The King of Kungfu in school 2201-2205


Chapter 2201

Tang Zichen had an ingenious idea for a note that would allow everyone to practice here.

Tang Zichen immediately shouted, "Everyone, I have an announcement to make."

"What is it?Half price again?"

"No, where's the half-price, but it's a better thing than half-price."

"Uh, quick?"

Tang Zichen said, "From now on, anyone who, after seeking my guidance, will enjoy a discount as long as they do not leave this place."

"What preference?"The crowd was very curious, as if it was the first time they had heard of such a thing as a discount.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "That is, when he comes to me for guidance again, that is, the second time, I will offer half price, for example, ten immortal coins for the first time, only five immortal coins for the second time, only three immortal coins for the third time, and only one immortal coin for the fourth time."

"Wow, really? That's too good a deal."

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "Of course it's true."

A human being said, "Then for the fifth time, wouldn't you not want the immortal coins?" First web site

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Where in the world is there such a bargain, the fifth time you come back to me, it will be back to the original price, then the sixth time it will be half price again, and so on.Of course, you must not have left here to enjoy this offer, if you leave midway, the next time you come back, it will start at the original price again."

"Well, it doesn't matter, it's the same where we practice anyway, it's even better to stay here and practice, save forgetting about it on the way back."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Tang Zichen was also too good at business, the half price once made them dare not leave, and once they left, the next time they would resume the original price.Moreover, the more people gathered here, the more favorable it would be for Tang Zichen, and the newcomers would definitely be psychologically shocked when they saw so many people here, and would trust Tang Zichen even more.

However, it was difficult to start everything.

And so, about a month passed.

Outside of Tang Zichen's training course, there were already more than two hundred people rehearsing in place.

Every day, there were more than a dozen people who came to take a look because they were curious.

Originally, those who were curious didn't really come to look for Tang Zichen's guidance, they were just taking a look, but when they saw that more than two hundred people were practicing here and seemed to be very devoted to it, they suddenly became a bit suspicious, was Tang Zichen's guidance really worth ten cents?So, with an itch and a bite, I managed to get pulled into utterance by Don.

The number of people just kept expanding.

In the blink of an eye, a year passed.

Outside of Tang Zichen's training course, the number of people had reached as many as three thousand.

Three thousand people practicing there was really uncommon.

With these three thousand people, Tang Zichen had the equivalent of a fixed income, as these three thousand people had no intention of finding another instructional class since they chose to stay here.

Of course three thousand people couldn't look for Tang Zichen's guidance every day, about every day, there were more than a hundred people looking for Tang Zichen's guidance, and after guiding ten thousand people, they went back to practice or even closed the door, some people only looked for Tang Zichen's guidance once every few months, some people even looked for Tang Zichen's guidance only once every six months.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's regular income was, for the time being, 500 Xian coins per day.

Of course, this was for 3,000 people now, and the more people there were in the future, the higher the income would be.


sp; Tang Zichen believed that as long as he had more and more people here, one day, he would become a legend.

But Tang Zichen must also plan ahead, only fixing 3,000 people now, he can still be busy, but what if it exceeds 10,000 in the future, or even more?That wouldn't be too busy.So, a plan must be made first.

Tang Zichen called those little brothers of his for a meeting.

"Big brother, business is so good right now, we're getting five or six hundred in every day."Fatty said happily.

"Yeah, your income now can almost be compared to those biggest instruction classes."Yun Xiaoyao smiled.

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, I'll be exhausted if I continue like this by myself, now my capacity is just reaching a saturation state, if there are more people, it will be full.Jian'er is, the numbers are increasing every day, soon I won't be able to handle more people."

"Big brother, this."

"Big brother, good forbidden to have the current point of popularity, must not be discouraged ah, must persevere, in another ten years and a hundred years, I believe that there will be as many as ten thousand people out there practicing martial arts."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Ten thousand people, then I am going to be exhausted, do you want money or life.That's why I've asked you all to come here today to have a meeting, we must plan ahead to prevent the operation of future numbers."

