The King of Kungfu in school 26-30

Chapter 26

Tang Zichen said, "Mr. Liu, don't worry about going to work, leave everything at home to me, I, Tang Zichen, won't receive your salary for nothing."

"Thank you."

Soon after, the driver arrived.

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the villa, and Liu Chenming instructed, "Zichen, the family is counting on you."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

On the third floor of the villa, by a window, Liu Xiangyun watched tearfully as her father took the car and left, she had gotten used to it over the years.

Liu Xiangyun returned to her room and hid a sharp fruit knife under her pillow, it was for Tang Zichen, if Tang Zichen dared to do anything to her tonight, she would not hesitate to kill him.No matter what, she could commit suicide and never be defiled by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was sitting in the living room, and Wu Ma was cleaning up the kitchen.

Tang Zichen asked, "Mrs. Wu, how old are you."

"Mr. Tang, I'm sixty years old."

"Oh, you're still working here at this age?" Remember the URL

"Oh, I'm not like you, I don't get paid, I've been with Mr. Willow since he was still over there.Mr. Willow is also very relieved to have me handle all the expenses of the house and so on."

"So you're Mr. Willow's housekeeper, then."

"Oh."Wu Ma smiled slightly.

"By the way, Mrs. Wu, do you know how to drive?"Don Zimmer asked.

"A little."

"Then can you teach me?"

"Ah, you don't know how to drive, Mr. Don?"Wu Ma was stunned, how common a skill to drive these days, but this bodyguard didn't even know how to drive.

"No, but I'm sure I'll learn it once I learn it."

"Then, okay."

Tang Zichen and Wu Ma came to the garage, Wu Ma said, "Take out the keys."

Tang Zichen took out the car keys, and Wu Ma said, "Press this switch to open the door and enter the car."

"Then insert the key into this hole, twist it, and the car will start."

Tang Zichen followed Wu Ma's instructions step by step.

"Now, you put the gear into D, then gently step on the gas pedal under your right foot, and the car will slowly move.The deeper you step on it, the faster it will move."

Tang Zichen asked, "And what if you have to stop?"

Mama Wu said, "If you think it's too fast, you move your right foot a little bit to the left and step on that brake next to you.After that, it's steering, you turn the steering wheel to the left, the car goes left, the front of the car goes right.How much you turn is up to you, and if you learn it right away, it should be easy to get the feel of it."


"There's a lawn at the back of the villa, you can practice there.It's an automatic, it's easy."

Tang Zichen carefully drove the car to the lawn behind the villa, and boom, he started practicing.

Ten minutes later, Tang Zichen smiled, "It's easy, isn't it just throttle and brake."

As for turning the direction, Tang Zichen also fumbled around, and it was easy to grasp roughly how much to turn.Of course, reversing into the garage and parking on the side, Tang Zichen was not very handy.

At this time, Liu Xiangyun came down the stairs and said to Tang Zichen, "Do you really want to be my bodyguard?"

"Miss, are you willing to accept me as your bodyguard?"

Xiangyun Liu said, "Tang Zichen, what if you didn't protect me?What if you're derelict in your duties?"


nbsp; "Oh, dereliction of duty, it's impossible."Tang Zichen was confident.

"You didn't answer me directly, if you can't protect me, what should you do?"

Tang Zichen said, "Well, if I really neglected my duty and didn't protect you, then I will never hang around your house."

Liu Xiangyun huffed, "Tang Zichen, you said it yourself, I told you to fail in your duty tonight."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was stunned, what does this big sister want?

Xiang Yun Liu got into the Porsche and drove out of the villa with a bang, disappearing into the distance.The Porsche has two keys, the other one is in Tang Zichen's hand.

Liu Xiangyun drove the Porsche and disappeared in a flash.

Tang Zichen was stunned and puzzled, "What does she want?Are you going to kill yourself?Not so much."

Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat and immediately chased after her.

In the car, Liu Xiangyun proudly snorted, "Tang Zichen, how many bodyguards has this lady ousted, you're still too young to fight me, I'll just go to any bar right now, go to a bar and get beaten up, hmm, you didn't protect me, you'll get out of here tonight.You pervert, several school flowers of Baiyun Middle School, you hit on me one by one, and now you're still hitting on me, dreaming."

