The King of Kungfu in school 2106-2110


Chapter 2106

The corners of Tang Zichen's mouth turned up, this product was really overconfident.

Star Luo was busy shouting, "Wait."

"What, Star Luo, are you distressed?"

Star-Lo said to Don, "Have you forgotten your own situation?Or do you not know the man's history?"

Tang Zichen said, "What's his origin, you're not going to tell me that he's from some second-class overlord family, I know that."

"Since you know you're still offending him."

Tang Zichen roared, "He's flirting with my woman, what the hell do I care what family he's from?I don't care even if it's the Heavenly King's old family."

Star Luo depressed, "Tang Zichen, I don't want you anymore."

"Alright, a pussy is long-winded, there's no place for a man to talk without a woman interrupting, give me a break."

"You."Star Luo depressingly glared at Tang Zichen, what time is it to be macho.

Tang Zichen said to Zhuge Sun, "Friend, I'm not going to dump ruthless with you either, I'll give you a word today, if you're capable of winning the fight, I'll give you my woman, hands down, if you're not capable, please get out of here immediately, what do you think?" Remember the URL

Zhuge Sun raged, "How arrogant, but I like the way you do it, well, if you don't beat me, then I can just take Star Luo."

"That's up to you."

"Hmph, go die."The Sun of All Evil leapt, his mouth chanting, and his hands rose up into a pair of huge hands, and they were golden, glowing with a golden light.

"Buzz."Zhuge Sun's huge golden hands clenched into fists and fiercely smashed towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen remained motionless, allowing Zhuge Sun to smash, but his giant fist was blocked by a thin layer of light as it reached Tang Zichen's head.

"Ah, what's going on."Zhuge Sun was startled.

At that moment, Tang Zichen gave a loud "drink".

"Boom."The thin layer of light on Tang Zichen's body instantly enlarged, like a bursting balloon, and blew Zhuge Sun away.

"Ah."Zhuge Sun flew a few hundred meters away before falling to the ground.

Star Luo was busy asking, "Tang Zichen, what spell did you just use?Why is it so strong, it doesn't feel like the Great Realm Law."

Tang Zichen said, "This is something I blindly figured out on the basis of the Great Realm Law, it will be more powerful than purely using the Great Realm Law.I haven't named it yet, so let's call it, the Great Star Luo Law."

"The Great Star Luo Law?Why are you naming it after me."

"Because, I was defending you and came up with it blindly on a whim."

"Ah, you mean, you just this, you just came up with it now?"

"Yes. I was about to do it with Zhuge Sun when I suddenly figured it out blindly and then tried it right away, but if I hadn't come to stand up for you today, I don't think I would have created the inspiration and the spell wouldn't exist, so I called it the Great Star Luo Method."

"Oh."Star Luo blushed, Tang Zichen named it after her, feeling a warmth inside and a sense of satisfaction at the same time.

"Oh, go over and see Piggy Sun."

In the next second, Tang Zichen appeared beside Zhuge Sun, and Star Luo appeared at the same time.

Zhuge Sun had just gotten up from the ground and seemed to be affected by the

There were considerable injuries, and there was still blood at the corners of his mouth, Tang Zichen's strike just now was too strong, Zhuge Sun felt as if it was the strike of a mid mortal immortal, if he didn't have a defensive immortal weapon on him, he would have been seriously injured if he didn't die.

"Zhuge Sun, you've lost, you're no match for me at all."

"Damn it, did you hide your realm again?You're obviously a middle Mortal Immortal, deliberately pretending to be at the same realm as me."

"You're overthinking it, besides, if I really hid it, it would only mean that I'm stronger and more talented, what qualifications do you have to steal a woman from me, is it because of your family background?One day, I will surpass the strongest person in your family, and at that time, your family lineage is nothing.Zhuge Sun, you get out now, I can leave your harassment of Star Luo today alone, otherwise, even after 100 million years, I will definitely pursue it to the end."

Zhuge Sun was very unhappy with Tang Zichen's threat, however, Tang Zichen was so strong that he was scrupulous again, because he could become an Upper Immortal in the future, then, Tang Zichen was even more so.

"Good, Zhou Mi, count you powerful."

