Dish Best Served Cold 646-650


Chapter 646

"I'll go!"

    "What's going on here today?"

    "The roads are closed?"

    "Could it be that a big leader from above is coming to inspect?"

    "What a row!"

    Outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, the passers-by looked over their shoulders.

    Seeing that big names from all walks of life, who were rarely seen on a regular basis, were now gathered here, the crowd all sighed in shock.


    "And the big leader?"

    "How can a bunch of frogs in a well know the majesty of Mr. Chu?"

    Listening to the discussions of those around her, Suzy who stepped down from the car scoffed and laughed, her exquisite pretty face full of superiority on top of it.

    Subsequently, Suzy didn't bother to pay attention to these turtles anymore, turning her head to look at Qiu Mu Orange, who was following behind, and hurriedly urged.

    "Mu-Orange, hurry up."

    "If you go late, you won't have a seat."

    "Besides, Ming Bo also said that he's going to help us introduce some of his friends?"

    "Everyone who can get in here is a big young man from a big family."

    "Mu Orange, you have to make good use of this opportunity.Maybe later on, you'll be a luxurious wife."Suzy hehehe smiled.

    "Xi Xi, Mu Orange, you guys come quickly."

    "Ziyang and the others are all here."

    "I'll introduce them to you."

    In the midst of speaking, the call of Mammy Bo was then heard from the front.

    Only a few young men, dressed in extravagant suits and fresh clothes, were seen walking towards here, laughing and talking.

    Coincidentally, among these people, there were a few people that Suzy Autumn Mu Orange and the two of them also knew each other.

    "Fan Zhongxiong?"

    "Why are you here too?"

    Yes, the person in the wheelchair in front of him was indeed the one who had pursued Qiu Mu Orange, Fan Zhongxiong.

    This Fan family was also powerful and influential in Yunzhou, and with their connections, it was not surprising that they were able to enter such an occasion.

    In addition to Fan Zhongxiong, there were the two sisters Xia Yue and Xia Xue.

    Ever since the last time at the teahouse, Fan Zhongxiong's group had been lectured by Liang Bo's father, Liang Bo had cut off contact with them.

    Phone calls were not answered, and WeChat was not returned.

    Therefore, they naturally didn't know why Liang Haonan was so furious that day.

    "Mu Orange, you're here too?"

    Seeing Qiu Mu Orange here, Fan Zhongxiong was also slightly surprised.

    Obviously, he didn't expect Autumn Mucheng Orange to appear on such an occasion.

    However, after he saw Ma Mingbo's pleasing intentions towards Suzy, it became instantly clear.

    "I guess it's the young master of the Ma family, who helped Mu Orange get the invitation on account of Mu Orange's relationship with Suzy."

    Fan Zhongxing thought to himself.

    Ma Mingbo saw the situation, but he burst out laughing, "Haha~"

    "So you all know each other."

    "Don't they?The reason my little idle brother's leg has ended up like this is because of someone's wimpy husband!"Xia Yue looked at Qiu Mu Orange, but she said with a cold face.

    Qiu Mu Orange immediately lowered her head and didn't say anything.

    "Yue'er, don't talk nonsense!"Fan Zhongxiong glared at Xia Yue, who snorted and turned her head away without saying anything else.

    "Ming Bo, they are?"At this time, the man in the suit standing in the middle, however, was slightly confused.

    "Haha, Ziyang, this is the one I told you about, the daughter of the chairman of the Far Mountain Group, Su Yuanshan, Su Xi!"

    "This one next to her is Xi Xi's best friend, Autumn Mu Orange."Ma Mingbo then introduced.

    When Li Ziyang heard this, he smiled inexplicably.

    "Oh, so he's Su Xi ah."

    "Miss Su, hello, I've always heard my brother Mingbo talk about you.When I was studying in the US before, I was curious about what kind of woman can charm my brother to death.Seeing her today, she is truly stunningly beautiful."

    In between words, Li Ziyang went forward to shake hands with Suzy.

    But Su Xi was shocked: "Ziyang?"

    "Could it be that you're the son of Li's second son, Li Ziyang?"

    For this prince of the Li family, Su Xi was naturally like a thunderbolt.

    Previously, Li Ziyang was a famous second son of Yunzhou, relying on the shade of his father, together with Shen Fei and Han Shaojie, making a fortune in the land of Yunzhou, almost lawless, and causing a lot of trouble.

    He almost killed someone back then.

    Li Ziyang was so angry that he sent Li Ziyang out of Yunzhou, and Yunzhou has only become more peaceful since then.

    Now Su Xi did not expect that Li Ziyang would come back.

