The King of Kungfu in school 2156-2160


Chapter 2156

In the blink of an eye, three years passed again.

Tang Zichen had spent three years in Qingtian's Immortal Mansion, and in those three years, Tang Zichen felt worse than dead because his body was floating and he couldn't do anything.

"Zhou Mi, quickly, come with me."Finally, one day after three years, Qingtian entered the immortal palace.

"Oh my, finally."

Tang Zichen immediately followed Qingtian to the Academy of Immortality, and sure enough, the Academy of Immortality opened and many people came to register.

At the entrance of the Immortal Academy, there was a notice board floating in the air, and on the notice board was the number of people enrolled.

Among them, five Immortal Dan students were recruited, and the rest of the students, 50 to 100 were recruited.

Tang Zichen said, "Grandpa, am I really enrolling for Immortal Pill?"

"Although Immortal Pill accepts five, but the number of applicants is small, even though there are only five places, the competition is not that great, while the other combat classes, the competition is frighteningly great, I think you should apply for Immortal Pill."

Tang Zichen said, "But I suddenly don't want to be an alchemy student, the Immortal Academy should be a good place, I don't want to waste my time on alchemy in such a nice place.A truly strong person would never be an alchemist."

"Zhou Mi, the most important thing for you now is to be able to enter the Immortal Academy, not to talk about wishes." First URL

"I believe in myself."

Qing Tian said, "Zhou Mi, you are now about twenty million years old, twenty million years old to become a late stage Earth Immortal, although it is considered outstanding, but, it definitely hasn't reached the admission standards of the Academy of Immortals.Previously, Qing Shi, who has also come to report several times, has still not reached 100 million years old, and he is now at the late stage of Upper Fellows, and is the strongest Upper Fellows in the Upper Fellows Yan Continent.Qing Shi's talent is not inferior to yours, even above yours, but he still failed to be admitted."

Tang Zichen said, "Who told you that I'm two thousand years old."

"How old your soul is, I can tell with a single sweep,"Qing Tian said.

Tang Zichen's true age was just over a hundred thousand years old.

Tang Zichen didn't know if he dared to reveal his true age.

Tang Zichen tentatively asked, "How many years old do people who are admitted to the Immortal Academy usually reach the late Earth Immortal stage?"

Qing Tian Dao: "I don't know the details, but there was a lady from the Hua Ming House, named Hua Ming Xin, she happened to be a late Earth Immortal as well, she was around five hundred thousand years old, five hundred thousand years old standard, and she was accepted in one fell swoop."

"Five hundred thousand years?"

"Yes, don't you think it's unbelievable, people become late Earth Immortal at 500,000 years old, while you're 20 million years old, how far behind others.However, there's no need for you to be envious, after all, our conditions are different, people are ladies of the Hua Ming House, immortal crystals, immortal grass, immortal pills, bloodline, which one is comparable to you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, "So it seems that my 100,000 years of becoming a late Earth Immortal isn't that outstanding ah, it's only a few hundred thousand years less than Hua Mingxin, Hua Mingxin's resources I can't compare to, similarly, my Immortal Machine Spitting Method isn't comparable to her, maybe, it's even."

Tang Zichen asked, "At that time, that Hua Mingxin, entering the Academy of Immortality at the age of five hundred thousand years, what level did she belong to?"

"That's definitely in the very distinguished category, at that time I remember, everyone in Hua Mingfu was celebrating and congratulating Miss Hua Mingxin, so five hundred thousand years to become a late Earth Immortal is in the very distinguished category.Of course, the minimum admission for the students of the Immortal Academy are all Earth Immortals."


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"So, Zhou Mi, you have no chance of being accepted except for your Immortal Pill.There might be a little hope for your Immortal Pill, but it's not a very big hope."


"I've asked around for you, the youngest to become a fourth-grade Immortal Master is a few hundred thousand years old, and the oldest, millions of years old, because there are few Immortals enrolled, and there are many aspects of Immortal Than, there is theory, effectiveness, and quality, so it's more complicated, I heard that your theory is strong, that's why you have a little chance, in terms of age, twenty million years to become a fourth-grade Immortal Master, it's more ordinary.You'd better listen to me and don't make your own decisions, or you'll have to go back to the Upper Fey Yan Continent."

