The King of Kungfu in school 2196-2200


Chapter 2196

Tang Zichen stayed in Tang Huan's dormitory for the time being, because he had to return to the Air Tearing Department after a hundred years, so he was going to hang out in the Spell Department for those hundred years.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen wasn't in the Spell Department after all, he didn't have an identity token and couldn't enter the library to read books about spells, but Tang Zichen wasn't prepared to read books, reading books to learn on his own was too slow, besides, Tang Zichen had already practiced the more powerful Air Tearing Technique, was there really any need to practice spells?

Regarding this issue, Tang Huan gave Tang Zichen's opinion, which was that it was completely unnecessary.

With this time to waste here, it would be better to train the Four Great Empty Tearing Departments for a hundred levels.

Therefore, after thinking it over, Tang Zichen decided to return to the Empty Tearing Department.

"You've decided?"

"Yes, since practicing spells again is purely a waste, why not go back and practice Air Tearing properly, my Air Tearing, the strongest one is only at the twelfth level, Nima, I have the nerve to open a training shop at such a low level."

"But didn't you say that you won't go back for a hundred years, those friends of yours helped you promote that you're suitable to appear in the Air Tearing Department."

Tang Zichen said, "I can be disguised ah, I don't have to go back with my real face ah.When I go back, I'll go find a training course and have them demonstrate the Four Great Empty Tearing Techniques to me layer by layer, and I'll only need to do it once, and I'll have practiced it.In that case, in a hundred years' time, I should be able to reach the highest practiced person other than my mentor."

"Tang Zichen."Just at this moment, a shout came from outside.

Tang Huan was shocked, "It's Nong Yao." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen also heard that it was Nong Yao's voice.

"This son of a bitch, this is just a case of forgetting the pain and coming back, could it be that he thinks I've left the spell department after only a few days.Hey, no, he's shouting my name, he's specifically looking for me."

Tang Zichen immediately rushed out and Tang Huan followed, wondering what this Nong Yao was doing here again.

"Nong Yao, what else are you doing here?I've made my point very clear."Tang Huan said resolutely.

Nong Yao looked at Tang Huan's alluring body, but unfortunately it had already been played by Tang Zichen, and he was very upset.

"Tang Huan, I'm not here to find you, don't be self-absorbed."Nong Yao snorted, using this to strike Tang Huan.

"Oh."Tang Huan ohed.

"Pah."At this time, a slap sounded.

It turned out to be Tang Zichen who slapped Nong Yao.

"You."Nong Yao looked at Tang Zichen furiously, while feeling even more unfathomable about Tang Zichen's strength.

Tang Zichen said, "What kind of thing are you, you also dare to speak disrespectfully to my wife."

Nong Yao gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, don't be too presumptuous, in the Immortal Academy, I may not be able to do anything with you, but after leaving the Immortal Academy, I have too many ways to kill you."

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped again.

"What did you say?To kill me?Believe it or not, I'll kill you right now."

Tang Huan was busy flying up and said, "Husband, forget it, don't get along with this kind of person, but it's just that he thinks he's so powerful, completely ignorant of how powerful you are, he's a frog in a well."

Tang Zichen said, "Nong Yao, say, what do you want with me?"

Nong Yao gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, listen to me, Ole wants to meet you for a sparring session."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Cut his sister's spar, what is he, what do I want to spar with him?Does he deserve it?"

"You're so crazy, even Ole."


"Good, very good."When Nong Yao saw how disrespectful Tang Zichen was to Ole, he was instead even happier inside.


sp; Originally Nong Yao had a hard time convincing Ole to challenge Tang Zichen.

However, that Ole was a coward and didn't dare to challenge.Nong Yao just kept talking and talking, and used provocative methods, so he finally got Ole to be willing, but he didn't say challenge, he just said cut to the chase.

Nong Yao left in a panic, his heart seemed to be saying, Tang Zichen, just wait for me, someone will always be able to take care of you.

After Nong Yao left, Tang Huan said, "Husband, will something happen if you don't give face to Ole like this?"

