King of Kungfu in school 31-35

Chapter 31

Just then, Liu Xiangyun heard that the lock of her balcony door was creaking, as if someone was unlocking it outside.

She didn't need to guess who it was, Liu Xiangyun was furious, she had underestimated Tang Zichen's courage, and thought that Tang Zichen would have to do it in the middle of the night anyway, but she didn't expect that it was only ten o'clock now and she dared to do it to her.

Liu Xiangyun immediately returned to her bed, hiding the knife behind her back and said angrily, "Tang Zichen, if you dare to set foot in my room for half a step, I'll call the police."

At this time, the squeaking sound of unlocking the door stopped, and Tang Zichen's voice came from outside: "Haha, Miss, the door is locked quite tightly, you know how to protect yourself, I'm relieved, I'm just testing you la, don't worry."

"Tang Zichen, you get out of here."

Outside the balcony, Tang Zichen was holding a strapping man who had been knocked unconscious in his hand.

"Miss, call me if you need anything, I'll be right next door."

"Scram."Liu Xiangyun bellowed in anger.

Tang Zichen said, carrying the burly man, jumped off the third floor balcony and landed without a sound.

Tang Zichen had just returned from outside and immediately heard the commotion, then Tang Zichen slapped the burly man who was unlocking the door and knocked him unconscious.It just so happened that Miss was misunderstanding him, but, Tang Zichen didn't make any explanation.Because Tang Zichen didn't want Miss to worry, any trouble, Tang Zichen would quietly solve it for her.Of course, it was useless for Tang Zichen to explain even if he did, because Miss would definitely not open the door.

Tang Zichen carried the strapping man who had fainted to the back of the villa. The first website

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the burly man awake.

"Who, who sneaked up on me."After waking up, that strapping man panicked and climbed up.

Tang Zichen laughed, "You don't even know who slapped you unconscious, and with this three-legged cat, you have the nerve to come out and hang out."

The strapping man looked at Tang Zichen and said in shock, "Did you shoot me unconscious?"

"Or who else."

"You."The burly man looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, his name was Death Biao, he was one of the strongest few fierce generals under the hand of Lu Bing, the vice head of the Wind Cloud Hall, but he didn't expect that there was someone else who had slapped him unconscious.

Tang Zichen's eyes suddenly turned cold and asked, "What do you want to do to pry our lady's door open?"


"Say it, don't blame me if you don't."Tang Zichen raised his hand.

"I said I said, I was asked to come by our boss."

"Who's your boss?"

"He's Lu Bing, one of the vice-owners of Feng Yun Hall, and his son went to Liu Chen Ming's company to interview for a personal bodyguard this afternoon, but Liu Chen Ming didn't give face, so the boss sent me to arrest Liu Chen Ming's daughter."

"Arrested for what?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

"Originally, the boss said that I should come and force Liu Chen Ming's daughter, but then Young Master Lu Guan said not to force her and let me catch her back.So, arresting her back must have been sleeping with Young Master Lu Guan."

Tang Zichen was furious, "Thought this world, very peaceful, didn't think there were so many hooligans, if I hadn't come back quickly, I would have been captured by you son of a bitch."

Tang Zichen felt scared, if the lady was really captured, where would Tang Zichen go to find her?Don was a stranger to the city, and giving him the address wasn't that quick to find it.

"Can I go now?"Qui-Gon asked.


bsp; "Fuck you."Tang Zichen kicked him in the head and said angrily, "You think you can just come and go as you please?"

"So what do you want?"

Tang Zichen would have wanted to just destroy him, but this man was only a small man after all, the government in this world was very strict, Tang Zichen didn't want to get Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun into a murder case.Liu Chen Ming hired a bodyguard just to keep his daughter safe, but if it brings a lot of trouble to himself instead, he might as well not hire one.

However, a murder could be avoided, but a vicious beating would definitely be inevitable.

"Bang bang."Tang Zichen grabbed the burly man and beat him up, beating the burly man so badly that his nose was bruised and his head was bleeding.

"Go back and tell Lu Bing that if you dare to touch my lady one hair again, don't blame me, Tang Zichen, for being rude."

