The King of Kungfu in school 2096-2100


Chapter 2096


Several servants immediately went up to deliver the letter.

The Green King also immediately asked his servants to make preparations for the marriage.

About two hours later, there were already two Upper Immortal powerhouses coming, these two Upper Immortal powerhouses, who usually had a relationship with the Green King regarding Immortal Pills, how could the Green King's family not come when there was a happy event.

After that, more and more Upper Immortal strongmen came.

"Congratulations, Master Green King."

"Haha, thank you for coming to drink my house's wedding wine."

"Grandmaster Green King is polite, you have helped us with our alchemy on a daily basis, I hope you will take care of us more in the future, this is a small token of our appreciation, please accept it."

"This, how kind is this."

"It should be, it should be, your disciple's big wedding, how can you come empty-handed."

Several strong Upper Immortals, all of them presented great gifts. The first website

Tang Zichen took a look, good fellow, worthy of being a strong Upper Immortal, what a generous offer, a gift of ten Billion Year Immortal Grasses.

Tang Zichen licked his lips as he watched.

A few hours later, a total of more than twenty Upper Immortal powerhouses came.

I heard that not all of them had come yet.

"Noble guests of the Star Clan have arrived."A shout was heard outside the door.

Tang Zichen and Green King, as well as Master Tianxiang, scrambled out to greet them.

Tang Zichen quietly asked Tianxiang, "Daughter-in-law, our master is also connected to the Xing Clan ah?"

"Of course, the ancestor of the Star Clan also has dealings with our master in immortal pills."

Walking out of the gate, only an Earth Immortal strong man came.

That Earth Immortal strong man said, "Greeting Master Green King, my family's ancestor, has gone out to close the door, and his return is still undetermined, today I come on behalf of my family's ancestor to congratulate Senior Green King on receiving a senior apprentice."

The Green King smiled, "You're welcome, Brother Starry Yao, please come in as well."

The man called Starshine looked at Tang Zichen, then sighed.

Tang Zichen recognized this man, Tang Zichen had seen him before when the Star Clan tried to recruit Tang Zichen.

Xingyao said, "Zhou Mi, congratulations, it seems that my family missed you."

Tang Zichen said, "Where did Senior say that."

Star Yao served the eight hundred million year old immortal grasses as a gift.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, this marriage was too worthwhile, this shot, all of them were extraordinary.

Of course, the Green King received so many immortal grasses, there was no telling how much he would give Tang Zichen.

In the end, the guests all almost arrived, a total of more than thirty, of course, not all of them were strong Immortals, after all, some of them were not free, but all of them had representatives who came to attend, like the Star Clan.

"Everyone, the following, the first thing that will take place first is the Green King Master's disciple acceptance ceremony."

Everyone quieted down, Tang Zichen took the three incense burns, walked to the top of the hall, and bowed to the Green King three times.

At this moment, Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Who made this rule, it's too unlucky.

After worshipping the Green King, Tang Zichen took the tea and served it to the Green King, shouting, "Thank you, Master, please have some tea."

"Good, hahaha."The Green King smiled and received the tea from Tang Zichen.

After drinking the tea, the more than thirty guests on the scene arched their hands to congratulate the Green King, the good disciple he had received.

The disciple acceptance ceremony was considered complete.


The one that would be going on was, Tang Zichen and Tianxiang's worship ceremony, two big happy events at the same time, precisely because they were two big happy events at the same time, that's why those invited guests were so generous.

At this moment, not far away from the Green King's residence, Mei Tianqing, dressed as a groom, was happily riding a high horse, beating gongs and drums to come up to the Green King's residence.Next to him, Mei Seed was also happy.

Yes, Mei Seed had brought his grandson Mei Tianqing to welcome the bride, and they had no idea that the Green King had already decided to cut off his friendship.

At any rate, Green King was a dignified and respectable figure, a figure who had so many immortals come to congratulate him on a wedding, but unfortunately, Mei Seed did not respect him at all, so Green King saw clearly the so-called friend relationship and he was angry.

"Grandpa, I'm so happy today."Mei Tianqing who was sitting on the big horse said with a smile, he was going to explode somewhere at the thought that he would be able to have his wedding with Tianxiang tonight, luckily he was sitting on the horse, otherwise he would be exposed.

Mei Seed said, "Look at you, you're so happy about this, don't you just marry a daughter-in-law."

