The King of Kungfu in school 2076-2080


Chapter 2076

Tang Zichen took a lot of effort to get home.

"Damn, I didn't expect that a perfect score on the exam would make so many people worship me."Tang Zichen said with a wipe of cold sweat on his forehead.

"Husband, I also worship you."Yun Zi said happily.

"Worship can be a meal."

At that moment, Xing Luo walked in from outside.

"Tang Zichen, you've really surprised me."Star Luo smiled.

"Haha, Miss Xing Luo is over-praised."

"You're overpraised even with a perfect score."

"It's just theory, what's the big deal, there's the practical part next."Tang Zichen said modestly, there are some people who understand the theory but the practical part is another thing, when he used to study, wasn't that the case for many students.

"Although it's true, the fact that you were able to get a perfect score in theory shows that you are incredibly talented, I think that Tian Xiang would have to be willing to do the same."Star Luo said.

"Haha, Miss Xing Luo is exaggerating, I'd rather wait until the practical competition is over as well for such words." Remember the URL

"Well, I'll be looking forward to your results for the practice portion."Star Luo smiled.

If Tang Zichen still received high scores even for the practice part, then Tang Zichen was definitely a divine talent.

Star Luo left first, and not long after, Master This Summer also returned.


"Disciple, the Immortal Pill Conference, it will continue tomorrow, so hurry up and go review."

"Good.By the way, Master, the practical part of the Immortal Pill Assembly competition, there are results as well?"

"Of course, the comparison is to the potency of the immortal pills, there will be a special immortal potency testing immortal device that emits a colorful light, the brighter the light, the higher the quality and the better the effect of the immortal pills after consumption."


Tang Zichen went off to refine the pills.

Of course, there weren't that many immortal grasses to practice with, so the lowest grade of immortal grasses were used purely for practice.

Right now, at a certain mansion.

"Master, the Zhou Mi theory test and got a perfect score, did you know that?"Tian Xiang said to her master.

Grandmaster Green King nodded, "I've already heard about it, I really didn't think, this kid really has some talent.As such, counting him far away, I will allow you to take him as your disciple."

Master Tianxiang said, "Master, I'm afraid I'm not qualified to take him, I think, you can take him as your disciple."

"Joke, you want to accept him with just a perfect score in theory?"

"Master, isn't a perfect score in theory enough?His papers are posted and I've looked at them, and it's true that there are no deductions."

"Tian Xiang, I said that you're simple, and you're still not convinced.What if this is intentional?"

"What do you mean?"

The Green King said, "Tianxiang, you should also know how many people in the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent want to become my disciple, but unfortunately, how many people are seeking to do so.If that Zhou Mi, who colluded with the Immortal Pill Palace, leaked the questions in advance and deliberately made Tang Zichen score a perfect score on the exam, then, wouldn't that wish to be accepted as my disciple be fulfilled?"

"Ah, this, it's impossible."

"Tian Xiang, knowing people's faces and hearts, there are all kinds of people in the world, after the practice part, I'll keep an eye on Zhou Mi to see if he really has this talent, if he's so good at the practice part, too, then only then can we be sure that this is true."

"Alright."Tian Xiang nodded.

The next day, Tang Zichen went to the Great Hall of Immortal Pills early in the morning.

"Good morning, Master Zhou.


"Brother Zhou, you're here so early."

As soon as he entered the main hall, Tang Zichen was immediately greeted by many people, a world of difference from his last visit.

"Polite and courteous."Tang Zichen also responded politely.

However, there were also people who sneered at Tang Zichen and snorted in a small voice, "It's just theory, it's nothing."

There were also some who were very jealous and went so far as to insult, "Trash."

For this kind of people, Tang Zichen also really have nothing to say, moving to curse people trash, this kind of talent is the most most trash, heaven and earth all things session useful, nothing is trash.Even if a lump of shit, it can still be used as fertilizer, it's not trash.

Not long after, the sound of booming talk came from the door, Tang Zichen looked towards the door, Tianxiang and her master Green King came, many people greeted.

As soon as Tianxiang entered the main hall, she saw Tang Zichen.

"Zhou Mi, you're here."Tianxiang came over.

"Meet Master Tianxiang."Tang Zichen said respectfully.

"Oh, there's no need to be so polite."

At that moment, Green King also came up and said to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, yesterday's theory results were good."

