The King of Kungfu in school 481-500


Chapter 481

Even the gatekeepers were of the inner gate level, so it really was the legendary Island Protection Family.

"Hello, I'm from the Martial Forest Academy."

"From the Martial Arts Academy?What are you doing here with us?"The two gatekeepers said very disdainfully, as if the Martial Academy was a poor place in their eyes, as if one was a middle school and the other a major university, that kind of look made Tang Zichen look uncomfortable.

Tang Zichen didn't talk nonsense and directly showed the Qin Gu Order.

"Get out of the way."Tang Zichen said.

"You actually have a token from our Qin Gu Family, where did you get it?"One of the gatekeeper disciples questioned him.

Tang Zichen was a bit upset that an early stage Inner Gate even dared to question him.

"Two gatekeepers, don't push me, okay?It's fine that you look down on the students of the Martial Arts Academy, but you two guard dogs are probably at the bottom of the hierarchy in the Qin Gu family, if you keep jabbering, be careful I'm going to use the dog fighting stick method."

"How dare you insult us, a Martial Arts Academy, treating us with such disrespect, be careful I'll tear you apart."

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "Self-defeating, the early stage of the Inner Sect wants to play with me?"

"So what if it's early stage, we're disciples of the Four Great Island Guardian Families, we're completely talented enough to beat you two realms higher.Don't you know that one of our disciples from the four Island Guardian Families defeated someone two realms higher than him yesterday at your Martial Academy, and I believe we can beat you just as well."One of the Guardian disciples said presumptuously. The first website

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

"Don't you even know what happened at your school?I see you're impersonating the Martial Academy."

Tang Zichen didn't expect that yesterday's incident wasn't just a sensation in the Martial Academy, even the four Island Guardian Families knew about it, look at these two gatekeeper disciples proud as two hundred and fifty.

Tang Zichen snorted, "That person at our academy yesterday, it's not like he's a disciple of your Qin Gu Family, what are you proud of."

"Hmph, which so what, we don't need to know which Island Protector Family that one defeated red dust is from, because he represents our four Island Protector Families.Who the hell are you, why did you come to the Qin Gu Family, and why do you still have our Qin Gu Order?From the truth."

"Pah, pah."Tang Zichen knocked the two guard dogs right out.

"Eyeless thing."Tang Zichen kicked twice and the two guard dogs were kicked into the gutter next to him.

Tang Zichen also knew that this would offend the Qin Gu family, and perhaps there would be no chance of becoming an incoming disciple, but Tang Zichen didn't even think about cherishing this opportunity, he thought that the Martial Academy was quite good, Tang Zichen liked that kind of environment.

Tang Zichen went straight up the mountain.

He arrived outside a large hall on the mountain, outside the large hall was a rather large square, at the moment there were several disciples practicing their swords there, looking at the level of their sword practice, it was indeed a little more professional than the students of the Martial Arts Academy.This place didn't have the atmosphere of a school, instead it was more like a sect, there weren't many people, but they were all very precise.

"What for?Which of your mountain lord's disciples?"At this moment, a Houtian realm man asked at Tang Zichen.

"Hello, I'm here to see Senior Qin Feng, I heard that he's testing some sort of entry disciple today."

"Oh, going to Green Cloud Peak."


bsp; "Thank you, Senior."

Those people didn't ask any more questions and continued practicing their swords, seemingly treating Tang Zichen as if he was going to test the entrance disciple assessment.

Tang Zichen soon found Qing Yun Peak, on the top of the peak of Qing Yun Peak, there was an elegant courtyard, this place was really a bit imposing, although it couldn't be compared to Tang Zichen's former sect, but it at least allowed Tang Zichen to find a hint of his former sect.

Tang Zichen let out a deep sigh.

When he walked into the courtyard, there were more than a dozen people waiting there, and it seemed that there were more than one or two people who wanted to become a truthful disciple of Qin Feng's predecessor.

A little boy dressed as a schoolboy asked, "Who are you?"

"Hello, I'm from the Martial Arts Academy, attending some sort of entrance disciple interview, this is Senior Qin Feng's residence, right?"

That little boy muttered, "Why would someone from the Martial Arts Academy come here, alright, I'll go in and report to my master."

The little boy walked into one of the meditation rooms in the courtyard, at the moment there were three people in this meditation room, one of them who had somewhat white hair and had a super strong aura was Senior Qin Feng.The other one who looked to be over 50 years old in appearance and also had a strong aura was Qin Feng's big disciple, and he, the big disciple, was probably on the same level as the Dean of the Martial Academy.

The little boy reported, "Master, there's a new one outside the door, he said that he's from the Martial Arts Academy and also wants to worship under Master."

Hearing this little boy's report, the white-haired Senior Qin Feng's brows furrowed.

The man around fifty years old beside him was busy saying, "Master, do you accept incoming disciples, and do you also include students from the Martial Arts Academy?The qualifications of the students of the Martial Forest Academy are so poor that an incident happened yesterday, our four major island protection families, I don't know which family's disciple, went to the Martial Forest Academy, he actually defeated all of the late inner door great successes of the Martial Forest Academy.This shows that the Martial Forest Academy is really becoming more and more devoid of quality, accepting all those with even worse qualifications."

Senior Qin Feng seemed a bit impatient as he waved his hand and said, "Jin Tong, let him go, I don't accept students from the Martial Forest Academy."

"Yes."The young boy busily walked out.

Tang Zichen waited outside for a while, that one said, "My master let you go, he doesn't accept students from the Martial Arts Academy."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, if he didn't accept them, then what news was he spreading before.

"Why?"Tang Zichen asked.

"My master only takes in disciples of the four great island protector families, and they are the best of the four great island protector families, but you, if you can't even become a disciple of the four great island protector families, how can you be my master's entrant?"

"Really? Then why did the vice president of our academy say that the one who becomes the winner of the Freshman Competition has the chance to become the incoming disciple of some senior Qin Feng?Isn't that a trap?"

That little boy snorted, "Anyway, my master never said that he would accept incoming disciples at the Martial Academy, so there's only one explanation, your Martial Academy has done everything shamelessly to recruit students, and actually used my master's name to advertise and deceive people into enrolling, what a despicable thing to do.Who doesn't know that my master is one of the three strongest people in Martial Island, using my master's name to admit students to the school is despicable and shameless, and you, you actually dared to come with such a lack of self-awareness, it's ridiculous."

Tang Zichen secretly said in his heart, so this so-called Senior Qin Feng was one of the three strongest people in Martial Island, no wonder so many new students were fighting so hard for that entry disciple slot.


"Well, since this is a misunderstanding, let's just pretend I've never been here before, I don't really mean it anyway, and even if your master was really willing to take me, I definitely wouldn't be."Tang Zichen said.

At that moment, an old man with white hair and the middle-aged man came out, they were Qin Feng and his eldest disciple.

Senior Qin Feng said to Tang Zichen, "I have high requirements for the talent of my incoming disciples, even the four major island protector families don't have a single one that meets the requirements so far, not to mention you a Martial Academy, go back to your Martial Academy, you don't fit in here"

"Oh."Tang Zichen did not think that he was oh, this Qin Feng, his eyes seemed to be very disdainful of Tang Zichen, which made Tang Zichen very upset, what the hell, the three strongest men of Martial Forest Island are amazing, what's the dragging, who wants to be his disciple.

Qin Feng said to his eldest disciple, "Pan Yun, you just said that there was someone who went to the Martial Arts Academy yesterday?"

"Back to Master, the Four Great Island Guardian Families, there is a mysterious disciple called One Defeat Red Dust, he is this year's new disciple, he is at the late Inner Gate realm and defeated the Inner Gate Great Perfection at the Martial Academy, this matter has been spread by the Four Great Island Guardian Families."

Qin Feng said, "To be able to defeat two realms higher at the late inner door realm, if this person is real, then he is definitely a genius."

"Master, it's also possible that the students of the Martial Academy are too bad."

"No, even if the other party is too bad, but people are two realms higher, and as bad as their talent is, the difference between the two realms is enough to make up for everything.Pan Yun, you go and find out which of the Four Great Island Protectorate Families this One Defeat Red Dust is from."

"Master, what are you doing?"

The old man said, "I'm going to take him in as a disciple." Remember the website

"Ah, Master, there are more than ten of these that haven't even been interviewed yet."

"No need to interview them, none of them meet my requirements."


At this time Qin Feng's eldest disciple saw that Tang Zichen was still standing there and scolded, "What?Still not giving up?My master told you to leave, didn't you hear ah, you have a bit of self-awareness okay, even if you kneel here for a day and a night it's useless, the Martial Arts Academy is really what snakes and insects and rats and ants have all recruited, it's getting worse and worse.When will I have to go talk to your dean, and beat his little butt by the way, hahaha."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, was this man around fifty years old on the same level as the Dean of the Martial Academy?And you dare to say that you hit the dean's little butt.

Tang Zichenton warned, "Don't insult our dean."

"Yo yo, boy, you're quite ambitious, daring to warn me?Why don't you go back and ask your dean how many times his little butt has been beaten by me, hahaha."

"How can our dean's strength be comparable to yours."Tang Zichen said.

"Damn, boy, you really are a frog in a well, your dean, who is just a late innate, can't even be compared to me, how ignorant."

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I didn't expect that our dean, is only late innate, it's really a bit unexpected ah, in my previous life, I also reached late innate, even though I've only just rushed up.And the dean, who is at least 40 or 50 years old, is only at the late innate stage."

At this time, Qin Feng said, "Pan Yun, what's the point of bothering so much with a kid from the Martial Academy, I told you to go and ask about that one defeat of red dust, so why don't you hurry up."

"Yes, Master."That Pan Yun only walked away.

Tang Zichen looked at

The Qin Feng with the eyes, turned away and walked away, thinking that he was one of the three strongest men in Martial Island, and looked like he was looking down on people.

Tang Zichen quickly left the Qin Gu family and made a leisurely journey back to the Martial Forest Academy.

"I must accelerate my cultivation to the realm of my previous life ah, if I am allowed to cultivate to the late innate stage of my previous life, then I'll be on the same level as the Martial Academy President, and I'll also belong to the upper echelon of powerhouses in this Martial Island.I'll try to cultivate to Innate within two years, or even one year."Tang Zichen thought inwardly.

It was almost the end of the school day back at the Martial Forest Academy, Tang Zichen arrived at the Healing Department, and before he even entered the classroom, a man and a woman jumped in front of Tang Zichen, crying and calling out, "Son, son."

Tang Zichen was stunned, looking at the strange couple in front of him, who to call son.

"Son, it's really you, let me see you."

"Ooh, son, you've grown up so much."

The couple in front of him looked at Tang Zichen and cried, Tang Zichen already knew who it was, it must be the original Tang Zichen's parents, the Tang family had worked really hard to get him back into the family, they had invited their parents here.

Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry to speak, he just sized up the couple in front of him, they looked like they were both middle-aged, the male had already reached the Houtian realm and was a bit strong, while the female had also reached the Inner Perfection realm.Unexpectedly, the original Tang Zichen's parents were still considered somewhat talented people.

"Son, woo-woo."

At that moment, more than ten strangers appeared beside him, two of them were the seventh and nineteenth elders of the Tang family that he had seen last time.

Tang Zichen was speechless that more than ten people had come, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't know any of them.

"Little Minister."A woman came up, average appearance, somewhat similar to Tang Zichen, then, either a sister or a sister.

"Little Minister."Another man smiled slightly at Tang Zichen, this man also looked somewhat similar to Tang Zichen, his strength was middle stage of the Inner Gate, surprisingly weaker than Tang Zichen, while his age was a bit older at a glance.

The two seventh and nineteenth elders who had seen Tang Zichen last time also gathered around, and everyone looked at Tang Zichen with a smile.

Tang Zichen really fucking cringed, who were they all, perhaps, familiar to them, but to Tang Zichen, people he had never seen before.

"Tang Zichen, your parents, sister, brother, and grandparents, uncles, aunts, uncles, all your immediate family members are here."The Seventh Elder said to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at the dozen people in front of him, he could now confirm that the original Tang Zichen's parents, sister, and brother, the others couldn't distinguish them.

"Tang Zichen, go home."The nineteenth elder smiled.

But Tang Zichen shook his head, "Sorry, I'm not Tang Zichen."

However, the Tang family was unconcerned.

Tang Zichen's mother said, "I won't be mistaken, you are, I've already found Xiaohuan and Jin Gui."

Tang Zichen had nothing more to say.

"Now Xiaohuan and Jingui, they have also returned to the family, Little Minister, you have suffered all these years."Tang Zichen's father said.

For some reason, Tang Zichen was very resistant inside, it might have something to do with the fact that he grew up without parents, Tang Zichen was adopted and raised by his master and aunt, in his heart, he actually resented the parents who abandoned him, this refers to Wind Lightning's parents, not the original Tang Zichen's parents in front of him.


"Whew."Don took a deep breath.

"What do you guys want?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Don't you even want your parents, little minister?"Tang Zichen's brother said.

Tang Zichen looked at that brother and smiled, "I'm sure you used to be the pearl of your parents' palms."

"Uh."Tang Zichen's brother was startled, yes, Tang Zichen used to be a loser while he was the pearl in the palm of his hand because he had shown amazing talent since he was a child, but Tang Zichen... just didn't expect that now his talent was already average, but Tang Zichen had greatly surpassed him.Then, the palm pearl would presumably become Tang Zichen.

"Little Minister, from now on, you will be the pearl in our palm."Tang Zichen's father said.

"Haha."Tang Zichen thought it was funny, what a great pearl in the palm of his hand.

Tang Zichen asked, "In all these years, have you guys ever minded me?"Of course, this was in lieu of the original Don's question.

"Little Minister, I know you're still angry, but it's all in the past."

"Unfortunately for me but it will never be over, I've been expelled from the family and I don't care about that family at all now, so please leave me alone okay?"

"Little Minister, we are your parents, it wasn't our decision to expel you from the family, it was the family, back then if your mother and I hadn't fought to the death to protect you, you would have been caned long ago."Tang Zichen's father said. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen looked at his father, it did seem as if that couldn't be denied, Tang Zichen had heard before that it was his mother who fought to the death to protect him and took five million dollars so that they could escape with him, but if he blamed his parents, he couldn't.

"It's just that."But Tang Zichen was helpless, although the soul was no longer the original Tang Zichen, but this could not be said, they would not believe it even if they said it, the main thing is, this body, it was really born by them.

"Let me think about it some more,"Tang Zichen said.

The Tang Family's seven elders were busy smiling, "Okay, you take your time to consider, there's no rush."

The Tang family elders didn't push Tang Zichen too fast, taking one step at a time.

The nineteenth elder said, "The meal is ready, let's go, let's go have a reunion meal as a family."

"A reunion meal?"Tang Zichen resisted a bit, what the hell reuniting with a bunch of strangers, Tang Zichen just wanted to stay away from them.

Tang Zichen had no choice but to come to Tang Zhenghao's house, Tang Zhenghao was a supreme student of the Martial Arts Academy, so he had a separate villa, on a small hill in the Martial Arts Academy.Tang Zhenghao's fiancée also lived there, however, she and Tang Zhenghao did not share a room.Although Tang Zhenghao really wanted to share a room with his fiancée, unfortunately, Murong Guoguo said, "She doesn't accept premarital sex."So, although they had always been under the same roof, they had never crossed the halfway track.As much as Tang Zhenghao wanted to, he didn't have the guts to force it, because Murong Guoguo's family was clearly a level more powerful than the Tang family.This was known from when Tang Zichen peeked at Murong GuoGuo taking a bath, and it was because the Murong family was stronger that the Murong family was so angry that the Tang family expelled Tang Zichen from the family in order to appease their anger.

At this time, Tang Zichen was precisely brought to Tang Zhenghao's villa by more than a dozen people from the Tang family.

"This is Tang Zhenghao's house, from now on, you and Tang Zhenghao, are both geniuses of our Tang Family

Tzu-Di."The seventh elder smiled at Tang Zichen.

"I haven't decided to return to the family yet, I only said to consider."Tang Zichen said.

"Hehe, it's okay, Tang Zhenghao he is currently the most outstanding child disciple of our Tang family, you have high hopes of becoming the second most outstanding child disciple, you will be incomparably popular if you return to the Tang family."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, of course he didn't think so in his heart, who cares about the Tang family's second most outstanding son's reputation, it's too low.

Tang Zichen then ate a meal at Tang Zhenghao's home, the food was ordered to be delivered by the restaurant.

