The King of Kungfu in school 56-60

Chapter 56

Tang Zichen touched his head and looked at Jin Hu in the next row, Jin Hu was also playing with his phone, but the teacher didn't name Jin Hu.

Tang Zichen asked, "Teacher, can't we watch the news during class time?I'll just watch the TV show then."

"Bang."The physics teacher slammed his desk, thinking that Tang Zichen was playing a trick on him.

Tang Zichen didn't know that you couldn't play with your phone during class time, and besides, Jin Hu wasn't also playing with his phone.

At that moment, the class leader was busy whispering a reminder, "Teacher Liu, he's Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?"The physics teacher was stunned, feeling that the name Tang Zichen was familiar, the next second, the physics teacher suddenly remembered, just in the teaching and research team office, several teachers were talking about something, said Baiyun Middle School's sixth largest school evil young man was born, called Tang Zichen, in the future, when you see Tang Zichen to pay attention to the words and behavior, do not accidentally offend him.

The physics teacher broke out in a cold sweat, oh my God, no wonder he dared to treat him so badly, so he was the new campus bad boy Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen saw the teacher's anger, and seemed to understand that you can't watch news or TV dramas on your phone during class time.

Tang Zichen was a person who respected his teachers, this was something that everyone knew.

Tang Zichen immediately put his phone away and said, "Teacher, so, you can't play with your phone during class time, right?Then I won't play."

The physics teacher immediately changed his tone and smiled, "Yes, yes, you can play as you like." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was puzzled and asked, "Teacher, if you can play, then why did you just get angry?I thought you couldn't play with your phone during class time."

The physics teacher wiped a cold sweat, thinking that Tang Zichen was questioning him, busy explaining, "Hey, I was just messing around with you, don't mind ah, you can watch the news if you like, you can watch TV dramas if you like, it's all up to you."

"Oh, that's okay I'm sitting down, you go to class."

"Fine fine, go ahead, don't ever aggravate yourself."

Tang Zichen sat down and asked Wang Qiang to download a video software for him, then looked for an urban TV series.

Tang Zichen started looking at it from the first episode.

Tang Zichen especially loved watching TV because he could learn a lot about the world from it.

The physics teacher was standing on the podium lecturing, Tang Zichen put his cell phone on the table and happily watched the TV series, and from time to time, there were sounds from the TV series.

The physics teacher frowned, the sound of Tang Zichen watching TV had affected his class, but because Tang Zichen was the campus villain, he didn't dare to tell Tang Zichen to keep his voice down, as if it was particularly painful.

The other students in the class naturally didn't dare to say anything, even Jin Hu, who used to be one of the most arrogant youngsters in the school, now became a dead tiger, playing with his own mobile phone, not daring to have any conflict with Tang Zichen.

At this time, the class teacher Chen Tianming came and stood outside the classroom inspecting the class, and immediately saw Tang Zichen watching TV on his mobile phone, and especially blatantly put his mobile phone on the table to watch.

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Chen Tianming said in his heart, "No, we must get rid of Tang Zichen and go back to Senior 3 Class 5."

Chen Tianming immediately called Liu Xiangyun's father, Liu Chenming.

"Hello, Teacher Chen, what's the matter?"

"Willow, here's the thing, didn't you ask me this morning to

Well, invite Tang Zichen from senior three and five to my class.However, now I regret it, I really really don't want to accept such a student."Chen Tianming said.

"What's wrong with Tang Zichen?"

"Mr. Liu, I'm so sorry, Tang Zichen is a rotten scum who made a mess of my class as soon as he arrived.It's only been half a day and he's been recognized by students as the sixth most evil kid on campus, and now during class time, he's openly watching a TV show on his phone.Such a scum, Mr. Liu, I don't care what your intentions are, I really can only apologize to you and let him go back to his original class."

Liu Chenming was silent and smiled, "It's fine, Teacher Chen, it's up to you then, it doesn't matter."

"Thank you, Mr. Liu, you're busy then."

Chen Tianming was relieved and immediately went to apply to transfer Tang Zichen back to his original class, how could he do that with two campus villains in his class.

Tang Zichen also quickly received a call from Liu Chenming.

Tang Zichen immediately went outside the classroom to answer it.

"Boss, you're looking for me."

