The King of Kungfu in school 2081-2085


Chapter 2081

Tang Zichen was a bit excited, it had been a bit of time since he had taken Immortal Pills.

Now Tang Zichen's realm was the middle stage of Human Immortal, and about halfway through his cultivation, these Billion Year Immortal Grasses should allow Tang Zichen to cultivate to the back of the middle stage of Human Immortal after he took them.

"Then I'll go and refine the pills for you."Master Today Xia said.

"Okay, thank you, Master."

Master Today Summer immediately went to refine the pills with a fart.

How did Tang Zichen feel, Master is a bit aggrieved himself, not only did he take out all of his possessions for Tang Zichen, but he also took the initiative to alchemy pills for Tang Zichen, who the hell is Master now.

"Hey, Master must be because I'm too grateful that I didn't choose to worship Grandmaster Green King, so, Master, why are you so upset."

Yun Zi and Yun Meng also returned shortly after.


"Yun Zi, did you guys also go to the entrance of the Immortal Pill Palace to wait for me?"

"Yeah, but, you got into Miss Xing Luo's car, so we had to come back by ourselves."Yun Zi said in a whiny voice. The first website

"Too many people are surrounding me, I can't do anything about it."

Yun Meng looked at Tang Zichen with eyes full of admiration and praised, "We've long heard of your reputation for refining 7.8 meters, brother-in-law, you're awesome."

"Oh, thanks."Tang Zichen said nonchalantly.

Yun Meng saw Tang Zichen's nonchalant attitude towards her and was a little sad inside.

At this moment, at the Green King's residence.


"Why did you come back alone, where's that Zhou Mi?Didn't I tell him to come to my house as soon as he was done?Does he still want to enter my master's school or not."

"Master, he."

"What?You didn't bring him back?"

"No, I found him, though."

"What?And he wants me to invite him myself?"

"No no, he needs to think about it some more."

"What's there to consider, does he still want to be my apprentice."The Green King looked a little upset.

"Master understands, he has just worshipped Master This Summer after all, it's a bit of a sudden change of master."

"What this summer master, dog shit, give me shoes that don't even match, what does he have to cherish.You go tell Zhou Mi, within a day, if he doesn't come here, I will never take him as a disciple again."The Green King gave an ultimatum.

"This, okay, then I'll go and talk to him again."

Master Tianxiang was too precious, so he had to make another trip to the Xing Clan to find Tang Zichen.

At this moment, the entire Upper Fellows Yama Continent revolved around Tang Zichen's perfect score, 7.8 meters of light, and the Green King's acceptance of three things, Tang Zichen instantly became the celebrity of the Upper Fellows Yama Continent.

Moreover, Tang Zichen's previous defeat of Wu Longquan's son was also picked up, and more and more people paid attention to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was cultivating, and Xing Luo sent her maid to invite Tang Zichen to come over.

Yun Zi was dissatisfied, "This Star Luo, why does she keep inviting you over, she must not have fallen for you too."

"Don't talk nonsense, where does she fancy me, even if she does, her family doesn't fancy me, the Xing Clan, is a third class overlord, the strongest person in their family, is a middle stage Upper Immortal, I'm nothing in their eyes."


Tang Zichen had to come to Star Luo's residence.

"Miss Xing Luo, what are your orders?Uh, Master Tin Xiang?Why are you here."Tang Zichen was surprised to see that Tianxiang was also at Xing Luo Na.

Tian Xiang opened the door and said, "Zhou Mi, my master isn't patient, he said that if you don't go to him within a day, he won't accept you anymore, you'd better come with me right now."


nbsp; Tang Zichen smiled coldly in his heart, Tang Zichen never wanted to worship him as his master, what a self-made man.

Tang Zichen said, "No wonder you're here, it's about this, Miss Tianxiang, in the beast car this morning, I've made my attitude very clear, I don't want to worship the Green King as my master, and please go back and tell the Green King not to bother me anymore."

"Ah."Tianxiang saw that Tang Zichen was disturbing him by speaking so harshly.

"I'm sorry, Master Tianxiang, please forgive my rudeness, I'm just annoyed with this, maybe in your eyes it's a good thing for me and I should cherish it, but in my Tang's eyes, it's not attractive."


"Don't I make myself clear enough, Master Tianxiang?"

Tianxiang's brows furrowed deeply.

Star Luo said, "Tang Zichen, it's not that Tianxiang is trying to pester you, she's doing it for you too."

