Dish Best Served Cold 656-660


Chapter 656

"Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "Today's global economy is going down, and countless companies are closing down every year."

    "With so many of us here, it looks like we're in a glamorous situation, but we're actually in distress behind the scenes."

    "Next year, the loans our company owes to the bank will have to be repaid."

    "We still don't know where to get this money, and now even if we wanted to purchase jade for Mr. Chu, it would be too much for us."


    With Meng Chunhua taking the lead, many people in the villa present, however, were in agreement.

    They were pouring bitterness at Ye Fan, constantly crying poverty, and some of them even wanted Ye Fan to give them support.

    At this time their appearance, where is the slightest bit of the heroism that they had before when they said they were going up to the mountain of knives and down to the frying pan?

    "So, this is a no-no from you all?"

    Ye Fanton frowned, and his words had become more than a little cold.

    For a time, there was silence in the villa.

    The crowd looked at me, I looked at you, all of them quiet and silent.

    There was no saying yes or no saying no.

    "Mr. Chu, we, the Yunzhou Xia Family, are willing to cooperate!"

    At this time, Xia Xue, who had been following behind her grandfather, but suddenly spoke out.

    "Xue'er, what are you doing?"

    "Grandpa hasn't even spoken yet, and it's your place to talk?"

    Seeing her own sister taking matters into her own hands and being so capricious, sister Xia Yue was immediately fierce.

    Although now she already knows Ye Fan's identity, but even so, Xia Yue naturally won't allow her family's interests to be damaged in order to curry favor with this so-called Mr. Chu.

    Therefore, hearing that Xia Xue was the first to come out and agree, Xia Yue was naturally shocked and angry in her heart.

    "I believe that grandpa, like me, will also be willing to cooperate with Mr. Chu and support him."

    Xia Xue's eyes were full of determination, and a pretty face full of expectation looked forward to the old man, the old man of the Xia family.

    Old Master Xia nodded and smiled in relief, "Mm."

    "Xue'er's words are exactly what I meant."

    "If Mr. Chu has a need, my Yunzhou Xia Family will do its best to support Mr. Chu!"

    "Please don't worry Mr. Chu, my Xia family is willing to pay eight hundred million to buy in jade and set to deliver it to Mr. Chu before the Spring Festival!"

    "Grandpa, how did you also~" Xia Yue's beautiful eyes narrowed, his eyes then widened.

    He had never thought that his grandfather, too, would be so old and stupid.

    For a single favor, he would offer 800 million?

    What's the difference between that and a free gift?

    Natalie naturally felt it wasn't worth it!

    "The Yunzhou Li family is willing to serve Mr. Chu as well!"


    "Jingzhou Lei Family, I would like to serve Mr. Chu!"


    "Jiang Hai Chen Ao, willing to serve Mr. Chu~"

    The Xia family's walk out was like a boulder falling into the sea, one stone creating a thousand huge waves.

    Li Er, Chen Ao and the others walked out, all expressing that they were willing to raise jade for Ye Fan.

    After all, Li Er and the others were deeply favored by Ye Fan.

    When Zhao Wuji's power had fallen, most of the assets had almost fallen into the hands of Chen Ao, Li Er, and Lei Lao San.

    It could be said that a large part of their power today was due to Ye Fan's kindness.

    Now that Ye Fan was in need, the three of them were duty-bound to take the lead and naturally took the lead in taking a stand.

    However, the others were obviously still on the sidelines.

    After all, even though Ye Fan is powerful, but empty words to trap a white wolf, throwing billions of dollars for no reason, even they are naturally meat pain.

    Just when Ma Fei, the owner of the Ma Family, and the others were still weighing the pros and cons and were torn between their hearts, a cold laugh was heard once again.

    Among the crowd, only Meng Chunhua, who had been there before, stood up once again.

    "One to two billion is just a drop in the bucket to Mr. Li, Mr. Chen and the others whose families are big."

    "We have small families and small businesses, but there's no way to compare."

    "So, Mr. Chu, I'm really sorry, but this business, I, the Meng Family of Liaocheng, will not do it!"


    Meng Chunhua said slowly, with a bit of sarcasm in his words, and the tone of his words was undoubtedly decisive.

    After saying that, before waiting for Ye Fan to reply, he turned around and left, but did not give Ye Fan the slightest bit of face at all.

    "Meng Chunhua, simply insolent!"

