The King of Kungfu in school 51-55

Chapter 51

Tang Zichen promises to make Li Xuan'er pay back the money, and Li Xuan'er is much relieved, and doesn't have to give her hand in marriage, though she does so willingly.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er walked into the school together.

At this moment, on the path next to the school's main entrance, one of the school flowers, Shangguan Rou, was talking to a boy.

"Qiu Hao, you have to believe me, I really don't have any relationship with that Tang Zichen."

Qiu Hao snorted, "Shangguan Rou, I didn't expect you to chase me openly and secretly play ambiguous with other boys."

Shangguan Zou explained, "I didn't."

"I heard that that Tang Zichen is the most handsome boy in Senior 3 Class 5, so I don't believe your explanation."Qiu Hao said sourly.

Shangguan Zhuo said, "What handsome or not, if it wasn't for this incident, I wouldn't even know that our school still has this guy.Qiu Hao, it's you who cares too much about your appearance, I don't care about your appearance at all.You're ranked eighth in the school in martial arts, and Tang Zichen is an idiot who doesn't even know how to do martial arts, I'm not a psychopath, what am I playing ambiguous with him ah."

"But, your space said published that you like handsomer boys."

"That was the old criteria for choosing a friend, now I like strong ones, your martial arts skills are so high, looks don't matter anymore, right?"

"I still don't believe you, you're so beautiful and a rich girl, I can't believe you'd choose one as ugly as me." A second to remember to read the book

Shangguan Rou was extremely depressed inside, of course she wouldn't like Qiu Hao, that idiot, but she was just following her father's orders to seduce Qiu Hao, and finally let Qiu Hao sign a contract of sale with her family.

Shangguan Rou said, "Who said you're ugly, I think you're handsome, that idiot Tang Zichen is the ugly one."

"Don't talk nonsense with your eyes open, I've asked around, Tang Zichen is the class of senior three and five."

At this time, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er happened to be passing by and heard the last few lines of conversation between Shangguan and Qiu Hao.

Confused, Tang Zichen asked Li Xuan'er, "What is a bancho?"

Li Xuan'er laughed lightly and said, "It means you're handsome, the number one handsome in the class."

Tang Zichen harrumphed, "I'm the class grass?And do you think I'm handsome?"

Li Xuan'er lowered her head a little blushing and said, "It's okay."

Mavis Lee herself didn't know why she was blushing a little.

"Who?"Just then, Qiu Hao and Shangguan Rou discovered Tang Zichen.

"It's you, bastard."Shangguan Rou saw Tang Zichen and gazed with fire in her eyes, Shangguan Rou didn't have any good feelings towards Tang Zichen, although Tang Zichen drank six bottles of liquor because of her last Friday, it couldn't move Shangguan Rou in the slightest.

Tang Zichen smiled hehely, "Shangguan Rou, it's you, what are you and an uncle doing sneaking around over here?"

The boy next to Shangguan Zou heard and said angrily, "Who are you calling uncle?"

This boy was the famous Qiu Hao, Qiu Hao heard Tang Zichen say that Shangguan Zhuo was an uncle, and it made him furious.

Tang Zichen was astonished, "Could it be that you are Shangguan soft's father, sorry, disrespectful, I hope uncle Shangguan is not to blame."

Li Xuan'er couldn't help but puff out a laugh.

Qiu Hao that angry ah, at Tang Zichen a roar: "Who is her father now, do you fucking have eyes."

/> Tang Zichen: "Ah, no ah, I see you look older, thought you were Shangguan Rou's father, this brother, I'm really sorry."

"Grass you, you're the one who looks older, you're blind ah, who the hell are you?"Qiu Hao was furious.

Shangguan Rou said, "Qiu Hao, he is Tang Zichen, didn't you suspect me of having an affair with Tang Zichen?Now that he's right in front of you, you can confront him face to face."

Qiu Hao stared fiercely at Tang Zichen and said, "So you are Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "I am exactly Tang Zichen, but you just said that I am the class grass of Senior 3 Class 5, I have to correct myself here, I am not the class grass of Senior 3 Class 5 anymore, I have transferred to Class 32, I am the class grass of Class 32, Tang Zichen."

