The King of Kungfu in school 291-300

 Chapter 291

Tang Zichen sat in the classroom, as calm as ever, looking ordinary.

But absolutely no one knew that this guy was already an Inner Gate expert.However, Tang Zichen felt that when he opened the Ren and Zhu veins, he directly upgraded to the inner gate, this step across a bit too big, these days Tang Zichen felt more and more that the foundation was not enough, the realm was a bit vain, so pulling out the seedlings, I'm afraid the future cultivation will be very difficult.

"In the future, it's better to be down-to-earth, lest we can't progress any further after cultivating to the Innate Realm in the future."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

At this moment, at the back of the school, beside a hidden stream, a boy struck with his sword and a rock was shattered by him.

This boy said, "Little Wei, what do you think would happen if I struck Tang Zichen with this sword?"

"Young Master, just be patient for a bit longer, the family will soon be done, and then you can pretend to be compared at school to your heart's content."

That boy snorted, "It's very unpleasant to watch that silly bird Tang Zichen pretend to be a contestant at school every day."

"Young Master, that silly bird Tang Zichen, no matter what, he's just going to spend his life pretending to be a contestant at Baiyun High School.You, on the other hand, will definitely pass the examination of the Martial Arts Academy next year, and will then open the Ren and Zhu veins, how can that silly bird Tang Zichen compare.You can slap him to Siberia for ice cream with one slap."

"Unfortunately, I really want to fuck those school girls now.I vowed to get those school flowers before the end of this semester, or else I'll already be at the Martial Arts Academy next year.And Tang Zichen, with his cultural grades, he won't be able to get into college, and after high school, he'll go work as a security guard for someone or something like that, I'm now treating him as a rival, and I'm feeling lowered in status myself, even though, I'm just the bastard son of the Zhu family."

"Young Master, don't ever say that, you're now aware of the existence of the Rendu Pulse, the family will definitely value you.As for treating Tang Zichen as a rival, there's no way around it, after all, he's now the most powerful existence in Baiyun High School."

Just at this moment, this student's phone rang. One second to remember to read the book


"Jutan, it's Ju Jing."

"Ah, Uncle Zhu Jing."

The student, whose name was Zhu Dan, suddenly received a call from his family.

"Zhu Dan, I heard that you've sensed the existence of the Renguo vein?"

"Yes, Uncle Zhu Jing."Zhu Dan felt excited, finally receiving a call from the family, did it mean that he was recognized in the family, finally he didn't have to hide his identity anymore.

"Zhu Dan, go to room 308 of the Yunhao Hotel right now, I will wait for you here, if you are telling the truth, then you will become an official son and grandson of our Zhu family, and be sheltered and cultivated by the Zhu family."

"Okay, I'll be right there."

Hanging up the phone, Zhu Dan cried.

"Young Master, why are you crying?"His sidekick asked.

"I can finally be open and honest, I finally don't need to hide my identity, and I'm finally not afraid of being sent by the First Lady to kill me."

Zhu Dan immediately went to the Yunhao Hotel, and in room 308, a few strong men from the Zhu family checked for Zhu Dan.

"As expected, it's obvious that you have the Rendui vein, it's completely a matter of time to open it, Zhu Dan, I officially inform you that you've been recognized by the Zhu family, you're now a child of the Zhu family."

"Thank you."

"Zhu Dan, you can come back to the family with me now, the family will focus on cultivating you and send you to the Martial Arts Academy for assessment next year."


sp; Zhu Dan was busy saying, "Uncle Zhu, this semester, I want to continue my studies here, there are still some classmates here that I am attached to."

"Good, then you grasp it yourself, we will return to the family to resume our lives, you pay attention to your own safety, by the way, what is your current martial arts level?"

"Forty levels."Zhu Dan said proudly.

"Not bad, being able to reach level 40 before opening the Renguo vein is considered very impressive."

Zhu Dan went back to the school, stood at the school gate, and yelled, "From today onwards, Baiyun Middle School will be my world, ah ah ah, I've endured enough."

The security guard said, "Hey, that student, what are you yelling about."

Zhu Dan went up and slapped the security guard unconscious.

"Young Master, gripe completely, you've got the family's approval."The sidekick said, this sidekick was the same age as the attendant who had served him since he was a child.

"Wei, how do I gripe up?Do you just ask the Don out on a date to bust?"Zhu Dan asked, had been holding back, and now that he had exploded, he didn't even know how he was going to gripe up.

"Young Master, this is too boring, you've been holding back for so long, you need a process now, a slow release, not a sudden release.I think that you need to let Tang Zichen take the initiative to beat you up, and then you'll blow him up, that way it'll be tasty enough.You go to the radio station right now and announce that from now on, you're the number one madman of Baiyun High School and everyone will obey you."

Tang Zichen sat in the classroom, playing a mobile game, Tang Zichen was now completely like a modern man, all playing games.

The teacher was lecturing on the podium, and suddenly, the school's announcement rang out.

"Dear students, I am Zhu Dan from Senior 3 Class 44, please put down your pens, I have something to say."

"I, Zhu Dan, hereby announce that from today onwards, I am the first mad young man of Baiyun Middle School; the second thing, the four school flowers of Baiyun Middle School, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, Song Yu'er, and Shangguan Rou, are all liked by me, and no one is allowed to pursue them.If any of the students are not convinced, feel free to come to me, including Tang Zichen."

When everyone heard this broadcast, they all wowed, what is this Zhu Dan, did he eat pig's guts?So much nerve.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, but this kind of claptrap, Tang Zichen didn't bother to take care of it.This kind of person, I'm afraid that the great talents who went to clean up his mess, such as Zhao Ritian and Liao Gayuan, would definitely go after him.

Sure enough, when Zhu Dan returned to his class, the class 44 bully, Alice Liu, walked straight over and pulled Zhu Dan's sleeve up.

"Pork gall, did you really eat pork gall?Do you want to take over my position?You still want to play with someone of Tang's level, do you deserve it?You can't even get past me."Alice Liu grabbed Zhu Dan's collar and said.

Zhu Dan grunted, instantly attacked, with his level 40 strength, where was the opponent for a class bully like Alice Liu who was less than level 10, Alice Liu flew out of the doorway and exploded in the corridor.

The entire class of Class 44 was shocked, and that Alice Liu was also stupid.

Zhu Dan took a passive approach, he didn't take the initiative to find those evil young maniacs, but let them take the initiative to come to him and then beat them up one by one, this way, far more meaningful than if he took the initiative to beat them up.

Not long after, Zhao Ritian brought two youngsters to class 44.

"Who's Zhu Dan?Let him stand up for me."Zhao Ritian had a shirt draped over his shoulders and a cigarette in his mouth, he was very hung up.Although Zhao Ritian was like a worm in front of Tang Zichen and the others, in the eyes of the other students, he was still a hanging presence, the number one madman that no one dared to offend.


Zhu Dan saw Zhao Ritian coming and smiled slightly at the corners of his mouth.

"I am Zhu Dan."Zhu Dan stood up, a bit of a Tang Zichen, low key with arrogance.

Zhao Ritian walked up to Zhu Dan, slapped his hand on Zhu Dan's face and said, "You're just pig guts, do you know who you're talking to."

"Know."Zhu Dan smiled slightly.

Zhao Ritian patted his face again and said, "Yohoho, still trying to learn from Tang Zichen, a low-key smile, you motherfuckers you learn?Is Don Tzu-Chen's style something you can learn from?Who do you think you are, you want to be the number one and dominate the four school girls, you think I don't exist, don't you?Tang Zichen doesn't even dare to say he's dominating four school girls, who do you think you are?"

Zhu Dan's face was slapped dozens of times by Zhao Ritian, which pushed Zhao Ritian's hand away, and Zhu Dan smiled and asked, "Zhao Ritian, are you done?"

"How about when you're done."

"When you're done, I can do it."

"With you..."

"Slap."Zhu Dan slapped over and Zhao Ritian was slapped on the ground, where he was no match for a level 40 expert.

"Ah."Zhao Ritian was stunned, and so was the entire class of 44. The first website

Zhu Dan hoisted Zhao Ritian up and said, "Zhao Ritian, even you are worthy of playing with me, go down."

Zhu Dan threw Zhao Ritian downstairs.

"Ah."Zhao Ritian screamed and fell downstairs, but landed on the top of a tree downstairs, otherwise they would have all fallen to their deaths.

