The King of Kungfu in school 2211-2215


Chapter 2211

"Then why a month later?"

"The reason why it's a month later, it's because, I can't just finish quietly, I'm pretty confident in myself, so I chose a Five Immortal Lake in the middle of the Spell Department and the Air Tear Department, I must make good use of this as a prelude to opening up a world for me in the Spell Department."

"Things are beautiful, but if I lose, even my career in the Air Tearing Department will be ruined."

"Success is always a risk, alright, I'm going back for a meeting."

Tang Zichen returned to the cave where the guidance class was, and all of his men, as well as the hundred geniuses who had won first place in the Tang competition, came.

"Everyone, you all must have seen and heard what just happened.That's right, in a month's time, at the Five Immortal Lake, I will be fighting against the pre-Dao Immortal, Chang Tu Qiu.I chose Five Immortal Lake because it's close to the Spell Department, and I hope that, when I duel with Chang Tu Jiu, the Spell Department will have many people come to watch.We've already become the biggest and strongest guidance shop in the Air Tear Department, the next step is the Spell Department, if the Spell Department also succeeds in becoming the biggest and strongest, then we, Tang's Guidance, will be the number one brand of the Immortal Academy."Tang Zichen said to the crowd.

However, everyone looked at Tang Zichen with suspicion, and, their eyes looked like they were looking at a fool.

Fatty said, "Brother ah, wake up."

"That's right, Tang Zichen, forgive me for offending you, I feel that you've gone a bit off the rails, isn't your heart too eager for your guidance class to become the strongest in the spell department as well ah?That's right, if you really defeat Dao Immortal, indeed, it will blow up the entire Spell Department, at that time, opening a chain in the Spell Department can indeed be very beneficial, but, the ideal is plump, the reality is bone-headed."

Everyone said one sentence from you and one sentence from me, in short, no one believed in Tang Zichen, except for Tang Huan who was determined to believe in him internally, after all, Tang Huan knew best, Tang Zichen had created an unknown number of miracles along the way.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at everyone and said in his heart, "Is it possible that I have to tell everyone that I've practiced the Star Shifting Great Law?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen smiled, "Everyone, there's no need for you to worry about whether or not I can beat the Daoist Immortal, you just need to help me go to the Spell Department and properly publicize this matter to create momentum for us to start a training course in the Spell Department.The Empty Tearing Department won't need much publicity, I'm sure many students have just heard about it, it will spread since, even if it doesn't, it doesn't matter, we've become the strongest in the Empty Tearing Department."

"What if we lose?"Shiho Xiang asked.

"I have some confidence in myself, and will never allow myself to lose."

"I really don't know who gave you that confidence, Tang Zichen, I originally admired you, but today, seeing how arrogant and cocky you are, to be honest, I'm a bit disgusted.Sorry, I'm not going to promote you."After saying that, Shi Haoxiang walked out of the cave.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't mind him, I promise, he'll regret it, alright, let's go to work, only one month, it's tight."

Everyone immediately went to promote the spell department, although they had no confidence in Tang Zichen at all, we were all friends.

Tang Zichen said to Tang Huan, "Huan Huan, you also go to the Spell Department to propagandize, this month, I want to practice by myself and think about the strategies against the enemy."

"Well, then you're busy."


Tang Zichen went to a secret place by himself and started practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Blade.

After all these years, Tang Zichen once again combined the swords, one hand Shura, one hand Sun and Moon.

This was not at all unfamiliar to Tang Zichen, he had long been rotten in the mortal realm, so now

In a casual try, Tang Zichen got his senses back.


"Boom boom."The power of the overturning sea was endless.

"Hahaha, good, very good.The combined power of the sword is more than ten times more powerful."

In terms of swordsmanship, Tang Zichen no longer had any doubts, the only thing he needed to worry about was that the Dao Immortal was so much stronger than the Heavenly Immortal, how the gap from the realm was going to be bridged, and how to best raise his strengths and avoid his weaknesses.

After practicing for a day with the Blades and Swords, there was no need for Tang Zichen to practice anymore, so Tang Zichen began to practice the Star Shifting Great Law.

