The King of Kungfu in school 2101-2105


Chapter 2101

"Forget about that for now, we'll ask Star Luo about it tomorrow."Tang Zichen said in his heart, Star Luo is willing to die for him, does this district still need to worry about this small matter.

Yun Zi blushed and asked, "Then tonight, how, sleep."

"What how to sleep, of course, the three of us in one room."

"Go, who wants a room with you, I'll sleep with Yun Meng from now on, sister, let's go."Yun Zi took Yun Meng's arm and walked away, going into Yun Meng's room.

Tian Xiang stood awkwardly to the side, sighing in his heart, he couldn't have all of him alone after all.

Tang Zichen said to Tianxiang, "Tianxiang, go rest, I won't sleep tonight."

"What are you doing?"

"Master gave me the Immortal Grass, I want to refine it into a pill."

"I'll be the one to refine it, I'm a rank two Immortal Pill Master, it's not a waste to give it to you."

"Even if you refine it, it's still a bit of a waste, Master is a rank four Immortal Pill Master, I don't know if Master is willing to refine it into a pill for me."Tang Zichen said.

Tianxiang said, "In that case, let's ask Master some other day, after all, a second-grade Immortal Pill is much less effective than a fourth-grade Immortal Pill, so it's best to have Master refine it." One second to remember to read the book

"Good, then let's sleep first."

The next day, before Tang Zichen got up, the voice of Master Green King came from outside.

"Zhou Mi, get up."

"Ah, it's Master."Tang Zichen got up in a panic, and it was indeed Grandmaster Green King.

"Master, what are you doing here?"Tang Zichen asked with great joy.

The Green King looked at Tang Zichen with a satisfied face, after last night's test, the Green King already knew that Tang Zichen's very opportune person, an Upper Immortal couldn't even kill him, indicating that in the future, Tang Zichen could definitely become an Upper Immortal, or even surpass an Upper Immortal.Therefore, the Green King hadn't slept all night, and he was going to help Tang Zichen become an Upper Immortal with all his heart and soul from today onwards.

The Green King was a rank four Immortal Pill Master, the resources he could control were definitely not less than any Upper Immortal, because there were many people who begged him for alchemy, and others did not beg for nothing, they definitely had to give some benefits.

"Zhou Mi, those Immortal Grasses that Master gave you yesterday, I don't think you've refined them into Immortal Pills yourself."The Green King asked worriedly.

"Of course."

"That's good, for Master came here early in the morning, just in case you've refined it yourself, that would be a real waste, take it out, I'll refine it into an Immortal Pill for you, what kind you need, just say so."

"Master, this."


"Thank you, Master, you can refine whatever you want, whatever kind of Immortal Pill has the best purity, no need for any function."


The Green King immediately started refining it for Tang Zichen.

Over three hundred Immortal Grasses, it was estimated that it would take a morning to finish practicing.

Tian Xiang, Yun Zi Yun Meng and the three of them also got up, Yun Zi saw at a glance that Tian Xiang was walking a bit differently.

Yun Zi looked at Tang Zichen aggrievedly and pursed her lips.

Tang Zichen said, "Master, can't I even leave the range of the Xing Clan from now on?"



"By the way, is it okay with you to worship me, that master of yours this summer?Why haven't we seen him now."Green King asked.

"Master, Master Xia has left this year."

The Green King snorted, "How damn narrow-minded, I don't even mind a fourth-grade Immortal Master, he's a third-grade Immortal Master.Good to leave, this kind of master don't want it either, not very skilled, but not small tempered."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen didn't say much, this Xia Master left, he just didn't want to meet up with Green King often, after all, he was an enemy.


Now that Master Xia is gone this summer, I don't know when the Star Clan, when they will take this place back, I still have to go and find Star Luo."Tang Zichen said.

"Then go quickly, if you can't live in the Star Clan, you'll lose your shelter, and Plum Seed will kill you in minutes."

"Fine, then I'll go to Star Luo and ask."

Tang Zichen immediately headed to Star Luo's residence.

The Green King tossed a refined Immortal Pill to Tang Zichen and said, "Refine one, you take it first."

"Good."Tang Zichen put away the Immortal Pill, and the Green King continued to refine it, the master was worthy of being a master, the refining speed was fast, and this way, it wouldn't take half a day.

Tang Zichen arrived at Star Luo's residence.

