The King of Kungfu in school 2116-2120


Chapter 2116

Tang Zichen was always ready, his Great Star Luofa was ready to collapse out, just waiting for Gao Jian to get close to him.

Tang Zichen believed that with the power of his Great Star Luofa, he should be able to bridge the gap in his realm.However, what would happen after that, Tang Zichen didn't think about it anymore, so Tang Zichen didn't have much confidence in himself.

"Drink."Gao Jian moved to Tang Zichen's body.

Tang Zichen didn't have any resistance as Tang Zichen's mana was even lower, ordinary resistance would definitely not be able to block it, only the Great Star Luo method would have the power to resist it.

"Right now."Tang Zichen shouted, as Gao Jian also completely killed Tang Zichen right now.

"Great Star Luofa."

"Boom."A very powerful force was emitted from Tang Zichen, and a faint aura from Tang Zichen also blocked Gao Jian's attack, while shaking the power of Gao Jian away like a balloon exploding.

"Wow."Gao Jian was shocked by Tang Zichen's move, and his body took five or six steps backwards before stopping.

"What."Gao Jian was very surprised to see that he didn't kill Tang Zichen with that move he just made, under normal circumstances, a pre-Mortal Immortal, Tang Zichen was bound to die.

Countless people at the scene were surprised that Tang Zichen's strength actually shook Gao Jian back, he was a Pre-Mortal Immortal, one Immortal level behind Gao Jian.

"Good, good."In the crowd, Elder Star Vladimir shouted, saying inwardly, "Worthy of being my favored granddaughter-in-law, no wonder he dared to duel with Gao Jian, he's a bit capable, let's hope he'll be able to survive the next battle." One second to remember to read the book

On the scene today, it wasn't just those juniors who came to see the duel, even the Upper Immortal powerhouses had come over thirty.

Those Upper Immortal strongmen on the scene, looking at Tang Zichen secretly praised, especially one of them, secretly said, "This person, I'm afraid, is the most genius existence in the Upper Fey Yan Continent for a hundred million years, at least, this hundred million years, no one has ever shocked back the opponent in a single encounter while being one realm weaker.And I'll see, if he doesn't get defeated in the end, or even defeat Gao Jian, then, look out, hahaha."

The surprised voices at the scene were directed at Tang Zichen.

Gao Jian was upset inside when he heard that so many people were surprised for Tang Zichen at the scene.

Gao Jian gritted his teeth and said, "Very well, Zhou Mi, you are really unexpected, but, today you will die."Gao Jian was completely furious.

"Words without proof."Tang Zichen snorted.

Gao Jian said, "Just now was just an appetizer, do you think, I put out my full strength?This time, I'll use the Heaven's Blade to strike, and I'll see if you can block it."

"Drink."After saying that, Gao Jian's entire body once again killed Tang Zichen, suddenly, the gale was strong, no, if you looked carefully, it wasn't wind, it was a bright sword, the sword turned into the wind like, it was evident how powerful this Heavenly Saber spell, was.

The Heavenly Saber spell was a family tradition of Gao Jian, and Gao Jian had only practiced this blade.

"It's over, Zhou Mi is going to die."

"This is the Heavenly Saber spell, the Gao family is able to stand in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, relying on this spell."

"I heard that Gao Jian has only refined this one as well."

Everyone was worried for Tang Zichen.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's face was white as he looked at the sword that was like the wind.

"What a strong spell, what should I do with this one?"

Tang Zichen's mind was blank, his strongest move right now was the Great Star Luo Law, so Tang Zichen could only continue to try to see if he could rely on the Great Star Luo Law to block this move.

However, in case he couldn't block it, then

Absolute death, Tang Zichen was very apprehensive inside, but time, it was too late for him to think.

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth and rushed up regardless.

Countless Heavenly Blades swept wildly at Tang Zichen like raindrops.

"Ah."Tang Zichen shouted, a faint aura on his body frantically defending against the High Sword's Heavenly Saber.

"Dang dang dang."There was a little bit of intense, chilling crashing sound.

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth.

However, Tang Zichen felt that his Great Star Luofa was about to be unable to withstand it, and once it couldn't, it would suddenly turn into meat paste.

At this moment, it was also the biggest crisis Tang Zichen had felt since becoming an Immortal.

