The King of Kungfu in school 2176-2180


Chapter 2176

I'm afraid Shi Haoxiang could never have imagined that this move that he was proud of at the moment was all full of loopholes in the eyes of someone who hadn't even practiced it yet, Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen casually took out the twelfth layer, a move called 'Apocalyptic Slanting Sun', and attacked Shi Haoxiang's left ear direction.

Shi Haoxiang felt his gaze being obscured by Tang Zichen's knife for a moment, and the knife in his hand was disturbed, but Shi Haoxiang continued to slash without any hesitation, he had no idea of Tang Zichen's intentions.

"Boom."Shi Haoxiang's slash hit the ground with a shudder.

But, suddenly a cold knife was placed on his neck.

The image came to a standstill like this.

"Ah."Everyone was startled when they saw this scene.

"This."Maeve was now silly, the Howe she worshipped was actually being held by a knife to his neck.

Shi Haoxiang's brain was also blinded at this moment, not knowing what was going on.

Tang Zichen said coldly, "Shi Haoxiang, if you dare to move, your neck will fall off."

"You."Shi Haoxiang was angry and frustrated, and felt very ashamed, in front of so many adoring others. One second to remember to read the book

Maeve was busy saying unquestionably, "How did this happen, Ho?That's impossible, how could you be a single move."

Shi Haoxiang didn't even dare to move at the moment, and when he heard the word 'one move', he was even more spitting fire inside.

Tang Zichen said, "Shi Haoxiang, it seems that you are really an embroidered pillow, a hit-and-miss."

Shi Haoxiang held his tongue for half a day and had to say, "Have the guts to do it again?I was careless this time."

Tang Zichen said, "Of course you can, but once again, I'm not free, three hundred Xian coins, if you can afford it, come."

"Three hundred, you won't go for it."

"If you win, I'll give you three hundred."

"Okay, that's what you said."With the matter at hand, Shi Haoxiang had no choice but to try again and use other moves.

Only then did Tang Zichen take the sword away.

Shi Haoxiang ton slaughtered Tang Zichen while he wasn't ready, this time, he used the most skilled move he had practiced, although it wasn't the most powerful, he would never make a mistake.

Tang Zichen didn't even look, he backhanded it.

Shi Haoxiang was disturbed by this backhanded slash from Tang Zichen, and was in a state of confusion, retreating continuously, until after retreating four or five steps, the knife in his hand had come out of his hand, and Tang Zichen's knife, straight at his throat.

The picture was once again frozen.

Everyone was looking stupid.

Only then did Tang Zichen twist the bull over and look at Shi Haoxiang.

"Gosh, this is too awesome, winning without even looking."

"Tsk tsk, this is a true master of the world."

"This person just fought with Shi Haoxiang who sneaked up behind him without looking, that pose, it's so handsome."

Everyone was dazzled by Tang Zichen's handsome posture just now.

Just now Shi Haoxiang was supposed to take advantage of the fact that Tang Zichen wasn't ready to do it, and suddenly did it behind Tang Zichen, as a result, people head back, clanking a few encounters, and Shi Haoxiang's throat was topped again.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

Tang Zichen said, "Shi Haoxiang, what else can you say this time, if you are not satisfied, you can come again, five hundred cents."

"You."Shi Haoxiang was shocked and unwilling inside at the moment, in this situation he was losing so much

It was so miserable that he really couldn't find any reason for it.

Tang Zichen said, "Shi Haoxiang, I don't know if you've noticed, but the two times I've just fought you, I used the moves of the twelfth level of the Shura Divine Blade.In other words, you were defeated in the twelfth layer of moves."

"No, how is that possible."Shi Haoxiang just remembered, as if, he was suddenly going crazy, he had already lost badly enough.

It was only after being reminded by Tang Zichen that everyone also remembered that it was true.

"Wow, awesome."

"Tsk tsk, who is this person, what a reversal of my perception of the Shura Divine Blade."

Everyone exclaimed.

Violet Bell, who was beside her, had already admired her, and even, looking at Tang Zichen's random sleeve waving motion, she felt so handsome.

On the other side, Maeve, who didn't know what to say at this point, couldn't help but re-examine Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Shi Haoxiang, three hundred cents, bring it."