Tang Zhenghao didn't say a word to Tang Zichen during the meal, and it could be seen that Tang Zhenghao didn't welcome Tang Zichen to his home, but the Seventh and Nineteenth Elders of the Tang Family were here, and there was nothing he could do if he didn't welcome them.

The seventh elder lifted his wine cup and said to Tang Zichen, "Little Minister, I'll double my toast to you, toast to you to be even better, work hard and learn from Zhenghao.Zhenghao is very hopeful of hitting the Innate Realm, so I hope you will also, cheers."

Tang Zichen laughed, drank up the wine and said, "Innate realm only, what's so difficult, still impact, talking so exaggeratedly."

When Tang Zilan heard Tang Zichen's words, she got upset and said, "Tang Zichen, what are you pretending to be."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Tang Zilan's face in an instant.

"Ugh."Everyone was stunned, not expecting Tang Zichen to suddenly slap Tang Zilan during the meal, Tang Zichen was not as good as Tang Zichen, but he was still a genius child of the Tang family.

Tang Zichen warned, "Tang Zilan, I don't have you to interrupt me, be good and eat your food, do you hear me."

"You."Tang Zilan looked angrily at Tang Zichen.

The seventh and nineteenth elders were busy saying, "Alright, alright, they are all Tang family children, why suffer, Zilan, you too, in the future to Tang Zichen, don't move the trash, trash, he is also a member of the family now."

Tang Zilan looked at the two elders in aggravation, he knew that the slap he had just received could only be in vain.

Tang Zhenghao, however, did not say anything, his eyes were unmoved by Tang Zichen's arrogance in front of so many people, now that the Tang patriarch was pleading with him to return to the family, naturally he would not scold Tang Zichen, he could only look at Tang Zilan sympathetically, he was also really, at this time of the day he still spoke out against Tang Zichen, he was also asking for the beating.

The nineteenth elder said to Tang Zichen, "Little Minister, the Innate Realm is not as easy to break through as you think, take our Tang Family, there are only six Innate Realm experts.These six innate realm experts are the foundation of our Tang Family, and the oldest of these six innate realms is already 160 years old, at the end of his lifespan.The Tang family is in desperate need of new geniuses to hit the ranks of the innate experts, but unfortunately, it's not so easy, the Tang family hasn't had any children hit the innate realm for twenty years, and the family crisis is gradually unfolding.During these twenty years, the Tang family has also produced many geniuses, but unfortunately, in the end, they only reached the late Houtian realm or so, and then stagnated."

"Tang Zhenghao, is one of the most talented in our Tang Family, these past twenty years, so he is currently the Tang Family's most promising son or daughter to hit the Innate Realm.Of course, you won the New Life Competition, so you also have a great hope of striking the Innate Realm."

No wonder the Tang family was desperately trying to pull Tang Zichen back into the family, because Tang Zichen was one with the hope of striking the Innate Realm, although it was only hope.


The Tang Family's seven elders said, "Our Tang Family's expectation for Zhenghao is that, for twenty years, he will be able to impact the Innate Realm."

"Uh-oh."Tang Zichen unconcernedly oh'd twice.

Nima, twenty years?Tang Zichen was almost scared to pee, Tang Zichen's goal was to cultivate to innate within two years, but Tang Zhenghao said that it would take twenty years.

Tang Zhenghao felt a little annoyed when he saw Tang Zichen's look of contempt, no matter what, he was a man who possessed the hope of striking the innate realm, that was enough pride to capitalize on, otherwise, why would the Murong family let Murong Goji marry him?The Murong family had at least thirty innate experts, and Tang Zhenghao was very hopeful of hitting innate, so the Murong family was also betting that he could enter the ranks of innate, and if Tang Zhenghao did step into innate, then the Murong family was betting right, and if Tang Zhenghao didn't end up stepping into innate, then the bet would fail.In fact every family's marriage was a gamble.

After lunch, Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I'm done eating, I have to go, about returning to the Tang family, when I've thought about it, I'll naturally reply to you guys, don't bother me all the time if you're fine, I'm very busy with my cultivation."

"Good, if you don't know anything about cultivation, just come ask Zhenghao, he will teach you."The Seventh Elder said.

"Oh, he can't teach me."

Tang Zichen walked away.

Tang Zhenghao was already very upset when he saw how disdainful Tang Zichen sounded to him.

"Seventh Uncle, Nineteenth Uncle, people like Tang Zichen are so bullying and arrogant that even if he returns to the family, I don't think he may have any benefits.Even I am very uncomfortable with him, not to mention others."

Tang Zilan busily said, "Right, in case this kind of person offends some strong person one day, instead of bringing disaster to the Tang family, it would be better not to let him return to the family and fend for himself." First URL

The seven elders of the Tang family said, "This matter of Tang Zichen returning to the family was unanimously decided by the family elders, although he did speak and act a little too loudly and arrogantly, his talent, he really has a hope of striking the innate realm, an innate expert, you know what this means to the family."

Tang Zhenghao didn't say anything, of course he knew, an innate expert means the prosperity of the family, otherwise, why would he marry Murong Guo Guo, not precisely because he has a good hope of striking innate.

"Zhenghao, Zilan, don't ever use hostile eyes towards Tang Zichen again, it's our family that's pleading for him to come back now, do you hear me?"The nineteenth elder said.

Tang Zhenghao nodded and said, "As long as he's honest, what am I doing to embarrass him."

But Tang Zilan snorted.

By the time Tang Zichen returned to the Healing Department, classes were about to start in the afternoon as well.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Coming to the Healing Department for classes is a complete waste of time for me, I'd rather come here less often in the future, I'd rather focus more on martial arts."

Tang Zichen did not enter the Healing Department and turned around.

Tang Zichen walked down a road.

"What the hell am I supposed to do?Are you really considering going back to the Don's?But it's a strange place to me, after all."

"But my body, after all, is from there, even though my soul doesn't belong there, and no matter what, I can't do anything excessive to the original Tang Zichen's parents."

"I'm all alone now, no family, no ties, but in the future, I still have to give Xiangyun and Xuan'er a home after all, if there's a family, at least I can directly enjoy the scene, if there's no family, I still have the trouble to get money."

"How am I supposed to choose?"

"Back, or not?"

"Even if I return, then with my strength, sooner or later I'll be the most powerful in the Tang family, and the loss is nothing.

It's a loss."

Unknowingly, Tang Zichen came to a place he had never been before, and there was a stone tablet "Department of Poison Arts" at the intersection ahead.

"Hmm?I can't believe I've walked into the Poison Arts Department without even realizing it."

"Since we're here, let's go in and take a look, isn't Qi Xue Yun from the Poison Arts Department."Tang Zichen walked into the Department of Poison Arts.

"Classmate, where is Qi Xueyun?"Don asked a student.

"What do you want with her?Hey, you're Don Zichen, hello there."

"You're welcome, can you tell me where she is?"

"Tang Zichen, you're my idol."

Tang Zichen was speechless, looking at the girl in front of him, asking her where Qi Xue Yun was, what idol did she withdraw.

"Don't tell me forget it."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

"Tang Zichen idol, don't go, I'll just go call her out for you, but I can't guarantee that she'll show up, Qi Xue Yun is a strange person, many people come looking for her, she never comes out once."

"Fine, you go call her."

Tang Zichen didn't hold out much hope, Qi Xueyun definitely wouldn't take care of him.

However, a few minutes later, Qi Xueyun came out, and not only was Tang Zichen surprised, but also many students in the Healing Department were surprised.It was just that everyone thought that this was Qi Xueyun giving face to the New Student Champion, but in fact, Qi Xueyun wasn't giving face to the New Student Champion, but because Tang Zichen was her fiancé.She was already planning to return to the family, so as long as Tang Zichen also returned to the family, their marriage would be valid.When her fiancé came looking for her, she didn't think twice about coming out.

"Haha, Qi Xueyun, I heard that whoever comes looking for you doesn't come out, but I didn't expect you to give me so much face."Tang Zichen laughed.

Qi Xueyun remained expressionless and asked, "What do you want to find me for?"

"It's nothing, just passing through, just checking it out, and you're the only one the Poison Arts Department knows."


"Alright, you go back to your work."Tang Zichen said.

Qi Xueyun saw that Tang Zichen was really just passing by, not specifically looking for her, and for some reason, was a little lost.

Qi Xueyun turned around and walked towards the research room, although she was a bit lost inside, she wouldn't express it, let alone ask anything more.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Hey, Qi Xueyun, did your family come looking for you, you became the fourth place winner of the Freshman Competition, I'm sure that you were also known by your family."

Qi Xue Yun nodded her head back.

"Oh, it really is just like me."Tang Zichen smiled, as expected.

"Oh, yeah."

"Qi Xueyun, then you must have decided to go back to the family."

"Right."Qi Xueyun nodded again.

Tang Zichen chuckled, remembering that the Tang patriarch had said that his original fiancée, was Qi Xueyun, Tang Zichen only now remembered this, if he considered returning to the Tang family, wouldn't that turn into a marriage relationship with Qi Xueyun again?I didn't even think this way before.

Tang Zichen looked at Qi Xueyun, and suddenly felt the eyes were a bit strange, to be fair, Qi Xueyun was indeed very beautiful, beautiful out of the ordinary, except for one thing, the personality didn't like it, and was not scrupulous.

"Hey, Qi Xueyun, when your family found you, they didn't say anything to you, right."Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen didn't know about this fiancée thing, did she know, maybe after so long, their family had forgotten, naturally they wouldn't tell her, so that was good, it also saved Tang Zichen a lot of trouble.

Qi Xue Yun hesitated for a moment and said, "Say it."


"Uh, said?Said what?"Don was busy asking.

"My fiancé, it's you."

"I go, you even know."Tang Zichen was speechless, thinking that Qi Xue Yun didn't even know about it.

"It's been so long, but someone from your family still remembers."

"At the age of fourteen, my family promised me to you in order to climb up to your Tang family, and I was brought to your Tang family, and I saw you, you were flirting with a girl at the time, and you didn't see me.I already recognized you when I was in Linjiang City."

"Huh?"Tang Zichen was even more speechless, so Qi Xue Yun already knew about this.

"Then why didn't you say anything in Linjiang City?"

"Why do you say that, you and I are not in the family back then, what happened back then has long ceased to count, besides I left home because of this, I betrayed this marriage first."

Tang Zichen asked, "So now that you've decided to return to your family, are you accepting this marriage?"

"Ah."Qi Xue Yun was startled, then blushed slightly, yeah, leaving home back then was not accepting the marriage, but now choosing to go back, wouldn't that be the same as accepting it, so Qi Xue Yun didn't know how to answer.However, Qi Xue Yun thought for a bit and still said, "Back then you were trash, but now you are no longer, I have no reason not to accept."

"Oh, it's really providential, but I already have a woman." Remember the URL

"Oh."Qi Xue Yun was a bit lost when she heard Tang Zichen say that, she had accepted the marriage back then.

"You, aren't you going to go back to the Tang family?"Zixue Yun asked.

"I'm still thinking about it."

"It's fine I'll go back first."


Tang Zichen watched Qi Xueyun turn around and leave, Qi Xueyun's back, slender and slender, made people's imagination flutter, but she was truly a stunning beauty.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't like her, it was mainly a personality disagreement, it was just that this coupling between them gave Tang Zichen a bit of a headache, and he didn't know if he could withdraw from the marriage.

Tang Zichen left the Poison Arts Department.


"Beauty, I'm a disciple of the four Island Guardian Families oh, here's my token, take a look, as fake as it is oh."

"Really?Are you really from the Four Great Island Guardian Families, the Huanggu Family?"

"It's my disciple's order, see for yourself."

"Wow, it really is yay."

"Hehe, pretty girl, are you free, I'll guide you in martial arts training."

Tang Zichen walked down a campus road and saw two men in front of him, hooking up with two girls from the Martial Arts Academy.The two men also claimed to be from the four Island Guardian Families, and had disciple orders in their hands.

"You're really willing to instruct me in martial arts."

"Of course."

"But you're disciples of the Island Guardian Families, you Island Guardian Families, even if you just send out the weakest one, he's more powerful than our Freshman Competition Champion Tang Zichen ah, you'll really guide me?Won't you look down on us?"A girl said.

One of the men laughed, "Of course not, we are also human beings, and I won't lie to you, we are also new disciples this year.Today, Master is not here, we are free to move around, that's why we came to your Martial Arts Academy

Play around.Just now at the entrance of the academy, I ran into a late Inner Gate and was blown away by a single move, so it turns out that you students of the Martial Arts Academy are really bad.No wonder our Guardian Island family's one defeat of red dust, he can pick up a courtyard flower here."

"Oh, so you guys are running to the courtyard flower."

"Aren't you two courtyard flowers?"

The two girls were so happy that the disciples of the Huanggu family actually treated them as courtyard flowers.

"Then let's go to the back of the mountain and find a place to practice martial arts, we'll guide you."


The two girls suddenly followed the disciples of the four Guardian Island Families, girls who were usually quite normal turned retarded when they encountered the disciples of the Guardian Island Families.This feeling was like some girls who turned into nymphomaniacs when they ran into their favorite stars.

"Stop."Tang Zichen shouted.

Tang Zichen had confirmed that these two boys were really disciples of the Guardian Island Family's disciplinary order.In other words, the disciples of the Protectorate Family had really come to the Martial Academy to pick up girls, and the reason why the second year's Martial League had prevented Xu Mei Qian from being with One Defeat Red Dust was because they were afraid that if this matter was spread among the Protectorate Family, more disciples of the Protectorate Family would come here to pick up girls.Unexpectedly, the initial fear had actually happened.

"Who are you?"Those two disciples of the Huanggu Family looked at Tang Zichen with disdain in their eyes.Because Tang Zichen was also a late Inner Gate, they were also late Inner Gate, and they had just defeated a late Inner Gate in one move at the gate.

The two girls were busy saying, "He is our academy's new champion, Tang Zichen."

"Yoho, so you're the new student champion."The two disciples of the Huanggu Family didn't seem to have Tang Zichen in their sights.

Tang Zichen ordered, "I now order you to immediately get lost and leave the Martial Academy, otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless."

"Hahaha."The two disciples of the Huanggu Clan laughed loudly.

The two Martial Academy girls were busy saying, "Tang Zichen, these two senior brothers want to guide us in martial arts training, what do you mean by hindering us, do you still think that if they guide me in martial arts training, our martial arts skills will be able to surpass yours?"

"That's right, Tang Zichen, what do you mean, the disciples of the Protectorate Family are so powerful, if we could be guided by them, we would definitely improve a lot, are you jealous of not having the Protectorate Family's disciples to guide you, so you're ruining our good fortune."

Tang Zichen looked at the two girls with contempt, how could there be such a retarded woman.It seemed that after the One Defeat Red Dust became famous in the Martial Academy, it had already caused many girls in the Martial Academy to worship the disciples of the Guardian Island Family inexplicably, as soon as they saw the disciples of the Guardian Island Family, their IQs instantly dropped to zero, was this considered a brain-damaged fan?Tang Zichen had defeated the Grand Perfection as One Defeat Red Dust at that time, whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, it had actually caused the Martial Arts Academy to produce so many brains of the Island Protectorate Family disciples.And even more so, it caused the Island Protector Family disciples to come to pick up girls, wanting to emulate One Defeat Red Dust.

One of the Huanggu Family disciples hooked his finger at Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, come over and play two tricks with grandpa, you're the champion of the Freshman Competition, let me, the worst disciple of the Huanggu Family, see how much of a vegetable the Martial Arts Academy's Freshman Champion is."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You'll see."

"Kid, fine, today in front of two girls, I'll show them the talent of our Island Protector Family disciples, so they won't have to worship us for nothing.Jun, how many seconds do you think it will take for me to beat down this freshman champion?"


"I'll bet 30 seconds."That Huanggu family disciple called Ah Jun said.

"I'll go, you insult me, you have the nerve to say 30 seconds."

"Then how many seconds do you say yourself?We have a bet that if you lose, you have to do my laundry for the next week."

"Okay, I'll say 10 seconds, if I don't beat this freshman champion in 10 seconds, I'll do your laundry next week."

"Okay, start the timer, one."

Those two Martial Arts Academy girls were busy clapping their hands, "Come on, come on."

Then, that disciple of the Huanggu family, his foot bounced, shooting towards Tang Zichen, buzzing a punch, blasting towards Tang Zichen, he wanted the shortest speed to beat down this freshman champion, firstly to win, and secondly to let these two girls of the Martial Arts Academy to see.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen's mouth was very disdainful.

Tang Zichen also instantly greeted them.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's fist clashed hard against the opponent's fist, directly hard.