"Thank you, Senior Green King."

"Don't thank me yet, I haven't promised to let you be like my master."Green King said evenly.

Tang Zichen was startled, his heart was very unhappy, Mombi, did Tang Zichen say he wanted to enter his master's gate?It was just a polite way of saying thank you.

However, Tang Zichen didn't bother to offend him, smiled and didn't say anything.

Green King said, "Zhou Mi, the results of the theory are good, but not exactly your own answer, there's a bit of a test on that."

"Does senior think that wasn't my test?"

"It doesn't matter if you took the test or not, it doesn't matter now, the practice competition will start soon, and if your score in the practical part of the test doesn't match your score in the theory, then it will be clear if you did or not,"Green King said.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Green King is right."

"Zhou Mi, this time, I came here on purpose to keep an eye on your participation in the practice competition, so that you don't have the slightest chance to cheat, and if you had better indeed deserve the results of the theory test, then I will consider letting you join my master and worship Tian Xiang as your teacher.Alright, you don't need to get too excited, although I have come to inspect you on purpose, you should indeed be excited."After saying that, Senior Green King turned around and walked away.

Tang Zichen internally scowled, "What a thing."

In fact, Tang Zichen was resisting within, but, a bit of a pity, if he could really worship the Green King, then Tang Zichen would almost be able to walk sideways in Upper Fellows Island.

However, this Green King was high and mighty, as if Tang Zichen was stubbornly and desperately trying to worship him, which made Tang Zichen resentful.

Tian Xiang said to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, work hard oh, I'm very optimistic about you."

"I will."Tang Zichen didn't bother to say anything to defame her master.

Not long after, the master of the Immortal Pill Conference came.

"Everyone, please be quiet."

Everyone immediately quieted down.

"The theoretical exam is over and everyone knows their respective results, starting from today, we'll be doing live practical alchemy, please be prepared, everyone only has one chance.Next, please level one Xian Dan masters, to the largest hall, level two Xian Dan masters followed by level three Xian Dan masters again."

Tens of thousands of first level Immortal Pill masters came to a largest hall that could hold tens of thousands of people, it was huge.At the moment, there were already tens of thousands of First Grade Immortal Masters standing, but it still appeared to be still very empty.


"Fellow First Class Immortal Pill Masters, we will soon begin practicing alchemy, according to the ranking of the theoretical exams, a batch of twenty.Now, please come up to the first to the twentieth place of the theory exam."

Tang Zichen puffed up his proud chest and walked up to stand under the dais in front of the main hall.

The other nineteen people also came up, Tang Zichen was the first in theory and was worshipped by many people, but not including the dozen or so people who were coming up at this moment.

This was because these nineteen people, who were respectively the second to the twentieth in theory, were also extremely talented, and they were not at all convinced.

A perfect score in theory was nothing, the level of practice was the most important thing, so they were not convinced, and they vowed to surpass Tang Zichen in practice.

A young man standing next to Tang Zichen, looked at Tang Zichen and snorted in a low voice, "Zhou Mi right, I hope your practice level, will not let me down."

This young man, who used to be the first place in the theory of First Grade Immortal Pill Master, was surpassed by Tang Zichen this time, and he was very displeased with Tang Zichen inside.

Tang Zichen said, "Sourpuss."

"Who the hell are you saying sourpuss."That youth was furious.

"Haha, isn't it obvious, I theoretically came first and took the first place that belonged to you, it's weird if it's not sour, listen to your tone just now, it's sour ah."Tang Zichen said.

Everyone looked to Tang Zichen's side. One second to remember to read the book

At that moment, the master asked, "Zhou Mi, Cai Chun, what are you two muttering about?"

The youth beside Tang Zichen said, "Zhou Mi he is despising me."

Tang Zichen was startled, this guy, he was actually believing what he said.

The master of the house frowned and asked, "What does Zhou Mi despise you for?"

"I just congratulated him, but he was so dismissive of me and said that he wanted to be close to him even with me, I was so upset that I just stood up to him and hoped that his level of practice wouldn't let me down.That was it."

Many people at the scene cursed Tang Zichen as soon as they heard this, "A perfect score on the theory test, just he? floating up."

"This kind of person is disgusting, it's just theory, it's nothing, and I don't know if there's any suspicion of cheating."

