The King of Kungfu in school 2166-2170


Chapter 2166

A week came in the blink of an eye, this week, Tang Zichen studied the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow, and practiced the first level by the way.

On this day a week later, Tang Zichen stood in the sky above the valley and shouted, "Luo Soul, Green Bounce, Blue Bull King, Black Armor, come out, you four combined to fight me."

Tang Zichen shouted three times in a row.

All the caves, who were originally practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword on their own, came out in droves.

In just a moment, hundreds of pairs of eyes were already looking at Tang Zichen in midair.

"So he's the one called Tang Zichen."

"The man who arrogantly said he wanted one to fight four, it's him, I've never even seen this face before."

"I heard that he's a newcomer, he's only been here for over a thousand years and he's trained to the seventh level."

"What? So it seems that this person is not a peerless talent.I don't believe he's really only been here for over a thousand years."

"I don't believe it either, but, this person is indeed a new face, now let's not care about that, let's see if he can really fight four at a time, if he really defeated those four strongest together by himself, then I worship him."

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air, listening to the countless arguments around him. Remember the URL

At this moment, in a certain cave, a dark-skinned man with an extremely ugly face was there.This person was Luo Ling, he had heard a few months ago that a newcomer was going to challenge him in half a year's time.

"Finally you've come, good, I'd like to see who are you to be so arrogant."After saying that, the black-faced man disappeared inside the cave and appeared in the sky above the valley.

Luo Ling's eyes shot like a laser towards Tang Zichen in midair.

Similarly, a few seconds later, three more figures appeared, the Frog Clan's Green Bounce, the Ox Clan's Blue Bull King, and the Turtle Clan's Black Armor, each with a different appearance.Although the Frog Clan's was also human in appearance, the eyes were clearly frog style at a glance, especially those two eyes, they were really too froggy.The blue bull king of the bull clan had two very distinct horns on his head, as well as a bull-like nose, but his lips were similar to those of a human, the black armor of the turtle clan, the divine talent was short and hunched over, with a black, tough-looking, armor-like shell on his back.The Luo Spirit, on the other hand, was a dark-skinned human who looked somewhat like a black man, except for his haircut.

The four of them, surrounded Tang Zichen in the middle.

Before Luo Soul could speak, that frog-eyed green bounce, yelled, "You're the son of a bitch who said one of you would beat the four of us?"

Instead of being arrogant, Tang Zichen smiled modestly, "I'm sure your Excellency must be the famous Green Bounce, long time no see."

Frog Eyes sneered, "You think I won't show mercy if you are polite to me?Impossible."

Tang Zichen waved his hands in a row and said, "Don't, don't, don't, don't show mercy, if you show mercy, then it would take a lot of hard work on my part, I just want you to join forces and bring out your strongest skills to fight me."

"You."The four of them were shocked to see how arrogant Tang Zichen was, if they were in their place, they really wouldn't have the courage to be so arrogant with the other three.

Luo Soul was angry, but seeing that Tang Zichen was actually still so arrogant in the face of all three of them, he seemed to have calmed down inside.

Luo Ling Dao: "

I hear you've only been here a thousand years?"

"Yes yes, I've been coming to the Immortal Academy for over a thousand years."

Black A was startled, "It's only been over a thousand years since I've been here, and you've already practiced to the seventh level."

"Yes, yes, I practiced to the seventh level a while ago, I felt so bored with the practice, so I came out for some fresh air and accidentally walked over to the Shura Divine Saber, so I tried practicing the Shura Divine Saber again, but I didn't expect that the Shura Divine Saber has also reached the sixth level."

"What? You, you've practiced the Shura Divine Blade to the sixth level?"Luo Soul, Green Bounce, Black Armor, and Blue Ox were all dumbfounded, not knowing if Tang Zichen was serious, or if he was lying.

There was also a lot of discussion, Tang Zichen had even practiced to the sixth level of the Shura Divine Saber, it was the first time everyone had heard of this, even Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty didn't know this yet, they only knew that Tang Zichen had practiced to the fourth level of the Shura Divine Saber.

