Dish Best Served Cold 651-655


Chapter 651



    "What's he doing standing up at this hour?"

    "Is it going to the bathroom?"

    Ye Fan's sudden rise, however, drew the attention of everyone present.

    Naturally, Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange both noticed it as well.

    But they didn't think much about it, only thinking that Ye Fan might have gotten up to go to the bathroom.

    "This idiot, getting up to go to the bathroom at this time?"

    "I think it's intentional."

    "Just to get attention."

    "And what a claptrap."Fan Zhongxing scolded disdainfully.

    However, just as Suzy and the others snickered, they resolutely discovered that after Ye Fan got up, he didn't walk towards the toilets, but instead walked towards the red carpet in the middle of the hall, towards the highest point of the Sea Origin Pavilion, and strode away with his head held high.

    Seeing the sight before them, Suzy and the others were so shocked that their eyeballs almost popped out.


    "Evan, are you crazy?"

    "What are you going to do [51 Novels]?"

    "People are shouting for Mr. Chu, you're a countryside superfluous son-in-law, what are you coming out to join the fun for, why don't you retreat back?"Suzy shouted in alarm.

    Qiu Mu Orange was even closer to rushing out tears.

    "Ye Fan, go back quickly."

    "What is this occasion?"

    "How is it your place to fool around?"

    "Having offended Li Ziyang, are you still not satisfied that you've caused enough trouble, can you stop causing trouble."Qiu Mu Orange was shocked and angry, her eyes were red as she roared at Ye Fan.

    However, facing Suzy and Autumn Mu Orange's reproach, Ye Fan was expressionless.

    He looked calm and cold, his steps were easy and calm.

    The entire person was just like water stilling in a peaceful lake, and the reproaches of Suzy and the others did not create any waves in his heart.

    Only turning back, he faintly returned, "I told you, I am Mr. Chu."


    "Are you Mr. Chu?"

    "I'll fuck off!"

    "Just like you, returning Mr. Chu?"

    "If you were Mr. Chu, I, Fan Zhongxiong, would immediately jump from the building!"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Fan Zhongxiong directly burst out laughing and snarled.

    "Fuck, this idiot."

    "Mu Orange will be killed by him sooner or later!"

    "How can there be such fools in the world?"Suzy was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

    Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were red and she roared in anger, "Ye Fan, have you made enough noise?"

    "Chen Ao, Second Master Li and other big names from various parties are gathered here."

    "Have you ever thought about the consequences of your making trouble here?"

    "This isn't your home."

    "They're not your father either?"

    "No one here will take care of you if you get in trouble!"

    Qiu Mu Orange was so anxious that she was about to cry and couldn't stop questioning Ye Fan.

    However, Ye Fan no longer paid any attention to it and ignored the rebuke from Qiu Mu Orange and the others.

    He was walking slowly along the brand new red carpet.

    There was no joy or sadness on his clear and beautiful face.

    The look was majestic and cold.

    Just like this, in the midst of everyone's astonished and trembling eyes, he proudly walked, he stepped up the steps.

    Towards the highest point of the Sea Origin Pavilion, he walked straight towards it.


    "And you really don't know what you're doing!"Fan Zhonglian laughed coldly.

    "This idiot."

    "A country bumpkin who also dares to impersonate Mr. Chu?"

    "It's fortunate that my Xixi has already cut ties with him, otherwise today, I would definitely be implicated by this fool."Seeing Ye Fan, Old Taijun Su also shook his head and cursed.

    Qiu Mu Orange was trembling with anger.

    Su Xi even gritted her teeth and cursed, "This bastard, he's really crazy!"

    The other guests, after hearing the words of Old Taijun Su and the others, also sneered and laughed, looking at the young man in front of them like an idiot.

    "A country bumpkin who still dares to impersonate Mr. Chu?"

    "And what a self-inflicted death!"

    "A turtle is a turtle is a turtle, not having seen the world, and now he doesn't even know if he's dead or alive?"


    "This turtle, why don't you get back?!"

    "Where's the security?"

    "Why don't you go over there and stop this idiot?"

    In a split second, those tycoons at the entrance all verbally and angrily rebuked Ye Fan.

    Old Taijun Su screamed the hardest in order to clear the matter.

    In the end, she even called security guards and told them to drive Ye Fan Gang out of the restaurant.

    However, just as Fan Zhongxiong, Su Xi and the others were all speaking ill of Ye Fan, all of a sudden, only one person in front of him quietly stood up and bowed to the Ye Fan in front of him, "Welcome, Mr. Chu!"


