Dish Best Served Cold 691-696


Chapter 691

Of course, Ye Yuyan's dislike of Ye Fan and despising him was on one hand.

    On the other hand, it was related to Ye Fan's friend, Fatty.

    At that time, Ye Yuyan was such a proud daughter of heaven that not only the adults liked her, but even her peers liked her as well.I don't know how many people, secretly regarded Ye Yuyan as a goddess in their hearts and dreamed of having Ye Yuyan as their girlfriend.

    Fatty was one of them.

    Out of friendliness, Ye Fan helped Fatty to send love letters to Ye Yuyan.

    In the end, he was caught by his own uncle.

    At that time, the whole family thought that the love letter was written by Ye Fan for Ye Yuyan.Of course, Ye Fan denied it and said that he was just a messenger and it was written by Fatty to Ye Yuyan.

    Finally, Ye Fan's uncle goes to see Fatty to confront him.

    As a result, the fat man saw Ye Fan's uncle Ye Tian's fierce appearance, and he was so wimpy that he just refused to admit it.

    Therefore, Ye Fan couldn't wash his hands of this matter even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

    To this day, Ye Yuyan and the others still believe that the love letter was written by Ye Fan.

    After this incident, Ye Yuyan was undoubtedly even more disgusted with Ye Fan.

    To a proud girl like her, being secretly loved by someone like Ye Fan was not only absurd, but also a shame.

    Later, when Ye Yuyan got into the top military school in Huaxia and entered the army, her distance from Ye Fan grew farther and farther, and her relationship naturally faded even more.

    I guess now, it's not even sure if she can still remember Ye Fan.

    But Ye Fan, didn't care about that.

    People like Ye Yuyan, Lu Hong, and Su Xi are just insignificant passers-by in Ye Fan's life.

    How could they think highly of themselves?So what if you despise yourself?

    The thoughts of a few passersby were just that, and Ye Fan didn't bother to care.

    But Ye Xie Mei didn't think so, her son had a hard time coming back for New Year's Eve, so naturally she wanted his place to sleep at night to be more comfortable.

    "How about this, after dinner later, I'll go buy some fruit and milk."

    "Send some to your grandmother, uncle and uncle.And buy more fish for your uncle's family."

    "Your cousin is back with so many gifts.Even if we're not in good condition, we can't leave our gifts behind."

    These human emotions, Ye Ximei naturally considered them more thoughtfully than Ye Fan.

    In the end, when it was evening, Ye Fan mother and son carried the gifts and went to deliver them to their grandmother and two uncles' houses.

    However, what puzzled Ye Fan mother and son was that grandma, grandpa, and second uncle were all absent.

    "I guess they're all at your uncle's house."Ye Xie Mei guessed.

    And then, Ye Xie Mei and Ye Fan and the others, they turned to go to Ye Tian's house again.

    As soon as they entered the courtyard, they heard noisy joking in the room.

    When Ye Fan pushed open the door, he found that everyone from the Ye family was there.

    Master Ye, as well as his two sons, and his aunt Ye Xilan.

    More than a dozen people were gathered around a huge round table, eating hot pot while laughing and joking, so lively.

    But there was no place for Ye Fan and his family at this big table.

    It was as if, Ye Fan mother and son, were not from the Ye family.

    The moment he saw the scene in front of him, even Ye Fan, frowned.

    Ye Xie Mei's face, even more so, then whitened a bit, and there was a sudden sense of inexplicable loss in her heart.

    "Sister, what are you doing here?"

    "Have you eaten yet?"

    "Do you want to sit down and eat together."

    "Today, when Yinyan came back, Mom and Dad were happy, so they all came over together."

    Seeing Ye Xie Mei, Ye Fan's great aunt Dongmei even got up, smiling and exchanging pleasantries.

    "No need, we've already eaten."

    "Xiao Mei, you don't need to mind us, you sit down and eat first."

    "This isn't Yuyan just came back, Xiaofan and I also came over to see."

    "This child Yuyan is promising, she has been competitive since she was a child."Ye Xi Mei said with a smile.

    After all, later on, there was still a need for them, and Ye Ximei's tone was naturally polite.

    At the wine table, Ye Yuyan, who was sitting next to Master Ye, just gave Ye Xie Mei a faint glance and did not speak.

    In the end, her gaze, instead, rested on Ye Fan for a few moments.

    "Dad, who is he?"

    "Why haven't you seen it."Ye Yuyan's voice was not small and asked to the side of her father, Ye Tian.

    As Ye Fan's cousin, yet she didn't even know her own aunt's cousin.

    This wasn't just rude, it was a kind of disregard.

    This also showed how embarrassing the situation of Ye Fan's family was in the Ye family.

    Ye Xie Mei's face, once again, was a bit ugly.

    And Ye Tian didn't mind it in the slightest, as he gave his own daughter the food, he replied lightly, "He is Ye Fan."

    "Your great aunt's son."

    "You forget, the jerk who was secretly in love with you and wrote you love letters is him."

    "Now he's married into a woman's family and has become a son-in-law to someone."

    "Haven't heard from him in three years, but this year, somehow, he suddenly came back."

    As if telling a joke, Ye Tian introduced Ye Fan to his own daughter.

    "Oh, so it's him."Ye Yuyan seemed to have remembered and casually replied back, so she also bowed her head and continued to eat.