"Where is Star Luo?"

"It's in the room."

"Oh, I'm going up to her."

"Okay."The maid didn't stop Tang Zichen.

In Star Luo's room, Star Luo was practicing the Silence Technique, when Star Luo smiled, "The first occurrence of the second level of the Silence Technique, the Great Escapement, I have refined it, haha."

Originally Star Luo didn't refine it so quickly, but under Tang Zichen's pressure, she did so quickly.

"Star Luo."Tang Zichen's voice came from the doorway.

"What for, something wrong?"

Tang Zichen said, "Xing Luo, get up yet."

"None of your business, this is my house, I can get up at whatever time I want."

"Er."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what did Xing Luo mean by that, his tone was a bit punchy.

"Star Luo, are you okay?"

"You're mistaken, you were only married yesterday, you're supposed to be caring for your bride."

"Er."The more Tang Zichen thought that Xing Luo must be a bit uncomfortable with him suddenly marrying Tian Xiang, although she and Tian Xiang were best friends, but when it came to men, best friends would also be uncomfortable.

"Xing Luo, do you disapprove of me marrying Tian Xiang, in that case, I'll go back and talk to Tian Xiang and get a divorce."

"Tang Zichen, you're crazy, if you dare to hurt Tianxiang, I'll be the first one to spare you."Xing Luo shouted anxiously.

"Then open the door instead, say what you have to say face to face, don't back set a set."

"Hmph, who is one set with you, open the door."Xing Luo opened the door.

Tang Zichen walked into the room.

"What's the matter, say it."

"Star Luo, my master this summer, Master, he's gone, you know?"

"Uh, gone?I don't know about that."

"Your family should have received his letter of resignation, after all, he is your family's Imperial Immortal Pill Master."

"What does this have to do with me, my family has many third level Immortal Pill masters, not less than him, I will still have someone to help me make any pills I need."

"Star Luo, once my master leaves, is the house we live in going to be taken away from your family."

"That's a must."

"Then where am I going to live."

"If you want to live within my Star Clan, you are either a member of this clan or someone who serves my clan, and you are neither a member of this clan nor someone who serves my clan, so you will have to move away."

"That Plum Seed wants to kill me at all times, and I'm afraid that if I leave the Star Clan, I'll be killed by Plum Seed right away,"Tang Zichen said.

Star Luo deliberately pretended not to understand and said, "I can't help it, that's how the family rules are."

"Aren't you worried that I'll be killed by the Plum Seed?"

"You're not who I am, you're Tian Xiang's husband, I'm not going to get mixed up with my best friend's husband."


"Star Luo, don't pretend, who was the one who saved me yesterday despite his own death, you should know that if Plum Seed had closed up a little bit later, you would have died, you would have been willing to die for me."

"You think I'm willing to do that, it was Senior Demon King who forced me to do it yesterday."

"Ah, was it?"Tang Zichen looked half-hearted.

"Or else, you and I, did anything memorable happen?Why should I have to die for you."

"That's right."Tang Zichen's heart ached when he saw how resolutely Xing Luo had spoken.

"I'm sorry, I won't bother you then, I'll just pick a day."Tang Zichen turned around and walked towards the door.

Star Luo watched Tang Zichen leave, his eyes misted up as he said in his heart, "Fool, can't you see that I'm jealous of you and Tian Xiang, can't you comfort and comfort me."

Tang Zichen had just reached the door when Star Luo's shout came from behind him, "Alright, you win."

Xing Luo's shout had a crying tone to it.

Tang Zichen turned back sharply.

"Star Luo." The first website

"Donzie, I hate you."Starro cried.


Star Luo turned around and wiped his tears while saying, "Go back first, I'll talk to my family and you can feel free to stay here from now on."

"Star Luo, I."

"Go away, I don't want to see you."Star Luo cried out.

Tang Zichen said, "Star Luo, I didn't know that I would hurt you by marrying Tian Xiang yesterday."

"You're thinking too much, Tian Xiang married, I bless her."

"Then why are you crying."

"It's none of your business, I'm going to cry, but I'm going to cry."Star Luo said in a petulant tone.

"Star Luo, my master is still at my place and is helping me refine pills, when I came here, my master had finished refining one, this one is for you."

"No need, who cares, I've seen more immortal pills than you."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm a fourth-grade Immortal Pill, have you ever eaten a fourth-grade Immortal Pill?"

