The King of Kungfu in school 2091-2095


Chapter 2091

Tang Zichen walked in the direction of the Star Clan.

"Zhou Mi, wait a moment."

At this moment, a person chased after him.

When Tang Zichen turned around, it was Tianxiang.

"Er, Master Tianxiang, what do you want?"Tang Zichen wondered what Tianxiang wanted to do when she chased out in front of so many people.

Tianxiang smiled, "Zhou Mi, come to my place to discuss alchemy ah sometime."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was a bit confused as to what she meant.

Other people, however, were stunned at the moment.

Suddenly, many people were discussing.

"Master Tianxiang, this is taking the initiative to show someone affection ah."

"This is the rhythm of liking him ah.To express his liking in public, Master Tianxiang is really a woman who dares to love and hate ah." Remember the URL

Tianxiang blushed and said, "Then I'll leave first, looking forward to your arrival."

Tang Zichen looked at Tianxiang's back and said inwardly, "Could it be that Tianxiang really means what everyone says?No way, Tian Xiang is too bold, aren't women supposed to be shy?How is it that Tenka is so bold as to show herself affection?"

Tang Zichen was a bit confused.

Tang Zichen moved away from everyone's sight and left the dueling field.

At this moment, in another place, Tian Xiang's master, Master Green King, raged, "Tian Xiang, what did you just do?Why are you doing this?You expressed your affection for Zhou Mi in front of so many people, are you still shameless, a woman's family, you did such a thing, you're really mad at me.Moreover, you know full well that you will be going to meet Mei Tianqing on a formal blind date later, but you just, what do you mean by that."

Tian Xiang said, "Master, I don't like Mei Tianqing."

"So you're deliberately humiliating Mei Tianqing?"

"Others don't know that I'm about to go on a blind date with Mei Tianqing, where is the humiliation."

"Other people don't know, but Mei Tianqing and his grandson know, when this runs out to show affection to Zhou Mi in front of them, you, where do you take Mei Tianqing."

"In that case, then cancel today's blind date."

"Hugh, go, give me a blind date."The Green King forcefully pulled Tang Zichen, coming to a certain inn nearby.

At this moment, upstairs in one of the inns, Mei Tianqing and his grandfather Mei Seed were already waiting.

Mei Tianqing didn't look good, the first was that he had lost and lost thoroughly, he had wanted Tianxiang to see his style, but the result could be imagined, and the second, Tianxiang had expressed her fondness for Tang Zichen in public.

"Grandpa, that bitch Tianxiang, she obviously likes Zhou Mi, do I still need to sit here and wait for her?"

"Why is it unnecessary, who Tian Xiang likes is her business, but who she wants to marry is not her business."

"Tian Xiang definitely doesn't want to marry me, that's why she deliberately showed her love to Zhou Mi in front of everyone, trying to make me retreat knowing the difficulties.Since people don't even like me, why do I have to force myself."

"Hmph, Tian Xiang's little heart, you think only you can see it, but unfortunately, the more she does this, the more I have to go against her."

At that moment, Tian Xiang and Green King arrived.

At a glance, Mei Tianqing saw Tianxiang, and suddenly, Mei Tianqing was shocked and swallowed hard.

"Brother Mei, I'm really sorry you've been waiting."After sitting down, Green King apologized to Mei Seed.

Mei Seed didn't look good and laughed, "Green King, your apprentice can be really personable, she's about to meet Tianqing on a blind date, yet she ran off to express her love for another man.Now everyone outside is saying that she and Zhou Mi

They are a natural pair.If they are the only ones who were born together, why did you bring her to meet my grandson."

Green King looked embarrassed and said, "Brother Mei, I didn't know Tian Xiang would do that, I'm really sorry."

Tianxiang looked very bad.

They were right, Tianxiang ran out to express her affection to Tang Zichen without any shame, she was helpless because she really didn't want to be on a blind date with Mei Tianqing, so she had no choice but to do so, if she really had to choose between Tang Zichen and Mei Tianqing, Tianxiang wouldn't hesitate to choose Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, there were some things that she could not do what she wanted.

Tian Xiang summoned up her courage and said, "Senior Mei, I'm sorry, I really don't like Mei Tianqing, and I hope you'll forgive me."

