The King of Kungfu in school 2161-2165


Chapter 2161

Tang Zichen said, "Is practicing the sixth level very strong in your eyes?"

"Don't tell me that you've practiced to the seventh level, there are only four people in the entire Late Earth Immortal class who have practiced to the seventh level, and those four people have been here for over fifty years, and those four people are also about to step into the Early Upper Immortal class, so they will probably head to the Early Upper Immortal class soon."

Tang Zichen said, "Truth be told, I, precisely, have trained to the seventh level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword."

"Ah, gosh, it really is the seventh level, how could you, you've only been in here for a thousand years."That beautiful woman was dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen said, "So what if it's a thousand years, does it have to take time to pile up.Alright, pretty girl, seeing as you spent a little loneliness with me, I'll guide you with a move for free.The move you just killed me with, you're not practicing it right, watch what you're supposed to be doing."

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen played it in place a bit.

"Ah."That beautiful woman was stunned, she saw at once that what Tang Zichen had guided her to was the most correct.

"Farewell."Tang Zichen suddenly flew off to the fat man's cave.

Tang Zichen was ready to leave this place and visit other places in the Immortal Academy, or else he would die of boredom if he stayed here every day.

That beautiful girl had just reacted from Tang Zichen's guidance, and Tang Zichen was already far away.

"Classmate, wait for me."That pretty girl immediately caught up with him, her admiration for Tang Zichen had changed into a kind of worship. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen arrived at Fatty's cave, where Fatty was still practicing.

"Fatty, how's the practice going."

"Haha, Brother Tang, I've gone through all of the first level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, I feel that I should be able to practice the first level in another thousand years, hahaha."The fat man laughed happily.

Tang Zichen said, "One thousand years, the cauliflower is cold, stop practicing, walk around with me, I guarantee you'll be able to practice the first level in ten years."

"Ah, how is that possible."

"What's impossible about it, one thousand years, I've already practiced to the seventh level."

"What? Brother Tang, can you stop joking, late Earth Immortal practicing to the seventh level, that would take at least a few hundred thousand years."

At this time, that beautiful woman chased in, her mouth busy saying, "Where are you going, classmate, can you guide me a few more moves."

When the fat man saw that beauty, he was shocked, busy saying, "You can't be, Yun Xiaoyao of the Yun Shang family, I've seen you before, you haven't entered the Immortal Academy yet."The fat man's two eyes glowed.

However, that beautiful woman ignored the fatty and said to Tang Zichen, "Classmate, please, guide me a few more moves."

The fatty looked at Tang Zichen in confusion, how come Yun Xiaoyao had come in for over a hundred thousand years, but she still needed guidance from a person who had just arrived a thousand years ago.

Tang Zichen impatiently said, "Beauty, one must be content, okay?I've already instructed you in one move for free, what more do you want."

"I, I don't have to do it for free ah, I'll do whatever you need me to do, except for physical contact."

Tang Zichen said, "Even if I don't except for physical contact, I'm not interested."

"Classmate, I think you must be a genius in the wilderness, please.By the way, I'm from the Yun Shang Clan from West Niu He Continent, maybe you don't know the Yun Shang Clan, but you can ask this fatty, he definitely knows."

The fatty was busy saying, "The Yun Shang Family, is one of the top ten powers in the Western Ox He Continent, the head of their family, is a Da Luo Jin Immortal, and has certain connections in the Heavenly Realm.Also, this Yun Xiaoyao, is also a pretty famous beauty in our Western Ox He Continent."

Tang Zichen said, "Not interested in knowing."

Yun Xiaoyao was busy saying, "Classmate, more friends, more paths, if my family knew you were helping me, they would definitely thank you."

Tang Zichen snorted and smiled, "Then do you know that

You know, what's my story?"

"Uh, yeah, what's your story?"

Next, Tang Zichen was ready to retract a messianic lie.

Tang Zichen said, "My master, is a high ranking immortal."

"Ah, a high ranking immortal?How is that possible?Our dean, it's just a low-level immortal ah."Yun.

"It's up to you whether you believe it or not."Tang Zichen didn't have such a strong backstage, but it was fine to scare others if they didn't understand.

"Alright, I just believe you, so are you willing to guide me?"Yun Xiaoyao asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Forget it, I have relatively few friends, just take you as a friend, follow me from now on, if you don't understand anything, just ask me."

