Dish Best Served Cold 697-700


Chapter 697

"Little Lord, you've finally answered the phone."

    "If you don't pick up, I'll be ready to send someone to Jingzhou to look for you."

    The moment the call was answered, it was immediately followed by Han's worried and anxious voice.

    This dutiful old man was like an old housekeeper, caring about Ye Fan's life as well as his personal safety in every possible way.

    Ye Fan was used to this.

    "Old Man Han, after ten years, you still can't change, your fussiness."

    "The current me is no longer the same as I was ten years ago."

    "There aren't many people in the world who can threaten my safety."

    "You, you, and why are you making such a fuss all day long."

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled helplessly.

    Ye Fan therefore didn't know how many times he had thus spoken about Old Man Han, but it was useless.

    This old guy, he wouldn't be able to remember anything.

    "It's a matter of young master's safety, how can I slack off old slave?"

    "Okay, cut the unnecessary talk, I have to talk to my wife on the phone later.Say what you have to say quickly."Ye Fan cursed with a smile, but urged.

    Han Lao then reported, "Little Lord, according to the intelligence.The Sword God Palace of Japan has already had strong people arrive in Warsaw."

    "If I didn't expect it, he should be coming for you."

    "If that's the case, according to the time of day, he should have already arrived in King City by this time."

    "Little Lord, you must be more careful in your day-to-day life."

    "Shall we let Copper Mountain go over?"

    "This guy may not be smashingly strong, but his skin is thick, and he can block knives for you, Little Lord, at critical moments."

    Ye Fan listened and gave a light laugh, "No need."

    "By the way, over at the Chinese Martial God Temple, is there any movement?"

    "That, I haven't found yet."Han Lao returned.

    As Ye Fan listened, the faint smile on his face undoubtedly grew even stronger, "There isn't even any movement over at the Martial God Hall, so I guess the one who came this time isn't a powerful character either.There's even less need to worry."

    "Regardless of who is coming, there's no need to go back since it's here with me."

    "Alright, I've already understood things, let's do it."

    Ye Fan said indifferently, and then he also hung up the phone.

    Then, Ye Fan contacted Qiu Mu Orange again, and after chatting for a while, he also rested.

    A night passed quickly.

    The next day, Ye Fan went to visit the two old men, grandfather and grandmother again.

    The two elders lived in the front yard, just a few steps away.

    Now that Ye Fan is back, together with the lively and lovely Lu Wenjing, it has made the Ye family's old house more lively.

    During the meal, Ye Fan asked about Fatty's situation.

    Fatty was from the same village as Ye Fan, he had been away from home for many years, and he didn't know anything about Fatty's situation, but now that he was back, Ye Fan was ready to pay a visit.


    "You mean Yuxiang, right."

    "This Yeyang Town, he's the only one who can play with you."

    "However, he's been in bad shape lately."

    "You'd better go take a look."

    The fat man's first name was Shen Yuxiang.It wasn't far to live, just east of the town.

    However, when speaking of Shen Yuxiang, Ye Xi Mei sighed with a bit of pity in her tone.


    "Mom, what's wrong?"

    "Could it be that something happened at the Fatty's house?"

    Seeing his mother's appearance, Ye Fan frowned and had a bad feeling in his heart.

    Ye Fan had been in Ye Yang Town for several years.

    Because of his identity, he didn't know how many bad eyes he had gotten.

    When he was in school, even his own cousins and cousins had joined forces with outsiders to bully him.

    What impressed Ye Fan the most was that Ye Yuyan and the others isolated themselves at that time.

    Every time Ye Yuyan's family came back from a trip, they would bring a lot of local specialties.

    After arriving at school, Ye Yuyan would also send them down to her friends as well as her younger siblings.

    But the only one who didn't give it to Ye Fan!

    Ye Fan didn't care about these tactics between children.

    But Fatty couldn't see past it.

    At that time, Fatty's family was doing business and his family was in a good position.

    After this incident, every time he went to the city, he would bring a lot of rare things or snacks and only give them to Ye Fan to share, as if to deliberately anger Ye Yuyan, Ye Jian and the others.