Maeve asked, "So what do you mean, Don?What's it going to be?"

Tang Zichen said, "I must cultivate some talents from now on, and then let these talents get my true teachings, they will then mentor others and share the burden for me."

Bai Hanyan said, "Brother Tang, I don't think so, if you no longer personally guide them, these people will definitely be unwilling.They run to you because of your guidance."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I didn't say that I won't personally guide, everything needs to be strategic now, if you directly announce that you'll let whoever and whoever go to whoever and whoever guide you, that definitely won't work."

"What strategy do you have?"Shi Haoxiang asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "For example, I took in an apprentice, A. A was very smart and inherited my skills, so I started to let him out to take orders.I announced to the public that in the future, if you look for A's guidance, you only need one immortal coin at a time.In this way, there will always be some who are short of money and will seek guidance from A. Of course, those who are not short of money, or those who need my guidance whether dead or alive, they will still come to me.But without a doubt, with an A, my burden will be lightened, and no matter what, I'll still be able to intercept a portion of the crowd for me.If I take on more than one A, but also B, C, D, and so on, then there will be even more to divert for me, understand?"

Lin Huajun said, "It's a bit complicated, but it's pretty much understood.However, I have a question."


"The disciples you took in, can they really reach the same level as you?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Of course not, after all, not everyone is me and can't do the same as me.But, there's no need to be the same as me ah, as long as they're that slight bit stronger than those fellows from the other instructional classes, that's enough.And being that slight bit stronger, I'm absolutely sure that I can train them out."

"I see, but those apprentices of yours, the ones they instruct, charge all to themselves?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "How is that possible, I'll give them a generous share every month, like, fifty-fifty or something."

"But when the money is in their hands, how do you know they're willing to take it out and split it with you?"


Tang Zichen laughed, "Who gave you the money with one hand and guidance with the other, I will launch a special kind of credit voucher in the future, and then I will set up a finance department to manage the finances, and then I will find a marketing team that will often engage in some activities and so on.In other words, from now on, no matter if you seek guidance from me or my apprentices, you will no longer receive the fairy coins directly, but the credit coupons I launch.Before everyone comes to mentor, they go and buy the credit vouchers first.The credit coupons are then given to any of the instructors for guidance.Of course, if you buy ten, or even a hundred credit coupons at once, there's still a discount."

"Holy shit, you're so smart."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed.

Tang Zichen tied up all the consumers under all sorts of preferences, using the discounts, for a one-time purchase of 100 coupons, the original price would need ten thousand Xian coins, but for a one-time purchase of so many, you could make a 50% or even 40% discount, in that case, one hundred coupons would only need three or four thousand Xian coins.

Although on the surface, it looked like a great deal, but to Tang Zichen, it was like these people would only be able to spend here for the next 100 times.

Of course, Tang Zichen had a lot of ideas in his head and occasionally did some activities and such, but in short, Tang Zichen was confident that he could defeat all the other competitors.

"Alright, that's it for today's meeting, you guys help me promote it, next month, I'll be holding a Tang Competition."

"What's a Tang Competition?"

"I'll name it anything I want, in a nutshell, it's a competition for everyone, and the person who wins first place in the competition can become my apprentice, and, free guidance for life."

"Oh shit, no, free for life."

"Yes." Remember the URL

"Big brother, I believe that the four words free for life will make the current three thousand people squeeze their heads together and everyone spend money, while the first place winner will be free for life."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "It's not just the current 3,000 people who can participate, anyone can participate.In addition, those who come second and third in the competition will be given 10 and 8 credit coupons respectively."

"Wow, talk about I want to participate."Shi Haoxiang drooled.

Tang Zichen said, "One day, I'll make my Tang competition the most and most anticipated grand event of the Immortal Academy for everyone.Also, you guys, help me make a hundred thousand memory cards."

"What for?"

