Dish Best Served Cold 641-645


Chapter 641

When the sun set, Ye Fan and his group left Yunyang Mountain under the respectful escort of Xu Changqing and the others.


    "Brother Van, thanks to you this time?"

    "If it wasn't for your great face, I'm afraid that I, Shen Fei, would never have been able to enjoy these amazing hot springs in my life?"

    On the way back, Shen Fei was laughing as he spoke.

    Nan Chen was also filled with joy, silently following Ye Fan behind her.Looking at the thin figure in front of her, those beautiful eyes were filled with worship and admiration.

    She originally thought that it would take ten more years for her little brother Fan to become famous in Huaxia.

    However, what Chen Nan never expected was, why would it take ten years?

    Today, at the summit of that Yunyang Mountain, Ye Fan made the sons of Yanjing's great families kneel down and worship!

    "Brother Fanny, it's really amazing~"

    Nan Chen's heart was filled with adoration.

    However, just as Ye Fan and his party of three, just out of the scenic area, ready to go to the parking lot to drive back to Yunzhou, the intersection in front, but there is a beautiful figure, quietly appeared.

    Red lips like fire, delicate body like jade.

    Three thousand green threads, in the wind, swinging chaotically!

    At the instant that silhouette in front of them appeared, Shen Fei and the others, were slightly stunned.

    That was, Suzy?

    Ye Fan raised an eyebrow, but didn't bother.

    He and Suzy were not familiar with each other in the first place.

    The reason why they were acquainted was only because of Autumn Mu Orange.

    Now that Mu Orange was away, Ye Fan naturally couldn't speak to her.

    What's more, Ye Fan's impression of Suzy was already bad.

    If this woman hadn't interfered, there wouldn't have been so many misunderstandings between him and Qiu Mu Orange.

    Therefore, seeing Suzy, Ye Fan didn't have any intention of stopping and walked straight forward.

    But Shen Fei thought that Ye Fan hadn't noticed and reminded, "Brother Fan, this seems to be sister-in-law's best friend, aren't you going to say hello?"

    Ye Fan remained oblivious.

    But he didn't even look at Suzy, and just like that, he passed by Suzy's side, passing by.

    "Ye Fan, you stop!"

    However, it was at this moment that Suzy suddenly shouted in anger.

    She turned her head, a pair of beautiful eyes with indignation and anger towards Ye Fan.

    Shen Fei had always been a personal savant, and after he sensed that the atmosphere here was a bit delicate, he quickly made an excuse and pulled Nan Chen out first.

    "That...That, Brother Fan, you guys talk first."

    "Miss Chen and I will go to the parking lot and wait for you first."

    "See you later!"

    Shen Fei laughed, while quickly fleeing the place.

    Obviously, listening to Suzy's tone, she was completely a lady's grudge, this was bound to be menacing ah.

    Shen Fei had to wonder if it was Brother Fan who had done something out of the ordinary behind his wife's back.

    Such personal issues, as outsiders, of course they consciously avoided it.

    As for Nan Chen, who was always simple, naturally didn't think about it so much, but in the end, she was still somehow pulled away by Shen Fei, for no apparent reason.

    Here, only Ye Fan and Su Xi were left.

    Behind them, a high mountain stood horizontally.

    Ahead, the long road was long.

    Ye Fan turned his back to her, his face expressionless, and they remained silent for a long time.

    After a few moments of silence, Ye Fan lifted his feet and prepared to leave.

    He didn't have time to spend with her here.

    "Ye Fan, aren't you going to give me an explanation for what happened today?"

    However, just as Ye Fan was about to leave, Suzy's voice, finally remembered.

    "Explain?"Evan only found it funny and asked rhetorically, "Explain what?"

    "And what is there to explain?"

    "Enough!"Ye Fan's cranky tone undoubtedly infuriated Suzy completely, "Ye Fan, by now, are you still kicking me here to understand and pretend to be confused?"

    "You know perfectly well what I'm asking!"

    "You, Ye Fan, are nothing more than a poor kid from the countryside."

    "In terms of family background, you come from a humble and poor family, you have no background at all to speak of."

    "In terms of skill, apart from your brute strength, you have no highlights.In your early years, you were nameless and accomplished nothing."

    "So much so, that in the end, you were so desperate that you married into your son-in-law's family!"

    "You have no family in one, no background in the other, and no skills in the third."

    "The likes of you, who deserve to be eliminated by this society, but what about now?"

    "On Mu Orange's birthday, you fell from the sky, making flowers float all over the city and causing the crowd to tremble!"

