The King of Kungfu in school 2221-2225


Chapter 2221

In fact, there was one other most important point that no one realized, and it was the most astute thing about the Don.

A few days later.

At a certain training course in the Department of Magical Arts.

"Tutor, it's bad, today, our training course, in total, didn't have more than thirty students who came to instruct."One of his men reported to the mentor boss of a certain training course.

"What? Not even more than thirty a day?How, how is that possible?"

"It's true."

"Jesus, is this going to be a mixed bag?Why on earth would that be?Didn't we have an event the other day?Why didn't it work?"

"I don't know."

"Why don't you go investigate why."

"Yes yes yes."

Half a day later, the investigation came back. A second to remember to read the book

"Say, what's the reason?"

"Mentor, I've investigated and it turns out that it's that Tang Zichen who's been up to something again."

"What the hell did he mess up?Did he do another event?"

"This time it's not an event anymore, and instead, he's got a, a mentoring raffle, meaning that anyone who goes to him for mentoring will get a chance to win a raffle.And the prizes are especially rich, a hundred people go to the raffle, and fifty people can win."

"What? Is he crazy?By the way, what's the winning prize?"

"The lowest sixth-class prize is all one cents, which means that a hundred people go to that he instructs, instructing one cents at a time, and fifty of them win at least the sixth-class prize, which is equivalent to no money spent."

"Tang Zichen, is he really insane?Is there such a thing as business?"

"And that's not all, the sixth prize is just the lowest, there's also a fifth prize that rewards ten immortals, a fourth prize that rewards fifty immortals, a third prize that rewards one hundred immortals, a second prize that rewards five hundred immortals, and a first prize that rewards one thousand immortals.What's even more terrifying is that out of a thousand people, at least one will win the third class prize, five will win the fourth class prize, thirty will win the fifth class prize, and five hundred will win the sixth class prize."

"Oh my god, he's not even making any money."

"Yeah, I'm wondering too, according to his ratio, one thousand people, each instructing once, would be 1000 Xian coins.Of that, five hundred people get the sixth prize and 500 Xian coins are deducted; thirty people get the fifth prize and another 300 Xian coins are deducted; five people get the fourth prize and another 250 Xian coins are deducted; and one person gets the third prize and another 100 Xian coins are deducted.The total amount of immortal coins deducted was 1150 immortal coins.That's a total of 150 Xian coins back out."

That tutor said angrily, "Tang Zichen is backpaying to earn a yell ah, it's completely chaotic."

"Tutor, since Tang Zichen is doing business like this, then let him do it, he's backpaying anyway, I'd like to see him, how long can he backpay.One thousand people will backstab 150, he definitely won't last long."

"That's the only way, I'll never follow his example and engage in such a money-losing business anyway."

Similar comments like this, dozens of other training courses in the Department of Magical Arts, many, it seemed that every training course had discovered this problem, Tang Zichen was doing a loss-making business.

But was that really the case?Is Don Zichen stupid and losing money not even knowing.

These people don't understand the gates of this.

In fact, over the past few days, Tang Zichen hadn't lost any money at all, instead, he was making money every day.

Right now, Tang Zichen was leisurely sitting under a tree, enjoying Tang Huan's massage.


These past few days, our business is just too hot ah, it feels like we're simply too busy."

"Yeah, Fatty has already reported to me, now in the spell department, almost everyone, at least ninety-nine percent of them, have come to our Tang to instruct."

"Mmhmm, it feels like everyone, like there's a bargain to be picked up, guidance for free."

"That's not to mention, out of one thousand people, five hundred people draw the sixth prize, so those five hundred people are equal to free, don't you think it's equal to free.And, out of those one thousand, there are also fifth prize winners, fourth prize winners, and third prize winners."

"But, Husband, I've just done a careful calculation, and I feel like we're losing money, could you be mistaken?"Tang Huan whispered a reminder.

"Haha, where did you lose money, tell me."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"Do the math yourself, out of 1,000 people, according to the winning percentage you set before, did you back out 150 Xian coins?Now there are more than a thousand people a day, and this is too great a loss."

