Dish Best Served Cold 681-685


Chapter 681

The Red Star Hotel.

    There was silence, everyone was waiting.

    The onlookers were terrified, not daring to make any noise.

    Zeng Haitao was lying on the ground, his face full of blood, not daring to stand up at all.

    As for Lu Hong and Qiuhuan, their faces were even more pale and miserable.

    The more this kind of arrogant waiting, the more frightening and maddening it was.

    Yes, not to mention other people, even Qiuhuan and Lu Hong didn't believe in Ye Fan's words.

    In their opinion, the reason why Ye Fan was speaking like this was merely stalling for time.

    But what could they do, it didn't change any outcome.

    After all, how could Ye Fan, a son-in-law on the doorstep, know Master Lei San?

    The difference between the two people's identities was too great, the difference between Haoyue and Firefly.

    It was strange that they would believe it.

    Just like this, time passed slowly like quicksand at the tips of one's fingers.

    During this time, Sun Jianhao's eyes kept looking at Ye Fan who was surrounded by the crowd.

    He wanted to "admire", Ye Fan's desperate and terrified look.

    However, he was disappointed.

    All along, the scene he was expecting did not appear.

    Ye Fan was standing there, always calm as usual.

    There was even a faint smile on Ye Fan's fresh and beautiful face.

    The entire person, just like a calm lake, even though he was facing wind and rain, it did not raise any waves on him.

    "Bastard, you're quite able to pretend?"

    "Wait a minute, when the time comes, I'll see how you pretend?"

    Sun Jianhao snorted in displeasure, while opening his mouth and swallowing the grapes fed by the woman in his arms.

    Cozy and self-satisfied, as if he was an earth emperor.

    Finally, as the time came.

    Sun Jianhao raised his head and looked condescendingly at Ye Fan, "Kid, ten minutes is up, tell me, how do you want to die?"

    Cold voices, quietly sounded.

    After hearing it, the surrounding people shook their heads and sighed.

    It didn't look like a miracle had happened.

    Suddenly, many people looked at Ye Fan with compassion in their eyes.

    However, just when everyone thought that the farce was about to end.

    Suddenly, there was a bang.

    The door of the restaurant was slammed open.

    At that moment, the whole place was horrified.

    Everyone, stared at the door.


    "Is it?"

    Even Sun Jianhao was so frightened that he sprang right out of his chair like a monkey through the sky.

    Howling in his heart.


    No way.

    Just like that, in the midst of the fear of a room full of people, a couple, broke in.


    "What's wrong?"

    "Everybody look at me...What are we doing?"

    "We're not bad people, we're just here to eat."

    The couple was obviously shocked by the scene in front of them, and if they didn't know, they probably thought they had broken into a den of thieves.

    The air in this place was silent for three seconds.

    Three seconds later, a curse sounded.


    "Beat him up!"

    "Damn it, I'm scared to death~"

    Sun Jianhao cursed, then was laughing himself.

    After messing around for half a day, it turned out to be a false alarm.

    But seriously, he had just thought that it was his brother-in-law who had arrived.

    But now, it seemed that it was purely because he was overthinking.

    After the false alarm, Sun Jianhao was no longer delayed and waved his arm.

    Pointing at Ye Fan, he coldly said, "Let him, die!"


    The moment Sun Jianhao's words fell, the glass of the surrounding doors and windows exploded in unison.

    Immediately afterwards, dozens of armed police with guns and ammunition swept over as if it was a monstrous wave.

    Nearly instantly, the entire hotel was surrounded by water.

    This sudden change undoubtedly scared countless people mad.

    Many people screamed, covering their heads and directly lying on the ground.

    As for Sun Jianhao, he was even more frightened to the point that his eyes were staring out.

    "You...You...What are you guys doing?"

    "My brother-in-law is Master Lei San!"


    Sun Jianhao's frightened voice was still echoing.

    And a hundred meters away, a car was parked there.

    In the car, a strapping and majestic man, dressed in a uniform police uniform, sat peacefully as if he was waiting for something.

    Soon, a low voice came from the radio microphone.

    "Unit one in place!"

    "Unit two in place!"


    "Unit 4 in place!"

    "Snipers in place~"

    Voice after voice rang out until the detachments were in position, and the man in front of him nodded his head.

    "Very well, stay in place!"

    Wu Zhiming returned in a deep voice.

    Then, a phone call was made.

    "Third Master, everything is in order."

    "You can go in now."

    "Good, thanks to Director Wu."From the phone, came Lei's thankful voice.

