The King of Kungfu in school 501-520


Chapter 501

"You're my woman now, will you regret it?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Why should I regret it, I feel happy to have met you, I only blame meeting you too late, I wish I had met you when I was sixteen or seventeen, and then I was always happy."Xu Mei Qian said shyly.

"Haha, what you're saying is very ambiguous, oh."

"It already is, one's life is so long, isn't it good to enjoy love for a few more years."

"Well, we'll always be happy like this from now on."

"Mmhmm."Xu Mei Qian was busy nodding her head, continuing to lean on Tang Zichen's chest, the wonderful thing that had just happened seemed to still linger in her mind, she had been ignorant about men and women before, but now she had known, it really was... Xu Mei Qian was too embarrassed to think about it anymore, her face had blushed shyly herself.

At this time, Xu Mei Qian thought of something and was busy asking, "By the way, do you know that you will challenge Tang Zichen in three days' time?"


"Were you the one who wanted to challenge the Don?"

"Oh, of course not, I didn't know until later."

"Was it the Island Protectorate family you were in that tried to force you?" One second to remember to read the book

"Yes. They think that I'm the one most likely to defeat Don Zixin."

"Then you really want to go?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Of course I'll be there."

"Ah, but Tang Zichen is also my friend, besides, you seem to be on good terms with Tang Zichen."

"Yes, Tang Zichen and I have fought each other long ago, and Tang Zichen isn't weaker than me."

"Oh, that's good."

"What, you don't want me to be stronger than Tang Zichen?"Don Zimmer asked.

"It doesn't matter,"Xu Mei Qian said.

"Oh, okay."

Tang Zichen had a bit of a headache at the moment, how is this going to work?

He's already had the most intimate relationship with Michelle Tsui tonight, why should he hide his identity?Or is it better to tell her now that he is in fact a defeat of red dust.

However, Tang Zichen couldn't get the words out of his mouth every time they came.

Why ruin such a beautiful atmosphere tonight when it's so rare to have such a beautiful night.

Tang Zichen ultimately didn't say anything, having just had an intimate relationship with Xu Mei Qian, what she needed was sweet care, not to tell her the cruel truth and ruin this beautiful night.

Tang Zichen falls asleep with Xu Mei Qian in his arms, only, both of them can't seem to sleep, so....

The next day, Tang Zichen woke up early and left Xu Mei Qian's dormitory, then switched back to Tang Zichen's identity and returned to his own dormitory when it was silent and deserted.

In the morning, Xu Mei Qian hummed a song and was in a beautiful mood to go to the sword department, after meeting up with Liu Xiangyun in front of the dormitory, Liu Xiangyun saw Xu Mei Qian in such a good mood, she couldn't help but ask Xu Mei Qian what joyous event she was in such a good mood.

Xu Mei Qian smiled shyly and didn't say anything, but as a woman, Liu Xiangyun soon discovered something unusual about Xu Mei Qian, even though Xu Mei Qian deliberately paid attention, walking still let Liu Xiangyun see what she was doing, and then by association she roughly guessed it at the time.

Liu Xiangyun covered her mouth and laughed, "You don't say it, but I've already guessed it, were you with a defeated red dust last night?"


"Ah."Xu Mei Qian was stunned, even Liu Xiangyun could guess this.

"Honestly, isn't it."

"Well, yes, last night he, stayed at my place."Xu Mei Qian blushed, anyway, they were all women, there was nothing that couldn't be said, and in the past, Liu Xiangyun would also say some private things about her and Tang Zichen.

"Hahaha."Liu Xiangyun saw that she had indeed guessed correctly and smiled proudly, thinking that she didn't have the potential to be a detective.

"You're laughing at me."Xu Mei Qian but blushed, thinking that Liu Xiangyun was joking words, her face even more red, after all, as Xu Mei Qian is feeling very ashamed of things, if not for the fact that we are all friends, and are women, this kind of boudoir things are categorically will not say to people.

"What's there to joke about, I just think I'm so good, I really guessed right.Sister Mei Qian, now you're also an experienced woman la, so there will be no generation gap between us."

"Go, who has a generation gap with you."Xu Mei Qian angrily.

"Giggle."The two of them laughed happily and happily all the way to the Sword Law Department and to their respective classrooms.

Tang Zichen also went to the Sword Law Department today as usual, and since he had already switched departments, Tang Zichen still had to abide by the student code and at least report in.

Teacher Guo Chi said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, tomorrow at noon, you will be dueling with a defeat of red dust, you have to intensify your practice ah, if there is anything you don't understand, just ask me, for example, about the perception of the intention."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Nima, can you not mention 'intention' in front of me once every day?Are you afraid that I won't know that you've realized the great success of having a sword in your hand?Mentioning it every day, and asking you for advice one bite at a time, I'm really lazy to crack down on you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Okay, Teacher Guo, I'll always consult you if I don't understand."

"Fine, you grasp it yourself, I also want you to defeat one defeat of red dust, that's why I want to share my own comprehension of blade intent with you, so that you can improve as much as possible."

"Thank you Mr. Guo, you go busy with your work, I know how to do it myself."Tang Zichen still said politely.

"Good, cheer up."

Guo Chi saw that Tang Zichen hadn't asked him about sword intent, and was a bit disappointed inside, he wanted Tang Zichen to ask him about this.Not only because he was the only teacher who had comprehended sword intent to the point of having a sword in his hand, but also because Tang Zichen was a person with a lot of potential, and perhaps if Tang Zichen was weaker today and instructed him a bit, he would be able to instruct him in turn after Tang Zichen surpassed him in the future.

However, Tang Zichen didn't ask him for advice, leaving him anxious.

This Guo Qi teacher did not know that Tang Zichen's comprehension on the sword intent, has reached the heart of the sword to enter the entry, which still need him to guide.

However, the next step of the sword in the hand is to have a sword in the heart. Mr. Guo Qi comprehended that the sword in the hand was accomplished, and if he continued to comprehend further, it would be the introduction of having a sword in the heart, which is what Tang Zichen comprehended now.

However, this was too difficult, it was almost impossible without reaching the innate realm, and even though it seemed like it was just a little bit different, there was a world of difference between 'in the hand' and 'in the heart'.

Another day passed, and this night, Tang Zichen did not go to Xu Mei Qian's place again, but went to Liu Xiangyun's place instead, not being able to have new people forgetting the old ones.Tang Zichen found it quite beneficial to have practiced the Room Center Sutra, at least yesterday to Xu Mei Qian, tonight to go to Liu Xiangyun, did not feel the strain at all, replaced by others may have been as thin as wood, Tang Zichen can not help but hehe a smile.


The next day, the day of the duel between One Defeat Red Dust and Tang Zichen finally arrived.

No matter if it was the Martial Forest Academy or the four Island Guardian Families, everyone began to get excited early this morning.

In the Martial Academy, the entire academy had a day off today, and early in the morning many students went to Martial Island Green Garden Ping in groups, waiting for the peak duel between One Defeat Red Dust and Tang Zichen.

At eleven in the morning, there were already tens of thousands of onlookers at the Green Garden Ping of Martial Island, and the parties, Tang Zichen and One Defeat Red Dust, had not appeared, so everyone was waiting.

At this moment, in the woods not far from Green Garden Ping, Tang Zichen was a bit torn.Tang Zichen was the only one standing here, and Tang Zichen didn't come with anyone else.

At the Green Garden Ping, to the east were the students and teachers of the Martial Academy, and the Dean was here.The crowd to the west were the four major island protection families, and that Qin Gu family's Senior Qin Feng also came.

Time passed bit by bit, and all of a sudden it was 11:30, and everyone began to talk, how come Tang Zichen and One Defeat Red Dust hadn't shown up yet?

"Master, what if the one defeat doesn't come?"Pan Yun asked his master, Qin Feng.

Qin Feng didn't say anything, this challenge was to force One Defeat Red Dust to show up, so he couldn't help but worry that if One Defeat Red Dust didn't even care about the honor of the Island Protectorate Family and just didn't show up, it would be a great shame.

However, at this moment, the crowd on the Protectorate Island Family's side suddenly stirred.

"One Defeat Red Dust has appeared." First URL

"One Defeat Red Dust has appeared."

The people from the Protectorate Family shouted in excitement upon seeing it.

The audience from the opposite Martial Arts Academy also shouted when they saw One Defeat Red Dust appear.

Everyone looked up and saw a black-clothed, masked man flying in the sky in the direction of the Protectorate Family.

The disciples of the Protectorate Family were delighted when they saw that One Defeat Red Dust had finally shown up.

One Defeat Red Dust flew to the front of the Protect Island Family crowd and stood on top of a large tree.

Behind them, all the disciples of the Island Protectorate Family shouted, "One Defeat Red Dust, come on."

"One defeat Red Dust, fuck off Tang Zichen."

"One Defeat Red Dust, it's all up to you to maintain the honor of our Island Protector Family."

One Defeat Red Dust swept his gaze over the entire faculty and students of the opposite Martial Academy and shouted in a voice filled with indifference, "Tang Zichen, won't you come out yet."

However, the crowd of spectators from the opposite Martial Arts Academy was too late to see Tang Zichen come out.

The students of the Martial Academy seemed to be anxious, people were here in one defeat, but Tang Zichen didn't appear.

"Tang Zichen shouldn't have escaped on the verge of defeat, right?"

"What does Tang Zichen mean."

The students of the Martial Arts Academy were discussing.

Across the room, the disciples of the Island Protector Family shouted with laughter, "Tang Zichen, could it be that you don't dare to come out?"

"Tang Zichen, trash, if you don't dare to come out, just admit defeat."

The students of the Martial Forest Academy all felt depressed when they heard the insults from the disciples of the opposite Island Protector family, but Tang Zichen indeed never came out.

The president of the Martial Forest Academy asked, "Where is Tang Zichen?"

"I don't know."

"Let's see if Tang Zichen is here."


;A moment later, a teacher said, "Dean, we didn't see Tang Zichen's figure in the crowd here at the Martial Academy, Tang Zichen he, didn't come."

"What."The dean was depressed, Tang Zichen actually escaped on the verge of a duel, in that case, it would have been better not to agree to this duel at that time, now it's good that everyone has arrived, a defeated red dust has appeared, but Tang Zichen didn't come.

"Hahaha, indeed he didn't come, I guess he didn't dare to come for fear of being killed by One Defeat Red Dust."


The disciples of the Protectorate Island Family began to laugh.

The students on this side of the Martial Academy were mocked, but they had no words to refute, at this moment, everyone was disappointed in Tang Zichen, on the verge of fleeing, where was the momentum that had swept away the four Island Protectorate Families, disappointed, disappointed.

Right now, Tang Zichen was standing on top of a tree on the Protectorate Family's side as a defeated red dust, hearing the Protectorate Family's disciples behind him mocking Tang Zichen to their heart's content, as well as the students from the Martial Arts Academy across the street, disappointed in Tang Zichen.All of this was in Tang Zichen's eyes at the moment.

This duel, which others thought was a pinnacle duel, was only a stage for Tang Zichen alone.

After pondering for a long time, Tang Zichen decided that he would first appear as a defeated Red Dust, and then after finding the right opportunity, he would reveal his true identity in public.Tang Zichen had no choice, it seemed that One Defeat Red Dust's identity couldn't be concealed anymore.

The Dean of the Martial Academy saw Tang Zichen fleeing, and had nothing to do but be disappointed, and was about to announce that all the students should go back and not embarrass themselves here.At that moment, a student said, "Dean, Tang Zichen didn't come, but that doesn't mean that today's duel is over."

When the dean took a look, the student who spoke was the fifth ranked expert in the Martial Arts Academy's 'Inner Great Perfection Ranking', named Wang Fengyi.

"Wang Fengyi, what are you trying to say?"

"Dean, last time, One Defeat Red Dust came to our Martial Arts Academy and defeated the first and second experts of the Inner Perfection Ranking, and then defeated the tenth expert of the Great Perfection Ranking, and I, who was fifth on the Martial Arts Academy's Great Perfection Ranking, today, since Tang Zichen doesn't dare to fight, I'll come and meet One Defeat Red Dust.Since One Defeat Red Dust defeated Qiao Yang, who is tenth on the Great Perfection Ranking, I'd like to see if he can still beat me, who is fifth on the Great Perfection Ranking."Wang Fengyi's sword eyebrows were raised, she was a woman, but like a man woman, her strength was indeed strong, and she was fifth on the Great Perfection Ranking of the Martial Academy's Inner Gate.

The dean thought about it and nodded her head.

Wang Fengyi flew out at once and shouted towards Tang Zichen, "A defeat of red dust, Tang Zichen didn't come, so let me take care of you."

Many students of the Martial Academy were shocked, "Wang Fengyi who is fifth on the Great Perfection List?"

"Does Wang Fengyi want to fight a defeated red dust?She's an Inner Door Perfection expert, while Tang Zichen is an Inner Door Perfection, two realms short of it."

"Who cares how many realms he's missing, didn't the last defeat of Red Dust beat Qiao Yang, who was tenth on our school's Grand Perfection list, while Wang Fengyi was fifth."

The students of the Martial Forest Academy now saw Wang Fengyi fly out, and without thinking about the disappointing Tang Zichen, they shouted, "Wang Fengyi, defeat him, so that the disciples of the Island Protector Family won't dare to be arrogant."

The students of the Martial Academy shouted, but they seemed to have forgotten that Wang Fengyi was an Inner Gate Great Perfection, two realms stronger than One Defeat Red Dust, and even if One Defeat Red Dust lost, it wouldn't be enough to make the disciples of the Island Protector Family not dare to be arrogant.And yet, Wang Fengyi won without any glory.

Tang Zichen's heart thudded when he saw a woman fly out of the Martial Arts Academy, no, would he still be allowed to fight against the experts on the Martial Arts Academy's Grand Perfection List as a one-defeat Red Dust?


Tang Zichen was speechless.

This was beyond his expectations, he did not expect at all that the experts on the Martial Arts Academy's Grand Perfection would come out to meet him.

Tang Zichen didn't want to compete with those experts on the Martial Arts Academy's second year in his heart, and although he was now as One Defeat Red Dust, it didn't mean that he represented the honor of the Island Protector Family.

Wang Fengyi snorted at Tang Zichen, "One defeat of Red Dust, let me learn from you, I don't believe that you, a late inner sect, really overcame two levels to defeat me."

The disciples of the Island Protector Family were busy shouting, "One defeat Red Dust, fuck her ah, let them see the ungodly strength of our Island Protector Family disciples."

Tang Zichen heard the shouts of the Island Protector Family disciples behind him, his heart just felt ridiculous, who is a disciple of your Island Protector Family now, I am a student of the Martial Academy.However, now that Tang Zichen didn't reveal his true face, it was normal for them not to understand.

Tang Zichen looked at Wang Fengyi and said, "You really want to fight me?"

"Nonsense, that trash Tang Zichen didn't dare to show up today and disgraced our Martial Arts Academy, then let me make it up to you, a defeat of red dust, draw your sword."Saying that, Wang Fengyi swooshed and swept a stick, sending a palpable tremor through the air.

Wang Fengyi was the number one expert in the second year of the Stick Technique Department, and the fifth strongest in the entire Martial Arts Academy's Great Success List.

Tang Zichen was holding a sword in his hand, he didn't want to fight the Martial Arts Academy's senior, but right now it looked like he couldn't avoid it, so let's fight.Tang Zichen also wanted to see if he could defeat the fifth place on the Great Perfection List, last time he was strongest only to defeat the tenth place, Tang Zichen also wanted to challenge himself.

"A single rod will determine the world."Wang Fengyi shouted, like Sun Wukong wielding a golden hoopstick, sweeping down from high to low with one stick. Remember the URL


The air was trembling and muffled, and the sound felt incredibly solid when you heard it.

"Drink."Wang Fengyi's speed was fast, and in the blink of an eye, his rod had already reached Tang Zichen's head.

Tang Zichen, however, wasn't in too much of a hurry, because Wang Fengyi's rod technique was still at the most primitive stage, which was to strike as hard as a barbarian fight, and facing someone at this level, this primitive fighting tactic was too low for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had a sword in his heart, and instantly made a sword strike to break the dawn.

"Wow."Wang Fengyi didn't even know when Tang Zichen had his sword out, she thought that her stick had already reached the top of Tang Zichen's head, and what was waiting for him was a heavy blow.

However, in the next blink of an eye, his sword directly broke through her stick.

"Wow."A shower of sparks of gold and iron.

Wang Fengyi was so horrified that she used her Inner Gate Great Perfection to oppress Tang Zichen.

It was also true that Tang Zichen immediately felt a layer of thousands of pounds of special pressure pressing on his body, and Tang Zichen's sword was deflected, which Wang Fengyi took the opportunity to retreat, avoiding Tang Zichen's most direct edge.

Instantly retreating several meters back, Wang Fengyi's face went white and looked at the stick in her hand as if it was a peeled sugarcane pole.

"Wow."The people around them shouted with a wow, only one encounter and Wang Fengyi had suffered a big loss.

The disciples of the Island Protector Family shouted, "One defeat, good job."