"Thanks, great."Yun Xiaoyao was excited.

"I'm going for a walk somewhere else in the Immortal Academy now, Yun Xiaoyao, do you want to come along?"

"But not practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword?The Sun and Moon Divine Sword will get rusty if you don't practice it for a day, you don't see everyone even coming out of the cave easily."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Spoken as if it were true."

"It was already true."

Fatty nodded, "Yes, really, thinking that the Sun and Moon Divine Sword is too advanced, it was handed down from the Heavenly Realm."

"Then you guys practice here, I'll go by myself."

"Don't don't, I'll go with you, you can practice on the way anyway, besides, the Immortal Academy isn't that big, you can walk through it in less than half a year."


Tang Zichen left this valley of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and came to another valley not far next to it.

"Where is this place?"

"This is the Upper Immortal Pre-Class, and they practice the Sun and Moon Divine Sword as well."

"Then in that case, and then that valley next door, it's the Upper Immortal Middle Class."

"Yes, this large area, all of them are taught by our Air Tearing Department, and the Air Tearing Department has a total of four major Air Tearing Techniques, which are the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer, the Shura Divine Saber, and the Sun Shooting Arrow."

The fatty continued, "These four major Air Tearing Techniques are all passed down from the Heavenly Realm."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "What the hell is the Shura Divine Saber."

"It's also handed down from the Heavenly Realm."

Tang Zichen had practiced the Eighteen Blades of Shura in the Spiritual Realm, and he didn't know if there was any connection.

Tang Zichen asked, "Who created this Shura Divine Saber?"

Fatty shakes his head, "I don't know."

But, Cloud: "It's like a, what's it called?"

"King Shura?"

"No, I can't remember."

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go, let's go to the other three Air Tearing Techniques."

Tang Zichen said to himself, "Let's see if we can practice all four Air Tearing Techniques.

To others, it might not be realistic, but to Tang Zichen, it wasn't that difficult, which of the eighteen martial arts wouldn't have been possible in the mortal realm in the past.

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at the place where the Shura Divine Blade was.

"Can we go in?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I guess it's okay, no one here cares at all, it's like someone went to our place to look at the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and no one of us knows who it is."

"Also, let's go in and see if we can learn a few moves, Shura Divine Sword."

Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty both looked at Tang Zichen speechlessly, Fatty said, "Brother Tang, don't ever, you're so trifling, I'm afraid you won't be able to practice the same."


Yun Xiaoyao also advised, "Brother Tang, don't be over-ambitious, you're not the only one who has had this idea, but no one has succeeded."

"Alright, do I still need you guys to persuade me, how about it?If I'm not going, I'm going alone."

"Speechless."Both Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty were speechless.

Tang Zichen went straight to the cave where the Shura Divine Sword was carved.

There were some other people in the cave who were also watching, and after watching, everyone silently went back to their cave, where the layout was also similar to that of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword.

Tang Zichen didn't pay attention to the other people and looked directly at the Shura Divine Sword carved on the stone wall.

When Tang Zichen saw the first layer of the Shura Divine Blade, Tang Zichen was shocked.

"This, this is very similar to the Shura Eighteenth Blade I practiced in the Spirit Realm, but it's much more complicated than the Shura Eighteenth Blade.The Shura Eighteen Knives I practiced in the Spiritual Realm is the first level of this Shura Divine Knife, and it's the Immortal Realm version."

"Haha, I didn't expect that the Shura Divine Blade, is really similar to the Shura Eighteen Knives."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, what did this mean?This means that if Tang Zichen practices the Shura Divine Saber, he will be very advantageous, far more advantageous than the Sun and Moon Divine Sword."

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "If I'm not wrong, this Shura Divine Saber must have a great deal to do with the Spiritual Realm's Wang Shura."

Tang Zichen immediately asked a man next to him who looked to be older after all, "Do you know, who created this Shura Divine Sword?" First web site

"Nonsense, we who practice the Shura Divine Blade don't even know who created it."

"I still don't know ah, can brother tell us a bit about it."

The man looked at Tang Zichen with contempt and said, "Listen carefully, the Shura Divine Blade was created by a senior in the Heaven Realm called White Jade Shura.However, Senior White Jade Shura was killed by a traitor several hundred thousand years ago."

