The King of Kungfu in school 36-40

Chapter 36

Zhang Hui looked at Tang Zichen and laughed, "Tang Zichen, so, the squad leader suspects that you know martial arts?Is it true?" Tang Zichen nodded, "Yeah, I know martial arts." Zhang Hui was surprised, "Yo, Tang Zichen, I can't tell, the one who is usually at the bottom of the class can actually know martial arts." Tang Zichen said, "I used to pretend to be a match, so everyone didn't know." Teacher Zhang was stunned, there was still someone who actively said that he pretended to be a match. "Tang Zichen, you're pretending to be loud enough, come on, give me a punch, let me see what level our class, the fourth student who knows martial arts, has reached, I'll verify it." Zhang Hui was very proud and proud of being a teacher who knew martial arts in the school and had also taken the third place in the teacher's fighting competition, he was also proud of his heart, he usually didn't brag about his class, many of the girls in his class secretly had a crush on the class teacher, this made Zhang Hui even more proud of his heart. Now, Teacher Zhang unexpectedly learned that Tang Zichen also knew martial arts and couldn't wait to test how good Tang Zichen's kung fu was.In the past, Teacher Zhang also used to test those three students in his class who knew martial arts and KO'd them in front of the whole class, and the whole class would cheer freely.He liked the feeling of being worshipped by the students in his class. Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No, Teacher Zhang." Zhang Hui tsked, dissatisfied, "Tang Zichen, when you're told to come for a punch, you just come, squirming like what.What's the drop, could it be that you've learned a skinny, and you're still afraid of hurting me?" Tang Zichen even nodded, "Teacher Zhang, how do you know that I'm afraid of hurting you, yes, in our hometown, teachers are used to respect, not to hit, hitting a teacher, this is something that will carry a thousand curses." A second to remember to read the book That teaching director had wanted to leave, but stayed, secretly saying, "In Zhang Hui's class, there's another student who knows martial arts, let's see how good he is at it." Zhang Hui saw Tang Zichen bluntly saying that he was afraid of injuring him, and was full of displeasure. "Tang Zichen, if I tell you to fight, just do it.The fourth student who knows martial arts appears in my class, I'm just excited to test your martial arts strength, so what are you squirming about.Do you think you can hurt me?You think I picked up the third place trophy for teacher's combat?Stop nagging and have a punch." Tang Zichen tangled, "Teacher Zhang, are you sure you want me to throw a punch?" "What's the long-windedness, punch it."Zhang Hui looked at the teaching director, in his heart, he also wanted to perform in front of the teaching director and KO Tang Zichen in one move, so that the teaching director would definitely be worshipped for a while, Zhang Hui liked the feeling of being worshipped. Tang Zichen raised his fist and said, "Teacher, you yourself let me punch, if you get hurt, you can't find me." "Long-winded, hurry up, punch, use your full strength."Zhang Hui instantly took a stance. Tang Zichen nodded, "Alright, then I'll throw a punch, you're the one who called me, not me disrespecting my teacher." Tang Zichen said and suddenly punched Zhang Hui's stomach. Zhang Hui was excited, thinking that he could KO Tang Zichen in one go in front of the teaching director and be awesome. However, before Zhang Hui had time to react, Tang Zichen's punch had already solidly hit him in the stomach. "Bang."There was also a muffled sound. "Ah."Zhang Hui was hit by the punch, and his waist arched back as if he was pulling a bent bow and arrow, and his eyes opened wide The. "Bang" Zhang Hui collapsed, falling to the ground still maintaining his bent bow posture, his body still twitching, and his mouth constantly began to foam. Tang Zichen said, "Teacher Zhang, I'm sorry, but you're the one who told me to throw a punch." "Ah."The teaching director on the other side was shocked, he rolled his eyes, unable to believe that this was real, a person who had won the third place in the Teacher Fighting Competition had been KO'd by a student with one punch. The teaching director busily walked over and poked Zhang Hui with his finger, saying, "Teacher Zhang, get up, don't pretend to compare, I still don't understand your strength ah, I don't believe you will be KO'd by a student." Zhang Hui's body twitched and his face was white as he stared at the teaching director, he was in pain right now, and he even said that he was pretending to compare. The teaching director saw that Zhang Hui really didn't look like he was faking and said in shock, "Is it true that Zhang Hui isn't faking a comparison?" Tang Zichen hehely smiled, "This teacher, Teacher Zhang isn't faking the comparison la, but don't worry, Teacher Zhang can't withstand a punch from me, so his body is beyond the limit, at most, he'll be able to stand up in half an hour." "What? Half an hour." "Yeah, I was just afraid of really injuring Teacher Zhang, so I still secretly showed mercy, otherwise, where would Teacher Zhang be so relaxed now, he would have died already." "What? Already dead."The teaching director's face went white, Nima, was this student telling the truth or not?He's bluffing, right? Tang Zichen looked towards Zhang Hui and smiled apologetically, "Teacher Zhang, you told me to use my full strength just now, I didn't use my full strength, I secretly retained it, sorry ah, I didn't listen to you.However, fortunately, I just reserved my power, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable.Alas, Teacher Zhang, just now when I saw how confident you were, I thought you were a super expert, I almost used my full strength, fortunately, or else I would have killed my teacher and really would have carried a thousand curses." Zhang Hui lay twitching on the ground, his mouth full of foam, babbling, wanting to speak but unable to do so. The teaching director wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, "Classmate, how much strength did you retain to still beat Teacher Zhang up like this?" Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said, "It's not much, ninety percent of the power." "What? You've retained ninety percent of your power?" "Hmmm ah." The teaching director widened his eyes and stammered, "If you retain ninety percent, wouldn't that mean you've only taken out ten percent of your power?" "Yeah, I'm still in a bit of shock, but luckily I was prepared and thought to take out a ten percent power first." ... The teaching director plopped down and knelt down. "Uh, this teacher, what are you doing?"Tang Zichen was shocked. The teaching director kowtowed, "Master is above, please accept the disciple's worship." Tang Zichen helped the teaching director up and shook his head, "This teacher, this can't be made ah, if you want to kneel it's the student who kneels you, how can you be made to kneel me." "No, this student, please take me as your disciple." Tang Zichen smiled, "This teacher, sorry ah, I don't accept disciples." The teaching director was busy saying, "Warrior, just take me in, your tuition fee will be free from now on." "Oh, I'm a man of principle, this is something that everyone knows, I have no plans to accept a disciple for now, sorry ah."