Liu Xiangyun stopped at a bar and stood in front of it.As she was about to enter the bar, she suddenly got a little scared again.

"Will this be too much for me?Would it be too much for me to go to a chaotic place and have someone beat me up on purpose, when I joke about my own body?"

However, Liu Xiangyun turned around and thought, "Tang Zichen, that pervert, deliberately bullying girls in the women's bathroom, what else can't this kind of person do, his motives for being my bodyguard are by no means pure, and my father is often away, what if this pervert really defiles me.A few injuries in the area is nothing, as long as I can get rid of this pervert."

Liu Xiangyun resolutely entered the bar.

It was Liu Xiangyun's first time coming to such a place, and if it wasn't to drive Tang Zichen away, she probably wouldn't have come to such a chaotic place in her life.

At this moment, a voice came from inside the bar, "Miss."

Liu Xiangyun was shocked, the person who called her was actually Tang Zichen, how was this possible, she was driving a Porsche and racing along, even if Tang Zichen had taken a taxi, he couldn't have followed up so quickly ah, and there were many cars on the road, it wasn't like she wanted to keep up with them.

Tang Zichen held a glass of white wine in his hand, walked up to Liu Xiangyun and said with a smile, "Miss, so you are also a good drinker ah, it seems that we are not without a common language."

"Who has a shared voice with you."Liu Xiangyun gasped, actually calling her a person of good wine.

"Miss is not a good wine person, then what are you doing here."

Liu Xiangyun was busy questioning, "Why are you here?Aren't you still at home?"

"Miss, you're silly, I'm your personal bodyguard ah, my duty is to protect you, where you are, I'm there ah."

"But, but why are you as fast as me?"Liu Xiangyun was depressed.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Miss, I'm obviously faster than you, okay."In fact, Tang Zichen followed Liu Xiangyun's car all the way here, and when Liu Xiangyun parked her car, Tang Zichen entered the bar first.

"You, how did you know I was going to come here, that's never possible."Liu Xiangyun's brain was a bit confused, not even sure how Tang Zichen did it.

"So much la, come on, come in and drink, we won't get drunk tonight."

"Who wants to not get drunk with you."Liu Xiangyun stomped her foot in anger.

In her heart, Liu Xiangyun said, "What to do, this pervert, don't even know how to do it, the original plan, just come to a bar and let yourself get beaten up, now how can this plan still go on?"


Just then, Liu Xiangyun saw inside the bar, there was a bald man, that bald man was not only bald, he was also naked and had a dragon tattooed on his body.He also had two youngsters with sunglasses standing behind him, and at a glance, he was not a good guy.

Liu Xiangyun suddenly had a bright idea: "Hey, what will happen if I go up and mess with that bald guy?That bald guy looks like someone who mixes with irregular forces, never good to mess with.Then I'll push Tang Zichen up there as a shield for me, and Tang Zichen will be beaten up by them, yay, that's a perfect idea."

Liu Xiangyun was suddenly excited about her conception and looked at Tang Zichen and said in her heart, "I'll see if you'll still be my bodyguard."

Liu Xiangyun said, "Tang Zichen, you drink your wine, I'll drink mine, don't get so close to me."

"Yes, Miss, go ahead then."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Liu Xiangyun slowly walked towards that bald man, in her heart she said, "How should I mess with him?"

Liu Xiangyun thought for a moment and picked up an empty wine bottle, saying in her mind, I'll just smash it down later, I don't believe I can't anger that bald man.

Tang Zichen was drinking while paying attention to Liu Xiangyun's actions.

Liu Xiangyun came a few meters in front of the bald man, saw the bald man's fierce muscles, couldn't help but tremble a bit, really want to go up and smash him, a bit scared again.

"Whatever."Liu Xiangyun plucked up the courage to walk up to the bald man, and by surprise, suddenly a wine bottle smashed on the bald man's forehead.

"utter" a sound, the wine bottle is not as expected, bang burst, Liu Xiangyun's strength is too small, how can the wine bottle is so easy to burst. A second to remember to read the book

That bald head looked up and glared angrily at Liu Xiangyun.

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun screamed in fright.