Behind her Li Xuan'er heard Tang Zichen's words very speechless, very much want to remind Tang Zichen a sentence, don't be so high-profile ah, you are the class grass of senior three class five, but not the class grass of class 32, because class 32 has a school grass Liu Yang, where is still your turn.

Shangguan Rou sneered: "This Miss is a school flower don't even dare to call yourself a school flower in front of others, but you bite a class grass, do you want to be shameless, but yes, if you wanted to be shameless, you wouldn't have written me a love letter like that."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Things from the past, why are you bringing it up again."

Shangguan Rou looked at Li Xuan'er and despised her, "Tang Zichen, what?You're setting your sights on Xuan Li again?You do have a bit of self-awareness, choosing a commoner school flower to do it this time, looking at you like this, you are coming back from dinner together, you must already have an affair, you really have some skills ah you."

Li Xuan'er was busy: "Shangguan Zuo, don't say nonsense."

Tang Zichen said: "Shangguan Zuo, that thing between you and me, don't involve other people, or I'll really be rude to you.I don't care if you're a school flower or not, as long as you're not my wife, any flower will be treated the same in my eyes."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, don't worry, since we've met you today, we definitely need to settle the score between us.Before settling the score with you, I have to let Qiu Hao confront you to see if I really have any ambiguity with you."

Shangguan Rou turned her head to Qiu Hao and said, "Qiu Hao, you can question yourself."

Qiu Hao looked at Tang Zichen coldly and asked, "Tang Zichen, tell me honestly, why did you write that kind of love letter to Shangguan Zou?"

Tang Zichen laughed: "I won't tell you."

Qiu Hao yelled, "Is the content of the love letter what really happened between you and Shangguan Rou?"

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "Well, maybe."

Tang Zichen didn't know if the previous Tang Zichen had actually done anything with Shangguan Zuo, so Tang Zichen himself didn't know if maybe it was true.

"Maybe?"Qiu Hao suddenly looked at Shangguan Rou and said, "Shangguan Rou, Tang Zichen said that perhaps, this is what you want me to confront?"

Shangguan Rou looked at Tang Zichen furiously, "Tang Zichen, you ruined my reputation, and now you still don't even confess, and you dare to mock two false accusations against me."

Tang Zichen said, "I didn't frame you ah, I really don't know if I ever had anything to do with you ah."

Shangguan Rou's eyebrows raised, angry, "Tang Zichen, it seems that you toast the wine and not eat the forfeit, well, then let's finish with you completely, I'll see how you still dare to accuse me of innocence again."

After saying that, Shangguan Rou came up with a flying kick, her kick contained a very strong martial arts foundation, called the Flying Swallow Chain Kick.


However, Tang Zichen's hand grabbed and instantly grabbed Shangguan Rou's ankle.

Shangguan Rou was shocked, Tang Zichen defused her Flying Swallow Chain Legs so lightly, was it not a lucky chance last time when he tore her skirt?Is Tang Zichen really a martial artist?

Tang Zichen snorted, "Shangguan Rou, stop making unreasonable trouble, my reputation is so bad now, I haven't even found you to settle the score, but you came to me first.Have you forgotten about the incident last time when I tore your skirt?Watch out that I'll rip it again if I'm not careful."

Shangguan Rou glared angrily at Tang Zichen, seeing that Tang Zichen was still holding on to her ankle, and yelled, "You still won't let go of me."

Tang Zichen said, "Letting go of you is fine, but don't disturb my life again in the future."

Shangguan Rou's lungs were about to explode, and her other foot flew up and kicked Tang Zichen in the side of the head, Flying Swallow Whirlwind Kick.

Tang Zichen grabbed Shangguan Zou's ankle and threw it into the distance, Shangguan Zou blinked and was thrown a few meters away by Tang Zichen, Shangguan Zou fell on the ground, her hair instantly disheveled, her face scuffed with mud, a very messy look.

Tang Zichen said, "Shangguan Rou, stop messing around with me, you are not my opponent."

Shangguan Rou was shocked and angry, shocked that Tang Zichen actually knew martial arts, and was much higher than her, angry that Tang Zichen had no pity for her, she was at least a woman, or a school flower, and actually threw her into the mud.

At this time, Qiu Hao gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, Shangguan Rou is not your opponent, then, what about me?" First web site

Qiu Hao had exploded with rage, and he vowed that even if the whole school said he was a bully, he would still beat up Tang Zichen today.