    And paid no attention to Ye Fan, let alone greeting Ye Fan.

    In the end, it was Ye Fan's grandmother, who noticed Ye Fan and waved, "Little Fan, when did you come back.Why don't you give grandma a word so I can go out and welcome you."

    "It's been three years since I left, and I didn't even give grandma a call."

    "You've made Grandma miss you."

    "Come over here, come over to grandma and have a drink with me."

    In the entire Ye family, the only one who was good to Ye Fan, besides his own mother, was his grandfather, Ye Guangkun.

    "Grandmother, haven't I come back to see you?"

    "How are you feeling, grandma?"

    "Be sure to take care of yourself ah."

    "When there is time in the future, my nephew will take you to Yanjing to see Tiananmen Square!"

    Ye Fan walked over, but was kindly chatting with his grandfather.

    Ye Guangkun nodded his head in relief, "Little Fan, among this younger generation of my Ye family, what grandfather is most relieved about is you."

    "Grandmaster also knows about your situation."

    "Grandmaster is old and can't help you much."

    "But you cousins, you should walk around more and connect with your feelings."

    "In the future, maybe they'll lift you up."

    "Today, it just so happens that Yuyan is also back.You and your cousins haven't seen each other for many years, so how about this, you siblings clink glasses of wine today, and it's a way to get in touch with your feelings."

    "This affection, it can't be broken."

    Ye Guangkun also took great pains, he made such an arrangement, he obviously wanted Ye Fan to have a good relationship with Ye Yuyan more.

    When Ye Yuyan excels in the future, he will also lift Ye Fan's hand.

    However, Ye Fan was a little confused: "Yuyan?"

    "Grandma, who is this Yuyan?"

    "Why don't I remember?"

    "Do I have this cousin?"

    Ye Fan asked loudly, and everyone heard it.

    The situation was once awkward, and the noisy hall was all a bit quieter.

    Ye Xie Mei was even more shocked, her heart blamed her son for being confused and saying the wrong thing!


Today's dinner was put on for Ye Yuyan.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, didn't even remember the main character of today's event.

    What is this?

    This is definitely humiliating!

    It was an insult to his uncle Ye Tian, and even more so to Ye Yuyan!

    As expected, Ye Tian was furious then.

    With a bang, he slapped the case and angrily scolded, "Bastard, you don't even know your uncle's cousin, and you still have the face to pull a throat here and ask?"

    "Aren't you ashamed of yourself?No shame?"

    "Sis, this is the good son you taught me?!!!"

    Ye Tian angrily questioned.

    Ye Xie Mei's face paled.

    However, Ye Fan was laughing now.


    "Uncle, so you know that it's a shame."

    "Then let me ask you, your daughter is a sister, yet she doesn't even know me as a cousin."

    "Just now, you even licked your face and said you've never seen me?"

    "If you say that I'm shameless, does that mean that I, the sister of Yuyan, am also shameless?"

    "And you say that my mother didn't educate me properly, but did you, a father, ever educate your daughter properly?"

    "Uncle, before you speak of others, ask yourself about your own children!"

    Ye Fan's words were resounding, just like gold and stone.

    Asking several questions in a row, speaking in a courteous and well-grounded manner.

    It was as if several slaps, fiercely smacked Ye Tian, the uncle's face.

    Straight to his old face blush and dumb speech.

    In the end, he just trembled with anger, opened his mouth and was unable to say a word.

    After a long time, Ye Tian also had to rely on his old age and press Ye Fan as an elder.

    "Shut up!"

    "What do you want?"

    "How dare you contradict this uncle of mine?"

    Ye Fan had to clench his teeth, still speaking angrily, but all without the strength he had just now.

    Ye Fan lightly smiled, "Nephew doesn't dare to, just a matter of reasoning."

    "You~" seeing that Ye Fan had no intention of repenting at all, Ye Tian's face undoubtedly became even angrier.

    While Ye Fan's side was angry at Ye Tian, Ye Yuyan on the side undoubtedly frowned.

    She looked up at Ye Fan, and some coldness clearly appeared on her pretty face.

    She didn't expect that she didn't pay any attention to this Ye Fan, but he was first to lash out at her.

    Ye Yuyan Fang teacup, looked at Ye Fan and said coldly, "Not everyone can be the brother of my Ye Yuyan if they want to be."

    "At least, you don't deserve it!"


    The split second Ye Yuyan's words fell, the crowd only felt that a gust of wind swept through the room.

    The entire hall was quiet for a few minutes.

    In just a few words, but the arrogance and majesty in Ye Yuyan's bones were revealed to the fullest!

    Worthy of being a woman of long experience in the sands, the sharpness and majesty of the woman was by no means within the reach of ordinary people.

    However, Ye Yuyan's words were too sharp.

    Without giving Ye Fan at all, leaving the slightest bit of face, she directly tore her face with Ye Fan.


    Ye Xi Mei's face was also cold, and she snapped harshly.

    "Yuyan, what kind of words are you saying?"

    "A few years out of school, a few years in the army, and the drill sergeant teaches you this?"

    "No manners at all!"

    "Apologize to your brother."

    Ever since she was swept out of the Chu family, Ye Xi Mei rarely got angry with others.

    Because she knew that she didn't have the strength and capital to reprimand others.