Tang Zichen saw the four people's faces looking shocked, busy saying, "But don't worry, I will never use the Shura Divine Saber, nor will I use the Shura Divine Saber and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword at the same time, I will only use the Sun and Moon Divine Saber to duel with you, of course, if I lose and you guys want to kill me, then I'll be a different story."

"What? You can still use both at the same time ah?"The Blue Ox King growled at the question, his eyes wide.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Of course, there's nothing wrong with having two hands, isn't there, one hand using the Shura Divine Sword and the other using the Sun and Moon Divine Sword."


Luo Soul roared, "Don't scare people over there, the more you talk, the more mysterious it gets, you fucking think we're gullible right, why didn't you say you practiced both the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow?"

Tang Zichen said, "How do you know that I practiced the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Sun Shooting Arrow?"

Luo Soul was startled, "What? You really practiced the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Sun Shooting Arrow?"

"Yeah, a week ago, I felt like I didn't have any problems dealing with the four of you anymore, so I had some free time, so I practiced the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow that I had memorized in my head before, because it was too short, so they've all only reached one layer, and I'm embarrassed if you don't mention it."

"What? You're saying that you have the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow in your head?"Qing Bounce asked incredulously.

"Yeah, thinking to practice later when I have free time, so I went and memorized these diagrams six months ago."

Luo Soul sneered, "Blow, keep blowing, the more you blow, the more mysterious it becomes, at first I almost believed it, now, to death I don't believe it, why don't you go to heaven?"

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, no more nonsense, do it, today I just want to be defeated by the four of you, or, I'll defeat the four of you."

"No need, I'm enough for one person."After saying that, with a swoosh in Luo Ling's hand, an equally black sword appeared, the sword was actually an immortal weapon, again the Sun and Moon Divine Sword's Air Tearing Technique, and an immortal weapon as a weapon, it was really strong enough.

"Bragging King, let's see how I'll deal with you."The sword in Luo Soul's hand suddenly stabbed at Tang Zichen at an angle, it looked like a simple stab, however, this Sun and Moon Divine Sword's move was not empty, this stab would have instantly killed anyone who wasn't strong enough.

Tang Zichen said, "No, no, your angle is not in place for this move, the flaw is obvious, all I need to do now is use a downward picking move from the sixth level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and you will be defeated in a single move."


At the same time, Tang Zidun made a simple downward pick move, perfectly avoiding Luo Soul's attack and hitting Luo Soul's flaw directly.

Luo Soul felt, a sharpness coming from his wrist, he wanted to withdraw his arm immediately, but it was a flaw, if he could withdraw it in time, it wouldn't be a flaw.

In the next second, Tang Zichen's sword was under Luo Soul's arm.

The image was frozen in mid-air.

Cold sweat broke out on Luo Soul's forehead.

Tang Zichen said, "If this were a life and death battle, you would have lost this arm, but fortunately, I just want to cut and dice with you."Tang Zichen withdrew his sword.

Everyone in the arena was stupid, Luo Soul had lost too quickly.

Luo Soul was the strongest of the four people who had trained to the seventh level.

Luo Soul was also considered a man, he didn't play tricks, he took the sword away and said, "Thank you for your mercy, I lost."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not dueling with you alone, I'm joining forces with the four of you, so our duel hasn't even started yet."

"No need, I won't join forces with them to beat you, in any case, I'm convinced that I lost."After saying that, Luo Ling turned around and left with a lost face. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Alas, what a pity, then, you three join forces."Tang Zichen said to Green Bounce, Blue Ox, and Black Armor.

The three of them looked at each other, as if all three of them had shock in their eyes.

"Come on."

"Let's go on, I'd like to see if the three of us together really still can't beat him, no need to feel ashamed, that guy Luo Ling has lost anyway, so there's no shame in us joining forces."Qing bang said.



In the next second, three people rushed up.

The three of them had chosen different directions, which was so that Tang Zichen couldn't care about the three of them.

The three people used different moves as well, which also made it even more impossible for Tang Zichen to take care of the three people's attacks.

Everyone was sweating, if Tang Zichen could win this, it would be too unorthodox.

Tang Zichen was calm at the moment and quickly entered his state.