"From now on, this memory card will be the so-called credit coupon, and I will personally imprint each memory card with a spiritual seal, which is considered an anti-counterfeiting mark.From now on, all those who want to guide can only go to purchase the memory card.According to the previously introduced rule of four rounds, half price each time, the conversion is equivalent to buying four memory cards at once, which only costs 19 cents.Do you guys understand what I mean?"

"Understood, we'll go make the memory card right away and then officially launch it for use."

"Well, go ahead."

The dozen or so men left and went about their business with their asses in the air.

Tang Zichen smiled hehehe, Tang Zichen would like to see how those other instructors who held training and mentoring classes would be able to fight against Tang Zichen.

A few months later, Tang Zichen's mentoring class, successfully launched a memory card, everyone no longer traded directly with immortal coins, they had to go buy the memory card first.Moreover, Tang Zichen also introduced that buying four cards at once only cost 19 Xian coins, and buying eight cards at once only cost 35 Xian coins.A one-time purchase of 16 cards would only cost 65 Xian coins.

This was considered a major event for Tang Zichen's guidance class.


nbsp; Those consumers, all of them fell for Tang Zichen's consumer trap, almost all of them, bought 16 cards at once, thinking that this was the only way to save a lot.

Not long after launching the memory cards, Tang Zichen released another announcement, six months later, the first 'Tang Competition' will be held.The Tang competition, not about the realm, only compared the skill of the Air Tearing Technique as well as the comprehension, the first place winner would be given free guidance for life, and the second and third place winners would be rewarded with 10 memory cards and 8 memory cards respectively.

This news was released, and it truly shocked everyone, everyone was staring at that first place.

Not only that, Tang Zichen also released another ranking list a few days later, called the 'Tang Certified Genius List', where all future geniuses who were recognized by Tang Zichen could be on the list.This meant that anyone who could be on this list in the future would be an honor.

Tang Zichen's reason for launching such a list was not meaningless; in order for his training course to grow bigger, it had to be something that everyone would be proud of.Just like, entering the Immortal Academy was an honor, entering the Tang Certified Genius List was also an easy one, and when everyone who entered the Immortal Academy knew that it was extremely honorable to be on the Tang Certified List, Tang Zichen's training course was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In this way, half a year passed.

The much-anticipated Tang Competition arrived.

Since it was the first time it was held, the number of participants was not large, only a few thousand people.

However, after a fierce competition, and the final determination of Tang Zichen, the top three came out.

The one who won the first place was, a person named Luo Soul.

This Luo Soul, by the way, was someone Tang Zichen knew.

When he first entered the Immortal Academy, Tang Zichen fought four at a time, and among these four, the most powerful one was this Luo Soul.

"Congratulations, Luo Soul, you won first place in the first Tang competition, you will be under my guidance for free for the rest of your life until you no longer need it."

"Thank you."Luo Soul was a little excited, after all, he understood Tang Zichen's strength, and he had paid to be guided by Tang Zichen before.What was more important wasn't free, but face, and right now everyone was looking at Luo Ling with envy, and a kind of worship.

Tang Zichen said again, "Fatty, write Luo Soul's name into the Tang Certified Genius List."

"Yes, big brother."

Luo Soul said gratefully, "Thank you, big brother."

Tang Zichen continued to say to the second and third place, "You guys also keep up the good work, someone, reward them with ten and eight memory cards."

"Thank you."

The first session of Tang's competition was closed.

After the closing of the eyes, Tang Zichen immediately called Luo Soul to his cave.

"Brother, what are you looking for me for?"Luo Soul was busy asking.

Tang Zichen said, "Luo Soul, you are now qualified to open the guidance room, do you need to open it?"

"Ah, what do you mean?Open the guidance room?"

Tang Zichen said, "Meaning, you can also open a mentoring class under Tang's name for you now, and you can also mentor others later, thus earning income.If you open it, I will have someone make memory cards for you, but of course, with your popularity, the price is not that high, one memory card to guide once, or, guide twice a card."


