The King of Kungfu in school 2206-2210


Chapter 2206

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan soon arrived at the Hua Ming House.

"Stop."A few guards from the gate of the Hua Ming Mansion suddenly rushed out.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "I'm here to find my Qingtian grandfather, how is my Qingtian grandfather now."

"Qingtian?You're the grandson Zhou Mi that Qingtian recognized, right?"One of the old men was busy asking.


"You should go."

"I came to see my grandfather, why did you let me go, isn't he on duty here?"

"Great Grandson, Qingtian he left Hua Mingfu a long time ago, and if you didn't mention it, I wouldn't have thought of him for a while."


"Yes, Qingtian left the Chinese name house hundreds of thousands of years ago."

"Why?" One second to remember to read the book

"It's a long story, so let's not talk about it."

"I want to know, can you tell me?Did someone bully Grandpa Qingtian?"

The gate guards looked at each other for a moment, and one of them sighed, "Alright, to tell you the truth, your Qingtian grandfather is dead."

"Are you kidding me?"Tang Zichen was startled.

"Hundreds of thousands of years ago, your Qingtian grandfather offended a young master of the Hua Ming House for unknown reasons, and that young master had someone kill your grandfather, right in front of this gate, we all saw it."


"Alas, Great Grandson, I didn't want to tell you the truth, for fear that you would go to trouble with that young master of Hua Mingfu, after all, we all work for Hua Mingfu, we should be on Hua Mingfu's side."

"Great Grandson, go away, the Hua Ming Mansion is not something you can afford to offend.We don't want to tell you the truth, but we're also afraid that you'll go to him and lose your life in vain."

"Yes, Great Grandson, tens of thousands of years ago, another grandson of Qingtian, called Qing Shi, also came here to look for him."


"Yes, Aoshi he has stepped into the Celestial Immortal, he saw that Qingtian had not returned for a long time and came here to look for him, but we did not tell him the truth.After that, Qing Shi left, but of course, I don't know if he learned about Qing Tian through any other means."

"Where is he now, Aoshi?"

"I don't know about that."

Tang Zichen asked angrily, "Tell me, my Qingtian grandfather, which young master was killed by the Hua Ming House?Because of what?"

"Sorry, we won't tell you."

"Say it or don't say it."Tang Zichen yelled.

"Great grandson, this can be Hua Ming House, don't make trouble here, or it really won't do you any good, we're just janitors, Hua Ming House still has a lot of strong people in it, they'll come out at the first sign of trouble."

"If you don't tell me today how my Qingtian grandfather really died, I will never stop."

"Great grandson."

Tang Zichen immediately took out a thousand immortal coins and said, "If you tell me, this thousand immortal coins will be his."

"Ah, you, why do you have so many immortal coins."Those gate guards were all shocked.

This time, no one said anything, and their eyes looked straight at Tang Zichen's immortal coins.

"Really don't say anything?If I don't say it, I'm sure I can find out about it through other means, but you guys lost a good opportunity to make money, you only earn one immortal coin in ten thousand years, I'm now, one thousand immortal coins in front of you."

Those gate guards bit ah and said, "Everyone, go ahead, the worst-case scenario is to leave the Hua Ming House, it's worth it for the thousand immortal coins."

"Fine, then we'll split it equally, fine."

Thus, those gate guards were decisively bribed by the money.

"Say, how did my Qingtian grandfather die."


p;One of the guards said, "Hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was a time when Young Master Hua Ming Zhi of the Hua Ming House passed by this gate, and at that time, Qingtian was on duty, and Qingtian was a bit slow, so he didn't open the gate in time.Sharper, he's what's going to happen to us."

"That's how my grandfather died?"

Tang Zichen was annoyed, this death was so worthless, as if it was as simple as an ant being crushed to death.

"Great Grandson, don't be impulsive ah.Hua Mingzhi is not something you can offend ah."

Tang Zichen asked, "What is Hua Ming Zhi's origin?"

"We're not quite sure of the origin, but in any case, it's not like anyone can offend even a dog from Hua Ming Zhi."

"What kind of strength is the Hua Ming Zhi?"Don Zichen asked.