"What do you mean, an accident?You're being funny.By the way, who is that Ole?"

"Ole is a late Spell Department Upper Immortal, ranked fourth."

"I go, I thought it was some big shot, after messing around with it for half a day, it's just one place ahead of that idiot Nong Yao in the rankings ah."Tang Zichen despised it for a while, just one place ahead of Nong Yao, would the results be very different in front of Tang Zichen?

Tang Huan said, "Husband, although Ole is only one place ahead of Nong Yao in the ranking mountain, but he is much stronger."

"Regardless of how much stronger he is, come and beat him once."

At this moment, Nong Yao came to a place in high spirits.

"Brother Ole."Nong Yao saw a man busy calling.

"Brother Nong Yao, before you encouraged me to challenge that person, but we are all civilized people, I don't want to do such a thing, but there is no harm in cutting and sparring, have you gone to talk to that person yet?When is he going to cut with me?"The man called Oule asked.

Nong Yao was busy saying, "Brother Ole, do you want me to tell the truth or a lie?"

"Of course it's the truth."

"The truth is, that Tang Zichen, doesn't care to compete with you."

Ole smiled, "Brother Nong Yao, this isn't something you intentionally lied to me to irritate me, is it?"

"Lying to you heaven forbid, if you don't believe me, you can go find him yourself."

"What were his exact words?"

"I told him that Ole wanted to cut his teeth, and he immediately answered me, Ole you sister's pleasure, what are you, he wants to cut your teeth, do you deserve it.Those were the exact words."

"That's a good grip."Ole was furious inside.

"Brother Ou Le, this Tang Zichen, is not from our spell department, but is making a fool of himself, don't you think you should take action to teach him a lesson?Otherwise, people would still think that we're not alone in the spell department."

"Let's go, come with me to find him, I'd like to see if he dares to be so draggy in front of me."

In front of Tang Huan's dormitory.

Tang Zichen was about to leave.

"I'm going back then."Tang Zichen said.

"Good, be careful with everything."

"Don't worry."

At that moment, a shout came from the distance: "Slow down."

In the next second, Nong Yao and another man flew in.

Tang Zichen looked at Nong Yao and that man and smiled, Tang Zichen seemed to guess that the other man was Ole.

Tang Zichen said, "This must be Ole."

"You are Tang Zichen from the Air Tearing Department?"

"Exactly, I don't know what to ask."

"Tang Zichen, Nong Yao said that I asked you for a sparring session while you treated me very disrespectfully and abused me, is that true?"

"Yeah, it's true."

"You."Ole didn't think that Tang Zichen would actually say yes without hesitation, without any slyness at all, and he really wasn't afraid of Ole's anger at all?


On one side, Nong Yao said, "Ole, you see, did I lie to you."

"Nong Yao, you back off, so as not to hurt you."Ole's face was cold, and he looked like he was ready to do something.

"Good."Nong Yao immediately backstage dozens of meters, in his heart, he was expecting that Ole could teach Tang Zichen a hard lesson.

Tang Zichen said, "You brought this on yourself, but don't blame me, I wasn't in the mood to fight with someone of your level, but you don't know how to behave."

"Hmph, cut the nonsense so much, let me see if the Air Tearing Technique is really so powerful."

"You'll see, please do it."

"Eye of the Divine Deer."After saying that, Ole's two eyes suddenly turned grey.

Tang Huan shouted, "Be careful."

However, it was already too late, Oule's two eyes suddenly shot out a grey light, everywhere the light reached, all of them turned into nothing, however, there was a limit to the light, that was within a range of more than ten meters, no wonder Oule told Nong Yao to back off.

There was no doubt as to how fast the eyes moved.

Tang Zichen instantly slashed out, but, it didn't cut through his grey light, which seemed to be invisible and couldn't be physically harmed. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was shocked, this guy still had some strength.Tang Zichen immediately applied the first layer of the Star Shift Great Law he had practiced before, and in the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen's body flashed with an almost invisible layer of blue light.

Tang Zichen also wanted to test whether that Star Shift Great Law could really shift attacks.