    "At the top of Yunzhou, at the Villa of Genting Mountain, my father can't enter, Maminabo can't enter, and yet you come and go as you please!"

    "Today's hot spring vacation, Xu Changqing violently beat Ma Mingbo for you, and the whole mountain is cleared to await."

    "Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, Teng Ah Long kneels to you and begs for mercy!"

    "In the company building, Wang Shuntian is being very respectful to you!"

    "Shouldn't you give me an explanation for all of the above?"

    Suzy's words were eloquent, sentences resounding, only as aggressive as a golden stone falling to the ground.

    A pair of beautiful eyes were even more like a torch.

    The dao sharpness looked straight at Ye Fan, as if it wanted to see through Ye Fan's entire person, as if it wanted to see through him.



    Ye Fan laughed as he listened then.

    It was as if, he had heard the world's biggest joke!

    That laugh was loud and clear, with an erect rage and icy cold.

    "Explain it to you?"

    "Susie, Susie, don't you think that you, yourself, have been too lenient?"

    "You are neither my parents, nor my sister, nor a woman of mine, Ye Fan."

    "What are your qualifications, and in what capacity do you stand here questioning me?"

    "Let me explain it to you, do you deserve it?"

    Evan sneered, he turned his head, the momentum Susie, but proudly asked again.

    "What's more, if I told you, would you believe me?"

    "You say!"Suzy's pretty face was pale, and she gritted her teeth in anger at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly.

    "Well, in that case, I'll tell you!"

    "I, Ye Fan, am Mr. Chu."

    "Under Mount Tai, it was I who saved the world and killed Wu He Rong with a single finger!"

    "On the Yanqi Lake, it is I who is so mighty that I will trample down the entire Yanjing!"

    "I'm the one who killed Champ Horton!"

    "I'm the one who drove away the richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji!"

    "Li Er respects me like a father, Chen Ao respects me like a god~"

    "I am in charge of the East River, and the males respect me as Lord!"

    "I shake Yanjing, and the Xu family fears me like a rat!"

    "More than that~"

    "I, Ye Fan, am even the Lord of the Dragon God!"

    "The four Dragon Gods are at my mercy, and the six Dragon Kings obey me."

    "A word from me can make a nation bow down."

    "With a single finger, I can make blood flow a thousand meters!"

    "I'm exceedingly strong and unmatched~"


    Under the Celestial River, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative.

    He looked proudly at the four directions and was smiling.

    The sound of majesty was even like rolling thunder, exploding the entire heaven and earth.

    However, before Ye Fan could finish his sentence, Suzy's roar angrily interrupted him.


    "Evan, is it interesting?"

    "Before, you teased Mu Orange.Now, you're teasing me again?"

    "It's fun to brag and lie, isn't it?"


"Do you know how angry Mu Orange is about this?"

    "Do you know that Mu Orange just left crying?"

    "Just because of your ignorant arrogance, because you don't know what you're doing!"

    "Being able to marry Mu Orange is a blessing you've cultivated in several lifetimes."

    "It's just as well that you don't know how to cherish it, but you're still hurting her like this?"

    "Do you know that your arrogance and hubris will get Mu Orange killed!"

    Susie was filled with anger and spoke angrily at Ye Fan.

    "Evan, wake up, no one is a fool."

    "By the gifts and favors of others, you may be able to get a moment of glory."

    "But what about later, have you thought about it?"

    "You're a poor kid from the countryside, what are you going to return Shen Fei, Xu Lei, and those big names' favors with?"

    "To pay you back with your poor life?"

    Suzy's eyebrows were red and filled with rage.

    These days, the grievances that Qiu Mu Orange had suffered, Suzy could see it all in her eyes.

    Ye Fan's ignorance and arrogance, Suzy also saw it in her eyes.

    There were some things that Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to say.

    As her best friend, Suzy would say them for him!

    "Evan, you know there is a type of beef in Japan called Kobe beef."

    "When they are alive, they bathe in the best milk, listen to the most beautiful music, and even have special servants to massage them."

    "They enjoy the best treatment."

    "But what's the result?"

    "It's not like they end up getting slaughtered and becoming a meal on a rich man's plate."

    "Isn't that a lot like you?"

    "Now you're the stupid cow in captivity!"

    "They use gentle traps to get you lost."

    "But the day will come when the devil will show his claws."

    "If you do not repent at this time and are bent on doing what you want, you will die another day!"

    The words burned, Suzy's angry words, miserable words, but they echoed all around.