"Grandpa, Tian Xiang is so beautiful, I never dreamed that I could marry such a beautiful daughter-in-law, grandpa, I swear, I will love her well."

Mei seeds hummed again, "Look at your outlook, love nothing, married back, how to toss it, you forget that she doesn't like you at all, she even likes that Zhou Mi, what a woman who doesn't know what she's doing."

"Grandpa, whatever, I'll get her soon anyway, what does it matter if her heart is in me or not."The more Mei Tianqing thought about it, the happier she felt, hating that it would be night soon, the thought of night, but she couldn't even wait a quarter of an hour to wait.

Soon, they arrived at the Green King's residence.

Arriving at the outside of the Green King's residence, they saw at a glance that there were two large red lanterns hanging at the entrance.

Mei Tianqing said happily, "Grandpa, it looks like the Green King has already prepared for it, waiting for me to come and welcome the bride."

Mei Seed also laughed, "I knew it, Green King didn't dare not to prepare, today at the inn, he looked like he was very reluctant, but I was resolute and had to have today, hehehe."

"Grandpa, then let's hurry in and welcome the bride, don't make my daughter-in-law wait."Mei Tianqing said.

"Okay, go in."Mei Seed immediately commanded a group of gong and drums behind him to welcome the bride and entered the Green King's Mansion.

At this moment in the hall of the Green King's Mansion, Tang Zichen was about to pay his respects to Tianxiang when the sound of gongs and drums came from outside and everyone was puzzled, "What's going on outside?Is it the wedding party?Why are you only here now, I thought the wedding team wasn't invited for today's wedding."

At this moment, the Green King's face changed, but that was to be expected.

Tian Xiang, who was covered with a red cap, seemed to know who was coming outside and immediately grabbed Tang Zichen's hand in some fear.

Tang Zichen consoled, "It's fine, Tianxiang, with me here and so many strong Upper Immortals, the Mei Seed definitely wouldn't dare to do anything."

"Mmhmm."Tianxiang felt warm when she heard Tang Zichen's comfort and said, "Even if I die, I'll die with you."

"Fool, on the big day, what about death, we'll be together for a long time."Tang Zichen said.

However, Tang Zichen said so, but his heart was still bottomless, after all, the Plum Seed was a strong Upper Immortal ah, the anger of a strong Upper Immortal, no one could predict.

Despite his resolute attitude, Grandmaster Green King was, after all, only an Immortal Pill Master, and his strength was low.

Although there were many Upper Immortal strongmen on the scene, but after all, these Upper Immortal strongmen were not life and death friends with the Green King, furthermore, what these Upper Immortal strongmen needed was for the Green King to help them with their alchemy, as for Tang Zichen's life and death, they could not care, so Tang Zichen still had some worries inside, especially when Tianxiang said that even if they were going to die together, there was always a bad premonition.


"Hahaha, Brother Green, you said on your lips that it was too urgent to agree to the marriage today, but I didn't expect that the preparations were quite fast."The sound of Mei Seed's laughter came from the doorway.

When Mei Seed entered the Green King's house, he saw red lanterns hanging everywhere, a festive look, thinking that the Green King had prepared so well for Tian Xiang's marriage, he was very happy.

A few seconds later, Mei Seed walked into the main hall, and all of a sudden, Mei Seed saw many strong Upper Immortals standing in the hall.

"Er."Mei Seed was startled, just getting married, it's not like inviting so many strong Upper Immortals.

Mei Seed looked to the Green King and said, "Brother Green, why are you making such a grand event."

The Green King snorted, "Who is your Green Brother?Grand your sister."

"Ah, you."

Mei Tianqing walked in right after, happy, "Tianxiang, your husband has come to take you home."

"Shut up."There was a loud roar, and Mei Tianqing looked to where the sound was coming from and saw that it was a handsome looking man dressed as a groom, and on closer inspection, it was Zhou Mi.

"Ah, Zhou Mi, why are you here, what are you doing here."Mei Tianqing shouted, his body trembled as, he saw Tian Xiang, who was also wearing bridal makeup, standing beside Zhou Mi, and, their hands, tightly pulled together.

Mei Seed also saw it, and his face changed, and he suddenly looked at the Green King with anger, and roared, "Green King, what do you want?What do you mean?" Remember the URL

The Green King said, "Mei Seed, I am now formally informing you, in front of so many strong Upper Immortals, that I, the Green King, am severing ties with you, Mei Seed, from today onwards."