"Zichen, I just received a call from Xiang'er's class teacher, he said that he wants to transfer you back to your original class and that you made a mess of his class and were rated as a campus villain, what's going on."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Boss, I did beat up someone this morning, the one in Miss's class called Jin Hu, that Jin Hu was heard to be one of the campus villains."

"Golden Tiger?Isn't he the student who stalked Xiang'er?"

"Exactly him, I've already taken care of him in the morning, I'm sure he won't dare to be rude in front of Miss again, don't worry."

"But, that Teacher Chen said you're also a campus villain, what's going on?"

"This, I don't know, somehow people are calling me a campus villain, maybe it's because I beat up the golden tiger.Anyway, I don't mind what people say, I'll just do my own thing, you don't have to worry, since I'm a bodyguard, this pressure is still bearable."

Liu Chenming smiled awkwardly, Tang Zichen thought he was calling specifically to care about him.

"So, Teacher Chen just said that you were watching a TV show in class?"

"Yeah, the physics teacher said I can read whatever I want, and besides, I'm not reading material."

"Okay, but now Teacher Chen is going to transfer you back to your original class, so you won't be able to protect Xiang'er up close from now on."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Boss, you don't have to worry about it, if you can't handle this, what kind of bodyguard am I going to be.Teacher Chen doesn't have that much power, the Director of Teaching has more power than him, he didn't withdraw with me."

"What does it have to do with the Director of Teaching?"

"It's like this, this morning the Director of Instruction saw that I'm good at martial arts, and he was deadly serious about begging me to teach him."

"Oh, Zichen, you're really good at making the Director of Teaching beg you.It seems that I didn't find the wrong person, well, you'll see to it yourself from now on, I trust you."

"Okay, boss."

Hanging up the phone, Tang Zichen returned to his class to continue watching the drama.

Chen Tianming did not go to the Director of Instruction, but went directly to the principal because he knew it was useless to look for the director.

At this moment, in the principal's office.

Wei Ming was teaching the headmaster how to practice martial arts.

"Right, tuck your abdomen in a bit, punch hard and focus your power on your palms."Wei Ming patiently taught the headmaster.


Every afternoon, Wei Ming would set aside a class period to teach the principal martial arts training.

"Knock knock."Someone knocked on the door at that moment.

When he opened the door, it was Chen Tianming.

"Tian Ming, what do you want?"The principal asked.

Wei Ming also took the opportunity to pour himself a cup of water.

Chen Tianming said, "Headmaster, I have something for you."

"Come in and say it."

After entering the office, Chen Tianming said, "Headmaster, I request that a person from my class be transferred back to his original class, this person's name is Tang Zichen."

"Go see the Director of Instruction on this matter,"The principal said.

"Headmaster, the Director of Instruction won't approve it, I heard that the Director of Instruction also wants to learn martial arts, that Tang Zichen also knows some martial arts, the Director of Instruction wants to learn martial arts from Tang Zichen, so the Director of Instruction listens to everything from Tang Zichen."

The principal was stunned, then he smiled and said, "This Director He, hehe, I've heard before that he really wants to learn martial arts."Naturally, the principal knew that the teaching director saw that he had started to learn martial arts and also wanted to learn martial arts, but unfortunately, he was only a teaching director, no one was willing to teach him, and he was rejected when he begged around for someone to teach him.Because of this, the headmaster was still proud of himself. One second to remember to read the book

Wei Ming, who was drinking water beside him, said, "Director He also approached me in the past, begging me to teach him some martial arts, but unfortunately I refused to take him."

The principal nodded and said, "After you refused to take him, Director He went to some other top twenty ranked students, but unfortunately they all refused, and finally, Director He had to settle for the next best thing and find that teacher Zhang Hui to teach him.Unfortunately, no matter how much Director He sent cigarettes and wine, Zhang Hui did not teach him.Unexpectedly, Director He was now looking for another student.I've never heard of Tang Zichen before, it seems that this Tang Zichen's martial arts skills are very ordinary, this Director He is also really, why did he find such an ordinary student to teach him martial arts ah, at least he is a teaching director."

The headmaster chuckled, Director He had no one to teach him time and time again, but he, however, could get the 10th ranked genius expert in the school to teach him martial arts, the headmaster was old and proud.The headmaster's face was really much higher than the teaching director.