Tang Zichen turned to look at Zhang Hui and said, "Teacher Zhang, if there's nothing wrong, I'll go back to class first, don't worry, you won't die, you'll be able to stand up in half an hour at most, I'll leave first, goodbye."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked out of the office.

"Wait."The teaching director was busy chasing after him.

The teaching director took Zhang Hui's office door in passing as he chased out of the doorway.Zhang Hui fell to the ground convulsing and foaming at the mouth, but no one paid any attention to him.

When the Director of Teaching went out of the office to chase after Tang Zichen, he found that Tang Zichen had disappeared at the end of the corridor of the school building.

The Director of Teaching said in his heart, "I will not give up, as long as I have the perseverance to show 100% sincerity, I don't believe I can't move him.I don't believe I can't move him.This Tang Zichen is definitely a genius who can be compared to the top ten geniuses in the school.It would be great if I could worship such a student as my teacher.Even our headmaster can only learn two moves from the tenth-ranked Wei Ming."

At this moment, on the sixth floor of the teachers' building, the principal's office.

The headmaster was having a conversation with a student.

"Wei Ming, I'm really sorry, I thought Song Daitian would definitely hire you as his daughter's personal bodyguard."The principal said apologetically.

Wei Ming smiled with a lost face, "It's fine, it's nothing to do with you."

The principal said, "I thought that with my personal relationship with Song Daitian, he would have hired you, but I didn't expect that it was a miscalculation.It was a surprise that he admitted a what from the mountain." First URL

Wei Ming said, "That person's name is Liu Yue, I heard that Song Daitian's father found her."

The principal patted Wei Ming's shoulder and comforted him, "Think about it, just because you didn't become Song Yu'er's bodyguard, doesn't mean you don't have a chance to catch up with her.You're our Baiyun High School, the tenth ranked genius expert in martial arts, how many rich merchants are thinking of recruiting you, and there will be plenty of beauties for you to chase after."

"Oh."Wei Ming smiled bitterly, now all he could think about was Song Yu'er, how could he listen to the principal's comfort.

The principal sighed, "Wei Ming, be cheerful ah, you're not in a good mood these days, you don't need to teach me martial arts training, you can teach me again when you're back in a good mood."