"Ah."Just then, Tang Zichen thought of the Life Blood Hidden that he had once used when he was in the Mortal Realm.

Of course Life Blood Crypt was impossible to use, but Tang Zichen had to use the shortest amount of time to upgrade it to a level that could be used by Immortals as well, right now.

Tang Zichen instantly combined the Life Blood Invisibility with the Great Star Law to create an even stronger spell that could instantly output even more power.

All of this was just in a moment.

At this moment, the entire arena was quiet and silent.

Gao Jian was also gritting his teeth and attacking Tang Zichen's Heavenly Saber spell moment by moment, but Tang Zichen's Great Star Luo method was still resisting, but everyone could see that Tang Zichen seemed to be on the verge of not being able to resist, and the aperture of the Great Star Luo method was getting weaker and weaker.

"Come on, hurry up, break his aperture and strangle him into pieces."Gao Jian said with a fierce face.

At the scene, everyone was speaking in silence, some were cheering for Tang Zichen while others were hoping that Gao Jian would break Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen and the two men stood in the ring, and although there was no direct collision of hands and feet, the struggle of spells had been seen.

They were sweating profusely on their foreheads, and Gao Jian looked like he was giving it his all.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen exhaled a deep breath.

He had finally succeeded in combining the Great Star Luo Method with Life Blood Hidden at a critical moment.

Tang Zichen called this move, the Great Life Law.

"Drink."Tang Zichen let out a huge roar, and suddenly, Tang Zichen's blood qi surged wildly, and the faint aura on his body turned into a blood-red aura.

After it turned into a blood-red aperture, it seemed that the intensity instantly increased.

Tang Zichen internally shouted, "This is it."

The blood-red aperture instantly exploded like a balloon.


Suddenly, Gao Jian's Heavenly Saber spell was blown apart by Tang Zichen's Great Life Law.

Without any thought, Tang Zichen used his palm as a blade and rushed up to cut Gao Jian's lifeblood.

At this moment, in the dark, one of Gao Jian's strongest men was busy saying, "Quick, Gao Jian is defeated, Zhou Mi is going to cut the lifeblood, stop it."

After saying that, one of the strong men a stream of air flew out, if this stream of air hit, Tang Zichen would definitely die, showing the shamelessness of the Gao family at a critical moment.

However, just as it was about to hit Tang Zichen, another stream of air flew out from the crowd.

"Pah."That stream of air instantly intercepted it.

"Pfft."It was already too late, Tang Zichen sliced off Gao Jian's lifeblood, all of his roots and pills, with a single slap.


"Ah" Gao Jian let out a huge scream, his pant legs suddenly stained red with blood.

"What!"The strong face of the Gao family at the scene changed greatly, they could have stopped it and killed Zhou Mi, but, I don't know which one of the strong Upper Immortals dared to go against them and help Tang Zichen, resulting in the failure to stop it, Gao Jian was cut and turned into a eunuch.

"No, Jian'er."Gao Jian's mother hissed.

All of the audience, at the moment, had very shocked and somewhat unbelievable expressions, Zhou Mi, a pre-Mortal Immortal, had actually defeated Gao Jian and managed to cut Gao Jian's roots.

Of course, the audience didn't care whether Gao Jian still had his roots or not, everyone only felt that it was wonderful, and it was worthwhile for everyone to line up here early in the morning.

Gao Jian only felt the pain from below, and his hand involuntarily flattened, and touched the blood on his hand.

Gao Jian suddenly hissed, "My root, ah ah ah, Zhou Mi, you give me back my root."

Gao Jian's eyes were bloodshot red, unable to accept the fact that he was the young master of a second class overlord family, but actually, actually he was cut by a pre-mortal immortal with no family background.

"Sooooo."Gao Jian cried out on the spot, he used to be able to feel a lump when his hand probed, but now it was flat.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, finally, he had won.

He was going to lose, but if he hadn't upgraded his spell in time, combining Life Blood Hidden with the Great Star Luo Law to create a stronger spell, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen would have lasted a few more tens of seconds before he was strangled into powder by Gao Jian's Heavenly Saber spell. The first website

In a split second of life and death, Tang Zichen felt palpitations and walked through the ghost gate even though he had cut Gao Jian.