"Ka-ching." A second to remember to read the book

"Ah."The other yelled, his arm instantly snapping off the middle and his body flying backwards.

"Looking for death."Tang Zichen snorted with disdain.

"Ah."The two girls who were clapping their hands were stunned there, wondering if they were mistaken, they were disciples of the Guardian Island Family, it should be Tang Zichen's hand bones that were broken.

The other disciple of the Huanggu family was also dumbfounded.

"He Wen Ming, how are you."The other man called Ah Jun was busy running up.

The disciple with the broken hand bone pointed at Tang Zichen, "Ah Jun, I just underestimated the enemy, quick, go up and cripple him."

"Fuck."That He Civilization Ton drew behind him and a sword was drawn out.

"Swoosh swoosh."He Wenming wielded dozens of sword shadows in an instant, to wield so many sword shadows in such an instant, it was evident of his sword speed.

Tang Zichen's body disappeared in place as he moved and performed the Ghost Wheel Determination.

He Wenming was startled, but before he could react, Tang Zichen's figure suddenly flashed in front of him.

"Bang."In the next moment, a huge force cut down on He Wen Ming's neck.

He Wenming felt a sudden blockage in the aorta of his neck.

"Ah."The blood in He Wenming's body felt coagulated.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped at He Wenming's face.

"Swoosh."He Wenming flew into the air and fell down again.

The two Martial Arts Academy girls were scared silly, the new student champion, Tang Zichen, had actually spiked two new disciples of the Huanggu Family, how was this possible, a few days ago, wasn't it possible for the same late Inner Gate, a defeated Red Dust, to defeat the Great Perfection?Why was there such a big difference between these two disciples of the Huanggu family today?

Don walked up to the man whose arm he had broken and kicked him hard in the face.

"Ah."It flew away into the distance.

The other one also kicked and flew away into the distance as well.

Tang Zichen looked at the two girls and said, "I'll tell you right now, the disciples of the Four Great Island Guardian Families are not as godly as you think, those two just now, as you can see, are nothing in front of me.Ridiculous, and instructing you to practice martial arts, I'm afraid that when I really go to the mountains, I'll instruct you how to sleep."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

The two girls were busy saying, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, we won't, you're our idol."

"No need, I don't have any brain-dead fans like you."


nbsp; The two kicked-off disciples of the Yellow Ancient Clan climbed up with difficulty, supported each other, and left ashes.

"Fuck, why is this so powerful?There's no reason for that, even if he's the Martial Academy's Freshman Champion, he's definitely not that strong, we're the disciples of the four Island Guardian Families."

"I can't figure it out either, didn't that mysterious disciple defeat Red Dust with ease?Why is it that we can't even beat the same level, any student from the Martial Academy is not qualified to enter the Protectorate Family, they are by no means more talented than us."

"He must be hiding his realm, despicable."

Tang Zichen returned to the dormitory and found that his roommates Wang Xing and Su Jinhe were also there, and they were discussing something.

"Wang Xing, has your department started forming a 'martial group' yet?"

"Of course, it starts in the next few days, Su Jinhe, do you want to form your own martial group, or add someone else's?"

"Nonsense, with my strength, there's no other choice but to join someone else's martial troupe."

"Martial Island is really a mysterious place, when I was in the Novice Village, I felt full of mystery, I'm really looking forward to taking the martial troupe mission and seeing what it's like."

Su Jinhe said, "However, I heard it's dangerous and you can lose your life."

Tang Zichen walked into the dormitory.

"What are you guys talking about?What martial group?"Don Zichen asked somehow.

"Uh, Don Zichen, you don't know, do you?"

"I don't know."Tang Zichen rarely went to the classroom, it was a bit disjointed, but most importantly, Tang Zichen was a healing department, and healing departments were different from those that majored in martial arts, many things that had nothing to do with healing, the teacher wouldn't say.Obviously, this so-called martial group just had nothing to do with the healing department.

Wang Xing said, "Tang Zichen, before the new students enrolled, when you went to the Novice Village, did you feel that the Martial Island was a mysterious place?Go kill locusts, and your ears will be ringing like you're playing a game."

"Right."Tang Zichen nodded.

"The Martial Corps, I've heard that it's related to this, this Martial Island, there's a lot more strange places than just the Novice Village.And the students of our Martial Academy don't spend the rest of their careers at the academy.Have you noticed that a lot of third and fourth year students are rarely seen at the Martial Academy because, they've all gone to the Martial Corps."

"Oh!"Don still didn't quite understand.

"It's okay, we're also confused, we'll understand when the time comes,"Wang Xing said.

Tang Zichen asked, "What do you guys mean by forming a martial group just now?"

"We're not sure, but our teacher gave us the choice to form our own, or individual, or join someone else's, what exactly that means, yea la."


Tang Zichen didn't bother with this anymore.

At this moment, at the Martial Academy's Genius Restaurant, three special people came.

"You guys are?"The owner of the Genius Restaurant asked.

"We are disciples from the Four Great Island Guardian Families, the Wei Gu Family."

"I heard that your restaurant is the most well-informed place, similar to our Wei Gu Family's Spirit Stream Restaurant, right?"

"Yes."The Genius Restaurant nodded, there was a similar place in the Wei Gu Family, called the Spirit Stream Restaurant, they also had bee special reporters there.

"Very well, a few days ago there was one called One Defeat, who showed off his prowess in your place?And won a courtyard flower?"One of the Wei Gu family disciples asked.

"Yes, can a few of you state your names?"The owner of the Genius Restaurant asked.


"My name is Lan Jingming, his name is Gu Hongzer, and he is Ling Longbo.I, Lan Jingming, am from the Wei Gu family, the champion of this year's New Disciple Competition, and today I have come to your Martial Academy just to seek a girlfriend for the hospital flower."

The owner of the Genius Restaurant laughed, "So the three outstanding disciples from the Wei Gu family have come to the Martial Arts Academy to find a girlfriend."

Lan Jingming's eyes were lonely and arrogant as he said, "To be precise, they are looking for a courtyard flower girlfriend, I think that since that mysterious disciple can find a courtyard flower girlfriend in one defeat, then there is no reason for the champion of my Wei Gu Family's New Disciple Competition to be inferior to him."

"You guys want to find a courtyard flower girlfriend, then go ahead and find one, why are you looking for me?"The Genius Restaurant laughed and said.

"You, Genius Restaurant, are the most well-informed, who do I look for if not you, tell me, other than the courtyard flowers that were found by One Defeat Red Dust, what other courtyard flowers does your Martial Academy have?It's best if it's below the second year."

The owner of the Genius Restaurant smiled, "Give me ten thousand martial coins and I can give you information."

Lan Jingming of the Wei Gu Clan paid 10,000 martial coins in a decisive manner.

"Good, then, I'll provide you with information now, our Martial Academy, in the second year there are no courtyard flowers, but in the first year freshmen, there are about six courtyard flowers at current statistics.The first one, Xu Mei Qian, has been soaked away by some disciple of your Guardian Island Family in a single defeat; the second one, Liu Xiangyun, has been soaked away by the first year freshman champion; the third one, Chang Sun Wu Yan of the Healing Department, her fiancé is a teacher at the academy; the fourth one, Shangguan Rou, she already has an intended, and her intended is a fourth year student who is not at all to be messed with by you; the fifth one, Qi Xue Yun of the Poison Art Department, she is theA poison genius, I've heard that she's now at the level of a fifth-grade poison master, her teacher is a tenth-grade poison master, you guys can't afford to offend her either; the sixth one, Chu Yiyun of the Saber Arts Department, she also has a fiancé, her fiancé is a third-grade Houtian expert.Alright, these are the Martial Academy, the information you guys want to know about the courtyard flower."

The three disciples of the Wei Gu family frowned, feeling that these six, were not easy to provoke.

Xu Mei Qian definitely couldn't be touched.

That Chang Sun Wu Yan's fiancé was a teacher, it seemed like it wasn't good to offend the teacher, after all, in case there was any backstage. The first website

Shangguan Rou, the intended victim was a fourth year, and even more difficult to mess with.

Qi Xueyun, Poison Art Department, and with a tenth grade Poison Art Master protecting her, not easy to provoke.

Chu Yiyun, whose fiancé was a third-grade Houtian expert, couldn't be messed with either for now.

Although they were disciples of the Wei Gu Family, they were only new disciples of the Wei Gu Family, Lan Jingming was an Inner Circle Perfection Level, and the other two were Late Inner Circle.So, the Houtian level definitely couldn't be provoked, no matter how talented the other party was, the Houtian level, the realm would crush them.

The man called Gu Hong Zero said, "Jing Ming, these six courtyard flowers, except for that one called Liu Xiangyun who is easier to pick up, the other few are not good to pick up ah, they are all ones you are not able to mess with yet ah."

Lan Jingming nodded, "It seems true, except for that Liu Xiangyun, who was picked up by some trashy freshman champion, the rest of them, are not easy to mess with.So, it's decided, my girlfriend is Liu Xiangyun."

"But what about that boyfriend of Liu Xiangyun's?He's the Martial Arts Academy's Freshman Champion for this year ah."

Lan Jingming snorted, "The Martial Arts Academy's Freshman Champion?Ling Longbo, in our Wei Gu Family New Student Competition...

Are you insulting me by mentioning a freshman champion in front of a champion?"

Gu Hong-zero was busy saying, "That's right, the academy's freshman champion?Nima, it's like elementary school first place and high school first place in front of our Weigu Family New Student Champion.You mention elementary school firsts in front of high school firsts?You're insulting our new disciple champion Lan Jingming."

"Haha, Jingming, don't get me wrong, I didn't mean that, I mean that Liu Xiangyun is already the girlfriend of their academy's new student champion."

Gu Hong Zero said, "Which so what, our senior brother Lan Jingming, he's the new disciple champion of the four major island protecting families, the Wei Gu family, it's already Liu Xiangyun's creation to be able to take a fancy to this Liu Xiangyun.I bet that if Liu Xiangyun knew that our Lan Jingming Senior Brother had a crush on her, she would definitely immediately abandon that trashy new student champion and voluntarily enter our Jingming Senior Brother's embrace.Moreover, if that Liu Xiangyun family knew about it, they would definitely make Liu Xiangyun want to hold on to our Seiki Senior Brother and might even want to marry Seiki Senior Brother, do you think this is that Liu Xiangyun's creation?Hahaha."

Lan Jingming's mouth turned up and said, "Call your sister-in-law."

"Yes, yes, sister-in-law Liu Xiangyun.Brother Jingming, then I'll congratulate you on finding your girlfriend."

"Well, Shrewd, I also congratulate you, Gu Hong-Zero and I are also looking for a prettier one here, the girls here really aren't comparable to our Wei Gu Family's female disciples ah, we really have come to the right place.This is thanks to a defeat of red dust, otherwise we wouldn't even think of coming here to pick up girls, haha."The man named Ling Longbo laughed.

Lan Jingming walked up to the owner of the Genius Restaurant and said, "I'll pay another amount of martial coins, you immediately help me inform that newborn champion, and tell him that I, Lan Jingming, have taken a liking to his girlfriend, ask him if he's willing to let me have her, if not, then don't blame me for rampaging for his love, I'll wait for him at the Genius Restaurant.In the meantime, tell him to bring Liu Xiangyun with him."

"One hundred thousand Martial Coins."

Lan Jingming paid without hesitation, it was normal for the Island Protector Family's disciples to obtain 600,000 to 700,000 Martial Coins before they even entered school.

The owner of the Genius Restaurant was immediately in the entire restaurant, communicating this news.

Suddenly, the entire Genius Restaurant was sensational.

"Damn it, the new disciple champion of the four major island protecting families, the Wei Gu Clan, has come to steal the girlfriend of the new student champion, Tang Zichen?This news, is it going to be so strong."

"Nima ah, as expected the original prophecy was right, after coming to a One Defeat Red Dust, sooner or later there will be a second and a third, tsk tsk, as expected.This new disciple champion of some Wei Gu family, I'm afraid it's another existence as awesome as the One Defeat Red Dust."

"Hehe, Tang Zichen is going to be foolish this time, I said at first that he might not be able to hold on to such a beautiful courtyard flower girlfriend, and sure enough, the second year senior hasn't even grabbed with him yet, but it's the Island Protector Family's disciple who came to grab with him first."

"However, Tang Zichen has at least played with it and he has earned it, unlike us little hangers-on, who only have to watch."

The Genius Restaurant was stirring, Lan Jingming stood in the Genius Restaurant, listening to everyone's discussion, without saying a word, everyone said that another one as bullish as One Defeat Red Dust had come, Lan Jingming felt very excited when he heard this.In fact, Lan Jingming himself felt that he was definitely not inferior to that mysterious disciple, One Defeat Red Dust, and after he met that trashy freshman champion, he would also challenge the Martial Arts Academy's Inner Door Grand Perfection.


At this time, Tang Zichen was still in his dormitory and didn't know what was happening.

"Knock knock."There was a knock on the door outside the dormitory.

"Who is it."

"Is Tang Zichen there?"

"In."Su Jinhe opened the door, it was from the next dorm.

"What can I do for you?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Tang Zichen, you should go to the Genius Restaurant, something big has happened."

"Uh, what's happened?"

"There are three Wei Gu Family disciples, and one of them is also the champion of this year's new disciple of the Wei Gu Family, and he heard that a defeat of red dust has picked up a courtyard flower in our place, so he also came to our academy to find a courtyard flower girlfriend.Now he has his eye on your girlfriend, Liu Xiangyun, and he asked the owner of the Genius Restaurant to report this incident, and now the entire Genius Restaurant is sensational.That Lan Jingming said that he wants you to bring Liu Xiangyun to him."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, why are they girlfriends again, last time Xu Mei Qian, this time Liu Xiangyun.One by one, they all took a shot at his woman, was he too easy to bully Tang Zichen?

Tang Zichen was really right, that Wei Gu Family's Lan Jingming was precisely the one who thought Tang Zichen was best to bully, so he took him on. Remember the URL

To be honest, it was another woman-related matter, Tang Zichen was really a bit annoyed.

But, after all, it was related to Liu Xiangyun, Tang Zichen couldn't ignore it, besides, the word "red-headed scourge" had been used since ancient times, finding such a beautiful woman without a scourge was impossible, finding an ugly woman, absolutely no one would steal it from him.

Su Jinhe said, "Zichen, what should we do, it's definitely another character that's similar to One Defeat Red Dust."

Wang Xing also frowned without saying anything, it seemed that Tang Zichen was indeed in trouble, he couldn't hold on after all ah, now that Wang Xing thought about it, if he really caught up with Xu Mei Qian, he probably wouldn't be able to hold on.

"Tang Zichen, see if you can go find a teacher, or, isn't there a powerful one in that Tang family of yours, ask him for help, and if he helps you solve this matter, you'll agree to return to the Tang family."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Those disciples of the Island Protector Family aren't worthy yet."

After saying that, Tang Zichen walked out of the dormitory and flew to the Genius Restaurant.

At this time, there were already many, many students, teachers, and other people gathered at the Genius Restaurant.

In fact, it had been almost an hour and a half since Tang Zichen knew about this incident.

Downstairs at the Genius Restaurant, Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian had also arrived at the news a few minutes ago.

That Lan Jingming was told that Liu Xiangyun was coming and flew to Liu Xiangyun's side.

Liu Xiangyun looked at Lan Jingming furiously.

"You are Lan Jingming?"

"Haha, you must be Liu Xiangyun, yes, I'm the Wei Gu Family, this year's new disciple champion, Lan Jingming.Liu Xiangyun, you sure are beautiful, looks like I made the right decision, I swear I'll catch up with you.Liu Xiangyun, how about being my girlfriend?"Lenzing said a little proudly.

"Sorry, I have a boyfriend."Xiangyun Liu snorted furiously.

Lan Jingming smiled unconcernedly, "I know, your current boyfriend is that whatever, the Freshman Competition Champion, right."


sp; "Now that you know, what do you mean?"Liu Xiangyun was annoyed, not expecting it to be her turn to be robbed so soon.

"Liu Xiangyun, a river and a beauty, since ancient times, countless scholars and sluts have put a river and a beauty together, which means that the weight of a beauty is enough to equal a river and a mountain.You are so beautiful, only the strong deserve to have you, that newborn champion, huh, I think, he doesn't deserve a beauty like you."Lan Jingming said, seeing Liu Xiangyun with his own eyes, Lan Jingming was even more excited, he had seen such a beautiful looking girl for the first time since he was born, making him feel like he was willing to get engaged to her, no wonder since ancient times, the riverside beauty was on par with her.

