The King of Kungfu in school 2241-2245


Chapter 2241

"What? You can even practice the Air Tearing Technique, it seems that I really underestimated you."

Tang Zichen said, "Come with your name, I just want to steal the flag from you, I don't want to hold a grudge against you."

"Listen carefully, my name is Jia Tianyu."

After saying that, Tang Zichen was suddenly triple-minded, taking out a sword with one hand and a saber with the other, while at the same time, his body was internally operating the Star Shifting Great Law.

There wasn't a single person in the Earth Immortal Realm who could do three uses of one mind, and there wasn't necessarily one in the Heavenly Realm either.

From afar, the captain Ming Cheng, who was watching, saw Tang Zichen holding a weapon in each of his two hands and said, "Not bad, he can actually be able to do two things in one mind, but I'm really worried that he's not as good as focusing on one weapon for his combat power."

At that moment, that captain's assistant said, "Captain, if you look at Tang Zichen's body surface again, is there still a hidden layer of aura?"

The captain took a look, and sure enough, he was shocked, "He's not even dual-use in one mind, but triple-use in one mind."

"Captain, one mind and three uses ah, this is not necessarily many people in the Heavenly Realm who can do it."

Captain Ming Cheng said, "There are people who can do it in the Heavenly Realm, but it's unknown how much power they can exert.If Tang Zichen is able to use his mind three times and still exert the power of concentrating on one mind with each of them, then there will be no one else in the entire Heavenly Realm."

"Captain, I think Tang Zichen is bluffing in nine out of ten cases, and with three uses of one concentration, and each concentration still has to exert the power it had when it was only one concentration, wouldn't that be the equivalent of three people joining forces, each using one weapon." Remember the URL

"Well, indeed, this is somewhat similar to the legendary Thousand Hands, which is one of the highest battle methods, One Heart, One Thousand Uses."

While the captain and his assistant were talking, Tang Zichen and that Dao Immortal, Jia Tianyu, had already made their move.

That Jia Tianyu cultivated the Greatest Law of All, and he had already cultivated the Greatest Law of All, to more than 120 layers.With a pre-Dao Immortal's realm, refining a spell to more than 120 layers, he was indeed a pretty good fighter.

It was just that he didn't have the ability to focus on one thing at a time like Tang Zichen.

Right now, when Jia Tianyu saw Tang Zichen's single-mindedness and triple-use, he was truly incomparably impressed.

Tang Zichen's two hands, one hand displaying the Shura Divine Sword and the other hand the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, both swords combined to fight with Jia Tianyu at the same time.

However, Tang Zichen appeared to be under pressure, whether it was his Sun and Moon Divine Sword or the Shura Divine Saber, he had only cultivated to over forty layers, a level that was clearly not enough compared to Jia Tianyu, who had trained to over 120 layers with the Greatest Law of the World.

However, Tang Zichen was after all Tang Zichen, his comprehension of both the Shura Divine Saber and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword were not comparable to ordinary people, and his swords combined and complemented each other, the power exerted under such a situation was no less than practicing either of them to a hundred layers.

However, after all, Tang Zichen's realm was low, and Tang Zichen was at a disadvantage when he did it.

However, the good thing was that Tang Zichen knew the Star Shifting Technique, and every time Jia Tianyu attacked him, Tang Zichen shifted to his opponent.

And so, the fight went on for ten minutes.

Jia Tianyu was slow to take Tang Zichen down, but instead, because Tang Zichen kept transferring the power of his attacks to him, resulting in Jia Tianyu's advantage getting lower and lower.

"Stop stop stop."Ten minutes later, Jia Tianyu took the initiative to shout stop.



nbsp; "Tang Zichen, forget it, I'm not going to waste time with you, if we continue to fight like this, I may not be able to win against you, and if I don't win against you, I'll instead waste so much energy that I won't have the time or energy to snatch other people's flags.It's just a matter of letting you have it."Jia Tianyu didn't want to fight with Tang Zichen anymore.

Tang Zichen took the flag and ran to the captain at once.