"Ah, cut off diplomatic relations."Mei Seed's body trembled, never expecting that the Green King, who was his friend, would somehow cut off diplomatic relations with him.

Mei Tianqing immediately gritted his teeth in anger, "Green King, you don't know what's good for you, all these years, if it wasn't for my grandfather protecting you, you'd be fucking dead, and you."

"I pooh, protecting me, ridiculous."

The Mei Seed angrily pointed at the Green King and said, "Well, Green King, you, you actually did this to me."

The Green King snorted, "Before today, I had always respected you as a brother, and had always been happy to have you as a friend, but unfortunately, today at the inn, I have seen clearly that I am nothing in your eyes.I promised to marry Tian Xiang to your grandson, even if Tian Xiang didn't want to, I forced him, but unfortunately, you don't consider my feelings at all, you can do whatever you want.So, Plum Seed, I can only cut off friendship with you.Since Tian Xiang loves Zhou Mi, I will fulfill them and marry Tian Xiang to Zhou Mi. By the way, I haven't told you yet, Zhou Mi is already my apprentice."

"Green King, if you dare to bully me like that, I want you to die a horrible death."Mei Seed growled.

There were more than twenty Upper Immortals on the scene, and suddenly a few of them, who usually had an average relationship with Mei Seed, laughed and said, "Mei Seed, do you think we don't exist?The Green King will die a horrible death?Try it if you've got the guts. Do you have the guts?I don't believe that there are so many Upper Immortals on the scene, you'll be ashes and smoke in minutes."

"You guys."Mei Seed looked angrily at the strong Upper Immortals on the scene.

Another Upper Immortal said, "Mei Seed, we will have to rely on the Green King to help us with our alchemy in the future, if you dare to touch a hair of the Green King, I'll be the first to fight you."

"Me too, I'll be the first one to settle the score with you."

More than twenty Upper Immortals at the scene all expressed their support for the Green King.

"Hahaha, Plum Seed, didn't you just say that you want the Green King to die a horrible death, you have the guts to do it, huh?

."The first to state that upper immortal's shame said.

"You, you, you."Plum Seed took a few steps backwards in anger.

Gutless, it seemed that his name, prepared for this moment, was as good as his name.

Mei Tianqing looked at Tianxiang, in bridal attire, particularly particularly beautiful, his heart was as unhappy as a knife, and shouted to Mei Seed, "Grandfather, grandfather, I beg you, I want to marry Tianxiang, without her, I can't live anymore."Mei Tianqing cried out for Mei Seed to help him snatch Tianxiang away.

Tang Zichen said, "Tianxiang is already my daughter-in-law, Mei Tianqing, you toad is not worthy of this swan, it would be more appropriate for you to find a female toad."

"Zhou Mi, you take my wife, I am not with you."

Tang Zichen trailed off.

Tianxiang took Tang Zichen's arm and said, "Mei Tianqing, don't mess around, I won't like you, even if my master really married me off to you, I would choose to kill myself and never let you have it, I love Zhou Mi, forever and ever, do you hear me."

"Pfft."Mei Tianqing viciously vomited, a mouthful of old blood spurting high.

"Tianqing, you."Mei Seed saw his grandson so unambitious, he was going mad with anger.

"Grandpa, I don't want to live, please kill me."Mei Tianqing cried out.

"You worthless, a lowly woman, a lowly bitch, you also, you also say such things."

Tang Zichen shouted, "Hey, put some respect in your tone."

Plum Seed looked at Tang Zichen, his eyes chilled, and said, "Zhou Mi, good, good, do you think, with the Green King backing you up, I can't kill you?Didn't the bitch say she'll always love you, so I'll see if she'll still love you forever if you die."

The Green King said at once, "Mei Seed, you dare."

Mei Seed laughed loudly and gritted his teeth, "Green King, these people are just relying on you to help with the alchemy, they won't let me kill you for their benefit, but who cares if Zhou Mi lives or dies, I can kill him if I want."

The Green King was busy saying, "Seniors, would you help stop him?"

One of the Upper Immortals said, "Green King, don't worry, we are standing here today, we will never let him hurt anyone.The auspicious time has come, let's hurry up and pay our respects, don't miss the time, and as for this plum seed, don't bother with him.I measure he has no seed today."

