The King of Kungfu in school 2111-2115


Chapter 2111

Star Luo scrambled to catch up.

Tang Zichen entered the hall, and indeed saw a coffin alone in the hall, and did not use a stool to set it up, directly on the floor, and did not even cover the coffin board, when Tang Zichen entered, just in time to see a few wild cats jumped out of the coffin, scared to escape.

Those who brought the Green King back, naturally, couldn't get it right, so they just found a coffin and put it inside and left.Originally there were still some servants in the Green King's house, but when those servants saw the Green King's body placed in the hall, they all ran away, even the master was dead, what were they staying here for, the Green King's corpse had been left for an unknown length of time, and it was spoiled by a few wild cats.

Tang Zichen's heart was sad and desolate at the moment, a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, but he ended up being treated like this after his death.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and a few white manes shot towards those wild cats, and suddenly, those wild cats turned into powder.

"Master, oooooh."Tian Xiang threw herself onto the coffin and cried.

Tang Zichen went up to the Green King, the clothes on his body were scratched by the wild cats, but the skin was intact, he was an immortal after all, he had only been dead for less than half a month and his flesh was still strong.

The Green King lay in the coffin with a pale face, unmoving.

"Master, disciple is sorry, I killed you."Tang Zichen plunged to his knees, and Star Luo knelt down to kowtow as well.

"Disciple vows that he will avenge your death on another day."Tang Zichen said through clenched teeth.

Star Luo stood up and said to Tang Zichen, "Zichen, let Master Green King be buried first." First URL

Tang Zichen nodded, Master's violent corpse had been a long time ago, it couldn't continue to be exposed.

Star Luo said, "I'll immediately inform my people now and help you find a treasure site at the Eight Seas Immortal Tomb for Master Green King to be buried."

"Thank you, Star Luo."Tian Xiang cried out.

"This is what I should have done."After saying that, Star Luo immediately launched her immortal thoughts and informed her people.

The Eight Seas Immortal Tomb, where countless immortals were buried in the Upper Fellows Island.

By the afternoon, Star Luo's people came to report, "Miss Star Luo, we have found a treasure site for Master Green King and have prepared it for burial on a certain day."


Star Luo said to Tang Zichen, "When do you plan to bury him?"

"The sooner the better,"Tang Zichen said.

Just then, a voice came out, "Don't waste your energy, even if you bury it, it'll be dug up."


In the next second, two people appeared in the hall, it was Mei Seed and Mei Tianqing.

Mei Tianqing laughed, "Zhou Mi, you also have today, weren't you arrogant before, thinking that you had a great future with a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master backing you up, but unfortunately, you're dead, hahaha."

Star Luo said furiously, "What are you guys doing here."

Mei Tianqing said, "Miss Star Luo, it's none of your business, you'd better get out of my way."

Star Luo sneered, "Mei Tianqing, what are you, you dare to be arrogant in front of me, your Mei family, which is only a fourth class overlord family, dares to bully my Star Clan's head to come here."

Mei Seed said, "Miss Xing Luo, this is a big hat, today's matter is between me and Zhou Mi, I advise you not to get involved."

"Do you think it's possible?Zhou Mi will be joining my Star Clan soon, he will be a member of my Star Clan from now on, you told me not to get involved, ridiculous."

"What."Mei Seed's body trembled.

"You don't believe me?Well then, go to my family and ask around."


bsp; "That's impossible."May Seed was busy shaking his head, if that was the case, then wouldn't that mean, he would become gutless again?

Just then, a voice came from outside the hall, "I can testify that this is true."

Mei Seed looked out and Star Yao of the Star Clan walked in.

Elder Star Yao said, "Senior Mei Seed, our Star Clan, all of the elders, did discuss and recruit the thoroughness to allow him to join our family."

"Hmph, then how come I haven't heard."

"Oh, Zhou Mi hasn't agreed yet, as soon as he does, right away."

Mei Tianqing roared, "You guys actually promised Star Luo to him, are you blind?"

Starlight glared, "Mei Tianqing, show me some respect, your grandfather is an immortal, I need to respect him a little, but what kind of thing are you to talk to me like that."

Mei Tianqing scrambled to shrink behind his grandfather.