"Sorry, I don't think I'm pretty, don't bother me."

Gu Hong-Zhi said, "Liu Xiangyun, you didn't hear, this is our Wei Gu Family, the overall champion of new disciples this year ah, our Wei Gu Family has enrolled thirty-one disciples this year, he is the strongest new disciple ah, his talent and strength, already as good as the last time he came here a defeat of red dust, you actually don't like it?"

"If you don't like it, you don't like it, I don't deny that he may be genius indeed, but it has nothing to do with me, and am I supposed to like genius?Ridiculous."Liu Xiangyun gave a sneer, right now, the whole crowd was looking at her and Lan Jingming.

Lan Jingming didn't look too good at the moment, I thought that with his status, Liu Xiangyun would definitely be thrilled and even agree to be his girlfriend on the spot and dump her ex-boyfriend, but it didn't turn out that way, people actually disdained his genius status.

Lan Jingming was a bit angry and said, "Liu Xiangyun, today I, Lan Jingming, am saying it in front of so many onlookers in your academy, I like you and I want to have you, I won't allow you to refuse, otherwise no matter which end of the earth you hide to, I will pursue you relentlessly, even if it's three years and five years, I won't give up, I will always like you."Lan Jingming said these words in one breath, expecting Liu Xiangyun to be moved.

However, Liu Xiangyun snorted coldly, "You think I will be moved?That's ridiculous, I'll also tell you, even if I die, I won't betray Zichen, I won't betray my love, what's a mere Island Protector family disciple like you, in my eyes, less than a hair on Zichen's head.Lan Jingming, you better have some self-awareness, don't humiliate yourself."

"Yah yah yah."When Lan Jingming heard such cold and disdainful words from Liu Xiangyun in the end, he seemed to be a tiger that was irritated and raised his slap to slap it.

"Fight, kill me if you have the guts, I told you, I won't betray my feelings even if I die."Liu Xiangyun glared at Lan Jingming angrily, not fearing in the slightest, her life was saved by Tang Zichen anyway, so what if she gave it back to Tang Zichen.

Lan Jingming really couldn't understand, a few days ago, a defeated red dust came here, didn't he easily pick up the courtyard flower?And that courtyard flower was also deadly shameless, taking the initiative to go with One Defeat Red Dust, how come today he came, the same outstanding disciple, even thought he was better than One Defeat Red Dust, but the results were completely different.

The surrounding audience was sobbing, thinking that this time, like Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun would also immediately fall in love with the disciple of the Island Protection Family, but I didn't expect to surprise everyone for once.

"Not bad, I like Liu Xiangyun."

"Liu Xiangyun did the right thing, that's how you reject those Island Protectorate families."

"Self-righteous Protectorate Island Family disciples, I didn't expect people to crush them, hahaha, the ones who sent themselves to the door looking for a punch in the face, they deserve it, Liu Xiangyun, good job."

The surrounding audience praised Liu Xiangyun for not being attracted to the talent of the Guardian Island Family disciple, who had more backbone than Xu Mei Qian.


In the crowd of spectators, Tang Zilan laughed, "Tang Zichen thought he had found a courtyard flower girlfriend, but little did he know that it would soon not belong to him, hahaha."

Tang Zhenghao was also there, seeing Tang Zichen's girlfriend being snatched by a disciple of the Guardian Island Family, there was also a dark feeling inside, but he wouldn't directly show it like Tang Zilan did.

At this moment, Tang Zichen had arrived at the Genius Restaurant and was standing on the roof of the Genius Restaurant, looking angrily at that Lan Jingming, and the two men beside Lan Jingming.

Tang Zichen had just heard Lan Jingming's confession to Liu Xiangyun, and Tang Zichen was very uncomfortable inside, so his anger was very great.

At this moment, someone suddenly noticed Tang Zichen standing on the roof of the Genius Restaurant.

"Tang Zichen is here."A person shouted.

Everyone looked up and Tang Zichen was standing on the high roof.

The three of them, Lan Jingming, also looked at Tang Zichen.

Lan Jingming suddenly spewed the anger he had just received from Liu Xiangyun at Tang Zichen.

Lan Jingming said to Liu Xiangyun, "Liu Xiangyun, I'll ask you one last time, break up with him."

"Go to hell."Liu Xiangyun coldly said. One second to remember to read the book

"Okay, Liu Xiangyun, you asked for it, I'll cripple him in front of you today, and I'll make you regret it."

Liu Xiangyun was tense for a moment.

Tang Zichen sneered on the roof, "I'm afraid you don't have it in you."

Lan Jingming flew towards the roof while saying in his mouth, "You will know if I have the ability to do that when you are crippled by me."

Tang Zichen was furious inside, not being able to steal someone else's girlfriend and threatening to cripple him, Tang Zichen was so angry for the first time since he came to this world, and today, he would never be soft.

"Don't try to mess with me, or I'll really kill you."Tang Zichen said through clenched teeth.

"Hahaha, kill me, do you have that ability?"Lan Jingming said disdainfully.

Tang Zichen held a sword in his hand, the sword was trembling, as if he was trying to control himself, Tang Zichen was not afraid of killing, let alone trouble, as long as he was made to feel that it was necessary to kill.

Lan Jingming's two senior brothers, Gu Hong zero said: "Jingming, you are an inner door perfection, this district late inner door trash of the martial arts academy, actually dare to threaten to kill you, Jingming, let me take care of it for you, kill the chicken why use a bull's knife."

However, Lan Jingming said, "No need, I'm going to maim him today."

"Alright."That Gu Hong-zero had wanted to show off, but it didn't seem to be possible.

Lan Jingming looked down at Liu Xiangyun and said, "I'd like to see if you'll still like a crippled piece of trash."

After saying that, Lan Jingming went towards Tang Zichen to kill him, he was at the realm of the perfection of the Inner Gate, while Tang Zichen was at the late stage of the Inner Gate, and besides, he was still from the Martial Academy, one finger would be enough to deal with Tang Zichen, at least that's what he thought.

Tang Zichen was very angry at the moment.

Tang Zichen's principle was that whoever wanted to harm his life, then he would be killed, and whoever wanted to abolish him, then he would be doubly abolished.And this Lan Jingming, he wanted to abolish Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen made him a waste for the rest of his life.

"Swoosh."A peerless sword qi attacked, this was a sword that focused his strongest sword.

Lan Jingming hadn't even noticed what was going on, and he was suddenly powerless.

"Ah."There were screams from the surroundings.

All that could be seen was that Lan Jingming's hands were cut off by Tang Zichen's sword, and both arms flew down to the ground, spilling blood into the sky.


nbsp; District Inner Door Perfection, with Tang Zichen's current state of anger, and the other party's obvious disdain for him and light-hearted appearance, Tang Zichen cut off his hands with a single move.

"Ah."When Lan Jingming was about to react, his two arms had already separated from his body, Lan Jingming was in a short-circuit state at this moment, the sword that Tang Zichen had just used was too bizarre, he couldn't react at all, and he was also lightly hostile, never expecting it.

Tang Zichen said coldly, "I won't kill you today, I'll leave you a dog's life, I'll break your two arms, from now on you don't have an arm, you're a trash, I also want to see if the Protect Island Family, now they still want you as a trash."

"No."Lan Jingming hissed, collapsing onto the roof tiles, he couldn't feel his hands anymore, he wanted to get up, but unfortunately he had no hands.

Tang Zichen was right, he didn't have an arm, even if he was a genius, so what, even if he put his arm back together, it wouldn't be able to compare to the original, and his future martial arts training would be many levels worse, in short, it was already no longer related to genius, thinking of this, Lan Jingming hissed, it was really a matter of the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the surroundings were silent, incredibly, Tang Zichen actually cut Lan Jingming's hands, he actually dared to do so.

Tang Zichen attacked the ground arm with another sword.

"Wow."The two arms that fell to the ground were suddenly torn into pieces by Tang Zichen's sword qi.

"No."Lan Jingming watched as his arms turned into pieces.

Now that his arms were destroyed, his hope of connecting back was gone, Tang Zichen, ruthless enough.

Gu Hong Zero raged, "You son of a bitch, you actually crippled senior brother Jingming."

Tang Zichen coldly snorted, "I didn't kill him, he should thank me."

Ling Longbo also raged, "Lan Jingming's family won't let you go, and our Wei Gu family won't let you go either, you're finished."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud and snorted, "You guys should still consider whether I will let you go."

"What? You still want to not let us go?"Gu Hong-Zero was furious.

Tang Zichen looked at Gu Hong Zero and Ling Long Bo and said, "Do you think that if I cut off this bullshit Lan Jingming's arm, the matter will be over?Wrong, his pair of arms are far from being able to extinguish my anger, so the rest of the anger will be extinguished by the two of you."Tang Zichen's face chilled.

"I'll grass you up."Ling Longbo gritted his teeth and cursed.

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, if you curse me, my anger will be even more rampant, and eventually it will all fall on your heads, if you guys are brave enough, just curse."

Gu Hong-zero shouted, "Long Bo, join forces and cut off his arm."

"Good."That Ling Long Bo immediately nodded his head, actually wanting to join hands and cut off Tang Zichen's arm.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth was disdainful: "With you guys, it's not enough."



"Wheel of Wind and Fire," a saw blade similar to a gear in Ling Longbo's hand, flung it at Tang Zichen and shot at him like a chainsaw.

Tang Zichen slashed, and without a doubt, the saw blade that was flying at high speed was cut into two pieces in one slice.

The other Gu Hong-zero, who was also using a knife, came in for a killing blow.


Gu Hong-Zero slashed and made dozens of cracking sounds.

Only the shadow of his blade existed in the sky, so fast that the surrounding onlookers were stunned, this was a battle that was clearly several levels higher than even the overall championship duel of the Freshman Competition.


Tang Zichen's mouth showed a very disdainful curvature, these two people, both also late stage Inner Gate, with no oppressive power in their realm, looking for a reason to come out that Tang Zichen couldn't spike?

"Buzz."Tang Zichen didn't have any spare strokes either, just a single slash.

Gu Hong-zero's knife made a cracking sound and broke into several pieces.

"Ah."Gu Hong-Zero was horrified.

It was too powerful, how could the Martial Arts Academy have such a powerful existence, a complete spike.

That Ling Longbo was also scared silly.

Tang Zichen's eyes were cold as he looked at the two of them and said, "Now it's my turn to vent my anger."

Gu Hong-zero and Ling Longbo's bodies trembled, as if they wanted to escape.

Tang Zichen slashed the air as if slicing the surface of the water, the air ripped in half, and the invincible blade Qi attacked the fleeing two.

"Ah."With a scream, Gu Hong-zero and Ling Longbo fell to the ground.

"Bang Bang!"Twice, Gu Hong-Zero and Ling Long-Bo fell to the ground from several floors of the roof, smashing the bluestone slabs on the ground, while their bodies were covered in blood, as if all their meridians had burst. The first website

Although Tang Zichen didn't cripple them, but it was considered to have crippled them, they would need at least a tenth grade healer to heal, and they would end up in a miserable situation.Of course, they were nothing compared to Lan Jingming, who had truly fallen from the altar of genius and become useless, and couldn't pick up his arm unless he found someone else's arm to pick it up, but unfortunately, no matter how much someone else's arm was picked up, it wasn't considered non-original, and was at best a cottage accessory, so one could imagine what his future strength would become.

Tang Zichen would never be soft on a person who wanted to maim Tang Zichen.

Many people around him trembled at the sight of Tang Zichen's boldness.

Xu Mei Qian looked at Tang Zichen's eyes and felt a hint of familiarity, but couldn't recall it at the moment.

It was only at this moment that a few teachers ran out.

Looking at Tang Zichen, they said, "You've made a big trouble."

"Yeah."Tang Zichen asked back without fear.

"You completely crippled the Wei Gu Family Newborn Champion, and even if the Wei Gu Family won't settle the score with you, that Lan Jingming's family will probably not let you off the hook.You should know what Lan Jingming means to his family, it means a future innate expert.An innate expert falling, this is such a big deal, Tang Zichen, you crippled Lan Jingming, you're really in a big mess.Lan Jingming, I'm afraid that you won't be able to hit the innate again in this life, you've ruined a genius ah."That teacher seemed to be very sorry with a sigh of regret.

The other teacher also said, "Tang Zichen, the Lan Jingming family will kill you, good luck."

"Kill me?Then I'll let his family perish with him."Tang Zichen said without joking.

"Oh, you're still a child after all."The two teachers, of course, didn't believe it and turned around and flew away.

"Oooh."Lan Jingming was still lying weeping on the roof tiles, falling from heaven, down to hell.The Wei Gu family's new disciple champion, ah, from this moment on, he was nothing, just because of a woman.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to look at him, and said to the crowd of onlookers, "Fellow students, tomorrow at nine o'clock in the morning, I, Tang Zichen, will be heading to the Four Protective Islands'

The three families, Qin Gu, Huang Gu, and Song Gu, challenge all their new disciples."

"Wow damn."Everyone was stunned, Tang Zichen actually took the initiative to challenge the new disciples of the four major island protecting families, was this going against the grain?The Martial Academy was a very rubbish existence in the eyes of the four Island Guardian Families since ancient times, but now, there was a student who was going to challenge all their new disciples.

Tang Zichen flew straight to Liu Xiangyun after saying that, picked Liu Xiangyun up and flew away.

The Genius Restaurant, on the other hand, was still roaring like thunder.

On the far side of the Genius Restaurant, an innate expert said, "Tang Zichen, hehe, it seems that this year's Martial Academy has finally produced a new student who can be compared to the Island Protector Family disciples, I like it."This innate expert was the Dean of the Martial Arts Academy.The Dean wasn't worried about Tang Zichen, although he had abolished Lan Jingming, but if Tang Zichen was a true genius, a large number of families would go against the Lan Jingming family in order to bring Tang Zichen in, so there was no need to worry at all, the only worry was whether Tang Zichen's talent was enough to make the families that were pulling him in take a gamble.Even the Martial Academy might even be willing to step in, after all, the Martial Academy had never had a new student with this kind of talent before.

The dean smiled under his breath and said, "Tomorrow, let's go see if he can sweep all the new disciples of the Four Great Island Guardian Families, if he really can sweep all the new disciples of the Four Great Island Guardian Families, then what a talent."After saying that, the dean also flew away.

The crowd at the Genius Restaurant couldn't disperse for a long time, after all, for a new student of the Martial Arts Academy to provoke the new disciples of the four Island Guardian Families, if it had been in the past, it would have been a fantasy.But now it was not, Tang Zichen had all beaten and disabled Lan Jingming, the number one expert among the new disciples of the Wei Gu Family, then it was not impossible for the new disciples of the other three big families to defeat.

Excitement was all that was left for the students of the Martial Academy at the moment.

Not far from the Genius Restaurant, Tang Zhenghao and Tang Zilan didn't look too good.

It was because, Tang Zichen's strength was far beyond their imagination.The strength of the champion of the Freshman Competition had already shocked them, but now, Tang Zichen had abolished the Wei Gu Family's first new disciple, which could no longer be described as shocking.

The name Tang Zichen was no longer just a first year girl's dream lover, it was also slowly starting to blaze up in the eyes of the second year girls, there were Freshman Competition champions every year, but the ones who could compare to the Guardian Island Family disciples had never been.

Gu Hong Zero and Ling Long Bo were covered in blood and crawled up from the ground, surrounded by a pair of eyes full of mockery towards them.

"Get lost, and go back to your Protectorate Family disciples, trash."

"Get lost, go back to your Island Protectorate Family, with your strength, you're just three idiots to come to us and pretend to be a match."

"Hahahaha, if you don't roll over and beat you to waste you."

Everyone raised their eyebrows and mocked Gu Hong-Zero and Ling Long-Bo, it had never been so refreshing, what a bullish comparison of the Guardian Island Family's disciples in the past, the students of the Martial Arts Academy were mocked and despised by them to their heart's content, and today they could finally despise them for once.

Gu Hong-zero and Ling Longbo, facing the mockery of so many Martial Arts Academy students, were ashamed of themselves and were about to leave when Gu Hong-zero said, "Lan Jingming is still on the roof."


The two of them had to climb to the roof and carry Lan Jingming down, and they worked together to carry Lan Jingming, who had no arms, and rolled away in ashes.

"Hahaha."Everyone was laughing.


Tang Zichen held Liu Xiangyun in his arms and flew back to the dormitory.

As soon as she put down Liu Xiangyun, Liu Xiangyun immediately fell into Tang Zichen's arms.

