Dish Best Served Cold 661-665


Chapter 661

"Mr. Chu, it really is still a move against the Meng family." 

    "It's really not overnight revenge."The old man of the Xia family was worried.

    The Xia family's crowd was similarly filled with glazed eyes, clearly not knowing what choice to make either.

    After all, no matter whether it was the Meng family or Mr. Chu, their Xia family couldn't afford to offend anyone.

    "Grandpa, I feel that the cooperation with the Meng family cannot be broken."

    "You know, the Meng family is standing behind a big powerhouse in Yanjing."

    "Moreover, the Meng family and the Zhang family of Yanjing will still be married after the year is out."

    "Now that the two are in a hot fight, if we break off our cooperation with the Meng family at this time, we will undoubtedly offend the Meng family to death."

    "Besides, even if that Ye Fan claims the top of Jiangdong, it's only been a few months since he ascended to the top of Jiangdong, and people's hearts are unstable."

    "At this point in time, dealing with a Meng family with a huge background, it's still uncertain who the deer will die?"

    "After all, wouldn't Yanjing's giants be much more powerful than that so-called Mr. Chu?"

    At this time, Xia Yue was however advising from the side.

    Xia Yue knew very well that she had already offended Ye Fan to death before.If their Xia family fell to Ye Fan, her Xia Yue's situation in the Xia family would be precarious in the future.

    After all, it was impossible for Master Xia to give a heavy responsibility to someone who had a grudge against Mr. Chu.

    Therefore, it was better to persuade the old man to fall to the Meng family at this time rather than suffer a cold reception in the future.

    As long as they, the Xia family, helped the Meng family bring down that Ye Fan, then she, Xia Yue, would still be the Meng family's eldest princess.


    "Grandpa, I think that we should suspend our cooperation accordingly to the call of Second Master Li and the others."

    "Mr. Chu is a dragon flyer among men, we should trust him."

    However, Xia Xue, who had always been timid, didn't know where she had the courage at this moment, but she bravely stood up in the middle of the family meeting and spoke a different voice from Xia Yue.


    "Yuki, you shut up!"

    "What do you know, you dead ninny?"

    "Is it any of your business to talk?"

    "And a dragon among men?"

    "That Ye Fan, I don't know how many lifetimes of luck he's accumulated to get to the top of Jiangdong."

    "Perhaps he's a dragon in the eyes of Jiangdong."

    "But in the eyes of the Yanjing giants, he's nothing?"

    "And a dragon and phoenix?"

    "At best, he's just a turd!"

    Xia Yue did not think that her own weak and timid sister went through daring to disobey her, and suddenly snapped at her.

    Xia Xue was so frightened that she lowered her head, her pretty face drooping, but she no longer dared to speak.

    "Alright, all stop arguing!"

    Finally, after a long silence, the old man of the Xia family spoke.

    For a time, Xia Yue, Xia Xue and the rest of the Xia family all looked at the old master.

    Old Master Xia raised his head and looked at the Xia family crowd, "Listen to my order, after today, my Xia family's company industries are cut off from all business dealings with the Meng family."

    "Mr. Chu is the dragon of my Yunzhou, my Xia family has lived in Yunzhou for generations, so I will support my Yunzhou's dragon!"


    "Grandpa, but..."Hearing the old man's words, Xia Yue was nearly desperate and had to be persuaded again.

    "That's enough!"

    "Xia Yue, perhaps I was too arrogant to you before and actually let you act so recklessly now, not knowing how to behave?How dare you even speak disrespectfully to Mr. Chu?"

    "Do you know that if Mr. Chu were here, just those words you just said would be enough to bury my Xia Family's full clan with you."

    "I'm warning you for the last time, if you dare to disrespect Mr. Chu again in the future, this Xia Family's position as Princess will be rolled down and let Xiao Xue do it!"

    Master Xia's voice was like muffled thunder, rumbling.

    In the face of the old man's authority, Xia Yue's pretty face was pale, terrified no longer daring to speak.


    As the siege of the Meng family by Chen Ao and the others began, a similar scene played out all over Jiangdong.

    Like the Haoshu Wang family, there were those who quietly watched the change.

    Like the Xia family, there were those who supported it with all their might.

    Likewise, there were those family forces that chose to side with the Meng family.



    Liaocheng, Meng family.

    "Hmph, good Mr. Chu."

    "What heavenly nerve!"

    "How dare you actually do something to our Meng family?"

    In the hall, Meng Chunhua slapped the table in anger, darkening his brows.

