The King of Kungfu in school 281-290


Chapter 281

Don Zichen re-entered.

"Wow, Don Tzu-Chen is participating again?"

"Tang Zichen just came first in calligraphy, I don't believe he can still get a ranking in this painting competition."

The students at the scene saw Tang Zichen entering again and talked about it, some jealous, some envious, and some adoring.

At this moment, in the stands, Fang Xu was sour inside, Tang Zichen was number one in martial arts, but he was even number one in calligraphy.

At this moment, seeing Tang Zichen entering the painting competition again, Fang Xu said in a flash, "If Tang Zichen can still get the top three, Fang Xu will eat Shang live."

Fang Xu seemed to have forgotten that once he posted on campus that after ten minutes the number of replies was not ten thousand, and he ate Shang live, resulting in zero replies, and it was not clear if he really ate Shang.


Tang Zichen's painting was of course brush painting, forty minutes, for other students, it was very rushed, but Tang Zichen felt that it was enough.

"Brush Brush."Tang Zichen took the brush and danced on the paper.

Twenty minutes later, Tang Zichen finished his drawing and mentioned a poem beside it. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was the first to finish his drawing and returned to the stands, and everyone was talking about it, wondering what Tang Zichen had drawn.

At the end of forty minutes, the presiding teacher shouted, "Time's up, everyone please leave the scene."

At least half of the students hadn't finished their drawings, and the other half, who had finished, drew in a hurry.

Soon, the results were announced.

Referee Xiong Jiajun shouted, "Next, I announce that the first place winner of the painting is, Senior Class 32, No. 56, Tang Zichen."

"Wow."There was a shout of wow.

"The second place is, Song Xiaoyu, and the third place is, Zhu Jinjin."

On the guest chair at the podium, Meng Lun smiled and looked at Tang Zichen in the distance on the stands, Meng Lun said in his heart, "This kid, really inscrutable ah, so great at chess, calligraphy is also great, now even painting is also so strong, I have to admire, I'll tell Wen Qi later, such a man missed, where to find him in the future."

The presiding teacher shouted, "Dear students, the following award ceremony will take place, please invite the top three winners in calligraphy and painting to come up to the podium to receive their awards.Meanwhile, those who participated in the poetry competition, please get ready.Immediately after the award ceremony is complete, the poetry competition will be held."

Hearing the word 'poetry', Liu Yang, a senior school senior, became excited.

The whole school knew that poetry, was synonymous with Liu Yang, Liu Yang was also known as the 'White Cloud Poetry Fairy' on campus, and it was also known that Liu Yang and Li Xuan'er were recognized as a natural pair, and Liu Yang had written many, many poems for Li Xuan'er.

"Xuan'er, today, I'm going to write a poem with you as the title and win first place while confessing to you on the spot.I hope, today you will be moved to cry and fall into my embrace."Liu Yang inwardly said.

Tang Zichen walked up to the podium, and that Su Yang stared at Tang Zichen with an unhappy look.

"The first place in calligraphy, Tang Zichen, received a cash prize of ten thousand yuan."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen received a trophy, and then a bundle of cash.

"Second place, Jiang Yu, receives a five thousand dollar reward."Jiang Yu walked up and received five thousand dollars and a certificate of merit.

"The third place, Su Yuhao, received a prize of five thousand dollars."Su Yuhao looked at Tang Zichen with resignation, and received five thousand dollars and no prize certificate

.First place is a trophy, second place is a certificate, and third place is only five thousand dollars.

"Please ask those who have received their prizes from the calligraphy competition to step down first, and those from the painting competition will come up next to receive their prizes."

"First place in the painting competition, Tang Zichen, receives a cash prize of ten thousand dollars."

Tang Zichen received another ten thousand pieces and a trophy.

Then back on the stands, everyone looked at Tang Zichen with jealous eyes.

"Godless, so Godless, Tang Zichen is already number one in martial arts, why does he still have two talents?"

"Grass fucking Tang Zichen."In the corner of the stands, Liao Jia Yuan and the others were very jealous, seeing Tang Zichen's two firsts in a row, their hearts were very unpleasant.

"Below, there will be a poetry competition, there is no limit to the subject matter of the poems, please be prepared to go on stage and recite your poems, in public, the judge will score the first time, the judge is the principal."

A few minutes later.

"I'd like to invite the first Liu Yang to come up to the podium."

Liu Yang stood up and walked towards the podium, at this time, the whole school cheered, Liu Yang's name of 'White Cloud Poetry Fairy' was not a brag.

"Liu Yang, Liu Yang, Liu Yang."The entire audience shouted Liu Yang's name.

Tang Zichen asked, "Is Liu Yang very good at writing poetry?"

Wang Qiang said, "You don't know this, Liu Yang is the poetry fairy that everyone in Baiyun Middle School knows, I heard that he has composed many poems for Li Xuan'er, everyone says that Liu Yang and Li Xuan'er are a natural pair."

When Li Xuan'er heard Wang Qiang's words, she was unhappy: "Nonsense, Wang Qiang, don't talk nonsense, who is a pair with him."After saying that, Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen, as if she was afraid of ruining her image in Tang Zichen's mind, but looking at Tang Zichen's appearance, she didn't have any look, just a faint smile.Tang Zichen's expression was so indifferent, which made Li Xuan'er sigh even more in her heart, Tang Zichen really did not care at all.

Liu Yang stood on the podium and swept a glance at the crowd, then plucked up his courage and said loudly, "Fellow students, the poem I will use to enter the competition today is a new poem, and this new poem was written for a person."

Hearing this, the crowd seemed to already know who that person was and shouted, "Li Xuan'er."

Li Xuan'er was very annoyed at this point, really the more afraid of something, the more it came.Although Tang Zichen didn't like her, but Li Xuan'er liked Tang Zichen, and Li Xuan'er hated the fact that people were referring to her and Liu Yang as a pair, even if it would give Tang Zichen a slight misunderstanding, she didn't want it.

However, at the moment, Liu Yang was so high-profile to write poems for her in front of everyone, Li Xuan'er was very angry, but what could she do.

On the podium, Liu Yang smiled and said, "It seems everyone guessed it, yes, this next poem I'm entering is the 110th poem I've written for Li Xuan'er."

"Wow."The crowd of students shouted in shock, although some of them were upset, such as the madmen, but most of them were supportive of Liu Yang and thought that Liu Yang and Li Xuan'er were born for each other.

Liu Yang said, "The following poem I'm going to make is called "Kiss, My Xuan'er", it's a modern poem."

"Wow."The crowd shouted.

Tang Zichen frowned, what kind of name is this, it's damn hard to hear.Tang Zichen turned his head to see Li Xuan'er's reaction, and suddenly realized that Li Xuan'er had tears in her eyes.

Tang Zichen said, "No way, the poem hasn't even started yet and you're moved to tears?"

Li Xuan'er stared at Tang Zichen, full of aggravation, and said, "You're the one who's moved, I'm the one who's depressed."


"What are you depressed about?"

"Liu Yang composed a poem for me in public, I feel very unhappy."Li Xuan'er wiped her tears, Tang Zichen thought that she was moved to cry, but it turned out that she was crying in aggravation.Li Xuan'er was afraid that Tang Zichen would misunderstand, so she felt very upset about Liu Yang's move, but she had no choice, so she couldn't help crying.

At this time, the students sitting a few rows in front of them looked back at Li Xuan'er and suddenly saw her crying and shouted, "Wow damn, Li Xuan'er is moved to cry."

"Li Xuan'er is crying."

"Li Xuan'er is moved to cry."

This shout, and suddenly the whole arena was roaring.

Liu Yang, who was on the podium, was about to read a poem when he suddenly heard a student shouting that Li Xuan'er was moved to cry, and his body trembled.

"Xuan'er moved to cry, oh my god, I heard it right, I haven't even started making it yet, Xuan'er moved to cry.Hahaha, it must be that she was moved to cry when she heard that I had composed 110 poems for her."Liu Yang thought inwardly, his heart was excited, and this excitement, Liu Yang also cried.

Liu Yang said with a crying voice, "Xuan'er, this poem of mine, which is specially composed for you, this poem of mine, which is composed for you, will definitely win the first place, then, I will give you the trophy and the prize money, because, this is, this is a prize that belongs to you, at the same time, my heart also belongs to you, Xuan'er, I love you."

"Wow."All the students in the arena were up in arms, heck so enthusiastic.

