The King of Kungfu in school 2231-2235


Chapter 2231

"No wonder you've always felt very indebted to that child."

"Yes, her death was entirely my doing."

"You don't have to blame yourself, you were also too benevolent at the time, thinking that it was your daughter and growing up around her day by day, it's understandable that you didn't feel sorry for her."

Ting Lan looked up at Tang Zichen and asked, "What do you mean?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Haven't you ever thought that Li Changting is holding someone else's child to fool you?All that was taken from you was a gnome the size of your thumb, and what you carried back eight months later was a live baby, can you still identify from that baby that this is the same gnome you took out in the first place?"

"This, I also suspected, but there's no evidence to prove ah, eight years later, when I was caught and returned to the Immortal Academy, Li Changting was also already killed, I couldn't even ask him the truth if I wanted to."

Tang Zichen said, "Ding Lan, I'm an Immortal Pill Master, I'm also proficient in the medical arts, I can responsibly tell you that Li Changting is one hundred percent hoodwinked you, Li Changting's goal is just to climb up to your high branch, the child is just his tool.Only two months embryo, can only rely on the mother to survive, will not survive on its own, leaving the mother will lose the fundamentals of survival, what's more, Li Changting has to find other bellies, how can there be time for him to do so many things, so, Li Changting is one hundred percent hoodwinked you."

"Oh? Then where did he find the child?"

"Immortal Academy so many couples, accidental childbirth is too much, some not small hearted, closed a few months the belly is big, Immortal Academy can often see the bones of children in the woods, Li Changting to find a child, it is too much.I suspect that originally Li Changting didn't intend to hoodwink you, but he happened to come across an abandoned child, so, in a stroke of genius, he carried it to hoodwink you."

Ding Lan just smiled shallowly and said, "Whether that was or not, it doesn't matter anymore, the important thing is that I spent eight years with that child afterwards, from a baby to a little girl, she also called me mother, that's enough, what does it matter if it was or not.I'm the one who killed her anyway, and that's the biggest guilt I've ever felt in my life."

"Alright, it's late at night, you also rest early, the past is the past." First URL


Tang Zichen returned to his room.

Ding Lan oh, looked at Tang Zichen's back for a while dazed, seemed a little lost, and finally smiled bitterly.

Tang Zichen lay on the bed, also smiled bitterly, engaged in a half day, Tang Huan's previous life, was not Ding Lan's real daughter, no wonder sister Ding Lan said that it did not count at all.

What was even more incredible was that Ding Lan's body was still considered a pure and flawless body, with just a little tiny imperfection.

Outsiders who didn't know the inside story thought that Ding Lan had given birth herself, not to mention the fact that she had run away with the child for eight years behind her, and it couldn't be done without spreading to the heavenly realm.

However, so what, between Tang Zichen and her, the original fundamental problem was not this.

Tang Zichen sighed deeply, so complicated.

The next day, Ding Lan said to Tang Zichen, "Can you accompany me to a place?"

"What place?"

"Hanyang Island."

"What is Hanyang Island?"

"It's the most massive hanging island in the heavens, as large as a continent in the Earth Immortal Realm, and it's not like everyone in the heavens lives on a separate hanging island like we do, and there are countless others who live together in mixed groups."


"Hanyang Island has one of the largest immortal crystal trading markets, I want to go there to see if there's anything good there, I want to refine some immortal pills."

"Erm, refine what.

Immortal pills?"

"My thirty-eight sister had a baby, I have to give her something as a gift."

"Well, I'll go with you, and I'll help you with the money, and then I'll say I'll share the gift with you."

"What I give is the same as what you give, and it makes no difference to anyone else."


Tang Zichen came to a floating largest hanging island in the sky, this hanging island was really no less than a continent, there were many, many immortals living on it, those with little power, naturally they had to mix with everyone else.Tang Zichen's good fortune telling, once he arrived in the heavenly realm, he lived on Chundi Island, an island inhabited by only eight families.

Arriving at Hanyang Island, Ding Lan took Tang Zichen directly to one of the largest immortal crystal trading houses.