    Yet Ye Fan listened, but was always calm.

    It was as if the calm lake stopped the water, and Suzy's anger did not create any waves in Ye Fan's heart at all.

    He stood there, expressionless, coldly looking at Suzy, his indifferent voice echoing, "I said that you guys don't understand me at all, much less know what I can do."

    "Your vision is too short, you think you have seen the whole world, but in reality, it is only the tip of the iceberg."

    "A well frog can hardly speak of the sea, and a summer insect cannot speak of ice."

    "How can you, an ignorant woman, be able to fathom my world?"

    Ye Fan's words were resounding, like daggers, but straight into Su Xi's heart.

    Su Xi's beautiful eyes were then red with anger.

    She didn't expect that after all she had said, this Ye Fan still hadn't listened to her, and was still so outspoken.

    In annoyance, Su Xi finally exploded.

    With tears on her pretty face, she roared at Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, you really are a hopeless idiot, bastard!"

    "And call me a well frog?Call me a summer bug?"

    "You country bumpkin, incompetent son-in-law, what right do you have to look down on me?"

    "And do you think my lady wants to control you?"

    "If Mu Orange wasn't my best friend, what does your death or life have to do with me?"

    "You ungrateful big bastard, you just don't deserve Mu Orange!"

    "Mu Orange's marriage to you is her greatest misfortune in this life."


    "And you call yourself Mr. Chu?"

    "What right do you have to call yourself Mr. Chu?"

    "Do you deserve it?"

    Susie roared in anger.

    On her pretty face, there were actually tears rolling down her face now.

    She didn't know why she was crying.

    Was it because of Ye Fan's insensitivity, or because Ye Fan had insulted him, or because he felt aggrieved for his best friend?

    Of course, none of that mattered.

    All Suzy knew was that she was now disgusted with Ye Fan to the extreme.

    He didn't want to see the bastard in front of him for a moment anymore.

    Thus, after roaring, Suzy turned her head and ran away.

    Here, all that was left was the echo of Suzy's angry voice, and the cold wind that was blowing.

    Ye Fan stood there for a long time without saying anything, just looking at that distant back, finally shaking his head and snorting a laugh.

    This outcome, he had already guessed it.

    He knew that even if he told the truth, no one would believe him.

    Even his own wife, Qiu Mu Orange, let alone Suzy.

    In their eyes, they see themselves as a countryside loser, an incompetent trash, a lousy son-in-law.

    Even if you achieve great success, in their eyes, you are just a favour to them?

    "But on New Year's Day, when you see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears, I'll see what else you can say."

    Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were icy cold, and he clenched his palms.

    And then, he also stepped away and returned to Yunzhou, waiting for the arrival of that New Year's Day.

    In this world, there were too many people who were blinded by a single leaf!

    They think that what they see is all there is to a person.

    And they are convinced of it.

    Unless they saw it with their own eyes, then they would deny a person's achievements forever, right?

    That night, Ye Fan took a car and returned to Yunzhou, the eastern suburban villa.

    Qiu Mu Orange still hadn't returned overnight.

    Presumably, she had gone back to the Willow Garden neighborhood, or to Suzy's house.

    Ye Fan wasn't surprised by this.

    He knew her too well.

    That was a proud and stubborn woman who decided she was right about something, and unless Ye Fan actively bowed down, that woman would always be in a cold war pique with Ye Fan!

    And Ye Fan didn't try to explain.

    After all, it was useless to explain.

    There were some truths that could not be explained by words.

    Only by witnessing it with their own eyes would they truly know what wishful thinking was?What is a fact of truth?

    The day passed quickly.

    The next day, as the first rays of morning light dawned, the last day of December came at last!

    While all the citizens around China began to prepare for the celebration of the New Year, the upper class people of Jiangdong were no longer calm.

    Especially in Yunzhou, there were many first-rate and second-rate families like the Su family, who were frantically using their connections in order to secure an entry slot for tomorrow's Haitian feast.

    After all, tomorrow's feast was more than just a party, it also represented being able to go to the feast with the top group of people in Jiangdong.

    This was an honor, and a rare opportunity!

    Some of the less powerful families naturally grabbed their heads and did their best to get into the Sea and Sky Feast.

    Meanwhile today, at Jianghai International Airport, an international airliner slowly arrived.

    On the night of December 31, Li Er finally returned to Jiangdong!

    At this moment, it was less than twelve hours from the Haitian Feast.

    "Welcome Second Master!"