"Hahaha, one defeat Red Dust, you're really giving our Island Protector Family face."An innate realm expert laughed


At this moment, even Senior Qin Feng was smiling at One Defeat Red Dust, seemingly very satisfied, he had sent his eldest disciple Pan Yun to look for One Defeat Red Dust, wanting to take One Defeat Red Dust as his disciple, and today, seeing One Defeat Red Dust's talent and strength with his own eyes, Qin Feng was very satisfied, and he had decided within himself that he would take One Defeat Red Dust as his disciple no matter what.

As for the students and teachers of the Martial Academy, seeing that Wang Fengyi had lost in a single encounter, they all sighed, the confidence that Tang Zichen had in sweeping the Island Protection Family a few days ago was now gone again.

Tang Zichen said, "You can't win against me, retreat."

"Ahhhh."Wang Fengyi shouted, her voice revealing extreme resignation.

"A rod to sweep the universe."Wang Fengyi shouted again, taking out an even stronger stick technique again.

Tang Zichen almost laughed out loud when he heard her report out the one stick move to sweep the universe, this was too comical a stick move, it was good enough to sweep the Martial Island, but it was also good enough to sweep the universe.

However, this move of sweeping the universe with one stick was really several times more powerful than the move just now, moreover, Wang Fengyi could also use realm pressure to oppress Tang Zichen, it seemed that she had been desperate in order to win, originally she, as a realm high Tang Zichen two, should actively avoid using realm pressure to oppress her opponent, but she was now deliberately oppressing, she had disregarded any morality in order to win.

"Dragon Descending Sword Technique."Tang Zichen struck out with a sword.

"Ow."Tang Zichen's sword Qi circled around and let out a dragon roar, which of course wasn't a real dragon, but Tang Zichen's attack had been delivered with the advantage of a dragon, far more fierce than a normal move.

"Boom."The Dragon Descending Sword Technique was suddenly bombarded with the Stick Sweeping Universe.

Wang Fengyi's Baton Sweep Universe was completely defeated.

There was a crack, and even the stick was in two pieces.

Ahhhhh, Wang Fengyi yelled and didn't charge up again.

Tang Zichen put his sword away, this battle with Wang Fengyi was not Tang Zichen's intention.

"Ahhhh, too strong, a defeat of red dust, you are the pride of our Island Protectorate Family."In the back, many of the Island Protectorate Family's disciples shouted towards Tang Zichen.

Even those innate experts of the Island Protectorate Family nodded in praise.

That Qin Xin of the Qin Gu Family also seemed to be trembling at the moment with the magnificent momentum of a defeated red dust.

Genius, everyone would like it, and that gracefulness of the One Defeat Red Dust just now had indeed made Qin Xin shudder.

On the other hand, the teachers and students of the Martial Island sighed deeply, the Protective Island Family, really wasn't something that could be compared to the Martial Forest Academy, a genius like One Defeat Red Dust, I'm afraid that even the Protective Island Family hadn't appeared for more than ten years.

At this moment, the first expert of the Martial Academy's Inner Gate Great Perfection Ranking, Wu Han, seemed to look very bad when he saw that the fifth-place Wang Fengyi had lost.He was the number one expert on the Martial Arts Academy's Great Perfection Ranking, the winner of last year's New Student Competition, and he was far more powerful than that Wang Fengyi just now.And right now, everyone was looking at him, as if they were watching his performance, whether he should go out and fight One Defeat Red Dust himself to save some face, or not go out and be a shrinking turtle and let the people of the Island Protector Family continue to laugh at him, but none of them were even a Great Perfection opponent to One Defeat Red Dust.

Tang Zichen was about to call it quits when a yell came from the Martial Academy, "Wait a moment."

Tang Zichen looked up and a boy flew out.


"One defeat of red dust, please teach me."The man who flew out said that he was Wu Han, the number one expert on the Great Perfection List and the winner of last year's Freshman Competition.

However, Tang Zichen didn't want to continue fighting with the senior of the Martial Academy, Tang Zichen's heart stood with the Martial Academy.

"Stand down, I don't want to fight."Tang Zichen said.

That Wu Han snorted, "After all this, do you think there's a way out?The woman you just defeated, she is the fifth ranked expert in our Martial Arts Academy's Grand Perfection List.You've even defeated the fifth place, if I don't come forward, I'm afraid that I'll make your Island Protector Family think that there isn't even a single Great Perfection student in our Martial Forest Academy who is your opponent, so, one defeat and red dust, you must fight without fighting, unless you personally admit that you're not my opponent."

Tang Zichen wrinkled, defeating one and coming back another, he really didn't come here today to make an enemy of the Martial Arts Academy, much less to tear down the Martial Arts Academy.

However, Tang Zichen didn't want to admit defeat.

"One defeat Red Dust, I, Wu Han, am last year's freshman champion of the Martial Arts Academy, you may not win me, please teach me, do it."

Tang Zichen was startled, what a coincidence that last year's Freshman Champion was this year's Freshman Champion.

"You really want to fight?"

"Cut the crap."Wu Hanton stabbed with a gun.

"Cracking."The snatch that Wu Han stabbed made a cracking sound, which was the sound of breaking the air, which showed that his shot was very powerful and fast. A second to remember to read the book

The tip of the gun came out sharp and locked onto Tang Zichen's chest, as if it was going to pierce Tang Zichen's chest with a single shot.

"Dang."Tang Zichen didn't have time to react and immediately raised his sword to block his own chest, and with a dang, the tip of the gun that should have pierced Tang Zichen's chest, suddenly stabbed at the sword Tang Zichen was protecting his chest.Tang Zichen's body clattered back several meters.

Too fast, his gun was too fast.

It was worthy of being last year's Freshman Competition Champion.

Tang Zichen found that he was under a lot of pressure to face this Wu Han, not to mention two levels higher in the realm, his gun was precise and fast, so fast that Tang Zichen only had time to block with his sword, not in time to use his Dragon Descending Sword Technique, just now if Tang Zichen didn't have the advantage of having the sword entry in his heart, Tang Zichen would never have been able to block his shot.

This Wu Han was much, much stronger than Wang Fengyi, and Tang Zichen felt that this Wu Han, his comprehension of the care aspect, was about to reach the entry level of having a gun in his hand, so Tang Zichen was almost impossible to defeat.

At this moment, no matter if it was the students of the Martial Arts Academy or the disciples of the Island Protector Family, no one spoke, and both sides watched nervously.

It was obvious that this was an evenly matched battle, if it wasn't, then Tang Zichen had just been shot through the chest by Wu Han, but it wasn't, Tang Zichen had resisted Wu Han's shot at the very end of a thousand gold bullets.At this moment, no one knew the winner or the loser, both sides were filled with so much tension that no one spoke anymore.

Tang Zichen and Wu Han, standing in mid-air, faced each other, and Wu Han could feel that he didn't have overwhelming strength against Tang Zichen, and neither did Tang Zichen.But Tang Zichen was only two realms below him in the late Inner Gate ah, so no matter what, Wu Han was considered to have lost, because if Tang Zichen was also an Inner Gate Great Perfection, then he was not qualified to fight Tang Zichen at all.


; At that moment, Wu Han moved again.



Wu Han stabbed, and the air was filled with another series of cracking sounds, so fast that it was hard for at least Tang Zichen's realm to catch the shadow, ah, last year's freshman champion.

However, this time, Tang Zichen no longer attempted to use his sword, as it had just been proven that Tang Zichen had no chance to use his sword in the face of such a fast shot from Wu Han.

Tang Zichen could only fight and use the Yin-Yang Finger, if he couldn't even break Wu Han's shot by using the Yin-Yang Finger, then Tang Zichen was considered to have lost, because the Yin-Yang Finger consumed a third of Tang Zichen's internal strength in one go.


Wu Han's gun head was getting closer and closer to Tang Zichen, and just as it reached Tang Zichen's chest, Tang Zichen raised his finger for a split second.


Tang Zichen's finger, and Wu Han's gun tip were suddenly aligned, and the supreme power from Tang Zichen's finger was instantly transferred to Wu Han's gun tip, if he couldn't break his gun, then Tang Zichen would definitely be pierced through the chest.

But Tang Zichen's yin-yang finger proved to be very powerful, a little bit on the tip of Wu Han's gun, Wu Han's snatch was like breaking sugar cane, and with a clatter, his gun of steel, snapped.Moreover, a bullet-like force continued to be transmitted from the end of the gun, and the palm of Wu Han's hand that held the gun broke open, and Wu Han's entire hand was bloody.



There was a scream all around, whether it was from the Martial Arts Academy side or the Island Protection Family side.

Wu Han's body trembled as he raised his hand that held the gun, a hole in the center of his palm, Wu Han looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, he didn't know how Tang Zichen had done this.

"One defeat of red dust, I've lost."Wu Han said willingly.

Tang Zichen said, "You're also already very strong, at least your shooting skills have made me unable to press out my sword, worthy of being last year's freshman champion of the Martial Arts Academy."

"If I lose, I lose, cut the sarcasm, I am a great success of the Inner Gate, but I actually lost to you of the late Inner Gate of the Protectorate Family, I, Wu Han, have nothing to say at all, Protectorate Family, you have really taught me a lesson."Wu Han said with a trembling heart, the disciples of the Protectorate Island Family were truly extraordinary, and the Martial Academy, indeed, could not be compared, even if a genius student similar to Tang Zichen appeared by chance, it was still incomparable.But he didn't know that the person in front of him was the Tang Zichen who had disappointed everyone immensely.

The students and teachers of the Martial Forest Academy had nothing to say at the moment, throughout the Martial Forest Academy, there wasn't a single person from the Late Inner Gate who could beat someone from the Late Inner Gate, what was there to say, it was only natural to be ridiculed by the disciples of the Protectorate Family.

On the Protectorate Family's side, it was incomparably excited at the moment, and many, many disciples were showing their admiration for One Defeat Red Dust.The Island Protector Family's disciples were already all geniuses, but they were showing worship towards One Defeat Red Dust, what did this mean, there was no need to explain anymore.

Even Qin Xin, the strongest new disciple of the four Island Protectorate Families and the only one of the beautiful disciples of the Ultimate Level, felt her heartbeat quicken as she looked at the figure of One Defeat Red Dust right now, as if she wanted to get to know the geniuses of this level, even though she was proud in front of others, she couldn't help but worship in front of someone like One Defeat Red Dust.


Wu Han flew back to the audience of the Martial Arts Academy, and all the students of the Martial Arts Academy didn't blame him for anything, after all, he had tried his best and only blamed the one defeat for being too perverted.

Tang Zichen was about to reveal his true face when a loud laugh came from behind.

Only an innate expert from the Island Protector Family flew to Tang Zichen's side and said to him, "One Defeat Red Dust, do you still intend to continue hiding your identity now?Hurry up and take off your mask, so I can see which of our four Island Guardian Families, which family is so lucky to obtain a genius disciple like you."

The crowd from the Wei Gu Family shouted, "It's definitely our Wei Gu Family."

"Bullshit, I think it's our Huanggu Family."

"The One Defeat Red Dust is from our Qin Ancient Family."

"I think it's from our Song Ancient Family."

Everyone from the four Island Guardian Families started to do unnecessary shouting, each of them were nervous, not knowing which family One Defeat Red Dust was from, and all of them hoped it was their own family.

At that moment, a voice shouted, "Everyone stop fighting, One Defeat Red Dust is my incoming disciple."

Everyone looked to where the voice was coming from, and Senior Qin Feng flew out.

"Wow, Senior Qin Feng has taken the initiative to accept One Defeat Red Dust as his incoming disciple."Everyone was surprised, we all knew how strict Senior Qin Feng was in accepting incoming disciples. The first website

Qin Feng flew in front of Tang Zichen and smiled, "One Defeat Red Dust, I've been looking for you for a long time."

Tang Zichen said, "What is Senior Qin Feng looking for me for?"

"One Defeat Red Dust, you should know that I'm looking for an entry disciple, I'm very happy with you, I told my big disciple Pan Yun to find you before, but unfortunately you're too low-key.Since you've appeared today, you can't leave and be my entry disciple."Senior Qin Feng could not be refused.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "What if I refuse?"

"I won't let you refuse, I'll take you in, even if I have to rob you, I'll steal you as my disciple."Qin Feng said.

"Senior Qin Feng, I'm so sorry, but I have no plans to pay homage to you."Tang Zichen said.

Qin Feng said, "What if I don't give up?A defeat of red dust, you should know what status I, Qin Feng, have in Martial Island, how many people wanted to beg me to become a disciple before, but I refused, even that Tang Zichen of Martial Academy, he didn't have the chance to even think about it."

"Tang Zichen wants to worship you as his master?How I remember it seems like he was the one who turned you down."

"That's because I just gave him a chance, I had already rejected him when he came for an interview before, he knew he couldn't, so he simply rejected me in public to save face.This kind of person is too fanatical and will definitely not be able to go very far in the future, but you, on the contrary, once you lose the red dust, I think it's not impossible for you to surpass me in the future."Qin Feng said.

When everyone heard Qin Feng say that he had surpassed him, they exclaimed and looked at One Defeat Red Dust with envy in their eyes.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

An innate expert was busy saying, "Alright, One Defeat Red Dust, this matter of Senior Qin Feng accepting you as a disciple can be discussed later, you first take off your mask now, I want to see which of the four Island Protecting Families you are from, I want it to be our Huanggu Family."

The other dozens of innate experts were also busy saying that they hoped it was their family.

Everyone watched Tang Zichen with eyes wide open, waiting for him to remove his mask.

Even all the students and teachers of the Martial Academy looked at Tang Zichen with envy.

It seemed that Tang Zichen's identity couldn't be concealed anymore.

All right, let's reveal it then, what will come will come, paper can't wrap fire.

Tang Zichen's hand went to his face to grab the mask.

All the disciples and strongmen of the Protectorate Family stared at Tang Zichen without turning their eyes.

And Tang Zichen now said, "Everyone of the Guardian Island Family, I'm sorry."

Everyone hadn't reacted as to why Tang Zichen suddenly said sorry.

But at that moment, Tang Zichen violently unveiled his mask, and the first thing that was introduced into the eyes was an ordinary-looking human skin mask, then, then Tang Zichen instantly unveiled it again, and the human skin mask came off, revealing Tang Zichen's real face.


The innate experts of the Island Protector Family who were filled with tension shouted out when they saw Tang Zichen's true face.

"You you you, you're Tang Zichen."

"This this this is impossible, a defeat of red dust is actually you, this is impossible."

"Ahhhh, why is it you."

Everyone from the Island Protectorate Family yelled, they were still nervous about which family One Defeat Red Dust was from, but it turned out that none of the families were, but it was Tang Zichen from the Martial Forest Academy.

The entire faculty and students over at the Martial Academy were now collectively stunned.

"My grass."


"How is this possible."

"One Defeat Red Dust is actually Tang Zichen in disguise."

"I'm dizzy, One Defeat Red Dust and Tang Zichen, they're clearly the same person."

The emotions on both sides of the scene, came to a drastic reversal, the people of the Guardian Island Family were originally happy and nervously looking forward to which family One Defeat Red Dust belonged to them, but suddenly saw that One Defeat Red Dust was Tang Zichen in disguise, suddenly angry and furious, making them happy for nothing, deceiving their feelings, thanks to the fact that they were just all excited like what, and as a result, it had nothing to do with the Guardian Island Family.In an instant, the emotions of everyone in the Protectorate Family changed to anger.

The entire students and teachers of the Martial Academy were just envious of the Protect Island Family for having such a genius disciple, but in the next instant, they discovered that One Defeat Red Dust and Tang Zichen were the same person, a surprise that made them unbelievable.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed a few times and threw away the mask and human skin mask that was uncovered in his hands, so he wouldn't need it later.

Tang Zichen looked towards Senior Qin Feng and said, "Senior Qin Feng, thank you for your kindness, it is impossible for me to be your entry disciple, please find another brilliant."

At this moment, Qin Feng's face was suffocating red, and he was filled with a wave of silent anger towards Tang Zichen.

An innate expert from the Protectorate Family raged, "Tang Zichen, why are you posing as a disciple of the Protectorate Family, what do you mean?You lied to all of us, and this is the way you want to humiliate yourself?"

Don Zichen said, "I can only say I'm sorry."

"Tang Zichen, you."

"Hahaha, I'm a defeated Red Dust, but I'm also Tang Zichen, I'm from the Martial Academy, everyone from the Island Protector Family, I'm sorry."After saying that, Tang Zichen flew towards the crowd over at the Martial Academy.

Tang Zichen shouted to all the students and teachers of the Martial Forest Academy, "Fellow students and teachers, Tang Zichen's impromptu retreat has disappointed you, but I hope that One Defeat Red Dust hasn't disappointed you."

Many girls wept with joy and shouted, "Tang Zichen, I love you."


"One defeat and I want to have a baby with you."

What nonsense.

Tang Zichen smiled at the crowd, and everyone didn't blame Tang Zichen for retreating at the last minute, instead they were excited and adoring.

That first expert of the Great Perfection List, Wu Han, was now looking very ugly, screwing around, not a disciple of the Island Protection Family at all, it was Tang Zichen, he actually couldn't beat Tang Zichen, even many of the people who had lost to One Defeat Red Dust last time were now looking very ugly.

Tang Zichen immediately directed his gaze towards Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian.