"Me."Star Luo had nothing to say, indeed, Star Luo had never eaten a rank four Immortal Pill at all.

Level four immortal pills were usually only available to strong Upper Immortals, their Star Clan's Upper Immortal ancestors were only qualified to take them, as the Green King would only refine them for strong Upper Immortals, Star Luo's level, if he didn't rely on his family's power, he wouldn't even be able to take a Level three immortal pill.

In the Upper Fey Yan Continent, many Earth Immortal level powerhouses? were unable to take a third level Immortal Pill.

Consider Yun Zhan, the Emperor of Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, who was only equipped with a Level 2 Immortal Pill Master, for whom Master Chen was refining Immortal Pills.

In the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, there were only two Grade 4 Immortal Pill masters.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'll leave it here then, I'll share it with you when there are fourth grade Immortal Pills in the future, oh."

"No need, you'd better take it to Tian Xiang."Star Luo pursed her lips and said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "In my heart, you're also very important."

"Hmph, not rare."

"Alright, I don't have time to fight with you, I'm leaving."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

It was only after Tang Zichen left that Star Luo looked back and saw the Immortal Pill that Tang Zichen had left behind, placed quietly on the room table.

Xing Luo picked up the Immortal Pill and looked at it carefully.

"This is the legendary Level 4 Immortal Pill, and as expected, it's worlds apart from a Level 3 Immortal Pill.In the past, I have only taken Level 3 Immortal Pills, and, I can only take it at least once a year, I don't know how effective this Level 4 Immortal Pill is."Star Luo said inwardly.

"Tang Zichen is really lucky that the Green King took him in

, from now on, his Immortal Pill resources are more than ten times my own, the Green King's Immortal Pill resources, my family's Upper Immortal ancestor may not even be able to compare, and the Green King will definitely help him with all his heart, this benefit is simply envied by everyone.This dead guy, when I advised him to worship the Green King instead of Master Jin Xia, he was still reluctant and told me a lot of reasons, now he knows the benefits.Where is the benefit of being by Master This Summer's side, not even a ten-thousandth of that.Now, I'm a third-class overlord family, my resources are not even a tenth as good as his, and the fourth-grade Immortal Pill I haven't even eaten so far, he'll be able to rub his hands on it later."After saying that, Star Luo smiled slightly and looked at the Immortal Pill, "Counting that you have a bit of conscience, it's not in vain that I risked my life to save you yesterday."

Star Luo took the Grade 4 Immortal Pill and it melted in his mouth.

"Wow, it really is extraordinary."Star Luo was delighted inside.

Star Luo sat down and began to absorb the fourth-grade Immortal Pill.

Tang Zichen quickly returned to his residence.

The Green King had finished refining several more Immortal Pills.

"Here, put them away."The Green King tossed the finished refining Immortal Pills to Tang Zichen.

"Master."Tang Zichen took the Immortal Pill and was somewhat touched.

Tang Zichen had just discovered that not even Star Luo had eaten a fourth-grade Immortal Pill ah, it was evident how much benefit the Green King had given him.With Star Luo's status he couldn't even eat a Grade 4 Immortal Pill, let alone anyone else.

The Green King said, "What's polite, although, my Grade Four Immortal Pill is only worthy to be taken by a strong Upper Immortal, but you are my disciple and the phase of Tianxiang, who else would I give it to."

"Thank you, Master, don't worry, my disciple will never let you down."

Green King said, "I'm optimistic about your potential, last night Mei Seed a single Upper Immortal couldn't kill you, so I believe that one day, you will become an Upper Immortal, I'm looking forward to it."

"What is an upper immortal, in the future, upper immortal to give me a leg squeeze is all about qualifications."

"You brat, you're opening a fabric dyeing workshop when you're given three colors."The Green King laughed.

Tang Zichen smiled, he knew that he was by no means talking nonsense, and now with the Green King helping him, the future wouldn't fly.

"Master, dinner is ready."Tian Xiang shouted in the living room.

Tang Zichen said, "Master, let's eat first."


Just before going to eat, several Earth Immortal powerhouses came outside.

These few Earth Immortal strongmen were those elders of the Star Clan.

Tang Zichen thought that they were here to repossess the house.

However, those few Earth Immortal strongmen paid homage to the Green King, "Greetings to Master Green King."