    "Even though your Meng family has some background, Mr. Chu's majesty is not something you, a junior, can offend!"

    This attitude of Meng Chunhua had undoubtedly angered Li Er.

    Li Er immediately became furious and mixed his voice to rebuke.


    Immediately outside the villa, several suit-wearing bodyguards surged up and stopped Meng Chunhua.

    Meng Chunhua stopped, turned to Ye Fan and smiled calmly, "Mr. Chu, business is not benevolent."

    "It's each of us' freedom to do this single business or not."

    "But you are acting like this now, could it be that you want to use your power to overpower others and force them to buy and sell?,"

    "All the bigwigs of Jiangdong are here watching."

    "Are you really not afraid of these people who fear you and are thus chilled?"

    Meng Chunhua was neither humble nor unscrupulous, laughing lightly and saying so.

    Originally, Meng Chunhua didn't have much respect for the so-called Mr. Chu.

    A mere bumbling head of Jiangdong, that was undoubtedly far from the new noble gentry in Yanjing.

    The Meng family was inextricably linked to a certain power in Yanjing, so naturally, they weren't too afraid of Ye Fan like the other powers were.

    Moreover, today's reasoning was on his side as well.

    Meng Chunhua was naturally more unscrupulous.


    Li Er was about to get angry again, but Ye Fan reached out his hand to stop him.

    "Let him go."

    "Young Master Meng is right, whether a single business succeeds or fails is everyone's freedom."

    "Since Young Master Meng doesn't want to do it, then just leave."

    "I, Chu Tianfan, am still not interested in forcing a few ants."

    "However, let me kindly remind you that if you refuse today, don't regret it later."

    "That's not something you need to worry about."Meng Chunhua snorted, then turned around and strode away in full view of everyone, taking the car and leaving Genting Mountain straight away.

    "Mr. Chu, just let him go?"

    "If this head is opened, I'm afraid that the next thing will be difficult to handle."Li Erton warned, worriedly saying.

    Nowadays, if you want the various forces in Jiangdong to cooperate, the best way is to kill the chicken to warn the monkey.

    The Meng family, who was the first to object, was undoubtedly a good "chicken".

    But Ye Fan let him go just like that, Li Er is naturally anxious?

    Could it be that Mr. Chu is also afraid of the Meng family's background?

    Just when Li Er was worried, but Ye Fan smiled calmly, "Don't worry, he will come and beg me."


Ye Fan's words were not small, and everyone in the villa heard them.

    However, not many people took it to heart and only thought that Ye Fan was just trying to save face.

    Is Ye Fan powerful?

    Of course it is!

    The great heroes of Jiangdong province have sent their respects to us!

    This kind of baron, in the Nodong Jiangdong, there were definitely not many powers that dared to offend.

    But in the eyes of the crowd, the Meng family of Liaocheng was really one of those few exceptions.

    After all, in the eyes of many, the Meng family's background was much larger than Ye Fan's.

    Back then, when Zhao Wuji had integrated all the forces, he didn't dare to touch this Meng family.

    Therefore, now Ye Fan's act of letting Meng Chunhua go was clearly a pandering act in the eyes of the crowd.

    However, thinking back, naturally no one would actually say what was in their heart.

    Otherwise, it would really be Iron Bean!

    After Meng Chunhua left, the rest of the unstated crowd was still in the middle of watching.

    Ye Fan didn't have so much time to wait for them, but asked in a deep voice, "Where are the rest of you all?"

    "Are you planning to be like the Meng family's eldest young master and choose to leave."

    "Or are you willing to help me, Chu, with my arm?"

    Still no one responded.

    The remaining people looked around, still not making up their minds.

    Ye Fan continued, "There is no need to be formal, whatever is on your mind is what you want to say."

    "Regardless of what you decide, I respect your choice."

    "I will never force you all, nor will I use my power to overpower others."

    Ye Fan said slowly.

    The tone was calm, and in between speaking, he even took a sip of tea.

    Finally, this time, someone stepped forward and apologized, "Mr. Chu, I'm really sorry, our family business group just a few days ago..."

    Before this person finished speaking, Ye Fan waved his hand, "Okay, I know."

    "This cup of tea will be trampled for you."

    "After drinking it, I will have someone, send you down the mountain."

    The faint words echoed, and Ye Fan then asked the waiter to send a cup of strong tea.