Even though he was the headmaster, there was no way to learn martial arts, but with his status as headmaster, he could at least make friends with Wei Ming, who was ranked tenth in Baiyun High School, and learn a move or two from Wei Ming.Unlike that teaching director, he could only look for teachers like Zhang Hui who could do some martial arts, but even Zhang Hui didn't give him face.Zhang Hui's martial arts skills were a far cry from the tenth ranked genius expert, Wei Ming.Every one of the top ten ranked experts at Baiyun High School was extraordinary.

The headmaster had taken care of Wei Ming like a nephew, recommending him to be Song Daitian's daughter's bodyguard and arranging all sorts of activities for him that would be beneficial to his martial arts growth.

Wei Ming shook his head and said, "Headmaster Zhou, one size fits all, I can't delay teaching you martial arts just because I'm not in a good relationship."

"Thank you then."The headmaster smiled.

"No need, Headmaster, I'll go back to my class first then."


Wei Ming left the principal's office.

Wei Ming walked down the school building and saw Tang Zichen looking around in front of him, his eyebrows furrowed, as if he recognized Tang Zichen as the person who went with him to Song Daitian's interview yesterday.

"It's you, what are you doing here?"Wei Ming asked indifferently.

"Hey, it's you, brother Wei."Tang Zichen was busy greeting Wei Ming with a smile after seeing him.

"You're also a student from Baiyun High School?"Wei Ming asked with an expressionless face.


br /> "Yes, Brother Wei, you're also a student at Baiyun High School, what a coincidence."

"Hmph."Wei Ming huffed and walked away without answering Tang Zichen.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen touched his nose, as if he hadn't offended this Wei Ming, right?

After walking a few steps, Wei Ming suddenly turned back to Tang Zichen and said, "Is your name Tang Zichen?"

"Yes, Brother Wei, is there anything you need me to instruct you on?"

Wei Ming's eyebrows furrowed with some anger, "Joke, I need you to instruct me?What ability do you have to instruct me?"

"Oh, I thought that Brother Wei had suddenly turned back and had something to teach me, but since this is a misunderstanding, I hope Brother Wei will forgive me."Tang Zichen smiled.

Wei Ming said, "Tang Zichen, I heard that you took advantage of Song Yu'er."

"Uh, Brother Wei, what do you mean by that?"

"Tang Zichen, I'm warning you, don't let there be a next time, or I won't spare you."

"How can't I be spared?"

Wei Ming said coldly, "Blow you out of the water."

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes and said in his heart, "Is everyone in this world so narcissistic?"

The person that Tang Zichen could take care of with one hand actually dared to say that he would beat him up, but Tang Zichen just laughed with disdain.

Tang Zichen returned to Senior 3 Class 5, as soon as Tang Zichen walked into the class, everyone's eyes looked at Tang Zichen, the class was quiet and filled with a strange atmosphere.

A voice came out, "Tang Zichen, come here."

Tang Zichen looked up, only to see a boy calling out to him.

This boy was sturdy and looked like a martial arts trainer, but his martial arts skills Tang Zichen felt very rookie level right away, if it was in his world, a rookie of this level wouldn't be qualified to talk to Tang Zichen.But now that we were classmates, Tang Zichen loved to make friends, this was something that everyone knew, so Tang Zichen walked over without thinking anything.

Tang Zichen smiled in a friendly manner and said, "Hello classmate, you called me over, is there anything you need my guidance on?"

That student's face smacked and he said angrily, "Tang Zichen, are you instructing me?"

"Uh, this student, we're strangers, you didn't call me here to instruct you, is there anything else?"

"Tang Zichen, I'm not in the mood to play games with you.I heard that you know martial arts, but you've been pretending to compare all this time."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Yes, I used to pretend to be compared."Tang Zichen said without blinking an eye.

Originally, he couldn't explain why he suddenly knew martial arts, but now he found that using the word 'pretending to be', he could explain it away in a flash, and in the future, when he encountered anything that couldn't be explained, he would use pretending to be to explain it all, and mom would no longer have to worry about him being suspected.

The one in the front row of Tang Zichen, Zhu Xiaobin, shouted, "Zhou Peng, throw him to the trash, and avenge me."

When Tang Zichen heard Zhu Xiaobin's shout, he realized that this classmate was that Zhou Peng, the strongest of the three people who could do martial arts in Senior 3 Class 5.