    The audience suddenly stalled.

    Fan Zhongxing was even more flabbergasted.

    What the hell is this nigga?

    Ye Fan continued to step forward, and when he reached the third step, another big man stood up and cupped his fist in worship, "Welcome, Mr. Chu!"


    "What the...What's going on here?"Old Taijun Su was startled in place and no longer had a voice.

    Su Xi, who had just shouted angrily, had now quieted down.

    A pretty face, had gone white.

    And when adult Ye Fan stepped up to the fourth step, the third big man, stood up once again, "Welcome, Mr. Chu!"


    As the third big man's salutation rang out, in a sudden moment, it was only like a boulder entering the sea, setting off a monstrous wave.

    On the high platform of power and nobility, one lofty big man after another stood up, and one after another's voice of respect rang out, "Welcome, Mr. Chu!"

    Until the end, Li Er, with his Yunzhou crowd, strode out and bowed his head in unison: "Welcome, Mr. Chu!"

    Chen Ao, with a group of Jiang Hai, bowed and worshiped again, "Welcome, Mr. Chu!"

    Lei Lao San brought Jingzhou Yi Zhong and bowed down three times, "Welcome, Mr. Chu~"


    Respectful voices and respectful words, as if the nine heavens were draining the waves and gathering into a stream, but they impacted the entire world.

    For a time, the leading giants of the eighteen major cities in Jiangdong Province bowed down in unison.They all worshiped Ye Fan with respect.

    It was as if a group of courtiers bowed down, and it was another pilgrimage of believers.

    In the reverent and awe-inspiring gaze of Chen Ao and the others, Ye Fan walked with his head held high, his feet stepping on the earth and stepping up the steps!

    In one fell swoop, he stepped on top of the East River!


    Outside, the wind was bitterly cold, but in the hall, there were echoes of respect.

    Ye Fan, however, was expressionless and independent.

    He was like a king who ruled the world, standing proudly at the top of Haiyuan Pavilion, being congratulated by all nations!

    He stood with his hands in the air, her eyes full of sneers.

    A pair of eyebrows, profound and far-reaching only like the stars of the sea, standing on the top of the pinnacle, looking down on the multitudes of beings.

    Under the stage, but all of Chen Ao and others, the sound of respect echoed.

    "Welcome, Mr. Chu~"



    The extreme northern cold wind swept, but on the Lake of Clouds and Mist, set off thousands of waves.

    In the hall, only the young man stood proudly.

    The sound of the reverent congratulations shook the heavens and earth.

    Countless people were stunned as they watched the young man being worshipped by the courtiers.

    Qiu Mu Orange was even more terrified, her mind buzzing as if muffled thunder had exploded and the entire world had collapsed.

    "Ye...Ye Fan?Chu...Mr. Chu?"Autumn Mu Orange lost her voice and whispered.

    There had never been a moment that made her feel that life, as she did now, was so absurd.


Outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, Cloud Mist Lake was vast and blue.

    In the hall, Ye Fan was standing proudly on top of the stage, being congratulated by all the nations.

    The moment Ye Fan ascended to the stage, everyone present trembled.

    After all, there were so many people present, not many of them had actually seen Ye Fan with their own eyes.

    Before this, many people thought that Mr. Chu, who was famous all over Jiangdong, must be a middle-aged man who had already established a family just like Li Er, Chen Ao and others.

    However, when Mr. Chu actually appeared in front of them, the crowd was naturally all deeply shaken by Ye Fan's youth.

    "At such a young age, he is already all-powerful."

    "After ten years, wouldn't Mr. Chu have to be famous in Huaxia?"

    Countless people sighed in deep regret.

    Some trembled, some revered.

    Of course, some were horrified, some were terrified, and some were incredulous.

    Qiu Mu Orange was speechless for a long time.

    Before this, he had been puzzled.

    Why, back then, in Jianghai City, did Ye Fan attract the worship of a group of males?

    Young Master Shen, why are you so respectful to him?

    Why, then, did Ye Fan not fear the Fan family, the Ma family, or even the Yunzhou Li family.

    So, this was what he was relying on.

    "Mr. Chu?"

    "Good one Mr. Chu."

    "Evan, you win, I'm the one at fault."

    "You're right, I don't know you at all."

    "It's my vision that's too short, three years of marriage, I don't know what you can do in the slightest."

    "Not to mention, I don't know what kind of existence you are!"

