The King of Kungfu in school 2216-2220


Chapter 2216

"Tang Zichen, you're here."Ding Lan saw Tang Zichen and busily stood up.

Tang Zichen had now learned of Ding Lan's past and knew more about her, in fact, Tang Huan's mother, wasn't much older, I heard that she was less than twenty million years old, which was much younger than Qing Shidu.Theoretically, within 100 million years old, she was considered the same age.

It was just a pity, because she had given birth to a child more than ten million years ago, making it seem as if she was now a generation older than Tang Zichen.

Ding Lan busily introduced, "Tang Zichen, this is my father, Ding Cang Qiong.Father, this is Tang Zichen."

A half old man looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "You must be Tang Zichen."

"Exactly, junior Tang Zichen, pay your respects to senior dean."

"You're welcome, please sit down."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen generously sat down.

Ding Lan smiled, "Then you guys chat, I'll leave first."

Only Tang Zichen and two others remained in the living room.

"Tang Zichen, what a young man, so young to become a Celestial Immortal, and moreover, he has even practiced the Star Shifting Method." First URL

"Oh, Dean is overly flattered."

"I've heard that you've practiced your star shift technique to the second level?"


"Not bad, training to the second level at such a young age, those few people in the history of the Immortal Academy couldn't do it either."

"Oh, where where."

"By the way, General Monta's people invited you to heaven, why didn't you go?"Dean asked.

"I prefer to be with Dean."

"Hahaha, Tantzin, I like you."

"Dean's kidding, I don't like men."

"Hahahaha."Dean burst out laughing.

Dean said, "Honestly, Tang Zichen, I may indeed be inferior compared to General Monta, if you follow General Monta, your future will be better, I already couldn't eat lunch today, but I didn't expect that you.Oh, surprisingly you trust me so much, I can't treat you badly.If you don't mind, could you become my son-in-law at my door?"

Tang Zichen busily said, "Of course I'm willing."

"Well then, it's already a bit difficult for my daughter to pick a better man anyway, and she still has to come to the door, so it's better to find a genius and just get on with it."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "Wait, Dean, you're mistaken, I'm talking about Tang Huan."

"Tang Huan?Who is Tang Huan?I'm talking about my daughter Ding Lan.First, my daughter is eight million years older than you. Second, my daughter was once seduced and fell in love with a man in the Immortal Academy. But don't worry, although many people say my daughter is a broken shoe, I assure you that she is still pure and innocent.You're from the Earth Immortal Realm anyway, and I don't think anyone would refuse when you go to heaven as a doorkeeper.Alright, it's these three points above, if you agree, I'll pledge my daughter Ding Lan to you."

Tang Zichen was busy shaking his head in fear, "No, senior dean, you've got it wrong, the reason why I agreed just now before I said anything is because I thought it was Tang Huan."

"Who is Tang Huan?"

Tang Zichen thought of Tang Huan's other name and busily said, "Right, Ding Huan."

"Er, Ding Huan?"The dean's eyebrows jumped twice, looking at Tang Zichen with some suspicion, wondering if Tang Zichen knew anything.

The Dean said, "Ding Huan is the orphaned daughter of my late son, few people in Immortal Academy know about her relationship with me, how do you know about her?"

"Dean, to tell you the truth, Ding Huan and I, we're already in love, otherwise, why would I reject General Monta, it's because of Ding Huan."

"So ah, but."The dean seemed a bit reluctant.

"But what?"

"I think, you and my daughter, it's still more suitable ah."

Tang Zichen wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, "Dean, what are you saying."

"Tang Zichen, I'm serious, a daughter is always closer than a granddaughter."

"But I just like Ding Huan."

"Tang Zichen, let's discuss this matter later, let's eat first."


Halfway through the meal, Ding Cang Vault left the banquet, allowing Tang Zichen to eat first.

Ding Cangdome came to a room.

"Father, what are you doing here?"Tang Huan's mother was busy asking, "Where is Tang Zichen?Leaving so soon?"