Chen Tianming said anxiously, "Headmaster, you should quickly find a way to transfer that Tang Zichen back to his original class, he's now recognized by the students as the sixth most evil youngster on campus ah."

The headmaster's eyebrows furrowed, "The sixth most evil youngster on campus?It seems that this Tang Zichen is also good at two things.Wei Ming, do you know this Tang Zichen?"

Wei Ming said with a face as usual, "Yesterday, I went to Song Dai Tian's interview and ran into this Tang Zichen, he also vainly wanted to be Song Yu'er's personal bodyguard, however, he should be the one with the worst strength and quality among the few people who went to the interview yesterday."

"It's no wonder he's become a campus villain, Wei Ming, how many moves do you think, Tang Zichen can get past in your hands?"The principal asked.

Wei Ming chanted and said, "I should be able to defeat him within three moves."

Chen Tianming said, "Headmaster, Tang Zichen is a scum, how can he compare to a heavenly pride like Wei Ming.Wei Ming is the tenth most talented expert in the school, and now he's even the one teaching you martial arts.Tang Zichen is such a scum, only the teaching director would go begging him to teach martial arts ah."

Although Chen Tianming had the suspicion of belittling the teaching director, the headmaster was still quite comfortable listening to him.

Wei Ming said, "Headmaster, Tang Zichen is someone I particularly dislike, I heard that he took advantage of Song Yu'er, I'm looking for an opportunity to teach him a lesson, why don't you ask him up."

The principal smiled, "Since Tang Zichen is already a campus villain, I'm sure he won't move back if I ask him to.A few orders won't help in dealing with a campus villain, it's better to use primitive tactics.Wei Ming, your suggestion is good, then I'll ask Director He to bring Tang Zichen up here, and you'll give Tang Zichen an education, no matter what kind of vicious youngster he is, he'll definitely have to be transferred back to his original class."

"Good."Wei Ming nodded his head.

Chen Tianming was delighted inside, he could finally drive away an evil youngster.

The principal immediately called the Director of Instruction.

At this moment, the Director of Instruction was just in his office thinking about how to please Tang Zichen next, so that Tang Zichen would be moved to teach him martial arts.At that moment, the phone rang, and at first glance, it was the principal calling.

The Director of Teaching didn't seem to want to answer it, muttering, "The principal is always secretly mocking me that no one is willing to teach martial arts, showing off that he has a tenth best expert in the school to teach him, I don't even want to pick up his phone, it must be no good again, snide and sarcastic."

Although the Director of Teaching didn't want to answer it, he was the leader after all, so he did.

"Hey, Principal, what's up?"

The principal smiled and said, "Director Ho, are you busy?"

"Headmaster, tell me, what is it."

"Oh, it's nothing, I heard that you failed in your quest for Zhang Hui to teach you martial arts."

The teaching director snorted in his heart, really he was here to mock him again.

"Oh, yeah."The teaching director didn't want to argue, it was indeed a failure, not even one of Zhang Hui's level would give him face without teaching him martial arts, how could he compare face to the headmaster, who had the tenth best master in the school to teach.

"Director He, I heard again that you are now begging a student named Tang Zichen to teach you martial arts?"

"Uh, Headmaster, you're quite well-informed."The Director of Teaching laughed, humming in his heart.

"Director He, this is what I'm looking for you about, that Tang Zichen, I've heard that he's recognized by students as the sixth most vicious young man on campus, how do you let such a student of bad character teach you martial arts ah?"

"Ugh."The teaching director was stunned there, not knowing what to say, this was something he had been depressed about for a whole noon as well, he begged a campus villain to teach martial arts, it would indeed affect his reputation as a teaching director.But how did this matter reach the ears of the headmaster?

The principal said, "Alright, Director He, Chen Tianming has already complained to me, so you should now quickly bring that Tang Zichen to my office."

"Oh, good."

Hanging up the phone, the principal smiled, "Wei Ming, get ready, Director He will bring Tang Zichen right away."

"Mm."Wei Ming nodded, took out his cell phone from his pocket and sent out a text message, "Yu'er, I heard that Tang Zichen took advantage of you, come to the principal's office now and I'll let you see with your own eyes that the person who took advantage of you gets the lesson he deserves.Don't ask me why I'm doing this, because you're... important to me."

