The King of Kungfu in school 2186-2190


Chapter 2186

After Tang Zichen walked into the spell department's library, he looked at the rows, and if he saw a spell that he thought was better, Tang Zichen would learn it.

Looking and looking, after a few hours, Tang Zichen saw a book called 'Star Shifting Great Law'.

"Star Shifting Great Law?"Tang Zichen picked up the Star Shifting Great Law.

At this moment, a voice came from Tang Zichen's ear, "Kid, don't look at it, this Star Shifting Great Law is not something you can practice."


"Crap, I'm the librarian of the collection."

"Oh."Tang Zichen looked towards the door of the library, and the administrator walked over to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "I think this Star Shifting Technique is good, I want to practice."

"With you?"

"Why can't we practice?"

That administrator said, "This Star Shifting Technique, in the history of the Immortal Academy, there are not more than ten who can practice it, do you think, anyone can practice it?" First web site

"Is it that hard?"


"Oh, I'm changing then."

"Kid, I advise you not to waste your energy."

"Senior is trying to stop me?"

"Hmph, you can practice if you want."That administrator grunted not bothering with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen immediately started practicing.

In total, there were over eighty layers of the Star Shifting Great Law, however, only three layers were recorded in this book.

Even though only three layers were recorded, the three layers were already a thick book.

Tang Zichen read a few pages, and it was really difficult.

The so-called Star Shifting Great Law is that you can divert other people's attacks, they will not be able to attack you, you can transfer your attacks to others, or other objects, when you practice at the highest level, you can almost dou shifting stars, and even turn back time.Tang Zichen's heart warmed up at the thought of turning back time, he had been working tirelessly within himself, perhaps hoping that he would be able to master this kind of magical ability someday in the future.

"This spell, it's really powerful, not bad, I want to learn it."

Tang Zichen immediately started practicing it.

Although it was quite difficult to look at, Tang Zichen was soon immersed in it.

Half a month later.

Tang Zichen closed the book.

"Whew, that's hard."Tang Zichen sighed, a spell that even he found difficult, then it was even more difficult for others.

"I've been practicing for half a month, but I finally got the first level done."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

However, the second and third layers, Tang Zichen didn't have the time to practice anymore, he didn't want to go unnoticed for hundreds of thousands and millions of years again.

Tang Zichen put down that secret book and didn't look at anything else, turning to walk out.

As he passed by the entrance of the library, that administrator said, "How is it, did you finish practicing."The administrator's tone seemed to carry a great deal of disdain.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to him and walked straight away.

Tang Zichen originally wanted to make a face and tell him that he had practiced the first level, but on second thought, why bother with this kind of person.

After Tang Zichen left the library, he returned to Hua Mingxin's previous class.

One wondered if Yun Duo was now back in the Xian Dan Department.

"Hua Mingxin."

"Tang Zichen, you've been at the library for the past half month?"Hua Mingxin asked.

"Yes, here's the token back to you, thanks."Tang Zichen handed the token to Hua Mingxin.

"You're welcome.However, isn't it a bit, huh, for you, an Immortal Pill Master, to go to our spell department's library to read spell secrets."

"What do you mean, do I understand it?"

"Yes. Can you read it?"


nbsp; "Haha, not bad.By the way, where are the clouds?"

"Cloud went back to the Xanadu department first."

"Uh, he's not afraid of that who?"

"Don't worry, this is the Immortal Academy, no matter what kind of power that person has, they wouldn't dare to mess around here, otherwise, the Immortal Academy would have been in chaos already."

"Also, then I'm almost ready to leave."

Hua Mingxin hesitated for a moment and said, "Tang Zichen, I have a secret to tell you."


"Yun Duo won't let me say it, but I still want to say it, I don't care how long you've been with Yun Duo, but I want to tell you that Yun Duo is really nice, she's a very nice girl, she's one of our Northern Clubs, the Three Great Beauties."

"North Club Ashland, one of the three great beauties, huh, you're one of them too."

"Don't interrupt me, Tang Zichen, Yun Duo likes you, you know what to do when you go back to the Xian Dan Department, right?"Hua Mingxin looked like she was setting someone up.