    In the future, Yunzhou, I'm afraid, will no longer be calm.

    "It's rare that Miss Su still remembers my name, it's quite an honor."

    Li Ziyang smiled shallowly.Then he looked at Qiu Mu Orange behind Su Xi and also burst out laughing: "I was always curious before, where have all the beauties of my Yunzhou gone?"

    "Now that I've met you two sisters, the question that has plagued me for years has been answered."

    "If the beauty of Yunzhou is ten out of ten, you and Susie can account for seven out of seven!"

    "Haha, well said Yang!"As soon as Maminabo and the others heard that, they immediately snapped their hands.

    "Worthy of being a turtle, this is all so well spoken!"

    And Qiu Mu Orange was a little embarrassed to return: "Young Master Li's false praise."

    Li Ziyang shook his head: "It's not appreciation, it's the truth."

    "If I could have met you a few years earlier, my future wife would have been you."

    "But unfortunately, you're a step too late after all."

    "I, Li Ziyang, already have someone in my heart."

    "Wow~ How beautiful must the other person be to make Young Master Li fall so hard for her?I wonder what the other side looks like?"But Suzy was gossiping.

    Ma Mingbo smiled bitterly, "Sissy, no need to be curious, my brother Yang's goddess, you just met her that day."

    "Just met?"Suzy was slightly stunned, while losing her voice, "Could it be, the daughter of the Jianghai Chen family, Chen Nan?"

    Mamab nodded, "Isn't that right?In this Nodong Jiangdong, the only one that can make my brother Yang beg for it is that Chen family's thousand gold."

    In the past, there were two goddesses in the land of Jiangdong.

    One was the richest man in Yunzhou, the beautiful CEO of Red Flag Group, Xu Lei!

    But Xu Lei's background is so powerful that even if many people are interested in Xu Lei, they don't dare to pursue her.

    The other one, naturally, is Chen Ao's daughter, Chen Nan.

    After all, Chen Nan is not only beautiful in birth, but also the daughter of the King of Jiangdong.

    Whoever married her would definitely be the master of Jiangdong in the future.

    Therefore, many rich young men, all tried to pursue Chen Nan.

    Ma Mingbo was, Lei Ao Ting was, and now Li Ziyang is even more so.

    But for so many years, no one has been able to hold a beauty!

    In the end, Ma Mingbo gave up.

    But Li Ziyang, was consistent!

    "Ziyang, now your father has become a popular figure under Mr. Chu.Relying on Mr. Chu's prestige, now the second master's authority in Jiangdong has hiddenly overpowered Chen Ao."

    "In the past, Nan Chen, by virtue of her father's prestige, was lovingly ignoring us."

    "This time, the amount of that Chen Nan, also would never dare to reject your pursuit."

    Ma Mingbo flattered from the side.

    "That's natural!"

    "This time, I've returned from overseas for Nan Nan."

    "I'll never return until I take her down!"Li Ziyang proudly said.

    "But then again, this Haitian feast is about to start, why haven't you seen Nan Chen?"

    "Could it be that she's not coming?"Li Ziyang was worried.

    But as he was saying that, a graceful silhouette in front of him quietly appeared.


    "Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao will arrive."

    "Ziyang, isn't this coming?"Marmaduke smiled.


Sure enough, as Ma Mingbo's words fell.

    Only in front, Nan Chen was dressed in a long purple dress, wearing exquisite makeup, stepping on black high heels, but between lotus steps, she was slowly walking towards here.


    "Worthy of being Chen Ao's daughter of a thousand daughters."

    "How beautiful~"

    Nan Chen's appearance had undoubtedly instantly attracted the attention of the surrounding crowd.

    A beautiful woman was a striking presence wherever she went.

    What's more, today's Chen Nan, after some elaborate dressing, was bright and beautiful.

    The let's Li Ziyang and the others, after seeing the first glance, they could not move away.

    "Ziyang, women are pleasing to the eye."

    "As far as I know, Nan Chen rarely wears ceremonial dresses, and even more rarely wears high heels."

    "But today, he's so well dressed, obviously because of you."

    "Knowing that you're back from the US today, you're specially groomed and dressed up so as to attract your attention ah."

    Ma Mingbo said with a smile.

    When Li Ziyang heard this, his entire body was undoubtedly even more excited and delighted.

    If this was really the case, could it be that his spring was really coming for Li Ziyang?

    In excitement, Li Ziyang was no longer delayed and was about to go forward to greet him.


