Dish Best Served Cold 671-675


Chapter 671

"How about alerting the top brass in Warsaw?"

    "So what if we disturb that Ye Prime?"

    "If he dares to block me, my seven-foot green peak will be just as good to him?"

    "Eighteen years ago, I lost at the hands of Ye Qingtian!"

    "Just this time, I'll get back the old and the new hatred together!"

    In the face of the crowd's persuasion, Moonwatching River was lingering with anger and said sternly.

    "Senior brother, now is not the time to be impetuous."

    "You have yet to achieve your sword skills, and now that you're going back to China, even if you do meet up with the Chinese War God Ye Qingtian, how much chance do you have of winning?"

    "Moreover, it's not worth it to cause a martial state war between the two countries just for a country boy."

    Moonwatching Moon River's two junior brothers, advised bitterly.

    Moonwatching Moon River clenched his palms and his eyebrows reddened, "Is it possible that I, Moonwatching Moon River, will just watch my righteous son being killed and remain indifferent?"

    "Senior Brother, we are not asking you to sit back and do nothing.Rather, there's no need for you to personally take action."

    "A mere country boy, why would you use a sledgehammer to kill a pig?"

    "My Sword God Palace has strong men like clouds under its banner, so send the next strong man east to China to exterminate that curse."

    "If you personally show up, that would have too much impact."

    "What's more, now is the crucial period of your sword training, several years of painstaking cultivation, and now it's not worth it to interrupt your sword training for the sake of a nameless youngster in Warsaw."

    The rest of them persuaded again.

    Only then did Sword God Looking Moon River calm down, "Well, for now, that's all that can be done."

    "Just, who do you guys think, who should be sent over?"

    However, as soon as Moonwatching River's words fell, outside the room, a middle-aged man, however, stepped out, "Father, son Hua Yingtian, please fight!"


    "Ying Tian, you're going?"

    "There's no need for that."

    "A mere nameless junior, where is it worthwhile for Ying Tian to go there yourself?"

    "You are the first apprentice of my Sword God Palace, but for you to deal with a country boy is a big deal."

    The other two Palace Masters shook their heads repeatedly.

    But Sword God Moonwatching River nodded his head and agreed, "Since you want to go, then go?"

    "When you return, remember to bring that Ye Fan's head back with you.To pay tribute to your brother Ying Long's dead soul!"

    "My son, take orders!"

    Hua Yingtian immediately cupped his fist and drank, while he got up and left, ready to go east to Huaxia!

    That night.

    Huaxia, the top of Yan Mountain.

    A majestic palace, towering high.

    In front of the palace, a huge door plaque was written in dragon and phoenix dance characters: "Martial God Palace".

    Yes, this was the seat of the supreme ruling body of the Huaxia Martial World.

    The Martial God Hall, ruling over the Huaxia Martial Dao.

    Internally, ruling the power of the Huaxia martial power.

    Externally, representing the entire Huaxia Martial Dao Realm.

    It could be, the official authority of the Huaxia Martial Dao Realm.

    The number one strongest warrior in Huaxia, War God Ye Qingtian, was one of the Martial God Hall's Hall Masters, the head of the six pillar gods of Huaxia.

    At this time, within the Martial God Hall, a piece of news, however, came in.

    "At the border of Huaxia, the traces of Huaying Tian, the disciple of the Sword God of the Sun Country, Moonwatching River, were found."

    "This person has never entered our country's borders!"

    "Suddenly entering the country without application today, I'm afraid there is some attempt."

    Within the palace, the commissioner in charge of intelligence walked in and then reported.

    In front, on the high seat, there was a man sitting peacefully.

    After hearing the report, the man faintly returned, "A disciple of Moonwatching River?"

    "There's no need to be alarmed yet, just wait and see what happens."

    "Just a small character, no need for our Martial God Temple Headquarters to take action."

    "How about this, you watch the arrangements yourself, and send someone to keep an eye on him first to see where he's coming from."

    "Okay, I'll arrange for someone to do it."The subordinate immediately agreed.



    While the Chinese martial world was already in a dark place, Ye Fan was on the train to Jingzhou, drinking instant noodles and talking on the phone with Han Lao.

    "Little Lord, Chu Qitian has recently made a sudden trip to the Sun Country."

    "I suspect that the purpose of his trip is related to you."

    "As far as I know, the person who was beheaded by you on Yanqi Lake earlier was one of the righteous sons of the Sword God of the Sun Country, Moonwatching River."