Throughout the main hall, many people rumbled and discussed.

The principal said to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, that's your fault, it's true that it's not bad to get a perfect score on the exam, but it's too disgraceful to look down on others because of that.This Cai Chun beside you, he used to be first every time, and what he is really good at is the practical part, every time he scored 4 meters of brightness in the practical part, far above the average score of less than one meter, and you have the nerve to say that he doesn't deserve to be close to you."

Tang Zichen said, "Why did Senior only listen to his words, he was the one who just sourly said to me that he hoped the practice level would not disappoint him, that's all."

"Alright, there's no time to worry about such things like you now, but Cai Chun is right, indeed, you scored full marks in theory, and I hope your practical level, too, will be even better than Cai Chun's."

"Of course."Tang Zichen clenched his teeth.

But, looking at everyone, it should be hard to surpass Cai Chun.

Everyone standing in the main hall at the moment knew how awesome Cai Chun was.

Everyone knew that the Second Grade Immortal Pill Master, the most genius was Tian Xiang.

And the first level Immortal Pill Master, the most powerful was Cai Chun, and Cai Chun's level of practice was very, very high, reaching four meters of light, which was not even as good as Master Tianxiang, who practiced Immortal Pills that only reached 3.5 meters!

Just the light.

Also, Cai Chun's master was also a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, and there were two fourth-grade Immortal Pill Masters in the Upper Fife Yama Continent, the Green King and another one was Cai Chun's master.

Tang Zichen didn't have a famous master to guide him, it was a bit of a fantasy to concoct an Immortal Pill that surpassed Cai Chun's quality, practice was the only test of truth.

"Alright, everyone be quiet, below, it's time to begin."

The main hall immediately quieted down.

The master said, "Please prepare the first batch, after I shout to begin, you will hear in your mind the name, efficacy, and function of the immortal pills you have made, then, each of you will begin to make a single immortal pill."

"One, two, three."

After saying that, in the ears of Tang Zichen and the other twenty people, the voice of the master immediately rang out, "Please refine an Immortal Pill that can aid in nourishing one's face, increase one's Immortal Strength by around three percent, increase one's Immortal Thoughts by around seven percent, assist in the effects of speed spell attacks, and be able to neutralize the trauma effects of mental spell attacks."

After hearing the title, the twenty people all began to gaze in meditation.

This was really practice, this wasn't easy.

It was somewhat similar to prescribing medicine.

Tang Zichen was a divine physician in the Mortal Realm and another Pill Master in the Spiritual Realm, so this was not foreign to Tang Zichen at all.

Tang Zichen was also contemplating to see how a pill like this was to be so refined.

To satisfy so many effects at the same time, the slightest deviation could be far from the mark.

Immortal pills could be high or low, but it didn't make much sense to eat them with the wrong effect.

Below the main hall, those who hadn't had their turn yet, seeing the way that the first group of people were gazing and meditating, they commented, "Looking at their pondering expressions one by one, it seems that the Immortal Pill to be refined is very difficult."

"Yeah, it's a pity that we can't hear them, or we could have thought ahead."

"Thinking ahead, that's not fair."

"The time has come to reflect one's level of alchemy, no matter how powerful the experience is, it's still theory ah, today I'll just see if that Zhou Mi is still that god."

"I'll bet ten packs of spicy strips that he'll be left with no scraps left by Cai Chun's seconds."

"Who wants your spicy strips."

"Hey hey, my Ding Clan's spicy strips can be made from very cherished immortal grasses, eat one for safekeeping to prolong your life."

At this moment, the master shouted, "Please be quiet for those who haven't had their turn yet and don't disturb those who are practicing the assessment."

The main hall quieted down.

When the master saw twenty people, still thinking, he smiled and said, "Don't be in a hurry, think slowly, after all, you only have one chance.After you guys come up with the materials you need, go to the Immortal Grass Storage Room next to it and get them."

At this moment, Tang Zichen squinted his eyes.

In fact, Tang Zichen had already thought of those materials to use, how to control the true fire, how to master the fire, and how to match the materials, Tang Zichen already had these in mind.

However, the matter was important, since there was no need to compare time, then why not spend more time on it, so that the effect of becoming a pill would also be more significant.

Right at this moment, Cai Chun, who was beside Tang Zichen, made his move.

Cai Chun was the first to head to the immortal grass storage room next to him.

