The King of Kungfu in school 2086-2090


Chapter 2086

After saying that, Tang Zichen walked out of the room.

Master Ima Xia, Yun Zi, and Yun Meng were waiting anxiously outside.

"Husband, you can come out, if you don't come out we'll have to go in and wake you up."Yun Zi was busy.

"What time is it now?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Nine o'clock in the morning."

"It's only nine o'clock in the morning, what's the hurry, take me for a shower, change my clothes and dress up before we leave."Tang Zichen said.

Yun Meng said, "I heard that since yesterday, the Battlefield of the Thunderbolt Duel has been crowded, and I'm afraid it's even more crowded now, everyone is waiting for you, you're still in the mood to shower and dress up."

Tang Zichen said, "How could I not be in the mood, today is destined to be the day that my fame will be famous in the Upper Yama Continent, shouldn't I appear in front of everyone with a better image."

After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately went to take a bath, and Tang Zichen commanded, "Yun Zi, help me prepare some dashing and handsome clothes, I was at least a national handsome man in the mortal world, after coming to the immortal world, I haven't paid much attention to my image, and it's time to regain my glory."

"Yes, Husband."

Half an hour later, Tang Zichen finished his bath and was dressed in a handsome outfit, his hair was also re-groomed, his hair had always been coiled down before, it was more casual and sloppy, but now, it was completely different, it felt like a new person. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Wow."Yun Meng was stunned when she saw Tang Zichen walk out.

Although Yun Meng had known before that Tang Zichen was quite good-looking, she had never thought that he would be so handsome today.

"Husband."Yun Zi looked at the new-look Tang Zichen, an impulse within her was surprisingly desirable.

Master This Summer smiled, "Disciple, I didn't expect that you would be so beautiful with your hair tied up, a good grooming and a decent change of clothes."

"I told you, I'm going to present myself with a new look today."

"Hehe, that's really handsome, even Master would want to marry you if he saw you."

Tang Zichen had a chill.

However, Tang Zichen looked at Yun Meng's eyes that were looking at him obsessively at the moment, and understood at once.

At this moment, Yun Meng looked at Tang Zichen infatuated, Yun Zi had the feeling of pouncing on him.

"Alright, don't look."

"Ah."Yun Meng panicked and reacted, her face reddened.

"Let's go."Tang Zichen leapt and flew.

Right now, at the Breaking Duel Battlefield.

It was already crowded, more crowded than ever before.

"It's almost ten o'clock, why hasn't Zhou Mi come yet."

The crowd was discussing.

In one corner of the dueling battlefield, Mei Tianqing and his grandfather, were sitting in a makeshift shed.

Mei Tianqing's grandfather, Mei Seed, instructed, "Tianqing, today is your chance to prove yourself, and at the same time, your chance to show yourself to Master Tianxiang, understand?"

"Grandpa, don't worry, I will let Tian Xiang see my Mei Tian Qing's elegance, I will let her, see my elegance and fall in love with me forever.Don't you see, grandpa, I purposely had my servant help me dress up properly today?"

"Hehe, I said why are you looking more comfortable today than usual, so you've dressed up a bit."

"Haha, grandpa, for me today, dueling with Zhou Mi is secondary, the most important thing is meeting with Master Tian Xiang, I must appear in front of her as the most handsome image ah."

"You kid, you're enlightened, let grandpa see, well, it's handsome, grandpa is going to fall in love with you when he sees it."


In the other corner.

Tian Xiang's master, Green King, had also already brought Tian Xiang with him.

At this moment, the Green King was a bit dissatisfied, "Tianxiang, didn't I tell you to dress better?Look at you, on such an important day, you're deliberately dressed up in a mess, you're so angry with me."

Tian Xiang said, "Master is talking nonsense, I'm dressing up exactly on purpose today."

"Look at yourself, what you're wearing, I've told you that after the duel, you'll have a formal meeting with Mei Tianqing, you're down."

"I'm already dressed the best anyway."Tian Xiang said with a hard mouth, in fact, Tian Xiang was deliberately dressed ugly in order to make Mei Tian Qing look bad for her.

"Just kidding, you're naturally beautiful, no matter how you dress, you can't hide your magnificent beauty."Green King sighed.

Ten minutes later, suddenly, someone shouted, "Zhou Mi is here."

"Zhou Mi is here."

Everyone immediately looked to the distant sky.