In Song Yu'er's class, Song Yu'er was bored listening to the lesson, when the phone rang, busy taking it out, her face was happy: "Wow, there's something wonderful to present, can't miss it.I didn't expect to finally let that Tang Zichen get a lesson, hmm, Liu Yue this dead bodyguard won't help me beat up Tang Zichen, good thing my faithful suitor Wei Ming is willing to beat up Tang Zichen for me, great."

Song Yu'er immediately squatted down and slipped out of the class while the teacher's eyes were bad, but Liu Yue didn't notice and was writing a note with his desk about his plan on how to become the school's evil boy.


Song Yu'er went straight to the principal's office.

In class 32, Tang Zichen was watching a drama when the director of teaching walked in and called Tang out.

"Director, what are you looking for me for?"Tang Zichen walked to the corridor to ask.

The teaching director didn't look too good and said, "Zichen, the principal asked me to take you to his office, he has something to ask you."

"What? The principal also wants me to teach him martial arts?"Tang Zixin subconsciously thought so.

"Uh."The teaching director was stunned, not expecting Tang Zichen to think this way.The teaching director said in his heart: how could the headmaster need you to teach him, naturally there is someone more powerful than you to teach him martial arts.

The Teaching Director also didn't tell Tang Zichen that the principal already had someone to teach him, the Teaching Director said in his heart, "Fine, let Tang Zichen misunderstand and go disgusted with the principal, who is usually so proud in front of me."

Tang Zichen resolutely said, "Even if he is the principal, I won't teach him martial arts, director, go tell him, let him die of it."

The Director of Teaching smiled, "Zichen, let's go first, it's better for you to tell him in person."

"Alright."Tang Zichen nodded, then he would personally go to the headmaster to talk it out.

Tang Zichen followed the director of teaching to the principal's office. The first website

"Knock knock."

"Come in."

Tang Zichen and the director of teaching walked into the principal's office.

Song Yu'er had already arrived first and was sitting in the office waiting for a good show.

The headmaster looked at Tang Zichen and the teaching director, pointed at the chair with a very cultured gesture, and said, "Sit."

But Tang Zichen waved his hand and said, "No, Lord Principal, I can't teach you martial arts."

Everyone was stunned, except the Director of Instruction.

The headmaster was suddenly amused, "What did you say?"

"I'm sorry, Headmaster-sama, but I won't accept you as an apprentice, no matter what you do to move me.If there's nothing else, then I'll go back first."

"Stop."The headmaster roared, a look of anger on his face.

It was only then that the Director of Instruction said with false pretense, "Zichen, the principal already has someone to teach him martial arts, that Wei Ming, the tenth ranked martial artist at Baiyun Middle School."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned and looked at Wei Ming who was making tea at the other end of the office, then smiled, "So it's a misunderstanding, okay then."

The principal's heart was upset, but Tang Zichen took him as his disciple?The principal was filled with displeasure, "You are Tang Zichen, right."

"Yes, I'm Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen nodded with a hehehe smile.

"Tang Zichen, what you just said made me very angry to hear, you know?"

"I'm sorry, I thought you were looking for me to beg for a disciple just like the teaching director, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding."

The headmaster snorted heavily, "Tang Zichen, I want you to accept a disciple?What qualifications do you have to take me as a disciple, even Wei Ming doesn't dare to say he'll take me as a disciple, what makes you so misunderstood?"The headmaster felt that his personality was being lowered by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Lord Principal, I've said it's a misunderstanding, so why get angry."

"Tang Zichen, do you think this is a simple misunderstanding that can be passed over?Do you know that this misunderstanding of yours has lowered my personality and dignity and all that."The principal slapped the table.

/> The Director of Teaching was busy advising, "Principal, don't get along with him ah, he's just talking casually."

At this moment, the Teaching Director's heart was very happy, deliberately letting Tang Zichen to disgust the principal, it really was a wise choice.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "This principal, I just said a word about accepting apprentices, and he felt that his personality was insulted, this is clearly positioning me too low, it's time for me to come up with some boldness, otherwise I'll be looked down on all the time, ah, it's not conducive to me doing a good job as a bodyguard.If it was me in the past, at the principal's level, there might not even be a chance for me to be a slave.It seems that I can't be overly low-key, I have to make a move when I have to."