Originally Liu Yang hadn't confessed so boldly at the moment, but seeing that Li Xuan'er was already moved to tears, so Liu Yang immediately couldn't wait to say the above words.Liu Yang is all thinking inside, I guess I'll have to book a hotel in advance tonight. One second to remember to read the book

When Li Xuan'er saw everyone's reaction, she was even more aggrieved that they had misunderstood her as being moved to tears.

Tang Zichen patted Li Xuan'er's shoulder, offering comfort.

Li Xuan'er cried, "I'm really not crying from emotion, I'm crying because I'm feeling very frustrated and depressed."It was as if Li Xuan'er was explaining to Tang Zichen, afraid that Tang Zichen would misunderstand something.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Come on, other people don't know that's other people, would we sitting next to you still misunderstand?Let them misunderstand and go."

"But I'm so upset, I don't want to be made a poet, and later he'll get a first place, and I'm sure he'll say in public that he'll give me the prize, and I want to go now,"Li Xuan'er cried.

Tang Zichen chuckled, thought for a moment, and said, "How about this, I also entered the poetry competition, I will also write a poem for you, that way, two people will write a poem for you, and Liu Yang won't take so much advantage of you, how about it?"

"Really?"Li Xuan'er's heart trembled.

"Of course, I haven't thought about what poem I'll be competing in anyway."

"Mmhmm."Li Xuan'er nodded her head incessantly, and Liu Yang didn't feel so aggrieved to compose a poem for her.

On the podium, Liu Yang began to recite a poem.

"Dear, my Xuan'er, you are the clouds in the sky, you are the spring mud on the ground, you are the birds in the trees, you are the cuckoos in the mountains."

"My dear, my Xuan'er, I sailed across the sea for you, I exude fragrance for you, I sing loudly for you, I am splendid and colorful for you."

"Pro; my Xuan'er, I dream and heart with you, dream and hand in hand with you, dream and wander in the land of spring, dream, that dreamy spring, ah, pro, my Xuan'er."

Liu Yang cried and finished reciting this modern poem.

"Pa pa pa."There was a round of applause, and we didn't know whether it was written well or badly, but Liu Yang himself cried anyway.

"Pfft."Tang Zichen almost threw up.


Also called poetry?Am I lagging behind?"In that world of Tang Zichen, poetry is not like this ah.

Wang Qiang said, "It's modern poetry, actually, I can't understand it, it seems like it's okay."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen didn't say much, after all, he didn't understand the so-called modern poetry and didn't make any judgments.

The principal nodded and smiled, "Good, alright, Liu Yang, you go back to your seat first.The second one, please go on stage, Li Baba."

Next, one by one, go on stage.

There weren't many people participating in the poetry competition, or perhaps everyone wasn't good at this, there were only thirty or so participants in total.

Tang Zichen was unfortunately placed last on the stage.

It didn't take long for one by one to go on stage and recite the poems of the participants, and soon it was Tang Zichen's turn.

Tang Zichen walked up to the podium.

The whole audience was talking again, Tang Zichen actually participated in the poetry competition, Nima.

Tang Zichen stood on the podium, took the microphone and said, "Fellow students, the poem I am about to enter is a seven-verse poem, and I would like to tell you that the poem I am about to enter is also for a girl.I hope that the prize that I won for this poem goes to that girl.And that girl is Li Xuan'er."

After saying that, the whole audience wowed, was Tang Zichen deliberately going against Liu Yang?

And right now Liu Yang was annoyed, he thought that Tang Zichen was mimicking him.

Liu Yang flamed up and stood up and roared, "Tang Zichen, can you be a little creative of your own?"

"That's right, imitating someone Liu Yang, no fun."

"The only thing left for Tang Evil to do is imitate. "

Everyone was accusing Tang Zichen of mimicking one sentence from you and one sentence from me.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Everyone, whoever is nagging one more sentence, beware of going into the hospital oh."

There was not a single sound in the room, the silence was terrible.

Tang Zichen chuckled, this group of people, seeing Tang Zichen participating in so many competitions, probably forgot about Tang Zichen's identity as the number one evil young man, just threatened, suddenly no one dared to utter a word.

Only then did Tang Zichen read out the poem he composed.

"To Li Xuan'er."

"Blue sky a single fog fly, dawn moon new moon wind dance in the air; swallow warbler early tree when will, I put Xuan'er longing."

At this moment, when Li Xuan'er heard the last sentence, her heart pounded very, very fast, while her face blushed like a red apple.

And Liu Xiangyun, almost cried, why this poem was not written for her.Hearing the last line, I put Xuan'er Sauvignon Blanc, Liu Xiangyun almost couldn't hold back her tears.

"Pa pa pa."Everyone applauded, although they couldn't understand it, it felt as if it was quite good.

The principal jotted down Tang Zichen's poem, inwardly shocked, "Did Tang Zichen really write this?If so, it's quite talented, to be able to write this poem, he must be educated, at least he can't be a scum student ah.

The principal asked, "Tang Zichen, are you sure you didn't copy this poem from somewhere?"

Tang Zichen really wanted to kick the principal to death, but he said he copied it.

"I copied your sister."Tang Zichen yelled loudly, and the principal couldn't help but shrink back a bit.

"Alright, Tang Zichen, you go back first."

Tang Zichen walked back to the stands, and the principal began to select the top three.

At this time Liu Yang was even filled with nervousness, although he was not good at ancient poetry, he could feel that Tang Zichen's poem was extraordinary.


After ten minutes, the principal had already determined the top three for the poem.

Only, the first and second place, the headmaster was very hesitant.Tang Zichen's was an ancient poem and Liu Yang's was a modern poem, different categories and not too good to compare, the same thing was that the name 'Xuan'er' appeared in both of their poems, both were written for Li Xuan'er.

Tang Zichen's poem was undoubtedly much better than Liu Yang's in terms of artistic standard, so it should be rated first.

However, the headmaster was very upset with Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen didn't teach him martial arts and caused him to offend Wei Ming, could he be allowed to take first place?

The principal hesitated to announce the top three of the poetry competition.

"Below, I announce that for the poetry competition, the first place winner is...Liu Yang; the second place winner is...Ma Xiaopeng, and the third place winner is, Tang Zichen."

"What?I just got third place?"Tang Zichen doubted if he heard it right, in his world, Tang Zichen was at least a talent, proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but Nima was only the third place, Tang Zichen was not convinced.

And that Liu Yang, a sudden shout, "Yay, too good, too good, ah ah ah."

Liu Yang said that he was going to win first place and give the trophy to Li Xuan'er in public, while confessing.

Wang Qiang was upset and said, "How did this happen, you're only in third place."

Li Xuan'er also had a moment of regret, now third place, not even a trophy. The first website

The presiding teacher shouted, "Next, please invite the students who won the top three places in the poetry competition to come up to the stage to receive their awards."

Tang Zichen jumped down from the stands and headed to the podium.

Liu Yang also walked to the podium and Liu Yang waved to the audience, who were chanting.

Tang Zichen walked up to the podium, Liu Yang threw a smug look at Tang Zichen, Liu Yang heart disdain hummed, "Still want to imitate me, ridiculous, the result took a third place, not even a certificate, what trophy to give to Xuan'er, still compete with me."

Tang Zichen saw Liu Yang's smug eyes, and suddenly became more and more depressed, Tang Zichen just said in public, after winning the first place to give the trophy and prize to Xuan'er, and now he hit his own face.

The presiding teacher said, "Next, let's award the prize, first place Liu Yang..."

"Wait."Tang Zichen suddenly interrupted the host teacher.

Liu Yang was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, it's the awarding time, what else do you want?"

Tang Zichen walked towards the headmaster and said, "Headmaster, immediately, immediately, change me to first place."

Everyone was suddenly shocked, wondering if they had heard correctly, Tang Zichen actually threatened the judges.

The principal snorted, "Tang Zichen, what do you mean?I'm the judge, and I think your poem can only get third place."

"One sentence, change it or not?"Tang Zichen doesn't care what kind of nonsense you're making, he's the number one villain, so what if his poem counts down and he threatens the principal to change it to number one.

"Not changing it, it's ridiculous."The headmaster was furious.

Tang Zichen directly brought up the principal and threatened, "Do you change it or not, I'll throw you off the stage if you don't."

"You you you, insolent, bold."The headmaster was so angry that he was actually threatened like this in full view of the public.

At this moment, on the podium guest seat, the other judges were all stunned.