Sure enough, a handsome man dressed in formal attire flew in with a man and two women, the man was Master This Summer, and the women were Yun Zi and Yun Meng.

Everyone opened their eyes wide when they saw Tang Zichen.

"Wow, so handsome."

"I never thought that Zhou Mi would be so handsome after changing his hairstyle today."

Especially many of the girls on the scene, immediately spent, feeling a heavenly beautiful man, falling from the sky, those girls, unblinkingly looking at Tang Zichen, their hearts pounding non-stop.

At this moment, Master Heavenly Fragrance also looked up, Tang Zichen had already reached the front.

"Er."Master Tianxiang was startled, seeing the handsome and imposing Tang Zichen, and was somewhat stifled.

"This."Master Tianxiang felt that Tang Zichen wasn't this handsome before, but today, with a new hairstyle, it wasn't even like the same person.

Master Tianxiang looked at Tang Zichen, suddenly all a little heartbeat, Tang Zichen's strong, manly body, fluttering imagination, the body are like ants biting.

Master Tianxiang hurriedly averted his eyes, not daring to look too much.

When he reached the front, Tang Zichen was instantly standing in the ring.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Is Mei Tianqing here?Please come out."

However, a group of women under the ring shouted, "Wow, he's really handsome, I'm about to be overwhelmed."Perhaps, this group of girls, who were not even listening to Tang Zichen, were just staring at Tang Zichen's handsomeness.

"Ahem."Tang Zichen felt a little uncomfortable with so many girls staring at him obsessively, coughed twice, and asked, "Is Mei Tianqing here?"

"I'm coming too."Just then, a blast was heard and a figure flew out, it was Mei Tianqing.

Mei Tianqing had purposely dressed up today, but a toad was still a toad no matter how it was dressed up, especially when standing next to the prince, the toad's features were even more obvious.

"Fuck."Mei Tianqing saw Tang Zichen and felt ugly herself.

In the crowd, Master Tianxiang asked, "Master, that's Mei Tianqing, isn't it."

"Exactly, Tianxiang, how are you feeling?Isn't Maiden Green handsome."

"Puh-leeze."Tian Xiang couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing at."

"Master, are your eyes, when you really can't tell beauty from ugliness?It's not that I'm rude, at the moment Mei Tianqing is standing in front of Zhou Mi, and compared to Zhou Mi, it's as unappealing as a toad."

The Green King exhaled, "Nonsense, Zhou Mi is a little white man, it's not even worth looking at, it's just fooling the little girl."

Heavenly Fragrance trailed off, Master intended to be biased, but no matter what, today Zhou Mi had made her heart beat faster.Tianxiang looked at Zhou Mi's every move, but she was actually a little moved.


Tang Zichen said to Mei Tianqing, "You are Mei Tianqing?"


"You're the one who wants to challenge me?"


"Are you sure you want to challenge me?"

"Fuck you, can you not talk to me in that tone in front of me, please?"Mei Tianqing was furious, Tang Zichen's superior tone made him upset, making it seem as if Tang Zichen had been challenged by someone of lower status.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Mei Tianqing, you're no match for me at all, I'll give you one more chance, do you really want to challenge me?"

"What did you say, say it again?"Mei Tianqing was startled.

"You're no match for me at all, are you sure you want to challenge me?"Don reiterated.

"You."Mei Tianqing was furious, he should have said that.

"Zhou Mi, very well, you finished my sentence, I should be the one to ask you this."Mei Tianqing gritted his teeth. First URL

The audience at the scene was also surprised that Zhou Mi's tone was so arrogant that he dared to tell Mei Tianqing that he was not his opponent.

At this moment, Mei Tianqing's grandfather was going to die of anger and didn't care what, shouting, "Tianqing, maim him for me, if you don't maim him today, don't be my grandson, you're really pissed off at me."

When everyone saw that Mei Cultivation was so angry, they couldn't help but start to worry about Tang Zichen.

At this moment, Star Luo was also there.

Star Luo said inwardly, "Tang Zichen is too confident, this is Mei Tianqing ah, saying that in front of Mei Tianqing, it's really going to make Mei Seed angry."

Mei Tianqing gritted her teeth, "Zhou Mi, do you hear me, you will pay for your arrogance."

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, "You are not qualified for me to be arrogant with you, you may think that my kind words just now were a form of arrogance, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm just telling the truth.Mei Tianqing, I'm peripatetic and have never treated you as an opponent.Some time ago, people were discussing and saying that I was at the same level as you, do you know how I felt when I heard those words?"