Tang Zichen allowed Ole's attack to hit him, and at that very moment, Tang Zichen felt like he was wearing a thick layer of armor, all the power of the attack was concentrated on his arm, Tang Zichen only needed to transfer the power of his arm to transfer the attack.

Tang Zichen happened to have a knife in his hand, so, following this power in his arm, Tang Zichen cut out in a flash.


Tang Zichen's slash was surprisingly powerful when it was issued, and it was not only Tang Zichen's own power, but also the power of the strike from Ole.

"Wow."It seemed that the sky had changed color, and Oule was frightened, he had wanted to scream, but it was too late.

Ole's entire body was knocked thousands of meters away in an instant, and his entire body also fell into unconsciousness, with blood on his body, as if he had suffered extremely serious injuries.

"Ah, Ole."Nong Yao shouted, seeing the immortal Ole, Nong Yao was silly, not expecting Tang Zichen to lay such a heavy hand.

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan also flew up, and it was true that Ole was hurt very badly.

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Husband, why did you lay such a heavy hand, just send him away, if you kill him, it will be a problem."

"I didn't lay a very heavy hand, if you want to blame it on him, it's better to say that he was injured by me than killed by his own power."

"What do you mean?"

"Huanhuan, I forgot to tell you before, I went into the spell department's stash the other day, I saw half a good spell called Star Shift Dafa, so I couldn't help but learn it, I just cast Star Shift Dafa, I returned all of the power that Ole attacked me with, to him."

"Ah, so."


"But, the Star Shift Great Law is not even that easy to practice.In the history of our Immortal Academy, there aren't many that have been practiced either."

"Oh, yeah, I think it's pretty simple anyway."

"I'm speechless,

And you said it was easy."

"It really didn't feel hard.Well, go up and see that Ole, don't die, I'm not in the mood to kill him, and I wouldn't even be in the mood to fight him if he didn't have to find me."

"Mmhmm, go up and take a look."

Over there, Nong Yao kept calling out Ole's name.

"Ole, Ole, wake up."

At this time, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan hadn't flown up yet.

A sudden flash of light inside Ole, while shaking Ole's name, while making a secret effort, almost in the blink of an eye, many organs in Ole's body, were destroyed, it was just unconscious, but, after being made a secret move by Nong Yao, it was even worse.

Nong Yao was about to continue his secret hand and kill Ole, when Tang Zichen shouted, "Get out of my way."

Tang Zichen had already come up, so Nong Yao had to let go, but, Ole was already incredibly serious, and he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to live for long.

Nong Yao said in his heart, "Tang Zichen, you 'killed' Ole, I'll see if you can still get a foothold in the Immortal Academy, hahaha."

Tang Zichen busily went up and checked Ole's body, Tang Zichen's face changed, "How could it be so serious, no way, that just now, was it really that strong?"

Tang Huan saw that Tang Zichen's face was not right, and busily came up and asked, "How is it?"

"It's not good, Ole, it's no different than the living dead."

"Ah."Tang Huan was shocked.

"Wasn't he just unconscious just now?"

"The living dead is also a type of coma."Tang Zichen didn't even know that Nong Yao had made a secret move and thought that he was really the one who had injured him, after all, he had just used the Star Shifting Great Law and was still using it at the first level, so he didn't have a clear perception of the power of his shot.

"Husband, what should we do?"

At that moment, Nong Yao snorted, "You actually killed Ole."

Tang Zichen yelled, "Kill your sister, he is just unconscious, which eye of yours saw him die."

Nong Yao said, "He's so badly injured now, how long do you think he can last?"

"As long as he's not dead yet, then he's not dead, alright, let's just forget about it, I'll take Ole to the Xian Dan Department for treatment, I'll definitely cure him.Nong Yao, I advise you not to chew the crap out of it."

"Can't I even be vocal about my friend's death?Letting you get away with it?"

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over.

"I say again, he's not dead, I'll be in charge of treating him, do you fucking wish he was dead?"

"Well, you take him away, who knows which day he'll die."