The crowd below cried out in alarm, "Worthy of Cai Chun, it's only been a few minutes and he's figured out how to refine it."


"Cai Chun is awesome, he started choosing materials in a few minutes, and then look at that Zhou Mi who scored full marks in theory and is still thinking with his eyes closed."

"I see, that Zhou Mi is going to hit his face."

Cai Chun entered the storeroom, the storeroom was full of immortal grasses, Cai Chun took a dozen of them, then walked out of the storeroom.Then, Cai Chun immediately began to refine his pills.

Everyone else, however, was still thinking.

Tang Zichen didn't deliberately try to compare time with Cai Chun, if this wanted to compare time, Tang Zichen would have already entered the storeroom.

So, Tang Zichen continued to close his eyes, and in Tang Zichen's mind, Tang Zichen was simulating the exercise, Tang Zichen was simulating every tiny step, so that Tang Zichen could grasp every minute and every bit of it.

In a few more minutes, the second, third, and fourth, entered the storage room to get the medicine.

At the scene, many people saw that Tang Zichen was still thinking, and they couldn't help but start laughing in shame.

"That's a full score of theory?"

"People are about to finish practicing Cai Chun and he still hasn't figured out that he should use those materials, I go, sure enough his score is in question."

"Haha, the original form is revealed." First URL

At this moment, in the darkness of the palace, the Green King's heart chilled, "This brat, the theory really is cheating, after all this time, he still hasn't figured out what materials to use."

At this moment, Tang Zichen opened his eyes wide.

Inwardly, Tang Zichen said, "It's done."

In Tang Zichen's mind, a flawless Immortal Pill, this was what Tang Zichen had simulated refining in his mind, if Tang Zichen hadn't simulated refining it in his mind beforehand, the final effect would have been absolutely discounted by three percent.

However, at that moment, he heard Cai Chun shout, "Master Senior, I've finished practicing."

"Very well, bring it up for testing."


Cai Chun immediately took the pills he had practiced up for testing.

Tang Zichen was about to enter the storage room, but when he saw that Cai Chun had finished practicing, Tang Zichen stopped to see how his Immortal Pill was doing.

In the main hall, everyone looked at Cai Chun's Immortal Pill with tension and anticipation.

The master of the house, saw that the master of the house put Cai Chun's Immortal Pill into an immortal tool that resembled a grinding wheel.

Then, the principal struck a spiritual imprint into the grindstone.

Soon after, an object the size of a soybean on top of the mill plate immortal artifact emitted a multicolored light.

That multicolored light was suddenly shining all around.

"That ruler come."The master shouted, and immediately, the two assistants took out a ruler and measured into that light.Measure as far as the light shines, the farther the light shines, the better it naturally is.

After a few breaths, the master smiled, "The results are out, Cai Chun, the potency of this assessment of the Immortal Pill is, 4.18 meters."

"Wow."The entire audience was shocked.

It was another refresh of the record that Cai Chun had previously held by himself.

The previous record that Cai Chun himself held was 4.07 meters.

"Congratulations, Cai Chun, you're worthy of being Master Lan Zifang's disciple, the worthy King of First Grade Immortal Pillars ah.Although you didn't win first place in theory, your level of practice tells everyone who is the most talented."The master said to Cai Chun, and there was a hint of pleasantness in his tone.

"Thank you, Senior Principal."Cai Chun slightly arched his hand.

At this moment, in the shadows, that Green King was upset when he heard Cai Chun's level of practice and said, "This little bastard, every time he refines an Immortal Pill, the potency reaches above four meters of light.My apprentice Tian Xiang, when will she ever reach above four meters of light?What a displeasure, my apprentice, losing to that old woman, Blue Zifang.


The Green King looked at Cai Chun and was depressed, he and Lan Zifang, were the only two fourth-ranked Immortal Pillars in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, and they both had a disciple, however, the Green King's disciple, Tian Xiang, was a notch below Lan Zifang's disciple in terms of practice level, which made the Green King's status, in effect, a notch lower than Lan Zifang's.

Tang Zichen stopped watching and went into the Immortal Grass Storage Room.

That Cai Chun looked at Tang Zichen's back and inwardly hummed, "Zhou Mi, even you dare to compete with me in practice, how will I let you die, don't you know that I'm the only one among all first-grade Immortal Pill masters, who can refine more than four meters of Light Immortal Pill?"