Previously, Tang Zichen had refined the Star Shift Great Law to the first level.

The spell department's library only had the third level at most.

Tang Zichen then practiced the second layer, regarding the second and third layer of the method, Tang Zichen had already memorized it, and although it was a thick book, Tang Zichen still memorized it perfectly.

At this moment, in the Department of Spells, a news was rapidly spreading.

In one of the classrooms in the Department of Spells, Hua Mingxin was reading a spell class note when a group of students not far from her were discussing.

"Heard about it?One month later, at the Five Immortals Lake, there will be a duel between the Heaven Immortals and the Dao Immortals."

"What kind of joke is this, Heaven Immortal versus Dao Immortal?"

"Fooled you yes, both of them are air torn faculties."

"True or false."

"Nonsense, I also know that the two people who fought against each other were named Long Earth Fur, Tang Zichen, and by the way, that Tang Zichen, is still the first genius of the Air Tearing Department to do a training course."

"No way."

At this moment, Hua Mingxin was shocked when she heard.

"Tang Zichen?Isn't he the one my best friend Cloud likes, man?"

News like this quickly spread through the Spell Department.

The Spell Department was different from the Air Torn Department, the Spell Department often had many people out and about, unlike the previous Air Torn Department where everyone was alone in the cave.

Of course, such news had reached the ears of many instructors in the Spell Department as well.

"A student of a Heavenly Immortal is dueling with a Dao Immortal tutor?Who said that?"

"Everyone outside is spreading ah, it's a sensation throughout the spell department, no, the entire Immortal Academy ah."

"Hmph, bullshit."At a certain teacher's residence, several teachers gathered to talk about it.

"Bang bang."Tang Huan's room was suddenly knocked hard.

Tang Huan opened the door and saw it was her mother.

"Mother, how come it's you."

Tang Huan thought her mother was busy, "Huan Huan, I just heard some instructors say that a Tang Zichen from the Air Tearing Department is going to duel with a Dao Immortal teacher, is this true?"

Tang Huan was startled, "No way, it's only the first day it reached your ears, the spread is so fast?"Tang Huan was still very surprised, he thought that one month was not enough time for publicity, but he didn't expect that it had only spread on the first day.

Ding Lan said urgently, "Huan Huan, tell me, is it true?"

Tang Huan nodded, "Well, it's true."

"Oh my god, that Tang Zichen is looking for death.Huanhuan, why don't you stop him?"Donnie's mother was depressed.

"I, I, I believe him."Tang Huan said with a bite.


"Joy, you."

"I just believe in him."

"Huanhuan, you're really silly, it's not a matter of whether you believe him or not, it's a matter of whether or not it's possible, no matter how ungodly he is, Tang Zichen is too far from Dao Xian."

"Mother, Tang Zichen he has done too many ungodly things along the way, he has never failed, this time since he dares to agree, it means that he is half sure, if not completely sure."

"Just let him be, no matter if he loses or wins anyway, that Dao Immortal's mentor wouldn't dare to kill him.Even if he kills him, I'll go out and stop him at the first opportunity."


Tang Zichen's duel with the Dao Immortal spread rapidly, and within half a month, almost everyone knew about it.

It was even in some mysterious place, the dean's residence.

"Dean, there's a news, I don't know if you want to hear it."

"What kind of news, is it something big?"

"Not a big deal, just a student, dueling with a mentor." Remember to read the book in a second

"Uh, a student dueling with a mentor?Which student can beat a mentor.Mentors are all Dao Immortals at the very least, and students, after reaching the late Heavenly Immortal stage, most of them close down and leave."

"Hehe, this student, is still only in the early Heavenly Immortal stage."

"Nonsense, this is not a duel, this is clearly a death-defying, itching to fight, right, are they done with the duel?"

"Not yet, there's still half a month left, it's pretty hot, looks like it's a bit promising."

At this moment, Tang Zichen was cultivating the second level of the Star Shift Great Law.

"Mum, this is too difficult, it's been almost half a month since I've been practicing, I'm fucking stunned and still haven't found a single clue, damn it."Tang Zichen cursed, after all, it was the first time he had encountered such a difficult technique.