"I'm sorry, I'm to blame, if it wasn't for me, this wouldn't have happened today."Liu Xiangyun said.

"What happened today?You think it's a big deal, but to me, it just happened today.

"You beheaded Lan Jingming's hands, he's already considered a waste, there's no way his family would let you off the hook, in any other family, a good son who becomes a waste, wouldn't let up."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Then even his family will be destroyed together."

"Don't talk nonsense, you are only at the late stage of the Inner Sect, exterminating a family is simply not something you can say right now, if word gets out, it will cause even more conflict, maybe their family will even put you to death."

Tang Zichen hugged Liu Xiangyun, the corners of his mouth raised, "I, Wind Lightning Cloud, am not a dry cook."

However, it was true that Tang Zichen was currently no match for a family, no matter how bad it was, I'm afraid there were still a few innate experts.Tang Zichen now, let alone an innate expert, even a Houtian expert couldn't win, the early Houtian ones, Tang Zichen might be able to fight, but it was only a battle, absolutely impossible to win, at most, they weren't that easy to kill.

And if Tang Zichen encountered one in the middle of the Houtian, he would definitely lose, there was no doubt about it, it was no longer a matter of genius or not.

The martial arts realm wasn't for empty display, if it wasn't for his previous life, Tang Zichen wouldn't have been able to cross the line to defeat others. Remember the URL

Now Tang Zichen was able to defeat others with his previous life's understanding of the sword to reach the 'sword in the heart' initiation, as well as the experience of high-level battles, and the top martial arts secrets to defeat others' inner door perfection, otherwise how could it be possible.

It took a few hours for the three of them from the Wei Gu Family to finally return to the Wei Gu Family.

"What's wrong with you guys?"An old man saw the trio returning bloody and asked in a panic, thinking for the first time that they hadn't run into a ferocious beast that had escaped the island.

"Oooh."Lan Jingming cried out as he looked at the old man in front of him.

"Mian Yuan Mountain Master, senior brother Jing Ming's hands were cut off, he became useless."Ling Longbo cried out.

"Who is it?"That old man roared, Generally speaking, people who weren't particularly sinister wouldn't chop off their hands and feet, they would usually be severely injured or have their meridians beaten into oblivion.And if you cut off a person's hands and feet, you really can never recover the original, and the original is far too important to a martial arts practitioner.Lan Jingming had already begun to feel the intention of 'sword in hand', and estimated that he would be able to comprehend 'sword in hand' by the time he reached great perfection.'s introduction.But now, he was, completely wasted.

"Who is it, say."

"Oooh, Mian Yuan Mountain Master, it's someone from the Martial Forest Academy."

"A teacher from the Martial Arts Academy?"

"No, not the teacher."Gu Hong-zero and Ling Longbo were a little afraid to say it.

"Not a teacher?That would be a third or fourth year student, how dare you."This old man was furious, although he was from the Martial Arts Academy, it would be normal for him to have to cripple Lan Jingming like this if he was from the Inner Gate or the Houtian Realm.

"Not a third or fourth year student, woohoo."

"Who the hell is it, don't swallow."


nbsp; "Yes, it's a first year freshman from the Martial Forest Academy."

"Impossible, there's no way a new student of the Martial Forest Academy's qualifications can surpass any of you, let alone Lan Jingming."

"Oooh, Mian Yuan Mountain Master, it really is a new student of the Martial Forest Academy, he is the champion of this year's Martial Forest Academy, his name is Tang Zichen.His strength is really beyond our imagination, we also thought that he was definitely no match for us, but we didn't expect that he would even defeat Lan Jingming and cut off his arms and legs.Even the two of us had our veins burst, woohoo."

"Ah."The old man trembled, feeling incredulous, but, seeing Lan Jingming without his hands, he temporarily stopped his shock and raged, "I'm going to find him."

"Don't go, he'll come to the four Island Guardian Families tomorrow and challenge the new disciples of all the families."

"What."The old man wondered if he had heard wrong, when had a student of the Martial Academy, so grizzled, taken the initiative to come and challenge the new disciples of all the families?

In the Huanggu Family of the Four Great Island Protecting Families, within a large hall, several innate experts were conversing about martial arts experiences.

"Report."An older disciple ran in.

"What is it?"

"Three Mountain Masters, it's bad, the Wei Gu Family's first new disciple this year, Lan Jingming, has had his hands chopped off, and he can no longer participate in the Island Protector Family's new disciple battle."

"What?"The three innate experts in the palace stood up in horror.

"Chopped off hands?Doesn't that just make him useless?Even if you pick up the arm, it's nothing more than an ordinary martial arts practitioner, no longer related to genius."

"How can that be?The Wei Gu family still wanted Lan Jingming to obtain an Island Protecting Flag for their family this year, why were their hands suddenly cut off, who did it?"

"According to the news coming from the Desperate Love Restaurant, Lan Jingming learned that a few days ago, the mysterious disciple One Defeat Red Dust had found a hospital flower girlfriend at the Martial Forest Academy.Lan Jingming also wanted to find one, so he brought two new disciples to the Martial Academy, and he fell in love with a Martial Academy courtier flower, but who knew that this courtier flower already had a boyfriend, and her boyfriend was the winner of this year's Martial Academy Freshman Competition, a freshman named Tang Zichen.This Tang Zichen, who was really shocking, was at the late stage of the Inner Gate and not only defeated Lan Jingming, but also cut off his hands.It's said that Lan Jingming's hands were also chopped into pieces by him, and he's unable to pick them back up."

"Ah."On hearing this, the three innate experts in the palace trembled, how was this possible.

"How could a new student of the Martial Academy do it, Lan Jingming, he's the first new disciple of the Wei Gu Family ah."

"All of the above has been confirmed, and that Tang Zichen even threatened that tomorrow, he will come to our other three major island protector families one by one and challenge all the new disciples."

The three of them trembled even more.

"How arrogant."

"Does he really dare to come?"

"He even cut off Lan Jingming with both hands straight away, what else wouldn't he dare to do, Martial Arts Academy?Trying to step on our Island Protector Family's disciples?"

"Someone, tell our Huanggu Family's first new disciple, Lin Tang to get ready, if that Tang Zichen really dares to come tomorrow, let him have a good look."


The same news also reached the other two major island protecting families, the Qin Gu Family and the Song Gu Family.


At the Martial Academy, after several hours of heated discussion, the incident that happened in the afternoon had gradually calmed down, and everyone was looking forward to the moment when Tang Zichen would go to the Protectorate Family tomorrow.

One night without a word, the next day, before Tang Zichen even woke up, there were many, many students gathered around his dormitory building, Tang Zichen was going to go to the Island Protector Family to challenge all the new disciples, of course, the students of the Martial Forest Academy couldn't not follow to check it out, so there were many, many students gathered early in the morning, just waiting for Tang Zichen to wake up.

"I'm speechless."Tang Zichen pulled open the window and saw so many students gathered there in groups outside, waiting for him, and smiled speechlessly.

Xiangyun Liu said, "Is everyone planning to follow you to the Protectorate Family today?"

"I think it's nine out of ten, all right, Xiang'er, get up quickly, we're almost done eating, don't want to procrastinate."

"Oh."Xiangyun Liu scrambled to get dressed and get up, this was in Tang Zichen's dormitory.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen set off.

First, he flew to the Huanggu Family.

With tens of thousands of students following behind Tang Zichen, the team looked very large and spectacular.

Tang Zichen didn't mind that so many students were following, the large number of people could also make a show, although Tang Zichen didn't need to make any show.

Of course, if Tang Zichen was badly beaten by the new students of the Guardian Island Family, then everyone would go along to lose face. One second to remember to read the book

Wulin Island was a strange place, it obviously didn't look like much, but it took nearly two hours to get from Wulin Academy to the Yellow Ancient Family.

The people who followed Tang Zichen to the Huanggu Family were not only the thousands of students, but also many teachers, and of course, the director of the secret Martial Forest Academy also went with him, but no one knew about it.

Arriving at the gate of the Huangu Family, hundreds of Huangu Family disciples were already waiting outside the main gate, because they already knew that Tang Zichen would come today, and their Huangu Family swore that they would let Tang Zichen humiliate himself.

Tang Zichen looked at the hundreds of people from the Huangu Family in front of him, among these hundreds of people from the Huangu Family, there were dozens of innate experts, many, many Houtian experts, and then there were the inner gate experts, while there were surprisingly few at the outer gate level, worthy of being the protector family of the Martial Island.

Tang Zichen shouted, "I, Tang Zichen, a new student of the Martial Forest Academy, have come to pay my respects to all the new disciples of the Huanggu Family, I, Tang Zichen, am seeking only one defeat, please grant my wish for defeat to all the new disciples of the Huanggu Family."

Tang Zichen's words caused the hundreds of people who were waiting to reveal their anger, but seeking one defeat, he had come to seek to be defeated, what an arrogant tone of voice.

Of course, Tang Zichen was referring to all the new disciples.

An innate expert from the Huanggu Family said, "Lin Tang, you are our Huanggu Family, the champion of this new disciple, you have already provoked to the door, what are you going to do, you don't need me to explain."

That man called Lin Tang bit his teeth, "Master, I know what to do, Martial Academy, new student champion, very good."

That Lin Tang's feet lightly stepped on the ground and suddenly his body flew out like an arrow, landing about ten meters in front of Tang Zichen, facing off with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's face was calm, not the slightest bit of cowardice, nor did he look like he had a bitter grudge.Lin Tang, on the other hand, looked hideous and his dignity was greatly insulted.


sp; "Give your name."Tang Zichen said.

The opposite Lin Tang gritted his teeth and said, "Your grandfather I, Lin Tang, the champion of this new disciple of the Huanggu Family."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sure I don't need to introduce myself anymore, so, Lin Tang, let's do it.I, Tang Zichen, have come to your Huanggu Family today to face all of your new disciples, seeking only one defeat and nothing more."

Lin Tang was already furious when he saw such an arrogant and cocky tone from Tang Zichen, and sneered, "Tang Zichen, you, a late Inner Gate, are really trying to provoke me?"

Tang Zichen said, "Yesterday, the first new disciple of the Wei Gu family was also a late Inner Gate, but so what."

"Well so what, Tang Zichen, if we talk about qualifications in terms of realm, you, a late inner sect, should have called me senior, so you have no self-awareness, committing the following is an insult to your martial seniors, if you lose, I'll cut off your hands, I'll give you one last chance to choose."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "However, it's of no use, don't make so many more verbal arguments, you don't have that strength, it's better to just take action.I still say the same thing, this time I came here only to seek defeat, not to make a grudge."

Tang Zichen said that he was not seeking to make a grudge, but the other party was already enraged at this arrogant and cocky attitude of Tang Zichen, and there was already half a point of hatred before the war even started.

"Fuck you."Lin Tang's feet clicked and his body once again spent as a sharp arrow.

Lin Tang's light power was very good, this light power he practiced was called Arrow Power, his body was like an arrow, the opponent was completely unable to defend against it, coupled with his swordsmanship, he was invincible, moreover, Lin Tang's comprehension in terms of 'intent' was about to reach the introduction of 'sword in hand', if he was allowed to truly comprehend the introduction of sword in hand, his strength would increase by several levels at that time.

Unfortunately, they didn't know that Tang Zichen's comprehension in terms of 'intent' had already reached the entry level of having a sword in his heart.

As soon as Lin Tang made his move, Tang Zichen, with his superiority in the aspect of intent, saw the flaw in his move, and it was so obvious.

'Intent' was one level higher, and there were a hundred flawed moves.

At this point, Lin Tang's arrow and sword techniques that he thought were incredibly powerful were surprisingly flawed.

However, Lin Tang was at the perfection level of the Inner Gate, while Tang Zichen was at the late stage of the Inner Gate, and the immense pressure of the realm made it so that even if Tang Zichen saw his broken moves, he wasn't able to attack in the blink of an eye.

"Swoosh."Lin Tang arrived in front of Tang Zichen with a single arrow step, this speed was almost about to reach the level of Tang Zichen's Ghost Wheel Flash, the difference was that no matter how fast Lin Tang's arrow step was, it wasn't invisible.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen didn't rush to attack, and when Lin Tang entered his optimal attack range, Tang Zichen slashed with a single slash.

"Killing God One Slash Slash, two slashes in one."


It was an indescribable feeling, and a muffled sound rang out in the air.

Lin Tang felt a heat wave coming, it was incomparable, and there was the feeling of a blade in the heat wave.

Lin Tang secretly said that it wasn't good and instantly changed his attack to retreat, quickly retreating to the side with one arrow step.

"Wow."Lin Tang had just had time to retreat out when a fiery pain came from his back.

"Ah."Everyone from the Huanggu Clan was shocked, right now, Lin Tang's back was bloody, if it wasn't for Lin Tang's extremely fast arrow step, he would have been finished.


Everyone from the Huanggu Family looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

The innate experts of the Yellow Ancient Family seemed to have seen that Tang Zichen's comprehension of the intent had reached at least the greatness of having a sword in his hand.

At this moment, Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "The Huanggu Family has disappointed me, you are no match for me."

"Impossible."Lin Tang roared.

Tang Zichen didn't even look at Lin Tang, his eyes looked at the hundreds of people from the Yellow Ancient Family behind him and said, "Seeking a defeat failed to fulfill my wish, it's just that I will head to the next Island Protector Family, farewell."

Those people from the Huanggu Family were so angry that they wanted to jump, but, were speechless, Lin Tang had indeed lost.

Tang Zichen turned around and walked out, unwilling to waste any more energy with Lin Tang.

However, Lin Tang was unwilling and shouted behind him, "Don't leave, I haven't lost yet."After saying that, Lin Tang slashed violently at Tang Zichen, unable to take the blow Lin Tang had lost his mind, he was considered a half sneak attack.

Tang Zichen turned back and slashed out with a single slash.

"Killing God Saber Technique, two swords in one."

"Wow."Lin Tang flew away, his whole body bloodied from Tang Zichen's saber Qi killing him. First URL

Tang Zichen snorted, "You couldn't avoid it the first time, but the second time, do you think you can?Lin Tang, not to belittle your Huanggu Family, please save face for the Huanggu Family, and if you think you have the strength to play with me in the future, feel free to come to the Martial Arts Academy and find me."

Tang Zichen turned around and flew away.

Lin Tang lay on the ground yelling in frustration, he was in the Huanggu Family, the number one new disciple, but he actually lost to a weak one realm freshman in the Martial Arts Academy, what face did he still have, thinking of this, Lin Tang yelled, as if he had never suffered such a blow in his life.

Tang Zichen then flew to the next Island Protectorate family, followed by thousands of students, joyfully following behind.

"Tang Zichen, I admire him too much, he defeated Lan Jingming yesterday and today he defeated Lin Tang, so there are still two new students from the Island Protectorate Family left, can Tang Zichen still win so much?What a boost to the prestige of my Martial Arts Academy."The tens of thousands of students were talking as they followed along.

At this moment, in front of a large mountain that wasn't very far away from the Huanggu Family, hundreds of powerful people from the Qin Gu Family were also waiting outside the mountain gate.

An innate realm expert said to a woman, "Qin Xin, wait, if Tang Zichen from the Martial Academy really comes, don't lose the face of the Qin Gu Family, you are the Qin Gu Family, the first new disciple of this year, if you all lose the face of the Qin Gu Family, then no one else will be able to win this face back, you can't find an old disciple.Last year's disciples don't have any honor even if they win."This man who spoke, if Tang Zichen were here, he would definitely recognize it as Senior Qin Feng's older disciple, Pan Yun.

A woman beside him nodded solemnly and said, "Yes, Master."

This woman called Qin Xin was about 1.69 meters tall, extremely slender, and her two curved willow moon eyebrows looked extremely spiritual, like a finely carved face that was extremely fine.At this moment when she was talking to her master, there were dozens of male disciples' gazes shooting towards her.Qin Xin, she was not only the first new disciple of the Qin Gu Family, but also the only superb beauty in all the Island Protectorate Families, on the same level as the Courtier Flower of the Martial Academy, and the charisma, presumably, far surpassed that of the Courtier Flower.Because she was a genius who was able to enter the Island Protectorate Family, the Martial Forest Academy

The courtyard flower of the academy, in terms of martial talent and strength, none of them could compare to her, except for Shangguan soft Qi Xueyun and the others who were slightly able to compare, while Xu Mei Qian Liu Xiangyun and the others were much inferior in terms of martial talent.

Not long after, Tang Zichen and ten thousand students flew in from afar, and the scene was extremely spectacular.