    "Welcome Second Master!"

    Outside the airport, dozens of big personalities who had come to meet the plane stood in unison on either side, welcoming Li Er's return in unison.

    That shout shook the heavens and reverberated in the sky.

    The thousands of travelers watching the surrounding area all looked sideways.

    They gazed at the figure that made the stars shine and was respected by the crowd, their hearts filled with admiration and yearning.

    A great man should be like that!

    Faced with the welcome of the group of heroes, Li Er was expressionless, only nodded his head, and gave a deep "hmm".

    After that, he looked around at the crowd and solemnly said.

    "All of you, command them all."

    "Tomorrow, on the shores of Cloud Mist Lake, on the Sea Source Pavilion, the Sea Sky Feast will officially begin!"

    "At that time, Mr. Chu will personally attend the banquet."'

    ' "But all the giants of the Jiangdong giants must be present in person to congratulate them."

    "Anyone who does not come is disrespecting Mr. Chu."

    "In the future, there will be no place for him in Jiangdong!"


    The winds were bitterly cold, sweeping across the entire world.

    Beyond the heavens, there were storm clouds and dark currents swirling.


On the eve of the Lunar New Year, Li Er, the head of the Li family in Yunzhou, finally returned to Jiangdong!

    On the same night, Li Er informed the eighteen powerful magnates of the eighteen major cities in Jiangdong that they must be at the Haiyuan Pavilion by midday tomorrow for the sea and sky feast!

    If you don't come, there will be no place for you in Jiangdong.

    Li Er's announcement is like a boulder entering the sea, making the long-quiet Jiangdong, in a short while, a huge wave has risen.

    It was as if a pot of boiling water, boiling at once on the eve of the New Year!

    That night, one by one, luxury cars drove out from their respective mansions.

    Jianghai City, Nanquan City, Jingzhou City....

    All the bigwigs of the major prefecture-level cities departed at night, chasing the stars and chasing the moon, invited to Yunzhou, just to go to Mr. Chu's invitation banquet!

    It is as if the vassal kings of ancient China, who had been divided up by the emperors into various places, had made a pilgrimage of all nations after being called!

    If one were to look down from above, one could definitely see nearly a hundred luxury cars, running wildly on the highway to Yunzhou.

    Every single one of them was a million luxury car.

    And, everywhere they passed along the way, there was unobstructed traffic.

    What's more, there are traffic police opening the road, armed police guarding.

    The major toll booths on the highway, raising the bar in advance to let go.

    Even, with the cooperation of the traffic police department, the traffic lights at various intersections, are temporarily dispatched.All the way to the green light, as no one else.

    After all, tomorrow's feast, but Mr. Chu's first banquet after claiming Jiangdong.Its significance was no less important than the new king's ascension to the throne.

    As early as seven days ago, Noda's Jiangdong had begun to build momentum.

    Now, the powerful bigwigs of major prefecture-level cities came out in their nests, like a hundred rivers converging on the sea and ten thousand states going to celebrate.

    Such a commotion, such a battle, not only stirred up the entire secular world, even the official political circles, naturally also heard about it.

    But after all, it was a private feast, so it was naturally inconvenient for official personnel to attend.

    However, the various departments did try their best to facilitate the event as a gesture of goodwill to Mr. Chu.

    The political and business worlds are inherently interdependent.

    Businessmen need help in terms of policy, and officials also need businessmen to pile up their achievements.

    The long term stability of Jiangdong naturally cannot avoid the cooperation of these business tycoons.

    At this time, on the highway a hundred miles away from Yunzhou City, a black red flag car, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, was speeding unceasingly.

    The car's license plate number was J00001.

    If one was a bit more knowledgeable, one would definitely know that this license plate number was attached to the Jiangdong Provincial Party Committee, the official driver of the top hand!

    Inside the car, a man, eyebrows and eyes, sitting peacefully.

    Perhaps it was the many days of running around research, so the man is a little tired.

    Unconsciously, they fell asleep against the car window.

    The car window is not completely closed, leaving a seam, the cold wind outside hissing.

    However, just as the man was falling asleep.


    A stream of air swept through the car, only to be blown through the window as a Mercedes whistled past, bringing up a gale that swept and buzzed.

    The man immediately woke up, the hair on his forehead are beaten messy.

    The man's eyebrows sank at that time, and there was indignation rising from his heart.

    "Little Liu, chase up and then take down the license plate of that car."

    Jiangdong Province provincial party secretary's car, he also overtake?

    It's against him!