Zhao Ritian was so depressed, he had been thrown by Tang Zichen before, and now he was thrown by Zhu Dan who came out of nowhere.

Zhao Ritian was thrown down the stairs, causing the entire class in the school building to be alarmed.

Tang Zichen was also surprised when he got the news that this Zhu Dan, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, had the strength to defeat Zhao Ritian.

In class 44, Zhu Dan's follower: "Young Master, you just really had the feeling that Tang Zichen was possessed, you have performed Tang Zichen's kind of low-key with arrogance, yes, keep it that way.Come one, play one, come a pair, play a pair, you will definitely replace Tang Zichen and become the brightest existence in Baiyun Middle School."

In class 32, Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, what are you waiting for, go play Zhu Dan."

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "Do I look like such a boring person?"

"Don't you see, that Zhu Dan has the strength to break Zhao Ritian, and he was just on the radio, and he was so arrogant, threatening to dominate the four school girls, and you're still not going to break him after all this?"

Tang Zichen laughed disdainfully, "Does he say he's going to dominate, so far, I'm not interested in playing with this so-called pig gall, of course, if one day he really makes me interested, I might go and play with him.Now, well, hehe, there are still so many people who haven't made a move, what am I anxious about, when you're a talented expert list, there's also Liao Gayuan, Fang Xu, Liu Yue, do all these people not exist."

"Oh, also, even Liao Jia Yuan, Liu Yue, these people haven't even made a move yet, you're in a hurry to go to the pig gall, it's too much of a drop in status.Only after that Zhu Dan has really surpassed Fang Xu, Liu Yue and the others will he be worthy to play with you."Wang Qiang laughed.

Liao Jiayuan was shocked to learn that Zhao Ritian was thrown down the stairs by the suddenly appearing Zhu Dan.

"Fuck, where did you get the pig guts to treat me as a Sealed Swordsman that doesn't exist!

?And you still want to dominate the four school flowers."Liao Jia Yuan was furious, this was simply more arrogant than Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen hadn't said anything about hogging the four school flowers, right?

"Gajuan, do you want to make a move?"Wu Shaojie asked.

Liao Jia Yuan frowned: "But this pig guts, so arrogant, it's really unpleasant, Tang Zichen is not as arrogant as he is, have you seen Tang Zichen say anything about dominating four school flowers?"

"This one is indeed a bit arrogant, this pig gall, he can't even defeat Zhao Ritian, so he must have some strength."

"Don't I, the Sealed Swordsman, have any strength?Let's go, go beat him up, it's been a very depressing time being suppressed by Tang Zichen, it's just time to abuse this pig's gall to vent his inner frustration."

Wu Shaojie didn't say anything and followed Liao Ga Yuan to find Zhu Dan.

Ten minutes later, Liao Jiayuan walked out of class 44 with a bruised nose.

"Fuck."Liao Jia Yuan wiped his nose blood in depression.

In class 44, Zhu Dan's follower laughed: "Hahahaha, young master, handsome, now your reputation, I'm afraid, is gradually raised, many people on campus are posting about you."

Zhu Dan snorted, "But it's only expected, if I didn't have to hide my identity before, where is Tang Zichen's little people now, and I don't know when Tang Zichen will come to beat me up, I can't wait to pop him."

"Young Master, there's no rush now, after all, you came out of nowhere, now take the opportunity to rise your reputation first, at least to the point where everyone in the school knows you, at that time, you can then pinch bust Tang Zichen, only then will you be loud and famous enough."

The news of Liao Jia Yuan's pinch explosion quickly spread on the campus again.

At one point, the campus was all Zhu Dan.

The morning classes soon ended, and Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang went to an off-campus restaurant to eat together.

On the way, many students were talking about that Zhu Dan from class 44, and everyone said, why hasn't Tang Zichen made a move yet.

When Wang Qiang heard this, he smiled and said, "Zichen, everyone is talking about why you haven't made a move, it reminds me of when you rose to power, you beat up Zhao Ritian, but, that Liao Jia Yuan didn't make a move against you because Liao Jia Yuan didn't think you were worthy to play with him.Likewise, today, that Zhu Dan has risen and you didn't make a move because you also felt that Zhu Dan wasn't worthy enough to play with you now."

Tang Zichen said speechlessly, "Then you mean that I will soon be replaced by Zhu Dan?Just like when Liao Jia Yuan Zhao Ritian was replaced by me?"

"Haha, that's not what I meant, I'm saying that the rise of Zhu Dan now is very similar to the rise of you then.In case that Zhu Dan is really strong, then I'm a bit worried that Zhao Ritian and Liao Gayuan's end will be your future end."

"Oh."Tang Zichen chuckled.

Already more than one person was thinking this way, there were already people campus posting similar posts.

"Has a new generation of campus bullies been born?"

"In one morning, Zhu Dan has successively beaten up the class bully Liu Yan, the first mad youngster Zhao Ritian, and the sealing sword warrior Liao Jia Yuan.What is Zhu Dan doing?Is he going to rise?"

"I have a feeling that White Cloud High School, I'm afraid Tang Zichen's world is going to change, next, it will be Zhu Dan's world, what do you think?"

"The Tang Tzu-Chen bull has been bullish for almost a month, but it's finally going to die out, and our little White Cloud High School is really in a state of flux."


"I don't know what Fang Xu thinks, but it looks like Fang Xu's position will have to be moved as well."

There were a lot of prophetic postings like this on campus.

At this time, in the school cafeteria, while eating and looking at the postings, Fang Xu said inwardly, "Damn, is this Zhu Dan really going to rise?Liao Jia Yuan was even defeated by him."

Fang Xu was a bit foolish inside, Liao Jia Yuan's strength was only one rank weaker than his, after Xu Yan left, he was now the third place in the Bai Yun High School Genius Master List, the second place was Liu Yue, and the first place was naturally Tang Zichen.

Fang Xu hesitated, and immediately posted, "Fang Xu, challenge you at the stadium at 3pm, Zhu Dan, I won't see you again."

Fang Xu didn't like being talked about by others, and this Zhu Dan also aroused his interest, so he directly challenged.

As soon as this post of Fang Xu's came out, it was true that the whole school knew about it.

At this moment, in a certain corner of the campus.

"Young Master, Fang Xu has posted a challenge to you, three o'clock in the afternoon, Young Master, you're a bull, you've become a campus celebrity in no time, even Fang Xu has taken the initiative to challenge you.Just like Tang Zichen at that time, he jumped from a nobody to a campus celebrity."

Zhu Dan snorted, "Very well, Wang Xiaowei, reply to me."

"Good."That follower was busy. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen ate and prepared to go back to school, Wang Qiang said, "At 3pm, Fang Xu and Zhu Dan dueled in the stadium, and this post, on campus, has already exceeded 20,000 comments.Zichen, this Zhu Dan really looks like he's going to rise ah, it's only been a short time, and Zhu Dan's name has dominated the entire campus homepage content."

"Come on, Wang Qiang, are you afraid that pig guts will step on me and you'll have a hard time?"

"No, I'm worried about you, after all, if you get stepped on and become the second best on campus, you must be upset yourself."

Tang Zichen said, "Then let's go to the duel between Zhu Dan and Fang Xu this afternoon and see if Zhu Dan is really that awesome."

3:00 PM.

The school's stadium had already gathered a lot of people, and it was simply as popular as when Tang Zichen had dueled with someone else before.

Many teachers were also standing to the side, discussing.

At this time, Fang Xu held a sword in his hand and stood in the middle of the sports field, waiting for Zhu Dan to appear.

Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang stood in a corner of the sports field, looking very unattractive, as if for a moment, Tang Zichen was no longer the focus of Baiyun High School, Zhu Dan was.

Fang Xu still had a cool face as he waited there for Zhu Dan's arrival.

After about ten minutes, a student shouted, "Zhu Dan is here."

Everyone looked towards the entrance of the stadium, and sure enough, Judan walked in.

Judan walked directly across to Fang Xu, about ten meters apart.

Zhu Dan grunted, "Fang Xu, you're the one who challenged me."

Fang Xu lifted his sword at once and grunted, "Zhu Dan, I don't care where you suddenly appear from, first win over my Fang Family Ten Cut Sword."

"Hmph, Fang Clan Ten Cut Sword."Zhu Dan's mouth fell open in disdain.

Fang Xu's martial arts rank was only 17, where did Zhu Dan put it in his eyes.