"Yes yes yes, I won't dare to do it again."


The strapping man ran away in a mess.

Tang Zichen went back under the villa, leaped, and flew up to the balcony of his room on the third floor.

Tang Zichen pressed his hand against the wall and closed his eyes to feel the next room and see if there was anything wrong with the lady, he heard Liu Xiangyun's heartbeat, Liu Xiangyun's heartbeat was fast and seemed to be afraid, perhaps afraid that Tang Zichen would still come to pry the door open in the middle of the night.

Tang Zichen sighed before he turned on the TV in his room, relishing the TV.

An hour later, in a certain villa, the burly man was kneeling in the living room with a swollen nose, he also had another skinny man kneeling beside him, that skinny man also had a swollen nose.

Lu Bing was filled with rage, he sent two experts, one to teach Song Daitian and his daughter a lesson, and one to arrest Liu Chen Ming's daughter, but as a result, both experts came back with a bruised face.There was also a mercenary bodyguard sent to follow the man and woman who beat him, but he didn't even come back.

The loss of Bill cried: "Boss, what are you doing ah, you almost killed me.The bodyguard Liu Chenming hired for his daughter, martial arts is very high, I'm not even an opponent, almost couldn't come back, I'll never do this kind of task again."

The one next to him, called Black Cloud, also cried out, "Boss, Song Daitian also hired a bodyguard, and that bodyguard is very famous, I heard that he came down from the mountains, and his master is still in the top twenty of the entire empire's killer rankings.Boss, I'm sorry, I embarrassed you, I peed on the spot."

Lu Bing slapped the table, "They're all trash."

"Oooh, boss, we really can't do it."

Lu Bing pondered and said, "It seems Song Daitian is indeed not easy to mess with, he has a lot of backers.But what is that Liu Chenming, why can even he step on my face.Go, investigate for me, what is the origin of that bodyguard that Liu Chen Ming hired."

That black head asked, "Boss, what about Song Dai Tian's side?"

"Forget about Song Daitian's side for now, we'll talk about it later when we find an opportunity."

The next morning, Tang Zichen watched an all-night drama, walked out of his room and stretched out on the balcony.

Just as Liu Xiangyun also walked out of the balcony, only to see two dark circles under her eyes, Tang Zichen knew right away that Miss must not have been able to sleep last night, because she was constantly worried that Tang Zichen would sneak into her room.

"Miss, I didn't sleep well last night."

"Hmph."Liu Xiangyun glared at Tang Zichen, although Tang Zichen didn't pry her door open behind her again last night, she still didn't give Tang Zichen a good look.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Miss, look at it, did nothing happen last night, everything was just you worrying blindly."


"Tang Zichen, you tried to break into my room at ten o'clock last night, don't pretend that nothing happened, I'll talk to my dad about this."Originally last night, Liu Xiangyun wanted to call her dad, but so late in the evening for fear of disturbing her dad's rest, besides, her dad is out of town, if Tang Zichen really wanted to do something to her, what could her dad do if he knew, eventually Liu Xiangyun did not call Liu Chenming last night.

Tang Zichen was busy: "Miss, except for being a bodyguard, I can't do anything else to mix up my meals, so why bother?Didn't nothing happen the whole night afterwards?"

When Liu Xiangyun saw a hint of worry actually appear on Tang Zichen's face, she wondered, "Is Tang Zichen really trying to make a living?Are you really afraid my dad will fire him?So if I do tell my dad and he fires him, will he be so desperate and open-minded that he'll just fuck me without a care in the world?"

Liu Xiangyun changed her words and said, "Okay, I can keep my dad in the dark for now about you prying my room door last night, but if there's a next time, I'll definitely tell my dad and call the police."

Tang Zichen grinned, "Thank you, Miss, don't worry, it won't happen again, I don't want to lose my job."

"Hmph."Liu Xiangyun returned to her room.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, his image was that of a rogue to begin with, it wasn't that easy to change his image, he could only use time.

Tang Zichen went downstairs after brushing his teeth and washing his face, Miss was already eating breakfast.