"It's a Heavenly Immortal."

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled, killing.

Tang Zichen asked, "Where is Hua Ming Zhi now?"

"It should be at home, but Hua Ming Zhi will come out almost every few decades to find a girl at Tian Le Fang."

"Okay, how much time is left before he comes out?"

"Hua Ming Zhi hasn't come out for decades, and if you count the days, it's almost time to come out to Tian Le Fang.Great Grandson, what are you doing asking such detailed questions?"

In one word, Tang Zichen said, "Kill."

"Great Grandson, this can't be done."

Tang Zichen threw a thousand immortal coins to these gate guards and said, "Thank you several, about today's incident, I hope that you will not reveal anything, or else you will be killed."

"Don't worry, but, you?"

"I don't need you guys to worry, I'm leaving first."

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan, left straight away.

Tang Huan advised, "Husband, save your grief."

"Don't worry, I'm not that weak, I just feel, very unhappy."

"Weak fish and flesh, this is how it's always been, in the eyes of the Hua Ming House, your grandfather Qing Tian is just a watch dog, you can kill him if you want."

Tang Zichen raged, "Hua Ming Zhi, I will use his life to comfort Grandpa Qingtian's spirit in heaven."

"What do you want to do?"

"Go to Tianlefang, Tianlefang is a chance to do it."

"That Hua Mingzhi, he should always have a strong Dao Immortal following him."

"I know, so I need to think of some way to kill Hua Mingzhi."

At this moment, in a certain room in an inn across from Tian Le Fang, a man was staring at the direction of Tian Le Fang.

This man clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, "Hua Mingzhi, I want you to die."

This man, was none other than Tang Zichen's big brother, Qing Shi.

After tens of thousands of years of snooping, Qing Shi had naturally found out who had killed his grandfather, and like Tang Zichen, he was ready to strike at Tian Le Fang.

At this moment, Qing Shi's gaze gaped, and at the entrance of Tian Le Fang, he saw the figure of an acquaintance.

"Ah, it's Brother Zhou Mi, why is he here, isn't he at the Immortal Academy?"

At this moment, Tang Zichen was standing at the gate of Tian Le Fang.

Tang Huan said, "Do you need to go in and poke around?"

"Of course, I need to know which girl Hua Ming Zhi usually comes to Tian Le Fang for."

"But, you."

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in the wreckage here, so wait for me around here and I'll go in for a bit."

"Hmm, good."


Not long after Tang Zichen had entered Tian Le Fang, Qing Shi walked up not far away.

"Zhou Mi."Qing Shi shouted, but Tang Zichen had already entered Tianlefang.

Tang Huan was busy turning back and asked in confusion, "Do you know my husband?"

Qing Shi also looked at Tang Huan and frowned, "This brother of mine is really headstrong, so many wives at home are waiting for him, but he's good, he's found another match in the Academy of Immortality."

Tang Huan said, "I'm his wife, may I ask you are?"

"My name is Qing Shi, and Zhou Mi is a brother I met in Upper Fey Yan Continent."

"Ah, you're Brother Qing Shi."Tang Huan was shocked.

"Er, you know me?"

Tang Huan nodded busily, "I've often heard my husband talk about you, but are you really a lapis lazuli?"

Qing Shi was speechless and said, "I don't know what Brother Zhou Mi has entered Tian Le Fang for?"

"This, your husband is investigating Grandpa Qingtian's matter." First URL

"My grandfather."Qing Tian's eyes reddened and he gritted his teeth, "So, Brother Zhou Mi is also here for my grandfather's sake, what a waste for me to be a brother to him.I'll also go in and take a look."

"Brother Qing Shi, we'd better wait here, what if there are too many people to alert the snakes."


Immediately after Tang Zichen entered Tian Le Fang, there were many women coming towards Tang Zichen.

The women here were all good looking, and, surprisingly, they were all Earth Immortals or even Upper Immortals.

Tang Zichen was a bit unbelievable, the women of Earth Immortals and Upper Immortals actually came here to sell, gosh, what a ruin to Tang Zichen's three views, they were immortals.

