Dish Best Served Cold 676-680


Chapter 676


    "Kaito can be really productive, can't he?"

    "Hong Hong will be blessed in the future, however."

    After hearing Zeng Haitao's words, even Qiuhuan was shocked.

    Although, for this fiancé of Lu Hong's, Qiuhuan also had some knowledge about him.

    Knowing that Zeng Haitao's family was well off, and he himself was quite young and promising.

    However, Qiuhuan still didn't expect that this Zeng Haitao's family was so strong.

    This Red Star Hotel, it wasn't like Qiuhuan had never been here before.

    Even Lu Wenjing's father, Lu Mingze, would never have the face to make the other party arrange a private room with a single word.

    But this Zeng Haitao, he was so casual.


    "Auntie, of course it's true."

    "Haitao's father is the CEO of a state-owned enterprise, and now that Haitao is young, he's also risen to the top of his department within the company."

    "This bit of face, Haitao still has it too."

    "In the future, ah, if you and second uncle want to come here for dinner, feel free to tell me."

    "No matter what time it is, with a word from Haitao, definitely let this hotel manager arrange a good private room for you."

    Lu Hong already couldn't help but brag about it.

    His husband was powerful, so she naturally had face.

    "Yes, aunt."

    "We'll be a family from now on, you and I don't have to be polite."

    "Just tell me what to do, auntie."

    Zeng Haitao also said with a smile.

    Qiuhuan couldn't stop nodding, "Good, good."

    "Ah Haitao, it's also Hong Hong's good fortune to marry you."

    Qiuhuan exclaimed in between, but then turned her head to look at Ye Fan at the side.

    Whirling a sigh and shaking his head.

    Sometimes, this gap was just a comparison.

    Like her own niece, Qiu Mu Orange, who had to have a model, a figure, and a stunning complexion, those various conditions were undoubtedly more than enough compared to Lu Hong.

    But as a result, the person she married was nowhere near as good as others, Zeng Haitao.


    "O Fanny, it's not being a nosy aunt."

    "Role models are around."

    "In the future, you still need to learn more from Kaito."

    "Take Haitao as an example."

    "I don't ask you to be so brilliant like Kaito.I just want you, to be half as successful as he is."

    "In that case, Mu Orange won't suffer so much if he follows you."

    Qiuhuan spoke bitterly and slowly to Ye Fan.

    She didn't mean to look down on Ye Fan, she was only saying this in the hope that it would stir up Ye Fan's ambition to improve.

    Work hard to live like a human being.

    Last night, she said that she was looking for a job for Ye Fan and was rejected by Ye Fan, which undoubtedly made Qiuhuan disappointed in Ye Fan.

    She only hoped that her words today would make Ye Fan come to his senses.

    Stop being unmotivated and relying on women to support him.

    "Mom, my little brother Fan is very powerful."

    "I'm afraid that together, we're not half as good as Brother Fan."

    "I've seen that many big people are afraid of Brother Fan."

    The little girl on the side, Lu Wenjing, however, couldn't listen anymore and then helped Ye Fan with her words.

    But, who would take a child's words seriously?

    Lu Hong even puffed out a laugh and just laughed.

    "Jing Jing, you're still young, do you know what it means to be a big man?"

    "A truly great person is like your brother Haitao, a single word can make a high-class hotel arrange a private room, and the managers are all respectful."

    "Believe it or not, later on, this hotel manager will all have to come over and toast your brother Haitao."

    Lu Hong said proudly, proud as if she was a princess.

    As for Zeng Haitao, who was on the side, he was even more complacent.

    His waist was much straighter!

    However, as soon as this side of the conversation ended, the door was pushed open.

    Only the waiter came in with a bottle of red wine.


    "Quiet, Aunt, how's it going?"

    "Saying toast and coming to toast, right?"

    Lu Hong smiled proudly, it looked like she thought the other party was here to make a toast.

    But the waiter was the one who bowed slightly and apologized, "A few gentlemen and ladies, I'm sorry, but there's someone here at the hotel who's temporarily wrapping up the party."

    "The entire hotel needs to be cleared."

    "So, please, a few of you, come back another day."

    "This bottle of red wine is our hotel's apology!"

    The waiter said apologetically.

    But when Zeng Haitao and his wife heard it, they just stared at each other.


    A private venue?

    Some other time?


    Zeng Haitao was in a hurry.

    "How dare you drive us away?"

    "Your manager now?"

    "Get your manager over here!"