"Lan'er, what do you think if Dad promised you to Tang Zichen?"

"What?"Ding Lanton jumped up.

The dean thought that her daughter was disgusted, and was busy saying, "Lan'er, you should also know that although we claim to the outside world that you are still ice-clear, but outsiders don't seem to be buying it, I think, with this reputation you have now, I'm afraid it's impossible to find a door in heaven.Now this Tang Zichen, I feel good, he has a lot of potential in the future, I think, he's perfect for you, so let's just make an engagement.Pick a day to get married."After saying that, the dean seemed as if he had made up his mind, rather than coming to discuss with his daughter, he was making his own mind up.

"Father."Ting Lan chased after him.

"What else?What I've decided won't be changed, and if I hadn't been too lenient with you back then, I wouldn't have given you the chance to do such shameless things."

"Father, never, never,"Ting Lan said anxiously.

"Why not, what the people in heaven say is not wrong, you have indeed broken a pair of shoes, nowadays it is rare to have a good genius, marry, I am afraid of missing Tang Zichen, there is no better one."

Ding Lan said, "Dad, do you know that Tang Zichen and my former daughter, Ding Huan, are a pair."

"I know, Tang Zichen just said it during the banquet."

"Then you still betrothed him to me."

"I have my own thoughts about that."

"Father, please, don't."Ding Lan said with a busy shake of her head.

Ding Cang Gong snorted, "Although I have declared to the world that Ding Huan is the legacy daughter of my deceased son, but, after all, he is an outsider, don't talk to me about past lives, if past lives are even counted, wouldn't all the three realms be filled with relatives everywhere."

"Father, why do you say that, didn't you say that you've accepted Ding Huan?"

"Yes, accepted, how else could I give her so many resources to cultivate her, but no matter how much I accept it, it can't be compared to my own daughter.Tang Zichen, this genius, I'm very optimistic, I want to betroth him to my own daughter, there are good things, of course I think of my own daughter first."

"Father, what makes you think that way, what good things and bad things."

"Lan'er ah, in the history of the Immortal Academy, those who once practiced the Star Shifting Technique, nowadays, no matter which one, they are already not small figures in the sky ah.This Tang Zichen, however, is even stronger than those who once were, and his future will only be better, not worse ah.You're already a broken shoe, and it's really hard to find a better one if you miss this one."


"Dad, I won't allow you to mess around."

"Hmph, then you shouldn't have messed up back then, this time, I won't let you be capricious."After saying that, the dean walked away.

Ding Lan wanted to chase after him, but this was the dean's territory ah, Ding Lan was blocked by an invisible layer, unable to take half a step away from this courtyard.

"Father, you can't."Ding Lan cried out and hissed.

Tang Zichen waited for ten minutes before that dean returned.

The dean smiled, "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting."

"You're welcome."

"Tang Zichen, come on, drink, drink well with me today, it's rare that you have made such a big determination."

"Erm, what kind of determination did the dean make?"

"Oh, drink up."

"Oh." Remember the URL

And so he drank and drank and drank until the back, Tang Zichen himself forgot about business, but of course, the dean didn't take the initiative to mention it.

By the end of the banquet, it was already evening.

The dean said, "It's been a long time since I drank so much, Tang Zichen, you can go back first today."

"Oh, that?"Tang Zichen still remembered marrying Tang Huan and hadn't even mentioned it since, but now that he was leaving, something had to come of it.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure that you're satisfied and will never treat you badly."Dean said.

Tang Zichen even smiled and said, "Dean is polite, I'm relieved then."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, he had already made it clear that he liked Tang Huan, so the dean should know his feelings.

After that, Tang Zichen left the dean's house.

Tang Zichen returned to Tang Huan's dormitory.

"How was it?"

"Fine, your grandfather thinks very highly of me."

"I don't think you said he was my grandfather there.Grandfather is just something I said privately with my mother and a few people in the know, my grandfather doesn't like to be called that."