The bald man stood up openly and was about to extend his palm and smack Liu Xiangyun hard when a hand was placed on his shoulder, it was Tang Zichen.

The screaming Liu Xiangyun saw that no one was hitting her, and when she looked up, she saw that Tang Zichen was standing next to the bald man.

Liu Xiangyun pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "He's my bodyguard, he told me to beat you up, it's none of my business ah, you guys should teach him a lesson ah."

At this moment, that bald man had cold sweat on his forehead, the back of his spine was completely unconscious, and he was horrified, not knowing what kind of person this mysterious young man standing next to him was.

Tang Zichen said, "This big brother, this is my lady, she has had a problem since she was a child, she likes to smash people with a bottle, she didn't hurt you just now, did she?"

The bald man said with a smile on his skin, "No, no."

Tang Zichen said, "Our lady, every time she has an attack, if you don't smash it, it will be painful, how about you do us a favor and let our lady smash it for fun."

The bald-headed man smiled, "What kind of kind words are you saying, I also have a problem since I was a child, that is, I like to be smashed into bottles, if I don't smash it to addiction, I will be in pain, your lady can smash me, this is helping me, I'm not even thankful enough."

Tang Zichen lowered his hand from the bald man's shoulder and smiled, "Thank you very much then."

The bald-headed man said, "You're welcome, you're welcome.This lady, go ahead and smash it, I just love being smashed."

The two little brothers behind the bald man seemed silly, busy saying, "Big brother, you..."

The bald-headed man reprimanded, "What are you waiting for, why don't you get the bottle for this lady?"

"Ah, brother, you."

"Hurry up."

"Uh-oh."The two men were busy picking up bottles of wine and handing them to Liu Xiangyun.

Liu Xiangyun's brain is confused, what's this with what ah, is it really such a coincidence, smashed a just hi

Happy to be smashed by a pervert?

Tang Zichen chuckled, "Miss, no need to be polite, smash it, this big brother has had a strange illness since he was a child, he likes to be smashed, the more you smash it, the more grateful he will be ."

The bald man was busy laughing, "Yes, Miss, smash me quickly."

Liu Xiangyun stomped her foot in anger and said depressedly, "Somehow."

Liu Xiangyun turned around and walked out of the bar.

Tang Zichen scrambled to follow, and as soon as Tang Zichen left, the bald man went limp and sat down on his butt, as if he had returned from a trip to the gates of hell.

The two men were busy saying, "Big brother, what's going on."

"Yeah, big brother, you, just now, scared us to death, like you don't know us at all.At your own bar being smashed, and you still..."

The bald man wiped a cold sweat and said, "It's better than no life, what a terrifying expert."

Liu Xiangyun walked out of the bar, and Tang Zichen was busy following her out.

"Miss, aren't you going to drink?"

Xiangyun Liu got in the car and roared away on the accelerator.

"Why is this happening?Did Tang Zichen and that bald guy know each other?Is Tang Zichen also from an irregular power?God, this pervert is too scary, how the hell am I going to get rid of this pervert."

Liu Xiangyun stopped the car at a park by a lake and sat alone on a bench by the lake.

Tang Zichen's voice sounded behind him, "Miss, it's windy here, why don't we go back."

Liu Xiangyun was once again surprised to see Tang Zichen arrive almost at the same time as her.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Tang Zichen, it seems that you really have some skills, I say why does my dad believe in you so much, my dad sees that you are so good at martial arts, he has completely lost his suspicion of you."

Tang Zichen sat down beside Liu Xiangyun, and Liu Xiangyun immediately sat a little to the side, keeping her distance from Tang Zichen.

"Oh, miss, am I really such a rogue in your eyes?I don't look like a rogue, do I?"

Liu Xiangyun snorted ridiculously, "You have the cheek to ask such a question, a person who bullies girls in the women's restroom and writes explicit love letters to girls, if they are not considered rogues, then in this world, no rogues exist."

Tang Zichen smiled, "There are some things, seeing may not be true, it may also be a misunderstanding."

As soon as Liu Xiangyun got up, she said in disgust, "Tang Zichen, you dare to do something but don't dare to behave, and you still try to be sophomoric, don't you think you are so hypocritical?Was what my eyes saw that day in the ladies' room, a hallucination?"