    "There are some things that we have to guard against.Little Lord, you'd better be careful."

    From the phone, came Han Lao's worried voice.

    Ye Fan, however, was not concerned in the slightest.

    If it was anyone else, hearing the name of the Sword God, they would definitely be extra solemn.

    But Ye Fan smiled contemptuously, "There's nothing to be careful about."

    "What? Does that Moonwatching River still dare to personally come and kill me in this Jiangdong?"

    "If that's the case, those people from the Huaxia Martial Shrine are not vegetarians."

    "But, Little Lord~" Han Lao was still worried and wanted to say something else.

    Ye Fan then interrupted her, "Alright, there's no need to be overly nervous."

    "I have the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve in my hand, and under the universal sky, there are very few people who can do anything about it!"

    "What's more, Huaxia Shenzhou has the protection of the Martial God Temple.Even that Moonwatching River wouldn't dare to make a fuss and make trouble with me."

    "On my side, I'll handle it."

    "As for you, just mind the matter in your hands."

    "Keep a close watch on the Chu family's movements."

    "Also, the person I asked you to scout for to protect Mu Orange must be put in place before we leave."

    "Do you hear me?"

    Ye Fan said slowly, giving various instructions to Han.

    And then, Ye Fan hung up the phone and ate the instant noodles wholeheartedly.

    It was about six hours by train from Yunzhou to Jingzhou.

    It was now noon, and it was only halfway through the journey.

    "Little brother, are you going home for the New Year?"

    On the train, a big brother of a migrant worker next door was chatting, however.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Yes, Uncle."

    "Haven't been home for a few years, time to go back and see my mom."

    Ye Fan smiled back.

    The big brother of the migrant worker next door heard and sighed, "Hey~"

    "Life's not easy."


    Back then, after Ye Fan left the Chu family with his mother, he went to live in the township below Jing City.

    It was the place where Ye Fan's mother had grown up, and Ye Fan's grandmothers were still alive.

    Ye Fan's mother and son were desperate, so they had no other choice but to join their grandparents.

    In the Jingzhou countryside, Ye Fan spent many years with his mother.

    Later, when Ye Fan learned that someone from the Chu family wanted to harm him, he left of his own accord, and by coincidence, ended up marrying into the Qiu family.

    It was three years since he left.

    Back then, Ye Fan had no choice but to make such a choice.

    The Chu family was powerful, and as the son of the head of the Chu family, he was bound to face a lot of troubles, so staying with his mother would only put her in danger.

    Therefore, Ye Fan, who was only in his early twenties back then, resolutely chose to leave.

    "The years have flown by, and in the blink of an eye, it has already been three years."

    "I don't know, is mother still, right now, safe?"


The train raced, and the light of the sky kept rushing past in front of Ye Fan.

    In fact, before leaving Yunzhou, Li Er had said that he would send a car to take Ye Fan home.

    But Ye Fan refused.

    There's no need to be so troublesome, it's good to take a train, catch the Spring Festival and feel the life like now.

    Nowadays, the Spring Festival, the taste of the year is getting fainter and fainter, I'm afraid you can only experience a few points on the train or on TV.


    Just when Ye Fan was lost in thought, his phone suddenly vibrated.

    When Ye Fan looked, it was Qiu Mu Orange calling.

    "Hey, Mu Orange, what's wrong?"

    "Are you staying at Genting Mountain House?"

    Ye Fan smiled and asked.

    He remembered that before, Qiu Mu Orange had dreamed of having a big house.Now that this goal had helped her achieve it, Ye Fan naturally had a sense of accomplishment in his heart.

    "Mm."Qiu Mu Orange echoed, "But Ye Fan, I'm not trying to tell you about this."

    "Your train is getting off at Jingzhou, right?"

    "My cousin Jing Jing's birthday is tomorrow, so you simply bring me some gifts to see her."

    "I won't go over there."

    "Jing Jing?"Evan was stunned for a moment, "You mean, Wen Jing?"


    A few minutes later, Ye Fan had hung up the phone, while he got in touch with Lu Wenjing.

    Lu Wenjing was naturally extraordinarily happy when she learned that Ye Fan was back.

    She kept shouting that she was going to pick up Ye Fan at the train station.

    Ye Fan listened and burst out laughing.

    "You, this nipper, still coming to pick me up?"

    "I'm afraid that you'll be lost before you even get to the train station."

    Ye Fan eventually rejected Lu Wenjing's good intentions and just asked her to send her the address of their house, and Ye Fan would just find it himself.