The muscles on Mei Seed's face shook, and his expression was fierce.

Mei Tianqing was busy saying, "Master Tianxiang, am I that bad?Is it because I lost to Choomi?"

Tenka said, "No."

"Then why?Although I lost to Zhou Mi, but, love shouldn't only look at two people, but also the background of both sides, that Zhou Mi has no background to speak of, you and him will not be happy."

"Then I'm happy with you?"

"Uh, this."

"Mei Tianqing, actually, Zhou Mi and I have known each other for a long time, if you really like me, you don't need me, okay, we can be friends."

Mei Tianqing said, "I know nothing about my marriage, my grandfather makes the decision, I will obey whatever my grandfather arranges."

Mei Tianqing said inwardly, "So beautiful, only fools don't want you."

Tian Xiang also opened the door and said, "Even if you get my person, you won't get my heart, so why suffer."

Mei Tianqing said, "I don't agree, if I get your person, I can have a bunch of children with you, and if I have children, I'm still afraid of not getting your heart?Besides, when you and I have a bunch of children in the future, what's the use of even if you still like Zhou Mi, would Zhou Mi like a woman who has so many children?"

"You."Celestial Fragrance almost spat blood, so mean.

Plum Seed chuckled, "Not bad, my grandson's insight on love is quite high."

The Green King compensated with a smile, "Indeed, if you get a person, you will naturally get a heart."

Tianxiang cried, "Master, I really don't want to marry Mei Tianqing."

Green King said, "Tianxiang, why are you suffering, although Tianqing is not as good as Zhou Mi for the time being, but, Tianqing is at least ranked second, ranking second is not bad, alright, Master is doing this for your own good."

After saying that, the Green King asked, "Tianqing, how do you feel about Tianxiang?"

"Back to Grandpa Green King, I really like Tian Xiang, I want to start a family with him and have a bunch of little babies."Mei Tianqing said brazenly.

"I don't want that, oooooh."Tianxiang fell down on the table and cried out.

Green King was quite upset inside when he saw how sad Tian Xiang was crying, but, he thought that it was for Tian Xiang's own good.

Plum Seed said, "Green King, since both children have expressed their satisfaction, is it not time to discuss their marriage.It's better to choose the day than to collide with it, or else, let's get married today and have the bridal chamber at night, the two children are not young, so don't waste your time ah."

"This."Green King hesitated, this was too hasty.

"What?Green Brother feels bad?"

The green king saw the plum seeds aggressive appearance, heart a little unhappy, but, people are immortal ah, green king is only a fourth grade immortal pills master, which is not a rival, green king is high status because he can alchemy, know many immortal strong people just.


Green King said, "Brother May, why don't we wait, I'm afraid."

"What's there to wait for, I think it's almost time."Mei Seed said.

Mei Tianqing also had excitement in his heart, feeling that somewhere in his body was about to explode at the moment, and smiled, "I also want to get married today, so as not to have a long night's sleep."

The Green King looked at the Mei Seed grandparents, feeling that they, the two of them, kind of didn't take the Green King's opinion into account.

The Green King said inwardly, "It seems that I'm just a tool for people's alchemy after all, with no real strength to take me seriously, even if I claim to be a friend.I've already promised to marry Tian Xiang to Tian Qing, yet they still want to get married today, without giving the slightest consideration to whether I'm willing or not."

At this moment, the Green King, being aggressively pushed by Mei Seed, seemed to have come to a realization, and his understanding of his friend had changed.To put it bluntly, Mei Seed, a friend, didn't really respect him at all, otherwise, why would he ignore his wishes and have to ask to be married today.

The Green King was sorrowful inside.

An alchemist might seem like he had a noble status, but if he couldn't be used by others, he was worse than a dog.

Look at Master Chen of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, he used to be on equal footing with the emperor and had such a high status, but then, he became a prisoner.

Green King is a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, and there are only two of them in the Upper Tree Firs Yan Continent, so his status seems high, but once he can't concoct pills for any strong person, he's dog shit.