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, I'm not going back to the Xandan Department."

"You're a student of the Xian Dan Department, where do you go if you don't go back to the Xian Dan Department?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not a student of the Immortal Dan Department, I'm actually a student of the Air Tear Department."

"How is that possible, you went from being a fourth grade Immortal Pill Master to a seventh grade in a million years, in Yun Duo's words, she's never seen someone as talented as you."

Tang Zichen said, "But I'm really a student of the Empty Tearing Department, I'm also going back to the Empty Tearing Department to practice the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber properly, I can't be wasted anymore."

"What are you talking about, practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Blade?Even if you really are of the Air Tearing System, that one can only practice one type at most, it looks like you don't understand the Air Tearing Technique.Honestly, what is your purpose in lying to me, are you trying to escape from Cloud's feelings.I really don't understand you either, my Yun Duo is at least one of the three beauties of the Northern Clubs, okay, how could you look down on her."

"Miss Hua Mingxin's words are too harsh, how could I look down on it."

"Then you know what to do."

"I don't know, alright, I'll go first."


Tang Zichen flew away.

"What a weirdo."

Don Zichen quickly returned to the Air Tear Department.

"A million years, huh? I'm sure the people who were guided by me in the first place, they've all trained higher than me."

"Forget about that for now, I'll go and refine some immortal pills first, it's been a million years, it's time for me to increase some of my realms."

Tang Zichen spent two years practicing 100,000 Immortal Pills.These 100,000 immortal pills cost Tang Zichen more than 40,000 immortal coins.

Tang Zichen began to take the Immortal Pills.

In half a month's time, Tang Zichen finished taking the 100,000 immortal pills.

Tang Zichen's realm soon stepped from the middle stage of Upper Immortal to the late stage of Upper Immortal.

"What?Only a late immortal?Is there anything wrong with that?"Tang Zichen couldn't help but let out a loud roar.

Tang Zichen thought that after taking a hundred thousand immortal pills, even if he couldn't soar up to ten or eight realms, the Heavenly Immortal would be almost there, but surprisingly, Nima had only reached the late Upper Immortal stage.

"Damn."Tang Zichen quickly found out why.

Although the Immortal Pill he practiced on his own was a seventh-grade Immortal Pill, but the materials he used were almost all ores as raw material Immortal Coins, this kind of Immortal Coins, the effectiveness was too small, must use several kinds of materials to make a composite Immortal Pill, in order to meet the demand of such a high realm as he was now.The demand would be even higher in the future.

Tang Zichen sighed.

It seemed that Immortal Machine Vomiting couldn't be forever like it was at the beginning, and there would be a day when it would become less and less effective.

Tang Zichen stretched his back, late Upper Immortal or not, at least it was too much improved compared to the Earth Immortal he was when he first entered the Immortal Academy.

"Let's go, it's time to practice the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, this time, I'm going to go to the 100th floor with a bang."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.


Tang Zichen arrived at the Sun and Moon Divine Sword Upper Immortal Pre-Class.

As soon as Tang Zichen entered this valley, he suddenly saw that there were several flags in the valley, dozens of flags to be precise, flags that had 'Boshi Guidance', 'Divine Guidance', and 'Supreme Divine Sword Training Class' written on them!', 'Honten Sun and Moon Divine Sword Guidance Office.'

There were dozens of flags with all sorts of words written on them.

These flags, at a glance, were investment advertisements.

"Holy crap, what's the situation?What happened to the course I wanted to start a million years ago, and now it's everywhere?"Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat.

He hadn't been back here in a million years, it seemed like a lot had changed here, and Don Zichen had the feeling that these people were using his creativity.

Tang Zichen casually flew under a flag called the Bose Guidance Flag, next to this flag, there was a cave.

Tang Zichen walked into this cave.

"Hello, do you need guidance?"A man in the cave asked at once.

Tang Zichen's brow furrowed deeply and asked, "What does Bose guide mean?Did you run this Bosse guide?"