The captain originally wanted to move his body so that Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to give him the flag so easily, but seeing that Tang Zichen was a Heavenly Immortal and it wasn't easy to win, he didn't make it any harder and just took Tang Zichen's flag and said, "Tang Zichen, congratulations, you're the first one to enter the twenty, I hope you'll keep up the good work."

"Okay, thank you Captain."However, Tang Zichen didn't have confidence inside, because he had just had such a hard time with Jia Tianyu, and in the end, it was only because Jia Tianyu didn't want to fight with him anymore that he got the flag, otherwise it wasn't really sure.

Tang Zichen's Sun and Moon Divine Sword and Shura Divine Blade had only been practiced so little after all, and it was really too hard to defeat the Dao Immortal.

"No, I definitely won't be able to enter the top ten, those who are able to enter the top ten, all of them have practiced their respective spells and air tearing techniques to over 120 layers, even if my power increases greatly after the swords are combined, I'll still survive the equivalent of practicing to 100 layers, it's still not even close, besides, I'm still a Heaven Immortal, I've lost in the realm, try to ask, how can I enter the top ten?This is simply whimsical, just this round, if it wasn't for the fact that Jia Tianyu didn't want to fight me anymore, I really might not have been able to win against him.Moreover, the captain also clearly deflated me, directly taking my flag without making things more difficult for me."Tang Zichen was a little frustrated, not expecting that he was weak like this.

But at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly saw that among the other people who were still fighting at the scene, he saw one person casting, the Shura Divine Blade.

"Ah, that person, displaying the Shura Divine Saber?"Tang Zichen could tell at a glance.

"Great."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

Tang Zichen immediately gazed at it, if he could, he wanted to practice his sword in place and put the Shura Divine Saber up a bit more.

"The Shura Divine Saber that person is displaying is so profound, it's already over 100 layers, at least 130 layers, tsk tsk."Tang Zichen admired, but at the same time, he didn't forget to live, with Tang Zichen's memory and comprehension, when he saw someone else cast it, even if he couldn't learn as much depth from them, he could still lift himself up a bit.

Tang Zichen watched the man fight for several minutes, then, Tang Zichen closed his eyes and stopped watching.Tang Zichen toned down and swung his sword in place.

The 45th level of the Shura Divine Sword, which Tang Zichen had practiced in his mind after just one start.

Tang Zichen continued to practice the 46th layer of the Shura Divine Saber, using the insights he had just gained from watching others, he had to practice as many layers as possible.

A few seconds later, the 46th level was completed.

In less than a few seconds, the 47th level was completed.

At this moment, the captain's assistant was busy shouting, "Captain, look at that Tang Zichen, he's practicing his sword on the spot."

The captain was shocked, "He was able to find his own comprehension by watching someone else perform the same Air Tearing Technique, that's amazing."

At this moment, the captain was all admiration, he had never seen a genius of this level before, and if it were anyone else, no matter how powerful they were, it would take thousands or tens of thousands of years to practice the Air Tearing Technique to become one layer.

"Captain, Tang Zichen is really a genius, not only can he train spells, he can also train the Air Tearing Technique, and he can also use it three times in one heart, this talent, I'm afraid that that Shen Medicine is no match for him, I'm sure it won't be long before Shen Medicine will be surpassed by Tang Zichen."Captain Mingcheng's assistant said.

The captain couldn't help but nod his head.


About ten minutes later, Tang Zichen stopped everything he was doing.

At this moment, the perceptions in Tang Zichen's mind were completely muddled, unable to continue any further.

Tang Zichen sighed with some regret.

However, it wasn't bad, in just ten minutes, he had trained the Shura Divine Blade to more than eighty layers.

Of course, the so-called short ten minutes, this was for the outside world, but for Tang Zichen, he entered that state with his whole body and mind, as if deep sleep was the same as ordinary sleep, five minutes of deep sleep, compared to one night of ordinary sleep, Tang Zichen just had that state, ten thousand times more than the difference between deep sleep and ordinary sleep.