At that moment, Fatty came.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Fatty, come over here and tell Tang Huan if our business is losing money."

Fatty laughed, "Big brother, sister-in-law, our business is so hot, how can we lose money, we are making money every day now.Almost all students come to us now, and some of them instruct several times in a row for the sake of the lottery, it's just that those instructors who are hired to work hard every day seem to be complaining now."

Tang Zichen said, "Tell them that they won't be treated badly."

"Okay, brother, then I'll go busy."

"Well, go."

After the fatty left, Tang Zichen said to Tang Huan, "Hear that, we're not losing money, but instead we're making a lot of money."

Tang Huan touched his head and said, "But, I really don't understand, did, I miscalculated?However, I've counted over and over again to make sure I'm not miscalculating.If you don't believe me, I'll calculate it for you, one thousand students come to instruct, and receive one piece of cents each time.But after instructing, they have to draw a lottery. Five hundred of them draw the sixth prize, thirty draw the fifth prize, five draw the fourth prize, and one draws the third prize.Look at that, is it a loss."

"Hahaha, Huanhuan, doing business is not a matter of calculations, everything still needs to be based on reality.Didn't you notice that none of the other guidance classes in the Spell Department even imitated us this time, everyone imitated us the last time we did an activity, that's why ah, because they also thought they were smart and also figured out that I was losing money doing business.Perhaps, all of them those people are still secretly laughing at me."

"Husband, don't sell out, tell me, why is that?Obviously it's a loss according to the probability of winning the lottery, but it's not actually a loss."

"Hahaha, Huanhuan, comprehend it yourself, when you understand it, you can share it for me."Tang Zichen laughed and walked away.

Tang Huan couldn't figure out where she had miscalculated.

Next, there was no doubt that Tang Zichen's Tang's guidance was almost unique to the spell department.

Everyone was watching Tang Zichen lose money.

One day, the dean's assistant, Anmisi, came.

"Pay your respects to senior."

"Don Zichen, you're welcome, you'll soon be a member of the dean's family."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Hahahaha, let's go, Don Zichen, you'll know when you go to the dean's house."


Tang Zichen immediately followed Anmisi to the dean's house.


"Pay your respects to the dean."

"Tang Zichen, you're here, sit down."

"You're welcome."

"Tang Zichen, I heard that the Tang Guidance you opened is making so much money that it's beating out all the other Guidance classes in the Spell Department, and all the other Guidance classes are pretty much on hiatus right now."

"Oh, okay, okay."

"You're really something, kid."

"Dean's overrated."

"Don't call me Dean."

"Ah, what do I call you then?"

"Call me Dad."

Tang Zichen almost fell out of his chair. The first website

"Dean, this is not the kind of joke to make."

"I'm not joking with you, I'm already prepared to marry my daughter Lan'er to you as my wife."

"Dean, I already made it clear last time, I like Tang Huan, and I rejected General Monta because of Tang Huan."

Dean said, "But, I want to betroth my daughter to you even more, is it possible that my daughter is not worthy of you?To tell you the truth, my daughter is one of the top ten geniuses and beauties in the Heavenly Realm, despite some scandals.She's not even twenty million years old yet, she's already a Dao Immortal, I think it's definitely enough to match you."

Tang Zichen said, "Dean, this really won't work, I've always treated my aunt as an elder."

"What did you say?Auntie?"

At that moment, Dinlan walked in.

"Dad, you were looking for me?"Ding Lan was busy.

The dean looked at Ding Lan and smiled, "Lan'er, listen to this, Tang Zichen actually called you auntie, don't you think it's funny."

"Ew."Tang Zichen was startled.

Dean said, "Tang Zichen, you're only a few million years younger than my daughter, calling my daughter auntie, you're not ashamed ah.It's a shame you can call her that."

Ding Lan said, "Dad, don't talk nonsense, Tang Zichen knows what's going on between me and Tang Huan, Tang Huan is my daughter from my previous life, Tang Zichen calls after Tang Huan, so naturally he calls me auntie."