"Hello, Upper Immortal, do you need me to accompany you?"An Earth Immortal's woman came up, with a very nice figure and posture.

Tang Zichen thought to himself, if he wanted to investigate Hua Ming Zhi's matter, he would definitely have to get in touch with someone here.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Yes, what's the charge?"

"One fairy coin at a time, or two fairy coins for one night."The Earth Immortal woman said.

Tang Zichen frowned, one immortal coin betrayed his personality.

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Guest, follow me."

Tang Zichen followed the woman to a room.

"Guest, do you need me to take a shower first?Still, you're in a hurry, don't mind."


"It's okay, just mention any ideas you have, I'll do my best to meet your requests, as long as the guest has fun, and still look for me next time you come back."

"Oh, one fairy coin at a time, betraying yourselves so cheaply, you fairies, do you really treat yourselves this way?"

The woman didn't mind Tang Zichen saying that and smiled, "Looks like I've found a treasure, the guest must be very rich, or else she wouldn't have said such a low price."

"Isn't it."

"Guest, a celestial coin ah, how many people, ten thousand years may not be able to earn a celestial coin, while we, as soon as we lie down, we have."

Tang Zichen wanted to laugh, the description was so good, just one lie.

The woman said, "Guest, why are you indifferent, do it.To be honest, I and expect you to do it quickly, after all, I also have to do business only once every ten years."

"Ah, a business once every ten years or so?No way" Tang Zichen had the impression that these people had to pick up many customers a day.

"Of course, you think there are customers every day, if it was so easy to make money, I'd be a rich man already.Usually it takes more than ten years to wait to get a guest once.So, guest, don't be restrained ah, the smell left on my body by the last guest is long gone, my body is very clean."


bsp; Tang Zichen waved his hand and said, "No need, I'll give you five immortal coins, just tell me a message."

"Hmm, okay, say."

"I want to ask, do you know Hua Ming Zhi?"

"Ah, Hua Ming Zhi, of course, he's my regular visitor here, he comes here about once every twenty or thirty years, and he's very generous, he spends at least three or four Xian coins every time he comes, but unfortunately, it's not my turn for such good deeds."

"Who is the girl that Hua Ming Zhi often comes here to look for?"Tang Zichen asked.

"It's Wan Hong."

"Which one is Wan Hong."

"She's considered the woman with the best figure here, not only Hua Ming Zhi, but also many of the rest of the dudes in the Northern Clubs come to look for her, Wan Hong may have customers coming to her every year or two, she's done this business for over ten million years now, she's also a multi-millionaire."

"Oh, business?"

"Or what do you think it is?"

"Alright, this is five immortal coins, keep them."

Tang Zichen handed the five immortal coins to the woman.

"Hey, you're such a strange person, you don't have to do anything to give me so many immortal coins."

Tang Zichen said, "It's best that you never reveal this matter."


"No why, alright, I'm off to find Miss Wanhong."


Tang Zichen found Wan Hong, really a woman with an even more beautiful posture, an even better body, and a look that seemed practiced, giving people an extremely strong desire to conquer at first glance.

"Hello, guest, it's you who wanted to see me."

"Meet Miss Wan Hong."

"You're welcome, I charge more expensive oh, at least two Xian coins once, of course, if the guest gives more Xian coins, my service will be better oh."

Tang Zichen said, "So expensive."

"You would come to see me, naturally you have heard of my name, I can only say that it's worth every penny."

"Haha, it's so expensive, I don't want it."

"Then forget it, you go find another girl."

Tang Zichen left Tian Le Fang.

Tang Zichen mainly wanted to find out which woman Hua Mingzhi was looking for, and then, to seriously see that Wan Hong's face.

That's right, Tang Zichen wanted to change into Wan Hong's face, and when the next time Hua Mingzhi came, that would be the best time to do it.

After all, there was a Dao Immortal by Hua Ming Zhi's side, it was not easy to kill him, so some means must be used.

Walking out of Tian Le Fang, Tang Zichen immediately saw Tang Huan and Qing Shi waiting for him outside.

"Ah, big brother Aoshi."Tang Zichen ran up in a hurry.

"Brother Zhou Mi, I'm so happy to see you."