Shi Haoxiang was very ashamed and threw out three hundred immortal coins and left, and in everyone's eyes, Shi Haoxiang ran back to his cave in ashes, probably no longer daring to come out to see anyone easily.

Only Tang Zichen and Purple Bell were left in the same place, along with that Mei Fu.

Mei Fu didn't leave, just looked at Tang Zichen somewhat dumbfoundedly.

Tang Zichen didn't even look at Mi Fu and said to Zi Ling, "Alright, this is the end of my guidance to you."

"Ah, that's it."Ziuzhen thought that Tang Zichen would proceed to instruct her.

"Miss Zilbell, you must not be too greedy as a person.If you want to continue looking for my guidance, you can, five immortal coins at a time, not only you, if everyone here, but only three days, after three days, I won't guide anyone anymore."

After saying that, Tang Zichen flew to an empty cave.

Those who were watching, immediately rushed up.

"Big brother, I want to guide."

"Big brother, guide me."

For a moment, Tang Zichen became a steamed bread again, and it was estimated that he could earn him another sum of money.

At that place just now, Mi Fu looked at Purple Bell, but Purple Bell snorted at Mi Fu, "You're already my underdog, hahaha.But thanks to you, you were the one that Tang Zichen wanted to mentor, but unfortunately, you thought you had Shi Haoxiang, and now you see, Shi Haoxiang, it really smells like shit, hahaha."

Miff saw the smug-looking Purple Bell and said angrily, "Don't be arrogant, the worst I can do is spend money to find him to mentor."

Zi Ling snorted, "You think, Tang would want your fairy coins?The people who want to ask him for guidance can't even line up for three days, so is it your turn?"

Purple Bell flew away, heading for Tang Zichen's cave.

At this moment, there were already dozens of people lining up at the entrance of that cave of Tang Zichen's.

At this moment, Miff saw a familiar figure in the queue.

"Ah, Su Xiao Qiao?Did Sue Jo go to him for guidance too?"

Su Xiao Qiao was the woman Shi Haoxiang liked, but Su Xiao Qiao didn't like Shi Haoxiang, Su Xiao Qiao was also trained to the twelfth level of the Shura Divine Blade, her strength was only second to Mei Fu, but, Mei Fu wasn't as beautiful as Su Xiao Qiao, so Shi Haoxiang liked Su Xiao Qiao more.

Mei Fu was surprised to see that Su Xiao Qiao, who was always proud, was also in the queue.

Miff immediately ran to Shi Haoxiang's cave.

"Brother Howe, Brother Howe, go take a look ah, that Su Xiao Qiao, also went to find that person to guide."

Without waiting to finish his sentence, Shi Haoxiang rushed out of the cave, and indeed saw Su Xiao Qiao in line.


Shiho Xiang scrambled up and said, "Little Joe, what are you doing?"

Su Xiao Qiao said, "Shi Hao Xiang, what is it you are doing?Go away, don't disturb me in line."

Shi Haoxiang said heartbrokenly, "Xiao Qiao, you can find me if you want guidance, why spend this money in vain."

Su Xiao Qiao sneered, "I'm happy to do so."

At that moment, Shi Haoxiang turned her head and saw that at the end of the line, Miff was also in line.

"Ah, Maeve, what are you doing?"Shiho-hyang rushed up.

Miff was embarrassed and said, "Cousin, I'm sorry, I am."

"Maeve, what did you just call me?"

"Cousin, huh?"


"Right." First published at

Shi Hao Xiang said sadly, "Didn't you used to call me Ho?"

Miff was a little embarrassed and said, "Yes, there is?I've always, always called you cousin ah."

Shi Haoxiang was about to cry, busy saying, "Mei Fu, stop it, come with me, I've decided to give up Su Xiao Qiao, I'll be devoted to you in the future."

Mei Fu pretended not to hear, and said with some embarrassment, "That, cousin, today's weather seems to be quite good ah."

"Mei Fu, I'm not joking with you, I'm serious, come with me and be my daughter-in-law."Shi Haoxiang went to pull Maeve's hand, but Maeve shook him off and laughed, "Cousin, don't be like that, we're relatives, it's not good for people to see us."