    The man hesitated for a moment, when he immediately tilted his head and drank it all.

    And then, just like Meng Chunhua, he also turned around and drove away.

    With the departure of the second person, as if a chain reaction had started, one after another, the rich and powerful nobles in the large villa gave their farewells to Ye Fan.

    After drinking a cup of tramp tea, they all left Genting Mountain.

    Looking at the scene in front of him, Li Er shook his head and sighed for a while.

    He knew that by allowing Meng Chunhua to leave peacefully, the rest of the power would surely compete to follow suit.

    Not many people would be willing to do a money-losing deal.

    In just a short while, the Genting Mountain Villa was already half empty.

    Some of the remaining ones bit their teeth and chose to support Ye Fan.

    There were still some who said they would go back and think about it and give Ye Fan an answer later.

    Ye Fan agreed, "If you want to consider it, then I will give you time to think about it."

    "Before I leave Yunzhou tomorrow night, I must get an answer."

    Soon, these people who went back to consider also left.

    At this time, in the villa, only those forces that firmly supported Ye Fan were left.

    Naturally, these people who remained each had their own little things in their hearts.

    Some of them were to miss Ye Fan's favors, some were afraid of Ye Fan's majesty, and some were optimistic about Ye Fan's future.

    No matter what their intentions were, Ye Fan didn't care, he only knew the result, and that was enough.

    "Alright, this is the end of today's Haitian Feast."

    "It's been a busy day, you guys should go back early."

    "As for the jade matter, don't worry, I won't let you guys suffer."

    Ye Fan's words made the Ma Fei and the others, their hearts slightly settled.

    And then, the remaining group of people also dispersed.

    However, Ye Fan let Li Er, Lei Lao San, and Chen Ao stay behind.

    "Mr. Chu, what did I say?"

    "Then Meng Chunhua, you shouldn't have let him go so easily."

    "How about now, there are as many as half of them that emulate Meng Chunhua."

    "The ones that actually remain are not even a third."

    "Just relying on us alone, I'm afraid it would be difficult to gather too much jade.[Village Novel]"Li Er shook his head and sighed for a while.

    The amount of jade that Ye Fan needed was enormous, and the fewer people willing to cooperate, then the heavier the task on each of them would be, Li Er was naturally worried.

    Chen Ao and Lei Laosan both nodded their heads as well, clearly acknowledging Li Er's words.

    However, Ye Fan was extraordinarily calm throughout.

    The entire person, just like a calm lake, without any waves rippling in his heart.

    He even calmly took a sip of tea.

    And then, lightly smiled, "One third?"

    "These people, ruling Jiangdong, is enough."

    "Li Er, Chen Ao, Lao San, you three will give me a moment to investigate those forces that follow Meng Chunhua away, all the company industries under them.I need to use them tomorrow."

    "Also, the families like the Xia family that chose to stay, make a list for me as well."


    "Mr. Chu, what are you?"

    Hearing these words from Ye Fan, Chen Ao and the others were all stunned.

    A moment later, Li Er and the three of them immediately trembled, and it was only like a thunderbolt exploded in their minds, enlightening them.

    "Could it be that today, Mr. Chu, you are deliberately letting Meng Chunhua go?And also to deliberately make such seemingly excessive demands?"

    "Good distinction, who is the enemy and who is the friend?"

    "Who is faithful to you, and who is false?"

    Thinking of this, Chen Ao and the others stared.

    Full of shock!

    Previously, Chen Ao and the others were also confused, Ye Fan said a word and asked the Jiangdong crowd to contribute jade without any payment, how is this different from robbing alive?

    Such behavior, Li Er-San also felt a bit unkind.

    But now, it seems that Ye Fan had another plan for his actions.

    As expected of Mr. Chu, he was really far-sighted and resourceful.

    Li Er and the others couldn't help but be filled with admiration.

    Faced with the three of them being horrified, Ye Fan nodded and smiled slowly, "If we don't do this, how can we draw out certain forces with ulterior motives?"

    Yes, Chen Ao and the others guessed correctly.

    Ye Fan convened the Haitian feast, apart from having the crowd prepare the original stone, another purpose was to test the hearts of the people in this Jiangdong.

    He has his own mission, and he can't always sit in Jiangdong.

    Therefore, he must cultivate a group of trustworthy families or forces to take over the management of the Jiangdong lands on his behalf.