"I told you, I don't think there's anything good about being a disciple of the Green King."

Tianxiang said, "Zhou Mi, everyone in the outside world now knows that my master has hinted to you that he wants to take you as his disciple.If the end result is that you, however, do not care to be his disciple, then my master's face will be dishonored.As the only two fourth-grade Pill Master in the Island, my Master is used to being on top.If you disgrace him openly, my master won't be able to swallow his anger, and I'm afraid of you.So, I implore you, come with me."

Tang Zichen's heart trembled, not having thought of this aspect, it was true that everyone in the outside world currently knew that the Green King wanted to take Tang Zichen, and it was the Green King who had taken the initiative to throw an olive branch.If Tang Zichen didn't agree, the Green King was indeed so ashamed.

"Master Tianxiang, thank you for considering me, but I really can't worship him as my master."

"But what if Master gets angry?"

Xing Luo also said, "Tang Zichen, why are you so stubborn."

"I was a bit tempted before, but now I really don't feel anything anymore, sorry, Master Tianxiang, go back and say whatever you need to say."

"Hey, if that's the case, I'll have to go back and persuade my master, Tang Zichen, take care of yourself."

"Take care."

Tian Xiang walked away.

Star Luo sighed, "Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen, you really won't shed a tear until you see the coffin, if you offend the Green King, I'll see how you can still get through this, offending the Green King, with my face, I can't save you."

Tang Zichen said, "Because I don't want to be the Green King's disciple, so the Green King kills me?Do you think the Green King isn't afraid of being laughed at if this gets out?Since the Green King cares about saving face, he would be laughed at for killing me, so don't worry, the Green King definitely won't kill me, even though he's hot inside."

"Oh, you're quite good at guessing people's hearts, I hope so.It's just a pity that you lost such a good opportunity."

Tang Zichen was a bit unable to accept Star Luo's words.

With a snort, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of offending Star Luo and asked, "Miss Star Luo, then I'd like to ask you, who has more energy compared to the Green King and your Star Clan?"

"Nonsense, of course it's my Star Clan."

"Then, I merely lost a disciple who became a person of the Green King's level, and you sigh a thousand sighs as if I missed out on a hundred million, wouldn't you look down on me, Tang Someone, when you view it that way.Is that how low I am in your eyes, Tang Someone?A fourth-grade Xian Dan Master's disciple is just an ass in my eyes, you know?Do I, Tang, only have my sights set on becoming a Level 4 Immortal Pill Master in the future?Big mistake, in the future, not only can I become an Upper Immortal, I must reach the height of the Demon King's predecessor and save the Demon King's predecessor, otherwise, what is the Demon King looking for me.Now it's just a bullshit Green King, I pooh."Tang Zichen spat and walked away.

"Er."Star Luo was startled where he was.

At that moment, Star Luo's ears rang out the voice of the Devil King, "Hahahaha, good, I love what Tang Zichen said, that's the mentality of a man who has achieved greatness, Star Luo, your mentality is a bit insufficient, Star Luo, you need to refuel, if you don't refuel, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen is going to surpass you."


At this moment, in the Green King's house, the Green King seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.

"Now everyone in the outside world knows that I took the initiative to express my desire to take Zhou Mi as my disciple, but what if Zhou Mi doesn't worship me as his master.There's never been anyone else who begs me to take a disciple, but there's no disciple I can't take."Green King walked around the hall.

Not long after, Tian Xiang returned.


"Tianxiang, speak quickly, has that Zhou Mi come yet?"Green King asked anxiously.

"Master, Zhou Mi said that he has already worshipped Master Jin Xia, if he worshipped you again, he would be laughed at, he really can't worship you, I hope you will forgive him, it's not that he doesn't want to, but he doesn't want to be laughed at and abandon his old master."Tian Xiang had tried his best to speak nicely for Tang Zichen, in fact Tang Zichen did not speak so nicely.

The Green King said in anger, "That means that he won't worship me as his master."

"Master, it's not that he won't, it's because he's afraid of being scolded for abandoning Master This Summer."

"I don't care what his reasons are, in short, he just won't worship me as his master, God damn it, if this spreads out, how else am I Green King going to hang around here."The Green King said in exasperation.

Tian Xiang said, "Master, you don't want to hold a grudge against him for this and send someone to kill him ah.If people know that because Zhou Mi doesn't worship you, you hold a grudge against him and send someone to kill him, it's against your status as a generational master and people will think that you're too insolent."