"Go register first."

Tang Zichen entered the Academy of Immortality, but Qingtian couldn't go in and could only wait at the entrance.

The Immortal Academy was automatically isolated from the outside world, so Tang Zichen wouldn't be attracted by the spatial boundary after entering the Immortal Academy's gate.

Outside the door, Qing Tian shouted, "Remember, report Immortal Cadets and nothing else."


After entering the Academy of Immortality, about tens of thousands of meters away from the gate, there were rows of halls, with registration points written at the entrance of each hall.

Tang Zichen looked at the many registration offices of the Immortal Academy, which were divided into multiple houses, for example, the Pill Method House, which was subdivided into the Department of Alchemy, the Department of Immortal Pill Research, the Department of Immortal Pill Testing, and so on.

Of course, on the other side, there was another registration office called the War God's Mansion, and below the War God's Mansion, there was the Department of Far Cry Spells, the Department of Melee Spells, the Department of Long Range Helpers, the Department of Wind, Rain, Lightning and other five elements, as well as the Department of Iron Arms, the Department of Air Tearing, all kinds of names, Tang Zichen also did not know what they meant, he always felt that the War God's Mansion cultivated all kinds of strong people.

Of course, the ones who came to register, there were also all kinds of races, for example, a toad hundreds of meters tall behind Tang Zichen, he saw Tang Zichen hesitate, he said loudly, "If you want to register, if you don't register, get out, don't block the way for little master me."

Tang Zichen took a look, it was a mid Earth Immortal toad, Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to him.

"Which house and which department should I sign up for?"

Tang Zichen would definitely use the spatial tablet to modify his age to 500,000 years to go, or even, 400,000 years to go.

However, Tang Zichen couldn't be too exaggerated, it would attract attention, with his family's resources, becoming a late Earth Immortal in a few hundred thousand years would definitely be noticed, in case it was discovered that Tang Zichen had the Immortal Spatial Tablet, that would be the end of it.

However, Tang Zichen wouldn't be overly low-key, he would at least remain at an upper-middle level, neither attracting attention nor being despised.

Tang Zichen's footsteps unknowingly headed towards the registration point of the War God Residence.

Tang Zichen also wanted to feel that the War God was more in line with his desires, he didn't want to become one dedicated to alchemy, he wanted to become a War God who was more of a mass murderer.

Tang Zichen finally walked into the main hall of the War God Residence, inside the main hall, there were many more smaller halls, Tang Zichen had to choose a War God Department.

Tang Zichen was now refining the Silence Art, but Tang Zichen wasn't going to use the Silence Art anymore, the Silence Art wasn't a top-notch spell, it was taught by the Academy of Immortals, maybe even more advanced.

Tang Zichen headed to the War God's House, the Department of Melee Spells, but when he reached the threshold of the Department of Melee Spells, Tang Zichen always felt that his body always wanted to go to the next department.

Tang Zichen looked to the side, and the entrance to that small temple read, "Air Tearing Department."Tang Zichen always felt that he was more inclined towards this department.


Don walked up to the Air Tear Department and asked a man, "Hello, what does the Air Tear Department do?"

"None of this?"

"I don't know, I hope to tell you something."

"Listen carefully, the Air Tearing Department is the strongest kind of battle spirit, the average person, who refines spells, also compares spells, the strength of the strength, often depends on the strength of the spells, the level of mana.The Air Tearing System, however, is not exactly compared to spells, on the basis of spells, there is more physical strength, skill, to put it simply, the Air Tearing System, is that without using spells, one can also rely on a strong physical body, super high skill, to rush in front of others and tear their opponents apart with their empty hands, this is the origin of the Air Tearing System."

"Tearing your opponent apart with your empty hands, pretty good on very strong."

"Yeah, tearing an opponent apart with empty hands, what kind of courage, this flesh, this strength.All the others who rely on spells, where is the opponent of an empty tearing strong man, because empty tearing strong man, they also know spells, moreover, they have strong flesh, developed strength, super high fighting skills, how can they be compared to a simple spell."