Shi Haoxiang was about to cry out, and said with a pained heart, "When you used to call me Brother Haoxiang, you never treated me as a relative, but now you treat me as a relative."

Mi Fu was a little impatient, "Alright, cousin, let's talk about what's going on later, don't affect my queue now."

"Maeve, have you forgotten how you treated me before?"

"Cousin, in my heart, I've always treated you as my brother, are you misunderstanding somewhere."

Seeing this, Shi Haoxiang no longer said anything, silently wiped his tears, and turned around to walk away.

In the past, when he appeared on stage, all the women looked at him floridly and all the men looked at him adoringly, but now, everyone was passing by him and ignoring him.Even his cousin, who used to think he was the best man in the world, had left him.

Tang Zichen was in the cave, instructing one by one.

A few hours later.


A beautiful woman walked in.

Tang Zichen's eyes lit up, he found another beauty, before that Mei Fu was nice, now another one appeared, this Upper Immortal Middle Class, there are quite a few beauties ah.

"Hello."That pretty girl greeted shyly.

"Hello, what's your name?"

"My name is Little Joe Sue."

"Xiao Qiao, well, the name is beautiful."Tang Zichen knew that in the past, in the mortal world, a trio of countries, there was a beautiful woman named Xiao Qiao.There was also a poem, "The east wind does not poo with Zhou Lang, the copper bird spring locks two Qiao.

"Ah, do you think I'm beautiful?Thank you big brother."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Beautiful is very beautiful, no matter how beautiful, it's not free, I'm not brushing my face."

Su Xiao Qiao smiled, "Big brother misunderstood, I brought the immortal coins."Said busy taking out the immortal coins.

Tang Zichen felt a little guilty, he had just spoken without a word, would his words be too mercenary, too inconsistent with the identity of a genius.

Tang Zichen could only helplessly say, "I was just joking with you, don't take it seriously ah, how about this, I'll give you free."

"Ah, no need."

"Alright, Xian coins are like dirt in my eyes."Tang Zichen himself would vomit at the sound of it.

"Thank you, then, big brother."

"Alright, let's get started."

Tang Zichen spent more than ten minutes instructing the

One down Su Xiao Qiao.

"Thank you big brother, you are so right, being instructed by you, my whole body is now like waking up to the truth."

"Oh, go back and practice more."

"Thank you."Su Xiao Qiao reluctantly looked as if she didn't want to leave the cave.

"What? Any more questions?No problem I'll shout next."

"I, I, ugh, I'll leave first then."Su Xiao Qiao walked away with a sigh, what a step forward and back.

Tang Zichen touched his face and said, "This face, it's really brought me too much trouble, sometimes, I really want to throw a basin of acid on it."

About half a day later, another beautiful woman came in.

This beauty was none other than Maeve.

"Er, it's you."Tang Zichen was startled, this guy, who was also really thick-skinned, dared to come and ask for Tang Zichen's guidance.

Mei Fu smiled slightly and said, "Brother Tang, I'm sorry ah, I was blind before, I hope you don't have the same knowledge as me."

Tang Zichen said, "I really didn't get along with you, you don't need to apologize to me, alright, I'm busy, there are still many people lining up outside, if you don't have anything to do, don't bother me."

"Ah, Brother Tang, I have something ah, I've been in line all morning too, I want you to guide me ah."

"Isn't your cousin, Shi Haoxiang, going to guide you, why do you need me?"

"Big Brother Tang, don't undermine me, with my cousin's two skills, how can he be on par with you, I expect Big Brother Tang to treat me equally, since you charge immortal coins for guidance, don't take special care of me."

"Alright, I'm really not in the mood to argue with you, pay up."


Tang Zichen didn't kick out Meifu, it was unseemly, after all, men, be generous, it's not generous enough to be bothered with this little matter.

After Tang Zichen finished instructing, he directly shouted, "Next."

Mei Fu originally wanted to say a few words to Tang Zichen, but there was nothing left to say, so she had to go out of the cave.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

Tang Zichen instructed for three days and bumped up another 1,500 Xian coins.

"Haha, I'm considered rich at the moment."Tang Zichen laughed, 1,500 immortal coins really wasn't a small amount, because many students, even if their families were still okay, would only be issued 100 to 700 to 800 immortal coins in 10,000 years.

