The King of Kungfu in school 41-45

Chapter 41

"Mr. Zhang, don't cry, okay, okay, it's my fault, so how about a fresh start?This time, I promise to stand still and fight as you wish."

Zhang Hui was incomparably frustrated, he didn't blame Tang Zichen for being unforgiving, but hated himself for being incompetent and not being able to defeat even 0.10% of Tang Zichen's strength.

Tang Zichen suddenly shouted, "Oops."Then he fell to the ground, covered his chest and said in pain, "Ouch, it hurts, Teacher Zhang, quickly, quickly put away your One Yang Finger.Your Yi Yang Finger, which injures people invisibly, will kill them even if they are a hundred steps apart, or cripple them if they are serious.Teacher Zhang, quickly put away your Yi Yang Finger first..."

The class was silent and stupid, watching Tang Zichen fall to the ground and pretend to be in pain, and with an exaggerated expression on his face, this guy could win an award for his acting skills.But if everyone really believed it, it would be a real hell.

Teacher Zhang cried, "Tang Zichen, would you stop hitting your face?"

Tang Zichen helplessly climbed up from the ground, patted Zhang Hui's shoulder and said, "Teacher Zhang, don't be sad, it's not that your martial arts skills are too low, but my martial arts skills are too high.In the future, quit being arrogant and be dedicated to understanding the essence of martial arts, okay?"

"Mm."Zhang Hui nodded as if he was a senior.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't cry, go back to your classes, everyone is anxiously waiting?Weren't you just now arguing about class?"

Zhang Hui crawled up from the ground, and when he looked up, the whole class was staring at them stupidly.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't look at them anymore, everyone sit down, Teacher Zhang is about to teach."

Zhang Hui walked to the podium, picked up his books, and said, "The basic representation of a quadratic function is: y = ax2 + bx + c (a ≠ 0).The highest quadratic function must be quadratic, and the image of the quadratic function is a parabola whose axis of symmetry is parallel to or coincides with the y-axis..." Remember the URL

The class went on in a weird atmosphere, but how many people listened was unknown, as the students hadn't gotten over the shock.

Half an hour later, the class was over.

Zhang Hui said that class was over and then gave a polite nod to Tang Zichen before walking out of the classroom, as if it was rude not to nod to Tang Zichen before leaving.

As soon as the class teacher left, Wang Qiang was busy saying, "Zichen, your martial arts skills are too high, gosh, the class teacher is no match for you."

All of the students in the class all came around.

"Zichen, your martial arts skills can definitely be ranked in the top twelve, or even eleventh, of Baiyun Middle School."

"Wow, our class has actually produced a top twelve ranked martial artist as well, what an honor."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Everyone is overly flattered, actually my martial arts skills aren't strong at all, my martial arts skills are too weak and weak."

At that moment, Zhou Peng snorted, "Tang Zichen, will you die if you don't pretend to be a match?"

Tang Zichen was stunned, "Pretending to compare, I'm not pretending to compare now, am I?"

"Hmph, did you pretend to compare, ask all the students, I despise people who pretend to compare when they have a bit of strength."

Tang Zichen looked at all the students and said, "Did I pretend to be a match?"

All the students laughed, Nima, pretending to be so obvious, but also saying that he didn't pretend, his martial arts skills are so high, but also saying that he is too weak and weak, this than pretending to be a bit too much for everyone to bear.

However, Tang Zichen really didn't pretend ah, now that this body is so weak, Tang Zichen has only this much martial power, compared to when he was in that world, now he is completely at the level of a three-legged cat.Tang Zichen wasn't wrong, he did feel that the current

In's martial arts skills are so weak, so weak.

"I think my martial arts skills are really weak ah, this is also called pretending to be compared, I can't stand you guys, alright, let's disperse."

The students scattered, the boys who were jealous of Tang Zichen all internally despised Tang Zichen for being too pretentious.

At this time, a teacher came in from outside, and that teacher shouted, "Who is called Tang Zichen?"

"Me."Tang Zichen stood up.

That teacher said, "Tang Zichen, I'm Senior Class 32's class teacher, Chen Tianming, now pack up your things and come with me to Class 32."