"If you don't want to, it won't matter."


"I'd like to, but I can't delay my own training of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword."

"Of course, you can arrange it according to your own time."

"Okay, then I'll open it."

Tang Zichen said, "Okay, then I'll order down to help you make memory cards, and then I'll find someone to help you market them, and since you're just starting out, I suggest you start by distributing a hundred of them for free."

"No problem."

"Okay, I'll have someone give you statistics on how many you've sold under your name, and I'll give you the proceeds on a 50/50 basis."

"Mmhmm, thank you, gracious."Luo Ling was overjoyed, not only did he get free guidance, but he was also given the chance to earn immortal coins.

"Oh, you're welcome."Tang Zichen had a purpose for everything, in the future, Luo Soul would also become a part of Tang Zichen's training course, the more this part, the more Tang Zichen would earn, if there were a hundred Luo Souls, then Tang Zichen's earnings would be evident.

Of course, in the future, every time a Tang Competition was held, a first place would appear, and that first place could become a money-making tool for Tang Zichen.

In the blink of an eye, 10,000 years later.

Outside the cave where Tang Zichen's training course was held, there were already about 30,000 people stationed there. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen's Tang Contest has also held 100 editions, one for 100 years.

These 100 issues, respectively, gave birth to 100 first-place winners, and for each first-place winner, Tang Zichen would instruct them for free, but only once a year.

For each of these 100 people, Tang Zichen opened a Tang mentoring class for them, and then made their own memory cards, splitting it 50-50.

In this way, there would always be some people who would seek guidance from these 100 people, greatly relieving Tang Zichen's pressure, and the number of people Tang Zichen needed to guide each day would be able to maintain around 100.

As such, every day, Tang Zichen could earn roughly 1,000 Xian coins.

In one month, Tang Zichen could earn 30,000 immortal coins, which was 360,000,000 immortal coins in one year.

Yes, in just 10,000 years, Tang Zichen had become a billionaire.

Tang Zichen had nothing else, the most immortal coins.

Previously, some courses had become multi-millionaires in a million years, but Tang Zichen had become a billionaire in 10,000 years.

In total, there were only forty thousand students in the Empty Tearing Department, and after ten thousand years, thirty thousand people were already looking for Tang Zichen, and all the rest of the training courses run by the instructors had no one left.

"Bang, that's too much."At this moment, in one of the caves in the Air Tearing Department, a man was furious.

The reason this man was furious was because his men, showed him the summary table of income and expenditure for the past ten thousand years.

In this ten thousand years, he had only made tens of thousands of immortal coins, in the last ten thousand years, all of them had still made over a hundred thousand immortal coins ah, this was too much of a drop.

"That Tang Zichen, what on earth can he do to get so many people to go to him?"That mentor asked angrily.

"Mentor, I can't say exactly, but for some reason anyway, it's just that many people are willing to mentor at his place, and, that day, I made a special trip to the Tang Training Course to find a Luo Soul to mentor me, and I didn't find anything more clever ah.The only thing that's different is that they don't deal in direct cash, they use a kind of homemade memory card instead, is it, because of the memory card?"

"Let's go, I'll go take a look."

Tang Zichen was cultivating in the cave.

In these ten thousand years, Tang Zichen's realm had gone from late Upper Immortal to early Heavenly Immortal.

However, compared to those mentors, Tang Zichen was still a little weaker, and those mentors of the Air Tearing Department were at least Dao Immortals.However, Dao Immortals were the same as

Heavenly Immortal, it was just one domain away.

"Tang Zichen, you come out."Just at this moment, a shout sounded from outside.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he said in his heart, "It's Dao Immortal."

Tang Zichen judged from the momentum.

"Tang Zichen, do you hear me, get out of here."

Tang Zichen flew out in a panic.

Many people heard this yell, after all, there were more than 30,000 people practicing swords and knives around here.

"What's the situation?"