    The man's eyes were full of power, and he said in an angry voice.

    Driver Xiao Liu naturally did not dare to disobey, quickly gas the door, ready to catch up.

    However, the man's words had just fallen.

    Boom boom boom~.

    Outside the car window, a gale swept across.

    A full seven or eight luxury cars, successively whistling past, overtaking the past.

    The gale that brought up the wind swept, only like a sonic boom in the men's ears, unceasingly exploded.

    And a ride, soon left them behind.

    The man's face turned green as if several slaps had been slapped on his face, one after another.

    With a gloomy face, he suppressed the anger in his heart and whispered in a deep voice, "Go, dial the provincial traffic department for me immediately."

    "I'd like to see who these people are tonight, who exactly are they?"

    "Even me, you don't even care anymore?"

    In the midst of the sinking cold voice, the assistant quickly followed the man's order to call the head of the provincial traffic department, and when it was connected, handed the phone to the man.


    "You mean, it's that person, who's holding a banquet in Yunzhou?"

    The man's indignation faded in a whirl after learning the whole story.

    In this entire Jiangdong, apart from himself, I'm afraid there was only that person who had such a prestige.

    Let's go and pay our respects, shall we?

    After a brief conversation, the man hung up the phone as well.

    "Lin Province, what's wrong?"

    "Jiang Dong, could it be that something big is happening?"Seeing the man hang up the phone, the assistant on the side whirled and asked in confusion.

    The man nodded, "It's that Mr. Chu, he's inviting all the powerful men to a banquet in Yunzhou tomorrow."

    "All the dignitaries and bigwigs from the 18 provinces of Jiangdong Province will be there."

    "This prestige, even I, I'm afraid, won't be able to match it."

    The man shook his head and whispered in a deep voice.

    Although he hadn't been in Jiangdong for long, Mr. Chu's name was already like a thunderclap.

    Even he, for this man, admired more than that!

    After all, Mr. Chu's fame and prestige had been hard-won from this Jiangdong by his own fists and feet.

    This kind of power obtained by true skill naturally inspires respect!

    "If it's possible, I'd really like to go to the banquet together tomorrow to meet this legendary Mr. Chu."

    The man chuckled lightly, but this idea was, after all, unrealistic.

    He knew very well that tomorrow's banquet was Mr. Chu's emperor's banquet alone.

    If he went, his official status, wouldn't he be going to break the scene?

    "However, even if it's inconvenient for us to go, we should still send something to show our appreciation."

    "How about this, you arrange, tomorrow, have your men, on behalf of me, and also on behalf of the Jiangdong Officials, to send a pot of wine to Mr. Chu."

    "Deliver wine?"The assistant was slightly stunned and confused, "What kind of wine to send?"

    The man recited for a moment, then returned in a deep voice, "Just give it away, my famous Jiangdong wine, "Jiangdong Zun" wine."



    The night was heavy and cold.

    Beneath the Heavenly River, that one luxury car was racing madly along the highway.

    The orange-red lights were just like countless swords, coming from all directions, tearing the sky and piercing the firmament.

    Only if, a hundred rivers converged on the sea!

    Straight in, land of the clouds!

    At this moment, at the summit of Cloud Peak Mountain, there was a thin figure standing proudly with a negative hand.

    He was expressionless, just like this, standing on top of the mountain, looking down at the firmament.

    His eyes were as deep and misty as a sea of stars, piercing through the ages.

    One night, finally passed.

    January 1st, New Year's Day, also known as the solar New Year!

    On this day, in Yunzhou City, Jiangdong Province, there was a clear sky and a gathering of heroes.

    The sea and sky feast, today, was officially held!


"Mu Orange, you're not still thinking about that bastard, are you?"

    "He's an ungrateful idiot!"

    "We shouldn't have expected anything from him."

    "Do you know what he said to me that day at the bottom of Yunyang Mountain?"

    "He said he was Mr. Chu.He also said that he is all-powerful and no one dares to mess with him."

    "What a laugh."

    "Mr. Chu is the world's most powerful man, how could he be a lump in the door?"

    "If he said he was one of Mr. Chu's little bodyguards, I might have believed him a little."

    "Even like that, he dares to say he's Mr. Chu?"

    "Does he deserve it?"

    In the villa, Suzy was indignant as she tried on dresses in front of the dressing table.

    The events of that day, Suzy now remembered, all felt full of indignation.

    I kindly advised Ye Fan to lose his way with good intentions, but this bastard was just ungrateful, and he was still deliberately bragging and lying there.