    "Let's say, Zeng Xiao Xian's son, Zeng Haitao is looking for him!"

    "This guy, against his will, even dared to drive me outside?"

    Zeng Haitao's side had just told the big lie in front of everyone, and his face had just been erected, then this side drove them out.

    What does this mean?

    Isn't this a slap in the face to Zeng Xiaotao?

    It's a wonder Zeng Xiaotao isn't angry!

    The waiter over there had already gone to ask for instructions, but over here Zeng Haitao and the others were still eating.

    Qiuhuan was a little worried: "Haitao, why don't we go first."

    "Auntie, it's fine.This Jing Jing's birthday banquet has just started, how can we leave midway?"

    "Don't worry, it's just a little thing, niece-in-law can cover it!"Tseng Hai Tao said confidently.

    At that moment, the waiter came again.

    "How, what does your manager say?"Zeng Haitao asked in a cold voice.

    "Our manager says," the waiter paused for a moment, while he said, "to tell you to get lost!"


    The waiter's words were like a slap on Zeng Haitao's face.

    An old face that turned red into a porcine liver then!

    A snap.

    Zeng Haitao slapped the case.

    "Good for you Xu Chenhui, what an anti-climax!"

    "And don't you dare tell me to roll?"

    "Auntie, wait for me here, I have to cure him today!"

    With his face almost swollen, Zeng Haitao naturally couldn't sit still any longer, spinning to get up and head outside.

    "Haitao, don't cause any trouble~"


    Qiuhuan, worried, still chased after them.

    Lu Hong and the others naturally followed them out.

    At this time, the hotel was already clear inside.

    Many guests had taken positions.

    "Where's Xu Chenhui?"

    "Tell him to get his ass out here and meet me!"

    In the hall, Zeng Haitao's angry voice came out.

    This sudden angry voice naturally drew the attention of the crowd.

    The hotel manager even frowned and walked towards Zeng Haitao.

    "Good you Xu Chenhui, you still have the face to come see me?"

    "I ask you, who gave you the nerve to drive even me out of here?"

    Seeing the man in front of him, Zeng Haitao said in an angry voice.

    However, before Xu Chenhui could reply, a cold voice echoed from behind him.

    "It was me who gave it to me."

    The words were low and carried a strong sense of authority.

    The crowd followed the sound and saw that outside the restaurant, a middle-aged man with a rich physique, holding a voluptuous and sexy pretty girl in his arms, walked in with a big thorn in his side.In his mouth, he was holding a cigar.

    Behind him, more than a dozen bodyguards followed, only as if the stars were holding the moon.

    That huge row of people was frightening to all the people present.

    "This...This is?"


"This...This is, like, Howie here?"

    After seeing this man in front of them, all of the surrounding guests were trembling.

    Among them, some even directly recognized the cigar man's identity.

    "Brother Howe?"

    "What Howe?"Someone was confused.

    "I'll go, you don't even know Howie?"

    "Just Sun Jianhao, huh?"

    "A bully nearby!"

    "No one dares to mess with him."

    "The means are sky-high, and it's said that the backstage is our Jingzhou's leading boss, Master Lei San."


    "Such a hard background!?"

    "No wonder, with one word, the Red Star Restaurant was directly cleared out."

    In the hotel, the crowd was whispering and discussing.

    At this time, in the hotel, the men had moved a chair for Sun Jianhao.

    Sun Jianhao sat there, with a cigar in one hand, the other hand this is gently fondling the slender jade legs of the feminine son-in-law in his arms.

    Unbelievable appearance, but people are awe-inspiring.

    He spat out a mouthful of smoke lingering in front of him, looked down at Zeng Haitao, contemptuously asked: "What, I let Xu clear the field, you have a lot of opinions?"

    "Nope...Nope."The corner of Zeng Haitao's mouth twitched, the arrogance from earlier was gone, and his tone had all softened a bit.

    With a face accompanying a smile, "Brother Howe, you are a respectable figure in Jingzhou."

    "It's only right to go out and clear out the house."

    "It's just that Howie, I'm celebrating a birthday for one of my sisters, so can you be accommodating and let us celebrate this birthday here."

    "After all, other things can be rescheduled, but this birthday celebration really can't be rescheduled ah."

    Sun Jianhao's name was something that Zeng Haitao had heard of.

    This was a ruthless fork that didn't follow the rules.

    Relying on his strong background, he was making a name for himself on this side of the Jingzhou City Development Zone.

