The King of Kungfu in school 2181-2185


Chapter 2181

"You're good, I'll take your word for it.Boss."Ying Xinghe shouted very quietly.



After hearing Ying Xinghe call boss, Tang Zichen didn't look at him anymore.

Tang Zichen said, "Excuse me, is there a library or something like that here?"

"Of course I have, but what do you want?"That beautiful squad leader said.

Tang Zichen said, "Can you tell me about it, I'd like to take a look."

Ying Xinghe snorted, "Do you want to do your own research?"

"Is there something wrong?"

"It's not that I'm mocking you, it's impossible to learn an Immortal Pill above the fourth level without a tutor's fine and repeated explanations."

"Whether or not I can learn it on my own, that's my business, who can take me to the library?" Remember the URL

That beautiful class president said, "I'll take you there."


"You're welcome, come with me."

Tang Zichen followed the beautiful class leader.

After Tang Zichen left, that Ying Xinghe was busy saying, "Everyone, let's all go find our mentor, that newcomer just now is simply a rogue, let's find our mentor and fire him."

"Okay, let's go find Mentor Gutta."

With that, a group of students, went straight to Mentor Gupta's office.

"What are you guys doing?"Gupta tutor saw so many students coming to him and was busy asking, at the moment Gupta teacher was grading the papers and just finished changing them.

"Gupta-sensei, we have something to report to you."

"What is it."

"About a man who called himself king in class 4-2, and also, he beat up seven or eight people in our class so badly that they couldn't stand up."Saying that, a few students helped the ones who were beaten by Tang Zichen up.

"What? How dare you be so rude in my class."Instructor Gutta was furious and roared, "I don't care who this person is, I don't want to know his name either, I must expel him, you guys go tell him that he won't come to class tomorrow."

Ying Xinghe and the others were overjoyed, they were busy saying, "Teacher Gutta is so wise, we will definitely relay this to him."

"Haha, this scum is finally leaving."

Teacher Gutta said, "Alright, this matter is decided, you guys don't bother me anymore."

"Okay, goodbye teacher."

A few seconds later, Teacher Gutta suddenly said, "By the way, you guys go get someone named Tang Zichen for me."

"Tang Zichen?Who is Don Zichen?"No one knew what his name was yet, since Don Zichen hadn't introduced himself yet.

"What, don't we have this person in our class?Then why does his test paper say Tang Zichen."

One of the students said, "Could it be which one just came today?"

Mentor Gupta wanted to laugh, "That must be him, huh, go get him for me, I want to invite him to tea."

"Ugh!"Ying Xinghe and the others were startled there.

"What?What are you waiting for, go and call that newcomer."

One of the students asked, "Mr. Gupta, why did you call him here and invite him for tea."

"Haha, this kid, I really misjudged him, I thought he slept in the exam because he couldn't take it, but I didn't expect it to be because he had already finished the exam.That's fine, he still scored a perfect score, hahaha, I've been teaching for so many years, but I've never seen a theory that can score a perfect score.This person must be a very powerful Immortal Pill Master in the future, Teacher, I want to be friends with him in advance.Go quickly, call him here.



"Go ahead."

"Gutta-sensei, to tell you the truth, the one we reported to you, the one who assaulted a fellow student and got expelled from your class, is the new one."

"What."Gutta-sensei was taken aback, this?What should be done.

Ying Xinghe asked, "Teacher Gutta, I think, this kind of person with a problematic character, even if he is outstanding, he can't stay in the Immortal Academy ah, I hope Teacher Gutta will think twice."

Teacher Gutta smiled and said, "No need to think about it, I won't expel Tang Zichen."

"Gutta-sensei, you just said that."

"What I just said doesn't count, what I'm saying now only counts, what's wrong with Tang Zichen hitting someone, it must be because he's in a bad mood, if he was in a good mood, he definitely wouldn't have hit someone, so it's not his fault that Tang Zichen hit someone, it's his mood that's to blame."

"Teacher Gutta, you."Ying Xinghe and a group of other students were all stupid, how dare Teacher Gutta say something so biased towards Tang Zichen, that it wasn't his fault to hit him, the fault was his bad mood.

