The King of Kungfu in school 46-50

Chapter 46

The Golden Tiger was suddenly in a hurry, and his foot kicked violently at Tang Zichen's crotch, trying to kick Tang Zichen's bottom.

Tang Zichen didn't dodge and instantly caught the foot of the Golden Tiger's kick.

Jin Hu found that his foot was pinned by Tang Zichen, and like a stool and a fruit knife, he was allowed to pull it out as much as he wanted.

"Ahhhh."Jin Hu yelled in anger, one of his feet was pinned and he couldn't retreat even if he wanted to.

"Let go of me."Jin Hu saw that he couldn't pull it out, so he could only shout very shamelessly to let him go.It was enough to be abused in a fight to this point.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Didn't you threaten to kill me, if you're capable of pulling it out yourself, if you want me to let go of you, kneel down and call me Grandpa Tang."

"You don't want to."Jin Hu blushed and yelled.

"Haha, then I'd like to see how long your ambition will last."

The students in the class were already dumbfounded, and thought that Jin Hu, a campus top five villain, had easily cleaned up Tang Zichen, but they didn't expect it to turn out this way.

Jin Hu looked at Liu Xiangyun, his heart growing angrier and angrier, being in such a mess in front of his beloved, Jin Hu wanted to eat Tang Zichen's heart.

"Let go of me."Jin Hu yelled. First URL

Not only did Tang Zichen not let go, he put his feet together and started jumping backwards, Jin Hu had one foot pinned and had to follow Tang Zichen with the other.

Tang Zichen jumped out of the class and into the corridor, where Jin Hu was also pulled into the corridor.

Jin Hu was in a hurry, what did Tang Zichen want?Are we going to let him lose face in another class?

Sure enough, Don jumped back along the corridor, the golden tiger being pulled along.

"Ahhhh, let go of me you fuck."Jin Hu yelled in anger and was pulled by Tang Zichen, jumping all along the corridor of the school building.

Students from other classes were looking out.

"Wow, no eye roll, right?One of the five villains on campus, Golden Tiger?"

"What, Golden Tiger?"

"Who's that jumping backwards with Golden Tiger's leg between his legs?Does he want to die?Jin Hu is one of the five villains ah."

As expected, many of the classes saw it, and they were lying on the window sill watching, their eyes filled with incredulity.

"Let go of me, or I'll cut you to death if you don't let go."Jin Hu yelled at Tang Zichen.

When Tang Zichen heard that he still dared to be arrogant, he sped up his speed, and Jin Hu was forced to speed up to follow the jumping and jumping.

After jumping a few classes, Tang Zichen dropped back and jumped back again.

The number of onlookers was increasing, Jin Hu was abused to cry, what the fuck is this Tang Zichen, why is he so powerful.

Quickly jumped back into the corridor in front of the class, Tang Zichen dropped his head, and was ready to jump again.

At that moment, Jin Hu filled with sadness yelled, "Grandpa."

The entire class 32 was stunned when they actually heard Jin Hu call Tang Zichen's grandfather.

In an instant, they felt like they didn't recognize Jin Hu, everyone knew how crazy he was in class before, but now they were forced to call Tang Zichen grandpa.

Only then did Tang Zichen let go of Jin Hu and smiled, "Jin Hu, I'll spare you this time, but if there's a next time, it won't be as much fun."

"I grass you."Jin Hu had just been pulled out.

Turned around, what face is lost, and finally called him grandfather before being released.Now let go, the golden tiger that fire ah, instantly punched up.

Tang Zichen sighed, dealing with this kind of evil young man, or don't hold back.

Tang Zichen instantly punched the Golden Tiger's stomach.

"Bang."A muffled sound.

The drawing suddenly froze, and the fist that the Golden Tiger hadn't smashed into Tang Zichen's body drooped helplessly in midair.

In the next moment, the Golden Tiger fell to the ground, twitching and foaming at the mouth.

The whole class gathered around and looked at the Golden Tiger, who was convulsing in pain on the ground, in shock.

Tang Zichen said to Jin Hu: "Jin Hu, listen to me, if others don't provoke me, I will never provoke others.But whoever provokes me, will bear the consequences.Also, from now on, don't take a step near Liu Xiangyun, otherwise, you will suffer ten times more.I, Tang Zichen, am the best at dealing with jianghu yakuza like you."