"Hey, isn't that the boss of Bosse Mentoring, Mentor Hugh Hayes?"

"What's Mentor Hohenheimer doing here?"

"I don't know, is it, because the business of Bosse's guidance has gone bad?"

In the midst of everyone's wild speculations, Tang Zichen flew out of his cave.

At a glance, Tang Zichen saw that there was a man standing in mid-air, and that man had anger on his face.

This man, called Hu Haishi, he was the founder of the Boshi Guidance class, Boshi Guidance was previously one of the largest shops in the Air Tearing Department, and every ten thousand years, he could earn hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Xian coins.

Tang Zichen flew out and paid a slight obeisance, "Senior Tang Zichen, pay your respects to this senior."

Hu Haith said, "You are Tang Zichen?"

"Exactly, I wonder if Senior is?"

"Listen, I'm the Bossy Mentoring's Hu Haith."

"Oh, so it's the boss of Boshi Mentoring, Mentor Hu Haishi, disrespectful."

"Tang Zichen, don't you dare give me that."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Why is the mentor so angry, it seems like senior has not offended you."

"And you still say that you haven't offended me."Hu Haishi roared, originally Hu Haishi wasn't so angry, but once he arrived at Tang Zichen's mentoring class, he saw tens of thousands of people gathered, these tens of thousands of people actually lived here every day as if they were never leaving Tang Zichen, very upset, Tang Zichen wasn't even a mentor, why did these people hold Tang Zichen's stinky feet so much.

Tang Zichen sneered in his heart, "I was not offended in the first place, I still hope that senior will inform you."

"Tang Zichen, ask you, what exactly have you done to these students, why they don't even return to their respective classes and practice here every day."

"This is a trade secret, forgive me for not being able to inform."

"Tang Zichen, you are evil, if everyone competes fairly, I have nothing to say, but you, however, are not on the right path."

Tang Zichen sneered.

"And you dare to sneer in front of me."

"Senior, Tang isn't following any evil path, and the reason why people are willing to trust my guidance class is because it's worth it."

Hu Haith said, "But I don't see what's so special about the mentoring class you run, what's so different about it, other than making some kind of messy Tang competition, Tang Certified Genius."

"That can only mean that Senior's business sense is so poor that he doesn't even know where he's losing."

"I'm not interested in knowing, Tang Zichen, I'm ordering you to close your training course now."

Tang Zichen felt a pity and left his mouth, "What if I don't, the dean is all for the freedom to open training courses for everyone, Murphy, your words are even bigger than the dean."

"Which ear did you hear the dean say that he supports it, don't come and scare me unnecessarily, I only ask you, to close it or not?"

Don Zichen said, "No off."


"If you don't turn it off, don't blame me for being rude."

"How rude, do you want to kill me?"

"You think I wouldn't dare?"

"Hahaha, the training course is inferior to me, and you're trying to kill me, don't you think you're ridiculous?You've made a lot of money over the years, too.Don't you think about who first invented the course, if I hadn't been the first to invent it, do you think you could have come up with it?I haven't even fucking charged you the royalties yet."

"Just you wait and see, Tang Zichen, you think I'm the only one who will come after you?Wrong, I'm sure it won't be long before more people come looking for you."

"Then come find me, I'd like to see if I dare to kill me."Tang Zichen gave a sneer.

Hu Haith flew away with a fling of his sleeves.

He didn't dare to do it alone today, after all, this was the Academy of Immortality and the reason for killing was a bit too strange.

Fatty said, "Brother, aren't you really not afraid?"

"There's nothing to be afraid of, Fatty, I'm going away for a few days, so I'll leave you to take care of the place."

"Good." First URL

Tang Zichen left the Air Tearing Department and headed for the Spell Department.

"Tang Huan."

"Husband, you're here, how's your training course going now, the last time you were here, it was a thousand years ago."

This ten thousand years, Tang Zichen would visit Tang Huan around a thousand years ago.

"Business is good now, and I'm already a billionaire."