So, ten minutes outside, and for Tang Zichen himself, it felt like it had taken tens of thousands of years.

When Tang Zichen opened his eyes, the concept of time naturally returned to reality.

Tang Zichen looked at the scene and noticed that the first round of elimination was actually not over yet, and many people were still grabbing the flag.

It seemed that if Captain Mingcheng hadn't let the water out, how could Tang Zichen have passed the first round so easily.

At this moment, the captain walked over to Tang Zichen.

"Captain, what is the matter?"Don Zichen asked. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Tang Zichen, did you just, feel like you were in a state, a wonderful state that felt like a long time had passed, but only a very short time had passed when you opened your eyes, yes?"

"Uh, Captain, how did you know?"

"Hehe, don't ask me how I know, anyway, that state you were in just now is hard to find in billions and desired by countless people, I never thought there would be a genius like you in my army.By the way, you've just trained the Shura Divine Blade, to what level?"

"86th floor."

"Eighty-six floors?And how many floors were you before?"

"Forty layers before that."

"Only ten minutes, you actually practiced so many layers, admiration, admiration, that ten minutes you just had, you feel like how long it's been."

"It felt like tens of thousands of years had passed, but the moment I opened my eyes I immediately felt that it was actually only ten minutes."

"Tens of thousands of years, tsk, tsk, awesome, I'm afraid, even my sister can't compare to you."The captain said.

"Your sister?"

"Oh, you don't know."

"Oh."Tang Zichen felt that Captain Mingcheng's sister must be a genius as well.

After Tang Zichen had trained the Shura Divine Sword to the 86th level, his strength had also increased by a large margin, if he could also train the Sun and Moon Divine Sword to the 80th level, then if he combined the two swords again, the power would definitely be extraordinary, the might might might even be comparable to practicing to the 150th level and above.Unfortunately, Tang Zichen swept a glance at the scene, and among those who were fighting, no one was displaying the Sun and Moon Divine Sword.

However, even if someone cast the Sun Moon Divine Sword, Tang Zichen might not still be able to enter that state again, just that state was unattainable, not whenever he wanted to enter that state.

After another ten minutes, the first round of elimination was finally over.

"Congratulations, you have entered the top twenty."The captain said to the twenty people who got the flag.

"Next, the competition for the top ten will take place, any of you, are not weak, but being a commander is not just about being strong, you must have the ability to command, the ability to command, and the ability to adapt on the spot, so, in the second round, there will be no more competition of who is strong."

"What? No more comparison of strength?"Everyone was shocked, completely unexpected, and everyone thought that the second round was the most important battle.


Than what?"

"In the second round, it's a competition between the ability to command, the ability to command, and the ability to adapt to change.Any objections from everyone?"


"I'm going to choose a commander, not a reckless man, in the first round, you all proved that you're not weak, there's no need to fight and end up hurting the peace.In the second round, you all use your brains, if you have no brains, no matter how strong you are, you won't meet my requirements."

"Whatever the captain says, I won't lose to anyone anyway."Shen Medicine said confidently.

"Well then, please take out a pen and paper immediately, I will now draw a battle map out, you will each describe, in this situation, how to lead a group for battle; how to command; how to face the strain of the scene, give me three answers."After saying that, the captain drew a military map in the void.

Everyone answered by themselves.

Tang Zichen's heart was secretly happy, it was an advantage for him instead, because his fighting strength was on the weak side, if he really relied on fighting, he might not be able to enter the top ten, after all, several mid-Dao Immortals took up half of the positions, mid-Dao Immortals, Tang Zichen could in any case incomparably make up for the gap in the realm.

Two hours later, everyone had finished answering.

The captain immediately asked his several assistants to judge, and each person's answers were sealed with their names, so there was no way to cheat.

Another hour later, a few assistants reported, "Report Captain, all twenty answers have been scored."

"Good, put the twenty answers in front of everyone, don't reveal the names yet, but make sure everyone is convinced before revealing the names."


