The King of Kungfu in school 301-310

 Chapter 301

Tang Zichen yelled at the four remaining little brothers, "Get out, if you dare to take another step in, I'll cut off your dog's feet."

Lin Explosion's four little brothers ran out of the villa in a panic, big brother had flown out, how dare they stay for another half a moment.

"Big brother."

"Big brother, you."

After the four men ran out, they saw that Lin Bursting Tian was trying to pull off the trash cans over his head in a grey-headed manner.

"What are you waiting for, come over here and pull the trash cans off."Lin Explosion raged as he flew out just in time to plunge his head into the trash can.

"Yes."The four little brothers scrambled up to help.

"One, two, three, pluck."

"One, two, three, pluck."

"One, two, three, pull."

"Big brother, pulling can't come down, if you use force, it will pull your head off, you can only go back and use the cutter." First URL

"Grass him."Lin exploded with fire, he was so depressed, he hadn't even started tying Tang Zichen, he was thrown out, stuck head first into a trash can, couldn't even pull it out, the whole upper half of his body was stuck in the trash can to go.

"Brother, what now?Do you still want to go in and tie up Don Zixon?"A little brother asked.

Lin Exploded Sky bit his teeth and said very reluctantly, "Retreat first."

Another: "Brother, but our car is still inside, we just drove in by breaking down the iron gate."

Lin exploded with frustration: "Virtue, you go in and take the car out."

The man called Virtue was busy shaking his head: "Big brother, Tang Zichen said that whoever takes another step inside, cut off his dog's legs.Big brother, I still have old mother at home, you let Xiao Jin go."

The one who called: "Big brother, my wife will give birth at night, you let Xiaoha go in."

: "Big Brother, my driver's license has been revoked, you let Xiaomao go in."

: "Big Brother, my stomach hurts, I want to go to the bathroom first."

Lin exploded weather a roar: "You a few trash, a garbage can you can not pull out, now even the car does not dare to go in to drive out, I want you what use."

In the end, the Range Rover that Lin exploded sky, has remained in front of Liu Chen Ming's villa, no one dared to go in and drive away.

Tang Zichen directly confiscated it and drove it to the garage.

Willow Chen Ming was shocked, "Zichen, Lin Explosion Tian is a level 52 expert, and you threw him out?"

Liu Xiangyun also looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, how strong was Tang Zichen, how come it felt like every strong man came to him and ended up not being an opponent.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Uncle Liu, just remember, the entire Linjiang City, I didn't put it in my eyes, that's enough, alright, go in and eat dinner."

Lin Explosion returned to his house with a trash can stuck in his head, and the four men hurriedly got cutters, which took that trash can off.

"Grass him?."Lin Exploding Tian smashed the taken down trash can into the ground with fire, the more he thought about it, the more faint he got.

"Brother, what now?That Tang Zichen's strength isn't as weak as we thought, you're not even a match for level 52, I think he's at least level 55."

"Yeah, big brother, although he sneaked up on you when you weren't paying attention, the fact that he was able to sneak up on you also shows his own strength."

Lin exploded Tian took a drag on his cigarette and said through clenched teeth, "Damn it, Tang Zichen, he'll wait for me, Xiao Mao, you make a phone call to Lin Dongfang and tell him that the plan is a bit delayed, he won't be able to do the transplant tonight, so he'll wait a few more days."

"Yes, big brother."

Tang Zichen ate dinner and stayed in his room alone, thinking about how to treat Liu Xiangyun, these days, how to treat the cold disease, has been bothering Tang Zichen.Although Tang Zichen slept after class

, all trying to figure out how to treat it, but there was always no clue.

Another night passed, Tang Zichen could only watch the time pass, helplessly.

The next afternoon.

In a corner of the school.

Zhu Dan received an express mail, and after opening it, inside was a human skin mask.

"Wow, it really is amazing, it looks exactly like Tang Zichen's."Zhu Dan looked at the human skin mask in his hand and smiled.

"Young Master, quickly bring it up and try it on."

"Good."Zhu Dan immediately put on the human skin mask, and in the next moment, Tang Zichen appeared alive in front of him.

"Wow, young master, even I don't know if you're Zhu Dan or Tang Zichen anymore."

"Little Wei, take a picture of me and see."


Zhu Dan saw the photo, a Tang Zichen's face, and burst out laughing, "Tang Zichen, although your martial arts skills are stronger than mine, unfortunately, your IQ is low, hahaha, let's go, I'll wear Tang Zichen's mask right now and try the effect, I'm afraid I'll be able to fuck Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er very soon."

Wang Xiaowei was busy saying, "Young Master, you can still go out and rape a few people and frame Tang Zichen."

"There's no need for you to say that, don't be too tight with me, lest you be seen to have a flaw."


As Zhu Dan walked on the campus, all the students passing by on the way greeted Zhu Dan, "Tang Shao."

"Hello, Tang Shao."

Soon after, he ran into Zhao Ritian, Zhu Dan wanted to go up and say hello to Zhao Ritian, but unfortunately, Zhao Ritian saw Tang Zichen approaching and took a detour.

Zhu Dan cursed, "A worthless thing."Zhu Dan despised Zhao Ritian, and if he couldn't beat Tang Zichen, wouldn't he use his intelligence?Do we have to use force?

This afternoon, it happened to be gym class, and Li Xuan'er saw Tang Zichen not far away and immediately ran up.

"Tzu-Chen."Li Xuan'er shouted.

Zhu Dan was stunned, not expecting to run into Li Xuan'er so soon.

Zhu Dan's heart was happy, since it was such a coincidence, let's ask Li Xuan'er to meet her now.

"Xuan'er."Zhu Dan called out.

Li Xuan'er's eyebrows furrowed and asked, "What's wrong with your voice?A little husky."

"I caught a cold last night, Kayla, what are you doing here?"Zhu Dan asked.

Although Li Xuan'er felt that Tang Zichen was a bit strange, she didn't think much of it at the moment.

"Why are you out in class for a stroll this gym class."Li Xuan'er asked.

Zhu Dan smiled, "Because I miss you."

"Uh."Li Xuan'er was stunned.

Zhu Dan smiled again, "Xuan'er, are you free tonight."

"Yes, what's up?"Kaylee Lee said.

"Oh, tonight, let's go stay in a hotel."

"Ah."Li Xuan'er was shocked, so direct.

"Zichen, what's wrong with you today?Weird?"

"Kayla, I'm only asking you one thing, if you would like to go to a hotel room with me."Zhu Dan said.

"Zichen, this, is it really you?"Kaylee Lee was a little skeptical.

"Nonsense, will it or won't it, be direct."Zhu Dan was a bit impatient.

When Li Xuan'er saw that Tang Zichen was angry, she bit her lips and said, "If you really want it, I'll never refuse, you've done me a great favor, my body is already yours."

"Then what are you waiting for, go now."


"Ah, right now?Wouldn't be too much of a rush."

"It's almost the end of class anyway, let's go to dinner first and then go to the hotel."

Li Xuan'er blushed and lowered her head, "As you arrange."Although Li Xuan'er was a bit confused why Tang Zichen was very different today, she didn't think about it that much because she already liked Tang Zichen, plus Tang Zichen used to pay for 100,000 surgeries for her, and her first night belonged to Tang Zichen, so she didn't have any caution.


Li Xuan'er said, "Then you wait for me, I'll go to class to get my bag."

"Okay, I'll wait for you in front of the school."Jutan said.

"Mm."Li Xuan'er nodded shyly and ran to the school building.

"Yay."An excited yay from Judan.

"Hahaha, I didn't expect that slutty bitch Li Xuan'er, so slutty, Tang Zichen casually invited her, she was willing to go to a room, but that's just the way I got my hands on her.Tang Zichen, I'm afraid you don't even know that your woman will soon let me sleep with her, haha."Zhu Dan thought excitedly as he walked to the school entrance and went to the parking lot to get his car.

His sidekick, Zhu Xiaowei, came up and asked, "Young Master, what's the situation?"

Zhu Dan glared at him and said, "Get out of my way, I'm Tang Zichen now, don't get too close to me, I've managed to get a date with Li Xuan'er, Li Xuan'er went back to her class to get her bag, so come with me to my room later, you get out of my way." Remember the URL

"Yes yes yes."Zhu Xiaowei immediately rolled away, so as not to spoil the young master's good fortune.

Li Xuan'er returned to her class, her mind in a trance, always feeling that Tang Zichen was a bit different.