Tang Zichen sighed, these were indeed his doing, forget it, the more sophistry, the more hypocritical it was, although there were reasons, but those reasons Tang Zichen couldn't explain to anyone, this shameless charge couldn't be washed away.

"Well, I won't argue, the love letter was indeed written by me, and everything that happened in the ladies' room that day was indeed not an illusion."

"Tang Zichen, can't you just let me go?You can go ahead and hit on Shangguan Zhuo or Song Yu'er, just not me.I'm already poor enough, when I was a child, my parents divorced, my father was a door-to-door son-in-law, and my mother's side was very powerful.After the divorce, my father naturally left that very powerful side of the family.The judge originally ruled that my sister and I should be sentenced to my mother, but unfortunately, because I was born with a cold disease, I couldn't practice martial arts, and I wouldn't live long.So, my mother and that very powerful family didn't want me and let my father take me with him when he left.I haven't seen my mom in almost ten years, and even though she doesn't want me, I still miss her so much."Liu Xiangyun's eyes burst into tears.

Tang Zichen's heart trembled when he heard 'cold disease', in Tang Zichen's world, suffering from cold disease, ordinary people rarely lived past the age of twenty.It was a terrible disease, even martial arts experts would perish because of it.


"Fortunately my father was very gifted in business, and in less than ten years he had the size of the business he has today, and I became a rich girl again.But I, however, am not happy, I have a cold disease, and I am destined not to live long, perhaps to die at nineteen, perhaps at twenty, and this year it is seventeen.I wish so much that my dad could be with me every day, because I'm afraid that one day I'll die and won't be able to spend more time with him in time.However, my dad is very busy and I know he would love to be with me every day, but he can't, he has to make a lot of money to have any hope of curing me."Xiangyun Liu said tearfully.

"Since my parents divorced when I was eight years old, I haven't seen my mom since, everyone has a mom, I actually really miss her, but she, she has completely abandoned me.Only my dad, who is still trying to save me because of my illness.The doctors all say that I will die at the age of twenty at the most.Tang Zichen, I'm already so miserable, why are you still hitting on me?Can't you go find Shangguan Zou and the others?They are healthy and disease-free, and have parents to accompany them, and a complete family, so happy, why did they choose me to do it."

"I... Miss, it's you who thinks too badly of me, right, hold out your hand for me to see, I know a little bit about medicine, although I can't cure your id cold disease, but maybe it will help you a little bit."

Liu Xiangyun huffed, "I'm like this, you still want to take advantage of me.At night in my house, there's no one else but Wu Ma, what are you going to do?What point of action?"

"What time is the action?"

"Don't pretend, if you dare to bully girls in the ladies' toilet, what else do you dare not to do, it's late at night, I'm sure it's useless for me to shout my throat out, isn't it."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Miss, you have too rich an imagination, I, Tang Zichen, have a high moral character, this is something that everyone knows."

"Heh."Liu Xiangyun laughed coldly and turned around.She couldn't understand why a person's skin could be so thick.

Liu Xiangyun got into the car and whizzed away.

"Miss, drive slowly and be safe."Suddenly, Tang Zichen's voice came from the back seat of the car.

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun was shocked, like seeing a ghost, when did Tang Zichen get into her car. First URL

Liu Xiangyun was so shocked that she lost control of her car and grazed the side of a moving car.

Liu Xiangyun looked back at Tang Zichen and said angrily, "When did you get on?You're trying to scare me to death."

Tang Zichen smiled hehehe, "Miss, your car window is open, I'll come up."

"You... "Liu Xiangyun had to admire that Tang Zichen's martial arts skills were really good, and the exercising car was actually able to catch up and jump in without a sound.Liu Xiangyun completely understands why her dad trusts Tang Zichen so much.

At that moment, the car that was hit next to him came down with two black-clothed youths.

"Bang."One of the youths smashed the hood of Liu Xiangyun's Porsche three times with such force that the hood caved in.

Liu Xiangyun stared at Tang Zichen and said, "It's all your fault, what should we do now, there's a traffic accident."

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, you do not go down, let me handle everything."

Liu Xiangyun was depressed, "I'm the one to blame, tell them I'll be responsible for their car repair costs."

Tang Zichen had already gotten out of the car.

