Dish Best Served Cold 686-690


Chapter 686

"I've already had things taken care of."

    "Auntie, you can just go straight to the police station later to pick up my aunt-in-law."

    Ye Fan said slowly.

    After learning about Lu Mingze's situation, Ye Fan had already had people investigate in depth.

    The reason why the company was in trouble was entirely because the chairman of Lu Mingze's company had sold a batch of substandard products in violation of the law without approval, which ultimately caused the accident.

    Lu Mingze had no knowledge of this matter.

    It was entirely the company's top man who had done it without telling him.

    Therefore, to this extent, Lu Mingze was not at all guilty of any crime, and at most he was considered to be derelict in his duties.

    But after all, he was the company's legal representative, and he should be the first to be held responsible if something went wrong.

    Therefore, this matter of Lu Mingze's could be big or small.

    If the culprit, the chairman of the board, hadn't been caught, Lu Mingze would have been designated to take the blame.

    But now, since Ye Fan had interfered in this matter, it naturally couldn't be done that way.

    Especially after Wu Zhiming learned about the relationship between Lu Mingze and Ye Fan, he even took the initiative to call Ye Fan to explain this matter, and at the same time said that he would immediately release Lu Mingze.

    After Qiuhuan heard Ye Fan's words, her whole body was delighted and thanked Ye Fan evenly, and there were even tears in the corners of her eyes.

    It wasn't clear if it was because of the surprise, or the undried tears from earlier.

    "Little Fan, really?"

    "Thank you, Little Aunt is really thankful."

    Qiuhuan said with tears in her eyes, her original frightened mood stabilized after hearing Ye Fan's words.

    But Ye Fan returned, "Little aunt, don't be polite."

    "You guys quickly go to pick up my little aunt husband."

    "If you go late, I'm afraid that my little aunt will be walking back."

    "Yes, yes, I'm going."Qiuhuan said anxiously, while she didn't even have time to change her clothes before she hurriedly left home to pick up Lu Mingze.

    Outside the police station.

    When Qiuhuan arrived, a somewhat haggard middle-aged man, however, was standing there.

    After seeing Qiuhuan, the man smiled.

    He didn't say anything, just strode forward towards Qiuhuan.

    "Ming Ze~"

    In excitement, Qiuhuan shouted for a moment, while then pounced on Lu Mingze's return.

    After the calamity, Qiuhuan couldn't help the tears flowing down, crying miserably and cursing.

    "Lu Mingze, you bastard, you actually lied to me~"

    "Why didn't you tell me about this big thing that's happened to the company?"

    "And you dare to lie to me?"

    "Have you ever thought about how I feel?"

    Qiuhuan said tearfully.

    Lu Mingze just smiled, "It's not, is it all better already?"

    After this twist and turn, Lu Mingze suddenly realized that no matter how much money one made, it wasn't happiness.

    Like this, staying with his wife and children and being safe and secure was happiness.

    "Right, just now, someone inside said that it was the help of a nobleman that allowed me to come out so smoothly."

    "Xiaohuan, what's going on?"

    "Is it you, asking for help?"

    Lu Mingze had just come out, and naturally didn't know anything about some things.

    Qiuhuan nodded, "Mingze, I was about to tell you that we should really thank Little Fan."

    "If it wasn't for him, I'm afraid that your matter wouldn't have ended so smoothly at all."

    "We have to be nice to them,"Qiuhuan said gratefully.

    "Little Fan?"

    "Which Fanny?"Lu Mingze was suddenly confused.

    "It's that door-to-door son-in-law of my third brother's family, Ye Fan ah."

    "You forgot, the last time you went to Yunzhou to pick up Jing Jing, you went to their house to pick him up."

    "Before I thought, I thought that Mu Orange marrying him was the biggest misfortune in Mu Orange's life."

    "But now, it seems that I was wrong, all of us were wrong."

    "Ye Fan he, is not ordinary."

    "He's the true dragon of the Autumn Family."

    "It's Mu Orange's eight lifetimes of blessing to have this kind of homecoming."

    In Qiuhuan's words, there was excitement, emotion, and finally even more head shaking and self-ridicule.

    Thinking of when Ye Fan had just arrived, Qiuhuan saw Ye Fan's pity and thought of introducing Ye Fan to a job.

    Thinking back now, Qiuhuan only felt her forehead flushed with shame.

    I guess at that time, in Ye Fan's eyes, all those words of hers were just a joke.

    He was a big man that even Master Lei respected, and he settled a big problem with a single word.