"In other words, Senior White Jade Shura is dead?"



Tang Zichen suddenly understood why the Shura Divine Blade, and the Shura Eighteenth Blade were similar, because, it was made by the same person.After the White Jade Shura of the Heavenly Realm died, he was born in the Spiritual Realm, and Wang Shura of the Spiritual Realm was at least a White Jade Shura in his previous life, so perhaps he could still remember some shadows of his previous life, or maybe, he restored his memories of his previous life, so in the Spiritual Realm, Wang Shura created another Spiritual Realm version of the Shura Eighteen Knives.

Tang Zichen no longer pursued the similarities and differences between the two and began to practice the Shura Divine Blade.

The first layer, Tang Zichen almost practiced it without a glance, less than a minute.

Tang Zichen then practiced the second layer.

The second layer, Tang Zichen also did not have any difficulty, because Tang Zichen had the foundation, and had a very deep understanding of this Air Tearing Technique, it can also be said that Tang Zichen began to contact the Shura Divine Saber when he was in the Spiritual World.

On the second level, Tang Zichen spent about thirty minutes.

Then, Tang Zichen continued to practice the third layer.

Of course, Tang Zichen all practiced in his consciousness and didn't need to rehearse in reality, which was usually only for people with high comprehension or too sure that they definitely wouldn't make any mistakes, if the proficiency was low, such people couldn't practice in their consciousness, their consciousness was a mess, their brain memory wasn't enough, and they had to practice one move at a time in reality, and only after familiarity could they practice coherently in their consciousness by relying on their imagination.

A day later, Tang Zichen practiced to the third level.

Tang Zichen laughed internally, "The eighteen knives of the spiritual world's Shura, with the

This comparison was simply the difference between microbes and alien creatures ah.But it's normal, the Spiritual Realm's Shura Eighteen Blades, which doesn't include spells, is very, very basic.Fortunately, I have this foundation, and it's simply too easy for me to practice now."

In the blink of an eye, another half a month passed.

"The fourth level of the Shura Divine Saber, Tang Zichen has also practiced it."

Tang Zichen didn't know that he had been practicing here for half a month and was more powerful than many who had been practicing for a hundred thousand years.

Right now, outside this cave, Fatty and Yun Xiaoyao had been waiting for Tang Zichen.

"How come half a month isn't over yet, he's not really planning to practice the Shura Divine Blade here for hundreds or thousands of years, is he?"

"Who knows, anyway, I want to see if he can really practice both."

"I don't think so, his brain would explode, and then it would be a disaster if he couldn't practice both."

Just at that moment, Tang Zichen walked out.

Tang Zichen didn't practice much, he only stayed for half a month and came out, but Tang Zichen had memorized the fifth to the 100th layer behind the Shura Divine Saber in his head, although it was hard to remember, the average person couldn't remember it at all, and this kind of martial arts diagram, anyone who tried to remember it, their brain would be messed up, this was to prevent others from stealing the diagram.However, Tang Zichen had never forgotten such moves since he was a child, and Tang Zichen remembered them all with a single sweep.If his brain was compared to the running memory of a mobile phone, other people's running memory was almost only 1g, while Tang Zichen's running memory was at least 50g.

Other people's brains were very stuck, while Tang Zichen's brain was slippery, so the very difficult to remember diagrams he had no trouble at all.

Yun Xiaoyao smiled, "What? Didn't you say you wanted to practice the Shura Divine Blade?How come you're out after watching for half a month, this time you know that practicing two kinds at the same time doesn't show it."Yun Xiaoyao was holding a kind of teasing intention to make Tang Zichen not know the meaning of heaven and earth, and now after looking at it for half a month, she came out nicely.

However, Yun Xiaoyao never expected that Tang Zichen wouldn't even look at her, and directly threw her a sentence: "In this half month, I've already practiced the fourth level of the Shura Divine Blade, the reason why I came out is just that I don't want to spend time here and want to go somewhere else first."

"What."Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty were startled, but Tang Zichen was fast and went far away in no time, and they scrambled to catch up.

Fatty was busy saying, "Brother Tang, what did you just say?You practiced to the fourth level?"