"Maybe, I'm overthinking it, forget it, I owe Tang Zichen for my first night anyway, I'll never refuse if he wants a room."Li Xuan'er picked up her bag and called her teacher to take a leave of absence, then she left the building and headed to the school entrance, only, Li Xuan'er was nervous.

Zhu Dan drove a Mercedes Benz, is waiting at the school entrance, mouth still humming a song: "Sister sits on the bow of the boat, brother shore walk, grace and love, fiber rope swing."

At this moment, not far from the school entrance, a black-clothed man with a walkie-talkie said, "Report report report, Tang Zichen appears."

Not far away, Lin Explosion Sky's face was cross, and with a wave of his hand, he said, "Go."


A few youngsters, each holding a launcher in their hands, as long as it was fired at a person, the syringe inside would automatically input the liquid into the body.

"Fuck, this time, I'll see how arrogant Tang Zichen still is."Lin Exploded Tian said in his heart.

One of his men said, "Brother, we came prepared today, Tang Zichen can't escape us."

Lin Explosive Tian and a few others, rushed up to that Mercedes Benz at fire speed, and indeed saw Tang Zichen sitting inside.

"Launch."In the first moment, Lin Explosive Sky and a few of his men fired the syringe at Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Zhu Dan, who was humming a song, felt like his arm was bitten by ants, and when he turned his head, he saw a tiny syringe sticking out of his arm, like a ballpoint pen refill.

"What the heck."Zhu Dan pulled it off and threw it out of the car.

At that moment, Lin Explosion came up and sneered, "Tang Zichen, today, I'll see how arrogant you are."

Zhu Dan looked at Lin Exploding Tian baffled and grinned, "Who are you?Don't interrupt me or don't blame me for being rude."

"Hahaha."Lin Exploded Tian and a few of his men burst out laughing disdainfully.

Zhu Dan was very angry, busy walking off the car, Li Xuan'er will soon come out to go to the room with him, did not expect this critical moment, a few little punk trouble.

Lin exploded Tian did not want to waste time, a command: "Tie up and pull away."

Zhu Dan wanted to explode these people, but, found that he was weak, what happened.

In the next moment, Zhu

Dan had been tied up with five flowers and a van drove up and threw Judan into the van.

"What are you doing?"Zhu Dan yelled.

Lin Exploded Tian slapped Zhu Dan's face and sneered, "Tang Zichen, weren't you arrogant yesterday, show me again today."

Only then did Zhu Dan understand that the gang was looking for revenge on Tang Zichen.

Zhu Danton was depressed and cursed, "I'm grass."

"Big brother, Tang Zichen still dares to scold you."

Lin exploded Tian huffed, "Let him curse, he'll be too lazy to curse later."

At this time, Zhu Dan passed through the window of the van and saw Li Xuan'er coming out with her bag, Zhu Dan yelled in depression, "Why, it's about to get done."

The van had started and was moving away from Baiyun Middle School, Lin exploded Tian took out his phone and made a call out, "Hey, prepare for surgery right away."

After saying that, Lin exploded Tian hung up the phone, he had already informed the hospital, the transplant operation could begin as soon as he arrived, he didn't expect that coming to catch Tang Zichen today would go so smoothly.

Zhu Dan's eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "Hey, hey, hey, what operation did you just say?"

A few of the men laughed out loud.

"Hey, hey, hey, what are you laughing at, explain to me clearly, what operation?"

Lin Exploded Tian snorted, "Tang Zichen, you'll naturally know what operation to perform when you get to the hospital, Xiao Mao, seal his mouth completely, don't let him make a lot of noise."


Zhu Dan still wanted to say something, his mouth was wrapped with a circle of duct tape.

Although Zhu Dan didn't put on a hoarse voice now, unfortunately, Lin Explosion Heaven and the others were already unfamiliar with Tang Zichen, so where would they think so much.

Zhu Dan felt that something bad was about to happen and struggled desperately.

Li Xuan'er was standing in front of the school with her school bag, not seeing Tang Zichen.

Li Xuan'er took out her cell phone and made a call to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was in his class, and when he saw Li Xuan'er calling, he thought something had happened and immediately picked up.

"Hello, Xuan'er."

"Zichen, where are you?Didn't see you."

"I'm in class ah."

Li Xuan Er was stunned, "Didn't you, you said, wait for me in front of the school?"

"Uh, when did I say that?"Don Zichen's brow furrowed.

"Didn't you, just now, say that near the stadium?"

"Xuan Er, what nonsense are you talking, I've been in class all afternoon."

Li Xuan'er now suddenly noticed that Tang Zichen's voice wasn't hoarse anymore.

"Tzu-Chen, what about your voice?"

"What's wrong with my voice?"Tang Zichen was puzzled.

Xuan Li's head wasn't spinning a bit enough, what was all this about.

"Mavis, where are you?"

"In front of the school."

"Wait for me over there, I'll be right out."

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen raced to the school entrance, where Li Xuan'er stood staring at the school with her school bag.

"Xuan'er?"Tang Zichen shouted.

Li Xuan'er looked over at Tang Zichen, even her clothes were different.

"Tzichen, you."

"Tell me, what's going on?"Tang Zichen asked.

Li Xuan'er said, "Just now in our gym class, I saw you by the sports field and greeted you, and then you asked me."

"Asked you what?"


"Ask me if I'd like to go to a room with you, right now, you've helped me so much before and I'm not the kind of person who knows how to repay a favor, so I agreed.I went back to get my bag and you waited for me in front of the school, but as soon as I walked out, you weren't here, and then I called you.You know what happened after that."

Tang Zichen wiped a cold sweat.

"Xuan Er, what are you talking about, how could I possibly ask you out to a room."

"Yeah, how could you possibly ask me out."Li Xuan'er smiled bitterly, in fact, Li Xuan'er wanted it to be true more than anything else, but now that she found out that it wasn't true, there was a faint sense of loss inside her instead.

At this time, Tang Zichen saw not far away, a man squatting on the ground crying, his mouth still shouting Young Master.

Tang Zichen walked up and found that it was that follower of Zhu Dan's.


When Wang Xiaowei looked up, he was busy shouting, "Young Master, you're not..." but Wang finished and shut up, because he had already discovered that it was the real Tang Zichen, and immediately turned white.

"You called me Young Master?What do you mean?"

"It means nothing."When Wang Xiaowei tried to leave, Tang Zichen immediately lifted him up and questioned, "Say, what's the meaning?"

"No." A second to remember to read the book

"Don't blame me for being rude if you don't say anything."

Wang Xiaowei cried, "My young master, he's been arrested."

"It's none of my business if your young master is caught, why are you calling me young master?"

Actually, Tang Zichen had roughly guessed it.

"Is it pig guts, impersonating me?Say."

Only then did Wang Xiaowei honestly explain clearly.

Li Xuan'er turned pale and covered her mouth, bursting into tears.

Tang Zichen threw Zhu Xiaowei away.

Li Xuan'er cried, "I can't believe I was almost cheated, I'm so stupid," and Li Xuan'er slapped herself hard, snapping.At the thought of almost being tricked by Jutan into going to the hotel, Xuan'er Li couldn't forgive herself.

"Oooh, I can't believe I didn't recognize that as a fake."Xuan'er Li slapped herself again, feeling very sorry for Tang Zichen inside.

"Mavis, it's not your fault."

"No, I hate myself so much, I can't believe I was lied to, if Zhu Dan hadn't suddenly been taken away, I... "Xuan'er Li slapped herself again.

"Xuan'er, don't be like that."Tang Zichen saw that Li Xuan'er had slapped her face red and was busy grabbing her hand.

"I can't forgive myself."Xuan'er Li cried.

"That Zhu Dan, he dared to impersonate me and lie to you, I won't let him off the hook for this."Tang Zichen angrily said that if Li Xuan'er was really tricked into going to the hotel, Tang Zichen would really kill Zhu Dan.

Li Xuan'er learns the truth and feels sorry for Tang Zichen, as if she cheated on him.

Tang Zichen hugged Xuan'er Li.

"Xuan'er, Zhu Dan didn't have his way, you can't be blamed for not recognizing me, even if it was Liu Xiangyun, I'm afraid she would be deceived, who would have expected that someone would be able to make such a similar human skin mask.This Zhu Dan, too sinister to play dirty with me, let's see if I'll let him go."

Li Xuan'er wiped her tears and said, "That king, there is a group of people who are trying to capture Zhu Dan as you."