Gao Jian pointed at Tang Zichen and said angrily, "Zhou Mi, you actually dared to cut me, I'm not done with you."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Before I challenged you, it was on the basis of life to win or lose, have you forgotten.I'm stronger than you, why shouldn't I cut you."

"Ahhhh, I'll kill you."Gao Jia's anger rushed up.

Tang Zichen didn't pay any attention to him and turned around and flew up into the air, Gao Jian bleeding and spilling blood.

At this moment, all the strong men of the Gao family looked at Tang Zichen with murderous eyes.

At this moment, an Earth Immortal strongman from the Gao family flew out and said angrily, "Zhou Mi, you dare to hurt my Gao family, you are looking for death."

Just then, Star Vladimir flew out and blocked in front of Tang Zichen, laughing, "Brother Gao Tuo, this is your fault, Zhou Mi and your son dueled, it was a formal challenge, it wasn't forced, your son could have not accepted it, since he accepted it, he has to accept any result, besides, Zhou Mi's immortal rank is even lower, you don't blame your son for being inferior, instead you want to kill Zhou Mi!, isn't that a bit shameful.Here today, so many immortals have come, and so many upper immortals have come, we all have eyes, if you were to kill Zhou Mi, I'm sure there would be countless people on the scene who would disobey."

"Yeah, disobey."

"I'm not convinced either, it's too shameless, if you're not as skilled as others, you deserve it, besides, Gao Jian also killed and cut Zhou Mi in his previous life, but in this life it's just even."

"That's right, I'd like to see if the Gao family is really so shameless."

"If Zhou Mi suddenly died violently after that, then it must be the Gao family's secret hand, don't think that if we don't do it now, we won't know if we do it later when no one is around."

There was a lot of noise and discussion, without a doubt, almost everyone supported Tang Zichen.There was no doubt about it, everyone liked the strong and disliked the weak, besides, Zhou Mi was fighting with the pre-Mortal Immortal

In the middle of defeat, ninety percent of the people on the scene were filled with respect for Zhou Mi from the bottom of their hearts.

Gao Jian's father, at the moment, was a bit cavalier, although these melon eaters at the scene, only dared to yell when there were many people, really let them come out definitely not one, but, so many people yelling, the bottom line was suddenly lacking, and there were many Earth Immortals and Upper Immortals at the scene, if these people, also came out to support Zhou Mi, it would be really bad.

Just when Gao Tuo didn't know what was wrong, an Upper Immortal strong man from the Gao family flew out.

This Upper Immortal strong man was a mid Upper Immortal, the second strongest man in the Gao family.Gao Jian's grandfather was the third strongest member of the Gao family.

That Upper Immortal said to Gao Jian's father, "You retreat first."

"But, my son was cut by him."Gao Tuo said unwillingly.

"Since Gao Jian is not as skilled as others, then admit defeat, are you still not humiliated enough?Stand down."

"Yes."Gao Tuo glared angrily at Tang Zichen, then stepped back and came to Gao Jian's side, asking, "Jian'er, how are you?"

"Sooooo, Father, my roots are gone, I don't want to live."

"Jian'er, don't worry, my father will help you mend it, we are immortals, it can be mended."

Gao Jian cried and shook his head, "I don't want the mending, the mending of the roots, it's never more than three seconds at a time, I don't want it, woah."

"Nonsense, who said the mending doesn't last more than three seconds."

"Father, don't argue with me, I know better than you, in short, I have no face to live with anymore."

"Jian'er, there are many other things we can do away from women, ah, it's not like we have to be women."

Gao Tuo was comforting his son under the ring, and the people at the scene were laughing.

In mid-air, the second strongest Upper Immortal of the Gao family looked at Tang Zichen, his gaze also had a hint of anger, however, he suppressed it well, it really wasn't appropriate to kill Tang Zichen today, besides, killing Tang Zichen wouldn't make up for anything, what should be cut had already been cut.

Most importantly, there was a strong man on the scene who was at least a mid Upper Immortal, secretly helping Tang Zichen.

The moment Gao Jian failed just now, the person who sent out his Qi energy to kill Tang Zichen was him, but he was stopped, which meant that the person who was secretly helping Tang Zichen was at least mid Upper Immortal.Therefore, there was no way to kill Zhou Mi today.