"Miss, you're brushing your teeth so fast."Tang Zichen cheekily walked over and sat at the table to eat with Miss, Liu Xiangyun just grunted, not saying that she wouldn't let Tang Zichen eat or anything like that.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen prepared to personally drive Miss to the school.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it's a good idea to take a look at the car. Remember the website

Tang Zichen was quite nervous for the first time on the road and drove out of the villa slowly and leisurely.

After entering the road, with so many cars, Tang Zichen was even more cautious.However, Tang Zichen found it exciting that he could actually drive.

Slowly, after driving seven or eight kilometers, Tang Zichen was much more skilled, feeling nothing more than that.

The atmosphere in the car was dull, so Tang Zichen excitedly asked, "Miss, how am I driving."

Liu Xiangyun left her mouth open and didn't speak.

"By the way, Miss, that man who drove some kind of Bentley last night and compensated you for the bank note, did he also go to the bank to cash it?"

Liu Xiangyun huffed, "You really think that if people lost the money, they would have already called the bank and terminated the cash payment."

"Ah, why didn't you say so earlier, if you had said so, I would have had him give you the cash last night."

"It's not easy for my dad to get a foothold in this city, those are all local snakes, in the end all the accounts will be settled on my dad's head, you should know what I'm trying to say.Even though you're strong in martial arts, you can't protect anyone for the rest of your life, let alone all the time.Last night I was supposed to pay some money to settle the matter, but you insisted on messing with them for me, and the bill will end up on my father's head."

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Don't worry, if they dare, don't blame me for being rude, just resting on their laurels will only make them more arrogant."Tang Zichen didn't quite agree with the lady's point of view.

"I compensated them for three hundred thousand, although my father lost this money, but we got peace, three hundred thousand quickly earned back.But to offend such an unreasonable ground

The snake, in case they secretly give my father a dirty trick, might lose thirty million, or even lives.Things that can be solved with money are always trivial.Tang Zichen, let's forget this matter, if you really want to make a living as a bodyguard, please remember that it's not that the better you are at martial arts, the better you'll be able to protect your employer."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was speechless, but what Tang Zichen understood made some sense.The higher the martial arts skill, doesn't mean the more able to protect the safety of your employer, Tang Zichen thought.

Soon arriving at White Cloud High School, Tang Zichen drove the car to the parking lot next to the school entrance.

Tang Zichen remembered what happened here yesterday evening, and couldn't help but smile bitterly, and wondered what happened behind that hoodlum whose car he smashed.

Liu Xiangyun carried her backpack and headed to the school entrance, Tang Zichen followed behind.Yesterday, Liu Chenming said that he would arrange for Tang Zichen to go to Liu Xiangyun's class, and I don't know if he had arranged it.

At that moment, a car drove up and stopped beside it.

Three people walked down from the car.

Tang Zichen turned his head and saw that, by such a coincidence, it was Song Dai Tian, as well as the peasant-like young man he had admitted, and a super beautiful young woman, the young woman who looked a bit mischievous and cute, and incredibly beautiful.

Tang Zichen suddenly smiled at Song Daitian and said, "It's you, such a coincidence."

Liu Xiangyun also looked back and saw that it was Song Yu'er who had come, one of the four flowers of Baiyun High School, Liu Xiangyun of course knew Song Yu'er, but we were not in the same class and had no friendship.

The first thing that happened was that Song Daitian saw Tang Zichen and was stunned.

Tang Zichen greeted Song Daitian warmly, "Boss Song, personally sending your daughter to school ah."

"Oh."Song Daitian looked a little embarrassed and nodded his head.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, did not have any embarrassment, as if he was seeing an acquaintance, Tang Zichen did not hate that he was not admitted yesterday, after all, this was a matter of your will, Tang Zichen was a reasonable person, this was something that everyone knew.

Tang Zichen looked at that playful and cute beautiful girl and said with a smile, "Boss Song, this is your daughter, isn't she, not bad, she's quite good looking ah, almost caught up with our lady."

Song Daitian's eyebrows furrowed, "Your Miss?What do you mean?"

Tang Zichen cracked his mouth open and laughed hehe, "Boss Song, you don't know yet, although you were unlucky and didn't get me yesterday, I'm now a campus personal bodyguard, and that's our lady."Tang Zichen pointed at Liu Xiangyun who was spotted in front.