Zhuge Sun turned around and walked away.

After Zhuge Sun walked away, Xing Luo wondered, "Strange, I remember Zhuge Sun, not a person who is so knowledgeable, but today he even walked away so knowledgeable, in the past he relied on his family background, very arrogant and cocky, whether there is any reason or not, he is the one in charge."

Tang Zichen said, "That's because, he didn't find a sense of superiority in me, he knew in his heart that my future achievements were definitely not below him, how arrogant is he still.Although his family lineage is strong, it's a pity that the strongest person in his family can't be at his mercy, and a strong family lineage will only make others not dare to touch him because of his scruples."


At this moment, a strong man from the late Earth Immortal stage flew over.

It was the Star Clan, the elder called Star Yao.

"Pay your respects to the senior."

Star Yao looked at Tang Zichen and Star Luo, and finally, said, "You follow me to the main hall."


At the main hall, that elder asked, "Star Luo, tell me honestly, what is the relationship between you and Zhou Mi, exactly?"

"Elder, I don't know what you mean."Star Luo was shocked.

"Don't pretend, I've just seen it all, not only did this brat fight Zhuge Sun for you, but he also used your name to name the spell he created himself, and also, he also verbally claimed his woman, to say that the two of you have nothing, I would never believe it."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior, so you were watching when Zhuge Sun bullied Xing Luo, you didn't show up because you didn't dare to offend Zhuge Sun, right?"

"It's not your turn to question me yet, if Zhuge Sun really dared to harden his bow against Star Luo, I would naturally appear to stop it."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen snorted in his heart.

Star Luo's heart also compared it to the family elders, who were not even a tenth as good as Tang Zichen had been to her, and Star Luo's heart was even more convinced of her feelings, even if the family opposed it, she would still insist on it.

After thinking it through, Star Luo said without hesitation, "Elder Star Yao, yes, I like Zhou Mi, and he likes just me."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Yes, Senior, I hope that you will fulfill us."

"Hahaha, hahaha."That Star Yew let out a loud laugh.

Star Luo said, "Elder Star Shine, you have seen Tang Zichen's talent, in the future, he will definitely achieve a lot, let me bet on it, he doesn't have a family, so he can join the family."


Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, joining the family, how was this possible, but there was nothing impossible when you thought about it, anyway, when it was powerful later, who was in charge might not be.

Elder Star Shine snorted, "Don't even think about it."

"Why?"Star Luo looked at Elder Starlight in puzzlement.

"In short, it's just not possible."

"I'm not convinced, do, do you have to let me find someone from a second class overlord, or even a first class overlord family?You've just seen that Tang Zichen has dressed up the second class overlord family Zhuge Sun with ease, and anyone in their right mind can guess Tang Zichen's future, can a so-called family be compared to an absolute genius?"

Star Yao had a difficult look on his face, in fact, he did like Tang Zichen quite a bit, he would definitely earn it if he joined the Star Clan, and his master was the Green King.

However, it was not up to them to make decisions about Star Luo's marriage, their family's Upper Immortal Ancestor had already commanded that no one could marry Star Luo, and had promised to betroth Yan Qinggang.

"Elder, I beg you."Star Luo knelt down and said.

Tang Zichen did not expect Star Luo to kneel down and beg.

Tang Zichen said, "Elder, I'm willing to join the Star Clan, just promise Star Luo to me, and my master, Green King, is a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, I don't believe that I'm worthy of it.I'm also not afraid to tell you, if you miss this village, you won't have this shop, with my current status as Green King's apprentice, all I have to do is go out and shout, and I'm guaranteed that there are other third class overlord level families who want me to join their families and give me the most beautiful promise of their families."

"You."Xingyao saw that Tang Zichen was threatening him and was very upset. One second to remember to read the book

"Is that a begging tone you're taking?"

"I'm sorry, but my heart is sincere."

Star Luo also said, "Yes, I beg Elder Star Shine to fulfill my wish."

Star Yao snorted, "You guys get up first.Wait until I've discussed with the other elders, don't worry, Zhou Mi is indeed a talent, we will seriously consider keeping him."


"Then we'll leave first."

Tang Zichen and Star Luo left.