Since we don't know who's, we won't bring our personal emotions, we can all only look at the content, whether we are convinced or not.

"For the first answer, regarding the ability to command, the first place can score 95 points; the second place, 80 points, and the third place, 79 points."The assistant laid out the twenty papers one by one, according to their scores.

The captain said, "Everyone, you also come up here and look at them together, if you feel that the score of that one paper is unreasonable and you are not convinced, feel free to bring it up, and only when everyone agrees will the names be revealed."

Tang Zichen and the others all came up to look.

The first thing everyone looked at was the first place, what answer could be scored 95.

As soon as Tang Zichen saw the first place one, he knew it was his answer.

"Haha, I actually scored 95 points."Tang Zichen was delighted inside, but Tang Zichen's face didn't move.

"First place, does anyone have any objections?"The captain asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

Shen Medicine said, "This first place is really very impressive, at least I'm convinced, I can't think of such a good plan for a commander."

"Me too."

The captain said, "Very good, then the first place is confirmed, go on to the second place."

Tang Zichen smiled in his heart, if Shen Medicine knew that the first place was Tang Zichen's, he would be the first to be unconvinced, that's why the captain didn't reveal the name.

After that, one by one, all the rolls were looked at, no one had any objections, even if there were a few objections, they had all been resolved.

"Next, let's look at the second one."

The second one, the answer on command ability.

The assistant spread out the twenty answers.

Everyone immediately went to the first one, which had 98 points written on it.

"Wow, that high."


And look at second place, only 75 points.

So much difference between first and second place.

But when everyone read the first place answer, everyone shut up.

"I'm convinced."

"I'm also convinced, this person's answer can indeed be several times more brilliant than everyone else's."The crowd said.

After that, the third answer was spread out, and the first one, which was also over ninety points.

In the end, three answers were given, and everyone had no more objections.

The captain said, "Now, you can reveal the names, after revealing the names, please, twenty of you, add up the scores of your three answers separately, and the top ten in total will be the commander I need."

Everyone watched nervously as the assistant went to reveal the names.

In an instant, the names of all the replies were revealed.

The first thing everyone saw was that in all three responses, the first place was Tang Zichen. First URL

"Ah."Seeing that it was Tang Zichen's name, Shen Medicine blacked out on the spot.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Captain, the total score of my three answers is 285."

The captain said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, from this, you are an outstanding commander, you are the person I need, congratulations, become the commander."

"Thank you Captain."Tang Zichen laughed, at this moment everyone looked at Tang Zichen, their hearts didn't know what to feel, there was a doubt in their hearts, was this Tang Zichen, really strong in this area?However. It was too late to say anything now, everyone had no objections when the name wasn't revealed just now.

Shen Medicine was now staring at Tang Zichen in depression, he had just praised that first place and admired it, it was disgusting to think about now, but he couldn't change his mind.

Everyone reported their scores, and in the end, the top ten were released.

The first overall score was, of course, Tang Zichen.

What Tang Zichen didn't expect was that Shen Medicine actually entered the top ten as well, and was ranked sixth overall.

The captain said, "From now on, you are the commanders of my team, and according to your score rankings, Tang Zichen, you are one group; Hua Hai, you are two groups; Barbarian Bull, you are three groups, and so on.Alright, you twenty people, you can go to rest first, what happens next is none of your business."

Next, it was the remaining 290 people, how to group them.

After a simple grouping, the 290 people were divided into ten groups, with each commander managing one group each.

Tang Zichen shouted out, "One group, follow me, hahaha."

Tang Zichen brought his group members to an open space.

That Jia Tianyu, who had grabbed the flag with Tang Zichen before, was actually in Tang Zichen's group as well.

"Brother Tang, take care of it."Jia Tianyu said to Tang Zichen.

"Haha, brother Jia, you didn't even become the commander, but you came to my group."

"Alas, I made it into the top twenty, but unfortunately, my total score didn't make it into the top ten in the second round."

"Brother Jia, from now on, you and I are all brothers."