"It's truly a blessing for our Star Clan to have Master Green King visit our family."

"Why didn't you inform us of Master Green King's arrival so that we could come out and welcome him."

So it was looking for the Green King.

The Green King said, "Sorry for entering your family without permission."

"What are you talking about, Master Green King, it's a blessing for you to come to our place, we're not even happy enough."A few Earth Immortals said very politely, in fact, they were very happy to learn that the Green King had come this morning, after all, the ancestor of the Star Clan also needed the Green King's help in refining fourth-grade Immortal Pills.

There were only two fourth-grade Immortal Pill masters in the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, and fourth-grade Immortal Pills were too scarce, unlike that first- and second-grade Hegemonic families, they had heavenly channels and didn't have to rely on these two fourth-grade Immortal Pill masters.

"Master Green King, please come to our Xing Clan Hall for a cup of tea."One of the Earth Immortals panicked and said.

The Green King nodded and said, "Fine, Zhou Mi, let's go, let's go to the Xing Clan's Grand Hall."

"Okay Le."


Tang Zichen followed the Green King, feeling that his status had all been raised, where would Tang Zichen normally have such a big face.


Tang Zichen thought inwardly, with his current status, he didn't know if he was worthy of Star Luo anymore.

However, Tang Zichen didn't say anything rashly so as not to offend the Star Clan.

After drinking tea, Tang Zichen and Master Green King returned to their previous residence, and Green King continued to refine the pills, and by noon, Green King had finished refining all the immortal pills used.

"Alright, all three hundred or so immortal grasses have been refined into fourth-grade immortal pills, Tang Zichen, give it all to you."

"Thank you, Master."

"Then you stay here for now, don't go anywhere, in case Mei Seed keeps an eye on you at all times."

"Don't worry Master."Tang Zichen didn't really worry, he had the help of the Devil King, if Mei Seed wanted to spot Tang Zichen, he could only rely on his eyes, but there were too many obstacles in his eyes, how could he see so easily.

After the Green King left, Tang Zichen immediately entered the room and started taking immortal pills.

In total, he made more than twenty immortal pills, having previously given one to Xing Luo.

Tang Zichen grabbed a handful and about fifteen or sixteen Immortal Pills all went into his stomach.

There really weren't many people in this Earth Immortal World who ate Immortal Pills like him. Remember the website

After eating the Immortal Pill, Tang Zichen closed his eyes and began to absorb the Immortal Machine.

About three hours later, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"Phew."Tang Zichen felt his realm, he had reached the pre-Mortal Immortal stage.

"Haha, Mortal Immortal, I've become a Mortal Immortal."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, he had caught up with Star Luo's footsteps.

Tang Zichen took out the remaining Immortal Pills again.

"I just ate sixteen of them, and now there are still seven left, I'll keep eating these seven, or?"

Tang Zichen felt that it was a bit selfish if he continued to eat it, at least share some with the people around him.

There were only seven left, even if Tang Zichen took them, he wouldn't be able to ascend to the middle Mortal Immortal stage, upgrading upwards would only be harder one layer at a time, so the remaining seven wouldn't be much, maybe seventy more would be enough to allow Tang Zichen to step into the middle Mortal Immortal stage.

Tang Zichen walked out of the room, night had already fallen.

"Husband, your retreat is over."Yun Zi was busy saying.

But Yun Meng was shocked, "Tang Zichen, you've become a Mortal Immortal?"

"Right."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Yun Meng looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, Yun Meng felt a very powerful Qi from Tang Zichen, as strong as the heavens.

"Your Immortal Fate is too strong."Yun Meng said with some jealousy.

Tang Zichen ignored Yun Meng, took out an Immortal Pill, handed it to Yun Zi, and said, "Yun Zi, here, this fourth grade Immortal Pill, I gave it to you."

"Ah, Husband, really?I haven't even taken a third-grade Immortal Pill, no, I haven't even taken a second-grade Immortal Pill, and now you're just giving me a fourth-grade Immortal Pill?"Yun Zi's silly look.

"Oh, just eat it for you, long-winded."

"Thank you, Husband."Yun Zi was touched.

Yun Meng, who was beside her, looked envious.

Yun Meng was a little lost and left, not wanting to watch Yun Zi take the Immortal Pill beside her, Yun Meng only hated herself inside for having eyes but no pearls.