"Hmm, are you trying to say that you feel a lot of anger?"Mei Tianqing said through clenched teeth.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, what I feel isn't anger, but, rather, disdain."

"What did you say it was?"

"Disdain, for your disdain."

"Fuck."Mei Tianqing was furious, and offstage, Mei Tianqing's grandfather's beard was also trembling with anger.

Mei Tianqing said, "I hope you won't disappoint me."

"Please."Tang Zichen struck a pose.

The fire in Mei Tianqing's heart had piled up so high that he had already made a move to kill, and not killing simply couldn't quell his anger or salvage his reputation that had been tarnished by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen could see Mei Tianqing's killing intent, and Tang Zichen was on fire inside, but Tang Zichen couldn't kill him, who had an upper immortal grandfather.

"Drink."Mei Tianqing suddenly made a most powerful spell, and the entire ring was wrapped in a gray stream of air.

The crowd's faces changed when they saw this spell of Mei Tianqing's, it was Mei Tianqing's famous spell called Ten Thousand Chaos, and those surrounded by his chaos anyway, unless their realm was higher than him, they could only be slaughtered by him.However, the price for Mei Tianqing to cast this spell was that he wouldn't be able to recover to his peak for a hundred years, and if it wasn't a critical moment, Mei Tianqing would never have cast this one spell.

"Heavens, it's just a duel, Mei Tianqing actually cast the Ten Thousand Chaos Spell."

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Mei Tianqing's grandfather was also angry and furious at this moment, angry that Mei Tianqing was so unaware of the serious consequences of a spell with actual combat, and furious that Tang Zichen actually caused his grandson to spend a hundred years to heal his wounds.

Tang Zichen was now, standing in the middle of the chaos of all things, with no abnormality in his face.

Without a doubt, this spell of Mei Tianqing's was indeed quite powerful, but that was for other people, but for Tang Zichen, it was nothing more than that.

At this moment, when everyone saw Tang Zichen move, Tang Zichen opened his palm and expelled a move.

This move of Tang Zichen's was a Great Suppression Method.

"Bang."In the blink of an eye, Mei Tianqing's Ten Thousand Things Chaos Spell was like a fart that seemed to explode out in a fury when it was in the large intestine, but once it reached the door, it scattered without a trace, and the grey airflow turned into a cloud of dust and disappeared.

"Poof."In the next second, Mei Tianqing spat out a mouthful of blood, his entire body turned into a stumble, Mei Tianqing had cast a spell with such a large aftermath, but it ended up like a fart without a trace, and the most annoying thing was that he had to pay a hundred years of time for it.

The audience was silent.

"Wow, my male god."Countless young girls looked at Tang Zichen obsessively.

At this moment, even Tian Xiang couldn't help but feel his heart pounding, feeling that Tang Zichen at this moment was so handsome and charming.

Of course, there was another person who was even more shocked, and that was Star Luo.

Star Luo muttered to himself, "The second spell of the second level of the Silence Technique, the Great Suppression Method, he, he has practiced it again."

Tang Zichen looked at Mei Tianqing who was about to fall down and asked, "Is there anything stronger?If not, well, you lost.I have already said that you are not my opponent, and I have asked you to give up the challenge, but you did not listen.Everyone can testify today that I, Zhou Mi, have arrived in person."

Mei Tianqing looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Zhou Mi, I don't believe it, I don't believe that I will lose, I am the most talented person, I can't lose."Mei Tianqing cried out.

Tang Zichen said, "Winning and losing is a common thing, no one is never defeated, even if I were to meet a stronger one, I would lose."

"Hmph, don't fake compassion, I'm defeated when I'm defeated, Zhou Mi, in the coming day, I will definitely defeat you."

Tang Zichen's heart was filled with disdain, but, with a smile on his lips, he said, "Good, my opponent can only force progress, I'm looking forward to you coming back to fight me and defeat me."

Mei Tianqing gritted his teeth and said, "I, Mei Tianqing, swear to everyone that within three hundred years, I will defeat you in this ring."

Tang Zichen laughed out loud and said, "I hope so."

Tang Zichen was disdainful inside, but he didn't bother to irritate him anymore.

At this moment, Mei Seed saw his grandson defeated so badly that his entire body withered.

Mei Tianqing came down from the ring with a grey face, walked to his grandfather's side and cried, "Grandpa, I lost, my style, sob."Mei Tianqing cried at the thought that Tian Xiang, who was secretly watching him, must be very disappointed.