"I must calm down, otherwise I won't have a clue in another half a year."

Tang Zichen thought of calming down, and suddenly thought of the spatial tablet he was wearing.

"Hey, I can enter the spatial tablet to cultivate ah, the spatial tablet should allow me to enter the best state of cultivation."

Thus, Tang Zichen immediately took out the spatial stele.

Sure enough, entering the spatial tablet, Tang Zichen had a feeling that everything was gone and everything was empty, this was the highest state of cultivation ah, cultivating in this state, not only is it more effective with half the effort, it's simply a hundred times more effective with half the effort ah.

Tang Zichen immediately began refining the second layer of the Star Shift Law.

He hadn't had a clue about it for half a month before, but in the spatial tablet, within half a day, Tang Zichen had a clue.

"So that's it."

After Tang Zichen found a clue, he immediately started refining.

Three days later, Tang Zichen opened his eyes wide.

"Haha, the second layer of the Star Shift Great Law, I have refined it."

Tang Zichen immediately started the third layer.

"I hope that within ten days, I'll be even more confident if I refine the third layer again."

Unfortunately, the third layer was too difficult to refine, and after ten days, Tang Zichen couldn't even find the head of the third layer.

In the Spatial Tablet, he couldn't even find a head start, let alone in any other place, which showed the difficulty.

No wonder the Immortal Academy had less than ten people trained in its history, it really was difficult.

Tang Zichen had to exit the spatial stele.

"Refined to the second level, I think it's almost enough, alright, time's up."

Tang Zichen immediately went to the Five Immortal Lake.

At this moment, at the Five Immortal Lake, many people had already gathered.

Of course, the duel between Tang Zichen and Chang Tu Jiu hadn't arrived yet, and it wouldn't be until tomorrow that the appointed day would arrive.

But it was rare for the Academy of Immortals to have such a big event, and many people were more than happy to come and join the fun.

Tang Zichen came directly to Tang Huan's dormitory.


"Zichen, are you done with your retreat, the day doesn't arrive until tomorrow ah."

"I think there should be no problem."

"Husband, there will definitely be a lot of people coming to see you duel with Chang Tu Qiu tomorrow, you really?"

"Don't worry, I was confident a month ago, let alone now."

"My mother suspected you before, but I didn't tell my mother that you had practiced the Star Shift Great Law."

"Everyone will know tomorrow, and I've already practiced the second level of the Star Shifting Great Law."

"Wow, Husband you're really great, if everyone finds out tomorrow that you've practiced the Star Shift Great Law, they'll be very shocked, after all, only ten people have practiced it in the history of the Immortal Academy.Now those ten people, none of them have become a great power in the heavenly realm."

"Hahaha, you should know best whether or not your husband is good at it."Tang Zichen laughed with a thieving eyebrow.

"Er, what do you mean?"

"You understand."

When Tang Huan saw Tang Zichen's bitchy face, she suddenly understood, blushed, and said angrily, "You're so bad, Husband and Gentleman."

Tang Zichen went up and hugged Tang Huan, "Sister sister I want to take you love."

The next day, Tang Zichen came to the Five Immortals Lake early in the morning.

Tang Zichen didn't have to show up at the noon hour like some people who loved to pretend.

Tang Zichen went there early in the morning and, after going to the Five Immortals Lake, Tang Zichen showed up and stood in the sky, receiving everyone's attention.

"Wow, that's Tang Zichen, huh?"

"What courage, I thought he wasn't really brave enough to come, but he came early in the morning."


At this moment, Tang Zichen stood in the sky and took out a blade and a sword on his own, then swooshed in the sky and tried to refine them.


"Everyone, look."

"He he he, but the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber are being performed at the same time."

"Oh my god, how is this possible."

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

At this time, a student of the Sun Moon Divine Sword said, "Did you all see, even if Tang Zichen cast one at the same time with both hands, he actually, actually cast it so perfectly."

"Tsk tsk, it really is perfect."

Everyone cast a look of worship and admiration at Tang Zichen.