"Zhou Mi, you're really ruthless."The second strongest Upper Immortal of the High Sword said indifferently to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Compared to the Gao Jian, I'm too kind, even compared to the Gao Family."

That Gao Family Upper Immortal's face smiled and said, "Zhou Mi, count yourself lucky today."

"Really? If you're going to do it, do it now, you don't have to wait until no one is around, that would look hypocritical instead."Tang Zichen said.

The muscles on the Gao Family Upper Immortal's face shook and said, "Are you telling everyone that if you suddenly die violently, it was me who did it?"

"I have no disaster or illness, can it still be suicide if I'm not killed."

"Zhou Mi, I don't want to make a verbal argument with you, I can only give you a word of advice, and you and behave yourself."

"Thank you, of course I'll behave myself."

"Hmph."The Gao Clan Upper Immortal flung his sleeves, turned around and flew away, and said to everyone in the Gao Clan, "All of you, go back."

The people of the Gao Family looked at Tang Zichen with resignation and then left in full view of the public, ashen.


Tang Zichen looked around, he didn't know who had just secretly helped him, if it wasn't for that person, Tang Zichen would have been killed by that Upper Immortal of the Gao family.

However, the crisis wasn't resolved, no one knew when the Gao family would suddenly kill Tang Zichen, after all, Tang Zichen had cut Gao Jian in public, this kind of humiliation was impossible for a second class overlord family to endure.

Tang Zichen said to the crowd, "Thank you all for your support, I, Zhou, am grateful."

"Mr. Zhou is polite."

After that, the crowd dispersed in groups.

All of the Upper Immortals on the scene disappeared as well, and there weren't any Upper Immortals who came to speak to Tang Zichen, nor did any of them show their appreciation for Tang Zichen, which Tang Zichen had a bit of regret about.It would be perfect if a strong Upper Immortal came out to show his appreciation for Tang Zichen and even offered to marry his daughter or something to Tang Zichen.

Elder Star Vladimir flew up and smiled, "Kid, I really wasn't wrong about you."

Tang Zichen was busy being grateful, "Thank you Elder Star Vladimir for speaking up for me just now."

"Alright, this little favor of mine is just a small favor, the real big favor is the one who just secretly prevented the High Immortal from killing you."

"No, there is no distinction between big and small help, Elder Star Vladimir didn't care about offending the Gao family, I, Zhou, am very grateful, and if I become rich in the future, I will definitely not forget my senior's great kindness."

"How polite to say this, it makes me embarrassed."Xing Zheng hehe smiled. Remember the URL

Star Luo came up and looked at Tang Zichen with blazing eyes, blazing with a hint of adoration.

"Zichen, you're fantastic, you were just about to fail to hold on, but then you suddenly became stronger after that, what's the reason?It's not possible that you've upgraded to an even stronger spell based on the Great Star Luo method, right?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, I combined one of my martial arts in the mortal realm, using the same principles and ideas, in a thousand gold, with the Great Star Luo method, thus creating an even stronger spell."

"Wow, what's the name of that spell?"

"Let's call it the Great Life Law."

"Zichen, you're really too genius."

Elder Star Vladimir said, "Needless to say, whether it's a true genius or not can be tested from here, a true genius can always be desperate and always create stronger spells in the most dire of times.It's just a pity."

Tang Zichen busily asked, "What does Senior pity?"

"Oh, it's a pity that you don't like my granddaughter, otherwise, I would wake up laughing in my dreams with such a genius granddaughter-in-law."Elder Star Vladimir said.

Tang Zichen laughed awkwardly.

At this time, Star Vladimir's granddaughter, Star Yan, came over and stood behind her grandfather, Star Yan looked at Tang Zichen with a hint of resentment in her eyes, as if she was resenting Tang Zichen for looking down on her.

Star Luo was busy saying, "Zichen, we're almost leaving, your master hasn't been buried yet, I'll go with you."

"Fine."Tang Zichen and Star Luo turned around and left.

Star Vladimir and Star Goose watched their backs.

"Grandpa, he's really outstanding."

"Unfortunately, not good enough for you."

"Grandpa, am I really uglier than Star Luo?"

"You're not uglier than Star Luo at all, it's just that Star Luo knew you before you did, but so what if you knew him first, they're impossible, Star Luo was already promised to Yan Qinggang by the family ancestor."