    Of course, more importantly, taking this opportunity, Ye Fan also had to eradicate some troubles that threatened the stability of Jiangdong.

    Ye Fan took a sip of tea and continued, "Also, apart from that, investigate the Meng family in Liao City for me as well."

    "All of the Meng family's party connections and relatives and friends in Jiangdong, as well as the corporate individuals who have cooperated with their family's group, all of them will be sorted out by tomorrow."

    "The legacy poison left behind by Zhao Wuji in the beginning, it's time to clean it up."

    Faint words echoed, but when they landed in the ears of Lei Laosan and the others, they exploded like thunder.

    "Mr. Chu, you...You're moving, Meng...Meng family?!!!"


"Mr. Chu, no."

    "This Meng family's old lady is the sister of a powerful family's master over in Yanjing City."

    "When Zhao Wuji was so majestic, he didn't make up his mind to dare to touch the Meng family."

    "And this Meng family, it's a hornet's nest."

    "If you poke it, the next trouble will undoubtedly be extremely difficult."

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Li Er and the others were shocked.

    While worried in their hearts, they admonished Ye Fan.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "This Meng family is indeed somewhat unaware of the times."

    "I think we can knock it down a bit first and warn it."

    "If it's not necessary, it's better not to get into a fight."

    "After all, if the Meng family is in a hurry to jump over the wall, I'm afraid it's enough for us."

    Chen Ao paled and said in a deep voice from the side.

    Although, a strong dragon cannot crush a snake in the ground.

    However, in the view of Chen Ao and the others, this decision of Ye Fan to deal with the Meng family, that was also an act of killing a thousand enemies and losing eight hundred.

    Now, Ye Fan has just ascended to the position of the master of Jiangdong, his people's hearts are unstable and his foundation in Jiangdong is still shallow, so to make such a big move at such a time, in the opinion of Chen Ao, Li Er and the others, it is naturally an extremely unwise act.

    So, Chen Ao and Li Er naturally advised them in every possible way.

    However, to the persuasion of Chen Ao and the others, Ye Fan shook his head: "Knock?Warning?"

    "I don't have that much time."

    "I'll be leaving Yunzhou tomorrow."

    "So, within these two days, I must solve this hidden danger of the Meng family!"

    "After the original Taishan Martial Battle, Jiangdong has taken me as his master."

    "Since he disobeyed me, then the Meng family will have no place for them anymore!"


    Ye Fan's words were resounding and powerful, just like a golden stone landing on the ground.

    For a while, the heavens and earth here were swept by Ye Fan's majesty.

    Chen Ao and the others were in awe, but they no longer dared to speak.

    The trembling and awe in their gazes towards Ye Fan became more and more intense.

    Sometimes, Chen Ao and the others doubted that this man in front of them was really only in his early twenties, right?

    Such boldness, such courage, even they were afraid that it would be hard to reach Ye Fan, right?

    After Ye Fan decided, he asked Li Er and the others, to go down and manipulate the situation.


    "You guys still have business?"

    Seeing that Li Er and the others still didn't leave, Ye Fan was suddenly confused and asked.

    Chen Ao and Lei Laosan two laughed but didn't say anything, only Li Er, with a bitter old face, looked at Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, there is nothing wrong, or today's canine matter."

    In between the words, Li Er whirled his head, looked outside, and shouted angrily, "Bastard, why don't you get your ass in here?"

    "Offended Mr. Chu, I won't break your dog's legs today?!"

    In the midst of the furious scolding, Li Ziyang, who had been kneeling outside, crawled in with fear in his heart.

    Along with kneeling down to enter, there was also Ma Mingbo, the son of Nanquan Ma Family's master, Ma Fei.

    It wasn't until just now that the two of them realized what kind of existence they had offended today.

    Especially Ma Mingbo, when he learned that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu at the Haiyuan Pavilion, his entire body was nearly scared to death.

    He now finally understood why his classmate Xu Changqing was so respectful to Ye Fan on that day on Yunyang Mountain.

    He understood even more that all along, he had been stealing women from Mr. Chu?

    Thinking of this, Ma Mingbo was undoubtedly even more terrified and filled with despair.

    Kneeling at the feet of Ye Fan, he kept apologizing and begging for mercy.

    "Mr. Chu, I...I was wrong."

    "Did I offend Mr. Chu by being blind?"