"Understood."Tang Zichen was delighted within, no wonder this Air Tearing Department was so attractive to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was born for it.

In fact, after Tang Zichen came to the Immortal Realm, or rather, after he left the Mortal Realm, Tang Zichen was a bit uncomfortable.This was because there was almost no kung fu here compared to magic weapons, immortal weapons, spells, fists, feet and swords.One must know that Tang Zichen was from the mortal realm, and the mortal realm had no spells, no immortal weapons, only martial arts that had developed to the pinnacle.

This Air Tearing Department, to put it bluntly, was the Immortal Realm version of martial arts, but of course, the close-quarters martial arts here were based on spells.

Wheel Martial Arts, Tang Zichen was the first mortal realm master to tread through the void with his martial arts, and there was probably no one else who could match his achievements in this aspect of martial arts.Although that used to be in the mortal realm, just mortals, martial arts had no boundaries, and immortal mortals were just different carriers.

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen immediately entered the Air Tearing Department. Remember the URL

"Hello, I'd like to sign up for the Air Tear Department."Tang Zichen said.

There was a man sitting in the small hall of the Air Tear Department, and that man snorted, "Do you think, anyone can sign up for the Air Tear Department?"

"What can't I?"

"Boy, can't you see that the place is empty and the number of registrants is low?"

"Why?Isn't the Air Tear department the strongest department?"

"Yeah, but do you think everyone has the talent to be an Air Torn Warlord?It's like alchemy, do you think everyone has the talent to become an Immortal Pill Master?"

"Oh, and how do I know if I have a gift?"Tang Zichen asked.

At that moment, that examiner stood up and pointed to the left, "Recognize what's emitting from that row?"

Tang Zichen was incomparably embarrassed, Tang Zichen was from the mortal world, if he didn't even know these weapons like sword and spear, hammer, wolf tooth stick, he lived in vain, Tang Zichen had become a super master in this kind of thing, every weapon, Tang Zichen was 666 to the point where he couldn't slip any more, can say without exaggeration, Tang Zichen casually took a sword, closed his eyes and threw a few strokes, and then took it to the mortal world, the few strokes that he casually played were definitely unparalleled swordsmanship.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Weapons,

Knife, sword, spear, what's the problem?"

That examiner looked a bit confused, "Yoho, you actually have a bit of insight, if it were anyone else, the first reaction would be a fairy weapon."


"Alright, you're already qualified for the test of Air Tearing Talent."

"Oh, how do you test, is there some sort of sensing talent level of the immortal artifact?"

"You're thinking too much, I've told you it's an air rip, it's based on real work, not a hand on some sort of rock and a clatter of the rock lighting up, indicating talent."

"Haha, I like that."

That examiner took out a drawing, on the drawing, there were three little people drawn, the first one held up his sword, the second one chopped it down, and the third one, took the sword across again.

Tang Zichen's first feeling when he saw this drawing was that it seemed to be a martial arts sword diagram he had seen when he was a child.Tang Zichen surprisingly felt a bit affectionate, after all, it was something that accompanied him as a child, and after leaving the mortal realm, he hadn't come in contact with this kind of diagram, of course, when he was in the spirit realm, Tang Zichen had accidentally come in contact with it once, and that was in the spirit realm, the Shura Eighteen Blades were also recorded in the form of this kind of diagram, but unfortunately, the people in the spirit realm didn't know martial arts, they had no solution at all, and Tang Zichen at that timeWhen I saw that Shura Eighteen Knives, I understood it in seconds.But at that time, the creator of that Shura Eighteen Blades, the blade technique was still mixed with the realm, so even if Tang Zichen understood it in seconds, he was limited to the realm he had not reached and could not refine it, so he could only wait for the realm to be reached and practice it one blade at a time.

At the moment, this drawing of the saber technique with only three villains is considered very simple, almost at the same difficulty level as the original drawing of the Shura Eighteen Blades, to Tang Zichen, it's simply like a college student reading a first or second grade elementary school question.

That examiner said to Tang Zichen, "Can you understand this diagram?"