    Where would such a figure need her Qiuhuan to introduce him to work.

    "You said, it was Ye Fan who saved me?"

    While Qiuhuan was laughing bitterly at himself, Lu Mingze was undoubtedly momentarily stunned when he heard Ye Fan's name.

    He didn't expect that it would be him who saved him.

    Back then, when he had traveled to Yunzhou, he had lovingly ignored Qiu Mu Orange's family and looked down on them, and even when Qiu Mu Orange's had extended an invitation to him to attend the opening ceremony, Lu Mingze had disdained it.

    Lu Mingze thought at the time that he had designated this Qiu Mu Orange's family to be offended.

    But he didn't expect that when he was in distress, it would be Ye Fan who was sent to him in the snow.


    "Xiaohuan, you're right, you should indeed thank your niece, and your niece-in-law."

    "They're the ones who went out of their way to save me and help our whole family."

    "It's me, Lu Mingze, who owes them~"

    Thinking back to all the previous events, Lu Mingze was filled with shame and only felt sorry for Qiu Mu Orange and even more sorry for Ye Fan.

    "But, Xiaohuan, how did they know about me?"Lu Mingze asked at once.

    And then, Qiuhuan Fang told him about Ye Fan's coming to Jingzhou to celebrate Lu Wenjing's birthday.

    "You said he came to Jingzhou?"

    "What about the others?"

    "Take me to him quickly."

    "I want to thank and apologize personally."

    "I owe him that."

    Lu Mingze pulled Qiuhuan and was about to leave.

    But Qiuhuan shook his head, "I'm afraid it's too late.Little Fan has already left to go back to his hometown in the countryside for the New Year."


    "Is it gone already?"

    The matter of Ye Fan leaving made Lu Mingze even more ashamed and self-conscious.

    If the next person had helped out with anything, I'm afraid they would have rushed over to invite a reward.

    But Ye Fan, after helping their family solve a big problem, he didn't receive any favors and just left.

    "This is the real big man."

    "Such magnanimity, such a pattern, I am ashamed of myself, Lu Mingze!"

    Lu Mingze sighed long and quietly, for the first time in so many years, he had such admiration and respect for a person.

    However, even though Ye Fan was gone, words of thanks still had to be spoken.

    In the end, Qiuhuan called the phone to Qiu Mu Orange.

    As for Ye Fan's phone number, they didn't know about it.

    When they received the call, Qiu Mu Orange was still at the office.

    "Hello, auntie?I was about to call you to apologize, my company is busy here, and I couldn't make it to Jing Jing's birthday, I'm really sorry."

    However, Qiu Mu Orange hadn't finished her words, but Qiuhuan interrupted her.

    "Mu Orange, don't say sorry, your aunt and your aunt-in-law have you and Little Fan to thank for this."

    "If it wasn't for Xiaofan, I'm afraid our family would have been really finished."


    "Mu Orange, Little Aunt congratulates you on finding a good home."

    "Previously, Little Aunt felt unworthy for you, but now, Little Aunt is heartily happy for you~"


At first, what Qiu Mu Orange heard was in the clouds.

    It wasn't until later, after Qiuhuan finished telling the whole story, that Qiu Mu Orange knew.

    "Mu Orange, when you married Ye Fan back then, everyone thought you were married to a wimp."

    "However, now it seems that what you married is a real dragon!"

    "This time, it's thanks to Fanny."

    "Mu Orange, Little Aunt is happy, happy."

    "If your grandfather knew that Little Fan is so promising."

    "He would definitely regret that he expelled you from the Qiu family back then~"

    On the other end of the phone, there was a joyful and excited voice from Qiuhuan.

    For some reason, as Autumn Mu Orange listened, tears flowed from her beautiful eyes.

    She was crying.

    But they were tears of joy, tears of joy.

    Even if, at the Haitian feast, when she learned that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu, Qiu Mu Orange hadn't lost her temper like this.

    For so many years, Qiu Mu Orange had been unable to hold her head up in front of the Qiu family.

    Everyone looked down on her and laughed at her, and the only one who was good to her, her aunt, took pity on her.

    But now, those dim days of the past were finally over.

    Now she, Qiu Mu Orange, was no longer the woman who had once made people pity and sneer at her.

    There was no longer anyone, who ridiculed Ye Fan's origins, who mocked Ye Fan's incompetence and wimpiness.

    On the contrary, her man, in the future, was destined to become the one that would make it difficult for everyone in the Qiu family to reach and climb, the esteem of the world!

