The King of Kungfu in school 2236-2240


Chapter 2236

In this way, Tang Zichen was in the Mi Clan and served as a soldier for ten thousand years.

During these ten thousand years, Tang Zichen had warred with many families in the east and west, and Tang Zichen had received a lot of training.

Tang Zichen's realm also took advantage of this opportunity to take many immortal pills, stepping from the early Heavenly Immortal stage, into the middle Heavenly Immortal stage, of course.

Ten thousand years later, Tang Zichen was already a bit bored.

"Miss Mi Lu, I'm ready to resign."

"Ah, you're not going to be my family's soldier anymore?"

"I was just going to hit the sauce, and it's almost as if it's been a million years."

"So, what about that."

"What to do."

"Me, am I never going to see you again?"

"Maybe, okay, I'm ready to go." One second to remember to read the book

"Where are you going?"

"Let's go back to the Academy of Immortality first."

"You're out, how can you go back?"

"Haha, I'm related, goodbye, Miss Miroku."

"Chow Mi, can, can you stay the night?"

"Uh, stay one night, Murphy, you have some kind of agenda for me."

"Zhou Mi, I really, really like you, do we, any chance?"Mi Lu plucked up the courage to ask.

"Sorry ah, I already have a wife."

Tang Zichen soon returned to the Academy of Immortality.

All of Tang Zichen's relatives were still at the Academy of Immortality, so of course they had to come back, and it was time to harvest again as Tang Zichen's business was still at the Academy of Immortality.

"Big brother, you're back."

"Fatty, in these ten thousand years, how has Tang's guidance been profitable?"

"Big brother, it's good, in these ten thousand years, we've gained a total of eight billion immortal coins in profit, but the money has all been transferred to Tang Huan."

"Good, she and I are the same, hard work."

"What are you talking about, big brother, you're paying us a high salary and we're making just as much, if it wasn't for you, where would we have so much money."

"Haha, you go ahead."

Tang Zichen immediately went to find Tang Huan and lingered with Tang Huan for a few nights, Tang Huan was now in charge of taking care of Tang's guiding business for Tang Zichen, the rest of his time was spent practicing.

Tang Zichen went to find Mu Qianjie and the others again, they were all seriously cultivating their spells, 10,000 years was just a retreat for them, Tang Zichen didn't bother them.

"You're here."At this moment, Tang Zichen's voice rang out in his mind from the dean.

Tang Zichen immediately arrived at the dean's residence.

"Dad."Tang Zichen called out.

Tang Zichen saw that Ding Lan was also here.

"You're even here, I thought you'd gone back to the Heavenly Realm."Tang Zichen said to Ding Lan.

"Why would I go back if you don't even want to go back."

"Oh, you're bored too, aren't you."

Dean said, "Tang Zichen, tell me honestly, you two, what's going on?"

"Dad, what's going on?"

"You two haven't shared a room until now, have you?"The Dean questioned.


"What about what Lan said, you didn't even touch her."

"She's talking nonsense, if you don't believe me, I'll touch her right now in front of you."

Dean said, "Alright, I believe you just, don't be tempted to quarrel with husband and wife in the future, the rest of your life is long, it's meaningless to live like this."

"Yes, Dad, don't worry, Ding Lan and I will live a good life."

"Well, Tang Zichen, I've heard that you've been here for ten thousand years, in West Niu Hezhou to a

The little family has been a soldier for ten thousand years?"

"Yes, although the family is small, but there are still a whole lot of people in the Earth Immortal world who can spike me, and I want to train myself, otherwise, what's the point of refining the Star Shifting Great Law."

"You're doing well, but be safe, I don't want my daughter to be widowed."

"Don't worry."

The Dean nodded and asked, "Then what are your next plans?Do you want to go back to being a soldier?"

"No, I'm tired of being a ten thousand year old, I want to go to other continents next."

Dean said, "No need to go and waste time."

"Why?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Ding Lan was a bit dissatisfied and said, "Dad helped you with a relationship and got you a job, now you're happy."

"Ah, found me an errand?What?"Tang Zichen asked in surprise.

Dean said, "This time, the Immortal Court has lost a lot of celestial soldiers, and it's just time to recruit a group of replacements, so I've helped you secure a spot."