The level of these three people's Sun Moon Divine Sword was indeed much worse than Luo Ling's, and in Tang Zichen's opinion, they had even more flaws.

Tang Zichen immediately analyzed the three people's flaws and immediately came up with a move that would hit them all at the same time, thus immediately gaining the upper hand and even directly defeating them.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's Heavenly Maiden-like move attacked the three men.

"Ah."In the next second, the three of them almost screamed at the same time, blood dripping from their hands, and even, the swords in the hands of the Black Armor and Blue Ox King came off.

Tang Zichen won the three of them in one move.

"Wow."The whole arena screamed with a wow.

Luo Soul, who had just flown away, hadn't even entered his cave before he heard the wow scream, and when he looked back, the three of them, Green Bounce Blue Ox and Black Armor, had already lost together.

At this moment, Luo Ling was really trembling, just now he had lost to Tang Zichen, but now, seeing that the three of them had lost, Luo Ling was a little embarrassed to lose, because he was obviously not on the same level as Tang Zichen, likewise, Tang Zichen's image was suddenly so high in Luo Ling's heart that he could not look up to the degree.

The three of them, Qing蹦 Black Armor Blue Ox, were now looking at each other.

Tang Zichen said, "Understood, I hope the three of you will forgive my rudeness."Tang Zichen smiled politely.

"You're welcome, Brother Tang is truly admirable."

"Keep up the good work, three of you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen returned to his cave.

At this moment, the entire

All the valleys were talking, all of them amazed by Tang Zichen's strength.

Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty walked in.

"Brother Tang, you're too powerful."Yun.

"Fine, next, you guys can intentionally or unintentionally reveal that I can instruct others for ten immortal coins at a time."

"Ten Xian coins would be too much, might as well be cheaper, maybe more people."Fatty said.

"It's only five fairy coins."

The rest of the day was all water under the bridge, there were so many people looking for Tang Zichen's guidance that there was a line of people lined up at the door.

Tang Zichen could instruct one in about ten minutes, and in this day, less than a hundred people could be instructed, and with five immortal coins each, he made five or six hundred immortal coins a day.

With so many immortal coins, Tang Zichen was feeling a bit dizzy with fear.

However, Tang Zichen couldn't guide every day, Tang Zichen was only open for three days at a time, after three days, Tang Zichen would no longer guide others, he himself needed to practice, and also, Tang Zichen had to go to the Shura Divine Blade side, after all, there was still some deposit collected there.

After three days, Tang Zichen had already earned 1,650 Xian coins.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen wanted to laugh even in his dreams, if he absorbed these 1650 Immortal Coins, he didn't even know what he could upgrade to.

However, Tang Zichen wouldn't be too whimsical, after all, there were many people who could take out 1650 immortal coins, but how many of them became powerful immortals.

Tang Zichen spent a few days to train the 1650 Immortal Coins into a Level 4 Immortal Pill.

In total, 20,000 Level 4 Immortal Pills had been trained.

Tang Zichen smiled hehehe.

Tang Zichen immediately took 5,000 Immortal Pills.

Half an hour later, Tang Zichen's realm directly reached the Pre-Senior Immortal stage.

"Wow, Pre-Superior Immortal, tsk tsk."

Tang Zichen looked at the remaining 15,000 Immortal Pills, however, Tang Zichen didn't take any more, if he took another 15,000 Immortal Pills, he would probably be able to hit the middle Upper Immortal stage, however, Tang Zichen's such a quick binge would definitely arouse suspicion, and now that he was in the Academy of Immortality, to put it bluntly, it was just like being in someone else's Immortal Mansion, maybe every move was seen.

Tang Zichen walked out of the cave, Yun Xiaoyao, Fatty and the others also went to practice martial arts by themselves.

Tang Zichen first came to Fatty's cave and instructed Fatty for half an hour.

Then, Tang Zichen came to Yun Xiaoyao's cave.

"Yun Xiaoyao, in can I come in?"Tang Zichen found out that Yun Xiaoyao's cave had a ban, so maybe people were taking a shower or something, so he asked about it.