    4 PM.

    Ye Fan finally got off the train and left the train station, following the bustling crowd, and rushed to where Lu Wenjing's house was, the Royal Dragon Golden Bay neighborhood.

    "Brother Xiaofan, brother Xiaofan~"


    As soon as Ye Fan got out of the taxi, he immediately saw a little girl with a pink carved face, her little face frozen red, shouting loudly in the cold wind outside the neighborhood.

    Until, after confirming that it was really Ye Fan, the little girl ran over and jumped into Ye Fan's arms without any hesitation.

    Looking at the cute girl in his arms, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

    He remembered that when he first met with Lu Wenjing, it was a similar scene.

    At that time, this little girl was still full of hostility and dissatisfaction towards Ye Fan, but now it had only been a few months, yet they were already so close.

    "Hmph, it's still my little brother Fan who loves me."

    "My sister Qiu is too bad, she only knows how to make money all day long."

    "She doesn't even come to visit me on my birthday."

    Lu Wenjing complained, while she took Ye Fan upstairs.



    The room in Lu Wenjing's house was large and the decoration was extraordinarily exquisite.

    At this time, when Ye Fan arrived, Lu Wenjing's mother, Qiuhuan, was cooking, and after seeing Ye Fan, she fell affectionate, hushing and exchanging pleasantries for a while.

    "Little Fan, you can watch TV here for a while, the food will be ready later."Qiuhuan said with a smile.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Well, it's troublesome for little aunt."

    Ye Fan's first impression of this aunt in front of him, Qiu Mu Orange, was quite good.

    Completely devoid of the kind of mercenary and snobbishness of the Qiu family's relatives, the kindly appearance made people feel extremely kind.

    This kind of person deserved someone to have a good life.

    "Jing Jing, you're back, received that door-to-door brother-in-law of yours?"

    At this time, a young woman dressed demonically walked out of the bedroom, casually asking questions as she stretched her back.

    Only after walking to the living room did she notice that a guest had arrived.

    Lu Hong carefully sized up Ye Fan, while sneering, "He's Ye Fan, right, that door-to-door son-in-law who joined the Qiu family?"

    Lu Hong was Lu Wenjing's cousin, his uncle's daughter, who had been staying at Lu Wenjing's house for the past few days because her parents were on a business trip.

    She naturally knew about Ye Fan's coming.

    "Hmph, Sister Hong Hong, you're not allowed to speak ill of my Little Brother Fan."

    "Or else I'll ignore you!"Hearing Lu Hong's words, Lu Wenjing glared at her and defended like a fried kitten.

    Lu Hong was suddenly furious, "I say you girl, you're really twisting your elbow outwards.I'm but your cousin, we're the blood relatives."

    "I don't care, just don't let you say bad things about my brother Fan."Lu Wenjing was stubborn.

    Lu Hong was extraordinarily helpless at this.

    This was a little ancestor, she wouldn't dare to provoke her.

    And then, Lu Hong stretched out her beautiful waist and even deliberately tossed her long hair, so she sat down on the side of the sofa and waited for Ye Fan to take the initiative to strike up a conversation with her.

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

    Lu Hong reckoned that this Ye Fan may not be able to resist the temptation to accost her, and is even ready to ask for WeChat.

    Men, are all visual animals.

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

    However, Lu Hong eventually discovered that he had miscalculated.

    All along, Ye Fan had been talking with Lu Wenjing, and they were laughing and talking, but they didn't even pay any attention to themselves, or even look at her.

    This undoubtedly gave Lu Hong a sense of anger at being ignored.


    "Trying to draw attention to yourself in this way?"

    "To appear to be a maverick and pretend to be noble?"

    "It's ridiculous."

    "Come on, you're ignoring me and Miss Ben isn't even bothering you?"

    Lu Hong snorted coldly, while she turned around and went back to her room, her heart even more disgusted with Ye Fan.

    Some people are just so ridiculous.

    If you ignore her, she thinks that you have no good intentions.

    If you ignore her, she will think you are pretending to be noble.

    Soon, as the sun set, Aunt Qiu Hong also brought the prepared dinner to the table.

    "Little Fan, it's all home-cooked food, feel free to eat."

    "None of it is for outsiders."

    "In the past, before I was married, I treated Mu Orange as if she was my own daughter."

    "You've joined the Qiu family, then we're all family too."

    At the dinner table, Qiuhuan said enthusiastically.

    Ye Fan even thanked her: "Mu Orange also often mentions you at home, saying that among the entire Qiu family, the one who loves her the most is junior aunt."