Elder Star Shine, immediately ordered his subordinates to invite the other elders for a meeting.

The reason for this grand treatment was not because of Tang Zichen's sincerity, but because Tang Zichen's value was truly great.

"Gentlemen, this is how the situation is, what do you think?"After Elder Star Shine finished speaking about this matter, he asked the crowd.

The elders all locked their eyebrows.

"Zhou Mi is indeed not bad, we were like recruiting before, when we could recruit before, he was just a human immortal, but now, he is already a mortal immortal, moreover, he is still a disciple of the Green King, and he even got married to Tian Xiang, which means that Zhou Mi and the Green King's relationship is very stable.Not to mention us, even our ancestor would probably be up to recruiting in order to get closer to the Green King."

"However, the woman Zhou Mi has his eye on is Star Luo, any other woman can do it, only Star Luo can't move."

"Before Old Ancestor went out to close the door, but he specifically explained that he would protect Star Luo and not allow her to go out and mess around, let alone betroth her to anyone."

"Yes, Old Ancestor has already betrothed Star Luo to Senior Yan Qinggang, Yan Qinggang is a stronger Upper Immortal than our ancestor, all of them, if Yan Qinggang wanted to, he would be qualified to establish a second class overlord family."

"Let's think about it, what will it take to keep Zhou Mi."

"They're in love, and they're alone, I'm afraid."An elder said.

Elder Star Shine smiled, "There's no need to worry about them stealing the forbidden fruit."


p; "Why?I don't believe that they are in love and can still not do something out of character."

"Hahaha, you all don't know, since the old ancestor said that Star Luo was promised to Yan Qinggang, naturally, it's not just words, the old ancestor has already put a ban on Star Luo, no one can do anything with Star Luo, unless the strength is stronger than the old ancestor."

"So that's it, then there's nothing to worry about."

"Why don't we find someone to tell Zhou Mi that the Star Clan, other than Star Luo, any other woman, is to be chosen by her, and that there is no limit to the number, even if she wants ten."

"Looks like that's the only way."

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Star Luo returned to Star Luo's residence.

Now, both of them had stated their feelings, so Star Luo was generous with her feelings and allowed Tang Zichen to hold her.

In Star Luo's room, Tang Zichen hugged Star Luo, and at first, he was regular, but the more he hugged her, his hands and feet became more and more unruly, touching everywhere.

"What are you doing."Star Luo said with a blush.

"Star Luo, simply do one thing or the other and cook the raw rice."

"What do you mean?"

"It's just that, even though we didn't get married, we caved first, so maybe, your family thought, it's all caved in, so let's just get married."

"You, you're thinking beautiful."In Star Luo's heart, the deer was beating fast.

"OK, anyway, you and I have made our intentions clear, unless you still think in your heart, to marry better later."

"Nonsense, you're the one thinking that."

"Then stop nagging, come on."Tang Zichen stopped Star Luo at the waist, Star Luo struggled for a while, and finally softened and let Tang Zichen do what he wanted.

However, just as Tang Zichen was about to take off Star Luo's clothes, suddenly, a power came from Star Luo.


This power was too strong for Tang Zichen to withstand, and Tang Zichen flew hundreds of meters away in no time.

"Ah."Star Luo was shocked.

At that moment, the voice of the Devil King sounded in Star Luo's mind, "Star Luo, don't be nervous, he's fine, it's fortunate that I helped him offset some of the power just now, otherwise, he might not exist."

"What do you mean, why is that."

"You are under a ban by a strong Upper Immortal, anyone under the Upper Immortal will be killed by the ban if they try to take off your clothes, just now Tang Zichen tried to take off your clothes, fortunately I found it in time and helped him offset most of the power of the ban, otherwise he would have been shredded into a million pieces."

"Ah, a ban, who would put a ban on me."Star Luo was stupid.

"I don't know about that."

"Senior Demon King, do you have a way to help me remove it?"

"I'm sorry, but if I could have helped you disarm, Don just took off your clothes without a problem."

"Ew."Xing Luo blushed.

"Don't get me wrong, if you were really working with Don Zichen, I would never have peeked."


At this moment, Tang Zichen felt the sky spinning.