"That didn't happen, I said Tang Huan he didn't even seem to know, he only knew it was you when I said Ding Huan."

"Well, did you mention me, then?"

"Of course I have, it's just, what's a little depressing is that your grandfather likes me so much that he wants to woo me, woo me even, and he just started saying that he wants to marry his daughter to me."

"Ah, marry my mother to you?"Tang Huan was startled.

"Yeah, but I declined in time, and I said on the spot that I liked you."

"And then what happened?Did he say anything?"

"I didn't mention it after that, I don't know what the dean had in mind, I don't think he's going to set his daughter up with me again.That really scared me, I always thought of your mother as an elder."

"Actually, my mother is only a thousand years old, and if it wasn't for giving birth to my previous life, she would still be a young girl.You're such a genius, my grandfather can definitely tell that it's good that he wants to betroth my mother to you."Tang Huan pursed her lips and said, feeling a bit hard to say.

"Huanhuan, what the hell are you talking about."

"It was already great, my mother is now unloved and unloved, and in heaven she's being talked about like what a sleazy person she is.Numerous gossips have made it difficult for my mother to find true love at all, if I could marry you, I believe you could give her happiness, I should be happy ah."

Tang Zichen said depressedly, "Don't I care in your heart about the people in your mother's past?Look at my Tang's women, which one of them?

It's not ice-clear."

"You, how dare you say that about my mother."

"Just telling the truth."

"Yes, my mother was indeed deceived and no longer pure, but that doesn't mean she's a bad woman, my mother is one of the ten most talented and beautiful women in the heavenly realm, how can you dislike her, if it wasn't for my mother's taint, my grandfather wouldn't have been promised to you at all, and you don't deserve my mother."

"Alright, alright, I really don't want to quarrel with you, I didn't dislike your mother either, I just treat your mother as an elder, how can I say that I dislike her."

"Then why did you just say that about my mother."

"I don't want to explain, it was caused by you messing around, okay, I'm leaving first."Tang Zichen directly left Tang Huan's dormitory, once Tang Huan heard that her grandfather was going to betroth her mother to Tang Zichen, he was obviously irritated and started talking nonsense, it was better to separate now.

Tang Zichen was walking down the quiet path of the spell department, his mood a bit messed up.

"Tang Zichen, it's you."Suddenly, a person popped up.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Hua Mingxin, you've been following me for quite a while, what do you want?"

"Ah, me."Hua Mingxin was depressed, yes, she had already seen Tang Zichen, but instead of making a sound, she followed Tang Zichen until this quiet and empty place was real, and then she showed up and pretended to have a chance encounter.

"Say, why are you following me?"

Only then did Hua Mingxin say, "Tang Zichen, I, I want to talk to you alone."

"What do you want to talk to me about?If you're confessing to me, it's not necessary."

"Ah, me, me."

"Me what me, say it or not."

"Don Zichen, you're right, I, I might really like you."

"Oh, another one who likes me, I really don't know, what's so great about me, why should all the beautiful women in the world like me, why, why is that, why?"Tang Zichen shouted three times in a row.

Even Hua Mingxin on one side of the room was embarrassed to hear this.All the beautiful women in the world had to like him, wasn't that a bit what, but Hua Mingxin couldn't deny that she did like Tang Zichen.Originally Hua Mingxin didn't dare, after all it was her best friend Yun Duo who liked him, but ever since Tang Zichen dueled with Long Tuqiu and put on a show, Hua Mingxin couldn't forget Tang Zichen's figure.Today, Hua Mingxin involuntarily came outside Tang Huan's dormitory, just to see if she could see Tang Zichen, even for a glance.What she didn't expect was to actually see Tang Zichen, and it looked like Tang Zichen had a little quarrel with Tang Huan.Hua Mingxin just followed Tang Zichen all the way, and when there was no one there, Hua Mingxin didn't want to follow anymore and just wanted to show up and go out to talk to Tang Zichen and relieve Tang Zichen's boredom for him.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen had already discovered that she was following.