    Also, extremely good at women.

    When I fell in love with a high school girl, the pursuit failed to come strong, and finally forced people to die.

    It was a big deal at the time.

    But in the end, Sun Jianhao didn't know who to ask for help, hard to put this matter down.

    Some money was paid and it was over.

    So, even if it was Zeng Haitao, naturally, he wouldn't dare to offend such a hard target.

    He could only beg in good humor.

    While talking on Zeng Haitao's side, Qiuhuan and the others had also rushed over.

    After learning that the person in front of them was Sun Jianhao, Qiuhuan's pretty face went white and said with some trepidation, "Hong Hong, I think let's forget it."

    "You call Hai Tao back, we'll just go."

    "We can't afford to mess with this man."

    Qiuhuan whispered.

    But Lu Hong didn't listen to the advice and still said proudly, "Auntie, it's fine."

    "This person is not easy to mess with, my fiancé's family is just as hard to mess with?"

    "Let's just watch."

    "This little matter, my fiancé can settle it."

    Lu Hong was a vain person, they had just spoken so full of words, how humiliating it would be if they just slipped away in shame.

    Lu Hong naturally wouldn't agree to retreat just like that.

    And after hearing Zeng Haitao's words, Sun Jianhao grinned, "Let me be accommodating?"

    "What do you have to give me an accommodation for?"

    Zeng Haitao hurriedly said, "Brother Howe, my father, Zeng Shaoping.At the Jingzhou Chamber of Commerce the year before last, my father even gave a toast to Brother Howe?"


    "A toast to me?"

    Sun Jianhao laughed then.

    The voluptuous woman in his bosom also covered her mouth with a soft smile and trembled with flowers.

    Those men behind Sun Jianhao also all laughed.


    "I say boy, there's a lot of people who've toasted me Howe."

    "There's thousands without ten thousand."

    "And with that, you want Howe to give you an accommodation?"

    "Go fuck yourself in your dreams!"

    "Why don't you get out of here?"

    "Delaying my Ho and sister-in-law's good deed, even if your father is here, we'll make sure he doesn't get away with it!"

    Behind Sun Jianhao, one of his men came up and sneered and cursed.

    The words, however, were rude.

    Lu Hong became anxious when he heard it.

    "How do you speak?"

    "Why are you cursing?"

    "Didn't your parents teach you how to talk?"

    "Besides, we've already taught you about money, so why should you kick us out?"

    Lu Hong's violent temper sprang up and spoke angrily at Sun Jianhao and the others.

    "Hong Hong, be careful what you say~"

    Zeng Haitao was terrified and pale, and was busy trying to dissuade him.

    However, it was still too late.

    Only to see that Sun Jianhao, who was originally scrubbing the palm of the woman's jade leg in his arms, came to a halt.

    He raised his head, and a pair of eyes fell towards Lu Hong just like this.

    After seeing Lu Hong's physiognomy, Sun Jianhao's cold face, smiled, "Little girl, not very old, but she has a fierce temper."

    "However, I do like a little pepper like you."

    "How about this, tonight you come and have a glass of wine with me, I'll not only let you eat here, but I'll also give you a free ticket."

    "Brother Howe, this won't work, Hong Hong is my fiancée, Hong Hong still has things to do tonight , can't accompany ah~" Zeng Haitao hurried over, blocking Lu Hong behind him.

    However, as soon as Zeng Haitao finished saying this, only a bang sounded and the underling kicked Zeng Haitao to the ground.

    "Insensitive thing."

    "It's your honor if Brother Howe buys your woman a drink."

    "And you fucking dare to refuse?"

    "What a face for you!"

    After this man finished scolding, he then walked towards Lu Hong.

    At this moment, Lu Hong finally started to panic.

    "You...What are you guys doing?"

    "I'm warning you, don't come over."

    "Otherwise, I'll call the police~"

    Lu Hong shouted in fear.

    Sun Jianhao, however, laughed unrestrainedly, "Call the police?"

    "Funny, the last one that dared to threaten me like that, the grave is three feet high."

    "Looks like you want to be the second."

    Sun Jianhao smiled coldly, and just like that, he allowed his men to forcibly take Lu Hong away.

    "Aunt, save me~"


    Lu Hong had cried out in fear, shouting miserably.


    "How dare you?"

    Qiuhuan held back her fear and eventually walked up, saying sternly.

    "Here comes another one that doesn't know how to live."

    "This one isn't bad looking either."

    "Mature charm, and temperament."