"Yes."In the next second, Yun Xiaoyao lifted the restriction.

"Hey, Brother Tang, you've become an Upper Immortal?"


"Wow, Tang, you've risen just in time, you were still an Earth Immortal even a few days ago."

"Oh, it's been a long time at Earth Immortal."Tang Zichen said casually.

"Congratulations, Brother Tang."

"Thank you, let me guide you a bit."

"Ah, really."

"Nonsense, let's get started, ask me anything you don't understand."


Don Zichen's instruction was several hours long.

Tang Zichen also couldn't understand why guiding Yun Xiaoyao could be several hours without feeling long.

"This move should be done in such a way to reach its maximum power."Tang Zichen pressed Yun Xiaoyao's navel with one hand and grabbed Yun Xiaoyao's hand holding the sword with the other hand, then gently corrected her movement.

Yun Xiaoyao's heart was thumping right now.


Tang Zichen felt her heartbeat and said, "The heart should not beat, the heart should be calm."

"Brother Tang, do you have a wife."Yun Xiaoyao asked.

"Nonsense, not here at home."

"Oh."Yun Xiaoyao looked a little lost.

"Don't get distracted."


For the next half an hour, Yun Xiaoyao turned listless, learning that Tang Zichen had a wife and didn't even seem to be in the mood to practice.

"Alright, you can practice by yourself, it seems like I'll be disturbing you if I'm here."

"It won't, Don."

"I'm leaving."

"Don't go, Don, I like you."Cloud. First URL

Don turned back and said, "Thanks, I already have a wife."

"Brother Tang."Yun Xiaoyao's heart ached, but she was rejected.

"What for."

"Do you think that I'm not good enough for you."


"Don't lie to me, your master are all high ranking immortals, how can he see a level like me, I won't blame you, I only blame that I'm too ignorant of myself."

"I'm leaving, you practice well."Tang Zichen left without looking back.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "Damn, find another girlfriend, I'll have to share another share of my Immortal Pill, I won't be so stupid."

The more women there were, the more Tang Zichen's Immortal Pill would of course be divided up, and Tang Zichen was relentless.

"Brother Tang."Yun Xiaoyao even chased out.

"What else is there?"

"Don, did you leave and never come back here again."Cloud.

"How so."

"You've become an Upper Immortal, so naturally you'll go over to the Upper Immortal's class to practice."

"Theoretically yes, I'm already an Upper Immortal, there's no point in staying here anymore, but I don't rule out continuing to stay here, there's no need to go with the flow anyway."

"Tang, I want to be you."

"Be me what?"

"Being your girlfriend during your time at Fairy Academy, I thought you didn't have a girlfriend yet at Fairy Academy, I can."

"Er."Tang Zichen was startled.

"Other strong people have girlfriends or boyfriends in the Immortal Academy, if you don't have one you don't deserve the status of a genius, you'll lose face."Yun Xiaoyao seemed to be advising Tang Zichen as much.

"Is that so."

"Mmhmm, Brother Tang, okay ah, don't worry, in the future, everyone will leave the Immortal Academy, if they don't fit, they'll naturally split up."

"Then according to what you mean, wouldn't it be sleeping with me at the Academy of Immortality for nothing."

"Er, this, everyone else is like that too."

Tang Zichen said, "No need, what's the difference between such a frivolous woman and a pig, a woman has to love herself, Yun Xiaoyao, farewell."

"Brother Tang, think about it, okay?"

Tang Zichen quickly walked away.

Yun Xiaoyao was dazed for a long time, originally she was indeed very self-loving, she had entered the Immortal Academy for more than 100,000 years without being chased away by anyone, unlike some female students, came in not even a few hundred years you, and was easily slept with by a stronger guide.However, in the face of Tang Zichen, Yun Xiaoyao, who was originally very self-loving, didn't even want to be self-loving, even if everyone went their own way in the future after leaving the Immortal Academy, she didn't care.

"Ugh, am I that unattractive, don't you know how many people I've rejected?successive days and months

I've refused to train the divine sword to the ninth level of the Upper Immortal."Yun Xiaoyao sighed as she watched Tang Zichen's departing back.