Zhou Peng looked at Tang Zichen angrily, "Tang Zichen, since you know martial arts, it's easy, and don't say that I'm bullying you, the rules of the Jianghu, single combat."

Tang Zichen smiled, "So you're Zhou Peng, the one with the highest martial arts skills in our class."

"Tang Zichen, don't play dumb with me, fight one-on-one, do you hear me?"Zhou Peng yelled, annoyed that Tang Zichen always forked out with him, as if he didn't take his words about singling him out at all.


Tang Zichen smiled, "Brother Zhou, a single fight?I don't think it's necessary."

"You don't dare?Are you afraid of me?It's a pity that you hit Zhu Xiaobin, this matter won't let up, I'll let you have three strokes, otherwise people will say that I'm bullying the weak with my strength, let's do it."

Tang Zichen sighed and suddenly punched at Zhou Peng.

Zhou Peng couldn't react at all, Tang Zichen's level, Zhou Peng was a hundred thousand miles away.

Zhou Peng flew to the back of the classroom and ate dust from the floor.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Zhou Peng, you can't even react, and you're still fighting me alone."

Zhou Peng was completely stupid at the moment, a second move?

Zhou Peng shouted unwillingly, "I don't believe that you're so good at martial arts."

"If you don't believe it even after this, what does it take to believe it."

"I didn't see it just now, I'm not convinced.Tang Zichen, if you have the guts, don't engage in such sneak attack tactics, come openly."Zhou Peng roared.

Tang Zichen was speechless, he couldn't react himself and actually said that Tang Zichen was sneak attacking. Remember the URL

"Good, Brother Zhou Peng, then I'll let you obey, come on."

Zhou Peng flipped over and attacked up with a fierce move.

"Mantis Pouncing Butterfly."Zhou Peng's body jumped up and attacked Tang Zichen with the momentum of Tarzan, this was his strongest move, using the weight of his body to increase the power of the move.

Unfortunately, what he thought was a powerful move was too low in the eyes of an expert like Tang Zichen to bully him.

Tang Zichen simply flew up and kicked Zhou Peng's belly.

Zhou Peng hit the ceiling hard, then rebounded and fell to the ground.

Zhou Peng grimaced in pain.

Tang Zichen said, "Did you reply to this letter?If you still don't believe me, I'll simply admit defeat."

Zhou Peng's eyes lay on the ground with no eyes.

Tang Zichen went back to his own seat.

Zhou Peng sat on the ground and was dumb, all along, as the highest martial artist in the class, Zhou Peng was worshipped by many students, especially the female students.But all of a sudden, Tang Zichen second him out of the sky, such a big psychological gap, making him extremely unhappy, Tang Zichen blinked to cover his light, how can he still mix in the class in the future.

After Tang Zichen sat back in his own seat, a girl from the next table got close to Tang Zichen, deliberately looking for a topic and asked, "Zichen, did you do last week's homework ah?"

"Homework?What homework?I don't know."Tang Zichen said blankly.

That girl immediately got up and walked over to Tang Zichen's side, deliberately staying close, took out Tang Zichen's English book, flipped to a certain page, and said, "It's these questions, didn't you do them?"

Wang Qiang looked at Tang Zichen enviously, now that Tang Zichen knew martial arts and was still first in his class, this treatment would be different immediately.The girl deliberately got close to him, no topic to find a topic.

"Oh, thank you."

"You're welcome."The girl returned to her own seat, sat down, and then turned her head to look at Tang Zichen, suddenly realizing how Tang Zichen was becoming more and more pleasant to look at.Tang Zichen was the most handsome looking boy in the fifth class of senior three, out of more than twenty boys, how come he was so blind in the past, and there was such a shiny boy sitting at the next table, but he never noticed it.

That girl's heart was a little excited, as if she had found a treasure

and said, "Zichen, in the future, if you don't know anything about learning, just ask me ah."

Wang Qiang looked at Tang Zichen enviously, he was too gentle to Tang Zichen.

"Oh, okay, thank you."Tang Zichen took a glance at the girl's book, which had a name written on it: "Jin Xiaolian."

The other boy in the front row also smiled back at Tang Zichen and asked, "Zichen, you didn't do your homework last week, do you want to borrow my homework to copy it?"

Tang Zichen was stunned and said, "I can't copy it, so why don't you copy it for me?"

"Fine, I'll make a copy for you, and you bring me the workbook."