At this time, Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun both had pale faces and were standing there not knowing what expression they had.

Tang Zichen sighed and flew towards Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, but before they could react, Tang Zichen held them in his left and right hands respectively and flew away into the distance.

Everyone watched as Tang Zichen disappeared, especially everyone from the Island Protector Family, rejoicing in vain, and they felt humiliated by Tang Zichen, who had once again slapped the faces of their four Island Protector Families, especially that Qin Feng senior, who had been very upset with Tang Zichen last time, and this time, it directly turned into anger, as if he had been teased by Tang Zichen.

"Go back."Qin Feng shouted, then turned around and flew away, and everyone saw the unhappy look on Senior Qin Feng's face.

"All of you go back, no one will be allowed to mention the words One Defeat Red Dust again, anyone who mentions these four words again will be dealt with according to the door, and All disciples of my Wei Gu Clan will be beaten once they see Tang Zichen from today onwards."

"All disciples of my Qin Gu Clan are the same, classifying Tang Zichen as an enemy of the Qin Gu Clan, and will be beaten once for seeing him." Remember the URL

Thus, the four Island Guardian Families, who were in anger, all listed Tang Zichen as their enemy, and they all believed that Tang Zichen had played a trick on their four Island Guardian Families.

All the disciples of the four Island Guardian Families grunted and flew away very upset, leaving only the students and teachers of the Martial Academy on the scene.

A vice-president asked, "Dean, what should we do now?Their Island Protector Family has listed Tang Zichen as an enemy, will something happen to Tang Zichen ah."

The dean, however, smiled, "They are just extremely upset with Tang Zichen, the most they can do is see once and fight once, and humiliate Tang Zichen once when they find the opportunity, it's not a life and death foe, there's nothing to worry about.The Guardian Island family can't kill someone just because they've been teased, and it's not good for them if word gets out.However, Tang Zichen is listed as an enemy of the four Island Protectorate families, you have to be careful in the future, seeing once and beating once is inevitable until their anger is eliminated, but how can the anger of the four families be eliminated so easily."

At this moment, however, Tang Zichen carried Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian and flew to an uninhabited forest, setting Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian down.

Liu Xiangyun opened her mouth, but in the end, she didn't know what to say, and so did Xu Mei Qian, they both never expected that One Defeat and Tang Zichen, were the same person.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen looked at the two of them and sighed.

After being silent with each other for a while, Xu Mei Qian asked, "If you're Tang Zichen, then why did you agree to be my boyfriend?Don Zixon, can I assume that you are amusing my feelings?Can I also assume that you're playing with my emotions?Now that the truth is out, it turned out to be a daydream that I was dreaming and thought I had found a rich and handsome man."

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "It wasn't a daydream, Mei Qian, you should remember that I first appeared as a defeated red dust in Linjiang City, that

The time you fell in love with me, and I, at that time, like no one, only my senior sister in my heart.Later, I accepted Xiangyun and Xuan'er, and you, I chose to stay away, but I didn't expect to get entangled with you deeper and deeper, and in the end, I admit that I gradually became smitten with you, so I fell in love with you as a defeated red dust."

Xu Mei Qian looked into Tang Zichen's eyes, feeling that Tang Zichen's eyes were indeed filled with sincerity, and, now that Xu Mei Qian recalled it, it suddenly dawned on her that no wonder she felt a little familiar with One Defeat Red Dust's eyes every time, so it was the same.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Now that your identity is Tang Zichen, the One Defeat Red Dust that I liked is gone."

"I've just said it in front of everyone, I'm One Defeat Red Dust, and I'm also Tang Zichen, all of them."

"Now what are you going to do about the love triangle between me, Xiangyun, and the three of us?"Xu Mei Qian asked.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun and said, "Xiang'er, I'm sorry for you."

Liu Xiangyun burst into tears and cried, "Do you want to choose Sister Mei Qian, okay, I wish you well."Liu Xiangyun misunderstood and thought that when Tang Zichen said he was sorry, he wanted to choose between her and Xu Mei Qian, and then to be sorry was to choose Xu Mei Qian.So, Liu Xiangyun bursts into tears, but Xu Mei Qian is also her friend, she won't fight with her, she cries and says blessings.

Tang Zichen really cried when he saw Liu Xiangyun's reaction.

At this time, Xu Mei Qian was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, I don't need you to choose, you'd better have a good time with Liu Xiangyun, I, just treat it as a dream."

Tang Zichen didn't speak yet, Liu Xiangyun said again, "Sister Mei Qian, I don't need you to let me, since it's his own choice, I respect him, I wish you happiness, I'm leaving first."Liu Xiangyun cried and turned to go.

Tang Zichen said, "What are you guys talking nonsense, who told you that I have to choose between you?"

"So what do you want?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Regardless of whether I'm One Defeat or Tang Zichen, I'll take both of you, you're both my girlfriends."

Xu Mei Qian was embarrassed, "Tang Zichen, I won't agree."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Xu Mei Qian, it's not your turn to disagree yet, I'll just agree, don't forget, you've already been slept with by me."

"You."Xu Mei Qian blushed.

Liu Xiangyun didn't say anything, she was actually more accepting, after all, she had already accepted the fact that Li Xuan'er was also Tang Zichen's girlfriend, it was just that it was a bit strange for Tang Zichen to have three girlfriends by himself.

"Boring."Xu Mei Qian turned around and walked away, seemingly disagreeing with something so ridiculous as Tang Zichen.

"Stop."Tang Zichen pulled Xu Mei Qian back at once.

"Tang Zichen, let go of me."Xu Mei Qian frowned.

Tang Zichen said to Liu Xiangyun, "Xiang'er, turn around first."

Liu Xiangyun turned around.

"Tang Zichen, what do you want?"Xu Mei Qian screamed.

Tang Zichen pressed Xu Mei Qian against the tree for a few minutes of forceful kissing, then said, "Xu Mei Qian, you are my one defeated woman, you can't leave, if you like me wearing that ugly mask, then I can go and pick that mask back up."


Xu Mei Qian was pressed against the tree by Tang Zichen, unable to move, her body was in the most intimate position with Tang Zichen, she was shy and angry.

"Tang Zichen, please let go of me, you'll hurt Xiangyun."Xu Mei Qian advised, she preferred to opt out, although it was heartbreaking, but she could only treat it as a dream and go back and cry.

Tang Zichen said, "When I first appeared as a defeated red dust, I told you that I was not worthy of you, forget me, stay away from me, but you had to fall in love with me, and now that you've even gotten me to fall in love with you, it's too late for you to choose to quit.My Tang Zichen's principle for feelings in this life is, if you fall in love, you will never give up, Xu Mei Qian, I will never give up on you."

Xu Mei Qian was speechless, "What about Xiangyun, do you really want the two of us to be your girlfriends."

Tang Zichen said, "What's so strange about two, in my world, powerful dignitaries have two or three main houses and four or five concubines, these are all more common than ever."

Xu Mei Qian stared at Tang Zichen, in fact, Tang Zichen was right, rich and powerful people, second and third wives are many, Tang Zichen is such an outstanding person, a few more like it is not too much.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Have you considered Xiangyun's feelings?Even if I don't mind, where's Xiangyun?Is that how you feel sorry for her?"

Xu Mei Qian's tone had softened, her words were clearly asking for Liu Xiangyun's statement.

Liu Xiangyun turned back and said, "Sister Mei Qian, I just want to ask you, do you like him?"

"Xiangyun, don't misunderstand, how could I possibly steal a boyfriend from you, our sisterly love can never be broken by a smelly man."

Liu Xiangyun said, "Sister Mei Qian, just answer my question, although he is the same person as One Defeat Red Dust, but after all, he has removed his mask, the feeling must not be completely different, do you like One Defeat Red Dust who has removed his mask?If you think of me as a sister, tell me with all your heart." One second to remember to read the book

Xu Mei Qian was stunned for a while, to be honest, whether Tang Zichen unmasked or not, there was nothing for her to resist, it was the same person anyway, just a little uncomfortable.

Xu Mei Qian said softly after a long time, "Sister Xiangyun, I'm really sorry for you, I, like."

Liu Xiangyun smiled, "That's enough, then, like together, you're my sister, I don't want to see you go back and cry a lot, might as well, like together."

Xu Mei Qian bit her lips, feeling absurd, yet she was reluctant to refuse.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Mei Qian, my Captain Xu, what is there to hesitate about, besides, you don't have the right to decide, whether you are willing or not, the result will be the same, hahaha."

Xu Mei Qian fiercely twisted Tang Zichen's waist and scolded, "You big pervert."

Tang Zichen knew that he had finally gotten rid of Xu Mei Qian, and with a loud laugh, he hugged Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun in his arms at the same time.

It was just that Xu Mei Qian felt incredibly embarrassed, but Liu Xiangyun was more relaxed, after all, Li Xuan'er had been hugged by Tang Zichen like this with her before.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Tang Zichen, Xiangyun said that you have another girlfriend in Linjiang City, that is, Li Xuan'er."



; "So you're just going to have three girlfriends?"Xu Mei Qian hummed.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Yes."

"You're so shameless."

"What does this have to do with shamelessness, I'm not willing to abandon anyone, what do you want me to do, who do I choose?In that case, why bother so much, just pretend I'm married to a third aunt."

"Who's your aunt, pervert."

"Hahahaha, a pervert is only lusting after you guys, others still don't even think about it."

"By the way, what did you just say about that world of yours, this world of ours, what do you mean?"

Helplessly, Tang Zichen told Xu Mei Qian about his history again, Xu Mei Qian was amazed and found it unbelievable, no wonder Tang Zichen had gone from being an outcast son of the Tang family to such a genius, but it didn't matter.

Only then did Tang Zichen hug the two of them and fly off in the direction of the Martial Arts Academy, in a good mood on the way.Before, he was worried that his identity had been revealed and didn't know how to explain it, but now that stone in his heart was on the ground.Both of them were his girlfriends now, only, Tang Zichen thought of Changsun Wuhen again, sighed, and decided not to go to the Healing Department anymore, not to see her again, so as not to get entangled again.

All the students of the Martial Academy had also returned to the academy, and the entire Martial Academy was talking about today's incident, and everyone had no words to express their admiration for Tang Zichen.

Right now, in one of the villas of the Martial Arts Academy, Tang Zhenghao was standing on the rooftop with a gloomy face, he had seen all of Tang Zichen's performance today, as well as the revelation of his true identity in one defeat.

After returning from Green Garden Ping, Tang Zhenghao was not in a good mood, although he now held the title of the most outstanding son of the Tang family, but he himself knew that the title of the most outstanding son of the Tang family was probably Tang Zichen.

What made him most uncomfortable wasn't this, but on the way back from Qing Yuan Ping, his fiancée, Murong Guoguo, actually praised Tang Zichen, saying what, Tang Zichen was definitely the number one outstanding son in your Tang family for hundreds of years.

Gosh, Tang Zhenghao found it hard to believe that this was his fiancée's words.Back then, that punk Tang Zichen, but he peeked at his fiancée taking a bath, and the fiancée who hated him so much back then, actually praised Tang Zichen today.

This matter made Tang Zhenghao's heart very, very uncomfortable, although, what she said was the truth.But, it was that it was his fiancée, did she forget how much she hated this Tang Zichen for having peeked at her bathing?

It wasn't just Tang Zhenghao who was uncomfortable, but Tang Zilan as well.

Perhaps, their attitude towards Tang Zichen had turned into jealousy.Especially Tang Zilan, since One Defeat Red Dust was Tang Zichen, then he already had two hospital flower girlfriends, the more Tang Zilan thought about it, the more jealous he became.A loser back then, by what.

That night, Tang Zichen invited Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, the three of them dined together and then went on a date and walked together, at first Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun were a bit awkward, but being pulled by Tang Zichen, they could only harden their scalp.

Originally, Tang Zichen wanted to call the two of them to the hotel together, but they refused on the spot, even if they went on a date together, it was too absurd to stay in a hotel together.Neither Liu Xiangyun nor Xu Mei Qian could accept this yet.

Tang Zichen smiled and didn't force the issue.


In the blink of an eye, several days had passed.

These days, apart from the time he went to the Sword Law Department, Ximen Yu was on a date with Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun, and the relationship between the three of them had gradually changed from awkward and uncomfortable to slowly getting used to it, at least every time Ximen Yu went to the Sword Law Department in the evening, he would pick them both up from school at the same time, then the three of them would go to the Genius Restaurant for dinner together, and then they would go on a date together in the evening, and then each of them would be sent back to their dormitories.If they sent Liu Xiangyun back to the dormitory first, then they would spend the night at Xu Mei Qian's place tonight, and if they sent Xu Mei Qian back to the dormitory first, then they would spend the night at Liu Xiangyun's place tonight, and it seemed that a consensus had been formed, and everyone got along well.

The first year martial arts group of the Martial Arts Academy was finally about to start forming.

Tang Zichen himself had formed a martial troupe called the 'Red Dust Martial Troupe'.

There were too many people who wanted to join the Red Dust Martial Arts Troupe, but Tang Zichen only chose the following people: the first runner-up of the New Student Competition, Yang Yijian, Xu Mei Qian, Wang Xing, Su Jinhe, Liu Xiangyun, and then Tang Zichen himself, there were originally six people, but in the end, Yang Yijian requested to add one more person, Tang Zichen was very reluctant to agree, but it was really hard to refuse.

The person Yang Yi Jian requested to add was Wen Qiang, whom he was pursuing.

Tang Zichen was helpless and finally agreed.

As for what the significance of the martial group was, currently Tang Zichen wasn't too sure, but he heard that it was a team that could better cooperate with each other when going to those mysterious places in the Martial Island.

Tang Zichen's Red Dust Martial Crew, a total of seven people, the more people in the martial group wasn't the better, or else it would also drag their feet.

One morning, Wen Qiang purposely came to look for Tang Zichen.

"Thank you."Wen Qiang said to Tang Zichen. First URL

"You're welcome, by the way, we were once in the same class, but it's just that healing students don't seem to need to be involved in the martial arts group, right?"

Wen Qiang said, "I don't want to study healing anymore, I want to focus more on martial arts, you might not know it yet, but I've moved to the sword department."


"It was Yang Yijian who helped."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Yang Yijian is the second best freshman in the Freshman Competition and the strongest freshman in the Sword Art Department, it was indeed easy for him to talk to the department head, it seems that Yang Yijian has done a lot for you, I guess you're his girlfriend now."

Yang Yijian caught up with Wen Qiang, Tang Zichen didn't feel anything, if it was Changsun Wu Yan, he might feel a little sorry for her.

Wen Qiang shook her head, "No."

"Why?Yang Yijian is good to you, the second place in the freshman competition chased you, all those courtyard flowers don't have this treatment, why don't you cherish it."

"Courtyard flower, huh, right, I'm not a courtyard flower, if I was, maybe not like this."Wen Qiang laughed bitterly.

Tang Zichen stroked his head, wondering what she was suddenly feeling so emotionally, and she had specifically come to see him, did she have something important to tell him?

Tang Zichen didn't want to talk to her that much, and finally said, "In short, Yang Yijian is good, and also, that thing I had with you, forget about it, otherwise, it's embarrassing."

After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away, not wanting to have too much contact with Wen Qiang, after all, it was the woman Yang Yijian was pursuing.

"Tang Zichen."Wen Qiang shouted.

"What else is there?"

"There's one thing I don't know if I should tell you."


nbsp; "What is it, hurry."

Wen Qiang bit her teeth and said, "That time, when you and I had that time under the tree behind the healing department, actually, it was my first time."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he smiled, "Wen Qiang, you came to find me specifically to tell me this?What are your intentions."

"I'm just trying to tell you the truth, there are no intentions, you can choose not to believe it.I met my fiancé the other day at the Protectorate family, and that's how I knew that he didn't want me back when I was a freshman in high school.At that time, we drank a lot of alcohol and just slept together, I thought he had that for me, but he didn't.I know you have a virginity complex, so I didn't have any fantasies about you before, but now I'm pretty sure I was definitely a virgin when I had sex with you.Of course, the first kiss is gone, I don't want to deceive you about that."

"Wen Qiang, what do you want to say by coming to me specifically?Be crisp."

"Don Zichen, I just want to ask if I have a chance."

"What chances?"

"The chance to be your girlfriend, now Yang Yijian is after me, but I like you more, I have to know if I still have a chance, if I still have a chance, I will reject Yang Yijian, if I don't have a chance, then let's talk about it, this is very important to me, I hope you will answer me."

Tang Zichen said with certainty, "I'm sorry, I really don't like you."

Wen Qiang smiled slightly, "I'm relieved to get your exact answer, okay, then I can also consider Yang Yijian's pursuit, thank you, I hope you won't hate me, I just like you more, that's why I want to make sure there's still a chance with you before I consider Yang Yijian."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Wen Qiang, this is equivalent to using Yang Yi Jian as a spare tire, Yang Yi Jian will definitely be uncomfortable when he finds out, and it will also affect my relationship with him, I hope you won't do this kind of thing in the future."

"No more, you've already answered me clearly, I've completely died.Alright, we'll just be friends from now on, this afternoon, Yang Yijian will go to the Qin Gu family to help me teach my fiancé a lesson, if he really does it, I'll agree to be his girlfriend, I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything.