Mei Seed said, "I don't believe it either, your Star Clan, you are willing to betroth Star Luo to such trash."

Star Yao laughed, "Senior Mei Seed, you misunderstood, I didn't say that I would betroth Star Luo to Zhou Mi, could it be that my Star Clan, only has one girl of the right age?I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do that.Senior Plum Seed, you are an Early Immortal, if my ancestor were to stand here, he would probably be able to make you feel pain with one move."

"You dare to threaten me."

"Not to threaten you, but to make you understand."

"Very well."Plum Seed looked at Tang Zichen with killing intent, but didn't dare to do it.

"Let's go."Mei Seed took Mei Tianqing with him and leapt to fly away.

Star Luo immediately said, "Uncle Star Yew, you're taking advantage of the fire."

"Star Luo, if you say that, it really makes me sad, if I hadn't come just now, I'm afraid Mei Seed would have already done it, although, I do have the suspicion of robbing while the fire is still burning, but I did save Zhou Mi and Tian Xiang.Also, this doesn't represent me personally, I'm here on behalf of the face of all the elders of the Star Clan."

Star Yao looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Zhou Mi, at this point in time, it's obvious that Gao Jian wants to kill you, and if it were anyone else, I'm afraid they would want to stay away from you.However, our Star Clan is still willing to throw an olive branch to you, if you still have a conscience, you should know that we're not robbing you while you're down, but helping you regardless of the situation."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen nodded and said, at this time, indeed, it was indeed a great favor for the Star Clan to stand up and retreat with Tang Zichen despite offending Gao Jian.

Star Luo looked anxiously at Tang Zichen.

Star Yao smiled, "How about it, Zhou Mi, as long as you promise, to join our Star Clan, we will immediately announce to the public that you are a member of our Star Clan, I think, even Gao Jian has to consider it somewhat, after all, our ancestor, is not that easy to provoke, although my ancestor is not as powerful as Gao Clan's ancestor, but if we really do it, they will damage a lot.Of course, from the point of view of a strong Upper Immortal, the matter between you and Gao Jian is nothing more than a trivial matter, it's not at all worthwhile to make the two forces become enemies over such a trivial matter, so Gao Jian will definitely not dare to do whatever he wants."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "Thank you for your kindness, but, in the Star Clan, the only thing I like is Star Luo."

"Zhou Mi, this is the only way I can think of to help you, you really think about it, I promise, I will marry the girl in my Star Clan who is only like Star Luo to him, her name is Star Goose, her beauty is as good as Star Luo, but, her talent is slightly less than Star Luo, she is only at the late stage of Human Immortal."

Star Luo was shocked when he heard Star Goose's name, he didn't expect that the Star Clan was willing to take out Star Goose, Star Goose was previously protected to death by Elder Star Vladimir, preventing her from contacting any man, and was determined to surpass Star Luo and become the family's number one female.


Star Luo was suddenly a little afraid.

Because, within Star Luo, the most worried opponent in the same generation of the family was Star Goose.When she was young, Star Yan and her were the two most outstanding girls in the Star Clan, and both of them were very beautiful, only, later on, Star Luo ran into the Devil King, so Star Luo's talent comprehensively surpassed Star Yan's, thus, Star Luo became the most outstanding existence in this generation.

However, others didn't know, but Star Luo herself knew very well that if she hadn't met the Devil King, if it wasn't for the Devil King's Immortal Spitting Method and some guidance from the Devil King, she might not have been able to surpass Star Goose in all aspects.

What a surprise .

Tang Zichen said, "It's not necessary, thank you for your kindness, Senior Starlight."

Tang Zichen still refused, at this moment, where was he in the mood to think about such things.

Starry Yao said, "Zhou Mi, are you seriously refusing?You are undoubtedly a genius, and it is because you are a genius that we feel sorry for you."

"Thanks, all right, Starro, could you do me a favor,"Tang Zichen said.

Star Luo nodded and said, "Sure, go ahead."

Tang Zichen's eyes chilled and said, "Help me with a challenge letter."

"To whom?" Remember the URL

"Gao Jian."

"You're crazy, Gao Jian is a mid mortal immortal, and you, you've only just stepped into the pre mortal immortal stage, you're stupid."Star Luo shrieked.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, I'm crazy, Star Luo, help me with this or not."