"This student, I am not the owner of Boshi Guidance, and I work for Boshi Guidance." Remember the URL

"Yah, and the boss, looks like it's not just one person, it's a group of people."

"Oh, this student is not a long time closed, don't even understand the current situation of the Air Torn Department.Truth be told, we, Boshi Guidance, were the first to open a service shop, we have the most professional and best guidance team.Moreover, we, Boshi Guidance, have branches in all the classes of the Air Tearing Department, the four major Air Tearing disciplines.Our Boshi Guidance is already an old shop with close to a million years of history, so you can feel free to seek our guidance."

Tang Zichen was depressed, this was clearly his idea, but now it was being opened as a million year old shop.

However, one couldn't blame others, after all, Tang Zichen had gone to the Xian Dan Department back then.

Tang Zichen asked, "How do you charge for it?"

"Don't worry about that, our fees are definitely the fairest, and we only need one fairy coin to instruct once."

Just at this moment, a man walked in from outside.

"Hello, I'm at the twelfth level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and I've come across a very big confusion, I'd like to seek your guidance."

"Okay, okay."

Thus, the person who had just spoken to Tang Zichen immediately went to guide someone else.

Tang Zichen just stood around and looked at it.

"You tell me what you're confused about."


About ten minutes later, the guidance was finished.

"Thanks, I've got it."

"You're welcome, feel free to come back to me for guidance next time if you have any questions."

"Good, sure."

After that customer left, that instructor looked at Tang Zichen again and smiled, "See, it's that simple, the immortal coins you spent were worth it, classmate, do you still have any doubts now, a piece of immortal coins to instruct once."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You think, the guidance you just gave to that person was really good, unfortunately, as I look at me, the guidance you just gave to that person has a big mistake in it, and, if you are not careful, it will make that person take a lot of detours when practicing the next layer."

"Hmph, speaking as if you know it all, if you're not here to instruct, please get out of here immediately."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

/> Tang Zichen walked into another cave, called the 'Supreme Divine Sword Training Course'.

"Hello, do you need to attend the Sun and Moon Divine Sword Training Course?"

"What's the charge?"

"Don't worry about that, our Supreme Training Course has also been running for over 600,000 years, it's an old name, and the owner of our Supreme Training Course is one of the strongest instructors in the Air Tear Department, so our quality is very much guaranteed."

"Mentor, you mean?This supreme training course of yours is run by the instructors of the Air Tear Department?"

"Of course ah, moreover, our supreme training course is jointly run by four instructors, these four instructors are the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, Shura Divine Saber, Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer, and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow four Air Tearing Technique instructors, each instructor is responsible for one Air Tearing Technique training job each.Of course, the immortal coins earned are also shared equally among the four mentors."

"And you are?"

"Oh, of course I'm the guy they hired, okay, do you want to take a course?It's only ten Xian coins for one period of one year, which means that you only need ten Xian coins for one year of training, which is much more cost-effective than some instructions that are one Xian coin at a time."

Tang Zichen laughed, his business idea was really played out.

Tang Zichen still wanted to continue earning immortal coins, but the result was good, the competition was so great that there wasn't even any competition anymore.

"Classmate, are you going to sign up or not."

"No sign up."

Tang Zichen walked out of the cave, and suddenly, Tang Zichen saw an acquaintance on the opposite side of the hill.

"Bai Hanyan?"

Bai Hanyan was a beautiful woman that Tang Zichen had met when he first arrived here a million years ago, and later confessed to Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen refused.

"Bai Hanyan."Tang Zichen flew up.

"Ah, Tang, Tang Zichen?"Bai Hanyan was shocked to see Tang Zichen.

"Haha, you still remember me."

"Tang Zichen, where have you been for the past million years."

"Oh, I went to the Department of Immortal Pill, where I accidentally became a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master, and only returned to the Air Tearing Department today, but I was shocked to find so many training courses when I came back.I was hoping for another three days of training."