Meng Lun was also shocked to see Tang Zichen's rogue side right now.That Su Yang scoffed at Meng Lun and said, "Look at who you know, you actually threatened the judge to change him to my first place, and the judge is still the principal, it really should be the saying, what kind of people will know what kind of people."

Meng Lun was speechless.


Liu Yang bellowed, "Tang Zichen, I advise you not to mess around, your level is limited, you can only get third place, resign yourself to your fate."

Tang Zichen directly threw the principal under the podium.

"Ouch."The principal fell under the stage with a cry of pain.

"Ah."The entire audience was stunned.

The First Evil is really so rogue, despite having a few talents, he's still the First Evil after all.

Tang Zichen asked again, "Headmaster, say it again, change me to first place and Liu Yang to third place."

"You you you."The headmaster was so angry.

Liu Yang said anxiously, "Tang Zichen, what you are doing is shameless."

Tang Zichen raised his foot at Liu Yang, but didn't kick it up and said, "Liu Yang, if you jibe again, I'll beat you up along with you."

The audience was in uproar.

Tang Zichen jumped off the podium and hoisted the principal up again, saying, "Principal, there is a limit to my patience, will you change it?"

"No change."The principal didn't believe that Tang Zichen was really lawless and no one could clean up the mess.

At this time, Liu Yang said, "Tang Zichen, since you're not convinced, then why don't you let Li Xuan'er choose on her own and see who makes a poem she likes better, then whoever comes first."

Once Tang Zichen heard this, he threw the principal, nodded and said, "Good."

The principal was thrown seven or eight meters out and fell dizzy.

Tang Zichen jumped onto the podium.

Liu Yang was busy shouting, "Xuan'er, come up here and use the cruel reality to tell Tang Zichen that force, does not make you yield."

Liu Yang was very confident in himself, before he hadn't composed a poem Li Xuan'er was moved to cry, not to mention now.And Liu Yang also believes that the reason why Tang Zichen is sitting with Li Xuan'er is just because Tang Zichen is rogue and relying on his martial arts skills.

Li Xuan'er was already in a huff and immediately walked towards the podium.

Tang Zichen watched Xuan'er approaching, Tang Zichen believed what Xuan'er would do, after all, Liu Yang had made her cry with anger.

When Xuan'er Li walked up to the podium, the presiding teacher asked: "Student Xuan'er Li, Liu Yang and Tang Zichen's poems were both written for you, whose poem do you think moved you more inside?You don't have to be afraid, say it boldly, I don't believe Tang Zichen would dare to hit you on stage in public, so many of us teachers will be on your side."The presiding teacher glared at Tang Zichen, everyone was already supporting Liu Yang.

The whole audience couldn't take their eyes off Li Xuan'er.

But Li Xuan'er didn't say anything and looked around the podium.

The presiding teacher asked, "What are you looking for?"

Li Xuan'er saw a broom in the corner of the podium, Li Xuan'er immediately picked up the broom.

Liu Yang saw that Li Xuan'er took the broomstick, and suddenly looked at Tang Zichen with contempt, saying in his heart: "Justice will eventually triumph over evil, Li Xuan'er hit you with the broomstick in public, I'll see what you still have to compete with me for first place, something humiliating."

Li Xuan'er took the broom and walked up to Tang Zichen and Liu Yang, Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen and suddenly used the broom to constantly sweep Liu Yang's hair on his head.

As Li Xuan'er hit Liu Yang, she cursed, "Kill you, kill you, see if you still dare to harass me."

"Ah."Everyone was dumbfounded, Liu Yang had composed so many poems for her, it could be said to be a love affair, Li Xuan'er actually hit Liu Yang and scolded him for harassment.

Liu Yang panicked and dodged, although Li Xuan'er a woman, hitting is not much strength, but the broom wire scraped on the face also strange pain.


"Xuan'er, you're crazy, look carefully, I'm Liu Yang, Tang Zichen is over there, you've hit the wrong person."

Li Xuan'er gasped, "I'm hitting you."

"Why?"Liu Yang said with an incredulous face.

"Still asking why, you keep harassing me, I've already endured enough, it's just as well that you used to publish those bullshit poems on campus, but today you're even harassing me on this occasion, I've had enough of you, I'll kill you, I'll kill you."

The crowd was dumbfounded, Liu Yang and Li Xuan'er, aren't they recognized as a natural pair?

Liu Yang a glass heart, broken all over the floor, he thought he was doing something very touching, did not expect people said he was harassing.

The host's teacher was busy going up to persuade Li Xuan'er.

Liu Yang's hair was disheveled and his face was scratched by the broomstick.

Li Xuan'er warned, "Liu Yang, don't harass me anymore, or I'll call the police."

Liu Yang cried, "I wrote a poem for you, and even if you're not moved, you still say I'm harassing."

The host teacher asked: "Li Xuan'er, then I don't understand , why were you moved to tears just now?As everyone has just seen, you were moved to tears before Liu Yang even started reading the poem." Remember the website

Li Xuan'er explained to everyone, "Everyone misunderstood, I wasn't touched, I was because Liu Yang actually harassed me in public, then felt depressed and cried."

"Ah, so that's how it is."The host teacher was also speechless.

Tang Zichen said, "Xuan'er, can you say now, whose poem moved you more?Is it Liu Yang's, or mine?"

Li Xuan'er turned into a shy look and said, "Of course you are."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Award the prize, what are you waiting for."

The host teacher helplessly shouted, "First place, Tang Zichen, second place, Liu Yang, third place, Ma Xiaopeng."

The host teacher gave Liu Yang a consolation prize and let him be the second place.

Liu Yang wanted to die at this point, and didn't want the prize, losing his mind and walking out of the stadium.

Tang Zichen received the trophy and 10,000 pieces, and Li Xuan'er walked off the podium.

The presiding teacher shouted, "Dear students, the morning competition is over, everyone go to eat first, at one o'clock in the afternoon, we will continue to start the afternoon talent competition.The talent competition to be held in the afternoon will include a singing competition and an instrument playing competition, time is short, so hurry up and go eat."

Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang, Wei Ming, as well as Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun, and a few people from Liang Ying, walked out of the stadium together.

Tang Zichen handed Li Xuan'er the trophy of the poetry competition and 10,000 yuan: "This is for you."

Li Xuan'er took the trophy and said, "I've collected the trophy, but I don't want the money."

"Why?I told you in public that the trophies were yours."

"I don't want the money, I'll take the trophies."Li Xuan'er didn't accept the money, so Tang Zichen had no choice but to stop.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll take everyone to lunch, to a more expensive hotel."

"Good yeah."Liang Ying smiled.

The group of people had just reached the school entrance and found a crowd of people around the school.

Tang Zichen a few people walked up, only to see Liu Yang being beaten up by a few people, the beating people also scolded while beating: "Just like you, you still want to learn others to open a room, not to see what kind of virtue you have."

Tang Zichen walked up and asked, "What are you doing beating people?"

One of the men said, "This student, who had just booked a $5,000-a-night luxury suite at our hotel, said he was taking someone over there tonight to open the

Room.I asked him if he was sure.Once it was established that even if you don't live there, you have to pay, and he said something about having already won first place, and must have been touched by the fact that for the first time, he was taking half of the prize money out for a room worth it.Then I booked it, but he? Not even ten minutes later, he suddenly said no, canceled, causing me to be scolded by the manager, and then I came over to find his theory."

Liu Yang now saw Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er appear, embarrassed and wanting to die.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Yang and hummed wordlessly, turned around and walked away.

Those people kicked Liu Yang and said, "Kid, don't act as a big head if you don't have money in the future, go."Only then did the few people leave.

Tang Zichen and the others went to a high-end hotel not far from Baiyun High School and spent 10,000 yuan in one go.

"Xuan'er, didn't you participate in the singing competition?"Don Zimmer suddenly remembered and asked.

"Yes."Li Xuan'er nodded her head.

Liang Ying said, "Xuan'er is the first of the ten best singers on the campus of Baiyun Middle School, and Xuan'er will definitely be first in the afternoon."

Li Xuan'er was busy: "Liang Ying, don't talk nonsense about something that hasn't started yet."

"What's this nonsense, with your singing voice, it's strange that you didn't win first place."

At this time, Liu Xiangyun thought to herself, "If Li Xuan'er won first place in the singing competition, wouldn't I be too unattractive, no, the second competition in the afternoon, I must win first place on the piano, I can't lose to Li Xuan'er."Although Liu Xiangyun thought this in her heart, she didn't have any confidence in her heart, after all, she herself knew that her piano level hadn't reached a very strong level yet.