"What? He knows ah."


The dean glared at Ding Lan, as if blaming her for talking nonsense.

Tang Zichen said, "Dean, now you understand, in my heart, Miss Ding Lan is my elder."

The dean snorted, "But even so, where so what, do you still think that my daughter is not pure and not worthy of you?"

"That's not true, your daughter is one of the ten most beautiful women in the heavenly realm, I'm the one who doesn't deserve it."

"I don't even mind, what else do you mind.Alright, that's settled, set your own date and get married as soon as possible."After saying that, the dean walked away.

Tang Zichen said depressingly, "Dean, why do you have to force people, I can't accept you like this."

"You brat, don't take advantage of the situation, in short, you're set to marry my daughter."

"Damn, I should have known I'd leave with General Monta."Tang Zichen scolded angrily.

"Unfortunately, it's too late now, when you guys are a fait accompli, there's nothing I can do about it, hahaha.These few days, you guys will just get along."

Ding Lan heard this and jumped out with a shout, but a protective shield blocked her from doing so.

"Father, let me out."

"Daughter, this is the punishment for what you did wrong back then, this boy is good, get along."

"Father, I can't be sorry for my daughter."

"What daughter, she's long dead, ex

The daughter of the world has nothing to do with this life to be frank, and she's now your brother's surviving daughter, so if you put it in your mouth again, I'm going to go and completely erase her memories of her previous life right now."

"You."Ding Lan stomped her foot in anger.

"Alright, listen to my father's arrangement, when the two of you are good, I'll let you out."

Ding Lan sat on his butt.

Even Ding Lan couldn't get out, and Tang Zichen couldn't get out even more.

Tang Zichen was depressed, "Sick, even his wife's former mother is going to marry, doesn't he know what treason is?If I were such a person, I would have married my wife long ago, but did I?Hugh."Tang Zichen smashed the table in anger.

Ding Lan Dao: "Alright, there's no use getting angry, my father has always been self-righteous, only what he does is just as right."

Tang Zichen said, "Even if I'm locked up for longer, I can't marry you."

Ding Lan gave Tang Zichen a blank look, "I didn't want to marry you either, can you leave me some dignity."

"Alright, alright, no more."Tang Zichen hurriedly shut up, all in anger to say it would turn into a fight.Although Ding Lan was Tang Huan's former mother, she was not very old, and she was still one of the ten most beautiful women in the heavenly realm, it would be a bit humiliating for Tang Zichen to talk about her as worthless.

An Misi said, "Dean, I see the two of them, their attitudes seem to be very determined, could it be that Tang Zichen really can't like Miss?"

"That Tang Zichen, it really makes me a bit angry too, yes, my daughter is no longer complete, but it's not so bad that he dislikes her like this."

"I don't understand his mind anymore either, even though Miss is incomplete, it's not like no one wants her, although there are many rumors and gossips in the Heavenly Realm, if it were really an open marriage proposal, those who want to marry Miss would still step through the threshold."

"I can't possibly give her an open marriage proposal anymore, the matter is done, who let her be so capricious once."

"Alas, what a pity, Miss, who was originally worthy of those tripods in the heavenly realm, is now to be disliked by an Earth Immortal to death."Anmisi sighed for a moment.

In the blink of an eye, ten thousand years had passed.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

Ten thousand years had passed since Tang Zichen had closed his eyes.

"Damn it, aren't you going to let me out yet?"Don Zichen yelled.

Ding Lan also opened her eyes.

"It's only ten thousand years, you're overthinking it."

"What do you mean it's only been ten thousand years, does your father really want to imprison me for millions of years."

"Once my third sister, my father told her to marry someone, my third sister didn't want to because my third sister had someone she liked.My father then locked up my third sister, and at first I thought my father was just scaring my third sister, but who knows, he really locked up my third sister until she volunteered.Do you know how long it took to lock up my third sister?"

"How long?"

"Seventy million years."

"Damn, I'm not even as old as that number."Tang Zichen couldn't help but curse.