One of the youths looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, can you drive?"

Tang Zichen looked at the other's car, polishing a line of paint, and Tang Zichen asked, "How much."

The other youth said, "At least 100,000."

Tang Zichen.

A huff: "I work for a month's salary of only 100,000, you guys really dare to lionize me, this junk car may not even be worth 100,000, right."

One of the youths said angrily, "Kid, you are intent on finding fault, open your eyes and see, what kind of car is this?"

Don's son said, "Broken car."


At this time, Liu Xiangyun was busy getting out of the car, seeing the other car, her face was white, but she hit a Bentley, it was also too unlucky.

", how much compensation?"

Tang Zichen didn't know anything about cars, but it looked like just one paint job anyway.

Tang Zichen took out a hundred dollars and said, "I don't have any change, give me fifty."

The two youths looked at the hundred that Tang Zichen took out, but also said to find fifty, and suddenly their faces were green, not taking such a bully.

One of them roared, "Kid, it looks like you want to cause trouble."

Tang Zichen snorted, "The ones who want to cause trouble are you guys, a broken car, wiped a paint, if I hadn't found a good job now, fifty dollars wouldn't even be given."

"You you."

Liu Xiangyun walked up to Tang Zichen and whispered, "This is a Bentley, don't embarrass me."

"What Bentley, it's not as pretty as our car."Tang Zichen trailed off.

Liu Xiangyun glared at Tang Zichen and said to the two youths, "I'm sorry, I'm fully responsible, I'll pay for it."

Liu Xiangyun took out a pen and wrote a check right then and there, saying, "Here is 100,000, more than enough to repair it.Give me some face, and let's settle this privately, okay?"

The two youths said, "I can't make the decision, wait a minute."

One of the youths returned to the car and said something to a person sitting in the back of the car, then came out again and said, "Our boss said that 100,000 is not enough to repair it, and we need 300,000."

Liu Xiangyun was shocked, "Three hundred thousand?Even if it's a Bentley with a little paint, it doesn't cost $300,000, right?It's not like I've never seen a Bentley before, this paint, even if I use original imported paint, it's only 30-40 thousand.I was wrong in the first place, so I simply compensated you 100,000 in order to settle the matter.Unexpectedly, you guys want three hundred thousand, this is too black."

"It's your business whether to compensate or not, we're driving fine, you're the ones who are going to crash into us, and you still have the nerve to think it's too expensive, did I let you crash into us?"

Liu Xiangyun bit her teeth, forget it, admit your bad luck, 300,000 is fine.Liu Xiangyun didn't want to cause trouble for her dad, the other party dared to openly offer 300,000 and take the opportunity to extort, naturally not an ordinary person, her dad was already busy enough, in case the other party had a big backstage, wouldn't it be even more troublesome.

Liu Xiangyun re-wrote a check and handed it to them, "This is 300,000, that's okay."

Tang Zichen saw the lady blinked and gave someone 300,000 'silver cheques', very distressed, he worked for a month only 100,000, why should he be able to scratch a single paint for 300,000, he was only worth a single paint for three months?This was too unfair.Tang Zichen didn't have any luxurious cars in his eyes, he only knew only one paint stroke.

The two black-clothed youths took their checks and were about to get into their cars and leave when Tang Zichen shouted, "Wait a minute."

"What else do you want?"

Don said, "Your car is done with it, our car isn't."

"What do you mean?"The two youths were a bit angry, their boss didn't care before making them pay 300,000, but they didn't expect the other party to be ungrateful and pestered.


Tang Zichen pointed at the hood of the Porsche and said, "Your car has to pay 300,000 for a scratch of paint, so our car, which you've smashed a hole in, is afraid it won't come down without a million, right?"

"What?A million?"The two youths were furious.

"I'm not going to extort you guys, your car can pay three hundred thousand for a scratch in the paint, then my car, less than a million."

"You go to rob, you Porsche?macan, the new car with the highest match won't even exceed one million, a small pit, you want us to pay you more than the price of the whole car?"The two youths' lungs were about to explode.

Tang Zichen said outrageously and unreasonably, "I don't care, I just calculated it at the rate of 300,000 for one paint job, and I also doubt that you guys want 300,000 for this car, bought brand new."