Originally, the top ten martial arts in Baiyun Middle School never bullied weak students, but today Qiu Hao really couldn't help it.

Tang Zichen looked at Qiu Hao and said, "Brother Qiu Hao, I've never been with you before, I have no grudge, do you want to do something to me?"

Qiu Hao snorted coldly, "Tang Zichen, originally I, as the eighth ranked martial artist at Baiyun High School, shouldn't have bullied you, but you've gone too far.Today, I, Qiu Hao, will not spare you lightly no matter what."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed lightly.

Shangguan Rou climbed up and was busy shouting, "Qiu Hao, if you're a man, give me a shot at him."

Qiu Hao had been aroused with manly blood and shouted at Shangguan Rou, "Shangguan Rou, listen to me, from today onwards, you Shangguan Rou are my Qiu Hao's woman."After saying that, Qiu Hao stared at Tang Zichen's eyes and said, "Tang Zichen, you beat my woman, today I will pay you back tenfold."

The situation was on the verge of a battle between the two men.

Shangguan Rou's heart was delighted: "Qiu Hao, this idiot is finally going to be hooked by me, angry that I'm his woman, but why do I feel so disgusting?"

But Li Xuan'er was extremely nervous at the moment, and even shouted, "Qiu Hao, calm down."

After saying that, Li Xuan'er blocked in front of Tang Zichen.

Of course, Li Xuan'er knew Qiu Hao, the famous White Cloud High School's eighth ranked martial arts genius expert, so that's why Li Xuan'er was very afraid that Tang Zichen would be beaten up by Qiu Hao, and couldn't care less, blocking in front of Tang Zichen.

When Tang Zichen saw that Li Xuan'er was even blocking in front of him, somewhat

Accidental, but quite moved inside.

Qiu Hao shouted at Li Xuan'er, "Li Xuan'er, get out of my way, don't think that just because you're a woman, I can stop beating you."

Li Xuan'er pleaded, "Qiu Hao, please give me face and spare Tang Zichen, I'm sure there's some kind of misunderstanding."

Qiu Hao coldly snorted, "Give you face?Are you proud of yourself?Who do you think you are?You think you're the prettiest girl in school, and you're in the top 10 in your studies, so you can look good in front of me?Let me tell you, even if you're the first in your studies, you won't have any face in front of us, the top ten genius experts in martial arts at Baiyun High School.Fuck off."Qiu Hao shouted.

Shangguan Rou was impatient, "Qiu Hao, what's the point of long-windedness, do it."

Li Xuan'er didn't walk away and died blocking in front of Tang Zichen, although Li Xuan'er didn't know martial arts, she would never stand by and watch Tang Zichen get beaten up.

Tang Zichen pulled Li Xuan'er behind him and said, "Li Xuan'er, you back off."

Li Xuan'er said urgently, "Tang Zichen, he's a very famous genius expert at Baiyun High School, you're definitely not a match, you should run."

"Run?Hahaha."Tang Zichen snarled.

Li Xuan'er said, "If you don't run, I'll stay and help you, even if I can only do a little bit."After saying that, Li Xuan'er immediately picked up a stone, ready to help Tang Zichen fight like.

Tang Zichen saw that she had picked up the stone and was really crying, however, Tang Zichen felt a warmth inside at Li Xuan'er's righteousness.Although Tang Zichen knew that Li Xuan'er was so righteous because she had saved her father, not for no reason, but it was enough for a girl to do so.

Shangguan Rou stood to the side, seeing Li Xuan'er take the stone, and very speechlessly left her mouth.

Tang Zichen looked towards Qiu Hao and said, "Qiu Hao, you have quite a big mouth, I hope you won't let me down."

Tang Zichen had never touched an opponent in this world, and was very disappointed.

Qiu Hao sneered and said, "Tang Zichen, I will make you despair."

"Good, then let me see what the so-called eighth ranked martial artist at White Cloud High School is really capable of."

"You'll understand."Saying that, Qiu Hao prepared himself for an attack.

Shangguan Rou nervously watched from the side, she really wanted to see how strong Tang Zichen was, just to borrow Qiu Hao's hand to understand.