    At that time, Ye Fan realized that this sometimes, the so-called relatives were worse than an outsider with no blood ties.

    Therefore, for Fatty as a friend, Ye Fan also treasured him extremely.

    Now that he had just returned to Ye Yang Town, he thought of going to see him.

    "It's a long story, and I don't know much about it."

    "You'd better go and ask yourself."

    Ye Xi Mei said with a sigh.

    Ye Fan nodded his head and didn't ask any more questions.

    After finishing his meal, he went out to look for Fatty.

    Lu Wenjing had always pestered Ye Fan, so she naturally followed.

    "This little girl, she chased after Little Fan wherever he went, but she also fell like a follower."Ye Xi Mei watched and only felt funny.

    The fatty's house wasn't far away, so Ye Fan followed the location in his memory and looked for it.

    Soon, Ye Fan arrived at a small two-story western building.

    There was an old-fashioned Audi A6 parked outside the building.

    Back then, Fatty took this car to and from school, not to mention how awe-inspiring it was.

    Now the years are passing by, when the luxury car looks a little outdated at this time.

    "Auntie, is Fatty home?"

    Upon entering the door, Evan saw a woman.

    "You are?"The woman sized up Ye Fan and was a bit confused.

    Ye Fan smiled and said, "Auntie, I'm Little Fan."

    The woman was surprised when she heard.

    "Xiaofan, ah."


    "When did you get here?"

    "Auntie hasn't seen you for years."

    "My Yuxiang thought you had disappeared, and was clamoring to go out and look for you a few years ago."

    "Haha, it's good to be here."

    "Quick, go inside, Yuxiang is inside now."

    Seeing Ye Fan, the woman also then said with joy, extraordinarily enthusiastic.

    However, after laughing, the woman pulled over Ye Fan and lowered her voice, "Little Fan, I know that Yuxiang has the best relationship with you, and used to listen to you the most."

    "After you go in this time, you must persuade him properly."

    "Let him come out of the shadow of the past."

    "There's no grass in the ends of the earth, so why hang yourself from a tree."

    "Well, I won't say any more."

    "You brothers go and talk."

    The woman also spoke to Ye Fan, and in her words, there was worry and heartache for her son.

    Although Ye Fan didn't know the situation, he still nodded his head.

    And then, he walked towards the room.

    In the room, it was slightly messy.

    When Ye Fan walked in, he only saw a tall, sturdy man, with a shaggy head, lying on the couch, drinking wine by himself.

    There were unburned cigarette butts all over his feet.

    The TV was on, and it had a drama on, Ordinary World.

    The man, however, wasn't watching, just sitting there paralyzed.

    Decrepit, as if he was a puddle of mud, having lost his vision and hope for life.

    "Fatty, I haven't seen you for a few years, how fucking awesome are you?"

    "Can they all smoke?"

    Ye Fan walked over and snatched the freshly lit cigarette from the man's hand and threw it on the ground, crushing it with his foot.

    "I said, get the hell out of here, all less fucking annoying..."The fat man subconsciously thought it was another lobbyist his parents had found, and was just about to yell at him, but after seeing the person, a pair of small eyes widened, and the whole person then stayed there.




    "Van, you're back."

    "Fuck, you know you're back, huh?"

    "I thought, you forgot about me as a friend."

    After seeing Ye Fan, the fat man burst out laughing.

    Laughing, but a pair of old eyes had reddened, and his nose was a little sour.

    These three years, Ye Fan had no news.

    At one time, the fat man thought that something bad had happened to Ye Fan, but now that his old friend was reunited, the fat man was naturally excited.

    At the same time, the long suppressed emotions in the fat man's heart were also released at this time.

    He even hugged Ye Fan and cried out.

    "Fatty, what's wrong?"

    "What happened?"

    "Looking at your decrepit appearance, if you didn't know, you'd think the sky was falling."Evan asked in confusion.

    "Brother Fan, Xiao Ya is getting married."

    "But, the groom isn't me."

    "Brother Fan, what do you think I should do?"