However, three days later, there were still many people lining up outside the cave, some of them in duplicate queues.

Tang Zichen walked out of the cave and said, "Everyone, three days are over, let's disperse."

"Big brother, that's not fair, we've been queuing for so long."

"I'm sorry, I only have three days, but don't worry, I'll continue to instruct next time when I have time, just come back then."

"So when's the next time?"

"Maybe ten years from now, maybe a hundred years from now, maybe even longer, maybe even forever."


"Sorry about that."

Those who didn't have other guidance were with the lost look.

Tang Zichen was engaging in starvation marketing, but Tang Zichen was really tired, and there would be plenty of opportunities to keep earning in the future.

Tang Zichen would have to learn how to alchemize pills later, and after the immortal coins were earned, the level of alchemy would have to keep up, otherwise it would be a waste to train so many immortal coins into fourth grade immortal pills.

After the crowd dispersed, Tang Zichen quickly left the place.

Unknown to Tang Zichen, this place, a certain two beauties were looking forward to when they would find him again, wanting very much to talk to him again, even expecting a little ambiguity to happen.

Tang Zichen's next destination was the Xiantian Department.

Now that he no longer needed to go through the trouble of practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber, he had plenty of time to do other things.


A few days later, Tang Zichen arrived at the Immortal Pillar Department.

The Immortan Department was different from the War God Department.

The War God Department was just a valley, everyone practiced the four air tearing arts by themselves, and no houses could be seen at all.

But the Xian Dan Department was the complete opposite, the Xian Dan Department was like a classical school, there were many classes in it, each class had about thirty to forty people, and each class had a Xian Dan Tutor, and the Xian Dan Tutor would come almost every day.Explaining theory, practical exercises, and also, various examinations, it was completely like a standard school model.

Tang Zichen walked inside the campus of the Xiantian Department, not knowing how to cut in, would he be found out that he was not enrolled in the Xiantian Department and be kicked out.

"Hey, that student, what are you doing?"Just as Tang Zichen wandered down the campus path, looking around, a loud shout came from behind him.

Tang Zichen was busy turning back, not knowing who it was.

"Uh, calling me?"

"Crap, what are you wandering around here during class time."The man yelled, he was supposed to be a teacher in the Xiantian department.

"Me, me."

"Me what me, which house and class are you from?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "I'm an alchemist, just arrived."

"Just arrived?"


"Then why are you just reporting in now."

"I, I don't know ah, no one took me in, so I just searched and searched before I found the location of the Xiantian Department."Tang Zichen said, having to try to pretend that he had just been admitted.

Fortunately, half a month ago, the Immortal Academy opened and admitted a group of people, but everyone had reported to the various departments five days ago, so Tang Zichen wasn't too suspected when he said that he was new now.

"So that's how it is, alright, I'm the administrative tutor of the Xiantian Department."

"Oh, hello tutor."

"Since you're new here, let me ask you, what House did you choose?"


"What's your current level of Xian Dan?"

"Oh, this one, Class 4-2."

"Then you'll go to Xanadu Class IV-2."

"I can't find it."

"Alright, come with me."

"Thank you, Mentor."

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen was taken by that administrative tutor to the outside of a classical classroom where the students were currently in class.

"You go in."

"Good."Tang Zichen walked into the classroom, and everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

The administrative tutor to the Xian Dan teacher who was teaching the class, "Tutor Gutta, this is a newcomer, you arrange the seats."

"Okay, okay."The teacher who was teaching the class nodded his head in succession.

After that, the administrative tutor turned around and left.

Teacher Gupta said to Tang Zichen, "You, why are you reporting to us now."

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know ah, it took me half a day to find the Xian Dan Department."

"Didn't anyone bring you here?"

"Yeah, but halfway through the strip, the guy said he wanted to take a shit, and I ended up wandering off by myself, and then I got separated."

"Huh."The class looked disgusted when they saw how vulgar Tang Zichen was.

Teacher Gutta also frowned, "Where did you come from, why are you talking so vulgarly, do you know civilized language."

"Uh, you can't even say shit."

"Alright, you can take that empty seat at the end of the class."

r /> "Thank you, Gutta-sensei."