"I'll do it myself if I don't help."

"Zhou Mi, you're not going to seek death, are you?"Elder Starlight asked.

"Yes, I'm seeking death, Starlo, the challenge letter says so, the day after tomorrow, I'll fight Gao Jian, I'll bet a lifeblood with him and ask him if he dares."

"What did you say?Betting a lifeline?"

"Yes, the root of life determines the winner and loser, whoever gets cut off first and loses, please ask if he dares to come."Tang Zichen's gaze chilled.

"You."Star Luo was speechless.

Elder Star Shine laughed, "Since ancient times, I have never heard of a life-root determining win or loss, fine, fine, but Zhou Mi, are you sure you're sure?He's a mid mortal immortal."

"I'm going to use his lifeblood to pay tribute to my master."Tang Zichen said.

Tian Xiang's eyebrows furrowed, was this appropriate?People used very expensive tributes to pay their respects, but Tang Zichen used someone else's lifeblood to pay his respects.

"Tzu-Chen, this."

"Tian Xiang, support me, okay?Our master can't be buried without a sacrifice, and I wanted to take Gao Jian's head, but that's not realistic, even if I did cut off Gao Jian's head, Gao Jian's family wouldn't let me take it away.If I cut off Gao Jian's lifeblood, I don't believe that they would dare to ask for it back."


"What if, then, you lose?"Tian Xiang asked worriedly.

Tang Zichen said without hesitation, "Then be prepared to be a widow for the rest of your life."

"Speechless to you."Star Luo scolded.

"Go ahead, help me with this, inform the whole city that I'm going to bet my life root with Gao Jian, and either he or I will break it."

Star Shine said, "It's better for me to help you go to the duel, this kind of duel, I'm afraid that a girl like Star Luo doesn't have the face to write it."

"Then it's up to Senior Starlight."

"You're welcome, I'll leave first, I'm sure the Mei seed won't dare to come and kill you for the time being, at least it's somewhat able to protect you for a while before we're sure if you'll join my family or not."


sp; "Thank the elders of the Star Clan for me."

"Okay, I'm leaving."Star Yao leaped and flew away.

Only Tang Zichen and Tianxiang, Star Luo were left in the hall.

Xing Luo and Tian Xiang looked at each other, Tang Zichen's gamble on the root of life battle left them speechless.

"Zichen, there's really no need to think about it?"

"It's not necessary, Gao Jian sent someone to kill Master, I must take one thing from Gao Jian's body to pay my respects to Master."


"Alright, from now on, we'll mourn for Master."Tang Zichen said with a resolute tone, not at all negotiable.

Don't ask Tang Zichen if he was sure, Tang Zichen had never tried it, where would he know if he was sure, but this was what Tang Zichen owed the Green King, if Tang Zichen lost, then it would be Tang Zichen paying off what he owed the Green King, and from then on, Tang Zichen being a eunuch.

Upon returning to the residence, Star Yao immediately ordered someone to write a letter to include Tang Zichen's meaning in the challenge letter, and then send it to Gaofu, and at the same time, sent someone to spread this matter, to every restaurant and inn.

This was an event that had never happened since ancient times with such a strange duel, so the speed at which it spread was staggering, and almost everyone who heard about it was first stunned, then laughed and immediately became interested.

Even the Upper Immortals felt quite interested when they heard this news, and planned to go and see it on the day of the duel.

At this moment, at Gao Jian's house.

"Bang."A strong Upper Immortal in the Gao family, upon seeing Tang Zichen's challenge letter, slapped the entire palace with a furious slap of powder.

"Angry as hell, which one is this Zhou Mi?How dare you humiliate my Gao family like this, someone, go get Gao Jian for me."


Not long after, Gao Jian came, confused, "Grandpa, what is it?"

"See for yourself."That Upper Immortal threw a challenge letter to Gao Jian.

After Gao Jian read the challenge letter, his face went white, and Zhou Mi was going to fight him to win or lose by cutting off his lifeblood.

It was a comical duel that was bound to become the butt of countless jokes, whether Gao Jian won or lost, being challenged like this would be a laughing stock, no wonder Gao Jian's grandfather was so angry.