The Green King raged, "How dare you speak for him." Remember the website

"Master has misunderstood disciple, disciple just doesn't want master to be angry and ruin his reputation because of a Zhou Mi."

"This Zhou Mi didn't put me in his eyes, this is looking down on me, you need to stop messing around."

"Master, everyone has their own choices."

"Bullshit, I am a rank four Immortal Pill Master, what choice does he have besides me."

"Master doesn't know, that Zhou Mi doesn't specialize in alchemy, alchemy for him is just to pass the time when he is bored.Compared to alchemy, Zhou Mi is more focused on spells and strength."

"What, you mean, that Zhou Mi still has strength?"The Green King was startled.

"Exactly, Zhou Mi is a martial genius, alchemy is nothing compared to his strength, he only stepped into the middle stage of Human Immortal for a short while and defeated the ninth ranked Wu Yong, and it was a single move, now people outside are saying that Zhou Mi can compete with the number one ranked Mei Tianqing in the middle stage of Human Immortal.Not to hide from Master, I heard that Mei Tianqing is planning to have a summit duel with Zhou Mi."

The Green King was shocked, "Mei Tianqing?How is this possible, but Mei Tianqing is the grandson of my friend Mei Seed, my friend Mei Seed, who always shows off how his grandson is in front of me."

"Yes, it's this Mei Tianqing."

"No way no way, Mei Tianqing is my friend's proudest and proudest grandson, how is this possible, moreover, my friend Mei Seed even told me that he wanted to set you up with his grandson, I thought it was a good idea, with Mei Tianqing's family background and talent, it's enough to match you.You said that Zhou Mi can be compared to Mei Tianqing, that's impossible."The Green King shook his head repeatedly.

Tian Xiang trembled, "Master, what did you just say?Fixing me up with Maiden Green?"

"Yeah, didn't I tell you that before?"

"Master, I don't want it."

"You silly girl, can you marry Mei Tianqing this

Kind of outstanding man, already not bad, Mei Tianqing's grandfather, Mei Seed, is a strong Upper Immortal, moreover, Mei Tianqing himself is a superb genius, the proudest and proudest grandson of Mei Seed, if it wasn't for the fact that Mei Seed and I are old friends, you think you can marry such a good man ah."

"Master."Tian Xiang was in a hurry.

"Alright, don't be anxious, this matter is still just a private conversation between me and Mei Seed, it hasn't been decided yet, whether this Mei Tianqing can see you or not, if you don't see you, there's no point in being happy now.You girl, I'm obviously talking to you about Zhou Mi not worshipping me as a teacher, why are you changing the subject with me.Keep talking about Zhou Mi."

"Master, do whatever you want, go ahead and kill him if you want, you're the one to lose face in the end anyway."


"Master, I'm going to refine the pills."

Tianxiang left, Tianxiang knew that the Green King wouldn't think of getting revenge on Tang Zichen, so she didn't bother, there was only so much she could do to help Tang Zichen.

The Green King sat down and said in his heart, "This Zhou Mi, is he really that versatile?Is alchemy just something to pass the time when he's bored?Is the pursuit of strength what he's all about?If that's the case, it's going to piss off a whole lot of people, and the ability to pass the time surpasses an unknown number of genius Immortal Pillars.No, I have to go to the Mei Family and talk to Mei Seed, and by the way, ask Mei Tianqing if Zhou Mi is really on par with him."

Thus, the Green King immediately left the residence and headed to the Mei family.

And Tang Zichen, at this moment, returned from Xing Luo's residence to Master Ima Xia's.

Master This Summer handed Tang Zichen several pills and said, "Disciple, I have finished refining them for you, so take these pills."

"This, Master, how embarrassed do you make your disciple."Tang Zichen said with embarrassment.

As such, it seemed that it was still more beneficial to worship Grandmaster Jin Xia, and worship the Green King, besides having a little stronger guidance in the Immortal Pill Master, Tang Zichen didn't believe that he was willing to take out so many immortal herbs for Tang Zichen.

Master This Xia smiled, "Disciple, don't say such polite words, since you are so kind and righteous to me, how can I treat you badly, besides, this is all I have in my life, in the future, as long as I have good immortal grasses and pills, I will definitely give them all to you."

"Hey, Master."

"Alright, eat it and see if it can enhance your strength.I heard that Mei Tianqing is planning to start a war with you."