Tang Zichen didn't know much about Immortal Crystals, if Tang Zichen still wanted to have greater achievements in the path of Immortal Pill, he must know all Immortal Crystals like the back of his hand in the future.

Ding Lan spent one Saint Coin to purchase many Immortal Crystals, and it was Tang Zichen who paid for them in the end.

"Let's go, I'll finish buying them, and when I get home, I'll ask someone to refine them into immortal pills for me."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master, do you need me to refine it?"

"No need."


"It seems stingy to give my sister a seventh-grade Immortal Pill, but I can find a ninth-grade Immortal Pill Master.I have a friend who is a ninth-grade Immortal Pill Master."

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't expect that he, a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master, was already too weak in the eyes of others, and even more so that she had a friend who was a ninth-grade Immortal Pill Master.

Ding Lan said, "Our Ding family, on Hanyang Island, also has a few businesses, since you're a member of my Ding family, I should take you there to have a look."

"Er, okay."

"Our Ding family, on Hanyang Island, has three shops that sell tea."

"What? Selling tea?"

"Yes, even fairies have to drink tea, but the tea that we sell at home, that has a flower and a long leaf for 9,000 years.The second shop, it sells towels."

"What, towels?"

"Yes, towels are also one of the necessities of fairy life."

"The last shop sells porcelain, pots and pans and other kinds of utensils.Of course, we sell high-grade goods, and the materials we use are all fired from Nine Heavens Xuan Mud."

"Oh, then how much money can these three stores make?"

"It adds up to about ten thousand holy coins per ten thousand years."

"More than ten thousand Saint Coins."Tang Zichen said in his heart, "He can earn sixty to seventy Saint Coins every ten thousand years from his Tang instruction at the Academy of Immortality.

Ding Lan asked, "I heard that you made quite a bit from your training course at the Academy of Immortals, right?"


"How many fairy coins can you make per ten thousand years?"

"Seven billion immortal coins."

"Ah, seven billion Xian coins, isn't that 70 Saint Coins, that much."

"Not bad, now that my Tang guidance is the largest training course in the Immortal Academy, there's not much room for improvement in the future."

"I thought it would be a few tens of millions of Xian coins at most, but I didn't expect it to be that much."

"It's not bad."

"No wonder you just casually took out a Saint Coin, I thought it was from my father."



"This is our Ding's tea shop."

Tang Zichen and Ding Lan walked into a shop that sold tea leaves.

Tang Zichen felt a bit funny inside, Immortals still sold tea, why not sell more tea eggs, but the fact was again in front of him, after all, where there are people, there is a market, Immortals also have to enjoy, and most importantly, Immortals are already the highest level within the Three Realms, with a long life and a lot of time to enjoy life.

"Meet Miss Ding Lan."The tea shop fellow greeted Ding Lan.

"You're welcome, this is my husband, Tang Zichen."

"Hello, Aunt Tang."

"Alright, you guys go busy with your business, I just brought Tang Zichen to have a look."

After that, Ding Lan took Tang Zichen to the other two shops of the Ding family, selling porcelain and selling towels, of course, the towels here were not for washing the face, but for wiping the hands, equivalent to paper towels, the fairy's paper towels were not washed, and were thrown away directly after use.

Throughout Hanyang Island, there were all kinds of shops, however, most of them were selling household items, very few were selling weapons and the like, because the heavenly realm was very peaceful, there was almost no war, and even if there was an occasional war, it was just some troublemakers in the lower realm, and it was easily resolved.The heavenly immortals mainly came up to enjoy themselves and then see if they had a chance to go further, or become an even greater immortal official and enter the core of power.

This was the life of a heavenly immortal.

For a moment, Tang Zichen had a feeling that he didn't know what was the point of cultivating, what was the use of being so strong in such a peaceful and prosperous heaven. Remember the website

On the way back, Tang Zichen asked, "Ding Lan, I was favored by your father because I have cultivated the Star Shifting Great Law, but after walking around Hanyang Island with you today, I found the immortals in the sky to be so leisurely and peaceful, so don't you think that no matter how strong I am after cultivating the Star Shifting Great Law, what use would I have for it?I don't understand."