    "You're welcome, duty calls."Wu Zhiming said back in a deep voice.

    After speaking, Wu Zhiming also hung up the phone.

    Behind him, there was a gust of wind whistling, swirling up fallen leaves.

    The heavens and earth were still.

    However, in the Red Star Restaurant, it was already a mess.

    Sun Jianhao was even more terrified and trembling all over.

    He couldn't figure out how come the armed police had ended up in the middle of this good cause?

    Could it be that he, Sun Jianhao, has really broken the law?

    "Comrade...Comrade, I'm a good man, and my brother-in-law is Master Lei San."

    "What do you mean, what do you mean?"

    Sun Jianhao said bitterly, terrified.

    "Cut the crap, everyone, get down!"

    With a furious shout, Sun Jianhao was so frightened that his face turned white again.

    As for those of his dazzling men just now, they didn't dare to let out a single fart at this time, covering their heads and lying on the ground.

    At this time, the hotel's door was pushed open once again, and a middle-aged man, running all the way, anxiously walked in.


    "Brother-in-law, you're just in time, you saved me."

    "These people, blind, have captured your brother-in-law~"

    Seeing the visitor, Sun Jianhao ran over and asked for help as if he had grasped the last straw like a man overboard.

    However, Lei laosan paid no attention to him and slapped him directly.

    Sun Jianhao was smacked on the ground with a bang, two of his front teeth were knocked out, and blood was flowing.

    After smacking away Sun Jianhao, Lei Laosan looked up and looked around, and when he saw the thin figure, he didn't stop.

    With endless trepidation and shame, he ran straight over and bowed down.

    "Mr. Chu, Lao San is late."

    "Let you, frightened ah~"


    There was silence!

    Everyone stared.

    Lei Laosan's words were only like thunder exploding, and the hearts of everyone present were suddenly filled with horrifying waves.

    The filled seats were silent, and no one dared to speak!

    As for Sun Jianhao, he was even more dumbfounded on the spot.

    Pupils crumpled, dumbfounded!




Lei Lao San's respectful voice still echoed in the restaurant.

    But everyone here was already all confused.

    Lu Hong was wide-eyed then.

    Qiuhuan was even more unimaginable.

    As for Zeng Haitao, who was lying on the ground, a pair of eyeballs almost jumped out.

    "This...This is really Master Lei San?"

    Zeng Haitao and the others lost their voices.

    Even they were so horrified, not to mention Sun Jianhao who was drawn to the side.

    Looking at the scene in front of him, Sun Jianhao was directly confused.

    The brain was all blank.

    In his heart, he was even scuffling with cold air and shaking all over.

    He looked at Lei Laosan, then at Ye Fan, and wailed in his heart.

    Could it be that he, Sun Jianhao, had really messed with, a remarkable person?

    The crowd's reaction, Lei laosan naturally ignored it.

    At this time, Lei laosan was apologizing to Ye Fan with a heart full of fear and apology.

    "Mr. Chu, you have just arrived and this has happened, I, Lei laosan, am very guilty and terrified."

    "However, Mr. Chu, don't worry, I, Lei Laosan, will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation for today's incident."

    "Is that so?"Ye Fan sneered, "Master Lei San, I'd really like to know, how do you plan to explain this?"

    Ye Fan's ice-cold tone caused cold sweat to break out on Lei's third forehead.

    However, even so, Lei laosan still smiled with him and said to Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu, I'm not hiding anything from you."

    "This Sun Jianhao, has done all the bad things and lost his conscience."

    "His crimes, the waves of the East Sea, the flow of evil."

    "I've used up all the bamboo from Nanshan Mountain, the crimes of the book are endless!"

    "Long before you came to Jingzhou, I was ready to deal with him.This kind of human scum, if I don't get rid of him, I'm sorry to my people in Jingzhou."

    "But I didn't expect that I would still be a step too late, and eventually let's him have the opportunity to offend you, Mr. Chu."

    "However, this is the last time for him."

    "When I came here, I had already informed City Bureau Director Wu Zhiming.On Wu's side, the Bureau has also gotten hold of all the evidence of Sun Jianhao's crimes, and they even caught him in action today."

    "This time, I have to let Wu Bureau, cure him of a capital crime, pull him back and shoot him directly."

    Lei Laosan said viciously.

    Sun Jianhao, who was listening next to him, had an old face that went directly white.

    By now, he finally understood why there were so many policemen suddenly barging in.

    It turned out that they were all coming for him.