Gao Jian's grandfather was a mid stage Upper Immortal, one of the five Upper Immortals of the Gao family.

The strongest of the five Upper Immortals in the Gao family, the one who was the strongest, was a late Upper Immortal, thus, Gao Jian was a second class overlord family.

The Star Clan, the strongest one was a mid Upper Immortal, so the Star Clan was a third-grade Hegemonic Family, but the Star Clan only had one Upper Immortal, which was a big difference.Because of this, the ancestor of the Star Clan, wanted to marry Star Luo to Yan Qinggang in an attempt to make Yan Qinggang a part of the Star Clan and strengthen the power of the Star Clan.

"Gao Jian, say, who is this Zhou Mi, and why did he humiliate you like this and give you such a challenge?"Gao Jian's grandfather, Gao Liang shouted and asked.

Gao Jian was furious, both fists clenched, "Zhou Mi, he dog dare to give me such a humiliating challenge."

Tang Zichen was like an ant in Gao Jian's eyes, and now this ant was humiliating him, causing Gao Jian's anger to rise.

Gao Jian said, "Grandpa, remember once I went to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom and touched a pervert, then, I cut that pervert's life root and then stomped him to death on the street."

"Could it be that this Zhou Mi has something to do with that pervert?"

"Yes, this Zhou Mi, is the reincarnation of that pervert.What I didn't expect was that this Zhou Mi's reincarnation was extremely talented, and now, they've all become Pre-Mortal Immortals, just one step away from me."


"He's only a pre-Mortal Immortal, but he dares to challenge you?"

"Fuck, it's hot, who gave him the confidence?By the way, the other day, I sent An Yu Ran to kill his master, the Green King, I meant to, I didn't want him to have a fourth level Immortal Pill Master to help him, maybe, this incident completely angered Zhou Mi, but, he doesn't have a family background, there's nothing he can do to me, moreover, he must be afraid that I will send someone to kill him again later, so, he went in a rage, he won't survive anyway, might as well make this challenge before that!Humiliate me a little."

"This son of a bitch."

"Grandpa, Zhou Mi's aim is to humiliate me, so I guess he will make this matter, widely publicized, so that everyone will know."

At this moment, a shout came from outside: "Report."

A servant hurriedly ran in.

"Report to the Third Ancestor."

"What is it?"

"Subordinates found out that everyone outside is now talking about our family, a man named Zhou Mi, who wants to challenge Young Master Gao Jian and win or lose based on who cuts off the other's lifeblood first."

"What? Everyone out there really knows about it?"

"Yes, I purposely ran to several inns and restaurants and found that really every inn was talking about it, like someone was spreading it around." One second to remember to read the book

"I got it, go out."

After the servant left, Gao Jian said angrily, "Grandpa, I guessed right, this bastard, he is deliberately disgusting."

Gao Liang snorted, "Since he's not even afraid of death, then there's no need to be polite with him, just cut off his lifeblood in front of everyone and then stomp on the ring."

"Yes, Grandpa."Gao Jian's gaze was cold and killing intent was thick, had he known Tang Zichen would make this move, he should have finished Tang Zichen off earlier.

Tang Zichen and Tianxiang, quietly keeping vigil on the Green King's residence, the entire residence was now filled with white lanterns and white cloth.

A day had passed.

Other than Xing Luo, Yun Zi, and Yun Meng, who had come to pay their respects to the Green King, no one else had come.

Tian Xiang kneeled in front of the spirit and said to the Green King's disembodiment, "Master, now I understand what it means for people to leave, when you were still alive, how many people stepped over the threshold, now that you are gone, not a single person came."

Tang Zichen said, "Tianxiang, people are realistic, Master is gone, to those who once had a desire to please Master and deliberately tried to please him, there is no value anymore, a worthless dead person, who would take a look."

"Well, I thought that many people would come to pay their respects, after all, Master had helped countless powerful people refine immortal pills when he was alive, but I never thought that, alas, Master was so lonely to go."

"No, Master won't be lonely, at least, I promise, Master can take the lifeblood of his enemies with him."

Tianxiang blushed, gave Tang Zichen a look, and said, "What do you want Master to do with a man's lifeblood, whether Master likes it or not, you just."