"Which one is Mei Tianqing."

"Mei Tianqing doesn't even know, he's a celebrity, he's the grandson of a strong Upper Immortal in the Mei family, and he's now the number one ranked genius in the middle Human Immortal rankings.Didn't you defeat Wu Yong?That Wu Yong was the ninth ranked one.When you defeated Wu Yong, everyone saw that you defeated him with one move, and Mei Tianqing once also defeated the fifth ranked one with one move, so everyone compared you to Mei Tianqing, and privately said that you and Mei Tianqing were on the same level, so, Mei Tianqing naturally felt uncomfortable when she heard that ah."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I said who is it, so it's the number one ranked mid Human Immortal ah, but Master ah, why are you talking nonsense, how can I be on the same level as Mei Tianqing."

"Uh, disciple ah, don't be presumptuous, since the outside world thinks that you and Mei Tianqing are on the same level, don't be modest."

Tang Zichen waved his hands in a row, "No no no, what I mean is, I'm a few levels higher than Mei Tianqing, so how can I be on the same level as Mei Tianqing, isn't that lowering my status."


"Ah."Master Ima Xia was startled there, messing with this meaning for half a day, and thought that Tang Zichen was too modest to be considered at the same level as Mei Tianqing.

Mei Tianqing was already going to die of anger at being considered on the same level as Tang Zichen, if he were to hear what Tang Zichen had just said, I don't know how many liters of blood he would have to vomit.

"Hehe, Master, then I'll take the pills and go, thanking Master for his love for his disciple."

"Hehe, you brat, go."

Tang Zichen nonchalantly took the pills and went back to his room.

And at this moment, at the Mei family.

"Old Green, what are you doing here."An old man smiled.

The Green King laughed, "Mei Seed, can't you come to see you."

"It's rare for Old Green to come here of his own accord, come in and have some tea."

The Green King walked in.

That plum seed smiled, "Old Green, I'm afraid you've come for something, what is it." One second to remember to read the book

"Brother Plum Seed, there's really no hiding it from you, indeed, I've come here for a bit of business, I don't know if you've heard of a man named Zhou Mi."

That plum seed snorted, "How could I not have heard of him, I'm really angry."

"What's wrong?Did that Choomi offend you?"

"That's not true, Old Green, you also know, my grandson Tian Qing, what an outstanding person, but the rumors out there, that Zhou Mi actually dared to be on the same level as my grandson, my grandson is such an outstanding person, where did that Zhou Mi come from."

The Green King was busy saying, "I won't lie to you, I am here precisely for this person, according to my apprentice Tianxiang, that Zhou Mi, when he is bored, he also refines pills, but the level at which he refines pills when he is bored is more than a whole lot.Zhou Mi also participated in this year's Immortal Pill Conference, and not only did he get a perfect score in theory, but he also far surpassed the same level in practice.When I saw that he was so talented, I wanted to take him as my disciple, so I hinted to him, but to my surprise, this grandson, actually, actually didn't worship me as his master, what did he take me Green King for."

"Ah."Plum Seed was also startled.

"I just heard from Tianxiang again that that Zhou Mi's alchemy is only a side job, not his main job, and that's why he didn't pay me homage.Zhou Mi's strength is the strongest, even on the same level as your grandson Mei Tianqing, so I came to ask for clarification."

Mei Seed snorted, "On the same level as my grandson, bullshit, this is just those ignorant people outside chewing their words."

Mei Seed couldn't accept that there were still geniuses at the same level as his grandson in the middle Human Immortal stage.

Green King said, "Brother Mei Seed, I heard that Tian Qing is planning, a duel with Zhou Mi?"

"Exactly, when my grandson is ready, he will definitely beat that brat up in public, my Plum Seed's grandson is not something that can be compared to a kitten or a puppy, etc."

"Haha, I'm looking forward to it, just in time, also help me out, that son of a bitch, who thinks he has a bit of strength, but doesn't even bother to worship me as his master, should be taught a lesson.Unfortunately, I'm inconvenienced by my own status, it's just as well that I let Tian Qing help me, they're both mid Human Immortals, even if they kill and maim Zhou Mi, everyone will only say that Zhou Mi doesn't have the strength to do it."

"Hahaha."Mei Seed also laughed happily.

The Green King added, "By the way, what I said before about setting up my apprentice Tian Xiang with your grandson Tian Qing, have you told Tian Qing yet?"