Mei Seed snorted, "Look at you, this is all you have, cheer up, don't forget what you just said, within three hundred years, in this ring, defeat Zhou Mi."

"Yes, grandpa, I will defeat him within three hundred years, definitely."Mei Tianqing swore and said.

Tang Zichen also got down from the ring and flew to Yun Zi's side.

At this moment, in the crowd of spectators, a man in the late Human Immortal stage was startled when he saw Yun Meng beside Tang Zichen, "That woman, could it be the beautiful Yun Meng that Yang Qilu planned to introduce to me before?Haha, truly beautiful, such a beauty must not be missed, wait for me to go up and ask her out."This man in the late lower stage was the one who was going to be on a blind date with Yun Meng before, called Zhu Eyeless.


"Let's go."Tang Zichen said to Yun Zi, preparing to leave, this place should not be left for long, fearing a repeat of the consequences of the last duel with Wu Yong.

At this moment, a voice came from behind Tang Zichen, "Wait."

Tang Zichen was busy turning back, Tang Zichen thought that Mei Tianqing's family wouldn't let Tang Zichen leave.

"Zhou Mi, please stay."

"Who are you?"

The man who came up smiled, "My name is Zhu Eyeless."

Tang Zichen was startled, Zhu Eyeless?Wasn't it the one who was supposed to meet up with Yun Meng before?

"What do you want?"

"Hahaha, Zhou Mi, this one next to you is that Yun Meng, right."Zhu Eyeless said, looking at Yun Meng on Tang Zichen's side.

"So what if it is."

"No how."Zhu Wuyou bypassed Tang Zichen and came to Yun Meng's side, smiling, "Zhu Wuyou has met Miss Yun Meng." Remember the URL

Yun Meng didn't say anything, her eyebrows furrowed.

Zhu Wuyoung hadn't seen Yun Meng with his own eyes before, so he had stopped when Yun Meng didn't come for a blind date, but now, having been seen by Zhu Wuyoung with his own eyes, Zhu Wuyoung was completely attracted to Yun Meng's beauty and vowed not to give up, so he shamelessly came up to see if he could salvage it and re-match Yun Meng.

Zhu Wuyan said, "Miss Yun Meng, I wonder if you still remember me?"

"You are?"

"That's right, I'm Zhu Eyeless, originally Yang Qilu planned to introduce you to me, but unfortunately, Yang Qilu fell, and then, someone sent me a letter asking me to meet you, but, somehow, you didn't come.I don't know if Miss Yun Meng, do you still remember this?That day, it caused me to wait for you for a long time at the promised inn."Zhu Wuyan said.

Yun Meng was startled and somewhat confused, Tang Zichen had told her that Zhu Wuyou didn't want to see her because Zhu Wuyou was afraid of offending Wu Longquan.

But now, what Zhu Wuyan said was different from what Tang Zichen had told her before.

Yun Meng looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "That's right, Yun Meng, I was the one who lied to you before, we were supposed to meet, but when we were about to meet, I found out that Zhu Eyeless wasn't sincere with you at all, so I lied to you.Yun Meng, I am also doing this for your own good, if Zhu Wuyan was truly interested in you, of course I would wish you well, but he is not, if you want to blame me for making my own decisions, then blame me."

Yun Meng was busy saying, "Zhou Mi, how could I blame you."

"Er, there's no mistake."Startled, Tang Zichen thought that Yun Meng would get angry and ruin her marriage.

"Zhou Mi, you're also doing it for my own good, thank you."

That Zhu Eyeless was busy saying, "Yun Meng, how about we re-date and get to know each other properly, then, how about we start over?Give each other a chance."

Tang Zichen also said, "Yun Meng, right now Zhu Eyeless is standing in front of you, if you want to date him, go ahead, I won't stop you, you're an adult and know your place."

Yun Meng said to Zhu Eyeless, "I'm sorry, Zhu Eyeless, I'm not for you."

"Ah, Yun Meng, am I sure I heard you right?"Zhu Wuyou was startled, with his talent and strength, there was still someone who rejected him?

Yun Meng said, "Sorry, I'm not for you."

"Miss Yun Meng, I'm Zhu Eyeless ah, late Human Immortal, top ten ranking ah."


bsp; "I know."

"If you know it, then you still reject me."Zhu Eyeless said.