"Broken Mountain Style."Qiu Hao shouted and told all his moves, not knowing what the purpose was, maybe it was to pretend to compare.

Shangguan Rou was excited, Qiu Hao's Broken Mountain palm technique was still quite famous, it was a third grade martial art, I heard that he had already practiced the sixth style.Shangguan Rou said in her heart, "I don't know how many styles Tang Zichen can block in Qiu Hao's hands, and I don't know how many grades of martial arts Tang Zichen is practicing."

Tang Zichen didn't understand the martial arts of this world, but there was no need to understand, because Qiu Hao's moves were very inferior as soon as Tang Zichen made his move, Tang Zichen was a little disappointed, and thought that the eighth ranked martial arts of Baiyun High School should not be weak, and could have a smooth fight, but didn't expect Qiu Hao's moves to be so inferior.Tang Zichen was prepared to use one of his best moves 'Yin and Yang Finger', Nima, if he really used the Yin and Yang Finger, Tang Zichen wasn't sure if Qiu Hao would be able to survive.

Since that was the case, Tang Zichen didn't have any more moves to use, so he had to use the simplest punch.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen's lightning-like punch, grazing through the air, slammed up towards Qiu Hao.


Qiu Hao felt a shadow flicker in his eyes.

"Too fast."

Qiu Hao wanted to make a dodging move, but...

Before he could make any movement, a huge force came from his abdomen, and his entire body flew backwards, not knowing how many meters backwards, and his back hit a large tree by the side of the road, before rebounding and falling to the ground.

"Huh?"Shangguan Rou didn't react, it was too quick.

Li Xuan'er also still had a stone in her hand, ready to rush up to help Tang Zichen fight Qiu Hao when he was unbeatable.

However, in the blink of an eye, Qiu Hao flew away.

"Ah."Shangguan Rou reacted and opened her mouth in disbelief.

The battle hadn't even started yet and it was over in the blink of an eye?

"Wow!"Li Xuan'er also reacted and couldn't help but scream with a wow.

At this moment, Qiu Hao felt like his whole body was falling apart, and he fell under the tree unable to move.However, he was in no mood to feel the pain in his body because all he could think about was the unbelievable punch that Tang Zichen had just thrown. Remember the URL

At this moment, Tang Zichen came up, patted Qiu Hao's face and said: "After holding back for so many days, I thought I could finally fight with an expert, but I didn't expect that the so-called expert is a three-legged cat.Brother Qiu, at this moment, I really want to curse, it's a pity that I was prepared to use my self-made martial art Yin Yang Finger to deal with you, but it's really ironic, my Yin Yang Finger used to deal with you, it's simply insulting my it."

Qiu Hao stared at Tang Zichen with wide eyes, what was this Yin-Yang Finger that Tang Zichen was talking about?What kind of martial arts?

Qiu Hao endured the pain with great difficulty and said, "I don't believe that my Broken Mountain Palm can't beat your whatever Yin Yang Finger, my Broken Mountain Palm is a third class martial art."

Tang Zichen said in amusement, "What third class martial art, never heard of it, and also, don't put gold on your face, when did I say that I used my best move?I didn't use any moves at all, okay."

Qiu Hao shook his head in pain and said, "I don't believe that my Third Grade Martial Arts would be so bad."

"Third-grade martial arts?Brother Qiu, don't tell me that the inferior move you just made is some third-grade martial art that you're proud of."Tang Zichen was speechless for a while, Tang Zichen was almost certain that the martial arts aspect of this world was far lower than his world, or in other words, Tang Zichen had yet to encounter a true bull nose expert.Of course, the main reason was that Tang Zichen's own martial arts skills were too high, thanks to Tang Zichen's arrival in this world, his martial arts skills were already less than one percent of his previous world, otherwise, it would really be against the sky.

"Tang Zichen, you actually defeated Qiu Hao, this definitely isn't true."At this moment, Shangguan Rou's incredulous voice sounded behind him.

When Tang Zichen turned around, Shangguan Rou was staring at him dumbfoundedly.

Tang Zichen said, "Shangguan Rou, I forgot to congratulate you, you have finally caught up with Qiu Hao, just now Qiu Hao shouted, from now on you are his woman, not bad, very bloodthirsty man."