Tang Zichen landed outside the gate of the Qin Gu Family, and said to the hundreds of strong people of the Qin Gu Family, "I am Tang Zichen, a new student of the Martial Academy, I came to the Qin Gu Family today, I heard that every disciple of the Qin Gu Family is extremely strong, Zichen I would like to discuss a few moves with all the new disciples of the Qin Gu Family, I also hope that the new disciple friends of the Qin Gu Family will not be stingy in teaching."

At this moment, in the crowd of the Qin Gu Family, an innate strong man saw Tang Zichen and said in alarm, "It's him."

Tang Zichen sniffed and looked, and this innate expert who gave out a shock was the same man who had threatened to spank the President of the Martial Arts Academy when he came to the Qin Gu Family last time for the interview for the entrance disciple, that Qin Feng senior's big disciple.

Tang Zichen didn't say his name last time he came here, so he didn't know that Tang Zichen was him, and now that he saw that Tang Zichen was the one who had come for the entrance disciple interview last time, Pan Yun was very surprised.

Tang Zichen smiled at the man and said, "This senior Pan Yun, we meet again today."

"Tang Zichen is you?"Pan Yun was filled with incredulity and said.

"Exactly I am here, I didn't expect that Senior would still remember me, last time I came here to participate in Senior Qin Feng's entrance disciple assessment, I didn't expect to be rejected, it seems that Senior Qin Feng's requirements for entrance disciples are really strict.All right, enough of the idle talk, today I've come here just to exchange ideas with the new disciples of your Qin Gu Family, and to let me experience the strength of the Island Protection Family's disciples.The last time I came for the entrance disciple interview, your family treated me with such disdain, I think each of your family's new disciples should have extraordinary strength."

At this moment, behind Tang Zichen, a girl's body trembled, she, was the Healing Wen Qiang.

Wen Qiang saw an acquaintance among the Qin Gu family disciples across the street, it was her fiancé who had left her behind to chase another woman.

Across the street, Wen Qiang's fiancé, who also saw Wen Qiang, furrowed his brow a little.

At this moment, on the mountain, in a certain Zen room, an old man was meditating.

At that moment, a white-faced boy ran in and shouted, "Master, it's not good."

"What is it?"

"Master, go to the bottom of the mountain and check it out, that man called Tang Zichen from the Martial Arts Academy, he's here."

"I don't have any interest for my master."

"Master, that Tang Zichen, he's the one who came here last time for an interview to become your entry disciple ah."

The old man suddenly opened his eyes, this old man, was Qin Feng, Qin Feng was a little surprised, he didn't expect that Tang Zichen, who was rumored to be very powerful in the past two days, was the one who came here for the interview last time.

Thus, Qin Feng suddenly arrived at the bottom of the mountain.

When everyone from the Qin Gu Clan saw Qin Feng appear, they all paid their respects and said, "See the Qin Feng ancestor."

Even the Dean of the Martial Academy, who was hiding in the shadows, immediately showed up and paid his respects to Senior Qin Feng, "Greetings, Senior Qin Feng."

Qin Feng, however, was now looking at Tang Zichen, who was indeed the person who had come to interview the person who wanted to be his entry disciple last time.


Tang Zichen also looked at Qin Feng, seeing so many people paying homage, Tang Zichen was slightly surprised, but it was normal, because Qin Feng was the three strongest in the entire Martial Island, he appeared anywhere, anyone who knew him would appear to pay homage.

Qin Feng looked at Tang Zichen and said, "It's you."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "I have also met Senior Qin Feng, I didn't expect Senior Qin Feng to remember me, I came to the Qin Gu Family today, I didn't come to harass your family, I just wanted to come and spar with the new disciples of the Qin Gu Family, I hope Senior Qin Feng won't blame me."

At this moment, a man behind Tang Zichen said, "Tang Zichen, don't be rude to Senior Qin Feng."

When Tang Zichen turned around, he didn't know when an innate expert was standing behind him, Tang Zichen didn't know this person.

This person was the dean.

Senior Dean said, "Senior Qin Feng, Tang Zichen is a new student in our academy, he doesn't know the rules, so I hope that he is sorry."

Senior Qin Feng looked at the dean and said, "Dean Liang, this new student of yours, you do look a bit arrogant, but if you really have strength, arrogance is deserved, if you don't have strength, then it's a joke."

"What Senior Qin Feng said."

Senior Qin Feng looked at Tang Zichen and said, "That day when you came to my place and participated in the interview for the entrance disciple, I thought that you were just an ordinary student of the Martial Academy, but I didn't expect that you were a two-timer.All right, that day was indeed my clumsy eyes, today if you can fight against the Qin Gu Family's first new disciple and remain undefeated within thirty moves, then I will promise to give you another interview and give you the chance to be my incoming disciple."

Tang Zichen snorted internally, "Who cares, self-righteous." Remember the URL

The dean, however, urged, "Tang Zichen, don't thank Senior Qin Feng yet."

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's no need to thank in a hurry, it's not too late to fight the first expert of the new Qin Gu Family disciple first."

That Pan Yun was busy saying, "Qin Xin, give him some color, this brat, his tone is so arrogant, never let him have the chance to be my senior brother."

"Yes, Master."

Tang Zichen saw that beautiful woman actually called Pan Yun Master, then this woman, wouldn't she be senior Qin Feng's apprentice grandson?

"Shoo."The woman called Qin Xin, suddenly drew her sword, pointed it at Tang Zichen and said, "I hope you won't disappoint me."

Tang Zichen took his attention back and smiled at the woman, she was not bad looking, the type of woman that people would fall in love with at first glance, not bad, she seemed to have quite a bit of character.

"Beautiful girl, you said what you asked me to say, then I can only say that I will definitely disappoint you."

The woman said, "I'm not interested in doing any verbal sparring with you, in my eyes, you're still the same weak bunch at the Martial Arts Academy at the moment, until you've proven your strength, you don't even have the qualifications to talk to me as an equal."

"Still saying I'm arrogant, you're even more arrogant than me."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Swoosh."Suddenly, the woman killed towards Tang Zichen, not wanting to talk nonsense with Tang Zichen at all.

"Peach Blossom Sword Technique."

"Peach Blossom Thousand Blossoms."

Suddenly, the battle escalated to the highest level, the woman's sword clicked, and suddenly, Tang Zichen's face revealed thousands of sword tips, it really felt like a thousand peach blossoms.

"Oh no, this woman's comprehension of intention has reached the entry level of having a sword in her hand.And because her realm is one level higher than mine, her swordsmanship is also part of a higher martial art, my advantage has instantly dropped much, much lower."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

But Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry, this female

Human strength was significantly much, much stronger than Lan Jingming and Lin Tang.

It was worthy of being Qin Feng's apprentice grandson.

Tang Zichen now killed the god with a single slash, directly combining the two slashes into one.

"Bang."The two abstruse energies brought about by the Killing God's saber technique and the Peach Blossom Sword Technique collided together.

The strength or weakness of the abstruse qi depended on whose internal force was deep.

Naturally, Tang Zichen's internal strength was needless to say, the Unbridled Heart Sutra and the Great Pan Heart Sutra, both of which were extremely thick and completely as powerful as the Yi Tendon Sutra.


The woman felt the sword in her hand tremble, and her body was pushed back several meters by a force before her body stopped.In her heart, she was horrified, "What a thick internal power, even at the late stage of the inner door, it is able to produce an internal power that is stronger than my inner door perfection."

It was too late to say it.

Tang Zichen would definitely seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and at the same time the woman retreated, it was at the same time that Tang Zichen attacked.

"Buzz."The blade in Tang Zichen's hand slashed again, and the air emitted a suffocating buzz, like a meteor that cut through the long sky, the two Killing Techniques overlapping, the peerless sword Qi tearing towards the woman.

"Ah."The woman didn't have time to perform her Peach Blossom Sword Technique again, and even if she did, she wouldn't be able to suppress Tang Zichen.

The woman blocked the sword in front of her and her entire body flipped backwards for more than ten meters before stopping, her hair falling down and becoming disheveled.

Without a doubt, she had lost.

At this moment, everyone from the Qin Gu Family was looking at Tang Zichen in shock.

Among their new disciples this year, the number one in strength, Qin Xin, had lost, to a late Inner Gate.

Qin Xin thrust his sword into the ground and said, "I lost."

Tang Zichen said, "You were able to withstand that last blow of mine with just a sword, it seems that you are much stronger than Lan Jingming and Lin Tang."

Qin Xin didn't speak to Tang Zichen, turning back to her master, she lowered her head and said, "I'm sorry, Master, I lost."

Pan Yun looked at Tang Zichen with a very uncomfortable snort, "Tang Zichen, you won only by virtue of your stronger internal skills and saber technique."

At that moment, the dean sneered, "Pan Yun, if you lose and don't admit it, are you disgracing old man Qin Feng?I don't know if Tang Zichen's technique is strong or not, but I do know that Tang Zichen's comprehension of intent is at least at the level of having a sword in his hands.This, isn't enough to show Tang Zichen's talent?You lost, and you're still looking for reasons to argue."

Pan Yun's eyes glared at the dean and threatened, "Liang Shui, your little butt is itching again, isn't it?"

The President of the Martial Academy raged, "Pan Yun, you better show me some respect, or else I'll be blamed for being rude."

"Have you won me over?With your strength, you still dare to be the president of the Martial Academy, hurry home and grow sweet potatoes."

"You."The dean did seem to be unable to beat Qin Feng's eldest disciple.

At that moment, Qin Feng said, "Alright, you guys stop arguing, Qin Xin did lose today, I'll keep my promise and give Tang Zichen a new chance."

After saying that, Qin Feng said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, if you come back to my place the day after tomorrow, I will give you a new chance, but becoming my disciple depends on your performance."

The dean was busy reminding Tang Zichen, "Don't hurry up and thank Old Senior Qin Feng."The dean's eyes were filled with envy.


Unfortunately, Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Senior Qin Feng, you seem to be mistaken, I came here today to spar with your Qin Gu Family's new disciples, not to fight for any opportunities."

Qin Feng's brows furrowed when he heard Tang Zichen's words while the dean shouted, "Tang Zichen, you're crazy."

That Pan Yun on the other side, however, roared, "What do you mean?My master gave you a chance, but you don't know how to cherish it. If it wasn't for the fact that you have some talent, you'd be worthy of being my junior?How dare you disgrace my master so much."

Qin Feng did feel a bit disgraced that he was rejected by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Why should I cherish it?Although Senior Qin Feng is one of the three strongest men in Martial Island, but where so what, I won't say anything unnecessary, lest I be considered disrespectful to Senior Qin Feng, I still have to rush to the Songgu Family, so I won't bother you all, farewell."

Tang Zichen didn't even look at Qin Feng and flew off.

Qin Feng saw how arrogant Tang Zichen was, and it was just as well to reject his good intentions, but to fly away without even looking at him before leaving was really infuriating.

"Hmph, what arrogance and ignorance, I'd like to see how far a junior so arrogant and ignorant can he get."Qin Feng exhaled with a fling of his sleeves and a few leaps, and in less than five breaths, he went to the top of a mountain thousands of meters high, hidden in a cliff house at the top of the mountain.

The courtyard such strength, a few breaths of time to the top of a thousand meters to the top of the mountain to go, have so far a tremor.At the same time, many people also despised Tang Zichen's ignorance, Qin Feng was such a powerful man, but he didn't even cherish the opportunity to worship his master.Even Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian felt sorry for Qin Feng as they saw with their own eyes that Qin Feng reached the top of the mountain in just a few breaths, and it was too shocking.

Unfortunately, how could they know Tang Zichen's disdain, although Qin Feng was indeed very strong compared to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen still wanted to say: he was worthy of being my master?

Tang Zichen will always have only one master in mind. One second to remember to read the book.

Tang Zichen soon went to the Songgu family again, and thousands of students followed suit.

Only, one of the women didn't follow, and that was Wen Qiang.

Wen Qiang walked up to a certain male student of the Qin Gu Family and said, "I have something to say to you."

"Go over there and say it."

The two of them walked to the next woods.

Wen Qiang scoffed and said, "You haven't caught up with Qin Xin yet?It's been years, and you still haven't caught up with it?"

The male disciple snorted, "Are you being sarcastic?"

"How dare I, you're a disciple of the Protectorate family."

"Come on, what do you want to tell me?"Wen Qiang's fiancé asked, he seemed to want to continue pursuing Qin Xin, the beautiful woman who had just dueled with Tang Zichen.Compared to Qin Xin, Wen Qiang was, needless to say, a far cry from Qin Xin in terms of martial arts talent, which was why Wen Qiang made her fiancé less challenging and attractive.

"If you still don't come back to your senses, then withdraw from the marriage, I'm not unwanted."

"What? Like another man?Don't tell me you like that idiot Don Zichen just now."

"How dare you call him names."

"Cut it out, do you want to go tell him?Qin Xin lost, doesn't mean I will lose to Tang Zichen, my strength is not weaker than Qin Xin, the last new disciple competition, I was just giving in to her, who made me so happy!

Fling her, hahaha."

Wen Qiang saw that her fiancé still didn't return her feelings, and said angrily, "What do you mean, since you like someone else, then simply go and withdraw your marriage, don't take up my marriage quota."

"I'm partial to not withdrawing my marriage, you're my spare tire, understand, if I can't chase Qin Xin, I'll naturally still marry you, although your talent is not as good as Qin Xin, but at least you're a school flower beauty."

"You actually treat me as a spare tire."

"Yes, I'm not afraid to admit it, if I get Qin Xin's heart, then I will naturally go to your family to withdraw my marriage, if I can't get it, huh, naturally I will still continue to marry you.There aren't many beautiful women in this world, so how could I give up on you as a spare tire if I don't have to.Hahaha."

"You're shameless, you're not afraid that I'll report to my family."

"Hmph, my talent, your family won't give it up easily, missing me, with your condition, it's impossible to find a better one than me, don't you think.Alright, I'm going to go back and ask Qin Xin if she was hurt just now, I'm going to continue to shush her and pretend to be in front of her at a critical moment.By the way, keep your virginity oh, because, it's mine, hahaha."

Wen Qiang's body trembled and her face went white as she asked, "What do you mean?Didn't you already do that to me when I was a freshman in high school?"

"The first year of high school?Oh, you mean that time when I got drunk and didn't screw you, but most importantly, I was in a hurry to find Qin Xin.Actually, I've known her since I was in junior high school, hahaha.Hey, you're so pale, don't tell me you've lost your virginity, otherwise, you're not pure to marry me, so prepare to enjoy a lifetime of domestic violence in the future.Either that, just pray that I catch up with Qin Xin and dissolve my marriage with you, it's up to you, hahaha."

After saying that, Wen Qiang's fiancé walked away and hurried back into the Qin Gu family, as if he was afraid to let anyone see his conversation with Wen Qiang.

At this time, Wen Qiang sat paralyzed on the ground.

"Oh god, no, it didn't happen with him when I was a freshman in high school.Ah, my accident that time with Tang Zichen, it turned out to be my first time, no wonder it felt so painful, I thought that it was because it was so many years apart.I went so far as to, in a muddle, give my first time to Tang Zichen."Wen Qiang sat on the floor, her mind blank.

Thinking of her fiancé's scum behavior, Wen Qiang's eyes flowed out in tears, if he was a peaceful person, marrying him would be just fine.However, he is a person who eats from the bowl and looks into the pot, while taking advantage of his high talent to marry with her family, and then uses her as a spare tire, secretly chasing after a better woman, and then dumping her when he catches up with her.Anyway, he doesn't suffer, Wen Qiang's family is very powerful, and this kind of scum, Wen Qiang can't believe that she met him.

Even if she reports to her family and exposes her fiancé's behavior, what can she do?The talent wasn't outstanding, other than his fiancé, he really couldn't find a better one to marry her.She was in the family, not among the key cultivated children, the family would not value her feelings, perhaps, her greatest interest to the family was to be able to get an excellent marriage partner, that's all.

Wen Qiang was crying on the tree, feeling so helpless for a moment.

The first time I was in a position to do so, I had to go through a lot of things, and I had to go through a lot of things.

Confide in the family?It was useless, the family would only be happy to get a talent, how would they care if her marriage was happy or not, this kind of thing, born in a big family, she had seen too much.


Tang Zichen arrived at the Songgu Family.

The Songgu Family's strongest new disciple, Yan Ming Tim, was beaten by Tang Zichen until he vomited blood.

After beating the Songgu Family, Tang Zichen went back to the Martial Arts Academy, leaving behind a sea of praise and the humiliation of the Island Protectorate Families.