Tang Zichen grunted, "Who else could it be, nine times out of ten it's Lin Explosion, but Zhu Dan was arrested, he deserved it, I hope Lin Explosion taught him a good lesson for me.Alright, Xuan'er, don't cry."

"But I, can't forgive myself."

"What can't be forgiven, it's not my wife, otherwise .

My wife didn't recognize my husband and couldn't forgive herself.We didn't see each other every day either, so it's normal that you almost got cheated.Even if it was Xiangyun, you would definitely have been cheated."

Li Xuan'er laughed bitterly, inwardly saying, "Yeah, I'm not your wife, I'm just making a fool of myself, huh?"

"It's fine, then you go back to class first, I've already taken my leave, I'm going straight home."Li Xuan Er said.

"Good."Tang Zichen went back to class, Li Xuan'er took the bus home, the whole way was a bit disorienting, almost sat through the station, had been ready to go to a room, but it was a wreck.

At the hospital, surgery started immediately, and despite Zhu Dan's desperate struggle, he was pulled into the operating room.

Lin Dongfang also went into the operating room, Lin Dongfang looked at the struggling Tang Zichen and proudly hummed, "Tang Zichen, you also have today, huh, I let you cut off my lifeblood, now I want you to pay me back.Hahaha."

Zhu Dan looked at Lin Dongfang with his eyes wide open, Zhu Dan seemed to already know what operation to perform.

At this time, Lin Explosion asked his men, "Did the female corpse pull in?"

"Brother, everything is precisely ready, once Tang Zichen's lifeblood is transplanted to Young Master Dongfang, let's transplant the female corpse's lifeblood to Tang Zichen right away and let Tang Zichen be a woman in his next life."

Lin Exploded Tian asked, "That female corpse shouldn't be illegal, right?"

"Of course not, just died in the hospital half an hour ago, about thirty years old, a female transplant so young for Don's sake, cheap for him."

"Good."Lin exploded in his heart, this was what happened to him for offending him.

Zhu Dan was on the operating table, struggling for the last time, Zhu Dan's heart was screaming, "Tang Zichen, what kind of enemy have you fucking offended, I'm not done with you, woohoo."

The operation was successful, at ten o'clock in the evening, Lin Dongfang and Zhu Dan were pushed out of the operating room separately, they were in different wards, Lin Dongfang was of course in the luxury ward, Zhu Dan was in the ordinary ward.

The next morning, Zhu Dan opened his eyes in a daze, he didn't know whether it was from the gas faint or the anesthesia.

As soon as Zhu Dan opened his eyes, the voice of Wang Xiaowei came from his ears: "Miss, you're awake."

When Zhu Dan looked, Wang Xiaowei was lying on his bed, with tears still on his face.

"Miss, if you feel pain, bite me."Wang.

Zhu Dan burst into flames and roared, "Who the hell are you calling Miss?Who is your lady?"

"Oooh, Miss, I'm sorry I'm late, I only found you this morning, and by the time I found you, you had already...turned into a Miss...oooh."Wang Xiaowei cried with one snotty nose and one tear.

Zhu Dan endured the pain and kicked Wang Xiaowei, roaring, "Try calling me Miss again."

"Miss, I...oooh."

"You still scream."Zhu Dan smashed the pillow at Wang Xiaowei.

Wang Xiaowei cried, "Little...oooh, I really can't scream the word Young Master, oooh."

"Fuck you."Zhu Dan ignored the pain and jumped off the bed, kicking Wang Xiaowei violently.

"Miss, stop hitting, I...I can't call you Young Master, woohoo."

Only then did Zhu Dan stop, looking at the gauze wrapped around the lower half of his body and yelled, "Tang Zichen, I'm not done with you."

Tang Zichen was in class at the moment and had no idea what was going on.

At that moment, the little hacker beauty called.

Tang Zichen immediately picked it up.

"Hey, Xiao Meng, what is it?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Brother Zichen, now it's my turn to ask you for something."


"Uh, what is it?You say."

"Brother Zichen, remember my slayer friend?The one named Qi Xue Yun, the one who almost blew your head off last time."


"Brother Zichen, please help me, sister Qi is in trouble, help me save her."

"What do you mean?"

"Sister Qi had an accident when she went on a mission this time, you should go and save her, I've helped you so much, you should help me once too."

Tang Zichen didn't have any hesitation, Xiao Meng had helped him so many times, it was time to help her, Tang Zichen nodded his head, "Okay."

"Thank you, then hurry up and get going, you're taking a plane to Black Wind City."

"But, I haven't bought a plane ticket yet."

"It's fine, send me your ID number, I'll take care of it for you, you can just swipe your ID card when you get to the airport."Xiao Meng didn't take this seriously at all, she was a hacker, what else would she buy a plane ticket for.

However, Tang Zichen frowned again, "I don't seem to have an ID card." First URL

"Ah, not even an ID?"


"Then you can borrow one."

"Okay."Tang Zichen borrowed Wang Qiang's ID card, then told both Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun that something had come up to go out of town, which made it to the airport in a flurry.

Tang Zichen waited for over an hour, then swished Wang Qiang's ID card.

"Sorry, it's not you personally."The airport staff stopped Tang Zichen because a glance at the photo showed that it wasn't Tang Zichen himself, although this ID card had a record of ticket purchase.

However, it was hard to beat Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen instantly took out a silver needle and pricked the staff member's neck.

That staff member immediately let Tang Zichen in, his eyes appeared stunned, but then regained clarity, just what just happened seems to be a little trance, that staff member said in his heart: "Last night did not sleep well, head a little dizzy."

Tang Zichen had boarded the plane.

Three hours later, Tang Zichen got off the plane.

"Hey, Xiao Meng, I've arrived at Black Wind City, where is your friend and how to save him."Tang Zichen called to the little hacker beauty.

"Brother Zichen, I only know that Sister Qi took a mission to assassinate a man named Bai Ming in Black Wind City, and I lost contact with Sister Qi after that."

"Who is Bai Ming?"

"Bai Ming is the son of the Black Wind City's number one power, the Black Dragon Hall Master, and according to the information, this Bai Ming, is level 45.With Sister Qi's ability, long-range sniping should be a breeze, I don't know why it failed."

"Find out the address of the Black Dragon Hall, I'll go straight to the door and ask for someone."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah?Brother Zichen, are you going straight to the door?"Moe was shocked.

"Or what?"

"But, the Black Dragon Hall is such a big force, with experts inside, you don't want to die if you force your way in like this."

"Alright, how high a hand can be, address."

Xiaomeng helplessly gave Tang Zichen the address, Tang Zichen's skill was high, and he directly came to the door to ask for someone.

Right now, in a certain underground chamber in the city, there was only one door in this chamber, and this door led down from above.Inside this secret room, a woman was lying on the ground, with a sniper rifle in her hand pointing at the door of the secret room, and as soon as someone came in, she

It would be the first time to shoot.

At that moment, a voice sounded from outside the secret room, "Night Hitomi, don't resist unnecessarily, it's not too late for you to surrender."

Night Hitomi snorted, "I'll shoot anyone who comes in."

"Night Hitomi, do you think you can really threaten me?I could have vented the gas in, or I could have poured water in and drowned you.But why didn't I do that, you know?Because you're pretty, and it's a shame that such a beautiful woman is a killer, come out.I can forget about the fact that you killed me, as long as you are my woman."

Night Hitomi didn't say anything, deadly guarding that sniper rifle, it was her only life saving chip, even if a martial arts level 80 came in, it could penetrate his body, so now the people outside didn't dare to come in rashly, otherwise she was afraid that she would have been finished already.

The failure of this mission was something she hadn't expected, but she didn't regret it because she knew that it was perfectly normal for a killer to die in the course of a mission, and she didn't feel attached to it, the world didn't have anyone for her to stay with.Her parents were long gone, and that indifferent family had no feelings at all for her.

Even though she was in a crisis right now, perhaps her life was on the line, her face still seemed very flat, no fear, no tension, as usual.

Outside the secret room, a large group of experts surrounded, and had been in a stalemate with Night Hitomi for half a day.

One expert said, "Young Master Ming, just use poison gas, people are coming to kill you, and you're still bothering with her so much."

The man called Bai Ming glared and said, "What do you know, that's a beautiful woman inside, not an ordinary killer.Besides, even though she killed me, it wasn't her intention, she was just taking a mission, so if you want to blame it on the bounty, it has nothing to do with her.Don't you know, young master I like beautiful women the most, if I could turn this beautiful woman into my woman, how great would that be."