"Zhu Dan, why don't you draw your sword?"Fang Xu said.

"There's no need to use a sword to deal with you."Zhu Dan snorted.

"Fuck, you think you're a Tang Zichen."Fang Xu bubbled up, seeing Fang Xu with such an arrogant mouth was very upsetting.

"Kill."Fang Xu Ton killed.

"Fang Clan Ten Cut Sword."Fang Xu immediately displayed his best move.

However, as soon as Fang Xu's sword arrived in front of Zhu Dan, it was caught by Zhu Dan's two fingers.

Zhu Dan's fingers clicked, and Fang Xu's sword broke into ten pieces.

"Ah."Fang Xu's body trembled.

Zhu Dan snorted, "Fang's ten severed sword, it really is ten severed, just right, no more, no less."

In the distance, Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, Zhu Dan imitated your last duel with Fang Xu."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, narrowing his eyes, this Zhu Dan, a bit interesting.

The people on the scene were talking about it.

"In the past, when Tang Zichen and Fang Xu dueled, it was also Fang Xu who came out with a move and clamped his fingers and collapsed ten pieces, and now Zhu Dan is doing the same.Is the prophecy that Zhu Dan is going to rise really going to come true?"

"Damn, Zhu Dan is so strong, no wonder Zhao Ritian and Liao Jia Yuan are not opponents at all, not even Fang Xu is an opponent ah, Baiyun Middle School, it's really going to change."

Zhu Dan's kick flew up, and Fang Xu was kicked by him to a dozen meters away, and he couldn't get up from the fall.

Zhu Dan grunted and turned around.

Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, before Zhu Dan is far away, hurry out ah, there are many people now anyway, fight Zhu Dan on the spot."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Not interested."

Although everyone said that Zhu Dan was strong, Tang Zichen knew it, three words floated in the sky, strong my ass.

Tang Zichen could tell at a glance that Zhu Dan's martial arts strength was somewhere between 45 and 50.Although it might indeed be strong in Baiyun High School, in Tang Zichen's eyes, he couldn't even mention interest in bullying him.

Where did Tang Zichen know that he had overestimated Zhu Dan, where Zhu Dan was between 45 and 50, it was only 40, Tang Zichen's judgment was inaccurate.

At this moment, in the stands, Song Yu'er said in depression, "Liu Yue, I don't like to see Zhu Dan pretending to be a comparison, you go and beat him, okay."

"Miss, let me get ready, tomorrow, I will definitely challenge him."

After school in the evening, Tang Zichen drove Liu Xiangyun home with him as if nothing had happened.

Liu Xiangyun was confused and asked, "Why do you feel as if nothing has happened at all?"

"Uh, what?"

"Don't you know that there's a strong man named Jutan in the school now?Everyone says you're going to be shot down. How come you're not doing anything?It's like they don't even know about it."

Tang Zichen laughed wordlessly, "So that's what you're talking about, I thought it was something big."

"It's not a big enough deal?If you're really beaten down, how will you protect me in the future, that Zhu Dan will definitely come after me, and you can't beat him, you can only be bullied by him."Liu Xiangyun was worried.

"Miss, didn't I tell you a long time ago that I didn't put the whole Linjiang City in my eyes, what kind of pig guts do you think I would put in my eyes in the district Baiyun Middle School?If a pig's gall makes me, Tang Zichen, tremble and treat it like a big deal, then what face do I have to be your personal bodyguard, Zichen.Alright, no matter how grippy the pig gall is, he's just an organ of a pig, this insignificant little person is not worth discussing, let's talk about bigger things."

Liu Xiangyun rolled her eyes, but she was happy, she thought that Tang Zichen would really be in danger, but she didn't expect that people didn't even care about the pig guts thing, thanks to her she was sweating for Tang Zichen.She said, "I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.


"Talk about what's the big deal?"

"Talk about your sister, I thought your father said she was coming here."

"I haven't seen her in a long time, I don't even know what she looks like nowadays myself, the last time I saw her was when I was eight years old.From the time we were children, we were not of the same world, she showed many, many talents from a young age and was loved by everyone, while I was the one who was not even loved by my own mother and no one wanted."

"Don't talk so pathetically."Tang Zichen laughed.

"It was already the truth."

"Did you have a bad relationship with your sister?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't know, anyway, when I was little, I remember her raising her head high in front of me, being very proud, looking down on me very much, and bullying me, huh?"

"Oh, so her personality is like your mother's, your personality, like your father's."

Xiangyun Liu nodded, "Maybe."

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun returned home.

Liu Chenming had already returned home, and when Tang Zichen got off the car, he immediately saw a strange woman standing in front of the villa, and when Liu Xiangyun saw that strange woman, she also froze there momentarily. A second to remember to read the book

After ten years, seeing her for the first time, Liu Xiangyun had a feeling inside of her that she didn't know what.

Liu Chen Ming said to the woman, "Yiyun, they're back."

"Oh."That strange woman's face didn't have any expression on her oh, feeling a sense of loneliness revealed from her bones.As expected, she was the same as when she was young.

Tang Zichen walked over.

Liu Chenming was busy introducing her, "Zichen, let me introduce her to you, she is what I told you about, Chu Yiyun, my other daughter."

Tang Zichen took a slight look at Chu Yiyun, she was quite beautiful.

Liu Chenming said to Chu Yiyun, "Yiyun, he is what I told you about, Xiang'er's bodyguard, Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen greeted Chu Yiyun with a smile and said, "Hello, Chu Yiyun."

However, Chu Yiyun didn't even look at Tang Zichen and walked towards Liu Xiangyun.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was a bit embarrassed.

When Liu Xiangyun saw Chu Yiyun, she had mixed feelings.

Liu Xiangyun said, "It's been ten years, and I finally see you again."

Chu Yiyun sized up Liu Xiangyun, and after a few seconds, said mercilessly, "Xiangyun, it's been ten years, and you're still such a waste."

Liu Xiangyun wasn't angry and smiled bitterly, "Yes, and you, you're still as brilliant."

Chu Yiyun said, "Your cold disease, didn't you not live to be twenty years old, I thought you were already lying in bed dying, although you are wasteful, but after all, sisters, so I came over to take a look at you, I didn't think you were still alive and kicking."

Tang Zichen heard Chu Yiyun's arrogant and ruthless words, his eyebrows furrowed, and he looked at Liu Chenming, "Uncle Liu, your other daughter is too much, how can she talk like this."

Liu Chenming helplessly said, "Forget it, she's been like this since they were kids, Xiang'er's personality is the complete opposite of Yiyun's, they don't get along."

Tang Zichen saw Liu Xiangyun's face, except for a faint sadness, there was no anger or rage.

Liu Xiangyun laughed bitterly, "It's been ten years since I've seen you, I thought you've changed a lot, but I didn't think you'd still be the same as when I was a kid, sarcastic, arrogant and ruthless, looking down on me."

Chu Yiyun snorted.

: "You're useless yourself, who would have a love affair with you, and I'm just making you understand that a useless person doesn't deserve to live, a street full of beggars, would you go and have a love affair with him, if you don't understand this, you'll be useless for the rest of your life.However, you have a cold disease, it seems like you don't live so long, forget it, I won't fight with you for the sake of you having a cold disease."

Tang Zichen said, "Hey, then who, did you bully my lady like that, did you get my consent?"Tang Zichen couldn't see past it, a mouthful of a waste, what's wrong with this person, so beautiful in appearance, but how can the heart be like this, at any rate, still sisters.

Chu Yiyun turned back and glared angrily at Tang Zichen, shouting, "Dog slave, do you have the right to speak here?"

"Yoo-hoo."Tang Zichen frowned for a moment.

Chu Yiyun walked up to Tang Zichen with a majestic gaze, as if she was the superior master while Tang Zichen was the lowly servant.

Chu Yiyun snorted, "If you were in my house, I would have had you beaten up for a hundred battles, but for the sake of you not being my slave, I'll spare you this time."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Just because of you?You keep saying that others are trash, but you have no idea that you are also a trash in the eyes of others."

"Who are you calling trash?Say it, let me hear it. Who do I look like a loser to?I, Chu Yiyun, have received a gold medal from the Martial Arts Academy to invite me to enter the school, and no one in the entire Chu family dares to call me trash."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Chu Yiyun, you are trash in my eyes."

"Bold slave."Chu Yiyun was furious and raised his slap to slap Tang Zichen.