After Tang Zichen left the area of the Sun Moon Divine Sword, he immediately came back to the valley of the Shura Divine Sword.

Tang Zichen was going to repeat what happened over there at the Sun Moon Divine Sword again and then hold a three-day training session to make a profit here as well.

After tasting the sweetness, Tang Zichen had turned into a wealthy fan.

However, Tang Zichen must first train the Shura Divine Sword to at least the seventh level.

Tang Zichen asked a man about it, "Friend, who is the person who is currently practicing the Shura Divine Saber to the highest level?"

"Why do you ask."

"Just curious, I've practiced to the sixth level, and I want to know what level our late Earth Immortal class side, the strongest has practiced to."

"Wow, you've practiced to the sixth level, it seems you're also very powerful, sorry, just now the tone was much offended."

"You're welcome, you can directly tell me what layer the strongest one has practiced to."

"Seventh layer, but you're an Upper Immortal, why are you still here, you should have gone to the early Upper Immortal class to practice ah, that's the place where there are opponents of your level."

"Oh."It seemed that Tang Zichen's breakthrough was not at the right time, he was already an Upper Immortal, it would be too shameless to challenge the Earth Immortal of this valley, even if he won, it wouldn't show Tang Zichen's power, and he would be called shameless.

There was no other choice, it seemed Tang Zichen could only go to the pre-Shura Divine Blade Upper Immortal class, defeat the strongest person in that class, and then open a training course.

However, Tang Zichen must first instruct the person who received the deposit last time, or else it would be a fraud.

After that, Tang Zichen spent half a day instructing the dozens of people who had received the deposit last time before Tang Zichen left this valley and went to a valley not far next door that was full of pre-Superior Immortals and also had caves dug all over the sides of the valley.

There were also some caves that were unoccupied, and the ones that were unoccupied could be used casually.

Tang Zichen came to an unoccupied cave and prepared to practice the Shura Divine Saber in this cave and then make a fortune here as well.

No one cared whether or not Tang Zichen practiced the Shura Divine Blade, anyway, the Immortal Academy said it was an academy, but most of the time it was equivalent to self-study, the so-called instructors, Tang Zichen had never seen.

As such, Tang Zichen practiced for almost three years in this cave of the Shura Divine Saber.

Three years later, Tang Zichen had trained to the seventh level of the Shura Divine Blade.

"Haha, the seventh layer, I don't know how many layers this class in the early stage of Upper Immortal is trained to the strongest, I must reach that layer before I am qualified to open a training class here to make money."

Tang Zichen walked out of the cave.

Just then, Tang Zichen heard a voice coming from next door to his cave, "Bai Hanyan, I advise you to better know your place, otherwise, our boss is not that good-tempered."

"Go back and tell your boss to leave me alone, I won't like him."

"Bai Hanyan, what qualifications do you have to dislike our boss, our boss is a middle stage Upper Immortal, and the Shura Divine Blade has been trained to the tenth level, and you all come from the Eastern Victory Divine State, his family background is also bigger than your family, what makes you reject our boss, our boss has been chasing you for two hundred thousand years, that's enough sincerity."

"I'm sorry, I came to Immortal Academy, I just want to practice the Shura Divine Blade and increase my strength for my family, I didn't come here to fall in love."

"It seems that you're serious about toasting the wine."

"Get out of here."A woman shouted with a cry.

Tang Zichen was at the cave entrance next door, shaking his head and sighing, how come there are such ruffians everywhere?

However, it doesn't seem to be the Don's business, so it's better to stay out of it.


At this moment, two mid Upper Immortal men came out of the cave next door.

These two men were the goons who had just threatened some Bai Hanyan inside.

"What are you looking at."One of the men shouted at Tang Zichen when he saw that he was looking at them.

"Haha, I'm not looking."Tang Zichen said with a smile.

"Idiot."The two cursed at Tang Zichen and left.

Tang Zichen was surprised that he didn't even get angry at being scolded, had Tang Zichen's mind improved?

Soon after, the woman called Bai Hanyan from the next cave came out.

"Hello."Tang Zichen greeted the woman.