"I haven't been able to bring down Gao Jian's head to pay my respects to Master yet, I can only use the most noble thing in his body."

"Husband, if you really lose to Gao Jian, I'm afraid that he won't just cut off the one you have, he'll kill you, just like you did in your previous life, aren't you really afraid."

"What's there to be afraid of, I was already ready to lose, Master didn't have to die in the first place

It's all because of me that I was killed by the High Sword Sect, and if I lose, it will be as compensation for Master's life."

"Husband, if you die, I'll be with you."Tian Xiang said as she snuggled into Tang Zichen's arms.

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The two of them hugged without speaking.

However, inside, Tang Zichen was still quite confident in himself, although he was only at the pre-Mortal Immortal stage, one realm short of Gao Jian, Tang Zichen believed that his Great Realm Law, the Great Star Law, could make up for the gap in the realm.If he really couldn't, Tang Zichen would use the Past Life Mirror to transform Gao Jian back to his youth, no, the difference between Tang Zichen and Gao Jian might be able to transform Gao Jian back to a child's age, then Tang Zichen was completely invincible.

Of course, after all, Gao Jian was from a second class overlord family, this was what Tang Zichen was most worried about.This was also the reason why Tang Zichen couldn't chop off Gao Jian's head to pay homage to his master.However, there would definitely be countless onlookers, and Tang Zichen, according to the agreement, would only cut off Gao Jian's lifeblood and not take his life, I'm sure the people of the Gao family would not dare to do anything to Tang Zichen in front of countless people, let alone ask for Gao Jian's lifeblood back in person, so that Tang Zichen could bring Gao Jian's lifeblood to pay his respects to his master and let him be buried in peace.

After that, Tang Zichen didn't think that much about it for now, but there was no doubt that Tang Zichen's defeat of the middle stage of the Mortal Immortal with his pre-Mortal Immortal realm would definitely get everyone's attention.

It was late at night, Tang Zichen and Tian Xiang were still in front of the Green King's spirit, the entire residence was quiet, without a single sound, adding an eerie aura out of thin air.

"Husband, why don't you go to sleep, you still have a duel with Gao Jian tomorrow."Tian Xiang said.

"No, you go and rest, I'll just guard my master."

"I don't have to either.Sage-Gong, do you think Master was killed after he got the Immortal Grass or before he got it?"Tenka asked.

"I don't understand."

"I'm afraid that the immortal grasses that Master had treasured up in his life exceeded 1,500, or even more than 2,000, and I don't know if they were taken by the person who killed Master."Tian Xiang said.

Tang Zichen was shocked, "So many?"

"Of course, Master has lived for so long, and he doesn't have a great need for fairy grass, so naturally he hides a lot and uses up very little.When I was a child, I happened to hear Master say that he had a fortune, almost 2,000 plants, I didn't know what kind of fortune at that time, but now I think it must be fairy grass."

"It would be a pity if so many immortal grasses were taken away, it's the accumulation of hundreds of millions of years for a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master."


Tang Zichen busily asked, "Tianxiang, do you have a map?"

"A map, what do you need a map for?"

"I'd like to see where Master hid the fairy grass, probably somewhere."

"I'll go to Master's study and look for it, there should be one."

Soon after, Tianxiang brought a huge map, and Tang Zichen propped it up in front of the hearth.

"Tianxiang, Master was killed in a place called Tianfu Town before, and it takes about thirteen days to travel from the center of Upper Fellows Island to Tianfu Town.Of course, I was projecting at Master's speed."

"What does that tell you?"

"Master told me before that he would return within a month, which means that the place where he hid the Immortal Grass is about half a month away.Half a month to go and another half a month to come back."


"Then what if Master has other business to attend to and isn't spending the month fetching immortal grass?"

Tang Zichen said, "Master also knows that the Immortal Grass is precious and should not be carried on his person for a long time, so, Master normally would not take the Immortal Grass to do other things again, so I think that Master must have retrieved it as quickly as possible.Then, I gave him the projection of half a month distance I established, and the place where Master died, Tianfu Town, takes about thirteen days away, which means that Master was killed before he reached the place where he hid the immortal grass.Moreover, the place where Master hid the Immortal Grass is only one to two days away from Tianfu Town, at most."

"This is all your projection."