The squad leader asked in horror, "Will Golden Tiger die?"

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, he won't die, if he will, he won't be spitting foam but blood, in another half an hour, I think he will be able to stand up."

Liu Xiangyun looked at the Golden Tiger on the ground and shivered, she had to admit that this pervert, Tang Zichen, was really good at martial arts, otherwise she wouldn't have let her dad trust Tang Zichen so much.As one of the five most vicious youngsters on campus, Jin Hu's martial arts skills were at least among the top twenty in the school, but he didn't have the ability to resist in front of Tang Zichen.

Liu Xiangyun also looked at Tang Zichen, and saw that Tang Zichen was smiling at her, Liu Xiangyun's body trembled, and she hurriedly averted her eyes.

The third period was soon over again, and Jin Hu, after a session of convulsions, had gotten much better and was able to get up.

Jin Hu secretly glared at Tang Zichen, when Tang Zichen turned his head to look at him, Jin Hu panicked and put his eyes away, as if he didn't dare to let Tang Zichen see him glare at him, Jin Hu realized that he had actually developed an inexplicable fear of Tang Zichen inside.Jin Hu was so damn depressed, he was one of the five most vicious youngsters in the hall, but he was so afraid of Tang Zichen that he didn't even dare to let him glare at him, how could he still hang around in the future.The more Jin Hu thought about it, the more depressed he became.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to look at Jin Hu, as long as Jin Hu was honest, Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to hit someone for no reason.Tang Zichen was a reasonable person, this was something that everyone knew.

Not long after, a large beauty suddenly appeared in front of the class, dressed in a light and elegant, but could not hide her stunning style, if not Li Xuan'er who is it?

The first thing you need to know is that you can't find a single person in the classroom who is looking for you.

Everyone saw Li Xuan'er standing at the door of the class and wowed.

At this time, the class was up in arms, "Liu Yang, the commoner school flower is here to find you."

"Liu Yang, why don't you go out."

Everyone hailed a boy named Liu Yang in class 32, this Liu Yang was one of the grasses in Baiyun Middle School, very handsome, and most importantly, Liu Yang's grades were among the top three in the entire senior class, although he didn't know martial arts, he was also the dream lover of many girls.And Li Xuan'er's grades are also within the top ten of the senior three, Liu Yang chase Li Xuan'er everyone also knows, they think they are a natural pair.

Liu Yang immediately stood up bashfully and walked towards the door of the class, blushing slightly and smiling at Li Xuan'er, "Li Xuan'er, you're looking for me?"

Li Xuan'er naturally knows this Liu Yang, the top three of the entire senior high school, she admires Liu Yang's academic performance, of course, this Liu Yang is also chasing her, but unfortunately Li Xuan'er does not want to fall in love, and did not accept his pursuit.


Li Xuan'er smiled apologetically, "Liu Yang, I'm sorry, I'm not here to look for you, by the way, did your class just transfer a student named Tang Zichen, why haven't I seen him?"

Liu Yang's face immediately turned bad.

"Are you here to find Tang Zichen?Not here for me?"

"Who said anything about coming to see you, I'm looking for Don Zichen, could you ask him to come out here for a moment?"Kaylee Lee pleaded.

"What do you want with him?"Liu Yang's heart was sour.

Li Xuan'er smiled apologetically, "I want to invite him for lunch."

"What? You invited him for lunch, why."Liu Yang was even more upset, he also invited Li Xuan'er for lunch, but unfortunately Li Xuan'er refused to take it every time, but now, she actually took the initiative to invite Tang Zichen for lunch, Tang Zichen is a scumbag student, by what authority.

"Will you call him for me?"Li Xuan'er didn't want to tell Liu Yang the specific reason.

Liu Yang walked into the class with eyes full of displeasure, walked over to Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, someone is looking for you."

When Tang Zichen looked up, he didn't go outside.