Tang Zichen was completely blinded and didn't know what was happening, he was about to pull off Star Luo's clothes when suddenly he flew away.

Tang Zichen's whole body ached as he climbed up and flew back to Star Luo's room.

"Star Luo, are you alright, what just happened?"Tang Zichen asked with concern.

Star Luo was touched to see that Tang Zichen cared about her first.


Star Luo said with a guilty face, "I'm sorry, Tang Zichen, I couldn't give it to you."

"This, what's going on, if you don't want to, I would never force it, why blow me away, by the way, did you just use some kind of immortal weapon?Blew me out of nowhere and almost killed me."

Starro was busy explaining, "No, it wasn't me just now."

"That was?"

Starro told her what the Devil had told her.

"Ah, the ban."Tang Zichen was also dumbfounded.

"I'm sorry ah, are you okay?"

"It's fine, thanks to the Demon King for just saving my life."

"Yeah, if the devil king didn't happen to find out, then I but killed you, I really don't want to live."

"Damn, it must have been your family's ancestor who set up the restriction, no wonder he refused to marry me, nine times out of ten, your family's ancestor saw how beautiful you were and wanted to enjoy it himself."Tang Zichen said in exasperation, Tang Zichen had picked up countless girls, never encountered such an embarrassment today.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen had a bright idea and asked, "Right, Xing Luo, you bathed and slept by yourself, did you take off your clothes, right." First URL


"So, you're taking it off yourself okay?"

"I'll take it off myself all right."

"Hey, I've got an idea."

"What idea?"

"Hehehe."Tang Zichen smiled wickedly, and Star Luo saw that his smile was a bit scary.

"Star Luo, since my taking off will activate the ban, then, I won't take off, you take off yourself, so, won't that be fine, hehehehe, I'm really a genius."Tang Zichen laughed.

Star Luo blushed, it was thanks to him that he thought of it.

Xing Luo said, "It's better not to."

"What, you're embarrassed."

"Me, of course I'm embarrassed."

"Star Luo, just do it for me, take the initiative."

"No, a woman who takes initiative like that is a bad woman, I don't want it."

"What concept."

At that moment, Tang Zichen's voice sounded in his mind, "Kid, if you don't want to die, don't try again."

"Ah, Senior Demon King, I haven't thanked you for saving my life."

"Tang Zichen, the ban on Star Luo's body is meant to prevent someone from killing her, as well as someone from violating her, whether it's voluntary or forced on her, it will activate the ban.Although, it's true that she can undress herself, but if you make the next move, kill you immediately.I've just suffered a lot of mental wear and tear trying to help you counteract that power, and I can't help you a second time."

"Senior, you're a Dao Immortal, you don't even have this much power."

"Bullshit, I'm now imprisoned with all my power, I only have a little bit of pathetic immortal thoughts, and I'm still so far away from you, to be able to talk to you is already far beyond ordinary people."

"Oh, well, that's a shame, I can only look and not eat."Tang Zichen said regretfully.

"You're on your own, don't get yourself killed, I've just suffered great mental wear and tear, I'll probably need to recuperate for many months.I'm afraid that master of yours, Green King, doesn't have the energy to watch over you."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, wouldn't it be very dangerous if so.

Tang Zichen really regretted being in such a hurry just now.

"May Master return safely."Tang Zichen prayed inwardly.

The Devil King's Immortal Thoughts withdrew, even the mark left on Tang Zichen's body had been withdrawn, meaning Tang Zichen couldn't actively contact him, and for the next few months, Tang Zichen was in a situation where he had no one to help him monitor.

"Hey, not to mention spoiling the mood, it's a big loss."Tang Zichen said.

Star Luo already knew what had happened.

and apologized, "It's my fault."

"How can you be blamed for this."

"I'm going to ask Elder Starshine why I have a restriction on me, who set it up."

"It's better not to ask, it's obvious it's your family ancestor, that old lecher."Tang Zichen scolded.

"No, I don't believe the old ancestor would do this to me."Star Luo went on to find Elder Star Shine.

In a large hall, Star Luo found Elder Star Shine.