    "Without Xiao Ya, what should I do in the future."

    The fat man's voice choked, and his words were filled with sadness and misery.

    Ye Fan's entire body was shocked when he heard it.

    "Xiao Ya?"

    "You mean, Dwanya."

    "What's the situation?"

    "Weren't you two fine when I left back then?"

    "Could it be, that Dwanya has changed her mind?"

    This news was also extremely surprising to Ye Fan.

    If it was for an ordinary couple, a breakup would be normal.

    But Du Wenya was different from Fatty, the two of them had been childhood childhood sweethearts, and it was said that at the age of ten, both parents had ordered a doll's wedding.

    At school, the two were also openly lovers.

    One was sensible, the other pampered and considerate.

    In Ye Fan's memory, Du Wenya and Fatty had been in love for almost ten years, moistening each other and almost never quarrelling.

    They were a model couple envied by countless people.

    Now, this exemplary couple, surprisingly, broke up.One of them, is getting married?

    Evan had to feel tremors.

    "No, Sayaka hasn't changed her mind."

    "Sayaka still likes me."

    "She was all forced by her parents."

    "It was Xiao Ya's father, who forced Xiao Ya to marry someone else."

    Fatty argued righteously.

    It turned out that some years ago, Fatty's father's business had failed and his family had fallen apart.But Du Wenya's family's glory was growing like the sun.

    Du Wenya's father was naturally more and more dissatisfied with the marriage.

    Until one day, someone introduced a high-ranking son to the Du family, and that person also fell in love with Du Wen Ya.

    In this situation, in order to climb up to power and for his own daughter to have a better home, Du Wenya's father naturally made a quick decision and pushed Du Wenya's marriage with Fatty and instead went to fix up the others.

    "Blame me too."

    "Blaming me is useless."

    "If I was capable, Wen Ya's father wouldn't have broken us up."

    "I, Shen Yuxiang, am a useless piece of trash."

    "Useless, I don't even have a proper job, I'm even worse than a waste~"

    "Perhaps Vinya was right in not marrying me."

    "I'm not good enough for her, and her marrying me would be flowers in cow dung."

    The fat man said miserably, picking up the wine glass on the table and smothering it in one gulp.

    His eyes were red, and his eyes were filled with hot tears.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, just raised his head and looked at the fatty's direction.

    After a moment of silence, he asked in a deep voice, "Fatty, is what you said true?"

    "You and Vinya, when it's true that you've been separated?"

    "Wenya, when really still like you?"

    The fat man nodded first, then shook his head in mockery, "So what if it is, so what if it isn't."

    "Brother Fan, it's useless to talk about this now."

    "I guess by this time, their wedding, has already started."

    "Wen Ya's father did the right thing, compared to others, I, Shen Yuxiang, am not even as good as a dog."

    "Other people's fathers are county leaders, and they are young entrepreneurs themselves."

    "Born from a famous family, a young and talented man."

    "And what about me?"

    "I'm just a country bumpkin, a farmer's son."

    "Even if my father has made a little fortune in business, I am still a countryman, a countryman with my face to the ground."

    "How can I compare myself to others?"

    "Can't compare."

    "I should make them whole."

    "Wen Ya will only be truly happy if he follows him."

    Fatty's eyes were red, but he said it miserably.

    The tears mixed with the wine and kept flowing down.

    There are lovers, but they can't end up being married.

    The most painful thing in life is nothing more than this.

    When you know that the woman you love, today is about to get married as a wife, no one knows the fat man's heartbroken lungs at this time.

    The sun that had existed in his heart for so many years was finally going to set.

    "Brother Fan, please help him~"

    Lu Wenjing, who was beside her, looked at the fatty so sadly.

    With beautiful red eyes, she looked up at her little brother Fan.

    And Ye Fan didn't say anything, he was expressionless, he just walked up and kicked straight up.

    A bang.

    The fat man was suddenly kicked on the ground by Ye Fan, and all the bottles in his hands fell to pieces.

    "Brother Fan, what are you hitting him for?"