"Ah, really?"

"Yes, but there's been a bit of trouble, other courses are losing business, so the Air Tear Department has had instructors come and bother me, calling it unfair competition, which is ridiculous when you think about it.They just don't know how I run my business."

"Husband, it's fine, if you have any trouble, you can go to my mother.My mother is also a tutor of the Immortal Academy."

"But outsiders don't know about your mother's relationship with the dean ah."

"There's no need to know ah, I really can't, I'll go to my grandfather, there's no way someone in the Immortal Academy can still bully you anyway."

"Also.However, I came to look for you this time, one reason is to meet up with you."

Tang Huan gave Tang Zichen a blank glance, her pretty face blushing slightly.

"The second, is to ask if I can pay a visit to your grandfather."

"Ah, you want to see my grandfather."

"Yes, can you introduce him?"

"Why?Is it because you're afraid those people will come after you?"

"That's not true, but now that I've made some money, at any rate, I'm a billionaire, I've earned so many immortal coins here, in a way, I'm a big deal, I have to pay my respects to your grandfather, and of course, after making so much money, I have to pay proper respects to your grandfather as well.I'm going to take out two hundred million out to your grandfather."

"Wow, two hundred million."

"That's a lot, isn't it."

"Not much."

"Two hundred million isn't a lot."

Tang Huan said, "Do you know my grandfather's family background?Although my grandfather is the president of the Immortal Academy, his family, all of them are in heaven, I've been to heaven once before with my mother, my grandfather's immortal residence in heaven, that's what's called luxury, his immortal residence is worth more than three thousand holy coins, so if you honor him with two hundred million immortal coins, my grandfather may not look at it."

"What are holy coins?"

"Sacred coins are something of greater value than immortal coins.If you want to convert it, about 100 million immortal coins is equal to one holy

coins.The two hundred million immortal coins you filially gave to my grandfather is only two sacred coins."

"Khan, so that's nothing for me to be billionaire immortal coin rich."

"But in the Earth Immortal Realm, it's considered an earthly tycoon.But compared to the Heaven Realm, a few hundred thousand Saint Coins or millions of Saint Coins is nothing."


"I'll go ask my mother and see if it's appropriate for her to take you to my grandfather now."


Tang Zichen and Tang Huan found Tang Huan's mother.

Tang Huan's mother's real name was Ding Lan.


"Why are you guys here together."Tang Zichen and Tang Huan's comings and goings were not stopped by Ding Lan, allowing them to have frequent private meetings.

Tang Huan said, "Mother, you know about my phase's opening a training course in the Air Tearing Department."

"Well, I know, but the competition is so great that you can't make much money, so you might as well spend your time on cultivation."

"Mother, that's not necessarily true, after ten thousand years of operation, Tang Zichen has become the largest training shop in the Air Tearing Department, and he's now a billionaire."

"What."Ding Lan was startled.

"Mother, my husband wants to pay a visit to my grandfather, do you think, now is the time?"

Ding Lan smiled, "Tang Zichen, do you have the heart for this, but I don't think it's time yet, you've made some money, but not enough to impress my father to the point where he's impressed with you.Going to pay him a visit now will undoubtedly let him know of your relationship, my grandfather has accepted Huanhuan, he's a very powerful man, now is not the time, or he will be easily broken up by my father."

"When will that be?"

Ding Lan said, "I think that when you cause my father's idea, for example, when you become the largest training shop in the entire Immortal Academy, when you become a ten billion or hundred billionaire, perhaps, my father will be a little more impressed with you.The average big power in the Earth Immortal Realm, they're between ten billion and a hundred billion.When it's hot, it's talking about immortal coins."


Tang Huan said, "Mother, but now that they're empty tearing up the department, what if a mentor finds trouble with him?"

"I'm sure he can handle this, right, Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I don't take this seriously at all, this is the Immortal Academy, they don't dare to do anything to me at all.There's nothing else to worry about, so we'll be leaving first."