Wang Qiang sighed, this treatment was really enviable.Not only did he give the homework to Tang Zichen to copy, he also took the initiative to help him.

Zhou Peng had already sat back in his seat, seeing that many of his classmates were showing affection to Tang Zichen, especially that Jin Xiaolian, his heart was not feeling good, once this treatment was his, but in the future, I'm afraid it would all be Tang Zichen's.He is the second oldest classmate, who else will take care of it.

Zhou Peng bit his teeth: "What the hell, it's so unpleasant."

Zhou Peng's tablemate said, "Brother Peng, what can you do if you're unhappy, people are indeed better than you."

Zhou Peng huffed: "Even if he's better than me, I can't let him overshadow me so easily, the next class is the class teacher's class, I must let the class teacher sweep away Tang Zichen's prestige and suppress his light."

Zhou Peng's tablemate said, "Yeah, Teacher Zhang would definitely be uncomfortable if he knew that Tang Zichen knew martial arts and had defeated you and shone so brightly in class.Don't think I can't see that the prettiest girls in the class all worship the class teacher, and that Jin Xiaolian is just an ugly one.The class teacher loves to be worshipped by his own students, I guess the class teacher will take the opportunity to test Tang Zichen's strength, then KO Tang Zichen to his face, and finally say a few words of guidance to him in a fake manner.Didn't we do this to you often before, don't worry, the class teacher will definitely sweep Tang Zichen's shine down."

"Mm."Zhou Peng nodded, he would never let Tang Zichen steal his light so easily.

The next class was soon to begin, and it was class teacher Zhang Hui's class.

Zhang Hui had been punched by Tang Zichen during his early study, but he was now fine after one class.

Zhang Hui walked into Senior 3 Class 5 with his teaching notes, his face didn't seem too good, and only he and Tang Zichen knew the reason why.

Zhang Hui didn't dare to look at Tang Zichen's face or even look in that direction of Tang Zichen, pretending that nothing had happened, Zhang Hui was already a very pretentious person, and he couldn't be killed if the class knew that he had been punched by Tang Zichen and couldn't get up, otherwise his previous image would be all ruined.

"Class."Zhang Hui said as he stood on the podium.

"Hello teacher."

"Everyone turn to page xx."Zhang Hui said in a serious manner.

"Oh."Everyone ohs, a little confused, why is Teacher Zhang so low-key today?Before every class, he used to say something about his martial arts skills, like when he met some pervert on the bus and he subdued the pervert with a 'wolf catching hand', and the whole bus applauded.He would also paddle on the podium, and sometimes let Zhou Peng and a few others go up for a PK, and the class would look at him with special admiration.

And today, it was so strange to actually go straight to class.

Zhang Hui said in a serious manner, "Today, we're going to talk about quadratic functions."

Zhang Hui picked up the chalk and turned around to write on the blackboard.


The students in the class all looked at each other, why was Teacher Zhang so unusual today?

Where was Zhang Hui who dared to brag about half a class first like usual, as long as Tang Zichen was still sitting in the classroom, he didn't even dare to say the word 'martial arts'.He couldn't help but tremble at the thought of Tang Zichen's unknown level of strength, if he still bragged about how strong he was as usual, what if Tang Zichen came up and punched him, wouldn't that be the end of it all?

Zhang Hui finished writing on the board and said, "Class, what is a quadratic function?"

At this time, Zhou Peng could no longer hold back, he was waiting for Teacher Zhang to put out Tang Zichen's light, but who knew which tendon this Teacher Zhang had made a mistake, he was just going straight to class.

Zhou Peng was busy saying, "Teacher Zhang."

"Zhou Peng, what for?"Zhang Hui asked seriously.

Zhou Peng immediately left his seat, threw two moves at the back of the classroom, and then said, "Teacher Zhang, my martial arts skills have improved again, do you want to test me?"

However, Zhang Hui said with a straight face, "It's class time, sit back down."

The students in the class whispered, in normal times, Zhou Peng would have been swollen by Zhang Hui.

"Did Teacher Zhang take the wrong medicine?"A girl in the front row whispered to her tablemate.

Zhang Hui's heart was that depressed ah, but someone said that he had taken the wrong medicine. A second to remember to read the book

Zhang Hui said, "Zhou Peng, what are you doing?Hurry back to your seat, I have to go to class."

Zhou Peng didn't return to his seat, immediately hehehehaha a few more times, rehearsed a few moves on the spot and said, "Teacher Zhang, now my strength is estimated to surpass yours, come on, come test me."

