.

"Tang Zichen is so talented, not to mention he seduced his elder sister-in-law, even if he raped her, we can't punish him ah, and now he hasn't even fully agreed to return to the family.Today I asked you all to come here just for this, quite a headache, if we don't punish him, then what about Tang Zhenghao, Tang Zihao is at least the second most talented son of the Tang family currently, moreover, he is still the son-in-law of the Murong family by marriage, if we don't punish Tang Zichen in some way, how will the Murong family side explain?"

"Ugh, what a headache indeed."

While the Tang family elders were all having a headache, a servant suddenly shouted, "The Murong family's noble guest has arrived."

"Ah."The Tang Family's elders were shocked, they hadn't even discussed what to do about this matter, but the Murong Family had found them, surely they were seeking justice for Tang Zhenghao.

The Tang family elders had misunderstood, the people from the Murong family had come, not to seek any justice for Tang Zhenghao, but rather, to change people.

"Hahaha, Grand Elder Murong Bo, I didn't expect you to personally come to our door, it's really an honor for our Tang Family."The Tang Family's Grand Elder greeted with laughter.


"Alright, no need to be polite, today, we have an important matter."The Murong Family Grand Elder said, his name was Murong Bo, he was the Murong Family Grand Elder, although he wasn't the strongest, he was definitely the oldest qualified, he was over a hundred years old.

"Grand Elder Murong, please speak."

Murong Bo said, "Brother Tang Qi Zheng, I'm sure you all know about this matter of Martial Arts Academy Tang Zichen defeating Tang Zhenghao."

"Yes, we just heard the news as well, Murong Bo, you've come to make our Tang family enforce family law on Tang Zichen, right?"Tang Qi Zheng said with a sigh, his face embarrassed.


"Ah, no?"All the elders of the Tang family were stunned, coming in such a hurry was not for this, Tang Zhenghao was the future son-in-law of their family ah.

Murong Bo said, "To tell you the truth, I came here on purpose to discuss a matter with you, regarding the marriage between Murong Guoguo and Tang Zhenghao.As you know, our family's Murong Guo Guo is the number one beauty in the family, we would like to, switch the marriage between Murong Guo Guo Guo and Tang Zhenghao, and replace it with Murong Guo Guo Guo and Tang Zichen, what do you guys think?"


"The replacement."

Everyone in the Tang family was shocked, it's been how many years, a replacement.

"Yes, change, hehe, at least the number one beauty in the family, there's no reason to match your family's worse son, right.If you guys don't change, then our Murong family has decided to withdraw from the marriage." Remember the URL

"Murong Bo, how can this be, they've been engaged for many years, and you were happy with Zhenghao in the beginning."An elder of the Tang family said, this elder was Tang Zhenghao's grandfather.

"Hehe, they haven't officially gotten married yet anyway, besides, they're all Tang Family sons and daughters, whether it's Tang Zhenghao or Tang Zichen, it's the same, right."

Tang Zhenghao's grandfather's face was pale while the other elders didn't have much of an expression, they were all Tang Family sons and daughters anyway, it wasn't the same whoever was going to get married.

The elder of the Murong family smiled again and said, "Of course, if you agree to switch, then, to make up for Tang Zhenghao, we have decided to take out another Murong family woman to marry Tang Zhenghao, in that case, our two families, we will have two marriages, it's better than before anyway, right?"

The elders of the Tang family all looked at the elders.

Tang Qi Zheng, the elder of the Tang Family, sighed, "Don't look at me, let's vote by a show of hands, I'll abstain and you guys will vote by a show of hands."

As a result, it was almost unanimously approved to replace the person.

This ridiculous thing was done behind Tang Zichen's back, only that grandfather of Tang Zhenghao was deeply helpless and scolded the Murong family for their shamelessness.Fortunately, the Murong family made up for Tang Zhenghao with their other children, and somewhat comforted him.