"Alright, you guys can leave now."

Ying Xinghe and the others depressedly left, Ying Xinghe cursed in his heart, "A perfect score on the exam is amazing."

At this moment, Tang Zichen and the beautiful class were on their way to the library.

"What's your name?"The beautiful squad leader asked Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, what about you!"


"Oh, Cloud, how did you get to be class president?"

"Because I'm in the class, the one with the highest score in every exam, alchemy practice is the highest level as well."

Tang Zichen smiled, "From today onwards, this is all part of your past history, with me here, first is insulated from you from now on."

"Hmph, you're too crazy, it's just that you won against Ying Xinghe."Yun Duo said unconvinced.

Tang Zichen said, "Just winning?Can you come up with a recipe for that Transfiguration Pill of mine that's more potent than mine?"

"That only means that you happen to be very perceptive to Transfiguration Pills, it doesn't mean that it's easy for you to refine all of them.Besides, there are other aspects."

"Alright, I'm not going to bother discussing it with you."

Quickly, we arrived at the library.

The beautiful squad leader said, "There aren't many books here, but they're all essentials, all handed down from the Heavenly Realm, with many master's notes and so on.However, the notes are something that is difficult to understand if you are not the person yourself, and I'm afraid it's not enough if you want to raise your Xiantian level just by reading the books, you still have to be practical and take it step by step.Our Gutta teacher, who explains in detail every day, is the most rewarding."

Tang Zichen said, "Thank you for bringing me to the library, well, I'm booked, you go busy with your work."

"Don't know a good heart."The beautiful squad leader finished humming and walked away.

Tang Zichen immediately flipped through the books in the library.

Tang Zichen flipped and flipped and suddenly found a book that made him feel really great.

That book was called "Xuan Daojun's Immortal Pill Companion Book".

The first sentence in the beginning was: "I am Xuan Daojun, a disciple of Supreme Lord Laozi, an eighteenth disciple of Supreme Lord Laozi.It would be a great honor for me to be able to help my descendants.

Although Tang Zichen didn't know who the Xuan Dao Monarch was, let alone who the Supreme Old Lord was, Tang Zichen felt that it should be someone very awesome.

Moreover, this Xuan Daojun's accompanying book had the highest recorded Immortal Pill level, reaching level seven.

It was also the one with the highest record in this collection, and most of the rest of the books had no higher record at around level six.


Thus, Tang Zichen immediately selected this book as his self-study object.

Just like before, Tang Zichen used Master Green King's notes as his self-study object.

When Tang Zichen had read the Green King's notes before, Tang Zichen had mastered a method of substituting himself completely into it, as if it was his own notes, like a memory, so that he could quickly learn the level of the Immortal Pill in it.

However, this kind of substitution would not be possible without a truly great genius.

Spring and autumn came and went, and Tang Zichen himself did not know how long it had been.

When Tang Zichen opened his eyes again, he already had a layer of dust on him.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply.

"I've finished reading all of Xuan Daojun's accompanying journals."

"I guess I'm now at the seventh level of the Xuan Dan level, phew."Tang Zichen exhaled a breath and stood up.

Tang Zichen's body shook, and the dust on his body was gone.

Tang Zichen walked out of the library, not knowing what year this evening was. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen went back to that previous class of four and two, and that class of four and two was also in class at the moment.

However, Tang Zichen found that there were no acquaintances here anymore, and of course, the teacher in class was still that Gutta teacher, but the students were no longer the same ones from before.

When Teacher Gutta saw Tang Zichen, he smiled slightly, "You're out of the gate."

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Teacher Gutta, how come all the students in class 4-2 have changed?"

Teacher Gupta smiled, "Tang Zichen, you really are one of the most special students I've ever had, but of course, you've only listened to half of my lectures, so you're not exactly my student.By the way, this is your test paper from back then, after all these years, it's time to send it to you."After saying that, Teacher Gutta waved his hand and a paper flew towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen took it in his hand and held it in his hand, and on the top of the paper was written, "100 points."