"Star Luo, you've come at the right time, I've already discussed with the elders, after the elders have decided again and again, you still can't be promised to Zhou Mi, of course, apart from you, our Star Clan, any woman, Zhou Mi can pick as many as she wants, even if she wants ten.There is one more thing, I don't know if I should instruct you, if Zhou Mi, he wants to violate you, that's what he wants to do with you, you should never refuse, don't ask why, it's for his own good, otherwise, no one knows what will happen."Elder Star Shine said that he didn't know how strong the restriction set by the ancestor was, and whether it would kill anyone.

Star Luo said, "Is it because of the ban on me?You sure do know about this."

Starlight was shocked, "You knew?"


"How do you know?Oh, I see, it must be you and Zhou Mi, what do you want, hmm, that Zhou Mi, sure is dishonest, we were worried about Zhou Mi's dishonesty when we just had a meeting with the elders, but we didn't expect it to be long."

"Elders, tell me, who put the ban on me."

"Since you know all about it, I'll tell you, it was Old Ancestor."

"What? It's really the ancestor."Star Luo was silly, was it really the old ancestor who hit her.


"Old Ancestor is trying to protect you from anyone infringing on you, well, I can't say anything else, in short, our elder has no right to decide on your marriage, Old Ancestor has specifically explained that only he can decide on your marriage."

Star Luo's heart was cold, and in his mind, he kept thinking about Tang Zichen saying that, the ancestor wanted to keep her for his own enjoyment.

Elder Star Shine seemed to see something and was busy saying, "Star Luo, don't think too much about it, Old Ancestor is our ancestor, it's impossible for him to have any thoughts about it."

"Then why did he do it?"

"That's because, Old Ancestor has a plan for your marriage, he has already planned it for you.You should hurry back, don't forget to speak to Zhou Mi."

Star Luo was lost and left.

"Star Luo, how's it going?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"It really is the restriction that the old ancestor set on me."

"Damn, I guessed it, that old pervert."

"Elder Star Shine said that my marriage has been arranged by Old Ancestor, that's why he didn't allow me to have contact with any man."

"Erm, who does he want to marry you off to?"

"I don't know, anyway, I'm doomed to never be with you in my life, Don Zichen, forget about me."

"You're being silly."

"I want to be alone, is that all right?"

"All right."

Xing Luo locked himself in his room.

Tang Zichen sighed and said, "Star Luo, don't worry, there will be a way out, I'll see you again tonight."

Tang Zichen didn't bother Star Luo anymore and returned to his place first.

Tang Zichen couldn't think of any way, and he didn't know, who did that old ancestor want to marry Xing Luo to, the way he protected Xing Luo, nine times out of ten, it was someone very important.

With Tang Zichen's current strength, he would not be able to compete with the Upper Immortal.

"Master, Master, hurry back so I can upgrade to the middle stage of Mortal Immortal again."Tang Zichen secretly prayed, Master was quite uneasy inside without the Demon King to look after him.


A month passed by in a blink of an eye.

"Husband, why hasn't Master returned yet?"Tenka wondered that the Green King had been out for a whole month.

"I don't know, reasonably speaking, Master should have returned long ago."Tang Zichen said inwardly, "It can't be so unlucky, I've only just worshipped the Green King as my master, bah bah bah, surely not, maybe if I wait a few more days, my master will be back."

Since that incident with Star Luo more than ten days ago, Star Luo hadn't seen Tang Zichen again, and I don't know why, maybe Star Luo was frustrated inside and couldn't resist his fate.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to think about it right now, Master hadn't returned yet and was already anxious.

Tang Zichen waited for another five days, and the Green King still hadn't returned.

This time, Tang Zichen felt bad, it had taken so long to return, something must have happened.

Tian Xiang cried, "Master, hurry up and come back, woah."

"Don't worry, I'm sure Master will come back, it must be some kind of delay, wait another half month and definitely come back."

At this moment, in a certain noble and luxurious residence in Upper Fern Yan Continent.

"Young Master, it has been resolved."A late Earth Immortal powerhouse reported to a mid Mortal Immortal man. Remember the URL

That mid Mortal Immortal man's mouth lifted as he laughed, "Without this patron, I'll see how arrogant he still is, I could trample you to death on the streets in my previous life, and in this life, I can still toy with you as well."