    It was strange that Suzy wasn't angry?

    "When New Year's Day is over, you'll go and divorce him."

    "With your appearance, what about the rich kids who will be chasing you in the future who can line up a hundred meters away?"

    "Maybe I can find a golden son-in-law for you at today's sea and sky feast?"

    When he thought of today's feast, Su Xi's heart was endlessly excited.

    Because, Mr. Chu, whom he had admired and admired for a long time, could finally see his true face today.

    It had been too long, since that day's Taishan martial arts battle, the name "Mr. Chu", like a seed, took root and sprouted in Su Xi's heart.

    At first, Su Xi had only respected it.

    But now, to this legendary figure, Su Xi's heart was already a fervent admirer.

    In the past, this worship was shared by the "Little Prince of Harmonica".

    But ever since she learned that Ye Fan was the harmonica playing man, Suzy undoubtedly put all her admiration on that Mr. Chu who was only heard of, but not seen.

    "Ma Mingbo has promised that he will help me get tickets to today's Haitian feast."

    "This time, I have to see Mr. Chu no matter what."

    "I must let Mr. Chu know that in this world, there is a little girl named Susie who has been silently watching over him and admiring him."

    Suzy clutched her palms, and her eyebrows were filled with obsession and excitement.

    It was completely like a fanatical star-struck little fan girl.

    However, to all of this, Qiu Mu Orange was oblivious.

    Always sitting alone on the sofa, holding a pillow, Uggs lost in thought.

    The sun shining outside, but falling on her body, all shadows.

    The whole person, just like a plush toy abandoned in the corner, the beautiful face, full of loss and sadness.

    Seeing Autumn Mu Orange like this, Suzy was speechless.

    "Mu Orange, cheer up."

    "It's just a Ye Fan, isn't it?"

    "What's so great about him?"

    "If it's a falling out, it's a falling out, we'll find a better one."

    "As much as it makes you, like losing your soul?"

    "Take my word for it, go wash your hair, change your clothes, and get ready for the feast."

    "I've also instructed Mamab to get you a ticket too,"

    Suzy advised from the side.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange remained silent and sat there dejectedly, as if she was an abandoned, lost woman.

    Suzy was suddenly furious, "Qiu Mu Orange, I say you can't fight for your life!"

    "Where was your tongue-in-cheek courage when you defended your graduation?"

    "Where's the gumption to rage against several major executives at the company's annual meeting?"

    "Look at you now, what's the difference between you and a defeated dog?"

    Suzy was furious and just felt that her best friend was really indiscreet.

    But at the same time, Suzy was also really curious as to what was so good about that Ye Fan that he could make his best friend so deadly to him.


    Just as Suzy was furiously scolding Autumn Mu Orange, outside the villa, there was a knock on the door.

    Suzy was instantly delighted: "Haha~"

    "Mu Orange, it must be Mamoru Bo who's coming to give us admission tickets!"

    In her excitement, Suzy couldn't care less about wearing shoes, jumped down from the chair, and went out to open the door with her bare feet.

    As expected, standing outside the door was Ma Mingbo, who drove over.

    Ever since Yunyang Mountain embarrassment, Ma Mingbo has been trying to save face in front of Su Xi.

    Now this was a rare opportunity, Ma Mingbo naturally did his best to help Suzy get tickets.

    "How about it, Ming Bo, did you get it?"After seeing Ma Mingbo, Suzy immediately inquired.

    Ma Mingbo smiled, "Fortunately!"

    In between the words, Maminabo took out an invitation from his bosom, and waved it in front of Suzy.


    "Minbo, you're great!"

    "Thank you."

    "Thank you so much!"

    Seeing the entrance ticket with the name Sea and Sky Feast written on it, Suzy was near mad with excitement at the time and thanked her incessantly.

    However, only after a moment of joy did Suzy squarely realize, "There's only one?"

    Ma Mingbo nodded, "Xixi, as you know, right now the entire Jiangdong but who have a bit of power are grabbing their heads and wanting to attend this feast.So, even for me, it's hard to get a ticket."

    "I got one for your Su family before, and that was the limit."

    "This one is still thanks to the son of the Second Master Li, Li Ziyang."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid that you wouldn't have been able to get this ticket."

    "As for Mu Orange, I'm afraid that..."

    Ma Mingbo shook his head, but with a long sigh.

    Suzy Ton also looked towards Qiu Mu Orange with some embarrassment and apologized, "Mu Orange, I'm sorry, I'm afraid that I won't be able to travel with you for this banquet."