Hua Mingxin said, "I'm sorry, if I've annoyed you, then I'll leave right away."

"Alright, you're not the only beautiful girl who likes me, and you're not the only one, don't leave, stay and talk with me."

"Mmhmm."Hua Mingxin nodded her head in succession, looking at this, she probably wouldn't hesitate to let her stay tonight.

"Tang Zichen, did you and Tang Huan have a fight?"Hua Mingxin asked with concern, as if internally wondering if they would break up over it, and if they did, wouldn't it be her chance to get a little excited.

"A fight?Which eye of yours saw us fighting."

"But I clearly saw you run out of her dorm in a huff."

"And you were spying on me around her dorm."

"I... I wasn't."


"And you said no, no how do you know I had a fight with Tang Huan."

"I don't want to talk to you anymore, I'm leaving first."Hua Mingxin ran off in a panic.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to her.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

In these three months, Tang Zichen's business in the Spell Department had become even better, and although he hadn't made it to the strongest and biggest in the Spell Department, he was able to rank in the top thirty.

"Big brother, it seems that our Tang's guidance can only go so far in the spell department, and the training and guidance classes in the spell department are much more competitive than the air tearing department."Fatty found Tang Zichen and said to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen thought about it, he had to think of a way to increase his competitiveness.

Tang Zichen asked, "Fatty, which is the largest training class in the Department of Spells right now?"

"It's a shop called 'Heavenly Learning Method', and I heard that this Heavenly Learning Method of theirs made three billion Xian coins last ten thousand years."

"What? Three billion?What the hell, I've only made a few hundred and thirty million in the Air Tear Department, and after messing around for half a day, it's not even a tenth as much as others ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, and thought that he was already making a lot of hundreds of millions of Xian coins in the Air Tear Department before.

"Brother, there are more people in the Spell Department than the Air Tear Department, so the market is naturally much bigger.Even if we became the strongest instruction class in the Air Tearing Department before, we wouldn't be able to make it into the top ten in the Spell Department ah.The top ten guidance classes in the spell department have profits of more than 1 billion immortals per 10,000 years." A second to remember to read the book

Don Zichen asked, "And how much do we, Don's Guidance, now in the Spell Department, expect to earn per 10,000 years?"

"Our Tang Guidance is only ranked 28 in the Department of Spells, and if we go by the current situation, we'll only be able to make 200-300 million per 10,000 years."

"That's so little."

"Yes, big brother, before we thought that with you defeating Chang Tu Jiu and practicing the Star Shifting Method, it would allow us to shine in the Spell Department, but the truth is that it wasn't that easy, of course, we're already considered good, after all, it's only been a few months since we opened, and we've reached this level."

"It's far from enough, that's not what I, Tang Zichen, am aiming to become the biggest and strongest guidance shop in the entire Immortal Academy.Fatty, summon everyone to a meeting."


Soon, all of Tang Zichen's men came.

"Everyone, today's meeting is very important, we, Tang's Guidance, have been opening a chain of stores in the Department of Spells for several months now, what I didn't expect was that it wasn't as big a success as I had initially expected, in fact, how about making less money than in the Department of Air Tear in this ten times larger market.So, today, I've called you all here for a meeting on how we should be able to make our Don's Guidance the biggest and strongest Guidance shop in the Spell Department, beating the other competitors."

"Tang Zichen, I think it's difficult."Bai Hanyan said.

"Where is it difficult?"

"I can't tell you, we're still installing the Air Tear sets, but they're not as successful as the Air Tear sets."

"All I can say is that the competition here is too fierce, and I've visited other guide shops before, and their quality isn't bad at all."

Tang Zichen said, "By the way, what's our current price?"

"It's the same price as the other guide shops, one fairy coin at a time."

Tang Zichen said, "Then let's

Let's have a price war, a fairy coin twice."

"It's useless, we tried that before, but it's still the same.Tang Zichen, if it wasn't for you having a bit of prestige before, I'm afraid we wouldn't even have achieved this much."