Zhang Hui was furious, he actually provoked him, in normal times he would have kicked him to death, today Tang Zichen was here, he wanted to keep a low profile, but he didn't expect Zhou Peng to provoke him.

"Zhou Peng, go back to your seat, class."Zhang Hui said majestically.

"Teacher Zhang, didn't you used to love to row with me the most?What's wrong today?Come on, come k me, you're definitely not my opponent anymore."

Zhang Hui was overwhelmed with anger and walked towards Zhou Peng.

Zhou Peng's heart was pleasantly surprised, "Great, Teacher Zhang has finally made a move."

However, Zhang Hui walked up to Zhou Peng and didn't make a move, bellowing, "Go back to class for me."

Zhou Peng gritted his teeth and suddenly punched up regardless.

Zhang Hui's lungs were about to explode, but he was so arrogant that he didn't care anymore and immediately punched back.

"Bang."Zhou Peng fell down at once, but of course, Zhou Peng was doing it on purpose.

Zhang Hui was stunned, there was no way his strength could put down Zhou Peng with one punch, right?

At that moment, Zhou Peng climbed up and laughed, "Teacher Zhang, you're amazing, I used to be able to catch a dozen of your moves, but now I can't even catch a single move.I thought I had gotten stronger and could defeat you, but I didn't expect that you had gotten even stronger, and you've been knocked out in one move, admire admire admire."

"Wow."The students in the class thought it was real and exclaimed, worthy of the teacher they admired, Teacher Zhang.

There were also a few female fans who shouted, "Teacher Zhang, invincible, Teacher Zhang, invincible."

When Zhang Hui saw his classmates shouting that he was invincible, he broke out in cold sweat, aimed at Tang Zichen, and busily said, "Stop shouting, stop it."

However, where could the class's adoring fans of Zhang Hui stop and continue shouting, "Teacher Zhang, Invincible, Teacher Zhang, Invincible."

Zhang Hui that nervous and depressed ah, and aimed at Tang Zichen, shouting Invincible in front of Tang Zichen, don't want to die, this is not worshipping him, this is pushing him into the fire pit ah.


"Don't shout invincible."Zhang Hui yelled.

A female student was busy saying, "Teacher Zhang, in the past, when Zhou Peng was able to go through more than a dozen moves in your hands, you were able to get the third place in the Teacher Fighting Competition, but now, when you knocked Zhou Peng down with a single move, you have increased your strength so much, it's not invincible.Teacher Zhang, you're my idol, I'm partial to shouting, Teacher Zhang, invincible."

The students in the class shouted again, "Teacher Zhang, invincible, Teacher Zhang, invincible."

Even Zhou Peng shouted along with them, "Teacher Zhang, invincible, Teacher Zhang, invincible."

"Ahhhhh."Zhang Hui was so anxious that he was about to jump.

Tang Zichen didn't make any moves, just shook his head and sighed, these frogs in the well, they really haven't seen the world, even Tang Zichen didn't dare to call Zhang Hui invincible, and this three-legged cat also dared to call him invincible?

Zhang Hui saw that Tang Zichen didn't make any reaction, so he felt a little more at ease, he was afraid that Tang Zichen would jump out and punch him, but now looking at Tang Zichen's appearance, he wasn't going to jump out.

"Alright, stop shouting, it's almost done, let's go to class."Zhang Hui returned to the podium, intent on starting class.

However, Zhou Peng was not happy, his aim was for Teacher Zhang to suppress Tang Zichen.

Zhou Peng said loudly, "Teacher Zhang, our class Tang Zichen also knows martial arts."

Zhang Hui's heart thudded and nodded carelessly, "Oh, I see.Let's continue with class, quadratic function..."

"Teacher Zhang, Tang Zichen's martial arts skills are very strong, and our class is number one in martial arts."

"Oh yeah, classmates, the meaning of quadratic function is..."

Zhou Peng was baffled, as soon as Zhang Hui mentioned Tang Zichen, he changed the subject and said something about quadratic functions, two your sister ah.

"Teacher Zhang."Zhou Peng interrupted Zhang Hui again.

"What for?"Zhang Hui yelled impatiently.

"Teacher Zhang, didn't you hear?Tang Zichen is now the first in our class in martial arts."

Zhang Hui immediately deflated and hmmed, "Good, classmates, what about quadratic functions..."