"Why do you want to go to class 32?"Tang Zichen asked.

That teacher grunted, "How would I know, Liu Chen Ming asked me."

After saying that, that teacher turned around and walked away, seemingly very unwelcoming to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen instantly understood that Liu Chen Ming greeted the school and arranged Tang Zichen to go to Liu Xiangyun's class, personal protection of Liu Xiangyun, just now Tang Zichen was still confused, why hasn't he arranged to go to Liu Xiangyun's class.

Tang Zichen packed up his bag and was about to leave when Wang Qiang pulled Tang Zichen away, full of reluctance, "Leaving me so soon ah?"

All the students in the class said, "Zichen, why are you going to class 32?"

"You're not ditching senior class 5 in order to go pick up Liu Xiangyun, are you."

"We just had an all-school level expert in our class and you're leaving?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Dear students, I'm sorry, oh, if you miss me in the future, you can go to Class 32 and find me.Alright, I'll leave first."

Everyone despised it, for the sake of picking up girls, transferring to another class, thanks to everyone just worshipped him a bit, there was no sense of class honor at all.

Tang Zichen carried his books, ready to leave, just reached the podium.

"Tzichen."Wang Qiang shouted, Tang Zichen was the only one in the class who was willing to talk to him, after Tang Zichen left there was no one in the class to talk to him.

Tang Zichen looked back at Wang Qiang, and Wang Qiang's eyes were red.

Tang Zichen asked, "Wang Qiang, are you willing to go to class 32 with me?"

Wang Qiang smiled, "Of course I'd like to, but it's not up to you to decide."

"Then who's in charge of it?"Don Zichen asked.

"My grades are so bad, where will Class 32 take me, I want to switch classes unless the Director of Teaching approves."

Just at this moment, the teaching director came from outside, the teaching director was a little nervous, secretly saying, "Finally I found a reason, Tang Zichen wants to change classes, I'll go help him move his things, I don't know if this reason is reasonable or not.But, can't manage that much."

The Director of Teaching and Learning arrived at Senior 3 Class 5 and saw that Tang Zichen hadn't moved over yet, and was so pleased that he didn't come late.

Tang Zichen immediately recognized the Director of Teaching and Learning, wasn't it the same teacher who was in Zhang Hui's office this morning?He wanted to beg him to take on an apprentice, but unfortunately Tang Zichen rejected him, has he not given up yet?Tang Zichen asked, "It's you again, what are you doing here?"

The teaching director pushed down his glasses and smiled hehely, "Zichen, I heard that you're moving to Senior Class 32, I heard the news and rushed over to help you move your things la."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "How is this teacher so shameless ah, said no disciple, but also deadly shameless.

And at this moment, the class was shocked, the teaching director personally rushed over to help Tang Zichen move his things, no mistake?


Tang Zichen said, "This teacher, I told you, I don't accept disciples, please return."

The teaching director laughed, "Zichen, look at what you're saying, I just came over to help you move your things, why did I ever say that you should take me as a disciple."

"I only have a backpack, I don't need your help."

"It's fine, I'm willing to help."The teaching director snatched Tang Zichen's school bag and was dead set on getting it for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "You're a teacher, you're so thick-skinned."

"Hehehe."The teaching director laughed a series of giggles.

The class was dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen didn't care, since this teacher was so fond of taking.

Tang Zichen said to Wang Qiang, "Wang Qiang, come over with me first, I'll go find the school director afterwards."

"Uh."Wang Qiang looked at the Director of Teaching with confusion.

The teaching director was busy saying, "Zichen, why do you need to find the teaching director?" One second to remember to read the book

"It's none of your business, don't ask so many questions."Tang Zichen said in a bad mood.

The teaching director smiled heedlessly, "Zichen, it's really none of my business, because, I'm the teaching director."

Tang Zichen was stunned, "You?"

"Yeah, I'm the Director of Instruction, so tell me, what can I do for you?"

"Isn't the Director of Instruction a pretty big school leader?Then why are you here to help me move my stuff?"

"What's wrong with the Director of Instruction, the Director of Instruction can't move things for you.Tell me, what do you want from me?"