Wei Ming walked over from the tea making area with an indifferent face, perhaps he was born that way.

Tang Zichen looked at Wei Ming and smiled, "Brother Wei, I didn't expect to see you here, it seems that you have a good relationship with the headmaster."

Wei Ming snorted with disdain in his mouth, "Tang Zichen, I've already seen your shamelessness, yesterday you took advantage of Yu'er, today you want to take advantage of the headmaster, and you say it's a misunderstanding, I think you're doing it on purpose."

Tang Zichen looked at that Song Yu'er, Song Yu'er is wearing a white cowboy today, the curves on that leg, the sex is really intolerable, if a person with poor fixation, a glance at it will produce desire.Except, of course, Tang Zichen, who looked at Song Yuer and smiled, "Miss Song, I don't know why you're here again."

Song Yu'er smiled proudly and said, "Tang Zichen, you're in big trouble and you don't know it yet, later I'll make you call me Aunt Song three times, who made you dare to take advantage of me yesterday."

Tang Zichen frowned and said, "No, yesterday you called me cousin uncle, and today you want to be Aunt Song, uncle and aunt are a pair ah, could it be that you are secretly in love with me?"

Song Yu'er was stunned, just did not think of this piece to go, then furious: "Tang Zichen, you take advantage of me again, who is a pair with you, who is secretly in love with you ah."

Tang Zichen blinked his eyes and smiled, "I'm now the class grass of senior 32, there's no shame in secretly loving me ah."

"You you you... "Song Yu'er was so angry that she couldn't speak.

Chen Tianming, the class teacher of class 32, snorted, "How shameless, where is my class 32 class grass's turn to be your turn."Chen Tianming, as the class teacher, of course knew that that Liu Yang of class 32 was a school grass, Tang Zichen at the moment actually said he was a class grass in a brazen manner, really shameless.

Tang Zichen looked at Chen Tianming and said, "Teacher Chen, I was previously the class grass of class 5, but now that I've gone to class 32, I'm naturally the class grass of class 32, is there anything wrong with that?"

Wei Ming's face was expressionless, and his mouth fell open as he said, "You don't even understand what Ban Cao means, and you still have the nerve to say you're Ban Cao."

Song Yu'er was also busy helping out and said, "That's right, Ban Cao is the number one handsome man in the class."

Tang Zichen said, "I am, ah."

"I pooh, how shameless, with you still want to be a class grass, class 32's class grass is Liu Yang."Song Yu'er pooh-poohed.

The principal shouted, the more he looked at Tang Zichen, the more displeased he was with Wei Ming, "Wei Ming, you've been teaching me martial arts for a year or two, right?"

Wei Ming nodded: "Right."

The principal looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, I didn't want to do anything, but you just took advantage of me and had the audacity to say that you would accept me as your disciple, fine, then let me learn from you."

Wei Ming and the others were shocked, the headmaster wanted to personally fight Tang Zichen.

The headmaster looked at the teaching director, shook his sleeves and said with a smug look, "After learning martial arts for two years, it's time to show your skills, otherwise what's the point of learning it."


As expected, the teaching director on the side was dim, he had begged for two years and no one had taught him, while the headmaster had been learning for two years and dared to fight someone.

Wei Ming said anxiously, "Headmaster, this..."

The principal said, "Wei Ming, don't worry, does Tang Zichen dare to injure me, besides, I've been studying for two years, I don't believe there's no chance of winning at all."

Wei Ming could only nod his head and said, "Alright, then you use the Wild Crane Combination Fist that I taught you, this Wild Crane Combination Fist, you have already practiced it to a certain level of fire, I don't think it's completely without a chance of winning.Even if you don't have a chance of winning, it's not a problem at all to deal with twenty or thirty moves."

The principal's heart grew in confidence and smiled, "Don't worry, I won't embarrass you."

Wei Ming smiled slightly, then looked at Song Yu'er, as if he found his moment touching, having the headmaster tell him that he wouldn't lose face, his image elevated by the headmaster's words.Unfortunately Song Yu'er was not at all concerned about him this, expecting but how Tang Zichen was beaten.

Tang Zichen looked at the principal, really pinched a sweat for him, since he wanted to challenge himself, Tang Zichen would naturally fulfill the principal's wish.