"It doesn't matter, you can always go to the Department of Immortal Pill, a teacher named Gutta to check."

Tang Huan urged, "Husband, don't bother with him, hurry up and go, he'll really die later."

Tang Zichen took Ole with him and quickly went to the Immortal Pillar Department.

No matter what, Tang Zichen still had to try his best to rescue Ou Le.

Nong Yao looked at Tang Zichen's back and grunted, "Pocky, I was so close to killing Ole, how good would it be if he died on the spot, damn it.However, I don't believe that Ole will still be alive, Tang Zichen, I will always go to the Xian Dan Department to take a look, if he is not dead, I will find a way to get Ole killed again, as long as Ole is dead, I will report it to the academy, at that time, bring you to justice."

Poor Tang Zichen, he didn't know that Nong Yao, the villain's deeds, would be counted on Tang Zichen's head as long as Ole died afterwards.


Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at the Xiantian Department.

"Old brother."

"Older brother Tang, how come it's you."

"Old brother, help me, I need to save someone, I don't have enough Immortal Crystals and Immortal Grass on me, I'm afraid I don't have the appropriate materials, so."

"Don't say anything, hurry up, hurry up."

Tang Zichen put Ole down and started rescuing.

For three days in a row, Tang Zichen refined dozens of Immortal Pills.

Finally, after three days, Tang Zichen stabilized Ou Le's condition, and although Ou Le didn't wake up, he finally picked up a life.

"Phew, it's finally done."Tang Zichen let out a deep breath, and only then did Teacher Gutta praise, "Ah, Old Brother Tang, I really admire you."

"Ew, why admire me."

"This person, was really about to die, but you actually managed to save him, if it was me, I would never have been able to do it, and the immortal crystals and immortal grasses you spent to save him weren't very expensive." First URL

"Alright, my brother is overpraised, he's stable now, let him sleep here, I don't know when he'll wake up, but he will, maybe a year or two, maybe ten or eight years."

"Okay, don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him."

"Well, we'll be off then."

"Take care, old brother."

Tang Zichen left Ole behind and then flew away himself.

As soon as Tang Zichen left, a man came, it was Nong Yao.

Nong Yao dressed up as a Xian Dan Master and quietly came to Teacher Gutta's house.

Because Nong Yao's strength was not weak, Teacher Gutta didn't notice that someone had sneaked in.

Nong Yao found Ole and immediately went up.

"Ah."Nong Yao checked Ole's body and was shocked.

"No way, three days ago, this Ole all looked like he was going to die, his body also suffered huge injuries and many of his organs were destroyed, but now, the flesh is already intact, just in a coma.Gosh, this Gutta-sensei, it's not too powerful."Nong Yao thought that all this was rescued by Gutta.

Nong Yao's gaze chilled as he looked at the unconscious Ole and said, "Brother Ole, I'm sorry, only if you die can you find some trouble for Tang Zichen."

After saying that, Nong Yao's hand rose up, wanting to slap him to death.

However, Nong Yao thought on second thought that a slap to fear death was too easy to be seen.

So, in order to avoid being seen as someone else's tampering, he could only quietly use his secret hand and input a sustained force into Ole's brain in an attempt to make his brain necrotic so that no one else could see it.

But just at this time, footsteps came from outside.

Nong Yao was busy jumping out of the window.

Tang Zichen walked in from the doorway.

Originally, Tang Zichen had already left, but, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that it was already late, so if he just left and didn't stay for the night, it would be too much to look down on the Gutta.

So, Tang Zichen simply returned and stayed for the night, when Tang Zichen returned, he didn't see Gutta, however, he heard a noise in this room where Ole was sleeping, and thought that Gutta was taking care of Ole in this room.As soon as Tang Zichen entered, he said, "Older brother, there is no need for him."

However, there was no Gutta to be found upon entering the door.

"Hm?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, Gutta wasn't here, but who was the person who had just made a noise here?

At that moment, Tang Zichen said in shock, "Husband, look, Ole's face is not right."

Tang Zichen took a look and it was true.