    Autumn Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were red, she looked up at the man who stood on top of the world, as bright as the sun, and whispered sadly.

    As his wife, at this moment, she should be happy for him.

    But for some reason, Qiu Mu Orange was unable to smile in the slightest.

    What was there in her heart was only heaviness, and self-deprecation.

    "He...Is he really Mr. Chu?"

    "But...But, how is that possible~"

    On the side, Suzy's mood was definitely not much better than that of Qiu Mu Orange.

    When she saw Li Er, Chen Ao and the others all gave their respects to Ye Fan, Su Xi only felt that her brain was not enough, her entire worldview, all seemed to collapse at this moment.

    On her pretty face, a pallor, and terrified.


    "It can't be him, how could it be him."

    "How can he be Mr. Chu, a wimpy son-in-law from the countryside?"


    "That's impossible~"

    Susie couldn't stop shaking her head, tears only like a raging tide, flowing unceasingly along her pretty face.

    No one could understand the state of mind of Suzy today.

    At first, when she learned that Ye Fan was the little piano prince that she once had a crush on, it was a huge blow to her.

    However, she never thought that Mr. Chu, whom she considered her idol and god, was also Ye Fan.

    At this moment, Suzy only felt that life had played a huge joke on her.


    "Why would it be him?"


    There had never been a moment in her life that made Suzy feel as ironic as she did now.

    While Suzy was dumbfounded, Fan Zhongxiong was equally trembling.

    His eyebrows and eyes were red, and his entire body was close to Jairus.


    "Why him?"

    "He's a country loser, an incompetent son-in-law, what does he have to offer?"

    Fan Zhongxiong clenched his palm, gritting his teeth and roaring.The fingertips were even deeper into the flesh.

    In life, there was nothing more painful than this.

    The person who was once stepped on by himself, suddenly one day stood at a height that was unattainable for him.

    One could imagine the anger and reluctance in the heart of today's Fan Zhongxiong.

    Even Fan Zhongxiong was like this, not to mention the Su Family's Old Imperial Monarch.

    From the moment Ye Fan stepped onto the cloud summit, Old Taijun Su was like a stone statue, staying in place.

    With eyes staring dead, she couldn't say a word.

    In her heart, she was filled with endless fear, and remorse.

    It was only then that Old Taijun Su knew what kind of character he had defied before.

    "You once said that in your eyes, Ma Mingbo was a tiny piece of dust, and that the Billion Villa was just a joke."

    "I thought at first that it was all just your youthful arrogance."

    "Now I see that I was wrong, I was very wrong."

    "You're right, compared to you, we are indeed frogs in a well, and we are indeed Gryphon dust."

    "We were wrong, we were all wrong~"

    "Everyone, they underestimate you."

    Old Taijun Su shook her head and laughed, full of self-deprecation.

    She had never thought that she had been shrewd for a lifetime and had read countless people, but in the end, she had looked away from Ye Fan.

    On the stage, Ye Fan stood with his hands negative.

    On top of his clear and beautiful face, he was full of lofty feelings.

    He looked down at the crowd below the stage and waved his hand, "Alright, everyone, take your seats."

    "Li Er, inform them and prepare for the banquet."

    "Chen and the others have come a long way, you and I, as the host, must entertain everyone."

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Li Er immediately nodded, "Mr. Chu, don't worry, everything has been arranged."

    "However, before the banquet, the dog would like to toast a glass of wine to Mr. Chu as a token of his appreciation."

    In between the words, Li Er whirled his head and shouted out to the corridor, "Ziyang, why don't you come in and toast to Mr. Chu?"

    Lei Laosan was afraid of falling behind, so he then also shouted to the outside, "Ao Ting, you also come and toast Mr. Chu."

    "Coming coming coming."

    At this time, outside the hall, the voices of Li Ziyang and Lei Ao Ting were heard.

    Immediately afterwards, two men in suits, one holding a glass of red wine, walked over towards Ye Fan's direction.

    The one who was walking in front of them, was indeed Li Er's son, Li Ziyang.

    "Mr. Chu, you are crowned with a great reputation."

    "When Ziyang was abroad, Mr. Chu's name was already like thunder."

    "Today, we finally meet."

    "I'd like to propose a toast to Mr. Chu."

    "To express the infinite respect in Ziyang's heart to Mr. Chu."

    Li Ziyang began to speak respectfully from a long distance away.

    "Oh, Young Master Li, you really want to toast me?"