"Ah, let me go to the Heavenly Soldiers ah?"

"What? You don't want to, you're even willing to be a soldier of a small family in the Earth Immortal Realm, aren't you still willing to be a Heavenly Soldier?"

"I do, but what type of skirmisher?"

"It's just the most ordinary celestial soldier, but be prepared for it."


"This time, more than three thousand celestial soldiers died, and do you know why?"


"In the South Zhanbe Continent, a demon god made a disturbance, and the Immortal Court sent 10,000 heavenly soldiers down to annihilate it, but unfortunately, the losses were heavy, and 3,000 heavenly soldiers died.That demon god will be difficult to annihilate in a short period of time, so the three thousand heavenly soldiers that were lost must be made up immediately."

"So that's how it is."

Ding Lan was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, you have to think clearly, this is no joke, you will lose your life."Ding Lan didn't seem to want Tang Zichen to go.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's better to lose your life than to die of boredom.Besides, this might still be a chance, if I perform well in the army, is there still a chance that I'll be taken seriously?"

The dean said, "Yes, that's why I helped you get this quota."

At this point, Ding Lan looked at the dean with some dissatisfaction, in fact, Ding Lan was against it, because Ding Lan felt that her father was using Tang Zichen.If Tang Zichen died, it would be dead, and if Tang Zichen could really build a career and perform, the future future bar would be bright, so he was gambling with Tang Zichen's life.

However, Tang Zichen didn't care.

"Thank you dad, I will definitely try my best to perform."

"Good, I believe in you, then, I'll have Ding Lan accompany you to report to the Heavenly Soldier Recruitment Office."

"When will you report in?"

"All in a month."

"Okay."Tang Zichen clenched his fist, his heart was excited, this was much more powerful than being a small soldier in the Mi Clan, this was a celestial soldier, the battles he participated in were all immortal, never a small fight between a few small families.

"You guys go."


Tang Zichen and Ding Lan left the dean's residence, Ding Lan had been depressed, as if she was worried about Tang Zichen going as cannon fodder, after all, in the last war, only one encounter, three thousand celestial soldiers died, what if the next time the loss was so bad and it was Tang Zichen who died again?

"Hey, why are you tense."Don Zichen.

"I don't agree with you going as a Heavenly Soldier."

"Silly, didn't you say that the Heavenly Realm is overcrowded, a small Heavenly Soldier fighting for his head is hard to be a soldier, now I'm finally a Heavenly Soldier, the smallest officer in the Heavenly Realm, but it's not bad ah."

"You're the one who's stupid, can't you see that three thousand Heavenly Soldiers died this time, and besides, you're recruited to be cannon fodder, a lot of people don't go, otherwise, where else would it be your turn to be."

"It's fine, I like doing this job."


"What if you die?"

"If I die, you'll remarry, and I haven't touched you yet anyway."

"I won't remarry, and I don't have the face for it."

"Come on, long hair, short sighted, what does a woman know."

Ting Lan's eyes were red as she looked at Tang Zichen.

"Hey, you're not getting real feelings, we're not a real couple, you don't want to substitute yourself into the role of a wife."

"I don't care if I'm a real couple with you or not, it's always real or not, I'm already yours, I can't be with another man in this life, you better not die in battle."

"What a crow's nest, come on, take me to report in."

"Wait, don't you want to go and tell Tang Huan, and the rest of your family?"

"No, it's not necessary to tell them to worry."

"Then in case you sacrifice, wouldn't it be." First URL

"I'm not going with the intention of sacrificing myself, I, Tang Zichen, must make a name for myself in the Heavenly Realm."


Ding Lan was helpless, in fact, she wanted to say that she could report for duty so early, there was still a month left, this one, she wanted to have a good time with Tang Zichen, even if she talked, but seeing that Tang Zichen didn't treat her as a wife at all, it was fine, but she just felt miserable inside, she was worried about him, but he didn't have her in his heart.

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at a Heavenly Soldier recruitment office in the Immortal Realm.

"What's the name?"

"Don Zichen."

"Who are your references?"

"Ding Cang Dao."

"Well, there is this man, congratulations, you've become an honorable celestial soldier."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen didn't expect that since this was the case, the 3,000 Heavenly Soldier slots were also quickly snatched up.