Tang Zichen said, "Wang Qiang is at my table, and I wanted him to go to Senior 32 with me, but he said that the head of Class 32 would definitely not want him because of his poor grades.Unless the Director of Teaching approves."

The teaching director smiled heedlessly, "I approve."

Wang Qiang said in surprise, "Thank you, Director."

"Alright, alright, hurry up and get your stuff."

Tang Zichen went to Senior Class 32 empty-handed, followed by a school director who carried a backpack on his shoulders and a stack of books in his hands, as if he was a little follower.The last one, Wang Qiang, was also carrying a backpack and books, with a happy face.

When he arrived at Senior Class 32, the class director, Chen Tianming, was standing on the podium.

"Teacher."Tang Zichen stood at the door of the class and called out.

Chen Tianming looked towards Tang Zichen and saw that Tang Zichen was empty handed, he was busy asking, "Where are your books and such?"

At that moment, a voice sounded from behind Tang Zichen, "Over here, over here."

The school director emerged from behind Tang Zichen.

"Ah, Director."Class Director Chen Tianming was shocked.

"Director, why is Tang Zichen's stuff in your hands?"Chen Tianming asked groggily.

The school director laughed, "Oh, didn't you just ask me to approve Tang Zichen's class transfer, as soon as I heard about it, I came to help Tang Zichen move his things."

"Ah."Chen Tianming broke out in a cold sweat.

The students of Class 32 all looked at Tang Zichen and the school director in surprise, discussing, Tang Zichen is so big, the school director personally helped with the bags.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at Class 32 and saw Liu Xiangyun, who was staring at Tang Zichen, seemingly not in a good mood.Of course Liu Xiangyun didn't want this perverted bodyguard to be in the same class as her, but it was obviously arranged by her dad.

Tang Zichen entered the class and walked towards Liu Xiangyun.

When Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen walking towards her, she panicked and winked at Tang Zichen, as if she was prompting him not to come over and pretend she didn't know him.

Didn't want the class to know that Tang Zichen was her bodyguard.Everyone knew about Tang Zichen writing revealing love letters to Shangguan Zuo, if everyone found out that Tang Zichen was her bodyguard, Liu Xiangyun felt that she would lose face.

Tang Zichen noticed Liu Xiangyun's gaze, Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, he wanted to go over and say hello to the lady, but the lady didn't seem to want anyone to know, so Tang Zichen passed by Liu Xiangyun without speaking to her, pretending not to know her.

The school director holding a stack of books to follow, Chen Tianming where good to stand silly, busy to help the school director to take the bag.

Tang Zichen asked, "Teacher Chen, where am I sitting ah?"

Chen Tianming was busy, "Oh, it's already arranged for you, that table at the end is yours."

Tang Zichen nodded, when the school director called out, "Tian Ming."

"Director, you say."Chen Tianming was busy.

"How can you arrange Zichen in the last row?Switch to a better position."


"But what, get someone else to switch it."

Don Zichen said, "No, I'll sit at the end, I like it there."Tang Zichen didn't mind sitting there.But Tang Zichen didn't know that the students sitting at the end of the class were almost all poor students, scum students, and everything messed up a few rows behind.

The school director helped set up the books for Tang Zichen.

Wang Qiang was still at the outer door of the class, too embarrassed to come in.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Wang Qiang, come in."

When Chen Tianming saw that Wang Qiang also looked like he had moved over, he was busy saying, "What's going on here?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Teacher Chen, Wang Qiang is at my table, I asked him to come over with me and have a companion."

Chen Tianming looked upset, "Who asked him to come over?"

The school director looked up and said, "I made it, what's wrong."

"Ah, Director, that's not good, I'd welcome it if a top student turned up, but..."

"Don't be Coco, Tzu-Chen moved here and has no company, what's wrong with finding a partner."

"Oh."Chen Tianming was very depressed, his heart was very faint, there were two more draggers at once, Tang Zichen's grades, Chen Tianming had learned about them, they were definitely the bottom of the bottom.Even if the results are poor, Tang Zichen also even the reputation are very stinky, the famous write love letter to Shangguanzhuo event, has long been spread throughout the school, even Tang Zichen's love exposed, write that shameless ah, Chen Tianming see after are he damned blush.The first thing you need to do is to take in the person of the person you're thinking of.