    "Mr. Chu, I hope you can spare me this time."

    "I really didn't mean it."

    "I promise, after today, I will never covet Suzy for half a cent again."

    Ma Mingbo's words were miserable, and he spoke with a tremor.

    Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and laughed, "You were wrong, but by now, you don't even know where you were wrong?"

    "Do you seriously think that that posture of the Su family's daughter can get into my eyes?"

    "Well?"Mamaboton was stunned, a little confused, "She...She's not, you,...Your girlfriend?"

    "Of course not!"Ye Fan directly refused, and his tone was even more decisive.

    "I went to the Su family banquet that day, only to return a favor to the Su family's master."

    "As for me and Su Xi, it's nothing to do with a duckweed."

    "I was already married, and Qiu Mu Orange is my wife."


    "You...Your wife, is...Is it Autumn Mucheng?"

    Hearing this, Ma Mingbo's heart trembled even more, only to feel unimaginable, one pair of eyebrows all staring at him instantly.

    He had never thought that Mr. Chu would get married.

    He hadn't even thought that Suzy's best friend was Mr. Chu's wife?

    To his horror, Mamiboton was glad.

    Fortunately, he hadn't done anything out of the ordinary to Qiu Mu Orange during this time.

    Otherwise, he was afraid that his nine lives wouldn't be enough to kill ah.

    However, for this best friend of Suzy's, it would have been impossible for Ma Mingbo if he himself didn't have any thoughts earlier.

    He had planned to, first take care of Suzy, and then secretly take care of Autumn Mu Orange and let her be his lover.

    After all, whether it was her figure or her looks, she was no match for Suzy.

    The only thing inferior to Suzy was her family background.

    No one wouldn't like this kind of woman.

    But now, after learning of Qiu Mu Orange's identity, Ma Mingbo immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

    After Ma Mingbo apologized, Li Ziyang also kept on begging for forgiveness for Ye Fan.

    For the sake of their father's face, Ye Fan didn't make things difficult for them.

    He just coldly reminded, "In the future, remember to be more discerning."

    "Especially you, Li Ziyang, right?"

    "But I still remember, before Haiyuan Pavilion, you told me that your father was the biggest in the land of Yunzhou."

    "Now, who do you think, is the biggest?"

    Ye Fan's bantering words rang out, and when Li Er heard them, he became numb with fear.

    In fear, he slapped Li Ziyang in the face again: "You pitiful bastard!"

    "I'll smack your dog's mouth if you keep talking nonsense?"

    "How dare you say anything?"

    "How did I, Li Er, end up with a bastard son like you!"

    "Sooner or later I'm going to get screwed by your stupid ass!"

    Li Er was shocked and angry.

    It was undoubtedly disrespectful to say he was the biggest in front of Mr. Chu.

    If it doesn't work out, it's a capital offense.

    Li Er was naturally terrified.

    Ye Fan, however, continued to shake his head and smile: "Just, I won't punish you this time."

    "But here, let me remind you guys."

    "In the future, be a calm person, be a kind person, be a person whose smile is always on his lips."

    "Acting to make a fool of yourself, do less."

    Ye Fan's words echoed.

    Li Ziyang and the two of them pounded their heads like garlic, so naturally they didn't dare to say half a word.

    Chen Ao watched from the side, his eyes twitching in his heart.

    "Mr. Chu this pushy act, can give full marks."


"Also, Nan is my sister."

    "If you pursue her, I won't say anything."

    "But, if you do anything out of the ordinary or force Nan Nan, I, Chu Tian Fan, will be the first to not spare you!"

    After Ye Fan's words fell, Li Er and the others all looked at the clear woman who had been accompanying Ye Fan and cast envious gazes.

    To be able to have Mr. Chu personally give a word of protection, it was evident that this Chen Nan, what kind of status he had in Mr. Chu's heart.

    With Chen Ao as his father and Ye Fan as his brother, this Jiangdong land, Chen Nan would undoubtedly become a princess.

    In the future, I'm afraid there will be no one else, who will dare to provoke her.

    "It's really a lucky little girl to win Mr. Chu's favor."

    Lei Laosan, Li Er, and the others were filled with envy.

    Relying on this relationship between their daughter and Mr. Chu, Chen Ao's position in Jiangdong was undoubtedly more solid.