Tang Zichen immediately checked and found that Ole's brain was extremely severely traumatized and was in critical condition.

"Not good, quickly resuscitate."

"Husband, we've just left and someone is tampering with us, who is it?"

"Who else could it be, definitely Nong Yao."


"How do you know."

"My Immortal Thoughts have swept it away, he's escaping thousands of meters away."

Tang Zichen didn't rush to catch Nong Yao, but rescued him first, fortunately, it was still too late to rescue him, Tang Zichen only took a few minutes to rescue him.

Tang Huan said, "This Nong Yao, really looking for death, if we don't kill him, God will not tolerate it."

Tang Zichen said, "Chase."

Tang Zichen immediately chased after him.

In less than ten minutes, Tang Zichen saw Nong Yao's shadow in front of him.

"Nong Yao, stop running, I can already see you."

"Ah."The fleeing Nong Yao in front was completely stupid, what a steal, Tang Zichen's speed was too fast.

In another less than ten seconds, Tang Zichen rushed to the front of Nong Yao.

"Give me a stop."Tang Zichen stopped Nong Yao.

"You."Nong Yao's body trembled as he looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen raged, "Nong Yao, how dare you, I had a hard time rescuing him, but you came to kill him, you want Ole to die and frame it on my head, right."

"Tang Zichen, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Hmph, do you think your sophistry is useful?"

At that moment, Tang Huan caught up.

"Husband, what to do with him?"

"Such people, die."Don Zichen said

Nong Yao yelled, "You dare to kill someone in the Immortal Academy."

Tang Zichen said, "You think this can scare me?I, Tang, will never tolerate you."

Nong Yao looked at Tang Huan in panic and said, "Tang Huan, he's crazy, you have to stop him.He's lost his mind, have you lost it too, there's a price to pay for killing someone in the Immortal Academy, do you want him to be so life-threatening because of me?"

Tang Huan snorted, "Nong Yao, do you think you can intimidate me?How about this, let me tell you something, do you know the Dean of the Immortal Academy?"

"Hmph, the President of the Immortal Academy, that's a mysterious person, not many people in the entire Immortal Academy have ever seen him."

"That's right, but unfortunately, the President of the Immortal Academy is my grandfather."

"What?Your grandfather?"

"Right, so, Nong Yao, you will surely die.Sage-gong, please tie him up and go to my grandfather, I want to report to my grandfather, my grandfather hates this kind of villain, he will definitely execute him."


Nong Yao's face went white, but he didn't seem very convinced.

"Don't lie to me, do you think that I'm that gullible, if you dare to kill me, you will definitely pay the same price."

"You're still talking tough even when you're dying."

Not long after, Tang Zichen grabbed Nong Yao and came to a mysterious place.

"Is this your grandfather's home?"

"Yes, my grandfather set up a restriction, so even if ordinary people come here, they can't see this place, let alone enter."

"But, can I get in?"Tang Zichen asked.

Tang Huan said, "My grandfather doesn't know about your existence yet."

"Why don't I take your classmate's identity first."


Tang Zichen grabbed that and entered that mysterious place with Tang Huan.

Unfortunately, the dean wasn't there, the dean's subordinate was, Tang Huan reported Nong Yao's matter, and the dean's subordinate certainly believed Tang Huan.So, immediately ordered, "Nong Yao, execute him."

"Don't."Nong Yao hissed.

"Snap."In the next second, he was shot to death.

Although Nong Yao's family background was okay, it was almost negligible in front of someone of the dean's level.

Tang Zichen didn't expect it to be so cool.


"Alright, Miss Tang Huan, Nong Yao has been executed by the academy, and later on I will send a letter to Nong Yao's family in the name of Immortal Academy, informing them that Nong Yao has been executed for harming the lives of others while at school."

"Thank you, Grandpa Right."

"You're welcome."

"Then we'll leave first."

"Okay, I'll report to your grandfather when he comes later."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen and Tang Huan quickly left the dean's house.

"Nong Yao died so easily ah, thought."