    Lu Wenjing was shocked then, the fat man was already miserable enough, she didn't expect that Ye Fan would beat him up.

    "I'm beating him!"

    "What do I despise most in my life that I despise myself?"

    "How's the countryside?So what if you were born poor?"

    "The son of a peasant is fucking inferior?"

    "You're a fucking loser!"

    "It's just as well that people look down on you, even if they look down on themselves."

    "Wen Ya is also blind to see a wimp like you!"

    "Do you know that right now at the wedding, maybe Vinya is waiting for you."

    "But what about you?"

    "There's no use crying here, it's only good if you snatch the woman."

    "Shen Yuxiang, if you're a man, come with me now."

    "Otherwise, don't fucking say that you're my brother Ye Fan in the future!"

    "I'm embarrassed~"

    After kicking over the fat man, Ye Fan cursed angrily.

    After saying that, he turned his head and walked out of the room.

    Standing in the courtyard, he waited for the fatty's decision.

    Heaven and earth were silent, and the grass and trees were silent.

    In the small courtyard, only the fat man's cries echoed.

    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing the tips of Ye Fan's hair on his forehead.

    A thin body, standing straight.

    It was as if a generation of swordsmen were standing here, waiting for someone to come.

    "Brother Xiaofan, will he come?"Lu Wenjing stayed by Evan's side, looking around as she said worriedly.

    "It will."Two short words, but it was a throwaway word.

    And the moment Ye Fan's words fell, a tall, sturdy man in a suit at the entrance had appeared.

    The two of them looked at each other and were speechless, but everything, again, was in silence.

    It was as if two reclusive swordsmen, after many years, had reappeared!

    No one knows what kind of storm is coming next in this King City?


    A few minutes later, a black motorcycle, with a beastly low roar, tore through the heavens and the earth, breaking through the long sky, towards the middle of the city!

    At the same time, outside the door of Ye Tian's house, a long-dressed Ye Yuyan also got into a black Volvo sedan and rushed to the city to go to the banquet.


"Jian, drive carefully on the road."

    "And remember, don't drink at the wedding banquet."

    Outside the home, Ye Tian and other Ye family members were there, and were now instructing Ye Jian.

    Ye Jian is the son of Ye Fan's second uncle Ye Ya, who was playing in the city a few days ago and just returned today.He was ready to go to Qin Yu's wedding along with Ye Yuyan.

    "Uncle, don't worry."

    "Your nephew's driving skills are good?"

    In the driver's seat, Ye Jian was wearing sunglasses and his hair was combed back, dressed as a new age fashionable youth.

    After saying that, Ye Jian looked at Ye Yuyan in the back seat again, "Sister Yuyan, take another look, you didn't leave anything behind, right?"

    "No, you can go now."Ye Yuyan, still looking cool and majestic, waved her hand, signaling that Ye Jian could go.

    At this time, however, Master Ye called out to them, "Xiao Jian, don't leave yet."

    "Take Little Fan with you."

    "You're all classmates, you're also shouting for your brother Xiaofan to go to Qin Yu's wedding banquet together ah."


    "And let Evan go?"

    "Grandpa, you can't add to the trouble."

    "Just him, a door-to-door son-in-law, it's not even humiliating enough to go."

    "Okay, let's not talk about it, grandpa, Sister Yuyan and I will leave first."

    Once Ye Jian heard that his grandfather was still thinking of letting Ye Fan go, he was disgusted.

    After saying that, he didn't wait for the old man's reply and drove off in his car.

    "I never thought ah, that guy Ye Fan still has the face to come back."

    "A door-to-door son-in-law, and he's still home for New Year's Eve, and he's not ashamed."

    In the car, Ye Jian was sneering as he drove the car.

    Ye Jian had been at odds with Ye Fan since he was a child, and had even had his legs broken by Ye Fan and the others back then.

    For so many years, this matter could be remembered.

    Originally, Ye Jian thought that that guy Ye Fan had joined the family as a son-in-law, he probably wouldn't have the face to come back in his life.

    But what Ye Jian didn't expect is that Ye Fan came back this year?