Bai Hanyan said unjustly, "They all imitated you, but after you left, sometime after you left, word spread about how you made thousands of Immortal Coins in three days of instruction.After that, many people discovered the business opportunity and started imitating you.However, the competition was very fierce, and the first ones started to be opened by some of the more powerful genius students, and later, the instructors of the Air Tearing Department also became jealous and opened training and guidance as well.Today, there are at least twenty to thirty training guides, and most of the owners are mentors."

"Damn, these mentors are too shameless, they wouldn't come once in the past for thousands of years, and came out when they saw that there were immortal coins earned."

"Yeah, now the mentors come all the time, pulling popularity for the training and guidance they've opened themselves.Tang Zichen, I really feel bad for you, this would have been the first thing you came up with."

"Oh, I can't help it, who rules that others can't imitate me.By the way, Bai Hanyan, I see that you're in the middle Upper Immortal stage now, why are you still in this class in the early Upper Immortal stage?"

"Me."Bai Hanyan said apologetically, "Truth be told, I'm currently an employee of the 'Divine Guidance' in this place.I'm working for the Divine Guidance, and I can earn one fairy coin for ten years."


Just a moment ago, Bai Hanyan was beating up on Tang Zichen, and the next moment she actually said that she was also working for one of the training shops.


Tang Zichen smiled, "How come you're working for someone."

"Of course, I earn immortal coins ah, one immortal coin for ten years, and one thousand immortal coins for ten thousand years.And before me, my family only gave me over a hundred immortal coins for expenses in ten thousand years.And now, with ten times more, I can still subsidize my family."

"So lucrative, I remember, my brother, who was an instructor in the Immortal Pill Department, only had 100 Immortal Coins for ten thousand years, and you worked in a training course for a thousand Immortal Coins for ten thousand years."

"Hehe, so it's really profitable to open a training guide now.This divine guidance I'm working for now is a collaboration between three instructors, and it's been running for almost 700,000 years, do you know, how much Xian coins they've made?"

"How much?"

"I heard that in these seven hundred thousand years, you've earned at least ten million Xian coins."

"Damn, that much."

"Yeah, that's why I feel bad for you, this was the first idea you came up with, and now it's a tool for others to make money.Ten million immortal coins ah, what do you think can be done, to the outside, there are so many things that can be done."

Tang Zichen was all a bit depressed by what he said.

"However, you're just a student after all, even though the idea was something you came up with, even if you hadn't left and kept opening training courses, you probably would have closed down by now.Most of the training courses that are still able to continue to open now are opened by tutors, the vast majority of students, are more trusting of tutors, and it's hard for students to survive, and even if they do, their business isn't too good."

Tang Zichen nodded his head. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not giving up on this market, I'm starting from scratch, Bai Hanyan, will you work with me?"

"Of course I'm willing, even if I can't earn a single fairy coin, I'm willing to work with you."Bai Hanyan said excitedly.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Good, then you'll be my first partner."

"How do you want to do it?You have no influence here at all now, even if there are still people who knew you in the beginning, but they won't choose you to mentor anymore, they will choose mentors, and mentors are inherently dominant."

Tang Zichen said, "What's a mentor, I can be a mentor if I want to."

"You?The Sun and Moon Divine Sword must be trained to at least 40 levels, and the realm must also reach Dao Immortal before you can become a tutor of the Air Tearing and Spellcasting Departments.I'm not sure about the Immortal Pill Department."

Tang Zichen said, "In the Xian Dan Department, as long as the Xian Dan level reaches seven, you can go for an examination to become a Xian Dan tutor.I feel that I need to return to the Xian Dan Department, no one is running a training course yet, and I think that there is a market for Xian Dan instructors."

Bai Hanyan said, "The number of people in the Xiantian Department is small, that's what everyone knows."

"Right, so the market is small."

"The largest number of people is in the Spell Department, where there are at least four or five thousand, if not ten thousand, in each class.However, the Department of Magical Arts already has many training and instruction classes now, too, run by their Magical Arts instructors."

Tang Zichen asked, "That fatty from the beginning, do you know where he was?"

"Fatty's still here."

"Okay, let's go find Fatty."

In a cave, Tang Zichen saw Fatty, it's strange that after a million years, Fatty is still as fat as he is, and fairies grow fat too.