    But now, with her own son being humiliated, how could Ye Xie Mei hold back?

    She could tolerate being wronged, and must not allow her son to be wronged at all.

    "Yuyan, apologize quickly."

    "This child of yours, the older you get, the more ignorant you are."Great Aunt Dongmei saw that Ye Xiemei was also angry, so she also reprimanded to her own daughter and made Ye Yuyan apologize.

    After all, Ye Yuyan's words just now were really too hurtful, and it was their justifiable fault.

    However, how could Ye Yuyan apologize?

    She had despised Ye Fan since she was a child, and now that Ye Fan had become a son-in-law, she naturally despised him even less.

    Ye Yuyan is an arrogant person, asking her to apologize and bow to Ye Fan would undoubtedly be harder than killing her.

    Therefore, Ye Yuyan didn't say anything, put down her chopsticks, turned her pretty face with an icy cold face and walked to the bedroom.

    "This kid is too headstrong."

    "Sister, don't take it to heart."

    "I'll say her later."Dongmei was a reasonable person, and was now helping her daughter apologize to Ye Fan and her son.

    The others didn't say anything, although everyone knew that Ye Yuyan's words just now were a bit too much, but that was the truth.

    Her Ye Yuyan was not only talented and beautiful, she was also a high cadre child.

    What's more, Ye Yuyan was now the youngest special officer in the army, and her future was boundless.

    In the eyes of Ye Ya and other Ye family members, Ye Yuyan and Ye Fan, one heaven and one earth, Ye Fan was also really not worthy of being her cousin.

    "Alright, everyone continue to eat, this fish is delicious, send it over to Yuyan later."

    Ye Ya laughed, easing the atmosphere just now.

    But at this time, Ye Fan, who had been silent, suddenly sneered.

    He looked at Ye Yuyan's back and calmly said back, "Ye Yuyan, you said that I'm not worthy of being your brother."

    "If that's the case, then I'll do as you wish."

    "After today, between you and me, even though the bloodline is still there, the love and loyalty should be broken!"

    "I'm not your brother, and you're not my sister."

    "If we meet again, we'll be strangers."

    "The Tao is different, and there's no need to plot again."

    Ye Fan smiled shallowly.

    The faint words were like a June spring breeze.

    From start to finish, Ye Fan was so calm and indifferent.

    It was as if, today's matter was just an insignificant little thing.

    But that was indeed the case.

    Perhaps many years ago, when he was humiliated by this, Ye Fan would still be young and furious.

    But now, Ye Fan had stood proudly at the top of power and strength.

    Someone like Ye Yuyan, in Ye Fan's eyes, was no different than an ant?

    Like an ant that eats an elephant, does the elephant care? 

    If it wasn't for his mother, I'm afraid she wouldn't even be qualified to eat at the same table with him.

    After saying that, Ye Fan also turned around and left.

    Only leaving behind, a full hall of panic and silence.

    "Little Fan, Little Fan~"

    "Come back~"

    Ye Ximei and his grandmother, Ye Xukun, shouted anxiously, but where did Ye Fan pay attention.

    He had already stepped away.

    "Hmph, you stupid woman, just wait, you'll regret it."

    "You all think that my little brother Fan is a worm, but you don't even know that he is a dragon."

    "When the reclining dragon comes out of the deep mountains, it will be too late for you to cry and kneel down to beg my Little Brother Fan for forgiveness~"

    Once Ye Fan left, Lu Wenjing naturally wouldn't stay.

    The little girl puffed out her cheeks and roared angrily at Ye Yuyan's direction, and then she also turned around and chased after Ye Fan in the direction he left.

    After Ye Fan left, suddenly, the anger in this hall was surprisingly a bit awkward.

    Old Master Ye sighed, "Hey~"

    "Children and grandchildren are too old to care."

    "One by one, they're all so high-minded."Master Ye shook his head and sighed.


The second uncle next to him, Ye Ya, however, snorted, "This high-mindedness, first of all, you have to be able to do it yourself ah."

    "Just like my Yuyan niece, how skillful."

    "Otherwise, it would just be multiple laughing stocks."


    "Stop talking, eat and eat."

    "Yuyan, come over here too and keep eating.Ye Fan is gone, no one is messing with you."

    "Right, Yuyan, why did you suddenly come back again this year."

    "Didn't you say that you won't be back this year?"

    After Ye Fan left, Ye Ya and the others, however, once again pulled Ye Yuyan back to her seat, eating and chatting while they ate.

    "Second Uncle, I came back this time mainly to carry out a mission with my teacher."

    "By the way, I came home to visit."

    Ye Yuyan said back.


    "On a mission?"

    "What mission?"

    "Are you the only one?"

    "Did some bad guy appear in our Jingzhou, and it made your special forces mobilize?"Ye Ya and the others asked in surprise.

    Ye Yuyan was the captain of the special squad, Ye Ya and the others naturally knew that.

    But reasonably speaking, the missions of special squads like this were extremely dangerous.

    Now hearing that they had come to King City to execute characters, Ye Ya and the others were naturally worried.

    Ye Yuyan shook her head, "This cannot be said yet."

    "But second uncle you can rest assured, I came here with my teacher and my comrades together."

    "Take care of each other, you don't have to worry."

    "And, in a little while, my comrades should be coming over."