"Who's looking for me?" Remember the URL

Liu Yang said, "Tang Zichen, I don't know why Li Xuan'er is looking for you and inviting you to dinner, but I implore you to stay away from her.You're already chasing Liu Xiangyun, so don't steal Li Xuan'er from me, okay?Li Xuan'er's grades are good, but her family isn't rich, she has to rely on her academic performance to have a way out, and my grades are also good, if she hangs out with you, sooner or later you'll bring her down and delay her studies."

Tang Zichen smiled, "So, she has a way out only if she hangs out with you?"

"That's what I think."Liu Yang shamelessly nodded his head.

Tang Zichen laughed wordlessly, "What a problem."

Tang Zichen then turned around and walked out of the classroom, and indeed saw Li Xuan'er standing outside the corridor.

As soon as Tang Zichen walked out of the class, the students in the class started talking.

"What does it mean?Li Xuan'er came to look for Scum Born Tang Zichen on her own initiative."

"Didn't she come to look for Liu Yang?Liu Yang has been chasing her for a long time ah, Liu Yang is also a schoolgirl, and in the top three of the entire senior class, they are a natural pair ah."

Liu Xiangyun, who was in class, heard the commotion and looked outside, frowning in confusion, Why would Li Xuan'er take the initiative to come to Tang Zichen, the pervert?

Tang Zichen walked up to Li Xuan'er, Li Xuan'er was plain and elegantly dressed, a different flavor, but Tang Zichen didn't keep his eyes on her sexy and hot body and stunning appearance, Tang Zichen was very calm when he saw a beautiful woman.

"Li Xuan'er, you're looking for me, what's the matter?"Don Zichen asked.

"Ah, Tang Zichen, you won't forget what happened that day."Li Xuan'er said with an embarrassed and blushing face.

Of course, Tang Zichen wouldn't forget the day he gave her 100,000 yuan, but Tang Zichen was just pulling out a knife to help her when he saw an injustice, and didn't take it to heart, nor did he feel noble or feel that Li Xuan'er was going to treat him like a benefactor.Therefore, when Li Xuan'er saw how calm Tang Zichen was, she instead wondered if Tang Zichen had forgotten about such a big matter, while she always remembered this kindness from Tang Zichen.

"Oh, it's just a small matter at one end, so why keep it in mind."Tang Zichen smiled faintly.

Li Xuan'er suddenly felt that Tang Zichen was really different, he didn't even remember such a big thing, he didn't even try to return it to anyone at all.


sp;Li Xuan Er: "Although you didn't remember it, I can't forget it, I want to take you out to lunch, okay?"

Tang Zichen does not do good deeds for fame and fortune, let alone trying to be repaid by others, smiling, "No, besides, I don't always have the time."Tang Zichen also line to follow Liu Xiangyun at noon, and he had to go wherever Liu Xiangyun went to eat.

"Ah."Li Xuan'er was a bit surprised, she was at least a school flower, usually many people invited her to eat, she didn't go to anyone, now she took the initiative to invite Tang Zichen, thinking that Tang Zichen would definitely agree, but who knew that Tang Zichen refused.

"I really want to invite you for a meal to thank you, and I have something else I want to tell you."Li Xuan'er.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I know what you want to talk about, it's about that, right, huh, Li Xuan'er, you really don't have to be so polite."

At that moment, the bell rang.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I'll go back to class then."

"Can."Li Xuan'er was very depressed as she looked at Tang Zichen's back, and Tang Zichen entered the class to go.

Li Xuan'er had no choice but to go back to her class first.She was so grateful to Tang Zichen for such a great favor, she couldn't even feel bad about not inviting him to dinner, but she didn't expect Tang Zichen to take that incident seriously.Also, Li Xuan'er also said that day, whoever paid 100,000 yuan for her, she would give her body to him, does not this Tang Zichen also use?

During class, Wang Qiang asked, "Zichen, why did Li Xuan'er invite you to dinner?What exactly did you help her with?"

"This belongs to her privacy, forgive me for not being able to tell you."Tang Zichen refused to reveal, after all, it wasn't a glorious thing for Li Xuan'er, especially since the helpless act of exchanging a hundred thousand for a body, it would definitely be humiliating if it reached the school.

"Alright, but you're so silly, Li Xuan'er is a school flower, you even have the courage to refuse."