Chen Tianming's heart was furious, but the school director had spoken, and he was unable to act on the spot.

Finishing up their books, Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang sat down in the last row of the class.

The school director smiled, "Zichen, then you have a good class, I'll leave first ah."

"Well, hard work."Tang Zichen said, although he didn't accept apprentices, but at least he helped him, a word of thanks to Tang Zichen would still be said.

"Hehehe, it's not hard work."

The school director said to Chen Tianming, "Tianming, then you continue with your class, I won't disturb you."

"Okay, Director take care."

The school director left satisfied, the school director said in his heart, "Tang Zichen, I don't believe that I can't make you move, I'll be your apprentice."

Tang Zichen didn't take the director as a disciple because the director wasn't young, over forty, and, with extremely poor roots, he wasn't that material at all.Taking such a disciple would be laughed off if the people of his former world's Jianghu knew about it.The reputation of the 'world's number one youngest' would all be ruined.


Tang Zichen's popularity in his world was equivalent to that of a star in modern society, the number one youngest in the world, and there were not many people in Jianghu who didn't know about it.Of course, his senior sister, the 'Number One Beauty of the Jianghu', was equally famous and unknown to everyone.

Unfortunately, everything has become a thing of the past, once famous as the world's number one youngest, but now in this world to eat, but to work as a bodyguard, Tang Zichen also sobbed when he thought about it.

Back to reality, after the school director left, Chen Tianming stood on the podium and looked at Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang with fire in his eyes, the more he looked, the more upset ah.

Chen Tianming didn't understand why Liu Chenming asked him to place Tang Zichen in class 32.

Did this Tang Zichen have some special relationship with Liu Chenming?

Chen Tianming didn't know that Tang Zichen was Liu Xiangyun's personal bodyguard.

Wang Qiang saw the class teacher waiting for them, he was busy lowering his head and whispered, "Zichen, this class teacher doesn't seem to welcome us very well."

Tang Zichen also saw Chen Tianming's gaze and wondered, "Strange, did the relationship with Liu Chenming not get through?Why are you looking so unhappy?"

Chen Tianming didn't say anything and continued with his anger in class.

Liu Xiangyun sat in the second row of the class, not daring to look back at Tang Zichen for fear of being told that Tang Zichen was her personal bodyguard.If that was the case, she really wouldn't dare to come to school. Liu Xiangyun only came to school today and realized that Tang Zichen's notoriety had spread throughout the school.Fortunately, Tang Zichen's incident of bullying girls in the girls' toilet did not spread, or else Tang Zichen's reputation would be even worse.Of course, Liu Xiangyun wouldn't tell anyone about it, after all, it was also about her reputation.

However, the one who knew about this matter, besides Liu Xiangyun, was the bumbling student who was also beaten up by Tang Zichen that day. First URL

"Class dismissed."

"Goodbye teacher."

But Chen Tianming didn't leave, and looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, although I don't know why you were placed in my class, remember, don't make trouble in my class, don't drag my class backwards, and don't ruin my class's reputation."

Tang Zichen busily nodded, "Don't worry, Teacher Chen, I believe that many people are... of my Tang Zichen's character..."

"Cut."The whole class burst out with a cut.

Tang Zichen was baffled, "What does cut mean?"

The class teacher glared at Wang Qiang again and said, "Wang Qiang, next time for the HKCEE, please don't blame me if you drag my class backwards."

After saying that, the class teacher, Chen Tianming, left.

After Chen Tianming left, Wang Qiang poked Tang Zichen and asked in a low voice, "Zichen, didn't you say that you were Liu Xiangyun's bodyguard?Why is Liu Xiangyun ignoring you?"

"Shh, keep your voice down.We gossip, we don't want anyone to know I'm her personal bodyguard, I'll just secretly protect the lady."


Just then, two girls a few seats in front of Tang Zichen deliberately spoke loudly.

"Our class 32 has two more scum students gobbled up, this time the class is going to be dragged down once again, one step further away from entering the top ten classes."