    "Let's take it all together as well."


    Up ahead, the piercing laughter of Sun Jianhao's men could be heard.

    A dozen or so big men had all surrounded, forcibly grabbing Qiuhuan and Lu Hong and heading upstairs.

    The surrounding people watched, although their hearts were a little intolerant, but none of them dared to say anything.

    After all, they couldn't afford to provoke Sun Jianhao.

    Therefore, the crowd just shook their heads and sighed, looking at Qiuhuan and the others with compassion in their eyes.

    "Mother, sister~"

    "Bad guys, you guys let go of my mother."

    Lu Wenjing was already crying, she cried out in tears and even ran up to bite those people's arms.

    Ever since she was little, Lu Wenjing had listened to her mother's stories, and she thought that this world was as beautiful as a fairy tale.

    But it wasn't until now that the little girl knew that there was darkness in this world!



    "That hurts!"

    "Fuck, where's the dead ninny, fuck off!"

    Lu Wenjing, a little girl, was unable to stop them, and was eventually pushed to the ground.

    "Jing Jing, go, you have to go~"

    "Go find your dad~"

    Qiuhuan shouted miserably.

    Lu Hong was even more frightened and cried.

    Lu Wenjing was wailing on the ground.

    Zeng Haitao clutched his palms, crawling up from the ground gritting his teeth to fight with them, but the result was once again kicked out, lying on the ground bleeding, but did not stand up again.

    And that Sun Jianhao is still sitting peacefully, while playing with the seductive body in his arms, while enjoying the "touching" scene in front of him.

    There is nothing, any pity.There was even a touch of a sick smile.

    However, just when everyone thought that this family was in danger, who would have thought that the little girl, who had fallen to the ground crying, would suddenly turn around and run towards a thin man.

    "Brother Fanny, please, save my sister, save my mother."

    "Brother Fanny, please, save my mother and the others~"

    Lu Wenjing was teary-eyed, grasping the corner of Ye Fan's coat, unable to stop asking.

    The people on the other side of the room looked, confused.

    I thought this little girl is not scared silly, sick and desperate ah how?

    No matter what kind of background Zeng Haitao had, he couldn't even calm down the scene.

    This plainly dressed young man in front of him, could it be that he could still settle it?

    The crowd shook their heads for a while, clearly not believing that Ye Fan was very capable.

    Qiuhuan and Lu Hong and the others looked on, also anxious.

    Secretly, Jing Jing is really confused, what's the use of begging Ye Fan at this moment?

    He is the son-in-law of the family, can he still be powerful enough to save them from Sun Jianhao?

    At a time like this, she should have run home to her father for help.

    However, while everyone was questioning, Ye Fan, who had been silent, bent down and reached out to gently wipe away the tears at the corners of Lu Wenjing's eyes, but shook his head and sighed.

    "Hey, it's just that."

    "For Jing Jing's sake, I'll save you guys once."

    Ye Fan said softly.

    Actually, he wasn't prepared to make a move in the first place.

    She was plucky to meet Lu Hong, and with Lu Hong deliberately targeting her before, Ye Fan certainly didn't have any good feelings for Lu Hong, and certainly didn't intend to make a move to save her.

    But now, Qiu Mu Orange's youngest sister-in-law Qiuhuan was also implicated.

    Whether it was for the sake of Lu Wenjing's face, or for the sake of his own wife Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan would not sit idly by any longer.

    After pacifying Lu Wenjing, Ye Fan walked out and looked at the middle-aged man sitting on the taiji chair, "Brother Howe is it, give me some face."

    "These are all my relatives, let them go this time."

    Ye Fan's faint words rang out.

    For a while, the entire restaurant was a little quiet.

    Zeng Haitao peed then.


    "Are you crazy?"

    "You're a son-in-law, you don't go out and call for help, and you're being a bastard here!"

    "Give you back your face, you're a hick, incompetent superfluous son-in-law, you have no face at all."Zeng Haitao was lying on the ground, looking at the chaotic Ye Fan, his heart was furiously cursing.

    In their hearts, Qiuhuan and Lu Hong were also grumbling for a while.

    "Jing Jing is small and ignorant, she is just confused, but you, an adult family member, are also so confused?"

    Sure enough, after Ye Fan's words fell, Sun Jianhao's gaze forgot about it.

    The palm of his hand was still sanding the jade leg of the woman in his arms, but the bantering gaze was looking at Ye Fan and lightly smiled, "Giving you face?"