"No way, you think the Shura Divine Saber is that easy to train, the Shura Divine Saber isn't worse than the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and half a month to train to the fourth level.You think we're that gullible."

Tang Zichen said, "Yun Xiaoyao, there are a lot of impossible things in the world."

"I don't believe in it anyway."

"I don't believe it either."

Yun Xiaoyao added, "If you really practice the Shura Divine Blade in fifteen days, I'll marry you right away."

Tang Zichen stopped and said, "Yun Xiaoyao, marrying me won't be necessary, I'm not short of a wife.However, I'm willing to prove it to you, not because I want you to believe it, but because, I also want to see the power of the fourth level of the Shura Divine Saber that I practiced."After saying that, Tang Zichen shouted towards the surroundings, "I, Tang Zichen, have just practiced the fourth level of the Shura Divine Blade, is there anyone willing to come out and spar with me?"

Before Tang Zichen finished speaking, a certain cave halfway up the mountain suddenly flew out with a flashing cold blade, it was obvious that the person in this cave, the person didn't come out, just threw a blade out.It was not known whether this person was pretending or was overconfident.

Tang Zichen smiled contemptuously at the corner of his mouth, this person wanted a blade mane to defeat Tang Zichen, who gave him the confidence.


Tang Zichen didn't move either, when he immediately used his hand as a knife and issued a slash.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's blade and the opponent's blade clashed fiercely in midair.

"Wow."The power of Tang Zichen's blade was clearly stronger than the other party's, and it was stronger not by a hair, although they were both performing moves from the fourth level of the Shura Divine Saber and the same style, Tang Zichen was stronger because Tang Zichen's comprehension of the Shura Divine Saber was far from being comparable to the other party's.

Thus, Tang Zichen's blade instantly tore apart the other party's blade while, at the same time, pushing back the other party's blade backwards.

In the next second, Tang Zichen's blade mane pushed back against the other party's blade mane and bombarded the other party's cave entrance, which collapsed in an instant with a clatter.

"Wow."Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty were both shocked.

"Brother Tang, you, you've really practiced the fourth level of the Shura Divine Blade, oh my god."The fatty was shocked, so Tang Zichen wasn't just bragging.

Yun Xiaoyao also looked at Tang Zichen in shock.

At this moment, in the cave that had just collapsed, a human figure broke out of the ground.

At the same time, many of the rest of the people in the cave, hearing such a big noise, also ran out.

Tang Zichen arched his hands at the man who had broken through the earth, "I'll accept the offer." Remember the URL

"Wait."The man roared, his ears a little red, as if his mood and face were not very good, after all, he had just thought that a blade would be enough to finish off this arrogant guy who had only just practiced the fourth level of the Shura Divine Blade, but he didn't expect the other party to be so strong that he pushed back and blasted his blade into his cave.So many people came out at this moment, they must have heard the commotion and came to see his joke.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother, is there anything else?"

"You blew up my cave and that's how you want to leave?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "What's the point of blowing up your cave, we just had a little cut-and-dry."

"Well, even if it was just a little bit of cutting and sparring, you want to leave before we have a winner now?"

Tang Zichen said, "Haven't we split the score yet?I don't know who gave you the confidence to say that, but as far as I'm concerned, it's already been divided, you're no match for me, and I'm no longer interested in you."

"You."That man was furious, in front of so many people, he was somewhat unable to get off the stage, he, Ji Hall Guest, although not the strongest and most powerful here, was still someone who belonged to the upper side of strength.

"Have the guts to fight me again, that doesn't count just now."That man called Ji Tang Hak said.

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, I'm no longer interested in you."

"You're the one who provoked me, and you say you have no interest in me."

"Because you're not my opponent at all, I don't want to waste my time, sorry."

"You, did you make me do this?"

Tang Zichen said to Yun, "Let's go and go over to the Sun Shooting Arrow and see if we can learn a few techniques to shoot the arrow."

"Good."Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty nodded their heads with adoration on their faces.

At that moment, that seasonal hall visitor was busy shouting, "Wait, what did you mean by what you just said?The arrow that shoots the sun?Is it possible that you don't practice the Shura Divine Blade anymore?"