"Not only two more scum students, there's also one more pervert, didn't you see the love letter someone wrote to Class 24 Shangguan Zou?Geez, I'm embarrassed to look down this morning."

"What a bummer, too.

I don't know what purpose they came to our class for."

"What other purpose could it be, nine times out of ten, they're here for the school flower."After saying that, the two girls looked at Liu Xiangyun, but Liu Xiangyun looked down at her book and ignored it.

The two girls continued, "Our class is really getting boring, and I don't know why, but I suddenly miss Jin Hu today."

"Why do you miss Jin Hu?Jin Hu is rampaging around the class, everyone is sick of him."

"It's because Jin Hu is rampant in class that I miss him ah, now that there are two more scum students, if Jin Hu makes a contribution to the class, what do you think?"

"Hey, when you say that, I also suddenly feel that Golden Tiger isn't as hateful as he used to be."

After the whole class heard that, everyone had a flash of wisdom, Huh, right, and joined in the discussion at once.

"Where the hell is Jin Hu?How come he's gone today when you need him?"Several girls said.

"Jin Hu usually doesn't come to class until third period, he'll be here the next class."

"Jin Hu used to be incredibly overbearing in front of us, I hated him to death, but today I really want him to come earlier, and for the first time I feel that Jin Hu is still somewhat useful."

"Hehehe, if Jin Hu makes a contribution to our class and blows the two scum away, then it won't be so hateful in the future, at least he'll be considered a credit to our class."

Class 32 was disgusted that Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang had joined their class, especially Tang Zichen, the scum.

However, no one dared to offend such scum, and just when they were depressed, they suddenly thought of Jin Hu.

He was the king of the scum, and was hated by everyone in Class 32, who hated him for his martial arts skills and bullying the weak.But I didn't expect that this abominable Golden Tiger would also have a good side.

Although Liu Xiangyun lowered her head to do her homework, her ears were listening to the people in the class.When it comes to Jin Hu, Liu Xiangyun also listened intently, she just suddenly thought of this person.Jin Hu was a class bully, and of course, one of the top five villains on campus, just like Tang Zichen, who was not a good guy, and now that two scum who were not good guys got together in one class, what would happen?

Will Jin Hu take care of Tang?To get rid of Tang Zichen?Thinking of this, Liu Xiangyun was suddenly a bit expectant.

Of course, Liu Xiangyun wanted Jin Hu to get rid of Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen peed in the women's toilet and made her look at what she shouldn't, deeply hurting Liu Xiangyun, Liu Xiangyun felt in her heart that Tang Zichen was much more abominable than Jin Hu.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly and said, "Wang Qiang, it seems that we are not a little bit unwelcome."

But Wang Qiang said with a bitter face, "Brother Chen, we're in a bit of trouble, Jin Hu is one of the five most vicious young men on campus."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I don't mess with him, would he mess with us for no reason ah."

"Didn't you hear?This class is expecting the Golden Tiger to make a move and blow us away.Jin Hu is usually so annoying to everyone, it's rare that he can do something good for the class, I think this Jin Hu, will be happy to help the class."

"Oh, we're not soft tomatoes either."Tang Zichen said indifferently, what five villains, Tang Zichen didn't care in the slightest.

At this moment, at the school gate, a sturdy boy wearing a fancy vest, a stick of oil in his left hand, a cup of soy milk in his right hand, a mouthful of oil and a mouthful of soy milk walked in towards the school entrance.He was followed by three small followers, also with one hand of fries and one hand of soymilk.


The doorman saw it, scrambled out the remote control, and opened the retractable door.

Four people waved all the way into the school.

The boy in the fancy vest, it is the senior three (32) class everyone loathes Jin Hu, one of the five villains on campus.

Jin Hu finished his breakfast, threw the cup of soybean milk on the ground, and spat a mouthful of phlegm in the process.

After eating, a follower behind him said, "Brother Tiger, don't worry, I'll catch that bastard who blasphemed his sister-in-law out today."

Jin Hu kicked the trash can by the side of the road and said angrily, "What the hell, he even dares to touch my woman, when I find him, let's see if I don't waste him."