Green King said, "Brother Mei, it's better to choose a good day later, you can see Tianxiang is crying so sadly at the moment, today really won't do." One second to remember to read the book

Mei Seed looked at Tian Xiang who was crying on the table, a snort: "Green King, look at this adversary you received, even respecting your teacher already can't, why bother with her, woman well, the more you obey her, the more you will turn the sky.Besides, she is unwilling to marry Tianqing today, the future is just as unwilling, the future is just as weepy, no matter if she marries later or now, she will still have to weep, why not just get married now while the iron is hot.So, I think it's still appropriate to do it today."

The Green King looked at the Plum Seed and was disappointed that the Plum Seed still insisted on today, not caring what he meant at all.

At this moment, Tang Zichen had returned to the Star Clan's territory.

"Tang Zichen."Star Luo took the initiative to come looking for Tang Zichen.

"Er, Miss Star Luo."

"Tang Zichen, honestly, did you refine the Great Domain Method?"Star Luo asked.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Yes, I've refined it."

"Ah, it's really refined, Tang Zichen, you're really too genius, Star Luo is impressed."

"Miss Star Luo is polite."

Star Luo looked at Tang Zichen, her heart was beating so hard that she didn't even dare to look.

At this moment, not far away, Yun Zi pursed her lips, as if she saw something.

"Miss Star Luo, is there anything else?"Tang Zichen asked.

Star Luo snorted, "I can't stay here if it's fine."

"That's not true, but I'm just afraid that if you stay here for too long, your family will misunderstand."

"What's there to misunderstand."

As soon as Star Luo thought about the fact that Tian Xiang had even expressed her fondness for Tang Zichen in public today, for some reason, Star Luo was a little anxious inside, as if, afraid of being snatched away.

However, Xing Luo was torn inside, her family might not be able to see Tang Zichen, if they didn't, everything was meaningless, it was better to think about Tian Xiang, there was no family ties.

At this moment, a certain main hall of the Xing Clan.


sp; "Everyone, what should we do, that Zhou Mi, without a doubt, is a superb genius and will likely become an upper immortal in the future."

"This, it's really difficult."

"Yes, such talents are truly rare, but that Zhou Mi is only interested in Star Luo, the other women in our family, he has no interest.However, Star Luo is incompetent by all means, we are to marry her off to Yan Qinggang of the second class overlord family ah."

"If it weren't for the fact that Yan Qinggang is closed, Xing Luo would have already married him."

"Yan Qinggang's closed for tens of thousands of years, and there's still waiting."

"After all, he's an upper immortal, a friend of our family ancestor."

"Our family ancestor is also really, that Yan Qinggang has lived for hundreds of millions of years, let Xing Luo marry a bad old man, Xing Luo would not be happy if she knew."

"This matter cannot be known to her now."

"What about Tang Zichen?Such geniuses, do we still want to recruit them or not."

"Let Star Luo talk again, give him the best girl in our family, other than Star Luo."

At this moment, in Master Green King's house.

Tian Xiang's face was full of death, she didn't even know how she had come back.

The Green King didn't look good either.

In the Green King's mind, the words of Plum Seed who was determined to get married today kept appearing, not listening to the Green King's opinion in the slightest, even if it was tomorrow.

In the end, the Green King was very upset and excused himself, coming back to prepare for the marriage before leaving the inn.

For a long time, Tian Xiang said, "Master, if you have to marry me off to Mei Tianqing, I guarantee that you will lose me forever."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll die."

"Ah."The Green King's body trembled.

"Is it true that you don't like Mei Tianqing so much?"

"Yes, I'd rather die than marry him, Master, if you still consider me your apprentice and the only family you have, listen to a little of my inner voice and don't make decisions for me."

The Green King smiled bitterly, "Just, I have also changed my mind, Mei Seed, had to make me marry you to his grandson today, without the slightest regard to whether I am willing or not, this essentially shows that in his heart, I don't really have any status at all, if I am also a strong man as strong as him, I will see if he dares to disregard my opinion so much, in the final analysis, INo strength, just an alchemist.What kind of friend, I kind of see clearly."

Tian Xiang was busy saying, "Master, won't you let me marry Mei Tianqing?"

Green King said, "I haven't decided yet, but, I already dislike Mei Tianqing very much.This little bastard, the more I look at him, the more disgusting he is, he was beaten up by Zhou Mi today and still has the nerve to get married, why doesn't he go die."

Tian Xiang Dao: "What about Zhou Mi?Do you like him?"