    He originally thought that with their Meng family's background, even if he lent that Mr. Chu a few guts, he would definitely not dare to take action against the Meng family.

    However, now it seemed that Meng Chunhua had underestimated Ye Fan's ruthlessness.

    "Chunhua, what should we do now?"

    "In the land of Jiangdong, our Meng family has some power, but we obviously can't break bread with Mr. Chu."

    "Today, more than thirty companies have already announced that they are suspending business cooperation with us and cutting off ties!"

    The head of the Meng family, Meng Hao, was full of stares.

    All these years, relying on the shade of her mother's mother's family, their Meng family could be considered to be having a good time in Jiangdong.

    Whether Zhao Wuji was in power, or Chen Ao was ruling the roost, no one dared to touch their Meng family.

    Now, who would have thought that this Mr. Chu, would come up and take a shot at their Meng family.

    Meng Chunhua waved his hand, "Dad, calm down."

    "It's just a suspension of a few collaborations."

    "No one in the province cooperates with us, so we look for companies outside the province to cooperate."

    "As long as the funding chain continues and the supply and marketing chain is still in place, we, the Meng family, will have nothing to fear!"

    Meng Chunhua spoke in a light-hearted manner, his tone appearing extremely confident.

    However, as soon as Meng Chunhua's side of the conversation fell, outside the hall, there were several Meng Clan members, rushing to change, running in.

    "Cousin, uncle, no...It's not good~"

    "What's the panic?"

    "Isn't it just a couple of little shabby businesses that have discontinued working with us?"

    "Big deal, look at all of you wimps."

    "I told you guys to pick up on the outskirts of town, how's the pickup going?"

    When he saw these panicked clansmen in front of him, Meng Chunhua became displeased and sternly rebuked.

    "Cousin, this is what I'm talking about."

    "That fleet of vehicles that the Xia Clan had agreed to supply to us, suddenly all withdrew."

    "That one hundred and eighty tons of raw materials were pulled back again."

    "I called the Xia family's current family member, and they said they would no longer supply us in the future."


    "And this?"

    "A good Xia family, a second-rate family from Yunzhou, and they dare to call us out?"

    "However, we have many supply channels, less him a lot."

    "Contact the rest of the suppliers and ask them to supply us more!"

    Meng Chunhua said in a stern voice.

    "Cousin, we've been in touch."

    "The eight suppliers that have been supplying with us, a full seven of them have suspended their cooperation."

    "There's only one small business left that's still willing to supply, but it's a drop in the bucket!"The Meng family said bitterly.

    Meng Chunhua listened and clenched his palms, "Good you Mr. Chu, he's trying to cut off our Meng family's supply chain."

    "But, can you cut it off?"

    "All the world's bustle is for profit."

    "Third Brother, call seven suppliers such as Lilly and Geely and tell them that our Chunhua Group is willing to buy at twice the previous price!"

    "As long as the other party promises to supply, we promise to pay one billion in advance."

    "I don't believe it, they still don't want the money sent up?"


Money can make the devil take the hindmost.

    Meng Chunhua doesn't believe it, if he opens his own way with money, won't those people be impressed?

    After all, what businessmen valued most was money.

    Only by giving them enough benefits, no matter how solid the barrier was, Meng Chunhua was confident that he could break through it.

    "But, cousin, right now, our group has less than one hundred million in cash."

    "One billion in advance is not enough to raise."The man said bitterly.

    "It's fine, contact the bank."

    "According to the agreement, it's time to release the loan of five billion."Meng Chunhua said indifferently.

    Hearing Meng Chunhua's words, another person stood up in the hall, "Chunhua, I was about to tell you that the bank just called and delayed the release of the loan."

    "It said that it wants to re-evaluate our group's assets as well as the risk situation, and the previous loan will be postponed indefinitely."


    "Postponed?"Meng Chunhua's face darkened instantly.

    "The banks are a bunch of wallflowers!"

    "It's really hard to count on it when it matters."

    "However, the problem is not big."

    "We have sufficient inventory of products now, so if we sell any part of it, the one billion can be earned."

    "Get in touch with those sellers, and tell them that we, the Chunhua Group, want to ship quickly."

    One plan failed, Meng Chunhua had another plan.

    If the bank couldn't lend out the money, then sell the company's products to get cash flow.

    However, as soon as Meng Chunhua's words fell, several people came running outside the door.

    "Family Master, Young Master, no...It's not good."

    "Just now, I'm afraid that I've received return notices from a full hundred distributors."