Ding Lan said, "You only see the surface, you can't even see the secret fight, only when you run into it will you know how dark and cruel the heavenly realm is.Strength is still very useful, at least you can protect yourself, you only know how important it is when you need it."

Tang Zichen stopped halfway.

"Why did you stop?"

"Ding Lan, you go back alone, I don't want to go back to the Ding's Immortal Mansion."

"What are you going to do if you don't go back?"

"What's the point of going back, I'm so bored, I want to go do something, I really can't, go to Hanyang Island and do some business."Tang Zichen said.

"What kind of business do you want to do?"

"I don't know, it remains to be researched."

"Don't mess around, Don Zichen, my father told you to stay home, but he didn't tell you to go into business of any kind."

"I can't do that, I still want to go into business."

"Then, I'll go with you, I'll do it with you."Ding Lan actually felt that life was full of boredom.

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and nodded, "Okay, then let's return to Hanyang Island."

Tang Zichen and Ding Lan, returned to Hanyang Island.

Tang Zichen spared a lap on Hanyang Island, all walks of life were already full, it was hard to make something different, and it wasn't everything that could be done, it also had to fit the lifestyle of a fairy, for example, a fairy didn't even need to go to the toilet, it was impractical for you to produce toilets.

"Tang Zichen, I've been walking you around here a few times, have you thought of any business yet?"

"Don't worry, take your time thinking about it, since you've decided to do business,

It has to be unique, otherwise it's meaningless."

"Forget it, Tang Zichen, the things that immortals need are really limited, even the three stores that we opened in Ding's Immortal Mansion, almost all of them are regular customers, moreover, my father used some of the resources of the Immortal Academy to exchange for the customers he got, no matter what business you do, it's very, very difficult, because, your connections in the heavenly realm are not open at all."

Tang Zichen said, "I've now discovered a trait, the immortals in the sky, their lives are really boring, so boring, almost all of them, rely on retreats to pass the time, right?"


"So, what the Heavenly Realm is most lacking is, the third industry, which is the service industry.If we want to do it, we'll do the service industry, something to keep people entertained."

"And what do you want to engage in?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "How about opening a fairy brothel?"

Dinah glared, "Get out."

"Don't be like that, I'm serious."

"Tang Zichen, don't hurt us, if you open a brothel and go to the Earth Immortal Realm, go ahead, but in heaven you must never fuck around."

"Why?It's because there's no brothel to be seen in heaven that I want to open one, and I can assure you that there's definitely a market for a brothel in heaven."

"Hmph, a lecherous man's words are just different, thanks to you for thinking of it.If you dare to open it here, I'm not done with you, and, believe it or not, someone will immediately go to the Immortal Court and report my father, saying that my father's son-in-law, opening a brothel in the sky, is hurting the morals and destroying the atmosphere of the Immortal World.My father, absolutely removed from his position, and our whole family will be facing endless disasters and troubles."

"So serious."

"It's by no means alarming, as long as the Immortal Court feels that it's not right, this can't be done.You run a brothel, although there is a market for it, but the service is only for the lower class immortals, the upper class immortals, and the various immortals of the Immortal Court, which of them are not three wives, four concubines, and more women."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Also, if the upper class people don't need it, it's impossible to run it.If the various immortals of the Immortal Court lacked women, then this would be a sure thing."

"Thought about it."

"Then I'll think about what to engage in, to make the various Immortals need something, even, even the Immortal Emperor, then, it can definitely be a hit."

"The Immortal Emperor has everything, the entire three realms are his, and you're the only one who can still find what he doesn't have?"

"That's not necessarily true."

Tang Zichen closed his eyes and thought of something in his mind that wasn't even an Immortal Emperor and that could pass the time of boredom as well as entertainment.

When Tang Zichen thought of entertainment, he suddenly thought of the old days in the mortal world, the technological world, watching movies, playing with his phone, and brushing his friends.

"Damn, I'm not allowed to engage in this, am I?"

"Seems like, it's not like there's no idea, if this thing succeeds, I'm sure I'll be the only one who has it, there's no competition.Get a WeChat out in the sky, the various immortals can add friends to each other, they can chat with each other, they can also watch movies or something on WeChat, wouldn't it be fun, it's a divine tool for immortals to pass the time ah."