"That son of a bitch, Zhou Mi, has disgraced me by not worshipping me as his master, I don't like him a damn thing."

"Then what if he's willing to worship you as his master?"

"If he's willing to worship me as his master, then I'm also willing to be open-minded and cut off from the Plum Seed, and, I'm willing to cultivate him wholeheartedly, and with a circumspect talent, he can become an upper immortal in the future nine times out of ten.In this world, no matter how good you are at alchemy, you're still just someone else's tool.As long as Zhou Mi can become one of us, I'm willing to take the risk."The Green King said with a bite.

Through this incident, the Green King felt that he had to have strength in order to do so, but he had no choice himself, so he took in a promising apprentice.Zhou Mi was undoubtedly a perfect candidate.


Heavenly Fragrance said, "Master, I will go and plead with Zhou Mi right now, I will beg him to worship you as his master, but can you take your words seriously?"

"Of course, if Zhou Mi is willing to worship me, I will no longer force you to marry Mei Tianqing, and, cut off your friendship with Mei Seed.Anyway, I, the Green King, have known more than just Mei Seed in the Upper Sinew Yan Continent, and I have known many more Upper Immortals, and those powerful people who rely on me to refine pills for them will definitely keep me alive for their own benefit.Cut off from the Plum Seed, and the Plum Seed may not be able to harm me."The Green King said.

"Grace, Master, then I'll go find Zhou Mi now."

Green King said, "If you go there, don't come back, stay at Star Luo first, I'm afraid that Mei Tianqing will come to rob someone.After all, when I just came back, I told Mei Seed to come back and prepare for the marriage, they will definitely come to take the marriage in the evening."


Tian Xiang happily ran away.

The Green King sighed deeply and said inwardly, "Mei Seed, you're the one who forced me to cut off my friendship with you, you're the one who doesn't take others too seriously.You should know that there are many strong Upper Immortals who begged me for alchemy pills in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, but unfortunately, you are so disrespectful to me because of my relationship with you.What kind of thing is your grandson, looking at your attitude towards me, I guess there's no benefit in marrying you."

At this time, at the residence of Master Imha.

"Tang Zichen, how is this to be understood."

"Tang Zichen, can you demonstrate it to me?"

"Tang Zichen, come to my place for dinner tonight, I'll have my servant prepare it." First URL

Xing Luo left one sentence of Tang Zichen and another sentence of Tang Zichen, barking so diligently.

Not far away, Yun Ziwei pursed her lips and watched Tang Zichen instructing Xing Luo to practice the Silence Technique.

Yun Zi: "I used to look down on it, but now that I've seen someone so powerful, I've come to steal it from me."

Yun Meng Dao: "Yun Zi, don't be angry, Tang Zichen is not alone, he has many women he knows in the lower realms."

"But it's different now, the Star Luo family is so strong."

"Hey, where's the solution, if Star Luo really wants to steal a man from you, you'll have to be small."

"What a shame."

Tang Zichen also felt out, today's Xing Luo, very different from the past, engaged in a bit of control, really fucking want to hug her.

"Tang Zichen, is this it?"Starro asked.

"Yes, that's right."Tang Zichen went up to correct Star Luo's technique, and Tang Zichen was open to the idea, deliberately touching her hand and rubbing her waist as he corrected her.

Star Luo immediately felt that Tang Zichen was intentionally eating her tofu, Star Luo turned to look at Tang Zichen, the two of them looked at each other close, Star Luo blushed and lowered her head, it seemed that she did not mind Tang Zichen eating her tofu.

In the distance, Yun Zi saw their two intense expressions of love and affection, and became angry.

"Sister, look at them ah, they are too shameless."

Yun Meng gasped, "This time it was Tang Zichen who intentionally ate Xing Luo's tofu, I saw Tang Zichen touching her hand and hugging her waist."

"But, Xing Luo she didn't mind at all and blushed, I really can't watch it anymore."Yun Zi cried.

"Alas, if you can't look at it, you can't, out of sight, out of mind, a former lecher, you want him to be exclusive to you, it's impossible.Besides, Xing Luo's talent is better than you, his family is better than you, and his appearance is a little prettier than yours."

"Bullshit, where am I uglier than her, last night my husband also

Compliment me that I'm the most beautiful woman in the world."