Yun Meng said, "But you're a top ten genius in the late Human Immortal ranking, what does it have to do with me, and I don't like you."

"This."Zhu Eyeless was very embarrassed.

After all, it was too humiliating for him to pick up a girl in full view of the public and be rejected in public.Originally, he thought that a small Xian Kingdom princess, with his genius, could easily be taken and also be able to show off in front of everyone.

But unexpectedly, he was rejected.

Zhu Wuyou's face was ugly.

Yun Zi was busy saying, "Sister, didn't you always look forward to the blind date before?Now what?"

"Oh, before, I was wrong, but I won't be sorry within myself for a second time, what's a Zhu Eyeless Eye, even if the late Human Immortal first place, what's that, my heart, it won't change again."Yun Meng said seemingly without knowing who she was targeting.

Zhu Eyeless said furiously, "Yun Meng, don't be ungrateful, I am one of the top ten in the late Human Immortal period, what right do you have to reject me, a small Immortal Kingdom princess."Zhu Wuyou really got angry, he couldn't help but look around and noticed that everyone was looking at him, so ashamed.

Tang Zichen indifferently looked at Zhu Wueyan, this Zhu Wueyan, picking up girls fail to still annoyed.

It seems that Zhu Wueyan is not willing to give up his face, he is afraid that he will be a tyrant today.

It's easy for Zhu Wuye to take advantage of a small Immortal Princess. Although he will be talked about and scolded behind his back, Zhu Wuye's reputation is already bad, and he's not afraid of being scolded again.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Now that I have practiced a little bit of the third divine ability of the second level of the Silence Technique, if I get into a fight with Zhu Wuyan, I think I won't lose to him even if I'm not sure of winning.Just as well, today was only supposed to be a duel with Mei Tianqing, but this Zhu Wueyan came out to make trouble, if he really dares to rob Yun Meng by force, then don't blame me for being rude."

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, and in his mind, he was temporarily practicing the third divine Great Domain Method.Tang Zichen had already practiced a little bit before when he was at home, but right now under pressure, Tang Zichen's brain was spinning even faster, and indeed, the Great Domain Method was practicing so fast in Tang Zichen's mind.

Yun Meng faced Zhu Wuyou's insults and said angrily, "Zhu Wuyou, it's too much for you to say that, even though I'm just a small Xian Kingdom princess, don't I have the right to refuse you?"

"Hmph, what right do you have to reject me, if you are more talented than me, or if you are stronger than my family?If you don't give me a reason today, I won't let you go."Zhu Wuyou played the rascal.

"You."Yun Meng was so angry that she wanted to cry.

Numerous eyes were looking at them, and although everyone was talking about it, no one came up to help her.

But it was normal, who would be willing to but offend Zhu Eyeless.

Of course, there were still many people whispering to scold Zhu Eyeless shamelessly.

Zhu Eyeless shouted, "All of you, shut up, I'll be shameless how."

There wasn't a single voice in the crowd, everyone didn't dare to say anymore, don't offend Zhu Wuyoung because of this.

At this moment, Heavenly Fragrance in the crowd said, "It's really excessive, this Zhu Eyeless, shameless.Master, why don't you go out and put a stop to it, otherwise, that girl will definitely be forcibly taken away by Zhu Wuyoung today."Heavenly Fragrance said to her master, Master Green King.


Grandmaster Green King snorted, "You really know how to trap your master, Zhu Wuyan is a member of the Fourth Class Hegemonic Family, and you're asking me to offend him?Didn't you just say that Zhou Mi is handsome, why don't you let him go and persuade Zhu Wuyan, that girl, or the one who came with Zhou Mi."

Tian Xiang said, "Zhou Mi is only at the middle stage of Human Immortal, where could he stop Zhu Wuyan."

"Then he'll have to be taken away by Zhu Wuyoung."

Star Luo, who was in the crowd, was also very angry when he saw Zhu Wuyan's shamelessness, Star Luo said inwardly, "Zhu Wuyan's family is not weak, it's not good to offend him, but if Zhu Wuyan really dared to take Yun Meng away in public, then I'll say anything to go out and stop him."

Tang Zichen practiced the Great Domain Method in his mind as he said, "Zhu Wuyan, Yun Meng is my friend, you don't have to insult her."

"Hahaha, what a big joke, your friend?What about it?Which family's grand son are you, so honorable, I pooh, don't say your friend, even if it's you, if I want to insult, I can insult."