"Uh, read it,"Tang Zichen said.

But that examiner snorted, "You'd say that means you don't understand, and you think I'm letting you see what they're holding in their hands?"


"Well, did you see this 'gas' on the ground?You use a randomly picked sword, and move exactly like the characters on this diagram, to slash this mass of chi, and if you can slash through it, then that means you do have talent.Of course, if you're not good at swords, you can also use other weapons, even empty-handed, I'll give you the diagrams of other weapons."

Tang Zichen felt funny, the diagram was a very simple principle of martial arts, those who didn't know martial arts could only follow it, and as a result, had no power, and even if they had power, it wasn't brought by martial arts, but by their own mana.However, this ball of Qi was clearly not ordinary Qi, and mana definitely couldn't cut it.

Tang Zichen casually picked up a sword, then followed the three steps on the diagram, raising it up, slashing it down, and a cross.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen's sword let out a whining whistle, as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, the qi, which was hacked by Tang Zichen, drifted away in all directions.

"Ah, this."That examiner was silly, feeling like Tang Zichen's sword was magical, the power simply couldn't be compared to just relying on mana.

"Did you really make this?"The examiner looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Tang Zichen said, "Or else what."


"But what do you, really, understand the movements of the three little people in the chart to represent?"

"Oh, of course, what the average person can see may be a few incoherent movements, but what I see, indeed these movements contain a power, a power that I call martial arts, I don't know what the Academy of Immortality calls this power."

The main assessment was busy saying, "Air Tearing Technique."

"Oh, Empty Tearing Technique, what a primitive title.Can I sign up now?"

"Of course, your talent, incredibly high, you use the Air Tear Technique and others use spells that, if they are in the same realm, are no match for you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Really."

In fact, Tang Zichen had already been unrivaled in the same level, previously in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, Tang Zichen had defeated the Late Earth Immortal with mid Earth Immortal, what did Tang Zichen rely on?It was the Great Life Law that he himself upgraded, this Great Life Law was based on the martial arts of the mortal realm that he had upgraded.

"Congratulations, you've been accepted, please come report here in ten days."

"Wait, don't you have to look at my age?"

"Hey, you're only five hundred thousand years old, aren't you?"

"Yes." A second to remember to read the book

"Wow, I didn't expect that your Immortal Fate is so deep, originally the Air Tearing Department doesn't need to look at age, but with such a young age and such a high comprehension of Air Tearing techniques, your future prospects are boundless."This examiner seemed to see a picture of Tang Zichen's future as a generation of Air Tear Battle Gods.

"Thank you."

"Alright, please report here in ten days."


Tang Zichen led a token and left.

When Tang Zichen walked out of the Immortal Academy, Grandpa Qingtian was waiting outside.

"Zhou Mi, how is it, have you been accepted yet?"

"Of course, look."Tang Zichen showed the token to Qingtian.

"Wow."Qingtian was in a burst of adoration.

"Zhou Mi, your future from now on is completely different from mine, so work hard and strive to go farther."

"I will."

Tang Zichen was confident in himself, the only worry was the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, inside Tang Zichen, he even had the intention to give up on the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, may not be without any drawbacks, in case there were drawbacks, for example, it would be a tragedy if it was capped at a certain realm.

Ten days later, Tang Zichen, escorted by Qingtian, reported to the Academy of Immortality.

The Immortal Academy was closed again, and the next time it opened, it would be another fifty years later, but of course, it would only open for ten days.

Tang Zichen was the only one from the Air Tearing Department to be accepted.

Tang Zichen was taken to a valley by an administrator of the Immortal Academy.

The man said to Tang Zichen, "This is the Air Tearing Department, Late Earth Immortal Class."

"Is there no house?"

"What do you want a house, there is no wind or rain, no mosquitoes or rats or ants in the Immortal Academy, any place can be considered a house.Let me popularize it with you, the Air Tearing Department Earth Immortal Late Class, there are currently a total of over six hundred students, all in this valley."

"Oh, okay."

"You've just entered the Air Tearing Department, you haven't started to learn any Air Tearing techniques yet, if your spells aren't strong again, you might be at the bottom of the hierarchy for now, so pay attention to yourself."