After lunch, it was almost one o'clock, and Tang Zichen and the others headed straight to the stadium.

"Below, there will be a singing competition, because there are many people who have signed up for the singing competition, because of the time, so every player who comes up to the stage will sing directly without background music, if you sing out of tune on the first line, the judge will immediately let you go down, if you sing well, the judge will let you finish the whole song.Alright, please, those who are participating in the singing competition, feel free to line up on the side of the podium and come up on stage one at a time."

A few minutes later, a long line formed at the side of the podium, with far more students participating in the singing than the calligraphy and painting.

The first boy took the stage, with no background music, and sang directly, "You are my little ah apples..."

"Go down."The referee suddenly shouted.

The boy who sang Little Apple went down without finishing a word, and the second one came up next.

"Ah, give me a glass of forgettable water..."

"Go down."The second one to come up was also suddenly blown off the stage.

The third one came on stage.

"The pale ends of the earth are my love, the rolling green hills..."

"Go down."

A fourth went on stage.

"A thousand years wait for one..."

"Go down."

And so, one after the other.

After about forty minutes, it was Li Xuan'er's turn to take the stage.

When Li Xuan'er took the stage, the whole crowd cheered as everyone knew that Li Xuan'er was the first of the ten best singers on campus last year.

Tang Zichen sat in the stands, enjoying Li Xuan'er's singing for a rare match that he wasn't a part of.

Li Xuan'er picked up the microphone and looked at Tang Zichen, thinking to herself, "I must put out my highest level of performance because... he's listening."

"I find I'm starting to like you, if you agree we'll love each other forever, if you don't, I'll love each other forever... "Li Xuan'er began to sing.

The clear and melodious voice of the song, resounded throughout the arena, and that judge teacher, his eyes lit up.


The song sung by Mavis Lee is "Love that cannot be completed", originally sung by a singer named Zhang Weijia.

The song that Xuan Li chose, the tune is a bit sad, she also does not know why she will sing this one, perhaps, this song expresses the mood is very similar to her heart, the love that can not be completed.

Unknowingly, Li Xuan'er finished singing, the judge completely forgot to call for a halt, because Li Xuan'er's singing was too beautiful, as the judge naturally knew the original song, the judge felt that Li Xuan'er sang better than the original song, and Li Xuan'er's voice seemed to have the feeling of a story in it.

"Pah-pah."The students in the stadium clapped desperately as if they were fans shouting Li Xuan'er's name.

Tang Zichen also applauded desperately with Wang Qiang and the others.

Tang Zichen was very shocked at the moment, it was really hard to believe that the touching voice just now was sung by Li Xuan'er, the singing seemed to be very different from her usual speaking voice, although the voice was the same.

"Xuan'er, you're amazing, I'm a fan of yours."Tang Zichen shouted with a smile.

Liu Xiangyun, who was sitting off to the side, was in a low mood, not because she was jealous of Li Xuan'er, but because Li Xuan'er sang so well that she felt inferior.

Xuan'er Li walks off the podium and the next person goes on stage.

Li Xuan'er returns to the stands.

Tang Zichen was busy: "Xuan'er, it's unbelievable, you sang so beautifully." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh, it's so-so."Li Xuan'er smiled shyly, but inside, she was so happy that no one knew that she was actually singing to a man, and now that he said it sounded good, Li Xuan'er was satisfied, and as for taking first place, it didn't matter anymore.

Around 2:30 pm, the judge announced the winners of the singing competition.

"I announce that the winner of first place is, Xuan'er Li."

"Ohhhhhh."The audience chanted, seemingly without surprise.

"The second place winner is Peng Yang, and the third place winner is Zhang Cui'er."

Li Xuan'er went on stage to receive the first place trophy and 10,000 cash.

Returning to her seat, Xuan'er Li handed the trophy's to Tang Zichen and said, "I'll give you my trophy too...if, you want it."

"Of course I want it, thank you Xuan'er, I'll collect it."Tang Zichen accepted Li Xuan'er's trophy.

Liu Xiangyun was still sullen, if she could, she would also like to take a trophy and give it to Tang Zichen.

"Next up, will be the last talent competition on New Year's Day, instrument playing, please invite contestant number one, Wang Yun, to the stage."

Tang Zichen stood up and twisted his waist, it was time for him to make his presence felt again, because, in qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, the qin, was what Tang Zichen was best at.

This was because, Tang Zichen's little sister loved music, and Tang Zichen's zither skills were all taught to him by his little sister's hands, and this was the most serious thing Tang Zichen had learned.

Wang Qiang was busy asking, "Zichen, you seem to be very confident, huh?"

"Maybe."Tang Zichen was suddenly a little sad, and the scene of his little sister teaching him how to play the piano kept appearing in his mind as if it were just yesterday.

The first person to take the stage was already playing the flute.

The unpleasant sound of the flute interrupted Tang Zichen's thoughts.

"Go down."The referee immediately shouted, although there weren't many students participating in the musical instrument competition, they couldn't let this noise disturb everyone.

"Next, Yang Hui goes on stage."

Yang Hui played the erhu, and the tune he played was the most miserable sounding "Two Springs and the Moon", attempting to infect everyone, but unfortunately, because of his poor level, he was kicked off the stage halfway through the song.

Just like that, one after another.

"Next, Liu Xiangyun ready."

Liu Xiangyun.

Immediately after hearing that, he stood up and looked agitated.

"I must cheer up, I want to get the prize too, God bless me."Liu Xiangyun said internally.

Liu Xiangyun walked up to the podium and she played a piano piece.

Sitting gracefully in front of a piano, Liu Xiangyun began to play, her level was still good, and she played the piano in a beautiful position, not being driven down halfway until the end.

"Next, Tang Zichen."

When the crowd heard Tang Zichen's name, they wowed again.

"My grass, can't Tang Zichen be a little more low-key?"

"Would it kill the Don to not attend that much?"

Tang Zichen took the stage again amidst the curses of the crowd.

Tang Zichen walked up to the podium, unlike in the morning, Tang Zichen didn't have a happy expression on his face at the moment, it was a faint sadness, while in the morning's competition, Tang Zichen went on stage with a smile on his face in every game.

Tang Zichen chose a violin prepared by the school, and was the only one who used the violin to play, none of the previous contestants who came on the stage used the violin.The violin was hard to play, and if the level was not good enough, it would sound awful.

Tang Zichen set up the violin and sat in front of it, this second, Tang Zichen had the feeling of going back in time, the little sister was sitting next to him, Tang Zichen froze there, unmoving, eyes looking at the violin dazed.

The whole room of students saw Tang Zichen being silly and talked about it.

"What does Tang Zichen mean?Sitting still."

"I don't think ten will, probably thinking again about how to threaten the judges later and get first place."

"What a shame for White Cloud High School."

Xiang Yun Liu and Xuan Er Li also saw that Tang Zichen had an unspeakable look of sadness on his face even before he started on stage, and they didn't know what had happened to him, but Xuan Er Li and Xuan Er Liu both had a vague idea of what was going on.

The referee reminded, "Hey, this student, will you or won't you?If you can't, hurry down, don't waste my time."

Tang Zichen seemed as if he hadn't heard and was still stunned.

At this moment, Tang Zichen completely forgot where he was and only felt a sadness in his heart, and the sweet and clear voice of his senior sister sounded in his ears, "Brother Feng, let's play the Green Cloud River, you play and I'll sing, okay?"

Tang Zichen involuntarily said, "Good."

"Then hurry up."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Many people were impatient at the scene when they saw Tang Zichen's silly "yes" and "mmm" again.

Tang Zichen placed his ten fingers on the violin and began to play that incomparably familiar tune, in his mind, the melodious voice of his little sister had already sounded, Tang Zichen played and she sang.

At the scene, everyone suddenly felt very shocked when they heard Tang Zichen's violin sound.

The referee teacher also wrinkled his eyebrows, and said in his heart, "What kind of song is this, never heard of it before, it's really good, this piano skill is also considered superb, I didn't expect that a student could play the piano so out of the ordinary."

On the stands, Li Xuan'er immediately took out a notebook and was recording something.

Liu Xiangyun closed her eyes, feeling the sound of Tang Zichen's qin, giving her a spiritual enjoyment.

"Brother Feng, your playing is awesome, it seems like you've learned everything I've taught you, let's do it again."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Pah-pah."At that moment, a round of applause rang out, interrupting Tang Zichen's thoughts.