Song Dai Tian's eyebrows furrowed, not expecting Tang Zichen to become the bodyguard of Liu Chen Ming's daughter.

Tang Zichen looked at Song Yu'er's bodyguard who looked like a peasant worker and smiled, "Good morning, brother Liu, you also started work today."

However, that peasant laborer-like bodyguard Liu Yue looked disgusted with Tang Zichen, especially the word 'starting work'.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Brother Liu, I'm not stealing your job from you, so don't look displeased with me.By the way, Brother Liu, why are you still wearing such old-fashioned clothes, didn't your employer give you new clothes?"

Liu Yue coldly said, "None of your business, do I know you well?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Brother Liu, I know why you're still wearing such a tacky dress, I saw a word from the TV called 'pretending to be', you're definitely pretending to be, hahaha, I guessed it right."


Liu Yue's face darkened and he said angrily, "Tang Zichen, please watch your words."Liu Yue was on fire, Tang Zichen actually said that he was pretending to be compared in front of Song Dai Tian and Song Yu'er.

At that moment, Song Yu'er snorted, "You're Tang Zichen?"

Tang Zichen looked at Song Yu'er he smiled and said, "Yes, you are the Miss Song who called me Uncle Tang yesterday, Miss Song, hello, I am courteous in this room, I almost became your bodyguard yesterday."

Song Yu'er said angrily, "Tang Zichen, you took advantage of me, and you still have the face to say it, Liu Yue, what are you waiting for, beat him up for me."

At this time, Song Dai Tian was busy scolding, "Yu'er, Liu Yue came down the mountain to protect your safety, not your thugs."

Song Yu'er was unconvinced, "But, Dad, this Tang Zichen took advantage of me on the phone yesterday, are we just going to let it go?"

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Miss Song, this is your fault, yesterday it was obviously you yourself who called me cousin, I didn't force you to do so, but you're losing your identity as a thousand-gold lady oh."

Song Yu'er that anger, Tang Zichen is so rascal, but still looks like a righteous person.

"Liu Yue, hit him for me ah."Song Yu'er unruly and capriciously ordered to Liu Yue.

Song Dai Tian loudly scolded, "Yu'er, are you done making a scene?"

Song Yu'er was incomparably aggrieved, Song Dai Tian then said to Liu Yue who was full of displeasure, "Liu Yue, your task is to protect Yu'er's safety, if Yu'er ever lets you hit anyone again for no reason, you should ignore her." A second to remember to read the book

"Oh."Liu Yue stared at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen suddenly said with a smile, "Boss Song, it's okay, we don't know who's beating who yet."

Song Daitian turned his head to look at Tang Zichen and said very unhappily, "Tang Zichen, please also pay attention to your words in the future, I'm not looking at your face, I'm looking at your boss Liu Chenming's face."

At this time, a young man with a large bouquet of flowers in his hand walked up to Song Yu'er and said, "Yu'er, two days without seeing you, it's like three seasons, how have you been these two days?This is the flower I bought early in the morning, specially from the Hundred Flowers Town thirty kilometers away, I just picked it in the morning, ninety-nine roses, representing my ninety-nine true hearts for you."

That young man handed the flowers to Song Yu'er, this young man was one of the five villains of Baiyun High School, Cao Yan, Song Daitian saw Cao Yan giving his daughter flowers in front of him, his face was very unhappy.

Song Yu'er was already on fire because of Tang Zichen, and now another annoying suitor, even more anger, to her bodyguard Liu Yue shouted, "Liu Yue, what are you waiting for, get rid of the flies."

Liu Yue laughed in her heart, "Here comes another chance to perform in front of Miss."Liu Yue busily said, "Miss, these flies, leave them to me from now on."

Tang Zichen happened to be standing beside that Cao Yan, Tang Zichen said enthusiastically, "Brother Liu, why bother you with this little matter, I'll help you."

Tang Zichen flew over, the flowers in Cao Yan's hands scattered, and his body also grazed the ground, and he flew into the flower bushes twenty meters away at once.