This test paper was exactly what Tang Zichen took on the day he first entered this class.

"Thank you, Mr. Gutta."Tang Zichen smiled, this test paper, it looked a little yellow, indicating that, this test paper had not existed for a short period of time.

Tang Zichen asked, "Dare I ask Gutta-sensei, where are the students from this class in the first place?Like, the beautiful class president, Cloud, and the Yingxing River and all that."

Mr. Gupta said, "You seriously don't know how many years you've been in the library?"

"I really don't know."

Mr. Gupta admired, "That's admirable, it means you are completely immersed in it, it's the highest level of reading."

"Oh, thank you, and I hope to inform you."

Gupta-sensei said, "You have been in the library, for a million years."

"Sh, what?"Tang Zichen was taken aback, a million years?Oh my, this cauliflower has gone cold.

"Yes, it's been a whole million years, and the students who were in the same class as you have long since risen to a higher class.For example, that Cloud, she's currently in Class 51, and she's also the one who was the most powerful in that class, rising to the highest one currently, the rest of them, mostly between Classes 4-5 and 4-8."

"Oh, so."

The so-called class four-five was the class with the fifth level of quality of a fourth level Immortal Master, and class four-eight was similar.Class fifty-one, as well.

In other words, that cloud, in the span of a hundred years, went from being a fourth-grade, second-layer quality Immortal Dane to a fifth-grade, first-layer quality Immortal Dane.

Teacher Gutta asked, "Tang Zichen, I wonder what you've gained from spending a million years in the library?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "The harvest is fine, I think I'm already considered a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master."

"What? Seventh rank, tsk tsk."Teacher Gutta exclaimed for a moment.

"Er, marvel at what."

Teacher Gutta smiled, "Truth be told, old man is also a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master."

"Oh yeah, so Teacher is also a seventh level, I wonder what level of seventh level Teacher is?"

"Seventh level and zero levels, what about you?"

"I should have seven levels and three tiers."

"Wow, Tang Zichen, please accept senior's worship."Teacher Gutta panicked and got up to pay his respects.

"Teacher, make no mistake, the thunder god will strike me."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, the Da is my teacher, you have already surpassed me in the realm of Immortal Pill, and are already my senior.Come, come, let me introduce you for my current student."Teacher Gutta pulled Tang Zichen into the class.

Tang Zichen stood on the podium as a group of students below looked at Tang Zichen.

Teacher Gutta said to the class, "Everyone, a million years ago, this senior was sitting in the last row of this classroom, and a million years later, he is already a seventh level, third level Immortal Master."

"Wow."The entire class cast admiring glances at Tang Zichen.

Teacher Gutta said, "This senior, his name is Tang Zichen, a million years ago, he entered the Immortal Academy for the first time, he first came to my Class 4-2, he only listened to half of my class and then took a test paper, after that, he entered the library and studied the accompanying notes of the Xuan Dao Monarch on his own, he didn't get out until today, but he's a genius, he was able to become a seventh level Immortal Pill Master even if he studied completely on his own .You can see the talent."

"Pah-pah."The whole class applauded.

Teacher Gupta said, "Senior Tang, give these juniors a few words."

Tang Zichen reluctantly looked like this, in fact Tang Zichen was a bit anxious when he learned that a million years had passed.This meant that he had been at the Academy of Immortality for as much as a million years, and he didn't know how his family members in the Upper Fellows' Yama Continent were doing.

Tang Zichen said, "Then let me say a few words, everyone has come to Immortal Academy to learn Immortal Pill, and the main thing to learn Immortal Pill is one word, steady.Be steady.Second, have confidence, third, think openly, eyes cannot be too limited, the so-called heart is as big as the stage, if the stage inside you is small, how can you become a powerful Immortal Pill Master; fourth, diligence, hard work, perseverance.Alright, that's my experience, I wish all of you will become a generation of Xian Dan masters soon."

"Thank you, Senior Tang."All the students saluted.

"You're welcome, I'll be leaving first then."