The fat man shouted of his own accord, "Let me tell you, we're not practicing the Shura divine sword, we're practicing the Sun and Moon divine sword, our brother Tang Sun and Moon divine sword has reached the seventh level, and wanted to come out for some air and go to the Air Tearing Department to look elsewhere, so brother Tang accidentally practiced a few levels of the Shura divine sword, and he also defeated you can, hahahaha."


What? That's impossible."The Ji Tang Clan was shocked.

At the same time, all the people practicing the Shura Divine Sword at the scene were also shocked, unable to believe that this was real.

"You really came from the side of the Sun and Moon divine Sword?"Ji Tangguo asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't seem to be obligated to answer your curious question."

"Hmph, I don't believe it, don't pretend to compare in front of me, have the guts to fight me seriously."

Tang Zichen said, "You've just lost, so why bother."

"I'm not convinced, I didn't lose."Ji Tangguo just didn't accept defeat.

Tang Zichen said, "Since you want to fight me again so badly, then I'll fulfill your wish, but my time is precious, so if you didn't beat me, then you must compensate me for the loss of time, it's not much, three immortal coins, do you dare?"

"Good, then you better pray that you can win, otherwise, my three immortal coins won't be so easy to earn."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, coming out to learn a few layers of the Shura Divine Blade and earning a few Immortal Coins along the way seemed like a good idea.

"Come on then, remember to bring out your strongest power."

"Look at the sword."Ji Tang Clan didn't wait for Tang Zichen to finish his sentence, the large knife in his hand came to kill Tang Zichen, this time it wasn't a blade, but an actual knife.

Tang Zichen could see the shortcomings of his knife at a glance, the angle of his knife was slightly slanted, the power and speed of his blade was slightly stronger, which led to, the power was much less, not that the stronger the power, the stronger the power, and moreover, it would lead to a lack of back strength, Tang Zichen only needed to flip back a few tens of meters, his knife would not have enough back strength, Tang Zichen could take him down with ease right away.

Tang Zichen shook his head and sighed, I guess that Ji Tang guest, had no idea how clearly his weaknesses were seen by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't take a hard look at him, but he turned around and retreated a few dozen meters, and the Ji Tang客 of course took advantage of the victory to rush up, but he didn't know that he was about to lose.

In the next second, Tang Zichen suddenly slashed from below and upwards, the power of the blade aside for the moment, Tang Zichen's slash was so precise, both in power and angle, that he couldn't find the slightest flaw.

"Ah."Ji Tangkou was shocked, feeling the power brought by Tang Zichen's slash, he seemed to understand in his heart that he couldn't send such a perfect slash no matter what.

Without waiting for Ji Tang Hakkai to react, Tang Zichen slashed his upper body's clothes, and a thin blood trail was on his chest, pulled diagonally as if it was a strap.

The surrounding area was silent, and all those who were alerted out to watch the fun were incomparably surprised to see Tang Zichen.

Everyone had a feeling in their minds that this Tang Zichen, his techniques were very, very high, and the same moves in his hands always felt like they were not performed by someone at the same level.

Tang Zichen put away his knife and said, "Friend, you lose, if I hadn't been merciful just now, this blood mark on your upper body would have been more than just a blood mark."

"I lost."Ji Tangguo said willingly.

"Had you known that you lost so embarrassingly, why would you have fought again and lost three immortal coins."Tang Zichen said.

Ji Tangkai flipped his hand and took out three immortal coins and said, "You're wrong, I originally thought that I had practiced the fourth level of the Shura Divine Saber to perfection, but I just saw the blade you sent out, and I realized that I'm still far from it.These three celestial coins were well spent for me.If brother is willing, I'd like to fight you again, and I'll give you three immortal coins for every loss."


Tang Zichen smiled, "Unfortunately, the inspiration and experience I gave you may not be offset by three immortal coins."

"Also, looking at how talented my brother is, I'm sure his family background is not simple, there's no lack of immortal coins."

At that moment, the fatty interjected, "Our brother Tang, his master is a high-ranking Immortal."

"What? High-ranking Immortal."That seasonal hall guest was shocked.

Tang Zichen was somewhat speechless and said to the fatty, "Fatty, who told you to say that."

"Oh."The fat man smiled hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Ji Tangguo looked at Tang Zichen with even more reverence.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, brother, I have to go somewhere else for a walk."

"This, okay."Ji Tangguang was a bit reluctant.