"Oh, Li Xuan'er is really pretty."Tang Zichen smiled, Li Xuan'er was as beautiful as his little sister, Tang Zichen also thought it was pretty.

"Knowing that it's pretty then you still refuse to take it?"

"I helped her only by way of seeing her, I don't want anything in return, it has nothing to do with whether she's pretty or not, I'd still help her even if she was ugly.If you think I'm only helping her because I see a pretty girl, then you're wrong."

"But, Li Xuan'er is the school flower, how many people want to have a meal with her but can't.Such a beautiful school flower, don't you have any idea about her?"

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "She is indeed beautiful, it would be nice to marry such a daughter-in-law.But this thing, fate, I haven't even thought about the lifelong issue yet."

In fact, Tang Zichen had never been able to forget his little sister, he always had a faint sadness in his heart, whenever it was late at night, Tang Zichen would feel so lonely, no one understood him or understood him.

After school at noon, Tang Zichen followed behind Liu Xiangyun, he was Liu Xiangyun's bodyguard, so naturally he had to do his duty.

However, Liu Xiangyun stared back at Tang Zichen, seemingly telling Tang Zichen not to follow her.

Tang Zichen was helpless, thinking that this school couldn't be dangerous either, so Tang Zichen stopped following her.

Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, let's go eat off campus, I'm tired of eating in the cafeteria every day, it's more affordable to eat at a small restaurant off campus."


Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang walked to the school entrance together.

At this time, Li Xuan'er and her best friend were also heading towards the school entrance.


"Mavis, why didn't Don Zichen accept your invitation?"

"I don't know, he's my dad's savior, I can't even feel bad if I don't invite him to dinner."Li Xuan'er said that the girl beside him was her best friend, Liang Ying, who also lived in the slum area, and it was the fact that we all had similar family conditions that made us good girlfriends.

Liang Ying was speechless: "This Tang Zichen is too that, you're a school flower, how many people want to invite you to dinner, but he doesn't give you face."

", he's my benefactor, he just thought not to break the bank for me, he said he doesn't want anything from me in return."

"Okay, so what are you going to do now?Pay him back, or actually give him your body with someone you don't like?You may want to think about coming.The night before yesterday, that one defeated red dust gave your family so much money, you can completely spare 100,000 yuan to pay him back."

Li Xuan'er was busy shaking her head, "How can this be, it turned into me going back on my word, I had agreed to give him a promise, now if I pay him back, it would be me going back on my word.I was just going to find him a time to talk about these things by the way."At this, Li Xuan'er blushed and was very shy.

Liang Ying Road: "You ah, too silly, what to go back on your word ah, now you have more than two million, give your father treatment is completely enough, draw out 100,000 back to him is, really so silly to give himself to him ah.Moreover, that Tang Zichen is a scum student, haven't you seen the information that many students on campus have exploded?"

Li Xuan'er frowned: "Someone must have hacked him, I don't believe he would do such a thing."

Liang Ying said, "Then you'll know if you run into him and ask him in person later, if he's really like the campus explosion, then he's too scary, everything he did in front of you was all an act."

Li Xuan'er didn't say anything, she didn't believe in her heart that Tang Zichen was such a person.

Li Xuan'er changed the topic and asked, "How much did that warrior give your family the night before last in one defeat?" One second to remember to read the book

Liang Ying hehehe smiled, "20,000 yuan, when I woke up in the morning, or I was the first to find it, I threw it on the floor of our living room, I was stupid, I didn't know where I got the money.When I watched the news later, I thought it must have been given by a defeated red dust."

Xuan'er Li recalled that night's dark shadow and said, "This One Defeat Red Dust must have been a great guy.That night, my mom and I couldn't sleep, and must have heard the exchange between my mom and I. Knowing our family's difficulties, he actually threw a sack of money at us directly.Now that my dad is saved, I'm really grateful to him, but unfortunately, this kind of great martial arts figure is far from being seen by a small commoner like me."

Liang Ying was also full of gratitude.

At this time, Liang Ying suddenly saw two people walking in front of her, one of them resembled Tang Zichen, busy saying, "Xuan'er, is that Tang Zichen?"

"Ah, it's really him."Xuan Li was busy, "He must have gone to dinner too, I'll go up and invite him again."