    However, just as Li Ziyang's Nan character had just been uttered, only to see Nan Chen, who was originally moving forward with a smile on her face, suddenly pause, while turning her head, her jade hand reached out and gently placed it on the body of a man behind her.

    "Brother Fan, look at your clothes, they're all wrinkled."

    "Nan Nan, help you fix it."

    Nan Chen said softly, and with a smile in her eyes, she helped the skinny young man beside her, straighten his clothes.

    Li Ziyang was then flabbergasted, his heart crumbling within inches.

    In his heart, he only felt a fire of ignorant karma, fiercely fled out, almost burning.

    While Li Ziyang's heart was shattering, Ma Mingbo and the others, were similarly trembling.

    "Ye Fan?"Autumn Mu Orange's beautiful eyes trembled.

    "Shit, what are you doing here?"Susie was even more shocked and wide-eyed.

    "Fuck, why you!"Ma Mingbo cursed with a black face.

    As for Fan Zhongxiong and Xia Yue, when they saw Ye Fan, a pair of eyes even reddened then.

    "You wimp, is this a place you can come to?"

    "Where's the security?"

    "Are all security guards losers?"

    "This country bumpkin, put it in too?"Fan Zhongxiong gritted his teeth and cursed.

    However, Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to them.

    He just, looked at Qiu Mu Orange from afar without saying a word, and then he walked towards the Haiyuan Pavilion!


    "Bastard, did this young master let you go?"

    At this time, Li Ziyang's icy voice, however, quietly came out.

    The words were full of hostility towards Ye Fan.

    And then, Li Ziyang came over and blocked in front of both Ye Fan and Nan Chen.

    "Li Ziyang, what are you doing?"

    "Still not allowed to open?"Nan Chen was annoyed at the situation.

    "Nan Nan, this is between me and him, it has nothing to do with you."Li Ziyang said coldly, and then looked at Ye Fan, "Bastard, if you're a man, come out and don't let the women protect you!"

    Ye Fan frowned and said coldly, "I don't have time to waste with you, get out of here!"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Fan Zhong and the others were shocked.

    "I'm going!"

    "This yokel has a lot of nerve."

    "How dare he curse even the second son of Li?"


    "Looks like we'll have a good show later."Fan Zhongxiong and Xia Yue and the others, gloatingly said.

    Qiu Mu Orange's heart couldn't bear it and wanted to walk out and say something for Fan Ye, but she was held back by Suzy.

    "Mu Orange, what are you doing?Are you crazy?"

    "This Ye Fan doesn't know what's going on and is pestering the Chen family's daughter, this is clearly touching the Li family's prince's backbone."

    "You are setting yourself on fire by standing out at this time!"

    "Not only will it serve no useful purpose, but it will implicate the company,"Suzy advised in a low voice.

    Up ahead, Li Ziyang's appearance, however, had become completely icy cold.

    "Sissy, what's wrong?"

    "What's going on here?"The commotion here, however, attracted many people.

    One of them, a hale and hearty old woman, however, came over and asked in confusion.

    "Grandmother, you have also arrived ah?"

    Seeing the old man, Suzy Ton called out to her grandmother.

    Ma Mingbo and the others also greeted her politely.

    Old Taijun Su's seniority was large, and Ma Mingbo, who was a junior, naturally referred to her as Old Taijun with respect.


    "You say this Ye Fan has offended the young master of the Li family?"The old lady frowned when she was told.

    "Yes, grandmother.See if you can say something for him."

    Although what Ye Fan did made Suzy and the others extremely angry, but after all, he was Qiu Mu Orange's husband.

    At a time like this, it was better to help as much as possible.

    Only when the old taijun saw Su Xi's pleading gaze did this nod and reluctantly went over to mediate.

    Seeing Li Ziyang, Old Taijun Su first smiled and said: "So you're the young master of the Li family."

    "I've long heard that the young master of the Li family is talented, virtuous and open-minded.After this Ye Fan is my deceased, I hope Young Master Li's adults won't remember the villain's mistakes.In a moment, I'll ask Ye Fan to apologize to Young Master Li and promise to reform in the future."

    "As for today's matter, forget it, just think of it as giving me face to the old man."Old Taijun Su said slowly.

    And then turned his head and glared at Ye Fan: "Ye Fan, what are you still staring at?How dare you? How dare you offend the son of the Second Master?Go over and make amends now!"

    "Make me pay for it?"Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Even his father Li Er is here, he doesn't have the qualifications, let alone him."


    I'll be damned.

    This idiot doesn't want to live?

    When the crowd heard this, their faces were white with fear.

    As for Old Grandmaster Su, his entire body almost didn't pass away from Ye Fan's anger.