That late Earth Immortal man said, "Young Master, why don't you just kill him, lest he become a big trouble in the future."

"Joke, with him also worthy of becoming a great danger to me?"

"Young Master, this kid's progress can really be described as divine speed, I think, we should be more careful, just extinguish it and nothing will happen, don't you think?"

"Well, are you indirectly saying that I'm inferior to him?"That young master was furious.

"Young Master calm your anger, in that case, let it go, with the young master's family background, I'm sure that no matter how talented he is, he can't hurt you.Why bother, now that he doesn't have a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master to fall back on, if he wants to progress so fast in the future, humph, it's impossible."

Tang Zichen came to Star Luo's place, worried about his master while trying to comfort Star Luo, Tang Zichen felt so tired inside.

"Star Luo, if you never see me again, from now on, I will never take another step."Tang Zichen said as he stood at the door of Star Luo's room, which had come several times during this time, and Star Luo had locked himself in his room.

Not long after, Star Luo opened the door to his room, his entire body was haggard.

Starro said, "Why are you still here, we can never be together, and why should you, I told you to forget about me, it's better for each other."

"Can't be together forever?You mean, I'll never be able to become an upper immortal, right?"

"I, I didn't mean that."

"When I become an Upper Immortal, your family ancestor I will have to step on, how can we not be together."

Star Luo smiled bitterly, "When that time comes, I don't know how many years will have passed, will I, still be as complete today?Perhaps you will come to want me when I am already the mother of several children?"

"Grass."Don cursed in frustration.

"I knew there was no way you'd still like me when I'm already the mother of several children."

"No way."

"Don't tell me you won't, the ancestor of my family will be back in ten thousand years at most, after ten thousand years, what level will you reach?If you were an ordinary person, it would take 100 million years to become an Earth Immortal, and even if you were outstanding, could you become an Earth Immortal in 10,000 years?Even if you become an Earth Immortal, so what, people are Upper Immortals."

"Alright, stop it."Tang Zichen was indeed depressed enough that the raw rice was cooked

With the meal not working and the elopement not working, it was no wonder Starro was so depressed.

"Have you given up, too?"Xing Luo asked, although she said that she forgot her, but she would be sad if Tang Zichen really gave up on her because of the difficulties.

"Give up your sister, I won't give up.I'm not in the mood to talk to you about this right now, my master has been out for over a month and hasn't returned yet, I'm a little worried."

"Uh, where did Master Green King go?"

"It says he's going to get the immortal grass he's been saving all these years."

"In that case, it will definitely be dangerous, in case you are targeted by someone with a mind to."

"Originally, I asked Senior Demon King to help watch over him, but, the last time I wanted to do that with you, the ban on your body ended up damaging the Demon King's spirit, and the Demon King had to rest for a month, so..."

"Ah, then wouldn't I have harmed Master Green King."

"You can't be blamed for that, if you want to blame it on me, it was me who was so lustful, after all, it was my lustfulness that harmed Master."

"I'm sorry, don't blame yourself, I believe that your master will come back safely, although he is only an Immortal Pill Master, but at least he is a late Earth Immortal, and you have to reach at least late Earth Immortal to kill him."

"Now, we can only wait."

Tang Zichen waited for another ten days or so.

One morning after the ten days, a servant came.

"Duke Zhou, Master Tianxiang, Elder Starshine invites you to the main hall."

"What is it?"Tang Zichen was startled, and it was unusual to ask him and Tian Xiang to go at the same time.

"I don't know about that, it seems like I have something to tell you guys."


Tang Zichen and Tianxiang went there in a panic, Tianxiang had a bad feeling when she was halfway there, then cried.

Inside Tang Zichen's heart was the same, Master hadn't returned for so long, the chances of something happening were really high.

Arriving, Elder Starry Yao was waiting for them.

"Elder Starshine, you're looking for us."Tang Zichen was busy.

"You guys are here, sit down first."

"No need, say what you have to say, is it that my master has a whereabouts?"

"Yes, it is about your master, Green King, that I have asked you to come."

"What happened to my master?"Tian Xiang cried out.