Song Yu'er excitedly said, "Headmaster, beat him up ah, make him be good and call me Grandma Song."

Tang Zichen saw Song Yu'er's excited look and said, "Miss Song, I don't know where you got your confidence, not to mention the old man, the headmaster, even that silly bodyguard of yours may not be my opponent ah."

The headmaster's eyebrows furrowed deeply, Tang Zichen calling him an old man made him uncomfortable, although in fact, he really wasn't considered young, he was over fifty, but being called an old man didn't feel good in his heart.

Wei Ming looked at the angry headmaster and said angrily, "Tang Zichen, are you blind?Can't you see I'm here?Even if the principal really can't beat you, I'll still beat you." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen looked at Wei Ming with contempt and said, "Wei Ming, you must not have any good intentions when you take it out on Miss Song, you want to sleep with her, but unfortunately, people's thousand-gold misses won't be able to see you."

Wei Ming's face darkened.

Song Yu'er said, "Tang Zichen, can you not speak so badly, what sleep or no sleep, Wei Ming is chasing me."

"Chasing?What a mess, obviously trying to sleep."Tang Zichen's world didn't have the word 'chase'.

Song Yu'er straightforward mouth, angry, "Sleep you sister you ah, how can I let Wei Ming sleep, I repeat, he is chasing me."

"Chasing after the result is still not to sleep."Tang Zichen trailed off, looking like he despised Wei Ming's restlessness.

"Ahhh, Tang Zichen, I don't want to talk to you anymore."Song Yu'er was furiously freaking out.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss Song, I kindly advise you that Wei Ming has absolutely no good intentions towards you, and you're still foolish enough to send him to your door."

Wei Ming clenched his fists and said angrily, "Tang Zichen, you repeatedly take advantage of Yu'er, I, Wei Ming, am the first to not allow it.Don't ask me why I'm doing this, because I won't let anyone bully her, including that Liu Yue."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Miss Song, see, Wei Ming is really hitting on you, and that bodyguard of yours, Liu Yue, I swear, he must want to sleep with you too.Miss Song, you're tragic now, you're left with every man who touches you wanting to sleep with you, and you're still blissfully unaware of it, I'm so touched and sympathetic for you."

"Ahhhh, you don't say that."Song Yu'er was about to cry in anger.

Wei Ming shouted, "Tang Zichen, if you slander me Yu'er again, I'll

It's not polite to you."

Tang Zichen laughed, his eyes filled with disdain, at noon that eighth ranked Qiu Hao had beaten him up, this tenth ranked Wei Ming, Tang Zichen really didn't want to bully him, but some people couldn't even bully if they didn't want to.Tang Zichen also didn't want to keep a low profile, a low profile would only make his bodyguard's job more difficult.

The principal said, "Alright, Wei Ming, Song Yu'er, don't be irrational by this guy, he's playing psychological warfare, thus influencing his opponent.Don't talk nonsense with him, let me learn Tang Zichen's martial arts skills."

Wei Ming glared at Tang Zichen, who was chasing Song Yu'er, such a romantic affair, was ruined by Tang Zichen's one word of sleep.

The principal immediately made a pose and said, "Tang Zichen, come on, do it."

Chen Tianming was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, after you lose, please be good and move back to your original class, you are not welcome in my class 32."

Tang Zichen looked at Chen Tianming indifferently and snorted, "I won't move back, you can die of that."

Chen Tian Ming exhaled and looked at the principal.

Wei Ming said, "Headmaster, use the Wild Crane Combination Fist."

"Good."The headmaster immediately posed a wild crane and prepared himself for the attack.

Tang Zichen didn't pose in any position, with his strength, a casual kick would be enough to keep the headmaster in bed for half a year.

The headmaster shouted, "Tang Zichen, watch the move."

"Wild crane out of the plug."

The principal flexed his palms like a wild crane with a high head and fiercely took it to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't even look and just shot up with a kick.

The principal felt a shadow flash in front of his eyes, then a big foot kicked him in the face.

"Ah."The principal screamed and whirled out of the office and flew out the door.

The principal fell heavily to the floor.

"Ah, Headmaster."Wei Ming saw the situation and ran out of the office in a panic, picking up the principal in the corridor.

The headmaster's nose was crooked.