    "This time, if it wasn't for the company side preparing for the annual meeting and couldn't get away, otherwise, Mu Orange would have come personally."

    "It's fine, career is important.The year is drawing to a close, and the company has a lot of things going on.Your aunt-in-law won't be back here tonight either, saying that he's staying up late to get any reports, and I don't understand the company's business."

    At the dinner table, Ye Fan and the others were laughing and talking.

    After drinking and eating, Qiuhuan arranged a place for Ye Fan to live.

    Let Lu Hong move out to sleep in the same bed as Lu Wenjing, and Ye Fan sleeps in the room Lu Hong lived in before.


    "Auntie, you let him stay at home with us?"

    "And sleep in my room?"

    "How can this be?!"

    "No, I forbid him to live with us."

    "Country bumpkin, how dirty."

    Lu Hong was displeased and said in disgust.

    She completely forgot that she was also a "guest" under others' roof.


"Red, why are you talking, no manners?"

    "Little Fan has come a long way to celebrate Jing Jing's birthday."

    "If we don't let him live here, are we going to let Little Fan live on the street?"Qiuhuan was a little unhappy, only feeling that this niece of his was a little too headstrong.

    This mistress of his own hadn't said anything yet, but she turned against her guests and drove Ye Fan outside.

    Eventually, both sides took a step back, and Qiuhuan let Lu Wenjing come to her room and stay with her.

    As for Ye Fan, he was placed in Lu Wenjing's bedroom.

    Lu Hong, on the other hand, remained untouched in her original room.

    Naturally, Lu Wenjing was fine with it and even screamed that she wanted to sleep with Ye Fan in the same room.

    The little girl's innocent words, but amused Ye Fan and Qiuhuan two.

    When it was late at night, Lu Hong and the others went back to their rooms to rest, but Qiuhuan knocked on Ye Fan's door: "Xiaofan, are you asleep?"

    Evan then got up and went to open the door, "No, little aunt."

    Qiuhuan nodded, "Well, come to the living room, Little Aunt has something she wants to talk to you about."

    Although Ye Fan had some doubts in his heart, he ended up following.

    "Little Fan, over there at Mu Orange, is everything okay now?"

    "As far as I know, the economy has been in a slump for a few years, and some small and micro enterprises without backgrounds have almost all collapsed."

    "Some of the bosses were desperate and borrowed from loan sharks, and in the end, their wives and families lost their money."

    "You can also persuade Mu Orange that real estate is an industry that struggles with relationships and connections, and if she can't hold on, she should change her profession.You can instruct her to never go to loan sharks."

    For this niece of his, Qiuhuan had always been extremely worried.

    When Qiu Mu Orange was kicked out of the Qiu family, Qiu Huan even went behind Master Qiu's back and asked Lu Wenjing to send over 100,000 yuan at the first opportunity.

    But Qiuhuan knew very well that to a family, this 100,000 yuan could save the day.But for a business, it was a drop in the bucket.

    She was really worried that Qiu Mu Orange, that stubborn ninny, would end up losing her money in the end.

    Her husband is a businessman, and with her ears and eyes, Qiuhuan naturally has some understanding of the business world.

    "The business line of business seems glamorous."

    "But in reality, it's also a line of business that eats people without spitting bones."

    "Shopping malls are like battlefields, where one general's success is like ten thousand bones."

    "The market is that big, and when one rises, one is destined to fall."

    "Mu Orange is stubborn and young, I'm really worried that she'll be at a disadvantage."Qiuhuan said slowly, on her pretty face, there was an intense color of worry.

    Ye Fan saw the situation, but smiled and reassured, "Little aunt, don't worry.Everything is fine over at Mu Orange Company."

    "Even if something really happens, I will help her."

    "You're helping him?"Qiuhuan looked at Ye Fan and returned surprised, while shaking his head.

    "Little Fan, you have a good temperament, but you're just too naive."

    "There are many things in business that you don't understand.If you want to help Mu Orange, how can it be as simple as just talking about it?"

    "Hey, forget it, I shouldn't be talking to you about this.You can't talk about Mu Orange's side either."

    Qiuhuan shook her head and sighed, and then she stopped talking to Ye Fan about the matter of Qiu Mu Orange.

    After all, in Qiuhuan's view, even though Ye Fan was nominally Qiu Mu Orange's husband, he was only a door-to-door son-in-law with a humble status after all.

    For three years, Ye Fan's status in the Qiu family had been very low.Who would listen to his words?