    "Stating that they will no longer sell products made by our Chunhua Group."

    "Our sales chain, it's broken!"


    As if thunder fell, Meng Chunhua instantly stared at him.

    The rest of the Meng family's crowd, their pupils similarly crinkled and trembled greatly.

    They had never thought that things had reached this point.

    Not only the cash flow, but even the supply and marketing chain had been cut off.

    That Ye Fan, was really going to put their Meng family to death ah!

    "Chun Hua, to...Or, let's just forget about it."

    "Bow down to Mr. Chu, right?"

    "If we continue to fight, I'm afraid our Meng family will really be in ruins."

    Meng Hao was already reluctant.

    In fact, from the beginning, Meng Hao hadn't had much resolve to break wrists with Mr. Chu.

    But Meng Chunhua had always insisted on being tough, and there was nothing he could do about it.

    After all, the Meng family today, even though he was the head of the family.

    The real power, however, was with Meng Chunhua.

    Meng Chunhua was trusted by the old emperor and had courage and boldness.

    The old emperor of the Meng family had already handed over the power to this eldest grandson of his.

    "Forget it?"

    "Never count!"

    "If he wants to fight, then fight."

    "What do I, the Meng Clan, fear from anyone?"

    Meng Chunhua's words were resounding, his domineering words only like gold falling to the ground, echoing unceasingly in this world.

    "Well said!"

    "This is what my Meng sons and daughters are like."

    "This is the bloodthirsty man who can do great things!"

    At this moment, a sound of laughter suddenly came from behind them.

    Meng Chunhua and the others then turned to look, only to see an old woman, holding a yellow rosewood cane, slowly walking out.


    "Grandma, what are you doing out here?"

    Seeing this person, the crowd was shocked.

    Meng Chunhua even went forward to assist him.

    Yes, the old man in front of him was the Meng family's oldest lady, the daughter of the Yanjing Zhang family who had married out, Zhang Yizhu!

    "The family has suffered a calamity, and I came out to help stabilize your heart!"

    "Chunhua, you're right."

    "My Meng family is entrenched in Jiangdong and has never bowed down to a single person."

    "This time, it's no exception!"

    "Chunhua, if you have any ideas, go ahead, grandmother is your most solid source of support."

    "A Mr. Chu who came out of nowhere and wants to step on my Meng family to establish his authority, he's simply delusional!"

    Zhang Yizhu said in a cold voice.

    Then, Zhang Yizhu looked at Meng Family Head Meng Hao, who had just advocated bowing down to Ye Fan, "Meng Hao, what is most lacking in you is the boldness in your son."

    "Those who achieve great things should have great boldness!"

    "For that alone, Chun Hua's future achievements will also far surpass yours!"

    The old lady's indignant words echoed, and Meng Hao naturally no longer dared to speak, only nodding back, "Mother-sama is to blame."

    Zhang Yizhu then looked to her grandson, Meng Chunhua, "Chunhua, what do you plan to do now about this matter, to tell Grandmother?"

    Meng Chunhua nodded, "Grandmother, my grandson has already made plans."

    "Nowadays, although all the major corporate families in Jiangdong have broken off cooperation with us."

    "But there are still a few forces that are firmly on our side."

    "I've just called and summoned them, and I'm going to establish an alliance today to carry the might of that Chu Tianfan!"

    "As for the family property side, if Jiangdong doesn't work, we'll develop outside of Jiangdong."

    "When the time comes, we, the Chunhua Group, will be just as well off!"

    "But grandmother, opening up new markets requires a lot of capital."

    "Nowadays, we don't have enough funds, so we'll have to need uncle's support."

    "Of course, it would be even better if uncle could personally visit Jiangdong."

    "With uncle sitting in, it will naturally cause many forces, to fall to us."

    "By then, our forces, too, will be stronger!"

    Meng Chunhua spoke freely and methodically.

    The reason why Meng Chunhua didn't panic was because of his uncle.

    As long as the leaning behind their Meng family remained intact, Meng Chunhua would have nothing to fear!

    Zhang Yizhu nodded, "Well, you have a good plan."

    "I'm going to call your uncle."

    "Ask him to offer him help."

    In the middle of the conversation, Zhang Yizhu had someone bring a cell phone and prepare to call his brother.

    But coincidentally, at this time, a cell phone also called.

    It was precisely from Zhang Yizhu's second brother.

    Zhang Yizhu had three older brothers.

    The eldest brother had passed away, and now the family member in charge of the Zhang family in Yanjing was her second brother.