    Iron blue with anger, he cursed, "Insensitive bastard!"

    "If Sissi hadn't begged, do you think the old man would have cared if you lived or died?"

    "What the hell is this!"

    Old Taijun Su was almost dying of anger.

    I was kindly pleading for him with good intentions, but this Ye Fan was just as ungrateful as he was, and he was still talking nonsense here.

    He was seeking his own death, there was no one else to blame!

    In anger, Old Taijun Su directly brushed his sleeves away.

    He didn't even look at this Ye Fan again.

    After Old Taijun Su left, the atmosphere here had undoubtedly been cold to the extreme.

    This Ye Fan had repeatedly offended himself, how could Li Ziyang hold back?

    He clenched his palms, his eyebrows gloomy.

    And then he raised his arm, waved it, and shouted in a low voice, "Tiger, break his arms!"



    The moment Li Ziyang's words fell, only a silhouette immediately sprang out of the crowd.

    As Li Ziyang was the only son of Li Er, when he went out, he would naturally have bodyguards to secretly protect him.

    Therefore, after Li Ziyang gave the order, this big man called Tiger stepped out like a tiger and wolf.

    "Yes, Young Master!"

    "Tiger takes orders~"

    In a loud shout, the man made a grappling move and then furiously grabbed towards the part of Ye Fan's shoulder blade.

    Looking at the momentum, if this was caught, Ye Fan's shoulder, I'm afraid it would shatter and fracture ah.

    "Ye Fan, quickly dodge~"

    Subconsciously, Qiu Mu Orange shouted out.

    However, Ye Fan smirked and shook his head, "You don't know your own strength!"


    With a sneer, Ye Fan kicked out.

    Hearing only a bang, the man who leapt over like a tiger and wolf, before landing on the ground, was kicked in the arm by Ye Fan and flew straight out.

    Amidst the sound of shattering tendons and bones, the man landed with a bang, holding his arm and unable to stop crying.


    "My hand!"

    "Young Master, save me~"

    "My hand~"

    A miserable scream rang out, and by the looks of it, this person's arm was considered useless.


    "What a loser!"

    "What do I need you for, useless thing?"

    Li Ziyang's old face immediately went green, as ugly as it had to be.

    In great anger, he walked over and gave the man another kick.

    "Panther, you're on!"

    "This time, break his legs~"

    Li Ziyang clearly wasn't going to stop just like that, and summoned a bodyguard again with a furious shout.


    The bodyguard called Panther, who stepped on the ground, took several steps.

    The monstrous might was only like a cheetah running wildly.

    "Young Master, Ah Bao takes orders!"

    The man shouted while raising a foot and then kicked it hard at the place of Ye Fan's knee.

    "This is it?"

    "Just a dirt dog."

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed contemptuously once again.

    And then with a backhand slap, he paste out.

    Facial bones twisted, front teeth broken, blood mixed with broken teeth spat out immediately.

    Ye Fan slapped, but directly hit this person's face all crooked.

    Like a fly, Ye Fan was swatted on the ground.

    And then Ye Fan lifted his right leg and stepped on this person's legs.


    In a miserable scream, this person's legs broke off and finally passed out directly from the pain.



    "This.... so cruel?"

    Dead silence.

    The entire arena was deathly silent.

    Outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, the crowd of onlookers, looking at the scene before them, all trembled.

    While their hearts were horrified, they were so shocked that they couldn't say a word at all.

    Ma Mingbo and the others, how could they have never imagined how fierce this Ye Fan was?

    A palm and a leg directly crippled two of Li Ziyang's men.

    Of course, what shook them even more was Ye Fan's boldness.

    A country boy had such a dog's guts?

    How dare you beat up Prince Li's bodyguard!

    After all, this wasn't as simple as teaching two of his men a lesson.

    This was a blow to the face of the Li family!

    Rather, it was still a public beating.

    In the future, I'm only afraid that Li Ziyang won't stop, the Li family, won't stop either.

    Qiu Mu Orange had been completely stunned, her pretty face pale and boldly colorless.

    Su Xi was equally horrified, startled and lost her voice: "Mu Orange, this Ye Fan, I'm afraid that a great disaster is coming~"

    The crowd was all horrified, everyone thought that Ye Fan would be in big trouble.

    But only Nan Chen, was always calm.

    Even when he saw Ye Fan violently beating Li Ziyang's bodyguard, he only felt relieved and even clapped from the side.

    With so many people present, apart from Ye Fan himself, I'm afraid it was only Chen Nan who dared to react like this.

    However, just as the crowd was trembling, in the distance, there was another luxury car coming.