"Of course, Tianqing has also heard of your apprentice's name and expressed great anticipation for Tian Xiang, however, Tianqing has been busy with his cultivation lately and hasn't had time to pay a visit to Master Tian Xiang."

"There's no hurry, it's not too late to consider the love between a man and a woman when Tianqing is done with his busy schedule."

"That's not necessary, when Tianqing challenges Zhou Mi, there will definitely be countless onlookers, you put

Bring Tian Xiang here, and also let Tian Xiang see my Tian Qing's elegance in the ring."

"Hey, this is a really good idea, if my disciple Tian Xiang sees Tian Qing, killing in the ring, invincible, and suave, I'm afraid she will immediately come to feel it."

"Hahaha, that's exactly the idea, what woman wouldn't like such a powerful side of a man."The plum seeds laughed together, seemingly full of anticipation.

At the residence of this summer master.

Tang Zichen had already taken all the immortal pills.

"Phew."Tang Zichen felt as if an energy was about to explode inside him as his hot blood boiled.

Tang Zichen felt that his Immortal Qi was accumulating.

However, it didn't accumulate as much as Tang Zichen had imagined.

Ten minutes later, Tang Zichen let out a long, prominent breath.

Tang Zichen's realm had been upgraded from halfway to the backstretch of the middle Human Immortal stage.In other words, Tang Zichen's mid Human Immortal stage had reached the end of his cultivation, and if he took another step forward, it would be the late Human Immortal stage.

"Hey."Tang Zichen sighed.

"So many pills, yet they only let me upgrade to the end of the mid Human Immortal stage, I thought, it's possible to rush to the late Human Immortal stage."Tang Zichen looked a little disappointed.

Tang Zichen was going a bit too far, he didn't think about it, in other people's shoes, it would be difficult to go up a level for hundreds of thousands of years, others had taken more than a basket of immortal pills between hundreds of thousands of years, and these immortal pills Tang Zichen was taking now were not much at all.

Not to mention an ordinary person, even if it was Star Luo who also possessed the Immortal Spitting Technique, the same pills she took definitely didn't have as strong an effect as Tang Zichen, otherwise, Star Luo would have already flown, with her family background, which Immortal Pill resources were comparable to Tang Zichen, but Star Luo was only at the pre-Mortal Immortal stage now.

Of course, it was also possible that the later it got, the harder it would be to upgrade.

Tang Zichen walked out of the room.

Yun Meng was dazed outside.

"Yun Meng, what are you dazing about?"

"Ah, no, no."

Tang Zichen looked at Yun Meng, who seemed a little pitiful or, well, confused.

"Come on, it's been a long time since I've talked to you, too, and at the moment I'm in a good mood to keep you company.Are you still thinking about that blind date thing?"

"You're thinking too much, people don't see me, so why should I trample."Yun Meng arrogantly said.

"Then what are you staring at."

"Zhou Mi, I don't know what I'm doing here, doing nothing every day, living here with you in this present summer master's place."

"You can go home if you want."

"I do want to go back, but Yun Zi doesn't want to."

"Yun Zi is my daughter-in-law, why should I go back with you."


"Just, Yun Meng, you're at least Yun Meng's sister, let's say I'll keep an eye out for you to see if there's a suitable young talent for you, and I'll introduce you until you're satisfied."

"I don't need it, what kind of person do you think I am, do you think I hate marrying?"

"So what do you want?"

"I, I don't know."Yun Meng was lost and walked back to her room.

Tang Zichen felt as if Yun Meng liked him a little bit again.

Tang Zichen smiled coldly, "A little bit like me again?Well, what did you do long ago."


This time, Tang Zichen would never like her to death, a woman of three minds, for the sake of Yun Zi's sake, if she met a suitable one in the future, Tang Zichen would help her find a good one.

"Mr. Zhou, Miss Xing Luo asks you to come over."At this moment, Xing Luo's maid came to invite Tang Zichen again.

"Damn, how many times a day do I have to be invited, if you like me, just say so, why make it so tiring."Tang Zichen said inwardly, Tang Zichen had just returned from Star Luo, taking an Immortal Pill and came to invite again.

However, it was hard for Tang Zichen to say no, after all, he was still on someone's family turf.Master Xia today was an Immortal Pill Master hired by Xing Luo's family, and the place where he lived was Xing Luo's family turf.

Tang Zichen immediately went to Xing Luo's.

"Miss Xing Luo, what's the matter of inviting me here again."