    At this time, however, Ye Fan turned around and looked at Li Ziyang in front of him and asked teasingly.


    "Why are you here?"

    "How dare you, how dare you come here and cause trouble?"

    "Get out of here yet!"

    "Is this a place you can come to, you turd?"Seeing Ye Fan, Li Ziyang was furious.

    He was just preparing a toast at the backstage and did not see the scene of Ye Fan coming on stage.

    Now that he found out that Ye Fan was even at the banquet, he was naturally furious.

    A mere country bumpkin, Li Ziyang naturally didn't care.

    However, as soon as Li Ziyang's words fell, the entire Haiyuan Pavilion, suddenly quieted down.

    Everyone was flabbergasted there, all looking at him with a baffled look.

    Lei Ao Ting, who was behind him, was even more startled, and then secretly gave a thumbs up to Li Ziyang, thinking, or are you awesome?

    "What's wrong?"

    "Why are you all looking at me like that?"

    "Where's the security?"

    "Why don't you get rid of this turtle?"Li Ziyang was still talking.

    However, Li Er, who was on the side, was already scared and was swinging all over the place.


In a fit of rage, Li Er slapped Li Ziyang directly in the face.

    Only to hear a pop, Li Ziyang turned in place three times, and finally like a dog lying on the ground, the wine glass in his hands is clattering broken, the glass of red wine are spilled on the ground.

    How powerful was this slap from Li Er?

    It was straightforward to smack Li Ziyang silly.

    His head was buzzing.

    Crying and full of frustration, he looked at his father: "Dad, what are you doing?"

    "What for?"

    "I fucked your fucking leg!"

    "You son of a bitch!"

    "Who the hell are you to insult?"

    "I had a hard time pulling this bit of goodwill for Mr. Chu, and it's all ruined by this beast of yours."


    "I, Li Er, was wise for a lifetime, but how did I end up giving birth to a bastard like you?"

    Li Er was angry and frightened.

    The entire man was like a madman, cursing angrily at Li Ziyang.

    He did everything possible to make Li Ziyang toast this head wine, for what?

    It wasn't just to leave a good impression on Mr. Chu.

    But Li Er never thought that this idiot son of his, not to mention leaving a good impression on Mr. Chu, would insult Mr. Chu in public?

    At this time, Li Er was so angry that he wanted to kick this bastard son of his to death.

    However, while Li Er was furious, Lei Lao San and the Southern Spring bigwig, Ma Fei, and the others were gloating.

    After all, Li Er had been too popular lately.

    Now that his son had offended Mr. Chu and caused great misfortune, it was just as well to suppress Li Er's arrogance.

    As someone who had always been competing with Li Er for power, Lei Laosan and the others were naturally happy.

    The head of the Ma family also came out and advised from the side with fake affection, "It's said that a tiger father has no son, but it seems that Li's family is an exception ah?"

    "Even Mr. Chu dares to insult, and really has no knowledge of life and no family discipline."

    "If I had such a son, I'd be the first to break his dog's legs!"

    Ma Fei laughed coldly.

    Li Er's face was even uglier, so angry that he kicked Li Ziyang again.

    While wailing here, Ma Fei took the opportunity to quickly shout: "Ming Bo, don't wait behind."

    "Hurry up and come out, toast Mr. Chu!"

    "Dad, here he comes~" hearing his own father's shout, Ma Mingbo, who had been waiting in the background, took three steps with his red wine cup and then walked out.

    With a face full of pride and laughter, he just walked past the crowd like this.

    As he passed by Suzy and the others, Ma Mingbo even flaunted his eyebrows and smiled at Suzy.

    And then he held his head high and walked to the high platform.

    However, Maminabo hadn't met Mr. Chu.

    But that didn't matter, even if he didn't know him, Mamimibo reckoned that the one standing tallest among all the bigwigs would definitely be Mr. Chu.

    Thus, Mamyibo whirled around and looked into the middle of the crowd.

    However, it didn't matter if he didn't look, when he saw the person on the stage, he immediately burst out with a "fuck".

    "Is it you?"

    "You country bumpkin, what a big dog's guts.It's just a matter of mingling in the Hai Tian Banquet, but you also dare to ascend to the supreme seat?"

    "And get the fuck out of here!"

    In between cursing, Ma Mingbo looked at his father at the same time, "Dad, you quickly call security to drive this brat out."

    "This brat is a hillbilly, my Haitian feast is a grand event, how can you tolerate such a turd here?"

    The disgusted voice echoed as Mamabu was busy advising.