"Then what exactly do we need to do to attract popularity?Let's think."

However, no one thought of a way.

Just then, Tang Zichen suddenly said, "We can find spokespersons ah, the two most beautiful women in the spell department are Hua Mingxin and Tang Huan, we ask Hua Mingxin and Tang Huan to be the spokespersons of our Tang's guidance."

"What's a spokesperson?"

"It's the characters that increase the popularity of Tang's guidance class.Hua Mingxin and Tang Huan's fame is undoubtedly in the Spell Department, right, we invite them to be the spokespersons, no, not just the two of them.We invite all the beautiful women in the Spell Department to be spokespersons, and then, we also engage in some fashion from time to time.A beauty pageant.What do you guys think?"

"This would be too much of a bullshit."

"Believe me, this is in no way bullshit, no matter where it is, beautiful women are the most attractive, if all the beautiful women in the Department of Magic were invited here, do you think that all the boys in the Department of Magic would have to come here, no matter if they are chasing or looking at beautiful women, all of them would have to come here, right?Although just because they come here, it doesn't mean they spend money with us, but any market will only have business if there are more people."

"This."Everyone still felt that Tang Zichen's devious idea was bullshit.

Lin Huajun said, "Big brother, do we need to find that handsome guy?There are also a lot of girls in the spell department, girls account for at least forty percent of the total, girls aren't interested in beautiful women."

Tang Zichen said, "That's a good suggestion, all of the handsome guys are also here, let's simply have a beauty contest.Select the top ten beauties, and the top ten handsome men.Then, based on the names, we'll also give rewards, first place, one thousand immortal coins, and tenth place, one hundred immortal coins.In addition to that, we then hold a Tang spell competition, and also select the top ten, first place, reward thirty thousand Xian coins; second place, twenty thousand Xian coins; third place, ten thousand Xian coins; and tenth place, one thousand Xian coins."

Everyone frowned outright.

Meifu said, "Brother Tang, you're too much of a loser like this, spending so much for no reason that hundreds of thousands of Xian coins are gone.Yeah, no one in the other guidance classes would be willing to waste it like this."

"Well, how can it be called an activity without spending money.It costs money, but as long as the results are good, it's worth it."

"Is that really how to engage in it?"

"Sure. Then, we'll divide up the work and start promoting it right away, and start holding it in six months."


Half a year later, the first Spell Department Beauty Pageant began.

Tang Zichen was the host.

"Everyone, below, we're going to have a beauty contest, the first election will be the Spell Department's Top Ten Beauties, and anyone who becomes one of the Top Ten Beauties will be rewarded accordingly.And, those who become the top ten beauties will all have the opportunity to sign a contract with our Tang's guidance and become the spokesperson of our Tang's guidance."

"What is a spokesperson ah?"

"It's the image representatives of our Tang's guidance, as long as they sign up with us to become image representatives, we will give an endorsement fee of ten to fifty thousand dollars per ten thousand years.So, if you become one of the top ten beauties, you won't just get a reward, you can also sign a contract oh."

"Wow."Countless girls in the audience's eyes flashed and flashed.


Tang Zichen added, "Of course, for the sake of fairness, the ten beauties will be voted on by the people present.Now, anyone who thinks they're a beauty, please come on stage, or, whoever you think is a beauty, you can recommend her."

"What if the beauty I think is beautiful she doesn't come?"

"It doesn't matter, put her name on the stage, and if there are others who also vote for this person, the final vote wins, even if they don't show up, and I'll give her the prize money or whatever afterwards."

Just like that, the beauty contest was held in a big way.

In the end, after half a day, the top ten beauties were finally released.

According to the votes, the one who won first place was, Hua Mingxin.Hua Mingxin had one more vote than Tang Huan, and it was hard to tell them apart.

The second place, of course, was Tang Huan.