Ding Lan's eyebrows furrowed, "What the hell are you talking about, why can't I understand."

"Haha, Ding Lan, let's go, let's find a place to study it and see what we're going to do."Tang Zichen pulled Dinglan away with a big smile.

"Hey, you haven't said what you want to engage in yet."

"I can't tell you in a few words, but in short, I want to become an interconnected giant in the Heavenly Realm, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.


One year later.

"How's it going, Don Zichen?Is the interconnection out yet?"

"Fuck the interconnect."Don Zichen kicked a pile of machines off the floor.

"Don Zichen, what are you doing?"

Tang Zichen was embarrassed and said, "Sorry, Ding Lan, for wasting your time, I thought about it, forget about it."

"Then let's do other business, shall we?"

"And no other business."

"No other business either?Why?"

"In a word, fuck business, I can't figure it out, I came up from the mortal realm to do business?"

"Uh, what's wrong with you?What's the stimulus?"

"No irritation, I suddenly thought, I'm here to do business against the sky, but heck, I'm doing business in the heavenly realm, I want to do business, why not go back to the mortal realm, I flew up here after all the trouble, I'm here to do business?So, I have to quickly correct my direction, everything has to be about improving strength, and if it doesn't make sense to improve strength, don't do it." One second to remember to read the book

"Tang Zichen, we're already immortals, it's not easy for immortals to increase their strength ah, especially when you reach Golden Immortal, every step you take to increase your strength needs the approval of the Immortal Court, without the approval of the Immortal Court, you won't be able to break through no matter what, because the entire three realms of time and space are restricted."

"I'm still a long way from Golden Immortal.That's fine, I'll set a small goal to break through to Golden Immortal now."

"Khan, that's also called a small goal."

"In my eyes, it's a small goal, alright, Ding Lan, you go, I'm not going back with you."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to go to the Earth Immortal Realm, the Heavenly Realm is too calm for now and my current strength can't turn any waves in the sky, I'd better make my way to the Earth Immortal Realm."

"You don't want your life to go to that chaotic place."

"I just love chaos, I want to unify the Earth Immortal Realm, I want to become the king of the Earth Immortal Realm, there is an emperor in the sky, shouldn't there be an emperor in the world as well."

"Tang Zichen, do you know what you're talking about."

"Alright, goodbye."After saying that, Tang Zichen rushed towards the ground, and soon, Tang Zichen landed on the ground.

Ding Lan even followed.

"Ding Lan, why are you following me."

"I can't explain to my family if you run away by yourself, and if you want to make your way to the Earth Immortal Realm, I have to follow you in case you do anything out of the ordinary."

Tang Zichen said, "I am now under the alias Zhou Mi, not Tang Zichen, and I have nothing to do with your Ding family."

"Then I'll have to follow you."

"Suit yourself."

Tang Zichen asked a passerby about it, "Excuse me, what is this place?"

"This is West Niu Hezhou."

"West Niu Hezhou."

That passerby asked, "Looks like you're from out of town, could it be, you've also come to attend the Mi Clan's cast banquet?"

"Uh, cast party?What do you mean?"

"Looks like you're not here for the cast party, so forget I said anything."

"Wait, I'm trying to find something to do with nothing, tell me, what's a cast party?Also, what is the bleat family, is it powerful?"


Our Western Niu He Continent, the top ten ranked great family, the ancestor of the Mi Clan, Mi Chun Qiu, that's a powerful person at the Golden Immortal level, do you know what a Golden Immortal is?Looking at your weak looks you must have never seen the world.Mi Chunqiu is not only a Golden Immortal, he is also connected to an immortal family in the heavenly realm, and the Mi Clan all have backstage connections in the heavenly realm."That passerby said with a face of worship.

"Alright, I already know what the Mi Clan is, go ahead and tell me what the hell the Casting Feast is."

"Why should I tell you, you're also a Heaven Immortal, I'm also a Heaven Immortal, if you can outsmart me, I'll tell you later."That wayfarer.

Tang Zichen said, "If you can hold on for three moves without losing, count me as a loser."