In fact, if it was a normal recruitment, these three thousand slots would have had no chance to be snatched up and would have just been internally finished.With Ding Cangding's relationship, it wouldn't be possible to get a turn if it was internalized, and it was only now that many people got a quota when they didn't participate.

It seemed that the Immortal World was really overcrowded.

At the gate of the Heavenly Soldier Barracks, a veteran soldier took Tang Zichen to the new recruits, Tang Zichen turned back to Ding Lan who was standing outside the gate and said, "Go back."

However, Ding Lan, whose eyes were red, stood at the entrance of the barracks, looking at Tang Zichen with his eyes, and did not leave.

"Go back."Tang Zichen shouted, Tang Zichen disliked this feeling as if a wife sent her husband off to war after a lifetime of separation.

"Tang Zichen, you must be careful."

"Don't worry."

Tang Zichen waved his hand and followed a veteran soldier away, Ding Lan watched Tang Zichen disappear into the celestial barracks, his heart sore as if he was gone forever.

That veteran soldier said to Tang Zichen, "Dude, that's your daughter-in-law."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"It's pretty."

"Oh, okay."

"It's just a pity."

"What's the pity?"

"You didn't see her crying to send you to the barracks."

"Is that a shame?"

"Oh, buddy, in a few months, we'll be sending out troops for the second time, I heard that the second time, we'll send out 50,000 troops, and we're bound to exterminate the old demon of that day.This time, there's no telling how many people will be able to come back alive, I say you new recruits are also really stupid, at such a time, you still come to be a soldier, it's fortunate that the heavenly news is blocked, the outside world doesn't know much about the situation here, otherwise, there would be no new recruits to die, you new recruits, you must have come with a fluke attitude, if you get lucky and don't die, you can become a real heavenly soldier, right?"

"Oh, maybe."

"That's why I look at you recruits pitifully, this time, even I feel a bit desperate."

Tang Zichen said, "Brother, tell us the situation, what's the situation with the old demon of the sky you just told me about?"

"The Old Demon of Heaven, is a demon god that has been famous for many years, over 30 billion years old, living in the ocean depths for a long time, this time, the Old Demon of Heaven defies the Immortal Court, and also destroys the Immortal Court's building facilities in the South Zhan Continent, and also steals the Taikun divine grass that was contributed to the Immortal Mother, do you think that this Old Demon of Heaven should be put to death."

"Oh, that's right, any demon immortal that dares to defy the Celestial Court and doesn't take it into consideration should be beaten to death."Tang Zichen said.

"Haha, brother, you're really not afraid of the wind flashing your tongue ah, although the Immortal Court is the highest controller within the three realms, disobedient demon gods, loose immortals and whatnot, there are too many, all of them one dozen, the Immortal Court also does not have that ability ah.It's just some of the ones that are in disorder to be annihilated as a warning to others."

Tang Zichen asked, "Could it be that there is one stronger than the Old Demon of Heaven?"

"Isn't this nonsense, the immortal demons of the Earth Immortal Realm that don't submit to the Heavenly Court's control, the sea's going."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "It seems that what I heard before, that the Immortal Emperor is the strongest of the three realms and such, I guess the Immortal Court is deliberately bluffing and bragging ah.What the heck, I was almost brainwashed, I really thought that the Immortal Emperor was so powerful that he ruled the entire world in submission."

Tang Zichen asked again, "Isn't the Celestial Court overcrowded with many, many immortals?How come you can't even clean up a few old demons?"

"Yeah, it's overcrowded, but how many of them can fight?When I say able to fight here, I mean really powerful, not the kind of person who practices a little spell and learns a few air tearing tricks and just counts, but a real warrior god level, you understand?You know the Academy of Immortals, many geniuses of the Earth Immortal Realm there, let them learn spells and air tearing techniques there, the spells and air tearing techniques they learn are passed down from the Heavenly Realm, the purpose is to discover if there are any geniuses who can fight."

"How do you find out if they're really fightable?"Tang Zichen asked, and Tang Zichen doubted that he wasn't one who could fight either.