Jin Hu was furious because the woman he had his eye on had been slighted by a boy at school last Friday.

Another follower said, "Tiger, when you catch him, just waste him as a eunuch.This bastard was bullying his sister-in-law in the women's restroom, and she must have looked at something she shouldn't have, and this advantage hasn't even been picked up by you yet, but was defiled by that bastard.If you don't waste into a eunuch, honestly, even the doorman won't be able to see it."

That rather stupid sidekick was busy saying, "What does it have to do with the doorman?"

That sidekick slapped him on the top of the head, "No one will treat you as dumb if you don't talk."

At that moment, another follower's phone rang. Remember the URL

"Brother Tiger, it's the squad leader's bitch calling."That follower was busy picking up the phone.

"Hey, squad leader, what's up?"

On the phone, Ben said, "Where's Jin Hu?"

"What do you want with us, Tiger?Tiger's in a bad mood right now, he doesn't have time for you."

"I'm looking for Jin Hu, it's important, let him answer the phone."

"You have something to tell me directly."

The class leader said helplessly, "It's like this, just now our class, we transferred two scum students, they are from the fifth class of senior three, and the class especially wants Jin Hu to do a good deed and get rid of those two scum students."

"What's the point of making a phone call on that, I'll be in class soon."

Hanging up the phone, the follower said to Jin Hu, "Brother Tiger, the class president that bitch said, our class came up with two scum students, and the students all hope that you will do a good thing to drive those two scum students away."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.Let's go, back to class, first clean up those two scum before we go find the bastard who violated my girlfriend."

Soon, Jin Hu returned to his class.

When Jin Hu walked into the class, everyone's eyes looked at Jin Hu.

Jin Hu scanned the class and didn't see any strangers.

Jin Hu frowned, "Where's the scum student?"

The class leader was busy, "Jin Hu, they've gone to the bathroom, they'll definitely return before the third period of class."

Jin Hu grunted and walked over to Liu Xiangyun's seat.

"Yun, are you okay?"Jin Hu asked.

Liu Xiangyun coldly said, "What's it to you if I'm good or bad, go away."

Jin Hu, however, got used to it and said, "Yun, I'm sorry, last Friday I went out of town for fun, I didn't expect this to happen, don't worry, I'll find the person who bullied you.Even my Jin Hu's woman dares to touch him, I think he's tired of living, if I don't cut him, my Jin Hu will take his surname."

Liu Xiangyun.

Ignoring the golden tiger, however, Liu Xiangyun inwardly looked forward to whether or not the golden tiger would really be able to take it out on her and punish Tang Zichen.Of course, Liu Xiangyun was also very disgusted with Jin Hu.But compared to Tang Zichen, she hated him even more, after all, Tang Zichen had done much more harm to her, at least Jin Hu didn't pee in front of her in the toilet.

The class leader said, "Jin Hu, it's up to you if you can do this good thing for the class."

The whole class looked at Jin Hu with expectant eyes and said, "Yes, Jin Hu, if you get rid of those two scum, your previous rampage in the class and bullying everyone will be wiped out."

For the first time, Jin Hu felt such gentle gazes from his classmates, and was quite proud of himself.

Jin Hu nodded his head disdainfully, "Don't worry, it's just a small thing to raise your hand."

"Yay, we can finally get rid of the two scum students."

The class cheered and looked at Jin Hu more gently, less hateful than before.

One of Jin Hu's followers said, "Tiger, see, everyone seems to be less disgusted with you, if you can repair your relationship with your class, why not, you don't want to come to class every day and have all your classmates snubbing you.Also, after everyone is less disgusted with you, maybe Liu Xiangyun will gradually dislike you less and fall in love with you from then on."

Jin Hu nodded and said, "It's rare to do something good for the class, don't worry, those two scum students who dare to come to our class, I'll make them regret coming."

At this moment, in the toilet, Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang came out after peeing.

Wang Qiang said, "Brother Chen, is it really good that the class of 32 hates us so much?It all feels so boring.If you were still in Senior 3 Class 5, everyone would definitely worship you, unlike now when you're subjected to their cold eyes."

Tang Zichen smiled indifferently, "My purpose is to secretly protect Miss, the rest doesn't matter."