Tang Zichen smiled, "How about this, I'll hold some training courses regularly in the future, if you're interested, you can come and join, of course, although I'm not short of Xian coins, I can't do it for free, so ten Xian coins as a reward."

"Really?Then I'll book first, I want to attend."Ji Tang guest busy. One second to remember to read the book


"Yes, please pay half of the deposit in advance, and I'll send someone to notify you in advance when the training course is held."

"Good."Ji Tangguang immediately took out five immortal coins, and Tang Zichen accepted them.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that as soon as the Ji Tang Guest finished paying the deposit, dozens of people rushed down from all directions, these dozens of people were all just onlookers, they naturally could see Tang Zichen's power.

"Brother, I also want to join your training course."

"Brother, it's fine for me to participate."

"Brother, collect my deposit."

"Hahaha!"Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

The training class was something that Tang Zichen had just suddenly thought of.

Tang Zichen said on his lips that he was not short of immortal coins, but in fact he was very short, seeing that he had just won three immortal coins easily, which would have taken him thirty thousand years to earn three immortal coins if he were Grandpa Qingtian.

So, Tang Zichen suddenly wondered why he couldn't come to Immortal Academy and make a big profit when the immortal coins came so easily.

The vast majority of those who were able to enter Immortal Academy were probably from relatively good family backgrounds, and a few tens or hundreds of Immortal coins could be easily taken out.

It was a good place to make a fortune ah.

Therefore, Tang Zichen casually mentioned a training course, wanting to wait until later to work out how to open it, but he didn't expect that so many people would rush down to register after he just mentioned it on his lips.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Everyone, thanks to your care, the training course, I'm just talking about it now, I'm not sure if it will definitely be held or not."

"Brother, you must hold it."

"Yes, brother, if I have your guidance on every layer from now on, I can often attend your training courses, I'm sure I'll be able to practice faster, Xian coins really aren't a problem, if I can practice faster, it's worth it for how many Xian coins."

"Yes, it's simply not something that can be measured with immortal coins."

Everyone wanted Tang Zichen to hold.

"Hahaha, alright, then I'll think about it again, I won't charge you a deposit today, if it's really held, I'll come and inform you."

"No, you must collect it, we have no bottom if you don't."

"I'm prepared to pay it all."

Helplessly, Tang Zichen had no choice but to accept the deposit.

In one fell swoop, Tang Zichen received about 130+ Xian coins.


br /> Tang Zichen looked at so many immortal coins, all a bit terrifying, this if the Qingtian grandfather knew, really would be scared to death, he had to be a gatekeeper for 1.3 million years to be able to change so many.

It seemed that Tang Zichen couldn't even open a training course.

However, before opening the training course, Tang Zichen's own strength had to be strong enough, otherwise no one knew what would happen.

Tang Zichen said, "Then let's go back first and combine our plans, I'll let you know another day."

"Thank you, Brother Tang, you're such a good man, if it were anyone else, you would definitely not be willing to pass on your experience to others."

"Yeah, yeah."

Everyone seemed to be grateful, and thought Tang Zichen was generous and selfless.

Tang Zichen laughed loudly and left first.

After leaving the place of the Shura Divine Blade, Tang Zichen headed to the next place, Shooting the Sun Arrow.

However, Tang Zichen was a bit hesitant.

Is it really meaningful for me to shoot the sun divine arrow and practice?

In fact, there was no point, he had already practiced the Shura Divine Saber and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, even if he used them both in one mind, and used the left and right hand to use one at the same time, it would only be two, there was no need to waste time practicing the Sun Shooting Divine Arrow and the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer.

"It's just that I'll go and take a look, first I'll write down the diagrams of the Sun Shooting Divine Arrow and the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer, it's always right to write them down whether you practice them or not.

Tang Zichen's footsteps were still heading to the place of the Sun Shooting Divine Arrow.

Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty followed closely behind Tang Zichen.

The fatty said, "Brother Tang, you're amazing, you've earned over a hundred immortal coins after just one kid."

Tang Zichen said, "A hundred or so immortal coins is a lot?"

"Hehe, for me, it's not very little, my family, they only gave me 50 Xian coins in ten thousand years."Fatty said.

Tang Zichen asked again, "Yun Xiaoyao, your family is much stronger than Fatty's, is a hundred immortal coins considered too much for you?"