"You still need to learn spells for the Air Tearing Department?"

"You're a person, the Air Tearing Department is powerful because they have Air Tearing skills on top of having mana, understand?It's not over.

All aside from spells, of course, when you enter the Immortal Academy, the Air Tear Technique taught by the Immortal Academy already includes spells."

"Alright, I got it."

"Then I'll leave first."

After the administrator left, Tang Zichen entered the valley.

Tang Zichen saw that on both sides of the valley, there were many caves, and in each cave, there were silhouettes flashing, while each cave would hear the sound of whirring and hooting.

Tang Zichen was halfway down the valley when suddenly, a voice came from the bushes next to him, "No, please, no, oooooh."It was a man's voice.

There was another voice: "Grass, cut the crap, get down on your stomach."

Tang Zichen curiously walked over, and suddenly saw, in the woods next to him, there was a fat man lying under a tree, behind the fat man, two strong men were undoing their pants, the fat man was very nervous and scared, crying through clenched teeth, but very helpless, it seemed that he couldn't fight against those two strong men at all.

Tang Zichen was taken aback, how could Tang Zichen not know what was going on, this was too much.

Tang Zichen bellowed at once, "Stop."

Hearing Tang Zichen's roar, the two sturdy men raised their heads to look, their brows furrowed, "Who are you?"

Tang Zichen didn't have any fear at all, because these three people, were definitely all in the same class, except that the fatty was probably weak, and was actually bullied like that by those two stronger classmates.

Tang Zichen said, "I've just entered the Immortal Academy, and I'm reporting here on my first day."

"Hahaha."Hearing that they had just entered, suddenly, the two strong men laughed out loud.

Seemingly, the ones who had just arrived were the best to bully.

The two sturdy men laughed, "Kid, do you know that this fatty, he just enrolled in school fifty years ago."

The other one laughed, "Kid, since you're so nosy, come along."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed deeply, this Immortal Academy was also quite fucked up, I thought it was a place full of civilization.It turned out that there wasn't even a single house, it was all in a ditch, and he was allowed to see such a terrible thing.

At that moment, one of the men saw Tang Zichen still standing there and yelled, "Newcomer, I told you to come over here and lie down nicely just like the fat man, do you hear me?"

"What if I said no."

"Huh? No?Do you believe I'll keep you up for three days and three nights?"

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed furiously.

At this time, that fatty was busy saying, "Classmate, you should leave quickly, leave me alone, they are old students, we are newcomers, you should leave quickly."

Tang Zichen said, "Fatty classmate, don't worry, I'm here today, I'll never let anyone bully you, just these two sons of bitches, so what if they're old students."

Fatty said, "Classmate, thank you for your kindness, they've been at the Immortal Academy for 100,000 years, they've been practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword for 100,000 years, and they've already reached the third level."

"Really? Then I'd like to learn about it."

Fatty said anxiously, "Classmate, don't, I know that if you can enter the Immortal Academy, you must be a proud son of the heavens with pride in your body outside, but you have to know that this is the Immortal Academy, and everyone who comes in is a proud son of the heavens in their hometown.In the past, no matter what kind of spells were refined, but, in front of the strongest Air Tear, they can't be harmed, no matter how strong you are, the Air Tear experts can dodge it with their perfect body, and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, the power is even more immeasurable, you just came in, you haven't even touched the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, at all."

The fat man hadn't finished speaking, Tang Zichen folded a wooden stick anywhere and said, "Let me learn about the Sun and Moon divine Sword."


The two sturdy men were very angry to see Tang Zichen so fearless, and the stronger one said, "This brat, I'll give him a bit of a show, today, we must let him know what it means to not get up for three days and nights."

"Good, hahaha."The other one laughed.

After saying that, one of the men rushed forward towards Tang Zichen, at the same time, he took out a sword from his spatial ring, the sword shone with white light, it was not an ordinary sword at all.

Tang Zichen also had some doubts that he a wooden stick, would work.

"Shoo."The man ton cut down with a sword.