In Senior Class 32, a student ran into the classroom in a panic and shouted, "Come, come, they're back."

All the students tensed up, Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang came back from the toilet.

Even Liu Xiangyun couldn't calm down.

Everyone gazed at Jin Hu, nervous and excited, everyone wasn't worried about Jin Hu's strength, after all, his name of the five vicious youngsters wasn't blindly bragged about.Every one of the five villains was the king of the dregs, where the average dregs student was the opponent of the king of the dregs.Tang Zichen was currently just a dregs student, and hadn't reached the level of King of the Dregs, the King of the Dregs not only had to be dregs, but also had to have strength to be worthy of this 'honorable' title.

Tang Zichen was unaware of the conspiracy of the entire class 32 at the moment, waiting for him to go back and be cleaned up.

Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang walked into the class one after the other.

As soon as Tang Zichen entered the class, he felt an unusual atmosphere.

The eyes of the whole class looked at him.

At that moment, a disdainful voice came out, "You two are the scum students who transferred into my class?"

Tang Zichen looked towards Jin Hu, but when Tang Zichen saw the boy next to Jin Hu, he was stunned, because that boy Tang Zichen had seen before was the punk student who called Liu Xiangyun's sister-in-law last Friday, when Tang Zichen came out of the women's restroom.

At this moment, that punk student saw Tang Zichen, stared with wide eyes, pointed at Tang Zichen in disbelief and yelled, "Tiger, Brother Tiger, he, he is the bastard who bullied his sister-in-law last week in the women's toilet."

Tang Zichen sighed as what happened in the women's restroom was blurted out at once.


"What?"Jin Hu was shocked, and thought it would be easy to raise his hand and clean up a scum student, but he didn't expect that the scum student was the same pervert that made him gnash his teeth.

Class 32 students were also shocked, apparently knowing for the first time that Tang Zichen not only wrote explicit love letters, but also peed in front of Liu Xiangyun in the women's toilet, bullying Liu Xiangyun, this bastard, but there were even more shameless things.

"Oh shit, scum."


"Bastard is worse than an animal."

"King of scum."

Many students couldn't hold back and cursed Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen's image was upgraded, from scum student to king of the scum.

Liu Xiangyun was incomparably depressed, she didn't want this to be spread out, after all, it was also about her face, but she didn't expect that it would be known by the whole class just like that, it was expected that the whole school would soon know about it as well.

Jin Hu was furious and instantly walked towards Tang Zichen.

He swore that he would never be able to quell his anger if he didn't turn Tang Zichen into a eunuch in public today.

"What's your name?"When Jin Hu yelled loudly, I guess the next class heard it. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said without moving, "What do you want?"

"I asked you what your name was.Damn you, I want to know today, who is so bold as to touch my woman, say, what is your name?If I don't cut off your scourge in public today, I, Jin Hu, will be your grandson."Jin Hu's shrieking voice was mute, his eyes were bloodshot, and this appearance made the class afraid.I didn't expect things to get this big, should there be a death.

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, "Just you?"

"Yes, with me, I'll soon show you what you cut off with your own eyes.Knife."Golden Tiger shouted.

"Brother Tiger, here comes the knife."A follower busily took a fruit knife up and handed it to Jin Hu.

The squad leader was afraid that there would be a death and was busy, "Jin Hu, just get rid of him, don't get a life ah."

Jin Hu yelled, "You shut up, I'm just going to get a life today, I'll make him pay for his life if he dares to touch my woman."

Jin Hu lost his mind like, the whole class looked scared, no one dared to go up.

The class leader was busy to Liu Xiangyun said: "Xiangyun, you quickly say something ah, really want to get a life will be finished."

Liu Xiangyun was also afraid, seeing the momentum of the golden tiger, as well as the fearful look of the whole class, consciously ignoring the strength of Tang Zichen, Liu Xiangyun was busy: "Golden Tiger, you do not be impulsive, put down the knife."

Jin Hu roared, "Xiangyun, this bastard dares to violate you, I want to kill him."

Liu Xiangyun's body trembled, as if she thought of the bloody scene later.