    At that time, Sun Jianhao was so frightened that he burst into tears and ran over to pull on Lei's arm, crying with one snotty nose and one tear, "Brother-in-law, you can't shoot me~"

    "I can't."

    "I'm your brother-in-law, my sister's own brother ah."

    "I'm the only brother my sister has~"

    "Brother-in-law, you have to save me, you can't kill me~"

    After seeing so many police officers, Sun Jianhao already knew.

    This time, his brother-in-law was playing for real!

    Especially when he heard that Lei Laosan was going to have someone shoot him, Sun Jianhao was completely panicked and couldn't stop crying.

    "I'll go to Nima!"

    "Who's your brother-in-law?"

    "My wife is an only child, where did she get a brother?"

    "You're my fart's brother-in-law!"

    "Why don't you get out of the way?"

    "I don't know what to do, but if you mess with Mr. Chu today, no one can fucking save you!"

    Lei laosan is trying to clear the relationship with Sun Jianhao, but he directly pretended not to know him.

    With one kick, he kicked Sun Jianhao to the ground.

    At this time, Wu Zhiming also walked in from the outside, waved his hand, and then had Sun Jianhao cuffed.

    "Brother-in-law, save me, save me~"

    "I can't die~"

    "My sister is the only brother I have."

    "Brother-in-law you have to save me~"


    In the distance, there was the sound of Sun Jianhao's miserable wailing.

    Lei Laosan's old face smacked, his heart wanted to kick that Sun Jianhao to death, this beast really still didn't want to hurt him badly enough.

    "Mr. Chu, don't listen to that beast's nonsense."

    "I, Lei Laosan, am jealous of evil."

    "If I had such a brother-in-law, I would have sent him to prison for reformation long ago, so how could I still let him act recklessly?"Lei laosan smiled heedlessly.

    Ye Fan saw the situation, but his face was expressionless as he coldly returned, "Whether he is your brother-in-law or not, I don't care."

    "I only care about one thing, and that is, can you implement your explanation?"

    "It's just as well that he offended me, but he also covets my aunt."

    "Lei laosan, I'll put it here, this person, you can't get him, I'll get him."

    "When the time comes, the only person who will die will not be Sun Jianhao alone!"


    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing in through the broken doors and windows.

    Lei Laosan was in awe, and his back was already covered in cold sweat.

    He could hear that Ye Fan's words were a reminder and a warning!

    Even though Ye Fan didn't say it explicitly, the meaning in those words was clear to Lei Laosan.

    Obviously, Ye Fan was warning Lei Lao San that if he dared to harbor Sun Jianhao again.

    At that time, not only Sun Jianhao would die, but their Lei family would have to be buried with him as well!

    "Don't worry, Mr. Chu."

    "It's just a jerk, I can't get rid of me, Lei Lao-san?"

    "Mr. Chu you can just wait at ease."

    "When he's shot, I'll call you so you can go observe the execution."

    "Bureau Wu is also here, do you not believe me, is it hard not to believe Bureau Wu?"



    Lei laosan forced a smile, but his mind was already made up.

    This person, Sun Jianhao, couldn't stay any longer.

    Soon, the crowd dispersed as well.

    The Red Star Restaurant, once again, was calm.

    Lu Hong and Qiuhuan had undoubtedly regained their freedom as well.

    But their pretty faces were pale, but they were in a state of shock.

    "Little Aunt, it's alright, things have been settled."

    "How about this, you take Jing Jing and go first.Wu Bureau wants to invite me to dinner, people have helped a lot, I can't refuse, so I'll stay and thank them first."Ye Fan walked over and softly consoled.

    "Good...Good, little...Little Fan, you busy yourselves, no...Don't mind us."Faced with Ye Fan's words, Qiuhuan replied in fear.

    Thinking back to what had just happened, it was like a dream.

    At this time, looking at the niece son-in-law in front of her again, Qiuhuan only felt that it was all a bit strange.She even addressed him as "you".

    After all, even if Qiuhuan was foolish enough to make the Third Lei respect him so much and make Wu Bureau the guest of honor, she could see that Ye Fan was not ordinary.

    However, right after Ye Fan said all this, Lu Wenjing on the side was dissatisfied: "No, brother Xiaofan, I'm not leaving, you haven't even finished your birthday for me, I'm also going to eat with you guys."

    "Jing Jing, stop fooling around, come back quickly!"Hearing his own daughter's words, Qiuhuan was scared silly.

    Whether it was Lei San, or Wu Zhiming, they were both big shots.