    "Interesting, and who are you to dare me to give you face."

    "There aren't many people in the entire Jingzhou who can afford to take my face."

    Ye Fan calmly returned, "You don't need to know who I am.You just need to be clear that I'm someone you can't afford to mess with."


    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "Are you fucking trying to get us killed?!"

    Ye Fan's words were only like a boulder entering the sea, setting off monstrous waves.

    Zeng Haitao was close to going crazy, trembling with fear.

    "This fool!"

    "It would have been fine."

    "Now it's okay, I'm afraid he's going to kill me!"

    Zeng Haitao was terrified to the core, he didn't expect this door-to-door son-in-law to be so crazy.

    If you're capable, it's just as well to be crazy.

    The key is a son-in-law who is a wimp and is still mad?

    Isn't this a death wish?

    Zeng Haitao wailed.

    Qiuhuan and Lu Hong were also near despair in their hearts.

    Qiuhuan even closed her eyes.

    If I had known that, I shouldn't have let Ye Fan come along today.

    "Stinker, I see that you want to die!"While Qiuhuan and the others were desperate, Sun Jianhao's men were furious and were about to go forward to kill Ye Fan.

    However, Sun Jianhao reached out his hand and stopped them.

    He looked at Ye Fan and continued, "Kid, do you know, who are you talking to now?"

    "With a word from me, I can take your life."

    "Not only you, but even them, won't survive."

    "Yeah?Aren't you afraid of the law when you do this?Don't you ever think about the consequences?"Ye Fan continued to speak.

    Sun Jianhao burst out laughing, "Law?Consequences?"


    "You talk to me about rules and laws?"

    "Young man, you are still too naive."

    "I admit that in this world, rules do exist."

    "However, rules exist to shackle you, the humble and weak."

    "For those who truly hold power, the rules and laws exist to be broken."

    "Just like me, I have forced many people to die, but what was the result?"

    "I'm still sitting here safely."

    "Do you know why?"

    "It's because I'm Sun Jianhao, the brother-in-law of the Lei family's owner, Master Lei San."

    "Does the Third Master of Lei know?"

    "Kingston's day!"

    "My brother-in-law!"

    Sun Jianhao laughed coldly, and his words were arrogant and wanton.

    Ye Fan, however, frowned after hearing it, "You said that you are Lei Laosan's man?"


    "Kid, now you know you're scared."

    "And fucking kneel down for me!"Seeing Ye Fan's appearance, Sun Jianhao thought that Ye Fan was afraid, when he laughed angrily.

    But Ye Fan shook his head, "No wonder he's so arrogant."

    "So your backstage, is Lei Laosan."

    "It's just a pity that the person you're relying on is not worth mentioning in my eyes."

    "Not to mention that you're a person who has risen to power through nepotism, even if Lei laosan were here today, he would definitely not dare to make me kneel."

    Ye Fan's words were calm, but when they fell on the ears of the crowd, they were like thunderbolts.

    Qiuhuan and the others were terrified then.

    They only felt that this Ye Fan was crazy.

    Not even in the eyes of Lei San?

    Zeng Haitao was also nearly frightened out of his wits, whispering wildly at Ye Fan's idiocy.

    The rest of them were also in a terrified silence.

    "The erector is arrogant!"


    "How dare you insult the Third Master?"

    "Looking for death!"


    "Fuck him to death~"

    Sun Jianhao was also thoroughly enraged, and after giving an order, the dozen or so big men behind him immediately went on the attack.


Seeing more than a dozen men rushing up, Ye Fan, at this time, couldn't help but shake his head inwardly.

    "Sun Jianhao, I originally thought that if you stop in time, it wouldn't be impossible for me to keep you alive?"

    "But unfortunately, you're the one who doesn't know how to cherish it."

    "Since that's the case, there's nothing more to say."

    Ye Fan said coldly, and in his heart, he had already given this Sun Jianhao a death sentence.

    In the next moment, Ye Fan, who had been remaining calm and still, finally made his move.


    In the hall, the crowd could only see Ye Fan's feet on the ground, taking several steps in a row, while raising his legs to kick seven times in a row.

    Then, amidst a miserable scream, the dozen or so burly men flew straight out like exploding fireworks.

    After knocking over countless tables and chairs, they rolled out along the doors and windows.

    In just a few short moments, everyone, all down!

    For a moment, the entire arena was dead silent.

    Ye Fan's fierce tactics shook everyone.