Green King was grateful, "Thank you all, Zhou Mi, Tian Xiang, prepare to pay your respects."

"Yes, Master."

Mei Tianqing cried, "Grandpa, help me stop it."

Mei Seed clenched his teeth, looked at the Green King and Tang Zichen and said, "Give me a taste, if I don't stop this, I vow not to do anything."

Mei Seed pulled the weeping Mei Tianqing away.

As soon as they reached the gate, the master of ceremonies shouted from inside, "One bow to heaven and earth."

"Two worship the high hall."

"Husband and wife worship each other."

"The ceremony is complete, send them to the bridal chamber."

"Poof."Mei Tianqing, who hadn't yet walked out of the gate of the Green King's residence, heard the sending into the bridal chamber, and another mouthful of old blood spurted wildly, unfortunately, spraying his grandfather's face.

His grandfather was so angry that he slammed Mei Tianqing to the ground and cursed, "You're a useless piece of trash."

In the main hall, after sending the newcomers into the bridal chamber, everyone arched their hands to congratulate the Green King: "Congratulations, congratulations."


"Haha, thank you all, you've worked hard, the banquet is ready, and I expect you to join us for a drink."

"Of course, please."


Everyone entered the table.

And Tang Zichen and Tianxiang, entered a certain room, the room was simply dressed up, after all, time was so pressing.

"Do you live in this room?"

"Well, I usually live in it."

"Hey, it's turned into our wedding room today."Tang Zichen said with a smile as Tianxiang shyly lowered her head.

"Madam, then we should not delay."Tang Zichen asked tentatively.

"Ah, what."Tian Xiang played dumb not knowing, her face completely red.

"Still pretending to be stupid, hahaha."Tang Zichen stopped the waist and hugged it. A second to remember to read the book.

Night fell, and the banquet was over by about eight o'clock in the evening.

The various Upper Immortals took their leave.

"Grandmaster Green King, you can rest assured that Plum Seed will never dare to touch you in the slightest, otherwise, all of us will become his enemies, unless Plum Seed he doesn't want to live."

"Thank you all."

"You're welcome, I'll need to rely on you in the future for Immortal Pills."

"It should be, it should be."The Green King sighed deeply inside, all of it was conditional, it wasn't even much of a bite in terms of immortal pills.Unfortunately, what can be done, in short, the Green King has deeply realized that there must be strength, and if there is strength, who is there to fear.

The Green King said inwardly, "Now Zhou Mi and Tian Xiang must have already made love, Zhou Mi is also completely my family, he can't die, only Zhou Mi has the possibility to become a strong person and fight against these upper immortals, if he doesn't die, I must help him become a strong person soon."

After saying that, the Green King immediately went to the backyard.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Tianxiang were hugging and lying on the bed, both of them were only covered with a thin blanket, other than that they had no body, what had happened in the past two hours, naturally it was self-evident.

"Husband, I'm already yours, will you abandon me in the future?"Tenka said full of concern.

"How come."

"You're still weak today, so naturally I'm still somewhat attractive, but in the future, when you become strong, like, an Upper Immortal level, I'm a small Level 2 Immortal Master, even if I'm already a Level 4 Immortal Master by then, it's nothing in your eyes, at that time, will you still love me?"

"Haha, that's a good question, I'll give it a hundred percent."

"Stop it, I'm serious."

"I swear to the heavens, if I, Tang Zichen, betray my trust, abandon my master, abandon my wife, abandon any siblings, I will be struck by the heavens and will not die a good death."

Tian Xiang was busy covering Tang Zichen's mouth to keep him from saying something so poisonous.

"Hehehe."The two of them smiled imploringly.

Outside the door, the Green King grinned as well, hoping that Tang Zichen's vow wasn't meant to coax Tianxiang.

"Ahem."The Green King coughed twice outside.

"Ah."Tianxiang panicked and pulled the blanket, afraid that Master would barge in.


"Alright, you two hurry to the main hall, I'll wait for you in the main hall."


Tang Zichen and Tianxiang hurriedly dressed and quickly arrived at the main hall.

Now those guests must have left as soon as they left.

It meant that the place was no longer safe, so Tang Zichen didn't procrastinate in the slightest and soon arrived at the main hall, where only the Green King was present.

Tang Zichen contacted the Demon King on his way to the main hall.