As soon as Tang Zichen left, Teacher Gutta chased him out and said, "Senior Tang, how about taking a seat in my office?"

It was good, Tang Zichen thought, Tang Zichen's first time becoming a seventh-grade Immortal Master, to ask him something by the way.


Arriving at Gutta's office, Tutor Gutta smiled, "Senior Tang, I really admire you, becoming a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master at such a young age."

"Haha, you're also rank seven."

"It's different, I'm already an old bone, there's no possibility of advancing, while you, you still have great prospects in the future, even, if you continue to develop, it's not impossible for you to travel to the Heaven Realm in the future."

"Er, heading to the heavenly realm, huh, haven't thought that far ahead."

"With your talent, it's definitely not far off."


"Haha, is there any restriction in going to heaven?"

"Of course it is, it's paradise, you think anyone can go to paradise."

"That's right."

"Senior Tang, with your current level of Immortal Pill, you can already close the school, what are your next plans?"


"Yeah, normal students, the Academy of Immortality can only help you reach the sixth to seventh level, and further up in the seventh level, the Earth Immortal World is afraid that it will be difficult to find opportunities, and you've already met the conditions to close the school."

"Oh, but I don't want to close the school yet."Tang Zichen said in his heart, his big money-making plan hadn't even started yet, and he didn't expect that a trip to the Immortal Academy would be a pleasant surprise as he would quickly become a seventh-grade Immortal Master.

Next, Tang Zichen still had to return to the Air Tearing Department, train the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Blade to at least 100 levels, and then earn a large amount of Immortal Coins, only after he had earned a large amount of Immortal Coins would it be time for him to graduate from the Immortal Academy.

Teacher Gutta laughed, "You don't want to close the school?Do you want to be a teacher?That's an idea."

"Uh, being a mentor, huh?"Tang Zichen didn't think about it, he wouldn't waste his time teaching others.

Tang Zichen said, "By the way, what are the benefits of being a mentor?" First web site

"Of course there is, you can get a hundred cents for ten thousand years."

"Wow, that's not bad."

"Do you think it's such a good job, anyone can but appoint ah, I entered the Academy of Immortals back then, that was only after crossing five hurdles."

Tang Zichen asked, "Teacher Gutta, let me ask you a question, do you have a family?Or family?"

"No, exactly, there used to be, but then, the family waned, and gradually, there was no descendant to become an immortal, and soon there was no family, and now it's alone."

Tang Zichen felt somewhat pathetic.

"Gutta-sensei, one question, what's the point of a Xiantian making so many immortal coins?For example, you, for so many years, you must have saved a lot of immortal coins, I don't think you have a great need for immortal coins if you don't cultivate.Of course, if I were to become a teacher here as well, your present would be my future."

In fact, Tang Zichen was just trying to get out how many immortal coins this old man had saved today.

Of course, Tang Zichen wasn't trying to do a job, just curious.

Teacher Gutta sighed and said, "Senior Tang, you've really spoken to my heart, I've been teaching at the Academy of Immortals for over 300 million years."

"Wow."Tang Zichen exclaimed.

"Although I myself have often used immortal coins to buy some materials, but still, there is still a lot left, I don't have a family, I can't spend it myself, so I can only save it, to this day, I am considered a millionaire.

"Wow, wouldn't that be owning a million immortal coins."Tang Zichen was shocked, I didn't expect that an old man would be an invisible millionaire ah.

"Oh."Teacher Gutta smiled somewhat bitterly.

Tang Zichen said, "Teacher Gutta, you own so many immortal coins, aren't you afraid of being robbed?"

"This is the Academy of Immortality, who dares to rob me?Even if I really was robbed, as long as I go to file a complaint, the dean can help me get it back, because the Immortal Academy is the dean's personal immortal residence, and the dean can tell who robbed it with a random immortal thought.Of course, if it's outside, it's hard to say."


"Tang Zichen, do you want to be a tutor?I can be your recommender if you want."

"No, I don't really want to spend my time on that."