That old soldier said, "If a true War God is excessively talented in combat, the spells they practice can often be practiced to over 100 levels.If they can't even train to 100 levels, they aren't considered able to fight.Unfortunately, the Immortal Academy, very few people can practice the spells there, the Air Tearing Department, to the 100th level."

Tang Zichen was startled, no wonder all the spells of the Immortal Academy, the Air Tearing Department, were only at the 100th level, so this was a dividing criterion for being able to fight or not.

Unfortunately, it was true that Immortal Academy could hardly see anyone practicing to 100 layers, Tang Zichen, at most, had seen certain instructors, giving a certain spell, Air Tearing Technique to more than 50 layers, which was still halfway to 100 layers, and the latter half was not comparable in difficulty to the previous half.

Tang Zichen smiled, in fact, Tang Zichen could absolutely practice to one hundred layers, but, Tang Zichen, a man with a lack of patience, had used the template method to practice the Air Tearing System to forty layers, after that, Tang Zichen did not go on to practice.


Tang Zichen said, "So, the Immortal Realm is in great need of those war gods who can fight?"

"It's not nonsense, if there were many war gods in the Immortal Court, those immortal demons and goddesses in the Earth Immortal Realm who dared to make trouble would have already beaten them."

"Oh, right, brother, let me ask you a question."


"Doesn't the Immortal Academy have a Star Shifting Great Law, you know that, right?"

"Of course, the Immortal Academy has the strongest method, called the Star Shifting Great Method, and when the Immortal Court was trying to discover the War God, it passed on three layers down.But unfortunately, after all this time, no more than ten people have been able to practice the Star Shift Great Law."

"So, those who are able to refine the Star Shift Great Law are all War Gods who can fight?All those who can fight are collectively known as War Gods."

"Right, those who can practice the Star Shift Great Law will have a greater potential than those who practice those spells over 100 levels."

Tang Zichen nodded, no wonder that Immortal Academy's that Star Shifting Great Law, the ones who had practiced it since ancient times, couldn't fight more than ten ah.Tang Zichen had wondered before, how come the dean, an immortal, couldn't practice the Star Shift Great Law, it seemed that the dean didn't belong to the God of War either.

"It's just a pity, not everyone can become a War God."

Tang Zichen asked, "In the Heavenly Court, are there many War Gods?The Academy of Immortals hasn't had many since ancient times, so what about the Celestial Realm?" Remember the URL

"There are definitely more in the Celestial Realm, after all, those who can live in the Celestial Realm are almost all descendants of Immortal Powers, definitely not comparable to ordinary Immortals in the Earth Immortal Realm, but nonetheless, there aren't many War Gods, at least not enough to beat all those in the three realms who don't obey the Celestial Realm into submission.There are currently only a handful of the strongest war gods in the Immortal Realm."

"Who are they?Tell me about it?"Don Zixon asked curiously.

"None of this?You're also really lonely.Then I'll just name a few, for example, the Three-Eyed War God, the Pagoda Heavenly King, and the Wind and Fire Child are all first-rate heavenly realm war gods."

"Oh, I don't know any, I only know one General Monta."

"Oh shit, General Monta?You have the nerve to bring it up."

"What? Can't even General Montah fight?If he doesn't belong to the ranks of the war gods, then how was he made a general."

"General Monta certainly belongs to the ranks of war gods, but he's too low ranked to be worthy of being compared to the first class war gods I'm talking about.The generals of the Immortal Court are divided into four categories: first-grade generals, second-grade generals, third-grade generals, and fourth-grade generals.The General Monta you're talking about belongs to the fourth-ranked generals."

"Is a fourth-grade general weak?What's it take to become a fourth grade general."

"I don't know exactly, it's not that easy anyway, the judging is very strict, alright, don't imagine so much, we're little soldiers, it's good that we can survive on the battlefield.The boot camp has arrived."

"Thank you, Senior."

"Go on."

Tang Zichen entered the boot camp.

In the boot camp, there were already more than two thousand new recruits who had reported for duty.

When Tang Zichen entered the boot camp, everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

When Tang Zichen saw so many people inside, he cursed, "Damn it, so many people are there without even making a sound."