Liu Yue was trying to show off in front of the lady, but was pre-empted by Tang Zichen, an outsider, with that anger in her heart.

"Tang Zichen, what do you mean?"

Tang Zichen busily said, "Brother Liu

, no need to be thankful, we are all in the same line of work, what's the big deal about this little matter."

Liu Yue flamed up and said, "Tang Zichen, are you my lady's bodyguard or am I?What are you giving me to rob."

"Uh, Brother Liu, I'm just trying to get on good terms with you ah.Besides, it's just chasing away a little person, why get so angry?I'm totally trying to get close to you because we're all in the same business and you have some misconceptions about me.If you wanted to do it yourself, you should have said so.However, you can easily make Boss Song think that you want to perform in front of your lady and gain goodwill, this kind of behaving to hit on a lady is not something we bodyguards can do, you don't want to discredit our industry ah."

Liu Yue said in anger, "Tang Zichen, you're the one who hit on Miss's idea."Liu Yue was busy looking at Song Daitian and explained, "Uncle Song, don't listen to his nonsense, I don't have such ideas."

Song Daitian looked at Tang Zichen with a snort, "Tang Zichen, your own Miss is not going to protect you, why are you meddling in so many idle matters."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Forget it, I originally wanted to repair relations with Brother Liu, after all, peers, who knows you all think I'm meddling, it's just that, count me out."

Liu Yue disliked Tang Zichen saying the word 'peer' and warned, "Tang Zichen, I'm not a peer with you, please don't put me in the same category as you."

"Uh, not peers?Aren't you a bodyguard, too?Oh, by the way, how much do you make a month?Do you have $100,000?Our boss is giving me 100,000 a month, with food and shelter included, hehehehe, how about you?Say it, just reveal it between peers."

Liu Yue gritted her teeth, "Tang Zichen, I'll say it again, I'm not a peer with you."

"Cut, both are bodyguards, what's the difference, you are thinking that being a bodyguard is low status, so you don't recognize your identity as a bodyguard, look at you, and say that it's not hitting on Miss, if not, why are you so concerned about your status.Alright, I won't talk to you anymore, my lady is far away."Tang Zichen turned around and went after Liu Xiangyun, shouting, "Miss, wait for me."

Liu Yue angrily looked at Tang Zichen's far away figure, he was ordered by his master to come down the mountain to protect Song Yu'er, he didn't do it for money, it was a noble act, but he was said by Tang Zichen to be a peer, heck, Tang Zichen was doing it for money, can he be a peer?What a fire.

Song Dai Tian was busy consoling, "Liu Yue, forget it, what's the point of paying attention to this kind of person.You came down the mountain to protect Yu'er, it's a kind of free help, you are a VIP of our family, how can you and Tang Zichen be of the same nature."

Liu Yue said, "Uncle Song, I really want to hit him."

Song Daitian said, "If Tang Zichen wasn't the bodyguard hired by Liu Chenming, you can do whatever you like, but his current identity is Liu Chenming's person, the so-called beating the dog still needs to see the master.You hit Tang Zichen, but behind the scenes, it's a grudge between me and Liu Chenming, Liu Chenming is a person with great financial strength, maybe there's still a chance to cooperate in the future, we don't need to have unhappiness because of a bodyguard."

This was the reason why Song Daitian didn't allow Liu Yue to have a conflict with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen caught up with Liu Xiangyun.

"Miss, don't go so fast."

Liu Xiangyun said, "Tang Zichen, you are now my bodyguard, and everything you say and do is related to my father.If you have a problem with Song Daitian's people, it's the same as if there's unhappiness between my dad and Song Daitian."


"Uh, Miss, how can that be, I have a lot of respect for Song Daitian, I also have a lot of respect for Brother Liu, I just took the initiative to help him out with a small favor, just to show him some goodwill, how can I let your dad have a bad time with her dad."

"Alright, I don't want to listen to your sophistry, anyway you stay away from them in the future, if you get beaten up by Song Yu'er's bodyguards and lose my dad's face, you better be careful."