However, Shangguan Rou felt that Tang Zichen's words were full of sarcasm.A very bloody man?A punch was blown away by him, is there still blood.

Tang Zichen said, "Shangguan Rou, I hope this matter ends here, don't seek me out again in the future, or brother Tang I really won't show any mercy."

Shangguan Rou snorted, "I'm covered in mud now, have you ever shown any mercy to me?"

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen walked away with a big laugh.

Shangguan Rou was busy saying, "You stop."


What else?"

Shangguan Rou asked, "Why are you suddenly so good at martial arts?If you were that good at martial arts, you would have been famous all over the school, why."

Tang Zichen pursed his lips and smiled, "I'm pretending to be a match, can't I?"

After saying that, Tang Zichen left with Li Xuan'er.

Shangguan Rou's heart didn't know what to feel.

Shangguan Rou looked at Qiu Hao, he was still lying on the ground unable to move, like a dead snake.

Shangguan Rou didn't have a good mood and said, "Hey, how are you?"

I don't know why, at the moment Shangguan Rou saw Qiu Hao a burst of disgust, what a useless man, and thought she could help her teach Tang Zichen a lesson, but instead she was punched until she couldn't get up.But when she thought of her father's mission, she had no choice but to be patient and kick Qiu Hao once she tricked him into signing the contract of sale.

Qiu Hao didn't reply, the assassin was filled with frustration, and his voice was sarcastic as he laughed, "I'm not even his opponent, I'm the eighth ranked genius expert of White Cloud High School, but I'm not even an opponent, hahaha."

"Qiu Hao, what are you giggling at."Shangguan Rou frowned.

Qiu Hao looked at Shangguan Rou and said, "I'm not his opponent, Shangguan Rou, now do you still have a reason to like me again?"

Shangguan Rou frowned, "What, you just said that I'm already your woman, doesn't that count?"

Qiu Hao said in frustration, "Before, you chased me and said you liked me because you saw that I was strong.But now, I was defeated by Tang Zichen in one punch, do you think, I will still believe that you truly like me?I'm not as good as Tang Zichen in looks, and I'm even worse in martial arts. What else can you see in me?Shangguan Zou, you should go.Don't chase me anymore in the future, I'm not good enough for you, Tang Zichen is more worthy."

Qiu Hao's voice was filled with frustration, but this was definitely not what he truly said.

Shangguan Rou's eyebrows furrowed, it seemed unable to complete the task given by her father, Qiu Hao was beaten by Tang Zichen this way, what confidence was lost.This kind of useless man, Shangguan Rou also hated the most inside.

Qiu Hao saw that Shangguan Rou was still not leaving, yelling, "Go, you're still not leaving, do you want to see me laugh?"

Right now, how much Qiu Hao's heart wanted to hear Shangguan Rou say, "I'm not leaving, even if you're not a rival to Tang Zichen, I still love you, I'll be with you, I'll never dislike you."Qiu Hao wanted so much for Shangguan Rou to soothe him, relieve his low self-esteem and frustration, and give him the confidence to be together.

However, Shangguan Rou snorted, "Qiu Hao, you toad, you really want to eat swan meat."

Qiu Hao looked up sharply, incredulous, "Shangguan Zou, you, what do you mean?"

Shangguan Rou sneered, "Do you think my lady really likes your short and mule toad?Don't be funny."

"You you, what the hell do you mean?"Qiu Hao was shocked that Shangguan Rou would say such words.

"Hahaha, Qiu Hao, you mangy toad, trash, what a waste of so many expressions from this Miss.This Miss is chasing you, but she only wants to tempt you with beauty, and finally trick you into signing a deed of sale to serve my family, do you really think you're worthy of me, you mangy toad?"

"Pfft."Qiu Hao heard, a large mouthful of blood spewed out, just defeated by Tang Zichen with a single punch, now emotionally bruised and bruised, spitting out blood all over the floor.

Shangguan Rou saw Qiu Hao vomiting blood, she was not moved at all, instead she sneered, "Qiu Hao, look at how useless you are, you must not have much potential in the future, forget it, a useless waste like you, this lady is not interested."


Qiu Hao felt like a thunderbolt from the clear sky, he also wondered if Shangguan Rou could say comforting words that didn't dislike him, but he didn't expect to say such cruel words, Qiu Hao cried and yelled, "Shangguan Rou, I'm not done with you."