    The atmosphere in this room was once again quiet.

    The corner of Lei Ao Ting's eyes beside him twitched, and he gave a thumbs up at Ma Mingbo once again.

    You are also bullish!

    Sure enough, after Ma Mingbo's words, Ma Fei, who was gloating and joking about Li Er just now, had an old face that then turned green with fear.

    "Brat, I'll fucking kill you!"

    However, before Ma Fei could make a move, Li Er, who was next to him, was one step ahead and smacked Ma Mingbo directly in the face.

    The slap shook the entire restaurant three times.

    Ma Mingbo was then smacked out by Li Er, lying on the ground with a bloody nose.

    "Uncontrolled bastard, Mr. Chu, you dare to insult even me?"

    "If I were your father, I'd be the first one to break your dog's legs!"

    Li Er cursed angrily, while turning to Ma Fei, smiling faintly, "Mr. Ma, your son doesn't know how to die and offend Mr. Chu, I'll teach him a lesson for you, is it alright."

    The corners of Ma Fei's eyes twitched, and his heart had already greeted Li Er's eighteenth generation ancestors.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products.I this adversary really should be beaten, Li is playing right."

    In between the words, Ma Fei backhanded a slap on Li Ziyang's face again.

    Li Ziyang, who had just crawled up from the ground, was incited to the ground again.

    "Ma Fei, you're paralyzed~"

    Li Er then glared at him, cursing wildly in his heart.

    But Ma Fei said calmly: "Li, I'm afraid you're not willing to do it, I'll help you teach you a lesson, you're okay with that."

    The corner of Li Er's eyes twitched, what else could he say, he just smiled and said it was time to fight.And then he turned around and kicked Maminabo.

    "Sub-O, still coming?"Ma Fei's old face twitched and backhandedly slapped another slap on Maminabo's face.

    "Ao Ting, what are you waiting for?"

    "Toast ah."

    While Li Er and Ma Fei were tyrannically beating each other's sons you and me, Lei Lao San caught the opportunity, but then urged.

    Lei Ao Ting only then came back to his senses, while his eyes were full of smiles and walked towards Ye Fan: "Mr. Chu, this cup of wine, Ao Ting to you."

    "Here's to Mr. Chu, in the new year, fame and glory!"

    With Lei Ao Ting making the lead, the rest of the various lofty families also came to toast.

    "Son of Wang Jiexi of the Haoshou Wang Family, toast to Mr. Chu!"

    "Happy New Year's Day to Mr. Chu~"


    "Happy New Year's Day to Mr. Chu,~"

    One after another, the younger youths came from outside the palace, holding red wine in their hands to pay homage to Ye Fan.

    Finally, when the two sisters of the Xia family appeared and saw that Ye Fan who was standing on top of the mountain and being toasted by everyone.

    There was a pop.

    The wine cup in Xia Yue's hand clattered to the ground.

    "How...How come, it's him?"Xia Yue's pretty face was pale, startled in place.


    "Sister, it's him hey."

    "I told you, this Mr. Ye Fan, is not an ordinary person."

    "Hehe, I didn't expect that I was really right."Sister Xia Xue was equally surprised, but soon, it turned into surprise and she ran towards Ye Fan with a jump.

    "Little brother, I'm Xia Xue."

    "We've met before."

    "Are you really Mr. Chu?"

    "The first time Snow saw you, I thought you were no ordinary person?"

    "This glass of wine, Cheryl, on behalf of the family, to you?"

    Xia Xue was lively and cute, like a little white rabbit, laughing with Ye Fan there.

    But sister Xia Yue's legs were as heavy as lead.

    When he faced Ye Fan, he didn't even dare to approach the slightest bit.


    Just then, a car sounded outside the door again.

    Immediately afterwards, a public official, strode in.

    Facing a hall full of people, he mixed his voice and drank.

    "Jiangdong Province Lord He Lanshan, here to present a gift!"



"Oh my God!"

    "The Lord of Edo Province has come to present a gift?"

    "What a great face."

    "Mr. Chu, when are you really going to go against the world?"

    With the arrival of the man in front of them, the entire crowd exploded once again.

    Before, no matter how powerful Mr. Chu was, it was only in the private business world.

    Now that the official had come to give a gift, what did that mean?

    This undoubtedly represented, the official recognition of Ye Fan.

    However, while everyone was trembling, Fan Zhongxiong did not think so.


    "Proud of what?"

    "Maybe you'll be sent a white rib that will leave you hanging?"