Thankfully, the Devil King had left a trace of his mark on him last time, allowing Tang Zichen to contact him at any time.

"Tang Zichen, what's the matter again, hey, there's a stream of Upper Immortal's Immortal Sense sweeping you."The Devil King noticed it right away.The Nine Dao Demon King was a Dao Immortal, the Plum Seed was as weak as anything in his eyes, if he wasn't imprisoned and his mana was locked, even a thought could kill the Plum Seed.

"Senior Demon King, you found an upper immortal sweeping me away?"

"Yes, I was going to ask you, but it really is sweeping me off my feet."

"Uh, you know?Could it be that you've messed with someone again."

"That's right, that upper immortal who is sweeping me with his immortal sense at the moment, he wants to kill me."

"Damn it, Tang Zichen, last time that some middle Earth Immortal wanted to kill you, this time it's even more ruthless, the Upper Immortal wants to kill you, how many more powerful people are you going to be killed by."

"Damn, I've really had a lot of disasters in my life."Tang Zichen scolded.

The Devil King said, "How can you hide from an upper immortal, Star Luo can't help you anymore, if you want to blame it on the enemies who kill you, they are stronger than ever."The Devil King sighed, Tang Zichen was in this situation, if it were the Devil King, he wouldn't even know how to get through it.

"Senior Devil King, it's the same old story, when I need it later, you can help me shield that person's Immortal Sense."

"Of course, that's all I can help you with."

Soon, Tang Zichen and Tianxiang arrived at the main hall.



"You guys have come."

Tianxiang blushed and lowered her head, not even daring to look up at her master when she remembered the shame of what she had just done.

The Green King said, "Zhou Mi, Mei Seed will definitely not let you go, even if he wants to kill you in order to irritate me, pitying my master's strength and status, can't help you, those upper immortals, also can't always be here to protect.Right now, I only have the ability to save my own life, I can't save either of your lives."The Green King was pained to say, what use would he have to come here, to be frank, he could only pretend to be in front of the lower class.

Tang Zichen said, "Master don't worry, it probably won't be that easy for Mei Seed to kill me, if I, Tang, am so easy to kill, then how can I come here from the mortal realm."

The Green King laughed bitterly, "Zhou Mi, you don't understand, you're really too young, your words are still those of a child."

The Green King thought that Tang Zichen's words sounded childish, but didn't know that Tang Zichen's words were not nonsense at all, but were spoken with a premise.

"Master, you just need to take care of yourself, and leave Tianxiang to me."Tang Zichen said.

Green King said, "Zhou Mi, if I'm not mistaken, Plum Seed's Immortal Sense has locked onto this place right now, and even, he's already on his way to it."

"So what, Master, I'll take Tian Xiang with me first."Tang Zichen said, and without much nonsense, Tang Zichen pulled Tianxiang away.

At this moment, at a certain restaurant nearby, the corner of Mei Seed's mouth lifted in disdain, "What a lack of knowledge of life, huh."Mei Seed naturally perceived everything through his Immortal Sense, and the more ignorant Tang Zichen looked, the more disdain he felt.

At the Green King's residence, the Green King was busy, "Wait."

"What else has Master ordered?"

"Zhou Mi, are you seriously able to leave smoothly with Tian Xiang?"

"Of course, please believe me, I'm taking Tian Xiang to the Star Clan right now, I don't think the Plum Seed would ever dare to go to the Star Clan to be rude."


"Hmph, the amount of him doesn't have the guts to go on a rampage in the Star Clan's territory."The Green King snorted in disdain, but the Green King doubted that Tang Zichen would make it to the Star Clan, and there were ten thousand chances for the Plum Seed to kill Tang Zichen on the way.

"Master, we'll be leaving first then."

"Wait, Zhou Mi, you take these immortal grasses with you."The Green King took out all the gift money he had received today.

"Ah, Master, this must not be allowed, so many immortal grasses, how can we."

"You need it more than I do, take it all."

Tang Zichen's hands were trembling, he didn't expect the Green King to be so generous, the gifts received today were all billion year old immortal grasses, the gifts from over thirty guests added up to over 300 immortal grasses.

300 billion-year-old immortal grasses, what a rich resource this was.

"Master."Tang Zichen was grateful.