"Then you can't learn anything more profound in the Xiantian department anymore, so if you don't become a teacher and stay here

Li is also a waste of time."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Teacher Gutta, you don't know me very well, and as things stand, I have a secret I want to tell you, and I hope you won't tell anyone."

"Don't worry, I'll never tell."

"Actually, when I originally entered the Academy of Immortality, I wasn't accepted by the Department of Immortality, I was a student accepted by the Department of Air Tear."


"I'm not only talented in Immortal Pill, I'm also incredibly talented in spells, Air Tearing, and even, a little stronger than in Immortal Pill.A million years ago, I was a little tired from practicing Air Tearing, so I came to Immortal Pill for a spin, and as a result, I accidentally became a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master."

Teacher Gutta gave a thumbs up and praised, "That's awesome, I don't know what words to use to describe you anymore."

"Haha, Gutta-sensei is too polite."

Teacher Gutta smiled apologetically, "Your current Immortal Technique is above me, I can't afford this teacher anymore, you'd better call me by my name, I'll be called Gutta."

Tang Zichen said, "How can this be, one day as teacher, lifetime as father."

"Where is this the truth."

"It's the truth from my hometown, the education I received since I was a child, teacher above, please accept the student's worship."

"Don't, don't, can't make it ah, the old man really doesn't dare to be your elder, if you really have to call me teacher, then why don't you call me brother, it's also considered an equal, so that my heart can bear it better."Teacher Gupta said.

Tang Zichen said, "This makes no sense, how can you be my brother, I'll be struck by lightning, if teacher doesn't mind, why don't I call you master."

"Don't don't, make it impossible."

"Then I'll call you Grandpa."

"Don't, don't, that's even more unacceptable."

"O Teacher, you're too modest."Tang Zichen didn't know what was going on inside, he had to deepen his relationship with the old man, and wondered if he was thinking about someone's millions.

"If you can afford me, just call me old brother."

"Alright, old brother on top, please accept brother's worship."

"Oh, good, good, so I have another family member as well.By the way, I still don't know where Tang Di is from, and who's in the family."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not hiding anything from old brother, but my hometown is actually in the Upper Fei Yan Continent."

"Ah, from the Lower Four Continents."


"Oh, Brother Tang is really outstanding, the Lower Four Continents can have geniuses like you."

"What are you talking about, old brother, I'm just a fool."

"Don't be modest, Brother Tang."

"Haha, old brother, since you and I call each other brothers today, how about a good drink."

"Sure, just what my brother wants."

On that day, Tang Zichen and Gutta, drank heavily, and during the banquet, Tang Zichen was extremely gentle, playing the role of his younger brother vividly.

I don't know if Tang Zichen was really so heroic when he was working so hard, or if he was hitting on someone's millions again.

"Older brother, come younger brother today to worship big brother, very happy inside, come, cheers again."Tang Zichen lifted the bottle and said.

"Haha, old brother me too, cheers again, old brother I haven't been so happy for a long time, hahaha."

Tang Zichen lifted the bottle and gulped it down, drinking so much.

Seeing him like this, it doesn't seem like he's quite hitting on someone's million dollar family fortune ah.


Don Zichen and Gutta drank for three days.

They drank each other intoxicated and slept for three more days and nights in a row.

When Tang Zichen opened his eyes, the sound of Gutta's laughter could be heard in his ears, "Wake up, it's good to be young, you've been able to sleep for so long, hahaha."

"Older brother, how long have I been sleeping."

"Three days and three nights."

"Damn, I have to go."Tang Zichen scrambled to get up, don't waste time here.

"Won't you play anymore?"

"No, brother, I'll see you later."

"I'll see you later."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Mr. Gupta seemed to be hesitating about something. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen went farther and farther away and soon went several thousand meters away.

Gutta-sensei inwardly said, "Could it be that I've misinterpreted it?He befriended me not on the basis of my fairy coins?"

"Ugh, I can't believe I thought so low of others, I'm so ashamed of Tang Zichen, I really don't deserve to be his brother, I despise myself."