Tang Zichen saw Yun Meng's lost departure and thought about whether to give her one, but for something as precious as a Grade 4 Immortal Pill, he only had six left, so he couldn't just give them to anyone.

Therefore, Tang Zichen didn't give it to Yun Meng, it wasn't possible for someone who wasn't a closest relative to give it.

"Where's Tian Xiang?"Tang Zichen asked.

Yun Zi Dao: "Went to Miss Xing Luo's place."


bsp; "Oh, I'll go find her."

Tang Zichen arrived at Xing Luo's place and indeed saw Tian Xiang and Xing Luo sitting on the roof chatting.


"Husband."Tian Xiang shouted happily when she saw Tang Zichen and flew down from the roof.

Star Luo pursed his lips in aggravation.

Just then, Star Luo noticed the strength in Tang Zichen's body.

Star Luo was shocked, "Tang Zichen, you, became a mortal immortal?"

"Yeah."Don Zichen smiled.

"This, how is this possible."

"Isn't the truth right here, today I took sixteen fourth-grade Immortal Pills and digested them all afternoon, and then I stepped from late Human Immortal, into early Mortal Immortal.Haha, Xing Luo, now that we're at the same level, you're no match for me at all, oh."Tang Zichen said.

"You."Star Luo's face looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, why did it feel like Tang Zichen was more effective than her when she also possessed the Immortal Machine Spitting Method?

Tang Zichen said, "What? You're not convinced, do you want to have a few moves, I'll put you down in one second."

Star Luo snorted, "You're too arrogant, I, Star Luo, am also a famous person in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, who dares to say that I'll be put down in one second."Xing Luo was upset, of course, this was because she had always been a genius praised by everyone and was used to being worshipped, suddenly hearing Tang Zichen say one second to put me down was just a sign of reluctance, although, Xing Luo also knew that she was indeed no match for Tang Zichen.

Tianxiang was busy saying, "Husband, Star Luo is the third ranked genius in the Upper Tree Firs Yama Continent, the pre-Mortal Immortal ranking, the only one to enter the top five under the third ranked overlord family."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I'm not belittling Star Luo, just telling the truth.If Star Luo is not convinced, then why don't we have a duel to see if I'm put down in a second."

Star Luo pouted and snorted, "Come on."

Tang Zichen smiled, "How about if you lose?"

"Well, what do you want?"

"If you lose, let me do what I want with you, and if I lose, I'll still have six Fourth Grade Immortal Pills left on me, all of which I'll give to you."

"That's what you said."

"Of course."

"Then I'll come."

After saying that, Star Luo immediately rushed towards Tang Zichen, however, Star Luo didn't use the Silence Technique, but rather used her family legacy spell, and she didn't use it for the purpose of stalling for time, only if she didn't fall for more than a second, she would win.

However, as soon as Star Luo moved, she realized that Tang Zichen had completely locked on to her, not to mention a second, even if it was half a second, she wouldn't be able to sustain it.

Star Luo was dumbfounded, she never thought that she would appear so weak in front of Tang Zichen now, she was the third ranked in the early stages of Mortal Immortality, ranked third, she couldn't sustain even half a second, this was too ironic.

However, Xing Luo found that after Tang Zichen locked on to her, he didn't knock her down, but, instead, Tang Zichen made the extra move of using the diversion method, and froze the half a second that could be put down, to almost two seconds.

So, Star Luo fell only after two seconds.

"Tang Zichen, you."Star Luo looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement.

Tang Zichen laughed, "It seems that I underestimated the strength of the third ranked one, I couldn't put you down in one second."

Tian Xiang didn't know that Tang Zichen deliberately deflated the water and thought that Tang Zichen really failed to put down Xing Luo in one second, laughing, "Husband, don't be so crazy in the future, it's not like you can put down someone in one second when you see them."

"Yes, I was a little too arrogant, but although I didn't put down Star Luo in one second, I did it in two seconds, it's already very impressive."


Tian Xiang said, "Although it's really powerful, you lost the promise you just made, you'll have to give all the Immortal Pills you have to Star Luo."

Tang Zichen took out the Immortal Pill and shoved it into Xing Luo's hand, "I'm willing to bet."

After saying that, Tang Zichen hugged Tianxiang's waist, turned around and left.