"Khan, you can take what a man says by his pillow seriously."

Tang Zichen boldly hugged Xing Luo's waist, seeing that Xing Luo had no other expression than blushing, Tang Zichen became much bolder and said in Xing Luo's ear, "How about I go to your room at night."

Tang Zichen was also really bold, even daring to say the words to go to her room at night, if the people of the Xing Clan knew about this, they would definitely kill Tang Zichen.

Xing Luo was a friend of the Xing Clan's ancestor, Yan Qinggang's woman, and would officially marry Xing Luo when Yan Qinggang's retreat was over.That Yan Qinggang was a strong Upper Immortal, it was specially arranged by the ancestor, it was just that, not many people knew about this matter.

Xing Luo ton pushed Tang Zichen away and seemed to come back to his senses, panicking, "Tang Zichen, that's it for today, I'll go back first."

"Ah, that, about the evening meal."Tang Zichen was busy.

"No need."Xing Luo hurriedly walked away.

"Damn, changing his face faster than turning a book."Tang Zichen couldn't help but say, just a moment ago, he was still in a state of intense affection, the next moment, he changed.

After leaving, Xing Luo was blushing with shame.

"How could I be like this, I'm too shameless, could it be, I'm really in love with him?"

"No, no, he and I, there is no future, my family, is hesitant to marry me to anyone, many excellent young talents used to come to the door to propose marriage, my family is determined not to marry me, which means, my family expects a lot from me."

Xing Luo trotted back to her quarters.

At that moment, the maid said, "Miss, Master Tianxiang is here, just arrived, he's in the house."

"Ah, Tianxiang, oh."Xing Luo busily entered the house, and sure enough, Xing Luo was sitting in her living room.


"Tenka, what are you doing here."

"Starro, help me."Tenka cried.

"Ah, what's wrong with you?"Star Luo was busy with a heartbreaking question.

Tianxiang said, "Star Luo, my master wants to marry me to Mei Tianqing, to be honest, today I was supposed to meet with Mei Tianqing on a blind date, but I didn't expect that Mei Tianqing lost to Zhou Mi.The reason I ran out in public to express my affection to Zhou Mi was to see if I could let Mei Tianqing know my feelings and cancel the blind date, but we still met.Mei Tianqing bit me and wouldn't let go, and his grandfather even more so, and said that the bridal chamber would be tonight."

"Ah, no way, what's the rush."Xing Luo was shocked.

"But, my master doesn't want to get married today, so, it's a difference of opinion with Mei Seed, but Mei Seed is determined to get married today, this matter, led to my master's discomfort, so, now things have a slight turn of events."

"What turn of events, tell me quickly, as long as I can help, I will be obliged."

"My master said that if Zhou Mi is willing to worship him as his master, he can consider, cutting ties with the Mei Seed, and, I don't have to marry Mei Tian Qing."

Star Luo was puzzled, "What does this have to do with Zhou Mi?"

"Star-Lo, let's find Zhou Mi first and meet with him before we go into details."

"Oh."Xing Luo had a somewhat complicated look inside, although they were good sisters, it was always a bit of that when it came to men.

If Tang Zichen really worshipped the Green King as his master, then wouldn't they be able to be together every day.

However, after all, they were good girlfriends and couldn't help out, so Xing Luo had to take Tian Xiang to Zhou Mi.


"Don Zichen?"After reaching the door, Xing Luo shouted.

Tian Xiang also knew that Tang Zichen was Zhou Mi's name in this life, and it seemed that in the future, she would have to call him by his name in this life as well.

Tang Zichen was really a bit embarrassed at the moment.

Tang Zichen heard Xing Luo's shout, but, he didn't know whether to respond or not, because, it was really awkward.

Time rewound back ten minutes ago.

Star Luo rummaged around faster than a book and left.

Tang Zichen was depressed, and when he turned back, he found that Yun Zi also looked unhappy.

"Purple, what's wrong with you again?"

"Hmph, I don't want to talk to you."Yun Zi exhaled, turned around and went into the room and locked herself in.

"Cloud Violet, open the door, what's wrong with you."

"I don't even know what's wrong with me, hmm, I don't want to talk to you even more." Remember the website

Tang Zichen was speechless.