    The old woman quickly answered, "Second brother, I was just about to call you and you called~"

    However, before Zhang Yizhu could even finish his sentence, a deep, angry voice of an old man came from the other end of the phone, "Shut the fuck up first!"

    "Let me ask you, did you mess with a young man named Chu?"

    "Well?"Zhang Yizhu was stunned, "Brother, how did you know, I was about to tell you about this?"

    "Now that Chun Hua is preparing to go to war with Mr. Chu, our Meng family is a little short of funds, so you have to help us, Second Brother."

    "Help you Marek!"Perhaps too terrified and angry, the old man on the phone directly cursed, "Zhang Yizhu, our Zhang family will be killed by your bastard grandson this time!"

    "Do you know who that Mr. Chu is?"

    "He's not just the Lord of Jiangdong, he's the King of Yanjing!"

    "One of the three new noble families, the Lin family's head, was sealed by his finger and died across the wilderness."

    "The great families of Yanjing, all bowed down to him!"

    "At first, he stepped on the entire Yanjing with one person."

    "Your family of fools has messed with this kind of person?"

    "If you want to die, don't harm our Zhang family~"


On the other end of the phone, Zhang Yizhu's big brother cursed angrily.

    This was a flying disaster!

    Originally, on the first day of the New Year, the entire Zhang family was happily holding an annual meeting to celebrate the New Year.

    But who would have thought that bad news would fall from the sky!

    Overnight, Xu Lei, the head of the luxurious Xu family, united dozens of powerful forces to impose a complete blockade on the Zhang family.

    Several big families that were previously friendly with each other also avoided the Zhang family as if they were avoiding a plague.

    Not only that, business-wise, the Zhang family's industry was also hit hard.

    Hundreds of projects were forced to be suspended and partners were dismissed.

    The group's stock directly fell to a halt, instantly evaporating tens of billions of dollars.

    At first, the Zhang family had no idea what had happened and only knew that Xu Lei, the head of the Xu family, had done it to them.

    In desperation, the Zhang family paid a visit to their home.

    Only then did it dawn on the Zhang family that they were the ones who had been implicated by the Meng family of Jiangdong.

    He made this call today in order to raise an alarm.

    But he had never thought that his idiot sister, who was still unclear about how much trouble she had made, would still be here screaming for a war with Mr. Chu?

    "A war?"

    "Start a peat war!"

    "And let me help you!"

    "My Zhang family has been victimized by your bunch of idiots from the Meng family."

    "Do you know that just recently, the big families in Yanjing have imposed full sanctions on my Zhang family."

    "The stock price plummeted, evaporating thirty billion in half an hour!"

    "Banks cut off loans, partners have withdrawn their capital from the field."

    "My old classmate, even more call me to quickly run away ah."

    "My Zhang family eighty years of foundation, but to be you this backstabbing daughter, to ruin the whole thing!"


    "This...How is this possible?"

    Her brother's words were like a thunderbolt that exploded in Zhang Yizhu's mind.

    She was already completely confused at that time, and her heart was even more shocked by the waves.

    How could he have never imagined that Ye Fan's actions against their Meng family would now implicate Yanjing City, which was a thousand miles away?

    But how is that possible?

    That Ye Fan, no matter how powerful he was, his sphere of influence was only in Jiangdong.

    Where did he get the might to threaten her mother's family?

    And how could it be? It could be the King of Yanjing?

    There were so many messages in this moment that Zhang Yizhu's brain was almost out of a short-circuit state.

    However, in the middle of the phone call, her brother's anger had not subsided and was still scolding harshly.

    "Zhang Yizhu, if my Zhang family dies because of you, after you die, I'll see how you still have the face to meet our parents?"

    "And what shame is there to face my Zhang family's ancestors!"

    "You fool, you've caused such misfortune, you can't make up for it even if you die in a thousand deaths!"

    "Now, you stay home and behave yourself!"

    "Your third brother will be here in a moment."

    "When that time comes, lead that group of idiots from your Meng family to be good and go with your third brother to apologize to Mr. Chu."

    "Otherwise, you'll be waiting to die you!"

    The phone then hung up with a snap.

    The Meng family's old lady was flabbergasted in place, lost in thought for a long time.

    After a long time, the old lady's body shook and stumbled a step, but ended up sprawled right on the ground.



    "What's wrong with you?"

    "What happened?"


    Seeing the old grandmother in such a disoriented state, everyone in the hall trembled.

    Meng Chunhua even stepped forward and hurried to support his grandmother .