"But, Young Master Ming, this has been a stalemate for half a day, if you open the door to the secret room and go in, she will definitely shoot you dead, she won't show you any mercy because you're not willing to kill her."

The man named Bai Ming licked his tongue and smiled, "I like this kind of hard to conquer woman the most."

Night Hitomi was lying motionless in the secret corner, when she spoke outside, Night Hitomi naturally heard it clearly, but she didn't move at all.

Tang Zichen took a taxi and arrived at his destination, seeing the huge manor, Tang Zichen couldn't help but sigh, "Worthy of being the biggest power in Black Wind City."

Tang Zichen walked to the main gate, which was guarded by two people.

"What people?"

Tang Zichen asked, "I heard that someone came to assassinate Bai Ming."

"Who are you?How do you know this?"

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, it seemed to be true.

Tang Zichen didn't want to talk nonsense and smiled, "Now where is that killer?"

"What's it to you?"

Tang Zichen strung up one of the guards and said, "Again, where is that killer?If you tell me she's dead, then you go and be buried with her, too."

Of course, Tang Zichen was bluffing him, if that killer died, Tang Zichen would just go home and tell Xiaomeng that she was late.Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to kill these guards, after all, that killer had nothing to do with Tang Zichen's fart, he was just doing Xiaomeng a favor.

"That killer is blocked in the Black Dragon Villa's underground chamber, because that killer has a sniper rifle, so the people outside don't dare to go in."

"Looks like she's still alive, that's good to know."Tang Zichen put the guards down, then smiled and said, "There's a guest coming, what, won't you receive him?"


"Please."One of the guards invited Tang Zichen into the manor's receiving hall, while the other guard immediately called.

"Housekeeper, it's bad, someone is coming to pick up that killer."

Tang Zichen sat in the receiving hall while that guard respectfully served tea.

About two minutes later, the housekeeper led seven or eight experts to arrive.

"Where's the madman who dares to act rashly here."The steward shouted.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Gentlemen, I am only here to lead away someone, she is the female assassin who came to kill Bai Ming, I expect you to make it easy for her.I have no quarrel with you, and I have no intention of destroying unity."

"On."The butler gave a command, and seven or eight experts swarmed up.

Tang Zichen's teacup shook, seven or eight drops of tea floated out, Tang Zichen's hand fanned, seven or eight drops of water instantly for flying towards the seven or eight experts.

"Bang bang."Each drop of tea water was like a bullet, hitting the seven or eight experts.

"Ahhhh."The seven experts flew out of the hall.

"Ah."That housekeeper was stupid, it was the first time to see such a powerful person. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen continued to drink his tea and said, "Go and bring out the person I want."

The butler immediately ran out and came to the door of an underground chamber.

"Young Master Ming, it's bad."The steward said in panic.

"What's bad?"

"Young Master Ming, there's an expert coming, he's in the receiving hall, threatening to come and pick up that female assassin inside, just now our manor's eight vajra were blown out of the door by that expert in one go, you should go ah."

"What."Bai Ming was furious.

"Go, go take a look."

One of his men said, "What about the killer inside?"

"Seal the door to the secret room."

Tang Zichen drank tea for a few minutes and a group of people rushed in.

Bai Ming saw a young man sitting in the hall and rushed towards Tang Zichen in a fiery fury.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Tang Zichen didn't want to say anything when he saw how rude this person was, so he just smashed a teacup over.

"Pah."The teapot hit Bai Ming's forehead, and Bai Ming bled for a moment.

"Grass you?."Bai Ming was furious, he was at least a level 45 expert.

"Bang."In the next second, before anyone could see how Tang Zichen made his move, they found out that Bai Ming couldn't move as Tang Zichen's foot stepped on the coffee table, and the coffee table turned into pieces, Tang Zichen's foot stepped on Bai Ming's head.

"Young Master Ming."Several experts were busy shouting loudly.

One of the tallest bodyguards rushed up and shouted, "Young Master, I'm here to save you."

"Bah."Tang Zichen sprayed out a mouthful of water, and the bodyguard who rushed up to save Young Master was hit by Tang Zichen's saliva, and his body flew away backwards.

"Ah."Everyone else was dumbfounded and froze there at a loss for words, this expert, was too high.

Even Bai Ming was dumbfounded at the moment.

"Who the hell are you?"Bai Ming asked angrily.

Tang Zichen said, "Why ask knowingly, I'm here to pick up that killer of yours, I'll give you five minutes, in five minutes I don't see anyone, this so-called Young Master Ming under my feet, will die."

Bai Ming shouted, "Go quickly, bring out the night pupil."

"Yes, Young Master Ming."

A few bodyguards panicked and went to the secret room, but right now, the real experts in the Black Dragon Hall were on their way here.

This was the home of the Black Dragon Hall's master, so the real experts were naturally not here.

A few bodyguards came to the outside of the secret room and shouted: "Night Hitomi, listen to me, someone is coming to pick you up, and now our Ming Shao is controlled by the other side of life, five minutes without taking you out, Ming Shao's life is not guaranteed.I'll open the door of the secret room now, you come out."

The killer inside, Night Hitomi's eyebrows furrowed, she had just heard that someone was coming to pick her up, but, Night Hitomi simply couldn't figure out who would come to pick her up.

In the next second, the door to the secret room was opened.

Night Hitomi immediately rolled over a few times and leapt out of the secret door.

However, as soon as she left the door, a wire covered her. Naturally, Yutong couldn't use her sniper rifle and her movement was impeded, so she was quickly restrained by a group of experts.It wasn't that she was weak, but they had already set up a trap, and the experts were all at level 30.

Night Hitomi trembled inside, "I've fallen for it, no one is coming to pick me up at all."

"Let's go, take her to the receiving hall."

Soon, Night Hitomi was taken to the receiving hall.

Bai Ming was still being stepped on by Tang Zichen on the coffee table fragments, now Bai Ming saw that Night Hitomi was brought, he was busy roaring, "Night Hitomi is brought, can you let go of me now?"

The wire on Night Hitomi's body was untied by a few of her men, Night Hitomi saw Tang Zichen, her eyes trembled, she did not expect in any way, it was this Tang Zichen who came to save her.Could it really be that there is a heavenly will in the underworld, but her former fiancé has come to save her today.

However, Nite Hitomi had no time to think about any providence at the moment, her eyes focused on Bai Ming, who was stepped on by Tang Zichen on the pieces of the coffee table.

Night Hitomi was surprised to see Bai Ming being stepped on the debris pile, Bai Ming was a level 45 expert, but he was being stepped on by Tang Zichen, and it was in Bai Ming's home with at least twenty to thirty bodyguards next to him, and half of those twenty to thirty bodyguards were level thirty.This meant that Tang Zichen's strength was not ordinary.

Tang Zichen saw that the female assassin was safe and sound, which was why he released Bai Ming.

Bai Ming climbed up, his head had just been stepped on the debris, cutting many wounds, it was really hot, this was in his house ah, if this spread out, how else can he mix.

"Grass you?."Bai Ming suddenly stabbed Tang Zichen's heart at close range, attempting to kill him by sneak attack.

Unfortunately, Bai Ming clearly didn't understand Tang Zichen's strength.

Even at this close proximity, Tang Zichen still had two fingers clamped around the knife in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Trying to sneak up and assassinate me, huh?"

Then, in front of everyone's eyes, Tang Zichen's two fingers bobbed and the knife broke.

Bai Ming was stunned there with the handle of the knife, he couldn't believe that he couldn't even stab him from such a close distance.

Tang Zichen walked up to Qi Xueyun, looked at her iceberg-like expression and said, "I saved you, why don't you give me a happier face?All right, we can go now."

Just at this moment, over thirty people rushed in at the door.

When Qi Xue Yun took a look, she broke out in a cold sweat.

Of the thirty people rushing in at the door, at least 20 of them were level 50 to 60 experts; the remaining ten or so were all level 60 to 70 experts, and one, a level 70+ expert, this level 78 expert was Bai Ming's father.

Even though Qi Xueyun's face had no expression, she was trembling at the moment, it seemed that today was doomed to go.

When Bai Ming saw that his father had brought the entire Black Dragon Hall's experts, he was overjoyed and immediately rushed in front of his father.


"Dad, look at me, what a beating I've been given,"Bai Ming cried out.