Cai Chun had already felt that the victory was within his grasp.

Tang Zichen quickly finished choosing the Immortal Grass.

Only, when Tang Zichen Fairy Grass, everyone was a little surprised.

"What happened to Zhou Mi?You only took four herbs?Could it be that he thinks that he can concoct a qualifying Immortal Pill using the four ingredients?"

"Hahaha, this level, there's really no one else, Cai Chun has just used more than a dozen types of materials, but he only has four."

Not to mention those low level people, even the Green King in the dark was puzzled at the moment.

The Green King said in his heart, "This brat only chose four types of immortal grasses, and he wants to concoct immortal pills that meet the assessment requirements?What the hell was he thinking?Could it be that he didn't even know the immortal grasses to be used in order to concoct immortal pills that matched the effect?Completely blind refining?"

Tang Zichen faced everyone's questions without a pitter patter.

Tang Zichen only raised the corners of his mouth slightly.

Only a person with a low level would add many immortal grasses in order to refine a certain kind, because a low level person, he had to train to make an immortal pill that met the requirements, but he didn't know how to match it, so he could only add more and more.

Tang Zichen immediately began to refine it, the virtual fire in his hand spewing out like a tongue of fire.

Because he adopted few immortal grasses, he refined it quickly, and, in his mind again before, he even simulated the details.

In about thirty seconds, Tang Zichen extinguished the Void Fire, and with a flip of his hand, the Immortal Pill was already practiced.

"I've finished practicing."


The crowd was shocked, so fast?

Even the Green King in the shadows was shocked, it was rare for him to finish practicing so quickly, which meant that he already had his heart set on it, or he had refined it countless times before.

The master said, "Bring it up for testing."

Tang Zichen handed his Immortal Pill up.Although Tang Zichen was the fifth to go in to get the medicine, Tang Zichen was the second to finish refining it.

Everyone held their breath as they looked at the Immortal Pill.

The mastermind put the Immortal Pill into a place like a millstone just like earlier.

This time, the master didn't enter the spirit mark again, as he had already done so just now, and the spirit mark he had just stepped into was a simulation of the person taking the immortal pills.

At that moment, the dots on the mill began to glow with a colorful light.

A few seconds later, that light was suddenly illuminated far away.

"Wow damn."The whole place was dumbstruck, it was no longer necessary to measure with a ruler, the eyes could tell how much brighter it was than Cai Chun's Immortal Pill.

The master panicked, "Quick, measure with a ruler."

The two assistants immediately did as they were told.

A few breaths later, one of the assistants said to the master, "Senior master, the measurement is out, Zhou Mi's Immortal Pill, potency rays, reached 7.85 meters."



The entire main hall couldn't help but roar out.



"7.85 meters?This too."

At this moment, Master Green King, who was in the dark, also brought shock to his entire being.

With the Green King's current skill, the Immortal Pill he had practiced was only a little over four and a half meters of light, and even when he had performed extraordinarily well, he hadn't exceeded five meters, and Tang Zichen, so easily reaching seven point eight meters, this wasn't just a string of numbers, this represented medicinal efficacy.

Of course, the one who was most shocked at the moment was Cai Chun, Cai Chun was completely stupid.

"This is impossible, this is simply impossible, not even my master could train such an effective Immortal Pill, how could he."Cai Chun immediately shouted, "Master Senior, I seriously suspect that Zhou Mi is cheating."


"Yes, even my master couldn't reach this level, how could he, and, Zhou Mi's master this summer, trashy as hell, how could such a trashy master be able to discipline such a powerful Xian Dan master, this must be cheating."

When everyone heard Cai Chun's words, they felt that it made a bit of sense, Master Jinxia's practice level was only a little over one meter, this teacher-disciple gap was too big.

"This, Cai Chun, is it just because of this that he is judged to have cheated?Do you need any other evidence?"The officiating exec asked.

"Not at the moment, but I'll look into it at one point." Remember the URL

"So, now you just suspect him of cheating?"


"Oh, Cai Chun, that's where you're wrong, you don't even have any evidence, what makes you doubt, even if his master, Master Imha, is no good, is he no good?Perhaps, Zhou Mi is so talented that he doesn't even need a master to do it on his own."

"In short, I'm not convinced."Cai Chun shouted.