"Brother Qing Shi, me too, I never expected to see you here."

"Zhou Mi, I already know what you're doing in Tianlefang today, I'll thank you for my grandfather."

"What did Brother Qing Shi say, if it wasn't for Grandpa Qing Tian, I would still be staying in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, I just didn't expect that Grandpa Qing Tian would get killed by backstabbing people like this."

Qing Shi gritted his teeth and said, "Don't worry, I will avenge my grandfather's death, I will."

"Brother Qing Shi, leave this matter to me, I've already made inquiries."

"Hush, don't say much here, let's go first."


Tang Zichen arrived at the inn room, only then did he say, "The girl Hua Ming Zhi goes to every time is Wan Hong."


"Zhou Mi, I already know this matter, to tell you the truth, in this room, I have watched Hua Ming Zhi enter and leave Tian Le Fang no less than ten times, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find the opportunity to kill him.Every time, Hua Mingzhi entered Tian Le Fang right under my nose, and I could only watch.Because, every time Hua Ming Zhi was followed by a strong Dao Immortal, I couldn't even get close enough to do anything."Qing Shi slammed his fist on the table, looking very angry.

"I'm aware of this situation, but I have all the means to get Hua Ming Zhi killed, and after that I can make sure no one knows who did it."

"What's your solution?"

"Big brother is watching, by the way, how long will it take for Hua Ming Zhi to come to Tian Le Fang?"

"He'll be out in about two more months, and Hua Ming Zhi is bound to come pleasure-seeking once every twenty or thirty years."

"Good, then let him live for two more months.Brother Qing Shi, how long have you been here?"

"Thirty thousand years ago, thirty thousand years ago, I stepped into the Heavenly Immortal, and then I came here, I was able to come so quickly because my grandfather hadn't come home for hundreds of thousands of years, I was very worried about him, and then somehow I stepped into the Heavenly Immortal.Hey, Brother Zhou Mi, how come you're also a Heavenly Immortal?"

Tang Zichen said, "I've spent millions of years in the Immortal Academy and had some extraordinarily strange encounters, so, I've become a Heavenly Immortal."

"No way, so fast."

"The Academy of Immortality, well, that's where miracles are created."

"Also, unfortunately, I don't have that fate." Remember the URL

"Why do you need to be so frustrated, Brother Qing Shi, if there is a chance, I will definitely find a way for Brother.By the way, big brother, my family members at home?"

"Don't worry, they're very nice, it's just that you've been away for millions of years after all, and they miss you so much."

"That's good, I'll go back when I kill Hua Ming Zhi."

"I'll go back with you, it's time for me to go back to my grandfather for his funeral."


Two months passed quickly.

Tang Zichen could only take a desperate risk, blending into Tian Le Fang, sneaking into Wan Hong's room and then knocking her out, after which it was disguise.

Tang Zichen transformed himself into Wan Hong.

Tang Zichen secretly snorted, "Hua Ming Zhi, I hope you won't keep me waiting for too long."

Unexpectedly, the day after Tang Zichen pretended to be Wanhong, Hua Mingzhi came.

"Hua Shao, you're here, hahaha."

"Well, is Miss Wan Hong here?"

"Of course, Wan Hong is looking forward to your appearance every day, Hua Shao quickly please."

At the front door, Hua Ming Zhi came dressed in a gorgeous costume, he was followed by an unloving, cold-faced Dao Immortal man.

Hua Ming Zhi came to the door of Wan Hong's room and said to the Dao Immortal behind him, "Leng Ha, you wait for me at the door."

"Yes, Hua Shao."That Dao Immortal didn't get suspicious, after all, this had been done countless times before, and Hua Ming Zhi's fastidiousness would come out in a few hours.

Entering Wan Hong's room, Tang Zichen immediately pretended to be Wan Hong and said, "Hua Shao, you've finally come."

"Hahaha, Miss Wan Hong, Hua Mingzhi has come to pay his respects to you."Hua Mingzhi smiled and said with a respectful tone, because this Wan Hong, who was also worth millions, was in a way much richer than Hua Mingzhi, who only relied on the immortal stones given by his family.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to pretend anymore, disgusting.