Tang Zichen came to the seat at the end of the class and sat down, having just come from a ditch and all a bit out of place.

Teacher Gutta continued the lesson, and Tang Zichen listened attentively, indeed the theoretical level sounded very rich.

After listening for an hour, Teacher Gutta stood up and said, "Alright, Master leads the door, practice is in the individual, today's content is over, below, let's do a finish, Teacher Gutta waved his hand, a test paper flew out from his sleeve and flew in front of each student with accuracy.

"Test time, three hours, let's begin."After saying that, Teacher Gutta waved his hand again and set a restraint for each student, each student felt like they were in a separate small space and couldn't peek at anyone else.This anti-cheating tactic was really clever, anyone who made any cheating moves would immediately be discovered.

Tang Zichen took a look at the test paper and cursed, "Damn, insulting my intelligence, so simple."

Tang Zichen brushed it off and answered quickly.

In less than two hours, Tang Zichen finished answering them all.

"There's still an hour to go before it's over, it's so boring, check again?I'm not in that mood, I can already secure a perfect score, no matter how much I check, I can't score 101."

Tang Zichen resolutely put away the test papers and then dozed off on the table, it seemed like he hadn't even slept since entering the Immortal Academy, and certainly hadn't eaten.

An hour passed quickly, as soon as Gutta-sensei put it away, everyone's restraints disappeared.

"Alright, time's up, everyone stop."

But still, there were still people who were taking the last minute to answer.

It was then that Teacher Gutta saw a student sleeping.

"What? There's actually someone still sleeping, huh, what a child."

Everyone suddenly looked towards Tang Zichen, and had a moment of contempt, definitely can't test before sleeping.

With a wave of her hand, the test papers in front of all the students flew up into the air and flew towards the podium, where they ended up in an automatic stack on the podium.

"Alright, today's lesson is over, everyone, class is over."

After class was over, Tang Zichen asked a boy next to him, "Hello, may I ask if there's anything I need to pay attention to in the Xiantian Department?I just got here, tell me for me."

"Why should I tell you, who do you think you are?A person who can even sleep through exams is not worthy of talking to me."The boy had an extremely proud look on his face, and without looking at Tang Zichen, he got up and walked away.

"Damn."Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed and stroked his head.

Tang Zichen's eyes swept over the entire class of four and two, almost thirty students.

Tang Zichen stood up and shouted, "Everyone."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen, not knowing what this newcomer wanted to do.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, our class, do we have a class bully."

"Class bully?"

"What does he want?"

"No banjo, what?"One person said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "That's good, from today onwards, I, am the class bully of this class, all of you, you have to listen to my management, if you don't listen, beat, do you hear me?"

"Haha, are you here to be funny?"

"No, I'm here to dominate, now, I'm upset with someone and I want to beat him up."

After saying that, Tang Zichen hung the one who walked to the door, the dragging student up with him, and beat him up.

Tang Zichen found out that the students of the Xian Dan Department, the strength are so low, Tang Zichen is embarrassed to bully people here, but there are some people, do not give him a look, do not know the height of heaven and earth is thick.



"How dare you assault a classmate."

"Hahaha, a fight is a fight, how about it, if you have the guts to come and fight with me, no matter if it's literary or martial, I'll accompany you, also, I want to tell you all, that test paper just now, it's very simple, if anyone here thinks that they got a perfect score, they can come up and be equal to me, if not, just obey my management properly."Tang Zichen said full of pride.Tang Zichen was probably suffocating.

"Hmph, what a rampage."

"You've only just arrived, and you've only even heard one of your own full marks in class, what arrogance."

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone remember, this class bully, doesn't just mean force, but also strength, as long as anyone thinks he or she has surpassed me in Xian Dan level, he or she can be my equal, alright, everyone sit down in your seats first, I'm going to have a meeting."

"Class is over now, what's the point of sitting down."

Tang Zichen said, "Haven't I made myself clear?I'm having a meeting, so please go back to your seats."

"Why should I listen to you."

"Because I'm the class bully, and I'm going to count to three, and whoever hasn't sat down yet, hit, one, two, three."

After three counts, almost half the people haven't sat down. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen waved his hand and more than ten invisible palm prints flew out.