    Even Sun Jianhao, who was sitting on the Imperial Master's chair, could no longer remain calm at this time, and with a glare from his tiger eyes, he stood up with a scuffle.

    Caught off guard, the flirtatious lady in his arms, with a terrified cry, was directly overturned to the ground, moaning in pain.

    "Good boy, a few tricks."

    "No wonder, daring to scream at me?"

    Ignoring the woman who fell on the ground, Sun Jianhao's face was gloomy and heavy, his tiger eyes like swords, staring coldly at Ye Fan.

    "If it were an ordinary person, he might have been frightened by your methods."

    "But unfortunately, it's me you've met, Sun Jianhao!"

    "To make me bow down, that alone is not enough~"

    Sun Jianhao gave a low roar, while heading outside, waving his hand.

    Immediately after that, only a loud sound was heard.

    Outside the restaurant, an overwhelming group of people, like a tidal wave, directly poured in.

    Dozens of men, fierce and vicious, rushed in, but directly surrounded Ye Fan's watertight.

    Today, it was supposed to be the day that Sun Jianhao gave his adopted lover his 20th birthday.

    So, in order to show his power, Sun Jianhao brought many people over.

    If it was an ordinary time, it would have taken Sun Jianhao a lot of time to gather so many people.

    But today, Ye Fan obviously hit the gun right on the nose.

    That was why, Sun Jianhao was so unscrupulous from start to finish.

    Apart from, this relationship between himself and Lei Laosan.

    Naturally, it was these brothers behind him.

    "I'm afraid this is really the end~"

    Seeing so many people, the hope that Lu Hong and the others had just sparked in their hearts was instantly dashed.

    In their hearts, wow cool wow cool.

    Obviously, they had despaired.

    Lu Hong had even seen the scene where she had been ravaged by Sun Jianhao at night.

    She had been engaged to Zeng Haitao for a long time, but was late in consummating her marriage.

    The reason was to save her first night for the wedding day.

    But I didn't expect that now it was going to be ravaged by a bully like Sun Jianhao~.

    Lu Hong's heart was sad, and there were tears in her eyebrows.

    As for Qiuhuan, she also looked desperate.

    She was just thirty this year, already a wife, the age of grace and elegance.

    She didn't dare to imagine how she would face her quiet father in the future if she was not chaste.

    "Little Brother Fan~"

    Even Lu Wenjing, who had seen Ye Fan's majesty, began to get worried in her heart, her pretty face pale.

    "Brother Howe, my subordinate is late, are you alright."

    After these people poured in, they asked Sun Jianhao with worry.

    Sun Jianhao waved his hand, "Don't worry about me, I'm fine."

    "It's this jerk instead, he's in trouble."

    "Later, beat me to death!"

    "How dare a nameless kid get mad at me?How dare you hit my men?What's more, you don't know how to die to insult my brother-in-law?"

    "Today, I have to let him know, how many eyes does the Horse King have?!"

    "Fuck me~"

    In anger, Sun Jianhao was about to order his men to round up Ye Fan.

    But what Sun Jianhao didn't expect was that it was already this time, but Ye Fan was still there to answer the phone.

    Seeing the scene in front of him, Sun Jianhao was so angry that he almost vomited three liters of blood!

    "Bastard, you don't fucking know what you're doing, do you?"

    "How dare you call when you're dead and dying!"

    "Calling who?"

    "Your dad?"

    "Fine, leave your last words and we'll send you on your way later!"

    Sun Jianhao was cursing angrily there, but Ye Fan looked a bit odd.

    "Mr. Chu, what's wrong with your place?"

    "Why don't you talk?"

    "What happened?"

    On the other end of the phone, Lei was leaning on the sofa soaking his feet, and next to him his wife was still waiting on him, rubbing the mud on Lei's feet.

    Suddenly hearing a murmur of voices on Ye Fan's end, Lei laosan was puzzled.

    His purpose for making this call was to invite Ye Fan to dinner together when he arrived home in the evening.So that he could pick up Mr. Chu and at the same time get in touch and get closer to him.

    However, Lei Laosan probably couldn't imagine what was going on on Ye Fan's side at this time, no matter what.

    "Lei laosan is it?"

    "I was just about to look for you."

    "You, Master Lei San, are really great, I was surrounded by your people on my first day in Jingzhou."

    "Impossible, Mr. Chu, you must have misunderstood.I, Lei laosan, am loyal to you, the heavens and the earth can tell, how would I dare to bring people against you, am I not seeking death?"