"Polite and courteous, then, how about we don't want to be born on the same day, but die on the same year and month."

Tang Zichen said, "No, all of us can't die."

"Haha, it's nice to think so, but in another three months, we'll be going to the Southern Zhan Continent to participate in the operation to annihilate the Old Demon of Heaven.I've heard that the Old Demon of Heaven's Demon's lair has over 100,000 demon soldiers."


nbsp; "So much."

"That's right, when the time comes, king against king, soldier against soldier, it will definitely be a fierce battle ah, it's scary to think about, I should have known that I wouldn't participate in the recruitment this time."Jia Tianyu said with regret.

But Tang Zichen smiled and said, "That would be fun."

Tang Zichen also knew that the Old Demon of Heaven had 100,000 demon soldiers, so it definitely wouldn't be a lie, because previously in the Earth Immortal Realm, when Tang Zichen was a small soldier in the Mi Clan, the Mi Clan had a thousand or two thousand soldiers, not to mention the majestic Old Demon of Heaven.

That night, Tang Zichen and his group members, ate and drank extensively to properly enhance everyone's relationship, which was also ordered by the captain.

At this moment, somewhere in the barracks, Captain Ming Cheng was sitting at the table reading a document, this document was issued by the regiment, meaning that the captains of the 29th regiment's various squadrons were ordered to intensify their training for the next three months, and after three months, they would send out their troops together.

"Ugh."Although he had expected it, the captain still sighed, he seemed to see the fate of the newly recruited Twenty-ninth Regiment, and it seemed that the fate of the regiment was fierce.

However, this was an order from the Immortal Court, the Immortal Court would not pity the lives of any celestial soldiers, the Immortal Court only wanted to see the result, which was to defeat that rampant old heavenly demon, and with the shocking might of the heavens, let the rest of the Earth Immortal Realm, who were foolish and did not take the Immortal Court seriously, know that the Immortal Court was not something that anyone could mess with.

Just at this moment, a woman came in from outside, this woman was still wearing a military uniform, although the uniform was plain, but it couldn't hide her beautiful figure, and then look at her face, it was incomparably delicate and beautiful.

"Brother, what are you doing."That woman walked in and busily smiled a call.

"Little sister, what are you doing here."

"Brother, can't a sister come to see my captain brother ah, by the way, brother, how is your new soldier."The woman asked.

"It's not bad."

"Not bad what's the concept of not bad, is it better than the ones you brought before?"

"Don't mention the previous batch to me, the vast majority of them are gone, and the remaining ones that are still alive have been integrated into the 28th Regiment.If I'm not mistaken, the fate of the group I'm leading now, three months from now, is probably the same, and when I gathered today, I looked at them and thought about the fate of a few months, I couldn't help but cry several times.Especially there are still a few geniuses among them, the thought of such good talent, but unfortunately a few months later maybe their lives will die forever, alas."

That beautiful woman said, "Brother, such a great feeling ah, the one who can make you so pity, must not be an ordinary genius, tell me."

Captain Ming Cheng smiled bitterly, "Indeed, I found out today that in my team, a genius named Tang Zichen is very outstanding, by the way, he is also a kind of deep space genius who can enter a kind of deep space."

"Ah, no way."That beautiful woman was startled.

"Yeah, geniuses who can enter depth space, but they're rare.As we all know Zhou, any immortal who reaches Golden Immortal and wants to break through further must have an approval slip from the Immortal Court, which is never possible if the Immortal Court doesn't approve it.Those who are able to enter Deep Space, on the other hand, are not bound by the Immortal Court."

"Mmhmm, hearing my brother say that, I'm all a bit interested in getting to know him."

"Oh, there will be a chance, come to my barracks some day, I'll introduce you to them."

"Good."That beautiful woman nodded, a person who could enter Deep Space was absolutely necessary to get to know, because this kind of person was not bound by the realm of the Immortal Court, and their future prospects were simply unpredictable.Only, this kind of person would also be more of a disaster, for reasons that everyone understood, the reason why the Immortal Court was constrained was that it didn't want too many powerful people to appear.And most of the immortals that the Immortal Court was able to approve were not able to fight, not able to fight, naturally they were not afraid of them becoming immortals above the Golden Immortals.