    The young master of the Shen family, Shen Fei, however, arrived.

    "Brother Fan, haha, you're quite early, huh?"

    Seeing Ye Fan, Shen Fei started to greet him from a distance.

    Ye Fan didn't respond, but instead, Li Ziyang noticed Shen Fei's arrival.

    "Fei, you're just in time."

    "Help me teach someone a lesson."

    Two of his own bodyguards were ruined by Ye Fan, and now that Li Ziyang had no one to use, he could only order Shen Fei to do so.

    Before Li Ziyang left Yunzhou, Shen Fei was the number one little brother under Li Ziyang.

    His words, Shen Fei didn't dare to disobey.



    "Oh my God, Yang, you're back?"


    "You're here, why don't you give a word to your brother so I can come to your door and catch you for Brother Yang."

    Good brothers haven't seen each other for many years, Shen Fei is naturally surprised and comes up to catch up.

    But Li Ziyang is obviously not in the mood to pull a calf with Shen Fei here: "Fei, nonsense will come later."

    "I know you've practiced Taekwondo, now give me a shot and scrap this brat who offended me!"


    "Anyone else offend Yang?"

    "He doesn't fucking want to live."


    "Who's that bastard? Get the hell out of here!"

    "My Shen Fei's brother, how dare he fucking mess with him?"

    Shen Fei looked around at the crowd and cursed angrily.

    "It's me."

    Faint words rang out, and with his hands in his pockets, Ye Fan looked up at Shen Fei just like this.

    "Fan...Brother Fan?"

    Shen Fei peed then, his face almost blue to liver.

    "What, are you going to stand up for him?"Ye Fan raised his eyebrows and asked teasingly.

    "Which...Which dare?"Shen Fei was on the verge of tears and was busy explaining.

    "Brother Fan, even if you lend me a dare, I wouldn't dare to provoke you ah."

    Shen Fei was very wishy-washy, full of trepidation, and completely devoid of the overbearing aura that he had just wanted to stand up for Li Ziyang.

    Li Ziyang saw the situation, but he frowned: "Fei, what are you up to?"

    "What's the point of talking to him, let's waste him yet!"

    "What? I've only been away for a few years, and my Li Ziyang's words don't work anymore?"

    Li Ziyang's face was as heavy as water and he drank in a deep voice.

    Shen Fei, however, was full of bitterness and turned his head: "Brother Yang, can we fucking stop it?"

    "You're not to be messed with, Van."

    "Listen to me, forget it, or you'll regret it."

    "I can't afford to mess with him?"Li Ziyang listened and laughed, "What a big joke!"

    "This Yunzhou, my father is the biggest, and I, Li Ziyang, am second!"

    "Who do you think, here, besides my father, is there anyone I can't afford to mess with?"

    "Could it be that this shabby brat is still Mr. Chu?"Li Ziyang's words were arrogant and wantonly sneered.

    Shen Fei's eyes twitched, bitterly saying, "Brother Yang, he really is Mr. Chu."


    "He's Mr. Chu?"Li Ziyang paused, then sneered and cursed, "If he's Mr. Chu, I'm Mr. Chu's father!"

    "Shen Fei, you really think that I, Li Ziyang, am a fury, fooling me with such bullshit."

    "You wait, when I finish teaching this turtle a lesson, I'll deal with you later!"

    In the midst of Shen Fei's bitter gaze, Li Ziyang looked at Ye Fan again and scolded in a cold voice, "Bastard, if you know what's good for you, now kneel down and admit your mistake."

    "Then take half a million medical bills."

    "And promise me that you will leave Nan Nan and get out of Jiang Dong."

    "In this lifetime, you may not set foot in Jiangdong again."

    "Otherwise, my Li family will let you die in Yunzhou, without a burial place!"


"Brother Yang, why are you doing this?"

    Here in heaven and earth, there were echoes of Li Ziyang's angry voice.

    On the side Shen Fei listened, his entire body almost cried anxiously.I thought to myself that Brother Yang was pitiful, but he used the Li family to pressurize Ye Fan.

    If Ye Fan is really angered, then the one who rolls up and rolls out is afraid that it will be their Li family.

    Shen Fei was so terrified that he even tried to dissuade Li Ziyang.

    But Li Ziyang was angry now, how could he listen to Shen Fei's words!

    Still bellowing at Ye Fan, "Bastard, I'll give you three seconds, kneel or not?"

    Everyone looked at Ye Fan with compassion.

    Qiu Mu Orange was in a complicated mood.

    Suzy, on the other hand, was wiggling her eyebrows at Ye Fan, clearly trying to get him to bow down.