Li Xuan'er scrambled up to catch up with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was walking outside the school with Wang Qiang, when a gentle voice behind him shouted, "Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen turned around and saw it was Li Xuan'er, smiling, "Li Xuan'er, what a coincidence, are you also going to dinner?"

"Yes, Don Zichen, shall we go to dinner together?I really want to buy you a meal, and you're going to eat now anyway."

Wang Qiang was busy: "Yes, yes, you lead the way."

Li Xuan'er nodded happily, "Thank you.

Thanks."Then they walked ahead.

Tang Zichen couldn't say anything else, since Wang Qiang had said so, it would be a bit bad to refuse again, so he had to stop.

Li Xuan'er led the way into a small restaurant outside the school, and since she invited guests, naturally she couldn't take Tang Zichen to a fast food, after all, a good meal would definitely be necessary to help her so much.

Li Xuan'er said to her best friend Liang Ying, "Xiao Ying, you take them to find a private room, I'll order the food."

"Good."Liang Ying said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, let's go to the private room first."

"Oh."Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang followed Liang Ying to the private room No. 10, and Li Xuan'er also came soon after ordering the food.

After closing the door of the private room, Li Xuan'er said, "Tang Zichen, let me introduce ah, this is my good girlfriend, Liang Ying, who has been studying together since elementary school."

Tang Zichen looked at Wang Qiang and also introduced, "This is my tablemate as well as friend, Wang Qiang."

Wang Qiang was busy greeting Li Xuan'er and Liang Ying with a hehehe smile.

Li Xuan'er asked Tang Zichen, "Do you want a drink?"

Tang Zichen thought about it and nodded, "Then let's have three bottles of sorghum, we still have class in the afternoon, don't drink much, just drink three bottles to mean it."

"What, three bottles of sorghum."Li Xuan'er three of them were shocked, and it was still meaning it, was Tang Zichen really this high in alcohol consumption?

Wang Qiang was busy asking, "Zichen, can you drink three bottles of sorghum?You're bragging, you still mean it, although I know that it's necessary to pretend to compare in front of a beautiful woman, but you're so scary than pretending."

Li Xuan'er didn't care so much, she had already walked out of the booth and went to let the waiter get the wine.

Tang Zichen smiled, "The wine here, one bottle is very little, three bottles is not much ah."

Both Wang Qiang and Liang Ying were speechless, they both felt that Tang Zichen was really good at pretending.

In Tang Zichen's world, the smallest bottle of wine was also contained in a jar, but in this world, the bottles were so small that they could be held over in the palm of the hand and drank all of it in a few gulps, it was really strange.

Li Xuan'er brought three bottles of grain liquor and apologized, "Tang Zichen, sorry, no sorghum, but don't worry, the boss said that this is definitely better."

"Oh, never mind."

Tang Zichen didn't mind what kind of wine it was.

Tang Zichen bit open the bottle, took it straight to his mouth and gulped it down, then smashed his lips and smiled, "Not bad, good wine."After saying that, he gulped down a few more gulps, and the bottle of Five Grain Liquid saw the bottom in the blink of an eye.Li Xuan'er, Wang Qiang, and Liang Ying all looked at Tang Zichen in amazement.

Tang Zichen said, "It's just that the bottle is too small, it's always hard to drink, if we can use a jar to hold it and take big gulps, this will be enough."

Tang Zichen finished the bottle and didn't feel anything.

Wang Qiang admired, "Zichen, your drinking capacity is too strong, just now I thought you were pretending to be a comparator, I didn't think you were really so good at drinking."

Tang Zichen just smiled, he himself didn't feel so able to drink, his big brother was the one who was called a thousand cups of wine.Usually, each of them, the brothers and sisters, each held a jar of wine, and gulped it down as they flew around the trees, displaying their lightness, it was so refreshing.But now, such refreshing days were completely no more, and every time Tang Zichen thought about it, his heart was filled with an indelible sadness, as well as his beloved little sister.Tang Zichen didn't dare to imagine what kind of grief his little sister from that world would have after learning of his death....


Before the waiter had served the food, Tang Zichen had already drunk a bottle of white wine.

At this time, Wang Qiang turned on the TV in the private room with the remote control.