    As the saying goes, a wife is precious to her husband.

    Today, relying on Ye Fan, she, Qiu Mu Orange, in the eyes of her Qiu family relatives, finally raised her eyebrows and could hold her head up justifiably.

    "Little aunt, you don't have to be polite."

    "It's the right thing to do."

    "When I was kicked out of my grandfather's house, the Noda's Qiu Family was the only one who remembered me as a niece, only you, Little Aunt, sent me charcoal in the snow."

    "Now, you have met with difficulties, if Ye Fan doesn't help you, my niece will be the first to not let him go."Qiu Mu Orange smiled tearfully.

    For the first time in so many years, she was saying such hard words.

    She, Qiu Mu-Orange, had the strength!

    Soon, the phone hung up.

    Qiuhuan and Lu Mingze were then ready to go home.


    "Ring, where's Jing Jing, is she home by herself?"Lu Mingze asked a casual question.

    Only then did Qiuhuan notice that Lu Wenjing, who had just gone out with her, was nowhere to be seen.

    Qiuhuan panicked then.

    "Right, where's Jing Jing?"

    "She's obviously out the door with me."



    While Qiuhuan and the others were panicking, on the other side, Jingzhou City Bus Station.

    A bus [PEN], slowly drove away.

    In the car seat, Ye Fan was sitting against the window.

    The body kept shaking as the vehicle jolted.

    Three years, three years away from home, Ye Fan today, finally set foot on the road back home.

    I don't know why, even though Ye Fan, who had weathered countless storms, at this time, that always calm heart, was actually rippling.

    "Little brother, do you want some water?"

    While Ye Fan was lost in thought, the always pretty little hand suddenly peeked out in front of him and handed over a bottle of mineral water.

    Ye Fan subconsciously waved his hand and smiled, "Thank you, I don't..."

    However, this thirsty word of Ye Fan hadn't yet been spoken, and after he saw the little girl in front of him, he cried out in shock..

    "Holy shit!"

    "Quiet, what are you doing here?"

    Ye Fan was stunned then and lost his voice and directly shouted out.


    "Accompany Brother Fan back for New Year's ah."

    "Do ugly daughters-in-law have to meet their in-laws too?"

    "Brother Evan has helped me and my mom so much, I've decided that I'm going to promise to be brother Evan's little wife."


    At this moment, beside Ye Fan, a little girl was wearing a fuchsia sportswear, a grey baseball cap, and a small and cute travel bag on her back.

    That outfit was just like a child who was traveling with her parents.

    Yes, the little girl in front of her with a hehehe giggle was naturally Lu Wenjing.

    After she went out with Ye Fan and the others, Lu Wenjing didn't go with her mother, but secretly followed Ye Fan into the station, and then quietly got on the bus.

    It wasn't until the bus drove off that Lu Wenzheng showed her head.

    Ye Fan only felt numb and reached out his hand to hit Lu Wenjing's head with a bang: "Hey you little dog head!".

    "Do your parents know if you're out?"

    "It's nonsense!"

    "Honestly go home to me later."Ye Fan fiercely said.

    Lu Wenjing rubbed her little head and lowered her head in aggravation, "Brother Fan, I just want to go home with you."

    "I'm home on winter break, and I'm bored."

    "Just say yes."

    Lu Wenjing begged bitterly, that pitiful look, there were almost tears falling down.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he was helpless, "Let's say, I'll contact your mother first.If Little Aunt agrees, I'll be fine with it."

    After that, Ye Fan made a phone call to Qiuhuan.

    Her own parents' phone number, Lu Wenjing naturally knew.

    After learning that Jing Jing was with Ye Fan, the hearts of Qiuhuan and his wife were hanging in the air, which was how they let go.

    After she fiercely attacked Lu Wenjing on the phone, she was just fine.

    As for going home with Ye Fan for New Year's Eve, after Lu Wenjing persistently begged, Qiuhuan agreed.

    In the end, Lu Wenjing's goal was finally achieved, and she followed Ye Fan back to her hometown with a satisfied heart.

    On the way, Ye Fan contacted his mother, Ye Xiemei, again.

    "You are?"

    After hearing, the familiar and unfamiliar voice on the phone.

    Ye Fan, who was always strong, did not hold back after all, and his eyes turned red.The voice was trembling and choked with sobs.

    "Mom, it's me, Xiaofan."

    After three years, in order to protect his mother, Ye Fan took the initiative to cut off all contact with his mother, Ye Xiemei.