After returning to Tang Huan's dormitory, a gust of wind was left unsaid.

After it was over, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan embraced each other.

Tang Huan said, "It's been so long, I've missed Thousand Splendors, Rainy Creek and the others, Husband, why don't we go back there sometime."

"The point is, the Immortal Academy isn't a place where you can come and go whenever you want, didn't your mother always restrict you from going before?"

"I don't care, we're going straight."

"Why would you suddenly want to go home and visit."

"Because you're rich now, you've got hundreds of millions of dollars on you, we can buy our way into the janitor of the Academy of Immortals, and I think they're willing to give us the chance to sneak out."


"Mmhmm, when the time comes, we'll bring them all over to the Northern Club and live near the Academy of Immortality."

"The question is, how can they resist the gravitational force of the spatial boundary here?When I came here before, if it wasn't for the constant defense of Grandpa Qingtian, I would have been sucked out long ago."

Tang Huan said, "Is this kind of problem still difficult for me?"


Tang Huan immediately took out a few immortal pills from his body and said, "This is unique to the Heavenly Realm, it's called the Determining Pill, if you take this, you can be fearless of the boundary gravity of the Upper Four Continents, I also took this before.I used to think that this would be useful someday, so I took some more in the Heaven Realm, but I didn't expect that it would really come in handy today."

"Haha, great, let's go, we'll leave tomorrow then."

"But your training shop?Will those instructors tear you down if you're not there?Although they don't dare to kill you, it's not impossible if they demolish your shop."

Tang Zichen nodded, if those forced instructors of the Air Tearing Department really demolished his training class, indeed his hard work would be lost.

Tang Huan said, "How about you think of a way?Pull a few people mentors into the fold?"

Tang Zichen suddenly said, "Huh, that's a good idea, I've actually thought about it, well then, I'll go back to the Air Tear Department and see if there are any instructors who are willing to join."

Tang Huan said, "You just find those instructors who have poor business and let them come to your training course as a consultant or something, then give them a cut.As long as it's more profitable than what they're opening on their own, they'll definitely be willing to work with you."


The next day, Tang Zichen returned to the Air Tearing Department, and Tang Huan followed Tang Zichen as they decided to leave the Academy of Immortality and return to Upper Fellows Yan Continent after dealing with this matter.


"Big brother, you're back." Remember the website

"Fatty, go do me a favor and tally up the statistics of which instructors in our Empty Tearing Department have opened training courses that make very little money."

Fatty said, "There's no need for statistics, I already know it like the back of my hand, in our Air Tear Department, all the instructors have opened training courses, or have cooperated with others to open training courses.Among them, most of the ones who collaborated to open training courses made a lot of money, and some of the instructors who opened them individually made very little money because they weren't good at this.Among them, there are the above five tutors who earn no more than ten thousand immortal coins per ten thousand years."

"Who are they respectively?"

"Mentor Hei Luo, Mentor Wu Gang, Mentor Tai Hua, Mentor Gao Wan, and Mentor Immortal King Prisoner."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Very well, immediately take me to pay my respects to these five Mentors."


Tang Zichen immediately went to the residence of these five mentors.

The first to arrive was Mentor Hei Luo's residence.

"Hello, Mentor Hei Luo, I'm Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?Is that the one I heard about the other day, the newly emerged Tang who's guiding the Don?"

"Exactly, but I'm not a newcomer, I'm the first one to do this."

"Oh, admire that.I don't know what Little Brother Tang is looking for me for."

Tang Zichen cut to the chase, "Mentor Hei Luo, I heard that you also started a training course."

"Yes, unfortunately, I'm not capable enough to compare to other instructors, and I can't earn a few thousand Xian coins every ten thousand years, but I'm already satisfied, at least it's much, much higher than my remuneration as an instructor.The remuneration for being a mentor is only a hundred Xian coins per ten thousand years."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Mentor Hei Luo, I don't know if you're willing to join my Tang mentoring, I'll give you 30,000 Xian coins every 10,000 years as a reward."