Just like this, there was a shout, "Shameless thing, you're not as good as others, but you still suspect being cheated.Master, I can testify for Zhou Mi that he didn't cheat at all."

Everyone looked towards the place where the voice came from, and it was Master Green King.

The Master-in-Charge immediately stepped forward and paid his respects, "Meet Master Green King."

"There's no need to be polite, I was just in the dark, keeping an eye on Zhou Mi the entire time, so I can testify for him that he didn't cheat in any way."

The master smiled obsequiously, "With Master Green King testifying, I'm sure there's no dare to say anything else."

The Green King walked up to Tang Zichen and laughed, "Good boy, really you, greatly surprising me, before I suspected you of cheating in the theory exam, now, I no longer suspect you, Zhou Mi, after finishing, come to my house, hahaha."The Green King laughed loudly, and then walked away.

The crowd was shocked and very envious of Tang Zichen, just now Master Green King's words were already hinting that he would accept Tang Zichen.

The master's senior immediately walked up to Tang Zichen, and offered his hospitality, "Zhou Mi, don't quickly say thank you senior, you must go forward."

"Er."Tang Zichen did not say, and the Green King quickly left.

The main matter said to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, you're really good, in the future, I hope to take care of you more."The main matter was clearly trying to please Tang Zichen in advance and get on good terms with Tang Zichen.

"Hahaha, well said, well said."

"Hmph."Cai Chun, who was beside him, turned around with a displeased cry.

The master exec shouted to Tang Zichen Cai Chun, "Cai Chun, no one is allowed to leave until everyone's practice operation is over."

"Nonsense, this isn't my first time participating."Cai Chun walked to the side of the main hall to rest.

Tang Zichen remained where he was, watching the others practice their operations.

The others, almost to less than a meter, or even, some were only 0.3 meters, this kind of Immortal Pill was so ineffective that Tang Zichen wanted to mock it a bit when he looked at it.

The master senior moved to chat with Tang Zichen at every turn, making it look like he had a good relationship with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen asked, "Master Senior, do you know an Immortal Pill Master named Chen Changqiu?"

"Of course I know, he's gone to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, and I heard that in the

It was good to mix there.He's quite refined, and with his level, his status won't be too high at all in the Upper Fey Yan Continent; instead, he'll go to some small immortal kingdoms and be able to mix better and be on par with the emperors of immortal kingdoms."

Tang Zichen said, "Chen Changqiu's level is very low?"

"Yes, he used to come to every session as well, and he was only 60 or 70 points in the theory exam, and the practical level, which is about 0.5 meters of potency, his level is on the back side of all Immortal Masters.If he was in Upper Feyama, those big powers wouldn't even hire him as a basic Immortal Master, so it's most correct for him to go to the Small Immortal Kingdom."

"Oh, such poor potency."Tang Zichen had even taken the immortal pills he had refined before, what a waste of those few immortal grasses at that time, if they had been refined by a more effective immortal pills master, it would have been even better.

A few days passed in a blink of an eye, and finally, all ten thousand Level 1 Immortal Pill Masters had completed their practical operations.

Of course, the Third Grade Immortal Pill Masters and Second Grade Immortal Pill Masters, due to their small numbers, had already finished.

By the time Tang Zichen and the others finished, the Level 2 and Level 3 Immortal Masters outside already knew about Tang Zichen's practice level of 7.85 meters.

As soon as Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall door, a group of people gathered around.

"Master Zhou, my name is Manli, come sit at my house tonight."

"Master Zhou, my daughter would like to ask you to be her personal guide, what do you think ah, by the way, my daughter is eighteen, oh."

"Master Zhou, you're so capable at such a young age, the future is bright, I'm a mortal immortal, let's be friends."

A group of people crowded up.

Cai Chun, who came out with Tang Zichen, was ignored.

"Bastard ball."Cai Chun snorted and exhaled.

Tang Zichen wasted a lot of effort to deal with those who wanted to be friends with him.

"Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen was about to quickly leave when a man lifted the curtains in a luxurious beast car beside him and called out to Tang Zichen.

When Tang Zichen looked, it was Xing Luo.

"Miss Xing Luo."

"Get in the car quickly, before another group of people crowd up."


Tang Zichen quickly entered the car.

After entering the car, Tang Zichen found that there was more than one person in the car, there was also Tianxiang.