Wen Qiang took a few steps and turned back and said, "What I just said was true, I didn't lie to you, I gave you my first time, I'll treat this matter as our secret, I won't let Yang Yijian know, don't worry."After saying that, Wen Qiang flew away.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

In the afternoon, Yang Yijian purposely came to look for Tang Zichen.

"Cousin, accompany me on a trip to the Qin Gu Family."

"Uh, what for?"

"Hehe, I'm going to look for Wen Qiang's fiancé, didn't you say that Wen Qiang's greatest wish is to find a man who is stronger than her fiancé, if I prove it, then Wen Qiang might become my girlfriend, you should accompany me to the Qin Gu family."Yang Yijian invited.

Tang Zichen knew about this matter from Wen Qiang in the morning, but Yang Yijian was not even aware that Wen Qiang had come to Tang Zichen to confirm whether she still had a chance or not, there was no chance before giving Yang Yijian a chance.Tang Zichen was a bit sorry for Yang Yijian when he thought about it, so at the moment, Yang Yijian requested to accompany him to the Qin Gu Family, Tang Zichen couldn't even bear to refuse.

"Alright, I'll accompany you, I hope you succeed."

"I will, Wen Qiang is such a good girl, I, Yang Yijian, will never give up."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Yang Yijian, I have to remind you that Wen Qiang might not be as good as you think."


If Brother Tang has something to say, there's no harm in saying it, no matter what, it won't affect our friendship, and besides, you're still my idol."Yang Yijian smiled as if he was in a good mood.

"Wen Qiang might not be as pure as you think."Tang Zichen covered up and said, Tang Zichen was very torn inside, he said this and it was equal to destroying Wen Qiang's feelings, but, if he didn't say it, he felt sorry for Yang Yijian.

Yang Yijian smiled, "I know ah, Wen Qiang is not a virgin, and also had a boyfriend, and broke up with him some time ago, I know all this, but this has nothing to do with it at all."

"Alright, forget it then, I wish you success this afternoon."Don said no more.

"Thanks, so when I'm ready, I'll come find you and accompany me."


Tang Zichen nodded his head.

At around three o'clock in the afternoon, Yang Yijian brought Wen Qiang with him, and the two of them went to the Blade Department to look for Tang Zichen.

"Brother Tang, let's go."

"Okay, let's go."

The three of them took off and flew off in the direction of the Qin Gu Family. Remember the URL

Along the way, Yang Yijian talked freely, while Tang Zichen and Wen Qiang were relatively awkward, mainly because Tang Zichen was embarrassed, Wen Qiang also really kept his word, no longer showed any ambiguous or intimate eyes to Tang Zichen, it seems, Wen Qiang has indeed completely taken Tang Zichen as a friend.

Coming to the Qin Gu family.

"Stop."Two early inner sect disciples who were guarding the gate stopped the three Tang Zichen, the same two who were thrown into the gutter by Tang Zichen last time.

"Tang Zichen, you still dare to come, don't you know that we, the Four Great Island Guardian Families, enforce a once on sight beating on you?"One of the gatekeeper disciples said.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm only here today to accompany this brother Yang."

"What do you want to come to our Qin Gu Family?"

Wen Qiang said, "Go and help me get Chen Jin Yang out, and tell him that I, Wen Qiang, am looking for him, and if he doesn't come out, I'll go up to the mountain to look for him."

"Why should I send a message for you."

"Chen Jinyang is my fiancé."

"Cut, who doesn't know, Chen Jin Yang is the second best new disciple in our Qin Gu family, he and Qin Xin are a natural pair."

"Are you going or not."Yang Yijian suddenly drew his sword and pointed it at one of the gatekeeper disciples.

"Damn, how dare you threaten me, you figure out come, what is this place, since when did the Martial Arts Academy dare to be so arrogant."

Yang Yijian said, "I am Martial Academy, Yang Yijian, second place in the New Student Competition, to challenge your Qin Gu Family's Chen Jin Yang, now, can I go inform?If he hasn't shown up in ten minutes, then I'll treat him as admitting defeat."

The two Gatekeeper disciples were furious, "It seems that any little cat or puppy dares to come to our Island Protection Family to challenge, fine, just for your words, I will immediately go and inform Senior Brother Chen, don't leave if you have the guts."

After saying that, one of the Guardian disciples flew towards the mountain, flying very fast, it seemed that even the Guardian disciples were more powerful in terms of talent.

"It's not good, someone from the Martial Academy has come to challenge again."

"It's not good, someone has come to challenge it again."

That gatekeeper disciple shouted, and suddenly, the entire Qin Gu Clan's disciples and strongmen were alarmed, another student from the Martial Forest Academy is challenging?

The first time, everyone felt angry, the previous anger of Tang Zichen coming to challenge hadn't even subsided, didn't expect that another one would come, when did the students of the Martial Academy become so bullish, one after another, they pinched the Protectorate Family as soft tomatoes.

"Grass heck, here comes another one.

One, who."

"One called Yang Yi Jian, he said he was the second place winner of the Martial Arts Academy New Student Competition, and he wanted to challenge Chen Jin Yang."

"Chen Jin Yang is the second best new disciple of our Qin Gu Clan, but he actually challenged him right off the bat, it seems like he really treats our Qin Gu Clan like a soft tomato."

"Go inform Chen Jin Yang that if he doesn't beat that son of a bitch who rushed to challenge him to shit at the Martial Arts Academy today, then he will be punished by facing the wall for half a month."


Chen Jin Yang quickly got the news.

When Chen Jin Yang got the news, he was first stunned that someone had actually come to challenge him.Chen Jin Yang himself was incomparably aware that his true strength far surpassed Qin Xin and even Tang Zichen.

The reason why he was the second best new disciple was simply to deliberately pretend to compare, to let Qin Xin think that he was weaker than her, and when the time was ripe later on, he would suddenly explode and come in a counter-attack, giving her a surprise, and then make Qin Xin feel how wrong she was before, thus making her feel good about Chen Jinyang.

However, Chen Jin Yang did not expect that there would be a Martial Arts Academy to challenge him, Chen Jin Yang was still planning when he would challenge Tang Zichen and knock Tang Zichen down in front of Qin Xin.


Chen Jin Yang and the other disciples immediately rushed down the mountain, and many other disciples also rushed to the bottom of the mountain.

When they arrived at the bottom of the mountain, they even still saw Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, you still dare to come."An innate expert roared.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't get me wrong, I'm here today to accompany Yang Yijian to challenge what Chen Jin Yang."

"Who is Yang Yijian?"An innate expert raged.

At this moment, Yang Yijian snorted, "I am Yang Yijian, Chen Jin Yang, I am here to challenge you today."

Chen Jin Yang snorted disdainfully, "Grass you, a tiger doesn't give out, treating me like a sick cat, it seems that I can no longer deliberately pretend to compare in order to pick up girls.Just as well, I'll show my true level today."Chen Jin Yang was furious, he was ready to show his true strength for everyone to see.

An innate expert asked, "Chen Jinyang, what did you just say?"

"Master, I'm sorry, actually, I'm far stronger than Qin Xin, I deliberately let her off the hook last time I entered the New Disciple Competition, I only showed a little bit of strength."


Everyone on the Protectorate Family's side seemed shocked, and then left the three Tang Zichen out in the cold.

"Chen Jin Yang, you're telling lies."

"Do I need to tell a lie."

That Qin Xin snorted, "Chen Jinyang, you're not talking nonsense, you're not even my opponent."

Chen Jin Yang looked at Qin Xin and smiled, "Qin Xin, I've been chasing you for a long time, in fact, I've been pretending to be weak in front of you, don't believe me, you fight me now."

"Swoosh."Qin Xin ton killed up with a sword.

"Pah."Chen Jinyang's palm struck, a fire fox similar to lightning was sent out from his palm, lightning blinked and struck Qin Xin's neck, Qin Xin's body went soft, as if he had been electrocuted, his body had no strength left.

"Ah."Qin Xin was horrified, and so were all the disciples of the Island Protector Family, Chen Jin Yang really did hide his strength.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what Chen Jin Yang had just performed, I don't know what kind of martial skill it was, it seemed to be very profound, it seemed that this Chen Jin Yang was a profoundly hidden expert, the lightning strike he had just struck was probably no worse than Tang Zichen's before Yin Yang Finger, gosh.

Chen Jin Yang smiled, "I'm sorry, I hid my strength, this martial art I just performed, it's called "Thunderstruck Determination", maybe you haven't heard of it, but it doesn't matter, hahaha."


At this moment, Yang Yijian's face changed a bit when he saw the mysterious and inscrutable martial skill displayed by Chen Jin Yang.

Yang Yi Jian originally thought that Chen Jin Yang was just an ordinary disciple of the Qin Gu Family, but he actually pretended to be a comparison.Moreover, Tang Zichen had previously told Yang Yi Jian that all the new disciples of the Four Great Island Guardian Families, except for Qin Xin, had yet to completely comprehend the introduction of having a sword in their hands, but Yang Yi Jian had already comprehended it, which meant that Yang Yi Jian was very advantageous and could all fight against the number one new disciple of the Four Great Island Guardian Families, therefore, Yang Yi Jian gathered his courage to come.

But heck, Chen Jinyang was actually pretending to be a contestant, he was so pretentious that he was even indifferent to the last time Tang Zichen came to challenge the Island Protector Family.

But now that he had come, Yang Yijian naturally couldn't just leave, he could only scalp him.

Tang Zichen now saw the abnormality on Yang Yijian's face, his heart could not help but feel tragedy for Yang Yijian, originally, Yang Yijian did have hope, if Chen Jinyang was just an ordinary disciple.

Chen Jin Yang turned his head to look over at Yang Yijian and hummed, "Kid, called Yang Yijian right."

"Little sister, I'm your Yang Yijian grandfather."Yang Yijian sword pointed at Chen Jinyang and said, the momentum must not be weaker than him, although he had no confidence at all in defeating Chen Jinyang now.

Chen Jin Yang sneered, "How dare you be arrogant, you're challenging me, aren't you?Okay, I'll give you this chance, a Martial Arts Academy freshman second place, also dares to pretend strength in front of me, and also challenges me at the door, originally I didn't want to expose my true strength so early, it's your fucking grandson who forced me to expose my true strength early, okay, I'll let you see with your own eyes what a frog in a well you are."

Yang Yijian raised his sword and said, "Cut the crap, don't do it yet."

Chen Jinyang snorted, "With you, I have no problem letting you do three moves."Chen Jin Yang turned his head and said to everyone from the Qin Gu Clan, "Fellow brothers and sisters, let's see how I teach this ungrateful son of a bitch a lesson."

After saying that, Chen Jin Yang glared at Yang Yijian and said without anger, "Make your move." One second to remember to read the book

"Swoosh."Yang Yijian didn't talk nonsense and shot directly.

Chen Jin Yang's feet bounced, his body suddenly flew into the air, and he raised his palm to strike.

"Perak."A silvery lightning bolt struck out from his palm, the lightning was so fast in the blink of an eye, so fast that Yang Yijian was barely able to resist and was electrocuted at once.

"Ah."Yang Yi Jian fell to the ground, twitching and foaming at the mouth, exactly as if he had been electrocuted by thousands of volts of high-voltage electricity.


"Powerful, Brother Chen Jin Yang is too strong."

"Pah, pah, pah."

Suddenly, everyone in the Island Protection Family exclaimed, even Qin Xin's eyebrows furrowed in surprise as she looked at Chen Jin Yang, not expecting that this person who had been chasing her for several years had been hiding his true strength.

Tang Zichen saw Yang Yijian's miserable state, and panicked up to help him up, a silver needle quietly inserted in his back, allowing him to lean his back against a tree to drain the electricity from his body.

Over at the Protector Island Family, a few innate experts said to Chen Jin Yang, "Jin Yang, you kid, with such a strong strength, you're pretending to be so deep."

"Oh, guys, ex

Senior, please also forgive me, I was just trying to give Qin Xin a surprise."

"Jin Yang, you can't do that, the last time Tang Zichen came to our family and provoked our family's face, you even held back, is it really worth it to pick up girls.Since you are so strong, if you had stood up then, there wouldn't have been anything to do with Tang Zichen, and the four Island Protection Families wouldn't have been so disgraced."Chen Jin Yang's master said reproachfully.

"Master, I'm sorry, but I was actually very impatient at that time, it wasn't that I didn't come forward, but there was a reason.It's because Tang Zichen's realm is only late Inner Gate, and I'm a perfect Inner Gate, even if I had stepped forward and beaten him like a dog, but, where so what, my realm is higher than his, and winning the fight was just a matter of course, it simply couldn't add glory to the Island Protection Family.That's why I thought repeatedly and didn't make a move, and one day, when Tang Zichen also reaches the Inner Perfection Realm, I will go to the Martial Arts Academy to challenge him and beat him like a pig or a dog."

"So that's how it is."

Everyone had been relieved to hear Chen Jin Yang's explanation, he had a point, Tang Zichen's realm was one level lower than his, even if he crippled Tang Zichen, what would it mean, instead Tang Zichen would not be ashamed even if he lost, because his realm was lower than his.

Tang Zichen snorted, this Chen Jin Yang, seemed to be a bit overconfident.

Only then did everyone from the Protectorate Island Family look at Tang Zichen.

Chen Jin Yang sneered at Tang Zichen, "What, it's uncomfortable to hear?Tang Zichen, you really think you're a great fighter, you're here to pretend to be a big fighter.If I had really made a move last time, you'd still be fucking awesome?I'm not going to fight, I just think you're too low level for me to win against you."

Tang Zichen said, "Chen Jinyang, in that case, let's make an appointment, you can do it now if you want, but I'm afraid, the thunderstorm duel you just performed has already consumed most of your internal energy."

Chen Jin Yang's face trembled, indeed, he had just performed the Stunning Thunder Duel, his internal energy was so badly depleted that a complete performance would drain about a third of his internal energy, and he had just performed it twice, so he felt weak at the moment.The state of his body was like a balloon after it had deflated two thirds of its air.

Chen Jin Yang laughed, "Tang Zichen, even if I were to win against you now, it would be easy, but unfortunately, as I said, I don't care to win against you, if you really want to fight me, please raise your realm to the Inner Gate Perfection, the same realm as me, otherwise, you have no qualifications to fight me at all."

Tang Zichen said, "Chen Jinyang, if I really raise to the Inner Gate Perfection, at that time, the one who is not qualified to fight me will be you, do you really want that?I'm giving you the chance to fight me now, so you better not waste it."

"Fuck you, I want you to give me a chance?Tang Zichen, the day you break through to the Inner Gate of Perfection will be the day I, Chen Jin Yang, come to challenge you, I hope you won't make me wait too long, hmm."

Tang Zichen could only nod and say, "Okay, I won't make you wait too long, I'll wait for you."

It seemed that it was impossible to fight today, firstly, Chen Jin Yang's internal strength was too consumed, and secondly, he felt that there was no glory in winning against Tang Zichen.Of course, facing Tang Zichen's challenge today, the main reason why Chen Jin Yang didn't do anything was definitely because his internal strength was too consumed, he didn't have 100% confidence, plus there was no glory in it.

"Yang Yijian, Wen Qiang, let's go."Tang Zichen said.

But Wen Qiang said, "Wait a moment."


Wen Qiang looked at Qin Xin and said, "Miss Qin Xin, I must tell you one thing, Chen Jin Yang is my fiancé, who is already engaged to be married.Alright, I've finished talking, if you still want to be with Chen Jin Yang, then first let Chen Jin Yang go to my family to withdraw from the marriage, otherwise you are fruitless."

Qin Xin snorted, "Did I say anything about being with Chen Jin Yang?He hasn't been able to chase me for two years. Do you think I, Qin Xin, can fall in love with a man so easily?I'm not afraid to tell everyone that so far, no man has been able to make me like him, because, a man who can make me like him, he must be an extremely strong man."

Chen Jin Yang was a little uncomfortable when he heard Qin Xin's words, he had just shown his true strength, and it still seemed as if Qin Xin was not much touched by them.

"Qin Xin, I am the ultimate strong man, I will prove it to you, defeating Tang Zichen, that's just the first step."Chen Jinyang assured.

Qin Xin said, "Then let's wait until you prove it."

Chen Jin Yang's eyes filled with explosive power looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, don't keep me waiting, I'll only give you one month, after one month, if you don't reach the Inner Door Perfection, I don't care that much about you."

Tang Zichen left his mouth, now give him the chance he himself does not fight, still one month, then, Tang Zichen will fulfill him, Tang Zichen will let him see, after stepping into the inner door perfection realm, see if it is something he Chen Jin Yang can challenge, Tang Zichen will crush him into slag.Now that Tang Zichen's realm was one level lower than his, Tang Zichen felt the odds of victory were high, not to mention waiting for him to reach the inner door perfection.

Tang Zichen helped Yang Yijian and the three of them returned to the Martial Arts Academy together.

Yang Yijian looked very bad, and came in the mood to beat up Wen Qiang's fiancé, and as a result, he was beaten up so badly.

"I'm sorry, Wen Qiang, I didn't do it."Yang Yijian said.