"Teacher Zhang."Zhou Peng shouted again, interrupting Zhang Hui.

"Zhou Peng, if you don't want to go to class please get out, don't disturb the other students."Zhang Hui yelled, he was so upset with Zhou Peng today, he wanted to keep a low profile, but Zhou Peng would not let him.

Zhou Peng's purpose was to let Zhang Hui beat up Tang Zichen and extinguish Tang Zichen's prestige, who knew that Zhang Hui went crazy today and played low key.

Zhou Peng immediately said to the class, "Classmates, how about we ask Mr. Zhang to pk with Tang Zichen?"

The class was up in arms.

"Teacher Zhang, pk, Teacher Zhang, pk, Teacher Zhang, pk," everyone shouted again in unison.

However, Zhang Hui pretended not to hear and picked up his book and said, "What about the definition of a quadratic function, in general, the following relationship exists between the independent variable x and the dependent variable y..."

Zhou Peng that depressed ah, what the hell is Teacher Zhang crazy ah, the whole class is shouting PK, but he is actually lecturing alone.

However, in the face of the whole class shouting, Zhang Hui couldn't go on after half a minute of lecturing because he couldn't hear himself.

"Ahhhh, what do you guys want?"Zhang Hui shouted.

Zhou Peng immediately said, "Teacher Zhang, we want to see you pk with Tang Zichen."

Another girl said, "Yeah, Teacher Zhang, you're our idol, so just pk with Tang Zichen."


"Teacher Zhang, didn't you say before that you've defeated many perverts, hoodlums, pickpockets and the like, and you're now even more powerful than before, just pk with Tang Zichen, we want to see your bravery."

Zhang Hui yelled, "P what p what p, class time doesn't know ah."

The crowd's hearts were aflutter, "What's the point of pretending to be serious, weren't half the class talking about your martial arts before?"

Zhou Peng immediately shouted, "Could it be that Teacher Zhang doesn't dare?Afraid of losing to Don Zichen?"

The fans in the class immediately denounced Zhou Peng and scolded him, "Zhou Peng, Teacher Zhang was the one who won the third place in the city's teacher fighting competition, who is Tang Zichen that we should be afraid of him?"

"That's right, Zhou Peng, you can't beat Tang Zichen yourself, so you think others are as useless as you?Did Mr. Zhang pick up the third place trophy in the Teacher Fighting Championship?"

"Zhou Peng, I won't allow you to insult my idol, Teacher Zhang."

Zhou Peng laughed and said, "I apologize, all of you, shall I?How could Teacher Zhang not be a match for Tang Zichen, what kind of hair is Tang Zichen, how can he be on par with Teacher Zhang.I'm sorry, guys, I only said that when I saw that Teacher Zhang is not willing to pk with Tang Zichen, it's not my fault, whoever made Teacher Zhang not to pk with Tang Zichen, everyone would misunderstand ah."

Zhou Peng smiled at Teacher Zhang again, "Teacher Zhang, everyone in the class especially wants to see you defeat Tang Zichen."

"Yes, Teacher Zhang, look, even Zhou Peng misunderstood you, if you don't make a move, the whole class will really think that you're afraid of Tang Zichen."

"Teacher Zhang, make a move, the class is in no hurry, are you really afraid of Tang Zichen?You're a teacher, you won third place in the Teacher's Fighting Competition.Tang Zichen is nothing, he didn't even know martial arts before, he must have just practiced it recently." First URL

The entire class looked at Zhang Hui expectantly.

Zhang Hui stared fiercely at Zhou Peng, what to do now that he was made to ride the tiger?

"Teacher Zhang, having reached this point, are you still able to hold back?"

Tang Zichen sat on his seat and did not speak.

Tang Zichen wasn't stupid, and one look at the smug Zhou Peng and he knew that it must have been Zhou Peng who wanted Teacher Zhang to suppress his authority, otherwise he wouldn't have been so active in encouraging the mood of the class.

All the students in the class were Zhang Hui's fans, how could they stop when they were encouraged, they all wanted their idol to dry up Tang Zichen.But where did they know that Zhang Hui was suffering inside at the moment.The reason why his classmates worshipped him so much was caused by the fact that he used to show off and brag excessively.

All the students in the class stopped talking and looked straight at Zhang Hui with their eyes, just waiting for him to make a move.