Thus, Tang Zichen immediately walked up.

That Hua Ming Zhi didn't have the slightest defense, and suddenly, Tang Zichen took control of Hua Ming Zhi.

"Ah."It was only until this moment that Hua Ming Zhi


"You, you're not Wan Hong."

Tang Zichen made a man's voice, "Unfortunately, you know too late."

"You, who the hell are you?"

"A man who wants you dead."

"Lengha."Hua Mingzhi immediately wanted to shout, but unfortunately, how would Tang Zichen give him the chance, Hua Mingzhi couldn't shout at all.

"Don't waste your energy, you won't be able to shout."

"Who the hell are you?Why do you want to kill me, I'll give you double the amount of immortal coins, please let me go."

"Haha, immortal coins, I am a billionaire, can you afford to give me immortal coins?Hua Ming Zhi, you remember a man named Qing Tian."

"Qingtian?Who is he?I really don't know, you've got the wrong person."

"Sure enough, in your eyes, my grandfather Qingtian is as cheap as a blade of grass ah."

"Please, I really don't know Qingtian."Hua Mingzhi pleaded bitterly.

Tang Zichen angrily said, "Then listen carefully, you were once at your gate, a doorman, killed by you for opening the door a little late, that man, was my grandfather."

"Ah, this, how is this possible."

"Hua Ming Zhi, pay for my grandfather's life."

"No, I'm so wronged, it's not fair that I, Hua Ming Zhi, the young master of the Hua Ming House, should die because of a doorman."

"So, in your eyes, my grandfather's life and your life are not equal, but unfortunately, in my eyes, your life is less than a finger of my grandfather.Go to hell."


Unfortunately, Tang Zichen had already killed Hua Mingzhi.

Tang Zichen chopped off Hua Ming Zhi's head, put it in his spatial ring, and then, walked away through the back window.

The Dao Immortal, however, was still standing outside the door, but of course, Wan Hong's room wasn't really a few dozen square feet of yes room, it might as well be a large courtyard.

Tang Zichen soon left Tianlefang.

Across from Tian Le Fang, Qing Shi and Tang Huan saw Tang Zichen come out and said happily, "He came out, I don't know if he succeeded or not."

"Definitely succeeded, my husband almost never misses."

Tang Zichen looked up to a certain window of the inn across the street and gave a wink to Qing Shi and Tang Huan, then the three of them just flew away.

The three of them soon left the Northern Club and flew towards the Upper Feyan Continent.

It was only after they reached far away that Tang Zichen took out Hua Mingzhi's head, and Hua Mingzhi's eyes were still wide open, as if he was unwilling.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the head's face and scolded, "Are you still unhappy?"

Tang Huan said, "Forget it, don't get your hands dirty, it's already a dead head, what does he know."

At this moment, in Tian Le Fang, the news of Hua Ming Zhi's death had already been discovered.

That Dao Immortal bodyguard of Hua Ming Zhi's was currently being tied up with five flowers, and several Xuan Immortals were investigating the scene.

Of course, there were also the cries of a few women and the roar of a group of Hua Ming Zhi's men.

One month later, Tang Zichen finally returned to the Northern Clublands.

Soon to see his family, Tang Zichen couldn't hold back his excitement.

After a million years apart, Tang Zichen had never been apart from them for so long.

Having arrived at the familiar Upshern Yama Continent, Tang Zichen headed straight for home.

Tang Zichen immediately felt a sense of familiarity when he arrived at the long-lost fairy house.


Tang Zichen entered the Immortal Palace with a thought.

The Immortal Palace was still the same as it was before.

At the moment, the Immortal Palace was quiet and no one was seen, everyone must be in closed-door cultivation, and it was because of the cultivation that time passed so quickly, otherwise a million years was not so easy to spend.

"I'm back."Tang Zichen shouted.

A few seconds later, the doors of almost every room slammed open.

"Big brother, you're back."


Everyone ran up.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud in excitement.

An hour later, everyone had calmed down from their excitement.