    Wu Zhiming was the leader of the city council not to mention, and Lei San, even more so, was the sky of Jingzhou!

    If you are so capricious and foolish, if you offend them, how can their family afford it?

    In fear, Qiuhuan rushed over and pulled Lu Wenjing back, while bowing her head repeatedly and apologizing, "Wu Bureau, Third Master, I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I'm the one who failed to teach you.The little kid doesn't know any better, you mustn't take it to heart..."Qiuhuan's forehead was already seeping with cold sweat.

    Ye Fan saw the situation, but he smiled, "Little aunt, what's the apology."

    "Jing Jing is right, it's her birthday today, she's the oldest.We all listen to him."

    "Jing Jing, let's go, brother Fan will take you to a big dinner to help you make up for this birthday party."Ye Fan spoiled and said.

    "Little Fan, how is this going to work?"

    "Third Master and Bureau Wu are both big shots."

    "You big shots talk business, Wen Jing she's a little kid, how does she deserve to eat at the same table as you?"

    Qiuhuan's pretty face was pale, and her words were trembling a bit.

    Afraid that if she said one wrong word, she would anger such big names as Lei San and Wu Zhiming.



    "See what you said."

    "Jing Jing is Mr. Chu's sister."

    "Not to mention eating at the same table as us, even if the leaders of the provincial party committee are here, if Jing Jing were to eat at the table, no one would dare to say a single word."

    Lei Laosan heard Qiuhuan's words and quickly said with a smile.

    Wu Zhiming, who was beside him, echoed.

    "That's right, what a lovely girl.She's bound to be a beauty in the future."

    "Is her name Jing Jing?"

    "Jing Jing, Uncle is also with your little brother Fan, to celebrate your birthday together, okay?"

    In between the words, Wu Zhiming even bent over to tease Lu Wenjing.

    And instructed his men to go out and buy some gifts.

    This action of Wu Zhiming, however, also reminded Lei Laosan who was on the side.


    "Look at my head, I'm only thinking about inviting Mr. Chu to dinner, but I forgot to prepare a gift for Jing Jing."

    "Jing Jing, what do you want, give it to uncle."

    "I'll ask your brother Ao Ting to buy it for you."

    Lei Laosan slapped his head and whirled around to ask the little girl in front of him.

    That kind and amiable appearance, where did she look like a leading boss who was all-powerful, but rather like a kindly grandfather.

    The majestic Autumn Ring, undoubtedly had been dumbfounded.

    She only felt flattered.

    Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that one day, a big man like Master Lei San and Wu Zhiming would be so kind to his daughter that he would even be celebrating Jing Jing's birthday?

    I'm afraid there aren't many people in King City with such face, right?

    Naturally, Qiuhuan was excited and terrified at the same time, but at the same time, he felt honored.

    But the more Lei Laosan and the others did this, the deeper the doubt and trembling in Qiuhuan's heart at the same time.

    She knew very well that the reason why her daughter, Jing Jing, was receiving this kind of treatment was entirely because of Ye Fan.

    But what secret was there in Ye Fan that made Lei San and the others so respectful?

    Just like this, in the midst of Autumn Ring's trembling and confused gaze, Ye Fan had carried Lu Wenjing's hand and slowly walked up the stairs.

    "That, brother-in-law, I'm also your sister, can you...Can you take me there as well?"

    At this moment, a hesitant and tormented voice came from behind Lu Hong.

    With eyes full of hope, she waited for Ye Fan's answer.

    After all, if she could get on board with Lei San and Wu Zhiming through this dinner party, then she would have a bright future in this Jingzhou in the future.

    However, no one responded.

    Ye Fan just acted as if he didn't hear, and went upstairs with Lei Laosan and the others without looking back.

    Ahead, only the silver-bell-like laughter of a little girl, Lu Wenjing, could be heard.

    In a split second, Lu Hong's pretty face blushed red, only feeling ashamed of herself.

    Originally, Lu Hong thought that for the sake of Lu Wenjing and Qiuhuan's face, Ye Fan wouldn't refuse her anyway.

    But now, it seemed that she was the one who thought too much.

    He didn't even care about her.

    However, Lu Hong knew that she couldn't blame Ye Fan.

    Everything was just her own fault.

    Thinking of this, Lu Hong was filled with remorse.

    Regretting herself before, she shouldn't have doggedly targeted Ye Fan.


    "You're a lucky daughter."

    "Master Lei San even personally celebrated your daughter's birthday."

    "In this entire King City, that's the first family."