If Zhang Hui was any softer, I'm afraid that these fans in the class would really be disappointed in him.

Zhang Hui had to bite the bullet and now hope that Tang Zichen would give him face and lose on purpose.

Zhang Hui looked at Tang Zichen with a hard scalp, coughed twice, and said, "That, Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen immediately stood up, and Zhang Hui's body couldn't help but tremble a bit, reflexively creating a sense of fear, and his words were a bit slurred.

Zhang Hui gathered his courage and said, "Tang Zichen, I heard that you defeated all of Zhou Peng?"

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "Yes, Teacher Zhang."

Tang Zichen was confused, was this Teacher Zhang not afraid of boiling water even though he was dead and wanted to do it again?

The students in the class were extremely excited to see that their idol class teacher was about to do something.

Zhang Hui, who was riding a tiger, said with great patience, "Your martial arts skills are not bad, you defeated Zhou Peng."


Zhou Peng shouted, "Teacher Zhang, don't be long-winded, fight."

The students in the class also shouted, "Yes, Teacher Zhang .

Why are you so long-winded today, where's your old dominance?"

"O Teacher Zhang, please bring out your former domineering spirit."

Zhang Hui said with a trembling heart, "Tang Zichen, they all want me to fight you ah."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "I hear you, so what do you mean?"

Zhang Hui forced a smile, "Tang Zichen, I don't take advantage as a teacher, it's up to you what you mean."

"What I mean, is what you mean."

"You really want to do what I mean?"

"Really on your terms?"

"Ahhhhh."The class is going crazy, why is Teacher Zhang so long-winded ah, endlessly meaning, do it instead.

Zhou Peng also couldn't stand it any longer and said, "Teacher Zhang, do it, you're going to kill the class in a hurry."

Zhang Hui knew that he really couldn't delay any longer and said, "Tang Zichen, be merciful."Zhang Hui was hinting at Tang Zichen, so he said the word 'mercy' very heavily, hoping that Tang Zichen would understand what he was saying and give him face and lose on purpose.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Of course, you're my teacher, I'll be merciful."Tang Zichen also pronounced the word merciful very heavily.

Zhang Hui was delighted inside and secretly said, "Tang Zichen has agreed to show mercy, does he understand what I mean?Yay, now I'm not afraid."

Zhang Hui smilingly walked to the open space at the back of the class and said, "Tang Zichen, please."

Tang Zichen left his seat and walked to the back of the classroom, where they stood face to face, about two meters away from each other.

All the students in the class held their breath and looked at Tang Zichen and the class teacher without blinking, afraid that Teacher Zhang would KO Tang Zichen with a single move and miss the excitement.

Zhang Hui smiled slightly and confirmed again, "Tang Zichen, as the class teacher, I am sure to show mercy, will you show mercy as well?"

Tang Zichen said, "This is no nonsense, don't worry, I'll be merciful."

A girl in the class roared, "Can you stop being so long-winded, a 'hold back' repeated several times."

Where did this girl know the meaning of their words.

Zhang Hui said, "Tang Zichen, let's do it then."


Zhang Hui struck a handsome pose, he knew that Tang Zichen would hold back, so he wasn't afraid anymore, so naturally, he had to strike a handsome pose and 'win' beautifully.

The class was nervous to the extreme, moving, they saw Zhang Hui move.

Zhang Hui instantly rushed up towards Tang Zichen, Zhang Hui's full power move was like a tiger pouncing on a chicken.

Moving, they saw Tang Zichen move as well.

Tang Zichen's hands were so fast, just a very simple punch to meet it.

Then, the picture suddenly froze.

Only, Tang Zichen's punch hit Zhang Hui's stomach, while Zhang Hui's back instantly arched back and arched so high that even his toes were padded up.The image was frozen here until three or four seconds later, when Zhang Hui's head tilted.

"Bang."Zhang Hui kept his beautiful posture and fell down, looking at Tang Zichen in disbelief.

At this time, the class was silent.

Only Zhang Hui stammered and pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "You, you, didn't you say that you would show mercy?"

Tang Zichen smiled helplessly, "I've been merciful ah, otherwise you think you'd still be able to talk now?I've only used 0.10% of my strength, I've already reduced my fighting power to a minimum ah, the purpose is to let you win, who knows, you can't even carry 0.10% of my strength, alas."

"Forget it, don't say it."Zhang Hui's eyes turned red and wiped away his sorrowful tears.


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