Yun Zi was busy saying, "Zhu Wuyou, my sister has already said that she doesn't like you, although my uncle used to want to introduce her to you, but, introduction is introduction, whether you like it or not is another matter."

Zhu Eyeless looked at Yun Zi, his eyes twinkled and smiled, "Yo yo, another big beauty, it looks like a pair of sisters.Not bad, not bad, I like it, I, Zhu Eyeless, since I've already been called shameless by everyone, I might as well be a little more shameless.This little sister, I like you too, do you like Brother Zhu?"Zhu No Eye looked at Yun Zi with narrowed eyes.

Yun Zi snorted, "I pooh, who likes you."

Zhu Eyeless said, "What did you say?Don't like me?Who gave you the courage to dislike me?I'm one of the top ten in the late stages of human immortality, why don't you like me?If you don't give me a reasonable reason, I will definitely take you away by force today as well, and then, you sisters, I will, hehehehe."Zhu Eyeless rubbed his hands as if he was fantasizing about some scenario and was about to drool.

Tang Zichen saw his woman being molested, how could he endure, and said angrily, "Zhu Wuye, do you think I don't exist?Yun Zi is my woman, don't you dare try." A second to remember to read the book

Zhu Eyeless scowled and said to Tang Zichen, "Yeah, I'll pretend you don't exist, how dare you, your woman?Do you believe I'll sleep with your woman in public?"

"You dare."

"Hahaha, I, Zhu Eyeless, have a bad reputation across the board, what do I dare not.Zhou Mi, do you think that you defeated Mei Tianqing, so many people worship you, your status is this high, do you think that so many women, flirtatious looking at you, you are really handsome?Now let's see which one of you dares to come out and say a word for you.I pooh-pooh, Zhou Mi, get lost immediately, don't affect my ability to pick up girls, today this pair of sisters, I, Zhu Wuyou, want to make sure."

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "I'm just afraid you don't have the ability to do that, I'd like to see what ability you have to take them away from my hands."

"Hahaha, Zhou Mi, you're telling a joke, I'm in the top ten of the late Human Immortal stage, you're actually arrogant in front of me."Zhu Eyeless laughed coldly.

The crowd of onlookers were now also a bit disappointed in Tang Zichen's ignorance and arrogance, when they had just defeated Mei Tianqing, they had admired Zhou Mi, now that they saw that Zhou Mi was actually arrogant, they were suddenly a bit disgusted.

Tang Zichen exhaled a deep breath.

Tang Zichen was just stalling for time.

At this moment, in Tang Zichen's mind, the third spell of the second level of the Silence Art, the Great Domain Law, Tang Zichen had already practiced it.

Under pressure, the practice was particularly fast, just now, although only a few minutes, but, Tang Zichen felt that there are still results than the previous practice for a year.


sp; Having practiced the Great Realm Law, Tang Zichen was already fully confident of defeating a late stage Immortal.

Although there were almost no immortals who crossed over to fight, if the opponent had a strong enough magic weapon, or spell, then the realm gap was made up, and crossing over was not so unrealistic.

This Great Realm Law of Tang Zichen's was definitely super powerful.

Tang Zichen said coldly, "Zhu Eyeless, you brought this on yourself."

Zhu Eyeless saw Tang Zichen, a mid Human Immortal, speak in such a tone, and then he also said furiously, "Zhou Mi, I'll grass your mother, what kind of thing are you, daring to speak to me like this, fine, then I'll kill you first."

At this moment, the secret Star Luo was about to make his move.

However, Tang Zichen had already made the first move, Tang Zichen's momentum surged, and a storm of windless waves was raised on the scene.

Tang Zichen instantly divided a radius of tens of meters into his domain.

"Roar."Tang Zichen roared, and his roar turned into a flame that struck Zhu Wuyan.

"Ah."Zhu Wuyan was shocked and pushed his hands to block the flame.

"Boom."There was a fierce blasting sound, and Zhu Wuyoung's hands were pushed backwards by the flames for several steps before stopping to suppress the flames.

Everyone at the scene, immediately withdrew from the battle circle, while everyone's face changed dramatically.

Including Mei Tianqing, who had just dueled with Tang Zichen, as well as Mei Tianqing's grandfather, Mei Seed, and of course, Green King and Star Luo.

"Oh my god, this isn't a dream."

"Oh shit, just now, just now Zhou Mi actually fought with Zhu Wuyou, and, actually, he didn't fall into the trap."