"Alas, if I could marry such a man, this life would be worth it."

"Star Goose, why be so frustrated, just because Zhou Mi doesn't like you now, doesn't mean that he hasn't always liked

You, you could go after it on your own accord."

"I won't."

"Grandpa won't either, I've heard that you have to give gifts to chase men, it's just that, for your happiness, grandpa I'll take out my treasured thirty million years of wealth and give it to you to chase men."

"Ah, grandpa, you're not kidding, your treasured wealth of 30 million years is thousands of immortal grasses."

"Yes, 1,099 billion years of immortal grass, it was originally used to cultivate you, but, grandpa really wants Zhou Mi, his granddaughter-in-law, so, grandpa is willing to take it out to soak up your son."

"What bubble boy, talk so badly."

"Star Goose, tomorrow, give these 1,099 Immortal Grasses to Zhou Mi, to show him your goodwill."

"Good."Star Goose nodded her head.

More than a thousand Immortal Grasses, not much to say, not much to say.

Tang Zichen returned home and stood in front of the Green King's hearth.

Tang Zichen said, "Tianxiang, bring out a plate."

"What do you need a plate for?"

"Load the sacrifice."


"The lifeblood of the high sword."

"You really."

"Yes, I really pay my respects to my master with this, you two, you're both girls, so go outside before you see that disgusting thing."

"I'm so speechless."Star Luo glared and hurriedly left, she didn't go to someone else's lifeblood, inside Star Luo, in this life, she only wanted to see Tang Zichen's, no one else's was interested.Star Luo thought so inside, she couldn't help but blush.

Tian Xiang brought the plate, then also hurriedly ran away.

Tang Zichen took Gao Jian's lifeblood, put it on the plate, and then placed it on the spirit front table.

Just now in the ring, the Gao family didn't seem to think that Tang Zichen would pick up Gao Jian's lifeblood, and the Gao family's attention wasn't focused on the cut-offs.

Tang Zichen gave his master incense and said, "Master, my disciple is incompetent and cannot help you kill your enemy yet, for now, my disciple can only cut the lifeblood of your enemy to worship you, I still hope that my master will forgive my disciple.Master rest assured, one day, disciple will kill Gao Jian with his hands and avenge you."

After paying his respects, Tang Zichen collected Gao Jian's things, and also took the Green King's coffin with him.

Walking out of the gate, Tian Xiang and Xing Luo stood at the door.

"Let's go, it's time for Master to be buried."


Tang Zichen, the three of them, immediately went to the Immortal Graveyard.

It was Tang Zichen's first time going to such a place.

Tang Zichen always felt that this kind of scene seemed to be a bit deja vu.Tang Zichen quickly remembered the Thousand Mountain Graveyard.Tang Zichen had once seen many misty thousand mountain curtains in the connecting passageways of the mortal realm, with tombs everywhere, all kinds of demons, all kinds of immortal gods and goddesses.However, at that time, it was only vaguely seen and untouchable.The immortal's tomb felt a little similar to the Thousand Mountains Screen, but it didn't have the majestic atmosphere of the Thousand Mountains Screen.

Star Luo said, "This is the tomb of the Immortals of the Upper Fellows, since ancient times, all the Immortals of the Upper Fellows died and were buried here."

Tang Zichen asked, "Are there any other immortal graves in the Immortal Realm?"

"Of course, it's tightly based here in the Upper Feyama Continent, and there must be some in other states as well as in the heavens."

"En, I see."

"Up ahead is the tomb my people found for Master Green King, let's go bury the Green King."


Tang Zichen worried, "I don't know if the Gao family will come to dig the graves, before Mei Seed all said that they will dig up even if they are buried."

Xing Luo said, "Don't worry, they won't dare."


"Tzu-Chen, do you know why all immortals are buried here when they die?This is because, buried here, this place is very thick with Yin spirits, if someone dared to come here to dig a grave, it would definitely cause the anger of all the Yin spirits here, with so many Yin spirits buried here, if it causes the anger of so many Yin spirits, then it's basically impossible to get out alive.Therefore, no one would dare to come and dig a grave, unless they are strong enough to counteract all the Yin Spirits here, for example, Heavenly Immortals or above, but after they are strong enough to do so, they probably wouldn't be interested in digging a grave long ago."