"It's okay, actually, it's also what I expected, although Chen Jin Yang he is a scum, but his talent is really high, otherwise why would I be so infatuated with him in the first place.Now that I am no longer obsessed, I only hope to find someone who can completely defeat him."Wen Qiang said, seemingly not holding much hope inside. First URL

Yang Yijian said, "Brother Tang will definitely be able to defeat him, it's just a pity that Brother Tang already has two hospital flower girlfriends."

"Tang Zichen and I are just classmates and friends, don't talk nonsense."Wen Qiang said.

"Alright, don't say so much, go back to the academy, I have to find a way to hit the Inner Door Perfection Realm within a month."Tang Zichen said.

Yang Yijian said, "Brother Tang, you should know that the probability is too low, look at those seniors in the second year, it's been a year, and the strongest ones have only broken through to the inner door perfection, let's refer to them, we know that it takes about half a year to hit the inner door perfection, and after a year, the next new students will start school.And in the third year, only the best few will be able to reach the Houtian, that Tang Zhenghao of yours is a very outstanding genius in the third year, and he has only broken through to the early Houtian."

Yang Yijian felt that it was too difficult for Tang Zichen to break through to Inner Gate Perfection within a month.

Tang Zichen said, "Other people are other people, not everyone is like that."

Tang Zichen's goal was to break through to Innate within two years, or even within a year, so how could it take a year to break through to Inner Gate Perfection, if that was the case, Tang Zichen felt that he was useless.

"Fellow students, this semester, the 'World Village' has opened for the first time, please head to the North Entrance of the World Village tomorrow morning, remember, the North Entrance, the other entrances are useless, only the North Entrance is open to the students of the Martial Arts Academy."

When Tang Zichen and Yang Yijian returned to the Martial Forest Academy, they received this news.

Was the mystery of Martial Island finally starting to be revealed?

The next day, Tang Zichen and the members of his martial group went to the World Village on Wulin Island together.

Along with them went all the other first year students.

The other vice president, Wang Wenlin, said to all of them, "Fellow students, it's been almost a month or so since you entered the Martial Forest Academy.What do you think is the most attractive to you all at Martial Forest Academy?"

Some students said, "The Martial Academy is a good place."

"Martial Forest Island can improve strength and speed up martial arts cultivation."

Vice-President Wang Wenlin smiled, "Yes, everyone's goal in coming to Martial Island is to become stronger, but relying on Martial Academy or the four Island Guardian Families alone is far from reaching the goal.The biggest attraction of Martial Island, for all those who aspire to martial arts, is the 'World Village'.We are, at the moment, at the entrance of the Village of the World, and we will be entering the village in a moment."

"What's different about the World Village?"

"The World Village is a peculiar place with many entrances that allow you to transport your consciousness to other places and then go on a journey.Alright, I don't want to talk about the specifics, you guys are new students, so the first entrance opened to you is the 'Oblivion City', and what income you can earn by entering the Oblivion City will depend on your own creation and opportunities."

"Wait, Vice President, how come we don't understand."

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand, you'll know when the time comes.Alright, let's all follow me into the village."

Everyone ignorantly followed Vice Dean Wang Wenlin into the northern entrance of the World Village.

Soon, after entering the world village, everyone came to a well that was emitting a dark green light that looked a bit scary.

Vice-President Wang Wenlin said, "Students, please look at this well, this well is the entrance to the 'Forgotten City'.Now, everyone jump down from this well and jump."

However, everyone was so confused that they didn't seem to understand, so no one jumped.

"Jump, the Oblivion City will only be open for 20 days, so take control of yourselves."

A student asked, "Vice President, is it dangerous to jump in?What's underneath this well?"

"Don't worry, there is no danger, if you die, your bodies will float out inside the well at the entrance to the village.It's useless for me to say any more here, you won't know until you go and experience it for yourself."

Tang Zichen asked, "We're from the same martial group, are we going to jump together?"

"Nonsense, jump."

Tang Zichen didn't think too much about it and was the first to jump into the well.

The others behind him also jumped into the well that glowed with a phosphorescent green light.

After what felt like an eternity, Tang Zichen opened his eyes and found himself lying on a bed board, his body covered with a white cloth.

"I'm going."When Tang Zichen realized the situation he was in at the moment, he was shocked, Tang Zichen climbed down in a panic and looked around, this was a spirit hall, the spirit hall was small but there were many white cloths hanging around it, there was also a young girl kneeling there in front of the spirit hall, crying as she burned meditation coins into the fire bowl.

"This this this, what's going on."Tang Zichen shouted, he roared, the young girl burning meditation coins was frightened, as if she had seen a ghost, her mouth shouted, "Shao, young master, don't, don't hurt me."


Tang Zichen rushed out of the spirit hall, the buildings outside, all very special buildings, and looking back into the spirit hall, a large 'Dien' character hung there.

Tang Zichen pinched himself hard.

Ouch, Tang Zichen found that it hurt, this wasn't a dream.

"Oh my god, what happened?"

At that moment, the young girl came out warily and said, "Young Master, are you a human or a ghost?"

Still in a muddled state at the moment, Tang Zichen walked to a nearby well, which was full of water, and Tang Zichen saw at once that the person reflected in the well was not him.

"Ah, the looks are all different."

Tang Zichen began to clear his mind, he was entering the world village, then jumped into the entrance of Oblivion City, and then after what seemed like a long time, once he woke up, he was in this horrible hearth.

Tang Zichen immediately turned his head and asked the young girl, "Is this the Oblivion City?"

The young girl looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement and said, "Young Master, are you a human or a ghost?"

"Don't talk so much, this is not Oblivion City." Remember the URL

That young girl nodded, "Young Master, of course this is Oblivion City, Young Master, are you really not dead?"

"Dead your sister, you're the one who's dead."

"Oooh, young master."That young girl immediately jumped on Tang Zichen's body.

Tang Zichen's brain was a bit muddled, why did it feel like her soul had been reborn, this was too strange.If he wasn't sure that this was Oblivion City, then Tang Zichen would have wondered if he had crossed over again.

Your sister, is this the fucking real world?

In short, Wulin Island was truly a strange place, so strange that there was no way to understand it according to common sense.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

At this moment, a stream of information came in from Tang Zichen's mind regarding the identity of this body.

It turned out that his identity in Forgotten City at the moment was that of a young master of a down-and-out family.

Tang Zichen asked the maid, "How exactly did I die?"

That young girl was busy saying, "Young Master, you were killed by the Grand Duke and the others."

"The Grand Duke?Hehe."Tang Zichen didn't bother to ask so many questions.

Another 'system message' popped up in Tang Zichen's mind.It roughly meant: this Oblivion City was not a real world that existed, but it was a world that existed a long, long time ago, and the fighting stars changed, and I don't know what the special reason was, once this real world, was recorded by the memory stone.

Memory stone: a kind of world that can record the real life, the future can soul into the memory stone, as if to go back to the past.For example, if a strong man's wife is dying, and the strong man uses the memory stone to record the real life where she lived for a period of time, after a hundred years, the strong man can enter the memory stone with his soul, as if he has returned to the same year, but in fact, a hundred years have already passed.

Unfortunately, the time recorded by the memory stone was limited, some were a few days, some could be a few months, some could be a few years, or even longer.Once the memory stone's time was finished, then it would restart and start all over again.It's like a video taken by a cell phone that finishes playing and then starts from the beginning again, over and over again, only some days, some months, some years.

This Oblivion City, it records for twenty days, ends after twenty days, and starts all over again the next time it's turned on again.

After Tang Zichen's soul jumped into the well, his soul was attached to that

On 'Young Master', it was equivalent to Tang Zichen entering this recorded Oblivion City.

This Oblivion City, as one could tell through his ancient architectural style, it was unknown how long ago the world was, and here, it was only a recorded Oblivion City, there was nothing outside of the city.

And this Oblivion City, obviously, was a memory stone that had been transformed by the Ancient World, some powerful people.

The ancient world, some very powerful sects, after obtaining the memory stone, would transform it, transforming it into a place suitable for disciples to practice, and the disciples' consciousness would enter the memory stone and practice in it, just like the real world, they could fight with the humans and beasts and whatnot that were recorded inside the memory stone, thus improving themselves.And there's no fear of death, and it's not their real bodies that die.

The most appealing thing about Martial Island to outsiders was these memory stones.Oblivion City was just one of the very small Memory Stones.

Above all, that was a 'system information' that Tang Zichen had obtained.

So far, Tang Zichen finally understood what place he had come to, and his heart was more settled after knowing, Tang Zichen was really afraid that he had been reborn again, he had a hard time adapting to the outside world.

Tang Zichen now only needed to commit suicide, or be killed, and he would return to the world village on Martial Island, his body would float out in an underground river at the northern entrance to the world village.

At this moment, more than twenty bodies floated out at the northern entrance of the World Village on Martial Island.

One of the students shouted, "My grass, I can't believe I died within five minutes of going in, that Hidden Sword Pavilion Master's martial arts skills, I almost learned it ah."This was a second year student, he came out from another memory stone, at the moment, Oblivion City only had first year students going in.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Since I've already entered this world, I must hurry up and fight with the strongest people in this world, and get in touch with some people and things from the ancient world, maybe I can stimulate my own martial arts cultivation, only twenty days, I have to hurry up, I only have two chances to enter the memory stone in a semester, I have to cherish it."

Just at this moment, two men walked in from the door.

"Yoho, you're not dead, you piece of trash?"One of the men laughed out loud.

The young girl standing beside him was busy reminding, "Young Master, they're the ones who killed you."

Tang Zichen already knew that these two men were the son of the first lady of this fallen family, and his cousin.

Tang Zichen visualized these two men, but unfortunately couldn't sense their martial arts realm, perhaps the martial arts hierarchy in this ancient century Forgotten City was different.

However, Tang Zichen could tell from their aura that it was roughly equivalent to the strength of the late Outer Gate.

This kind of strength was too low for Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen only came here to contact stronger ones, so he didn't want to waste time with two trash.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Now, you guys go to hell."

"Yoho, the trash is even arrogant."The other man scoffed.

Tang Zichen rushed up.



The son and cousin of this downtrodden family's first wife were knocked to the ground by Tang Zichen's two slaps, and they probably wouldn't be able to get up for ten days and half a month.

Tang Zichen didn't kill them because there was no point at all, this Oblivion City was originally a recorded world, and everyone in the entire Oblivion City had been dead for an unknown number of billions of years.

That young girl was busy being surprised, "Young Master, you, how come you're suddenly so strong?"


"What, was I weak before?"Tang Zichen asked.

"You used to have very low martial arts skills."

"Oh, well, tell me quickly, who is the most powerful person in this family?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Of course it's your father, Guan Dongting."

"Come on, take me to him,"Tang Zichen said.


"Ah what ah, take me to Guan Dongting, I want to spar with him, I have limited time, I only have twenty days.Of course, if I get killed halfway through, I might not even have twenty days left."

"Young Master, why can't I understand what you're saying?"

Tang Zichen frowned, "Can we stop being long-winded?Since you're my maid, take me to Guan Dongting."

"Young Master, why are you calling the Master by his name."

"Nonsense, take me there."Tang Zichen shouted, this maiden's nonsense is so damn much. One second to remember to read the book

"Yes, Young Master."

That young girl led the way, Tang Zichen followed her, and quickly, walked out of this small, ruined courtyard.

As he passed a small garden, Tang Zichen saw a young girl of about sixteen or seventeen years old, sitting in a pavilion feeding fish, with a melancholy expression, that young girl was very beautiful and gave people a stunning feeling.

"She is?"

"Young Master, she's your sister ah, the Master's favorite daughter."

"Ohhh, pretty pretty, huh."Tang Zichen laughed and sighed in his heart, so what if she was pretty, that had died for an unknown number of billions of years, every grass and tree here had disappeared into the dust of history.

At that moment, that young girl saw Tang Zichen and covered her mouth in surprise, "Brother Olin, you you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sister, don't be afraid, brother is not dead, alright, you continue to feed the fish, I'll go look for your father."

Tang Zichen laughed and left, the woman looked at Tang Zichen incredulously and felt that Tang Zichen spoke strangely.

Tang Zichen didn't have the time to be long-winded with this 'sister', so he quickly went to find Guan Dongting and cut up the conversation.

Soon, he arrived at a more luxurious courtyard where a man of about fifty years old was practicing martial arts.

"Swoosh swoosh."The man was wielding a sword, and his sword skills seemed to be extremely powerful.

Tang Zichen was surprised when he saw his moves and said, "Hey, isn't he practicing the Golden Rooster Moon Sword?"

This sword technique Tang Zichen had seen a teacher practice at the Martial Arts Academy.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was a bit confused, a down-and-out lord from a forgotten city in the ancient world, his sword technique, and a teacher from the Martial Forest Academy could even know it.

In the next moment, Tang Zichen understood that that teacher from the Martial Academy must have learned it from him.

Even the entire Forgotten City, everyone's martial arts, Wulin Island had collected them.

This Golden Rooster Moon Worshiping Sword Technique wasn't particularly powerful, even the entire Forgotten City didn't have a particularly powerful sword technique, and anyone who thought about it with their feet knew that Martial Forest Island was able to open the memory stone to the public, so there must not be anything particularly precious in it, or else wouldn't everyone have learned it away.

"Master, Young Master is here."

The man who was practicing his sword stopped and dropped it on the ground in surprise upon seeing Tang Zichen.

"Olin, you you're not dead."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Oh, don't say so much, come on, fight me."

Saying that, Tang Zichen killed up with a sword.

"Wow."The man was blown away by Tang Zichen's sword.

Tang Zichen shook his head in disappointment, this Guan Dongting, the master of the down-and-out family, the father of Tang Zichen's body, was only as strong as the middle stage of the Inner Gate, and was no match for Tang Zichen.

"Too vegetable, it seems I have to leave here and go around to other places in Forgotten City to see if there are any experts who can follow me with

A matchless master battle."

Don turned and walked away.

"Orin, wait a minute."That old man yelled.

"What else?"

"Orin, what's going on?Why aren't you dead?I thought you were dead, waiting for a funeral.Also, why are you suddenly so good at martial arts?I can't believe I'm not even a match anymore, oh my god, what's all this about."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You're the one who's going to have a funeral, your whole family is going to have a funeral."Tang Zichen felt cursed, what a fucking tragedy, why did his consciousness possess this whatever Orin when he entered Oblivion City.

Tang Zichen raised his sword and left.

"Young Master, wait for me."The maid followed him.

And that master, stunned there at a loss for words.

For those whose consciousness entered the Memory Stone, Tang Zichen, this was a world of records, where everyone and everything had disappeared into the dust of history.

However, to those who were recorded, they were completely ignorant of the truth and thought that this was a real world.

At times, when Tang Zichen saw everyone and objects here, he suddenly felt sadness for them and felt a sense of desolation.

Tang Zichen directly left this downtrodden family.

Walking out of the front door, Tang Zichen looked up and saw that on the front door of this fallen family, it was written 'Guan Dong Fu'.

Tang Zichen came to the street, people were coming and going on the street, and at a certain moment, Tang Zichen himself would wonder if this was a real world, it was just too real.

Just then, Tang Zichen heard a man next to him scolded, "What Oblivion City, why can't we touch a powerful one, there are still so many commoners who can't do martial arts."

Tang Zichen paused to look at the man, Tang Zichen doubted if he was also a student of the Martial Arts Academy.

When that person saw him, he immediately scolded Tang Zichen, "What are you looking at, looking for death."

Tang Zichen said, "This fellow is very grumpy, didn't you say that there are no experts?Then why don't I get a lesson?"

"Just in time."


After a few strokes, the man was defeated and looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Don't tell me you're Tang Zichen?"

"Hahaha, it's me."

"I'm grass, I'm Uranus."The man whipped out a cold sweat.

Tang Zichen had already seen that this strange looking man with a strange face had just cast the Meteor Butterfly Sword, so he was his roommate Wang Xing.

Wang Xing laughed, "Tang Zichen, it's too coincidental to run into you, and we don't even know each other."

Tang Zichen also laughed, "Yes, if I hadn't seen you cursing, I would have thought you were a citizen of Oblivion City."

Wang Xing said, "Tang Zichen, do you know that I crossed here and my identity is a groom, I'm so angry, how about you?What is your status?"

"I'm the young master of a fallen family, and what's even more terrifying is that I actually got up on the hearth to."

"Hahaha."Wang Xing laughed.

The maid who was following Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Young Master, what are you talking about?How do you know this groom?How come I have absolutely no idea what you guys are talking about."

Wang Xing wondered, "Tang Zichen, this wouldn't be your maid, would it?"


"Damn, Tang Zichen, or you, even if it's a down-and-out young master, there's at least one maid waiting on him, long quite watery ah, you'll have fun at night."

"What are you talking about, everyone here has ceased to exist, sleep with your sister."Tang Zichen stared speechlessly at Wang Xing like.

Wang Xing said, "Tang Zichen, do you know that I, a groom, have a wife at home, I just slept with that 'wife' at home, hahahaha, I actually really feel it, exactly like the real thing."


Tang Zichen glared at Uranus.

"Why are you staring at me."