Star Luo's eyebrows locked, she already knew that Tang Zichen had lost to her on purpose.

At this moment, but inside, Star Luo felt guilty because Star Luo thought that the reason Tang Zichen made this bet with her was to take advantage of her.But as it turned out, Tang Zichen was only looking for this opportunity to give her the Immortal Pill.

"Hey, wait."Star Luo shouted.

"What for?"Don Zichen turned back.

"Don Zichen, why?"Star Luo asked.

"What why, a loss is a loss, do you think I can't afford to lose, it's only six Immortal Pills."

Star Luo said, "Tang Zichen, don't pretend, you could have defeated me in half a second just now, why did you have to resort to the redundant way of attacking?Causing more than a second?"

"There is?Why I don't know." Remember to read the book in one second

"Do you think I can't understand, Tang Zichen, take your immortal pills back, I don't need alms from you."

"Nuts, you're not my wife, why would I give you alms, Tianxiang, let's go, we're going back."

"Oh, good."

Star Luo shouted, "Tang Zichen, don't leave yet, stay for a bit, okay?"

Tang Zichen had no choice but to say to Tianxiang, "You go back first."

Tian Xiang nodded and bit her lip, so she had to go first.

"Go ahead."

"Why did you intentionally lose to me?"Starro asked.

"Isn't it obvious?I love you."Don said bluntly.

"Ah."Xing Luo's body trembled, not expecting Tang Zichen to be so thick-skinned, so direct.

"You."Tang Zichen was so direct, Xing Luo didn't know what to say.

"Just say what you want to say, like, I'm not good enough for you or something like that."

"I didn't mean that, what I meant was, you, you can't do that to me in front of Tian Xiang."

"Did I kiss you?Did I hug you?Did you take your clothes off?None of it, what's not to get in Tenka's face."

"I'm so speechless at you."Star Luo glared at Tang Zichen.

It had to be said that Tang Zichen's straightforward statement of I love you was very effective, Star Luo was still beating fast right now and felt sweet inside.

"Regardless of whether I did it on purpose or accidentally, in short, I lost, and these six Immortal Pills are yours."

"That's not fair."

"That's nagging."

"Then, then I can only take one."Star Luo said.

"One is of no use at all, I'll take them all, I'm strong enough to spike you now, so why don't you hurry up and get strong?Do you want to become a woman who is not worthy of me?"

"Well, I wouldn't be good enough for you, you're not good enough for me."Star Luo pursed her lips and said.

Tang Zichen said, "If I became an Upper Immortal and you were still a Mortal Immortal, do you think you'd still be worthy of me?If I go to Immortal and become a fifth-grade Immortal Pill Master at the same time, do you think you're still worthy of me?"

"You, you can't be that good, at least not for a short period of time."

"Alright, miracles are meant to happen, not talk with your mouth, I'm going back first."

"Wait, won't Tian Xiang be angry if you give me all the fairy pills?"



"Because I still have hundreds of millions to give her tonight."


p; "What do you mean?"

"You'll understand later, if you really want to know that much, just ask Tian Xiang tomorrow."After saying that, Tang Zichen smiled evilly at the corners of his mouth, then turned around and walked away.

Star Luo watched Tang Zichen's back until Tang Zichen was invisible and still standing there.

In the end, Star Luo silently said inside, "I love you too."

Tang Zichen returned home.

Not a single Immortal Pill was left on his body.

Originally, Tang Zichen was going to share it with Maku Qianji and the others, but six of them were too few to share, so he simply gave them all to Star Luo.Tang Zichen would definitely still have fourth-grade Immortal Pills in the future, and it would be fine to share them with Qianji and the others when he had them.

There were no words for the night.

The next day, the Green King came again.

"Ah, you."The Green King was shocked to see that Tang Zichen had stepped into Mortal Immortality.

"Disciple, you've upgraded to Pre-Mortal Immortal just by which Immortal Pills you took yesterday?"

"Yes, Master."

"How did it work so fast?It's reasonably impossible, you've only just become a late stage Human Immortal before."The Green King couldn't figure it out, this upgrade was too fast.

"Uh, I don't know about that, perhaps, my Immortal Fate is very deep, I now feel that as long as there are enough Immortal Pills and Herbs, I can keep upgrading."

"Hahaha, Zichen's apprentice, it seems that you are a genius of the ages, someone who was destined to become strong since birth."The Green King laughed.