"Ah, Master Tianxiang, you're here too."

Tianxiang was a bit embarrassed, "Don't call me any master, you're the real master."

"Master Tianxiang is really good at telling jokes."

Star Luo said, "Alright, Tang Zichen, don't ridicule Tianxiang, nowadays, your level is already above Tianxiang, although Tianxiang's Immortal Pill Master rank is higher than yours, but her talent may not be higher than yours."

"Oh, dare I ask, how was Master Tianxiang's practice this time?"

Tian Xiang bitterly said, "3.8."

"Uh, so."

"You're not even half as effective as you should be,"Tenka said.

"Ah, haha."Tang Zichen looked a little embarrassed.

Tang Zichen asked, "Miss Xing Luo, are we going home now?"


"Uh, so where to?"

"Go to the Green King's house."

"Shit, why would I go to the Green King's house."

"Tang Zichen, the Green King has already told Tianxiang that he will personally take you as his disciple, I'm afraid that you kid will be confused, so I'm here specifically waiting for you."

"Miss Star Luo, it seems immoral for you to make decisions for me like this, I have no intention of worshipping the Green King as my master, besides, how embarrassing it would be for Master This Summer for me to turn to the Green King as my master."

Xing Luo said, "Tang Zichen, you have to be sensible ah, Master Imha and Master Green King, this one is heaven and one is earth ah, if you pay homage to Master Green King as your master, then you will be completely untouchable in the Upper Fey Yan Continent in the future.


"Uh, this."

"Have you seen the status of Tenka?Who would dare to mess with St. Charles?Also, how many people are pursuing Tin Xiang?It's all just a matter of using Master Green King's influence.If you become Green King's disciple, your status will not be lower than Tian Xiang, and then a whole bunch of beautiful women will want to marry you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "A whole bunch of beauties, then may I ask, is there you?Do you have a heavenly fragrance?"

"Uh, you kid, don't make fun of us."Starro snaps.

"What's the point of that."

"Tang Zichen, I'm serious, it's better if you really listen to me and don't get carried away yourself."

Tian Xiang also said, "Yes, Zhou Mi, I also want you to be my junior brother."

Xing Luo said, "Tang Zichen, it's not that I'm not moral, but the gap is really too big, worshipping Master Jin Xia will not get you anything at all, now with your talent, Master Jin Xia can't guide you anymore, instead Master Jin Xia, now wants to use your fame to raise his status.If you become a disciple of the Green King, the families of the fourth class hegemons of the Upper Fellows will be willing to marry you.Do you know what the families of the fourth class hegemons are?That's a family with a strong Upper Immortal."

"Upper Immortals."Tang Zichen was startled.

Tang Zichen: "That's not, it's almost the same as your family."

Tianxiang Shang: "The Star Luo family is a third class overlord family." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh."Tang Zichen understood, so Tang Zichen wasn't worthy of Star Luo right now.

"Alright, don't talk about me, Tang Zichen, think about it yourself, how much are the benefits of becoming Green King's disciple, there will be immortal pills for you to eat in the future, you also know that immortal grass is something that the more powerful you are, the more you will be able to obtain.Moreover, you are both literary and martial, Green King and Tian Xiang, both only know how to refine pills and are ordinary in terms of strength.If you worship the Green King as your master, do you say yourself that the Green King will do his best to build you?Definitely."

Tianxiang nodded, "Yes, in that case, Master will definitely use all his resources on you."

Star Luo said, "You shouldn't doubt Tian Xiang's words either, the Green King and Tian Xiang are not from the School of Strength, they have no conflict with you, and the resources regarding strength are naturally given to you."

"This."Tang Zichen felt a bit tempted.

It was really tempting, if you worshipped the Green King, Tang Zichen would immediately be on top of his life and marry a rich white woman.

However, this wouldn't work, this wasn't moral, how would this make Master This Summer feel.

Although Master This Summer wasn't as capable as Green King, and even less in status, but Master This Summer had at least carefully disciplined Tang Zichen, he couldn't just abandon him because his skills weren't working, and move on to another master.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I'm blessed with that,"Tang Zichen said.

Star Luo gasped, "Tang Zichen, what do you want me to say to understand."

"I'm sorry, I can't do that, although I do get a lot of benefits for a while, huh?"