"Interesting you, even if that feels like the real thing, but everything is just happening in your consciousness, in fact you don't have any physical contact with any of the women here at all, to be frank, it's just a fantasy, just an incredibly real fantasy, do you think it's interesting?"Don said.

"Whatever, since we're here, how can we not play with a few beautiful women."

Tang Zichen ignored Wang Xing and walked forward along the street, Tang Zichen's goal was to find strong people, engage in battles, and then improve himself, everyone who came in had the same goal.

Tang Zichen and Wang Xing were passing a greenhouse, a pimp on the greenhouse shouted, "Whoever can defeat Taslin, tonight's Oiran will be the one."

A large group of people were up in arms in front of the greenhouse, and a man with a three-foot green sword in his hand stood in front of the greenhouse.

Tang Zichen went over to that green house and saw a masked woman upstairs, her eyes gentle as she looked at the man fighting for him downstairs.

The pimp said, "Taslin, if you can fight a duel with more than five people present and win, then I will allow you to ransom our Drunken Moon House's Oiran, otherwise, no way."

It turned out that the Oiran of the Drunken Moon House was in love with this swordsman called Taslin, but unfortunately, it was difficult for them to be together.Today, he originally came with five hundred gold to ransom him, but the pimp was unwilling, so he offered to allow him to ransom him if he could win five matches in a row on the spot.

When Wang Xing saw this, he busily said, "Tang Zichen, look at that green house's oiran, look at the figure is very good, I'll go up and challenge that Taslin, if I win, then tonight, that oiran is mine, hahaha." First published at

Saying that, Wang Xing immediately flew up.

"I'll do it."Wang Xing laughed and shouted.

However, before Wang Xing finished laughing, the man called Taslin pulled out his sword.

"Swoosh."There was only a flash of white light.

Wang Xing fell down with a thud, a gash on his neck and blood flowed everywhere, only after a few seconds did the man called Taslin grunted, "No one will try to stop me from taking Miss Rong Yu."

Tang Zichen looked at Wang Xing who had fallen in a pool of blood, unable to believe it, he had just said that he would sleep with the flower kui tonight, but in the next moment, he was spiked by this Taslin.

The crowd of onlookers in front of the green house was hip-hopping, it seemed that no one felt too surprised if they killed someone, it seemed that killing someone in this era didn't require any responsibility.

At this time, in the northern entrance of the world village, an underground river, a body floated out, it was Wang Xing.

When Wang Xing woke up, he yelled, "Ahhhh."

Wang Xing had already been killed in Oblivion City, he had exited Oblivion City, and Wang Xing hated ah, if it wasn't for the seer, he wouldn't have been so reckless and killed by a swordsman.

In Oblivion City.

The man called Taslin bellowed, "Who else dares to come up here and stop me?"

No one around dared to go up against him.

Tang Zichen looked at the horseman in the pool of blood and sighed.

Tang Zichen then looked at that swordsman again.

The strength of this swordsman looked like he was at least a master of the Inner Gate, which was why Wang Xing had died so neatly.

Tang Zichen suddenly said, "There's still me."

Saying that, Tang Zichen leapt up.

That swordsman looked at Tang Zichen with a cold gaze, Tang Zichen felt a chill, Tang Zichen had an intuition within him that he was not this swordsman's


If Tang Zichen couldn't win against him and was bound to be killed, then Wang Xing would end up in Tang Zichen's place.

"Die."That swordsman bit his teeth mercilessly and pulled out his sword at once, while a white light flashed.

It was too fast.

Tang Zichen barely had time to think before he cast his concealment technique and quickly flashed towards the crowd beside him.

Tang Zichen's back was in a fiery pain, just one step away from death.

God, Tang Zichen couldn't help but sweat cold sweat straight to his face, the experts of the Ancient Era were too strong, Tang Zichen was no match for them.

If Tang Zichen hadn't fled in time with his Ghost Wheel Duel, he would probably have fallen in a pool of blood by now.

The swordsman Taslin didn't go after Tang Zichen either, he only wanted to ransom the woman he loved today, and kill anyone who dared to come up.

Tang Zichen's heart palpitated as he stood on the street, looking at the swordsman standing under the green building not far away, he said in his heart, "He definitely possesses the strength of the late Inner Gate, I, the late Inner Gate, am no match for him at all, tsk tsk.This swordsman, I don't know what kind of sword technique he was performing, he pulled out his sword with that unimaginable speed, he fell down without even a chance to blink.It would be great if I could learn his sword technique."

Tang Zichen saw at a glance that that swordsman's sword technique was just too clever.

At that moment, not far away, in front of that green house, another young man flew out with a smile, "How about I give it a try."

A very handsome and dashing looking young man flew out to fight that swordsman.

"Dang dang dang."

"Swoosh swoosh."

The two of them fought at once, looking equally strong.

Tang Zichen watched without blinking a glance, this was a rare opportunity to demonstrate real life combat.

That dashing young man's swordsmanship was also very clever.

It was a pity that such a brilliant swordsmanship could not be learned away by watching them fight, otherwise, Martial Island would not have opened this Forgotten City's Memory Stone to the public.

The dashing youth and the swordsman, flew as they fought, and soon, they both fought outside the city, and Tang Zichen couldn't see them anymore, because this memory stone only recorded fragments of the twenty days within this city.

"Alas, it's a pity that I can't learn it, the sword skills of the ancient era are really clever."Tang Zichen sighed.

"Young Master, go home, you're no match for them."That maid of Tang Zichen's came up and said.

Tang Zichen strolled down the street for another half day, and the sky was gradually getting darker.

Tang Zichen then returned to that fallen family first, after returning to the fallen family, Tang Zichen didn't bother much with this family.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen went out on the streets again.

When Tang Zichen encountered a strong man who looked good, he deliberately went up to provoke him, fighting him, and if he couldn't win, he would run away, never to be killed, or else the game would be over.

In this way, within this day, Tang Zichen fought with seven experts, three of which Tang Zichen was no match at all, but Tang Zichen managed to escape without being killed.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen had been in Forgotten City for nearly half a month.

In these half months, Tang Zichen was also very familiar with this Forgotten City, and had fought against at least fifty people, large and small.

Tang Zichen continued to fight and combined with his experience from his previous life, his martial realm, more and more he felt a bit loose.

A breakthrough to Inner Gate Perfection was just around the corner.


"Yay, there's still five days before this Oblivion City ends, within five days, I must break through to Inner Gate Perfection ah.When I go out, see how I'll beat that Qin Gu Family's Chen Jin Yang to shit, he's still waiting for me to break through to perfection before dueling with me, what a fool, I haven't broken through yet he may not even win me, wait for me to break through, same realm, I'll stomp him to death."

Tang Zichen was currently walking in a small alley in Oblivion City, in order to find someone to fight, Tang Zichen walked around the city every day.If he met someone too strong, he would not provoke him, and if he met someone of similar strength, he would provoke him.

Just then, when Tang Zichen passed an alley, outside the gate of a house, he heard someone inside say, "Quickly, quickly, hide it, don't let anyone know, this is our ancestral 'Taiyang Guiding Diagram'."

"Grandpa, is this Tai Sui Guan Xiang Diagram really so magical?"

"Yes, a single view map can quickly comprehend a martial realm, back then, our ancestors, but we had more than thirty Taiyao view maps, but unfortunately, now there is only one left, the only one, it must be preserved."

Tang Zichen was standing outside the door, hearing the conversation inside, he couldn't help but thump his heart.

Tang Zichen felt that pushing open this door, there was definitely something good inside.

The Taiyang View Picture?

A single Taiyao Guiding Diagram could comprehend a martial arts realm as quickly as possible, gosh, this was simply ungodly, if there were more than thirty of them, wouldn't it really explode.

Tang Zichen pushed open that door at once.

Only an old man and a young man were seen inside. Remember the website

It was a small courtyard of a poor family, only the grandfather and grandson were there.

Tang Zichen saw that the old man was holding a wooden box in his hands, and it seemed to be precisely the wooden box that he had reburied into the ground.

Tang Zichen said, "Old man, give me the wooden box."

"Who are you."

"Old man, I'm not a bad man."

"If you're not a bad person, get out quickly."

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Old man, give me the Taiyang Guanxue in your hand, really, it's good for you, besides, your grandparents aren't martial arts practitioners, what's the use of it, why not give it to me and I'll give you money."

However, that old man held the box in his death grip and said, "My grandson will definitely be able to practice martial arts when he grows up, this is my ancestral treasure, it's impossible to give it to you, it's for my grandson to keep for the future."

Tang Zichen looked at the old man in front of him, if they were really disinterested, Tang Zichen could only rob them by force, this Taiyang Guiding Diagram was of great significance to Tang Zichen, it might be able to make Tang Zichen's martial arts realm break through to great perfection as quickly as possible, such a treasure, even if it was robbed, it would be worth it.

"Old man, don't force me to grab it alright, you can't even hold onto this Guiding Diagram, why don't you give it to me and we can make friends, or even, I can take your grandson as my disciple."


That little child also scolded Tang Zichen, "Bad man, get out of my house, bad man, bad man."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed and didn't bother to nag.

Tang Zichen went up in an arrow step and held that wooden box in his hands in one go.

"Give it to me."The old man pounced on it.

"Pah."Tang Zichen knocked both the old man and the little child out.


; Actually, Tang Zichen could have killed them, after all, this wasn't the real world, the real them had already turned into dust countless billions of years ago.

However, Tang Zichen could not bear to see them, after all, it was too real.

Tang Zichen opened that wooden box, and there was indeed a picture inside, a picture of a man wielding a sword.

"Is this the Taiyang View Picture?What does that mean?"Tang Zichen couldn't figure it out, it seemed that it wasn't easy to visualize the mood of the picture.

I don't know if everyone who had entered Oblivion City in the past had ever come across this conceptualization diagram, but it was obvious that it was a hidden secret treasure, if Tang Zichen hadn't just happened to pass by outside and happened to overhear the pair's conversation, then he wouldn't have gotten this conceptualization diagram, Tang Zichen doubted if he was the first person to get it.

"This Taiyao Guiding Image is an item of memory, it simply can't be taken out, but, I can't observe this conception for a while now, what should I do?"

Tang Zichen was a little anxious, the entire Forgotten City, are just memories on the stone, and just the consciousness can touch, nothing here can take away.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the picture and make sure that it is exactly the same as the one that you are looking at.

Tang Zichen copied and copied, spending five days, Tang Zichen copied at least 2,000 times, Tang Zichen has reached the degree that he could copy it completely with his eyes closed.However, it wasn't just the likeness that did the trick, it was the mood that mattered.

The last five days, Tang Zichen passed by like this.

At this moment, the entire Forgotten City, suddenly every single person was still, unmoving, as if the whole world had stood still.

And at this moment, Tang Zichen floated out from the northern entrance of the world village, an underground river.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "I was still copying that Viewpoint picture, but I suddenly ran out, it seems that the twenty days of record time for Oblivion City has arrived.But fortunately, I've already memorized the visionary diagram thoroughly, so I'll come back to the visionary diagram after I step into the Inner Gate Perfection, and go on to impact the Inner Gate Perfection, hehehe."

"Tang Zichen."In the distance, a person shouted towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen took a look, it was Yang Yijian.

"Tang Zichen, you're too bullish, you've stayed inside for twenty days, have you never met a strong person in Forgotten City?I ran into a strong man on day 19, he killed me and came out,"Yang Yijian said.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Yang, what did you gain from this trip to Forgotten City."

"Alas, how can there be such an easy harvest, but it's just that I've fought so many times, my sword skill level is a bit higher, and my martial arts realm is still at the late stage of the Inner Gate, without any loosening up, how about you, brother Tang?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm fine, I've fought against at least dozens of people in Forgotten City and felt a great sense of emotion, I think I should be able to break through to Inner Gate Perfection in less than three days."


Yang Yijian was envious, Tang Zichen was about to break through to the Inner Door Perfection so soon.

In fact, Tang Zichen wasn't just that, Tang Zichen had obtained a treasure of a Taiyang Conception, Tang Zichen only needed to conceive of that conception, he would soon be able to enter the Inner Gate Perfection again, and then the gap between Yang Yijian and Tang Zichen would be large.


"Where are the others?"Tang Zichen asked.

Yang Yijian said, "Do you think everyone is like you and can stay for a full twenty days ah, most of the students, they were killed in Forgotten City in less than ten days, they came out so early, they must have gone back to the academy, your girlfriend Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun must have also gone back to the academy already."

"Oh, also."Tang Zichen couldn't help but think of Wang Xing, who was in there as a groom and died on his first day in, he would probably be very depressed, and this trip to the Forgotten City would be almost fruitless for him.

Whether there was anything to gain or not depended on their respective chances, anyway, the World Village was only open to everyone twice a semester.

"Let's go, Tang Zichen, we're going back too, I heard that after we come out, the next batch will be the new disciples of the Guardian Island Family going in, and Oblivion City is starting from scratch again."


At this moment, in Oblivion City's Guan Dongfu, this fallen family had a humble hearth, a man lay motionless on a bedstead, and all the characters in the entire Oblivion City went still.

In the next moment, the entire Oblivion City suddenly came to life.

The man who was lying on the bedstead suddenly sat up.

"Ah, where is this, damn, is this the Oblivion City?Mum, what a spirit hall, I grass, I am a disciple of the Island Protector Family, but I turned out to be a dead man who has come back to life, bad luck ah bad luck."

"Young Master, you you, you are a human or a ghost, you don't hurt me."In front of the spiritual hall, the young girl who was burning paper was frightened. A second to remember to read the book

"Hehehe, little girl, not bad looking, come, play with me first, I heard from my older brothers that playing with women here is just like the real thing, let brother experience it, anyway, there's twenty days, not bad for this time, hahaha."

"Ah."Then, this 'young master', who had just woken up, pounced on that maid, and about two minutes later, two men suddenly entered outside the door, the sons of this fallen family's first lady.

"Pfft."One of the men who came in, without a second thought, stabbed the 'young master' who was defiling the maid to death.

At the same time not long after, in an underground river at the southern entrance of the world village, a man floated out, this man unwillingly shouted, "Ah ah ah, I just went in and died within two minutes, I'm not happy, why, who killed me?Ahhhh."

Oblivion City was starting from scratch again, just like when Tang Zichen entered.

Tang Zichen and Yang Yijian returned to the Martial Academy.

That night, Tang Zichen had asked everyone out.

Wang Xing, Su Jinhe, Yang Yijian, Wen Qiang, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, and Tang Zichen, the seven of them dined together at the Genius Restaurant, recounting their respective experiences in Oblivion City.

Wang Xing depressedly said, "I was the first one to come out, not even an hour after I went in, I was killed by a swordsman who fell in love with a woman in a green house, Tang Zichen was also there, ahhhh, so hot."

Everyone asked, "How did you and Tang Zichen get together?"

Tang Zichen said, "I am the young master of a down-trodden family, I originally went to the street to look for experts to cut, but I didn't expect that I happened to be so coincidental and ran into a cursing groom, this groom is Wang Xing.Wang Xing wanted to play with women and fell in love with that green house flower girl, but I didn't expect that the swordsman was so strong that Wang Xing fell in a pool of blood in no time."

Wang Xing asked, "Tang Zichen, after I was killed, did you have a duel with that swordsman?You're not going to beat that swordsman and take the Green House Oiran to have a night of fun, are you."

Tang Zichen glared at Wang Xing and said, "Don't talk nonsense, I

It wasn't even a match for that swordsman, I almost died, luckily I escaped in time, otherwise I would have exited Oblivion City on the first day as well.That swordsman, he's so strong, worthy of being a swordsman from the ancient era."

Tang Zichen said to the crowd, "Tell us too, what status you all have in Oblivion City, and what have you gained."

Xu Mei Qian said, "I'm in Oblivion City, I'm a farming woman, so speechless, and I have a husband."

Tang Zichen's face changed.

Xu Mei Qian looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "What are you nervous about, I won't wrong you, so I killed that 'husband' with one stroke."

Tang Zichen was relieved, otherwise Tang Zichen would have felt very uncomfortable.

"After killing that husband, I ended up being wanted by the government, so I could only hide around, so I survived for eleven days in Oblivion City, and finally was shot dead by an official with an arrow."

Liu Xiangyun said, "I'm in Oblivion City, the youngest daughter of the city's lord."

"Wow."Everyone exclaimed, it seemed that Liu Xiangyun was very lucky.

"Then you must have gained a lot."Wang Xing said.

Liu Xiangyun smiled, "It's not bad, because I'm the city lord's most favored daughter, so I have a lot of rights, the city lord found many experts to train martial arts with me, and I learned a lot, but unfortunately, what I didn't expect was that the city lord's daughter had already been promised to someone, on the sixteenth day, the city lord's daughter was getting married, so I just killed myself, I didn't want to experience theA handful of the feeling of marrying someone."

Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen, she couldn't even experience the feeling of a handful of marriages in order to prevent Tang Zichen from suffering a little bit of loss, and she committed suicide before the time was up.

Su Jinhe sighed and said, "I won't say it, it's depressing to say it."

"It's fine, say it, let's just talk anyway."

Su Jinhe was just depressed and said, "I'm in Oblivion City, a duck."

"A duck?"