"Well, hello."That woman didn't seem to be in the mood for anything and her heart was heavy.

Tang Zichen sized up this Bai Hanyan, quite pretty looking, wearing a light green dress, very much like an airy fairy, although the dress couldn't see her body, but Tang Zichen vaguely seemed to be able to sense that she definitely had a good figure.

"What are you looking at."When the woman saw Tang Zichen staring at her, she asked with some slight anger. Remember the URL

"I'm sorry, I saw how pretty you are, so I took a few extra looks at you."

The woman said, "It wasn't you who used to be next door to me, how come it's you now, when did you get here?"

"Three years ago."

"Oh, just got here."

"Yes, and you?"

"I've been here for a long time."

Tang Zichen asked, "How many levels have you practiced with the Shura Divine Blade?"


"Not bad."

"I'm considered poor."The woman answered Tang Zichen wordlessly, always feeling like she had a heavy heart.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Why do you look like you have a heavy heart."


"If you don't want to tell me, then forget it, if I'm not wrong, it must be related to the two people who just left."

"You saw that?"

"Of course, only just left not, they threatened to make you promise to be their boss's girlfriend, right."

"Yes, unfortunately, I couldn't resist at all."

"Why? Who's their boss?"

"Their boss's name is Lin Huajun, he and I are both from the Eastern Sheng Shenzhou, I'm in the Eastern Sheng Shenzhou, my family's power is very average, much smaller than Lin Huajun's anyway.I'm now worried that he'll force himself on me, after all, I can't resist him at all, even if my family knew, they can't do anything about it, it's impossible to offend them because of a me, even if Lin Huajun kills me, my family probably won't take revenge for me, at most, they'll express strong condemnation."

"I really feel sorry for you."

"I could actually leave the Immortal Academy, but I'm really unhappy.What's your name?"Bai Hanyan asked.

"My name is Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, come in with me."

"Er, good."

Tang Zichen entered Bai Hanyan's cave.

Bai Hanyan immediately set up a restraint.

"Ah, you?"Tang Zichen didn't know what she wanted.

Bai Hanyan bit her lips and said, "I'm afraid Lin Huajun will come to my door and force me, I've been keeping my body so far, I wanted to find a strong man to marry in the future, but I didn't expect that it would finally be what God wanted, it's just that I don't know any other men here, I'd rather give it to you than to be Lin

Chinese Army spoil."

"Ah, you."Tang Zichen was a bit speechless, so she wanted this.

"Bai Hanyan, this can't be made to work."

Bai Hanyan glared, "A grown man, why are you so preposterous, you don't even pick up the bargains that fall from the sky, do you want me to fulfill Lin Huajun?I'm not willing."

Tang Zichen said, "Bai Hanyan, why are you suffering, Lin Huajun has been chasing you for so long which means he likes you ah, it's better to give someone who likes you than someone you meet for the first time.You don't even know what kind of person I am when we first meet, what if I'm even worse than Lin Huajun."

"I don't feel like you."

"You're looking at me for being more handsome."

"Ah, you."Bai Hanyan blushed in shame, Tang Zichen was really straightforward, but really heck yes, if Tang Zichen was ugly looking, Bai Hanyan wouldn't have taken Tang Zichen cheaply.It was because Tang Zichen was handsome, it could be said that Bai Hanyan hadn't seen a man more handsome than Tang Zichen since she was born, so when Bai Hanyan thought about it, in case she lost her virginity to Lin Huajun, it would be better to lose her virginity to this handsome man.

"Oh, you ah."Tang Zichen smiled, and when he saw that expression on Bai Hanyan's face, he knew that it must be because of the handsome problem.

Bai Hanyan said, "Alright, although it's true that it's because you're handsome, it's also because I'm not willing to be gotten by Lin Huajun."

Tang Zichen said, "Bai Hanyan, I appreciate your honesty towards me, so put your clothes on first."Tang Zichen put on one of the outer garments that Bai Hanyan had taken off.

Bai Hanyan said, "I'm sorry to make you laugh, you're probably disappointed in me, thinking that I'm just a random person."