"Alright, don't let my master down, these immortal grasses are given to you, I hope you can make good use of them, you don't have to give them to Tian Xiang, Tian Xiang is only an Immortal Pill Master, the need is not great, the key at this stage is for you to grow quickly."

"Mm, disciple will never disappoint master."

"Go ahead." First URL

Tang Zichen pulled Tianxiang away quickly, the Green King looked at their backs and said, "Zhou Mi, if you can really make it to the Xing Clan alive, then that means I'm not wrong about you, I will definitely use all of my possessions to support you, for so many years, I've accumulated more than the gift money I received today.Of course, if you die in the middle of the road, it's fate, and said that Tian Xiang will eventually become Mei Tianqing's woman."

The Green King knew that Tang Zichen and Tianxiang would never be able to escape from here, and it was likely that soon after leaving the house, Mei Seed would kill Tang Zichen in some alley, then snatch Tianxiang away and give her to Mei Tianqing.

However, the Green King wanted to take a gamble, depending on whether Tang Zichen, really had this fate, if a person with strong chance and good luck, is not so easy to die.

The Green King sat in the palace, quietly waiting for the outcome.

At this moment, at a certain restaurant.

Mei Tianqing was sitting on the side with a frustrated face and tears on his face, mumbling and repeating, "It's too late for anything, they must have already caved in, it's too late for anything."

Mei Seed said, "Alright, don't be endless, Tianqing, now that all the Green King's guests have left, Zhou Mi is preparing to take Tianxiang to the Xing Clan House, unfortunately, I will never let him reach the Xing Clan without a problem.These two bitches, I'm going to kill them right now."

Mei Tianqing was busy with her plum seed pleading, "Grandpa don't."

"You're crazy."

"Grandpa, if you want to kill them, kill Zhou Mi, not Tian Xiang."

"Hmph, this bitch has already caved with Zhou Mi, what are you still thinking about."

Mei Tianqing said, "Even if Tianxiang is no longer a perfect woman, I still want it, grandpa, help me get her back, then kill Zhou Mi in pieces."

Mei Seed saw that his grandson might not really be able to walk away from this hurdle, so he had no choice but to agree and snatch Tianxiang back to him.

"Alright, grandpa help you get her back, and when you get tired of playing with her in the future and don't like it anymore, kick her to death."

"Grandpa, it's my business."

Just then, the plum seed was shocked, "Where's the man?"

"Grandpa, what's wrong?"

"Strange, it was just now."

Mei Seed suddenly noticed that Tang Zichen and Tian Xiang were missing.

Plum Seed was immediately throughout the Green King's residence

Expanding his Immortal Sense to search, but, no Tang Zichen and Tianxiang were seen.

"Quick, go to the Green King's residence."Mei Seed immediately ran to the Green King's residence.

Mei Tianqing was also anxious to get there, happiness was coming soon, don't lose it again.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Tianxiang were deep in the ground.

Tang Zichen is still using the same method as last time, jumping down from a well and then entering the underground at the bottom of the well, using the Devil King's Immortal Sense Shield, Mei Seed will not be able to find Tang Zichen to death, because even if Mei Seed's Immortal Sense goes deep into the underground, he will not be able to see Tang Zichen and Tian Xiang, besides, Mei Seed does not even know that Tang Zichen is deep underground, Tang Zichen enters from the bottom of the well and uses the well to cover it, it will not leave any traces of them entering the underground.

At the bottom of the ground, Tianxiang worried, "Is this really alright?"

"Shh, don't talk."

Tang Zichen held Tianxiang and went in the direction of the Star Clan, of course, Tang Zichen must be outside the Star Clan out of the ground, not daring to enter the underground of the Star Clan, the Star Clan range must have protection, for fear of triggering protection to cause misunderstanding.

Mei seeds soon arrived at the Green King's house.

Mei seeds repeatedly to make sure that there is no Tang Zichen and Tianxiang, Mei seeds immediately entered the main hall, the green king is still sitting on the chair at the moment.

The Green King is still sitting in his chair. The Green King is shocked to see Meijian coming.

The Green King sighed sadly, Tang Zichen, died just like that, and wondered if the 300 Immortal Grasses he was carrying had been taken by the Mei Seed.

But, in the next second, the Plum Seed yelled and asked, "Say, where are Zhou Mi and Tian Xiang?"

"Uh, didn't you kill him?"