At this moment, in a corner, Long Tuqiu snorted, "You think that being able to perform an Air Tearing Technique with both hands at the same time is enough to defeat me?You're thinking too beautifully, I am a Dao Immortal, no matter how great your prowess is, you are no match for me, I can't resist even a random move from you."

Unfortunately, Chang Tu Qiu didn't know that Tang Zichen was currently in midair, merely warming up, who warmed up would put out their full strength.

The number of people in the Five Immortal Lakes was increasing, and by noon, hundreds of thousands of people had already come.

It could be said that at least half of Immortal Academy's people had come.

That was enough, the other half, who were presumably closed all year round, were normal not to know.

Tang Zichen looked at the sun in the sky and shouted, "Mentor Long Tu Qiu, it's almost time, hurry up and come out."

"Hmph."From the crowd, an angry grunt came out, followed by a mentor rushing out.

Tang Zichen said, "Mentor Long Tu Qiu, come on, no need to be polite."


"Tang Zichen, I didn't expect you to call in so many people, did you think, you were a sure winner?"Long Tuqiu snorted.

Tang Zichen laughed, "The day I had a date with you, less than a few hundred people heard about it, it can't get out fast enough."

"Tang Zichen, cut the crap, if I don't beat you up today, my skin will be bruised and battered, I won't be called Long Tuqiu."

Tang Zichen said, "Come, let's hope so, otherwise, won't so many onlookers be disappointed."

"Buzz."Without saying a word, the Long Earth Fur slashed towards Tang Zichen.

He was at least a Dao Immortal, and the difference in his realm caused any random strike to be able to cause a weaker person to directly explode and die.

In this situation, there was no need for Long Tuqiu to think of any moves to use, in front of absolute power, any move was superfluous, so he struck this blade without any moves, at will.

Tang Zichen immediately felt the power that came from Long Tuqiu's body.

"Damn, this is going to cut me in one slash, this Long Earth Fur, he says he's beaten me all over, but in reality, he wants to kill me ah.Even if he kills me, he can come and say that I'm too weak to be beaten, and kill me with a random move."Tang Zichen seemed to understand why Long Tuqiu didn't use any moves at the moment, just a random chop.

Unfortunately, Long Tuqiu was going to miss.

Tang Zichen didn't dodge at all, a faint, invisible layer of light flashed on his body, and after Long Tujiao's blade slashed at Tang Zichen's body, Tang Zichen trembled and quickly shifted all his attacks onto Long Tujiao. The first website

"Ah."The long earth fur screamed and his body flew backwards a dozen steps.

"This?"Long Tuqiu was unsure.

The onlookers also seemed to be confused, Tang Zichen didn't seem to be doing anything, why did Chang Tuqiu back away instead?

"I'll cleave you."Long Tuqiu didn't think much about it, and once again used the Shura Divine Saber to kill up, this time, he no longer chopped at random, but took out his strongest power.

Tang Zichen combined his swords and immediately met it.

Tang Zichen didn't defend against Long Tuqiu's attack at all, allowing Long Tuqiu to hit him.

"Boom."This super strong slash of Long Tu Jiu killed Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen immediately shifted to the other side.

"Ah."Long Tuqiu screamed once again, as if he had received an extremely strong attack.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, now took advantage of the opportunity and combined his swords to slash at Long Tuqiu's arm, which immediately broke off.

Long Tuqiu was so furious that he slapped Tang Zichen's chest at close range.

"Bang."In the next second, it was Chang Tujou himself who flew away, Chang Tujou felt as if he had been slapped.

"Poof."Long Tuqiu was injured one after another, and now received another slap from himself, vomiting blood.

Tang Zichen flew back and stood dozens of meters away from Chang Tuqiu, Chang Tuqiu had broken an arm and was spitting blood, looking extremely wretched, it was clear that there was no need to compete anymore, Chang Tuqiu had lost completely.

It was just that this battle, almost everyone was baffled, how exactly did Tang Zichen win?Other than that sword, none of them saw any extra movement from Tang Zichen.

"Why is that?"Nagatoujou asked angrily, feeling very ashamed.

"What why?To lose is to lose."