    The last time he called, it was three years ago, the night before the wedding, when Ye Fan entered the Qiu family.

    There was silence, a long silence.

    I don't know how long it took before Fang's excited and trembling voice came from the phone.

    "Xiao...Little Fan?"

    "You...You're my son, Fanny?"

    "Mom, it's me, it's your little Fan.I'm back, I'm going back to spend the New Year with you this year."Ye Fan said with a smile, his eyebrows red.

    "You ungrateful son, you still remember your mother me."

    "For three years, I haven't heard a word."

    "Do you know how much mom worries about you?"

    "Son, you are Mom's only concern in this world."

    "When you come back, we'll bear any storm together."

    "If the Chu family comes back, Mom will protect you, Mom is not afraid of death."

    "My son, I forbid anyone to hurt you."

    Pity the world's parents.

    All these years, Ye Xie Mei ceased to worry about her son's safety all the time, and I don't know how many nights, Ye Xie Mei was waking up from her dreams crying.

    Just because of her pathetic marital love affair, but she let her own son, plunged into an endless crisis and whirlpool.

    If there was anyone in the world other than Ye Fan himself, who else knew the suffering Ye Fan had endured for the past ten years?

    That's his mother, Yukihime!

    A descendant of the Chu family, the eldest son of the heavenly character.

    To some people, it was an endless honor.

    But to Ye Fan and his mother and son, it was a death sentence.


"Mom, I know."

    "I'm sorry that my child has worried you."

    "I'm fine."

    "I'm really fine."

    "Mom, wait at home. I'll be home soon, son."

    "This year, I'm not going anywhere, so I'll stay with you and accompany you for the New Year."

    Ye Fan tried to keep his words calm and tried to smile.

    But on this end of the phone, Ye Fan's tears, however, had already been out of control.

    If Li Er, Chen Ao and the others saw Ye Fan's current appearance, they would probably be shocked.

    Is this still the all-powerful Jiangdong kingpin?

    Is this the same Mr. Chu who shakes the world?

    A man who was once so majestic was now crying like a child.

    However, where did they know.

    So what if it was the Lord of Jiangdong, the Lord of the Dragon God?

    Even though Ye Fan was in charge of the entire world, he was still a child in front of his own mother.

    Three years.

    Guilt, heartache, aggravation, all sorts of emotions swept out like a tidal wave at this moment.

    Nearly instantly, it spread throughout Ye Fan's entire chest cavity.

    In this world, there were more than six billion people.

    But, the only person who could make Ye Fan bare his heart was probably only the woman on the other end of the phone.

    It was only in front of his mother that Ye Fan could remove all his hard disguises and could cry like a child.

    Yes, the world only knows that Ye Fan is the all-powerful Jiangdong kingpin who shakes the four corners of the world, the King of Yanjing!

    However, who still remembered that Ye Fan was just a post-teenager in his early twenties.

    At this age, many people haven't even graduated from college.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, had already experienced early on, suffering and storms that didn't belong to this age.

    "Brother Xiaofan, why are you crying?"

    "Was it your mother who was mean to you?"

    "It's okay."

    "Mommy is mad at you because she loves you and cares about you."

    "You should be happy."

    "At least in this world, there are mothers who care about you."

    Seeing Ye Fan's appearance, the little girl, however, was understanding and comforting.

    She even took out a tissue to help Ye Fan wipe away the tears from his eyes.

    And Ye Fan was afraid that his mother would hear that he had lost his temper, so after explaining things, he also quickly hung up the phone.

    And then looked to the little girl next to him, Lu Wenjing: "Jing Jing, I'm fine."

    "My mother didn't mean me."

    "Brother Fanny is just happy."

    "Because, I can see my own mom."

    "Mm."Lu Wenjing mmmed softly, a milky voice, but it was extraordinarily endearing.

    "Brother Fanny, can you tell me about your mommy?"

    "Quietly, I'm really curious about what Brother Fanny's mother is like."Lu Wenjing held her pretty face and looked at Ye Fan just like this.

    The big eyes that flickered and flickered were like stars in the sky.

    Ye Fan said softly, "My mother, she's beautiful."

    "In my heart, she is the most beautiful woman in the world."

    "She dares to love and hate, and no one can stop her from doing what she's determined to do."


    "She has suffered a lot for me."

    "She was also me, the first woman I vowed to protect with my life."



    The wheels are racing, and the wind outside the window is whistling past your ears.

    An old bus, carrying countless homeward-bound travelers, headed far away towards the distant sky.