And the third place, is a woman called curtain ginger, unfortunately, this curtain ginger, didn't come, she was passively elected, that is, people didn't come, but many candidates, the final votes actually still third.

The fourth to the tenth place, I won't go into detail.

"Below, please invite the top ten beauties to come on stage to receive the award."

Hua Mingxin wouldn't have participated in such a thing, but, for the sake of Tang Zichen's face so he participated.Hua Mingxin flew to the stage. First URL

Tang Huan too.

All ten beauties, except for the third place Curtain Ginger, were standing on the stage.

Tang Zichen immediately took out Xian coins to reward them.

Tang Zichen said, "As for the third place Curtain Ginger, her reward of 700 Xian coins, I will personally go to her later and deliver her reward to her, so don't worry everyone."

After the reward, Tang Zichen asked the nine beauties, "Ladies, I wonder if you are willing to sign a contract with my Tang's guidance and become our spokesperson?If you're willing, I'll pay you a third of the deposit, and when the ten thousand years are up, I'll give you the remaining two-thirds."

"We are willing."

Without a doubt, everyone was willing.

Tang Zichen took out the contract and said, "Please look at the contract, and sign your names if it's okay with you.The contract is simple, based on your ranking, the first and second place winners will receive 100,000 endorsement fees per 10,000 years; the third and fourth place winners will receive 80,000 endorsement fees per 10,000 years; the fifth and sixth place winners will receive 50,000 endorsement fees per 10,000 years; the seventh and eighth place winners will receive 30,000 endorsement fees per 10,000 years.Finally, the ninth and tenth place finishers will receive ten thousand endorsement fees per ten thousand years."

"Wow damn, really this is a bloodbath."

"Oh my, isn't he afraid of losing money?"

Everyone wondered if Tang Zichen was crazy, it was like giving away money for nothing.

But Tang Zichen thought that it was worth it, and Tang Zichen had even more exaggerated ones after that.

Just like that, after the election of the ten beauties, Tang Zichen immediately asked all the girls at the scene to elect the handsome guy.

It was fair for the boys to elect the beauties and the girls to elect the handsome men.

After some tossing and turning, the Top Ten Handsome Men were also released.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that the handsome man who received the most votes was Tang Zichen himself.

Although Tang Zichen said he wouldn't participate, but the girls on the scene just had to write Tang Zichen's name and didn't participate.

"Hahaha, alright, the ten handsome men are also out, below, please invite ten handsome men to come on stage."

Other than Tang Zichen, the other nine all came up immediately.

Tang Zichen said, "Same as the ten beauties, rewards, endorsements, none of them will be missing."

So, the ten handsome men also signed up for endorsements, nine handsome men to be exact.

After the beauty pageant was finished, Tang Zichen

Zheng announced, "Everyone, the following, the most grandest competition has arrived.That is, the Tang Spell Competition, this round of the Tang Spell Competition, we don't compete in realms, only spells, so no matter what realm, anyone can participate, we will select the top ten."

"May I ask, are there any rewards for the top ten?"

"This is of course, the first place winner will be rewarded one hundred thousand."

"Wow, this piece of ho."

"The second place winner will be rewarded ninety thousand, and so on, and the tenth place winner will be rewarded ten thousand.In addition to that, those who win the top ten places can also sign up for endorsements."

"How much is the endorsement fee?"

"The first place winner, the endorsement fee is one million dollars."

"Wow."The whole room was stunned, a million?A million dollars for doing nothing?How many geniuses are there, but they can't earn that much even if they run a training course? Is Tang Zichen really crazy?

"The second place finisher, the endorsement fee is nine hundred thousand, and so on, and the tenth place finisher, the endorsement fee is one hundred thousand."

"Wow damn, even the tenth place finisher, the endorsement fee is one hundred thousand, this is too crazy."

When Tang Zichen finished announcing, the scene was dumbfounded, everyone on the scene was eager to try, if they won first place, it would be over a million immortal coins, although there were many from big families on the scene, but, they had never seen a million so many immortal coins.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Everyone, who will win this fortune will depend on your ability.Now, let me introduce the judges on the spot."