    Even Qiu Mu Orange was afraid that she didn't care about Ye Fan's opinion at all.

    A worthless man that no one could look up to.

    Even his wife!

    However, as Qiu Mu Orange's aunt, Qiuhuan still wanted to do something to help this niece of his.

    "Ye Fan, there are some things that I know I shouldn't say.But as your and Mu Orange's aunt, I have to say it again."

    "No matter how you entered the Qiu family and how you married Mu Orange."

    "But first, you're a man."

    "Even if you're a door-to-door son-in-law, you still have the duty and obligation to support a family."

    "This burden of supporting a family can't just fall on Mu Orange alone."Qiuhuan said in a very serious manner.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Little aunt, I understand all of this!"

    "No, you don't understand."

    "If you did, you wouldn't have let Mu Orange go out to work by herself all these years while you were idle and didn't work at home."

    "Let's say, after the New Year, I'll trust someone to find you a suitable job."

    "After the New Year, just go to work."

    "Men, you always have to go out to work.Eating and drinking idly all day long is nothing."Qiuhuan said slowly.

    Ye Fanton smiled bitterly, but shook his head to refuse, "Little aunt, there's really no need to trouble you."

    "The matter between Mu Orange and I, we'll dispose of it ourselves."

    Qiuhuan became anxious when she heard, "What, Little Fan, are you ungrateful, or don't you want to go to work?"

    "You're a kid, why don't you listen to advice."

    "If you refuse this time, you might not have the chance in the future."

    "Take advantage of the fact that your little aunt still has some resources in her hands now, otherwise, when his company collapses later, you'll just be too late to regret it."

    Qiuhuan was anxious, and there was only a kind of hatred and anger in her heart.

    Last time, when Lu Mingze picked up Lu Wenjing to go home, the scene he saw from Yunzhou, he didn't inform Qiuhuan after he came back.

    Therefore, Qiuhuan didn't know about Ye Fan's extraordinary.

    At this time, in her eyes, Ye Fan is still naturally the son-in-law of the Qiu family, and even more of a burden to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Now, she wanted to help Ye Fan, but she didn't expect that Ye Fan would refuse.

    In the end, Qiuhuan was still unable to persuade Ye Fan.

    "It's just that, since you're stubbornly unwilling to appreciate it, so be it."

    "Dang Aunt can only give you a suggestion, it's still up to you to decide how you want to go in the future."

    "Go back and rest."

    "You're already tired after making the train all day."

    Qiuhuan didn't talk to Ye Fan any more, with a slab face and with displeasure, she also went back to her room to rest.

    After returning to her room, but Qiuhuan shook her head and sighed for a while.

    "Having married such a person, it's also hard for Mu Orange."

    "Perhaps, this is Mu Orange's fate."

    After tonight's conversation, Qiuhuan was even more disappointed in Ye Fan.

    He was undoubtedly more sympathetic towards his niece, Autumn Mu Orange.

    Wanting Mu Orange to be such a stunningly beautiful girl, she ended up in such a home.

    Qiu Huan only felt that her niece's fate was bitter and felt pity for Qiu Mu Orange.

    Naturally, Ye Fan didn't know about Qiuhuan's opinion.

    However, even if he knew, I'm afraid Ye Fan wouldn't care.

    Life is one's own, why should one care too much about the eyes of others?

    Just like this, the night passed quickly.

    Today, it was Lu Wenjing's birthday.

    Qiuhuan and the others had already booked a hotel and were going to go straight to the hotel at noon to celebrate Lu Wenjing's birthday.


"Where's Daddy, hasn't Daddy come home yet?"

    It was almost noon, and Lu Wenjing couldn't hold back her excitement and was ready to go to the hotel.

    However, her father, Lu Mingze, was late returning.

    Eventually, Qiuhuan gave Lu Mingze a call.


    "You're not coming?"

    "All right, you go ahead."

    "On the kid's side, I'll say."

    Qiuhuan quickly hung up the phone, while turning to look at Lu Wenjing.

    "Jing Jing, something happened at your father's side, I'm afraid I won't be able to make it back at noon."

    "Wait until tonight, your dad will come back to celebrate your birthday, okay?"

    Qiuhuan smiled and said.

    Lu Wenjing was inevitably a little lost, but in the end, she nodded and said nicely, "Alright then."

    "But it's agreed, no lying."

    "Well, your father won't lie to you,"Autumn Ring said reassuringly.

    Once everything was in order, Qiuhuan and the others were ready to leave.