"Why is it that every time I attack you, you don't dodge, but as a result, nothing happens to you

, but I was seriously injured, I don't believe you were able to dodge and counterattack me in such a short period of time."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Why should I tell you."

At this moment, a mentor flew out of the crowd, that mentor was from the Department of Spells.

That tutor asked, "Fellow student Tang Zichen, you didn't just cast the Star Shifting Great Law, did you?However, it can't be, you're from the Air Tearing Department, not the Spell Department, and the Star Shifting Great Law isn't something that ordinary people can practice, the Spell Department has not been able to train many geniuses since ancient times."

Tang Zichen said, "I didn't expect that there were people who recognized it."

"What? You mean, what you just performed, is really the Star Shift Great Law?"

"Yeah, the Star Shifting Great Law, and, it's the second level of the Star Shifting Great Law."

"This, how is this possible, you're not a spell department?"

"Yeah, I'm not a spell department, but who says that only spell department can refine it, I borrowed the token of the spell department's Hua Mingxin classmate before and entered the spell department's library, then I memorized the Star Shifting Great Law and practiced it when I had time, then I practiced it to the second level."


At this moment, everyone was stunned, the Star Shift Dafa that had been refined by less than ten people in the history of the Immortal Academy had been practiced by an empty tearing department.

In the crowd, Hua Mingxin's entire body stayed there, incredulous.

The long earth fur on the other side was also stupid.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I won today's duel."

The crowd didn't cheer, but everyone had Tang Zichen in mind at the moment.

In the crowd, Tang Huan's mother, Ding Lan, laughed, "This kid, no wonder he dared to fight a duel with the Dao Immortal, it turns out that he has refined the second layer of the Star Shifting Great Law, tsk tsk, what a genius.This is going to sensationalize the entire Immortal Academy, I'm sure the dean will be shocked when he finds out."

Tang Huan said happily, "Mother, so, Grandfather is able to accept my phase?"

"I guess it's okay, after all, he refined the Star Shift Great Law ah, it's a talent, no matter how snobbish your grandfather is, he can't even ignore this kind of genius.Huanhuan, congratulations ah, it looks like you can legally be with Tang Zichen."

"Mmhmm, great."

At the scene, all the students from the Spell Department looked at Tang Zichen adoringly.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, it seemed that it would be easy to succeed in opening a training course in the Department of Spells afterwards, because, with the worship of the students of the Department of Spells, they would be able to make Tang Zichen's business invincible.

"Alright, classmates, let's disperse, today's duel is over, some other day, I will open a training shop in the Department of Spells as well, I hope that all of you students from the Department of Spells will take care of me, hahaha."

Hearing Tang Zichen's words, all of a sudden, those instructors of the Department of Spells turned pale, it's over, another strong competitor.

In the crowd, Hua Mingxin looked at Tang Zichen obsessively, her eyes seemed to be filled with unspeakable meanings, but when she saw Tang Zichen fly in front of Tang Huan and hold Tang Huan's hand, Hua Mingxin felt a hidden burst of inexplicable envy inside.

Tang Huan's mother was busy saying, "Good boy, when did you practice the Star Shifting Technique, you didn't say anything."

"Auntie, it's not too late to know now."

"Alright, just wait for the dean to summon you."

"The dean to see me?It's not so much, it's not just practicing a star shift technique."


Ding Lan's eyes went white and she snorted, "Look at you being so proud, a mere Star Shift Great Law is also talking, do you know that Grandfather Tang Huan was also unable to refine the Star Shift Great Law, what he admired the most in his life was, someone who could practice the Star Shift Great Law."

"Ah, how is that possible, the dean is so strong that he can't practice it?"Tang Zichen was full of doubt.

"Nonsense, how can it be so easy to refine, the Star Shifting Law isn't something that powerful people can refine, if they can't, even immortals can't practice it."


"If not, how is it possible that the entire Immortal Academy has ever been refined by less than ten people."


After that, Tang Zichen returned to the Air Tearing Department.

The Air Tearing Department had completely changed, before there were still some people who chose those tutor training courses, but now, everyone had come to Tang Zichen's Tang training.

It could be said that all the students of the Empty Tear Department had come to Tang's guidance to spend.