Teacher Gutta said to himself, at the moment he seemed to blame himself, he was beginning to think that someone as talented as Tang Zichen was supposedly looking down on him at all, so it could be that Tang Zichen was hitting on his fairy coins, but Tang Zichen left without showing anything, it wasn't like he was hitting on his fairy coins at all.

So, Gutta-sensei blamed himself for his own dirty thoughts.

"Brother Tang."Gutta began to struggle forward to catch up.

Tang Zichen was on his way out of the Xiantian Department when suddenly, Gutta's shout came from thousands of meters behind him.

Tang Zichen turned back in confusion.

Gutta caught up with him.

"Old brother, you?"

Gutta looked ashamed and said, "I'm sorry, Old Brother Tang, I must apologize to you, otherwise I feel uneasy, I feel, I really don't deserve to be your old brother."

"Old brother Gutta, what do you mean by this?"

"Older brother Tang, it was my caution, I was just beginning to wonder if you befriended me because I have millions of family money, I'm sorry, I thought your personality was low."

Tang Zichen was indeed a bit upset and smiled somewhat reluctantly, "Older brother really thought my personality was low."


"Alright, it's nothing important, it's just a misunderstanding, I'll leave first."

Gutta saw that Tang Zichen's face was indeed unhappy and his tone had changed a bit, and he was suddenly anxious inside, knowing that Tang Zichen should be a bit angry.

"Older brother Tang, wait."

"What else do you want to say, old brother."Tang Zichen said a bit impatiently, saying in his heart, "Maby, I didn't even think about the million dollar family fortune, but I thought to hit you with the idea of money, it's really damn unpleasant."

Gutta was reluctant, but seeing that Tang Zichen was a bit angry, he had to endure the pain.

Gutta took out 10,000 immortal coins and said, "Brother Tang, this is a little bit of my brother's heart, and I hope that Brother Tang will accept it."

Tang Zichen knew how many immortal coins with a glance of his eyes.

Tang Zichen said, "What's this for, old brother?You think I care about pennies?Older brother may not know, the four major Air Tearing Techniques of the Air Tearing Department, the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, the Shura Divine Saber, the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer, and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow, I know them all, I only need to go and instruct others, and I can earn nearly two thousand Xian coins in three days.Old brother, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

"This."Gutta didn't expect that Tang Zichen's ability to earn immortal coins was so strong.

Gutta felt very guilty about his actions, so Gutta had no choice but to bite his teeth and take out 100,000 Xian coins, saying, "Old brother Tang, I was joking with you, this is a little bit of my brother's gift, I hope that old brother Tang will accept it."


; "Older brother, you are insulting my character ah, you are not testing me again."

"Old brother Tang, I really wasn't testing you, just take it, I'm already deeply embarrassed, if you don't take it, it means you don't forgive me."

"Old brother, 100,000 Xian coins is not a lot, but I am Tang."

"Older brother, you must be angry."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was a bit annoyed, but Tang Zichen did feel a bit tempted by the 100,000 immortal coins.

"Older brother, think of it as a little gift from your brother."

"It's just a gift, I'll take it."

"Thank you, Old Brother Tang, I won't bother you then, you go about your business, be sure to come find me when you have time."

"Okay, goodbye."

Tang Zichen walked away.

Tang Zichen was carrying 100,000 Xian coins on his body, feeling a bit strange.

Tang Zichen could train all of these 100,000 immortal coins into immortal pills, and after taking them, there was no telling what realm he could rise to.

Tang Zichen stopped and said inwardly, "I already have 100,000 Immortal Coins now, do I still need to instruct others to earn Immortal Coins?One hundred thousand immortal coins, even if I guide others, it will take quite a while to earn it."

"One hundred thousand Xian coins, actually, it seems like quite a lot now, maybe when I get to the back, I'll find that it's actually not much, so I'd better earn as much as I can now that I have the chance, I won't have that chance to earn Xian coins after I leave the Immortal Academy."

Just at this moment, a shout came from the ground, "Tang Zichen?"

Tang Zichen looked down, but he saw an acquaintance on the ground.

Tang Zichen immediately flew down.