The next day, Tang Zichen and the others, began to train.

Immortal soldiers' training didn't include physical fitness or anything like that, the so-called training mostly trained some skills in battle, as well as teamwork, working together, quickly analyzing the battle situation, and coming up with strategies against the enemy as fast as possible, either in a group attack or a solo fight.Of course, the commander had the greatest responsibility in this, and most of the team members were trained on how to cooperate with the commander's command.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen was exceptionally talented in this area, otherwise he wouldn't have scored so many points.

As the commander, Tang Zichen had to grasp the combat situation, strength situation, and everything of every team member under his hands, so that he could make the most favorable command strategy on the battlefield.

In the blink of an eye, two months of special training passed.

One day after two months, the captain gathered the ten groups together.

"Everyone, in the blink of an eye, two months of special training has passed, how about the results of these two months of special training, today, how about we have a drill?"

"How to rehearse."

"You ten groups, each group as a combat unit, and see which group, in the end, can be the final winner.Each of your ten groups has a different level of combat power, some groups, at most, only have two Dao Immortals while others, however, have four or five Dao Immortals, but, war is a group, not a single fight, so it is unknown which group can become the champion, today, let's have a drill."


"Let's go, please come with me to the Heavenly Warrior Drill." Remember the URL

Then, Tang Zichen and the others followed the captain to a certain part of the Heavenly Soldier Battalion, which was a huge hall that looked magnificent.

"Reporting to General Torai, Lieutenant Ming Cheng, led his team members here to implement the drill, and I expect the General to open the drill battlefield for me."Ming Cheng reported to a strong looking old man in the main hall.

"Approved."That old man said.

After saying that, one of the doors on the left side in the main hall opened.

"Team members, please follow me into the rehearsal battlefield."


Tang Zichen and the other three hundred people entered through that open door.Everyone thought that it was a field battlefield when they entered, but after entering, they realized that it was a large room.

Captain Ming Cheng said, "Everyone, this is the fifth drill battlefield of the Immortal Court Barracks, now everyone fall asleep in place, after you fall asleep, your consciousness will enter a battlefield, this battlefield, is not a real battlefield, it is just a simulation, after that, you will be free to fight in the battlefield until the end.Now, you ten groups, each of you will enter the battlefield as a unit."

At that moment, one of them asked, "Captain, what about the weapons we have with us?"

"It doesn't matter, because it's a battlefield of consciousness, whatever weapons you have on you, you have inside the battlefield, even, powerful people can learn a lot of knowledge in the battlefield of consciousness, even improve their realm and so on, it's the same as a completely real battlefield, the only difference is that if you die in the battlefield of consciousness, you don't really die, and when you die, you will wake up in this room."


At this moment, if Tang Zichen was thinking, it was somewhat similar to the memory stone Tang Zichen saw in the Mortal Realm, however, the memory stone couldn't change the structure inside, whereas this consciousness battlefield could be changed at any time according to the scene you set.

"Alright, you guys enter the battlefield, right now the battlefield set the scene in the

In a forest with a radius of fifty thousand kilometers, you ten groups will enter any place randomly, after that, it will be up to which group can be the final victor, only when all the other groups are annihilated, this exercise will end."


In the next second, everyone fell asleep on the ground, but their consciousness entered a forest.

Tang Zichen was now standing under a large tree, and he was surrounded by 29 people, all members of his group.

"Wow, this is so real."Everyone was exclaiming, but Tang Zichen was not surprised, after all, he had seen the memory stone in the mortal realm.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, cheer up, ten groups are now landing in different parts of this forest, maybe very close to us, maybe very far away.Moreover, 50,000 kilometers is not very big, so if you just wander around the forest, you might run into other groups.Moreover, our group, only two Dao Immortals, one is Jia Tianyu and the other is Beaver Sen, our team is the last in terms of overall combat power."