    Lei laosan said in fear, while turning his head to look around, only after seeing Lei Aoting, who was playing a game on the sofa, did Lei laosan's heart drop completely.

    He was afraid that he was the son of the bastard who had provoked Mr. Chu again.

    But now, Lei Ao Ting was at home and didn't leave the house, so Lei Laosan was certain that it must be Ye Fan who had mistaken the wrong person.


    Evan smiled back.


    "Why, then, a man from Sun Jianhao over here, claiming to be your brother-in-law."

    "Right now is asking me to leave my last words, ready to send me on my way later."


    "Sun...Sun Jianhao?"

    "To...To send you on your way?"

    What the fuck?

    On the other side of the phone, Lei Laosan peed right then and there.

    There was a rumble in his brain, and his entire body was muddled there.

    He scuffled and jumped up, and the footwash basin was overturned by Lei Laosan.

    "Lao San, what's wrong with you?"

    "What's going on, all this panic?"

    Lei's wife was also shocked at the time, and after Lei hung up the phone, she asked curiously.

    "Sub-O, you have the fucking nerve to ask me?"

    Lei Laosan slapped her right in the face.

    "You frakking bitch!"

    "I'm going to get screwed by you this time~"

    "I fucking told you a long time ago, that brother of yours can't be helped."

    "You didn't listen, you insisted that I bail out your asshole brother."

    "How about now?"

    "Poke the sky out of the sky!"

    "Wait for him to die."

    "This time, it's useless for anyone to beg~"


    "Why did I go blind in the first place and marry your Fu Di Devil wife?"

    Lei laosan cursed angrily and wailed.

    And then kicked over the foot wash basin, while calling the driver to immediately send a car, while barefoot and ran out.

    This Lei laosan is obviously also anxious, even forgot to wear shoes.

    When Lei Ao Ting noticed, he hurriedly chased up to send shoes.

    "Dad, no matter how anxious you are, you have to wear shoes~"



    A roar of engine, but a black Mercedes Benz has been driving out.

    The wheels sped up and was heading towards the Red Star Hotel, which Ye Fan said.

    Red Star Restaurant.

    Ye Fan had just hung up the phone.

    But Ye Fan's conversation just now, everyone undoubtedly heard it in their eyes.

    Sun Jianhao was naturally no exception.

    "Bastard, who were you just calling?"Sun Jianhao frowned and asked.

    Ye Fan coldly returned, "What do you think?"

    "Naturally, it's your brother-in-law, Lei Laosan."


    "Bastard, are you kidding me?"Sun Jianhao was full of gloom and cursed angrily.

    Ye Fan laughed lightly, "What, don't believe me?"

    "He said he'd be here in ten minutes."

    "If you don't believe me, just wait here for ten minutes and see if your brother-in-law will arrive or not."

    "How about it, dare you wait?"

    "I'll wait for Nima ah wait!Son of a bitch, you're addicted to pretending, aren't you? How dare you say anything?What kind of person is Master Lei San to call you, a nameless junior?"Sun Jianhao hadn't answered yet, but his men had already cursed over.

    And then rushed up to fight with Ye Fan.

    "Brother Howe, just play with him~"

    "Don't you love, most of all, the sight of your prey's desperate struggle?"

    At this time, the feminine woman in Sun Jianhao's bosom, suddenly pampered.

    In between the words, but also in the arms of Sun Jianhao twisted a plump petite body, but amorous.

    Sun Jianhao cleared the stage today in order to give her a birthday banquet.

    "Good, just listen to you."Sun Jianhao nodded his head, and then with eyes full of spoiling, he squeezed a hand on the plump buttocks of the woman in front of him.

    Then, he looked towards Ye Fan, condescending and teasing back, "As you wish!"

    "In ten minutes, if my brother-in-law doesn't come, it will be your death."

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, just looked at the man indulging in pleasure in front of him and slowly shook his head.

    Until now, Sun Jianhao still hadn't noticed in the slightest that a doom was sweeping towards him.

    On the streets of Jingzhou, the luxury car was speeding.

    On the car, Lei Lao San was terrified!

    The old face was livid, as if it was porcine liver.

    Originally, Mr. Chu descended on Jingzhou, what a good opportunity to pull together relations.

    Even before that, he was afraid that his son would provoke Ye Fan again without eyesight, Lei Lao San specifically instructed Lei Ao Ting to stay at home and wait for the evening to give Mr. Chu a toast.