Tang Zichen had invited ten instructors from the Department of Spells to be judges, one of them was Tang Huan's mother, Ding Lan, and of course, Tang Zichen had spent the appearance fee, all ten instructors, who did not have a training course.

The sensational, much-anticipated Tang's Spell Competition had begun.

Whether it was for the sake of fame or profit, everyone had put in their best effort.

After a day and night of intense competition, the top ten of the spell competition was released.

The first place winner was a man named Post Pavilion, this Post Pavilion had also become the fifth place among the top ten handsome men before, which could be described as handsome and genius.

Tang Zichen needed just this kind of person, this kind of person had many fans.

Tang Zichen rewarded the top ten people on the spot and signed these ten people on the spot, preventing one-third of the endorsement fee.

This time, Tang Zichen's activities had cost tens of millions of Xian coins.

Other people felt distressed thinking about it, but Tang Zichen wasn't distressed in the slightest.

Tang Zichen had already attracted the spell department and almost ninety percent of the popularity to this place.

"Everyone, the competition is over, below, please invite the top ten beauties, the top ten handsome men, and the top ten geniuses to come on stage and say a few words for Tang's guidance."

Hua Mingxin was the first to speak, "Everyone, I am Hua Mingxin, please support Tang's guidance, I will also be at Tang's guidance anytime in the future, thank you for your support."

Tang Huan said, "All of you who like me, if you support me, you must come to Tang's Guidance Oh, I'm here for you, Mia-da!"

Of course, the ten dudes also spoke, all of them were some kind of pandering behavior, encouraging their fans to come and spend money here, they took people's money, of course very happy, if the Don's guidance collapse is not good for them again, stupid to not want to.

In the end, so did the ten geniuses.

"Everyone, I'm Post Pavilion, I'm endorsing Tang's Guidance, I'll be at Tang's Guidance for a long time from now on, if there are any friends who like me, they can come to me, every ten years, I'll take a few months out to guide some friends for free, and please come, thank you all.And of course, thanks to Brother Tang Zichen, without Brother Tang Zichen, I wouldn't have the value I have now, thank you."Post Pavilion bowed to Tang Zichen, very grateful, taking so much money from Tang Zichen, all a bit embarrassed.


And so, the game is over and it's late.

Whether this event was effective or not, it would depend on tomorrow.

Back at his residence, Tang Huan was puzzled and asked, "Husband, why did you give those people so much endorsement money, especially those ten spell geniuses, one million ah, that's too much."

Tang Zichen smiled, "You don't know that, I'm creating a market."

"I don't understand."

"Huanhuan, you have to understand one thing, the money in the whole world can't be earned by one person or a few, if you only think of earning it all by yourself, then you will end up earning nothing.I have created a market where everyone knows that the person who becomes the first place winner of the spell competition can earn over a million dollars.In the entire spell department, everyone who sees this money will be jealous, and anyone who is jealous will indicate that they have entered within the market that I have created, and they will definitely follow me to maintain this market.Just ask, if Tang's guidance goes out of business, is all this bonus money and endorsement money gone?"

"That's for sure."

"So, those who want my bonuses will definitely not want Tang's Guidance to go out of business, and indirectly, I can also say that my Tang's Guidance shop is not only a shop where I make money alone, but also a shop where many people make money."

"I see, Husband, your brain is really too good, why didn't I think of that?"

"If this brain of yours can think of it, then wouldn't everyone learn this trick of mine."

Tang Huan said, "Then what if, the other guidance classes also learn from us?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "Now that the ten geniuses, the ten beauties, and the ten handsome men have all been signed by me, they won't be able to find anyone even if they want to learn from me.Don't underestimate these thirty people, these thirty people, their fans encompass almost eighty percent of the spell department.Alright, we'll know tomorrow if this event is effective or not."

The next evening, Fatty came to report.

"Big brother, big brother."