Tang Zichen looked at the violin on the table, as if he was stuck in another world.

"Tang Zichen, it's your turn to be next, you can go down first."


"Don Zichen?Don Zixin?Don Zichen?"

After calling several times, Tang Zichen was awakened.

Tang Zichen walked off the podium and silently returned to the stands, everyone didn't ask any questions, Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er knew that there was someone inside Tang Zichen, a girl they couldn't compare to.

Tang Zichen didn't want to drown himself in grief, and stuck a silver needle in his heart.

Tang Zichen really did dissipate the lingering sadness in no time.

"How did I just play?"Tang Zichen asked.

Wang Qiang was busy nodding his head, "Awesome, I didn't expect that you were so good at playing the piano, I don't even believe that it's still the same old you."

In fact, Wang Qiang had long suspected, this Tang Zichen, and the former Tang Zichen, are completely different people, the former Tang Zichen, lustful and not very capable, but now, Wang Qiang didn't even know what to say.

Li Xuan'er asked, "Zichen, the tune you just played, was it Green Cloud River?"

"Yeah?How do you know?"

"I guessed."Li Xuan'er smiled, she had memorized the tune, it was really very hard to sing and very special, but it was beautiful, Li Xuan'er took the paper and pen to Tang Zichen and said, "Can you give me the words to Green Cloud River?" First web site


Tang Zichen wrote the lyrics of Green Cloud River to Li Xuan'er in no time.

By about five o'clock in the afternoon, all the competitions ended.

"Below, I announce that the first place winner of the instrumental performance is, Tang Zichen, the second place winner is Li Rongxiang, and the third place winner is, Liu Zhenhua."

Liu Xiangyun was disappointed, I thought the third place was her, but I didn't expect what Liu Zhenhua.

"Please ask the above three students to come up to receive their awards."

Tang Zichen came up again to receive the trophy and 10,000.

Today to get the award got soft, participated in four talent competitions, all of them first place, Tang Zichen was also drunk.

"Fellow students, this is the end of all talent competitions for this year's New Year's Day.Today evening at 6:30 pm, the New Year's Day Arts Gala, in front of Building One, officially begins, please prepare to arrive tonight and watch the Arts Gala, meanwhile, please hurry up and get ready for all the classes participating in the arts programs.Dismissed."

Everyone left the sports field.

Liu Xiangyun asked, "Zichen, are we going home for dinner in the evening?"

"No, just eat something outside, don't forget, at six o'clock, that whatever singer Ling Longyu is coming, we all still have to line up to welcome him."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, I almost forgot."Liu Xiangyun smiled.

After dinner, Tang Zichen and the other class flowers were gathered together.

Early in the morning, they waited in two rows in front of the school.

At around six ten, a black commercial vehicle drove up to the entrance of Baiyun Middle School.

A man dressed in green and flowery clothes got down from the commercial vehicle.

This person is the singer Ling Longyu, suddenly many students in front of the school shouted: "Ling Longyu, I love you."

Not only the students of the school, but also many people from the society also rushed here, specifically to see the singer.

Liu Chenming had also already come, as there was a dance show in the evening for Liu Xiangyun.

At that moment, a teacher immediately directed Tang Zichen and the others, "Quick, mouth shout, one, two, three."

"Welcome, warm welcome, Loongyu Loongyu, we love you."

"Welcome welcome, warm welcome, Looney Looney, I

We love you."

The other students in the crowd, as well as the community, shouted slogans along with them.

"Hahaha."Ling Longyu laughed and waved to the people around him.

Ling Long Yu looked at the school gate, as if he remembered that he was once, he was once here, and he was also the third most resoundingly evil youngster, what a fleeting moment, and I don't know if there is still an evil youngster in Baiyun Middle School today.

Ling Long Yu smiled, "Everyone, quiet."

The bustling school entrance quieted down.

"Everyone, thank you very much, I'm very happy to return to my alma mater this time."

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded.

"Today is New Year's Day, and I'll be presenting three songs to wish the longevity of my alma mater."


"Back then, I was also a student at Baiyun Middle School, and it's been a few years since then, but this return to my alma mater also reminds me of what I used to do here.Truth be told, I was once at White Cloud Middle School, and I was also the bad student who gave my teachers a headache, and was ranked as the third most evil student by everyone."After saying that, Ling Longyu patted a teacher standing beside him, this teacher was once Ling Longyu's class teacher, and Ling Longyu's class teacher laughed and laughed, as if he was proud of Ling Longyu.

Ling Long Yu also said, "Nowadays, Baiyun Middle School should not be as messy as it was back then, to think that back then, Baiyun Middle School was messed up by a few of us evil youngsters, hahaha, now that I think about it, I'm really ashamed of my alma mater ah."

At this time, a student said, "Long Yu, now Bai Yun Middle School is even more chaotic oh, seven evil youngsters."

Ling Longyu was stunned and laughed, "Really?Which seven evil youngsters, step forward for a moment."

Tang Zichen was very unused to Ling Longyu's face of acting like a comparison while a group of so-called fans were foolish.

Several other evil youngsters stood out, including Liu Yue, who was pushed out by Song Yu'er.

"Didn't we say seven?What's the other one?"Ling Long Yu asked, he was going to educate these evil youngsters today as someone who had come over and was also qualified to educate the evil youngsters as a senior among the evil youngsters.

"There's another one who is the ultimate evil teenager, Tang Zichen."A student said.

"Yoho, there's even an Ultimate Evil Shao."

Tang Zichen walked out.

Ling Long Yu looked at Tang Zichen and saw that Tang Zichen was quite handsome, and suddenly didn't like it too much, because he was just too ugly back then, so even though he was an evil youngster, he couldn't pick up the class flower school flower.

Ling Long Yu walked up to Tang Zichen, pretending to be friendly, patted Tang Zichen's shoulder and said with a smile, "Little classmate, you are the ultimate evil youngster, what's your name?"

Tang Zichen's eyes looked straight at Ling Longyu, in Tang Zichen's eyes, this face pretending to be Ling Longyu was like shit, Tang Zichen was no fan.

A teacher was busy urging: "Tang Zichen, quickly call the senior ah, how so rude."

Tang Zichen's head popped and his mouth snorted.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the pictures you've taken, and you'll see that you're not only a singer, but also the third most vicious young man in Baiyun High School.

So many people Linglong Yu is not good to attack, can only endure the anger of a smile: "really is the ultimate evil less, a bit of temper, called Tang Zichen right, senior me, once was also evil less, listen to the senior's words, do not waste time in the campus pretend to compare, understand?"

Tang Zichen hummed, "Alright, if you want to sing, just sing and leave quickly, don't pretend to be a match here."After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Ling Longyu's heart was very unpleasant, a bit unable to get off the stage.


Ling Longyu looked at Tang Zichen's back, a million haymakers running through his heart.

"What the hell, he dared to throw cross in front of me."Ling Long Yu was very hot inside.

Ling Long Yu immediately ordered one of his grandfather's men, "Investigate this kid for me, I want to know in five minutes."


Ling Long Yu couldn't act out in front of so many people, so he could only continue to force a smile with his fans.

"Long Yu, inside please."A teacher said respectfully.

Ling Longyu walked inside the campus while checking out the two rows of class flowers, but of course, the class flowers were directly ignored, and his eyes were focused on the class flowers.

Seeing so many beautiful women, Linglong Yu suddenly forgot about Tang Zichen.

Suddenly, Linglong Yu saw a super beauty and almost didn't drool.

"What's your name?"Linglong Yu asked.

"Li Xuan'er." Remember the URL

"Li Xuan'er, hehe, good name."Linglong Yu said with a smile.

Linglong Yu asked again, "You must be the school flower of Baiyun Middle School."Linglong Yu's heart stirred as he looked at Li Xuan'er.

"I dare not be."Li Xuan'er smiled slightly.

"Li Xuan'er, you're so pretty, it's a pity not to be an actress, I know many directors, do you want me to introduce you to a few?"Linglong Yu said.

Li Xuan'er shook her head without thinking, "No."

Ling Longyu smiled awkwardly and said, "Let's say, I'll ask my assistant, to give you my contact information."

Li Xuan'er immediately shook her head and said, "I don't want your contact information, I don't want to contact you, sorry."

Ling Longyu felt a little upset, what's going on today ah, come to Baiyun Middle School one after another upset, just Tang Zichen made him upset, and now this school flower made him upset, Ling Longyu all doubt whether he is still a singer or not.

In the end, he was not able to get a chance to talk to the girl, but he did.