However, when Tang Zichen saw so many new recruits, everyone's face looked bad, it turned out that these new recruits had come to find out that the one who was going to annihilate the Old Demon of Heaven, this was going to be cannon fodder to send them to their death, so the more than 2,000 recruits in the boot camp were all silent, their faces were ugly, they had really kicked the iron plate this time, they should have known not to come to join the army.

Tang Zichen greeted everyone with a smile, "Hey, everyone, my name is Tang Zichen, please take care of everyone oh."

At that moment, a man in the late Heavenly Immortal stage roared, "Take care of your sister, you laugh at your sister, everyone, hello your sister."Three sisters in a row.

Tang Zichen smiled, "This brother, we can't easily become an official of the Immortal Court, although we are the smallest and smallest, but at least give a smile, okay."

Another Dao Immortal man sneered, "Another one who doesn't know how to die and comes to die.Kid, do you know that we're going to die in battle soon."

"It hasn't even started yet, why are you so unsure."

"Hmph, when it starts, then we'll already be dead, you don't even fucking know who we'll be dealing with soon.Kid, don't blame me for hitting you, three months later, the Immortal Court will send 50,000 troops to the Southern Zhanbu Continent to annihilate the Old Demon of Heaven, we recruits will also go along, this time you hear me, we're going to die, I'm not even confident that a Dao Immortal will survive, what are you, a Heaven Immortal, not here to die."That Dao Immortal recruit said.

"Oh, so, huh, but, I'm still not afraid, alright, guys, from now on, we're brothers in a war camp, everyone cheer up, don't be so depressed."Tang Zichen laughed hehehe.

For some reason, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of death at all, instead, he was looking forward to going to the battlefield and killing soundly, if he died, then at least it would be painful.

That Dao Immortal seemed to be infected by Tang Zichen's optimism and asked, "Brother, what's your name?From where?"

"Back to this big brother, I'm Tang Zichen, from the Ding's Immortal Mansion."

"Tang Zichen?Ding's Fairy House?Could it be that you were the one who married Ding Cangding's daughter Ding Lan tens of thousands of years ago?"The other man then asked.

"Right."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"So that woman who had a child with someone else was married by you, Ding Cang Dome is really, Ding Lan is at any rate one of the ten most beautiful women in the Heavenly Realm, and, very promising to become a War God, but you married him to a weak kid with a weak appearance."

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Which eye of yours saw that I'm not very good-looking, I'm obviously very handsome, okay."

"Yet."The man snorted sourly, seemingly jealous of Tang Zichen, although Ding Lan had a bad reputation and had children, many people didn't mind, and the only ones who did were the prominent ones.

Tang Zichen laughed, not bothering to get acquainted with this little loser, this person who was jealous of Tang Zichen was just an ordinary celestial soldier, he certainly couldn't be a War God, so someone of this level, despite Ding Lan's bad reputation, wasn't something they could match.

Regarding whether Ding Lan was a genius or not, this point Tang Zichen really didn't care, what spells Ding Lan practiced and how many levels she had reached, Tang Zichen didn't even know, it seemed that Tang Zichen really cared too little about her, Tang Zichen felt a little guilty, after all, he had worshipped heaven and earth, but he didn't even know how many levels her spells had reached.

If he was still alive to go back this time, Tang Zichen would definitely care more about her, no matter what, even if he wasn't a real couple, he would still be considered a friend.


One month later, all three thousand recruits came to report for duty.

Among these three thousand recruits, there were 500 Daoist Immortals and 2500 Heavenly Immortals.Celestial Immortal was the minimum standard.

Tang Zichen was a middle Heaven Immortal, the lowest level of Heavenly Recruits.

The three thousand recruits were divided into ten squads, each with fifty Dao Immortals and 250 Celestial Immortals.Tang Zichen was assigned to the eighth squad, fully known as: the eighth squad of the Twenty-Nine Corps of the Immortal Court.

At a certain training ground, all three hundred members of the eighth squad stood in a row in unison.

Although this was the Celestial Realm, there was also military training and standing postures just the same, but, in a different way.

"Stand straight."At that moment, an order was given, and everyone stood straight, standing straight here was perhaps equivalent to 'standing straight'.

Then, a strong Golden Immortal strutted in armor.