Tang Zichen quickly buried the Green King, and at the same time, engraved words on the tombstone, describing his master's achievements and fame in this life, and if someone came in the next thousand years, they would be able to know who was buried in this grave.

When it was finished, Tang Zichen said to Tian Xiang and Xing Luo, "You guys go first, I want to put the Gao Jian's things, in front of Master's tombstone."

"So speechless."

Tianxiang and Xing Luo left first.

Tang Zichen strung up the high sword thing with bamboo sticks and stuck it in front of the tombstone.

See, it was definitely going to be alive and angry.

"Master, then I'll leave first, you can rest in peace here."Tang Zichen bowed one last time, then turned around and walked away. One second to remember to read the book

As Tang Zichen walked, he also looked at the graves of the others.

What Heaven's Ultimate Master, the Upper Fellows War God, the Cloud Fairy, a whole bunch of them, each of them had introduced their masters as awesome on their tombstones.Of course, this was understandable, just like Tang Zichen's tombstone on Master Green King's tombstone, which also had words like what was the most outstanding Immortal Master of Upper Fei Yan Continent inscribed on it.

Just then, Tang Zichen suddenly saw a peculiar tomb.

"Hey, why is that tomb without any introduction on the tombstone?"

Tang Zichen was a little confused, of all the immortal graves here, which one didn't look like a bull's-eye sleeping here, only this one immortal grave had an empty tombstone.

Tang Zichen curiously went up to the tomb and found that this tomb had been buried here for hundreds of millions of years.

Out of respect for his predecessor, Tang Zichen bowed three times to this tomb and said, "Senior, I hope you won't be offended if you take the liberty of interrupting."

After paying his respects, Tang Zichen prepared to turn around and leave.

At this moment, a voice came from the tomb behind him, "Stop."

"Ah."Tang Zichen turned back in a frightened panic, and when he did, a large face was right in front of Tang Zichen's eyes, almost pressed against his face.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was frightened and backed away.

Only after taking a few steps back did Tang Zichen see the face of that unknown person or ghost, it was a very old man, his face was so old that it looked like tree bark, not only his face, his whole body's skin looked like tree bark, extremely terrifying.

"Senior, you are."

"That's right, I'm the owner of this nameless tombstone."

"Ah, Senior, are you a human or a ghost?"Tang Zichen asked in a panic.

"My grave is here, do you think I'm a human or a ghost."

"Ah, senior, don't scare me, senior didn't mean to offend, senior just saw that your tombstone didn't have any written introduction on it and came to disturb you out of curiosity."

"Hmph, since you're here, then go in and accompany me."



"Into my grave with me, of course."That pale thing, tugging on Tang Zichen's head, whirled like the wind and crashed into the tombstone.

Tang Zichen's figure instantly disappeared in front of the tomb, as if he had never been here before.

At this moment, not far away, Tianxiang and Xing Luo shouted, "Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen, Zhou Mi, the Prime Minister."

Tang Zichen clearly heard their shouts, but Tang Zichen couldn't see or touch them, it was pitch black in front of him, and what's more, Tang Zichen couldn't even feel his own body.

Tang Zichen panicked and shouted, "Xing Luo, Tian Xiang, I'm here, I'm here."

However, they couldn't hear the same and were still looking around for Tang Zichen.

"Kid, don't waste your energy, they can't hear you."

"Senior, where am I?"

"You're in my grave."

"I'm really dead?"

"That's not true."

"Ah, I'm not dead, so why can't I feel my body exist?"

"That's because you are in my tombstone, my tombstone, a place like a spatial ring where you can cultivate and not feel the interference of time in the slightest.My tombstone is a spatial monument, I have been cultivating here for a billion years, and now, I will soon perish."The voice in Tang Zichen's ear said.

"Senior, you mean, you're still alive."

"Yes, a billion years ago, I didn't want to be disturbed, so I pretended to be dead, and since then, I've been cultivating here, but unfortunately, this spatial stele is not destined for me, and instead of being able to cultivate successfully, I'm deeply trapped in it."

"Senior, junior doesn't understand what you mean."

"My soul, was adsorbed by this spatial stele, back then I didn't listen to the advice, and those who are not fated with the spatial stele, their souls may be adsorbed by the spatial stele, and they will never be able to leave the spatial stele a hundred meters away."