"Thank you, Master."

"Disciple, don't worry, within a month, I'll get you another five hundred immortal grasses."

"Ah, that much."

"Hahaha, after so many years of becoming a rank four Immortal Pill Master, I have a bit of savings, but I hid it, it will take me a month to get it, and I don't dare to put it on my body, because if I put more of it on my body, it will be a disaster."

"Disciple understands."

Master Green King handed one to Tang Zichen, "This is my years of alchemy insights, take a look at it, it's top secret, not even Tian Xiang has seen it."

"Ew, such a precious thing."

"Alright, this month, you stay at home and study my insights, don't go anywhere, after a month, I'll bring you five hundred Billion Year Immortal Grasses."

"Thank you, Master."

"Then I'll leave first."

The Green King laughed and left, originally the Green King wanted to let Tang Zichen digest the Immortal Pill he made yesterday for a few more years, but seeing how quickly Tang Zichen digested it, he decided to fetch it right away.

However, taking this fortune was risky and the Green King needed to be careful, after all, five hundred billion-year-old Immortal Grasses would be tempting even for the Upper Immortals.

Tang Zichen immediately contacted the Nine Daoist Devils.

"Tang Zichen, what is it again."

"Senior Demon King, I am."

"Hey, you've become a Mortal Immortal, you've caught up with Star Luo so quickly."The Devil King was also shocked.

"Senior, it's nothing to be surprised about, that, do me a favor, my master Green King, he's going to get five hundred immortal grasses, I'm afraid someone will miss him, you help me see if anyone's immortal sense is sweeping him."

A few seconds later, the Devil King said, "Yes, there are more than five people whose Immortal Sense is sweeping him at the moment."

"Ah, no."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Do you need my help to shield it?"The devil asked.

"Of course, begging for Master's help."

"Well, don't worry, I'll take care of him for you."

"Thank you, Senior."

"You're welcome, if the Green King helps you, he helps me, and the stronger you are, the better for me."



Tang Zichen began to study the alchemy tips given to him by the Green King.

Tang Zichen's entire body sank into this, it really was top secret, it was too valuable, Tang Zichen felt that his alchemy level, was going to start to leap.

Tian Xiang also started to get on track, continuing to study alchemy every day, she couldn't desert herself, or she would soon be left behind by Tang Zichen.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

One morning after ten days, Star Luo's servant suddenly came looking for Tang Zichen.

"Duke Zhou, Duke Zhou."That servant of Star Luo was very anxious.

"What's the matter looking for me?"Tang Zichen was confused, even if Xing Luo was looking for him, this servant didn't need to be in such a hurry.

"Mr. Zhou, you should go to Miss Xing Luo's place, something has happened."

"What's happened, this is the Xing Luo family."

"One of Xing Luo's suitors came to the door and sent a lot of flowers, in the past, this person also used to send flowers to Miss, but, in the past, Miss politely refused, but it was fine, but this time, Miss didn't know why, especially resented that person chasing him, so she said a few bad words, then, something happened, that person couldn't chase after him for a long time, and started to be rude to Miss."

"Let's talk as we go." First published at


"Who's Chasing Starro?And still dare to be bold in the Star Clan."Tang Zichen asked.

"It's a man named Zhuge Sun, that Zhuge Sun, is also a pre-Mortal Immortal, and, the second ranked pre-Mortal Immortal, he's been chasing Star Luo for a long time, of course, Star Luo has many suitors, not only Zhuge Sun, pre-Mortal Immortal ranked first, second, fifth, seventh, ninth, in short, almost all the top twenty men, are chasing Miss Star Luo.However, out of all these suitors, this Zhuge Sun pursues the most diligently and sends flowers the most frequently."

"Zhuge Sun, he doesn't want to hang around."Tang Zichen was furious.

"Duke Zhou, I."That maid suddenly stopped.

"Why don't you leave?"

"Mr. Zhou, perhaps you'd better not go, I just came to call you, in fact, it wasn't Miss who told me to come, I took it upon myself to do so.In fact, Miss instead instructed me not to let you know about this matter."The maid said.

"Why can't I know about it?"