"Slap slap."The ten or so students who hadn't sat down were slapped.

"I'll count to three again, those who haven't sat down to listen to my meeting, hit again, one, two, three."

This time, there were only seven or eight people who still looked like they were arrogant.

Tang Zichen rushed up and beat them up one by one, and then forcefully pushed them down on their seats, but of course, those few were already beaten and didn't have the strength to sit up.

At this moment, all the students were feeling stupid.

Was this the fucking Xian Dan Department?When did a rascal come.

Everyone was thinking to themselves that they must report to the teacher later.

Tang Zichen stood on the podium and smiled, "Thank you all for your cooperation, next, let's meet.First of all, please applaud to welcome me, who has come to this class today and become a classmate with you all."

After saying that, Tang Zichen himself applauded as hard as he could, but no one else applauded.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll count to three, those who don't applaud, hit."

"Pah-pah."The people below, only then did they reluctantly applaud.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, "Maybe you all want to go report to your teachers, but I'm not afraid."

Everyone looked at each other with anger and said, "You'll know whether you're dead or alive later.

Tang Zichen looked towards the third row of the class, one of the most beautiful girls, and asked, "What's your name?"

"It's none of your business."

"Does your mother know that you're so pretty?"

"Uh."That girl didn't react to what that meant.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Pretty girl, don't be too proud, otherwise, it's easy for me to sleep with you."

"You dare to insult me."

"I'm the class bully who I'm afraid of."

Everyone just quietly watched what Tang Zichen wanted to do.

Tang Zichen made a scene and got a little bored, none of them could fight, it felt boring for a martial artist to stay with a bunch of weak-mannered scholars.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and said, "Just, let's adjourn the meeting, one is a coward, boring."


nbsp; Just then, one of the boys stood up and said, "Wait."

Tang Zichen's eyes lit up and he smiled, "Finally one of them got up to resist, great.Say, what do you want?"

That boy grunted, "My name is Ying Xinghe, do you dare to compete with me, if you win against me, I will be convinced and call you Boss, if you lose, please leave the Xian Dan Department immediately, how about it?"

Don Zichen smiled, "Than what?"

"Comparing alchemy, we're all in class 4-2, so let's compare who has the higher potency of immortal pills."

"Fine, let's compare, that's fun, hahaha."

"I don't know what you're good at and what you're not good at, I can let you choose a Xian Dan that you're good at."The one called Ying Xinghe said.

Tang Zichen said, "There's nothing I'm not good at, all of them are equally good at, so it doesn't matter."

"How crazy, it's surprisingly like that, so let's ask the class leader for a question."

"Who is the class leader."

The beautiful woman who had just been called up by Tang Zichen stood up and said, "I'm the class leader, okay, I'll ask the question, listen up, I want each of you to concoct a Transfiguration Pill."

"What is a Transfiguration Pill?"Tang Zichen asked.

"You don't even know about the Transfiguration Pill."

"I'm sorry, I'm from the countryside, I don't know, but I'm proud."

"Hmph, slick talker."That beautiful woman snorted indifferently at Tang Zichen and said, "The Transmigration Pill, after taking it, it will make one enter a very focused state, this kind of pill is very suitable for people who practice spells, air tearing and so on, usually after taking the Transmigration Pill, after practicing spells and air tearing, the effect is doubled.Of course, improving Immortal Fate is not to mention, this is something that any Immortal Pill has."

Tang Zichen nodded, "I see, let's compare it to this."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, he is the one practicing the Air Tearing Technique, the so-called Transfiguration, he should know better than all the people here who only know alchemy, after all, these people who only know alchemy, without personally experiencing that feeling of practicing saber technique, definitely not as refined as Tang Zichen experienced.

The beautiful squad leader said, "Materials each prepared, time, half an hour, if there are no materials, count it as a loss."

The one called Ying Xinghe, who obviously had many materials on him, immediately took out a few Immortal Grasses as well as Immortal Crystals.

There were various kinds of Immortal Crystals as well, because the growth of Immortal Crystals were different, the most common Immortal Crystals were the ones that evolved from the ore prototype, there were also various kinds of flowers, birds and insects and fishes that evolved.