However, Liu Chenming panicked and stopped it.

"Alright, Yiyun, you're tired after flying all day today, go wash your feet first."

Tang Zichen looked at Chu Yiyun and snorted in disdain, if she dared to hit down, Tang Zichen would absolutely kick her away.

Chu Yiyun glared angrily at Tang Zichen, then went into the living room and was taken to her room by Wu Ma.

Liu Xiangyun walked over to Tang Zichen and said, "Thank you, but you don't have to stand up for me."

"Miss, I can't look past bullying you like that."

"She just looks down on me, our personalities don't match and I'm so useless, it's normal for her to look down on me when she's so brilliant.You don't have to stand up for me, there's no way she'd hit me, and besides, it's between us, or make it hard on my dad."

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded, since Liu Xiangyun had said so, Tang Zichen naturally didn't want to meddle in other people's family matters.

Xiangyun Liu sat down in the living room, and since Chu Yiyun was upstairs, she didn't want to go upstairs at the moment.

Liu Chenming said, "Xiang'er, don't be angry either."

"Dad, I don't have to be angry, although I haven't seen you for ten years, but, I'm used to it, it's just expected."

"Alas, Yiyun is the same as when she was little, her personality hasn't changed at all."Willow Chenming said helplessly.

"Why did she suddenly come here this time?"Xiang Yun Liu asked.

"She originally thought you were dying and did want to come over to take a look at you, although she was mean, but at least she still considered you as a sister inside."

Liu Xiangyun snorted, "Yeah."

Tang Zichen was also really speechless, Liu Xiangyun and Chu Yiyun, this personality was also far too different.

Liu Chen Ming sighed, "Yiyun she received an invitation to enroll in the Martial Arts Academy, the future of her life is bound to be different from us, she has been a proud person in her bones since she was a child, inside she can treat you as a sister, thought you were going to die, specially came over to see you, compared to that biological mother of yours, it's already not bad."


Liu Xiangyun went silent, for ten years, her own mother hadn't come to take a look at her, simply worse than Chu Yiyun, when you think about it this way, Chu Yiyun was really quite compassionate.

The first thing you need to do is to get up and go upstairs with a bitter smile.In fact, she doesn't care what Chu Yiyun does to her, what she cares about is what her own mother does to her.

Tang Zichen saw Liu Xiangyun look so lonely, his heart ached and asked, "Uncle Liu, Xiangyun her mother, how could she be so ruthless ah, at any rate, she is her own daughter."

"I don't understand, back then, when I fell in love with her, she was 23 years old and still hadn't perceived the Rendui vein, and thought her life was hopeless, so she was still quite close to her.She saw that I was quite handsome and accidentally pregnant with twins, so we got married.Then one day, when she was 26, she finally realized that the Rendu Pulse was not the way to go in her life, and then our relationship started to deteriorate.She also really opened up the Rendu and the Second Vessel, and flew to the sky, after which our marriage existed in name only.At that time, Xiang'er and Yiyun were already five or six years old. Yiyun had shown amazing martial arts talent since childhood, while Xiang'er had a cold illness.If I hadn't been so devoted to Xiang'er, I'm afraid she would have died long ago.I'm just a loser in the family, so I'm not qualified to negotiate.However, Xiangyun had a cold disease and they didn't want it, so I brought Xiangyun to this far away place.In the blink of an eye, ten years have passed."

Tang Zichen patted Liu Chenming's shoulder and comforted, "Uncle Liu, now that I'm here, don't think too much, you've worked hard for so many years, and I'm touched that Xiang'er has such an unfailing father as you.Now, you don't have to worry about her cold disease, everything is wrapped up in me, and Xiangyun will definitely have a great future."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen walked up the stairs, Chu Yiyun's temporary room was just diagonally across from Tang Zichen's room, Tang Zichen pressed his hand on the wall, all had felt the sound of water clattering in the room, Chu Yiyun was bathing in the room.

Tang Zichen entered Liu Xiangyun's room, Liu Xiangyun was lying on the bed, her head covered with a blanket.

Tang Zichen closed the door of the room, sat down in Liu Xiangyun bed, feeling unsure of what to say, Tang Zichen is not the kind of person who will comfort people.

Inside of Liu Xiangyun, she actually missed her mother, even though her mother didn't want her anymore.

Tang Zichen turned around to leave and leave her alone, however, Liu Xiangyun suddenly got up and cried on Tang Zichen's shoulder. First URL

Tang Zichen reached out and hugged her, patting her gently on the back.

"Miss, you need to calm down,"Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun suddenly broke into a smile, "How can you comfort people like that."

Tang Zichen doesn't know how to comfort people, so he just said calm down, but he didn't expect to make Liu Xiangyun laugh instead, which made her feel much better.

Liu Xiangyun lying on Tang Zichen's shoulders, feeling so warm, this warmth, so that she suddenly felt also not so sad, as long as Tang Zichen is there.

For a moment, are unable to leave Tang Zichen's shoulders.

However, the reluctance has to be shed, Liu Xiangyun has laughed, it is not good to keep lying on Tang Zichen's shoulders, had to let go.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, your bones are very good, very suitable for martial arts training, as long as your cold disease is cured, you can practice martial arts in the future, as long as you can practice martial arts, you have a hope to open the Ren and Zhu veins, if you open the Ren and Zhu veins, you can one day, surpass your mother, let her see, the person she abandoned is stronger than her."

Liu Xiangyun nodded, but it was clear that she only saw it as Tang Zichen comforting her, because it sounded unrealistic.


Tang Zichen didn't say anything else, for now, the first thing to do was to find a way to treat her cold disease, and it was pointless to say anything else.

Tang Zichen climbed over the balcony and returned to his room.

After taking a shower, Chu Yiyun walked to the living room.

"Yiyun, come sit over here."Liu Chenming greeted.

Chu Yiyun nodded and sat down on the living room sofa, while Liu Chen Ming poured a cup of tea.

"Yiyun, how are you doing now, when are you going to Martial Arts Academy?"Willow Morning asked.

"Not so fast, it's going to be the end of the year."

"Does yours open up any veins now?"

"Soon, when we go to the Martial Arts Academy, we'll get through right away."

"Oh, looks like you're even better than your mother, what's your martial arts level now?"Willow Chen Ming asked again.

"Over seventy."

Liu Chen Ming's heart trembled, it was indeed strong, no wonder his bones revealed such a proud personality.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun also walked down the stairs, Liu Xiangyun was also quite surprised to hear that Chu Yiyun was already over seventy.

Tang Zichen did not move a muscle, according to this era, it was indeed considered powerful.

"That's great, Yiyun, don't forget to help Xiangyun when you're successful in the future, after all, she's your sister."

Liu Xiangyun was busy saying, "I don't need to."

Chu Yiyun snorted.

Willow Chenming sighed deeply.

Chu Yiyun said, "I'll be leaving tomorrow."

"Yiyun, won't you stay a few more days?"Willow Chen Ming was busy.

"This small place is nothing to live in."

Willow Chenming smiled awkwardly, "Also, it's naturally incomparable to the Chu family, I'm glad you were able to make a special trip."

Chu Yiyun looked at Tang Zichen and said, "This bold slave can't be retained, so quickly resign."

Tang Zichen laughed, "The tail is sticking up to the sky."

"Who are you talking about whose tail is warped to the sky."

"Of course it's you, is there anyone else?"Tang Zichen said.

Over seventy levels, Tang Zichen didn't put it in his eyes at all.

Liu Chenming was busy saying, "Yiyun, Zichen has helped our family a lot, he's a miracle doctor, Xiang Yun is now able to live and breathe, he's helped a lot, and it's up to him to cure Xiang'er's cold disease in the future."

Chu Yiyun just snorted and didn't bother with Tang Zichen, or else he would definitely beat up Tang Zichen.

Chu Yiyun asked, "Isn't this bold slave a personal bodyguard?"

Liu Chenming smiled, "Zichen is Xiangyun's personal bodyguard, but Zichen is very strong, not only does he know martial arts, but he also has high medical skills, I'm afraid he's at the fortieth level."

Chu Yiyun was a little surprised to see Tang Zichen, but when he saw Tang Zichen looking so high and mighty, Chu Yiyun couldn't help but snort, "Forty ranks is nothing, this kind of lackey, he'll be like this for the rest of his life, he won't have any success."