The TV was broadcasting a Linjiang City noon news.

"...This morning, Li Ziming's case was officially closed, and the Linjiang City People's Court ruled that Li Ziming was not guilty of intentionally hitting someone and causing death, and he was acquitted....

"I grass."Hearing this, Wang Qiang slapped the table in anger, Wang Qiang cursed, "It's too dark, isn't there really no king's law?"

Liang Ying also said with righteous indignation, "It's all about the rich people in charge now, people are rich and powerful, how can there be fairness."

Li Xuan'er didn't comment, but inside she was also unjust about what was reported in the news.

Only Tang Zichen didn't know what was going on.

Tang Zichen asked, "Wang Qiang, what is this TV saying?Why do you look so angry?"

Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, a while ago, there was a sensational news in our school.There was a rich second generation student named Li Ziming who raced his car on campus and crashed into a freshman girl.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product.In the end, the freshman girl delayed for half an hour, missed the best time to save her life, and died just after being taken to the hospital.The doctor said that if she had been taken to the hospital in the first place, she would have been able to be resuscitated in time."

Tang Zichen said furiously, "This person is really lawless and treats people's lives like grass." First URL

Wang Qiang said, "What's even more annoying is that two days later, Li Ziming's family presented a hospital certificate which said that Li Ziming was suffering from 'acute untimely onset psychosis', and just like that, Li Ziming ran over someone and easily escaped legal responsibility."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "Crashed someone to death and still has no responsibility?What world is this?"Tang Zichen was shocked, the world didn't expect it to be so dark.

Liang Ying also said angrily, "People have a psychiatric certificate from the hospital, so it was an accident that he ran over someone."

Li Xuan'er sighed, "The freshman girl who died, her house is not far from mine, may she rest in peace."

Wang Qiang said, "I think she will never rest in peace in the nine springs, she died so wrongly.Now that the court verdict is all out, he was acquitted, it is obvious that he does not take the lives of the poor seriously, if he respects life and reports 120 at the first time, that freshman girl will never die.He should have been convicted of intentional homicide, and just because of a certificate of mental illness, he turned out to be not guilty."

Li Xuan'er said, "Alright, you guys shouldn't be angry, so what if we are angry."

Liang Ying said, "I really hope that someone can administer justice so that this kind of injustice won't happen again."

At this time, Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, and he said in his heart, "When I lose the Red Dust, I am not just robbing the rich to help the poor, but I should also do justice on behalf of Heaven.This Li Ziming, relying on his wealth and power, disregarding human life, it seems that I have to take charge of this matter as well, so that this Li Ziming will be punished as he deserves, it is impossible to let him go free."

At this moment, in a certain hotel, in a luxurious compartment, a large table of people were sitting together to celebrate.

A middle-aged man raised his wine glass and said, "Come, let's all have a drink to celebrate Zi Min's acquittal."

"Yes, this one must be drunk."


Everyone drank it all in one go.

This large table was the same Li Ziming who had just been acquitted in the morning, as well as Li Ziming's parents and some other relatives.

Li Ziming's father said: "Ziming, although you are now acquitted, you can be a little more low-key after, this kind of thing should not happen again, otherwise, next time I will not save you anymore."

Li Zimin hehehe smiled: "Dad, I respect you, I was able to be acquitted so quickly, you have worked hard, I knew, you will not leave me alone."

Li Ziming's father gushed, "It's a good thing you ran over a lower class civilian this time, if it was someone from the upper class, it might not have been so easy to save you.Of course, you did a good job this time, since you've already hit someone, you should simply let him die, and if he dies, you'll accompany him for a few hundred thousand at most.But if he doesn't die and is paralyzed in the hospital, the compensation for follow-up treatment and so on will add up to more, and most importantly, a whole lot of trouble."

Li Ziming smiled, "Dad, of course I know, that's why I didn't report 120 in time and deliberately let her die."

"Alright, let's stop talking about it, it's all over, let's eat."

A large table of people were happy and in a doubly cheerful mood as they began to eat, celebrating Li Ziming's innocence.

Tang Zichen and his four men were waiting for the waiter to serve the food.

Not long after, the waiter began to serve the food.