"Hehe, Miss, you're underestimating me, just that bodyguard of Song Yu'er, he looks like a fool, where could he be my opponent, it wouldn't be easy for me to really take care of him.Of course, we are all in the same line of work, I couldn't have done that, peers should have taken care of each other."

Liu Xiangyun was very speechless as Tang Zichen shook his head, not wanting to say anything, and went straight upstairs.

Tang Zichen came to Senior Three Fifth Class first.

"Zichen, come here, did you go to the hospital this weekend?"Fellow tablemate Wang Qiang asked with concern.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Hehe, thanks for your concern, I'm fine."

"Wow, great, you're finally back to normal."Wang Qiang said.

"By the way, Wang Qiang, I might have to change classes."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, transferring classes?"

"Yeah, I'm now my lady's campus bodyguard, and I might have to move to my lady's class, my lady is Liu Xiangyun." First URL

Wang Qiang shook his head and sighed, "Looks like you're not well yet."

"It's better."

"Zichen, if you're well, why would you say something like that, what kind of personal bodyguard of Liu Xiangyun, do you know who Liu Xiangyun is?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Of course I know, our lady is one of the school flowers of Baiyun High School."

"Knowing that you're still talking nonsense, she's not only a school flower, she's also a rich second generation, there are no men in the world before she would hire you as some kind of bodyguard."

"I'm serious."

At this time, the boy in the front row turned back and roared, "What's the noise, didn't you hear the bell ringing for the morning class."

Wang Qiang immediately lowered his head, not daring to talk to Tang Zichen again, the so-called what kind of people, make what kind of friends, the reason why Wang Qiang was able to become a class with Tang Zichen was precisely because Wang Qiang was a class with Tang Zichen, of course, referring to the scum aspect.

The boy in the front row looked at Tang Zichen again and said, "You neurotic, can you calm down a bit?If you're going crazy, get the hell out of here.Returning to be the school flower's personal bodyguard, a fool's dream, not looking at what kind of bird you are.Tang Zichen, if you keep whining, I'll slash you to death if you don't believe me."

The commotion here had already caught the attention of the whole class, and all the students in the class were looking at Tang Zichen and his front row.

Tang Zichen was being gripped for no reason and was very depressed.

Tang Zichen said, "This brother, please speak politely, although everyone knows that I am a polite person, but if I meet someone who is not polite, I don't want to speak politely to him.For example, you didn't speak politely to me just now, if you don't speak politely to me again, be careful I won't speak politely to you either."

"Ahhhh."The boy in the front row yelled, and Tang Zichen's string of polite, polite, polite, polite made him numb and distracted.

"Fuck you, what the fuck are you."The boy in the front row slapped Tang Zichen's table.

Wang Qiang was busy: "Zichen, don't say it, they are top students, the teacher won't help us."

Tang Zichen huffed, "I don't care what top students, if they dare to play a rascal, I will educate him."

"Grass you, what are you, you dare to educate me?"

The boy in the front row immediately grabbed Tang Zichen's clothes, the reason why he dared to grab Tang Zichen's clothes was because he usually despised Tang Zichen very much, Tang Zichen was a very low class person in his eyes.Secondly, he was one of the top students in his class, while Tang Zichen was one of the 10,000 years down, but right now Tang Zichen was still saying that he wanted to educate him, making him very angry.

"Tang Zichen, grass you, you're a class trash, what are you?"The boys in the front row grabbed Tang Zichen's collar and yelled.

Tang Zichen was furious and suddenly shook with internal force.

"Ah."The boy in the front row suddenly felt like an electric shock and was busy letting go of Tang Zichen.

At that moment, Tang Zichen grabbed the other boy's clothes and threw him towards the class trash pile.

"Swoosh."The man flew into the pile of trash in the corner.

"Ouch."The man's body trembled and screamed.

The students in the class looked at Tang Zichen in amazement, how much force did it take to throw a hundred pounds person into the trash pile, at least four or five meters apart.

Wang Qiang said in amazement, "Zichen, why are you so strong?You used to be weak, huh?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "I used to pretend to compare on purpose, but now I don't want to pretend."