    "I'm inviting them to my house for dinner."

    "I'll go, my comrades are coming too?Haha~ Good thing!"

    "My family's Yuyan is just promising."

    In the room, the Ye family was talking and laughing.

    The laughter, however, spread far away.

    And outside the courtyard, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing had walked out of the room.

    "Brother Xiaofan, is that Ye Yuyan really your sister?"

    "What a man this is."

    "What a wretched woman!"

    "I'm so angry."

    "When I grow up, I'm going to beat the claws out of Ye Yuyan."

    "I curse her for not being able to marry for the rest of her life."

    On the road, Lu Wenjing was walking with Ye Fan as she opened her teeth and claws.

    However, at this time, four men in military uniform came face to face and frowned after hearing Ye Yuyan's name.

    One of them, a tall and handsome young man, even more so, after hearing Lu Wenjing's words, his eyebrows then went cold and reached out his hand to grasp Lu Wenjing's wrist.

    "Little girl, you're not very old, why are you so vicious?"

    "How dare you insult my captain?"

    "Just as well, we were just about to go to the captain.You vicious little girl, just come over with us."

    The youth said coldly.



    "You let go of me~"

    This youth did not do it lightly, and the grip on Lu Wenjing's wrist was red, causing the little girl's tears to almost flow.

    "Three years old sees old, seven years old knows old."

    "At such a young age, you're so vicious."

    "Today, I won't let you go until I teach you a deep lesson."

    "Be good and come with me to see the captain and wait for him to deal with you."

    This handsome youth said in a cold voice, and then he unceremoniously lifted Lu Wenjing and headed to the courtyard ahead.

    "Let her go."

    Just as Lu Wenjing was crying in pain, a morose word, however, quietly sounded.

    The words were cold and contained majesty, as if they were an order.

    The handsome young man was very unhappy.

    A country brat dared to speak to him in such a tone of voice?

    He was naturally angry.


    "Where's the jerk?"

    "Get away from me!"

    "Mind your own fucking business?"

    "Our dragon hunting special squad's idle business is not something you, a country boy, can meddle with!"

    This handsome youth coldly shouted, while without saying a word, he stretched out a kick towards the person in front of him.

    Being a soldier is inherently violent.

    Now that Ye Fan had provoked him, but he directly took action.

    Ye Fan didn't dodge when he saw the situation.

    He just shook his head as he looked at the long legs stretched out in front of him.

    In the next moment, with a cold eyebrow, he turned around and kicked out directly!


    Hearing a deep roar, this handsome youth's right leg was broken by Ye Fan's raw kick.

    And, the power of Ye Fan's kick remained unabated, after breaking the youth's right leg, it hit the youth's chest with an irresistible momentum.

    A miserable scream was then heard, with broken ribs and blood flying.

    Just like this, the arrogant youth in front of him was like a ball, and he was kicked out by Ye Fan alive.

    Hundreds of pounds of body sliced through the heavens and earth, heading straight to Ye Tian's courtyard.

    "Second brother?!!!"

    "Bastard, how dare you fight my dragon hunting squad?"

    "I think you're looking for death!"

    Seeing that Ye Fan kicked that man, the remaining three youths also instantly exploded.

    One pair of eyes turned red!

    The rage and curses were all over the place.

    Or fists or feet, smashing viciously towards Ye Fan.

    What's more, some even pulled out daggers and pistols!

    On a normal day, in the middle of the military, they were the Dragon Hunters who beat up others, so how could they ever be bullied?

    Now a country bumpkin dares to hurt his brothers!

    These people, naturally, were furious and unbearable.

    Ye Fan looked on and just sneered, "Self-defeating."

    The cold words were like the chanting of death.

    And then, only Ye Fan stepped up and leapt up.

    The entire body was like a great roc spreading its wings.

    A whirlwind kick, directly kicked out.

    A fierce attack was released with a bang.

    Boom boom boom~.

    A low roar, as if muffled thunder had exploded, resounded unceasingly in this world.

    Amidst the miserable screams, the remaining three people also seemed to explode like fireworks, and were kicked by Ye Fan in the vital area, slicing through the heavens and earth, flying straight out towards the direction of Ye Yuyan's family.

    At this time, in the room, Ye Yuyan and other Ye family members were still laughing and chatting.

    "Old Master, I've long said that our Ye family's generation is set to produce dragons."

    "How about now?"

    "Am I right."Ye Ya said with a smile.

    Master Ye listened and also smiled.

    "Yes, their generation is even more promising than you four sisters."

    "Especially Yuyan, she is a captain of the special forces at a young age, with the rank of second lieutenant, her future is boundless."

    "If my Ye family's generation were to produce a dragon, it would be Yuyan."

    "Those two kids from your second sister's family, one from Qinghua and one from Yan University, are also exceptionally competitive."

    "And that kid in your family, although not the material to study, but good mouth, has a business mind, in the future will inherit your mantle, become an entrepreneur, can also shine the family lintel."

    "As for your elder sister's kid..."

    Speaking of Ye Fan, Master Ye, however, was about to stop talking, bitterly shook his head and sighed.

    "Dad, just say it, you don't have to care about me."Ye Xie Mei said with a smile, acting very calm.

    He knew that the old man was afraid of embarrassing her, that's why he wanted to stop talking.