"Ouch, just specializing in serving those rich women, paralyzed, the more I think about it, the more depressed I get, those rich women all have bodyguards with them, and the bodyguards are crushing me, I have no resistance at all."

Wang Xing laughed, "My grass, you actually experienced the feeling of a duck."

"Stop it, alas."Su Jinhe sighed sadly, Su Jinhe committed suicide on the eighth day because he couldn't take the crushing anymore.

Everyone looked at Wen Qiang.

Wen Qiang smiled, "I was just an ordinary, ordinary vendor on the street, unfortunately, my identity was not conducive to walking in that place and didn't have much success, on the thirteenth day, I was killed by an officer with a single stab, saying that I was in his way."

Yang Yijian said, "It was my turn, I was in Forgotten City, an old man, fortunately, this old man was a martial arts practitioner and a very strong one, after that I challenged everywhere, and on the nineteenth day, I was killed by my opponent.When I came out, I waited outside the World Village for a day, and sure enough, Tang Zichen didn't come out until the automatic end."

That night, everyone talked freely and enjoyed each other's company until late in the night when they dispersed.

After the banquet was over, Tang Zichen said to Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun, "I won't go to your place tonight, I'm going to close the door now and impact the Inner Gate to perfection."



They both nodded, although they hadn't been together for twenty days, it was understandable that Tang Zichen wanted to close the door.


Tang Zichen returned to his dormitory, Tang Zichen first took out his paper and pencil and drew the Viewpoint Diagram in its entirety, not missing a single point.

After drawing it, Tang Zichen put away the conception diagram, whether or not he could break through to Inner Gate Great Perfection depended on it.

Tang Zichen immediately went into a closed-door state.

Tang Zichen spent nearly three days in this closed-door state.

After three days, Tang Zichen finally struck the Inner Door Perfection.

"Yay, I've reached Inner Gate Perfection."

The momentum on Tang Zi's body also increased a lot, but Tang Zichen didn't go excited.

Tang Zichen took out his imagination diagram again, trying to make a breakthrough to the Inner Door Perfection.

However, Tang Zichen felt like his brain was stuffed with stuff and he couldn't see it at all.

Tang Zichen had to look at the picture and then associate it with the real picture in his mind, so as to be able to visualize it, or else he couldn't imagine the mood at all.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the picture and quietly think about the people and objects on the picture, and if you think it through, you may have an epiphany. First URL

Because this view was not drawn randomly, but by a strong man.For example, a strong man, when he fought, left a sword mark on the stone wall, this sword mark carried some sword intent that belonged to him, or some realm of comprehension.

In his previous life, Tang Zichen had seen a sword mark left by a strong man on a tree, thus comprehending an introduction to having a sword in his heart.

The View Picture was also something similar, and every stroke on the picture carried many many things that one could comprehend.

"It doesn't seem like it's possible for the View Picture to comprehend that meaning in a few days, I think it'll take at least nearly a month."Tang Zichen thought to himself and put away the conception diagram.Tang Zichen wasn't anxious about this amount of time, if he was able to ascend to Inner Gate Great Perfection after a month, everyone would probably feel incomparably terrifying if they knew about it, it was already on the level of those second year strong people, while Tang Zichen was only a first year.

Tang Zichen came to the Blade-Method Department.

When Guo Chi, the head of the Blade-Method Department, saw Tang Zichen, he smiled and said, "Tang Zichen, I heard that you're closed."

Just then, Guo Chi felt the momentum in Tang Zichen's body and said in shock, "Tang Zichen, you you, you broke through to the Inner Door Perfection Level?"

Tang Zichen nodded his head and said, "Yes, Inner Door Perfection."

"Damn it, Tang Zichen, you really broke through to Inner Gate Perfection, gosh, how long has it been, normally, to break through to Inner Gate Perfection at the end of this semester is considered very powerful, and you, it's only been less than half a semester."Teacher Guo Chi said in surprise, although Teacher Guo Chi had heard that Tang Zichen had closed the door after the end of Oblivion City, he didn't think that Tang Zichen could break through, thinking that Tang Zichen was just finishing up some perceptions.

When the class heard Teacher Guo Endeavor's alarm, they looked over at Tang Zichen, and among so many students, there were those filled with envy, those filled with jealousy, and those filled with admiration.

"Oh, okay."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

"Tang Zichen, you're the first new student in this year's class to break through to the Inner Door of Perfection, congratulations, you're worthy of being the king of new students."Teacher Guo Chi said from the bottom of his heart, but Tang Zichen himself was magnificent, Teacher Guo Chi saw that Tang Zichen had broken through and also maintained such a calm state of mind, and praised him even more, if it were anyone else, I'm afraid he would have jumped for joy long ago.

At noon, many people in the Genius Restaurant were eating.

"Fellow students, here is a special announcement, first year champion Tang Zichen, after returning from this trip to the 'Forgotten City', closed the door for three

Day, finally today, he broke through to the Inner Gate Perfection level, becoming the first new student of this year to reach the Inner Gate Perfection level.As we all know, even a second year student who can reach the inner door perfection level is considered very powerful, and Tang Zichen reached the inner door perfection level after just less than two months of enrollment..."


The students of the Genius Restaurant heard the Special News and all shouted wow, Tang Zichen had reached the Inner Door Perfection so quickly.

That night, Tang Zichen stayed at Xu Mei Qian's dormitory and stayed with Xu Mei Qian tonight before going to Liu Xiangyun's tomorrow night.

"Congratulations, you have stepped into the Inner Door Perfection."Xu Mei Qian congratulated.

"You too, cheer up, by the way, I'll tell you something, but keep it a secret."

Tang Zichen told Xu Mei Qian about getting the Imagination Diagram, then took out the Imagination Diagram and watched that diagram with Xu Mei Qian and the two of them.

Unfortunately, Xu Mei Qian hadn't seen the real diagram and didn't feel anything at all.

Tang Zichen said, "It doesn't matter, after a month, there will be another chance to enter the Forgotten City of the World Village, you should go directly to the house of XXXX family in the West City of Forgotten City, where a pair of grandparents live, find the Guessing Diagram, and after seeing the real diagram, maybe look at this copy of mine again and you'll have a feeling."

"Hmm."Xu Mei Qian nodded.

"Alright, good time and beautiful scenery should not be wasted on martial arts."

Xu Mei Qian blushed as Tang Zichen held her back, and there was no need to go into detail about what happened after that.

The story about Tang Zichen stepping into the Inner Door of Perfection spread quickly through the Martial Arts Academy once it passed through the Genius Restaurant.

In the blink of an eye, twenty days had passed, and Tang Zichen had spent the time on his vision picture every day for those twenty days.

Right now, on a quiet mountain.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

"I've been observing this visualization diagram for a full twenty days, and I've already felt many, many martial meanings, I think that in ten days, I should be able to break through to Inner Gate Great Perfection again."Tang Zichen muttered to himself.

If anyone were to hear Tang Zichen's words at this moment, they would definitely be horrified, in another ten days, I'll be able to break through to Inner Gate Great Perfection again?

This was too terrifying, Tang Zichen was a first year student, not even three months into the school year, Inner Gate Grand Perfection, this was a level only reached by the top second year seniors.

In the Protectorate Family.

The new disciples of the Guardian Island Family also completed their trip to the Forgotten City and returned to their respective families.

Chen Jin Yang, too, was a butcher on this trip to Oblivion City, and after he arrived at Oblivion City, he also kept fighting with the strongest people in Oblivion City to improve his experience and comprehend martial arts through fighting.

Unfortunately, these twenty days of travel to Oblivion City, although he had come into contact with many experts, it did not allow him to gain much, and he was still an Inner Door Perfection.

It was a bit difficult for him to step into the Great Perfection in a short period of time with his Inner Perfection.

Not long after Chen Jin Yang arrived at the family, a senior brother came running.

"Senior brother Chen Jin Yang, I'll tell you one thing."

"What is it, say."

"Didn't you previously say that when Tang Zichen has stepped into the Inner Gate of Perfection, you would personally go to his door and beat him up."

Chen Jin Yang snorted, "Tang Zichen a late Inner Gate, do you think it's so easy to break through to perfection?By the time he breaks through to the Inner Door Perfection, I'm afraid I'll have already broken through to the Inner Door Perfection."


"Brother Chen Jin Yang, what I want to tell you is that the news from the Martial Academy is that Tang Zichen has already stepped into the Inner Door Perfection."

"What."Chen Jinyang stood up abruptly.

"Tang Zichen has already stepped into the Inner Door Perfection?"


Chen Jin Yang gritted his teeth, he had just said that by the time Tang Zichen stepped into the perfection, he was already a great success, he was really beating himself up with that.

"Damn, he has actually stepped into the Inner Gate of Perfection, then it's time for me to go to the Martial Academy and challenge him, it just so happens that my martial skills have greatly improved this time when I entered Forgotten City, and I have completely comprehended the introduction of having a sword in my hand, Tang Zichen, he's waiting to die."Chen Jinyang clenched both fists.

"Brother Chen Jin Yang, it's not too late then, let's go now, I'll accompany you."

Chen Jin Yang snorted, "Senior brother, I'm going to the Martial Academy to challenge Tang Zichen this time, my main purpose is to save the face I lost last time, do you think, just the two of us will be able to go?"

"So you're going to inform everyone in the four Island Protectorate families?"


"Oh." Remember the URL

Chen Jinyang immediately found his master and told him that he was going to challenge Tang Zichen at the Martial Arts Academy and that he was going to cripple him.

Chen Jin Yang's master asked, "Do you have confidence?This is no small matter, our Island Protector Family can no longer afford to lose face, if the challenge, make sure you can win, if you can't win, then you'll really send your face to be beaten by others."

Chen Jin Yang said with some displeasure, "Master, I'm your disciple, you actually doubt me, you know my strength and talent, even before I entered Oblivion City, my thunderstorm duel could beat Tang Zichen to shit, now that I've come out of Oblivion City, my martial arts skills have greatly improved, you actually doubt me."

"Jin Yang, don't misunderstand me, I'm just worried that you'll lose, after all, our Island Protector Family can't afford to lose again and again, really, I'm ashamed of myself."

Chen Jin Yang was very, very upset inside, and gritted his teeth and said, "Master, help me notify the four Island Protectorate Families, and say, I, Chen Jin Yang, will go to the Martial Arts Academy tomorrow at noon to challenge Tang Zichen.Also, send me another notice to the Martial Forest Academy, with the same content, tomorrow at noon, ask Tang Zichen to wash his neck."

"Jin Yang, are you sure you're one hundred percent sure?"

"Master, if I wasn't sure, how would I make such a fuss."

"Good, I believe in you, and I will immediately go to work on it for you.Jin Yang, it's up to you to save face for the new disciples of the Guardian Island Family."

"Definitely."Nodding firmly, Jin Yang Chen didn't believe that Tang Zichen could break his thunderstorm, the speed of the lightning was so powerful that almost no one would be able to dodge it, unless someone much stronger than him was able to oppress him with the momentum of his realm.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was in the Blade Department.

"Yiyun, you should be like this."Tang Zichen couldn't help but instruct Chu Yiyun when he saw her constantly swinging her sword there.

"Oh."Chu Yiyun softly ohed, her eyes not looking at Tang Zichen, but her face was slightly red.

Now, Chu Yiyun naturally had no gap for Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was refreshing his knowledge of him time and again, Chu Yiyun also felt admiration for a genius like Tang Zichen.

"See, that's it, you comprehend it well."


Tang Zichen casually instructed a few words and walked away, to him it was just a few random words and


At that moment, the dean came.

"Tang Zichen, come over here."The dean shouted to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked over and asked, "Dean, what is it?"

"Tang Zichen, I received an official letter from the Qin Gu Family, Chen Jin Yang of the Qin Gu Family, will come to the Martial Academy tomorrow at noon..."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Challenge me?"

Tang Zichen still remembered that the last time Chen Jin Yang had said that he would be qualified to fight him when he stepped into the Inner Door Perfection, but he didn't expect it to have taken so long, it was because everyone had been delayed by Oblivion City.

However, the dean shook his head and said, "The letter didn't say anything about challenging you, it just said, come and cripple you."

Tang Zichen was furious, "Come to maim me?"

"That's what the letter says."

"Then let him come, it's just as well, I've stepped into the Inner Gate to complete it, and I'll continue to look for a peer to practice with."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Tang Zichen, Chen Jin Yang heard that he hid his strength before, his true strength is very strong, and the fact that he dared to openly offer to come to the Martial Arts Academy to fight you shows that he is very confident in himself."

"Dean, I know what you're trying to say, don't worry, I, Tang Zichen, have even more oil confidence in myself, I won't disgrace the Martial Arts Academy.Protector Island's disciples are very strong, that was in the past, from this session onwards, no more."

"Good, then we'll see how you perform tomorrow, if you can still defeat Chen Jin Yang again, then our Martial Arts Academy will really be a bull."

The dean chilled with Tang Zichen for a few words, and then left.

Not long after the Dean left, a school staff member came and said, "Fellow student Tang Zichen, Professor Lin Han asked you to eat at his place at noon."

"Oh, good."

At noon, Tang Zichen arrived at Professor Lin Han's house as promised, and Professor Lin Han prepared a sumptuous lunch to treat Tang Zichen.

"Professor Lin Han, you're too polite, you're at least a famous Ninth Grade Healer, this makes me feel ashamed."Tang Zichen smiled.

Lin Han also laughed, "Tang Zichen, don't make fun of me, it's true that I'm a ninth-grade healer, but in front of you, a tenth-grade healer, my ninth-grade is nothing."Saying that, Professor Lin Han took out a dark green token.

"What is this?"

"Tang Zichen, this is your Tenth Grade Healing Master's certificate, it's now produced."

Tang Zichen was busy receiving the Tenth Grade Healing Master's certificate, it was finally produced.

Professor Lin Han said, "This Tenth Grade Healer's certificate is issued by the Martial Island Healing Alliance, the certificate issued by the Healing Alliance is very authoritative and no one dares to question it.All you need is a drop of blood on it, and it will show some information about you, just try it out."


Tang Zichen immediately dripped a drop of blood on the token.

Suddenly, the dark green token glowed brightly and two words flashed on top of it: ten grade.

"Wow, how high-grade."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

"From now on, when you have this token, people will believe that you are a genuine ten-grade healer.Of course, since you instructed me to keep it a secret, no one else knows about this matter.Tang Zichen, I actually really admire you ah, martial talent here is powerful, healing talent is even more perverted, our Martial Academy, there is only one person who has reached the level of a tenth grade healer ah, and you, you are already on par with him."Professor Lin Han said full of admiration.


Tang Zichen put the token away, there was no excitement on his face.

Professor Lin Han was very impressed when he saw how calm Tang Zichen looked, if he had become a Tenth Grade Healing Master, he would have died of excitement, but Tang Zichen was so calm.

"Tang Zichen, don't you want people to know that you're a Tenth Grade Healing Master?"Professor Linham asked.

"So what if we know."

"Everyone must be very incredulous to know, and must be very impressed with you."

"People already admire me now that they know I'm a tenth-grade healer, it's just one more 'ah, that's amazing'."

"It's also true that you've already been admired by so many people for your martial arts, but you can't never be known by everyone as a Tenth Grade Healer."

"When it's time to be known, it'll be known, let nature take its course, I can't just meet someone and tell them I'm a Tenth Grade Healer, or ask the Genius Restaurant to special report that I'm a Tenth Grade Healer."

"Alright."Professor Lin Han taught a smile.

Tang Zichen had lunch at Professor Lin Han's house.

The day passed in a flash, and the news about the Qin Gu Family, that Chen Jin Yang would personally come to the Martial Arts Academy to beat up Tang Zichen, had also spread in the Martial Arts Academy, but of course, the news was spread by the Genius Restaurant. One second to remember to read the book

Everyone was waiting for the next day, Chen Jin Yang's arrival.

There was not much gossip here, and it was directly at noon the next day.

Chen Jin Yang, accompanied by many, many disciples and strongmen from the four Island Protector Families, arrived at the Martial Academy.

Tang Zichen was already waiting for Chen Jin Yang at the Martial Academy's War God Martial Arena.

Chen Jin Yang flew down in full view of everyone and stood in the middle of the martial field, facing Tang Zichen.

Surrounding them were students from the Martial Academy, as well as disciples and strongmen from the four Island Protectorate families that had just arrived.

Chen Jin Yang's master shouted, "Jin Yang, remember what you said."

Another innate strong man said, "Jin Yang, we took the initiative to come here today, you know what you should do."

Of course, Jin Yang knew that they were the ones who took the initiative to come to the door today, so Jin Yang Chen had to make sure that he won, or else he would lose face.

Just at this moment, a person from the Island Protector Family shouted, "Senior Qin Feng has even come."

Everyone looked, and sure enough, Qin Feng had flown in as well.

"See Senior Qin Feng."Those innate experts paid their respects.

At the same time, the president of the Martial Forest Academy also flew up and worshipped, "Seeing Senior Qin Feng, it is an honor for our Academy for Senior Qin Feng to come to our Martial Forest Academy."

With a snort, Qin Feng ignored the dean and said to Chen Jinyang, "Chen Jinyang, if you defeat Tang Zichen today, then my place as an incoming disciple will definitely be yours."