Tian Xiang said, "It's okay, you should think about it for a while, deal with your relationship with Master Imaha first before coming back, I think my master can wait."

"That's fine."Star Luo nodded.

Celestial Fragrance said, "In that case, you can go home first, I'll get off here as well."


Master Tianxiang got off the bus, and Xing Luo told the learning bus to turn around and head in the direction of the Xing Clan.

Soon, Tang Zichen would be home.

Right now, at Master Imaha's residence.

Master Ima Xia was sitting on a chair at the entrance without saying a word.

Master This Summer had already finished his practical assessment, his practical level, which was only a little over one meter, was still the same old thing, something that was difficult to improve without that day's talent, of course, Master This Summer was victimized to have his talent reduced so much.

After Master This summer finished, when he walked out of the main hall, he heard the news that his disciple's practice level reached 7.8.

At first, Master This Summer was very happy, full of smiles and many people were close to Master This Summer.

However, it later came out that the Green King had already revealed to Tang Zichen that he was taking him on as a disciple.

Master Ima Xia was starting to get a little worried and many people were secretly talking about him, saying that he had picked up Tang Zichen, a whole bunch of bad words, which made Master Ima Xia think that Tang Zichen would definitely go away.

Just at that moment, Tang Zichen returned.


"Ah, Zhou Mi, why are you still coming to my place."Master Imaha was startled.

"Uh, you're my Master, why can't I come here."

"Zhou Mi, didn't the Green King reveal to you that he meant to take you as his disciple?You?"

"Oh, more than revealed, Star Luo and Tian Xiang are still waiting at the entrance of the Immortal Palace to pick me up and take me to the Green King's house, but I didn't go."


"Master, I told you that day that I was a teacher for life, so if I turn to the Green King as my master again, where will your face be."

"But, I can't give you any status at all, instead, I have to rely on your reputation so that I can improve my status in the Immortal Pill World."Master This Summer said with embarrassment.

"Which so what."

"Zhou Mi, it's better for your future if you still go to worship the Green King as your master no, I can understand you and will never say anything bad about you.My level of practice is not as good as yours, it's only in the quality of the Immortal Pill, I can still guide you, the rest is no longer possible.And that Green King, he can guide you to a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, if you can become a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, that is."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Is a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master a bull?No, that's not my goal.Besides, you can at least guide me to level three Immortal Master."

"But, I can only go so far, and the Green King, can help you reach level four."

Tang Zichen to, "After I reach level three Immortal Master, I will research on my own, I don't need anyone to guide me to become level four, besides, my goal is not level four, level five, level six, level seven, after that all these, I still need to research on my own, what does the Green King count."

"But, his current status can give you too much, and the level five and six you said is just talk, how can you reach it so easily."

"Alright, Master, my mind is made up, I will never worship your enemy as my master, and although you won't stop me for the sake of my future, I can't do that."

Master This Summer was very touched and vowed, "Zhou Mi, from now on, I will put all my heart but spend it on you, I will make you become a third level Immortal Pill Master as fast as possible, although I am not as good as the Green King, but I will spend ten times as much time, I will never be inferior to the Green King."

"Thank you, Master."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

Master This Summer immediately took out a bundle of Immortal Grass and said, "Zhou Mi, I have over twenty Immortal Grasses here, from thousands of years to hundreds of millions of years, take them all."

"Ah, Master, that's not allowed."

"Oh, I don't have as many resources as the Green King, but I'm willing to invest my entire body but to you, I don't have much hope of breaking through upwards anyway, and using any more would be a waste."


"Take it."

"Master, this."

"Then, how about I help you train into an Immortal Pill, although the potency of my Immortal Pill is not as high as yours, my Immortal Pill is a Level 3 Immortal Pill, no matter how bad the potency is, it's still better than a Level 1 Immortal Pill.What kind of Immortal Pill do you need?You say."

Tang Zichen saw that his master was determined to give it to him, so he took it.

"Thank you, Master, then help me train into an Immortal Pill that increases Immortal Fate, I only need to increase my Immortal Fate, I don't need any other effect."

"Any Immortal Pill can increase the Immortal Fate, I mean, on top of increasing the Immortal Fate, do you have to conform to other effects, for example, increasing your Immortal Power, Spiritual Power, Immortal Thoughts, etc."

"Then, increase your spiritual power."


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