"Yun Duo, hello, it's been a million years, and you haven't changed a bit."

"Tang Zichen, when did you come out of the Xiantian Department's library?"

"A few days ago."

"Wow, you're so patient, by the way, how are you learning the Immortal Technique on your own now?"

"I'm already a seventh-ranked Xiantian."

"What? Seventh-rank."


"Wow, you're too powerful."

"Oh, okay, I heard that you've become a fifth-grade Immortal Pill Master too."

"Compared to you, I don't know how far behind I am, I may not be able to become a rank seven Immortal Pill Master in tens of millions of years, I really envy you."

"One day you'll become a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master too."

"I hope so."Yun Duo looked at Tang Zichen, his eyes somewhat complicated.

"What are you doing here?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Don't say it, it's annoying."

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

"There's a guy who's been stalking me and I'm just avoiding him right now, but I guess he'll find me soon, causing me to be afraid to even go back to my class right now.That guy, by the way, is the most bossy person in the class I'm in now."

"So, if people are sincere about you, why not give someone a chance."

"Oh, no feelings, don't you know that women can't get along at all if they don't have feelings."

Just then, a voice came from the front, "It must be just ahead, go over and search."

"Yes, brother."

There was more than one person.

Yun Duo said, "Several people in the class are following him, forget it, you'd better hurry up and leave, but don't get you into trouble, that person is quite strong, he's already an Upper Immortal, and he's quite talented in spells.I heard that he's already had fifteen girlfriends at Immortal Academy, and broke up when he got tired of playing with them."


"That's rubbish, I'll tell you what, Cloud, I'll say you're my girlfriend now, and if he touches you, I'll take care of him."

"Is that okay?"

"Try it."

A few minutes later, several men rushed up.

"Cloud, why are you hiding here?"One of the men asked.

Tang Zichen purposely straightened his clothes and pulled the waistband of his trousers, then grunted, "What a spoilsport, who the hell interfered with my good fortune, causing me to not enjoy myself."

Suddenly, the faces of the men changed, as if they had guessed what they had just been doing.

The man who was chasing Yun Duo among them said angrily, "Yun Duo, what were you just doing with him?"

Cloud said, "Yao Liao, you've given up now, I really don't like you, I already have someone I like, and now you can see that he is."

The one called Yao Liao yelled, "I'm asking you, what did you just do?"

Cloud, "You know it yourself, don't you." One second to remember to read the book

"Yun Duo, you slut, I thought you were so noble and a clean and loving person, but I didn't expect you to be a slut."That Yao Liao was furious and cursed.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You have the guts to say it again, I'm here on a date with my lover, what's it to you."


"Yes, my lover, Cloud and I have been together since ten thousand years ago.Now get out of here immediately, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."

Yun Duo busily said, "Yao Liao, my brother Tang, is a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master, you better be sensible."

"Hahaha, I pooh, a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master?Do you know who my grandfather is?Yun Duo, a mere seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master, you fucking backstabbed to sleep with him, I despise you."

Yun Duo said, "I have no interest in who your grandfather is, even if he's more powerful than my brother Tang, I'll say so."

Yao Liao looked at Tang Zichen and gritted his teeth, "I don't care who you are, get out of here right now, since Yun Duo is such a bitch, I want to treat these brothers of mine, let my brother have a good time today."

Tang Zichen sneered, "You have the guts to say that again?"

"I'm not afraid to tell you that my grandfather is a teacher at the Academy of Immortality, and the realm of the Immortal Pill is definitely above you, so you better not mess with me."

"Fuck you."Tang Zichen slapped away.

"Tang Zichen, this will be alright, right?"

"I don't get it either, what's this guy's story?"

"He's from a powerful family in the Northern Clubs."

"North Club Lushland?"


"What about you?"

"I'm from the Northern Club as well."

"What if you if he does something to your family?"

"That's why I have such a headache."

Tang Zichen said, "Wouldn't that be, now even I'm offended by him."

"Are you from the Northern Club as well?"

"Sort of."

"Ah, what about that?"

"As things stand, I'd better advise you to leave here."