After beating the Songgu Family, the four Island Protector Families all fainted, originally thinking that the mysterious disciple, One Defeat Red Dust, should have been the Songgu Family, but Tang Zichen beat the Songgu Family's Yan Ming Tim until he vomited blood, which meant that the Songgu Family's Yan Ming Tim wasn't One Defeat Red Dust.

"Which one is One Defeat Red Dust?"

"One Defeat Red Dust is too low-key, that Tang Zichen has provoked him to come to the mountain gate, and One Defeat Red Dust hasn't made a move yet?"

"One Defeat Red Dust isn't worthy of being a disciple of the Island Protectorate Family, there's no sense of honor at all, it's already time, he's still keeping it mysterious, so show up and beat Tang Zichen to shit."

In the four Island Protectorate Families, many Island Protectorate Family disciples scolded One Defeat Red Dust, they thought that One Defeat Red Dust had been acting low-key, not letting people know his true strength, originally it was fine, it was people's freedom, but now that Martial Academy's Tang Zichen had hit the mountain gate, that One Defeat Red Dust still kept a low profile and didn't show up, this made everyone start to scold.

As for the matter of Tang Zichen cutting off Lan Jingming's hands, it definitely wouldn't go well, the Wei Gu family had already sent someone to go through Lan Jingming's family, the Wei Gu family wouldn't go out to crush Tang Zichen for Lan Jingming because Lan Jingming was already useless, it wasn't worth doing any more for an invalid, the only thing they could do was to send someone to inform his family.Of course, it was impossible for the Wei Gu Family to have no resentment towards Tang Zichen, and the Wei Gu Family was naturally very upset at having a good genius disciple crippled.

At this moment, in the Qin Gu Family, in Senior Qin Feng's zen room.

"Master, are you still angry about this morning, Tang Zichen's arrogance and domineering behavior?"Pan Yun walked into Qin Feng's Zen room and asked. The first website

Qin Feng snorted, "He's not worthy of making me angry, but this Tang Zichen, is indeed very wild, refuting my face in public."

"Master, do you want my disciple to send someone to teach him a lesson?"Pan Yun asked.

Qin Feng glared at Pan Yun and said, "For a trivial matter, sending someone to teach him a lesson, are you trying to make my master be laughed at in Martial Island?Although my master is indignant, he didn't take it very seriously.Instead, that one defeated red dust, I ordered you to find him out, after so many days, have you found him yet?"

Pan Yun said, "Master, I've already gone to the Four Great Island Guardian Families to look for him, but I simply don't know which new disciple is the One Defeat Red Dust.One Defeat Red Dust he's too low-key and deliberately hides his strength and identity, so it's hard to find him."

Qin Feng said, "Tang Zichen has provoked the Four Great Island Guardian Families and he doesn't even show up, this low profile is a bit too much."

"That's right Master."

Qin Feng said, "One Defeat Red Dust must find him out, he is the new disciple of our Four Great Island Guardian Families that has the best chance of defeating Tang Zichen, we can't let him continue to keep such a low profile, we must find him out so that he can defeat Tang Zichen and redeem this reputation for the Four Great Island Guardian Families."

It seemed like Qin Feng couldn't wait to see Tang Zichen defeated, as he felt that Tang Zichen was really too crazy, he really needed to be dealt with, although he wouldn't send someone to teach Tang Zichen a lesson, but if he could defeat a defeated one of the same level

It would be perfect to find the red dust, defeat Tang Zichen and teach him a hard lesson, so that Tang Zichen could put away his arrogant temperament.

Pan Yun shook his head and said, "Master, I've tried to find it, I simply can't find it, the four Island Guardian Families, any new disciple could be a defeated Red Dust, people are clearly trying to keep a low profile, how else can they find it."

Qin Feng hesitated and said, "In that case, you go and discuss with the other Island Guardian Families, our four Island Guardian Families will take the initiative to challenge Tang Zichen in the name of One Defeat of Red Dust.Make an appointment for a time and place, when the time comes, the Martial Academy as well as the Island Protectorate Families, so many people will be watching, I don't believe that One Defeat Red Dust will continue to keep a low profile."

"If he continues to keep a low profile?It's been pushed to this point and he hasn't even shown up yet?"Pan Yun asked.

Qin Feng closed his eyes and said, "If he's forced to this extent and he still doesn't show up, then what's the point of pushing if he's not strong enough to do so, and he doesn't have the honor of the Island Protectorate Family at all."

"Yes, Master, I'll go find the other Island Protectorate Families to discuss this."

After Pan Yun left, Qin Feng sighed deeply, "I was actually angered by Tang Zichen's arrogance, alas, state of mind ah state of mind."

Pan Yun immediately conferred with the other three major island protection families and decided to issue a challenge letter to Tang Zichen in the name of a single defeat of red dust.

Time: Three days later, at noon.

Location: the Green Garden Ping of Martial Island.

The purpose of the four Island Guardian Families doing this was, firstly, to combat Tang Zichen's arrogance and maintain the honor of the Island Guardian Families; secondly, to force One Defeat Red Dust to show up.

The next day, Tang Zichen didn't go to the Healing Department again because Tang Zichen felt that it was a bit of a waste of time to go to the Healing Department, his healing arts were already so powerful, there was no need to pretend to be in the Healing Department.

Tang Zichen came to the Sword Law Department and became a student in the first year (1) class of the Sword Law Department now.

The main reason why Tang Zichen didn't go to the Sword Law Department was because all Tang Zichen had shown to the outside world at the moment were sword arts, and sword arts had always been used as a one defeat red dust, so he went to the Sword Law Department and casually entered the first year (1) class of the Sword Law Department.

"Classmates, we welcome Tang Zichen to join our first year class of the Saber Law Department."A Houtian level teacher shouted at the first class martial field of the Department of Blade-Methods.

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded as hard as they could, they were no strangers to Tang Zichen already, it was an honor for a big man like Tang Zichen to join the first class of the Blade-Method Department.

"Thank you, no need to be polite, I hope everyone will take care of you in the future."Tang Zichen waved his hand in salute to all the students in the first class.

The Blade-Method Department's class was completely different from the Healing Department's class, in a place that resembled a gymnasium, this classroom.

The teacher of the Knife Law Department said to Tang Zichen, "You've just transferred from the Healing Department, perhaps you don't understand it yet, let me introduce you to it, our kind of pure martial arts department, we major in martial arts.However, we don't teach martial arts techniques, we mainly teach 'intent', martial arts internal skills and so on, each student is usually passed down from family to family, so we don't need our teachers to teach them.So, the class of one hundred students, every week, we will have ranking matches, constantly pk with each other. later on, we will also form our own martial arts groups, not only within the campus, but also go to those mysterious places in the martial island to practice."


Tang Zichen nodded, the reason why Tang Zichen had switched to the Blade Department was because of that martial group.

As for the class ranking, with Tang Zichen's strength, he would naturally be first, and no one would be able to pull him into second place.

"My name is Guo Chi, in the future, if there is anything you don't understand regarding 'intent', you can come and consult me."The teacher of the first year class of the Knife Law Department said to Tang Zichen.

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for Tang Zichen to have the chance to consult him, because, all of Tang Zichen's comprehension of 'intent' had already reached the entry level of having a sword in his heart, and he was almost ready to consult Tang Zichen.

Guo Chi saw Tang Zichen nodding his head as if he wasn't looking forward to it, so he added, "Tang Zichen, my comprehension of the 'intention' aspect has reached the peak of 'having a sword in my hand', and among all the teachers in the entire Saber Law Department, I am the only one who has comprehended the peak of having a sword in my hand, so you areKnow that, huh."Guo Ji smiled modestly.

Only then did Tang Zichen take a meaningful glance at Teacher Guo Chi and smiled, "Teacher Guo Chi is really powerful, well, I will definitely ask you for advice when I don't understand."

"Haha, Tang Zichen, I think that your comprehension of the care aspect must have reached the entrance of having a sword in your hand.How else could you defeat those higher than you in the realm, you also really impressed me, when I comprehended the introduction of having a knife in my hand, I was already at the early Houtian stage, while you, at the late Inner Gate, comprehended it."

"Teacher Guo is overpraised."Tang Zichen gave him a slight nod, Guo Quan was considered the class leader of the Knife Law Department's class.

"Tang Zichen, there are students over there who want to see me, I'll go over there first."

"Okay, you're busy, don't mind me, I'm transferring to the Saber Arts Department, mainly for the future consideration of the martial group." Remember the URL

As Guo Jing went to instruct other students, Tang Zichen swept a glance around the huge martial arts classroom, which was filled with students practicing against each other.

At that moment, Tang Zichen saw a familiar face.

"Chu Yiyun?"

Tang Zichen suddenly saw that in a corner of the martial field classroom, Chu Yiyun was wielding a knife by himself over and over again.

"Chu Yiyun is also from the Blade Department, and is also in a class, what a coincidence."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

After thinking for a bit, Tang Zichen walked over.

"Chu Yiyun."Tang Zichen called out.

Chu Yiyun turned back, in fact, she had already seen Tang Zichen, she had seen him just now when Teacher Guo Qi shouted to welcome Tang Zichen, but she didn't go over to greet Tang Zichen, after all, she wasn't really friends with him.

"Oh, welcome to the first year class of Knife Arts."Chu Yiyun gave a slight nod to Tang Zichen.

"What are you doing?"Tang Zichen asked.

Chu Yiyun said in her heart, this is not nonsense.However, Tang Zichen was her savior, she smiled and said, "Cleaving the sword, in all things, familiarity breeds skill, even if it is a simple action of cleaving or slashing, being skilled will make me more experienced, and will allow me to learn to control my power more precisely.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "This Chu Yiyun, actually has a bit of comprehension, with her comprehension going on like this, I'm afraid that she will soon comprehend the introduction of having a sword in her hand."Having a sword in one's hand was the same as having a sword, a stick, or a gun in one's hand, they all meant the same thing, just the difference in weapons.The essence of comprehension is the same.

For example, if Tang Zichen had switched to a stick, or a whip, it would have been the same 'in your heart'.

"Then go ahead and chop, I won't bother you."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Everyone in this classroom was training themselves individually, so Tang Zichen sat idle by himself, sitting next to him, his eyes watching Chu Yiyun swing her sword over and over again.Looking at her from the side, I found that she had a really good figure, arching in front and back, with very soft curves, and a hint of femininity in her heroism.I hadn't found her pretty before, perhaps because I used to be unhappy looking at her, but recently she seemed to have changed her personality, so I didn't look at her as unhappy as I used to, so upon closer inspection, Chu Yiyun was indeed quite beautiful.

Right now, Chu Yiyun was still wielding her sword, but she frowned, she had felt Tang Zichen watching her, being stared at all the time, Chu Yiyun suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable all over.

Just at this moment, a person from outside walked in, Teacher Guo Qi was busy respectfully saying after seeing it, "Greeting the Dean."

"I heard that Tang Zichen has transferred to the Saber Department."The dean said.

"Yes, Dean, are you looking for him?He's over there."Guo Chi pointed at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had already seen it, and the dean had already walked up.

"Meet the dean."Tang Zichen greeted the dean, the dean was late innate, Tang Zichen had also reached this stage when he died in his previous life ah.But then again, that was a previous life, there was nothing worthy of arrogant capital, so it was better to greet the innate expert respectfully.

"Tang Zichen, I've heard that you're also exceptionally talented in the healing arts, so why have you chosen to switch to the blade system now?"The dean asked with a smile, over the years, Tang Zichen was the one student he was most proud of, someone with such potential, he had wanted to take the opportunity to accept Tang Zichen as his disciple, but, Tang Zichen didn't even care for Qin Feng, the three strongest people in Martial Island, so the dean couldn't even think about it, it was better to forget about it, don't humiliate yourself.

Teacher Guo Chi, who was standing beside him, was busy asking, "Dean, is Tang Zichen also talented in the healing arts?"

The dean nodded, "Yes, the director of the Healing Department just came to me to complain, he said that a genius from the Healing Department has left, he simply can't live."

Guo Chi laughed, "Dean, so much so, huh?"

The dean said, "I've already learned about it, Tang Zichen's talent in healing is completely as good as martial arts, the head of the healing department said that Tang Zichen scored perfect scores in every exam, and during the healing department's freshman competition, Tang Zichen had already reached the strength of a first-grade healer.And during the all-new student competition, a healer saw Tang Zichen heal himself of at least a fourth-grade wound, which means that Tang Zichen now has the strength of at least a fourth-grade healer as well.Do you think the head of the Healing Department would cry to death if a genius student who only had a fourth-grade healing ability shortly after being a freshman was gone?Tang Zichen, is the number one healing genius in the healing department for decades."

"Ah, no way."

But Tang Zichen chuckled.

Chu Yiyun, who was wielding a sword beside her, also looked over at Tang Zichen at this time, and only when the dean said this did Chu Yiyun remember that during the Freshman Competition, she was almost killed by a demonic snake in the Thousand-Foot Demonic Grotto, and was finally saved by Tang Zichen, who saved her not only by killing the demonic snake, but also by healing her injuries.So it was really Tang Zichen who healed her wounds.Thinking of this, Chu Yiyun looked at Tang Zichen and couldn't help but admire him a bit from the bottom of his heart, everyone only knew that he was very talented in martial arts, but who knew that Tang Zichen was even more talented in healing arts.


"Alright, Dean, don't flatter me."Tang Zichen smiled.

But Teacher Guo Chi looked at Tang Zichen with eyes full of shock, this guy is really a freak, his martial arts talent is so strong, even his healing talent is so strong, he is still not human.

The dean said, "Tang Zichen, I specifically came to find you today, not to talk to you about the healing department."

"What did the dean want to see me about, please say."

The dean took out a letter and said, "This is a letter from the Protectorate Family, it says that a disciple of the Protectorate Family, codenamed One Defeat Red Dust, will challenge you at Green Garden Ping at noon three days later."

"Ah."Tang Zichen busily took the letter, and it was indeed a challenge, the challenger was precisely One Defeat Red Dust.

Tang Zichen was really laughing and crying inside, One Defeat Red Dust challenged him?Challenge yourself?

Obviously, this was a challenge letter that had not been agreed to by One Defeat Red Dust, and was a private act by the Island Protector Family, perhaps to force One Defeat Red Dust to show himself.

Teacher Guo Quan was shocked, "No way, the mysterious disciple One Defeat Red Dust issued a challenge letter to Tang Zichen?"

"Yes, the challenge letter was sent directly to me, this is definitely the most official document that represents the four Island Protectorate Families.One Defeat Red Dust, although this man is very low key and mysterious, and has refused to be known of his true identity, but this man is definitely a super genius, he is also a new disciple of the Island Protectorate Family, and is also a late stage of the Inner Gate, but he, defeated the 10th strongest person on our Martial Academy's Inner Gate Great Success List.Tang Zichen, One Defeat Red Dust dared to challenge you directly, so he must have the confidence to defeat you ah."

Guo Chi also said, "I was also in the dark that day when One Defeat Red Dust defeated the 10th ranked expert of the Inner Perfection Ranking, I still feel shocked by One Defeat Red Dust's sword skills, Tang Zichen, this time, you might really be in danger.I told you, the Island Protection Family cannot be surpassed so easily, One Defeat Red Dust, may be their ultimate genius disciple." One second to remember to read the book

When the Dean saw that Tang Zichen was silent and thought that Tang Zichen was worried, he said, "Tang Zichen, do you want to accept the challenge of one defeat?I have to remind you that if you lose to One Defeat Red Dust, you are likely to be crippled by One Defeat Red Dust, after all, you cut off Wei Gu Family Lan Jingming's arm first, and it would be courteous to cripple you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "So, I'm still able to refuse?"

"If you really don't want to, you can ignore it, I'll burn this challenge as well, and no one else will know about it, it won't affect your reputation in the academy."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "A defeat of red dust is myself, how hilarious, in that case, I'll accept the challenge, I'd like to see how they'll end it then."

"Dean, I'll accept the challenge."Tang Zichen smiled.

"You're sure?If the Protectorate Family really wants to let One Defeat Red Dust cripple you in a duel, I won't be able to stop it, you should know that my strength is nothing in front of the Protectorate Family's strongest men."

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's fine, just reply to them though, I accept the challenge."

"Alright then."The dean nodded.

The dean left shortly after, Tang Zichen felt there was no point in staying in the class and walked out of the martial field classroom.

As soon as Tang Zichen walked out of the martial field, Chu Yiyun followed him out.

"Tang Zichen."


"Uh, what are you following me for?"Tang Zichen asked in confusion.