    Ye Fan's grandmother's house was in the town of Ye Yang, below Jingzhou City.

    It was about an hour's drive away.

    At eleven in the morning, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing, the two of them, walked off from the car.

    When wading into the land beneath his feet again, there was an inexplicable emotion brewing in Ye Fan's heart.

    He stood there, gazing for a long time.

    It was as if a poet was gazing into the distance.

    "Little Brother Fan, stop looking.Hurry up and go home."

    "Your family, friends, are probably waiting for you."

    "Brother Fan is so powerful now, now that you're home for the New Year, according to the book, it's a homecoming."

    "Wait a little while, surely many people will come out to welcome Brother Fan back to his hometown."

    "I remember, when big characters on TV return home in fine clothes, all the folks from eight villages in ten miles will come to greet them."

    Lu Wenjing smiled hehehe, she was almost looking forward to the hilarious scenes to come.

    After all, she was a child, and naturally liked to have fun.

    However, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed softly, "You nippy, net dreaming.I came back and just gave my mother a word, even if everyone else wanted to greet me, they wouldn't even know I'm back today."

    "Brother Xiaofan, you're confused about this, aren't you?If you tell your mother, it's hard for her not to tell your grandmother, your grandfather.Your uncle, aunt and the others, naturally, will know."

    "When the time comes, naturally they will all come out to greet you.If you don't believe me, we'll just take a look later."Lu Wenjing vowed to say.

    Ye Fan didn't bother to argue with Lu Wenjing about this, and after laughing, he walked along the path in his memory towards his grandmother's house.

    Back then, after he and his mother returned to Ye Yang Town, he had been staying at his grandfather's house.

    Three years, not too long to say, not too short.

    The light on both sides of the road was similar to the way it was when Ye Fan left.

    The only difference was that the road beneath his feet had been repaired and widened quite a bit.

    The town was also a bit neater and cleaner than before.

    By the side of the road, there were bustling pedestrians, and as the year was approaching, many people were ready to go to the nearby shopping mall to purchase their annual goods.

    But even so, Ye Fan was still among the crowd, and immediately recognized his dearest person in the world.

    That was Ye Fan's mother, Ye Xi Mei.

    At the end of his line of sight, a plainly dressed woman was standing just like that.

    She didn't say anything, only a smile was on her lips.

    The azure sky, the green wheat field, the warm breeze, the pedestrians coming and going...

    At that moment, Ye Fan only felt that everything in this world had become her background.

    Obviously, compared to this world, that woman's body was so small.

    However, in Ye Fan's eyes, that figure was higher than the sky and wider than the sea.

    Perhaps because she was too worried and tired, several wrinkles had appeared at the corners of the woman's eyes.The delicate face was covered with traces of years of sculpting.

    But even so, it's still hard to conceal its outstanding face, its dusty temperament.

    It was as if, a fairy banished to the earth.

    Out of place with the surrounding rustic and humble dwellings!

    It is unlikely that anyone would doubt that the woman in front of her, when she was young, must have been a great beauty who had fallen from grace.

    After that, there was no sensational reunion, nor was there a sorrowful, staggering cry.

    Ye Fan was only slightly startled, and then he went up to her and gently, shouted, "Mom, I'm back."

    "Mm."The woman nodded her head and looked up at the big boy in front of her, smiling happily, "Little Fan, you've grown up and grown up."

    "Well, come home.Mom has wrapped dumplings for you."

    Evan gave a hmmm.

    There wasn't much conversation, but a few short words already contained a thousand emotions.

    "Mom yeah, no way, right?"

    "Is it really only Auntie Yeh who will pick it up?"

    "Brother Fanny, are you really this bad with people?"

    "It's so bleak, isn't it?"

    "You haven't returned for three years, and now that you've returned home in your best clothes, no matter what, all your relatives have to come out to welcome you."

    At this time, the lost and surprised voice of a little girl, Lu Wenjing, came from behind her.

    The desolate scene in front of her with only one person to welcome her was far from the lively scene Lu Wenjing had imagined.


"Auntie Yeh, didn't you tell those friends and relatives of brother Fanny's that Fanny wants him back?"

    Lu Wenjing was a little reluctant to ask.

    Thinking that when she and her mother went back to her grandmother's home for New Year's Eve, those aunts, uncles, and cousins from the Autumn family came out to greet her from a long way away.