Tang Zichen said, "So, you think you're very successful?"

"Doesn't it?I've already felt the Renji vein and I'm going to the Martial Arts Academy next year, and you, for the rest of your life, are just a bodyguard."


"Chu Yiyun, there is a limit to my patience."Tang Zichen said.

Chu Yiyun snorted disdainfully, "If it wasn't for their sake, your bold slave would have been dealt with by me long ago."

Liu Xiangyun was busy pulling Tang Zichen outside.

Liu Xiangyun said to Tang Zichen, "Didn't I tell you not to talk to her so much, she's leaving tomorrow.Moreover, her martial arts skills have reached more than seventy levels, and she's at least in the top five in the entire Linjiang City, you really shouldn't provoke her anymore, in case she really beats you and makes my father difficult."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "If it wasn't for the fact that your dad is a face, I would have already k her."

After the evening meal, Liu Xiangyun went back to her room early.

Chu Yiyun went out and didn't come back until ten o'clock in the evening.

When only Chu Yiyun opened the door of the room she was staying in, she saw Tang Zichen sitting on her bed.

"Great anger slave."Chu Yiyun was furious.

Tang Zichen said, "Chu Yiyun, I dare you to come with me to the hillside behind the villa and we'll talk alone."

"Fine, I was just about to have a chat alone with you."Chu Yiyun bit his teeth. Remember the website

Chu Yiyun leapt out of the window, then with a little bit of both feet, he flew to the small hill behind the villa, which was only a dozen meters away.

Tang Zichen also clicked his feet and chased after him.

Chu Yiyun stopped on the small hill, Tang Zichen arrived in the blink of an eye, Chu Yiyun was also a little surprised to see Tang Zichen so fast.

"Dog slave, you took the initiative to ask me to talk alone, are you looking for a fight, then let me see where you have the guts to be a dog."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm covered in guts, but I don't have dog guts."

"Buzz."Chu Yiyun attacked Tang Zichen all at once, and she didn't use her sword, because there was no need for her to use her sword against Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't even move a muscle to grab Chu Yiyun's fist.

Chu Yiyun was stunned for a moment and suddenly kicked Tang Zichen in the lower abdomen.

Tang Zichen's body twisted, shaking Chu Yiyun's foot away instead, and Tang Zichen threw only Chu Yiyun to the ground in a flash.

"Ah."Chu Yiyun took the pain and shouted.

Chu Yiyun pounced on her again, and Tang Zichen pinned her down again.

"Let go of me."A few minutes later, Chu Yiyun roared, she was no longer struggling as she realized that she was no match for her.

"Chu Yiyun, aren't you arrogant, aren't you the one who calls others trash at every turn?You're so useless now that I'm holding you down and can't move."

"Bold slave."Chu Yiyun's eyes were cold.

Tang Zichen fumed, calling him a slave even at this time.

However, she was, after all, the daughter of Liu Chenming, and without looking at the monk's face, Tang Zichen couldn't beat her to death.

Tang Zichen was on fire, raising his palm and slapping Chu Yiyun's buttocks.

"Slap."Chu Yiyun's buttocks was spanked by Tang Zichen, feeling hot and painful, and suddenly felt very angry and insulted.

Tang Zichen spanked her for a reason, because she was after all the daughter of Liu Chenming, if she were to hit her face or any other part of her body, it wouldn't be good if she went to Liu Chenming to complain, so spanking, Tang Zichen didn't believe that she dared to tell anyone about it.

"Daring, you."Chu Yiyun gritted her teeth in anger.

"Chu Yiyun, you also know that being bullied

The taste of negative ah, tonight I will educate you cold-blooded animal."After saying that, Tang Zichen slapped her buttocks again, and a popping sound occurred.Tang Zichen wondered if he was addicted to spanking Song Yu'er last time, although part of the reason for spanking Chu Yiyun was so that she didn't dare to tell on her, but there was another part of the reason, maybe it really was an addiction.As expected, spanking Chu Yiyun's buttocks was very bouncy.Although this Chu Yiyun was mean and heartless, it really wasn't bad looking.

Chu Yiyun was incomparably ashamed and angry, no one had ever treated her like this since she was a child, no man had ever touched her buttocks.

"Pah."Tang Zichen came again.

"Tang Zichen, if you don't let go of me, I believe I'll kill you."Chu Yiyun raged.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Chu Yiyun, don't you understand, now that you're in my hands, I want you to be born and die."

"Pah."Tang Zichen hit again.

"Let go of me, don't make me shout."

"Shout, I don't mind you shouting, I'm not the one to lose face anyway."

Chu Yiyun really shouted, "Someone..."

Tang Zichen quickly covered her mouth, she actually shouted, Willow Chen Ming's villa was just a dozen meters in front of the hill, and would be heard in a moment.

"You actually really shouted, well, in that case, one does not do, two does not rest."Tang Zichen slapped Chu Yiyun's ass, this slap used internal force, so Chu Yiyun's pants collapsed at once, leaving only a pair of underpants, and his white flowered thighs were already exposed.

"Ah."Chu Yiyun was so stupid that the lower half of his body was only wearing a pair of underpants.

"Big angry slave, what do you want?"Chu Yiyun looked at Tang Zichen in a bit of fear, she thought that Tang Zichen was going to defile her.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't worry, I'm not the least bit interested in your flesh.Body, not the slightest bit interested, if you want to shout, then shout quickly and shout up Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun."

"Dog slave, you're shameless."Tang Zichen stomped on Chu Yiyun's ass and stepped on the ground, Tang Zichen said, "If you call me a dog slave one more time, I'll have your panties crashed into pieces as well, leaving you completely naked, do you believe it."

"You."Chu Yiyun really felt scared and gritted her teeth, "Wait for me, my fiancé, he will definitely kill you."

"Fiancé?Hahaha, could it be that your fiancé is some kind of three-headed, six-armed man?"

"My fiancé, it's enough to deal with you.I'm not your opponent now, I admit it, when I go to the Martial Arts Academy, open the Ren and cultivate the realm, I'll never let you go, and I'll repay the shame of today tenfold."Chu Yiyun swore.

Tang Zichen didn't even want to tell her, I've already opened up the Renduji vein right now, and it's already the middle stage of the Inner Gate, you can't catch up with me even if you fucking do.


Tang Zichen sneered, "I'm afraid of your hair, let your fiancé and you, come along, I'll beat your fiancé until he eats.Shit."

"Hmph, with you?My fiancé is already at the Martial Arts Academy, and you, a hangman, have spent your entire life working as a bodyguard, and you're humiliating me like this today, if my fiancé knew, you'd be miserable."

"Hahaha, Chu Yiyun, you people, I can't even describe it with words, what makes you say that I've spent my whole life as a bodyguard's life?On what basis do you think I can't open up the Renguo vein?"

Chu Yiyun sneered, "With just a little bodyguard like you, what kind of money and experts do you have to help you get through?If you have, why are you here as a poor bodyguard, trash, and you will see how you will beg for mercy at my feet in the future."


Tang Zichen harrumphed, this woman, all like this, still has such an arrogant tone.

"Chu Yiyun, you really leave me speechless, fine, I'll make you lower your proud head today, so how else can you feel self-conscious about being awesome."After saying that, Chu Yiyun's underwear was shattered into pieces by Tang Zichen with a shock of internal force.

"Ah."Chu Yiyun was dumbfounded, this time, really naked, Tang Zichen actually....

"Arrogant woman, you're talking to me naked now, let's see how you can still be arrogant in front of me."Tang Zichen took a glance at Chu Yiyun's bottom and skimmed his lips, "I feel disgusted at the sight, in front of me and Xiangyun, proud as anything, I'm afraid I don't know how many people have been ridden."

"You."Chu Yiyun bit his teeth.

"Chu Yiyun, today I asked you out, just to teach you a lesson, in the future, don't bully Xiangyun anymore, and don't call others trash at every turn, you're even more trash with your bare ass at the moment."

After Tang Zichen said that, he flew away, and Chu Yiyun covered her bottom with both hands, trembling with anger.Luckily it was ten o'clock in the evening, or else everything would have been disgraced.

"Tang Zichen, you piece of trash, I'll definitely come back to settle the score with you, so wait for me."Only then did Chu Yiyun fly back to his room in the middle of the night.