Elder Starshine sighed, "You should be prepared."

Tianxiang fainted at the sound.

"Tianxiang, what's wrong with you."Tang Zichen panicked and helped Tianxiang.

Starry sighed sadly, "Look, it's not even, alas."

Tang Zichen wanted to wake Tianxiang up, but thought better of not waking her up yet.

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior Xinyao, speak up."

"Zhou Mi, your master he, is dead."

"Boom."Tang Zichen felt like five thunderbolts, stumbling and almost falling.

"How."Tang Zichen asked with tears in his eyes.

"Save your breath."

"Senior Starshine, tell me, how did my master die and who killed him?"Tang Zichen asked, but it was unlikely that anyone knew how to die.

Elder Star Shine said, "I'd rather not tell you, after all, it won't do you any good to tell you."

Tang Zichen was startled, "Elder Starshine, what you mean is that you know who killed my master?"

"Yes, the people who killed your master didn't hide anything and killed openly, because, with their backgrounds, they didn't need to be sneaky."


Tang Zichen said furiously, "Who is it."

I thought it was Plum Seed who secretly sent someone to kill him, but now it didn't look like it was Plum Seed.

"You really want to know?"

"Yeah, I want to know."Tang Zichen yelled.

Elder Star Shine said, "I can tell you, but I advise you not to be impulsive, and not to seek revenge on him, or else you'll die a horrible death."

"Say it."

Elder Star Shine said, "It was killed by a late Earth Immortal named An Yu Ran."

"An Yuran, why did he kill my master?"

"I don't know about that, but An Yu-Ran has an identity, he's a second class overlord family, a red man beside Gao Jian."

"Gao Jian?Gao Jian?"Tang Zichen felt that this name was somewhat familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.

Elder Star Shine said, "Rumor has it that Gao Jian once went to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom and cut a pervert's lifeblood in the street, then stomped him to death in the street." One second to remember to read the book

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled, he remembered, once Tang Zichen had heard the name Gao Jian discussed in an inn, it was him, the one who had killed Zhou Mi in his previous life.

Elder Star Shine said, "Tang Zichen, I heard that in your previous life, you were the number one pervert of that Cloud Goblet Immortal Kingdom, and Gao Jian was the one who cut off your life roots and trampled you to death in your previous life."

Tang Zichen's face was blue with veins, and his eyes sprayed with hatred.

"Tang Zichen, the Green King's murder may have something to do with Gao Jian, after all, the person who did it was someone close to him.As for why Gao Jian killed your master, this is yet to be detected, perhaps, your talent has alarmed Gao Jian.After all, Gao Jian is your former enemy, so in order not to cause any hidden danger in the future, so to do it to your master, or even to do it to you in the future, it is possible."

"Gao Jian."Tang Zichen shouted, the revenge from his past life hadn't been avenged yet, and in this life he had killed Tang Zichen's master, this person, when it was really impossible to relieve his hatred by cramping his muscles and skinning him.

"Tang Zichen, save your grief, it's only now that you have to take care of your master's funeral first."

"Where is my master's remains?"Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and asked.

"Your master was killed in Tianfu Town, after that, a kind-hearted man brought his remains back, now, your master's remains, on his mansion, are waiting to be buried, your master has no relatives, only Tianxiang and your two disciples."

Tang Zichen hugged Tianxiang and said, "Thank you for informing Senior Starry Yao, I'll leave first."

Star Yao instructed, "Tang Zichen, if you need my help, feel free to say anything, as long as you can help, right, you'd better not leave the Star Clan, after all, that Mei Seed, still wants to kill you.Of course, there's no way to be sure if Gao Jian will kill you, if Gao Jian wants to kill you, I'm afraid we won't be able to stop him, so I'm conflicted right now, if I'm in your shoes, I don't even know what to do."

Xingyao inwardly said, "This person is really much tribulation, if this person is still able to survive under this kind of tribulation, he will definitely be an extraordinary person in the future, let's hope he can survive."

Tang Zichen walked away with the unconscious Tian Xiang in his arms, Tang Zichen's face was as cold as ice, and it could be said that the second time since he was born, Tang Zichen wanted to kill someone so strongly.