    Looking at other people's children, and then looking at his own, Li Er was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

    He originally planned to let his son also climb up the relationship with Mr. Chu, so that his Li Er's position in Jiangdong will undoubtedly be more solid.

    But now, it seemed that this bastard son of his was hopeless.

    "However, Xueqi can try it instead."

    Li Er looked at Nan Chen who was sitting next to Ye Fan, but he was thinking in his heart.

    Her own sister's posture wasn't inferior to Nan Chen's, and compared to Nan Chen, her sister Li Xueqi was a bit more mature and graceful.

    If she were to take the initiative, Li Er wouldn't believe that she couldn't take Mr. Chu?

    However, how did Li Er know that Ye Fan, who had Qiu Mu Orange as his wife, wouldn't be able to see her easily again?

    Once vicissitudes of the sea were not clouds, except for Mount Wu.

    After seeing the vastness of the sea, how could that spring water make Ye Fan stop?

    When Xu Lei revealed her feelings for Ye Fan in Yanjing City, Ye Fan politely avoided it, let alone Li Xueqi.

    As for Nan Chen, she was similar to one of her younger cousins because she was similar in age and personality.Seeing her, Ye Fan would unconsciously recall the only sister among the Chu family who truly treated her as an elder brother back then, which was why she took extra care of Chen Nan.

    As for the rest, Ye Fan had never thought about it.


    "Mr. Chen, congratulations."

    "Ling Qianjin has Mr. Chu as his brother, even if you are not afraid that your daughter will have no one to take care of her after a hundred years."

    At this time, Lei Laosan and others were offering congratulations to Chen Ao.

    Chen Ao was also smiling proudly and proudly.

    However, while the hall was full of joy, no one was paying attention to the fact that Nan Chen, who was on the side, when she heard Ye Fan's words, her pair of watery beautiful eyes were full of loss.

    After apologizing, Li Er and the others also left.

    Nan Chen also followed Chen Ao and returned to Jianghai.

    Before leaving, Nan Chen was still smiling vivaciously and said goodbye to Ye Fan.At the same time, advised to Ye Fan, "Brother Fan, women are to be coaxed oh."

    "It's normal for couples to bump into each other."

    "And, Sister Qiu is also doing it for your own good."

    "So, after I leave, remember to go back and see Sister Qiu ah."

    Looking at Nan Chen's playful appearance, Ye Fan nodded and smiled, "Mm, I know."

    "Hurry up and go, your father is calling for you."

    "Be safe on the road."

    Ye Fan waved and sent Nan Chen and the others away.

    With the departure of the crowd, since then, the Haitian Feast, finally came to an end.

    However, the banquet had ended, but the aftermath of the Haitian Feast was far from over.

    That night, Li Er summarized the information that Chen Ao, Lei Laosan and the others had passed on and sent it over to Ye Fan as much as he could.

    The information was complicated, but mainly, it was still about some things about the Meng family.

    "This Meng Chunhua's grandmother, called Zhang Yizhu.It's from Yanjing."

    "As far as I know, this Yizhu's mother's family is quite powerful in Yanjing."

    "Even if it's not called a gentry, it can definitely be ranked among the top-tier families in Yanjing."

    "Over the years, the Meng family has been moving around with the Yanjing Zhang family repeatedly, and I've also recently heard that a side daughter of the Meng family has made a marriage contract with the Yanjing Zhang family."

    "She will be married after the Spring Festival."

    "Under these circumstances, I'd advise against a hard fight with the Meng family."

    "It's far better to persuade and warn than to confront them head-on."

    After reading the information, Li Er understood more about the Meng family, but at the same time, the worry in his heart was even stronger.

    Originally, Li Er thought that even if the Meng family had some background, his background would be a second-rate force at best in Yanjing City.

    But now it seemed that he had underestimated the leaning behind the Meng family.

    However, listening to Li Er's story, Ye Fan looked calm as usual throughout.

    It was as if the water stopped at a flat lake, and there was no waves in the ancient well.

    "A first-class power?"Ye Fan laughed lightly and shook his head, "Even if it's a new noble family, I don't even care."

    "What is there to fear from a mere first-class family?"

    When Li Er heard Ye Fan's words, he became even more anxious: "Mr. Chu, this kind of thing must not be forced to show off.If it fails, have you thought of the consequences, Mr. Chu?"

    "Success or failure!"