    "Hong Hong, how's the hotel you arranged?"Qiuhuan asked Qiu Hong at the side at this time.

    Lu Hong had just finished putting on her makeup and was making a phone call.

    "Okay, honey."

    "We'll be right down."

    After saying that, Lu Hong then hung up the phone.

    And then picked up her bag and urged, "Jing Jing, Auntie, let's go."

    "My fiancé is already downstairs."

    "The hotel he has booked for us."

    "After learning that my sister Jing Jing is celebrating her birthday, my fiancé insisted on going over as well, to celebrate Jing Jing's birthday."

    Hearing this, Qiuhuan was shocked.

    "What? You asked Xiao Tao to book the hotel?"

    "You're so ignorant, why didn't you tell me."

    "It's too much trouble for people."

    "Later you ask how much money, I'll quickly give it to someone."

    Lu Hong smiled back, "Auntie, why are you being polite to him?"

    "We'll all be a family from now on, so what's the point of not having any trouble."

    "Besides, my fiancé he's not bad with this money."

    "Alright, Auntie, we're going down soon."

    Lu Hong pulled Lu Wenjing and the others down the stairs quickly.

    It had to be said that Lu Hong was really nice to her little cousin Lu Wenjing, every year on her birthday, Lu Hong would come over to celebrate for Lu Wenjing.

    This time, she even brought her fiancé with her.

    Soon, Lu Wenzheng and Qiu Hong mother and daughter got into the car.

    At this time, Ye Fan also came down from upstairs and prepared to take the car together.

    But he was stopped by Lu Hong.

    "I'm sorry, my husband's car is full."

    "Aren't you quite capable, if you want to go, figure it out yourself."

    Lu Hong smiled coldly, as if she was deliberately trying to fix Ye Fan's tone.

    Obviously, Lu Hong was still angry at Ye Fan for ignoring her.

    Of course, it wasn't just because of that.

    Lu Hong had been extremely disdainful of Ye Fan from the very beginning when she knew Ye Fan's identity as a wimpy son-in-law.

    Yesterday's incident was just an ignition.

    It was ridiculous.

    A wimpy son-in-law.

    And proud?

    Still ignoring me?

    I'll make you proud!

    Lu Hong grinned while getting into the BMW without looking back.That look of superior complacency.

    It was as if he was sitting on the throne.


    "Red, my little brother Fan, why isn't he up here?"

    Lu Wenjing, however, noticed that Ye Fan didn't get into the car and asked in confusion.

    Lu Hong smiled back, "He said he was in a hurry and needed to go to the toilet, so he let us go first."

    "Okay, Jing Jing, leave him alone, he's such a big man, and he can't lose it."

    "We'll just wait for her at the hotel later."

    Between words, Lu Hong whirled around and let her fiancé drive away.

    Naturally, Lu didn't think much of it, she thought that Ye Fan was probably really in a hurry to go to the bathroom.And so she obeyed Lu Hong's arrangement and went to the hotel to wait for Ye Fan.

    But Lu Hong was sneering in her heart.

    She didn't even give her address to Ye Fan, it's strange that that door-to-door son-in-law could find her?

    But is it really?

    After watching Lu Hong's vehicle leave, however, Ye Fan made a phone call.

    "Lei Laosan, right?"

    "Check the car for me."

    "Tell me where the car went."

    "Mr. Chu, you're making it difficult for me.I can't check the car in Yunzhou, you should look for Li Er ah."On the phone, came Lei's bitter and terrified voice.

    He was in charge of Jingzhou, how could he possibly check the trajectory of Yunzhou's vehicle?

    Ye Fan ignored him and instead read the license plate number to himself: "Jiang P68..."


    "River P's license plate?"

    Lei laosan was first stunned, and then he was struck by lightning and lost his voice, "Chu...Mr. Chu, could it be that you, have arrived in Jingzhou?"

    Lei laosan was in a panic.

    A moment later, Lei laosan then hung up the phone.

    And then he asked people to quickly contact the traffic department.

    "Third Master, what's wrong with you?"

    "Could it be that the sky is falling, what's the rush?"Some of the men were confused and asked.

    But Lei laosan glared, "What do you guys know?"

    "The Emperor is coming to Jingzhou, can I not be in a hurry?"

    "In a moment, inform the back of the house that a full banquet will be served tonight!"

    "All rituals are prepared to the highest specifications!"

    "Wait to greet Mr. Chu."