Walking in front of the three hundred recruits, he majestically swept a glance at everyone and said, "Fellow recruits, my name is Ming Cheng, I am the captain of your 29th Legion, 8th Squad, from now on, you are all my soldiers, I hope that you will listen to my command well, whoever dares to neglect his duty and disobey the command, beheaded."This beheading, the sound directly broke through the air, as if a sharp sword pierced into everyone's ears.

"Ah."The vast majority of the three hundred recruits at the scene suddenly screamed, their ears filling with blood, but there were a few who didn't, respectively the most powerful dozens of Dao Immortals.

This captain was clearly giving the new recruits a lesson, the captain swept a satisfied glance at the crowd, just then, he suddenly noticed that one Heavenly Immortal was actually not bleeding, you know, there were only a few dozen Dao Immortals on the scene who were not bleeding, the rest of them were bleeding, not to mention the Heavenly Immortal level. One second to remember to read the book

"You're not even bleeding, what do you call it?"The captain looked to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Back to the captain, my name is Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, you're a Heavenly Immortal, why didn't you bleed just now?"

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know."

"Yoho, how dare you sell me short, let me ask you, what kind of spell are you practicing?Or, what air-tearing technique?"

"Back to the captain, the spell I'm practicing is, the Star Shifting Great Law."

"Yoho, Star Shifting Great Law, looks like a bit of a seedling, how many levels have you cultivated?"

"The second layer."

"It's only the second level, it's only just begun, but with your age and realm, it's not bad to cultivate to the second level.By the way, is there anyone else on the scene who is also practicing the Star Shift Technique?"

At that moment, a man on the scene shouted, "Back to the captain, I'm also a cultivator of the Star Shift Law?"

Tang Zichen looked at the man and said in his heart, "Isn't the Star Shift Law difficult to practice?Why are there two of the same squad practicing the Star Shift Technique?"In fact, Tang Zichen overlooked one thing, the so-called difficult, was the Academy of Immortals, in terms of the Earth Immortal Realm, in the Heavenly Realm, the offspring of those heavenly gods were naturally much more powerful.

The captain yowled, "Isn't this the young son of the Shen family?Your father, Shen Yan, I had a drink with him a few hundred thousand years ago, how is he now."

"My father is fine."

"Well, how many levels are you at in your Star Shift Technique?"

"Back to the captain, my Star Shift Great Law is now at the 6th level of cultivation."

"Good, with your pre-Dao Immortal realm, it's very rare for you to cultivate the Star Shift Great Law to the 6th level.That who just now, Tang Zichen is

Bar, you can learn from others.By the way, what family are you from?"

Tang Zichen was a little surprised, that guy, he actually cultivated to the sixth level, it seems that this guy is by no means from the Earth Immortal Realm up here, because the Academy of Immortals in the Earth Immortal Realm only has three levels at most.

"Back to the captain, I come from the Ding Immortal Realm, my father-in-law is Ding Cang Dome, the president of the Academy of Immortals."

"Er, Ding Cang Dome?Are you not the door-to-door son-in-law that Ding Cang Dao found tens of thousands of years ago?"


The captain smiled with seemingly deep meaning, and Tang Zichen understood that Ding Lan's reputation in the Heavenly Realm was really bad after all.

At that moment, a person shamefully laughed, "Married a cheap woman, but you actually feel like you've earned it."

Tang Zichen looked to where the voice was coming from, but it was said by the person who was refining the same Star Shifting Great Law as Tang Zichen.

"You damn well try saying it again."Tang Zichen was furious, not expecting that this person who was practicing the same Star Shift Great Law as him would actually call Ding Lan a slut in front of him.

That captain was busy saying, "Alright, we're all in the same squad of Sky Soldiers, don't get personal, Shen Pill, please watch your words."

That man called Shen Medicine, snorted at Tang Zichen, "What, want to be anxious with me?Do you deserve it?Ridiculous, before you even married Ding Lan, everyone in the entire Heaven Realm knew that this woman was not lonely and had an affair with the trash from the Immortal Academy and even had a child, becoming the laughing stock of the entire Heaven Realm."

The captain said loudly, "Shen Medicine, you need to calm down, don't think that I know your father and mess around in my team."

"Captain, I'm telling the truth, I'm not talking nonsense, are you not allowing me to tell the truth anymore."