    "At that time, I'm afraid that the great situation in Jiangdong now will cease to exist!"

    "Thinking on the worse side, Jiangdong will most likely change hands ah."

    "I, Li Er, am of humble status, and even if I end up miserable then, there's no pity."

    "But Mr. Chu, if you fail in this battle, your great future as well as your future glory will be ruined!"

    Li Er described the actions of Ye Fan here against the Meng family as war.

    Indeed, it is also indeed war in the eyes of Li Er and others!

    It was a battle of power in Jiangdong, a battle between the Ye Fan lineage and the Meng family.

    Regardless of the victory or defeat, it would undoubtedly change the future power landscape of Jiangdong..

    Even Li Er felt that this battle was not the slightest bit worse than the one at Taishan Martial Club.

    However, allowing Li Er to persuade him in a bitter way, Ye Fan did not have any intention of changing his mind.

    "My mind is made up, you don't need to persuade me on this matter."

    "What you need to do now is to use all the power and connections we have at our disposal today to sanction the Meng family's Chunhua Industrial Group in terms of funding, raw material supply, engineering cooperation, business sales, etc.!"

    "Not only should we cut off the Mon's capital chain, but we should also cut off their purchase and sales chains!"

    "Completely isolate the Meng Clan, in the land of Jiangdong."

    "Within two days, I will show the Meng family what it means to be, desperate!"

    Ye Fan said slowly, but in his calm tone, there was an endlessly cold and morose tone.

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's confident words, Li Er really didn't have any confidence that could quickly bring down the Meng family.


After all, let alone being able to truly isolate the Meng Group from the Jiangdong business community completely, even if it did, what could it do?

    Behind him, however, there was a powerful foreign aid.

    As long as the Yanjing Zhang family didn't fall, the Meng family would stand firm in Jiangdong.

    Even if Ye Fan gave his all to Jiangdong, he couldn't do anything to them.

    Therefore, Li Er didn't have much hope in his heart for this action of Ye Fan.

    But there was nothing Li Er could do, Ye Fan couldn't listen to the persuasion and was bent on going ahead, he had no other choice but to choose to carry it out!

    When they got back, Chen made a video call with Fu Lao San.

    "How was it?"

    "Have you persuaded Mr. Chu?"

    "Mr. Chu is now just standing firm in Jiangdong, his foundation is still legal, it would never be appropriate to turn against the Meng family at a time like this."Lei laosan asked anxiously.

    Nowadays, the three of them were all wearing the same pants as Ye Fan.

    Once Ye Fan fell from power, the three of them would never have a good time.Therefore, Lei Lao San and the others, naturally, were extraordinarily concerned about Ye Fan's decision .

    On the phone, however, Li Er sighed long and hard:?"Hey, everything that should be said, has been said."

    "But Mr. Chu, doesn't have any intention of changing his mind."

    "Besides, he has just given a death order,"

    "Let us begin operations tonight, right now."

    "Cut off the capital chain, the purchase chain, and the sales chain of all the industries under the Meng family.And let all the companies and corporations that have cooperated with them break their contracts and suspend their cooperation."

    "Completely isolate the Meng family from Jiangdong!"


    "Mr. Chu this is, to play for real?"

    "Er, why don't you persuade Mr. Chu."

    "Did he ever think of the consequences?"

    "Besides, is this kind of behavior, useful?"

    "If the power behind the Meng family doesn't fall, he can't be isolated!"

    Chen Ao also asked anxiously.

    Li Er still shook his head: "It's useless for you to blame me."

    "What I can say, I've said it all."

    "But you know Mr. Chu's temperament, what he decided, not to mention me alone, even if the three of us kneel down and beg him, I'm afraid Mr. Chu won't change his mind back."

    "Then what do we do now?"Lei Lao San asked curtly.

    A moment of silence.

    After a moment, Chen Ao shook his head and sighed, "What else can I do, just do what Mr. Chu says."

    Lei Laosan listened and also sighed bitterly, "Hey~"

    "Mr. Chu is a bit young after all."

    "Young and energetic."

    "Just wait until you hit your head and bleed before you know to turn back, I guess."

    The three of them ended the fairy tale with a heavy and worried feeling.

    And then, that night, Jiang Dong's operation against the Meng family began.



    Genting Mountain Villa.

    Those documents were still on the table, but Ye Fan didn't look at them anymore.