"Ugh."Song Yu'er sighed, the principal was so vulnerable and was not surprised, after all, it was normal for the principal to not be able to beat Tang Zichen, but she did not expect to lose so completely.

The principal suffered pain and was helped into the office, looking at the gloating teaching director on the side, the principal felt very ashamed, he wanted to show his hands in front of the teaching director and Chen Tianming, pretending to compare and break up a few dozen moves with Tang Zichen, it would be best if he could defeat Tang Zichen.But I didn't expect to be kicked out of the office, and my old face was disgraced.However, what was even more fierce inside the principal's heart was that Tang Zichen actually dared to hurt him and showed no mercy to him.

The principal looked up at Tang Zichen and said angrily, "Tang Zichen, I'm at least a principal, and you didn't spare any face to lay such a heavy hand on me."

Tang Zichen said, "Lord Headmaster, if I hadn't shown any mercy, you would have been dead by now."

"You..." the headmaster was even more annoyed, and dared to say the four words "one life to the west.

Wei Ming saw that the headmaster was so vulnerable and also felt ashamed, but just now he had personally said that even if he couldn't win the fight, he would have no problem dealing with twenty or thirty moves.As a result, a kick.

Instead of pretending to be a match, the principal lost face, so he could only say to Wei Ming with resentment, "Wei Ming, this Wild Crane Combination Fist you taught me doesn't seem to be very powerful ah."


Wei Ming was depressed when he heard the headmaster say that, and at the same time, he became even angrier at Tang Zichen.

Wei Ming looked at Tang Zichen and said through clenched teeth, "Headmaster, since you doubt that the Wild Crane Combination I taught you isn't good, then I'll personally demonstrate to you whether or not it's really not good."

Song Yu'er was busy clapping her hands in excitement, "Yes, yes, Wei Ming, you quickly use the boxing technique you taught the headmaster and knock Tang Zichen down, I heard that this Wild Crane Combination Fist of yours is a second class martial art, oh."

Needless to say, the Wild Crane Combination Fist that Wei Ming taught was questioned by the headmaster, he must use the Wild Crane Combination Fist to his face today and beat Tang Zichen to shit, let the headmaster see if the Wild Crane Combination Fist that he taught is more or less powerful.No matter if it was to the headmaster or Song Yu'er, Wei Ming was going to show them the power of the Wild Crane Combination Fist today no matter what.

Tang Zichen left his mouth open.

What Wild Crane Combination Fist, in Tang Zichen's eyes, if you had to use one word to describe it, trash, if you had to add an adjective in front of it, very trash.

Wei Ming looked at Tang Zichen and gritted his teeth, "Tang Zichen... you do it."

Wei Ming instantly struck a perfect pose, and indeed the action was far sharper than the principal.

Tang Zichen said, "Feel free to let the horses come."

Song Yu'er and the other idlers all took a few steps back.

"Drink."Wei Ming burst out. A second to remember to read the book

"Wild crane out of the plug."Wei Ming used the same move that the headmaster had just used, aiming to prove it to the headmaster.

This time, Tang Zichen didn't rush out, and only when Wei Ming's Wild Crane Fist was about to reach his eyes, Tang Zichen suddenly made a move and slapped his palm on Wei Ming's arm.

"Ka-cha."Wei Ming's arm was instantly dislocated, and at the same time, Tang Zichen hooked Wei Ming's right foot into the crook of his leg, and Wei Ming's knee pounded forward.

Wei Ming kneeled in front of Tang Zichen in front of everyone's eyes in a blink.

"Ah."Wei Ming was so shocked that he himself didn't even realize how he had kneeled down in the blink of an eye, because Tang Zichen's shot was too fast and too crisp.

After Wei Ming reacted, he became furious, and no longer used any Wild Crane Combination Fist, directly taking out his strongest move to pounce on Tang Zichen.

At this point, Tang Zichen didn't bother to waste time with him.

Tang Zichen kicked Wei Ming out of his office before he could pounce on him.

"Bang."Like the headmaster, Wei Ming flew out into the corridor and fell heavily onto the corridor, thumping the dust off the floor.

In the office, there was silence, the principal, Song Yu'er, the teaching director, Chen Tianming, and the four of them were all dumbfounded, as if they didn't believe it all.

Wei Ming was a very famous Baiyun High School, a genius expert ranked tenth in martial arts, how could he be vulnerable in front of Tang Zichen?