"Big brother, it's really you."The fatty looked at Tang Zichen in surprise.

"Oh, yes, fatty, it's been a million years."

"Big brother, I thought you had disappeared."

"I went to the Xiantian Department."

"Big brother, did you know that

Know, now everyone is imitating you ah, it was your way to make money, now it's someone else's."

"Oh, I'm back from the Xian Dan Department now, don't worry, I'll get back what belongs to me.Isn't it just making money, will I still lose to those instructors."

"Big brother, great, I can finally continue to follow you."

Bai Hanyan said, "Brother Tang, what are you going to do?Open a training shop directly?I don't think anyone will look for you, there used to be many geniuses who tried to open up and ended up pouncing."

Tang Zichen gazed and smiled, "There's no need to worry, although I'm very much without an advantage, I'm not completely without an advantage.As you guys just said, I was the first one to come up with this idea, and you all pounced for me, right?"

"Yeah, but what's the point of this?"

"That's my advantage, and I'm going to seize the 'founder' advantage now and thus package it."


"Oh, yes, package first, then start."

Bai Hanyan said, "It's useless, even if everyone knows you're the founder, so what, people look at the mentor behind it, besides, those who know you're the founder are very, very few."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "Your thoughts are all narrow-minded.Let me ask you guys, those mentors now open training and guidance shops, is every single one of them going to be personally guided by a mentor?Apparently not, I just went to that Boshi instruction to see if it's a mid Upper Immortal in there."

Bai Hanyan said, "Those instructors who run the training, of course they can't instruct personally, after all, how could they be busy by themselves.However, they will hire people, and the people they do hire are geniuses, and these geniuses have been trained by those mentors.Although they can't be personally guided by those mentors, they can at least be considered indirectly guided."

Tang Zichen said, "Good, now, the first thing I need to do is to find people, opening the shop with only the three of us is not enough, as for the second step, wait until we have all the people first."

Fatty said, "Brother, is it really okay?"

"Please believe me, to be frank, it's just business, I'm good at this."Tang Zichen said with confidence.

Bai Hanyan said, "If you're looking for someone, I'll help you find someone you can trust."


"That's the guy who was chasing me, that Johnny."

"Johnny?Hasn't he caught up with you yet?"

"How is it possible, I've never forgotten you."Bai Hanyan looked at Tang Zichen with emotion.

Tang Zichen said, "I've been gone for a million years and I still haven't forgotten me."

"I told you, never."

"Alright, let's not talk about it, then you go and invite Johnny."

Ten minutes later, Bai Hanyan came with that Johnny.

"Tang Zichen, we meet again."Johnnie said.

"Johnny, I'm back from the Xian Dan Department, and now, I also want to open a training and guidance shop, I wonder if you'd like to work with me."

Johnny said, "By all means, you are my rival and I won't work with you, but I admire you for the goddess I can't desire and you have the courage to deny her, I admire that, so I will work with you."

"Okay, that's four now, but it's still not enough, so let's go find someone else.Let's go to the Upper Immortal Middle Class and look for them."

Next, Tang Zichen brought Bai Hanyan, Fatty, and Johnny to the valley next door to the Upper Immortal Middle Class.

Here too, the two sides of the valley were filled with flags, in caves.


As soon as Tang Zichen and the four of them reached the valley of the middle Upper Immortal, a man flew up from afar.

"Haha, Bai Hanyan, you're back."The man flew up excitedly upon seeing Bai Hanyan.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed and said, "Isn't this that who?"Tang Zichen was somewhat impressed, but forgot the name, Lin something or other, who tried to force Bai Hanyan to be his girlfriend back then, but was beaten away by Tang Zichen.

Bai Hanyan said, "Lin Huajun."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Come to think of it, Lin Huajun, what, still chasing Bai Hanyan now?Hadn't I convinced you in the first place?"

Lin Huajun suddenly looked at Tang Zichen and said in shock, "It's you, why have you appeared again."

The fatty said, "Lin Huajun, now I, Brother Tang, am a seventh-grade Immortal Pillar Master, speak in a more respectful tone."