    Just smiled lightly, "The Yanjing Zhang family?"

    A faint laugh echoed, but it was full of contempt.

    Then, Ye Fan picked up his phone and prepared to call Xu Lei.

    But coincidentally, as soon as Ye Fan's side picked up the phone, a call came in.

    It happened to be Xu Lei calling over.

    "Lei'er, I was about to call you, but I didn't expect that you would call."

    Ye Fan connected the phone and said with a light smile.


    "So brother Xiaofan still remembers Lei'er."

    "It's been so long since you returned to Jiangdong, and you didn't even know to call me."Xu Lei's angry voice came from the phone.

    Ye Fan smiled bitterly, "I'm not calling you this?"

    "Happy New Year to Sister Raele today, New Year's Day."

    "Hmph, that's more like it."Only then did Xu Lei nodded her head in satisfaction, the resentment in her heart fading a bit.

    Then, Xu Lei also expressed her New Year's wishes to Ye Fan.

    "Right, Little Lei, there's one more thing, I'm afraid I have to trouble you a bit."

    "Hmph, I knew that brother Xiaofan wouldn't remember me if there's nothing wrong."Xu Lei's grouchy voice came back from the phone.

    Ye Fan was a little sweaty and apologized back, before mixing it up.

    "Tell me, what's the matter?"Xu Lei asked to Ye Fan.

    After that, Ye Fan informed Xu Lei about some things about the Meng family.

    Xu Lei, on the other end of the phone, had a pair of willow eyebrows that were immediately furrowed.

    "Brother Xiaofan, leave the matters of the Zhang family to me."

    "Just don't worry, I won't let the Zhang family give any assistance to the Meng family before they bow down."

    "They wouldn't dare!"

    Xu Lei's words carried a bit of coldness.

    In the entire girl's heart, any family or force that threatened her little brother Fan was her enemy!

    She would never let it go.


    "Regina, please."

    "I'll have the Xue family assist you from the side."

    After a brief conversation, Ye Fan hung up the phone as well.

    Throughout, Ye Fan was extraordinarily calm and didn't show any urgent worrying emotions.

    To Li Er, facing the Zhang family in Yanjing was like facing a great enemy.

    But in Ye Fan's eyes, what was a small Zhang family?

    Ye Fan didn't even care about the Yanjing gentry, let alone the Zhang family.

    Li Er, Chen Ao and the others were just a pawn under Ye Fan.Of course, not knowing all of Ye Fan's can-do, it was reasonable to be so worried.



    One night passed quickly.

    Under the operations of Chen Ao, Li Er and others all night.

    The next day, in all the big cities of Jiangdong, those family powers that had cooperated with the Meng family's Chunhua Group, announced the dissolution of cooperation.

    At the same [Book Interest Pavilion], Chen Ao, as the president of the Jiangdong Chamber of Commerce, even more so, in the Chamber of Commerce, announced sanctions against the Meng family for disrupting the normal order of the market and called on the major enterprises in Jiangdong to isolate and crack down on the Chunghwa Group.

    After the promulgation of Chen Ao's initiative, Li Er from Yunzhou and Lei San from Jingzhou, immediately responded.

    Although, till the end, Mr. Chu didn't step in.

    But the discerning could see that it was only Mr. Chu, who was going to take action against the Meng family.

    "Dad, what should we do now?"

    "To support Chen Ao and his men's actions?"

    In the Haoshu Wang family villa, Wang Jiexi was deep in thought after getting this news.

    At the side , his son Wang Yuchen, however, asked in a deep voice.

    After a brief silence, Wang Jiexi shook his head, "No, let's wait and see first."

    "Although this Meng family is not as powerful as Mr. Chu's in Jiangdong, the Meng family has a strong background."

    "Once Mr. Chu pushes him, it's still not certain who will die in the end."

    "For today's sake, it's better to wait and see what happens."Wang Jiexi said slowly.

    On the other side, the Yunzhou Xia Family.

    The Xia family was in Yunzhou, and although it wasn't considered a top-ranked noble family, it was still somewhat powerful.

    More importantly, the Xia family had been cooperating with the Fan family in good faith for many years.

    Now, Mr. Chu suddenly made a move against the Meng family, but invariably, he pushed the Xia family to the cusp of the storm.

    Should we interrupt, or continue?

    A huge problem was undoubtedly in front of the summer family's head.


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