    Ye Fan has not returned for these three years, but now that she has returned to her hometown for the New Year, only Ye Ximei came out to greet her dryly, so Lu Wenjing was naturally confused and curious.

    Hearing Lu Wenjing's words, only then did Ye Ximei notice that this time, the one who came back with Ye Fan, there was a little girl with a pink carving.

    "Little Fan, this child is?"Ye Xie Mei was shocked, then turned her head and looked at Ye Fan.

    Looking at that look, Ye Xie Mei clearly suspected that the girl in front of her was the child of Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange.

    However, on second thought, it wasn't right.

    It had only been three years since Ye Fan had joined the Qiu family, and this little girl in front of him had to be eleven or twelve years old by all accounts, was she growing a little anxious?

    Ye Fan smiled bitterly and quickly explained.

    Only then did it dawn on Ye Xie Mei: "So it's a relative from Mu Orange's side."

    To Autumn Mu Orange, although Ye Xie Mei had never met her.

    But his own daughter-in-law's name, Ye Xie Mei could still remember it.

    "Auntie Ye, you haven't answered me yet?"

    "You didn't tell anyone about Brother Fanny's return?"Lu Wenjing asked again.

    Ye Xi Mei laughed and whispered back, "I said, they're all waiting at home."

    "It's not like any leading cadres are returning to their hometowns, so it's hard to beat gongs and drums for ten miles to welcome them."

    Ye Fan's matter, Ye Xiemei knew very little.

    She only knew that Ye Fan left and became a door-to-door son-in-law.

    Although this decision of Ye Fan's, Ye Xie Mei was extremely opposed to it at that time.

    But what could they do, in front of life and suffering, mother and daughter, what could they do but bow down to reality?

    However, Lu Wenjing disagreed when she heard, "Auntie Ye, I, Xiaofan, am powerful, more powerful than a leader, even if we were to welcome each other for ten miles, I think we should."

    "Isn't that right, brother Xiaofan?"

    Looking at Lu Wenjing's playful and cute appearance, Ye Fan just smiled and rubbed the little girl's little head: "You're not very old, you're quite pursuing the row."

    In between the jokes of a few people in Ye Fan, not far in front, but a crowd of people came in in a grand manner.

    There were big and small, old and young, male and female, at least one and twenty mouths to feed.

    They were anxiously walking while looking around.

    "Where are we?"

    "It's almost noon."

    "Call and ask."

    "The firecrackers are all ready over here."

    "Just waiting for the people to come back."


    The sounds bustling in front of us naturally caught Ye Fan's attention.

    It didn't matter if he didn't look, Ye Fan was shocked at this look.


    "Mom, isn't that grandma and grandpa?"

    "And uncle and the others?"

    "Is my aunt and her family here too?"

    Yes, the big crowd in front is Ye Fan's grandmother's family.

    Ye Fan's grandmother, gave birth to two sons and two daughters.

    Ye Fan's mother, Ye Ximei, was Ye's maternal grandmother's daughter.


    "Brother Fan, I knew that when you returned to your hometown in glory, grandma and grandpa, they would definitely come out to welcome you."

    "You didn't believe me when I spoke before, now what?"

    "Believe it."

    Ye Xiemei hadn't answered yet, but Lu Wenjing jumped up happily as if she had seen a new continent.

    To her, of course she was happy that her little brother Fan was welcomed.

    However, before the smile on Lu Wenjing's side had disappeared, the large group of people not far away came over.

    Ye Fan raised his head and was about to greet them with a smile.

    However, who would have thought that these people, as if they didn't notice Ye Fan, walked right past him without paying any attention.

    Lu Wenjing looked on, and was suddenly happy.


    "Brother Fanny, you've been away from home for too long, look at your grandmother and uncle, they don't even know you anymore."

    The little girl laughed as she turned her head and shouted at them, "Hey~ you guys are walking by."

    "Where's my little brother Fan here?"

    "Don't go any further."

    Lu Wenjing shouted loudly.

    Only then did she attract the attention of a few people who turned back towards the direction of Ye Fan and her son.

    "Sister, so you're here, huh?"

    "I said why didn't I see you just now."

    "Hurry up, sis. Our niece Yuyan is back for the New Year."

    "It's been two years since she came back."

    "I just called and said she's at the village entrance."

    "It's not, our Ye family, young and old, have all come out to greet her."

    Ye Fan's aunt waved her hand from afar and shouted at Ye Ximei.

    "Yes sister, go quickly, pick up this niece of ours."Second Uncle Ye Ya also shouted at Ye Xie Mei.