"Ah, a seventh level Xian Dan Master, how is that possible."Lin Huajun was startled, a hundred years and ten thousand unseen, but he was a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master, no wonder Bai Hanyan had always liked him.Lin Huajun suddenly felt powerless inside, with such a strong rival, how could he compete against him, perhaps it was time to give up on Bai Hanyan.

Tang Zichen said, "Lin Huajun, I didn't expect that after so many years, you're still in the middle stage of the Upper Immortal, remember a white million years ago, you were the middle stage of the Upper Immortal."

"A million years ago, you were also only mid Upper Immortal, and you're actually late Upper Immortal now."Lin Huajun looked at Tang Zichen and was jealous as to why Tang Zichen's Immortal destiny was so deep.

Under normal circumstances, ten million years might not be enough to reach the late stage from the middle stage of Upper Immortal, even if the talent was extremely deep, most of them would take several million years. The first website

Tang Zichen said, "Lin Huajun, I'm going to open a training and guidance shop, I don't know if you're willing to work with me."


"Yeah, are you interested?"

"But you don't hate me?"

"I have no quarrel with you, so if you don't want to, forget it."

"I'm willing."Lin Huajun was busy nodding his head.

"Then let's go, come with me to the area of the Shura Divine Blade again, I still have a few friends over there."

At this moment, in the spell department of the Immortal Academy.

A beautiful woman came out of one of the classes, when a beautiful woman at the entrance greeted her and said happily, "Huanhuan, how was the practice."


"Huanhuan, you have such good resources, don't let down your mother and your grandfather's good intentions."

"Don't talk so nicely, grandfather, if you really think I'm your family from my past life, you should bring all my family from this life here, isn't there so many students in the Immortal Academy, what's the harm in having a few more people."

"Huanhuan, your grandfather also has a hard time, even though he is the president of the Immortal Academy, he has a lot of restrictions ah, he's not in a position to do anything ah, so to speak, he's in a high place.Do you want to see your grandfather lose power in the Celestial Realm?"

"It's just a few more people to stuff in, is that so bad?"

"Huanhuan, you don't understand, the Academy of Immortality is now the thing with the most rights and wrongs in the Three Realms, and I don't know how many people are watching.Although your grandfather is in charge of the Academy of Immortality, it doesn't mean that the Academy of Immortality is your grandfather's ah.Your grandfather was only appointed by the Heavenly Realm to be the director and train talents for the Heavenly Realm.However, there are too many forces staring at this position, and your grandfather is not free."


"Also, your grandfather didn't like you very much in the first place, not to mention that you're now reincarnated."

"Mother, I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you."

"What trouble are you talking about, you're my daughter for one day, for life, regardless of past and present lives.Well, come home with me today, and have a dinner with grandfather tonight."

"But I, I really miss my family in this life, it's been a million years, and if I don't go looking for them, I'm afraid they'll forget me."

"There will be a chance, if it's so easy to forget, it's not family."

"So when am I going to get to them?"

"When you become an Upper Immortal, you'll be fine."

Saying that, the woman pulled her daughter and flew away, shortly arriving at a very mysterious place in the Immortal Academy that outsiders couldn't even find or see.

In this mysterious place, there were three words written on the door of the dean's residence.

This was the place where the Dean of the Immortal Academy lived, except that the people who could see the Dean of the Immortal Academy were few and far between.

Tang Huan, on the other hand, was free to come and go, which was too high for the other students and teachers of Immortal Academy, but no one in Immortal Academy knew what relationship Tang Huan had with the dean.

Right now, in this dean's house, a person was reporting to the dean, "Dean, what should we do about this?Are we going to let those training and instruction classes make a lot of money here?"

A half old man laughed and said, "When did this rise up?"

"About 100W years ago, I heard that it started as an idea thought up by a gifted student, and then many people saw the huge benefits and followed suit.Now, it has become a certain size, Dean, do we need to curb it?"

That dean said, "This matter is really a bit interesting."