Right now, that Ying Xinghe, was using the Five Flower Insects Immortal Crystal, the Orchid Fish Immortal Crystal, plus eight or nine Immortal Grasses as the material for the divine Transmission Pill.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was still thinking.

In fact, Tang Zichen was at a bit of a disadvantage.

Because Tang Zichen knew very little about immortal crystals, although he had over a thousand immortal coins on him, most of them were made from ore materials in their original form, and immortal coins of this material were of little use for alchemy.

As for the Immortal Grass, Tang Zichen had very little on him, not many varieties of it.

"What materials should I use to refine the Transfiguration Pill?What materials are needed to train the Transfiguration Pill I need?"

Tang Zichen had a big head.

And that Ying Xinghe, was already refining it.

Ying Xinghe saw that Tang Zichen was still indifferent and despised it for a while.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "The Transmutation Pill is nothing more than a pill that allows one to concentrate more on practicing spells and air tearing techniques to achieve double the effect after taking it.According to my experience, in order to be more focused, one must close other consciousnesses and open only one type of mind, allowing all irrelevant distractions to be discarded."


"In that case, I can use a lone immortal grass, I'll add a kind of immortal coin, this kind of immortal coin is made from the ore immortal crystal, I don't know what kind of ore this ore is, but I know it has the effect of paralyzing immortal thoughts a little bit, immortal thoughts are also a kind of distractions, I know as someone who practices swords a lot, actually immortal thoughts also affect one's concentration.It must be removed, then what?Just these two?No, I have to add something more.Let's see, what else I practice with my sword, this is the kind of thing they can't even learn in books from these Xiantian masters."

Tang Zichen thought about it for a long time and finally remembered that it was a Qi.

If this qi was lacking within when practicing a certain type of sword technique, it was obviously too influential.

This qi could also be called 'confidence' or 'faith'.

Tang Zichen suddenly added a type of immortal grass, called the Falling Heart Grass.

Just like that, Tang Zichen thought of his materials, lone immortal grass, some kind of immortal coin, and falling heart grass, just these three kinds.

Moreover, Tang Zichen's dosage of all three kinds was fierce.

Fierce and specialized.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and was ready to start refining.

At that moment, that Ying Xinghe hummed, "I thought you just didn't get enough sleep in class and fell asleep again, I've been refining for ten minutes, are you finally willing to wake up."

"Hahaha."The onlookers laughed in shame. The first website

The beautiful squad leader said, "There's only six minutes left, are you sure you can finish refining?"

Tang Zichen was shocked, "No way, the time passed so fast."

Ying Xinghe said, "Not so fast, you can still get some more sleep."

"Hahaha."Everyone burst out laughing again, that one was Ying Xinghe looking like he was ready to see a joke, of course, the whole class was the same at the moment.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over, flashing Ying Xinghe to the ground.


Tang Zichen said, "What are you having fun?Did you get the results of the contest?Did you win?Shit, if you keep jabbering, I don't believe I'll unload you."

Ying Xinghe was angry and furious.

The beautiful squad leader said, "There are only five minutes left."

Tang Zichen grunted and immediately started refining.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen had few ingredients, only three kinds, and two of them were immortal grasses, the part of removing impurities and extracting the essence was quick.

After removing the impurities from the two types of immortal grasses, Tang Zichen immediately took out three immortal coins.

Everyone was a bit surprised to see Tang Zichen actually take out immortal coins.

"What is he doing?Could it be that he wants to use this ordinary ore fairy coin?"

"He's crazy, these fairy coins might be poisonous."

Tang Zichen spent two minutes removing and extracting the fairy coins.

There was only about two minutes left.

Tang Zichen quickly fused and refined the previously extracted immortal grass essence and the immortal coin essence, in fact, starting now was the key, whether or not it could become an immortal pill depended on this step.

Tang Zichen seemed as if he was very skilled, and it only took a minute and a half for the fusion and refining to be completed.

"Alright, my Transfiguration Pill is also finished."Tang Zichen said as he held up the celestial pellet in his palm.

Everyone suddenly looked at the Immortal Pill in Tang Zichen's palm, somewhat suspicious.

The beautiful squad leader said, "It's well known that the color of the Transmutation Pill is cognac, but this Transmutation Pill of yours is black, are you sure you didn't refine it wrong?"