Tang Zichen whistled and lay on his bed playing with his phone.Tang Zichen wasn't at all worried that Chu Yiyun would dare to tell anyone about this, and for this kind of woman, it was better to humiliate her than beat her up.Of course, Tang Zichen just humiliate her, not to lust him, this to be clear.

Tang Zichen opened the campus, at the moment there is a post on the campus is very hot.

"Tomorrow at 9 am, Liu Yue and Zhu Dan duel." One second to remember to read the book

This post has 30,000 replies already, and the poster is Song Yu'er.

Tang Zichen looked through the campus, it was all about Zhu Dan's posts, and was dominated by Zhu Dan, Tang Zichen was a bit upset and made a random spiteful post.

"The whole campus is full of Zhu Dan's posts, I can't even look at his other campus news if I want to see him, depressed!Why is Jutan so popular, such a nobody?I really don't understand, pig guts, no matter how grippy it is, it's just an organ of a pig ah."

Tang Zichen was just casually posting a spit sticker, but didn't expect it to catch fire at once.

Tomo': "Holy shit, what is Tang Zichen doing?"

Story putty ears said, "Is this a war that Don Tzu-Chen is going into?"

Just for Existence i said, "Tang Zichen is so grippy, Zhu Dan, he's only an organ of a pig again, tsk tsk, I really want to see Zhu Dan's expression."

Nightdr Xi said, "It seems that Tang Zichen is not putting Zhu Dan in his eyes at all ah, sit and wait for the expression of a pig's organ."

At this moment, in one of the rooms, Zhu Dan's sidekick ran in with his cell phone.

"Young Master, it's bad, Tang Zichen posted on campus that no matter how grippy you are, you're still just a pig's organ.Tang Zichen doesn't seem to have any intention of taking you seriously at all."

Zhu Dan saw Tang Zichen's post and almost smashed his phone in anger, he defeated Zhao Ritian, Liao Gayuan, and Fang Xu in a row today, and thought that Tang Zichen had silently screamed in fear behind his back.But I didn't expect that Tang Zichen would actually dare to slander him like that on campus, this was not to be afraid of him at all.

"Young Master, what should we do?Should I reply right now?"

Zhu Dan huffed, "No need to reply, tomorrow after I fight with Liu Yue, I'll invite Tang Zichen to come out in public, if he's really that grippy, he'll automatically come out tomorrow, and I'll beat him until I'm soft, I'll see if he still dares to call me a pig's organ."

"Fine, tomorrow let all the students witness Tang Zichen

It's how it was destroyed, which also happens to give you a reason to take the initiative to seek a duel with him."

Tang Zichen went straight to bed after posting that spiteful post, Tang Zichen had no idea that it was already on fire, he was just spitting, no provocation was intended.

When he woke up the next morning, Chu Yiyun glared at Tang Zichen with murderous eyes.

Tang Zichen pretended not to see it.

Chu Yiyun gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, I won't let you go, and neither will my fiancé, so wait for me."

Tang Zichen pulled out his ears and said, "You've said this several times last night, your ears are all calloused, can you change it to something fresh, like, your family won't let me go."

"I'll let you get away with it."Chu Yiyun walked away after saying that, she indeed didn't dare to be told about this by Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun's father and daughter.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I heard you're leaving today, no send off ah."

"Dog slave."Chu Yiyun cursed again, this time, in broad daylight, Tang Zichen really couldn't do anything to her, in exchange for last night, she would definitely have to slap her ass some more.

After breakfast, Liu Chenming sent Chu Yiyun to the airport, and Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun still went to school.

The first time I saw her, I thought she was a bit shaky.

Tang Zichen asked, "Could it be that you can't bear to see Chu Yiyun go?"


"Then what is it?"

"She's gone, my mom, and she didn't even really have a word to relay to me."Xiangyun Liu said in disappointment.

"A heartless, unfeeling person, what do you care what she does."

Xiang Yun Liu sat in the car, startled out of her mind.

At 9 a.m., all the students and teachers rushed to the stadium of Baiyun Middle School to watch the duel between Zhu Dan and Liu Yue.

"Zichen, hurry up, don't miss it."Wang Qiang said to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun, who was sitting in the classroom and didn't move, so Tang Zichen said, "Wang Qiang, I won't go."

"Ah, you're not even going to see such a wonderful thing."Wang Qiang was incredulous.

Tang Zichen was speechless, this was also called something wonderful.

"Come on, let's go see, Zhu Dan and Liu Yue duel ah."Wang Qiang dragged Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was helpless, walked up to Liu Xiangyun and said, "Miss, don't be bored in the classroom alone, come with us to the stadium to see that boring duel."

Liu Xiangyun nodded her head.

The three of them arrived at the stadium, and at this moment, Liu Yue and Zhu Dan were already standing in the middle of the stadium.

Song Yu'er shouted from a short distance away, "Liu Yue, it's up to you if you can make this lady look good."

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun were standing in the corner.

Zhu Dan huffed and looked at Liu Yue with a look at the ants.

"Zhu Dan, hum your sister."Liu Yue said, Liu Yue always remembered to be more arrogant with his words, so he took out an arrogant tone now.

"Liu Yue, I'll let you know later."Zhu Dan said indifferently.

But Liu Yue laughed arrogantly, "Zhu Dan, you're just an organ of a pig, I'm going to crush you today."

Not far away, Song Yu'er shouted, "Right, keep up this arrogance."

Liu Yue's performance today, so far Song Yu'er was very satisfied.


When Liu Yue heard the lady's words, she worked even harder and immediately gave a thumbs up to Zhu Dan and said, "Zhu Dan, go you."

But Zhu Dan did not move, "Liu Yue, I'm not here to have a war of words with you, go ahead and do it, don't blame me for not giving you a chance to make a move."

"Fuck you?."Liu Yue rushed to kill.

"Swoosh swoosh."Liu Yue was also open to the strongest move today.

However, Zhu Dan's figure moved, and Liu Yue's sword lost its target for a moment.

"Ah."Liu Yue was shocked.

In the next moment, Zhu Dan's voice sounded from behind Liu Yue's back: "I'm behind you, silly."

Liu Yue was horrified that Zhu Dan was so strong, and suddenly his forehead was sweating and he wanted to turn back.However, it was too late, Zhu Dan pinched Liu Yue's neck vertebrae with one hand and directly hoisted Liu Yue up.

"Ah."Liu Yue was hanging in the air without any resistance anymore.

"Wow."The whole arena saw Zhu Dan's bullby and shouted wow.

Zhu Dan hummed, "Liu Yue, go back and practice for another twenty years."After saying that, Zhu Dan threw Liu Yue viciously into the distance. The first website

Like throwing a lead balloon, he threw it twenty meters away.

"Wowse, strong."The whole arena roared, or, stupidly, everyone didn't even think that Jutan was so strong.

"Pah-pah."Many people immediately began to applaud, Zhu Dan had completely won everyone over, I'm afraid there would be many campus fans in the future.

At this moment, Zhu Dan yelled, "Everyone be quiet."

The crowd quieted down.

Zhu Dan wouldn't forget Tang Zichen's spiteful post last night on campus, saying that he was a pig organ.

Zhu Dan yelled, "Fellow students, I'm sure you all saw that last night, on campus, Tang Zichen called me a pig organ, and you all wanted to see my face, well, I'll show you my face today."

The audience was silent, feeling that something big was about to happen.

In the next moment, Zhu Dan yelled, "Tang Zichen, I know you were there, it's impossible for you to miss such an exciting event, come out.Since you dared to insult me on campus, I think you should also have the guts to curse me to my face, don't tell me that you only dare to curse me behind my back, not to my face."

Tang Zichen in the corner was stunned, was this a provocation from Zhu Dan?

Wang Qiang said, "Tzichen, Zhu Dan calls you out."

Tang Zichen resolutely walked out, and everyone saw Tang Zichen appear and wowed.

"Ahhhh, Tang Zichen is going to fight with Zhu Dan."Many students felt irritated ah, these were the two most awesome people in White Cloud High School.

Tang Zichen walked not far in front of Zhu Dan.

Zhu Dan looked at Tang Zichen and snorted, "Tang Zichen, you posted insults to me last night, how do you want to settle this matter?"

"I don't know."Tang Zichen said.

"Don Zichen, you're a little man, do you know that I've wanted to beat you up for a long time."

"Yeah?Pig organs."Tang Zichen smiled faintly.

"What did you just say?"Judan's brow furrowed, wondering if he'd misheard.

"I didn't say anything about pig organs."Tang Zichen smiled.