The first time, it was in the mortal realm, a man named Wang Qi, this man killed several of Tang Zichen's siblings at that time, and also beat Tang Zichen to lose his memory, and his IQ degraded to that of an infant, it was only with great pains that Maku Chian kept him safe.

The second time, is now, this super bitch called Gao Jian, killed Tang Zichen in his previous life is just fine, but in this life, Tang Zichen has not even sought revenge on him, he killed Tang Zichen's master first, and maybe, even after that will kill Tang Zichen.

Right now, Tang Zichen hated to immediately behead this person.

However, Tang Zichen didn't know much about this Gao Jian yet, he only knew that he was a strong genius.

Tang Zichen hugged Tianxiang.

As he left, Xing Luo heard the news and arrived.

"Zichen, what happened to Tian Xiang?And your master him?"Star Luo asked nervously.

Tang Zichen's face was frosty, and he gritted his teeth, "My master, he's dead."


"It was killed by a late Earth Immortal named An Yuran, An Yuran, who was by Gao Jian's side."

"Gao, Gao Jian, he wasn't."

"Right, the person who cut my life and killed me in my previous life."Tang Zichen said with a trembling voice.

"This, why did he kill your master."

"I will not let this man go."Tang Zichen clenched his teeth and walked away with Tian Xiang in his arms.

"Where are you going?"Starro shouted.

"Go home, my master's remains are still in his house, I must return to see him and bury him."

"But, Plum Seed him, he will find an opportunity to kill you at any moment."

"Kill me too, I must go back."Tang Zichen walked away without looking back.

Star Luo was busy saying, "I'll go back with you, if Plum Seed wants to kill you, kill me first."After saying that, Star Luo immediately followed Tang Zichen and stood close behind him, always vigilant of the surroundings.

Tang Zichen didn't stop him either, he wasn't in the mood to think too much at the moment.

At this moment, the Mei family.

"Hahaha, hahaha."

"That billion year green hair, he's dead, hahaha."

Mei Seed laughed out loud when he learned that the Green King had died to the news.

"Grandpa, now that Mei Seed is dead, that Zhou Mi has no backing, before Zhou Mi was arrogant because of the Green King, those upper immortals were arrogant because of the Green King, now I'll see how he's still arrogant.Master, go kill Zhou Mi quickly."

"Hmph, what's the hurry, now the Green King is dead, hmph, Zhou Mi fart is no more, I want to kill him, it couldn't be easier, even if I rush into the Star Clan, the Star Clan may not be willing to make things difficult for me for a Zhou Mi."

"Yeah, Grandpa, Zhou Mi doesn't have a Green King, the Star Clan wouldn't be stupid enough to make things difficult for an Upper Immortal because of him."

"It's also fortunate that An Yu Ran killed the Green King openly and honestly, otherwise, everyone would probably have to settle the score on my head.If it's on my head, then the Upper Immortal who had asked for the Green King's alchemy before will probably have a hard time with me, fortunately."Plum Seed wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Tang Zichen returned to the Green King's mansion.

As soon as he walked into the house, a gust of wind blew, as if the Green King's spirits knew they had returned.

Tang Zichen's heart ached, the Green King's death had been brought about by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen felt that he was a calamity, the Green King had nothing to do with it, because of him, he was killed by the Gao Jian faction, perhaps, the gust of gale just now was the displeasure of the Green King's dead spirit.

When the gale blew, Tian Xiang woke up.

"Master."Tian Xiang shouted as soon as he opened his eyes.

Tianxiang looked around and realized that she wasn't in the Star Clan anymore.

"Tianxiang, you need to pull yourself together."

"What's wrong Master?How did we get back."

Tang Zichen had trouble saying, "Master, Master he's dead."

Tian Xiang burst out crying, but this time, he didn't pass out again.

"Why, why ah."

"Master was killed by the High Sword Sect, at this moment, Master's body, was brought back by a kind-hearted person, let's go see him."Tang Zichen said chokingly.

Tian Xiang immediately ran to the hall while crying and shouting for his master, his voice was extremely sad, Tian Xiang's feelings for the Green King were incomparable to Tang Zichen's.


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