Tang Zichen told everyone about his experience in the Immortal Academy, and even more about how he became a billionaire, which everyone found incredible. One second to remember to read the book

Of course, Tang Huan was able to meet with Tang Zichen at the Academy of Immortality, which was also unexpected.

That night, Tang Zichen invited Qing Shi, and the family celebrated in a big way.

In the next few months, Tang Zichen practiced a lot of Immortal Pills, giving everyone's realm a wild ride, Tang Zichen had plenty of Immortal Coins, they were all still lower, so the Immortal Machine Spitting Method was still very applicable, as long as they reached Upper Immortal, after Heavenly Immortal, the effect of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method suddenly diminished.

One year later.

Tang Zichen had soared everyone to Upper Immortal.

Mu Qianji, late Upper Immortal.

Little Fire, late Upper Immortal.

Yan Xinyi, late Upper Immortal.

Lu Yuxi, late Upper Immortal.

Xia Xiaoxin, late Upper Immortal.

In short, they were all late Upper Immortals, including Tang Huan, who was an Earth Immortal before, but this time, Tang Zichen simply did nothing and soared her to late Upper Immortal as well.

"My? Yah."Qing Shi suddenly visited, seeing this scene, his entire body was silly.

"In the past, it took me tens of millions of years to become a late stage Upper Immortal, but now, in just one year, you are all late stage Upper Immortals, how can you make us feel.Brother Zhou Mi, in the past, when I saw you rise so fast, you said that there was a chance, but now, all of you have risen so fast, I no longer believe in any chance."

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Qing Shi, the reason I let you enter the Immortal Palace is naturally because I don't want to hide it from you, and I believe in you.That's right, we have a special spitting method that can quickly accumulate Immortal Fate and quickly rise.However, this spitting method is not universal, under the Upper Immortals, it can be fast, but at the Celestial Immortals, the conditions for accumulating Immortal Boundaries become harsher, which means that the effect decreases, and by the time you reach the Dao Immortals, I think, it may not work, maybe that's why, the Nine Daoist Demon King is only a Daoist Immortal in the end.But nonetheless, the method of being able to become an Upper Immortal or Heavenly Immortal so quickly is already something that many powers within the Three Realms want."

Aoshi nodded, somewhat incredulous.

"Brother Qing Shi, I'll pass him on to you some other day, although we're already Heaven Immortals now, and then Dao Immortals, the Tathagata method isn't that useful, but at least it's much more useful than relying on a little bit of cultivation on your own."

"This, well, thanks brother."

"What's the politeness with me, brother."

Tang Zichen took out a spatial tablet and said, "In order not to arouse suspicion from others, I'll revise their ages for them now."

Tang Zichen asked Tang Huan, "Entering the Academy of Immortality, about how many years old is the late Upper Immortal about the middle level?"

"This, within ten million years."

"Good, then let's revise it to around nine million years."

/> Tang Zichen again, under Qing Shi's eyes, revised everyone's age to between eight and nine hundred thousand years.

Of course, Tang Zichen himself, also gave the revision to five million years old.

As for Tang Huan, but it was a bit troublesome, her mother and grandfather, definitely knew how old she was, if she gave the modification, at least her grandfather couldn't lie, how to do it.

At this time, "Big brother, if sister-in-law Tang Huan's grandfather gets suspicious, let's say, she entered a place where time accelerates, one year outside and ten thousand years inside, so Tang Huan has been inside for millions of years, so maybe it can be explained a little."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "It seems that it will have to be so."

After that, Tang Zichen revised Tang Huan's age to eight million years.

Finally, Tang Zichen said to Qing Shi, "Brother Qing Shi, it's your turn."

"Ah, me, I'm already so old, and I'm still adding?"

"Big brother misunderstood, I revised your age to six or seven hundred thousand years, and when I go back to the Academy of Immortality, you can also be accepted smoothly ah."

"Ah, this, this is a lie, isn't it."

"Haha, yes, cheating, but what does it matter, as long as I can bring you all into the Academy of Immortality."

"Good, I didn't expect that I could be so many years younger at once."

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "No, your body isn't young, the modification is only the age that outsiders detected your age, how old you should be or how old you are."

"Haha, so that's how it is, I thought it was really so ungodly."