"No, on the contrary, I'm very touched, well, you met me for the first time and can still treat me like this, I can't ignore it.Let me handle the matter about Lin Huajun."

"You?Don't digress, I don't want to get you involved, that Lin Huajun is mid Upper Immortal."

Tang Zichen said, "Mid Upper Immortal is nothing, I'm not going to lie, I'm about to break through to mid Upper Immortal."

In fact, it was easy for Tang Zichen to break through to mid Upper Immortal, eat the remaining 15,000 Immortal Pills and he could possibly hit mid Upper Immortal.


"It's even truer than your heart for me."

Bai Hanyan blushed and snapped, "You must be a very good at picking up girls."

"To be honest, I don't need to soak at all, since I grew up, it's almost always the women who like me first, and I would love to experience it, the feeling of pursuing a beautiful woman, but I'm afraid this wish of mine won't come true in this life."

Bai Hanyan puffed out a laugh and scolded, "You're so narcissistic."

"Haha, it's good that you're happy."

"Oh, so you're just teasing me."

"Sort of."

"You're a person."Bai Hanyan aimed shyly with a smile at Tang Zichen, who was now finding herself elated and feeling soothed all over by Tang Zichen.Inside, Bai Hanyan still believed that Tang Zichen must be someone who was very good at picking up girls, because, she felt like she was attracted to him right away.If Lin Xianjun was capable of this, why would he need to chase her for so long.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, let's stop talking to you for now, I feel like I'm going to break through, I'm going to close the door for a bit."

"Okay, but how long will it take."

"It doesn't have to be long, it's quick."

Tang Zichen entered his cave and set up a restriction.

Tang Zichen originally didn't want to step into the middle stage of Upper Immortal so quickly for fear of being suspected and not being easy to explain, but for a woman, it was too unrestrained.

Tang Zichen sighed, who let him be born to be more compassionate towards beautiful women.


Tang Zichen took 15,000 Immortal Pills.

About half an hour later, Tang Zichen transformed all of the immortal pills into his own immortal destiny, and then, Tang Zichen rushed up to the middle stage of Upper Immortal.It just seemed to be a bit of a struggle, but it seemed that the 15,000 Immortal Pills were just enough to make Tang Zichen a middle stage Upper Immortal.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "So unorthodox, I hope no one notices."

Tang Zichen had only become an Upper Immortal three years ago, and now he had become an Upper Intermediate Immortal, if he ran into the fat man he had met three years ago, Yun Xiaoyao and the others, they would definitely be suspicious.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "I must modify my age now, so it's slightly safer."

Tang Zichen took out his spatial tablet and modified his age to almost three million years.

The reason for modifying it to three million years old was because Bai Hanyan, who was in the cave next door, was also three million years old, so it looked like she was the same age.

Of course, it might have to be revised in the future, and changed at any time anyway.

Only then did Tang Zichen walk out of the cave and come next door.

"Are you done?Wow, it's really mid Upper Immortal."

"Oh, nothing to be surprised about, I've been stuck at this point for a long time, and I just had to thank you, I'm afraid it wasn't so fast if it wasn't for the pleasure of talking to you." One second to remember to read the book

Bai Hanyan's speechless one angry: "How could it be."However, although Bai Hanyan didn't believe it was true, she was happy to hear it.

"Now that I'm also a middle stage Upper Immortal, I'm not afraid of that Lin Huajun."

Bai Hanyan suddenly said, "Wait, how many levels have you trained with the Shura Divine Blade."

"Seventh level."

"Ah, so low."

"Eh, is it low?"

"It's over, Lin Huajun has trained to the ninth level, even if you're a mid Upper Immortal, that's no match for him ah."

Tang Zichen said, "That's not necessarily oh, who told you that if you practiced to the ninth level, you would definitely win the seventh level."

"That's for sure ah, otherwise why would everyone desperately want to practice."

"Bai Hanyan, you don't understand this, on the whole, it's true that the more you practice, the stronger you are, because the more you practice the Shura Divine Blade, the more power you can exert.However, the difference between me and Lin Huajun is only two layers ah, two layers is not a big difference, I just need to find his flaw point and can still pick him over, after all, two layers is not enough to make up for a fatal flaw."