"Oh, that right grandfather is very crisp in his work, and he trusts me, I can't possibly lie, I can just execute Nong Yao without investigating."

"Haha, good to die, let's go then."

Tang Zichen stayed at Gutta's house for one night, and the next day, Tang Zichen left. Remember the website

Tang Zichen went back to the Air Tearing Department, and disguised himself, using a fake identity, and casually entered an instructional class, he gave Xian coins, and then had the instructional class rehearse it all over again.

And so, practice and practice all the way.

90 years later.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"Sun and Moon Divine Sword, I've practiced to the 41st floor."

"Shura Divine Sword, I've also practiced to the 40th level."

"The Sun Shooting Divine Arrow, I've also practiced to the 39th level."

"Heaven and Earth divine Hammer, I've even practiced to the 42nd level."


That's right, during these ninety years, Tang Zichen spent all the remaining immortal coins he had, going to training courses time and time again, and as long as he paid, there were more people willing to rehearse it once to show him.Others didn't know that Tang Zichen could learn by watching it once as a template, and thought that Tang Zichen watched it once to see how others practiced it.

In this way, Tang Zichen practiced the Four Great Empty Tearing Techniques up to about forty layers.

However, above the fortieth level, Tang Zichen could not learn any more because the instruction class had no one stronger to guide him.Unless he went to a tutor, but tutors usually wouldn't take care of Tang Zichen.

Most of the instructors in the Empty Tearing Department of Immortal Academy had only practiced these four types of Empty Tearing Techniques between the forty and fifty levels as well.

"Now, all the students of the Air Tearing Department, the level is below me, it's just that some of the instructors are just a little above me, I've reached the standard to open a training course, I don't know, how about those twelve people helping me promote it, I'm going to test it."

Tang Zichen casually came to a place, and when he saw a passerby, he asked, "Hello, classmate, there are so many training course guidance classes now, do you know, when did this thing pop up ah?Who invented it?"

The man who was questioned by Tang Zichen said, "I don't even know about this, it's really backward, this was invented a million years ago by a genius named Tang Zichen from the Empty Tearing Department Sun and Moon Divine Sword Mansion, I heard that that Tang Zichen made 2,000 Xian coins in three days, after that it was constantly imitated, so it had its current scale."

Tang Zichen pretended to be surprised and said, "Wow, that Tang Zichen, I'm really impressed."

"Oh, okay."That passerby said.

Tang Zichen really wanted to chop him to death, but he said okay.

"Don't you think, that Tang Zichen has a good brain?Oh yeah, is Don Zichen still running classes?I wanted to go to him, he was the first one to open, I thought, surely it's best."

"Oh come on, that Don didn't open for two shows, and then the whole thing disappeared and no one knows where he is."

"What a pity."

"What's the pity, even if he continues to open later, he'll definitely go out of business, so many instructors behind him

He also runs workshops, how does he compare to those instructors when he's a student."

"That's not necessarily so."

"It would have been."

Tang Zichen hurried away, really afraid that he couldn't help but cleave to the person who had just dared to look down on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen came to another place and found another stranger to ask, "Do you know, who was the first to come up with the training course?Do you want me to tell you?"

That passerby gave Tang Zichen a blank stare and grunted, "You fucking thought you were the only one who knew about this?It's already fucking not a secret, okay."

"Uh, no, everyone knows about it."


Tang Zichen had tested the various classes of the Four Great Air Tearing Techniques no less than thirty times, and almost every time, others knew it like the back of their hand.

"Haha, looks like they've done a good job of propagating these past ninety years.Then, it's time for me to return."Saying that, Tang Zichen resumed his original appearance.

Tang Zichen found Fatty.


"Big brother, you're back?"

"Yes. Where are the others?"

"Everyone else is at headquarters."


"Yes, we've set up a headquarters to make it easier to advertise, so let's go, I'll take you to the headquarters."


Tang Zichen came to a certain valley, a remote place, there was a cave, inside the cave, there were more than a dozen people at the moment.

"Big brother is back."Fatty shouted.