    Mr. Chu's arrival in Jingzhou was naturally a big deal for Lei Laosan.

    As the leading big man of Jingzhou, how would he dare to slack off?

    Naturally, preparations began at once, inviting Mr. Chu to a banquet to honor the landlord!



    "Did you tell Brother Fanny the address, Red?"

    "Why isn't he here yet?"

    "Why don't I give him a call."

    At this time, in the Red Star Restaurant, Lu Wenjing and the others had been arriving for some time, but after three waits and two waits, Ye Fan was late, and Lu Wenjing got a little worried.

    "Don't, I'll fight."

    "I just happened to leave his phone number just now."

    Lu Hong snapped.

    And then pretended to make a phone call.

    "Sister Rouge, how's it going?"

    "Where's Brother Fanny?"Lu Wenjing then asked.

    But Lu Hong returned, "Jing Jing, don't wait, he's not coming."

    "That Little Brother Fan of yours said that he's already on the bus back to the countryside."

    "Let me say happy birthday to you."


    "Impossible, huh?"

    "Brother Fanny promised to come together to celebrate my birthday, how could he not say goodbye?"Lu Wenjing was lost for a moment, her beautiful eyes all watery, almost leaving tears in her wake.

    "Who knows about this?"

    "That's what he told me anyway."

    "It's probably because he was ashamed of himself and embarrassed to come over when he saw my husband open his luxury car, wear a watch, and invite guests over for dinner."Lu Hong said faintly.

    "Oh, yeah?"

    Just at this moment, a shallow laughter was heard all of a sudden.

    Lu Wenjing and the others were shocked, then turned their heads to look.

    A thin figure was seen, quietly appearing.


"Brother Fanny~"

    Seeing Ye Fan, Lu Wenjing was delighted, then jumped over and grabbed Ye Fan's corner.

    "I knew that brother Fan won't keep his word."

    Lu Wenjing smiled happily.

    Ye Fan spoiled and touched Lu Wenjing's little head.

    And then he looked to the side of Lu Hong, who seemed to be smiling, "Miss Lu, you are very talented in acting."

    "This side suggests that you engage in acting, you might be able to hold a little Oscar gold man back."

    "You~" Lu Hong's pretty face was livid, but she was unable to speak by Ye Fan's dislike of her.

    Finally, she coldly snorted and turned her head away, no longer speaking.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything else, there was no need to be common with these people.

    Moreover, Ye Fan couldn't blame others.

    They had their own car, and it was his freedom to let whoever wanted to get on or not.

    The most Ye Fan would do is ignore them.

    It wasn't like the reason he was here today was for them.

    "Alright, since we're all here, let's serve the food."

    Qiuhuan shouted at this time, and soon, the food was served one after another.

    "Jing Jing, happy birthday to you."

    "This is a gift from me and you, Hong Hong."

    "Let's see if you like it."

    After the food and wine were served, Lu Hong's fiancé, Zeng Haitao, whirled around and took a rectangular gift box from his bag.

    After the gift box was opened, it contained this year's latest model of Apple mobile phone.

    Qiuhuan took a look at it and said, "No, no, this gift is too expensive."

    "Jing Jing is a child, how can she afford this gift?"

    "Kaito, it's good that you have this intention."

    "As for this gift, take it back quickly.It's too much of a waste."

    Qiuhuan even excused herself.

    This one mobile phone was almost ten thousand yuan, naturally it was a bit expensive for a young girl like Lu Wenjing.

    Moreover, Lu Hong was one of Lu Wenjing's cousins, so there was no need for someone to break the bank like this.

    "Aunt, just leave it alone."

    "This gift is for my sister Jing Jing, not for you."

    "It doesn't matter if you want it or not."

    "Besides, it's only a little money.Kaito his one dress is worth more than that."

    "At worst, I'll just let him buy one less dress."

    "So ah auntie, don't worry about whether we're broke or not.It's some other guy you should be worried about."

    Lu Hong smiled proudly, the words were full of flair.

    While saying that, Lu Hong also looked at Ye Fan, as if those words were intentionally said for Ye Fan to hear.

    Lu Hong originally thought that after hearing those words, Ye Fan would have an inferior expression.

    But she found that she was wrong.

    Ye Fan had been so calm throughout, and those words of his own didn't seem to have caused any waves in his heart.

    This undoubtedly gave Lu Hong a depressing feeling of a punch to the cotton.

    But Lu Hong didn't give up, after her own husband finished giving her a gift, Lu Hong looked at Ye Fan again, "Sister Jing Jing's birthday, aren't you going to give her some gifts?"