    Ye Jian was talking to himself there, and Ye Yuyan didn't take any conversation.

    She didn't bother to pay attention to Ye Fan's matter.

    "Right, Sister Yuyan, I haven't asked you yet, do you know who brother Qin Yu's marriage partner is?"

    "I haven't had much contact with Brother Qin Yu, I really don't know much about this marriage thing."Ye Jian asked curiously.

    Ye Yuyan faintly said, "It's Du Wenya."



    "Oh my god, isn't that that Ye Fan's best friend's girlfriend?"


    "Brother Qin Yu is awesome, he stole that dead fat man's woman."

    "Smooth ah!"

    When Ye Jian heard this, he was delighted and only felt free.

    Back then, the two of them, Ye Fan and Fatty, didn't beat him up.

    Now hearing that the fatty's girlfriend, was going to marry someone else, Ye Jian was naturally happy.

    "Back then when I was in school, I thought that dead fatty was not good enough for Wen Ya."

    "Wen Ya is good at studies and good, her parents are teachers, from a family of books, she's also pretty and sensible."

    "And that dead fatty, he's not doing his job."

    "His kind of goods, with a girlfriend like Wen Ya, at that time I looked envious and jealous."

    "Now the heavens really have eyes, and Jane has taken out this evil anger in my heart."

    "I guess at this time, that dead fatty is still crying at home."

    Ye Jian laughed, his heart smooth as can be.

    Ye Yuyan, who was listening at the side, laughed lightly and shook her head slowly.

    As the saying goes, fish looking for fish and shrimp looking for shrimp, Ye Fan's friends, naturally, were not good goods.

    Ye Jian was right, Du Wenya ended up marrying Qin Yu instead of Shen Yuxiang, it was indeed her luck.

    Between the two of them talking, but Ye Jian was already driving the vehicle into the city of Jingzhou, to the wedding scene, Longjing Hotel.

    "Yuyan, you're here."

    "This is, your brother Ye Jian, right."

    Outside the hotel, the groom, Qin Yu, dressed in a suit and tie, then came out to welcome Ye Yuyan after learning that he had arrived.


    "Brother Qin Yu, I haven't seen you for years, and you still recognize me."

    "But Brother Yu's family is just awesome, the wedding was even held at the Dragon King Hotel."

    "As far as I know, this hotel is the property of the Jingzhou Lei family, right."

    "On weekdays, it's only open to the rich and powerful."

    "To be able to hold a wedding banquet at this Lei Third Master's venue, not many people in our entire Jingzhou City have the face to do so, right?"

    Ye Jian lamented as he took stock of this Dragon View Hotel.

    Qin Yu listened with a few surges of pride and arrogance in his heart, but still spoke modestly.


    "Ye Jian you don't have to brag about me."

    "With my family's fame, it's naturally impossible for them to bag this Dragon View Hotel."

    "This is all thanks to a friend of mine who happens to be a son of the Lei family."

    "I'm entrusting him with this to be able to bag the most luxurious hotel in our Jingzhou!"

    Dragon View Hotel, the property of the Jingzhou Lei family.Positioned as a high-end luxury hotel.

    Those who can enter this hotel are either rich or noble.

    Moreover, it basically does not undertake weddings.

    Of course, there were exceptions.

    The last exception was three years ago, when the mayor of Jingzhou's son got married.

    Now, Qin Yu has become the second exception.

    Naturally, he feels doubly honored!

    Ye Jian was naturally even more shocked when he heard, "God, Brother Yu, you still know the Lei family?"

    "Yeah, if nothing else, this brother of mine should be arriving today."

    "When the time comes, I'll introduce you guys."Qin Yu said with a smile.


    "Then thank you, Brother Yu."Ye Jian was naturally excited upon hearing this.

    The Lei family was the leading big brother of Jingzhou, if he could climb this relationship, and he Ye Jian would get married in the future, wouldn't that mean that he could also book this Dragon King Hotel?

    A few people were joking around and entered the hotel together.

    The hall was already decorated.