"So, you can understand my father's heart, he just wants to lock up until you and I are willing.I'm scared now, don't think that we can resist the torment of time just because we're determined now, but if we really are locked up for tens of millions of years, I'm afraid that any attitude has been worn away.I'm afraid that if I'm really locked up for a long time, I'll really succumb and really have an undesirable occurrence with you."

Tang Zichen raged, "I'm not your father's who, why should he imprison me."

"How can there be so much truth in the world, when you are really locked into submission, naturally you will be related to me, and since you are already related to me, you will become family, so why would he be afraid that you will hate him."

"Ahhhh, Dean Dog, don't make me."Tang Zichen hissed angrily.


Just then, the dean appeared in front of Tang Zichen.

"You actually called me a dog."

Tang Zichen endured his anger, "Dean, if you think that you are locking me into submission, you are wrong, I, Tang Zichen, will never give in."

"Tang Zichen, why are you so stubborn, is it so hard to marry my daughter?"

"Yes, it's that hard, I just don't like it."

The dean was also angry, "Tang Zichen, I looked up to you before marrying my daughter to you, why are you so angry with me."

"Which so what, what I don't want, it's useless for you to force it."

"Tang Zichen, you're an Earth Immortal with no family background, I really don't know who gave you the courage to talk to me like this, you didn't choose General Monta before, I'm grateful to you, but that doesn't mean I have to let you be.You've already upset me now, if you continue to be ungrateful, I'll have no choice but to give up on you as a genius."

"Give me up?Could it be that you want to kill me?"

Tang Zichen wanted to say something else, but Ding Lan was busy pulling Tang Zichen back.

"Alright, Tang Zichen, cut the crap.Dad, you should leave now, I believe that if you lock us up for tens of millions of years, Tang Zichen will succumb no matter how fierce he is." Remember the website

"Then I'll give him one more chance, Tang Zichen, let me know when you've figured it out."After saying that, the dean walked away.

Tang Zichen was filled with anger.

The dean was desperate to turn against him, was it, was it really worth it?

Tang Zichen really didn't know what was going on inside the Dean's mind, did he have to become an enemy?

However, from this moment on, Tang Zichen had decided to make the dean his enemy, and if he was saved and capable one day in the future, he would definitely shoot this dean.What kind of thing did he think he was, moving to lock people up until they obeyed.

Tang Zichen had a million regrets inside, should have known to go with General Monta.

"Ting Lan, do we really have to stay here for tens of millions of years?I don't fucking want to stay for a moment."Tang Zichen didn't even call Tang Huan's mother auntie anymore because of the dean, and even Ding Lan was getting a little annoying.

"Tang Zichen, I'm sorry for my father's behavior."

Tang Zichen said, "Is the dean locking up anyone who disobeys him until they obey?"

"That, not really."

"Then why off me?"

"That, I think, may be because you don't have much power, my father is a rather snobbish man, and if some powerful man, my father certainly wouldn't dare to imprison someone."

"No wonder he dared to imprison me with impunity."Tang Zichen was furious.

"Alright, what's the use of counting my father now, back when he imprisoned my third sister, my whole family didn't like this kind of behavior of my father, but what's the point.Now you want to leave, there's only one way out, follow my father's heart."

"Hmph, get married with you?"

"Yes, or we'll have to be good and imprisoned, and if we keep disobeying, we might be imprisoned until we die, hundreds of millions of years, even billions of years."Ting Lan was desperate inside, there were times when she hated her father's actions, but after all, he was her father, and no matter how much she disliked it, the bloodline was still there.Ding Lan also felt like she was going to collapse inside.

Tang Zichen roared, "No way, I will never submit to him."

"Alas, then close the door and cultivate, or else the time will be difficult."Ding Lan sighed deeply and closed her eyes again.

At this moment, in the Department of Spells.

Fatty and the others found Tang Huan.


; "Sister-in-law, where has big brother gone?It's been ten thousand years and I haven't even seen a single person."