    "If you don't have enough money, I can let my husband lend you some."

    Ye Fan ignored her and instead looked at Lu Wenjing, "Jing Jing, brother Fan came in a hurry and didn't have time to prepare any gifts."

    "Just on the way, I bought you some fruit."

    Between words, Ye Fan placed a fruit basket next to Lu Wenjing.


    At that time Lu Hong didn't hold back and just laughed out loud.


    "Is this the first time I've ever heard that fruit can be a birthday present?"

    Lu Hong laughed.

    But Qiuhuan glared at her: "Hong Hong, pay attention to your manners."

    "Auntie, it's not that I'm rude.It's mainly because I'm upset for my sister."

    "How can you send a few pounds of fruit on your birthday?"

    "He obviously didn't see my sister Jing Jing in his eyes, and that's why he was so confused."

    "Isn't that right, Jing Jing?"Lu Hong smiled and asked.

    She reckoned that her cousin, Lu Wenjing, was probably pissed off at this time.

    However, what Lu Hong didn't expect was that Lu Wenjing was still laughing happily.


    "If Brother Fanny can come, it's the best birthday present for me."

    "As long as it's from brother Xiaofan, I like it."

    Lu Wenjing hugged that fruit basket and smiled openly.

    Lu Hong stared at her then, "Jing Jing, are you alright?"


    "What kind of ecstasy did this guy put in you?"

    "I really can't understand you."

    Lu Hong was depressed, earlier they were husband and wife, giving Lu Wenjing an iPhone, she wasn't even this happy.

    But now, a basket of broken fruit, she instead treated it as a treasure?

    This silly sister oh.

    Lu Hong shook her head, filled with helplessness.

    Qiuhuan looked on, also sighing in her heart.

    Can't even afford a decent gift anymore, thus also showing how embarrassed Qiu Mu Orange and her family is now?

    She wanted to help this niece of hers.

    However, she can help for a moment, but in the end, she can't help for a lifetime.

    Married to such a mediocre and useless man like Ye Fan, she is doomed to a life of poverty.

    Just pity Mu Orange.

    "Hong Hong, who is this?"While Qiuhuan was worried about Qiu Mu Orange's situation, Zeng Haitao, who was on the side, was confused and asked.

    It wasn't just a day or two that he had been talking to Lu Hong, he had basically recognized all the relatives on Lu Hong's side, but this Ye Fan, it was the first time he had met her.

    "Haitao, I forgot to introduce him to you."

    "He's my aunt's niece's son-in-law from her mother's side, Ye Fan."

    "Just the door-to-door son-in-law I told you about before."

    "Isn't this the Chinese New Year approaching, just in time to go back to the countryside for my sister's birthday?How nice to follow along for a meal, and a place to stay."

    Lu Hong smiled faintly, her tone full of contempt.

    And only when Zeng Haitao heard it did it dawn on him.

    "So you're also a relative."

    "Come, Brother Ye, first time meeting, more guidance."

    Zeng Haitao was downright enthusiastic and handed out cigarettes to Ye Fan between words.

    Ye Fan waved his hand and said he didn't smoke.

    "Chinese, really don't smoke?"

    "I'm afraid there's no place to sell all this tobacco in the countryside, is there?"Zeng Haitao asked again.

    Ye Fan still waved his hand and said he wouldn't smoke it.

    "Alright, it's fine if Brother Ye doesn't smoke."

    "However, since we're all relatives, why don't you bring your parents over tonight, and I'll take you guys around town for a visit."

    "And then we'll have dinner together."

    "The place is still here at the Red Star Restaurant."

    "I'll tell you, this Red Star Restaurant, but it's one of the top three high-end restaurants in Jingzhou."

    "On weekdays, you have to make a reservation a week in advance if you want to eat here."

    "Ordinary people aren't qualified to eat here."

    Zeng Haitao smiled proudly.


    "More appointments?"

    "Kaito, did you start preparing to book a restaurant for Jing Jing seven days ago?"

    "Look, I'm embarrassed to have you so much trouble."Qiuhuan was surprised when she heard that.

    Zeng Haitao, however, waved his hand, "Aunt, I don't need to make an appointment."

    "We have a relationship!"

    "Just the manager of this restaurant, a driver who used to drive for Dad."

    "When he sees me, he has to call me Young Master."

    "When I give the word, he'll prepare my room right away."

    "So, we don't need a reservation."

    "If you want to eat here, we're just a word away."


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