Tang Zichen looked at the thirty or so experts, it was indeed huge.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Gentlemen, I'm just here to take someone away today, can you all make way to let me out."

Bai Ming's father snorted coldly, "Get out?Do you think my house is a bathhouse?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't get me wrong, I only think of this place as a toilet."

Bai Ming's father's face shook and immediately ordered to the twenty or so level 50+ experts behind him, "Go up and tear him apart."

"Yes, Hall Master."

The twenty or so level 50-something experts swarmed up.

Qi Xueyun's face was snow white, even one of them, she was in danger of dying, not to mention the twenty.

Tang Zichen pulled Qi Xueyun behind him.

Then, Tang Zichen pulled out a handful of dime coins from his pocket. One second to remember to read the book

"Swoosh swoosh."The coins shot out.

"Ahhhhh."In the next second, more than twenty level 50-something experts were all hit by the coins and their bodies flew backwards out of the gate, even breaking the gate.

All of a sudden, the lively hall was much less crowded.

Qi Xue Yun couldn't help but look at Tang Zichen, incredibly feeling, how strong is this Tang Zichen, is this still the same loser he once was?The loser who made her run away from her marriage?

If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, Qi Xue Yun really didn't believe it.

Tang Zichen looked at the remaining few people and smiled, "Now, can we get out of the way?"

The muscles in Bai Ming's father's face trembled.

"Hall Master?Now what?"The rest of the sixty-odd level experts were busy asking.

Bai Ming's father snorted, "Don't be fooled by his tricks, he's just a brat, he's not much better, he's only a level sixty or so.I can do the same, and better than him.You guys, get together and tear him apart."

"Yes."The dozen or so level 60-something experts swarmed together again.

Tang Zichen didn't have that many coins left, so he had to meet them head on.

About five seconds later, the dozen or so level 60-plus experts all fell to the ground screaming.

Tang Zichen looked at the last so-called Hall Master.

"Hall Master, you're the only one left now, if you know what's good for you, send me out respectfully."

The Black Dragon Hall Master looked at the ground, more than a dozen screaming strong men, incredibly, he had called the entire Black Dragon Hall's experts here ah.How strong was this young man?Don't tell him he's practicing out of the realm, he doesn't believe it.

"Damn it, let me get you."The Black Dragon Hall Master shouted, and a stomp in place tore open the marble slab beneath his feet.

"Drink."The Black Dragon Hall Master shouted, jumping in midair and blasting Tang Zichen with a punch.

"Cough, bah."Tang Zichen sprayed out a mouthful of water.


"Bang."The saliva shot at the Black Dragon Hall Master's chest, and with a thud, as if a boulder had hit his chest, the Black Dragon Hall Master's body flew backwards towards the front door and crashed into the wall of the front door, and the wall of the front door blew through, and the Black Dragon Hall Master flew outside.

"Ah."At this time, the whole place was silent, even the dozen or so level 60+ experts who were screaming on the ground just now forgot about the pain of their injuries, and their eyes were wide open in disbelief as they looked at the collapsed wall, and the Hall Master who flew outside.

In one gulp of water, Tang Zichen sprayed the level 78 hall master, who had gone outside.


There was nothing more to say.


bsp; Even Qi Xue Yun was completely dumbfounded, unable to believe how Tang Zichen could be so powerful at his age.

Outside, the Black Dragon Hall Master climbed up, his teeth chattering.

Tang Zichen turned back and said to Qi Xueyun, "Let's go, what are you waiting for, you want to stay here for the New Year ah."

Qi Xueyun remained expressionless, not amused by Tang Zichen's humorous remark.

Tang Zichen was also really speechless, where could a woman like this find a boyfriend.

Tang Zichen walked outside and looked at the Black Dragon Hall Master, "If I were you, send me out respectfully, why take another beating."

The Black Dragon Hall Master snorted, "You are definitely a senior at the outer door level."

Tang Zichen smiled, "A senior?I'm actually only level 80, hahaha."

The Black Dragon Hall Master didn't believe at all that level 80 could spray him out with a mouthful of water?

Qi Xueyun didn't believe it either, Tang Zichen must have opened up the Renguo vein and reached the outer gate level, or at least the early outer gate.

Tang Zichen and Qi Xueyun, one after the other, walked out of the door of the Black Dragon Hall's main house, and everyone in the back of the Black Dragon Hall looked on, their eyes sending Tang Zichen and the two away.

After leaving, Qi Xueyun asked, "Did Xiao Meng send you here?"

"Or what do you think?I don't have any feelings for you, and I'm kind of mad at you for nearly crashing me last time."

"This time count me as owing you a favor."

"I don't need a favor, just smile at me and say thank you, how about two for the price of one."

"Thanks."Qi Xue Yun said, but didn't smile.

"Won't you just smile?"

"Nothing worth laughing at."

"I don't know what man would like someone like you, you've grown so pretty for nothing,"Tang Zichen said.

However, Qi Xueyun didn't react at all, and she had no expression even when Tang Zichen said so, still very cold.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to waste so many words with her, taking out his phone and calling Xiaomeng.

"Hey, brother Zichen, how's it going?"

"It's been rescued, but to help you with this, I've overturned the entire Black Dragon Hall."

"Thank you, brother Zichen."

After hanging up the phone, Xiaomeng called Qi Xueyun again.

Tang Zichen took out a piece of paper and wrote a prescription.

When Qi Xueyun finished making the call and Tang Zichen had finished writing the prescription, Tang Zichen handed it to Qi Xueyun and said, "Go grab the medicine yourself, I've already written the prescription for you."

Qi Xueyun was stunned and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Come on, don't ask knowingly, you're 16 years old, right, and you haven't had a period yet.Menstruation, you should know it's not normal, no wonder you're always grimacing, every day you look like a zombie, take my medicine, you'll start menstruating later.The menstruation.Once a month, red, it's all love."

Qi Xue Yun was shy and angry, "Are you flirting with me?"

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I'm not interested in you, and I'm not looking for a girlfriend like you, I'm not interested in flirting with you."After saying that, Tang Zichen tossed the prescription to her and turned around to leave.

"Hey, how do you know?"After Tang Zichen took a few steps, Qi Xueyun suddenly asked, since it was the truth, she didn't deny it, but, it's just that even Xiao Meng didn't know ah.

Tang Zichen said without turning back, "I touched your wrist before and looked at your breath, so I know, Qi Xueyun, I'm taking a plane back to class, see you later."

Tang Zichen hailed a taxi and left.


Tang Zichen took a plane back to Linjiang City, and when he returned to Linjiang City, it happened to be nightfall, and he didn't know if anything had happened at home on the day he was gone.

Tang Zichen walked into the villa of Liu Chenming's house, where Liu Chenming was watching TV in the living room.

"Zichen, you're back so soon."Willow Chenming asked.

"Yes, Uncle Willow, what are you watching."

Tang Zichen sat down in the living room.

Willow Chenming smiled, "It's the end of the year again, and the Linjiang Martial Arts Association is selecting the ten outstanding youths for the new year."

Tang Zichen looked at the TV, and it was really talking about this news.

Liu Chenming said, "I really envy those strong people who were named Outstanding Youths, their future must be very bright."

Tang Zichen asked, "Linjiang City's Top Ten Outstanding Youths, is that awesome?"

If it was very awesome, Tang Zichen would have to worship it too.

Liu Chenming laughed, "Nonsense, there is an age limit for Linjiang City's Top Ten Outstanding Youths, they must be under thirty.Every year, those who are able to be judged as one of the top ten outstanding youths are at least around level 55, such as the one who was judged last year, the tenth worst, level 56 martial arts level, you say bull compared to not." First URL

Tang Zichen laughed, "Sure is good bullby."

Willow Chenming didn't hear the mocking intent in Tang Zichen's mouth and thought that Tang Zichen really admired it.Willow Chenming also chuckled, "That's natural, those who can judge the ten outstanding youths, what do you think, every one of them is not an ordinary person."

Tang Zichen was suddenly not interested in watching the news, and thought it was something like a bull, Tang Zichen was ready to worship, the results let him see such a thing, but also what the lowest level are 56, go to shit, Tang Zichen or take a shower.

Tang Zichen went back to his room to take a shower.

The next morning, Tang Zichen was playing a mobile game in class, when the school's radio went off.