"Tang Zichen, if you know it's the last, why are you still tossing around, we only have two Dao Immortals, how can we beat the other nine teams."

Tang Zichen said, "That's not necessarily true, this is war, it's not a solo fight, war can be about strategy, it can also be about scheming."

"You are the captain, you say how to fight, we will fight."

At this time, in another place, Shen Pill gritted his teeth and said, "This time, come in for a drill, it's just right, I'm going to torture Tang Zichen to death, even though it's only consciousness, I'm going to trample him under my feet."

"Commander, but the captain told you not to engage in infighting in the army ah?"

"Which eye did you see me engage in infighting, the exercise was supposed to kill the other guy, do I have to kill him very gently?"

"Also, when we enter this evolutionary battlefield, we are all enemies."

Tang Zichen moved through the forest with his group.

"Commander, are you looking for something?"One man asked.

Don Zichen said, "I'm looking for a better terrain."

"You want to use the terrain?Every Immortal can fly, and each Immortal has different magical powers and abilities, so any terrain is meaningless, but in the end, it comes down to combat."The woman called Beaver Sen said.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not looking for terrain, I'm not trying to use it to beat others, I have my own paddle."

Quickly, Tang Zichen found a place where the terrain was high and conspicuous.

"Tang Zichen, I thought you wanted to find a hidden place, but I didn't expect that you would find a place so conspicuous."

Tang Zichen smiled, "What I want is this conspicuous place."

"What do you want?"

Tang Zichen said, "Of course it's a quick fight.I'll send a signal to the sky right now that everyone can see, and when the other groups see this signal, nine times out of ten they'll rush here, and when those groups meet, they'll definitely fight each other, and when they're almost done, we'll come out and do a job.I'll have another plan when I arrive, and I think that if things go well, I should be able to annihilate most of the groups soon."

After saying that, Tang Zichen sent out a signal.

Suddenly, the groups in the distant forest, seeing the signal, immediately rushed towards this direction.


Over the next few minutes, the other nine groups all arrived at the place where Tang Zichen had sent his signal one after another.

In between, the nine groups were scuffling with each other.

And right now, the group led by Tang Zichen was hiding nearby.

"Commander, now that those nine groups are all mixed up, what should we do?"

"Let them fight, we'll go out again when we reach the last group left, by then, they'll be so depleted that we may not have no chance to win."

"When we fight to the end, there will definitely only be a few of the strongest mid-Dao Immortals left, our group, just me and Beaver Sen are Dao Immortals, and it's only pre-Dao Immortals, even if we're exhausted from the mid-Dao Immortals, it'll be easy to deal with us,"Jia Tianyu said.

Tang Zichen said, "Isn't there still me, I'll join forces together, alright, let's not talk so much now, let them fight, if we find any escaping, we'll go out and block them, ask them if they're willing to join us, if not, kill them on the spot, if so, let them live first."


Sure enough, as the nine groups scuffled, some groups saw their commanders dead and fled.

Tang Zichen and the others immediately chased after them to stop the escaping ones, the number of escapees was usually small, more than ten at most, and most of them died in the scuffle.

"Do you guys want to die immediately, or do you choose to join us?"Don Zichen asked. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Are you kidding me, we are now ten groups, we are each fighting our own battles, and there is only one winner at the end."

"Right, that's why I'm asking you to join us, if you don't agree, die now, if you agree to join us, you can finally surrender to us without dying, and this exercise will end as usual."

"You can really use death?Just surrender?"

"Of course."

"But the captain clearly said that the exercise will only end when only the last group is left."

"If you all surrender to us, your group will naturally be gone.Alright, don't blame me for not giving you a choice, either die now or surrender to me, your commander is dead anyway, and there are only ten of you left in your group, you won't win this exercise."

The dozen or so of you thought about it, it's too suffocating to be killed by having your necks cut alive, so you might as well surrender at the end and end it.

"Fine, I'll join you, but you must promise that you won't kill us when you achieve final victory in the end."