Shangguan Rou scornfully said, "You trash, you better put some respect in your tone towards me, or I'll make you miserable.Although my lady's martial arts skills aren't as good as yours, but my lady has plenty of experts to take care of you."

"You... poof."Qiu Hao spat out another mouthful of blood in anger.

"Hmph."Shangguan Rou snorted indifferently and turned around.

Shangguan Rou took out her phone and called her father.

"Hey, Dad, the plan to lure Qiu Hao to sign the deed of sale has completely failed."

"Why did it fail?With your beauty, it won't be hard to get away with it in time, will it?"Shangguan Zuo's father asked.

Shangguan Rou said, "Dad, it's all because of that Tang Zichen, I just had an encounter with Tang Zichen and Qiu Hao.I wanted to teach Tang Zichen a lesson, but who knew that he knew martial arts, and even I was no match for him, not even Qiu Hao could block Tang Zichen's move.Qiu Hao was defeated by a single move of Tang Zichen and had collapsed, I felt disgusted seeing him so useless and didn't have a bit of heart to waste on him."

On the phone, Shangguan Rou's father was busy asking, "That Tang Zichen's martial arts skills are really this high?"

"Well, a thousand times true."

Shangguan Zuo's father smiled happily, "Zuo Zuo, leave that Qiu Hao alone, now there's a new mission." A second to remember to read the book

"A new mission?"

"Since that Tang Zichen's martial arts skills are so high, he's far more valuable than Qiu Hao.Hehehehe, your new mission now is to use your beauty to seduce Tang Zichen, make Tang Zichen fall in love with you, and finally get Tang Zichen to sign our family's deed of sale, once you succeed, you'll have made another great achievement for the family."

"Ah, let me seduce Tang Zichen?"Shangguan Rou was also slightly taken aback.

"Tang Zichen's martial arts skills are so high, his potential is definitely greater than Qiu Hao, this time you must complete the task, I'm sure with your charm, in time you can definitely get Tang Zichen into a mess, whether or not you can make this contribution to the family, it's up to you."

"Oh, okay, I'll try my best, but I don't feel like Tang Zichen is that easy to handle."

"Hehe, Zoe, I believe in you, don't forget that you've handled several men, all of those men were so in love with you that they ended up being tricked into signing a deed of sale.As long as they are in love with you, they can sign the contract of sale.You should know that our family's deed of sale is not signed with a pen, but with a soul, hahaha."

"Mm."Shangguan Rou nodded her head, yes, their family's deed of sale, that was signed on the soul, as long as the other party didn't resist and was willing, they could be tricked into signing it.Once it was signed, there was no use resisting, it was a tactic unique to their Shangguan family.While other families still needed to use money and power to cage their masters, their Shangguan family had already tied up a large number of masters with their unique deed of sale.

Shangguan hung up the phone, a hint of a confident smile appearing on his lips, humming, "Tang Zichen, I'm here, I'm going to make you love me so much that you won't have any guard against me, and willingly sign my family's body selling deed to be used for me and my family in the future, hahaha."

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er walked up to the school building together.

"You turned out to be a person with such high martial arts skills."Li Xuan'er said, but she didn't feel very happy, the more powerful Tang Zichen became, the more powerful in Li Xuan'er's

In their hearts, the more distance they had between them.Before Tang Zichen drove a BMW, they were no longer in the same class as each other, and now Tang Zichen's martial arts skills were so high, they were even less in the same class.

Li Xuan'er sighed inwardly, very helpless, if it wasn't because Tang Zichen saved her father, I'm afraid she would never have had contact with someone of such a high rank in her life.

Tang Zichen smiled shallowly, "A mountain is higher than a mountain, my martial arts skills at this point can only be considered a three-legged cat in front of a true expert."

Tang Zichen thought that before he was reborn, he practiced martial arts since childhood, his martial arts skills were much higher than now, and now it was no longer a matter of three or two days for him to recover.

Li Xuan'er nodded and didn't say anything else.

Li Xuan'er and Tang Zichen went back to their respective classes.

When Tang Zichen returned to his class, he saw that Liu Xiangyun was doing her homework and there weren't many people in the classroom.