"Dear students, play a happy news from Baiyun Middle School, our Baiyun Middle School's teacher, Ping Pengfei, has been awarded as one of Linjiang City's ten outstanding young people, this is not only the glory of Ping Pengfei, but also the glory of our Baiyun Middle School, congratulations again to Ping Pengfei.Let's all give a round of applause to Teacher Ping Pengfei."

"Pah-pah."All the students in the school who heard the announcement applauded.

Tang Zichen also applauded, but it didn't cost anything to applaud anyway.

The math teacher who was lecturing in the class also put down the chalk and applauded, and after applauding, he exclaimed with admiration, "Teacher Pengfei is an ox, I really envy Pengfei."

At this time, a student in the class asked, "Teacher Gao, do you know Mr. Pengfei?"

"Of course we know each other, Teacher Pengfei and I entered Baiyun Middle School in the same year, what a big difference nowadays, Pengfei has been named one of the ten outstanding young people, while I'm still a tiny teacher, Teacher Pengfei is only 28 years old this year, it's really a great future."The math teacher said with eyes full of envy.

The whole class followed suit with admiration, 28 years old, class of 57, it really is a boundless future ah.

At this moment, under the school building, Liao Jia Yuan was carrying a basket of flowers with fresh fruits in his hand.Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie followed behind Liao Jiayuan.

Wu Shaojie said, "Jia Yuan, would it be bad for you to take us both to his place of residence without Mr. Ping's permission?"

When Liao Jia Yuan held his head high, he smiled proudly, "Don't worry, what relationship do I have with Teacher Ping."


bsp; Liao Jiayuan came to a small bungalow at the back of the school, this small bungalow is specially approved by the school for Ping Pengfei teacher to live.

At the moment, Ping Pengfei is practicing martial arts in the small courtyard, holding a stick in his hand, hehehaha, practicing the wind.

Liao Jia Yuanton complimented, "Teacher Ping, your five elements and eight trigrams stick, has improved a great deal."

Ping Pengfei put down the stick and smiled at Liao Jiayuan: "Alright, come in."

It had been a while since Liao Jia Yuan came to find Teacher Ping, the last time he kept looking for Teacher Ping was when Liao Jia Yuan wanted to take part in the operation to capture One Defeat Red Dust, at that time, Ping Peng Fei advised Liao Jia Yuan not to mess around, and it was true, Liao Jia Yuan got his face swollen by One Defeat Red Dust.

"Teacher Ping, congratulations on becoming the tenth of the ten outstanding youths."Liao Jiayuan said.

Ping Pengfei smiled: "Jia Yuan, don't be so polite, your brother Liao Jia Yuan, who is even stronger than me, has been named the ninth of the ten outstanding youths, when will you be free, cut and dry with your brother Liao Jia Yuan."

Liao Jiayuan smiled, "Teacher Ping, my brother should be back soon."

The reason why Liao Jiayuan had a good relationship with Teacher Ping was mainly because of Liao Goi.

Liao Gai is Liao Jia Yuan's brother, but Liao Gai is rarely in Linjiang City, he went outside to mix in the society, and he seems to be mixing well, and this year, he is rated as the ninth of the ten outstanding young people.

Ping Pengfei asked, "Jia Yuan, how are you and Tang Zichen doing now?"

Liao Jia Yuan snorted, "Teacher Ping, don't mention him to me, I admit, I can't play with him now, but it doesn't mean I can't play with him all the time, when my brother comes back, I'll definitely ask my brother to educate Tang Zichen, my brother should be back tonight."

Ping Pengfei laughed, "That person Tang Zichen, his martial strength should have reached level 35, although I also don't like this kind of person, I have to admire him, this person does have some martial talent, maybe in five years, Linjiang City's ten outstanding young people will have his name."

Liao Jia Yuan was very unhappy inside.

At this moment, in the hospital.

Zhu Dan was lying on the hospital bed, his eyes were dull, he was a good man, and now he had turned into a woman.

At this time, his sidekick Wang Xiaowei came from outside with a box of rice.

Wang Xiaowei opened the lunch box, inside was soup, Wang Xiaowei scooped up a spoonful of soup and said, "I'll feed you, be careful it's hot."

Zhu Dan did not refuse, he could only rely on Zhu Xiaowei to serve him now.

"Here, drink, yes, that's it, one more bite, yes, it's good."

At this time, Zhu Dan suddenly felt that Wang Xiaowei's position of feeding him was a bit ambiguous, and Wang Xiaowei's eyes and actions were a bit strange, Wang Xiaowei's tone of goodness towards him was a bit too much, as if he was treating a girl.

"One more bite."

Zhu Dan asked, "Little Wei, thank you for taking such good care of me during my difficult time."

"It's all my due la."Wang Xiaowei shyly lowered his head, his face a little shy, the more Zhu Dan looked the more baffled, between two grown men, a good Wang Xiaowei shy of what?

"Here, have another bite."Wang Xiaowei threw a wink at Zhu Dan and scooped up another spoonful of soup and passed it to Zhu Dan's mouth.

Zhu Dan said, "Wait a minute, Little Wei, aren't you being a little too nice to me?Are you up to something?Trying to get money out of me?"

Wang Xiaowei lowered his head, his gaze full of ambiguity one angry: "Don't ask so many questions first."


Judan pressed, "Tell me honestly, why are you being so gentle with me?"

Wang Xiaowei suddenly held Zhu Dan's hands and said, "Young Master, let me take care of you for the rest of your life, really, I won't mind, don't worry, I'll be good to you."

"Fuck you, you fucking hit on my idea."Zhu Dan was on fire, finally he fucking figured it out, no wonder Wang Xiaowei looked at him with such an ambiguous look in his eyes, he actually hit him.

Zhu Dan jumped up in anger and kicked Zhu Xiaowei violently.

"Young Master, don't fight, I really mean it."

"Try saying that again."Zhu Dan yelled in anger, right now, the fire inside couldn't be expressed in words.

"Young Master, don't fight, you won't be able to find any other boyfriend besides me."


"Pfft."Zhu Dan spat out blood in anger.

At this moment, in an upscale ward of this hospital.

Lin Dongfang was whistling, when a call came from Lin Bursting Tian. Remember the URL

"Hey, Uncle."

"East, how's the recovery going now?"

"Thank you uncle for helping me transplant Tang Zichen's lifeblood, the doctor just changed the gauze, the recovery is ideal, it's just a little bit smaller."

Lin exploded with a smile, "Smaller is better than nothing."

"By the way, what did that Tang Zichen do to him?"

"After the surgery, just throw him to a normal ward, what else can you do, turn into a woman."

Lin Dongfang gritted his teeth and said in his heart, "Tang Zichen, just wait for me, one day I will forcefully explode you."

In the general ward, after vomiting blood, Zhu Dan gritted his teeth and said, "It's all because of Tang Zichen that I'm like this."

Zhu Dan immediately changed into his own clothes and walked out of the ward.

"Young Master, where are you going?Your bottom isn't completely healed."

"Heal you? I'm going out to kill now, Tang Zichen caused me so much pain, I'm going out to kill dozens of people with Tang Zichen's appearance, and all the charges become Tang Zichen's."

Zhu Dan came out onto the street, with his strength, even though he had an operation, it was still easy for him to kill dozens of ordinary people.

The irrational Zhu Dan was about to start killing when he suddenly saw an acquaintance, Shangguan Rou.

Shangguan Rou didn't go to school today.

"Hey, isn't that Tang Zichen?"Shangguan Rou walked up to Tang Zichen and smiled flirtatiously.

Zhu Dan didn't say anything, his eyes looking at Shangguan Zou.

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing out on the street without classes?"Shangguan Zou asked.

With a bitter laugh, Zhu Dan snorted, "Shangguan Rou, do you know that I really want to kill you by day, but unfortunately..."

Shangguan Rou's heart thudded and sneered, "Tang Zichen, I didn't expect you to be serious on the surface but so flirtatious in your bones, I thought you were a bit different from other men, but I didn't expect it to be the same."

Zhu Dan hated Tang Zichen, naturally, he would not speak beautifully for Tang Zichen, seeing Shangguan Ruo say so, immediately doubled the black Tang Zichen, said: "I am serious, but just pretending in front of you, you think I am really serious, in fact, I want to sleep with all the school flowers, especially you, I really want to sleep burst you ah."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, you've finally shown your true face."Shangguan Zou said with great contempt.

"Yes, I'm a very horny person inside, Shangguan Rou, let me satisfy you."