"Three hundred thousand to buy a Bentley?You give me ten out wholesale."

Tang Zichen snorted, "No use talking too much, pay up."

The two youths returned to the car and said to the man in the back seat, "Boss, this kid wants us to pay him a million dollars because we just smashed a hole in the hood of his Porsche?macan."

The man in the backseat of the car looked cross and said angrily, "How dare you extort it from me, good, very good."

Liu Xiangyun didn't want to be nosy and said to Tang Zichen, "Alright, go back."

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, even if we were wrong in the first place, but should we swallow our pride when people screw you over?" Remember the URL

Liu Xiangyun glared at Tang Zichen, "They must be people with connections, it's not easy for my father to do business here, why do you need to hold a grudge against someone for these hundreds of thousands."

Tang Zichen said, "This won't do, since I'm your bodyguard, I have to do my duty, you're being bullied now, I must seek justice for my employer."


At that moment, a middle-aged man came down from the back seat of the Bentley with a cigar in his mouth and hair as sonorous as a gambler's.

The middle-aged man asked carelessly, "Who wants a million dollars?"

Tang Zichen said, "Me."

The man calmly lit his cigar first, then without looking at Tang Zichen, he said to the two black-clothed youths, "Waste him for me."

"Yes, boss."

The two youths got the order and immediately rushed up to Tang Zichen.These two bodyguards, whom he had poached from a foreign mercenary team, were very strong.

"Crushing Stone Palm."

"Heavenly Star Hand."

Two black-clothed youths had rushed up, and their moves were very vicious.

Tang Zichen raged, "Even if you don't pay, you still want to hit me."

"Bang Bang."Tang Zichen instantly struck.

Suddenly, two black-clothed youths muffled and lay still, a move put down at the same time.

The man who was smoking a cigar was stunned there, dumbfounded at Tang Zichen, unable to believe what happened in the blink of an eye, two excellent foreign mercenary bodyguards, laying down in one move.

Tang Zichen walked over and plucked the cigar from the man's mouth.

"Bringing a bodyguard of this level, you even dare to come out and extort, you don't want your life."Tang Zichen snorted.

The middle-aged man shivered.

"You, you."

"You what you, pay for it."Tang Zichen extended his hand.

The middle-aged man said with trepidation, "Brother, I have eyes but can't see Taishan, much offense.I'm Lu Bing from the Feng Yun Hall, can you give me some face, we won't fight and we'll meet each other some other day."

Liu Xiangyun was shocked when she heard Feng Yun Hall, Liu Xiangyun heard her dad say that Feng Yun Hall was one of the three major irregular forces in Linjiang City, and not many people who wanted to hang out here dared to offend the irregular forces.I never thought...

To, this owner who drove the Bentley was actually a member of the Windy Hall.

"What the hell hall, never heard of it, pay for it."Tang Zichen snorted.

The cross flesh on the middle-aged man's face shook, there were not many people in Linjiang City's one acre of land who dared to be so disdainful of the Wind Cloud Hall.

"Little brother, don't overdo it."

Tang Zichen said impatiently, "I asked you to pay compensation, you give me bullshit about the Wind Cloud Hall, do you believe I'll scrap you?"

"You?"The middle-aged man was really angry.

Liu Xiangyun was busy pulling Tang Zichen: "Forget it."

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, how can this be forgotten."

Tang Zichen looked back at the middle-aged man again and said, "Compensate or not?"

The middle-aged man's face went cold: "You'll regret it."

"Bang."Tang Zichen suddenly punched him in the stomach.

The middle-aged man fell down with a scream.

Tang Zichen grabbed him up and punched him again.

"Don't fight, I'll pay for it."The middle-aged man was busy shouting.

"Count you sensible."

The middle-aged man returned the check Liu Xiangyun had just written to Tang Zichen, then wrote another check for seven hundred thousand.

"Go."Tang Zichen got into the car.

Liu Xiangyun had already gotten into the car because she was scared.

"Miss, drive."Tang Zichen reminded.

Liu Xiangyun stepped on the gas pedal and walked away with a worried face, "Tang Zichen, if you harmed my father, I'm definitely not done with you.If you hit the irregular forces, they will definitely investigate my identity and take revenge on my father."