"Dean, this is a place of meditation, not a place for those who are profit-minded to make money, if this continues, it will ruin the atmosphere of the Immortal Academy ah.Right now, almost all instructors, when they hear how profitable it is, they want to open a training course to make some extra money.Whereas being a tutor here is only a reward of 100 Xian coins for 10,000 years, opening a training course, even if the business is bad, can earn hundreds or thousands of Xian coins for 10,000 years, while those shops that do very big can even earn over 100,000 Xian coins for 10,000 years. Dean, curb it."

That dean thought for a few minutes and said, "There's no need to curb it."


"These people, who can earn money, that's also dependent on their own abilities.If curbed, the Immortal Academy will definitely return to the old days, where everyone studied alone, deadly, and no one would share their own experiences, which is not the best way to cultivate talent.Nowadays, for the sake of profit, some people would try their best to guide those who were willing to spend money, and with so many instructors and talented students competing against each other, those who were less qualified would benefit, while they would only need to pay a few immortal coins, so why not?In the past, without the profit motive, some mentors would not appear even once in thousands of years, let alone mentoring some students, especially in the Air Tearing Department.Nowadays, however, it's different, and mentors appear frequently, isn't that better?"

"Er, this."

"Let's just do it, let's go with the flow, I also want to see who can laugh at these people who run mentoring classes and training courses and become the final winner.Hahahaha, interesting, interesting."

"Alright, then, listen to the dean, the academy will not interfere in any way."


Tang Zichen came back to a valley in the area of the Shura Divine Blade.

"Ah Liao."

"Ah, big brother, it's you."

"Oh, Ah Liao, how has it been for the past hundred years."

"Big brother, why did you disappear for so long."

"Oh, okay."

"Big brother, look at you now, there are imitations of your guidance classes all over the place."

"No harm, I'll make a comeback, this time I came to find you, it's to invite you, to work with me, I'm short of manpower.Liao, are you willing?"

"Brother, thank you for looking up to me, I certainly do.Brother, how many more men do you need?"

"Three or four of them."

"Brother, do you remember, Ah Shan?" Remember the URL

"Remember, your friend, well, he'd like to fuck me too?"

"I'll go get him."

Not long after, Ah Shan came out as well.

"Ah Shan pays his respects to big brother."Ah Shan bowed to Tang Zichen.

"Haha, no need to be polite."

"Big brother, I just heard from Ah Liao that I'm willing to work with big brother."

"Good, that's good.There are still a few people missing, but unfortunately, I don't know anyone else."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Ah Shan said, "Big brother, you can go invite Zi Ling."

"Huh? Zilbell?Is that the girl from the cow tribe?"


"Where is she?"

"Purple Bell is still in her old cave ah, I'll go get her."

It wasn't long before Zilbell was called out again.

"Brother Tang."Zilbell looked at Tang Zichen excitedly.

"Zilbell, long time no see."Tang Zichen looked at the girl with a pair of horns on top and smiled.

"Brother Tang, where have you been for the last million years, I've missed you."

"Haha, Zilbell, the Shura Divine Blade is not badly practiced, right?"

"Not bad, if I have big brother to guide me, I'll practice better, I heard from Ah Shan that you also want to open a training shop, Zi Ling is willing to help you do it."


Just at this moment, a beautiful woman in the distance suddenly looked over.

"Ah, it's Tang Zichen."That beautiful woman immediately flew up and shouted excitedly, "Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen looked up and saw that it was that cousin of Shi Haoxiang's.

"Miss Mei Fu, I didn't expect that Miss Mei Fu was still so beautiful after a million years."

"Oh, it's good to see you."Miff smiled with excitement inside, but suppressed herself, not daring to act too that way, in fact, Miff often thought of Tang Zichen.

"Cousin, Fuer."A man came up after Maeve.

Tang Zichen took a look, wasn't this Shi Haoxiang?

"Shiho-hyang?What's this about?"

Ah Shan said, "Brother, it used to be that Maeve chased Shi Haoxiang, Shi Haoxiang didn't like her, he liked that Su Xiao Qiao; however, since you defeated Shi Haoxiang last time, the situation has changed, Maeve no longer calls him Brother Haoxiang, she calls him cousin, Shi Haoxiang wants to be with Maeve, Maeve doesn't like him anymore, now it's the other way around."