At that moment, Yun Meng quietly pointed her finger at the window outside, reminding Tang Zichen that the window was open.

Tang Zichen immediately went to the back of the house and jumped in through the window.

Yun Zi saw Tang Zichen jump in through the window, and immediately got up again, opened the room and wanted to go out, but as soon as she reached the door, Tang Zichen hugged her back.

Tang Zichen already knew at this point that it must have just been like with Xing Luo, she was jealous, so Tang Zichen just, that thing.

But, this was just getting into a rhythm, and from outside came Star Luo's shout.

"Damn, didn't this Star Luo just leave ten minutes ago?Why did you come back here."Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed.

Yun Zi was blushing with shame, "What should we do now, in case she breaks in.Why don't we stop first."

Tang Zichen disagreed, as he couldn't stop.

Tang Zichen consoled, "It's fine, Star Luo is an educated person, she won't barge in, let her wait outside."

At this moment outside, Star Luo asked Yun Meng, "Miss Yun Meng, where did Tang Zichen go?"

Yun Meng Dao: "It's in the room."

Since the matter was urgent and related to Tian Xiang's lifelong importance, Xing Luo didn't think about it that much and brought Tian Xiang into the house immediately.

Yun Meng also didn't stop him, because Yun Meng didn't know what Tang Zichen was doing and thought that Tang Zichen was coaxing Yun Zi.

Xing Luo immediately pushed open Tang Zichen's door and shouted at the same time, "Tang Zi."Before the three words were finished shouting, Xing Luo was stupidly there.

Tian Xiang entered right after him.

"Ah."Tian Xiang suddenly covered her mouth, incredulous at the scene in front of her.

Yun Zi, on the other hand, now screamed, "Ah."

Yun Meng, who heard the scream outside, also instantly ran in.

"Ah."Yun Meng was also stupid.

Tang Zichen was really damn depressed, so many people were watching him, how could he be embarrassed.

Star Luo came back to her senses and turned around in a panic while exhaling, "Tang Zichen, you."

Tian Xiang also turned around, her face red.

Yun Meng had already seen it for the second time, but the impact on her was not that great.

Tang Zichen said, "I didn't let you guys in, so you guys shouldn't go out yet."

Xing Luo and Tian Xiang were busy exhaling out of the door, Yun Meng closed the door of the room and mouthed, "It's broad daylight again."

Outside the house, it took Tian Xiang and Xing Luo several minutes to calm down.

They had been pure for so long, and today they were ruined by Tang Zichen.

"That really pisses me off,"Star Luo said, although Star Luo liked Tang Zichen a bit in her heart, it didn't mean that she was willing to have anything ambiguous with Tang Zichen, she hadn't reached that level yet, so right now her purity was contaminated and her heart was very angry.

Tian Xiang said, "Forget it, after all, we're the ones who barged in on our own."

"Then at least he did."

"He also thought we wouldn't break in."

"In short, my thousands of years of purity was destroyed by him.Tian Xiang, aren't you depressed?This kind of thing, the future is to be given to our husbands ah, the first time I see a man's body must be the future husband's."

"Maybe I'm going to marry Mei Tianqing, what do I need this purity for, instead of giving it to Mei Tianqing, I'd rather give it to Zhou Mi.However, Star Luo you are different, the person you are going to marry in the future must be great and strong."

"Forget it, it's already like this, I'll go back first, you wait for Tang Zichen to come out, tell him what you have to say to him, I don't want to see him."


Xing Luo left first, actually Xing Luo wasn't really that angry inside, but she always had to say something angry, otherwise she would think she was such an easy bully, next time Tang Zichen would be even more excessive.

Tianxiang waited and waited at the door for more than half an hour before Tang Zichen came out.

"Master Tianxiang, what are you looking for me for?Where's Starro?"

"Zhou Mi, me."Tian Xiang looked at Tang Zichen's face at the moment and blushed for some reason.

"Say it."

"Zhou Mi, I beg you, worship my master as your master."

"Haha, Tianxiang, you're so funny, it's all in the past, and you're still bringing it up, don't worry, I'll never worship the Green King as my master."

Tianxiang said, "Zhou Mi, I might be getting married to Mei Tianqing tonight."

"What."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"En, and, the bridal chamber will be at night."Tianxiang Dao.