Bai Hanyan said depressedly, "You really sound good, although it's theoretically possible, but you need to be able to find his fatal flaw ah, people practice the Shura Divine Blade more profoundly than you, only he finds your flaw, but you have a hard time finding his flaw.The ninth level of the Shura Divine Saber, you haven't even practiced it yet, how can you see his flaw, it's simply impossible."

"Haha, don't worry about that for me."

"Alright."Bai Hanyan looked at Tang Zichen half-heartedly.

Tang Zichen said, "Now that the Lin Hua army hasn't come yet, I'll go back and practice the Shura Divine Blade first."


"It's okay, I'll find out."

"I'd better go to your cave, do you mind?"

"Of course I don't mind."

Bai Hanyan came to Tang Zichen's cave to practice with him.

"Let me guide the practice of the eighth level."Bai Hanyan said.

"Fine, you practice the eighth layer, from beginning to end, while I watch, which might enhance my perception."


Bai Hanyan instantly

Practicing the eighth level of the Shura Divine Blade in the cave.

Tang Zichen read through it once and smiled, "It seems I've found a quicker trick."

"What do you mean?"

Tang Zichen said, "Originally it would have taken me five or six or even ten years to practice the eighth level, but I just saw you rehearse it from scratch, and then I combined it with the diagrams I remembered myself, and all of a sudden, my comprehension was too great, and I've already practiced the eighth level in a flash."

"Ah, so fast."

"So, I found a trick that's even faster.I just need to go to someone who's at a higher level than I practiced, have him practice it once to show me, and then I made it almost immediately.It's like, forging a sword, which would have required hammer after hammer, but with a template, you just have to pour iron into the template and the sword is done.You've just been my template, understand?"

"I don't understand."

"It's also true that I need to have my kind of comprehension to understand, but anyway, if I'm given enough 'templates', it wouldn't be hard to practice a hundred levels of the Shura Divine Blade."

"Gosh, what the hell are you, you're too smart."

"Haha, I'll accept that."

"No wonder you just said that you can find out what's wrong with Lin Hua Jun."

"Alright, I'd like to ask, in your class, are there any of you who have trained to the ninth level of the Shura Divine Blade now?"

"Yes, there are more than ten of them."

"Then can you take me to one and show me how to practice the ninth level once, I need him as my ninth level 'template'."

"Well, I know a guy, Johnny, he should be willing, because, he likes me, he tried to chase me before."

Don said with a roll of his eyes, "Didn't you say before that you didn't know any other men here, so you wanted to give me your body for cheap?How come a Johnny running out now also likes you."

Bai Hanyan blushed with a glare: "No one will treat you as dumb if you don't talk."Bai Hanyan was very ashamed, in a word, it wasn't really that she didn't know any other boys, but only Tang Zichen made her willing to pick up the advantage for him.

Bai Hanyan brought Tang Zichen to a certain cave.

"Johnny, are you there?"

A moment later, a tall man walked out.

"Smoke, what brings you to my place, is there something you want to ask me?"

Bai Hanyan said, "Johnny, would it be convenient for you to show me the ninth level of the Shura Divine Blade, rehearsing it from start to finish?"

"Sure. Ten thousand conveniences."That Johnny agreed without even thinking about it.

However, Johnny looked to the Don and asked warily, "Who is he?"

"He's my friend, don't mind if he's watching too."

"What friend?"

"Just friends, don't ask so many questions, if you don't want to then forget it."

"Don't go, I'm willing."

That Johnny, who was also infatuated, afraid that the goddess in his heart would be angry, immediately practiced the ninth level of the Shura Divine Blade from start to finish.

Tang Zichen watched from the side, Tang Zichen used him as a 'template', then Tang Zichen applied it directly to this template based on the diagram of the ninth layer he had written down, so Tang Zichen practiced the ninth layer of the Shura Divine Saber with almost no effort at all.

This template was also too strong for Tang Zichen, if he could find more templates, Tang Zichen could practice into more layers in less time.

"Hanyan, when you're done practicing, do you understand?Where you don't understand, I'll explain it for you."That Johnny said.


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