"Tsk tsk, could it be that Zhou Mi is only at the middle stage of Human Immortal, but he has the ability to challenge the late stage of Human Immortal?How is this possible."

After retreating dozens of steps, the crowd discussed in shock.

At this moment, Star Luo was also shocked inside.

"He, what he just performed, it's like ah Great Domain Method, how is this possible, according to the Demon King's introduction, at least a late Mortal Immortal would have to be strong enough to practice the Great Domain Method, but he."

Mei Tianqing's face was also green at this time, and said, "Grandpa, Zhou Mi actually dared to fight against Zhu Wuyan, could it be, could it be that he dared to fight against Zhu Wuyan?If he can really fight against Zhu Wuyou, then it would be really, logical that he didn't put me in his eyes before."

Plum Seed said, "Don't talk yet, let's see."

Everyone stared at Tang Zichen and Zhu Wuyoung.

Zhu Wuyou's expression at this point was the same as everyone else's, incredulous, a mid Human Immortal, actually.

Tang Zichen roared back Zhu Eyeless, and said to Yun Meng and Yun Zi, "You two, quickly retreat, leave this place to me, Zhu Eyeless wants to take you away, hmph, I'd like to see if he has the ability to do that."


"Back off."

"Yes."Yun Zi and Yun Meng immediately retreated back to the crowd for air, Tang Zichen and Zhu Eyeless, surrounded by the crowd.

Zhu Eyeless' face changed several times, and finally said heavily, "Very well, Zhou Mi, you actually dare to fight me, fine, let's do it then, I would like to see if a mid Human Immortal really has the ability to counter the late Human Immortal."

After saying that, Zhu Wuyou didn't hold back and killed towards Tang Zichen.


"Compassionate Great Hands."Zhu Eyeless slammed his hands on his chest as if he was slapping a palm on the ocean, and the entire ocean rolled in waves.

"Wow."The surrounding buildings were instantly blown away by the invisible waves, turning into barren lands within a radius of hundreds of meters, showing that Zhu Wuyoung was not an idle person.

However, no matter how strong Zhu Wuyou's hand was, it didn't hurt Tang Zichen in the slightest.

"Ah."Zhu Eyeless was shocked, he didn't know how Tang Zichen had dodged it.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's eyes were filled with rage, and Tang Zichen roared again, "Get out of here."

"Boom."The three words Tang Zichen spat out turned into three breaths of air, and the three breaths of air turned into three huge flames, and the flames blasted at Zhu Wuye with the consciousness of destruction.

It was only because Tang Zichen's realm was slightly lower, so the power was slightly lacking.

However, for Zhu Wuyan, even though it was slightly lacking, it was already an intensity that was difficult for him to deal with.

Zhu Wuyan immediately gushed out his Immortal Power, Immortal Power went out of his body, and then collided with Tang Zichen's three flames with one palm.

"Bang."Zhu Wuyan only lasted for three seconds before he couldn't hold on and was instantly blown away by these three flames of Tang Zichen's, powerful force.

"Ah."Zhu Wuyan screamed, and when the flames dissipated, Zhu Wuyan was black all over, and his clothes and hair were burned away. The first website

"Wow."Everyone was stunned.

Tang Zichen was actually so strong that he didn't know what kind of spell Tang Zichen was casting.

Many of the strongest people on the scene looked at Tang Zichen as if they were thoughtful.

A spell that could counter the late stages of Human Immortality, such spells were almost uncommon in the Upper Fell Hell Continent, and even if they were, not many people were likely to be able to practice them.

This was something that Star Luo felt most strongly about.

In the past, the Demon King had said that the Silence Technique could not be practiced by an ordinary person, and that it would take an extremely intelligent person to be able to practice it, and with Star Luo's talent, it was still just about right.

However, Tang Zichen was not bad at all, it had only been how long since he had practiced the Great Domain Method.

At this moment, Star Luo who was watching from afar, admired him.

Star Luo looked at the heroic and mighty Tang Zichen, and for some reason, was suddenly a bit moved.Thinking back again, from a mortal as weak as an ant, this man had gone all the way against the sky to become an immortal, how revered was this kind of courage.

Zhu Eyeless, who had turned black, was now very embarrassed and angry.

Just now, Tang Zichen's three flames, Zhu Eyeless failed to resist, burning him black all over his body and so on, but apart from that, it didn't burn him, after all, Tang Zichen's realm was one level lower, and it was a bit difficult for Zhu Eyeless to seriously injure him.