Shi Haoxiang huffed, "None of your business."

Tang Zichen said, "It's really none of my business."

Maeve looked at Tang Zichen with burning eyes, and when Tang Zichen noticed, he asked, "Maeve, why are you looking at me like that?Do I have flowers on my face?"

"Ah, me, me."Meifu suddenly looked embarrassed.

Ah Shan said, "Brother, it can't be that Miff likes you now, right?"


Roar, "No way, how could my cousin like you."

At that moment, Maeve plucked up her courage and said, "Tang Zichen, I think I might really like you, let me be your girlfriend, okay?Don't worry, I'll do anything you ask me to do.Besides, I'm still pure."

Tang Zichen was speechless, Mei Fu suddenly confessed to him, beside him Shi Haoxiang's expression was ugly at the moment.

"Maeve, you?"

"I'm sorry, cousin, but go after SoJo, I don't know why, but since a million years ago, I, I've been thinking about him a lot, and I'm pretty sure now that I really might like him."


Shi Haoxiang tragically yelled.

Just then, Ah Shan was busy saying, "Brother, Su Xiao Qiao is here."

Tang Zichen's eyes took a look, and sure enough, a green-clothed woman flew in from afar, it was Su Xiao Qiao, but Tang Zichen had only had one encounter with her, having instructed her just once.

Su Xiao Qiao was incomparably excited to see Tang Zichen, completely ignoring everyone around Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, is it really you?"Sue.

"Hey, Sue Jo is it, don't look at me with such an excited look, I'm scared, I only mentored you once a million years ago, there's no friendship, right?"

"Don Zichen, I don't care."

"Don't care what?"

"I don't care what people think of me, I don't care if we don't have a relationship, all I know is that I've thought about you a lot over the last million years, you've tortured me, and I'm pretty sure that I fell in love with you at first sight."Su.

Don looked at the Meif next to him.

That Maeve was quite embarrassed.

Mei Fu was busy being depressed, "Su Xiao Qiao, why are you learning from me."

Only then did Su Xiao Qiao see the Mei Fu next to her, and Shi Haoxiang.

"Ah, you guys are also here."Su Xiao Qiao was incomparably embarrassed, "Why are you here too?You mean I'm like you?What do you mean?Did, you just also."

"Yeah, I just finished talking to Don Zixon after what you just said."

"You like him, too."

"Yeah, is it allowed that you like him."

"This."Sukiyaki was embarrassed, and of course, so was Maeve.

The most painful thing at the moment was Shiho-hyang.Back then, the Su Xiao Qiao he was pursuing so hard, ran out to confess in broad daylight, afraid that Tang Zichen would disappear again just like that, his cousin Mei Fu, who he was pursuing so hard now, also ran out to confess in broad daylight, showing how much the two of them liked Tang Zichen.

Shi Haoxiang wanted to die.

The two of them have come out to confess their love for each other, and Tang Zichen's cousin, Mei Fu, has come out in broad daylight.

Johnny, who was beside Bai Hanyan, said, "Hanyan, give it up, Tang Zichen is too good, look, how many women like him, and all of them are at the level of stunning beauty, you ah, it's better to find someone who loves you, such as me."

Lin Huajun said, "Yeah, why hang yourself from a tree."

"Get lost, I won't give up on Tang Zichen even if there are more love rivals."

Lin Huajun sighed, "Was this Tang Zichen a monk in his past life, how come so many beauties like him in this life."

The fat man asked, "Was there a connection between being a monk in a past life and being liked by many beautiful women in this life?"

"When I say there's a connection, there's a connection."

Tang Zichen was now somewhat speechless in the face of the two blazing-eyed beauties.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Fatty."

"Brother Tang, what's your order."

"Is there any sulfuric acid, bring it to me."

"Ah, what's sulphuric acid?"

"Splashing it on your face will disfigure it."

"Ah, Don, what do you want?"


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