"I mean, I used to deliberately pretend to compare and act weak, but now I don't want to pretend."Tang Zichen thought that Wang Qiang didn't hear clearly and said it out loud, the whole class looked at Tang Zichen dumbfounded, doesn't he blush even if he fakes a comparison?

The word 'pretending to compare' was a word that Tang Zichen had seen on TV, Tang Zichen probably knew the meaning, but didn't know that 'pretending to compare' was a derogatory term and thought it was an adjective, so he boldly said that he was pretending to compare, not blushing in the slightest.

The boy who had been thrown to the trash by Tang Zichen fell into the trash and screamed oi and oi.

At that moment, the class president went up and helped that student up.

"Shall we go take you to the infirmary?"

"No, help me back to my seat, I need to call Zhou Peng back, he'll wait for me."

"I'd better report to the class president first."

That student was helped back to his seat by the class president.

Tang Zichen consoled, "This brother, from now on, you have to be like me, be polite and civilized, otherwise if you don't get taught a lesson by me today, you'll be taught by someone else the next day.The rivers and lakes are dangerous, the human heart..."

"Fuck you, have you said enough?"The man turned back, and even dared to yell at Tang Zichen again after being thrown to the trash.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was startled, and thought he had learned his lesson and definitely wouldn't dare.

"Tang Zichen, you wait, Zhou Peng is a poor student I tutored."The boy in the front row took out his phone after saying that and called out, but unfortunately no one answered, so he sent a text: "Zhou Peng, I was beaten by Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Alas, forget it."

Tang Zichen didn't want to get along with this kind of low-level person.

Wang Qiang whispered, "Zichen, do you know martial arts?"

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "Yeah."

"Damn, you're pretending too deep, you can even hide martial arts so deeply, what's the point of hanging out with me, a hangman."Wang Qiang couldn't understand and looked at Tang Zichen.

"Haha, now you believe what I just said, I'm Liu Xiangyun's personal bodyguard."

"I kind of believe it."

Tang Zichen remembered what the boys in the front row said about Zhou Peng, he was busy asking, "By the way, who is that Zhou Peng he just said?"


Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, there are three students in our class who know martial arts, and now those three students who know martial arts must be practicing martial arts in the playground.That Zhou Peng, is one of them, because those three students who can do martial arts have very poor cultural grades, so the class teacher has three top students who are very good at studying tutor them.The one that Xiaobin tutored was Zhou Peng.Zichen, you have to be careful, Zhou Peng is the strongest of the three students who know martial arts in our class.He can even get through several moves in the hands of the class teacher."

"Uh, this class only has three students who know martial arts ah, so few people."Tang Zichen said in surprise.

Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, don't interrupt, this isn't the time to lament that a few people can do martial arts, but Zhou Peng in our class, will definitely help out Xiao Bin.Xiaobin has been tutoring Zhou Peng's cultural subjects for a year, they must have some feelings for each other."

Tang Zichen chuckled, "I'm not worried about that in the slightest."

At that moment, the boy in the front row turned back to Tang Zichen and threatened, "Tang Zichen, wait for me, Zhou Peng will definitely seek justice for me when he comes back from morning practice."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Fine, then let me see how strong the strongest of the three students in our class who know martial arts is, I hope I won't be disappointed.Of course, it would be normal if it does disappoint me, after all, there have been too many people who have disappointed me over the past few days."

"Fake it you."The front row snorted and turned back to not talking to Tang Zichen.

Wang Qiang shook his head and whispered, "Zichen, you're in a big mess."

"Alright, Wang Qiang, you always have a pessimistic tone, you're really not man enough, don't be so pessimistic in the future, how low you think of yourself."Tang Zichen advised.

Wang Qiang smiled bitterly and asked, "Zichen, when you used to pretend to compare, we were the same kind of people, but now that you're not pretending to compare, we're not the same kind of people anymore, will you still treat me as a friend?"

"Of course I will, it's just martial arts, it's not a big deal, if you want to learn, I can teach you." Remember the URL

Wang Qiang was stunned, "What?"

"If you want to learn, I'll teach you martial arts, you're the only good friend in my school, I'll teach you martial arts."Tang Zichen bluntly said that people in this world found martial arts very precious and were reluctant to teach it to outsiders, but Tang Zichen felt that martial arts were just that, Tang Zichen could casually teach some other outer martial arts even if he didn't teach his own mastery to Wang Qiang.