    Brand new carpets covered the ground, with fragrant roses on both sides.

    More than a dozen ceremonial ladies, dressed in cheongsams, respectfully greeted the guests on both sides.

    The table was filled with exotic fruits.

    The entire wedding scene was extremely lavish, and the Qin family had obviously gone to great lengths for today's wedding banquet.

    "Hello Uncle Qin."

    After going in and seeing Qin Yu's father, Ye Yuyan and Ye Jian then greeted each other.

    At this time, Ye Yuyan's polite and cordial appearance was completely devoid of the coolness she had when facing Ye Fan and Ye Xiemei.

    "Well, Yuyan is back ah."

    "It's getting prettier and prettier."

    Qin Yu's father, Qin Feng, exchanged a few pleasantries before he went back to greet the others.

    Time gradually passed by, after the guests had arrived.

    Qin Feng looked at the time, "It's about time, give the in-laws a call and say that the wedding can begin."

    At this time, in one of the rooms of the restaurant, several makeup artists were applying makeup to a woman.

    "Miss, you can't cry anymore."

    "The makeup is all spent~"

    "This wedding is about to start."

    The staff beside her advised in a bitter voice, but they sighed in sympathy.

    They could tell that it was expected that this marriage today would be the tomb of love again.

    "Wen Ya, you ninny, why are you crying on the big day?"

    "Undisputed thing, can't you get over that unworthy thing Shen Yuxiang?"On the side, Dwanya's father cursed angrily.


"Parents' orders, matchmaker's orders."

    "Wenya, you're the only daughter I have."

    "It's not like being a parent will trap you."

    "This Qin family is a big family, powerful and rich, you'll just have to wait to enjoy your happiness in the future."

    "Quick, the wedding is about to start, wipe your tears and hurry to the hall."

    Du Wenya's father urged from the side, and after helping Du Wenya cover her veil, he took his own daughter out.

    The hall was already full of people.

    When the music sounded, the bride, supported by her father, stepped on the roses all over the ground, and slowly made her way up the red carpet amidst the applause of the crowd.

    There, Qin Yu stood excitedly.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the mannish beauty who is walking slowly, Qin Yu's eyebrows, there is happiness and joy in his eyes.

    On the stage, the master of ceremonies' voice, also echoed.

    "As soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, the world is overcome."

    "Now, our groomsman and bride are moving slowly along the path of destiny."

    "The moment they meet on the magpie bridge is the most beautiful action in this human world!"

    "All right, next, let's ask our groomsmen to take the bride's wonderfully beautiful hands and step into, together, that marriage!"

    In a split second, the applause thundered.

    Ye Yuyan was full of smiles and wished her best friend Qin Yu from the bottom of her heart.

    Ye Jian looked at this scene, and there was also an envious light in his eyebrows.

    However, who in the crowd at this time noticed that under the light veil, Du Wenya's tearful pretty face.

    She had been a good girl since she was a child, and she had always believed that all of her parents' decisions were for her own good.

    But this time, Du Wenya doesn't know if her parents are right or wrong.

    The only thing she knows is that the person she likes, is not Qin Yu.

    Rather, that man called Shen Yuxiang.

    Yes, even though Du Wenya has now stepped into the marriage hall, her mind is filled with that big boy's smiling face at the moment.

    At this time, Du Wenya, how much she wished, that big boy could be like a big hero, descend from the sky and take him to escape from here.

    But Du Wenya was clear that this was only her fantasy after all.

    Ever since she got engaged to Qin Yu, the guy she liked, she hadn't contacted him.

    And how could he, again, appear on the wedding day?

    Beneath the light veil, hot tears fell unceasingly along the side of her face.

    Tawnya looked back one last time, as if she was saying a final goodbye like the past, and like the man.

    She resigned herself to her fate.

    That was it.

    Maybe love was something she didn't deserve in the first place!

    However, just as Qin Yu was about to receive Du Wenya's jade hand, a sudden call, but from outside the hotel, quietly exploded.

    "Wenya, I'm here~"


    In the next moment, there was only a bang.