    "As the saying goes, one mountain cannot contain two tigers."

    "I don't believe it, can the Lord of Jiangdong Province sit back and watch you, the Honorable Lord of Jiangdong, grow bigger and stronger?"

    Fan Zhongxiong snorted coldly.

    Actually, he wasn't the only one present who thought this way.

    Many of them were somewhat skeptical of the sincerity of this He Lanshan.

    After all, had the other party really come to congratulate him uninvited?

    However, whether it was true or false, we would naturally know when we looked at the congratulatory gift later.

    Just as the crowd was trembling with doubt, outside the restaurant, a ceremonial lady, carrying a jug of spirits, walked in.

    "Mr. Chu, by order of Jiangdong Province Master He Lanshan, I'm sending Mr. Chu a jug of Jiangdong Zun Liquor."

    "Happy New Year, Mr. Chu, and may the Haitian Feast, be held successfully!"

    This person's words were only like a boulder entering the sea, creating huge waves once again in the crowd.

    "Jiang...Jiang Dong Zun Wine?"

    "It's...This is, like, an admission?"

    Fan Zhonghua flinched in place.

    The rest of them were equally trembling.

    All the questions and doubts from earlier were certainly gone.

    What did He Lanshan mean by sending Jiangdong Zun wine?

    Obviously by such an act, it was a formal acknowledgement of Ye Fan's position as king in the Jiangdong secular world!


    "I'll take this drink."

    "Go back and help me give it to Lord He Province and say thank you."

    On the high platform, Ye Fan stood proudly and returned indifferently.

    And then, he waved his hand, and his men immediately brought the pot of wine over.

    "Nan Nan, come over to me and fill it with wine."

    Ye Fan turned his head, looked at Nan Chen, who had been standing outside the crowd, and spoke out.

    Mr. Chu named him in public, so naturally Nan Chen instantly attracted everyone's attention.


    "Okay, brother Fan."

    Nan Chen was full of smiles, and looked completely flattered.

    Bouncing like a little sparrow, between lotus steps, but up on the stage, ingenuously received the wine jug and filled a glass of wine for Ye Fan.

    Li Er, Lei Laosan and the others looked on, a blush.

    The heart secretly scolded Chen Ao this old Yin than, before no wonder not to grab the first wine, it is already sent his daughter to Mr. Chu side.

    The two of them looked at Chen Nan and Ye Fan intimate look, and then look at their own son that bastard, Li two angry but is close to spitting blood.

    Had he known that, he should have had a daughter back then as well.

    "Alright, all of you."

    "I won't say any more words that are unnecessary."

    "A thousand words, all in this cup of turbid wine."

    "Thank you all for coming all the way out here and coming to visit."

    "This cup of wine, I toast to all of you!"

    The low, deep voice resounded throughout the hall.

    Next, Ye Fan then held a wine cup and Chen Nan accompanied from the side with a flask of wine, and the two of them toasted like this table by table.

    Wherever Ye Fan passed by, all the rich and powerful bigwigs were in fear.

    A silent and flattered, they all rose to return the greeting.

    Even Li Er, who is usually all-powerful and reigns over a prefecture-level city, couldn't afford to show any dignity in front of Ye Fan.

    Lowering their eyebrows and bowing, they were completely like a junior brother.



    "Mr. Chu, we toast you!"

    "I, the Liu Family of Yunzhou, am willing to serve Mr. Chu and be at the head of the horse!"


    At a wine table in front of them, one rich family owner all returned Ye Fan's greeting.

    But there was only one old woman, her eyebrows lowered and her body shrinking hard into a corner, as if she was afraid of being discovered by Ye Fan.


    "Old Su, don't just stand there?"

    "Mr. Chu is at our table, so why don't you get up and return the toast?"A wealthy man at the table laughed at the reminder.


    Fuck me, right?

    Old Taijun Su's one old face turned green then.

    She had the heart to strangle this nosy person in her heart.

    Now, the one she had the least face to face was Ye Fan.

    I thought it was just fine to muddle through with her head down and pretend not to see, but who would have thought that someone would be nosy and ask her by name to toast or not?

    Doesn't that put him on the pyre?

    How dare she say disrespect?

    She had already offended Ye Fan before, if she refused to make a toast at this point, wouldn't it be a clear sign of disrespect to Mr. Chu?

    In the end, Old Taijun Su had no choice but to harden his scalp, dragging his dying old body, and toast Ye Fan with his wine cup.