The other instructors were very depressed and could only curse Long Tuqiu for being incompetent, but if Long Tuqiu hadn't been defeated by Tang Zichen, he wouldn't have harmed all the instructors and lost a dime of business.

The next day, Fatty said, "Brother, is there anyone who wants to see you?" Remember the URL


"You'll see when you see him."

"Let him in."

A short while later, a man walked in, and Tang Zichen wondered who it was, but it was Shi Haoxiang.

"Big brother."Shi Haoxiang lowered his head and called out, before Shi Haoxiang said this, Tang Zichen was arrogant and cocky, even he couldn't look past him, then Shi Haoxiang walked away.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't call me big brother."

"Big Brother Tang, I was wrong, I shouldn't have doubted you before."

"Shit good incense, you've chosen to leave me, so don't appear in front of me again, okay?"

"Big brother, I'm sorry, I was really wrong."

Shi Haoxiang regretted now, if he had known that Tang Zichen was so powerful, he shouldn't have suspected Tang Zichen like that in the first place, let alone left Tang's.

"Get lost."

Shi Haoxiang had no choice but to leave, what a mistake.

Tang Zichen summoned all his younger brothers, "Everyone, it's time to start a chain of Tang training stores in the Department of Spells."

Bai Hanyan said, "Big brother, we're starting a chain in the Department of Spells, and although we have a reputation, we simply don't have anyone to guide us ah.We succeeded in the Air Tearing Department because your comprehension of the Air Tearing Technique is high, but there are numerous spells in the Department of Spells, you can't possibly refine them all and be more refined than those instructors, right?"

Tang Zichen said, "That's not an advantage, but we don't have a disadvantage either.You guys go to the Department of Spells first, open up the training shop, and at the same time recruit geniuses from the Department of Spells at a high price, invite them to come to our Tang as instructors, and we'll split it 50/50 with them.I think that with my reputation for refining the Star Shift Technique, there should be people willing to befriend me."


Tang Zichen's training shop opened smoothly to the spell department.

Just as Tang Zichen had expected, many people who worshipped Tang Zichen immediately came to spend money at Tang Zichen's guidance shop, which had only just opened, and business was gradually getting on track.

Let's leave these aside for now.

One day, a strong man came to see Tang Zichen.

"You must be Tang Zichen."

"Exactly, and you are?"

"Oh, I'm the dean's assistant, my name is Anmisi, and I heard that you practiced the Star Shifting Technique and defeated the Dao Immortal with your Heavenly Immortal realm."

"It's not a secret."

"It's like this, our dean wants to meet you and invite you to his house for a casual dinner."



"Do you have time tomorrow at noon?"

"Sure, anytime you're free."

"That's a deal then, I'll pick you up tomorrow at noon."

"Thank you."

After that Anmisi left, Tang Zichen was about to tell Tang Huan the happy news, but another strong man came, and this strong man's strength was also beyond Dao Immortal.

"Hello, you must be Tang Zichen."

"Erm, who are you again?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, how come two people came looking for him one after another.

"I am the Chief Disciple of the Heavenly Monta General Sitting down, my name is Meng Bai, I heard that you have practiced the Star Shifting Technique, our Monta General admires you so much that he wants to invite you to the Heavenly Realm and have a drink with our Monta General, I wonder if you are willing to give our Monta General this face?"

"The heavenly realm?General Monta?"

"Yes, the matter about you practicing the Star Shift Great Law will naturally spread to the Heavenly Realm as well, the Immortal Academy is the place with the most geniuses within the three realms (Mortal Realm, Spirit Realm, and Earth Immortal Realm), and our General Monta has always wanted to recruit some true geniuses to become his disciples, you were able to be favored by our General Monta, don't miss this opportunity."

Tang Zichen understood, not expecting that he would be favored by some general in the sky after refining the Star Shifting Great Law.

It was just that Tang Zichen had to make a choice now, whether to choose the Dean or some Monta General.

"Can I think about it?"

"Of course, it's your freedom after all, but I can tell you with certainty that there's no mistaking the choice of General Monta."

"I'll think about it."