Tang Zichen could see the taste of martial arts at a glance, this sword was very strong and contained quite a bit of martial arts truth.

However, in Tang Zichen's opinion, it was far from enough.

Tang Zichen's achievements in this area were simply unmatched.

Tang Zichen's figure moved, and his entire body's mana was infused into the wooden stick, then, with the stick raised above his head, Tang Zichen used the simple diagram sword technique that he had assessed during registration.

"Wow."With a single slash and a horizontal stroke, a miracle occurred, and the sword in that person's hand instantly came off.

"Swoosh."In the next second, Tang Zichen's sword pointed at that man's neck. First URL

"Ah."The man stayed.

"How, how is this possible, why?What's going on?"The man didn't even seem to know why he had lost to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen grunted in his heart, "Playing with my sword, really looking for death."

The other sturdy man was now dumbstruck.

A single wooden stick had defeated his classmate, and he was using what seemed to be the simplest and simplest move to assess whether everyone had talent when they signed up.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Get out of here."

The two sturdy men pulled their legs out and ran.

Only after running far away did they shout, "Damn, this is hell, how did he win?"

"I don't know, I always feel that the power contained in a random gesture of his makes us unable to understand it."

"Yeah, I feel like, our mentor, I'm afraid, can't even do a random gesture to reach such a level."

"Oh my god, this kind of person can't be offended, I can't sleep with that fatty anymore."

"Looks like we'll have to find other weaker boys to do it."

In the same woods from before, the fat man thankfully said to Tang Zichen, "Thank you, thank you for saving me."

"You're welcome, I just came here, I'll need you to take care of me in the future."

"I don't dare, if there is anything my brother needs me to do in the future, I'll go to the fire, no matter what."

"You're welcome, my name is Tang Zichen, what's your name?"Tang Zichen asked, he didn't want to use Zhou Mi's name anymore.

"My name is Luo Xiangyun, I'm from West Niu Hezhou."

"Good, you'll be my friend from now on, if anyone bullies you, report my name as Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen said.

"Hehehe, Brother Tang, I really admire you immensely, you've only just come in, yet you're more powerful than all of us oldsters, tell the truth, are you just coming in or not, why are your movements and such, so refined, without the slightest bit of excess.By the way, that move you just defeated Oil Pot and Wu Yang, it looks a bit familiar."

"Oh, it's just the move that assesses whether everyone has talent or not when you register."

"Wow shit, you can't be serious, that was the simplest move ah, how could you defeat the third level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword?"The fat man couldn't believe it.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Luo Xiangyun, simple doesn't mean

No power.Sometimes it's so simple that a casual slash can cut a massive mountain range to powder."

"How is that possible."

"Alright, now you tell me where I'm going to report."Tang Zichen said.

"You've already reported in, if you haven't, how can you be here."

"But isn't there a teacher or something?"

"Mentors don't come around very often, only once every few hundred years, or even a few thousand."

"That fucks with shit."

"That's it for the Immortal Academy, I'm going to help you dig a cave and stay there for now.Then I'll show you the diagrams of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and that's how you'll start practicing from now on.When your mentor comes next time, you can look for guidance."

"Oh, so."

Tang Zichen felt bored.

Tang Zichen dug a cave with the help of the fat man and settled down first.

After settling down, the fatty led Tang Zichen to a cave in the valley, and on a stone wall of that cave, there was a picture of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword carved on it.

"This is the diagram of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, at the bottom is the first layer, and at the top is the hundredth layer."

"Wow, so many layers."

"Yeah, the Immortal Academy doesn't play tricks, this Sun and Moon Divine Sword can be practiced even by a Da Luo Jin Immortal, and the Da Luo Jin Immortal must have practiced it to over a hundred layers."

"What do you mean?This Sun and Moon Divine Sword has more than a hundred layers?"

"Of course there are more than that, the higher layers, not carved out, I heard, there are over two hundred layers in total.Many of the Heavenly Realm's Air Tearing Powers now practice this Sun and Moon divine Sword."

"Oh, it seems that this Sun and Moon divine Sword is still good."