"Fatty, so excited, do you have something good to report to me?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Fatty laughed, "Brother, you're really God, the number of students coming to our Tang's guidance today is ten times more than before."

"Hahaha, it seems that the event was a success."

"Big brother, you really have foresight, I didn't think that you could really make business better by doing this a few days ago."

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

At this moment, at a certain mentoring shop.

"Mentor, it's not good, in these two months, our business, it's dropped ten times."

"Bang, why is this happening."

"Mentor, people are running away to Tang's Guidance, I sent someone to Tang's Guidance to look at the number of students they have there, it's ten times more.It's not just us, the other dozens of guidance classes have all been hit as well, the number of people is ten times less, Mentor, if this continues, we'll be less and less people.We must quickly think of a countermeasure ah."

"Tang Zichen, what kind of magic did he cast."

"Mentor, you don't know, two months ago, that Tang Zichen made an event, held a beauty contest and spell competition, and, gave the top ten high prizes, so

, now many people are heading their way."

"Then what are we waiting for, let's hurry up and hold a similar event, we'll give as much prize money as Tang Zichen gives us, it's not like we don't have any money."


And so, the other thirty or forty guidance shops in the Department of Spells also started to hold activities one after another, and also, beauty pageants, and spell competitions.

However, they had beauty pageants, but there were no beautiful and handsome men to participate in them, at least the top ten wouldn't go to them, because the top ten were all contracted with Tang Zichen, and they were doing this kind of activity in dozens of them, where in the spell department would there be so many beautiful women and handsome men, and in the end, the so-called ten beautiful and handsome men selected were ordinary as hell, such ordinary girls, they had no appeal at all, but instead became a laughingstock."

Guidance at Don's.

"Brother, what should we do about the other guidance stores that are starting to do activities too?In the past two days, the business of our Tang guidance has obviously fallen back a bit, indicating that they are having an impact on us by engaging in activities."

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's no need to rush, the impact will definitely be felt, but it's all within expectation.Now, you listen to my command, we'll start the second wave of marketing immediately.Fatty, starting tomorrow, you tell all the students who come to instruct, let's say that after instructing, every student will be eligible to win a lottery, and the prizes drawn will be first prize, second prize, third prize, fourth prize, fifth prize, and sixth prize."

"And the prizes?"

"The first prize will be, one thousand cents; the second prize will be, five hundred cents; the third prize will be, one hundred cents; the fourth prize will be, fifty cents; the fifth prize will be, ten cents; and the sixth prize will be one cents.Also, make sure that fifty percent of the people are allowed to win at least the sixth class prize.Thirty percent of the people can win at least a fifth-class prize, five thousand percent can win at least a fourth-class prize, one thousandth of the people can win at least a third-class prize, and one thousandth of the people can win at least a second-class prize.One in ten thousand will get a first prize.Go quickly."

"Ah, so many?It's not like we're losing money."

"Losing the old money?That's not going to happen, I've done all the math, and I'm making a lot less money, but I'm still making money.And, out of 100 people, at least half of them will get the sixth prize, which is like, half of them, for free.So, I'm sure everyone will come running right away, and even, some people who didn't want to guide in order to draw a prize, will come to guide, just in the hope of drawing a first or second prize.In that case, you understand, hahaha."

"Brother, you're really fine as a monkey."Fatty said admiringly.

"You're the monkey, so go."

"Yes yes yes."

Fatty immediately went to do it.

A few days later, Fatty was happy to report again.

"Brother, great, now, our numbers, again, have risen several times over the last few days, that is, many who heard the news, immediately came running to us.Moreover, some people, who instruct several times a day for the sake of the raffle, are simply using the raffle as a gamble, they don't really want to instruct at all anymore.You said a few days ago that half of the hundred people who drew the sixth prize, that is, half of them were free, but this half of them, after drawing a piece of celestial coin, didn't leave immediately, but thought that it was free anyway, and then asked for another guidance, then drew again, and finally stiffly sent the money back to us."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh.


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