    "How glamorous~"

    "When this daughter of yours grows up, she will have a bright future~"


    After Ye Fan and the others went upstairs, the onlookers in the hall suddenly congratulated Qiuhuan, their words filled with envy.

    And Qiuhuan was equally filled with joy, thanking them incessantly.

    Lu Hong, who was looking at the side, was saddened by the spring breeze.

    Originally, she might have had this opportunity as well.

    It was a pity that her dog's-eye view ended up losing touch with this great opportunity.



    Upstairs private room.

    Wu Zhiming introduced himself to Ye Fan first as it was his first time meeting Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Thank you, Bureau Wu, for today's matter."

    "Mr. Chu, what kind of words are these?"

    "It's my duty to eliminate violence and pacify people!"

    "On the contrary, Mr. Chu encountered this kind of thing when he first came to Jingzhou, that's all my negligence."

    "I'll punish myself for three cups!"Wu Zhiming said briskly.


    This part of the meal was not too long for Ye Fan.

    After all, there was nothing important.

    It was nothing more than words like inviting Ye Fan to come home as a guest.

    Ye Fan politely declined on the grounds that he was in a hurry to get home.

    Soon, Lei Lao San personally sent a car to take Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing to the downstairs of the community.

    "Mr. Chu, I'm going back first."

    "I still have to deal with Sun Jianhao's side."

    "If there's anything, you can contact me anytime."

    Inside the car, Lei Laosan waved his hand at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, and when he left, he specifically instructed Lei laosan, "Master Lei, many deeds of injustice will lead to death."

    "Even though, Jingzhou you Lei family is the most respected."

    "But if you condone your men to act recklessly, I don't mind, let this Jingzhou change the sky."

    "Do you understand my words?"

    "Ming...Understood."Old Man Lei shivered and nodded repeatedly.

    Then, amidst Lei Old Three's esteemed and respectful gaze, he watched Ye Fan go upstairs.

    It wasn't until after Ye Fan left that Lei Old Three let out a long breath of relief.

    Although, only a few words were spoken with Ye Fan just now, while the back of Lei Old Three was already covered in cold sweat.

    Other people didn't know about Ye Fan, Lei Lao San knew.

    This was a ruthless man!

    At first, he killed the Southeast Champion with one punch!

    The Jiangdong Zhao family was trampled down by it.

    The Meng family, which Zhao Wuji once didn't even dare to provoke, was also swept away by Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan's energy was simply powerful and terrifying!

    Now that his own brother-in-law had messed with him again, it was strange that Lei Laosan didn't panic.

    So, on the way home, Lei laosan made a phone call to Wu Zhiming.

    "Third Master, your brother-in-law, when is he really not safe?"Wu Zhiming confirmed again.

    After a moment of hesitation, Lei nodded heavily, "Bureau Wu, business is business, there's no need to worry about me."

    "He's the one who brought about his own death, there's no one else to blame."


    The wind was blowing, the wheels were flying, Lei laosan hung up the phone, so he closed his eyes and took a nap, no longer talking.

    After returning home, Lei Ao Ting's mother, Sun Li, was already waiting there.

    After Sun Jianhao was arrested, he immediately called his sister Sun Li, and asked Sun Li to save him.

    Thus, after seeing Lei Laosan, Sun Li directly knelt down, full of tears.

    "Lao San, I know that it's my fault, I didn't teach Jianhao properly, and that's why I let him make a big mistake."

    "But Lao San, Jianhao he is not guilty even if he is wrong again."

    "Lao San, I'm begging you, give Jianhao another chance."

    "Just let him go this one more time~"

    "I promise, this is the last time, I'll definitely keep an eye on him from now on and not let Jianhao do anything else~"

    Sun Li begged bitterly.

    Lei Laosan listened, but he laughed in anger.

    "Sun Li, don't you find this ridiculous yourself?"

    "That's what you told me last time, and last time, and last time."

    "But what was the result?"

    "San, this time it's true, this time it's true..."Sun Li cried out there.

    However, where did Lei Laosan pay attention, kicking Sun Li straight to the side.

    He roared, "Fuck, I've had enough of you~"

    "By now, you still have to help your asshole brother?"

    "I'm telling you, you're dead to me."

    "Mr. Chu has become angry, your brother will die, and the gods cannot save him."


"And, you stupid bitch, you should understand how you, your brother, and all of your Sun family nowadays came to be?"

    "Still relying on me, on my Lei family."

    "Now, you're asking me to take the survival and safety of my Lei family to save that beast, do you think it's possible?"