Shangguan Rou snorted, "Tang Zichen, originally I

Still quite curious about you, and quite admire a man who is not tempted by my beauty, but now, there is only contempt for your hypocrisy, you pretend to be really like.By the way, the last corporate summit, you said I was what black fungus, in fact, I can tell you, this lady is still a virgin, is not very much want to get me?Hahaha."

Zhu Dan's mind was distracted, how else was he going to get it now that he had become a woman.

Zhu Dan was about to speak again when Shangguan Rou threw a fawning look and asked, "Tang Zichen, am I beautiful?"

Although Jutan was transplanted as a woman down there, his mind was still male, and he was immediately charmed.

"Beautiful, so beautiful."Zhu Dan said with dazed eyes.

Shangguan Zou was shocked, this time she had actually charmed Tang Zichen, was it because her charming skills had improved?Or is it because of revealing the true face of Tang Zichen's hypocrisy?

"Don Zichen, I am so beautiful, will you be your willing slave?"Shangguan Zou asked.

"Willing."Zhu Dan nodded his head.

Shangguan Rou inwardly said, "Tang Zichen, I thought you were so powerful, but it's nothing more than that, I was a bit sorry for charming you into signing my family's soul selling contract, but now you are a hypocrite, I have no more regret for you, only contempt, so let you sign my family's soul selling contract.However, now I have something to do, I'll find you again tonight and turn you into my slave."

Shangguan Rou left, and Zhu Dan came back to his senses, not even knowing what had happened.

At that moment, Wang Xiaowei caught up with her.

"Young Master, you're not really going to kill anyone, are you?"

"Nonsense, I'll kill dozens of him and put all the blame on Tang Zichen."

Just then, a vendor selling stinky tofu on the street, shouted as he pushed his stall, "Stinky tofu lee, stinky tofu."

As he passed by Zhu Dan, the vendor asked Zhu Dan, "Miss, do you want stinky tofu?My family's stinky tofu is delicious Le."

Zhu Dan was on fire, "Who the fuck are you calling Miss?Who's the lady?"

The vendor saw Zhu Dan didn't buy, pushed the stall away, and grunted, "A look is out to sell, not a lady yet."

Zhu Dan's anger to Wang: "Little Wei, do you believe that I will be the first one to kill the stinky tofu seller?"

"Miss, come on, your wounds haven't healed yet."

"I'm going to kill someone today no matter what, and this dead stinky tofu seller is the first."

Zhu Dan took out his knife and walked up to slit the stinky tofu seller's throat.

However, the stinky tofu seller immediately picked up the frying pan of stinky tofu and splashed it on Zhu Dan, who screamed in pain from the splashed oil and disfigured Tang Zichen's human skin mask on his face.

In the evening, around nine o'clock.

Tang Zichen's phone rang, Tang Zichen took a look, it was a strange call.

Tang Zichen hung up, not answering the unfamiliar call.

At this moment, outside of Liu Chen Ming's villa, Shangguan Rou drove a car parked outside.

"Strange, why doesn't Tang Zichen answer the phone?"Shangguan Rou was confused, then dialed Tang Zichen's phone again, this phone number was something Shangguan Rou had a hard time finding out, there should be no mistake.

Tang Zichen took a look and it was that strange call again, only then did Tang Zichen pick it up and asked, "Who is it?"

"Is that me?"Shangguan Zuo said.

Tang Zichen didn't even think that Shangguan Zuo would call him, so he didn't hear the voice.

"Who are you?"Tang Zichen's brow furrowed.

"I'm Zoe."Shangguan Zou smiled flirtatiously.

"Soft what soft, don't know, wrong number."Tang Zichen hung up.


Shangguan Rou said in her heart, "There's no reason, when I met Tang Zichen on the street at noon, I've already confused him, it's only logical that he would be able to hypnotize himself with my current voice.It seems that my charming technique has not reached the point where I can hypnotize Tang Zichen only through my voice, just as well, then call him out and definitely hypnotize him in person."

Shangguan Rou called again.

Tang Zichen saw the unfamiliar phone call again, hesitated for a moment, picked it up, and grunted, "If you harass me again, I won't be polite to you."

Shangguan Rou said, "You come to the front door."

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

Tang Zichen jumped down from the room and flew out of the villa's front door.

Tang Zichen saw Shangguan Rou at a glance, and there was a car parked in the distance.

"It's you, why are you looking for me?"Tang Zichen gazed at the question.

Shangguan Rou walked up to Tang Zichen and giggled.

Tang Zichen looked at Shangguan Rou in bafflement, what was she trying to do?

Shangguan Zhuo cast a charming spell on Tang Zichen and smiled, "Zichen, am I beautiful?" One second to remember to read the book

A black line appeared on Tang Zichen's forehead, and without saying a word, he slapped it over and said angrily, "Beauty you chicken hair ah, not sleeping in the middle of the night, come to my door and ask me if I'm beautiful, you have a disease ah you."

"Ah."Shangguan Rou was stunned there, a bit unbelievable, inwardly said: "There is no reason ah, at noon I absolutely confused Tang Zichen, why suddenly night does not work?What's going on here?That's right, I took out my full mental strength at noon, and now I didn't exert my full strength because I confused him once later.It seems that this Tang Zichen really can't be underestimated, I wouldn't have been able to confuse him at all if I didn't exert my full strength."

Shangguan Rou touched her face, slapped by Tang Zichen, it really hurts, this bastard, even hitting a woman, when he is confused, he will surely let him hit himself.

Shangguan Zou immediately straightened his hair, came over again, took out all his mental energy, casting charm is very exhausting.

"Zichen, am I beautiful?"Shangguan Rou walked up to Tang Zichen, her eyes staring at Tang Zichen, an endless irresistible charm emerging from her body.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, was there something wrong with this Shangguan Rou?I just asked her once, gave her a slap, and now I'm asking again.

Shangguan Rou stroked Tang Zichen's face and asked once again, "Chen, am I beautiful?"

Don't bother hitting her now, to see what she was up to.

"Beautiful, very beautiful, so beautiful that I want to rape you."Tang Zichen said with a mocking tone.

Shangguan Rou was delighted, and indeed, took out all of her mental energy and confused Tang Zichen at once.

"Do you really want to rape me?"

"More real than pearls,"Don Zichen said.

"Then let's go to my house."Shangguan Rou seduced, and when she arrived at her house, she could begin the process of signing a soul selling contract.

However, Tang Zichen snorted, "I don't think it's necessary, let's do it here."

After saying that, Tang Zichen slapped his palm on Shangguan Rou's chest, and the clothes on Shangguan Rou's body suddenly turned into pieces and flew in all directions.

"Ah."Shangguan Rou screamed, and in the blink of an eye, she was naked all over.

Shangguan Rou immediately covered her chest with her hands before bending over so that her bottom wouldn't show.


How did that happen?"Shangguan Rou said incredulously.

Tang Zichen huffed, "Don't you want me to rape you, why are you still covering it so tightly?Let me do it."

Shangguan Rou raged, "Tang Zichen, you're not even bewitched by me, you're pretending."

Tang Zichen disdainfully said, "With your charm that's lighter than a chicken feather, you still want to bewitch me?Which of your eyes saw that I was bewitched by you?You can't even tell if you're bewitched or not, so stop learning this charm while you're ahead and go farming."

"That's impossible, you were clearly bewitched by me at noon, that's by no means possible."Shangguan Zou said.

"Noon?You're sick you, I haven't been out at school since noon."

"Ah, you met me on the street at noon, didn't you?"

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, Tang Zichen had already guessed that it must be Zhu Dan, this son of a bitch, even dared to impersonate Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen seemed to really have to go and settle the score with Zhu Dan tomorrow.But right now, Tang Zichen didn't bother to explain to Shangguan Rou.

At that moment, Liu Xiangyun came out and looked incredulously at the naked Shangguan Rou, and Tang Zichen.

Liu Xiangyun was somewhat aggrieved and questioned, "What are you guys doing?"

Tang Zichen said, "Shangguan Zou came to me in the middle of the night and wanted to ask me out on a car ride, should I say yes?"

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun's body trembled.

Shangguan Rou raged, "Tang Zichen, you less insult my innocence."

"Innocence, I didn't agree to go with you to the car shock, so you shattered your clothes with internal force, this is still innocent ah, if you want it so badly, come on, I'll fulfill you."Tang Zichen looked like he was about to walk over.

Liu Xiangyun was busy shouting, "Stop."