"Hmph, Green King, don't you dare argue, say, where did you hide them?It was just now, why can't I find them now?"

"Ah, can't find them?What do you mean?You're an Upper Immortal, and the two of them are so powerful that you can't find them?"Green King was startled.

Mei Tianqing also came, yelling, "Green King, don't be stubborn, you can't hide it, my grandfather will definitely kill Zhou Mi, Tian Xiang, is destined to be my wife."

The Green King laughed, "This kid, he really did it, he didn't disappoint me."

At this moment, the Green King was greatly delighted that the Mei Seed couldn't find Tang Zichen, which meant that Tang Zichen had used some method to shield the Mei Seed's Immortal Sense, and must, at this moment, be almost to the Star Clan.

"Green King, are you still stubborn?"Plum Seed raged.

The Green King snorted with disdain, "Mei Seed, if you have the guts, kill me."


"I knew you didn't have the guts."The Green King sneered.

"Ahhhh."Mei Seed was going crazy with anger, but he really didn't dare to kill the Green King, he really didn't have the guts.

The Green King said, "Mei Seed, don't waste your energy, I'm sure, Zhou Mi has already brought Tian Xiang, to the Star Clan, if you have the guts, go to the Star Clan and kill Zhou Mi, do you have the guts?Hahahaha, no guts, hahahaha, plum seed no guts."The Green King laughed.

Mei Seed's angry nostrils were going to smoke, yes, this matter, going to the Star Clan to kill Tang Zichen, he didn't dare to go, several things today, he didn't dare, he, he really was a gutless person.

"Ahhhh."Mei Seed growled in anger.

"Green King, you'll see."Plum Seed gritted his teeth.

"Hmph, we'll see then."

Mei Seed immediately left with Mei Tianqing, heading towards the Star Clan, tracking Tang Zichen and Tianxiang all the way, hoping to intercept Tang Zichen before they even entered the Star Clan.


At this moment, Tang Zichen and Tianxiang, had just emerged from the ground.

"Quick, there's the Star Clan ahead."Tang Zichen pulled Tianxiang and flew towards the Star Clan, ecstatic inside, as long as he entered the Star Clan, the Plum Seed wouldn't dare to go in and kill Tang Zichen.Of course, that wasn't what Tang Zichen was ecstatic about, but the Green King had said that if Tang Zichen really arrived at the Star Clan safe and sound, then he would be willing to support Tang Zichen with all of his possessions.

In other words, Tang Zichen would soon be rich, and this time, he could definitely go up to the pre-Mortal Immortal stage and become a Star Luo peer.

"Stop."Just at this moment, a roar came from the distance.

"Ah, chasing after it."Tian Xiang's face changed.

Tang Zichen was a bit dumbfounded as he looked at the gates of the Star Clan only about a hundred meters in front of him.

However, the Upper Immortal was so powerful that even ten meters would not be enough to catch up.

In the distance, Plum Seed snapped his fingers, and with a swoosh, as if it was a bullet, it killed Tang Zichen, and it was so strong that even late Earth Immortals would surely die.

"Ah."Tang Zichen's brain felt like it was going to short-circuit, and he was powerless to fight in front of absolute strength.

Right at this moment, a woman suddenly appeared, and that woman, instantly blocked in front of Tang Zichen.

In the distance, Mei Seed was shocked, that woman was Star Luo, Mei Seed was suddenly frightened to put away his qi energy, just a fraction of a millimeter, in time to be charged by Mei Seed, Star Luo only escaped death. Remember the URL

"Move."Star Luo shouted.

Tang Zichen didn't procrastinate, quickly pulling Tianxiang along and darting to the Star Clan's gate a hundred meters away.

In the next second, Plum Seed also arrived.

Mei Seed roared, "Miss Xing Luo, do you want to die, do you know that if I had just taken half a step slower to stop, you would have already died."

Star Luo snorted, "That's your business, anyway, if I'm killed by you, your Mei family will definitely be destroyed."

"You."Mei Seed was furious, by Star Luo's delay, Tang Zichen had already entered the Star Clan with Tian Xiang, he could have killed Tang Zichen before he entered the Star Clan, but he ended up slipping away under his nose.Of course, Plum Seed didn't dare to kill Star Luo, even if he didn't kill Tang Zichen, which was why he had just immediately closed in in fear when Star Luo suddenly rushed out to block for Tang Zichen.