"Then, Senior, what about me?"

"Before dying, I'm just pulling a cushion, I don't know if you have a fate with the space tablet, if not, you speak of taking over and being imprisoned here forever."

"Senior, you're so poisonous."

"Alright, just kidding with you, kid, on my tombstone, actually, there are many words, no different from other tombstones, but you can't see the words on the tombstone, which means, you are fated with this spatial stele.Also, you can save me out, but unfortunately, my life span is already over, so there's no point in even if you save me out, I'm about to actually sleep here for the rest of my life."The old man was sorrowful, trapped all his life, finally waiting for someone who could save him, but, he was already at the end of his lifespan and was about to die.

"Oh, so."Tang Zichen was speechless.

"Kid, maybe it's God's will, just, before I die, let me give you a great gift."

"What great gift?"

"Bang."Tang Zichen felt a slap on his back, and then, a powerful immortal power surged wildly into Tang Zichen's body, this feeling was like taking many immortal pills.

Tang Zichen immediately began to spit out his Immortal Qi, and his Immortal Qi value was rising rapidly.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long.

"Kid, I'm leaving, after I die, you can take my tombstone with you or without it, after all, this spatial monument is useless except for the fact that it is not interfered by outside time during cultivation, instead, it will easily harm more people like me.


"What do you mean by not being interfered with by outside time?"

"It means that if you cultivate in the Spatial Tablet, you won't lose your life, and even if you cultivate here for 100 million years, you won't get old."


"But you're still so young, it doesn't mean anything to you, rather it only means something to those who have a short life.Well, I've passed on all the vitality in my body to you, and it's up to you how far you can use it to grow.It's also fortunate that it's in a spatial tablet, otherwise, there's no way to pass on my vitality to you."After saying that, the old man died.

Saying that he was dead without even greeting a year old, he was really speechless.

In Tang Zichen's consciousness, he took a fierce step and stepped out of the tombstone, his body appearing in front of that tomb out of thin air.

Tang Zichen was busy feeling his Immortal rank, he had even stepped into the pre-Earth Immortal stage, raising his Immortal realm by a whole lot.

"Earth Immortal, I'm an Earth Immortal now, oh my god."Tang Zichen had an unbelievable feeling, it used to feel like, Earth Immortals were so powerful and out of reach, but now, he was already an Earth Immortal.

Pre-Earth Immortal ah, he had reached the level of an emperor of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.

Tang Zichen thought back to the emperor in his mind, it felt so powerful, but he didn't expect that he was now too.

"Hahaha, Senior, what a great gift, this will save me countless Immortal Pills and time."Tang Zichen knew that it had saved him at least hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years, but of course, for an ordinary Immortal, it saved 100 million years. Premiere URL

Originally, Tang Zichen had planned to go to the Green King's Immortal Grass, and if he found the Green King's two thousand Immortal Grasses, he could possibly step into the middle stage of Mortal Immortality, but now, he was already in the early stage of Earth Immortality.

This leap really couldn't be described with words.

"Hahaha, to come across benefits even like this, I'm really no one else."Tang Zichen laughed.

Tang Zichen said to the tombstone, "Rest in peace, Senior, and thank you for your great gift."Tang Zichen paid his respects three times.

Turning around, he walked away, but after taking a few steps, Tang Zichen thought that the spatial stele might be useful, and with it, it would explain why he was so young and cultivated so highly.Because cultivating in the spatial stele was free from outside interference, Tang Zichen's cultivation was so high at such a young age.In the future, there would be no need for people to suspect that he had the Immortal Spatial Method or anything like that.

Thus, Tang Zichen took away that tombstone, and at the same time, Tang Zichen replaced it with an ordinary tombstone up there.

"Tianxiang, Xing Luo."Tang Zichen shouted.

However, no one answered.

Tang Zichen returned to the Green King's grave, and it was likely that they had returned to look for him.

Sure enough, the two of them were in front of the Green King's grave.

"Strange, where did it go."Tian Xiang was puzzled.

"I'm here."Tang Zichen walked up.

"Husband, where have you been."

"Oh, I was just looking around."Tang Zichen said.

At that moment, Tang Zichen noticed that a bunch of things were missing from the Green King's tomb.