"Ah, is that such a good thing?"


"Oh, Tang Zichen, you don't want me to go to your guidance class and help guide you, you're thinking too much, how could I help you do such a thing, I run my own guidance class, I've always hired some powerful students to help me guide."

"Mentor Heero really misunderstood, I invited you to join me, and I'm only going to my mentoring class to be my security advisor, I don't need you to mentor anyone personally, just, if need be, I need your help with some minor security matters."

"Okay, I'll do that."


bsp; "Hahahaha, good, then deal, this is 10,000 Xian coins of invitation gold"

"Haha, Old Brother Tang is really polite."

Just like that, Tang Zichen brought the Hei Luo Mentor, Wu Gang Mentor, Tai Hua Mentor, Gao Wan Mentor, and Immortal King Prisoner Mentor into the fold, and every ten thousand years, Tang Zichen only needed to pay them thirty thousand immortal coins.

Of course, these five mentors, also immediately went to the location of Tang's guidance, opened up a cave nearby, and set up their home here, leaving the safety to them in the future.

Tang Zichen smiled, "In that case, if the other mentors come looking for trouble afterwards, Tang Zichen won't be afraid of them tearing down Tang Zichen's training shop.

After these things, Tang Zichen was ready to leave the Immortal Academy.

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan arrived at the entrance of the Academy of Immortality.

"Stop, if you have not met the closing conditions, please do not leave the Immortal Academy without permission."A few Dao Immortal powerhouses at the main entrance stopped the way.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "A few seniors, I have an urgent matter at home, could I have an accommodation."

"Don't even think about it."

Tang Zichen said, "There's nothing impossible in the world, a few of you are here on duty, I'm sure it's for the immortal coins distributed by the Immortal Academy, can I give each of you fifty thousand immortal coins to let us in and out once?

"What?Fifty thousand Xian coins."


"That much?"

"Of course."

"But you, why do you have so many fairy coins?"

"Don't ask about that, just ask if you're willing.Don't worry, if you don't tell me about such things, no one will usually know."


Tang Huan said, "A few seniors, the Immortal Academy has more than one gate oh, if you don't agree, I'll have to go to another gate."

"Don't don't."One of the Dao Immortals was busy stopping it.

Tang Zichen didn't know there were other gates.

"Alright, let's discuss it."

Those Dao Immortals immediately discussed it, then several of them showed greed and agreed.

"Thank you."Tang Zichen gave them fifty thousand immortal coins each and then left the Immortal Academy.

Fifty thousand immortal coins for one person was nothing to Tang Zichen, a billionaire.

Tang Huan smiled, "Husband, now you know that your wealth, relative to the Earth Immortal Realm, is an earthly tycoon, and unless the Earth Immortal Realm is a big power, ordinary people simply can't compare to you.Those Dao Immortals who were just there would risk letting us out for fifty thousand immortal coins."

"Haha, whereas fifty thousand immortal coins is a drop in the ocean to me."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"Husband, such words can't be said after leaving the Immortal Academy, otherwise, you'll surely die horizontally, the Immortal Academy is a safe place, no one would dare to do something murderous, but outside this place, it's hard to say."

"Well, I know, let's go, let's go to the Hua Mingfu first."

"What is the Hua Ming Fu?"

"He's a place I knew before I entered the Academy of Immortality, I met a brother named Qing Shi, Qing Shi's grandfather brought me to the Northern Club, otherwise how would I have the chance to go to the Academy of Immortality, now Grandpa Qing Tian is still doing business in Hua Mingfu, since I came out, I naturally went to see him first, and it's not far."

"Well, good, what business is Grandpa Qingtian doing in Hua Mingfu, you said?"

"Haha, the same career as those Daoist Immortals from Immortal Academy just now."

"Ah, door guards, speechless, door guards are just door guards, what's the point of doing a career."

"That's not what I said, it was Grandpa Qingtian himself who said that."


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