    "Besides, you don't have to force me."

    "Divorce if you want to, but no matter how big my family is, I can't afford to marry a Fu Di Devil like you."

    "If you want to die, it's up to you.I only have one request, don't die in my Lei family?"

    In the room, Lei Laosan's angry voice echoed.

    After speaking, in his anger, Lei laosan no longer stopped and turned his head to leave.

    This time, Lei Laosan was undoubtedly thoroughly enraged.

    He didn't think that even now, this idiot wife of his would still want to save her brother?

    It's incorrigible!

    "Mom, get up."

    At this time, Lei Ao Ting, who had been silent, stepped forward, but gently assisted his own mother up.

    Seeing Lei Ao Ting, Sun Li was as if she had grasped the last straw, trembling even as she said, "Ao Ting, you persuade your father, let him not kill your uncle."

    "He's your own uncle."

    "Even if he goes to jail, don't shoot him ah."

    "This is the only son in your grandmother's family, if he is gone, your grandmother will not be able to stand it~"

    Looking at his mother's miserable appearance, Lei Ao Ting, however, shook his head and sighed.

    "Mom, if my uncle had offended someone else, maybe he would still be alive."

    "But this time, what he has offended is Mr. Chu."

    "If he doesn't die, the one who dies is my father, my Lei family."

    "Mom, you only consider my uncle, my grandmother, but have you considered my father, the safety of my Lei family?"

    "Dad isn't an immortal, and my Lei family isn't one handed."

    "In front of Mr. Chu, even the Lei family has to bow down."

    "So, resign yourself to your fate."

    Lei Ao Ting slowly said, and then, he also entered the room.

    This time, even he thought that it was his mother, who had done it.

    In the end, Sun Jianhao was still brought to justice and was sentenced to death by the court.

    After getting the news, countless people in Jingzhou clapped their hands.

    "A good death!"

    "Good and evil will be rewarded~"

    "What a heavenly retribution!"


    Lots of excited emotions.

    Of course, this was all later.

    In other words, after sending Lu Wenjing home, Ye Fan was ready to leave.

    After all, Lu Wenjing's birthday was over and the character that his wife handed over to Ye Fan was complete, there was no point for Ye Fan to stay any longer.

    But Lu Wenjing was dead set on not letting Ye Fan go, and tearfully, she asked Ye Fan to stay another night.

    "Little Fan, look at how much Jing Jing is pestering you, you can stay for another night."

    "Besides, it's almost dark, and you won't be able to catch the bus home if you go to the station at this time."Qiuhuan also advised from the side.

    Of course she was willing to let Ye Fan stay one more day.

    Ye Fan's status was extraordinary, and the closer her own daughter was to Ye Fan, the happier Qiuhuan would naturally be.

    Looking at the little girl in front of him with a pearly appearance, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled bitterly, "Alright, Jing Jing, don't cry.Little brother Fan will listen to you, just stay another day."

    "Really, brother Xiaofan?"


    "I knew it, brother Fan is the best."

    Upon hearing Ye Fan's promise, Lu Wenjing broke into a smile.

    That ability to change her face had to make Ye Fan wonder if the tears this ninny had just shed were faked or not.

    "Okay, you guys play, I'll go cook."Qiuhuan said with a smile.

    And then, Lu Wenjing pestered Ye Fan to watch TV.

    During dinner, Zeng Haitao and Lu Hong's husband and wife also came.

    This time, they bought a lot of things, both Maotai wine and Chinese cigarettes, of course, they were all for Ye Fan.

    One was an apology and the other was a thank you.

    While thanking Ye Fan for helping out today, Lu Hong also sought Ye Fan's forgiveness for the previous incident.

    In response, Ye Fan naturally had a loving attitude.

    What Ye Fan despised the most was this kind of person.

    Before, the dog's eyes looked at others, and now that he knew he was extraordinary, he came to flatter them.

    How is this kind of behavior any different from that kind of villain who is at the helm of the wind?

    Why add flowers to the tapestry when you can't send charcoal in the snow?

    Therefore, these gifts, Ye Fan rejected them all.

    "However, you guys can rest assured that it's just that, even for the sake of Jing Jing's face, I don't bother to be acquainted with you guys in general."

    "We're already duckweed, so in the future, there's no need to be deep friends."

    These words of Ye Fan were like a death sentence to Lu Hong and the others.

    It caused the thoughts of Lu Hong and Zeng Haitao hugging their thighs in their hearts to instantly dissipate.