"Kid, don't be too arrogant."

"Don't do it yet."

After saying that, that passerby suddenly killed Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Tang Zichen put it down with a single move.

This person was no match at all, one had to know that Tang Zichen was from the Immortal Academy, and this person had definitely never entered the Immortal Academy, let alone learned the spells of the Immortal Academy and so on.What's more, even if he was also from the Immortal Academy, he wasn't enough in front of Tang Zichen, because there weren't many people at the same level in the Immortal Academy who were even a match for Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen had even defeated a pre-Dao Immortal tutor.

"Brother, you've won, I'm convinced of my defeat."That passerby was busy, and as a fellow level, he didn't even have time to react.

"Alright, can we talk now?"

"Yes yes yes, the Casting Feast is a heroic invitation issued by the Mi Clan to the entire Earth Immortal Realm in order to recruit talents from the Earth Immortal Realm to join their Mi Clan's legion.The rewards are very generous, and I heard that if you successfully join the Mi Clan, you can earn a salary of over 20 immortal coins per 10,000 years.How about that, heartwarming."

"Alright, I got it, I'll go later."

"Brother, I'll go first then, you must come to participate oh, you're so strong, you can definitely succeed in entering the Mi Legion, and then you'll be rich, right, you shouldn't know what immortal coins are, immortal coins are a good thing, a piece of immortal coins is equivalent to at least five immortal grasses that are over two billion years old."

"Mm, I see."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen didn't pretend with this passerby.

That wayfarer left first.

Ding Lan said, "Tang Zichen, is this the purpose of your visit to the Earth Immortal Realm?See for yourself, with your strength, are you a tiger in a sheep pen in the Earth Immortal World, that guy just now, he's on the same level as you, but he's no match for you at all, even if you come to a mid, late, or even early Dao Immortal, he's definitely no match for you, do you find such a place interesting?Also, what Mi Clan, no matter how strong this Mi Clan is, is it as strong as our Ding Clan?You even went to their family's cast banquet, do you really want to go earn that twenty cents per ten thousand years salary?"

Tang Zichen said, "Ding Lan, you're wrong, what I care about is not money at all, what I care about is integrating into the Earth Immortal Realm and seeking opportunities to develop here, otherwise what would I be allowed to do in the Ding family?You can't do any sports, and we're always staring at each other?Or, to retire in the Tinker?"

"What what what exercise, no one is restricting your freedom."

"Human movement doesn't even know how to exercise, I'm a fake couple with you."

"Ah."Ting Lan blushed and scolded, "Bastard, you're bullying me for not knowing anything."

"Alright, it's nothing, I'm going to attend the Casting Banquet, although I'm strong, but at least, Mi Clan still has a large number of people I can't beat, Earth Immortal Realm anyone above the middle Dao Immortal, I'm not a match, Dao Immortal, Xuan Immortal, Tai Immortal, Golden Immortal, so many realms here, I still have too many opponents.The Earth Immortal Realm goes up to four continents, I haven't even started hanging around, and I'm going straight to heaven after entering an Immortal Academy."


"Well, I can promise to go to the cast party,"Ting Lan said.

"Why would I want you to promise, I'll go just the same if you don't, and I'll join the bleat army and I'll put on a show."

"I'm your wife."

"Oh, Tang Huan is, you're Tang Huan's mother from his previous life, at best you're my mother-in-law, I don't want to carry a curse with my mother-in-law."

"You're talking nonsense, I'm not your mother-in-law, Tang Huan is not my daughter, even if she died in her previous life, she's not my biological daughter, you said it yourself, ninety-nine percent of it was Li Changting who hoodwinked me, I'm not going to take the blame for mother-in-law."Ding Lan said anxiously.

"Alright, whether you take the blame or not, I'm leaving first."Tang Zichen immediately went forward.

Ding Lan looked at Tang Zichen's back, a burst of sadness inside, why her life is so rough, she met a Li Changting in the past, which caused her notoriety and discredit, but now that she is married, she is left alive and widowed, and has to carry the pot of a mother-in-law, her life, it is impossible to remarry, the future of her life is to live like this as a widow, Ding Lan felt afraid of the future, I really want to die forget it!.Ding Lan turned her head and exhaled .