    Shen Fei was anxiously weeping.

    Ma Mingbo, Xia Yue and the others, however, were gloating.

    Only Nan Chen, with her exquisite pretty face, stunning face, shallow smile, bright and enchanting.


    However, while everyone was waiting for Ye Fan's reaction, suddenly, Ye Fan's phone rang.

    Li Ziyang was instantly furious: "Who's calling?"

    "Are you leaning on the mountain?"

    "Just right, tell him to prepare the coffin and wait to collect his own body."

    "When it's done with you, later Ben will even do it with him!"

    Li Ziyang's arrogant and angry voice echoed, and Ye Fan looked at his phone, but he looked odd: "Are you sure?"

    "Here's your father's phone number."

    Ye Fan said in a light-hearted manner.


    Nan Chen beside him couldn't hold back and puffed out a laugh right out.

    The flowering branches were trembling, only like lotus in summer and snow plum in winter, swaying and charming.

    "You~" Li Ziyang was almost dying of anger.

    Ye Fan's words, undoubtedly made of Li Ziyang's entire body could not speak.

    In the end, he could only gnash his teeth, "Rabbit, I see that you want to die!"

    "Let me die?"Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly, "Just you, isn't that enough?"

    "Hungry to mow the lawn, and you're a big talker!"

    "In that case, what about adding me?"Ma Mingbo had long been displeased with Ye Fan, and now that he had caught the opportunity, he naturally fell on the well.

    Therefore, also stepped out and returned with a cold voice.

    Ye Fan snorted and laughed, still shaking his head, "Grylls are just ants, still not enough."

    "Add me another one!"

    There was another angry drink.

    I saw Xia Yue pushing Fan Zhongxiong, who was sitting in a wheelchair, and leaned over as well.

    Fan Zhongxiong was full of coldness and said in a furious voice.

    In response, the contemptuous smile in Ye Fan's eyes and eyebrows grew even more, "Not to mention the three of you, even if you add Chen Ao, Li Er, and Lei Lao San, it's still not enough to want me to die!"

    Holy shit!

    Fuck me, right?

    "So crazy?"

    "King Jiang Dong, Master Lei San, and Master Li Er together, isn't that enough?"

    "Is this jerk crazy?"

    "What does he want?"

    "Is this going against the grain?"

    Ye Fan's arrogant words were only like boulders entering the sea.

    Undoubtedly, a huge wave was created here.

    The crowds everywhere exploded like bombs.

    Everyone, like looking at idiots, looked at Ye Fan.

    "What an idiot!"Xia Yue coldly cursed under her breath.

    "Damn, don't know how to live, Mu Orange will be killed by this bastard sooner or later~" Suzy stomped her foot in anger.

    Qiu Mu Orange closed her eyes and remained silent, but in her heart, she was disappointed to the extreme with Ye Fan.

    Even the onlookers were like this, not to mention Li Ziyang and the others who were in the middle of it.


    "Bastard, you're asking for it."

    Li Ziyang shouted coldly, immediately hitting the death penalty on Yifa.

    However, just as Li Ziyang was about to dispatch the thousands of security guards around to surround Ye Fan, someone came out from the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    "Ziyang, stop playing, your father is calling for you?"

    "Get over here, it's urgent!"

    "There is something important for you to do."

    The man also seemed to be Li Ziyang's elder, urging Li Ziyang from afar.

    "Ming Bo, you should also come in quickly."

    "Your father has something important to ask you."

    At this time, Ma Mingbo's mother, also came over, pulling Ma Mingbo along and rushing inside.

    "Yue'er, Xue'er, you two come here as well."

    "Your grandfather has a mission for you."

    "It's a matter of family glory and shame, descendants, you two sisters, you must take it seriously."

    The elder of the Xia family also walked out of the Sea Source Pavilion and called out to Xia Yue and Xia Xue two sisters.

    For a time, Li Ziyang and the others were all summoned by their elders.

    The summons from their fathers, Li Ziyang and the others naturally did not dare to disobey.

    "Stinky brat, count yourself lucky!"

    "But it's not over."

    "When the banquet is over, this young master will let you pay it back with interest!"

    "Minbo, let's go~"

    Li Ziyang shouted coldly, and then he joined Ma Mingbo and the others and entered the Haiyuan Pavilion.


    "Is this bastard really lucky?"

    "Can we even get away with this?"Fan Zhongxiong, however, was so angry that he cursed.

    He had thought that with this opportunity, he could completely trample Ye Fan underfoot.

    But now it seemed that it would have to wait again for later.