Everyone in the cave ran out.

"Brother Tang."

"Tang Zichen."

"Big brother."

Everyone called out.

Tang Zichen swept a glance, Yun Xiaoyao, Bai Hanyan, Johnny, Lin Huajun, Ah Shan, Ah Liao, Mei Fu, Su Xiao Qiao, Shi Haoxiang, Zi Ling, several people were here.

"Everyone, I'm back."

"It's good to have you back."

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, you have worked tirelessly to promote me all these years, I am very grateful to you all.I just came back and tested it, and asked no less than thirty people, and they all knew about me, I think the entire Air Tear Department, and now I'm afraid my popularity is not low, thanks to you all."

"Tang Zichen, you're too kind, we also want to believe that you can lead us to make a name for yourself in the Academy of Immortality."

"Of course."

Shi Haoxiang asked, "Tang Zichen, I was very displeased with you before, but I still did my best to help promote you, now that you've been gone for ninety years, you said you went to the Spell Department, go ahead, show me what you've accomplished in these ninety years, if you haven't accomplished much in these ninety years, I'm sorry, I'll probably leave, showing that you're nothing more than that."

Tang Zichen harrumphed, "That's so direct, but I like it, and I believe that's the problem for everyone.Then I'll tell everyone what I've been doing for the past ninety years.In these ninety years, I didn't choose to practice spells because I thought that the Air Tearing Technique was already strong enough and there was no need to waste time practicing spells, so I closed the door to practice the Air Tearing Technique."

"Yeah, then may I ask, what's your current level of the Air Tearing Technique, how many levels have you practiced."

Tang Zichen said, "Sun and Moon Divine Sword, I've practiced to the 41st level; Shura Divine Saber, I've also practiced to the 40th level; Sun Shooting Divine Arrow, I've also practiced to the 39th level; Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer, I've even practiced to the 42nd level."

"What?You've practiced all four."


"Yes, having practiced all four, my left and right hands, I can cast the Sun and Moon Divine Sword while casting the Shura Divine Blade, and of course, I can also cast the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer.But there's no way to shoot the Sun Shooting Divine Arrow, because it must be operated with two hands."

"Damn."Several people were dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen looked at Shi Haoxiang and asked, "May I ask, is my achievement of these ninety years enough?"

Shi Haoxiang kneeled down and worshipped, "Big brother Zichen, my little brother is convinced, from now on, you are my big brother."

"Me too."

"Me too."

The dozen or so people couldn't help but worship as they were too worshipful.

"Hahaha, you all don't have to be polite, I still have to thank you."

"Big brother, you're completely ready to start a training course ah."

Tang Zichen said, "I guess so, then, starting today, my training course, officially opens.To thank you for your help, I'll know a few of you first, and then, you'll help promote it everywhere, and let's just say that the training course originator is back in business, and that the level of instruction is one of the best."

"Good." A second to remember to read the book

After that, Tang Zichen spent several hours carefully instructing each of them.

"Wow, big brother, I'm sure you'll be a hit, your guidance is completely different from those training courses."

"Yeah, big brother, I just got guided by you, I can't help but want to go on a retreat."

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone go yell first, and then go on your own to close the door."

More than a dozen little brothers, one by one, went to their classes, then shouted in the valley of each class, "Good news, good news, the originator of the training course, Tang Zichen, is back in business, he's starting to instruct training again, and the price is still the same, only ten immortal coins for each instruction."

Originally, this news wouldn't have caused much of a stir, but the fact that it only cost ten immortal coins per instruction, made everyone who heard it remember.

"Damn it, ten immortal coins for instruction once?He's not going to rob it."

"This is even more robbery than robbery."

Everyone heard everyone cursing, even those mentoring classes run by instructors, the most they can instruct is one yuan of immortal coins once, Tang Zichen is good, ten yuan of immortal coins once, mama.

However, cursing would be right.

Tang Zichen would have failed if he was also one immortal coin at a time, so that no one would pay attention to him at all, now ten immortal coins at a time, although he was scolded, but the attention suddenly rose, and the word of mouth spread to ten, ten hundred.