    However, Lei AoTing had never thought that his brother-in-law would provoke Mr. Chu again.

    In the phone call just now, from Mr. Chu's tone of voice, Lei Laosan already heard dissatisfaction and annoyance.

    Lei laosan knew very well that if he didn't handle this matter well, the future of their Lei family would probably come to an end.

    Thinking of this, Lei Laosan clenched his palms and kicked that Sun Jianhao to death.

    "Sun Jianhao is a fool."

    "The last time he played with a woman, he made a fuss."

    "How much effort did I waste to bail him out."

    "I didn't expect that he wouldn't know how to restrain himself."

    "Now you even dare to mess with Mr. Chu?"

    "He's trying to get my Lei family killed as well!"

    In the car, Lei laosan gritted his teeth in anger.

    For the character of this brother-in-law of his, Lei laosan naturally knew.

    Their family had seven daughters, only this one only son.

    Therefore, since childhood, this Sun Jianhao had been pampered and spoiled.

    His parents spoiled him, his sister spoiled him.

    Growing up with such morbid indulgence from a young age, what kind of good qualities could be raised?

    Originally, for people like Sun Jianhao, Lei laosan didn't want to pay any attention to them.

    But Na Na, couldn't bend his own wife.

    Lei Ao Ting's mother, with this one brother, naturally wanted to give him the best.

    Therefore, Lei Laosan had no choice, so he promoted his brother-in-law and gave him a lot of power and wealth.

    But it was precisely this that also fueled Sun Jianhao's arrogance.

    Over the years, Sun Jianhao had caused countless disasters.

    After the last incident, Lei Lao-san was furious, so he was not ready to protect his brother-in-law anymore.

    But in the end, his wife cried and screamed, and in the end, Lei Lao San softened and used countless connections to completely suppress the matter.

    He had thought that after this incident, Sun Jianhao would learn his lesson.

    But now, it seemed that he was the one who thought too much.

    "It's easy to change rivers and mountains, but it's hard to change one's nature."

    "I was the one who took it for granted."

    "Come to think of it, a dog, how can it change to eat shit?"

    "In that case, there's no way to blame me."

    The vehicle was still driving on the street, but Lei Laosan's appearance had completely chilled down.

    Lei Ao Ting, who was on the side, was frightened at the sight.

    He rarely saw his own father look like this in his normal days.

    Obviously, this time, his own father, was completely angry.

    "It's just that father, he is my uncle after all, and mother's own brother."

    "Are you seriously going to give up on your uncle?"

    "I'm afraid that mother's side is not easy to explain."Lei Ao Ting said in a low voice, his eyebrows full of worry.

    He knew how much his mother loved this younger brother.

    Last time, in order to save this brother, she almost forced her father to die.

    Now, Lei Ao Ting was also really afraid that things would get out of hand again.

    "Account?"Lei laosan listened with a cold laugh and became furious.

    "If I give her an explanation, then how am I going to give an explanation to my Lei clan, to my Lei family's ancestors?"

    "Today, having offended Mr. Chu, this Sun Jianhao, I will never forgive!"

    "I gave him the chance, but he doesn't know how to cherish it."

    "This kind of person, if we don't get rid of him today, my Lei family will be destroyed by his hand in the future."

    "Son, our surname is Lei, and your father I am the head of the Lei family, not the head of her Sun family."

    "We have no obligation to take the future and life and death of the Lei family to protect this Sun family beast!"

    Hearing his own father's words, Lei Ao Ting's face became even paler.

    "Dad, are you really not going to save uncle?"

    "I'm afraid mom, I'll never forgive you for this."

    "That frakking bitch, let her be!"Lei laosan directly yelled at her, "It's fine if she seeks death, it's fine if she divorces me."

    "This kind of Fu Di Devil woman, it's fine to get away from her?!"

    Lei laosan was truly furious.

    If it wasn't for his wife, the Helping Brother Demon, how could such a thing happen now?

    "Son, father's experience of blood and tears."

    "Never marry a woman, never marry the Fudi Demon."

    "She will kill our whole family."

    Lei Lao San said coldly, but Lei Ao Ting bowed his head.

    On both sides, they were both their own blood relatives.Lei Ao Ting didn't know what he should say.

    But at this time, Lei laosan had already picked up the phone and called the police station over there.

    "Hello, is it Chief Wu Zhiming?"

    "I'm Lei Laosan."

    "Make arrangements, Red Star Hotel, and bring someone over."


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