"You."The captain seemed to be helpless, after all, this matter was indeed known to everyone in the Heavenly Realm, that Ding Lan was fornicating with someone from the Earth Immortal Realm was really disreputable, moreover, this Shen Medicine was also the son of an acquaintance, Shen Yan.

The captain said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, you should also calm down, in a few months, everyone will be going to attack the Old Demon of Heaven together, now is not the time to start infighting."

Tang Zichen endured his anger, this Shen Medicine, who was an early Dao Immortal and had trained to the sixth level of the Star Shifting Great Law, was definitely capable of fighting, and belonged to the ranks of the War Gods, Tang Zichen looked very weak in front of him.Tang Zichen was currently at the lowest level in the Heavenly Realm, especially in the army.Although Tang Zichen was in the Earth Immortal Realm and could defeat the pre-Dao Immortal, it was someone on the other side who was not of the War God's lineage.If he encountered someone who was also a War God, Tang Zichen would not be able to defeat the other party by one large domain.

However, Tang Zichen was very unhappy with that Shen Medicine, Tang Zichen wouldn't care about any infighting, he would definitely get him killed if he had the chance.

"Alright, below, distribute the uniforms."The captain shouted.

Then, several of the captain's assistants distributed armor respectively.

"Everyone listen to my orders, immediately put on your armor in place and prepare for training immediately."

"Yes."Everyone immediately began to put on their armor.

After putting on the armor, the captain said, "From today onwards, everyone will train without stopping for a moment.Since you're a Sky Soldier, you must learn how to work together and not be brave.Now, let's sort out our team and select 10 commanders first."

One person asked, "How do we choose the commanders?"

"Of course, it depends on individual strength, whoever is the strongest will be the command captain.A total of ten command captains need to be selected, and then take your three hundred people and divide them into ten groups, with one command captain for each group."


Inwardly, Tang Zichen said, "I must become one of the commanders, I don't want to be commanded by anyone.However, there are 300 of us in the squad, including 50 Dao Immortals and 250 Heaven Immortals, and me, I'm only a mid Heaven Immortal.Can I really obtain the position of one of the commanders?"

Tang Zichen wasn't very confident, after all, this wasn't the Earth Immortal Realm, there were hidden dragons and tigers here, mainly because Tang Zichen's strength was still low.

Tang Zichen also wanted to obtain one of the commanding officer positions, he had to become one of the top 10, with 50 Dao Immortals on site, it was a big challenge to enter the top 10.

"Alright, below, let's start the competition for the commanding officer, anyone who wants to be a commanding officer, please raise your hand."

Tang Zichen immediately raised his hand, but what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that out of the 250 celestial immortals on the scene, only Tang Zichen raised his hand, all the other celestial immortals didn't raise their hands, except for the 50 Dao Immortals, all of them raised their hands.

When everyone saw a Heaven Immortal, who actually wanted to be the commander, they cast a contemptuous look at Tang Zichen.

"Er."Even the captain was a bit surprised to see Tang Zichen raise his hand, and the captain smiled, "That, Tang Zichen, you can put your hand down now."

Tang Zichen said, "Why should I put my hand down, can't I compete for the position of commander?"

"That's not true, our team is fair, anyone can compete, it's just that fairness has to depend on reality, in our small team, 50 out of 300 people are Dao Immortals, now I only need the top ten people to be the commander, you are only a Heaven Immortal after all, you won't be able to take your turn no matter what."

Tang Zichen said, "Whether it can be my turn or not is another story, but I will never not participate in the competition."

Even if Tang Zichen really couldn't make it into the top ten out of the three hundred people present, he still had to give it a try. The first website

At this moment, a sarcastic voice came out, "I really don't know how to be ungrateful, not even looking at how many catties you are, you still want to compete for the position of commander."

Tang Zichen's eyes looked, and the person who said this was the one called Shen Medicine.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Shen you fucking forced medicine, no one when you are dumb, I want to compete for the commandant off you bird business, you are not cool, then come over, I give you ball lick."

"What did you say."Shen Pill was furious, a Heavenly Immortal, actually dared to speak to him like this.

Tang Zichen saw his anger and laughed, "Are you deaf, or do I have to say it twice."

"Tang Zichen, how dare you curse my mother."