"Of course, the reason why so many people are crowding to get in here is not because of the environment here, but because, the Immortal Academy is playing for real.The things taught here, whether it's spells, air tearing, or alchemy, that's all from the Celestial Realm."

"I see, no wonder the Academy of Immortality has such a good reputation, haha."Tang Zichen thought to himself, if he chose alchemy, then it seems that the alchemy technique he learned was also passed down from the Immortal Realm, so it would be good to learn alchemy.

Tang Zichen immediately began to look.

The fatty said, "Brother Tang, I won't bother you then, you can practice well, if you don't understand anything, you can come and ask me, I came in fifty years earlier than you after all."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sure about asking you?"

"Yes, you just saved me, anything I can tell you."

Tang Zichen asked, "Then how many levels are you practicing now?"

The fat man didn't scare to death, smiling, "Brother, let's not say practice a few layers okay, just that oil pot 100,000 years, but also only practiced to the third layer, I'm only fifty years than you come in, where could practice to the first few layers, I'm on the first layer of the first starting sword move, there's a little bit of eyebrows."

"Oh, so, huh, that's okay, I'll take a look first, I'll ask you if I don't understand."

"Okay."Tang Zichen immediately began to look.

However, the Sun and Moon Divine Sword was worthy of being handed down from the Immortal Realm, it was indeed profound.

Although Tang Zichen was a martial master in the Mortal Realm, the martial arts of the Mortal Realm could not be completely equivalent to the Immortal Realm Empty Tear after all.

The martial arts of the mortal realm were merely martial arts, while the Air Tear of the Immortal Realm also included spells, which meant that it was equivalent to combining spells with martial arts.If this Sun and Moon divine Sword was split up, it would be a set of profound swordsmanship plus profound spells.Tang Zichen, as a martial master of the Mortal Realm, had a very great advantage in practicing martial arts, but by combining it with spells, the difficulty of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword had increased by many times.


However, despite the difficulty of practicing, Tang Zichen was still stronger than the average person.

About three days later, Tang Zichen practiced to the first level.

Three months later, Tang Zichen practiced to the second level.

Three years later, Tang Zichen practiced to the third level.

Time flew by, and three years passed with barely any feeling.

The fat man entered the cave to find Tang Zichen, and the fat man also went out for a small retreat, waking up just three years later.

"Brother Tang, how's it going?How have you been practicing that starting sword move on the first level, do you need me to help you rehearse it?"The fat man asked enthusiastically.

Tang Zichen seemed to be smiling, if it were someone else, Tang Zichen would have split his head and scolded him: you fucking insult me aren't you?After three years, I'm a fucking loser who can't even practice the first move?

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Fatty, thank you, no need, huh."

The fatty was also well-meaning and well-intentioned, not an insult to Tang Zichen, the fatty deadly never expected that Tang Zichen had trained the third level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword in three years, that grease pot and Wu Yang who bullied him before had practiced for 100,000 years before he got to the third level."

"Well, you can comprehend it yourself." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, Fatty, now in our late Earth Immortal class, how many levels have the most trained Sun and Moon divine Sword reached?"

"Well, I don't know oh, I also came in fifty years before you did, and I haven't met many people, I heard there were over six hundred people in the class.The only way all of them will show up is when the next mentor comes."

"Oh, okay, then I'll continue practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword."

Tang Zichen continued to practice and practice.

Ten years later, Tang Zichen practiced the fourth level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword.

Fifty years later, Tang Zichen trained into the fifth level of the Sun-Moon Divine Sword.

Three hundred years later, Tang Zichen trained to the sixth level of the Sun-Moon Divine Sword.

One thousand years later, Tang Zichen trained to the seventh level of the Sun-Moon Divine Sword.

During these one thousand years, successively, every fifty years, the Academy of Immortality opened, and successively more than twenty more people came.

Tang Zichen had also gone from being a newcomer to a thousand year old student.

Of course, there were even older old students.

After a thousand years of training, Tang Zichen was a bit tired.

Tang Zichen walked out of his cave, he had been practicing in his cave for the past thousand years, and after completing one layer of training, he went to the Sun and Moon Divine Sword Spectrum Cave to see the next layer.