"Miss, I'm helping you and you're blaming me."

"I don't need to."

At this moment, the middle-aged man was crouching on the ground with his stomach covered, having just been punched by Tang Zichen, wondering if he had punched his stomach through.

"Ahem."The middle-aged man coughed, but, he coughed up a lot of blood from his mouth.

At that moment, two bodyguards woke up.

"Boss, are you okay?What about them?"

The middle-aged man raged, "You two losers, is this what you call a mercenary who has licked blood on the tip of a knife?"

"Boss, we..."

"What are you waiting for, hurry up and catch up with that car from earlier, I need to know where they live."

"Yes, boss, I'll catch up right away."One of the mercenaries ran to catch up, surprisingly fast too.The other stayed behind to take care of the boss.

At that moment, the middle-aged man's phone rang, and when he looked, it was his son, whose name was Lu Guan.

"Dad, come back quickly."The tone of the phone was low.

"Lu Guan, what's happening?Didn't you apply for that who's who's personal bodyguard?"

"Dad, don't mention it, the bouncer didn't work and he got beaten up."

"What? Who dares to beat you up."The middle-aged man was furious, but then it suddenly occurred to him that he, too, had just been beaten.What kind of day is this today, my son was beaten up and so was my old man.

Ten minutes later, in a certain large villa in Linjiang City.

Lu Bing and his son Lu Guan, they were sitting face to face.

When Lu Bing saw his son's nose and face, he said angrily, "Who is it?"

"Dad, that person's name is Tang Zichen, I originally went to the Song family to apply for the job, but unfortunately, Song Daitian didn't even give face to you, the Vice Hall Master of the Windy Hall.After that, I went to the Liu family to apply for the job, and I thought that a small peasant would definitely not dare to disrespect you, but who knew that Liu Chen Ming wouldn't even give you face."


Lu Bing frowned, "But Song Daitian and Liu Chen Ming, both businessmen, can't be your opponents."

"Dad, Song Dai Tian's father invited an expert down from the mountains, and Liu Chen Ming also found an expert, I'm the one who was admitted by Liu Chen Ming, called Tang Zichen fought.That Tang Zichen, his martial arts skills are really high, I'm no match for him.Dad, you're the third vice hall master of the Wind Cloud Hall, you must avenge me."

Lu Bing himself was already furious from being beaten, but now that his son was also beaten like this, he was even more furious.

"Song Daitian, I see that he really has hard wings, and that Liu Chenming, just with him being an outsider, he also dares to disrespect me, he won't let these two go."

Lu Bing took out his cell phone and made a call out, "Hey, Blackhead, go do something for me tonight.Go to Song Daitian's house and punish his daughter properly."

After making the call, Lu Bing made another call: "Hey, Death Biao, go do one thing for me at night, go to Liu Chenming's house and rape her daughter.Rape her."

Lu Guan was busy saying, "Don't rape, rape, catch it back to me."

Lu Bing immediately changed his words, "Don't be strong, or capture it to me."

"Yes, boss."

After making the call, Lu Bing said, "Alright, these two ungrateful things will know the power tonight, if I don't give them some face, they really don't take my Lu Bing's face seriously anymore, thinking that I am the third deputy head of the Feng Yun Hall, as if I have no power."

Lu Guan smiled, "Thank you dad, Black Head and Mourning Biao, they are both second only to my master in terms of strength, they are finished." One second to remember to read the book

"Cough cough."At that moment, Lu Bing felt a pain in his stomach and coughed up a lot of blood from his mouth again.

"Dad, what's wrong with you?"Lu Guan was busy asking.

Lu Bing gritted his teeth and said, "Son, actually, not only were you beaten today, I was also beaten, I was just on my way back, not only was I beaten, but I was also extorted for a million dollars."

"What? Dad, that's impossible, you're the Third Vice Hall Master of the Wind Cloud Hall, beating you is the same as beating the Wind Cloud Hall ah, who dares not take the Wind Cloud Hall into account?"Lu Guan was incredible.It was understandable that others wouldn't give him face, after all, his father only represented one of the vice heads of the Wind Cloud Hall.But beating up his father, this was completely different from beating him up, it was a fundamental difference.