    "Chu...Mr. Chu, this...This cup of wine, I...My old woman, toast you."

    Old Taijun Su forced a smile and spoke trembling, the hand that was holding the wine cup was trembling.

    "It's not necessary."

    "Your Su family's high family, your wine, I can't afford it.This Jiangdong, can't stand it either."

    Ye Fan's words were icy cold, only resounding and echoing like a golden stone landing on the ground.

    Old Taijun Su was instantly terrified, flabbergasted in place.

    She wasn't a fool, she could hear the anger in Ye Fan's words.

    Especially that last sentence, what was the meaning?

    The Soo's are a big family. Can't they afford to live in Jiangdong?

    This wasn't clearly telling her that in the future, there would be no place for the Su family to stay in Jiangdong.

    It could be said that this sentence of Ye Fan's was like giving the Su family, a death sentence.


    Old Taijun Su still wanted to say something, but Ye Fan had already left.

    All that was left for Old Taijun Su was that cold and decisive back.

    In desperation, Old Taijun Su's old body then spread out on his seat, and with a bang, the person and his chair directly tumbled onto the floor.

    "Old Taijun, old Taijun~"


    Behind him, there was panic.

    Ye Fan ignored it and didn't even pay attention.

    He was expressionless, holding a wine glass in his hand, and eventually arrived at Autumn Mu Orange Suzy's table.

    Suzy's face was pale, Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were red, and Fan Zhongxiang was filled with fear.

    Especially for Suzy and Autumn Mu Orange, when Ye Fan's identity was revealed, until the end, they did not say another word.

    Nor did they know what to say.

    They were just flabbergasted in place, startled as they watched that thin figure, step by step, approaching towards them.


    With the wine in the glass, Nan Chen filled Ye Fan's glass.

    Ye Fan held the wine cup in his hand and stood proudly.

    With a clear and cold and arrogant face, he looked down at Suzy, down at Autumn Mu Orange, down at Fan Zhongxiong, and down at the people at the full table.

    "Mu Orange, before, I said that I was Mr. Chu."

    "You didn't believe it."

    "Now, do you believe it?"

    Ye Fan stood proudly with a sneer in his eyes.


He didn't even wait for Qiu Mu Orange to reply, Ye Fan had already lifted the cloudy wine in his cup and drank it all in one go!

    So long grudges, as well as three years of conjugal love, seems to have been turned into this cup of wine.

    The wine into the sadness of the intestines, three parts brewed into the moonlight, and seven parts whistling into the sword, a roar of anger, is the full house of turbulence!

    Too long ago, no one knew what kind of humiliation Ye Fan had endured all these years since he had joined the Qiu family.

    In the past, allowing others to bully, humiliate and ridicule him, Ye Fan didn't care.

    The only thing he cared about in this great land of Yunzhou was Qiu Mu orange.

    However, whatever achievements Ye Fan had made before, in the eyes of Qiu Mu Orange, they were all relying on others, and were all favors from others.

    Today, at the Haitian Feast, he invited Qiu Mu Orange to come to the feast.

    It was to let her witness with her own eyes that her man was stepping on the sky and standing at the top of Jiangdong.

    Ye Fan, using the naked reality, told her that his man was by no means a trash.

    By himself, he was enough to give her, ten thousand feet of glory!

    After drinking all the spirits, Ye Fan turned around and left, leaving only Ye Fan's lean and determined back to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Looking at him, at that gradually departing back, Qiu Mu Orange remained silent for a long time.

    In her ears, was the echo of Ye Fan's proud voice just now.

    In her heart, however, she was filled with remorse and self-loathing.

    Only now did Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly truly realize that it was her fault from start to finish.

    It was her, big mistake!

    He was her husband, and she should, unconditionally, trust him.

    She shouldn't, question him.

    Tears, couldn't stop flowing.

    Looking at Ye Fan's back, without realizing it, Autumn Mu Orange had tears streaming down her face.



    The Haitian feast, soon ended.

    After the banquet broke up, some of the small tycoons who had come to join in the fun, as well as Su Xi and Fan Zhongxiong, the younger generation, had all left.

    The rest of the leading tycoons from various cities were invited by Ye Fan to Genting Mountain Villa.

    "All of you, take your seats."

    "I've prepared excellent Mao Tip for everyone."

    "Everyone try it, no need to be formal."

    In the villa, Ye Fan was seated high.Below, Li Er, Chen Ao and others were all sitting on top of the sofa, drinking tea.