And Tang Zichen soon arrived at the Mi Clan .

As the Mi Clan was the overlord of the Western Niu He Continent, the good place they commanded was also very large.

"Are you here for the casting banquet?"

"Yes." First published at

"What's the name?"

"Thoughtful."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen didn't use his real name because what he was doing now had nothing to do with the Ding Clan Immortal Mansion, and Tang Zichen wouldn't take the Ding Clan Immortal Mansion out to pretend.Otherwise, all the ancestors of the Mi Clan would have to come out to greet him, and that would be a deviation from his original intent.

"Welcome to our family's cast banquet, please go in."


Tang Zichen was led by a servant and entered a large hall.

In the main hall, there were already thousands of people waiting.

These thousands of people, some were Upper Immortals, some were Heaven Immortals, and there were a few Dao Immortals as well, and it seemed that the salary of twenty immortal coins per ten thousand years was still very appealing.

Tang Zichen was wondering if he could also have a cast banquet with this much money.Recruiting a crew?

However, for the time being, there was no point, as he was only an early Heavenly Immortal, and although he was strong, above the middle Dao Immortal, he could spike Tang Zichen, and with such a weak strength, exposing his money would instead easily get him killed.Since Tang Zichen had decided not to return to the Heavenly Realm to 'retire' and hang around with the name Zhou Mi, he naturally had to consider safety as well.

"Brother, you're here."At this moment, a man pounced on him.

At a glance, Tang Zichen was the same passerby he had just encountered.

"Hello, I'm here."

"Brother, let's get to know each other, I'm Liu Haitao, and you?"


That night, the casting banquet began.

A strong Xuan Immortal of the Mi Clan came out.

"Everyone, thank you for coming to the casting banquet, but I regret to inform you that our Mi Clan is fully recruited."

"What?Fully enrolled?"

"Yes, we sent out an announcement twenty years ago, and in these twenty years, one after another, a dozen groups of people have come, and you are the last.Of the dozen or so batches that came before, they're already full.So you guys are the last batch and you don't need to be assessed directly.Please eat and drink well tonight, and please leave the house tomorrow."The Mi Clan's Xuan Xian said.

The people in the palace were shouting.

"Hey, you guys can't fool people like this, we're all here already."


p; "I'm really sorry, our Mi Legion has only recruited five hundred people this time, and over the past ten years, it's been full up until the last batch."

"No, we're not convinced."Everyone continued to yell, Tang Zichen was the only one with a carefree attitude, Tang Zichen had originally meant to play soy sauce anyway, so the worst-case scenario was to go somewhere else to play soy sauce.

"Then how about this, among you, Dao Immortal stays behind."

"No, among us, there are only a few Dao Immortals, most of them are Upper Immortals and Celestial Immortals, you Mi Clan, you must give us an explanation."

In the end, the Xuan Xian of the Mi Clan said helplessly, "In that case, how about this, if one of you can defeat the 500 people who have already been accepted, you can replace the one you defeated?"

"That's more like it."

"Then everyone, please get ready, it will take place tomorrow.We have already judged and categorized the 500 people who have been accepted into the tournament for their strength, and these 500 people, whose strengths range from the first to the five hundredth, can challenge any ranking tomorrow, as long as any of you think you have the strength to do so."

"Good, that's only fair."

The next morning, Tang Zichen and the others were brought to the back of the Mi Clan's mountain, an empty flat land.

Of course, on this flat land, many tents similar to military barracks were established, and it seemed that this place was the Mi Clan's military camp.

At this moment, five hundred people were already waiting in the same place.

Tang Zichen and thousands of others walked up.

That Xuan Xian of the Mi Clan said, "Gentlemen, these 500 people in front of you are the recruits that we previously admitted, starting from the first row to the left, they are the first to the five hundredth.Among them, the first twenty are Dao Immortals, the first fifty are Late Heaven Immortals, the first hundred are Middle Heaven Immortals, the first two hundred are Early Heaven Immortals, and after that, all are Upper Immortals.You can call out any ranked person you want, and as long as you pass the challenge, you'll be able to enter the Miffle Legion.Alright, one at a time."