"You say that again?"Jourdan yelped.

"Pig organs."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang Zichen, you... "Zhu Dan was feeling a bit stupid, it was already this time, but Tang Zichen actually dared to call him a pig organ.

"You what you, pig organ."


Haha, good, very good."Zhu Dan laughed furiously.

Tang Zichen said, "Laugh your sister, pig organs."

The whole audience was dumbfounded, didn't Zhu Dan just say that Tang Zichen didn't dare to curse him to his face, now Tang Zichen is a mouthful of pig organs, Zhu Dan is going to burst with anger ah.

Zhu Dan took out his sword with a swoosh and gritted his teeth, "Get out your sword, I don't want to be accused of bullying you."

Tang Zichen said, "Pig organ, I'll take out your sister's sword ah, you have the ability to force me to take out my sword."

"You fucking dare to curse me a word, I believe I'll cut out your tongue."Zhu Dan was really on fire, Tang Zichen was still not finished with the pig organs.

Tang Zichen said, "Cut your sister, pig organs, to cut also I cut your pig organs first."

"You mother."Zhu Dan was furious, and didn't care if Tang Zichen took out his sword or not, he could no longer control his anger and killed up with a sword.

The next moment, suddenly realizing that the target was gone, he stabbed the air with his sword .

"I'm here, pig organs."Tang Zichen's voice sounded behind his head .

Zhu Dan was shocked and violently tried to turn back.

However, Zhu Dan's body suddenly hoisted up, and Tang Zichen pinned the pig organ's jugular with one hand, hoisting him up, and instantly snatched the pig organ's sword with the other hand .

"Ahhhh."The pig organ struggled desperately, but it couldn't break free.

The whole place was dumbstruck, this?

Just now Zhu Dan hung Liu Yue, I thought Zhu Dan was so strong, Tang Zichen was no match.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Pig organ, this is how you just bullied Liu Yue, I'm using this method to bully you now as well."After saying that, Tang Zichen threw the pig organs.

"Bang."The pig organs were thrown twenty meters away, but the pig organs were stronger after all and instantly climbed up.

"I'll kill you."The pig organ killed up in anger, seemingly losing his mind, he thought he was the number one expert at White Cloud High School, but he didn't expect to be so hung up on, where could he stand it.

"Pah."Before Zhu Dan's sword reached Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen's big slap slapped him away.

"Bang."Zhu Dan was slapped seven or eight meters away, but he immediately climbed back up, his eyes blood red as he charged at Tang Zichen.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped him again and flew away.

"Wow."The scene wow, it seems that everyone was wrong, Tang Zichen is in the school, simply invincible ah, and thought that Zhu Dan can replace Tang Zichen, engaged in half a day, Tang Zichen can slap fly.

"Tang Zichen, you insult me like this, I'm not done with you."Zhu Dan yelled and rushed up again.

Tang Zichen was also annoyed, and there was still no end in sight, this time he didn't slap him away, he just snatched his sword, then grabbed him by the neck, hung him to a sewer outlet next to the stadium, pulled open the manhole cover, and threw Zhu Dan right in.

"Whoa."The whole stadium screamed again.

Song Yu'er couldn't help but shout, "Tang Zichen is so handsome."

Many girls immediately shouted, "Tang Zichen, so handsome; Tang Zichen, so handsome; Tang Zichen, so handsome."

Tang Zichen smiled at the crowd and waved his hand, saying, "Classmates, go back to class, about me being handsome, don't spread the word oh.As for that pig organ, oh, he said he wanted to be quiet."

Zhu Dan was in the sewer right now, hearing so many people up there shouting that Tang Zichen was so handsome, and Tang Zichen was even pretending to compare with everyone else, at this moment, he was really crying.However, after being hit so many times in a row by Tang Zichen, he seemed to be powerless.Zhu Dan yelled in the sewer, "Tang Zichen, am I handsome to you."

Tang Zichen left, and his classmates left the sports field, pig organs, still in the sewer.


"Young Master, forget it, you can't play with Tang Zichen, let's hurry back to the family."Zhu Dan's sidekick Wang Xiaowei advised, Wang Xiaowei pulled Zhu Dan up from the sewer.

"Impossible, I, Zhu Dan, am at least a scion of a big family, what is Tang Zichen, why should he play me like this."

"But, young master, Tang Zichen is awesome."

"Pah."Zhu Dan slapped over and roared, "Try saying that he's awesome again?I'll beat you up."

Wang Xiaowei cried, "Young Master, but you can't beat him ah, how else are you going to pick up those school girls, forget it, Young Master, I heard there are a few good ones in heaven, how about......."

"Fuck you, those bitches in heaven, can they compete with my four school girls?Little Wei, use your brain more for things, thanks to you being with me for so long.Since I can't beat Tang Zichen for now, I'll use my brains."

"Young Master, wasn't your brain kicked by a donkey when you were young?"

Zhu Dan kicked over and said angrily, "Say this again later and I'm not done with you."

"Woo."Wang Xiaowei looked aggrieved.

Zhu Dan already had a perfect plan in his head.

Zhu Dan said proudly, "Little Wei, what do you think would happen if I had someone make a human skin mask, a human skin mask made entirely based on Tang Zichen's appearance, and then I put on the human skin mask?" Remember the URL

"Ah, impersonating a Don?"

"Yes, if I wear a human skin mask of Tang Zichen's appearance, do you think that Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er are in my bag?I easily and effortlessly slept through Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er, do you think I'm high on this move?"

Little Wei gave a thumbs up, "Young Master, brilliant, I didn't think you'd be so smart after having your brain kicked by a donkey."

"Fuck you, still mentioning childhood things to me."Zhu Dan kicked up again.

Zhu Dan immediately went to contact one of his family's people, a man who was an expert at making human skin masks, masks that mimicked real people, which ordinary people didn't have the skills to make.

The day's classes ended, and in the evening, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun came home from school, and met Li Xuan'er in front of the school, only to see her face full of sadness.

"Xuan'er."Tang Zichen called out.


"What happened to your house?Why do you look so unhappy."

Li Xuan Er was busy shaking her head, "No, my house is fine."

"Then why do you look so unhappy?"

Kaylee Lee lowered her head somewhat depressedly.

"Go ahead."

That's when Xuan'er Li said, "Aunt Li's money has been stolen."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned and speechless, "What does it have to do with you if Auntie Li's money was stolen?"

Li Xuan'er smiled bitterly, "Auntie Li's husband, also seriously ill, bedridden for years, before a defeat of more than two million to my family, there are still about 500,000 left, last night I and my mother together gave it to Auntie Li, I wanted to give her husband for medical treatment, but I did not expect, just now my mother called me, said it was stolen.I'm so depressed to hear this news, that half a million, last night my mother and I just sent it to ah."

Tang Zichen was incredulous: "You actually gave the rest of the half a million to someone else."

Li Xuan'er laughed, "My father is now well treated, the rest of the money, when the

Natural to the people who need it, this is what my parents and I had discussed long ago, this time we have also been looking to see which family needs this money the most, after making some inquiries, Auntie Li is the most in need of this money, but I did not expect that it was stolen this afternoon, what a tragedy."

Tang Zichen was surprised that Li Xuan'er's family, instead of keeping the remaining 500,000 for themselves, gave it away, this spirit, Tang Zichen was quite touched.

"If One Defeat Red Dust knew that you guys gave the remaining money to other people in need, you must be very touched,"Tang Zichen said.

Li Xuan'er, however, said bitterly, "That money was originally One Defeat Red Dust's aid to us, how can the remaining money have any reason for us to possess it ourselves.Let's not talk about that, now that the money has been stolen, alas, it's so depressing."

Tang Zichen said, "Why don't you deposit it in the bank and then transfer it to Auntie Li so that it won't be stolen."

Li Xuan'er took a glance at Tang Zichen and said, "That money came from an unknown source, and if you deposit it in the bank, it will definitely be investigated and may be confiscated.Now that it's been stolen, and I can't call the police, you say I'm depressed, I can't say I'm bitter."

Tang Zichen chuckled, and was really depressed.

"Xuan'er, leave this matter to me, I'll definitely help you investigate it."

"What can you do?"Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

"Anyway, you should leave it alone."

After that, Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er separated, Li Xuan'er took the bus, Tang Zichen said to take her home, she refused.

When Tang Zichen returned home, he immediately called the little hacker beauty.