    "But, Ye Fan, you won't be happy for long."

    "If you have offended Li Ziyang, even the Chen family's thousand gold will not be able to protect you!"

    Fan Zhongxiong snorted coldly, and then he also let the waiter push him into the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    "Mu Orange, let's go too!"

    "I don't want to see him for a moment with such arrogant idiots~"

    "It sucks to see!"

    "Party's over, get a divorce from this asshole!"

    Suzy cursed, and then she also dragged Qiu Mu Orange into the restaurant.

    The words were full of anger and disgust towards Ye Fan.

    After these people left, Shen Fei, however, let out a long sigh of relief.

    Fortunately, things hadn't gone too far!

    Otherwise, once Li Ziyang fights with Ye Fan, this might not end well.

    "Brother Fan, let's also...Go in too, right?"

    After Shen Fei calmed down, he quickly walked up and smiled at Ye Fan.

    But Nan Chen gave him a blank look, "Where's your brother in there?"

    "Just now, Brother Yang's, how affectionate he was calling."

    Shen Fei listened and immediately broke out in cold sweat.

    "Sister Nan, I am not aware of the situation, am I?You just don't squeeze me."

    In the midst of the conversation, Ye Fan and his group of three entered the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    It was not yet time, and the banquet had not yet officially started, so Ye Fan and the others casually found a corner and sat down.

    Not far away, Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange and the others, but they noticed Ye Fan and the others.

    "This guy, he really came in?"

    "What's the point?"

    "A turtle is a turtle even if it flies into the sky!"

    "Is it hard to become a real dragon?"Suzy mocked.

    Fan Zhongxiong similarly belittled Ye Fan in various ways.

    Only Qiu Mu Orange was silent, her mood was always low and she was disappointed in Ye Fan.

    At this time, somewhere in a private room in Haiyuan Pavilion.

    Li Er, Lei Lao San, Ma Mingbo's father, Ma Junlin, and other big shots from various cities were there.

    In front of them, however, stood all of their descendants.

    "Ziyang, after the banquet starts later, I will let Mr. Chu ascend to the highest position."

    "At that time, you will carry the wine cups from the back hall to the stage, and be sure to grab the first one and toast Mr. Chu."

    "Do you hear me?"


Haiyuan Pavilion.

    The banquet was about to arrive, in the room, but Li Er was facing his son, Li Ziyang, and solemnly instructed.

    "Dad, don't worry."

    "This cup of first wine, my son is bound to grab the first toast!"

    Li Ziyang patted his chest and assured, full of determination.

    "Ao Ting, you can't be left behind either."

    "As soon as Mr. Chu takes the stage later, you must snatch the stage before Ziyang and give Mr. Chu a toast."

    "So as to show Mr. Chu, the heart of my Lei family!"

    While Li Er was instructing his son, the third Lei on the side, however, also said solemnly to Lei Ao Ting.

    As soon as Li Er heard this, he glared at the time and cursed in his heart that this old thing, Lei Laosan, dared to steal the limelight from him in his territory.

    And let Lei Ao Ting steal the limelight before Ziyang?

    Isn't this fucking against him?

    In annoyance, Li Er was unhappy, "Lao San, what do you mean?"

    "Let's toast the wine in an order."

    "We agreed to let my son make this first toast, so you don't let Ao Ting's nephew get involved."

    "Everyone line up, just come one by one."

    "Don't, Li Er, who made a deal with you?"Lei Laosan did not give Li Er any face, waving his hand, "The first wine is of great significance, I can let the other, but I can't let you.We'll each have our own ability later."

    "You~" Li Er was so angry that his old face was blue.

    Li Ziyang then comforted: "Dad, you can rest assured, this first wine, belongs to my honor, will not let others take away."

    Lei Ao Ting also did not give in and voted to his own father, Lei Lao San: "Dad, you can also rest assured that your son will not let you down!"

    As Li Er and Lei Laosan fought over grabbing this first wine, some of the remaining families, also instructed their respective children to remember to come up to the stage to toast later as well.

    "Yue'er, Xue'er, you sisters are the most outstanding descendants of my Xia family's generation."

    "When you toast later, you sisters must remember to behave well."

    "Whether or not my Xia family will be able to get on Mr. Chu's thigh, it will all depend on today."

    "Moreover, I've also heard that Mr. Chu, is a young man of similar age to you.Maybe, after today's toast, one of the two of you sisters will be able to fly up the branch and become a phoenix."

    The old master of the Xia family was also speaking to his two favorite granddaughters in front of him.

    Although the old master did not say it explicitly, the meaning of the words was undoubtedly clear.