    "Hey~" sighed Master Ye.

    "Little Fan, this kid, what can I say, although he doesn't have any great achievements, he's filial.And, I can see that he has a sense of pride and injustice in his heart."


"But that's what I'm most worried about."

    "It's good to have pride, but it's crucial to have pride yourself."

    "Otherwise, it would be arrogance and pride."

    "That's Little Fan's biggest flaw."

    "Yubei, when you go back, advise Little Fan, you still need to be down-to-earth and not be over-ambitious."

    "In this life, it's fate whether a person can get ahead or not, don't force it."

    "Sometimes, it's a good thing to accept your fate."

    "As for the future, don't worry, Xiaofan's cousins are all successful and won't forget to support him."

    "If you really can't, our Ye family's few fields will be given to Little Fan to sow.He won't starve after all."

    As the saying goes, a man's dying words are good, and a horse's dying song is sad.

    Ye Xukun was already halfway into the ground, and the words he spoke did not have any intention of belittling Ye Fan.

    Rather, it was genuinely, as an elder, his concern and worry for his junior.

    Ye Xukun had lived a pretty wonderful life.

    He had brought up four children with great suffering, except for his eldest daughter Ye Ximei who disobeyed him back then, the other three children made Ye Xuguang proud and proud.

    When Ye Ximei was in love with Ye Fan's father, the old man Ye was a hundred times against it.

    But he was still unable to stop this eldest daughter of his after all.

    At that time, Old Master Ye, in great anger, broke off the father-daughter relationship with Ye Ximei.

    But, how can this father-daughter love be broken just by saying so?

    Ten years ago, when the downtrodden Ye Ximei held Ye Fan in his arms and appeared in front of his home.

    Master Ye even if there was a lot of anger and inexcusability in his heart, he was finally relieved.

    Only said, back?

    And then, they took in their mother and son.

    Now, the next generation has also grown up, and what Master Ye can't let go of the most is still his son, the eldest daughter of the family.

    However, even though Ye Ximei knew that his father didn't mean any harm.

    However, when hearing that his son was so bad in his population, no one knew how much sting and bitterness was in Ye Xie Mei's heart at that moment?

    Is it true that her son is so mediocre and incompetent?

    Is it possible that her little Fan will only be a farmer in the future?

    At that moment, Ye Xie Mei lowered her head, but the palm under her sleeve was clenched.The fingertips were nearly deep into the flesh and blood.

    At this moment, Master Ye looked at Ye Yimei again: "Yimei, blood is thicker than water, grandpa hopes that in the future, you will still be able to help your brother Xiaofan, just try to help."

    "In the Ye family's generation, you're the most accomplished."

    "Your cousins and siblings also listen to you."

    "You also know that Little Fan he doesn't have a father."

    "If you don't help Little Fan, I'm afraid that his life will be really sad."

    Master Ye slowly advised.

    Ye Yuyan still looked cold and faintly returned, "Grandpa, it's fine for me to help him.But the premise is that he is worthy of my help."

    "If the heavens help those who help themselves, there's nothing I can do about the rotten mud."

    "That's right, our Yuyan will be the one to command a thousand troops as a great general, how can anyone be qualified to let her help?"Ye Ya echoed from the side.


    However, that was when.

    A loud bang suddenly rang out.

    Immediately afterwards, the closed door was actually crashed open.

    And then, in the midst of the crowd's terrified and trembling eyes, a figure covered in blood directly flew in.

    After knocking over Ye Ya, it slammed into the dining table with a loud bang.

    The table full of wine and vegetables shattered with a clatter.


    "What happened?"

    In a moment of panic for the Ye family.


    Immediately after that, three more figures flew in from outside the door.

    All of them were like useless dogs, smashing doors and windows before flying directly into the room.

    Along the way, they knocked over many tables and chairs, wine and vegetables flew everywhere, and hot hot hot pots splashed everywhere.

    The hot Ye Ya screamed like a dog!

    Finally, the inertia didn't disappear until after it hit the wall.

    "This...This is..."

    After everything had returned to calm, Ye Yuyan stared at the four bodies in front of her.





    Ye Yuyan had gone completely insane.

    A pair of eyes were close to jumping out, and her pretty face was pale and colorless.

    The current her, where was the slightest bit of majesty and coolness from earlier.

    What there was, was only terrified and horrified.

    It was hard for her to believe that these four people who were covered in blood and beaten unconscious with severe injuries could be her closest comrades, members of the Dragon Hunting Squad.

    But, how was that possible?

    They, the Dragon Hunting Squad, were each strong military men who had undergone thousands of special training.

    Not to mention their little Ye Yang Town, even in the great Jinzhou, I'm afraid there was no one, who could abuse and injure the four of them.

    Even Ye Yuyan herself, couldn't do it.

    Who was it?

    Who the hell is that?

    Horrified, Ye Yuyan couldn't care less about the severely injured comrades beside her, so she got up and rushed out of the room.

    However, there was nothing unusual on the street outside except for the pedestrians coming and going.

    In the end, Ye Yuyan still returned home with panic.

    "Language...Yuyan, what...What's wrong?"

    "What happened?"

    "Who are these people?"

    Ye Yuyan's father Ye Tian was trembling with fear and shuddered as he asked.

    Ye Yuyan was also palpitating and whispered, "Dad, they are, the comrades I invited."