With a snort, Star Luo walked back to the Star Clan without looking back.

Right now, inside the Star Clan, Tang Zichen was leaning on a pillar, and in his mind were all the things that Star Luo had just completely ignored his own death to block for Tang Zichen, and Star Luo had put up a fight to save Tang Zichen, a thousand times over.

"If it wasn't for Star Luo just now, I'm afraid I'd be dead."Tang Zichen said.

"Mmhmm, I have no teeth to forget Star Luo's great kindness."Tian Xiang said with a nod.

"I really don't know why she would save me despite her own life and death."

"This."Tenka was startled, right, why?Could it be that Xing Luo's heart also loves Tang Zichen?Why else would you risk your own life?Tian Xiang was also shocked at the thought of the result.

Tianxiang said, "I think Tianxiang definitely likes you, and, loves you more than me."

Tang Zichen was about to say something, when a voice came from behind his head, "Don't talk nonsense, I'm not."

Tang Zichen and Tianxiang busily turned their heads and saw that it was Xing Luo, who was red-faced and sophomoric.

Tang Zichen was quite cute when he saw her red face and cunningly arguing.

But why was she being sophomoric?Are you embarrassed? Are you shy?Still, there was another meaning.

Tenka was busy.

: "Xing Luo, thank you, if you hadn't risked your life to save us just now, both of our fates would have been rewritten."Indeed, if Tang Zichen had just died, Tianxiang would definitely have been captured and given to Mei Tianqing, and her fate would have been completely different from then on.

"Alright, it's fine now, Mei Seed doesn't dare to enter my family to kill.By the way, I almost forgot to congratulate you guys, it's great to have a happy ending today."Star Luo said with a slight smile, but beneath her smile, she felt a little lonely and sad.

Tian Xiang said, "Thanks, you'll find a great man too."

"Well, then feel free, I'll leave first."Starro turned around and flew away.

"Star Luo."Tang Zichen called out, but Starro didn't look back.

"How odd."Tang Zichen said internally.

"What's wrong."

"Nothing, let's go back first."

Tang Zichen took Tianxiang and returned to that residence of this summer's master.

Yun Zi and Yun Meng were sitting at the door, as if they were waiting for someone, and Yun Zi was full of heartache.

"I'm back."

"Husband."Yun Zi happily ran up.

However, when Tian Xiang heard Yun Zi call her Husband so affectionately, she felt, inside, a little embarrassed.

Yun Zi asked, "Why were you gone for so long."

"Long, will it be long?"

"Nonsense, it's a big night."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I went to the Green King's house to pay my respects to the Green King, and then, my master betrothed Tianxiang to me, so, by the way, I became married, and then I caved."

"Ah, you guys."Yun Zi shuddered and looked at Tang Zichen and Tianxiang.

"That's right, we're now husband and wife, in name only."

Tian Xiang blushed and lowered her head.

Yun Zi was lost inside, worrying, it had finally come, and it came so quickly.

Yun Meng was busy saying, "Congratulations Miss Tian Xiang, congratulations Tang Shao."

"Thank you, by the way, where is my master?Master This Summer."

Yun Meng said, "Your master has left."

"Ah, gone?"

Don Zichen was startled.

"Yes, but he left a letter for you."Yun Meng returned to the house and took out a letter.

Tang Zichen busily opened the letter and read it.

"Disciple, please forgive me for my attitude today, I was too selfish, if I were to do you a favor, not only could I not stop you, I should help you instead.Unfortunately, I can't do it, you know the reason, I don't know if you will talk too much, I thought about it for half a day, or decided to go far away, in this life to accept you as a disciple, I am very honored, although our master and disciple fate is shallow.After I leave, I hope you'll work hard on your alchemy and cultivation, and say goodbye forever."

Tang Zichen finished reading the letter and sighed deeply.

Tang Zichen could also understand the helplessness of Master This Summer leaving, after all, he and the Green King were sworn enemies, Tang Zichen was closer to the Green King, inevitably allowing the Green King to see him more often, and seeing more of him, might one day allow the Green King to discover Master This Summer's true identity.

"Master, I hope we still have the day to meet in the future, if I can do it, I will definitely help you resolve your hatred."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Tian Xiang asked, "Then what do we do now?Can you still live here?With this summer's Master gone, the Star family is, by rule, taking back this house, so there's no reason for us to live here."


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