"Then, since that's the case, let's make the contract and all, then go to Martial Island and speak to a few parties about this matter."The elder of the Murong family said.

Tang Zhenghao's grandfather was busy saying, "Wait a minute, Senior Murong Bo, you still haven't told me which woman from your Murong Family is married to Zhenghao."

"Oh, her name is Murong Shengnan, she is also from the Martial Academy, in the second year of the Martial Academy, her talent is good, and she is currently at the middle stage of the inner gate.In the second year to reach the middle stage of the inner gate, this talent is also considered very good, if you guys think it's bad, then cancel it, if you think it's good, then marry it.Naturally, Shengnan can't be compared to Guo Guo in terms of appearance, you guys draw your own line, do you want it."

Tang Zhenghao's grandfather hadn't spoken yet, another elder said, "Yes, of course!

To be, two marriages, how nice."

"Hahaha, right."

At this moment, in the Yanhuang Empire, the Chu Family.

"Report Elder, the latest news has been sent, Tang Zichen stepped into the Inner Gate Great Perfection and defeated their Tang Family's original first genius son, Tang Zhenghao."

"That Tang Zihao is a third year, right, Houtian realm, what a joke."

"Elder, really no joke.When Tang Zichen won the Freshman Champion before, we sent someone to convince Liu Xiangyun to return to the family, but unfortunately she didn't agree, if she agreed to return to the family, then we would be able to justifiably marry Tang Zichen.But now, Tang Zichen has shown such talent, I think it's no longer up to her to agree or disagree."

"Looks like I'll have to report this matter to the Grand Elder quickly."

In the Yanhuang Empire Xu Family.

It was likewise informed.

"One defeat of red dust is Tang Zichen, and, Tang Zichen..."

Without a doubt, the Xu family also immediately took this matter seriously, and sending someone to the Martial Arts Academy was inevitable.

Tang Zichen knew nothing at the moment and was in a quiet place in the back of the mountain, practicing his saber and sword techniques.

After stepping into the Great Perfection of the Inner Gate, Tang Zichen's Killing God Saber Technique was already able to practice the fourth style.And the Dragon Descending Sword Technique was also able to practice the third style.

All in all, Tang Zichen's overall strength had increased a little more than the last time he fought against Tang Zhenghao.

About two days later, the Tang family's elders came.

"Tang Zichen, someone is looking for you outside, they said it's someone from your family."Tang Zichen was in the Blade System martial field when he was informed by the gatekeeper.

Tang Zichen instantly knew who it was, didn't think much of it, and headed for the entrance of the martial field.

The last time the Tang family had come looking for him, it was just after the Freshman Competition, and at that time, the Tang family had also moved the original Tang Zichen's parents here.However, Tang Zichen didn't promise to return to the Tang family or not, only saying that he would consider it.Now, so much time had passed in the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen thought that the Tang family should have asked him how he was considering it this time.

"Should I promise to return to the Tang Family?There's no doubt that if I don't agree, they won't be able to stop, and it's annoying to keep looking for me."

After hesitating for a moment, Tang Zichen sighed helplessly.

"Forget it, then say yes, there's no harm to me anyway, and this body is indeed their Tang family's son's.However, even if I agree, it's unlikely that the Tang family and I will have much of a relationship, after all, it's all people we don't know."

Tang Zichen thought it over and strode out.

"Tang Zichen."An old man with white hair called out, seemingly recognizing Tang Zichen at a glance, and although he had grown up a lot compared to a few years ago, he was still the same person.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed when he saw that the people looking for him were three old men.

Of these three old men, one of them had seen before, that seventh elder of the Tang family, but there were two others that he didn't know.

Tang Zichen scratched his head, he couldn't say he didn't know them, what to do.

Tang Zichen could only call out in a low voice, "Meet the three elders."

Since the two unrecognizable elders were older than the seventh elder, Tang Zichen judged that they should all be elders.

As expected, Tang Zichen was right.


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