"Ah."Everyone's bodies trembled when they heard Qin Feng's words.

When Chen Jin Yang heard Senior Qin Feng's words, he was also taken aback and was delighted inside.

When Tang Zichen heard Qin Feng's words, he looked up at Qin Feng with a great deal of disdain.

In the sky, when Senior Qin Feng saw the look of disdain in Tang Zichen's eyes, he felt very annoyed inside.

No wonder Senior Qin Feng had purposely come to watch the duel, he really, really wanted, Tang Zichen to be blown up ah, it would be best to beat Tang Zichen until he completely lost his confidence and declined completely.

Chen Jinyang shouted, "Thank you, Senior Qin Feng, disciple will definitely


Chen Jin Yang looked towards Tang Zichen and said in his heart, "Tang Zichen, Senior Qin Feng came especially to watch the duel, this shows how unhappy he is with you inside, the worse I beat you today, the happier Senior Qin Feng must be, Tang Zichen, I will cripple you so that you will never be able to practice martial arts for the rest of your life."

The atmosphere began to get tense as everyone saw that Chen Jin Yang seemed to be about to start fighting.

Tang Zichen, however, remained calm and did not panic in any way.

"Tang Zichen, take care of yourself and do it."Chen Jinyang said.

Suddenly, Chen Jin Yang jumped into the air, and with a sudden double palm strike, a silver-white lightning bolt struck Tang Zichen.

Chen Jin Yang was adventurous, he took out his strongest power as soon as he did it, he consumed a third of his internal strength by performing a Stunning Thunder Decision once.

And this time, Chen Jin Yang took out two thirds of his internal strength directly.

He wanted to knock Tang Zichen down with one move.

If this strike, Tang Zichen didn't fall and did less damage than him, then Chen Jin Yang would be in danger.

However, Chen Jin Yang still decided to take this approach, he didn't believe that Tang Zichen would be able to dodge his thunderous strike, even if he expended two thirds of his internal force and didn't knock Tang Zichen down in one strike, then he was sure that Tang Zichen's damage was definitely greater than his, then the remaining strength he had would still be enough to defeat Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was always paying attention, and just as Chen Jin Yang sent out a thunderstruck move, Tang Zichen suddenly performed the Ghost Wheel Determination, and his body disappeared from the spot.

As soon as Tang Zichen disappeared, the ground on which Tang Zichen was standing exploded and a hole appeared from one of Chen Jin Yang's thunderstorms.Unfortunately, Tang Zichen disappeared, no matter how powerful it was, it was in vain.

"What."When Chen Jin Yang saw this scene, he was completely dumbfounded, he was desperate and took out two thirds of his inner strength with a thunderbolt strike, but it didn't even hurt Tang Zichen any, it only cracked the ground, but no matter how badly the ground cracked, it had nothing to do with him.

"No."Chen Jin Yang yelled.

Unfortunately, his roar wasn't over yet, a figure appeared in front of him.

"Bang."That figure suddenly slammed a palm into Chen Jin Yang's chest.

This figure was the same Tang Zichen who had just disappeared under Chen Jin Yang's nose.

Tang Zichen's hidden martial arts combined with light martial arts made no matter how awesome Chen Jin Yang's thunderstruck strike was, it was meaningless.

"Ka-ching."Chen Jin Yang received a vicious blow from Tang Zichen, and a series of clicking sounds were emitted from his chest.

It was obvious that Chen Jinyang's sternum had completely fractured.

"Ah."Chen Jin Yang roared with unwillingness as his body flew several dozen meters backwards and fell heavily to the ground.

Tang Zichen flashed another Ghost Wheel and disappeared in the blink of an eye, and within a few blinks, flashed beside Chen Jinyang a few dozen meters away.

"Bang."Tang Zichen stomped on Chen Jin Yang's shattered chest.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Chen Jin Yang, the last time I was still in the late Inner Gate, if you had dueled with me, I might still have been able to win so easily.But your sister, now that I've stepped into the Inner Gate and you've come to duel with me, are you still my opponent?Self-defeating."Don Zimmer snorted away.

"Ohhhhh."The surrounding students cheered as Tang Zichen easily defeated the Guardian Island Family's hidden strength, Chen Jin Yang.

At this moment, everyone was discussing.

"Che, I thought that this Chen Jin Yang, who hid his strength, was so much more than a bull, but it turned out to be trash."


"That's right, caused me to sweat for Tang Zichen, it turned out to be a waste of expression, not a match for Tang Zichen, damn it."

"Get lost, don't come to our academy, all the disciples of the Island Protector Family, never again be smug in our Martial Academy, you're nothing more than that."

Faced with the insults from all the students of the Martial Academy, those disciples of the Guardian Island Family all looked extremely ugly.

"Damn it, I should have known not to come, it's simply sent to us to be scolded."

"Chen Jinyang trash, can't beat people and still nimble so confident, raising a crowd to come, and as a result, he was beaten into a dog, and even dragged us along with him to disgrace."

"What a firestorm, it's not enough for the Guardian Island Family to lose face once, they have to come to the Martial Arts Academy to lose face again."

Those disciples of the Protectorate Family, who were now being scolded by the students of the Martial Arts Academy, were now scolding Chen Jin Yang as well, taking their anger out on him.

In the sky, Chen Jinyang's master snorted heavily and turned around to fly away.

The other innate experts also flew away shaking their heads in disappointment, and as for that Senior Qin Feng, he had disappeared since Chen Jin Yang's strike did not succeed in injuring Tang Zichen, as he no longer needed to be behind.

The disciples of the Island Protector Family came and went in a hurry, and soon all of them flew away.

Only Chen Jin Yang was left in the middle of the War God martial field, as his sternum was shattered, he didn't have any strength to stand up, and none of the disciples of the Island Protection Family went to carry him back. The first website

"Ahhhh."Chen Jin Yang shrieked in pain, his brothers and sisters had left, disappointed in him.Originally, he wanted to prove to Qin Xin that he could defeat Tang Zichen, but as a result, so ironically, Tang Zichen was like an undefeated god of war, allowing him to be as confident as he wanted to be, only to realize in the end, when he actually did it, that the pressure was not on the same level.

"Whoops."Chen Jin Yang was lying on the ground unable to move, but it didn't stop him from crying.

The students of the Martial Academy also dispersed.

Half an hour later, there was no one left at the originally crowded War God Martial Arena.

At this time, a woman walked up to Chen Jin Yang, it was Wen Qiang, Wen Qiang waited for everyone to leave before coming out.

"Chen Jinyang, you will also have today."Wen Qiang sneered.

"Wen Qiang, take me to the healer."Chen Jinyang said.

"I pooh, why should I take you to a healer, your brothers and sisters have left you behind, you scum, didn't you think you were very powerful, didn't you think I wasn't good enough for you, now what, you've been knocked to the ground, you don't even have the strength to find a healer, what qualifications do you have to think I'm not good enough for you, dumbass."

"Wen Qiang, I'm your fiancé, how dare you do this to me."

"I pooh, Chen Jin Yang, I won't hide it from you, my first time was given to Tang Zichen, my current identity is, Tang Zichen's woman, hahaha."

Chen Jinyang's body trembled.

"Chen Jin Yang, I said that I will find a man who is better than you, I did, trash, if you still have any self-awareness, go and withdraw your marriage of your own accord, otherwise, Zichen will find you again."After saying that, Wen Qiang walked away.

Wen Qiang said inwardly, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, I borrowed your honor to complete my revenge against him, although I didn't find a man better than him, but I at least, had a relationship with you once, and I've fulfilled half of my wish to defeat Chen Jin Yang, and my knot is untied."

Tang Zi.

After the minister left the War God Martial Field, he went straight back to his dormitory.

In ten days, it would be the second time this semester that the 'World Village' would be opened.

The duel he had just fought with Chen Jin Yang, Tang Zichen did not put it to heart at all, as he knew that Chen Jin Yang was no match for him at all.

Tang Zichen took out the visualization diagram.

Tang Zichen had been visualizing for twenty days before, breaking through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection was already very promising, Tang Zichen wanted to break through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection before he entered the World Village for the second time.

There were still ten days until the second opening of the World Village.

As such, Tang Zichen had been looking at the imagination map in his dormitory.

By the third day, Tang Zichen finally felt a loosening of his realm.

Tang Zichen finally broke through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection realm with a bang.

"Yay, I've broken through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection, great."Tang Zichen felt a burst of excitement, this view map was really very effective, it was only a short twenty days that allowed him to quickly break through a realm, twenty days ago, Tang Zichen was only an Inner Gate Perfection, and right now, he was already an Inner Gate Perfection.

Tang Zichen clearly felt that the momentum on his body had increased many, many times compared to before, it wasn't on the same level at all.

Tang Zichen walked out of the dormitory and said in his heart, "Breakthrough to Inner Gate Great Perfection, strive to impact the Houtian Realm after coming out of the World Village for the second time."

"Tang Zichen, you're done with your retreat."Wang Xing saw Tang Zichen walk out of the dormitory and busily said.

"Hey, big brother Zichen, your aura has become stronger, don't tell me you've broken through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection."Su Jinhe said.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Yes, I have broken through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection."


Wang Xing and Su Jinhe were both stunned there, looking at Tang Zichen incredulously, how Tang Zichen's breakthrough in the martial arts realm was like a meal.

"You only broke through to the Inner Gate Perfection twenty days ago."Wang Xing's heart trembled.

"Oh, what does that mean, I'm still thinking of breaking through to the Houtian realm before the end of this semester, alright, I'm going to find my wives first, we'll talk again when I have time."Tang Zichen flew out of the window.

Wang Xing and Su Jinhe were stunned for a long time, Su Jinhe said, "Wang Xing, isn't Tang Zichen too perverted to break through to Inner Gate Great Perfection in twenty days, and he still wants to step into Houtian before the end of this semester.Heavens, doesn't he know that those third year seniors who can break through to the Houtian are already geniuses?I remember, that Tang Zhenghao of the Tang family, he broke through to Houtian before the start of this semester, and then he was named the supreme student by the academy."

Wang Xing said, "Don't talk about him, Tang Zichen is an incomprehensible super pervert."

"If Tang Zichen really stepped into Houtian, then he would be the first, only in his first year, to reach the title of Supreme Student."

Tang Zichen went to Liu Xiangyun's dormitory to look for her.

Liu Xiangyun was sorting out her clothes in the dormitory, a hardworking little bee, and the house was neatly tidied up and filled with the warmth of a girl.

Tang Zichen flew in and carried Liu Xiangyun away in the back.

"You're done with the retreat."Liu Xiangyun asked back, but as soon as she turned back, Tang Zichen kissed her, and the two became more and more intense, finally burning up like a dry fire and rolling onto the bed sheets.

"I've broken through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection."After it was over, Tang Zichen said.


"Ah, no way."Liu Xiangyun was shocked.

"Oh, it's just an Inner Gate Great Success, nothing to be surprised about."

"Is that Viewpoint really that powerful?"

"Yes, that's just my copy, if it's a real diagram, I'm afraid it wouldn't even take a few days to be able to break through.Xiang'er, in seven days, you'll enter the World Village for the second time, and if you can still enter the Forgotten City, you must go look for the observation diagram."


"My goal is to impact the Houtian realm after coming out of the World Village for the second time."

"Wow, Houtian."Liu Xiangyun said with eyes full of envy, in this world, Houtian is definitely not weak anymore, in the Yanhuang Empire, any family, Houtian realm is now the status of an elder.Even in the Martial Academy, students who reached the Houtian realm were able to be rated as supreme students and granted a villa, just like that Tang Zhenghao, who was a third year student.If Tang Zichen reached Houtian in the first year, it would be absolutely sensational.

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Xu Mei Qian was shocked and delighted to learn that Tang Zichen had stepped into the inner circle.

The next day, Tang Zichen came to the Saber Technique Department, and the teacher found out about him stepping into the Inner Door Perfection.

The teacher was simply stunned and suspected Tang Zichen of being a pervert. Remember the website

Soon, this news was reported out by the Genius Restaurant Special Report, completely shocking everyone.

Tang Zichen, who had only been enrolled in school for less than three months, had broken through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection, an appalling event that even the Island Protection Family had rarely seen in decades.

There were even more students who worshipped Tang Zichen at Martial Forest Academy, and he seemed to have become the dream lover of girls throughout Martial Forest Academy, including many third year ones.

At this moment, somewhere in the Martial Forest Academy, two girls were walking together, one of them was still very pretty, and it was the third year's courtyard flower, Murong Guoguo.

"Guoguo, just now many people are spreading the rumor that Tang Zichen has broken through to the Inner Gate Great Perfection."

"Ah, that's impossible."Murong Guoguo was shocked, when Tang Zichen broke through to Inner Gate Perfection twenty days ago, she couldn't help but praise Tang Zichen, because of this, Tang Zhenghao even got angry with her.But it had only been twenty days, and to hear the news that Tang Zichen had broken through to Inner Gate Perfection, it was too shocking.

"What's the point of lying to you, there's no way the academy would spread this around.Guo Guo, Tang Zichen, this younger brother, is really so genius, I really want to get to know him, if I know a younger brother who is such a genius, it will only be good for us and for the family, there is no harm."

"Oh my god."Murong Guoguo trembled in shock.

"Guoguo, we're both third year students ah, we feel so ashamed in front of this Tang Zichen, we're in our third year, and we're only at the Inner Gate Grand Perfection, while Tang Zichen, in his first year, is already at the Inner Gate Grand Perfection.At this rate, I'm sure he'll enter the Houtian when he's in the second year, and at that time, he'll be rewarded with a villa to live in, just like your fiancé, who was awarded as a supreme student.Your fiancé, Tang Zhenghao, was only rated as a supreme student at the beginning of the third year, but he, he has the chance to reach it in the second year, it's terrifying."

Murong Guoguo nodded, there was no doubt that the Tang Zichen of today was no longer the Tang Zichen of that year, now, Murong Guoguo was all but worshipping in front of Tang Zichen, and no longer had the capital to despise or be proud of him.

"Guoguo, I really want to meet Tang Zi

Minister, can you introduce me to them."The girl who was walking with Murong Guo Guo said.

"Nerve, you're looking for the wrong person for me."Murong Guoguo gave her a blank look.

"How could it be, Tang Zichen is from the Tang family, and your fiancé, Tang Zhenghao, is also from the Tang family, and then again, you're a bit involved with Tang Zichen.For the sake of us being good sisters, just introduce us, really, Tang Zichen is such a genius, I'm afraid that nowadays the entire Martial Arts Academy, too many students want to suck up to him and get to know him, if you don't have an acquaintance to introduce you, you probably don't want to get to know him."

Murong Guoguo was busy shaking her head, "I don't count as an acquaintance of his, you've got the wrong person."

"Guoguo, don't be so stingy, just take me to get to know this future strong man.I've heard that Tang Zichen even peeked at you in the shower before, how can you not be an acquaintance."

Murong Guoguo couldn't resist this best friend and finally agreed helplessly.

Tang Zichen was currently in the Saber Department classroom, slowly practicing his martial arts, his movements were very, very slow, and he looked as if he was playing Tai Chi slowly.

"Brother Zichen, drink some water."A student handed over a bottle of water.

"Thanks."Tang Zichen said.

Soon after, another student said, "Brother Tang, drink some water."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Thank you."

Not long after, another student walked in with two bottles of water, drank one for himself, and handed the other to Tang Zichen, saying, "Senior Zichen, have a sip of water."


Tang Zichen looked at the corner and put a pile of water, they could all open a drink shop.

However, the classmate was kind, Tang Zichen could not say no, so he took it, not expecting that the more he received, the more he received.

At this time, Chu Yiyun also came over, pretending that he had no intention of doing so, and was drinking a bottle of water in his own hand.

"Tang Zichen, I just happened to buy an extra bottle of water for you."Chu Yiyun said, her mouth saying that she just happened to have accidentally bought an extra bottle, but in fact, it wasn't just right at all, but she had purposely bought an extra bottle.

"Thanks."Tang Zichen smiled and took the water.

"What are you laughing at."

Tang Zichen pointed to the corner beside him.

Chu Yiyun looked there and blushed in embarrassment, but it turned out that Tang Zichen had already received more than twenty bottles of water, meaning that there were no less than twenty students who, like her, had 'accidentally' bought an extra bottle of water.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen burst out laughing when he saw how embarrassed Chu Yiyun was after discovering the truth.

Chu Yiyun glared at Tang Zichen, but she suddenly realized that this glare she had just made seemed a bit ambiguous, and Chu Yiyun immediately sobered up.

At this time, Teacher Guo Chi from the Blade Department's class came up and said, "Tang Zichen, it's been hard practicing martial arts, come, I brought an extra bottle of water for you to drink."

"Hahaha."Chu Yiyun couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Guo Chi reprimanded Chu Yiyun, "Chu Yiyun, what are you laughing at, do you think I'm sucking up to Tang Zichen?I'm accidentally bringing out an extra bottle of water, and I'm giving it to Tang Zichen by the way."

Guo Chi, as a teacher of the Houtian realm, would definitely not be able to save face if he were to blatantly sticking up for his students, so he quickly explained, although in his heart, he did hold the intention of sticking up for them.


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