"It's not less, my family, ten thousand years will only give me 300 Xian coins."

"Oh, you are all strong second generation, rich and prosperous."Tang Zichen smiled, thinking about Grandpa Qingtian, showing people the door, what about a piece of immortal coins for 10,000 years.

These people of theirs, they are really rich in resources.

Tang Zichen asked them because, Tang Zichen must know a little bit about the situation, if he opened a training course and made a lot of money, there would definitely be people who would be jealous, and when they were jealous there would definitely be people who would come to rob, anything could happen.

Now, it seems that he made over a hundred Xian coins in one go, it really wasn't a small amount, if he really opened a training course, less thousands of Xian coins, or even tens of thousands of Xian coins, in that case, wouldn't strong people be jealous as well.

However, the more Tang Zichen earned, the stronger he would become, as he could instantly transform his realm.

"Just, what's the point of hanging around if you're afraid of wolves in front and tigers in back, do it boldly.I'm not just going to run a training course, I'm also going to run an Air Tear training school, oh yeah, run a school."Tang Zichen said with excitement inside.

However, Tang Zichen was only one person after all, if there were a lot of people who needed his guidance, he would definitely be too busy, then wouldn't he have no time to train himself, he wouldn't have time to train himself, how would this still work.

Therefore, if Tang Zichen were to run a school, it would just be empty words, hard to achieve, the scale was also destined to be limited, unlikely, or half a small training course so that he himself would have enough time to practice.

"Brother Tang, you really want to run a training course."

"Of course, you two, free instruction."

Yun Xiaoyao said, "I'll still give you Xian coins, I don't want to take advantage of you."


"If I say it's free then it's free, don't be so nonsensical, alright, let's go see the Sun Shooting Arrow first."

Tang Zichen soon came back to the cave where the Sun Shooting Arrow was.

This time, Tang Zichen didn't go to practice, but rather memorized and watched for a few days, Tang Zichen memorized the diagrams of the Sun Shooting Divine Arrow, so that he could practice anytime in the future if he had time.

Then, Tang Zichen went to look at the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and spent a few days writing it down as well.

"Alright, the trip is over, now that I'm back, I'm going to start planning for the training course."

Tang Zichen returned to the area of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and immediately found an open space where there were no people, dug a cave, and then the training started completely.

Originally, I wanted to hold a training course and unify the instruction, but this was afraid that it couldn't be unified and there were people who had opinions, so Tang Zichen still instructed one by one.

If there is anything you don't understand, you can come to Tang Zichen for guidance, for a fee of ten immortal coins.

However, Tang Zichen didn't have much of a reputation in this class of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, so Tang Zichen now first had to get his reputation out in this class before anyone in this class would come to Tang Zichen.

"Yun Xiaoyao."

"Brother Tang, please tell me what you need."Yun Xiaoyao was busy. The first website

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is the strongest in our late Earth Immortal class right now?"

"There are four of the strongest, and they've all trained the Sun and Moon Divine Sword to the seventh level."

"Good, you help me make an appointment with them, let's say, I want one to fight four, let the four of them prepare, right, before the appointment, make sure to let all the more than six hundred students of the Late Earth Immortal class know, otherwise if no one knows, there's no point in me winning."

"Brother Tang, are you crazy?"Yun Xiaoyao was simply scared silly, Tang Zichen wanted one to fight four, it was so crazy, those four, also the Sun and Moon Divine Sword was trained to the seventh level, Tang Zichen was also trained to the seventh level, why should one fight four.Those who can come here are not fools.

Tang Zichen said, "Yun Xiaoyao, I'm going to hold a training class, I must let everyone know how powerful I am, otherwise who would be willing to spend ten immortal coins at a time to find me for guidance."


"Don't but, go quickly, get the fatty and find a way to let everyone know about it."

"Alright, for the sake of you instructing me for free, I'll run errands for you."Yun, she even wondered if Tang Zichen was looking for an errand runner for being friends with her, but the free guidance was totally worth it, no one else had that chance.

Yun Xiaoyao was happy and happy to do it with the fatty.

Tang Zichen didn't waste a bit of time, scrambling to practice the Sun and Moon Divine Sword.

After all, one to fight four, in case he lost, or if the win wasn't exciting enough, then the consequences were serious, no one coming to him for guidance was one thing, no kill that would be a problem.