"Zichen, don't lie to me, is this true?"Wang Qiang cried excitedly.

"Of course it's true, let's say, after school, you come with me to my lady's house, I'm staying at her house now, you come to my place and I'll teach you martial arts."

"Zichen, thank you."Wang Qiang sobbed out.

Just then, the class president shouted, "Tang Zichen, the class president asked you to go to his office."


Tang Zichen asked Wang Qiang, "Where is the class teacher's office?"

Wang Qiang was busy saying, "Zichen, it must have been the class teacher who informed the class teacher about your beating of Xiaobin.You have to be careful, our class teacher also knows martial arts, even Zhou Peng can only pass a few moves in the class teacher's hands, he once participated in the Linjiang City Teacher Fighting Competition and won the third place."

"Uh, the class teacher also knows martial arts ah, huh, that's a bit interesting."

"Alright, hurry up.

Bar, the classroom teacher's office is in the teacher's office building four zero six."

Don Zichen walked out of the class.

Tang Zichen found the teaching building.

At this moment, it was in the 406th office of the teaching building.

The teaching director smilingly handed over a cigarette and said, "Teacher Zhang, look, how was that?Have you thought about it?"

The man sitting in the office chair said, "Director He, I'm not the only one who knows martial arts in our school, so why should I be the one to teach you ah, why don't you go find other teachers who know martial arts.If you really can't, just look for those students who know martial arts ah, with your teaching director's face, it's not impossible to teach you a few moves of self-defense."

That teaching director was begging for help, smilingly said, "Teacher Zhang, your martial arts skills, among all the teachers in our school, are very strong, you have won the third place in the Linjiang City Teacher Fighting Competition, just teach me a few strokes."

The teaching director handed over another cigarette.

This man called Teacher Zhang was exactly Tang Zichen's class teacher, called Zhang Hui.

Zhang Hui held the cigarette in his mouth and smiled, "Director He, even if the teacher doesn't give you any face, then you can still go to those students with very high martial arts skills ah, the top ten geniuses of our school, every one of them is very powerful, my martial arts skills, compared to those genius students, are not even on the same level.I guess, you're the Director of Teaching, they wouldn't dare not give you face."

The teaching director was a bit upset when he saw Teacher Zhang rejecting it time and time again, and said in his heart, "Good you Zhang Hui, how many times have I begged you as the teaching director, you just won't teach a single move, it's great that you know martial arts."

Although he was furious, the teaching director still said politely, "Teacher Zhang, those few students in our school who can do martial arts, especially the top ten ranked ones, how would they give me face as a teaching director ah.They are all very influential, or they have their backers.Don't you know that even our headmaster is privately very close to Wei Ming, who is ranked tenth in kung fu.I'm a teaching director, how would those powerful students give me face."

That teacher laughed, "Director He, since you've said that, I also have to say ah, those powerful students ranked in the top ten don't give you face, then why do you think, why should I give you face?Just because I'm not on the same level as the top 10 ranked talented students, you think I should give you face?Director He, although I'm not as good as those talented students, I at least won the third place in the city's teacher fighting competition.It's not like anyone can teach it either, alright, Director He, you, ah, you'd better be your director, why do you want to practice any martial arts all day long.How can martial arts be so easy to practice, be careful of flashing your back."

"Oh."The teaching director laughed awkwardly, these days, all these people who knew martial arts were so high and mighty, refusing to leak a single move to others.The teaching director really wanted to practice martial arts, he didn't expect to reach the legendary Flying Heaven and Earth level, but he wanted to be able to block five with one and be properly awesome.

Just then, someone knocked on the door, it was Tang Zichen.

That teacher Zhang looked at Tang Zichen and busily waved, "Tang Zichen, come in."

Tang Zichen walked in and asked, "Teacher Zhang, you're looking for me, what can I do for you?"

Zhang Hui shook the ashes on his hand and said, "Tang Zichen, I just heard from the squad leader that you beat up Zhu Xiaobin."



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