The first challenger stepped forward, this person was a pre-Tian Xian, and he shouted, "I want to challenge the 199th ranked one."

That Xuanxian had just said that the first 200 were Pre-Celestial Immortals, and if he challenged the 199th, basically this person was the weakest of the Pre-Celestial Immortals, and this guy, he was really good at picking and choosing the weakest Pre-Celestial Immortal.

In the next second, a man flew out, and sure enough, this man was a pre-Tiantian Immortal.

"Hmph, son of a bitch, why don't you pick the 101st ranked one, and pick me, the 199th ranked one, you think I'm a soft tomato, easy to squeeze right."The 199th ranked one looked annoyed.

"Cut the crap, if you want to stay in the bleat army, win over me."

With that, the challenge began.

At this moment, not too far away, there were two young women standing, one of them, a luxuriously dressed woman who was very beautiful and at the pre-Dao Immortal realm, said, "This last batch, there shouldn't be any geniuses."

A maid-like woman next to her said, "Miss, the family has asked you to lead the five hundred legions this time, do you think, you can lead this legion, stronger than the other legions of the family?"

"It's my first time as a legion leader, so I'm not familiar with it."

"Miss, you're a graduate from the Academy of Immortality, you're sure you can do it."


", did you ever fall in love with anyone at the Academy of Fairies?"

"Nonsense, of course not, I'm not that casual."

"Have you ever liked anyone, then?"

"This."That lady, a scene came to her mind, a Heavenly Immortal boy, in full view of the public, defeated a pre-Dao Immortal mentor, that pre-Dao Immortal mentor, was none other than her teacher in the Immortal Academy, Chang Tuqiu.That young man's figure, she hadn't been able to forget, but unfortunately, she knew she wasn't good enough for him.


Not far away.

One challenge after another, this one in which nine out of ten people lost.

A few hours later, Tang Zichen walked out.

The bleating Xuan Xian asked, "What is your name?Which ranking are you challenging?The 101st to 199th, are all in the same realm as you, choose whichever one you want, as long as you win, you stay and he goes."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm not challenging any of the 101st to 199th, I want to directly challenge the first place."

"What did you say?"Suddenly, that Xuan Xian of the Mi Clan's brow furrowed, wondering if he had misheard, a pre-Celestial Immortal who wanted to directly challenge the first one.

"Hey, kid, didn't you hear me say that the top twenty, are all Dao Immortals.The one ranked first is even the strongest Dao Immortal among the people admitted this time, are you sure you know what you just said?"

Tang Zichen said, "Surely sure, I, the challenge is the first place Pre-Dao Immortal."

The audience was in an uproar.

At this moment, not far away, that lady of the Mi Clan saw Tang Zichen and was shocked, "What, is, is it, is it him?"

"Miss, who is that man?Directly challenging the first place Dao Immortal, could it be, he's also a Dao Immortal?"The maid beside him was busy saying. Remember the website

Miss Mi's family was incredulous, "Why did he come to my family and want to be a soldier in my family?That's impossible."

Right now, Miss Mi Clan didn't care so much, her heartbeat accelerated as she ran up, this was the male god in her heart.The scene of the male god defeating her teacher, Long Tuqiu, at the Immortal Academy was still fresh in her mind.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, do I need to say it a second time, I'll directly challenge the first ranked pre-Dao Immortal, alright, don't jabber so much nonsense, I'll just leave."

At this time, the first ranked Dao Immortal immediately rushed out and said angrily, "Kid, since you want to find death, then I'll fulfill you."

"Just you, you're not qualified."

"Go die."Suddenly, that number one ranked Dao Immortal superbly struck and killed Tang Zichen with no mercy, as a Heaven Immortal challenged him, which was his greatest insult.

But . An unexpected thing happened, after his super strong move struck Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen had no problem at all, instead, that pre ranked Dao Immortal's body sank violently and poofed out blood.

"This, what's going on."Of course, the people here didn't know, even if they were told the Star Shift Great Law they wouldn't know what it was, only that Miss Mi, who graduated from the Immortal Academy, understood why Tang Zichen was so strong.