    But Ye Xie Mei shook her head and smiled lightly, "No, you guys go first."

    "Little Fan is back, I'll send him back first and come back later."


    "Is Van he here too?"

    It was only then that Ye Fan's aunt and second uncle noticed the skinny young man next to them.


    "Fanny's back, good to be back, talk to you later."

    "Sister, we'll go over first."

    After seeing Ye Fan, Aunt Ye Xilan simply exchanged pleasantries, and then she also left.

    As for the others, they just gave Ye Fan a glance from afar as a greeting and didn't even say anything polite.


    "Here it comes."

    "See the car!"

    "Whispering is back."

    "Quick, second brother, light up the cannon."

    As Ye Fan's great uncle Ye Tian shouted, the Ye family's crowd gathered around.

    At the same time, amidst a deafening sound of firecrackers, a military woman in a military green dress came down from the buggy.

    The woman's temperament was cool and majestic, and her delicate pretty face had a few points of heroism and arrogance.

    As soon as she got off the vehicle, she was surrounded by relatives from all walks of life, competing to greet her.

    "Yuyan, you're back, ah."

    "Did you miss grandpa?"



    "It's been two years since I've seen you, and Yuyan is getting prettier and prettier."


    "You don't know, knowing that you came, your second uncle and the others were so happy they couldn't sleep all night."

    "Your aunt even came back from Jianghai just to see you."


    "Quick, Yuyan, you're tired from this boat trip, right?"

    "Hurry home, the family has prepared a banquet for you, just to pick you up."

    Ye family members said one thing to another, some booing, some going to help carry things from the car down.

    Just like this, Ye Yuyan was welcomed into the family home under the crowd of people.

    Compared to Ye Yuyan's arrival, Ye Fan's homecoming was undoubtedly extraordinarily poignant.

    The crowd passed by the two of them, but everyone's attention was on Ye Yuyan, but no one cared about Ye Fan's homecoming.

    It was as if, in the eyes of the Ye family, Ye Yuyan's homecoming was a big, splashy event.And Ye Fan's homecoming was just a trivial matter.


"Brother Fanny, why?"

    "They're too much of a bully, aren't they?"

    "It's the same back home, it's the same blood relatives, so why the double standard."

    "They just look down on people."

    "It's obvious that brother Fanny is not welcome."

    "Brother Xiaofan, let's not go back.You take Aunt Ye and come back to Jingzhou with me, we'll go to the city for New Year's Eve."

    Seeing Ye Yuyan being surrounded by people while Ye Fan was so neglected, Lu Wenjing was so angry that her beautiful eyes were red.

    Only felt aggrieved for Ye Fan.

    His own little brother Fan, who had traveled thousands of miles from Yunzhou to come here, just to come home for the New Year.

    What he was waiting for was not a warm welcome from his family and friends, but instead a cold shoulder.

    Even Lu Wenjing, an outsider, felt indignant.

    One could imagine how lost Ye Fan's heart was.

    Ye Xie Mei, who was watching beside her, also had a pretty pale face.

    The exquisite face carried a bit of guilt, and self-recrimination.

    "Little Fan, I'm sorry."

    "Mom has made you suffer."

    Lu Wenjing, a child, was having a hard time watching, let alone Ye Xiemei.

    Perhaps the Ye family's actions today had no intention of targeting Ye Fan, but to Ye Fan's mother and son, it was undoubtedly a humiliation.

    On the first day back home, he let his own son follow him to suffer such a grievance, Ye Ximei is naturally filled with guilt.

    Ye Fan shook his head, but smiled calmly, "Mom, I'm fine."

    "It's just human nature."

    "Uncle is the leader of the county, and my cousin, Yuyan, holds an important position as an officer in the army."

    "How can I, a door-to-door son-in-law, compare to others?"

    "Didn't you say, we're not cadres, we don't talk about this row, and we're not jealous."

    These words of Ye Fan were by no means mere consolation, they were the truth.

    He wasn't jealous, nor was he angry, and throughout, he was calm.

    The only bit of emotion was just disappointment.

    He didn't expect that even his own mother's mother's family couldn't get rid of this worldliness after all.

    However, it didn't matter.

    He would treat others the way they treated him.

    Now that they were indifferent to Ye Fan, then in the future, don't blame Ye Fan for making them unreachable.

    What's more, the main thing he came back this time was to visit his mother.

    Therefore, having his mother alone to pick him up was enough!

    Hearing these words from Ye Fan, Ye Xie Mei was very pleased.