However, it was just the beginning of the exchange of blows, and Zhu Wuye was already in a downward spiral, if this continued, Zhu Wuye would definitely be seriously injured.

At this point, Zhu Wueyan didn't know whether to continue or not.

If he continued, with his current appearance, he was bound to lose.But if he didn't continue, it would be begging for forgiveness from Tang Zichen, how could he, wouldn't he be laughed out of the room by his hall Zhu Eyeless.

Zhu Wuyou gritted his teeth and said, "Zhou Mi, good, you really didn't disappoint me."

Tang Zichen sneered, "The one who let me down is you, claiming to be in the top ten of the late Human Immortal, is that all you have?"

"Zhou Mi, you don't want to force me."

"How about forcing you, it would be worth it if I could force you to show more strength, but can you?"

"You."Zhu Eyeless.

Angry to vomit blood, every word of this from Tang Zichen was like a knife, slashing at his heart.

"Zhu Eyeless, if you beg for mercy now, it's not too late."Tang Zichen said.

"Ridiculous, why should you make me beg for forgiveness, let it be, today I will fight you to the death and defeat you."

"Unfortunately, you can't do it."

"Ah."Zhu Eyeless shrieked, killing Tang Zichen at the risk of destroying his cultivation.

"Boom boom."Zhu Eyeless Eye shot into the sky and struck down as if a skyscraper had collapsed, the air collapsed down layer by layer, and the spectators on the ground immediately flew hundreds of meters away.

Tang Zichen stood on the ground, his feet bounced, his head seemed to be topped with a layer of colored clouds, Tang Zichen rolled his hands, his entire body turned into a flame, like a meteor.

"Wow!"The sky was like a radiant giant firework blooming.

When the smoke dissipated, only Zhu Wuyou stood motionless in the sky, his body covered in countless blood shadows.

"Poof."In the next second, Zhu Eyeless moved his throat and spat out a mouthful of blood, then, his knees fell forward weakly, as if he was begging for mercy to Tang Zichen, kneeling in mid-air, but it was by no means that he was actually kneeling down to Tang Zichen, he just didn't have the strength.

On the ground, everyone saw this result and held their breath, then, they let out a deep breath.

"Tsk tsk, defeated, Zhu Eyeless has actually lost."

"Zhou Mi, when it comes to the past and present, he's truly a rare genius."

"What kind of spell is he practicing, but so what if we, even if we knew, even if he taught us, we definitely wouldn't be able to practice it."

"That's right, such a powerful spell, even a mid Human Immortal can defeat a late stage one, how can an ordinary person be able to practice it, this kind of spell, those great powers in the Upper Yama Continent have no shortage of collections, but how many people are able to practice it and then dominate the world."

The crowd on the ground was discussing.

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air and said to Zhu Wuyan, "Now, can I say to you, even with you, you dare to touch my woman's phrase?"

"You."Zhu Eyeless raised his head weakly.

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "Not even taking a piss to see yourself, thinking that coming from a more powerful power is unbearable and reckless, I won't kill you today, but if you dare to touch my woman again, don't blame me for being rude.Even if your family comes out to bail you out, I'll go up to heaven and I'll be sure to cut you down."After saying that, Tang Zichen stood up on the ground with a string of shadows.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen, and a feeling of worship rose within them.

In the distant crowd, Master Tianxiang, looked at Tang Zichen, his heart suddenly beating very fast, feeling that Tang Zichen had an infinite charm in general.

Of course, Star Luo looked at Tang Zichen and seemed to be different from before.

Tang Zichen said to Yun Zi and Yun Meng, "Let's go."

"Mm."Yun Zi and Yun Meng didn't say anything more and followed Tang Zichen as he quickly left the scene in full view of the public.

Yun Zi was now happy and worried inside, happy that her husband was so strong and worried that she was afraid that she wouldn't be worthy and Tang Zichen would be snatched away or would abandon her.

In the crowd, Mei Tianqing, who was previously filled with anger towards Tang Zichen, now looked deadly, Mei Tianqing laughed to herself, "Thanks to me just now, I said that I would defeat him within three hundred years, now it seems, what a ridiculous sentence, hahaha, hahaha."Mei Tianqing laughed out tears, and the grandfather next to him, Mei Seed, didn't even say a word, because, he also knew that his grandson could never be a match for Tang Zichen.


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