Chu Yiyun looked a little unnatural and said, "Tang Zichen, during the Newborn Competition, at the Newbie Village Thousand Feet Demon Grotto, my body was penetrated by the tongue of a demonic snake, did you really heal me?"

"You're still dwelling on this matter, it's in the past, no need to mention it again.I saved you also for the sake of Liu Chenming, it has nothing to do with you, and it's a complete coincidence that I'll be in the same class as you in the first year class of the Bladesmanship Department today."

Chu Yiyun said, "The dean said that you're also a genius in healing, originally I thought that you just rescued me from the Underground Devil's Grotto, and that you found someone else to heal the injuries on my body."

"Well, I healed it, you had a hole in your chest, how could you have had time to find someone else, you would have died if I hadn't saved you.Now you know the outcome, so is there anything else?"

Chu Yiyun pursed her lips, if that was the case, then her breasts, the entire upper half of her body was not all seen by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen seemed to have seen what she was thinking and said, "Chu Yiyun, you deliberately came out to ask if it was me who healed you, you don't want to pursue the matter of me looking at the top half of your body, do you?If so, you're too ignorant of yourself, what time is it, and you still mind this.That's right, I you had all your clothes ripped off at the time, naked.Naked, but you were covered in blood, and you think, in this case, your breasts looked like you could still feel something?"

Chu Yiyun said, "Don't misunderstand me, I didn't mean that, just look at it, it's not the first time you shattered my clothes in Linjiang City.I just want to know if it was you who healed me, in this way, I owe you two saves."

"Come on, who wants you to owe, it's fine I'm leaving."

Tang Zichen walked away, Chu Yiyun took a while to turn around and return to the class martial field, she couldn't help but sigh inside, if this matter was known to her fiancé Wang Peng, something big would definitely happen, Wang Peng as a fiancé hadn't even seen Chu Yiyun's body, but was seen twice by Tang Zichen, although the second time was for saving her.In addition to the fact that, the company's products and services are also available to the public, the company has also been able to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.Of course, Wang Peng does not touch her Chu Yiyun also feel better, although he is his fiancee, but Chu Yiyun also do not want to be so early by his nasty.

In fact, Chu Yiyun how to know, every family has its own problems, Wang Peng very much want to sleep with him, but can not do ah.Wang Peng following a bit of a problem, this thing except for his own no one knows, so Wang Peng is very serious on the surface, do not have any ambiguous with Chu Yiyun, the purpose is not to let Chu Yiyun find that he has a problem.And secretly, Wang Peng was seeking medical treatment everywhere to treat the bottom.Wang Peng dreamed of curing the following, such a beautiful fiancée, he did not know inwardly how much he wanted her, but had to pretend to be disgusted, this bitterness, only the parties themselves know.

After Tang Zichen left the classroom, he unknowingly came to the back of the healing department, perhaps he was used to practicing martial arts here before, and felt that this place was the best place to calm his mind and get into the state of practicing martial arts.

Right now, not far from this place, a woman was sitting under a tree in a lost state of mind, as if she was very sad.

"Chang Sun Wu Yan?"Tang Zichen saw her at a glance, and when he saw Changsun Wuhen sitting there alone in a gloomy state, Tang Zichen's heart was a little sad, as if he had guessed why she had come to sit here alone in a gloomy state.


Chang Sun Wu Yan must be so gloomy because Tang Zichen had shifted to the blade system.Changsun Wuhen had always liked Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen had known about this for a long time, so it wasn't hard to guess.

Tang Zichen watched her silently from a distance for a while, and had wanted to say hello to Changsun Wuhen.

However, for some reason, Tang Zichen eventually sighed and walked away in silence.

Tang Zichen's current principle for relationships was that once you fell in love, you would never give up, so if you haven't fallen in love yet, then stay away.

Tang Zichen left the back of the Healing Department and just walked out of the main road, he ran into an acquaintance.

"Yang Yijian?Why are you here."Tang Zichen called out, this Yang Yijian was the one who had won the second place in the New Student Competition, he was also very strong, his comprehension of sword intent had reached the point of having a sword in his hand to begin with, while none of the disciples of the Guardian Island Family, except for Qin Xin of the Qin Gu Family, had comprehended to the point of having a sword in his hand to begin with.This meant that Yang Yijian's strength could definitely compete with the strongest new disciples of the Protectorate Family such as Lan Jingming and Lin Tang.

"Tang Zichen, what a coincidence to run into you."Yang Yijian was busy smiling warmly.

"What brings you to the Healing Department?"Don Zichen asked.

"I won't lie to you, I'm here to pick up girls."Yang Yijian smiled hehe.

Tang Zichen's heart thudded, Yang Yijian came to heal to pick up girls?You don't want to chase Chang Sun Wuyan, do you?

Tang Zichen and Yang Yijian, who are also considered to be non-fighting friends, if Yang Yijian wants to chase after Chang Sun Wu Yan, should Tang Zichen support him?Even if you don't support it, you shouldn't undermine him. First published at

"You want to chase after Changsun?"Don was busy asking.

"Hehehe."Yang Yijian had an embarrassed smile on his face before saying, "The one I want to chase is Wen Qiang, not Changsun Wu Yan."

"Oh."For some reason, Tang Zichen was relieved inside when he heard that it was Wen Qiang he was chasing.Tang Zichen couldn't understand himself, didn't he say that he wanted to stay away from Changsun Wuhen before he fell in love?Why is it that when you see Yang Yi Jian coming here to pick up girls, you suddenly get nervous and then relieved when you hear him say that it's Wen Qiang he's chasing?

"Are you sure you're chasing Man-chan?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Yes."Yang Yijian looked at Tang Zichen puzzled as to why he was asking him this question so solemnly.

"Don't be confused, I just think that Changsun Wu Yan is a level higher than Wen Qiang in looks, besides, she was also evaluated as a courtyard flower, you didn't choose to chase Changsun Wu Yan, instead you chose to chase Wen Qiang, it's just a bit surprising."

Yang Yijian smiled shyly, "This, there's actually a reason for that la, Changsun Wu Yan is 1.76 meters tall while I'm only 1.73 meters tall, so, you know, I still prefer Wen Qiang who is shorter than me."

"No wonder."Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly.

Yang Yijian asked, "Tang Zichen, do you have any good techniques in picking up girls, teach me, I've been chasing Wen Qiang since a few days ago, but I don't know why, she's always ignoring me."

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Yang, to tell you the truth, Wen Qiang she has a fiancé, in the Protectorate family."

"Ah, so that's it, no wonder she doesn't seem to like my

The way it looks, alas."Yang Yijian sighed deeply.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Brother Yang, you don't need to belittle yourself, the Protect Island Family isn't as powerful as everyone thinks, Brother Yang, in fact, I'm not afraid to tell you, that Lan Jingming of the Wei Gu Family, although his realm has reached the complete Inner Gate, his comprehension of the sword intent has yet to reach the entry level of having a sword in his hand, the same goes for that Lin Tang of the Huang Gu Family.You, on the other hand, although you're at the late stage of the Inner Gate, you've already comprehended the introduction of having a sword in your hand.Therefore, your talent won't be inferior to the strongest new disciple of the Guardian Island Family, you don't need to belittle yourself at all, if you raise your realm to Inner Gate Perfection, I'm afraid you'll be able to fight against Qin Xin of the Qin Gu Family."

"Ah, no way, I'm that powerful?"Yang Yijian was shocked, he himself didn't even know that he could be compared to the Guardian Island Family's.

"Oh, I've fought against them, and I know very well that the Island Protectorate Family, can't take the most talented ones as disciples every year, and will always leave out a few, like you."

Yang Yijian looked at Tang Zichen half-heartedly.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, I won't bother you to pick up girls."

Yang Yijian was busy asking, "Brother Tang, you haven't taught me any skills to pick up girls yet."

Tang Zichen secretly thought about it, in fact, Tang Zichen's heart didn't approve of Yang Yijian bothering a woman with a fiancé, however, love was free.Another reason was that Tang Zichen had a relationship with Wen Qiang, and if Yang Yijian was really with Wen Qiang, then Tang Zichen would be a bit embarrassed, after all, he was also quite close to Yang Yijian, combining the above two reasons, Tang Zichen didn't quite approve of Yang Yijian going after Wen Qiang.However, Tang Zichen was not in a good position to say such things.

Hesitantly, Tang Zichen said, "Wen Qiang's fiancé has left her to chase after a more outstanding woman from the Protectorate Family, so Wen Qiang's greatest wish is to find a man to defeat her fiancé.If you can help her fulfill this wish, then it will be just around the corner for her to fall in love with you."

"Thank you for pointing me out, Brother Tang's great kindness, I, Yang Yi Jian, have no teeth to forget."

"Oh, it's not that exaggerated."

Tang Zichen walked away with only a sigh of relief in his heart.

Tang Zichen went to another quiet place to practice martial arts, no longer thinking about those emotional matters.

Tonight, Tang Zichen wanted to go look for Xu Mei Qian as One Defeat Red Dust, after these many days, perhaps Xu Mei Qian missed One Defeat Red Dust as well.Since Tang Zichen had already agreed to be with her as One Defeat Red Dust, it meant that Tang Zichen had fallen in love, and since he had fallen in love, he would never give up, this was Tang Zichen's principle in love in his entire life.

In his last life, when he was Wind Lightning, if Tang Zichen had been able to figure it out, then how would he have let down so many affectionate women, especially that Demon Princess, although she was from the Demon Cult, but to him, she was really considered to have his heart and lungs out, in order to get close to him, the Hall of Demon Princess, the first beauty of the Demon Cult, the first genius, strength even stealthily surpassed Wind Lightning's strength, she changed her disguise and silently did half a year in Wind Lightning's sectSword Picker, the so-called Sword Picker was a maid who silently waited on the side when practicing swords.Half a year later, she was identified by Wind Lightning, and, at that time, not only was Wind Lightning not touched, he even beat her up.All the things that happened in his past life, now Tang Zichen recalled, really a bit heartbroken, perhaps, the person he was most sorry for in his past life was her.

So, in this generation, Tang Zichen is so afraid of failing the woman who is deeply in love with him again.


So, Tang Zichen likes to keep a low profile so that he doesn't stand out so much, so that so many women don't like him.But low profile is not a long-term solution after all, and finally the sharpest edge is showing.

Tang Zichen let his heart calm down and stopped thinking about it.

By the way, that Yang Yi Jian came to the Healing Department and found Wen Qiang, who also seemed to be in a very bad mood and refused Yang Yi Jian's request to invite her to dinner as well as instruct her in martial arts.

Yang Yi Jian accosted Wen Qiang and swore to her that he would defeat her fiance before he left.

Wen Qiang is surprised and asks Yang Yijian how he knew about the challenge.

After the Dean of the Martial Arts Academy replies to the challenge, the story spreads in the Martial Arts Academy as well.

One Defeat Red Dust was going to duel with Tang Zichen, many people were talking about it, would Tang Zichen be defeated by One Defeat Red Dust?

At this moment, in the Sword Technique Department, Xu Mei Qian stomped her foot in resentment after hearing the news and scolded angrily, "This is clearly something that was done without Red Dust's consent, it's a private challenge from the four Island Protectorate Families, the purpose is to force Red Dust to fight, it's too damned.Red Dust and Tang Zichen know each other, that's why he hid it when Tang Zichen went to the Island Protector Family, but the Island Protector Family is trying to force him to fight Tang Zichen."

Xu Mei Qian certainly didn't want it in her heart, Tang Zichen was also her friend and didn't want a defeat of Red Dust to be used as a tool by the Island Protection Family to deal with Tang Zichen.

That night, after Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun finished their date and sent Liu Xiangyun back to her dormitory, Tang Zichen, in the dark, quietly changed into One Defeat Red Dust's outfit and put on One Defeat Red Dust's mask before heading to Xu Mei Qian's dormitory.

At the moment the time was almost ten o'clock at night, a bit late. Remember the URL

"Knock knock knock."There was a knocking sound on the window of Xu Mei Qian's dormitory room.

Xu Mei Qian had just finished taking a shower and washing her clothes and was almost ready to sleep when there was a knocking sound.

Xu Mei Qian pulled open the curtains and wondered if it could be the defeated red dust, but as soon as she pulled open the curtains, she saw a defeated red dust hanging upside down outside her window.

Xu Mei Qian was overjoyed and opened the window in a panic.

Tang Zichen leapt into the room in a flash, and before Tang Zichen could land on the ground and stand firm, Xu Mei Qian slammed into Tang Zichen's arms.

"Why did you just come to find me, I've been waiting for you every day, I missed you so much."Xu Mei Qian's voice was greasy and full of goose bumps as she confided.

Tang Zichen also hugged Xu Mei Qian with both hands and smiled, "I'm here now, aren't I."

"Then why are you so late."Xu Mei Qian grumbled.

"Oh, it takes time for me to come over from the Protectorate Family, ah, and the Protectorate Family isn't next door, so I can come when I want."

"Uh-huh."Xu Mei Qian nodded and stayed close to Tang Zichen, but it was only then that Tang Zichen felt something strange looking down, Xu Mei Qian had just finished taking a shower and was only wearing a nightgown, and she wasn't wearing anything in it.

"Ah."Tang Zichen couldn't help but give an ah, this, it seemed to come at a bad time.

"What's wrong."Xu Mei Qian herself was too excited and didn't even think about it that much until Tang Zichen reacted when she stared at her breasts, blushing and lowering her head, pursing her lips, delicate and adorable.

A few seconds later, Xu Mei Qian asked softly, "Does it look good?"It seemed to be shy and excited.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Good looking, beautiful people, even more beautiful breasts."


sp; Xu Mei Qian was incomparably happy inside, and said softly, "In the future, everything I have is yours."

Tang Zichen was tempted by such great words, he couldn't help but swallow his saliva, and his body couldn't help but produce some reactions.

"I really came at a bad time today, I came too late, I wanted to take a walk with you, but I didn't expect you to have already showered."

"Early next time then."Xu Mei Qian said.

"Okay, then I'll leave first today."Tang Zichen prepared to withdraw.

Xu Mei Qian said, "You came all the way here to say a few words and then leave?"

"But you're already going to rest, next time, there's plenty of opportunity."Tang Zichen walked to the window and was about to fly away, Xu Mei Qian felt a thousand times harder to leave and suddenly hugged Tang Zichen from behind.

"Don't go."Xu Mei Qian whispered.

"Uh, what do you mean, don't go."

Ten seconds later, Xu Mei Qian whispered, "Stay... live."The last word 'stay', Xu Mei Qian said so quietly that it was almost no longer audible, but Tang Zichen still heard it.

Tang Zichen's body trembled, stay and live, what that meant Tang Zichen certainly knew, Tang Zichen never thought that with Xu Mei Qian would develop so quickly to this point.

Tang Zichen's throat went a little dry for a moment and said, "This, okay."

Xu Mei Qian, however, gradually plucked up her courage and seemed to have made a decision, then resolutely said, "Yes."

"You should know what this means will happen?"Tang Zichen said with difficulty, he had wanted to walk, but now suddenly his feet were so heavy that he couldn't lift them, it seemed that Tang Zichen was still a man after all, and being a man was something that he couldn't resist.

"I know."Xu Mei Qian said softly.

"You're not afraid of developing too fast?"

"My heart is already yours, and I will give you everything and do everything for you, even if you fail me in the future I don't care anymore.Red Dust, stay."

When Tang Zichen heard Xu Mei Qian's words, he suddenly turned around, faced Xu Mei Qian, and fiercely kissed down towards Xu Mei Qian's red lips, wrapping his two hands around her waist and deadly her body against his own.The temperature in the room seemed to rise suddenly, Tang Zichen was like an emotional beast, Xu Mei Qian's first kiss was a bit overwhelming, but the masculine smell from Tang Zichen's body made her feel hot all over, and her body slowly and unconsciously responded.

Tang Zichen's first time kissing Xu Mei Qian is a bit overwhelming, but he is unable to control his body as he has already experienced this in Linjiang.When Xu Mei Qian felt the change in Tang Zichen's body, she blushed, nervous and at the same time her heart was beating rapidly, not knowing what was going to happen next.Tang Zichen gradually peeled off Xu Mei Qian's clothes.

The temperature of each other only dropped at around 11pm, and what happened in that hour changed Xu Mei Qian and Tang Zichen.The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a clear idea of what you're getting into.

Xu Mei Qian half-lidded her eyes, hugging Tang Zichen, her head resting on Tang Zichen's chest, feeling that Tang Zichen's body was unusually strong, this was evident from just now, a taste of happiness flowed in Xu Mei Qian's heart, I really hope that this happiness will go on forever.


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