"Alas, it seems that I can only go to my good sisters and learn spells from her.By the way, my good sisters' name is Hua Mingxin, have you heard of her?"

Tang Zichen was startled, Hua Mingxin, isn't that the lady from the family where Qingtian's grandfather worked as a doorman?Tang Zichen had heard about it before he entered the Academy of Immortality, that there was a genius woman named Hua Mingxin who had entered the Academy of Immortality.

"I've heard about it."

"Then you should accompany me to find my good sister and ask her to help me out."


"Do you have anything else?"

r />

Tang Zichen thought, it's just a matter of time, since he came to the Academy of Immortality, he must have to walk through every place, so he might be able to learn a few spells by going to the spell department for a walk.

Although the spells might not be as good as the Air Tearing Technique, but the arts might be of great use at a critical moment.

Tang Zichen disappeared with the clouds.

The few people who had just been slapped away by Tang Zichen didn't wake up for a long time, not until three months later.Of course, this was the aftermath.

Tang Zichen and Yun Duo arrived at the Spell Department and headed to a certain class.

"Tang Zichen, my best friend Hua Mingxin, is a very talented woman oh, so far, it's only three million years, but she's already a celestial immortal."

"Wow, that's not bad."

"Of course, she's not just a genius, she's also a beautiful woman."

"Oh, you're also a beauty."Tang Zichen said casually, but Yun Duo was overjoyed to hear Tang Zichen say that she was a beautiful woman, and for some reason was happier for ten thousand generations than anyone else to praise her.

Soon, arriving at a certain class, she found Hua Mingxin.

Sure enough, a woman who looked graceful and elegant with an extraordinary temperament came out.

"Yun Duo, why are you here if you're not studying well in the Xian Dan Department."Hua Mingxin was busy, her eyes immediately looked at Tang Zichen, suspecting that Yun Duo was not looking for a boyfriend.

Yun Duo smiled, "Nameoxin, I was forced to come here as well."

"What happened?Who is he?It's not your boyfriend, is it?"

"This."Cloud looked at Tang Zichen, as if he was asking how Tang Zichen should answer, and if he answered no, he was afraid that Tang Zichen would hurt his pride or something.

Tang Zichen said, "A friend."

"Right, friend."

"Oh, yeah."Hua Mingxin looked half-hearted.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys chat, I'm going to go to the spell department for a spin."

Hua Mingxin was busy saying, "Outsiders can't walk around in the Department of Spells, if you really want to go for a spin, take my identity card, you can go anywhere with it."

"Okay, thanks."Tang Zichen took Hua Mingxin's identity card and left.

After Tang Zichen left, Hua Mingxin was busy saying, "Yun Duo, honestly, what is your relationship?Why do I feel like you look at him differently, I don't believe that you are merely friends."

"Name Xin, you're really overthinking it, in fact we're not necessarily friends.His name is Tang Zichen, he's currently a seventh-grade Immortal."

"Wow, wouldn't put, such a young seventh-grade Xian Dan Master?I just scanned him, and he's only about four million years old, which is only a million years older than me."Hua Mingxin was shocked.

Under normal circumstances, even the most genius person who became a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master would be at least ten million years old.

Tang Zichen's true age was just over a million years old, and since it had been modified to three million years old, it now looked like it was four million years old.But a four million year old Immortal Pill Master was already shocking enough.

Cloud said, "This guy is, indeed, a super Immortal Pill genius."

"Honestly, do you like him?"Hua Mingxin asked.

Yun Duo smiled with a blush, "I do like it quite a bit, but unfortunately, he may not be interested in me."

"What? You haven't confessed to him yet."

"Khan, how dare I."

"I'll help you."

"Alright, Namexin, don't give me any trouble, I'm in a pile of trouble."

Tang Zichen took Hua Mingxin's identity card, and sure enough, he could be anywhere, because people wouldn't check the card, they all thought he was from this department.

Tang Zichen looked up and saw a book collection library.

Tang Zichen went into the library at once to see if there were any powerful spells to learn a few of his.


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