Tang Zichen didn't go over to talk to Liu Xiangyun, returned to his seat and picked up a math book, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen was so confused that he didn't know anything except 12345.Tang Zichen knew that it was almost impossible for him to learn the knowledge of this world.Tang Zichen also didn't want to waste time on reading, he was now just protecting the lady under the guise of reading, doing his essential job and making a living in this world first.Since he had come here, Tang Zichen always had to live.

Tang Zichen threw his math textbook away as if it were trash.Then he closed his eyes and practiced his internal strength.

Tang Zichen's 'Yi Tian Jing' internal energy flowed through his meridians over and over again, washing the marrow of his meridians and strengthening his internal strength at the same time.The Yi Tian Jing, this was an internal power handed down from his master, created by their Supreme Ancestor Master.Before his rebirth, Tang Zichen had practiced this internal power to the extreme, the only one in several generations to do so, and even his master couldn't practice it to the extreme, but now he was starting all over again.

Tang Zichen's current internal strength was extremely weak, barely less than a thousandth of his previous life, so Tang Zichen felt too weak and felt very insecure.

Tang Zichen stopped after practicing the Yi Tian Jing for half an hour, internal strength improvement was not something that happened in a day or two, it was something that took adults.Before rebirth was started from a young age, and he had a strong comprehension, so his internal strength was strong at a young age.

After practicing the Yi Tian Jing once, Tang Zichen quieted down inside.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "My current strength is too poor, if I use the martial arts grade score of my world, I haven't even started yet.Outer Gate, Inner Gate, Houtian, Innate, I have to recover to the Innate stage, how long will I have to struggle for?"

Yes, in that world of Tang Zichen's, martial arts were very well developed, and thus there were clear divisions in martial arts.From the lowest to the highest, they were, Outer Gate Stage, Inner Gate Stage, Houtian Stage, Innate Stage, and Celestial Manifestation Stage.Each of these phases is subdivided into the Beginning, Middle, After, Perfection, and Great Perfection.

However, not everyone who practices martial arts begins with the initial Outer Gate stage.This is a mistake; many people have practiced all their lives and have not reached the initial Outer Gate stage.

Anyone who was able to get started was already a very powerful expert uh.

Before his rebirth, Tang Zichen's martial arts had already reached the late Innate stage.

Now, Tang Zichen's martial arts, however, hadn't even gotten started, that is, it wasn't even at the early Outer Gate stage, and the early Outer Gate stage was already a very powerful expert.

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, "Now, I don't even know when I'll be able to reach the Early Outer Gate, let alone revert to the Late Innate stage of my previous life."


Even Tang Zichen hadn't even gotten started yet, so there was no need to even mention those so-called genius experts in this world, Qiu Hao.

Of course, whether there were any entry-level experts in this world, no one knew yet.

"Bell bell bell."

It was soon afternoon class, and Tang Zichen was bored in a hundred ways.

In senior class 26, Song Yu'er took out her phone and opened the campus of Baiyun Middle School, and was suddenly attracted by a post.The content of the post was: the sixth most evil youngster of Baiyun Middle School has appeared.

Song Yuer's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Isn't Baiyun Middle School only five big villains?When did you get an extra one?"

Song Yu'er hurriedly opened the post.

"In the morning, Tang Zichen defeated one of the five most evil youngsters on campus, Jin Hu, in class 32, in public, Tang Zichen's martial strength is enough to meet one of the conditions of campus evil youngsters; in addition, Tang Zichen wrote revealing love letters to Shangguan Zou, peed in front of girls in the girls' bathroom, and his academic performance was counted down every time, all kinds of bad deeds, is also enough to be called the king of the scum.Based on the satisfaction of these two conditions, Tang Zichen is undoubtedly the sixth most evil in Baiyun Middle School."

The post had thousands of replies, all replies, unanimously recognized Tang Zichen as the sixth most vicious young man on campus.

Song Yu'er was suddenly depressed, "Liu Xiangyun's bodyguard has become a celebrity in the school, while my bodyguard is still a nobody."

Song Yuer looked at his bodyguard, Liu Yue, who was playing chess with his tablemate, and it seemed that Liu Yue was very good at chess and was playing up to his tablemate, admiring him to the core. First URL

Song Yu'er was so depressed that Liu Xiangyun's bodyguard was already pretending to be compared to the whole school, but his bodyguard was still pretending to be compared to the same table.