Although people scolded very expensive, but, for some reason, the more expensive it was, the more it tickled everyone's mind.

"Now that the guidance class is so competitive, who gave him the courage to be so expensive?"

"How dare he be so expensive?Does he think that he's still the only one who runs it now?"

Just like that, those who managed to get their curiosity piqued by Tang Zichen couldn't help but go to Tang Zichen's training class to take a look.

"I'd like to see what makes him set ten immortal coins at a time."

Outside Tang Zichen's training course, dozens of people came one after another.

"Everyone, do you want guidance?"Don Zichen asked.

"You are the legendary one, the originator of the training courses, right?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's exactly me, I didn't expect that I would have opened so many training courses after leaving the Air Tearing Department for so long."Tang Zichen looked as if he only knew now.

One of them snorted, "If you know that the competition in the training courses is at such a level nowadays, why do you still dare to charge such a high price?Do you know that many talented students nowadays, their training course a piece of Xian coin instruction twice, even three times.You fucking ten Xian coins once, you're crazy thinking about money."


; Afterwards, the dozens of people who came looked at Tang Zichen, clearly they also wanted to know on what grounds.

Tang Zichen said, "With my guidance, it's worth more than ten immortal coins."

"You say it's worth it?"

"If you don't believe me, you guys, I can instruct once for half price, who wants it?"


"Half price is too expensive."

"A single Xian coin is more like it."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Sorry then, please return, everyone."

"Hey, how can you do business like this."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not short of immortal coins, it doesn't matter, the reason I opened the training course is just because I saw that those people who imitate me are all cheating money.Their guidance is simply rubbish, I just can't see past them."

"Then you mean to say that your guidance is better than all the guidance of the training courses?"

"Why else would I quote ten Xian coins once."

At that moment, one of them said, "Fine, I'll trust you once, give me half the price."

Tang Zichen said, "What's your name?"

"My name is Yuan Yun."

"Alright, come in."

That Yuan Yun, followed into a cave.

Tang Zichen said, "Tell me all the things you don't understand."

"Okay, that's a lot."

"It's fine, just tell me."

Twenty minutes later, that Yuan Yun walked out of the cave.

Dozens of people panicked and pounced on him and asked, "How is it?This brother."

However, that Yuan Yun looked like he was pondering, ignoring everyone.

"Say it, how is it?"

Yuan Yun was tired of being asked and yelled, "What's the noise, don't interrupt, wait and make me forget, I'm not done with you guys."

"Then tell me, how is Tang Zichen guiding you?"

"All I can say is, if you can guide once for half price today, hurry up and guide a few more times, because his guidance is definitely worth ten cents."

"True or false."

However, that Yuan Yun panicked and went to the side of the open space to practice his sword, looking like he was incomparably devoted, because the guidance given by Tang Zichen was so targeted that he was afraid that he would forget the feeling of that moment and go back in time to practice right next to it.

The remaining dozen or so people looked at each other face to face.

"Fuck, is it that exaggerated?"

"It's just five immortal coins, if it's not worth it, I'll just throw it away."

"Me too."

Just like that, those dozens of people also went to look for Tang Zichen to guide them.

After the guidance, those dozens of people were stunned.

It turned out that the guidance of the rest of the training course was really rubbish compared to Tang Zichen's guidance.

The guidance of the rest of the training course was just a little bit reasonable for a moment, but, when I turned around and practiced on my own, I felt that a lot of things were not right, that is to say, the guidance of the others was based on the instructors themselves, but Tang Zichen's guidance was based on different people, and Tang Zichen's comprehension of the saber technique was not comparable to ordinary people at all, Tang Zichen could re-optimize it through his moves, while others were still at the stage of following the same pattern.

Tang Zichen instructed the dozens of people in Wanna, out of the cave, and found that those dozens of people had found a place to practice anywhere outside the cave.

Tang Zichen's heart was moved, if everyone who sought his guidance in the future were to practice here, then this place of Tang Zichen's would really become a school like existence.


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