"Fuck, I don't know who it is, I've asked Ermo to track them down, don't let me find them, otherwise I'll take their surname if I don't exterminate them."Lu Bing said through gritted teeth.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun returned home.

Wu Ma had gone to bed early.

At this moment, a few hundred meters away from Liu Xiangyun's house, in the darkness, a man turned around and left, the same mercenary bodyguard that Lu Bing had just been with.

Tang Zichen stood at the front door, watching from afar as the stalking mercenary left.

Tang Zichen knew someone was following him on the way back, but Tang Zichen didn't make a sound because Tang Zichen didn't want Liu Xiangyun to know and worry about her, Tang Zichen would take care of it in secret.Liu Xiangyun is worried about her father and she won't worry so much if Tang Zichen doesn't let her know.

As soon as she got home, Liu Xiangyun went straight upstairs and locked the door to her room and the windows, for her The biggest thing tonight was to prevent Tang Zichen from plotting against her.

Tang Zichen left the villa in the blink of an eye and went after the mercenary who had just gone after her.

That mercenary took out his phone and was trying to call his boss to report.

"Hey."Suddenly, a voice came from behind him.


p; The mercenary turned around and saw that it was Tang Zichen.

"I plainly saw you enter the villa."That mercenary was shocked that Tang Zichen had chased him out.

"Hmph, if you go in, won't you come out again?Say, why are you following me?"

The mercenary turned around and ran, he was still confident in his lightness, how many times had he fled for his life when it was a matter of life and death depending on his lightness.

But in the next moment, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Stop for me."That mercenary immediately felt a heavy weight on his shoulder, and his body couldn't bear that weight and fell down.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I advise you to stop running."

The mercenary said fearfully, "There are cameras everywhere at the intersection here, I don't believe you would dare to kill someone openly."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "There's more than one person who has died in my hands."

"What."That mercenary's body trembled.

Of course, Tang Zichen would have to add a 'previous life' after it, but when he came to this world, Tang Zichen hadn't killed anyone.Moreover, this world was strict, even martial arts experts had to submit to the state and didn't dare to commit crimes easily, no one dared to openly provoke the state authorities.

"Say, following us, what's the plan?"

The mercenary replied honestly, "The boss told me to follow you and find out where you live."

"Find out what my home is for?"

"Nonsense, definitely looking for a chance to take revenge on you."

Tang Zichen snorted, "This old turtle, I spared him lightly, I didn't expect that he would not only be ungrateful, but also want to take revenge on me again."

"Our boss is one of the vice masters of the Windy Hall, you've provoked our boss, you can admit your misfortune."

"Hahaha, what a self-admitted misfortune."Tang Zichen laughed disdainfully, Tang Zichen didn't even take that Wind Cloud Hall in his eyes, not to mention the fact that a mere Vice Hall Master of the Wind Cloud Hall was still admitting his bad luck, making it seem like that Lu What Bing, a very bull-nosed character.

At this moment, not far from Liu Xiangyun's house, in the darkness, a burly man was holding a piece of paper in his hand, and on the paper was written an address, the address was exactly Liu Xiangyun's house.

That burly man whispered, "Found it."

Then, that burly man dived into the darkness again and went around to the back of Liu Xiangyun's villa, he did so to avoid the surveillance.After all, he was doing something bad, and if the police got hold of the evidence, he wouldn't be able to mix in this place and would have to run away.

When the burly man took a look at Liu Xiangyun's villa, the light in one of the rooms on the third floor was on, so the burly man grabbed the drainpipe on the outer wall with one hand and easily went up to the third floor balcony, exactly outside of Liu Xiangyun's room.

However, Liu Xiangyun had already locked the room door and the balcony window and everything to death because she was preventing Tang Zichen.

On the street a thousand meters away, Tang Zichen slapped the mercenary unconscious, not bothering to bother with him.

After slapping the mercenary unconscious, Tang Zichen picked him up, opened a sewer manhole cover on the street, and tossed the mercenary into the sewer pipe.

Then, Tang Zichen patted him down and went back.

In Liu Xiangyun's room, Liu Xiangyun was reading.

Liu Xiangyun was a good kid, although she knew she wouldn't live long, she still tried her best to live every day, her academic performance was always at the top, the top student within the top ten for the entire senior year.


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