    After that, Lu Hong and the two of them naturally didn't have the face to stay here anymore, and put down their things and left with great resentment.

    By now, Lu Hong finally understood that some opportunities, once missed, were really gone.

    Originally, what a great opportunity it was for her to live under the same roof with someone like Ye Fan, who made even Lei Lao San fearful.

    Unfortunately, not only did Lu Hong not cherish it, she also offended Ye Fan.

    Now that she remembered, Lu Hong was filled with remorse and only felt her intestines turn blue.

    "Brother Xiaofan, why has Sister Hong left ah, she hasn't eaten yet?"

    Naturally, Lu Wenjing didn't know anything about these human emotions.

    She only knew that she would be unreservedly kind to whomever she liked.

    There was no mixing of fame and fortune, nor were there any fireworks or worldliness.

    A child's world was as simple as that.

    Ye Fan didn't reply, just doted on Lu Wenjing's lovely jasmine nose.

    "Jing Jing, promise brother Xiaofan that no matter what happens in the future, you will always maintain this innocence and clarity."

    "May a thousand sails come to an end, and when I return, you will still be a "youth"!"

    Ye Fan said in a low voice, no one knew what was going through his mind at this time.

    In the evening, Qiuhuan made another table of food.

    But they weren't in a hurry to eat, but were waiting for Jing's father, Lu Mingze, to return.

    When they called in the morning, Lu Mingze said that he would be back in the evening.

    However, after waiting for a long time, there was no sign of his return.

    Qiuhuan was worried, so he made a phone call to inquire about the situation.

    However, Ye Fan clearly noticed that when Qiuhuan made the call, his face instantly went a little whiter.

    "Little Aunt, what's wrong?"Ye Fan asked in confusion.

    Qiuhuan forced a smile, "It's nothing, it's just a company matter, your aunt he can settle it.Xiaofan, let's eat first, we won't wait for her."

    Qiuhuan didn't say much, so Ye Fan didn't ask too many questions.

    After all, it was all just someone's family matters, so it was naturally inconvenient for Ye Fan, an outsider, to ask.

    However, Ye Fan clearly felt that ever since making this call, Qiuhuan was always in a state of preoccupation.


After dinner was over, Ye Fan compensated for the company of Lu Wenjing for a while, and then also went back to his room to rest.

    Tomorrow he had to get up early to catch the first bus in the morning.

    Ye Fan's mother lived in the township below, and public transportation wasn't very convenient.

    If he wanted to go back, Ye Fan could only take one of those short urban and rural buses that ran every few hours.

    Of course, as long as Ye Fan gave the word, Lei Lao San would naturally personally send a car to take Ye Fan back.

    But, there was no need to be so troublesome.

    Ye Fan returned to his hometown this time, one was to see his mother, and the other, to see his second hometown again.

    To feel, once again, the traces of life when he was young.

    Perhaps, this would also be the last time that Ye Fan would return to his hometown to visit his mother.

    The night slowly passed by.

    However, just as Ye Fan's eyes were hazy with sleep, the tightly closed door was suddenly pushed open.

    Only a figure, ran in, and after that, climbed onto Ye Fan's bed.

    In the haze, Ye Fan only heard a low and suppressed sobbing sound.

    At first, Ye Fan thought he was dreaming and didn't care.

    However, when there were tears hitting Ye Fan's face, Ye Fan finally woke up.

    When he opened his eyes, he saw a smaller figure, shrinking on the bed, crying and helplessly looking at himself.

    "I go, Jing Jing, why are you here?"

    After turning on the light and seeing the pear-shaped Lu Wenjing in front of him, Ye Fan was suddenly shocked and then asked.

    Under the dim light, Jing Jing was seen wearing a cartoon pattern pajamas, curled up by the window, unable to stop wiping her tears and sobbing quietly.

    She had been crying here for half an hour, but she was afraid of disturbing Ye Fan's rest, so she hadn't woken him up.

    Now that she saw Ye Fan wake up, the little girl could no longer restrain her emotions and directly threw herself into Ye Fan's arms, bawling her eyes out.

    Tears poured down, wetting Ye Fan's lapels.

    "Jing Jing, what's wrong?"

    "What happened?"

    "What's the matter with you, if you were just fine?"

    Ye Fan was also at a loss, completely confused by the situation.

    "Little...Little Brother Fan, Dad wants to divorce Mom."

    "Can you help me, I don't want them to divorce."

    "I don't know who I can ask, I can only ask you~"


    The little girl was sobbing and crying sadly there, but it was exceptionally pitiful.