"Hey, Xiao Meng, it's urgent."

"Go ahead, brother Zichen."

"A friend of mine, her house was burglarized this afternoon for half a million, help me investigate and see if I can find it."

The little hacker beauty nodded, "Okay, I'll listen in on some information, and I should be able to find out what's going on."

Xiao Meng was very helpful, and in less than half an hour, she found the traces.

"Brother Zichen, just monitored a complex message, a nickname 'bounce all attacks' sent a complex message to another person, saying that he went to the heavenly room at night.The other person asked where you got the money, and he said he was lucky this afternoon and got half a million.Brother Zichen, I suspect that this person, it is possible that he is a thief, you go find this person now."

"Okay, where is it?"Tang Zichen didn't expect to get an eyebrow so soon.

"At a bar called 'Sleepwalking Bar', I've searched for the IP address, at Sleepwalking Bar machine 56, hurry oh, wait for this person to check out the machine."

Tang Zichen immediately set off and rushed to the Dreamwalker Bar in a flash.

Half an hour later, Tang Zichen walked into the Sleepwalking Bar and locked onto Machine 56 with a glance.

At this moment, the young man in machine 56 is taking out a mobile phone, opening the software, searching for the serials in the chase, and seeing that there is no update yet, he immediately sent a comment in the following comment circle: "Grass you? What time is it, it's not updated, write so little every day, you idiot ah you, can't write don't write."This young man would open the software on time every day, and every day when he was in a bad mood, he scolded the author.

At this time, Tang Zichen walked up, there was a green backpack next to this youth, Tang Zichen directly took the backpack.

The young man stood up reflexively, grabbed the backpack with a death grip, and shouted: "Who the hell are you?

Tang Zichen snatched the bag in one go, pulled it open, and there was a bundle of money inside.


"Grass you fuckers dare to rob me."That youth swung the stool of the bar and threw it at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snatched the stool in one fell swoop, pushed him down on the computer desk, and asked, "Where did you get the money?"

"It's none of your business if it's my money."The youth yelled.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped it hard, where is this kind of youth worthy of playing with Tang Zichen.

"Give the bag back to me Laozi."The youth roared.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Open your mouth Laozi, close your mouth Laozi, you really owe to tidy up."

"Do I clean you up, let go of me, don't force me to be angry."The youth blushed furiously.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped it again and sneered, "Still daring to be arrogant in front of me, if you hadn't stolen the money you shouldn't have, you'd be worthy of playing with me.Say, where did the money come from?"

"I'll come you."The youth was incomparably fiery, he had already made a date to Heaven tonight.

"You don't say isn't it, well, I'll send you to the police station."

The young man really trembled, stole half a million, this if you go to the police station, do not know how many years of sentence. A second to remember to read the book

Don Zimmer dragged him out of it.

"Ahhhh."The little youth yelled in anger.

Tang Zichen immediately dialed Xu Mei Qian's phone.

"Hey, what for?"Xu Mei Qian asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Officer Xu, my money was stolen, half a million, but I've caught the thief, I'm now at the entrance of the Sleepwalking Bar, you come over right away."

Xu Mei Qian didn't have the time to say, "Find me even for this small sesame matter."

"Hey, then I had to kill the thief ah."

"Alright, I'll immediately send the police on a nearby mission over."

Not five minutes later, a police car came over and came down with two policemen, and the two policemen said enthusiastically, "Tang Zichen, listen to what Captain Xu said, you caught the thief."

Tang Zichen threw the thief to the two policemen, then opened his bag, poured out the money inside, and said, "Hurry up and take pictures for evidence, I have to go back when it's over."

"Good."Tang Zichen naturally wouldn't go back to make any statement, Xu Mei Qian's relationship was on the line, the two policemen wouldn't ask anything, with Tang Zichen's identity, it was always impossible for him to deliberately set someone up.

The young man was roasted up and then cried.

Tang Zichen asked, "How many years will this guy get?"

"We're not sure about that, I think that stealing half a million dollars will result in a sentence of 10 to 12 years."

Tang Zichen patted the youth's face and said, "Go in, reform well, and see the author later, you see, retribution is coming."

Tang Zichen carried his bag and left, while making a phone call to Li Xuan'er.

"What? The money is recovered?"Xuan'er Li was incredulous, it had only been an hour or so before and after.

Tang Zichen drove to Li Xuan'er's house and cleared it up, 500,000 yuan had been missing 10,000, leaving only 490,000 left.

Tang Zichen took the money to Li Xuan'er.

Li Xuan'er said, "How about you do me a favor, take this money and give it to Aunt Li when her husband goes to the hospital in a few days, otherwise it will be stolen again."

Tang Zichen nodded, and after returning home, Tang Zichen asked Jin Gui to do this.

At this time, at a certain hospital, a doctor entered the ward.

"Lin Dongfang, your bottom has almost recovered.

It's ready to start the transplant, you guys say when you're ready and the hospital will arrange it for you."The doctor said.


Lin Dongfang immediately called his uncle, this Lin Dongfang was the pervert who had his life roots cut off by Tang Zichen at the mall last time.

"Hey, uncle, the doctor said that I'm almost ready for a transplant now, when will you arrest Tang Zichen and transplant his bottom to me."Lin Dongfang asked.

Lin Explosive Tian said instantly, "Can we finally start the transplant operation? good, it's time to have an explanation for this matter."

Lin exploded Tian hung up the phone, Tang Zichen had cut his nephew's lifeblood, and now more than half a month had passed.The reason why they hadn't gone to Tang Zichen for so long, it wasn't that they were kind, but Lin Dongfang wasn't fit for a transplant yet, that's right, they were going to take Tang Zichen's lifeblood and transplant it to Lin Dongfang.

It would be a big mistake to think that this matter was just going to go away, they were not only going to transplant Tang Zichen's lifeblood to Lin Dongfang, they were also going to transplant a woman's lifeblood to Tang Zichen, making Tang Zichen pay a heavy price for having cut off Lin Dongfang's lifeblood.

Tang Zichen returned home.

"Zichen, where have you been?"Willow Morning asked.

"I went out to run some errands."

Tang Zichen had just sat down when there was a sudden clatter outside and an SUV crashed through the iron gate of the fence and rushed in.

Four or five people got down from the car.

"What's going on?"Liu Chenming ran out of the living room door in a panic, only to see Lin Bursting Tian and a few experts getting off the SUV.

Willow Chenming was shocked, "They, finally here, Zichen, Lin Bursting Tian is the second master of the Chemical Dragon Hall, his martial strength is at level 52 ah."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, he didn't expect that the Second Hall Master of the Chemical Dragon Hall would have such a high martial strength, level 52.

After getting out of the car, Lin Explosion lit a cigarette, spat out a smoke ring, and hummed full of disdain, "Tang Zichen, you should still remember who I am."

Tang Zichen said, "Remember, Lin Dongfang's uncle, huh, the one whose life I cut off last time."

Lin Bursting Heaven's eyebrows furrowed, one of his men roared, "Hey, Tang Zichen, how are you talking, the one who cut it off was Lin Dongfang, not our big brother."

"Oh, so it's my misremembering."Tang Zichen trailed off.

Lin exploded with anger, "Tang Zichen, don't stick gold on your face, it's been more than half a month since this incident, I'm afraid you think, I'm just going to spare you, right."

"Alright, it's dinner time, I don't have time to waste with you, if you have something to say, fart, go outside and let it out."

Lin Exploded Tian shook his cigarette butt, his face screwed up, and said, "Tang Zichen, your good days are over."

Tang Zichen moved and instantly hoisted Lin Explosion Sky up and said, "I said, dinner time is here, didn't you hear me?"

Lin Explosive Tian was trembling, incredulous, "You you you, how did you do that."

Lin Explosive Tian was about to order his men to tie Tang Zichen up, the four men he had brought with him were all above level 35, but all of them hadn't spoken yet, and he was hung up by Tang Zichen himself.

At this moment, Lin Explosive Sky was scared to death.

"Lin Explosive Sky, this matter has been over for so long, and I forgot about it if you didn't come to me.I'm giving you two choices right now, first, get lost and completely disappear under my nose, I can continue to forget about this.Secondly, play with me to the end."After saying that, Tang Zichen threw Lin Explosion Sky away and threw him outside the villa.

The four little brothers watched as their big brother, like a parabola, flew over their heads and went outside the villa.


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