"Ah."Tang Zichen looked at such a beautiful Tianxiang, but she was about to be arched by that pig Mei Tianqing, he was uncomfortable, his head could be broken, blood could flow, only a beautiful woman can't be arched by a pig.

"Tianxiang, Mei Tianqing is not worthy of you at all, why did you marry him?"

"My master, and his grandfather, Plum Seed, used to be friends, and they set us up.I'm in full view of the public today."Tian Xiang told Tang Zichen the whole story.

Tang Zichen was depressed, "In other words, if I don't worship your grandfather, your grandfather will marry you off to Mei Tianqing, and if he does, he'll be open-minded and cut off his friendship with Mei Seed?"

"Yes. My master also said that he realizes that no one will take him seriously if he has no strength of his own, no matter how good he is at alchemy, so he is willing to cultivate you and cut you off from the Plum Seed, provided that you are a member of his own family."

"So."Tang Zichen looked a little impressed.

If Tang Zichen worshipped the Green King as his master, he might even get to Tianxiang, whereas if he didn't, Tianxiang would be married to Mei Tianqing by night.

"What should I do?I've already agreed to Master This Summer, how can I worship the Green King as my master, besides, Master This Summer and the Green King, are sworn enemies ah, it's just that Master This Summer has changed his appearance and identity and the Green King doesn't know about it."

Tang Zichen was really torn.

"Can I think about it?"

Tianxiang Dao: "There's no time, I guess in half a day, Mei Tianqing will come to welcome the bride."

Tang Zichen said, "I always have to discuss this with my master."

"Okay, then I'll give you an hour, I'll wait for your news at Xing Luo Na."Tian Xiang said.

Tang Zichen nodded his head with some difficulty.

Tianxiang took a few steps and suddenly turned back, "Zhou Mi, do you like me?"


"Ah, what do you mean."

"Do you like me?"Tian Xiang blushed and asked.

Tang Zichen didn't know any routine, the question was so sudden that Tang Zichen nodded subconsciously.

Tianxiang blushed and said, "Me too."After saying that, Tianxiang shyly ran away.

"Er."Tang Zichen was startled there, with Tianxiang saying that, how could Tang Zichen not worship the Green King?Tang Zichen's blood rushed to his head, and he was expelled.

Yun Meng and Yun Zi, who heard their conversation, sighed.

Yun Meng said, "Yun Zi, you see, Star Luo isn't enough, here comes another one to steal from you."

"Hey, I don't know what to say."

Yun Meng said, "Don't ask for too much now, you can only hope that he has a better one and won't abandon the worse one."

Tang Zichen came to this summer's master.

"Master." One second to remember to read the book

"Needless to say, I've heard it,"Master Imaha said.

"So what do I do?"Tang Zichen asked.

Master Ima Xia said, "It seems that it is not mine, no matter what I do, it won't be mine."Master This Summer was a little distressed by the fairy grass he had given Tang Zichen.

"Master, why do you need to say that."

"The Green King and I, we don't share the same fate, if you worship him as your master, you can't worship me again, and you can only choose one."

"Master, now that the Green King doesn't know your true identity, I can have both of your masters."

"Hmph, no way, you choose one yourself, me or the Green King."

Tang Zichen said, "Master, you heard it just now, if I don't worship, Tianxiang will have to marry Mei Tianqing."

"It's none of my business, in the end, in your heart, it's still the woman who is more important."

"Master, I didn't say that I disown you, you're still my master, in the future when I'm rich, I'll never forget you, but if I don't save Tianxiang, she'll never be able to get out of the sea of misery."

"In short, the Green King and I, we don't share the same fate, if you want to worship him as your master, cut ties with me."


Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Tang Zichen didn't know what to do, but he didn't expect his master to be so resolute.

Tian Xiang only gave Tang Zichen an hour to think about it.

"What should we do?What to do?Am I going to stand by and watch Mei Tianqing marry Tian Xiang?"

Tang Zichen saw Yun Meng not far away and walked up.

"Yun Meng, tell me, what should I do?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Uh, your master won't?"


"Why?I think, it's not a conflict, it's normal for you to have two masters at the same time ah, in that case, the Green King can also climb up the kinship with Master This Summer, maybe even instruct Master This Summer, isn't it good for everyone to have fun."