"Yes, big brother, I've had to report to him about this ten thousand years of income.Now that big brother hasn't even seen anyone, who should I give this 10,000 years of income to."

"Since big brother is not here, of course it should be handed over to sister-in-law."

"Alright then, give it to sister-in-law."The fatty handed over the countless immortal coins to Tang Huan in a spatial ring.

"Sister-in-law, in these ten thousand years, we've earned 5.8 billion immortal coins, minus expenses, it's all here."

"Mm."Tang Huan nodded and put it away for Tang Zichen.

Before, Tang Huan didn't know why it was still profitable, but now, Tang Huan already knew why it was actually profitable according to the probability of losing money.In fact, it was just like a casino, the ultimate winner was still the casino, it was just the difference of how many games were gambled.

"Sister-in-law, now that it's the second million years, do we still need to do activities?Previously, big brother said that every ten thousand years, a beauty contest and a Tang competition would be held."

Tang Huan said, "Of course it will be held, I remember my husband telling me that our Tang Guidance is not only a tool for us to make money, but also for everyone to make money.There must be many people preparing to participate in these competitions now so that they can get a handsome prize, and if we suddenly stop holding them, these people will definitely quit.In order to make money, we have to get everyone involved in this market."

"Okay, then we're off to plan."

"I'll leave these matters to you, and you can come by yourselves from now on even if Tang Zichen isn't here."

"Understood, sister-in-law."

After Fatty and the others left, Tang Huan hurried to her grandfather's residence.

"Ding Huan, you're here."Dean's assistant asked busy when he saw Tang Huan.

"Uncle An, I remember ten thousand years ago, my grandfather called Tang Zichen here ah, why hasn't he gone back now?"Tang Huan asked.

"This, huh? They're in custody."

"Ah, how come."

"As it is, I won't hide anything from you, but your grandfather wanted Tang Zichen to get married to Miss Ding Lan, but they both refused.Your grandfather was very unhappy about it, and on impulse, he locked them up until they agreed with each other to be released."

"Ah, how could that be."

"Your grandfather really wanted the two of them to be together."

"Can I go see them?"

"Of course you can, you can also persuade Tang Zichen by the way, there's no loss, so why be so stubborn."

Tang Huan's nose was sore, was it possible that her mother in her previous life really wanted to be a pair with Tang Zichen?What should she do then.

Tang Zichen was frazzled when he heard Tang Huan's voice outside, "Tang Zichen, how are you."Tang Huan didn't call out to her husband, afraid that it would cause the dean to be displeased.

"Huanhuan, what are you doing here."

"You haven't come back in ten thousand years, how can I not come.Zichen, I've heard all about you, listen to me and stay with my aunt."Tang Huan said, the aunt she was talking about was Ding Lan.

Ding Lan was very depressed inside when she heard Tang Huan's voice, what was this called.

However, Tang Zichen firmly said, "Never."

"Zichen, you'll really be locked up by my grandfather to the end of the world like this, please."

"Huanhuan, she's your mother from your previous life."

"Which so what, it's already a past life, why be so stubborn, you'll really ruin yourself like this, you have nothing to lose anyway, so why bother."


"All right, leave me alone."

"Zichen, listen to me, Auntie, talk him out of it!I'll go first."Tang Huan said to Ding Lan.

After Tang Huan left, Ding Lan sighed and said, "Tang Zichen, first of all, this is the Immortal Academy, even if you have any external help, it won't be of any use here, so if you expect someone to save you, it's impossible; secondly, time is precious, so is yours and so is mine.I've figured it out."

Don said, "You've figured it out, but I can't, I feel sick."

"Am I that bad."

"It's not that you're bad, but rather that you're in a relationship with Tang Huan, and if you didn't have any relationship with Tang Huan, I promise I wouldn't think so.I'm a person who likes beautiful women, but that doesn't mean I'm unprincipled."

"Suit yourself, if you don't agree anyway, you'll have to stay locked up here, and no one can save you, not even General Monta when he comes."


"It's useless for you to curse for ten thousand years."