Tang Zichen modified Qing Shi to seven million years old as well, which was at Qing Shi's own request.

"Now, it's time for us to bid farewell to the Upper Feyama Continent and return after leaving the Immortal Academy for a year."

"Mmhmm, before we leave, let me give my master incense."Tian Xiang said.

"Of course, it's not just my master, but also Grandpa Qingtian."

Qing Shi's grandfather was also buried in the Immortal Graveyard in Upper Fellows Island.

After paying his respects, Tang Zichen took his family and left Upper Feyama Continent, heading straight to the Academy of Immortals.

"Huanhuan, how many more years until the Immortal Academy opens next?"Don Zichen asked.

"It's still more than twenty years away, I think."

"It's still that long."

"It's not long, the Immortal Academy opens once every fifty years, and fifty years passes in a snap."


Tang Huan said, "It's only a year later, we'll go to the Northern Club, will Hua Ming Zhi's murder be investigated into us ah?"

"This, it should be fine, when we get to the Immortal Academy, we'll first try to see if we can bribe the gatekeeper to get in, if we can bribe the gatekeeper to get in, then there's no need to go through the normal route.The Immortal Academy is so loosely managed anyway, once we get in, who knows how we got in."

"That's fine."

A month later, they arrived at the Academy of Immortality.

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan were the first to arrive at the entrance of the Academy of Immortality.


"It's us."Tang Zichen said to those gate guards.

"Ah, it's you guys."Those gate guards also instantly recognized Tang Zichen and Tang Huan.

"Why did you guys go out for so long, didn't you say that you went out and returned in no time, if it's found out that we let you guys out, we'll be finished."One of the gate guards chided.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Seniors, nothing has happened here."


"Alright, slip inside quickly, and don't mention this to any of you later."

Tang Zichen said, "There's no rush, I have another deal to do with you all."

"What else?"

"I've brought some people in from my hometown this time and I want to bring them in."

"You're crazy."Those gate guards were suddenly furious.

"Don't worry, the few people I brought with me could have been admitted if they went through the normal channels, it's just that I don't want to wait.How about I give you guys a million Xian coins and let us in?"

"Ah, a million."The doormen were shocked, heck, they had never seen so much money in their lives.

"But this too."

"A few seniors, this is one million, how many years do you have to work as a doorman here to save this much.Besides, for this million, even if you get fired from the Immortal Academy, it's worth it, isn't it."

One of the gate guards said, "If the few of us split it, each of us will only have a few hundred thousand left."

Tang Zichen didn't want to be long-winded and said, "Then what if you each have a million?" First web site

"Ah, really?That's five or six million you'd have to pay."

Tang Zichen was a bit heartbroken, not exactly heartbroken, but rather felt that it was worth it to spend so many immortal coins in order to enter the Immortal Academy twenty years early?

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, count it, twenty years to a sitting, why waste the money."


One of the gate guards was busy saying, "Don't."

Tang Zichen thought about it and said, "It's just that, I'll give each of you ten thousand immortal coins, how about you help me protect these people and help them assess the Academy of Immortality after twenty years?"

"Here, didn't we agree on one million."

"I'm sorry, I've decided not to waste the money, ten thousand each, help me protect for twenty years, if it works, I'll do it, if not, I'll stop, twenty years isn't likely to be dangerous anyway."

"All right."Several door guards looked regretful, should have known that they had just agreed directly, now one million was gone.

After Tang Zichen paid ten thousand Xian coins each, he and Tang Huan entered the Academy of Immortality first, while the rest of them, waited at the place where the gatekeeper lived.

Tang Zichen returned to the Air Tearing Department.

As soon as they arrived at Tang's guidance, a group of Dao Immortals rushed up.

"Tang Zichen, you still dare to come back."

"Tang Zichen, how many meanings do you use improper means."

"Tang Zichen, close your Tang Guidance shop immediately."

Dozens of Dao Immortals surrounded Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Where is the safety advisor?"

"We're here."All of the security advisors that Tang Zichen had spent thirty thousand to hire all flew up to protect Tang Zichen's side.

Tang Zichen said, "Fellow instructors, I can understand how you feel."