The dishes were rich, and Li Xuan'er wasn't stingy in entertaining Tang Zichen, which was what her mother had ordered.When she went out in the morning, her mother gave her three thousand dollars to treat Tang Zichen to dinner.Naturally, the three thousand pieces were taken from the two million miles given by One Defeat Red Dust, although that money was used to treat her father, but Tang Zichen, the benefactor, could not be forgotten, no matter what, she had to treat Tang Zichen to a good meal to thank people.

Wang Qiang asked for a bottle of beer, but Li Xuan'er and Liang Ying didn't dare to drink, so they both drank drinks.

"Tang Zichen, I'll drink a toast to you, I really appreciate you helping me that day."Li Xuan'er lifted a glass of drink and said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Li Xuan'er, I've said that you don't have to be so polite, you have to be so polite, well, I hope your father recovers soon, if there's anything else you need help with in the future, just say so, I, Tang Zichen, will definitely help out as long as I'm able."

"Thank you."Li Xuan'er nodded her head in gratitude.

Liang Ying also toasted Tang Zichen on behalf of her best friend, although her impression of Tang Zichen was not good.

Tang Zichen's three bottles of white wine were quickly consumed.

Everyone marveled at Tang Zichen's drinking capacity; it was white wine, not beer.But Tang Zichen didn't look drunk in the slightest, and the three bottles only meant something.

The meal was quickly finished, and Li Xuan'er and Liang Ying went downstairs to pay the bill first.

Liang Ying said, "Xuan'er, why don't you let me ask him face to face if that revealing love letter was written by him?"

Li Xuan'er said, "I only believe my eyes, the Tang Zichen that I see in my eyes is a very nice person, you just saw, Tang Zichen is not like the campus explosion, instead I think he is quite polite."

"What if he's faking it?What if he has an agenda for you?"Liang Ying said.

Li Xuan'er said, "Even if he faked it, so what, at least he paid 100,000 yuan for me and saved my father, my body all belongs to him, whether he really has an agenda for me or not, I'm willing to let him cheat."


"Ugh, Xuan'er, you're too kind."

Li Xuan'er quickly finished the bill, Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang were coming down from the stairs.

Liang Ying was busy saying, "Xuan'er, let's go first, whether you believe in Tang Zichen or not, but after all, Tang Zichen has a bad reputation, and being seen by people will inevitably lead to misunderstandings."

Li Xuan'er said, "Xiao Ying, Tang Zichen and I still have something to say, you go first."

Tang Zichen walked down and smiled, "Thank you, Li Xuan'er, for making me have the most delicious meal."Today's noon was the most sumptuous meal Tang Zichen had ever eaten in this world.

"Tang Zichen, it's me who wants to thank you."Li Xuan'er said.

"Alright, let's just get over that incident the other day, we're even, no one will be thanked, let's go back to school together."Tang Zichen smiled.

Li Xuan'er was busy, "Tang Zichen, can we have a private chat?"

"Private conversation?"

"Talk alone, I have something I want to tell you."

"This, okay."Tang Zichen nodded, and Li Xuan'er said to Liang Ying, "Xiao Ying, you and Wang Qiang should go back first." Remember the website

Liang Ying huffed, "I'm not going to go with him, it will be miserable if my classmates see me."

After saying that, Liang Ying immediately left first, Wang Qiang is scum, let her go alone with Wang Qiang, if she was seen by the classmates she knew and misunderstood that they were in love, Liang Ying thought about it and got goose bumps.

Wang Qiang left his mouth and hummed, "Who loves to go with you."Wang Qiang also quickly left first.

After Wang Qiang left, Li Xuan'er said, "Tang Zichen, let's find a place where no one will talk."

"Why do we have to go to a place where no one is around?Isn't it nice here?"

Li Xuan'er blushed a bit and said, "It's inconvenient as there are many people here."

Tang Zichen was secretly shocked, could it be that Li Xuan'er wanted to give her body to him right now?

Don said, "Well then, let's go to the parking lot and to the car."

"Your car?"Li Xuan'er was stunned, but then laughed, what an idiot's question, people casually give 100,000, a car is normal ah.

Tang Zichen took Li Xuan'er to the parking lot next to the school entrance, took out the remote control, and acted handsomely.