Tang Zichen no longer spoke, did, really want him to marry Ding Lan?It wasn't that Tang Zichen disliked Ding Lan, but she was, after all, Tang Huan's mother from his previous life ah.

After being locked up for ten thousand years, Ding Lan herself had already figured it out, Tang Zichen had yet to do so. One second to remember to read the book

It had to be said that the dean's tactic did work, what could Tang Zichen do even if he was very, very angry.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen shouted.

Tang Zichen asked himself, "I, Tang, have held countless beauties in my life, can't I accommodate another Ding Lan?Just because she's who she was in Tang Huan's previous life, I can't get around that?It's none of my business who was in Tang Huan's previous life, it's not who I was in my previous life, I don't care what she does.Even if it's in this life, it doesn't matter if I marry both Tang Huan and her daughter, besides, Tang Huan is no longer related to Ding Lan by blood.Why can't I understand this?Why do I cling to the loyalty, filial piety, propriety, righteousness and shame of the mortal world?This is pedantic thinking on my part, what am I so afraid of?Afraid the world will call me shameless?Or are you afraid of being laughed at?I'm known as the Mad God, why do I even dare to do this?"

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen hissed, suddenly feeling like he wasn't really too much of a loser.

Ding Lan said, "Stop yelling, annoy you or not, how long are you going to toss a little fart in the end.Tang Huan said you already have dozens of wives, and now you're still acting like how much of an exclusive person you are."

Tang Zichen was scolded and suddenly had nothing to say, yeah, he had so many women, but he was still acting like such an exclusive person, it was also too disgusting.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed wildly.

Ding Lan simply covered her ears, getting bored to death, a grown man, hesitant.

Ding Lan saw that Tang Zichen was still laughing bitterly, and shouted, "Hey, what the hell do you want, if you've made up your mind not to accept it, sit down and close the door, if not, don't waste so many expressions."

Tang Zichen asked, "So, what about you?You want to be really ready to marry me?"

"I don't want to be locked up here for tens of millions and hundreds of millions of years, so I figured it out."

"Then why didn't you accept it before?"

"Before I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to face Tang Huan, but now Tang Huan knows about it and doesn't find it that hard to face, don't talk to me about common sense, my daughter died a long time ago, and now Tang Huan has nothing to do with me, it's just that I feel guilty about my daughter's death and use Tang Huan to comfort my heart.In fact, no matter how good I am to Tang Huan, I can't make up for my dead daughter in any way.From now on, I won't deceive myself or others.

of thinking that Tang Huan is my daughter now, I'm dissolving the so-called mother-daughter relationship with her, so you don't have to take care of Tang Huan's relationship."

Tang Zichen said, "In order to get married with me, you went so far as to dissolve your relationship with her."

"I pooh, Tang Zichen, you think too well of yourself, if my father hadn't forced me, do you think I could have fallen for you?I believe that if I just shout, the immortals will all line up to marry me."

"Then why doesn't your father let the immortals marry you."

"Immortals are no big deal, my father is just interested in your potential, if you were already an immortal at the moment, my father really wouldn't be able to see it because you're already an immortal and can't be raised to maturity."

"A good sentence to raise unripe, is he raising ripe now that he's pushing me so hard."

"I don't want to answer you."

Tang Zichen said, "Ding Lan, do you think that Tang Huan is really the only obstacle preventing me from marrying you?"

"Doesn't it?Oh. Could it be that you're disliking the fact that I'm not a yellow-blossomed lady's daughter."

"Yes, that's partly natural, I, Tang Someone, haven't touched a non-yellow-flowered lady's daughter since I was born, and if I married you, it would be the first time, I can't accept it psychologically."

"Haha."Ding Langton sneered, but he seemed to want to cry inside, after all, it was painful for a woman to be disliked in this aspect.

"Words are rough, I'm just saying what's on my mind, don't take it to heart."

"Tang Zichen, that's all, there's nothing to think about, now even if you come to terms with it, I won't be willing, sorry."After saying that, Ding Lan directly closed her eyes.