    Ma Mingbo got just one ticket, and there was no way that Suzy would give this ticket to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Naturally, for today's Haitian feast, Qiu Mu Orange would not be able to attend.

    Qiu Mu Orange whispered back, "It's fine, this kind of occasion, with my status, I wouldn't have been qualified to go."

    "It's fine if you two go, don't mind me."

    Qiu Mu Orange said indifferently, her tone carrying an inexplicable sense of loss and self-deprecation.

    For some reason, when she saw the tickets Ma Mingbo gave Suzy, she suddenly had the urge to cry.

    Every woman has a man who cares for and loves her, even Suzy who has been single for many years, now there is someone who treats her well.

    Only she, Qiu Mu Orange, had no one to care for her.

    For a moment, Qiu Mu Orange really felt as if she had been abandoned by the world.

    "Alright then."

    "Mu Orange, you wait well at home, I'll come back for you soon after attending the banquet."Suzy slowly returned.

    And then pushing the door open, she was ready to go to the banquet with Ma Mingbo.

    However, who would have thought that the moment they pushed the door open, a luxury car suddenly stopped.

    Immediately afterwards, several men in suits stepped in.

    "Excuse me, is Miss Autumn Mu Orange available?"

    "On the order of the Second Master, we have come to present an invitation to Miss Qiu."

    "We sincerely invite Miss Qiu to the Sea Source Pavilion for the Sea Sky Feast!"

    "Please, Miss Autumn, be sure to visit."

    The low, thick voice echoed without ceasing.

    Su Xi and Ma Mingbo were immediately flabbergasted there.

    Qiu Mu Orange, even more so, lifted her pretty face, filled with panic!


Chapter 645


    "For Mu Orange?"

    Suzy was equally surprised.

    Even Ma Mingbo, looking at the scene before him, a pair of old eyes immediately widened.

    "The invitation sent by the second master?"

    "Are you sure you're not mistaken?"

    Ma Mingbo was confused and couldn't help but ask.

    It wasn't that he, Ma Mingbo, looked down on Qiu Mu Orange, it was mainly because even he himself didn't have this treatment ah.

    To have Second Master Li personally invite him by name and send someone to visit his door to deliver the sticker.

    This treatment, even he, Ma Mingbo, didn't deserve to have.

    I guess only people at his father's level can have such a standard treatment.

    As for Qiu Mu orange, he was only the CEO of a small company. Compared to ordinary people, Qiu Mu orange could be considered outstanding, but compared to the real rich and powerful, Qiu Mu orange was just a small person with no name.

    Therefore, Ma Mingbo naturally didn't think that Qiu Mu Orange would have such qualifications that Second Master Li would send someone to his door to invite him.

    "That's natural!"

    "Can't we get the second master's name wrong?"

    Hearing Ma Mingbo question, the few people in front of him, however, were somewhat unhappy.Immediately, they returned in a cold voice.

    Then, it was asked once again, is that Miss Autumn Mu Orange Autumn?

    It was only then that Autumn Mu Orange slowly stepped forward.

    "I...I am."

    Qiu Mu Orange was clearly surprised and even looked a little trance-like.

    Completely unsure, what was this situation?

    So much so, that the people who delivered the invitation were far away, but Autumn Mu Orange was still flabbergasted and startled as she looked at the black-backed, gold-printed invitation in her hand.

    "Mu Orange, you know Second Master Li?"Suzy also asked unbelievably.

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head in a row.

    Second Master Li was in Yunzhou, that was a big figure like an earth emperor.

    She, Qiu Mu Orange, was just a small citizen of the city, how could she possibly know such a big person?

    "Since we don't know each other, then the invitation must be fake."

    "Let me tell you, we're all little people in front of the Li family, so how can people lower themselves to give us invitations?"

    Susie shook her head and said.

    "No, it's not fake."

    "[Country Fiction] It's real!"

    "And this, too, is the most rare Supreme Seat!"

    "In the entire Jiangdong, there are only eighteen people who have been awarded the supreme seat."

    "My father, as well as Chen Ao of Jianghai and Lei San of Jingzhou, all have these seats."

    "Miss Qiu, you've managed to get these seats, you're hiding deep?"

    At this time, it was Ma Mingbo's trembling voice that was heard.

    Ma Mingbo's words were like a boulder like the sea, undoubtedly causing both Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange to tremble.

    In the end, Su Xi was all looking at Qiu Mu Orange with an inexplicable gaze, "Mu Orange, you honestly tell me, are you really falling in love with the Li family?"