"I'll come back to you tomorrow, and I hope you'll give me an accurate answer."


Tang Zichen headed to Tang Huanna.

"Husband, you're here, why do you look so thoughtful?"

"Huanhuan, I'm really a bit confused right now, aren't I, but Grandfather sent someone to invite me, but what I didn't expect was that a man who calls himself General Monta of the Heavenly Realm, also came to see me and said that General Monta was interested in recruiting me as his protégé."

"General Monta?I don't know him, so why don't you go ask my mother, who knows more about this man."


Quickly, they found Tang Huan her mother-in-law.

Upon meeting her, Ding Lan asked, "Tang Zichen, has Huanhuan her grandfather found you yet?"

"Back to my aunt, who came to see me and asked me to visit his house tomorrow.By the way, there's also a man who calls himself one of General Monta's men who has come to see me."

Tang Huan her mother was a bit surprised, "It's actually spread to the sky, hehe, Tang boy, it looks like you're going to soar to the top."

"Why do you say that?"

"Our Immortal Academy is the place with the most geniuses, but nevertheless, if it were anyone else, it wouldn't be so easy to reach the heavens in one step, you have to be very prominent to be noticed by the people in the heavens, and that's the ultimate goal of the vast majority of geniuses who enter the Immortal Academy, and you, you have the chance to reach the heavens so soon."

"Auntie, I would like to ask, who is this General Monta?I know that I can't choose both the Dean and General Monta, right."

"Right, so you have to make the choice, and in all fairness, from my point of view, I certainly hope you choose my father.However, that General Monta isn't bad, he's also an immortal, and if you become his protégé, your future prospects are boundless."

"Then what if I choose the Dean?"

"It's certainly not bad that my father is the head of the Immortal Academy and in charge of it,"Ting Lan said, but there was a bit of a guilty tone in her voice.

Tang Zichen thought to himself, although Tang Zichen didn't know General Monta, it looked like General Monta would have a bit more of a future than following the dean, and it felt like General Monta was more powerful in the sky.


However, Tang Zichen was not a person who tended to follow the trend.

Even for the sake of Tang Huan, Tang Zichen had a choice.

The next morning, General Monta's men came to see Tang Zichen again.

"Tang Zichen, how has the consideration been all night?If you are willing to become a disciple of General Monta, then I will immediately take you to the Heavenly Realm Monta's General House.Of course, you can continue to return to the Academy of Immortality afterwards if you wish, or if you don't wish to come back and serve at General Monta's side, as you choose."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Thank you General Monta for your kindness, Tang has been thinking about it all night, or, forget it."

"Tang Zichen, do you know what you're talking about?"

"I know, I've made up my mind."

"Tang Zichen, I know that in addition to General Monta, there is also the president of the Academy of Immortals who is quite impressed with you, and he invited you to lunch, right?"


"Oh, Tang Zichen, you're from the Earth Immortal Realm after all, so it's normal that you don't understand what's going on in the heavens.Perhaps in your eyes, the existence of the Academy of Immortals at this moment, but I'm not afraid to tell you that in heaven, the Dean of the Academy of Immortals has a very ordinary status, and your Dean's family path is falling out of favor, there hasn't been a single takeable genius born for hundreds of millions of years, this is a sign of decline.He originally had a beautiful and immortal daughter, but that daughter, I heard that ten million years ago, she wasn't very old yet, and she was messing around with a poor kid from the Earth Immortal Realm, which made the entire Heavenly Realm a laughing stock.In short, if you don't choose General Monta, you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

Tang Zichen said, "Thank you Senior for reminding me, but I'll stick to my choice." One second to remember to read the book

"You are truly unsculptable."

"Oh, I can't carve it, I know that myself, thanks again to General Monta."

"Huh."The man flew away with a shake of his sleeve.

When Tang Zichen turned around, he saw Tang Huan behind him.

Tang Huan said, "Husband, he's right, my grandfather really doesn't have as good a future as General Monta's side."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've heard that tone from your mother yesterday, but, where so what, I'll be where you are."

"Husband."Tang Huan threw herself into Tang Zichen's embrace.