Liu Xiangyun looked at Shangguan Rou, naked in the night, her body was extremely soft, and the curves made people fire.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Shangguan Rou, you are at least one of the four major flowers of Baiyun High School, you want looks, you want a figure, why are you treating yourself like this?Stripping naked to seduce my bodyguard, if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I really don't believe it's true."

Shangguan Zou was on fire, "You bloodthirsty, who's interested in your bodyguard, I pooh."

"But you're really naked right now, and I trust Zichen, he usually doesn't lie to me.Zichen is so good now, I can understand that you like him, but for you to use such unsightly tactics to seduce him is disgraceful, you could have come after him openly, why would you want to strip naked in the middle of the night to seduce him."Liu Xiangyun said.

Shangguan Zhuo said in anger, "I like him?Don't disgust me, this lady already has a boy I like, the man I like has already studied at the Martial Arts Academy, what is Tang Zichen, in front of the man I like, one finger is enough to take care of the bottom ants."

Liu Xiangyun said, "Forget it, we're all women, I won't argue with you, I'll give you this step."After saying that, Liu Xiangyun took off the coat she was wearing and threw it to Shangguan Rou, then said to Tang Zichen, "Let's go back, you're not tempted by beauty today, I really wasn't wrong about you."

Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly.

Shangguan Rou picked up Liu Xiangyun's coat and didn't dislike it anymore, so she quickly put it on and ran to her car with a gray head and left.Tang Zichen had embarrassed her so much tonight, she vowed to bewitch Tang Zichen and then sign the family's soul selling contract.

At this moment, at Liao Jia Yuan's house.

Liao Jia Yuan's brother, Liao Jiawei, had returned.


Teacher Ping Pengfei from Baiyun Middle School heard that Liao Jiawei was back and immediately came to Liao Jiayuan's house to catch up with him.


"Go on."

The two met for a hug.

"Come in and sit down."

"Pengfei, still working as a teacher in Baiyun Middle School ah, with your strength as a teacher is too wasteful."

"I'm not in it for the money, I want a quiet environment for me to practice martial arts."

Ping Pengfei and Liao Gaiyuan were talking happily.

Liao Ga Yuan came over and poured a cup of tea for Ping Peng Fei, then sat to the side as well.

Liao Jia Yuan said, "Brother, now that you're back, are you free tomorrow?"

"What is it?" First web site

"Brother, help me go to the school tomorrow to teach someone a lesson."Liao Jia Yuan said that if his brother made a move, Tang Zichen didn't know how bad it would be.

"What person?Jia Yuan, I'm a Hall of Ten Outstanding Young Man, let me go to school and beat up someone, this spreads out, my image is ruined."Liao Jia Yuan was a bit unwilling.

Liao Jia Yuan said, "Brother, if it's an ordinary person, naturally I won't bother you, but that person I really can't play with him, his name is Tang Zichen, he's the strongest in Baiyun Middle School at the moment, if you don't believe me, ask Teacher Ping."

Liao Goi looked at Ping Pengfei, Ping Pengfei smiled, "That Tang Zichen is indeed quite powerful, in five more years, he'll probably be one of the top ten outstanding youths.Let's say, Go Go, you deliberately went to the school to beat up someone, it does tarnish your reputation as a Top Ten Outstanding Young Man, then I'll help you find Tang Zichen and talk to him."

Liao Go Go smiled, "Pengfei, that would be very kind of you."

"You're welcome, so I won't bother you for now, you guys rest and I'll go back."


Ping Pengfei said goodbye and left.

The next day, 8:30 am.

A senior student came to class 32.

"Tang Zichen, Teacher Ping is looking for you and asked you to go to his office."The student said.

"Which Mr. Ping?"Tang Zichen asked.

"The Ping teacher who teaches the first year of high school."

Tang Zichen thought about it, he hadn't seen or known him at all, what could he want with him.

"Don't know him, don't go."Tang Zichen said, the weather was so cold, Tang Zichen didn't bother to go out to blow, although with his internal strength this cold was not at all afraid.

"What?Even you dare to say you don't know our teacher Ping, yesterday the principal of the radio station even personally broadcasted that our teacher Ping won the ten outstanding young people, how could you not know Mr. Ping."That first year student said, seeing that Tang Zichen's attitude towards Teacher Ping was a bit grippy, so he got a bit louder.

"If you don't know me, you don't know me, you can come to the class if you have anything, alright, you can leave, don't blame me for being rude to you if you don't leave."

That senior student grunted and left in a panic.

At this moment, Ping Pengfei finished teaching the class and returned to his bungalow in the back of the hill.

The student who had just been sent to call out to Tang Zichen ran in and shouted, "Teacher Ping."

Ping Pengfei asked, "Where is Tang Zichen?"

"Teacher Ping, Tang Zichen said that he doesn't know you and won't come, moreover, he also said that if anything happens, go find him."

Ping Pengfei was a little annoyed, wasn't this Tang Zichen a little too grippy, he was at least a teacher, and he had just been named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men, even inside Linjiang City, people would greet him respectfully if they recognized him, after all, Ten Outstanding Young Men that was a glorious thing.But him?

s, Tang Zichen actually disrespected him so much.

"Teacher Ping, what should we do if Tang Zichen doesn't come over, now who doesn't know that you are the Ten Outstanding Youths, Tang Zichen is just the First Evil Youngster of Baiyun Middle School, does he think that the First Evil Youngster is more honorable than your Ten Outstanding Youths?"That senior student said.

Ping Pengfei originally didn't want to deal with students like Tang Zichen, so he didn't even bother to pay attention to how arrogant Tang Zichen used to be in school, and he hadn't even gone to see Tang Zichen duel with whoever he was once.

However, this time, Tang Zichen was so disrespectful to him, making him feel bad.

Ping Pengfei took out a piece of paper and wrote on it, "Tang Zichen, come to me, Ping Pengfei."

Ping Pengfei folded up the paper and handed it to that first year student, ordering, "Give this letter from me to Tang Zichen."

"Ah, Teacher Ping, is this useful?"The student was confused.

"Here's my own letter, I don't think the Don should gripe like that, go ahead."


Tang Zichen sat in the classroom, and soon after, the freshman student just came back.

"Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, a bit annoyed, and asked, "How come it's you again, what's the matter."

That freshman student handed Ping Pengfei's autograph letter to Tang Zichen and said, "Mr. Ping's autograph letter."

Tang Zichen was a little impatient to open Ping Pengfei's autograph letter.

"Tang Zichen, come to my place, Ping Pengfei."

Tang Zichen's heart hummed, "What kind of chicken stuff, just let me go ah."

That first year student said, "Tang Zichen, can we go to Mr. Ping now?This is his autograph letter, I don't believe that you are still so dismissive of Teacher Ping even though his autograph letter has come, although you are the number one evil young man, Teacher Ping is one of the ten outstanding young men, much more noble than you."

Tang Zichen said, "No go."

Tang Zichen looked at the autograph letter, this bird, if you don't give him something special, I'm afraid he will still pester endlessly.

So, Tang Zichen coughed twice.

"Bah."Tang Zichen spat a mouthful of spit on the autograph letter, then folded it up and handed it to that first year student, saying, "Give it to him before the spit dries, he should know what it means when he sees my spit, don't pester me anymore, things are no more than three, I don't have that much patience."

"You."That freshman student was incredulous, very upset that Tang Zichen was so grizzled, and immediately took the autograph letter and ran down the school building to send it to Mr. Hou Shanping.

Without running a few steps, he ran into Liao Jia Yuan and Wu Shao Jie.

"What for?You don't even greet Ben Swordsman when you run into him, do you think he's Tang Zichen?"Liao Jia Yuan stopped the freshman student, who was starting to gripe a bit because his brother Liao Jia Yuan was back.

"Liao, sorry to meet you, Liao."

"What are you holding in your hand?"Liao Jia Yuan asked.

"Teacher Ping's personal letter."

"Mr. Ping Pengfei?"

"Yes, Ping Pengfei told me to give it to Tang Zichen to go to his place, unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't give face, so Teacher Ping wrote a personal letter, but Tang Zichen not only didn't go, but also spat on the letter, asking me to return it to Teacher Ping."

Liao Jiayuan opened the piece of paper, and sure enough there was spit, Liao Jiayuan immediately guessed that Ping Pengfei was looking for Tang Zichen, must have promised his brother last night to talk to Tang Zichen.

"Damn it, Tang Zichen didn't even give face to Teacher Ping."Liao Jiayuan snorted, Tang Zichen was too grippy too.


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