    Qiu Mu Orange still shook her head, "No."

    "The only contact I've had with the Li family was the day the company opened, and I only had a one-sided encounter with the Li family's eldest princess."

    "Besides, that time, the Li family probably came for the mayor and had no friendship with me ah."

    Qiu Mu Orange was also in a fog, completely unaware of why the second son of the Li family suddenly sent her an invitation.,.

    "Well, don't think about it."

    "Since the tickets are real, let's hurry to the Sea Origin Pavilion."

    "In a little while, the Sea Heaven Feast will begin."

    Su Xi obviously didn't want to waste any more time on such an insignificant matter, so she no longer inquired about the reason, but urged Qiu Mu Orange to quickly change her clothes and accompany them to the Sea Source Pavilion.

    This time, Qiu Mu Orange didn't postpone anything further.

    After all, Second Master Li had already sent the invitation, if she didn't go, wouldn't it be a slap in the face of Second Master Li?

    The Li family was powerful, and Autumn Mucheng naturally didn't dare to offend them.

    What's more, Qiu Mu Orange also wanted to find out why Second Master Li had inexplicably invited himself to this Sea and Sky Feast.

    Qiu Mu Orange felt that she should find the answer when she arrived.

    And when Qiu Mu Orange, Suzy and her group, drove to the Sea Source Pavilion.

    At the summit of Cloud Peak Mountain, Ye Fan was still standing proudly.

    Under his feet, the cloud lake's smoky waters were vast.

    Behind him, however, Li Er was groveling and waiting respectfully.

    "Mr. Chu, according to your wishes, that invitation has been delivered to Miss Qiu."

    Ye Fan nodded his head.And then waved his hand, indicating that Li Er could leave.



    On top of the cloud top mountain, Ye Fan stood alone and proud.

    The cold wind was biting, lifting the tips of the hair on Ye Fan's forehead.

    His red lips lightly opened and he spoke faintly.

    "Mu Orange, it's soon."

    "Today at the wine banquet, you will know what kind of existence your man is!"

    "You will also know whether what I once said was a lie or the truth."

    "You will know moreover whether I, Ye Fan, rely on others or on myself for what I have achieved today!"


    Ye Fan's low words echoed the heavens and earth.

    Soon, they were smashed to pieces by the oncoming wind!

    Just like this, after Ye Fan stood proudly on top of the mountain for a long time, but behind him, there was a clear and beautiful woman, calling out with joy.

    "Brother Xiaofan, it's time."

    "We, it's time to depart for the feast!"

    Chen Nan was wearing a long, light and elegant dress, with three thousand green threads draped over her shoulders like a waterfall.

    Today's Chen Nan, all dressed up, but also a city of great beauty, chic and touching.

    As the saying goes, a man dies for his soulmate, and a woman is pleasing to herself!

    Since she was going to go to the Sea and Sky Feast with her most admired brother, Little Fan, Nan Chen naturally dressed up with great care.

    At this time, Chen Nan was standing pavilion-like, looking at the figure in front of her and saying with a smile.

    Ye Fan turned his back to her, and after a moment's silence, he returned the word "good"!



    Outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, there were already luxury cars like clouds.

    The brand new red carpet stretched over eight hundred meters.

    On both sides of the red carpet, ceremonial ladies dressed in red cheongsams, despite the cold, holding their long hair, wearing exquisite makeup, with a charming smile, in the most respectful posture, welcoming the arrival of the bigwigs from all sides.

    The street in front of the Haiyuan Pavilion had been completely sealed off.

    Other than the vehicles going to the banquet, all other idle vehicles were prohibited from entering.

    Not only that, in order to ensure the safety of all the people attending the banquet, Li Er even mobilized hundreds of bodyguards and placed them nearby, standing by at all times.

    Even Li Er had asked the police department to help maintain law and order in the vicinity.

    After all, the people gathered in the Haiyuan Pavilion today are all leading figures of major prefecture-level cities.

    It can be said that today's Yunzhou has become the power center of the entire Jiangdong.

    If anything were to happen here, the big names of Jiangdong would be wiped out in a single pot.With no head of the dragon, Jiangdong will definitely be in chaos in the future.

    Therefore, security measures are of course of utmost importance!

    What's more, this was the first time Li Er was hosting such a grand feast, so he couldn't afford any slip-ups.

    Otherwise, if he messed up this sea and sky feast, Li Er had no doubt that Ye Fan would be the first to kill him in his anger!


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