"Are you allowed to curse my mother and not me to curse your mother than, who do you think you are."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, it seems that you really don't know how thick you are, you think your father-in-law, a president of the Immortal Academy, is very big, aren't you?Do you know that my grandfather is a five-ranked member of the Immortal Court."

"A five-ranked officer?Are you sure you said the right thing?Everyone, even a fifth grade dares to be called a major member, and a fifth grade isn't even a minor member, right?"

However, the scene didn't accompany Tang Zichen to laugh, after all, not everyone was willing to offend Shen Medicine, and no one was willing to insert themselves into the feud between them, these two refining star shifting methods, it seems that fire and water are incompatible."

"Cough."The captain coughed somewhat awkwardly and said, "Tang Zichen, I'm not even a fifth-grade, I'm only a sixth-grade captain ah.If even a fifth grade is nothing, then wouldn't my sixth grade be."

"Uh, Captain, I didn't say you."

> "Alright, Tang Zichen, Shen Medicine, give me some face and stop arguing, we're all brothers in the same barracks, why are we so incompatible."

Shen Pill yelled, "No way, if I don't kill this son, my name will not be Shen Pill."

The captain paled and said angrily, "Shen Medicine, it seems that you really don't take me seriously as a captain, as long as you are still in my team, I will never allow you to touch any member of my team, the same is said to Tang Zichen, both of you, if you have a personal grudge, please settle it after you leave my team, if you dare to mess up in my team, I will definitely take you to theBehead them."

"Someone, immediately put Shen Medicine and Tang Zichen , in tight confinement."

Tang Zichen was startled when he heard this order, he didn't expect it to be so serious, if he was put in solitary confinement, wouldn't it be that he wouldn't even have the chance to run for commander.

Shen Yao was busy saying, "Captain, don't, I was wrong, I swear, as long as I'm still in the army for a day, I will never engage in personal grudges."It seemed that Shen Medicine didn't want to miss out on the commanding officer's election either.

Tang Zichen said, "Captain, he's the one who messed with me, but I never actively messed with him."Tang Zichen didn't say that he wouldn't engage in personal grudges in the army, Tang Zichen would never let him go inside.

Captain Ming Cheng only then said, "Since you have admitted your mistake, then I will let you off for once, alright, please ask all those running for commander to step out of line, the rest of you step back a hundred paces."

With a full voice, 51 of the ones running for office came out, and the rest of you all stepped back.

"Out of the 51 of you, any of you who make it to the top ten will become a commander, responsible for commanding and commanding 30 soldiers respectively, now, we will have the first round, the top 20 elimination rounds.There will be two rounds in total, the first round of elimination and the second round of campaigning.Do you see, one thousand meters ahead, I have had 20 flags set up, if you snatch a flag and bring it to me, you can enter the top 20, of course, I won't stand here all the time, I will move, and if you can't catch up to me, it will be in vain."


With a command, 51 people immediately rushed forward a thousand meters away, each running towards the twenty flags planted on the ground.

Naturally, Tang Zichen did the same.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't faster than those Dao Immortals, so by the time Tang Zichen rushed up, the twenty flags were already in the hands of the twenty fastest people.

In an instant, a group of people battled into a ball.

Tang Zichen also rushed towards one of the purple flags.

At this moment, this purple flag already had two Dao Immortals fighting over it.

One of these two Dao Immortals who were fighting for it knocked the other one away with a single palm, as one of them was a strong member of the War God's rank.Out of the 51 Dao Immortals on the scene, almost 18 of them were of the capable, War God's rank.

Tang Zichen flew up, and the Dao Immortal who had just snatched the purple flag of the War God's Rank grunted, "What?Are you going to rob me?"

"I'm always going to rob one of them, so why not you."Tang Zichen said.

"Kid, I advise you not to embarrass yourself, I'm an ordinary immortal, I'm a Dao Immortal who has entered the ranks of the Battle Gods, and you're a Heaven Immortal, huh, I really don't know how to describe you, but I admire your courage."

Tang Zichen said, "I also belong to the ones who can fight, who entered the ranks of the War Gods, and I practiced the Star Shifting Great Law, besides, I didn't just refine the Star Shifting Great Law, I also practiced the Air Tearing Technique."


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