Tang Zichen smiled, the Green King and Master This Summer were incompatible, but only Tang Zichen knew about this, Tang Zichen wouldn't say anything.

"My master doesn't want it anyway, what should I do?"

"If your master really wants the best for you, he should agree, since your master is so unreasonable, there's no need to ask for his opinion, anyway, when you're rich in the future, you'll just pay him back ten times what you owe him.And if you don't worship the Green King today, you'll lose Tianxiang forever, even if you become powerful in the future and go to Mei Tianqing's to grab it back, Tianxiang won't know how many children she's the mother of."

"Well, then, let's do that."

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Master, don't blame me, the love you have for me, I'll repay you a hundred times more in the future."

Tang Zichen immediately went to Xing Luo Na.

"Tian Xiang."

/> "Zhou Mi, how are you thinking about it?"Tian Xiang asked anxiously.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've thought about it and worshiped the Green King as my master."

"What about your master?"

"He is still my master, and if the Green King has a problem with it, then I won't worship him."

"Mmhmm, I'm sure my master won't mind, let's go and meet my master."Tian Xiang happily took Tang Zichen's hand.


Tang Zichen immediately followed Tianxiang to Master Green King's house.

"Master, Zhou Mi is here."

At this moment in the hall, the Green King was lingering there, and actually, the Green King also wanted Tang Zichen to worship him as his master.

"Great."The Green King heard Tian Xiang's shout and was delighted.

Tang Zichen walked into the hall, and when he saw the Green King, Tang Zichen bowed, "Greetings, Senior Green King."

"Zhou Mi, are you really willing to worship me as your master?"Green King asked.

Tang Zichen said, "If I don't worship, will Tianxiang marry Mei Tianqing?"


"In that case, I have no choice, but I have one condition."

"Er, condition, what condition."

Tang Zichen said, "Tianxiang must be my girlfriend."

"If you worship me as your master, Tianxiang will be your senior sister, both of them are already senior sisters, so naturally they are closer than friends."

"Master Green King, girlfriend does not mean a female friend, to put it simply, it means fiancée."

"Ah, you."

"If you don't accept me, then what's the point of me worshipping you as my master."

"I am a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, isn't that interesting enough?"

Tang Zichen said, "Not enough, in the future, I will definitely become a fifth, sixth, or even stronger Immortal Pill Master, fourth level is nothing at all."

"You have a crazy tone."

"I've always been like this, you decide for yourself, anyway, Tian Xiang likes me and I like her too.Besides, if I marry Tianxiang, then I'm your apprentice and Tianxiang's man, so wouldn't that be more of a guarantee.Even if you don't feel safe with me, then you should feel safe with Tianxiang, so that you can completely treat me as your family."

"This."The Green King heard Tang Zichen say that and felt that it made a bit of sense, the Green King was already doubting Tang Zichen's character, in case he became rich in the future or had no use for him, he would disown him as his master.But if Tianxiang also married him, it would be even more reassuring, because Tianxiang was raised by him since he was a child and would never disown him.

"Good."The Green King didn't like to be long-winded either, so he directly agreed.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen kneeled down and bowed, "Disciple Tang Zichen, pay your respects to your master."

"Tang Zichen?"

"This is my name in this life."

"Good, hahaha, then, choose the day instead of crashing into it, and marry Tian Xiang now."Green King said.

"Ah, so urgent."Tang Zichen was startled, but this Green King's personality Tang Zichen liked.

"What's there to be afraid of, I don't even mind, what do you mind."

"I don't mind ah, it's better this way ah, save you regret."

"Tian Xiang, go get ready and pay your respects."Green King said.

Tianxiang blushed, and although it was indeed quite urgent, Tianxiang didn't mind at all.

Master Green King immediately wrote several invitations, then called several servants and instructed, "Today, Zhou Mi will worship me as his master, I will hold an acceptance ceremony today, and, my disciple Tian Xiang, will also worship Zhou Mi as his wife today, all of you, immediately send this post to Senior You Tian Fu, Senior Qiu Fu Ma, Senior Long Hate Huan, Senior White Mist, Senior Xiang Jun, and so on!Hand, invite them to come to the wedding feast at once."


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