    Someone beside him joked, "Haha~"

    "Master Xia is preparing to use a beauty trick."

    "If these two nieces can really win Mr. Chu's favor, don't forget these uncles after they soar to great heights in the future."


    A room full of laughter.

    In the past, these powerful and influential men were trying to please Mr. Chu and pave the way for the next generation.

    One of the purposes of Li Er's insistence that Li Ziyang give Mr. Chu a toast is to introduce his son to Ye Fan.

    After all, if the Li family wanted to flourish, Li Er had to support his son.

    However, while the crowd was laughing, Chen Ao was calm throughout and had no intention of grabbing this first drink.

    "Mr. Chen, you don't intend to let your daughter, also compete for it?"Howzhou's Wang Jiexi was clearly watching the fun and fanning the flames from the sidelines.

    Nowadays, in the land of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu is supreme.

    Under Mr. Chu, the three kings, Li Er, Chen Ao and Lei, compete for supremacy.

    The three kings, Li Er, Chen Ao and Lei, are competing for the title of the first wine.

    However, Chen Ao waved his hand: "My daughter does not need to compete.If Mr. Li and Mr. Lei want to fight, just let them go."

    Chen Ao said with a light smile.

    Other people don't know, but Chen Ao can be clear, his daughter has already come to Yunzhou, and the past few days have been with Mr. Chu.

    Today to go to the banquet, his daughter Chen Nan will enter with Mr. Chu, this intimacy can be seen at a glance, there is no need to use this kind of small trick to get close to Mr. Chu.

    "Alright, it's almost time."

    "Mr. Chen, Mr. Li, let's all go to the lobby."

    "Get ready to greet, Mr. Chu is taking the stage."

    Finally, Li Er saw that the time was almost up, when he got up and went to the lobby of the restaurant along with the Jiangdong crowd.

    "Here it comes."

    "Mu Orange, look, the big names have appeared."

    "That's our Yunzhou's Second Master Li."

    "There's also Master Lei San from Jingzhou."

    "My God, Chen Ao of Jianghai has also arrived!"

    "Worthy of being my man-god idol Mr. Chu."

    "This entire Jiangdong, I guess only my man-god has this kind of prestige, and with a single shout of his arm, he made the entire Jiangdong bigwigs, come together to worship him."

    The moment Li Er and the others appeared, the entire restaurant lobby instantly became noisy.

    Su Xi excitedly grabbed Qiu Mu Orange's arm and spoke incessantly.

    Qiu Mu Orange also raised her head to look up.

    Even Su Xi's grandmother, Old Mrs. Su, her old face reddened with excitement.

    "Finally, are you going to meet Mr. Chu?"

    Everyone was unconsciously nervous.

    Especially Su Xi, ever since she had seen a shadow of Mr. Chu's back at the foot of Mount Tai, Su Xi had never seen that legendary figure again.

    Today, the idol in her heart was about to appear, so one could imagine how excited Su Xi was today.

    "Class Leader Fan, your Fan family is quite powerful and influential in Yunzhou, have you seen Mr. Chu?"

    "Isn't it particularly handsome?"

    "How old is he?"Suzy excitedly asked Fan Zhongxiong, who was at the side.

    Fan Zhongxiong shook his head, "Mr. Chu is an immortal, so high above the world that even my father is not qualified to see him, let alone me."

    "But there's no need to rush, you'll see it in a few minutes."

    "But I'm guessing it'll have to be in the mid-forties or fifties."

    "Those big people with successful careers are basically that age."

    "Mu Orange, what do you think?"

    Fan Zhongxing asked with a smile.


    However, it was at this time that the powerful bigwigs from all sides had already taken their seats.

    Li Er strode forward and as the host, stood on the high platform and spoke.

    "Welcome all of you, who have come from afar.Gathered together in Yunzhou, to participate in the Sea and Sky Feast."

    "Beneficial breeze and smooth, the beginning of all things."

    "On the first day of the new year, Mr. Chu invites all the great and powerful to gather together."

    "Today's feast is a feast like no other!"

    "Today's meeting is also destined to be written into Jiangdong history!"

    "Next, let's give our warmest applause and highest respect to Mr. Chu to take the stage."

    Li Er's esteemed voice echoed the four directions.


    In a split second, everyone present turned around and looked around, holding their breath, waiting nervously for, Mr. Chu's appearance.

    Suzy's heart was even more so.

    "Who is it, who could it be?"

    One second. Two seconds.

    A full ten seconds passed, and no one responded in the noisy hall.

    Only a thin figure in the corner quietly stood out.


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