"Quack."One of the Beetle car lights flashed and called out.

Li Xuan'er saw Tang Zichen is a car family, suddenly felt as if the distance between them has become much farther, after all, not the same class of people, the heart seems to be a little bit lost, in fact, she is quite good for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen opened the car door and smiled, "Let's get in the car and sit down."

"En."Li Xuan'er was somewhat constrained to sit in the car, she had never sat in a car except for a bus, and the interior of this car was quite upscale, Li Xuan'er's heart for Tang Zichen's image elevated a lot, and the distance with Tang Zichen was even deeper.

Li Xuan'er was a little embarrassed: "Your family seems to be quite rich, this car should not be cheap."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "This car is not mine, but my car is better than this one, have you heard of the BMW 5 series?That's my car."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said in his heart that he would go to the Songtao neighborhood at night and take his BMW away, he couldn't keep cheapening that maid Jin Gui.


BMW ah, huh."Tang Zichen said so, Li Xuan'er's heart towards Tang Zichen's distance was further away, everyone was not a social class at all, she was just the son and daughter of a poor family, and a sense of loss arose inside her.Just eat together, everyone chatted quite pleasantly, let Li Xuan'er forget each other's identity, feel Tang Zichen quite good boys.But now learning that Tang Zichen drove a BMW seemed to pull her back to reality all of a sudden.She was just a daughter of the poorest family, it was good to be able to talk to a rich man like Tang Zichen, why think so much, Li Xuan'er smiled bitterly inside, but her heart was still a sense of loss, seemed to prefer Tang Zichen to be a poor man like her.Li Xuan'er herself didn't even know why she had such thoughts, what did it matter to her if Tang Zichen was rich or poor.

Tang Zichen wasn't showing off his wealth or pretending to be rich in front of Li Xuan'er, Tang Zichen was just telling the truth.Moreover, Tang Zichen didn't have the notion that it was possible to pretend to be rich in this era by driving a BMW.

Tang Zichen said: "Alright, now that no one is here, what do you want to say."

Li Xuan'er said, "Tang Zichen, last Saturday, you gave me 100,000 and saved my father's life.I said at the time that whoever paid me 100,000, I would promise you this, I wanted to talk to you about this, I, Li Xuan'er, will not break my promise."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I knew you wanted to talk to me about this, and I also wanted to talk to you about this properly."

Li Xuan'er blushed and said, "Then from now on, I'll be yours anytime."

Tang Zichen was speechless: "You really think that I want your in exchange for your love ah, I purposely sat down with you to say that I want to tell you that I truly wanted to help you that day, no other meaning.I've never thought about it, and I'm not that kind of person.You've just invited me to dinner as well, and this matter is over."

"How can that work, I'm not one to go back on my word."

"Hehe, I know you're a very proud girl, and because of that, I don't think I'm helping the wrong person."

Li Xuan'er said, "That's a hundred thousand dollars, huh?Do you really care that much about money?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Can a hundred thousand be compared to one life of your father?"

Li Xuan'er was touched to see that Tang Zichen's eyes were not pretending, was there really such a selfless person in the world?Li Xuan'er was used to the indifference of people in this society, it was hard to believe that there were really people who were so selfless.

Xuan'er Li asked in a small voice, "Did you help me that day to see that I looked okay?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Li Xuan'er, you're making me a little angry by doubting me like that, if you were an ugly girl, I would do the same, if you were a man, I would still do the same.Whether you're pretty or not has nothing to do with me helping people."

"I'm sorry, don't be mad, I'm just asking."Li Xuan Er was busy apologizing.

"Oh, it's fine."

Li Xuan'er bit her lips and said, "Since you don't want my promise in return, I'll give you back 100,000 yuan, otherwise I feel uneasy, I always feel indebted to you."

"But I'm not short of money right now."

"I know you're rich and can afford to drive a BMW, naturally you're not short of money, but I don't want to be so burdened in my heart all the time, it's very unsettling."

Tang Zichen helplessly said, "Alright, alright, count me in to lend you, and you can pay me back when your father is better and has more money."

"Mm."Li Xuan'er nodded happily and smiled, "Then let's go back to school together."


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