    Ye Yuyan paled and went to check on these comrades of hers after saying that.

    Although they were all still alive.

    But every one of them had suffered serious injuries, especially Jin Junhui, who was the closest to her, had one leg kicked off and several ribs broken, and blood was flowing out non-stop.

    Extremely badly injured and dying.

    "Junhui, hold on."

    "Hold on~"

    "I'm sending you to the hospital."

    Ye Yuyan had never seen such a situation before and was so scared that her eyes were red.

    As soon as tears filled her eyes, she contacted her teacher.

    And then as soon as possible, they were sent to the hospital.

    After Ye Yuyan and the others left, in the room, everyone was clearly in shock.

    A good meal, now only a mess was left.

    The dishes and chopsticks were all broken on the floor.


    "What's this all about."

    "Dad, do you think we've messed with someone?"

    The mutation just now was obviously a great shock to Ye Tian, these middle-aged people as well.

    At the moment, they were both terrified and afraid.

    After all, there were so many injured people flying in for good reason.

    It was like a bloody warning to their Ye family, it was strange that Ye Tian was not afraid.

    While Ye Tian and the others were speculating in fear, the one who started this incident, Ye Fan, however, had returned to his mother's residence to clean up the room and clean up with Lu Wenjing.


    "Brother Fanny, you're so handsome just now."


    "More powerful than anyone on TV."

    "So many people were kicked away by you~" Lu Wenjing blinked her starry eyes, she was full of admiration for Ye Fan.


In response, Ye Fan just shook his head and laughed lightly.

    That calm and indifferent appearance was as if he was not the least bit concerned about the tyrannical behavior of the dragon hunting squad just now.

    In fact, Ye Fan didn't want to do anything, but it was because those people insisted on seeking death.

    For the sake of defending Ye Yuyan, they dared to take a hard look at Jing Jing, a young girl?

    It was already a great mercy that Ye Fan didn't kill them.

    "But brother Xiaofan, those people should be friends of that cousin of yours."

    "If you hurt them now, your cousin, I'm afraid she'll blame you?"

    After rejoicing, Lu Wenjing, however, felt a bit guilty.

    After all, it was because of her that Ye Fan had made a move against Jin Junhui and the others.

    If this triggered a conflict between Ye Fan and his loved ones, it would not be what Lu Wenjing wanted to see.

    Ye Fan laughed and gently rubbed Lu Wenjing's little head, "You little ninny, you're thinking quite a bit."

    "However, how about Ye Yuyan blaming me, so what if she doesn't."

    "Between me and her, we are already passersby."

    "What does her friend have to do with me?"

    "Today, not to mention her comrades, but her boyfriend, violated you, I, Ye Fan, will not fail!"

    In the room, Ye Fan's proud words echoed, hearing Lu Wenjing's heart rejoice.

    However, when Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing were talking to each other, they had no idea what kind of sensation today's incident had caused.

    Jingzhou City, People's Hospital.

    Outside the senior ward, several men in military uniform with tiger eyes came with great strides.

    Among them, the leader was an old man with somewhat white hair.

    If Xue Ren Yang were here, he would definitely recognize the old man in front of him as the chief instructor of the Yanjing Military District, Lu Tianhe!

    In the beginning, when the battle of Yanqi Lake was fought, Lin Feng had invited this person into the VIP table to watch the battle.

    This person, it could be said, was considered to have witnessed the rise of Ye Fan in Yanjing.

    Only, no one knew why this army general Lu Tianhe, who was in front of him, had parachuted into Jingzhou?

    Now, Lu Tianhe looked solemn, and there was a strong sense of worry and heaviness in his brows.

    After appearing at the hospital, Lu Tianhe directly rushed to a certain ward on the second floor.

    There were several Jiangdong Military District leaders following behind him.

    "Teacher, you've finally come."

    "Junhui and the others, I'm afraid..."

    Hearing the commotion, Ye Yuyan ran out in a row.

    After seeing Lu Tianhe, Ye Yuyan's eyes reddened, then she jumped into Lu Tianhe's arms.

    Lu Tianhe was like a teacher to her, like a father!

    It could be said that it was the person that Ye Yuyan respected the most today, and was also Ye Yuyan's greatest source of reliance.

    Even if she faced even the greatest crisis, when looking at her teacher afterwards, Ye Yuyan's terrified heart would settle down.

    "Yuyan, don't cry."

    "Where's the teacher here?"

    "Take me in first to check the situation."

    Lu Tianhe consoled, and then he led Ye Yuyan into the hospital room to check on the condition of Jin Junhui and the others.

    "Teacher, how is it, are Junhui and the others still saved?"Ye Yuyan's voice was a little choked up.

    Lu Tianhe shook his head, while sighing, "The injury is very serious."

    "In a short time, I'm afraid it will be difficult to return to the team."


    Hearing these words, Ye Yuyan was struck by lightning.

    Her pretty face went three shades whiter.

    The Dragon Hunting Squad was established by Lu Tianhe.

    Special training for three years, this was the first appearance of their dragon hunting squad, sent out to Jingzhou executive figure, Ye Yuyan was even more honorable captain.

    Ye Yuyan also thought that relying on this mission to become famous in a single battle, and completely make their Dragon Hunters special squad's reputation in the military area.