"Tang Zichen, don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm looking for you this time."

"Erm, then who is it that wants to see me."

"Tang Zichen, my family has taken notice."

"Uh, what do you mean?"Tang Zichen was startled.

"Oh, Tang Zichen, with your talent for immortal pills so high, your fame is naturally starting to grow, my family asked me to take you there." The first website

"Where to?"

"Nonsense, to my family's palace, of course."

"Oh, to what?Buy me dinner?"

"Eating is easy, is it all you have eyes for.Truth be told, my family wants to recruit you, that's all."

"Er, recruit me."

"Let's go."

Tang Zichen followed Star Luo away.

Not long after, he arrived at one of the main halls of the Star Clan.

In the main hall, there were already several Earth Immortal level powerhouses waiting.

Tang Zichen was surprised that there were so many Earth Immortals in one family, of course, Tang Zichen knew that the strongest person in the Star Clan was an Upper Immortal, but the Upper Immortals would definitely not appear here.

"Greetings to all the seniors."Tang Zichen paid his respects.

Xing Luo said, "Dear uncles, Tang Zichen has brought it."

"Well, not bad, he's a good-looking one."One of the oldest Earth Immortal powerhouses said.

"Thank you senior for the compliment."

"Tang Zichen, your home is in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, right."


"Who else is at home?Can you tell us a little bit about your background."

"Sure. My background can be described in one word,"Tang Zichen said.

"One word?Which word?"


"Uh, nil?"

"Yes, junior has no background."

"Oh, you're quite good at summing up, Tang Zichen, how did you and Xing Luo, become friends?"

Tang Zichen was startled, this matter definitely couldn't be spoken out of turn, especially not about the relationship between the Nine Daoist Demons.

Tang Zichen was about to say, when Xing Luo was busy saying, "Uncles, Tang Zichen and I met by chance in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, and then Tang Zichen came to join me here in the Upper Tree Fellows Continent.By the way, the strong man who taught me spells in the past has also taught Tang Zichen."

"In that case, huh, Tang Zichen, now, my Star Clan, is interested in recruiting you, what do you think?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm very honored to be recruited by the Star Clan."

"Well then, you will marry with our Star Clan."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was delighted and looked at Star Luo, only to see that Star Luo was somewhat smiling.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "You guys are saying, let Star Luo marry me?Well, that's not true, is it?I do, I do very much, please, when is the wedding?I wish it could be sooner."Tang Zichen couldn't hold back his excitement.

The Star Luo on the other side was embarrassed.

At this moment, those few Earth Immortal powerhouses had black lines on their brows and said in their hearts, "This little

Zi is also too whimsical."

"Don Zichen, don't get excited yet."

"Hehe, sorry."

"Tang Zichen, we didn't say that we'd let you marry Star Luo, my Star Clan, with its many children, isn't the only one.Star Luo is the most outstanding and beautiful descendant of our Star Clan."

"Ah, and others ah."Tang Zichen was disappointed.

"Of course, as for with whom, then let Star Luo take you to meet her, or, let you choose for yourself."

After saying that, that Earth Immortal strong man instructed Star Luo, "Star Luo, you take Tang Zichen to pick a family-age girl."

Star Luo asked, "Can you pick them all?"

"As long as it's marriageable, it's all right."

Star Luo nodded, Star Luo certainly wouldn't treat Tang Zichen badly, and would definitely take Tang Zichen to meet the prettiest one.

However, at this moment, a voice sounded in Star Luo's ears, "Star Luo, you can only take him to meet Star Cao, Star Xiang, Star Le, Star Jiu, these people, understand?In front of him, I can't say it's only these few."

"Ah."Star Luo was startled inwardly, Star Luo had thought of taking Tang Zichen to meet a few of the most beautiful and talented girls other than her, but he didn't expect that a few of his uncles would only say so to his face, and in reality, he would only be able to choose Star Cao, Star Xiang, Star Le, and Star Jiu.

And these few, among the Star Clan's age-appropriate girls, were considered average.

"Then I'm on my way."


Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall somewhat disappointed.

Tang Zichen wasn't interested at all.

Star Luo Dao: "Why such a lost expression."

"I thought that they wanted to introduce you to me."Tang Zichen said.

Star Luo blushed and smiled, "You were hoping to marry me that much?"

"Yes, unfortunately, I'm not good enough for you, that's probably what you're thinking in your heart."