"Hey, where's the stuff cut off of Gao Jian?"

Starro said, "I was just in the distance, and I saw some crows, maybe, eaten by crows."

"Oh, good, or you guys would have run back and radiated your eyes."Don Zichen said, "What a blessing.

Just then, Star Luo's face changed and looked at Tang Zichen, "Why do I feel you, so strong, like you're a strong Earth Immortal, is this an illusion?"

"Hahaha, Starro, this isn't an illusion, this is real."

"Are you kidding me?"


p; "I'm not kidding, I'm going first is pre-Earth Immortal."

"Ah, Earth Immortal, how is that possible."Tian Xiang was also dumbfounded, ten minutes ago it was pre-Mortal Immortal, all of a sudden, it's pre-Earth Immortal, could this be any more fake?

"As fake as it is, though, I'm lucky."Tang Zichen told Xing Luo and Tianxiang about the strange incident that had just happened.

Tianxiang said, "We didn't even see any wordless tombstones ah."

"That's because you are not destined for this tombstone, all that the unlucky see are worded tombstones, I am destined to see wordless, as a result, that senior pulled me into the spatial monument, I could have saved him, but unfortunately he happened to be dying, so, using the special nature of the spatial monument, he passed on his entire body's vitality to me, then I broke through from gaining many immortal opportunities, and in no time at allEarth Immortal now."

Only Star Luo understood here, if there was no Immortal Machine Spitting Method, Tang Zichen wouldn't have been able to picture to Earth Immortal so quickly, the advantage of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method was that it could accumulate all the Immortal Machines, so it wouldn't be wasted at all.If Tang Zichen didn't have the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, he would have just survived to the middle stage of Mortal Immortality, and the excess, because his body couldn't absorb it that fast, would dissipate.

Tian Xiang felt like a dream.

Star Luo also had to admire, Tang Zichen's luck was also too good.

Star Luo stood in front of Tang Zichen, feeling so weak.

Star Luo always remembered that when she first met Tang Zichen, he was only at the middle Earth Immortal stage, and was incredibly weak in front of Star Luo, today, she was still at the middle Mortal Immortal stage, while Tang Zichen, was already an Earth Immortal.

A strong Earth Immortal, this was a strength that could control an empire and become an Immortal emperor ah.

If Tang Zichen was willing, he could now go grab an emperor to be, get a harem of three thousand, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go, next, we should plan to retrieve Master's Immortal Grass, after we find it, I'm going to give half of it to Xing Luo."

"Ah, no, give it to me?"Star Luo was startled.

"Right, I'm already an Earth Immortal if I leave first, even if two thousand Immortal Grasses were given to me, it wouldn't be of much use, and with my Earth Immortal realm, I'm afraid twenty thousand Billion Year Immortal Grasses would only make a bit of sense.So, give you half of it, and I'll distribute the rest to those who need it."

"Thank you."Star Luo was very grateful and looked at Tang Zichen.

"Don't be silly, we're leaving now."

"Aren't we going back to the city of Upper Feyama?"

"No going back, there's no benefit to going back now."

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly and secretly said, "Thousand Jie, Tang Huan, Little Fire, you guys wait for me, I will definitely return."

Maku Qianji and the others, should not have become immortals yet, after all, it wasn't that easy, Tang Zichen and the others hadn't been in the Immortal World for many years, hopefully they would become immortals soon.

However, Tang Zichen hoped that by the time they became immortals, Tang Zichen would have established himself here and could give them stronger shelter.

Tang Zichen left with Star Luo and Tianxiang, and it just so happened that the Gao family didn't bother with Tang Zichen at the moment, otherwise, if they left again in a few days, they would probably be watching Tang Zichen.

And right now, in the Gao Family, a group of strong men were in the main hall.

An Upper Immortal strongman asked, "Have you found it?"

"No, we've searched every corner of the ring, but we haven't found Young Master Gao Jian's treasure."A servant replied.

"Where would it go?No it shouldn't, it's only disgusting when no one is around, stay away, why is it gone, was it eaten by a dog?"

"The rats in the Immortal World are very smart, rats don't even eat this kind of thing, let alone dogs."

The Gao family was so baffled that they sent many people out to look for Gao Jian's treasure, but unfortunately they couldn't find it.


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