    However, she never thought to death that she would die before she could win!

    This is just the first day in Jingzhou, and the Dragon Hunting Team is nearly wiped out?

    There were five people in the squad, and only she was left.

    She, the so-called captain, had undoubtedly become a joke.

    "Yuyan, don't worry too much, Junhui and the others aren't in danger of dying."

    "After two or three years, your dragon hunting squad can still make a comeback."

    "The most urgent thing to do is to investigate first, who actually did it?"

    Lu Tianhe comforted in a calm voice while asking Ye Yuyan about the situation at that time.

    Jin Junhui and the others were still unconscious, so Lu Tianhe could only ask Ye Yuyan.


    "You said you didn't see each other?"Listening to Ye Yuyan's story, Lu Tianhe's eyebrows grew heavier and heavier.

    "Yes, teacher."

    "I was eating at the time, and then Junhui and the four of them flew in all together."

    "There was only a few breaths of time between before and after."Ye Yuyan nodded.

    Lu Tianhe was silent.

    Only after a long time did he say, "In a few breaths of time, he tyrannized Junhui's four people."

    "This person's strength is far beyond the reach of your Dragon Hunting Squad."

    "I suspect that this person is the first disciple of the Sword God Palace of the Sun Country, Hua Yingtian!"


    "Teacher, you...You said it was Hua Yingtian?"

    Ye Yuyan was terrified and her face was white.

    Lu Tianhe nodded.

    "According to information, we know that that Hua Yingtian has already entered Huaxia and is now in Jingzhou City."

    "And according to reliable information, the last time Hua Yingtian appeared, it was near Ye Yang Town."

    "The time, the place, and the strength, they all match up."

    "It won't be anyone else but him,"

    Lu Tianhe said slowly.

    But the low tone of his voice made Ye Yuyan feel both depressed and heavy.

    The reason why they, the Dragon Hunting Squad, were in Jingzhou this time was to cooperate with their teacher, Lu Tianhe, to deal with Hua Yingtian.

    This person was the head disciple of the Sword God Palace of Japan, sneaking into Huaxia, so he was bound to be a bad visitor.

    Lu Tianhe received orders from his superiors to monitor Hua Yingtian and drive him out of Warsaw.

    Previously, Ye Yuyan was confident that together, their Dragon Hunting Squad would definitely be able to capture Hua Yingtian alive even without the teacher's help.

    But now it seemed that she was wrong, very wrong.

    Compared to the truly strong, these juniors of theirs were still too far behind after all.

    "Yuyan, I already know about this matter."

    "Leave the matter of dealing with Hua Yingtian to me."

    "As for you, go home and have a good rest, just think of it as an annual vacation."

    "Now this matter is no longer something that you juniors, are qualified to interfere with."

    After Lu Tianhe was informed of the situation, he reassured Ye Yuyan with a few words and left.

    As for Ye Yuyan, she also knew that she was not strong enough, and did not refute anything about her teacher's arrangement.

    After staying with her comrades for a while longer, she also went home.

    When she arrived home, Ye Yuyan found her mother tidying up her study.

    "Mom, what are you doing tidying up the study?"

    "Do we have guests coming to stay with us?"Ye Yuyan asked in confusion.

    Dongmei nodded, "Mm.Just now, your aunt said that there's not enough space on his side, and she wants Ye Fan to come and stay at our house."

    "I just thought that I would pack out this study and let your cousin live."

    When Dongmei said this, Ye Yuyan was still drinking yogurt.

    After hearing that Ye Fan was coming, Ye Yuyan was so shocked that she inhaled the yogurt and spurted it right out.

    She stared at it and disliked it.


    "Let Evan stay at our house?"

    "No, I don't agree!"


Ye Yuyan had despised this cousin of hers since she was a child, and now that she heard that Ye Fan wanted to live under the same roof with her, Ye Yuyan was naturally a thousand times unwilling to do so and directly refused.

    When Dongmei heard this, she blamed, "You child, why don't you understand things."

    "After all, Little Fan is your own aunt's child, do we still don't care about him and let him sleep on the street?"

    "Mom, I don't care.I'm not going to live under the same roof as him anyway."

    "If you insist on letting him come live here, I'll go out and live there."Ye Yuyan still insisted.

    But she was so angry that Dongmei's face turned blue: "You~"

    "Okay, my daughter is right.My sister is a second-rate kid who has been a misfit since childhood, fighting everywhere, and coveted my daughter back then?Simply a jerk."Next to him, Ye Tian put down his teacup and said coldly.

    "Since I was a kid, I concluded that he wouldn't be any good in the future."

    "Now what?"

    "Running off to be someone's son-in-law and a soft man."

    "It's simply a disgrace to my Ye family."

    "If we let this kind of second-rate boy live in our house, there's no telling what might happen."

    "You're just nosy, if you want me to say it, when my sister made this request just now, you should have just refused."

    Ye Tian obviously also didn't have any good feelings towards his great nephew, and at this time, he was even more on Ye Yuyan's side, and also didn't agree to let Ye Fan come to live at home.

    When Dongmei heard this, she was dissatisfied: "I said old Ye, why did I just respond, I still felt that it was your sister, if I refused, you wouldn't look good on your face.Now you two, but you're both blaming me?"