Xiangyun Liu was busy, "Jin Hu, you don't want to get killed."

Jin Hu roared, "No way, I have to get someone today..."

"Pah."Before Jin Hu's sentence flew away, it was Tang Zichen who slapped Jin Hu's face.

An incredibly loud slap that made the whole class stupid.

At this critical moment, Tang Zichen actually slapped Jin Hu first, and he didn't come to everyone worried about him being stabbed to death?And you hit him?Isn't Golden Tiger's anger enough for you?

The squad leader roared, "Tang Zichen, you're sick, you really want to die that badly, can't you see that Jin Hu has lost his mind and wants to kill you, everyone is afraid that you will be killed, persuade Jin Hu, and you still hit him first."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Kill me?He's not qualified."


nbsp;Jin Hu touched the blood at the corner of his mouth, he was just trying to control himself from actually killing Tang Zichen, but he didn't expect that this Tang Zichen would slap him first.

"Ah."Jin Hu was completely on fire, just kill him, whatever the consequences, he might not be able to handle the consequences with his family background.

"I'll kill you."Jin Hu killed Tang Zichen with a knife.

"Ah," the female students in the class screamed, as if they had seen Tang Zichen's corpse.

However, the next moment, there was no sign of Tang Zichen falling in a pool of blood.

Tang Zichen had two fingers between his fingers holding the fruit knife stabbed into his chest, and it was as if it was effortless at all.

Jin Hu was stunned, completely unexpected.At this moment the fruit knife was being held between Tang Zichen's two fingers, unable to move halfway forward.

No matter how hard Jin Hu stabbed forward, the fruit knife couldn't advance half a point, Jin Hu was so anxious and angry that he had to pull it out first.

However, Jin Hu realized that the fruit knife couldn't even be pulled out, Tang Zichen's fingers were like iron pincers, firmly gripping the fruit knife, and no matter how hard he pulled or stabbed it, it wouldn't budge.

"Ah, how did this happen."Jin Hu was a bit stupid, why was this bastard so strong.

The class was shocked to see that Tang Zichen couldn't pull out the golden tiger with just two fingers clamped on it.

Jin Hu shouted, this was too humiliating in full view of the public.

However, with a big roar of the golden tiger, after taking out the milk strength, finally is pulled out, the golden tiger can't close the momentum, the whole person fell backwards, fall a man.

However, when everyone took a look, the fruit knife was still held between Tang Zichen's fingers, and all Jin Hu pulled out was a knife handle.

"What, a knife hilt?"When Jin Hu saw that he was holding a knife hilt, he was so angry that he fell over and ended up pulling it out.

"Ah, I'm not done with you."Jin Hu rushed up again, the knife hilt in his hand smashed into Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snapped his fingers, and the fruit knife caught in his fingers crashed into the flying hilt.

"Ka-ching."The knife handle was sliced into two pieces by the fruit knife, and the fruit knife flew into the wall, missing into the crack of the wall at once.

The whole class was dumbfounded, how much force did it take to send the knife flying into the wall?

At that moment, the golden tiger had punched up.

"Tiger Cannon Fist."The Golden Tiger crossed his fists over his chest and slammed forward, hitting Tang Zichen straight in the chest.

However, Tang Zichen's lightning-quick kick flew up, and before the so-called Tiger Cannon Fist even made contact with Tang Zichen, the Golden Tiger was kicked in the jaw.

"Ah."Like a parabolic form, the Golden Tiger spun around in mid-air and finally flew to the back of the classroom, also raising dust on the floor with a thud as it fell to the ground.

"Wow."Many students involuntarily shouted wow.

Jin Hu was also considered to have some strength and quickly climbed up.

Jin Hu instantly picked up a stool and rushed up to Tang Zichen again.

"I'll smash you to death."The Golden Tiger raised the stool above his head and smashed it into Tang Zichen's skull.

Unfortunately, where it was a match for Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen could finish it off with one finger.

Tang Zichen instantly grabbed one leg of the stool, as if it had just been fixed in the air like a fruit knife, and the Golden Tiger could no longer pull it.

Jin Hu was really so depressed, wanting to die, taking the stool not only didn't help him, but humiliated him again.


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