"Hey hey hey."Tang Zichen shouted a few words, but Ding Lan completely ignored them, perhaps, her heart was hurt.Originally, Ding Lan decided to just make a pair with Tang Zichen, but now, she didn't want to.

Tang Zichen was incredibly depressed, in fact Tang Zichen was just about to figure out that the reason why he said what he just said wasn't that Tang Zichen really minded so much, it was just that Tang Zichen said it to balance himself inside.



Tang Zichen called out several times in a row, but Dinglan ignored Tang Zichen.

"Damn, now I'm the one begging you right.Fine, I've agreed to marry you."

"Sorry, I have no feelings for you, you'd better go find a yellow flower girl, I'm not good enough for you."Dinlan finally spoke.

"I was just saying that casually, it doesn't represent my heart."

"Which so what, although I Ting Lan am no longer a yellow flower, I am not anyone to insult."

"Where did I insult you, originally what everyone said was the truth."

"Sorry, I'm ready to be locked up for the rest of my life, so don't bother me."

After that, no matter what Tang Zichen said, Ding Lan stopped talking.

Finally, in desperation, Tang Zichen could only call out to the dean.

After shouting for a long time, the dean finally appeared.

Tang Zichen said, "I agree."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, that's right, when you get married, you'll be my Ding Cang Dome's son-in-law, I won't treat you badly."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Now your daughter disagrees."

The dean immediately said to Ding Lan with a straight face, "Lan'er, people Tang Zichen has agreed, what are you still making a difference."


"Father, aren't you afraid that I won't be happy when I marry him?"

"Nonsense, Tang Zichen I've already learned about it in many ways, marrying someone else may not be happy, but marrying him is absolutely happy in every way, hahaha."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, he always felt that the dean seemed to have something in his words?Could it be that the dean has spied on Tang Zichen's privacy?Like, when Tang Zichen did bad things with Tang Huan, he just peeked?After all, this was the Academy of Immortality, a place that he was only a thought away from.

Tang Zichen wiped his cold sweat and didn't even dare to bathe in the future at the Academy of Immortality.

The dean reprimanded Ding Lan.

In the end, Ding Lan was helpless and agreed.

Just like that, Tang Zichen was finally free.

The dean said, "Tang Zichen, go back and prepare yourself, at most half a year, I will take you and Ding Lan, to the Heavenly Realm to get married."

"Ah, and go to the Heavenly Realm."

"Nonsense, can't we just do it quietly in the Immortal Academy, I will definitely invite all the dignified figures within the three realms to come and drink the wedding banquet, hahaha."

"Oh."Tang Zichen felt, a little confused.

After the dean left, Ding Lan said, "Tang Zichen, although I promised my father, it wasn't my sincere intention, I can marry you, but we will never have any relationship, we are only in name." First URL

Tang Zichen said, "In name only?Then what's the use of marrying you, when my fame goes out and all I get is a nominal one."

"I'm sorry."

"Is it, because of what I said before about disliking you for not being a yellow flower?"

"You've stung me to the core with that statement and I can't get over it."

"Whatever, that's exactly what I want, and I didn't start out willingly anyway."

After saying that, Tang Zichen flew away.

Tang Zichen returned to Tang Huan's place.

Seeing Tang Huan was in a daze.


"Husband, why are you out, you."

"That's right, I've agreed to marry Dean and marry Ding Lan."

"Mmhmm, that's good, my mother too."

"Wait, don't call me mother-in-law."Tang Zichen was busy stopping it.


"Dinlan has already said that she's going to dissolve her so-called mother-daughter relationship with you."

"Ah, she really said that?"

"Nonsense, it's probably coming soon."

Tang Huan sighed, "Well, it's fine to dissolve, it wasn't anything to do with anything, so why put a yoke on your marriage."

Just at this moment, Ding Lan flew over.

Tang Huan wanted to call out to his mother, but didn't.

Ding Lan said, "Huanhuan, call me auntie."

"Mm, aunt."Tang Huan's eyes were a little red as he called.