"What the hell do you understand, we used to earn dozens and hundreds of dollars a day, but now, our instructing class is actually earning less than ten Xian coins a day, and it's all taken away from us by you."

Tang Zichen said, "I can't be blamed for this, if you're capable of making an even bigger guidance training shop than me, you can take away all my traffic."

"Bullshit, you're clearly not following the rules."

"Hahaha, I don't follow the rules, I really want to laugh, you know?What rules?"

"Anyways, I can't tell."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Everyone, every student is not a fool, which training shop is better and which is worse, we all have eyes.The training shop under my Tang's guidance is definitely better than any of you, if you don't believe me, you all can just make a move you all

I can guarantee you can be convinced by the practiced air tearing technique."

"Spoken words."

"One try."

"I'll do it."A certain mentor stepped forward and immediately threw a move called the Heavenly Phoenix's Tail Shuriken.

Tang Zichen smiled, "This mentor's move, the Tail of the Heavenly Phoenix, I can describe it in one word, poor."

"Hmph, whether it's bad or not, you'll know if you have one move with me."

Tang Huan was busy saying, "We are now discussing the Air Tearing Technique, not strength, you are all Dao Immortals and Tang Zichen is a Heavenly Immortal, are you nice."

Tang Zichen said, "There's no harm, although I'm only a Heaven Immortal, it doesn't mean that I'm weak, if I really have to fight with my life, I may not lose."

"Spoken words."

Tang Zichen said, "This tutor, do you really want to fight with me?"

"Right, you're a Heaven Immortal, and you have the nerve to spar with us Dao Immortals."

Tang Zichen said, "In that case, I'll take it as you trying to challenge me."

"Right, I'm just not happy with you, what the heck."That mentor said as soon as he drew his sword, this was a Sun and Moon Divine Sword.

Tang Zichen said, "May I ask what is the name of this mentor?"

"Old man long earth fur, how."

Tang Zichen looked at this long earth fur, which was as long as an earthworm, very disgusting.

Originally, Tang Zichen didn't want to challenge the Dao Immortal, but, a bit too much to resist, it looked like he was going to advance.

Tang Zichen using both the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber at the same time, plus one more spell, the Star Shift Great Law, might not be unable to defeat a pre-Dao Immortal.

"What? You were so arrogant just now, why aren't you talking now."That long earth fur said with a sneer.

Tang Zichen said, "How about this, Long Tuqiu, in a month's time, we'll fight it out at the Five Immortals Lake of Immortal Academy, how about it?"

"Why a month?Not now?"

"You are a Dao Immortal while I am only a Heaven Immortal, I need to make some preparations, don't you dare."

"Fine, come as you are, one month later, Five Immortals Lake, I'll be waiting for you."

"I'll be waiting for you too."

With that, Tang Zichen made an appointment to fight.

Tang Zichen said to the other instructors who surrounded him, "Everyone, disperse, after a month, we'll know the result when we go to the Five Immortal Lake."

"You're a Heavenly Immortal, you really dare to talk."

"What do you dare not."

"A Heaven Immortal dueling with a Dao Immortal, that's really unheard of."

"No matter what, there's a first time for everything."

"Hmph, I'm afraid you're asking for embarrassment, let's go, let him go today, in a month's time, I'll see how he'll fight a duel with Mentor Long Tu Qiu."


The group of mentors surrounding the group also left.

Tang Huan said anxiously, "Husband, are you really sure?Or are we deliberately using a delay, this month, to go to my grandfather for support?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Huanhuan, don't you know your husband's words and actions?A reprieve?Get support from your grandfather, I, Tang Zichen, won't even if I just run away."

"Then how are you going to duel with the Dao Immortal?"

"That's the question of what I can do, I also want to try to see if it's possible for me to defeat a Dao Immortal who cultivates the Sun and Moon divine Sword."

"How is that possible, Dao Immortal."

"That said, I can easily find a flaw in the Sun and Moon divine Sword cultivated by Long Earth Fur, and the only thing I need to worry about is that he's so much higher than me.But what? I can combine swords, and I've cultivated the Star Shifting Great Law, so why not try it?"


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