"No, it's not just my projection, before, Senior Star Yao told me that Master was killed in Tianfu Town, but, no one knows why he appeared in Tianfu Town, and when An Enron killed Master, it was done openly, that is, many people saw how he killed Master, if An Enron took the Immortal Grass on Master, it would definitely be seen, but, Star YaoIt's true that no one knows why Master was there, which means that Master didn't have any immortal grass on him at the time."


"Tian Xiang, if there's any life left after tomorrow, let's go and retrieve Master's things."

Just then, Tianxiang pointed to a point on the map and said, "Husband, this village called Great Qiong Mountain is Master's hometown, I've heard Master say that."

Tang Zichen was busy looking at it, that place called Great Qiong Mountain, it seemed to be not far from Tianfu Town, and could be reached in almost a day.

"Ah, so, the place where Master hid the Immortal Grass is in his hometown, Great Qiong Mountain?"Don was shocked.

"Definitely."Tianxiang said happily.

Tian Xiang looked towards the coffin and said, "Master, it must be you who helped us discover it in the underworld." First URL

Tang Zichen felt a little guilty inside.

Tang Zichen said, "Heavenly Fragrance, it's better not to, let Master's Immortal Grass, sleep forever."


"Master was killed by me, if I still take his life's treasure, am I still a human being."

"You're silly, you didn't do it on purpose, Master won't blame you, not to mention he also wants you to be strong, if you don't go to get it back, then Master would have died in vain, Master wouldn't have died if he didn't go to get the Immortal Grass."

Tang Zichen said, "But Master, when he went to get the Immortal Grass, he didn't say to take it all out, he told me to get me five hundred plants, which means that Master only wanted to give me five hundred plants, but now I'm going to go and take it all away from him."

"Husband, Master must want to divide it several times, so don't dwell on that.By the way, if there really are nearly two thousand Billion Year Immortal Grasses, then how much can you grow ah?

Tang Zichen said, "The three hundred strains of immortal grass that Master gave me before made me a Mortal Immortal, considering that it gets harder and harder the further I go, so I think that with two thousand strains of immortal grass, I should be able to grow to the late Mortal Immortal stage."

"That's good too, at the late Mortal Immortal stage, you'll be one step away from the Earth Immortal."

"It's the distance of two heavens, how can you be one step away."Tang Zichen laughed bitterly.

"Let's agree on that, we'll go retrieve Master's finances later."

"Alright."Tang Zichen sighed and nodded his head.Tang Zichen felt really inhuman, having killed the Green King and taking away his life savings.

At this moment, within the Star Clan.

In a certain boudoir.


sp; "Grandpa, what do you mean, why did you promise me to that what Zhou Mi."A woman whose looks did not belong to Star Luo said with a grumpy face.

"Star Goose, grandfather is also unwilling ah, but, this is the decision of all the elders of the family."

"I don't care, I don't want to get married, I'm leaving first only wanting to practice, I want to catch up with Star Luo, when I was a child, I wasn't inferior to her, I'm not convinced."

"Star Goose, this is about fairy fate, all these years, grandpa has been locking you in the cultivation room, not allowing you to go out, not allowing you to touch any man, maybe, grandpa is wrong, grandpa can't deprive you of your freedom for the sake of his own face."

"Grandpa, I don't want to marry."

"Alright, stop it, after all these years, it's time for you to learn how to get along with men.That Zhou Mi, he's quite handsome."

"Grandpa, I am."

Just then, a voice came from outside, "Star Vladimir."

"Starry, how's it going?Would Zhou Mi like to join the family?"

Starlight said, "He refuses."

"What? He's in this position and he refuses?He doesn't want his life, our family, all the elders took pity on his talent, that's why they risked letting him join the family."

Star Yao said, "It's just that, he has his own choice."

Elder Star Vladimir asked, "Did you tell him that the one promised to him is my granddaughter, Star Goose."

"I did, and I also said that it's the number two daughter of my family after Star Luo."Star Yew.

"Then he still refused, by the way, did you say that although Star Goose is second only to Star Luo, Star Goose's appearance is not inferior to Star Luo in any way, just a little lower in the realm."

Star Yao nodded, "Of course I said that, I said that Star Goose is just like Star Luo, the most beautiful in the Star Clan."