"Classmate, what is your name?"Linglong Yu asked.

"Liu Xiangyun."

Tang Zichen had already left the welcoming party, so there was no Tang Zichen standing beside Liu Xiangyun.

"Liu Xiangyun, it's a nice name, it's able to be popular right away."

"Thanks."Liu Xiangyun said.

"I have a friend who is a director and is in desperate need of a leading actress, any interest?Leave a phone number."Linglong Yu said.

Liu Xiangyun shook her head and said, "Not interested."

Ling Longyu was a bit depressed, what's wrong with all the beauties nowadays, don't they want to become famous?

Ling Longyu had to change his way, took out his phone and smiled, "How much is your micro signal, we are quite fortunate to get to know each other."

Xiangyun Liu said, "Don't want to get to know each other, I'm afraid my boyfriend will be angry."

"You have a boyfriend?Where is it?"

Tang Zichen suddenly appeared from behind and said, "Here."

"What? It's your brat's girlfriend."Ling Long Yu's heart suddenly felt very unhappy, feeling that a good cabbage had been arched by a pig.

Linglong Yu really wanted to roar, just then, the corner of his eye, he saw another super beauty.

In his heart, Ling Long Yu said, "Damn, I don't believe I can't handle one."

"Hello, what's your name?"Ling Long Yu walked up to the next beauty and smiled.

"Shangguan Zou."

"Shangguan Zou, huh? Have you ever heard of it?

My song, huh?"

Shangguan Rou smiled a smile full of femininity and said, "I've heard it, it's very nice."

Linglong Yu said in his heart, "Yay, finally a beautiful woman is a real fan."

Ling Long Yu asked, "Do you want an autograph?We're quite fated, I can give you an autograph for the album."

Shangguan softly tossed her eyes and smiled, "Am I beautiful?"

"Beautiful, so beautiful, fairy-like."Linglong Yu said.

"Ouch, my shoes are a little dirty, what should I do."

"Hehehe, let me help you."Linglong Yu knelt down in front of everyone's eyes, stuck out his tongue, and licked Shangguan Rou's shoes.

Everyone was dumbfounded, what happened?

Not far away, Tang Zichen looked on without moving a muscle, this Ling Long Yu is really looking for death, daring to hook up with Shangguan Rou.

At this time, Ling Longyu's assistant came up in a panic and said, "Longyu, Longyu, what are you doing."

However, Ling Longyu was completely silly like, licking the shoes non-stop, pulling can not pull, once pulled, he crawled up like a dog and continued to lick.

At this time, Linglong Yu's grandfather's men came up and slapped Linglong Yu a few times, Linglong Yu only then came back to his senses.

"What just happened to me?"Looney asked, feeling a lot of mush in his mouth.

"Looney, you just went crazy and licked her shoes."


"Never mind, just get inside."The assistant said.

Ling Longyu was dragged away from Shangguan Rou, and Shangguan Rou snorted softly, her mouth seemingly cursing, "Idiot."Then, Shangguan Rou looked over at Tang Zichen and threw a wink at him, but it was purely a wink, not using charm in it.Tang Zichen ignored it.

Ling Longyu was depressed, three super beauties all failed to accost, the last one for some reason, he also suddenly went crazy.

At this time, Linglong Yu saw another super beauty at the end of the welcome line, and it was of the cute type, Linglong Yu liked this type of beauty the most.

"Wait a minute."Linglong Yu was busy stopping and stood in front of Song Yu'er, smiling, "Classmate, what's your name..."

Ling Long Yu hadn't finished a sentence when a sudden spray of mist hit his eyes.

"Hahahaha, I've finally met a pervert for once, anti-chen spray, yay."Song Yu'er laughed excitedly, after she bought the dust spray, she never had the chance to use it because she never met a pervert, which made her very depressed.Unexpectedly, today, she finally ran into a pervert once and finally used the dust spray, so Song Yu'er was dead happy, as for what identity the pervert was, this was not her concern.

"Ah."Ling Long Yu felt blind and her face was hot and painful.

"What the hell did you spray me with?"Ling Long Yu yelled, unable to care about his image now.

Song Yuer said, "Anti-Chen spray, huh?"

"What the hell."

"A must-have for protection against perverts."

"Fuck you, who's the pervert now."

"You, you just tried to horny me, didn't you?"Song Yuer said.

"Fuck you, who's horny as hell."

"Didn't you just try to ask me my name and then try to hit on me?That's why I'm using the anti-sin spray ah."

"Ahhhhh."Linglong Yu shouted out in anger, why is he so sad today.

The assistant's face also filled with anger, looking at a teacher and saying, "Is this your way of welcoming you?"

"I'm sorry sorry, we didn't expect this to happen."That teacher in charge of reception was busy apologizing and then reprimanded Song Yu'er a few times.


A teacher came up to help and hurriedly took Ling Long Yu to the school nurse to have his eyes treated.

Fifteen minutes later, Ling Long Yu's eyes had been treated, but they were red around the eyes.

Ling Longyu looked at himself in the mirror, anger was about to burn his chest.

"Linglong Yu, calm down, it's already happened, that person who sprayed you, after all, is a girl, you can't do anything about her."

"Bang."Ling Longyu slammed the table.

Ling Long Yu asked, "Where is that ultimate evil young man?He's a man, I can't let it go."

Grandpa Linglong Yu's men were busy saying, "Yu Shao, it's been investigated, his name is Tang Zichen, he's a personal bodyguard hired by an entrepreneur in Linjiang City, Liu Chenming, for his daughter, and the one called Liu Xiangyun is his lady."

"Tang Zichen, I see that he's very upset."Ling Longyu said with a fire that was blasted blind and transferred to Tang Zichen.

"Yu Shao, it's a very easy thing to teach Tang Zichen a lesson, but now the New Year's Day party is about to start."

Ling Long Yu said, "No more singing, let Tang Zichen come and apologize to me, or I won't sing."

"Good." One second to remember to read the book

At this moment, on the large ping in front of the No. 1 school building, many students were already waiting, and the stage had already been set up.

According to the original plan, Ling Longyu would sing three songs in a row before the concert started.

At that moment, Ling Long Yu's assistant walked up to a host teacher and said, "Ling Long Yu is very angry about what just happened, if Tang Zichen doesn't go apologize to him, he won't sing."


The assistant said and walked away.

The host teacher picked up the microphone and shouted, "Fellow students, there has been a little accident, Ling Longyu has just been wronged, that, Tang Zichen, you should now quickly go and ask for Ling Longyu's forgiveness, if he doesn't sing, the consequences will be your responsibility."

Everyone was suddenly talking, no wonder Ling Longyu never came out.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, asking him to go apologize to Ling Longyu?There is no mistake.

The host teacher shouted, "Tang Zichen, what are you waiting for, hurry up and apologize, everyone is still waiting for Ling Longyu to come out and sing, it's already over 6:30."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Why should I apologize to him?That's hilarious, did I offend him?"

Liu Xiangyun was busy saying, "That's right, Zichen didn't have any conflict with him at all, didn't even scold him, at most, when he was talking to Zichen, Zichen was just a bit disdainful of his tone.Song Yu'er sprayed him in the eyes, it's only right that Song Yu'er should go and apologize."

Song Yu'er heard Liu Xiangyun's words and immediately said, "I'm not going to apologize, it's none of my business, he's the one who first lusted after me."

The host teacher said, "Tang Zichen, since Ling Longyu asked you to go apologize to him, then you should hurry up and go, don't care what the reason is, let him cool off first, coming out to sing is the most important thing, so many students are waiting, don't you want to hear him sing?"

Tang Zichen sneered, "Singing his hairy song, did I say I wanted to hear him sing?"

"Alright, Tang Zichen, hurry up and apologize."The host teacher was impatient.

"Two words floating in the sky, don't go."Tang Zichen said and directly sat down.

The host teacher was also helpless and personally went to find Ling Longyu.

"Linglong Yu ah, how about someone else to apologize, I'll give you an apology, okay?"The host teacher said to Ling Longyu.

Ling Long Yu snorted, "No, I want Tang Zichen to apologize to me, no one else will help!

Otherwise no more singing."

"Alright, then I'll go persuade Tang Zichen again."The host teacher went to persuade Tang Zichen again.

Tang Zichen raised his foot and made a show of kicking it up, and said angrily, "If you harass me again, do you believe I'll kick you to death?"

The school leaders looked at the time, it was already 6:45 minutes, how come the party hadn't started yet, the host reacted the situation to the school leaders.