Star Luo said, "You're thinking too much, I've never felt that you're not good enough for me, I'm not the kind of woman who only looks at my family, I go by my feelings, but unfortunately, I can't make my own decisions, so I don't dare to like anyone, I'm afraid that if I do, but my family stops me."

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't say much, after all, right now, Tang Zichen really didn't have anything that would make Star Luo like him, anything that would make Star Luo willingly betray the family and give up everything to go with him.

"Alright, I'll take you to meet a few girls from my family."

"No, I'm not interested except for you."

"Don Zichen, you've done it again."Star Luo said on, but Star Luo was quite happy inside to see such a naked confession from Tang Zichen, what woman didn't want to be liked.In the past, Star Luo only took Tang Zichen as a friend and never thought about this aspect, but today, she realized that Tang Zichen actually liked her.

Tang Zichen said, "One day, I will marry you, and I will make your family willingly marry you to me."

Star Luo Dao: "Tang Zichen, I don't want little girls, can you stop saying such fleshy words, if you really like me and are really that determined, then go ahead and fight."

"Uh, you're saying that because you want me to be really okay in the future?"

"Why not, I'm always going to get married anyway, it's either you or someone else, it's always going to be to a man, rather than to someone else I don't know well, why not you."

"Hahaha, Starro, with you saying that, I'm full of motivation."

"You're such a lecher."Xing Luo glared at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen could see that Xing Luo wasn't angry at all, which meant that Xing Luo was at least not annoying to Tang Zichen, otherwise, if it were any other woman, she would definitely feel disgusted and get angry at Tang Zichen all of a sudden.Even uttered harsh words like, continue like this, you can't even be friends.

But Xing Luo didn't feel disgusted, didn't get angry, and didn't say any decisive words, but instead gave Tang Zichen some expectations and encouragement, which made Tang Zichen grateful to her, she didn't look down on herself, and Tang Zichen swore inside that he would be strong.

"Let's go, I'll take you to meet girls and see if there are any you like."Star Luo said.


"I'm not going, I thought I told you, not interested."

"But my family is looking to recruit you, and if you don't go, my family will definitely think you look down on our family."

"Funny, I'm actually at a loss for words."

"Come on, go and meet them anyway, even if you have to pretend, just in case there's one you like."

"Just meet, just meet."Tang Zichen said in his heart, he'll just take it all as a chance to have more fun with Star Luo.

Star Luo took Tang Zichen with him and met four crooked women.

Of course Tang Zichen didn't like them, but the four crooked women all fell for Tang Zichen, and even one, on the spot, said that he was at Tang Zichen's disposal tonight, and Tang Zichen was so scared that he pulled his legs out and ran away.

"Alright, I've finished meeting the four, you can go reply to your family's seniors, four I don't even like.Nothing, I'm leaving first."

"Alright, then you go back first, I'm going to reply to my family's uncles."

Tang Zichen returned to Master This Summer's residence.

Tang Zichen harbored a fire within his heart. Remember the URL

Master Imaha came up and smiled, "How was it?Was the solicitation successful?"

"Fuck, with this sincerity you still want to recruit me, but you're taking out this kind of goods to match me."Tang Zichen said in exasperation.

"What's going on?"

"Those strong Earth Immortals of the Star Clan, they thought I didn't know that they didn't introduce beautiful girls to me at all, but they let Star Luo, introduce four crooked and ugly girls with average talent."

Master Ima Xia said, "Apprentice, don't blame the Star Clan, perhaps, you are worth this in their eyes at the moment."

"What? It's only worthy of those ugly girls of their family?"

"Yes. Instead of getting angry, it's better to think about yourself and improve your own value."

"Of course."

Master Imaha handed up a letter and said, "Yours."

"Who gave me the letter?"

"Mae Tianqing."


Tang Zichen immediately opened the letter, and suddenly, Mei Tianqing's spiritual message shot into Tang Zichen's mind, only to see Mei Tianqing's hand pointing and saying, "Zhou Mi, I am Mei Tianqing, I am the first ranked middle ranked Human Immortal in Shanshern Yan Continent, on the eighth of March, if you dare to come to the Thunderbolt Duel Battlefield and fight me, I will wait for you on the Duel Battlefield, I hope you won't be a shrinking turtle and disappoint me, I won't see you again!."

Don Zichen snorted, "What a drag."

"Challenge the letter."Master This Summer.

"Yes, the eighth day of March, Master, what day is it today?"