In Tang Zichen's head, he quickly went through the seventh level of the Sun Moon Divine Sword, and Tang Zichen felt that there was no more problem.

Also, Tang Zichen had slightly optimized some of the moves himself to make the power more powerful.

Tang Zichen was also a real oxymoron, he could actually optimize the moves, it was good that others could practice.

"Phew, one to beat four, there should be no problem, unless I run into one who practices similar to me.In that case, I'll have no choice but to be open-minded and shameless for once, using the Shura Divine Blade at the same time.Left hand Shura Divine Saber, right hand Sun and Moon Divine Sword, there's no fucking problem with that at all."

Tang Zichen smiled, if others knew that Tang Zichen was actually able to use both at the same time and make the

Using two Air Tearing Techniques would definitely scare me silly, and others practicing two kinds wouldn't work, let alone performing both at the same time.It seemed that the configuration had to be high, Tang Zichen's brain was like an ultra-highly configured computer.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty still hadn't heard anything.

Tang Zichen called them over.

"What's going on?Not a bit of news yet?"

"Brother Tang, everyone here only cares about their own cultivation and nothing else ah, so it's a very difficult job to let everyone know that you're preparing one to fight four."Fatty said with a bitter face.

Yun Xiaoyao said, "Even though the job is difficult, it's not impossible, it has to be enough time, when Fatty and I went to publicize this, what we told everyone was that after half a year, you'll be playing four at a time, and it has to be half a year to make sure everyone knows."

"Alright, then I can also take the opportunity to practice my Shura Divine Blade."Tang Zichen nodded and said.

"You guys go ahead."

Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty continued to go about their business, and Tang Zichen simply practiced the fifth level of the Shura Divine Saber.

Two months later, Tang Zichen had practiced the fifth level of the Shura Divine Saber.

Tang Zichen didn't waste any time and continued to practice the sixth level of the Shura Divine Saber.

Another four months later, Tang Zichen had practiced the sixth level of the Shura Divine Blade.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen had a foundation for this, or else he really hadn't practiced so quickly, everyone else was spending tens of thousands and tens of thousands of years, while Tang Zichen was a few months .

Half a year also happened to have passed.

Yun Xiaoyao saw Tang Zichen finish practicing the Shura Divine Saber, which was why he walked in.

"Brother Tang, well, after half a year of hard notice, your popularity has finally risen, and now almost everyone knows that one day in half a year, on the xx day of this month, you will challenge the four geniuses, Luo Soul, Qing Peng, Blue Ox King, and Black Armor."

Tang Zichen said, "Luo Soul, Green Bounce, Blue Bull King, and Black Armor, are those four, you said, that the Sun and Moon Divine Sword has trained to the seventh level?"

"Exactly, the four of them, among them Luo Soul is the strongest, a human from the Eastern Sheng Shen Continent, Green Bounce is a Frog Clan, Blue Ox King is from the Ox Clan, and I come from the same place, West Ox He Continent, the Ox Clan is the number one power in our West Ox He Continent, this Blue Ox King can't be underestimated ah.The last black armor, is a turtle tribe from the bottom of the South Zhanbu Continent, the skin is very hard, almost invulnerable to swords and spears.Brother Tang, in fact, I've been worried about whether you'll be able to handle it or not, none of these four people are easy to deal with.By the way, there's one more thing, before Luo Ling, tried to chase me."Yun.

Tang Zichen said carelessly, "Then what?"

"No then, it's just that he wants to chase me."

"Then why don't you just go be his woman."

"Alright, alright, it's really boring, forget I said it."Yun Xiaoyao left her mouth in frustration, she had wanted to see Tang Zichen's reaction, but it was unresponsive.

Tang Zichen's heart at the moment, full of battle intent, these four people, they really didn't look weak, it was indeed a big challenge for him to fight four at a time and still win beautifully.

Cloud: "There's still about a week left before Fatty and I proclaim that challenge time, you have to be ready, when the time is up, you can just go out and shout for Luo Soul, Green Bounce, Blue Bull King, and Black Armor to come out and face the battle, at that time, everyone will hear about it and come out in a blaze of glory to see your duel."

"Good, hard work for you guys."

"Hehe, you're welcome."


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