In the corridor, Wei Ming sat up from the floor in a mess, having just fallen face-first onto the floor tiles, his face aflame with pain and his nose as crooked as the principal's.

Wei Ming's entire body was weakly leaning against the corridor balcony, and at the moment he was confused.

"How can this be, this is impossible, Tang Zichen a nameless junior, even if she is a campus villain, she can never be my opponent, why is this happening.I, Wei Ming, was actually defeated by Tang Zichen in one move, this is impossible."Wei Ming muttered to himself.

Tang Zichen walked out of the office and saw Wei Ming's inability to accept reality, so he said, "Wei Ming, you

There's nothing unacceptable about being so vulnerable in my hands, because, that whatever Qiu Hao, who is ranked eighth in martial arts at Baiyun High School, was similarly beaten by me to the point where he couldn't get up.Are you, a ranked tenth, even more powerful than Qiu Hao?"

"What?Qiu Hao has fought you too?"Wei Ming looked up abruptly and looked at Tang Zichen.

The four principals in front of the office also looked at Tang Zichen in horror.

Tang Zichen snorted, "That whatever Broken Mountain Palm that Qiu Hao used, huh, I almost paralyzed him with one punch.Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Wei Ming's shocked body even trembled, who Qiu Hao was, he knew better than anyone else, Qiu Hao's Broken Mountain Palm, was a third-grade martial art, Wei Ming had fought him, and was no match for Qiu Hao at all.Unexpectedly, even Qiu Hao was almost paralyzed by a single punch.

Wei Ming burst out laughing bitterly, "Hahaha, hahaha."The voice was filled with sarcasm, yes, even Qiu Hao was no match, what was Wei Ming, who ranked tenth, and what was he, thanks to the fact that he was still smug in front of Tang Zichen, but as a result, Tang Zichen was much more powerful than Qiu Hao.

When the principal saw Wei Ming crying and laughing, he asked, "Wei Ming, how are you?"

Wei Ming was incomparably frustrated, as if he had been pulled down from his high altar.

Tang Zichen said, "Lord Headmaster, if there's nothing else, I'll go back first."

After saying that, Tang Zichen walked away.

Song Yu'er stomped her foot in anger and said in frustration, "This bastard, he didn't learn his lesson again this time."

Wei Ming saw that Song Yu'er didn't have a word of greeting for him and thought that Song Yu'er was disappointed in him, so he was busy calling out, "Yu'er."

Song Yu'er looked at Wei Ming and said, "You're too useless, you're still tenth in the school, you can't even clean up a Tang Zichen."

Wei Ming swore, "Yu'er, give me ten years, I will definitely surpass Tang Zichen."

Song Yu'er stared, "Ten years, thanks to you having the nerve to say it, I can't even wait ten days.Forget it, it looks like I have to take revenge on Tang Zichen, I can only rely on that bodyguard of mine."

Song Yu'er sighed and turned around to walk away.

Wei Ming saw Song Yu'er's back, her graceful figure, sexy curves, incomparable, almost didn't warp.However, he felt that chasing after Song Yu'er was getting slimmer and slimmer, and Wei Ming yelled out in pain.

Chen Tianming said, "Wei Ming, you don't need to be frustrated, there are people outside the human world, and there is a heaven outside the sky, although Tang Zichen is more powerful than you, there are just as many people who are more powerful than Tang Zichen.Also, I don't think Song Yu'er is half-meaningful to you at all, just look at her eyes, she's also too pretty, you, you'd better give up early."

Wei Ming shook his fist and said, "I won't give up."

Tang Zichen walked down to the teachers' office building, just in time to see three boys waiting at the stairway.

One of the youths said, "Brother Yan, it's true, Song Yu'er is really on the teacher office building, I saw it with my own eyes, but I just don't know which teacher's office she went to."

Tang Zichen was stunned and shocked, "Someone is actually intercepting Song Yu'er here."

Tang Zichen immediately stopped to see who was trying to do something to Song Yu'er, although Tang Zichen had no family or affection for Song Yu'er, Song Yu'er wasn't a bad person either.

The boy who was called Brother Yan asked, "Is that bodyguard of Song Yu'er there?"

"Don't worry Yan, that bodyguard from Song Yu'er didn't follow."


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