The Director of Teaching approached Tang Zichen and advised him: "Tang Zichen, just apologize to Ling Longyu and tell him to come out and sing, okay?The students are anxiously waiting, count me in for begging you."

Tang Zichen's impression of the teaching director was still good.

Tang Zichen said, "Okay, I'll make sure to let him come out and sing."

"Thank you, thank you for cooperating with the school."

Tang Zichen walked towards the office where Ling Longyu was.

Tang Zichen said that he guaranteed to let Ling Longyu come out to sing, he didn't say that he apologized to him.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the office, Ling Longyu was sitting inside playing with his phone.

Ling Longyu saw Tang Zichen come, a hum: "That who didn't say someone would never come to apologize to me, how come."

Tang Zichen walked over to Ling Long Yu and said, "I'm giving you three seconds to get out and sing right now, otherwise, I'll make you finish three songs even with tears in your eyes."

"Hahaha."Ling Longyu sneered disdainfully.

Behind him, Ling Long Yu's grandfather's men raged, "Tang Zichen, very arrogant, do you know who you are talking to?"

Tang Zichen turned and slapped the man across the face.

"Grass you?."That henchman rushed up to hit Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped him and chopped him to the ground.

Ling Longyu looked at the man who fell to the ground spitting foam and was shocked.

"Tang, Tang Zichen, what do you want?"

Tang Zichen said, "I don't want to say it a second time, get out and sing right now."

Ling Longyu's lungs were about to explode, he was a singer ah, back to Baiyun Middle School was actually threatened by such a bird hair.

"Tang Zichen, you don't want to hang around, do you know who my grandfather is?"

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen grabbed Ling Long Yu's colorful hair with one hand, then headed for the door.

"Tang Zichen, you let go of me."Ling Longyu rage ah, was dragged out of the office by Tang Zichen grabbing his hair.

At this time in the downstairs square, everyone was waiting for Ling Longyu to come out and sing, just at this moment, a person shouted, "Ling Longyu is coming out."

"Pah-pah."The students applauded.

However, the next second everyone was dumbfounded, Ling Longyu didn't come out, but was dragged out by Tang Zichen by his hair.

"Ah."The whole audience saw this scene instantly silly, what a situation.

The school leader was also dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen dragged Ling Longyu onto the stage, threw Ling Longyu to the middle of the stage and said, "Ling Longyu, sing for me right now, the atmosphere is getting up."

Ling Long Yu's anger almost didn't swallow, debut so many years, where to go is not surrounded by people, but today here was actually dragged up by a hanging hair.

"Tang Zichen, I'll fight with you."After Tang Zichen let go of Ling Longyu's hair, Ling Longyu immediately climbed up and pounced on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen fiercely slapped at it.

"Pah."Ling Long Yu was slapped down on the stage.


Tang Zichen hummed, "Sing or not?If you don't sing, I'll be really rude, a third-rate singer, not very famous, but with a temper, and he's learned to shake a big card."

The audience was in an uproar, Ling Long Yu dumped his big card and wanted Tang Zichen to apologize before he sang, unfortunately, Tang Zichen was the number one villain, so he directly dragged him out and beat him until he sang.

In the audience crowd, Liu Chenming saw Tang Zichen's fierce scene, also really stunned, this kid, really not afraid of the sky.

Ling Long Yu suddenly took out a knife from his body and stabbed at Tang Zichen, bellowing, "I'll kill you."

Ling Long Yu had been angry enough to move the knife.

"Pah."In the next second, Tang Zichen slapped Ling Longyu's face again, and Ling Longyu was slapped back down on the stage, and the knife came out of his hand and flew under the stage.

Tang Zichen hoisted Ling Longyu up and said, "Ling Longyu, since you promised your classmates, today you have to finish the three songs even with tears, do you hear me."

Ling Longyu really cried, he was simply helpless in the face of Tang Zichen who had such a strong force.

Tang Zichen put Linglong Yu down and said, "Start singing."

Ling Longyu yelled with reluctance, "Sing you?"

"Pah." First URL

"To sing or not to sing?"


"Singing or not?"


"Singing or not?"


"Singing or not?"

Finally, Linglong Yu cried and yelled, "Don't fight, I'll sing, I'll sing, oooooh."

Eventually, Linglong Yu was beaten by Tang Zichen to the point where he sang voluntarily.

The host fearfully took the microphone to Ling Longyu, Ling Longyu cried and finished the three songs he had planned to sing, singing really worse than a ghost, but finally finished singing with tears.

See LingLongyu finished singing with tears, we can't help but think of a phrase in our minds, what about their own, also have to finish playing with tears.

After LingLongyu finished singing, he left BaiYun Middle School with the support of his assistants.

The host said, "Below, the New Year's Day evening party has officially begun, please enjoy the dance of the second and ninth classes of senior high school, "Open the door."

At this time, in a certain villa in Linjiang City, an old man received a call and slammed the phone down angrily.

"What's wrong?"

"Longyu sang at White Cloud High School and was beaten up, and Longyu sang all three songs in tears."

"What? Who?Who dares to hit Looney?"

"Tang Zichen."

Around 10pm, the New Year's Day party at Baiyun High School ended, and Liu Xiangyun danced at the party as well.

Tang Zichen drove Liu Xiangyun home, and Liu Chenming himself also had a car to drive, two cars in front and one behind.

"You hit Ling Longyu today, will something happen?"Xiang Yun Liu asked.

"Oh, what can happen, don't worry."

"Ugh, you, you're really not afraid of the sky."Liu Xiangyun said helplessly.

When Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun returned home, it was already after 10:30.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun's father and daughter were about to walk into the living room when Tang Zichen suddenly said, "Wait a minute."

"What's wrong?Tzu-Chen?"

"There's someone in the living room,"Tang Zichen said.

Liu Chen Ming was shocked, but not surprised, after all, that Ling Long Yu's family was bound to come looking for trouble.

Tang Zichen walked into the living room first, and sure enough, there were three people sitting in the living room and five people standing, adding up to eight people.One of them was about sixty years old, and Ling Long Yu was also among them.

Ling Longyu pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Grandpa, fuck this son of a bitch."


p; Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun were standing at the door, always on guard.

That old man stood up, looked at Tang Zichen with a grim gaze, and said, "Are you back."

Tang Zichen said carelessly, "Are you blind, knowingly asking."

The old man's face twitched, Tang Zichen actually dared to contradict him, and Tang Zichen was actually fearless.

The old man laughed coldly and said, "Tang Zichen, you really do have guts."

Tang Zichen looked at this group of people and felt hehe.

Ling Long Yu shouted, "Grandpa, why are you still long-winded with him, kill him."

The old man looked at Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun standing in the doorway, then picked up the cup of tea on the table, coughed, pooh, spit a mouthful of phlegm into the cup, then handed it to Tang Zichen and said, "Drink this cup of tea, I can spare Liu Chenming and his daughter."

Tang Zichen looked at the cup of tea in front of him, a mouthful of yellow, thick phlegm inside was so disgusting, but Tang Zichen admired the old ghost's courage to speak to him like that.

Tang Zichen also did not speak and took the cup of tea.

Liu Xiangyun was busy shouting, "Zichen, don't drink it."

Liu Chenming was also busy saying, "Zichen, don't ever drink it, the worst that can happen is we get beaten up by them, I don't believe they would dare to kill us father and daughter."

Tang Zichen looked at the teacup in his hand, he chuckled, suddenly, Tang Zichen's body moved, stepped in front of Ling Long Yu's body, instantly held Ling Long Yu's mouth open with his palm, then a mouthful of water as well as thick phlegm in the teacup, poured into Ling Long Yu's throat.

"Ahhhh, pooh pooh."Ling Long Yu cried, Grandpa's cup of thick phlegm tea, Tang Zichen actually poured it into him to drink.

Tang Zichen said, "Drink up."

The old man's face was twitching with gloom, his body trembling with anger, and the old man shouted, "Kill, one by one."

Those five men, pounced on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen waved his hand, five coins flew out, and in the next blink of an eye, all five men fell to the ground, unmoving.

The old man gave an ah.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen strangled the old man's neck and brought him up.

Tang Zichen slapped the old man's face and said, "Old thing, are you the only one worthy of playing with me?I know what you are the second master of Zhan Long Hall, huh, trash."After saying that, Tang Zichen choked the old man's neck and threw it outside, the old man flew out of the window and was thrown onto the road 50 meters away, not knowing if he was dead or not, Tang Zichen did it a little heavier this time.