Tang Zichen shook his head, this guy, who was not a single bit worse than that long earth fur from the Immortal Academy, Tang Zichen didn't even want to bully him anymore.

That pre-Dao Immortal wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and roared, "If you dare to play tricks on me, I'll chop you to death."This guy certainly didn't think that Tang Zichen could defeat him, thinking that Tang Zichen had done something to him.

Just then, there was a delicate shout, "Alright, stop."

Everyone immediately turned their heads, and a woman with a proud figure and an extremely beautiful face approached, it was a Miss of the Mi Clan, and she was the leader of the legion recruited this time.

When everyone saw this Miss Mi Clan, they hurriedly gave a salute, "Greetings, Chief."

However, that Miss Mi Clan walked straight to Tang Zichen's side, her eyes carrying an incredibly concealed excitement, seemingly full of honor and smiling incredulously, "Really, really, it's you."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "This young lady, you are?"

"I... I'm Mi Lu.

I, I'm the leader of this legion, I, I."

Tang Zichen said, "Miss Mi Lu, don't be nervous, speak slowly."

Everyone looked at Miss Mi Lu incredulously, she had always been a very cold chief before, how come she had become incoherent now.


"Wait, my name is Zhou Mi."Tang Zichen was busy interrupting Miss Mi, she almost called out Tang Zichen, she seemed to know him, but Tang Zichen didn't have any impression of her.

"Zhou Mi?"

"Yes, my name is Zhou Mi, I've come to the Mi Clan to participate in the Casting Banquet."

That Xuan Xian of the Mi Clan busily came up and asked, "Mi Lu, what's going on, do you know each other?"

"Uncle, I know him, he's a superb genius from the Immortal Academy, and he defeated Pre-Dao Immortal at the Immortal Academy.So, there's no need to compete anymore."

"What? He was able to defeat the Dao Immortal from the Immortal Academy, that too."

Mi Lu was busy saying to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, can you come with me and lend me a word."

"Of course you can."

Tang Zichen followed Mi Lu.

Arriving at a deserted place, Mi Lu said excitedly, "Tang Zichen, is it really you?I'm so excited to see you."Mi Lu looked like she was about to throw herself at you.

"It seems that you also graduated from the Academy of Immortality."

"Ummm, I just graduated from the Immortal Academy less than 50,000 years ago, and before I graduated, I saw you defeat my teacher, Nagatoujou."

"Nagatoujou is your teacher?"

"Ummm, I'm also from the Air Tear Department of Immortal Academy, and I practice the Shura Divine Blade.Tang Zichen, I'm really so excited, how did you come to my family?You definitely didn't come here for that twenty immortal coin salary."

Tang Zichen laughed, "How do you know that I'm not after that twenty cents salary, could it be that I'm after you, but you're quite pretty too."

"Ah, me, me? I, I would like to."Mi Lu.

"You're willing?What would you like?"

"Ah, I thought you just said you wanted me."

Tang Zichen whipped up a cold sweat, "Did I say that?You're the one who got so excited you misheard."

"Ah, me."Suddenly, Mi Lu blushed up to her neck, she was really too excited and thrilled to see Tang Zichen, she didn't even mishear what Tang Zichen said, and directly said I'm willing.

"Alright, Miss Mi Lu, I also have nothing to do, I'm just looking for a random place, just as an exercise, just to be able to enter your family, maybe it's an honor.From now on, I'll be a soldier in your family, please take care of me."

"This, how can this be, I will definitely treat you as a guest of our family."

"Don't, I'm not here to be a valued guest, and don't reveal my true identity, I'll be called Zhou Mi now, do you hear me?"

"Uh-huh, whatever you say, I'll do whatever you say."

"Alright, you go about your business, I'm going back to the barracks."

"Tang Zichen, how can I do that, I'll set you up in the upper room."

"No need, by the way, does your family have a war to fight?The main reason I joined your family's legion was to fight, especially against people who were stronger than me."

"Of course it has."

"Hehe, that's good, it's not in vain that I joined your legion."Tang Zichen smiled and walked away, heading to the far side of the barracks.


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