Ding Lan touched Tang Huan's head and said, "I'm sure someone has already told you, so let's just cut to the chase.Huanhuan, from today onwards, I've also come to terms with it, and I don't want to deceive myself anymore.You're not my daughter, you're you, she's her, and no matter how much I treat you, I can't make up for the guilt I felt towards her back then."

"I understand."Tang Huan cried out.

"Silly girl, why are you crying, even though we are no longer mother and daughter, then we are still aunt and niece ah, I am still your aunt, I will still love and care for you like I used to."

"Thank you aunt."

"Oh, the fact that I am no longer your mother also makes me feel a lot lighter on my body, otherwise, I always

I feel like I've gotten older, I'm still unmarried, just with the title of a mother, both mentally and spiritually, I'm quite stressed, in heaven, many of the little sisters my age are still teenage girls, but I'm a mother, I always feel like I'm not in the same category as them all.It's good now, I've also turned back into a young girl."

Tang Huan said, "Congratulations to Aunt, for regaining her girlishness, and I wish Aunt and her fiancé an early and loving marriage."

Ding Lan Dao: "Don't mess around with this blessing, if it's not my willingness, how can I be in love, besides, someone is very mindful that I'm not a yellow flower girl, I'm with someone, it's just to get away, even if we get married, it's only in name.Huanhuan, just go on being nice to him, no need to scruple me."

"Auntie, that's not allowed."

"Silly child, listen to your aunt, alright, I'm leaving first, you guys can talk."Ding Lan didn't look at Tang Zichen throughout and finally flew away.

Tang Zichen was quite depressed, he should have known not to say that.

Tang Zichen said, "Huanhuan, you don't have to be depressed, it's not like there's any blood relation anyway."

"How could I be depressed, in fact I was just starting out, and I'm not used to it, it's only because she was too nice to me and made me feel embarrassed, then I called her mother.Tzu-Chen, I want to ask you for something."


"Can you help me erase my past life memories?"

"Uh, really erase it?"


"Why erase it, it's just fine."

"Zichen, since my aunt is no longer deceiving herself, the daughter in his heart no longer overlaps with my current identity, and I'm no longer an incarnation of her daughter in her heart, just an outsider.Therefore, it's only fair that I should also erase that little bit of fuzzy memory from my previous life."

"Fine."Tang Zichen immediately took out his past life mirror and helped Tang Huan erase the memories of his past life, but of course, Tang Huan's memories of his past life were very small, just a little bit.

"Alright, now that we've finally cleared the air, from now on, Miss Ding Lan and I, we're only aunts, so we don't have to deceive ourselves."Tang Huan said in a relaxed manner.

Tang Zichen smiled, "You have nothing to lose anyway, at least through Ding Lan, you have become the dean's granddaughter."

"It's not necessarily a good thing, but what if one day, the dean wants me to marry someone?For the sake of their position in heaven, it's possible for me to marry some strong man or genius."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I will before the day comes, just."Tang Zichen gave a look and didn't say anything further, in case the dean heard.Tang Huan also understood, and nodded his head with a mmmm.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had arrived.

"Tang Zichen."The dean's assistant came to look for Tang Zichen.

"What is it."

"The dean asked you to go there."

Coming to the dean's home.

The dean smiled, "Tang Zichen, let's go, go to the heavenly realm and prepare for the marriage, Lan'er has already returned to the heavenly realm a few months ago first."

"Oh."Tang Zichen looked a little apprehensive inside, going to the Heavenly Realm was something that countless people dreamed of, but Tang Zichen was now going to achieve it.

"When will we get married?"Don Zichen asked.

"In another month or so."

"Then why go up there now."

"Of course you have to go ahead and get acquainted with it, you can't only go on the day you want to get married, what a mess that would be, it's not a mess."The dean said in a very kind tone, engaging Tang Zichen who was hated, all a bit angry.

"Let's go."

In the next second, the dean brought up Tang Zichen and instantly disappeared in the Immortal Academy, Tang Zichen's eyes looked and he was already above the nine heavens.


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