    "So what do you say, there's no room on your sister's side, and you two won't let anyone come and stay, can't you really let your nephew go sleep on the street?"

    Dongmei did feel a little pity for this child Ye Fan, she had intended to let Ye Fan come to stay.

    Ye Tian thought about it while saying, "Just let him stay in an outside hotel, in the worst case, our family will get the money."

    "Alright, don't worry about this matter, I'll call my sister later and say."

    After Ye Tian finished speaking, he seemed to have remembered something, so he looked at his daughter, "Right, Yuyan.There's something I forgot to tell you."

    "Qin Yu came to see you today, and you happened to be away at the time, so you left an invitation and left."


    "Did Qin Yu come to see me?"Hearing the name Qin Yu, Ye Yuyan's heart was happy.

    In the entire Ye Yang Town, the only person of the same age that Ye Yuyan could admire was Qin Yu.

    Qin Yu's father and Ye Yuyan's father were old friends for decades, and Ye Yuyan and Qin Yu had known each other since they were young, so it was not an exaggeration to say that they were childhood sweethearts.

    At that time, when she was a student, Ye Yuyan and Qin Yu took turns sitting at the top of the grade.The two academics are comparable, even the family situation, is also a family, go to school and get out of school are together.

    It can be said that Qin Yu is Ye Yuyan's best friend of the opposite sex.

    Once many people thought that Ye Yuyan would become Qin Yu's girlfriend.

    But everyone thought wrong, Ye Yuyan only treats Qin Yu as her best friend.

    The friendship between them was somewhere between a friend and a lover.

    "Yeah, you don't know yet, Little Yu is getting married tomorrow.What about wanting to hire you as a witness?"

    Saying this, Ye Tianton sighed.

    "Hey, you ninny, what a good kid you say people are, Little Yu."

    "His father is a county governor, one level higher than me."

    "And now Xiaoyu is also a famous entrepreneur in the county."

    "When people were courting you, how good would it be if you said yes?"

    "You're a girl who still doesn't see others."

    "I really don't know, how much more discerning should this daughter of mine be?"

    Ye Tian was filled with regret.

    When Dongmei, who was next to him, heard this, she also sighed.

    It only felt that his daughter, missed out on a good marriage.

    However, Ye Yuyan smiled lightly, "Dad, Qin Yu he's good everywhere, and is indeed a good marriage partner."

    "However, in my eyes, he can only be my closest friend, a few points away from being a lover."

    Hearing his own daughter's words, Ye Tian became interested and said curiously, "Then, Yuyan, tell dad, what kind of boy can be in my precious daughter's eyes?Your father can also help you find it."

    When Ye Tian said this, there was pride and pride in his tone.

    It was as if Ye Yuyan, was the proudest work of his Ye Tian's life.

    Ye Yuyan thought about it while yearning, "My intended, he should be a great hero of the world."

    "There's no need to look for him or search for him."

    "I believe that one day, she will descend on me when I need him the most."

    Ye Yuyan said slowly, her beautiful eyes overflowing with an inexplicable light.

    It was only as if she was a young and astringent girl who was yearning for romantic love.

    Hearing Ye Yuyan's words, Ye Tian and Dongmei's husband and wife, but they all laughed.

    "You, you, you've watched too many movies, haven't you?"

    "Could it be that I, a foolish woman, still want to marry Sun Da Sheng?"


    In the room, there was a burst of laughter.

    However, who knew that a great storm was approaching silently.



    On the other side.

    In the Ye family's old house which was less than a hundred meters away from the Ye Tian family, Ye Xie Mei was helping Ye Fan pack up the toothpaste and toothbrushes and other things.

    "Little Fan, Yuyan doesn't understand things, don't you, the brother, understand things too?"

    "When you get to your uncle's house, remember to take the initiative to ease your relationship with Yuyan."Ye Xi Mei advised from the side.

    "Mom, I've told you, I'll just stay in the room next to it, I've packed it out during the day, I don't want to stay at my uncle's house."

    "How can that be?That utility room hasn't been lived in for years, it probably has rats all over it.Behave, or go to your uncle's house, I've told your aunt all about it."Ye Xi Mei glared.

    Ye Fan grinned, "That depends on whether the person agrees or not."

    "What are you talking about, he's your uncle, can he still not agree?"Ye Xie Mei chided.

    As he was talking, Ye Tian called Ye Xie Mei.

    "See, it's bound to be your uncle calling you over to stay?"Ye Xie Mei smiled, while answering the phone.

    A moment later, when Ye Ximei hung up the phone, the smile on her face, but it was all gone.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he poured a cup of water and brought it over to his own mother, "Mom, I've told you, I'll just live in the hut next to it.Asking for help is no better than asking for yourself."

    Eventually, Ye Fan went to the utility room next to it alone.

    As for Lu Wenjing, Ye Fan let her sleep with her own mother.

    However, even so, Ye Xie Mei cleaned that utility room again herself.

    The walls of the desk were wiped spotlessly and flowers were placed on the bed.

    After all, Ye Ximei had married into a wealthy family, and even though she was now living in an ordinary environment, she still retained a refined and elegant lifestyle.

    Finally, after Ye Xie Mei helped her own son clean up a pretty exquisite and warm nest, only then did she go back to rest.

    When it was late at night, Ye Fan closed the door, while dialing, Han Lao's phone.


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