"The fifth day of March."

"Very well, the eighth day of March will be the time for me, Tang, to completely make a name for myself."Tang Zichen's eyes gazed.

On the eighth day of March, Tang Zichen would beat him to shit, in front of everyone.

At that time, Tang Zichen believed that he would completely amaze everyone, and at that time, Tang Zichen would make a name for himself here.

However, this also meant many more unknown dangers.The human heart was dangerous, and there would always be people who would be jealous when they saw how strong Tang Zichen was.

Before Tang Zichen took Master This Summer's Immortal Pill, Tang Zichen was confident of defeating one to nine plus, and now that Tang Zichen's strength had increased, it was even easier to defeat the first place Mei Tianqing.

"Master, I'll go practice my spells first."


Tang Zichen immediately began practicing the second level of the Silence Technique.

The first spell of this second layer, the Great Escapement, had already been practiced.


The second Divine Great Suppression Method, Tang Zichen was still in practice.

At this moment, in one of the main halls of the Star Clan.

Star Luo returned to report.

"How was it?Which woman did Zhou Mi choose?"An Earth Immortal strong man asked.

Star Luo said, "Uncle Star Source, I took him to meet the women you mentioned, but unfortunately, Zhou Mi didn't even fancy them."

"This Zhou Mi, his eyes seem to be a bit high."

"That's right, he doesn't think about what he is, he doesn't know what's good for him, if it were any other person, in order to be able to climb up the kinship with our family, he would be willing to marry even if our family's sow was promised to him."

"He's still whimsical and wants Star Luo, what a toad trying to eat swan meat."

Those few strong Earth Immortals cursed in discontent, they thought that the Star Clan had recruited him because they looked up to Tang Zichen, who had no background connections, this was a gift to him, not to mention promising him an ugly girl, even if he was promised a pig raised by the Star Clan, he should be grateful.

Star Luo was busy saying, "Please don't say that, uncles."

"Hmph, Star Luo, what do you want me to say if you don't say it like that, are we wrong.Ben is a toad, and only recruited him because he looks up to him."

"Uncle, Zhou Mi is my friend, it's normal for him to look down on those women, we can't slander him because of that."

"Alright, Xing Luo, no need to speak up for him, he won't accept, he'll regret it, don't believe me and wait."

Just at this moment, a servant came in from outside.

"Reporting to your Lordships, we have just received a message, Mei Tianqing has sent a challenge to Zhou Mi."

"A challenge letter?Why would Mei Tianqing issue a challenge to Tang Zichen?Isn't Mei Tianqing lowering himself?"

"Yeah, a genius like Mei Tianqing has nothing better to do than eat and challenge Zhou Mi, right?Even if it's a challenge, you have to look for a higher grade ah."

"This, my subordinate doesn't know.Perhaps, Mei Tianqing has a grudge against Zhou Mi and deliberately wants to take the opportunity to humiliate him."

Star Luo was a little surprised inside when he heard this news.

Mei Tianqing was a very famous person.

Star Luo even took his leave.

Star Luo came to Tang Zichen's place, but, being told that Tang Zichen was in closed-door spell cultivation, Star Luo did not disturb him.

A day later.

"Haha, the second Avatar, the Great Suppression Method, I figured it out, so it's similar to the first Great Escapement Method."Tang Zichen suddenly had an epiphany.

Tang Zichen immediately practiced.

In less than two hours, Tang Zichen's second prowess, the Great Suppression Method, was completely practiced.

"Hahaha, it's practiced."Tang Zichen was incomparably surprised.

If Star Luo knew, he would be surprised to death, Star Luo hadn't even practiced the first Great Suppression Method yet.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "The second Avatar is practiced, the third Great Domain Method, continue practicing.But, how should one practice it?By the way, the second Avatar is similar to the first, so is there a third one as well?Or is the field, which is a combination of grappling and repression?Then it became my world, and there was a field."

"Yes, union."

Tang Zichen immediately closed his eyes again.

Two days later, Tang Zichen's lips smiled.

"As expected, as expected, the combination of the first and second divine powers is the third divine power, the Great Domain Law.Unfortunately, it's too difficult to practice, I've comprehended it, but I've only been able to practice it a little bit.Now I don't have time to continue practicing, today is the eighth day of March, I have to rush to the Thunderbolt Duel Battlefield right away, otherwise if I go late, Mei Tianqing will think that I don't dare."


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