"A thousand years, does the immortal world not want money for time."

Tang Zichen was always a person who couldn't stand loneliness.

This valley, it was said that there were more than six hundred people, but he? Tang Zichen hadn't seen many of them since he had been here for a thousand years.

"Ah ah ah."Tang Zichen bellowed, and the entire valley trembled.

There was a roar from some caves, "Who the fuck is disturbing me?"

"Yelling psycho."

Came a series of growls.

Tang Zichen smiled hehehe, finally feeling like this wasn't a place where he was the only one, Tang Zichen was purposely making some noise.

Tang Zichen shouted again, "Is everyone dead?Did you die in the cave?Can one of them come out alive."

However, everyone was immersed in practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and no one was bored with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen shouted again, "I'll tens of seconds, and anyone who doesn't come out after ten seconds, I'll go in one by one and blast him."

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine point one, nine point two, nine point three."Tang Zichen finally counted to ten, but still, no one came out.

Tang Zichen was so depressed, even if one or two people came out to teach him a lesson, it would be fine.

Tang Zichen shouted, "I'm really lonely, whoever tells me which cave has a beautiful woman, I promise to rush in."

A few seconds later, a voice came out, "There's a pretty girl under the big sycamore tree, go if you're not afraid of death, dumbass."

"Okay, just go, thanks to this brother."Tang Zichen didn't know which cave told him, Tang Zichen scanned the valley, and indeed saw a sycamore tree on a certain hill with a cave underneath it.

Tang Zichen was about to rush up there, when a woman rushed out of that cave under the sycamore tree.

That woman suddenly shot her gaze at Tang Zichen and grunted, "Do you want to find death?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "I've been practicing for a thousand years, I feel bored and want to find a girl to talk about my life ideals, not bad, it really is a beauty."Tang Zichen looked at the woman and said.

Everyone was in the late Earth Immortal stage, so everyone had the same momentum, and no one knew who had practiced to the first few levels, and no one knew who was stronger if they didn't do anything.

However, looking at this woman's appearance, and the comments others made about her, it could be seen that this woman, should be in the stronger category in this valley, and no one knew what level she had trained her Sun Moon Divine Sword to.

Tang Zichen flew up and smiled, "How about, a fight with me?"

The woman said, "If you lose, is it with your life as your downfall?"

"And what if I win?Is it with your life?I say pretty girl, those who can come to the Immortal Academy are not generalists, so why bother taking someone's life at every turn, I guess the Immortal Academy doesn't allow hurting people's lives either."

"You're wrong about that, the Immortal Academy doesn't restrict any, throughout the ages, I don't know how many people have perished here, you just dared to shout here, you're looking for death.Look at you, you have only entered the Immortal Academy for a thousand years, for hundreds of thousands of years old, you are but a newcomer.Just as well, considering your first offense, I won't kill you today, but I will make you eat a lesson and teach you how to behave."

After saying that, that beautiful woman suddenly took out a sword and killed it.

Tang Zichen could tell with a glance that this woman had trained the Sun and Moon Divine Sword to the fifth level.

Tang Zichen was worried that it would overtake him, but it was still far away, and Tang Zichen had practiced to the seventh level.

"Haha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, feeling, at once, that he could freely pretend to be a punk.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Beauty, I'll let you do three moves."

"Hmph, a mouthful, you're a newcomer, I don't think you've even practiced the first move of the first layer yet you."Saying that, the woman's sword move had arrived in front of Tang Zichen.

With a casual movement, Tang Zichen dodged the sword.

"Ah, how is this possible."

Tang Zichen had to quietly finish this pussyfooting and said, "I said, I'll let you have three moves, there are still two moves oh."

"Swoosh."That pretty girl came in stronger and stronger to kill, she didn't do her best with the first move just now, it was just a random strike because she thought Tang Zichen was weak.

Tang Zichen easily dodged again.

"Ah, how is this possible."That beauty was dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen said, "There's one last move."

That pretty girl said, "No need, the sword you were able to dodge so easily shows that you are stronger than me, say it, have you practiced to the sixth level?"


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