"Alright, your Husband never believed in family backgrounds, all the way back, how many family backgrounds are ten thousand times stronger than mine, but in the end, they're no longer fart in front of me.I'm sure that one day, that General Monta will probably have to call me boss in front of me."

"Shh, don't say that nonsense."

"Hehe, no one should hear it."

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan returned to the room.

Tang Zichen asked, "What that man just said, the person who is now the laughing stock of the entire Heavenly Realm is your mother, Ding Lan, right?"

"Well, will you laugh at my mother?"

"How come."

"Actually, my mother-in-law was pitiful, she was really too impulsive back then, she was only five hundred thousand years old, she was still a silly and unknown young girl, she followed her father to the Immortal Academy, but she never expected to meet a man from the Immortal Academy, that man was very talented and handsome, my mother-in-law was young after all, and my father in my previous life probably knew my mother-in-law's identity and intended to do so.My mother was overwhelmed by the sweetness of the words, and soon after, I was born.But it was too late for my grandfather to find out at this time.My father, fearing that my grandfather would kill him, left my mother behind.

And I, too, escaped from the Academy of Immortals.My mother had to face it alone, and my grandfather, of course, couldn't tolerate me and wanted to kill the bad seed.So, my mother could only take me with her and run around.That's why when I was in the mortal realm, I recovered my memories of my previous life, but all I had of my previous life was to run east and west.My mother-in-law ran away with me for less than ten years before my grandfather's people caught up with me, and my past life, a short life, ended.My mother felt very sorry for me, but fortunately she had already stayed behind, so after I was reincarnated and reborn, my mother still found me."

"I see, so you were killed by your grandfather in your previous life."

"Yes, from what my mother said, the father who left me and my mother behind in my previous life was also later found by my grandfather, and my grandfather took him down in pieces."

"Oh, so it seems that your former father, who was also not a decent man, is suspected of having seduced your mother."

"He is not entirely to blame, my mother was not deeply involved in the world before she was attracted to seduce."

"Then in this life, why did your grandfather accept you again?"Don Zichen asked.

"Now, it's been tens of millions of years since this happened, and it's time to be laughed at.Besides, my mother has promised never to claim externally that I am the reincarnation of her daughter.Regarding the fact that it was my mother who gave birth to the child, except for my grandfather and his close friends, the rest of those who knew about it are all dead."

"Why can't it be known?"

"At any rate, my mother is a lady's daughter, and although she accidentally made the mistake of being with a man from the Earth Immortal Realm, my grandfather declared to the world that they were only in love and definitely didn't have a promiscuous relationship, do you think that people can know about something like having a child?Now, in heaven, I must call to the outside world my maternal aunt, the child of one of my mother's deceased brothers.My name, in heaven, is Ding Huan."

"I go."

"In heaven, my mother-in-law has been ridiculed, but it's all unconfirmed gossip, and my grandfather expects my mother-in-law to find a good man in the future."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, having already given birth and still wanting to find a good man to take over.

"Your eyes just flashed, were you talking about my mother-in-law in your heart?"Tang Huan was busy asking.

"Ah, no no, how come, huh."

"Alright, let's stop, it's already noon, my grandfather's people should be here to take you to dinner later."

"Are you coming with us?"

"My grandfather didn't know I knew you, so I don't think I was asked to go.My mother has been afraid to let my grandfather know about me and you, perhaps, just in case another joke came up.Comparing the situation you and I are in now, it kind of reminds me of the situation my mother was in with my father back then."

"Oh, that was before, I guess it's different now that I've practiced the Star Shift, didn't you see that General Monta came to invite me."


Just then, a shout came from outside, "Is Tang Zichen here?"

"I'm in."Tang Zichen busily walked out and saw that it was the dean's crony who had come to invite him yesterday.

"Tang Zichen, let's go, the dean is waiting for you."


Tang Zichen was busy following the dean's trusted aide.This dean's trusted aide was called Anmisi.

Soon, it arrived at the dean's home.

The dean was indeed waiting.

Tang Zichen came to a different courtyard and entered a hall in the other courtyard, and saw not only the dean, but also Tang Zichen's mother, Ding Lan.


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