"Since I said that, there's no reason to refuse."

"It's just that in the Star Clan, Zhou Mi only likes Star Luo, I'm afraid your granddaughter, he can't be moved, it's quite a pity.Tomorrow, it's even more time for him to duel, I really don't know if he'll live through tomorrow."Star Yao Dao.

Star Vladimir immediately turned back to her granddaughter and said, "Star Yan, hear this, it's not that you don't want to get married now, it's that he's not interested in you.Let's go, grandpa will take you to meet Zhou Mi right now, I don't believe, with my granddaughter's looks, he will still be unmoved when he meets her in person."

"Ah, grandpa, it's the middle of the night."

"What's the matter in the middle of the night? Are you afraid of ghosts? Come with me."Star Vladimir pulled his granddaughter away, he had been a good face all his life and felt so disgruntled that he had to pull his granddaughter to show Tang Zichen the beauty of his granddaughter to her face.

"Star Vladimir, you, hey!"When Star Yao saw that Star Vladimir was so imposing, he sighed helplessly, people were going to duel tomorrow, and after tomorrow they might all be dead, so why fight for this face.

Tang Zichen and Tianxiang, were burning paper in front of the Green King's spirit, when a voice sounded from outside, "Hey, Zhou Mi."

Tang Zichen turned around and saw that it was one of the elders of the Xing Clan.

"Eh, senior, why are you coming to pay your respects to my master in the middle of the night, how is this good."Tang Zichen.

Elder Star Vladimir said, "Zhou Mi, I heard that, you are not moved by my granddaughter?I had a hard time convincing myself to dedicate my granddaughter, but you refused, what face do you leave me with."

Tang Zichen said, baffled, "Senior, junior doesn't know what you're talking about, alright, since you're here, hurry in and burn some incense, my master's spirit in heaven will bless you."


"Bless your sister, who wants him to bless."Elder Star Vladimir scolded.

"Then what is there to say quickly."

Vladimir's head looked behind and shouted, "Star Goose, won't you come in yet?"


A few seconds later, a few beautiful women walked in.

Tang Zichen had already sensed that there was another person behind them, but he didn't expect it to be such a beautiful woman, but Tang Zichen didn't have any thoughts.

Star Vladimir said, "Zhou Mi, I heard that you turned down my family's invitation to join the family."

"I'm sorry."

"Why did you refuse?"

"Senior, it's my freedom, I guess."

"Okay, so what if I told you that the person who was originally promised to you by my family was this beautiful woman beside me?Are you running out of courage to refuse?"Star Vladimir asked with a smug look on his face, and Star Goose next to him shouted out to his grandfather with a shy face. Remember the website

Tang Zichen said, "Why don't you have the courage to refuse?There is, and I would still refuse without hesitation."

"What? Are you blind?"

"No, what's wrong?"

"And you ask what's wrong, can't you see who's standing next to me?"

"I'm sorry, but excuse my awkwardness in not recognizing which one she is?Is this girl very important?"

"You're so mad at me, can't you see that, pretty girl?"


"Zhou Mi, did you see how beautiful my granddaughter is with your own eyes, and you were so cruel as to reject her?"

Next to her, Star Goose was busy saying, "Grandpa, I have no intention of marrying him, don't embarrass me by making it sound like I like him a lot."

"Star Goose, you silly girl, miss this boy, where will you find such a good one in the future."Star Vladimir said.

"Hmph, people don't like me, it's pointless for you to say anything."

"Then you take the initiative or he'll be dead tomorrow."

"Me."Star Goose looked at Tang Zichen and lowered her head with a blush, originally Star Goose didn't like Tang Zichen, but after seeing Tang Zichen in real life and seeing how handsome he was, she couldn't help but become interested.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Senior, if there's nothing else, please return."

"You brat, you're really ungrateful, I took pity on you and was afraid that it would be a pity for you to die, and brought my granddaughter here in the middle of the night, attempting to get you to cancel the duel after seeing my granddaughter, and go away with my granddaughter to save my life, but you're so ungrateful."Star Vladimir said furiously.

Tang Zichen apologized, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there has to be an explanation for my master's death."