    A black motorcycle, only like a cannonball, crashed through the hotel door and flew straight in.

    The doors and windows exploded, shattering glass everywhere.

    The entire hall was then terrified, screaming and making a lot of noise everywhere.

    "What's going on?"

    "What happened?"

    "Has there been a terrorist attack?"

    Many people screamed in fear, and Ye Jian was so scared that he was going to get under the table by lying on the floor.

    However, while the entire hotel was in chaos, on the stage, that Du Wenya was in panic when she heard that voice.

    She turned her head, pulled off the veil over her head, and looked back.

    Sure enough, she saw, a sunny, tall man, running towards her direction, running over.


    Du Wenya instantly cried, tears streaming down her face.

    She did not expect that Shen Yuxiang, really came.

    Just like a knight, from among the thousands of horses, he killed in.

    Du Wenya could no longer hide the emotions in her heart, her pretty face with tears, desperately ran over and drilled into Shen Yuxiang's arms.

    "Wen Ya, I'm sorry, I'm late."

    "I've decided that you can only be my Shen Yuxiang's wife, and I forbid you to marry anyone."

    "Now, I'll take you away."

    Shen Yuxiang said firmly.

    Du Wenya cried and nodded her head, "Mm, Yuxiang, I'll go with you."

    However, just as Shen Yuxiang grabbed Du Wenya's arm and was about to leave, the hotel's bodyguards then came around.

    Also coming up were Qin Yu, Ye Yuyan, and others.

    "Shen Yuxiang, you're really looking for death!"

    "How dare you stir up my Qin Yu's wedding?"

    "Today I'll let you come in standing and go out lying down!"Qin Yu's eyes were red and he cursed angrily.

    The big happy day was spoiled by someone, I'm afraid that anyone wouldn't be able to keep calm.

    After Ye Jian and Ye Yuyan saw that the person who had come was Shen Yuxiang, the trepidation from earlier also instantly dissipated, and they sneered.

    Only feel this Shen Yuxiang is really an idiot stupid.

    He simply barged in like a stunned youth, could it be that he really thought he could take away Du Wenya from so many people?

    "How self-defeating."Ye Yuyan shook her head and said in a low voice.

    However, just as those bodyguards gathered around and were about to make a move on Shen Yuxiang, Shen Yuxiang looked out of the hotel and shouted, "Brother Fan, aren't you going to show yourself yet?"

    "If you don't show up, your brother is going to get me killed."



    "What Van?"

    Shen Yuxiang's words shocked everyone present.

    Qin Yu and the others were even more curious, could it be that this Shen Yuxiang, has an accomplice?

    Just between everyone's suspicions, outside the hotel, a thin figure, but quietly appeared.

    I saw that person, a black jacket, a see wash jeans, a pair of white board shoes.

    The entire person, ordinary just like a passerby.

    However, it is such a man, but his hands in the pockets, mouth in the corner of a light smile, just like this to meet the eyes of the crowd, slowly walking towards this.

    Eventually, he came before Shen Yuxiang and Du Wenya.

    He looked at Qin Yu and faintly said, "Qin Yu, right?"

    "Give me face and let them go."

    "It wasn't easy for my brother to get this far with Vinya.Why not have fun as an adult?"

    Ye Fan's calm words were like the spring breeze in June, blowing slowly from hall to hall.

    The Noble Restaurant was then silent for a moment.

    Immediately afterwards, curses were heard.

    "Damn, I'm going to hell, right?"

    "You're a fucking door-to-door son-in-law, you have no fucking face!"

    "How dare you pretend to be here?"

    "Frak you!"

    After seeing that the visitor was Ye Fan, Ye Jian and Ye Yuyan were so shocked that their eyeballs almost popped out.

    Especially in the midst of hearing Ye Fan's arrogant and arrogant words, Ye Jian couldn't hold back and directly cursed.

    Ye Yuyan was also full of displeasure and disgust, glaring at Ye Fan with a fierce gaze.

    This Ye Fan, what a big dog's guts, daring to stir her friend's wedding?

    How dare you speak so shamelessly here!


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