"As long as you surrender, you won't kill, we are all enemies in this exercise, but when we go out, we are all brothers on the same team."

"Fine, for your words, we'll join you."

Just like that, Tang Zichen's team grew by more than a dozen people.

After that, there were constantly other groups escaping, so Tang Zichen and the others went out to intercept them and let them join, or just kill them, and almost all of the small soldiers who escaped chose to join Tang Zichen's group.

A few hours later, Tang Zichen's group had a total of over 70 people.

Tang Zichen had absorbed more than 40 escaped soldiers from the defeated group, and his strength had instantly increased.

At this moment in the mixed battlefield, only the last three people were left, these three people, who were still fighting to the death, thought that only three of them were left in the entire battlefield, after all, nine groups had just fought a mixed battle, no one had bothered to count whether it was ten groups or not.

Those three people fought very hard, in the end, two of them died, only one remained.

The one who was alive, laughed loudly, "I won, our eight groups won, hahaha, now there's only one person left alive in the entire battlefield, hahaha."

Right at this moment, lurking in the dark

The Tang Zichen gave a command, "Go out and exterminate him."


More than seventy people rushed up and surrounded that Group 8 commander.

"Ah, you guys, where did you guys come from?Aren't they all dead?Am I the only one left?"That Group 8's commander saw so many people rushing out, his entire body was stupid.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Brother, you're wrong, our group, we haven't even started fighting yet."

"What's going on here?Didn't you just have ten teams, battling it out here?It's been several hours of fighting."

"Hahaha, which eye of yours saw ten groups scuffling here, but it was clearly nine groups, and we never got involved.Also, after the death of some of the group commanders, the runaway skirmishers were intercepted by me.Now that you're the only one left, I think it's time to end the war."

"Ah."The eight group commanders were stupidly flabbergasted there, feeling as if they had been hoodwinked, but nine groups mixed with ten groups mixed with ten groups, it really couldn't be seen with the naked eye, and everyone was fighting, and no one was counting how many people there were.

Tang Zichen gave an order: "Kill for me."


Suddenly, everyone swarmed up.

The commander of Team 8 was already exhausted, surrounded by so many swarms of bees, and he was killed within ten minutes.

This time, there was really only one group left, Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Now, those who don't want to die can surrender to me, after you surrender, this exercise will be over."

The small soldiers who had joined Tang Zichen before knelt down and surrendered.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

In the next second, everyone disappeared into the forest and woke up in a room.

"Tang Zichen, the drill is really over, hahaha, we've won the final victory."Jia Tianyu said.

"Yeah, Tang Zichen, we had no chance of winning, but in the end, we were the victors."Beaver Sam said happily as well.

When Tang Zichen walked out of the room, the captain was waiting outside in the main hall, and the people who had been killed before had woken up and were standing in the main hall.

Seeing Tang Zichen and the others come out, the captain said, "Return to the barracks first."

After returning to the barracks, the captain immediately focused.

"Stand straight."

The captain swept a glance at the crowd and said, "Everyone, I announce that the group that won the final victory in this military exercise is, one group."

"Hmph."A person snorted, it was Shen Pill.

The captain said, "Shen Pill, what are you humming, what do you have to say."

"Captain, I'm not convinced."Shen Pill said.

"You didn't even have the chance to fight with Tang Zichen face to face, so why aren't you convinced?"

Shen Medicine said, "Captain, this Tang Zichen is obviously cheating."

"Oh yeah, how cheating."

"Damn, I now know what despicable means he did, as soon as we all entered the rehearsal battlefield, Tang Zichen deliberately sent a signal to lure all the groups to the same location, as a result, all our groups met and couldn't control fighting each other.Tang Zichen, however, did not join the battlefield, but even hid in the dark, and it was just as well that some of our groups deserted, he even threatened to join them or he would kill them immediately.In the end, when there was only one last person left on the battlefield, the commander of Group 8, he even ran away.I don't think this is even a win for Tang Zichen, and I don't think a lot of people would be convinced if he didn't cancel his score on this one."


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