    "Little Fan, you've really, grown up."

    "Compared to before, matured and stable."

    "Let's go, Quiet, Little Fan, let's go back and cook dumplings."

    Ye Xi Mei's beautiful eyes were red, but she said with a smile.



    When we arrived at the Ye family's old house, Ye Ya and the others were moving things down from the car.

    Ye Yuyan was home for the New Year this time, so naturally she had bought quite a few gifts.

    At this time, many people in the Ye family were helping.

    "Little Fan, what are you still waiting for?"

    "I didn't see your cousin come back, so why don't you come over and help move things to your cousin's house."

    Seeing that Ye Fan was back, Second Uncle Ye Ya didn't say anything polite, but instead directly instructed Ye Fan to help move the things.

    Lu Wenjing, who was next to him, was almost dying of anger when she heard this.

    "You're sick, aren't you."

    "My Little Brother Fan has just returned too, why should I ask my Little Brother Fan to help move things?"

    "Besides, my brother Xiaofan is the elder brother, even if I want to help, I'm still a sister giving help to my brother."

    Lu Wenjing was like a fried kitten and roared at Ye Ya.

    When Ye Ya heard it, he was happy: "Yo, you're a little girl piece, your temper is not small."

    "I, who is an uncle, can help move things."

    "He's a brother, why can't he help?"

    "Fanny, why don't you come over here and move all this stuff over to your uncle's house."

    "No, I have to take a break."

    Ye Ya wiped the sweat from his forehead and continued to hurry.

    However, what Ye Ya so did not expect was that to his order, it was as if Ye Fan did not hear it.

    Without even paying attention, he directly followed his own mother into the room.


    "This brat has been out for three years, a door-to-door son-in-law, and his wings are still hardened?"

    "Don't you listen to anything I say?"

    Ye Ya was glaring at Ye Fan then, about to die of anger.

    Cursing and grumbling there.

    The room.

    But Ye Xi Mei was a little worried and looked at Ye Fan, "Little Fan, you'd better go and help your uncle's family move things."

    "I'll prepare, so that you can go to your uncle's house to sleep at night."

    "Your uncle's house has a big yard and many rooms, so it's a good environment.You and Jing Jing will just sleep there at night."

    Ye Fan laughed softly, "Mom, don't worry about these things, I have a sense of propriety."

    "Besides, it's not like you don't know, my sister, Yuyan, hasn't been too keen on me since she was little."

    "I'm afraid it's not going to work if you let me sleep at my uncle's house."

    "Simply, I'd better pack out that storage room next to mine and just make do with a few days of sleep."

    "As for Jing Jing, let her sleep with you."

    Ye Fan had lived in the Ye family for several years, and was naturally familiar with Ye Yuyan, who was of the same generation.

    However, due to Ye Fan's status as an abandoned son of the Chu family, he was naturally not treated well among the Ye family's younger generation.

    What's more, the marriage between Ye Ximei and Ye Fan's father back then, the old man Ye didn't agree to it at all.

    It was Mother who was bent on marrying Father.

    Because of this matter, mother was once at odds with her mother's family.

    Later, their mother and son were swept out of the Chu family and returned to the Ye family in desperation.

    It is easy to imagine what kind of situation mother and son would have in the Ye family.

    Ye Fan remembers that when he was young, he was often teased and bullied by his aunt and uncle's cousins, and the only friend he got along with was a neighbor's "little fatty".

    The only friend he can get along with is a neighbor's "little fat boy". But Ye Fan is not accustomed to them, and will beat up anyone who offends him, no matter who his cousins are.

    The second uncle's son, Ye Jian, was trying to make a fool out of Ye Fan, but in the end, Ye Fan united with the fatty and broke his legs.

    That's why, until now, Ye Fan's second uncle Ye Ya is not happy with Ye Fan.

    As for Ye Yuyan, the daughter of the first uncle's family Ye Tian, since her father was a county leader, he was considered a cadre child, so Ye Yuyan had been a star from a young age.

    Ye Yuyan is not only pretty, but also good in her studies, and is the best in the county in the entrance exam.

    Such a heavenly, delicate daughter like this has always been a role model in the eyes of outsiders, the pride of her parents' hearts, and has received a lot of attention since childhood.

    This kind of canary, naturally, from the very beginning, despised Ye Fan, this kind of outcast son of the Chu family who didn't like studying and fought all the time.

    Not to mention calling Ye Fan cousin, for so many years, almost didn't even pay attention to Ye Fan.


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