    Ye Fan was surprised after hearing that.


    "How do you get a divorce for this good cause?"

    "I...I don't know, I just eavesdropped on the phone between mom and dad."Lu Wenjing sobbed and said.

    Ye Fan was helpless: "Jing Jing, this kind of family matter, I'm an outsider, I'm not good enough to interfere."

    Only now, did Ye Fan Fang understand why Qiuhuan looked so bad after answering the phone just now.

    Presumably, it was because of this matter.

    But marriage was something like this, Ye Fan really wasn't fit to interfere.

    As the saying goes, it's hard for a clear official to break up a family matter, let alone Ye Fan?

    However, seeing how sad Lu Wenjing was crying, Ye Fan couldn't bear to refuse, so he could only say, try your best.

    The next day, Ye Fan found Qiuhuan and inquired about the situation.

    Qiuhuan's eyebrows and eyes were red, and it was obvious that she had also cried all night last night.

    "Little Fan, leave it alone."

    "It's your aunt that I was blind to find such a jerk of a man."

    "No wonder, he didn't come home for several days, so he already has a woman outside."

    "Forget it, let's just divorce."

    "After that, I'll take Jing Jing and live on my own."

    "Worst case, just go back to Jingzhou and join your mother's family."

    "It's not like the Qiu family can't afford to support me."

    Qiuhuan said poutingly.

    But as she said it, tears couldn't help but fall.

    "This, the current Qiu family is afraid that it's hard to protect itself, and it's not really able to afford to raise you."The corner of Ye Fan's mouth twitched and he whispered.

    Today's Qiushui Logistics was almost dying from Ye Fan's play.

    The last time he got news about Qiushui Logistics, it was Shen Fei who told him.

    It said that Qiu Mu Qi is now begging his grandparents to borrow money from everywhere, and in order to repay the bank loan, Qiushui Logistics' assets have been sold seventy-eight percent, and the entire company is already on the verge of bankruptcy.

    However, by the looks of it, the situation of Qiushui Logistics, Qiuhuan didn't know.

    "Well, Fanny, what did you say?"

    "It's nothing, Auntie.If the other guy is cheating, then there's nothing I can advise.Is there anything I can do to help?"Ye Fan asked.

    Qiuhuan thought about it, then said, hoping that Ye Fan would help her find a lawyer for her.

    "I'm going to net that bastard!"Qiuhuan had red eyes and was furious.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Okay, I'll try."

    Then, Ye Fan made a phone call to Lei Laosan and asked him to introduce a more powerful lawyer to carefully investigate Lu Mingze's personal assets.

    However, it didn't matter about this investigation, the result obtained, even Ye Fan, was shocked.

    It turned out that half a month ago, Lu Mingze's company had been closed down because of illegal operation.

    As the general manager and legal representative of the company, Lu Mingze was naturally also implicated and had been taken away by the police for investigation.


    "I didn't expect that this Lu Mingze, is still a compassionate and righteous man."

    Ye Fan, who had learned this information, smiled at once.

    By now, everything was undoubtedly clear.

    That Lu Mingze, was obviously afraid of dragging Qiuhuan's mother and daughter down, and only then did he propose divorce.

    The so-called cheating was just an excuse.


    After Qiuhuan learned of this, she was undoubtedly startled.

    In her heart, she felt guilty and blamed herself.

    Tears couldn't stop flowing.

    "This bastard, such a big thing happened, and he didn't even tell me, he kept it all from me."

    "And he used such childish tactics to trick me."


    "And I'm to blame."

    "It's because I didn't care enough about him to notice it at all."

    "It's just that, Fanny, what now, what to do?"

    Since her marriage, Qihuan had always been a housewife, so naturally she had never experienced anything like this.

    Thus, instantly losing her mind and panicking.

    "Little Fan, you know the big man, please, help your little aunt."

    "No matter what the cost, as long as I can save Ming Ze, I'm willing~"

    "Little Fan, Little Aunt is kneeling to you, save your little aunt-in-law."

    Qiuhuan tearfully begged, and was really about to go kneel down to Ye Fan between words.

    Ye Fan hurriedly blocked it, "Little aunt, you're out of line."

    "Mu Orange is my wife, and you are the one who loves Mu Orange the most."

    "Even if it's for Mu Orange's sake, I won't sit idly by."

    "Don't worry, I've already understood this matter clearly."

    "The fault doesn't lie with the youngest aunt, he's merely a backstabber."


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