"Does it need to be said with your life then, what a disappointment, since you are determined to die, go ahead, don't think I'm as rare as you."After saying that, Star Vladimir pulled his granddaughter away.

Tian Xiang said, "Elder Star Vladimir, it must be because he wants you too much to be his granddaughter-in-law."

"Unfortunately, I can't."


The night went on without a word.

Early the next morning, countless people headed to the Perak Dueling Stage, that place, it was only eight in the morning and already there was a sea of people, it was completely impossible to stand people.

Today, it could be said that in hundreds of thousands of years, it was rare for so many people to go to see a duel.

Star Luo arrived at the Green King's residence early in the morning.

"Zichen, cheer up."

Star Luo said to Tang Zichen with eyes full of worry.

Around eleven in the morning, Tang Zichen arrived at the dueling place.

When Tang Zichen arrived, there was a huge stir, and everyone was talking about it.

On the other side of the duel, Gao Jian was now standing at the dueling stage, and he had been standing for two hours.

Gao Jian's gaze shot up into the sky and looked at Tang Zichen as he gritted his teeth and said, "Zhou Mi, you bastard, you've finally come."

Tang Zichen was still standing in mid-air and snorted, "I don't want to show any tongue with you, today, either you cut me, or I cut you."

"Don't worry, today, I will not only cut you, I will also do what you did in your previous life, I will cut you and feed you to the dogs, then, I will stomp on you."

Tang Zichen's face chilled and said, "That's up to you, if you're capable, welcome, if you're not, don't blame me for being rude."

"Joke, what are you, with just a pre-Mortal Immortal, you also presume to be my opponent."

"Whether it's your opponent or not, we'll know after the contest."

"Go to hell."Gao Jian rushed up.

"Wait."At that moment, there was a loud shout.

When Tang Zichen looked, it was Elder Star Vladimir, who had come to see Tang Zichen last night.

Elder Star Vladimir shouted, "Everyone, today's duel, as you all know, Gao Jian has countless powerful people watching behind him, so the fairness of this duel has yet to be examined, before they do it, I have a question for the two parties involved."

Gao Jian's gaze chilled, "Star Vladimir, you fucking dare to openly come out and speak for the trash, you don't want to mingle."The trash in Gao Jian's mouth of course referred to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that Star Vladimir would come out in front of so many powerful people from the Gao family.

Star Vladimir said, "I'm sorry, I'm just talking about the facts, today you and Zhou Mi is a fair duel, even for Zhou Mi, he is a realm weaker than you, I just want to ask, if Zhou Mi really won you, then, does your Gao family admit it?Wouldn't your Gao family kill Zhou Mi to silence him?Will you, the Gao family, not secretly help Gao Jian in the dueling arena?If your Gao family doesn't make it clear, then I personally suggest that Zhou Mi call off the duel."

Gao Jian said angrily, "Joke, with him, he still needs my family's strongest man to secretly help me?"

"That's a deal, today's duel, no matter whose lifeblood is cut off, no one is going to trouble the other afterwards, otherwise, the whole city will stand here and will surely accuse and ridicule.Alright, Zhou Mi, you can do it without any worries, I think the Gao family is a person who respects the rules of the game, and therefore a person who keeps his promises."

Tang Zichen cast a grateful glance at Xing Vladimir.

In fact, Tang Zichen was worried that if he really cut off Gao Jian's lifeblood, would the strongest members of the Gao family rush out and kill Tang Zichen on the spot.

It was just impossible for Tang Zichen to make it clear to the Gao family at this time, so that the Gao family would not dare to get in the way of his face.

Now, Star Vladimir had come out to speak on Tang Zichen's behalf, undoubtedly doing Tang Zichen a big favor.

At this moment, many of the powerful people from the Gao Family at the scene looked very bad, looking at Star Vladimir with killing intent.

Of course, the Gao family had never thought that Gao Jian would lose, and if he did lose, they would secretly help him to win.However, now that Star Vladimir was disturbed by this, if the Gao family were to secretly help, they would definitely be seen by the people at the scene and make people laugh.

Tang Zichen said, "Gao Jian, let's see what you can do."

"Go to hell."

Tang Zichen took the lead and charged towards Gao Jian.

Of course, Gao Jian also killed towards Tang Zichen.


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