"Mr. Zhou, that Zhuge Sun, he is the young master of a second class overlord family, our Star Clan doesn't dare to offend easily, that's why, Zhuge Sun dares to act rashly in the Star Clan, if it's one with little power, he won't even be able to enter the Star Clan's gate.Miss Xing Luo was afraid of what would happen if you knew about it, and specifically instructed me not to let you know, but, I, I couldn't bear for Miss to be bullied by that Zhuge Sun, and, ten days ago, I saw that you defeated Miss and were stronger than Miss, so, I took it upon myself to come to you.Mr. Zhou, you should go back, I'm afraid that Miss will scold me."

Tang Zichen snorted, "If you don't let me know, then Zhuge Sun won't eat Star Luo."

Tang Zichen quickly went to Star Luo's residence.

Right now at Star Luo's residence.

"Zhuge Sun, this is my Star Clan, I expect you not to be rude."The Star Luo ninja said in anger.

A young man snorted, "Star Luo, I only chased you because I looked up to you, even if you don't like me, I chased you as a form of respect for you, and you, how dare you call me names like that."

Star Luo said, "Okay, I apologize to you, I was just in a bad mood and said

Hard words, but you have to understand, I'm really fed up with you suitors."

"Don't bother explaining, don't think I can't hear you, you must have someone you like, otherwise, why are you so resistant to the pursuit I just made, I also sent you flowers before, but you never had such a tone today, even if you didn't accept, you at least smiled and refused."

Star Luo said, "You're overthinking it."

In fact, Zhuge Sun guessed correctly, in the past, Xing Luo didn't have anyone she liked inside, so she politely refused in the face of others' pursuit, but this time, she had someone she liked, and it always felt disgusting to have someone chasing her again, so she said it a bit harder.I didn't expect to anger Zhuge Sun, had I known that, Star Luo or as before, politely rejecting, also save so much trouble, this person is a second class overlord family, really not good to offend, even if Star Clan Upper Immortal Ancestor came, still have to look at Zhuge Clan's face.

Zhuge Sun said loudly, "Tell me, who is the person you like?I want to know who he is, I've been chasing you for so long, in my heart, I've already taken you as my wife, and now you're telling me that there's someone you like, I'm not convinced, I want to know who he is.Don't tell me it's the number one ranked Feng Yun Cai Tang, I don't believe it."

Star Luo said, "I really don't have anyone I like."

Xing Luo didn't want Zhuge Sun to know that the person she liked was Tang Zichen because she was afraid that Zhuge Sun would find trouble with Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen was now all in the Star Clan hiding from the Plum Seed, and couldn't offend anyone anymore.Therefore, Star Luo couldn't say anything and had just instructed her maid not to let Tang Zichen know about it.

Zhuge Sun coldly snorted, "Are you afraid that I will kill him?It seems that the person you like is nothing more than that, ah, it's surprising that you don't even have the guts to expose yourself, this kind of person is not worthy of you.So, I'm even more displeased, today, if you don't tell me, I won't leave.Even if your family ancestor comes out to oust me, I won't leave."

"Zhuge Sun, don't bully others too much."

"Hmph, I just want to know who he is."


At this moment, Tang Zichen was already not far away.

Tang Zichen heard their conversation.

Tang Zichen shouted from a distance, "It's me, how."

Star Roman looked towards Tang Zichen and wondered how Tang Zichen could suddenly come.

Zhuge Sun looked to Tang Zichen and said, "You?Aren't you the one, what's the name of the week?I know you, a few days ago, but you were very famous in the Upper Fellows Island."

"Exactly, the person Star Luo likes is me, Zhuge Sun, please leave immediately."

"Hahaha, what kind of thing are you."Zhuge Sun was furious.

Star Luo shouted, "Tang Zichen, what are you talking nonsense about, who likes you, leave."

Tang Zichen said, "Star Luo, there's no need to be afraid to admit it in order to protect me, in my heart, you are already my woman, I won't let anyone bully you, what pig brother sun, cow brother moon, dare to bully my woman, I will teach him how to behave."

When Zhuge Sun saw how arrogant Tang Zichen was, his face chilled, and he was about to take action when Zhuge Sun suddenly discovered that Zhou Mi was also a pre-Mortal Immortal.

"You, how are you a mortal immortal?"Zhuge Sun's face changed.

"What? I can't hide my realm?"

"Very well, Zhou Mi, so that also saves Star Luo from saying that I'm bullying you.Your arrogance has angered me, and today I must brutally beat you, and show Star Luo what it means to be unworthy."


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