"Who stipulated that the color of the Transfiguration Pill must be the same."

"This is not a rule by anyone, but a consensus, although the materials are different, but the main materials are almost similar, only some auxiliary materials and refining techniques and other differences, the main materials are similar, then the color of the finished pill

The colors are hardly all that different.You, on the other hand, seem to have too much difference."

That Ying Xinghe said, "He just used three types of materials, and there are more than three main materials for the Transfiguration Pill, I ten thousand doubts that his Transfiguration Pill is not right at all."

The beautiful squad leader asked, "What are the three kinds of materials you just used?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Trying to trap my prescription, think nothing of it."

"Ridiculous, who is interested in trapping your prescription, alright, I don't care what you do now, use the truth."

Tang Zichen said, "Totally agree, look at the colors, what a foolish thing to say."

"You."Ying Xinghe and the beautiful squad leader were both depressed for a while.

At this time, the beautiful class president took two Transmutation Pills and came to a fairy stone at the front of the classroom, pressed her hand on the fairy stone, inputted her thoughts, and her thoughts were the Transmutation Pills, then put Ying Xinghe's Transmutation Pills first into a small hole in that fairy stone.

A few seconds later, a point on that piece of immortal stone emitted light.

The light shone far away, about twenty-eight or twenty-nine meters.

However, the beautiful squad leader didn't measure the length of the light, but looked at the number displayed on top of the immortal stone and said, "Ying Xinghe's Transfiguration Pill, the potency value is 27.9."

"Yay."Ying Xinghe immediately yelled, seemingly feeling quite satisfied.

Tang Zichen said, "Yay you sister, making it seem like you won."

Ying Xinghe said, "Do you know that even if Teacher Gutta refines the Transmutation Pill, apart from the different quality, the potency will not be much higher than mine, because, the highest potency of the Transmutation Pill is only 29. I've almost reached the highest potency, while you, even the color is much worse, and the materials are completely incorrect, you will definitely lose."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to him, his eyes looking at the beautiful class leader.

The beautiful squad leader put Tang Zichen's immortal stone into the testing port.

The immortal stone lit up, emitting a radiant light, and the eyes could tell that it was much brighter than Ying Xinghe's just now.

"Ah."The beautiful squad leader was shocked when she saw the numbers displayed on top of the immortal stone.

"This, how is this possible, the highest potency value of the Transfiguration Pill is only 29, how can his Immortal Pill have a potency value as high as 46?"

Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh, "Everyone, as long as your eyes aren't blind, you should have seen that my Transmutation Pill has an efficacy value of 46.As we all know, the higher the potency value, it means that the more right it is, it's like looking at a disease and catching medicine, the more right it is of course, the higher the potency and the greater the effect."

Ying Xinghe yelled, "This is impossible, it must be a broken Immortal Pill Detector, the highest value of the Transmutation Pill is only 29."

Tang Zichen laughed, "It's not the detector that's broken, it's your brain that's broken.Our Transfiguration Pill has completely different materials, but of course, your so-called highest value doesn't represent mine at all.If I'm not mistaken, currently on the market, the mainstream Transfiguration Pill, the recipe is similar to this pig's head, so the highest effectiveness of the mainstream Transfiguration Pill is only 29, the pig's head is the pig's head, don't think about switching to other more right materials, and still say that the detector is broken."

The beautiful class leader said, "I declare that he, won, Ying Xinghe, lost."

"I'm not convinced."Ying Xinghe yelled.

The beautiful class leader said, "Ying Xinghe, his materials are completely different from yours, and he must be refining this dan for the first time, completely figuring out what materials to use on his own, while we, all of us, practice according to the recipe taught in the book and by the tutor.I can only say that what the book and the tutor taught are all rather backward formulas, needless to say you, even I'm not as good as myself, and he doesn't even know this dan recipe from our tutor."After saying that, the beautiful squad leader bowed to Tang Zichen and called out, "Boss."

"Ah."Everyone in the class was shocked.

The minister laughed at Tang Zi and said, "Ying Xinghe you still don't call him boss."

Ying Xinghe looked extremely ugly, not expecting that Tang Zichen himself would come up with the Danish formula, even their tutor might not have thought of it.


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