Tang Zichen looked at Ling Longyu and said, "Roll, I'll count to three."

Ling Long Yu and another man, immediately ran out of the living room, and did not bother with the five fainting men.

Tang Zichen threw the five fainting men, one by one, out of the villa and threw them outside in the garden.

Tang Zichen clapped his hands and smiled, "Uncle Liu, alright, you can come in, it's getting late, wash up and go to bed."

Linglong Yu and his father ran to the main road 50 meters away, his grandfather just happened to be hanging on the pole, not knowing if he was dead or alive.



Ling Long Yu quickly climbed up, got his grandfather down, and then sent him to the hospital to be rescued, for Tang Zichen, there was only deep fear at the moment, his grandfather was the second master of Zhan Long Hall, a level 39 expert, and as a result, he was suddenly thrown up on a pole 50 meters away.Whether it was Ling Long Yu or his father, he was completely out of temper from the abuse.

It was not too early, so Tang Zichen took a shower and lay down to rest.

The next day, at breakfast, Liu Chenming said, "Xiang'er, I have something to tell you."

"Dad, what is it?"Liu Xiangyun was confused.

"Xiang'er, your sister, she might come in the next few days."

"Ah, my sister?"Xiangyun Liu is going to forget that she has a sister, who belonged to them when her father divorced back then.She, on the other hand, was abandoned and followed her father because of her cold illness.


"Well, I'm actually surprised, I haven't seen her in years."Liu Chen Ming was despondent.

But tears welled up in Liu Xiangyun's eyes, as if she suddenly thought of her cruel mother, who hadn't had any news of that family for all these years since she left that family with her father at the age of eight.

Liu Chenming said, "Xiang'er, I told you in advance, because I wanted you to be psychologically prepared, you and your sister, since childhood, there is a world of difference, Chu Frosty Yun, I heard that she is now very powerful in martial arts, after all, you are sisters, now the difference between each other is so great, I am afraid that without telling you in advance, you suddenly see, afraid that it will be a momentary psychological overwhelm."

Liu Xiangyun wiped a handful of tears and said, "Dad, you're thinking too much, I've resigned myself to my fate, Frost Cloud even if she develops even better in the future, I won't think too much about it, I'm this life."

"Ugh."Willow Chenming sighed, Chu Frost Cloud wanted to come here, it wasn't Willow Chenming who called her.Two daughters, one with his last name and one with Mom's.

Tang Zichen didn't ask much as this was their family matter.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun went to school together.

At this time, at the Public Security Bureau, a tall and powerful man, accompanied by the director, walked into the Public Security Bureau building.

"Everyone, let me introduce you, this is the highest team sent from above, let's applaud."

"Pah-pah."The police officers in the office applauded.

Xu Mei Qian happened to come to work. Remember the website

The director was busy saying, "Xu Mei Qian, this is the highest team sent down from above, after capturing a defeat of red dust, cooperate well with Hua Tian Feng's command."

"Oh, yes."Xu Mei Qian a salute.

Hua Tianfeng looked at Xu Mei Qian, his eyes couldn't help but light up, he didn't expect Captain Xu Mei Qian, to be such an extraordinary beauty.

Originally, Hua Tianfeng was very resistant to being sent down to capture some one to defeat the Red Dust, but now that he saw Xu Mei Qian, he suddenly felt that this was a beautiful errand.

"Xu Mei Qian, hello."Hua Tianfeng was busy shaking hands with Xu Mei Qian.

"Hello, Captain Hua."Xu Mei Qian said politely.

"Don't be so polite, call me Tianfeng, I'll still have to work well with you in the future to capture that defeated red dust.By the way, where is my office?"

"It's next door to Captain Xu's office, have Captain Xu take you there."

"Okay, thanks."

Xu Mei Qian took Hua Tianfeng to his office.

"Captain Hua, your office is this one, my office is right next door, please call me if you need anything."Xu Mei Qian said.

Hua Tianfeng smiled, "Captain Xu, it's my first day here and I'm not too familiar with it, I hope that Captain Xu will take care of it, if Captain Xu doesn't mind, you might as well sit down and have a chat."

"Good."Xu Mei Qian didn't refuse and sat down in Hua Tianfeng's office.

"Captain Xu looks very young, how old are you this year."

"22, Captain Hua, you're not old either."

Hua Tianfeng smiled, "To be honest, I'm also 22."

"Ah."Xu Mei Qian was shocked, not expecting Hua Tianfeng to be 22 years old as well.

Hua Tianfeng smiled, "Truth be told, I didn't want to come here to capture some one defeat red dust, I've received a gold medal from the Martial Arts Academy to invite admission, I originally wanted to resign and wait for next year's admission.However, the family wanted me to do something for the country, so I came here."

Xu Mei Qian was shocked again, this Hua Tianfeng had also received an acceptance letter from the Martial Forest Academy.


bsp;Xu Mei Qian asked, "Is Captain Hua also still not open to the Renguo pulse right now?"

Hua Tianfeng smiled, "Originally, I had the chance to open up two years ago, but I wanted to build a better foundation, so I postponed it until now.Now that my foundation is almost done, I think that once I get through the Renguo vein, I'll probably charge up to the pre Outer Gate realm in no time."Hua Tianfeng's tone carried a hint of pretending to compare.

Captain Xu admired it, "Captain Hua is truly amazing, dare I ask what martial level Captain Hua is at now?"

Hua Tianfeng smiled faintly and said, "It's not high, it's only level 75, so low, I'm a bit embarrassed to say it."

Xu Mei Qian was speechless for a moment, don't be so obvious in pretending to compare.

"Captain Hua is too modest, level 75 is already a full 20 levels higher than me, so it's not even high, is this to make your subordinate die of shame."

"Hahaha, Captain Xu, maybe everyone has a different goal for themselves, my goal is to reach level 99 as much as possible before I open the Renguo vein.Truth be told, my family has purchased many pills for me, and I will definitely reach level 90 or higher before I open the Rendu Pulse."

Xu Mei Qian said, "Captain Hua's family seems to be very powerful."

"Hehe, it's fine, there are several Houtian experts in the family, all of whom are my immediate elders."

Xu Mei Qian's heart trembled, although Hua Tian Feng had the suspicion of faking a comparison, it was indeed enviable ah.

Xu Mei Qian stood up and said, "Captain Hua, that's nothing, you work, I'm also going back to my office."

Hua Tianfeng said, "The main purpose of me coming over is to assist the Linjiang Police in arresting One Defeat Red Dust, there's nothing to office, you can take me to some sites now and observe."

Xu Mei Qian nodded, Hua Tianfeng was her boss, and couldn't refuse.

Walking out of the Public Security Bureau and driving into the police car, Hua Tianfeng asked, "Has Captain Xu gotten married yet?"

"Is this a joke, Captain Hua, I'm not seeing anyone yet."

"Huh, I don't have a date yet either."Hua Tianfeng laughed.

"Oh."Xu Mei Qian gave a heh.

Hua Tianfeng added, "The next time a defeated Red Dust appears, do you believe I'll take him down with a single move?"

"It's good that Captain Hua has confidence, and I can resign with peace of mind once the case of the defeated red dust is solved."

"Are you going to resign too?Right, Captain Xu, I don't think you're very young, and your martial arts strength isn't weak, would you like me to introduce you to me, with my connections, it's not a big problem to get you into the Martial Arts Academy."

Xu Mei Qian smiled, "Don't bother Captain Hua, I've already received a gold medal from the Martial Arts Academy inviting me to enter."

"Uh."Hua Tianfeng was a bit embarrassed, he didn't expect that people had also received a notice inviting admission, and he was still pretending to be in front of others.

At this time, at the hospital.

"Grandpa, grandpa, you're awake."

Ling Long Yu's grandfather opened his eyes, last night, he was thrown out of the road by Tang Zichen, after being sent to the hospital, the doctor said that he almost cracked his skull, thanks to his martial arts background is not weak, otherwise he would have died long ago.

The old man opened his eyes and cried, "The Tang Zichen that killed that day, he even pretended to be a comparison, his strength, at least level 50."

Ling Longyu also gritted his teeth and said, "He was struck by lightning for pretending to compare, he won't have a good end, grandpa, what should we do now?"

"What else can I do, I can only be bullied by him for nothing."

Although Ling Long Yu was unwilling, he was helpless.

Tang Zichen was now sitting in the classroom, as calm as ever, looking ordinary.


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