Song Yu'er felt that she was being compared to Liu Xiangyun.

Song Yu'er shouted, "Liu Yue, come over here."

Liu Yue fartily walked over and asked, "Miss, what is it?"

Song Yu'er exhaled and showed the campus post to Liu Yue.

After Liu Yue read it, she hummed, "Miss, it's not at all strange that someone like Tang Zichen is recognized by the students as a lesser evil, you are happy to see this news, let me be happy too, right?"

Song Yu'er said, "Who's happy, I'm depressed now, Liu Yue, why are they all bodyguards, there's such a big difference?"

Liu Yue was stunned and baffled, "Miss, what do you mean?"

"You said it yourself, both are also bodyguards, Tang Zichen has become a campus villain in just a short time, famous in the whole school, while you, still pretending to compare with the same table in class, you're too far behind when compared to Tang Zichen, aren't you?"

"What ah."

"Liu Yue, listen to me, I can't lose to Liu Xiangyun."

Liu Yue wiped a cold sweat, this unruly lady is really hard to serve, everyone else is ashamed of the evil young bodyguard, but she feels very awe-inspiring.

"Miss, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you, it's not that I can't become an evil youngster, but with my character, I can't meet the conditions of an evil youngster.My Liu Yue's character is incomparable to someone of low quality like Tang Zichen, who can easily

To become evil, I'm afraid I can't even try all my life."

"I don't care, you figure it out yourself."Song Yu'er said with her mouth full of dissatisfaction.

Liu Yue was depressed, he was ordered to come down the mountain to protect Song Yu'er, but he didn't expect to meet such an unruly and unruly lady.It was biased that this lady was a national-looking, beautiful and sexy and fiery, if it was an ugly lady, I'm afraid Liu Yue would have left her alone long ago.Right now, facing such a lovely and beautiful lady, Liu Yue could only obediently follow the lady's orders and helplessly said, "Alright, I'll try."

"Make sure to compare him, or I'll ignore you."Song Yu'er's eyes said expectantly.

In class 32, Liu Xiangyun also opened the campus and saw the very hot post.

Liu Xiangyun was very depressed and frowned, "This bastard has been recognized as a campus villain, if my classmates know that such a villain is my bodyguard, I'll lose all my face."

Liu Xiangyun learned that Tang Zichen was recognized as a campus villain, but her mood was completely different from Song Yu'er, and it was ultimately because their personalities were different.Liu Xiangyun feels humiliated that she can't be known by her classmates as a vicious young bodyguard, while Song Yuer feels pulled in.

Soon, the first class was over, many students knew about the campus post and looked at Tang Zichen in awe.

Tang Zichen was a little confused as to why his classmates looked at him a little differently.

It wasn't until Wang Qiang opened the campus that he found out that Tang Zichen was recognized as the sixth most evil young man on campus.

Tang Zichen shook his head and laughed a bit when he was told, "This youngster has excellent moral character, but he is recognized as the evil youngster of the campus."

Tang Zichen didn't mind, anyway, what others thought of him was someone else's business, he was open and aboveboard himself, so he didn't care what others did with their eyes.

Tang Zichen took out his cell phone, learned from Wang Qiang, and soon learned to use it as well.

After learning how to use the phone, Tang Zichen played with it so much that he couldn't let go of it.

At that time, the physics teacher came to class.

The physics teacher was a harsh person, but Tang Zichen was still playing with his books.

But Tang Zichen was still playing with his cell phone.

The physics teacher looked at Tang Zichen and frowned, knocked on the lectern table and shouted, "That student, stand up for me."

Tang Zichen didn't know that he was calling him, and only after Wang Qiang pushed Tang Zichen did Tang Zichen stand up.

"Teacher, what is it that you're calling me for?"Tang Zichen smiled politely, he always had respect for his teacher.

"What were you doing just now?"

Tang Zichen picked up his phone and shook it, hehe smiled and said, "Watching the news ah."

The physics teacher's face was black, but he actually laughed and said to watch the news, this was the meaning of not putting him in his eyes ah.

"Class time, do you know?"The physics teacher roared.

Tang Zichen nodded, "I know."

"If you know you still watch the news, who told you to watch the news during class time."


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