    "Mr. Chu, you didn't find us here just to make us drink tea, right?"

    "Just say what you have to say directly."

    "With the year's end approaching, I believe that everyone here has numerous matters to deal with on the company side."

    "I think Mr. Chu, it's better for you to get straight to the point if there's anything you need to say."

    "Time is money."

    "It's better for everyone."

    At this moment, a man in his thirties looked up at Ye Fan and said in a deep voice.

    "Chunhua, pay attention to your attitude."

    Hearing the man's words, someone beside him was scared white and secretly poked the man in the suit.

    Ye Fan's gaze also looked over and smiled faintly, "Aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

    "Yes."The man nodded and smiled back, "Knowing that Mr. Chu is high and mighty, it's normal that you don't know me."

    "My name is Meng Chunhua, my father is the head of the Meng family in Liao City, Meng Liang Gu."

    "Liao City?"Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed, obviously somewhat unfamiliar with this city.

    Li Er hurriedly reminded in a low voice, "Mr. Chu, Liao City is located in the borderlands of Jiangxi.It used to belong to Zhao Wuji's sphere of influence, and this Meng family, the number one gentry in Liao City, has a big background.It is said to be related to all the big families in Yanjing."

    "When Zhao Wuji was in power, they all respected this Meng family three times."

    Listening to Li Er's words, Ye Fan nodded his head, and was able to gain some understanding of the Meng family.

    Ye Fan didn't get angry at Meng Chunhua's rude words, instead, he smiled and said, "So it's the Meng family's young master."

    "Since Young Master Meng is day-to-day, I won't waste your precious time."

    "Today, on New Year's Day, I have gathered everyone together in Yunzhou, in addition to feasting you all for a New Year's feast.There is indeed one more thing that requires your cooperation."


    "What is it?"

    "Mr. Chu, there is no harm in speaking."

    "If it wasn't for Mr. Chu's efforts to save our Jiangdong from danger back then, how would we be here today?"

    "So, Mr. Chu's business is our business."

    "As long as Mr. Chu gives the order to go up the mountain of swords or down the sea of fire, we will not be ambiguous!"

    After hearing Ye Fan's words, many people patted their chests to show their loyalty and looked towards Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan's reply.

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "A mountain of swords and a sea of fire is naturally unnecessary."

    "The future stability and development of Jiangdong will still depend on you all, how would I be willing to let you all go and die."

    "Actually, my matter is troublesome to say the least, and simple to say the least."

    "That is, I hope that each family can help me raise a few tons of jade."

    "The more the better, and the better quality the better."

    "Before the Spring Festival, gather it all for me."



    "Or by the ton?"

    The crowd was shocked and looked at Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, what do you need so much jade for?"

    "The jade is a cherished item."

    "I'm afraid it's going to cost a lot of premium if it's acquired in large quantities."

    "And some of the top-grade jade stones are priced at hundreds of millions per ton, ah."

    In the room, the crowd asked in confusion.

    Ye Fan faintly returned, "I want jade, I have my own use for it."

    "You guys just need to tell me if you can help me raise enough."

    Ye Fan looked at the crowd, and in a sudden, the promising villa went quiet.

    The crowd also bowed their heads, not saying they could or couldn't.

    "If you want jade, of course you can."

    "As long as Mr. Chu has enough funds, we in the Meng family can supply you with as much as you want."

    "I just don't know how much money Mr. Chu is prepared to give me, so that we can prepare jade for you."

    After a moment of silence, Meng Chunhua's laughter, quietly rang out.

    Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room was once again a bit more subtle.

    But it had to be said that Meng Chunhua had voiced out the doubts in everyone's heart.

    After all, just now, Ye Fan only said about the preparation of the jade, but did not say, in the slightest, about the money.,.

    Buying jade, that's not a small amount.

    In response to Meng Chunhua's question, Ye Fan faintly returned, "The money is not there, as for the reward, a favor from myself, I don't know if it's enough or not."

    "Heh~ Humanity?"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Meng Chunhua burst out laughing.

    "Mr. Chu, you speak well."

    "But do you mean that you're going to not give us a penny and let us give you jade for nothing?"

    "Mr. Chu, it's not that I, Meng Chunhua, am not giving you face."

    "We're all businessmen here, we're in business.Nowadays, the economy is going down, everyone is having a hard time, everyone is carrying a lot of loans, right?"

    "But now, with one word, you're thinking of empty-handedly asking us to buy jade for you out of our own pockets, don't you think, that's a bit too much to ask?"


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