    Zhang Yizhu was now spread out on the ground, as if he had lost his soul.

    No matter how Meng Chunhua and the others asked, Zhang Yizhu was always silent, his old face as pale as paper.

    "Grandmother, don't scare me ah?"

    "What the hell happened?"

    "What exactly did uncle say to you?"Meng Chunhua asked anxiously.

    Zhang Yizhu turned her head, her palms trembling, and grabbed Meng Chunhua's arm, "Chun...Chunhua, this time, you...You're afraid, you've made a big trouble~"


    Zhang Yizhu's words were only like muffled thunder struck down.

    Meng Chunhua was immediately flabbergasted there.

    He stared at it, and trepidation began to surface in his heart as well.

    A big disaster?

    Could it be...

    However, just as the Meng family was all terrified, outside the door, the sound of a car sounded.

    And then, an old man in his sixties, taking large steps, pushed open the door and walked straight in.

    "Third Uncle?"

    "How did you get here?"

    "My nephew hasn't gone to Yanjing yet to give you a greeting, so why are you here in Liaocheng?"

    Seeing the man in front of him, Meng Chunhua was extremely respectful.

    Walking forward, with a smile on his face, he greeted.


    Not at all, the man in front of him, slapped Meng Chunhua directly in the face.

    "Bunch of idiots, get out of my way!"

    After inciting Meng Chunhua to fly away, this dignified old man walked straight forward and quickly approached Zhang Yizhu.

    "Third...Third brother~" the old woman shouted in fear.

    "You have the fucking nerve to call me third brother?"The old man cursed angrily and raised his hand to strike towards Zhang Yizhu's face.

    But in the end, he still held back.

    "If it wasn't for the fact that you are old, otherwise, I would have to kill you today!"

    "What the fuck are you waiting for?"

    "Take your Meng family and follow me!"

    "Go apologize to Mr. Chu."

    The old man roared angrily.

    The old lady, who was the most outspoken among the Meng family, was now in front of her brother, but she was so terrified that she didn't dare to say a word, where there was still a bit of authority.

    However, the other people in the Meng family listened, but they were filled with puzzlement.

    Meng Chunhua even covered his face and looked at his third uncle in confusion, "Mr. Chu?"

    "Could it be that Mr. Chu from Yunzhou?"

    "Uncle, I don't understand."

    "We didn't do anything wrong, so why are we going to apologize to him?"

    "You're a grand family in Yanjing, could it be that you're still afraid of this Mr. Chu?"

    "Shut up!"As soon as Meng Chunhua's words fell, the old man became even more furious.

    This time, he kicked directly at Meng Chunhua.

    A bang.

    Meng Chunhua fell on the ground and fell on his face.

    "I don't know what's going on, but you're still stubborn to the point of death?"

    "Master Meng was famous for a lifetime, among his descendants, how did a fool like you come out?"

    "Of course, I'm not forcing you Meng family."

    "Go or not, as you wish."

    "If you go, my Zhang Clan will still try to keep you alive."

    "But if you don't go, then don't blame my Zhang family for not missing your family."

    "At that time, I will publicly announce that Zhang Yizhu is no longer the daughter of the Zhang family."

    "The Meng and Zhang families are no longer related by grace!"


    The old man's words were like a bolt to the head.

    Meng Chunhua and the others were instantly startled there.

    They stared at it with dead eyes, simply finding it hard to believe the scene before them.

    Especially Meng Chunhua, he had never dreamed that the Zhang family he relied on, facing Ye Fan, would cut off ties with the Meng family and save his own skin?

    Meng Chunhua couldn't figure out why a small Lord of Jiangdong was so feared by his uncle and his family.

    Ye Fan, who the hell are you?


In the end, Meng Chunhua's family was still good enough to get into the car and head to Yunzhou along with the Zhang family.

    When they left the Meng family, the lords of the powers that received the call from Meng Chunhua earlier had just arrived.

    They were preparing to enter Meng's house to work with Meng Chunhua on their plans and schemes to deal with Ye Fan.

    But as soon as they arrived at their doorstep, they saw the grey-haired Meng family, followed by an old man, getting into a car.

    "Mr. Meng?"

    "Where are you going with this?"

    "Are we going to be open at this point?"

    "Monsieur?Mr. Meng..."

    These people asked in confusion, however, no one responded.

    At this time, Meng Chunhua was nowhere near in the mood to pay attention to them.

    In his heart, there was only a strong sense of fear and despair.



    Genting Mountain Villa.

    The heat was curling and the fragrance of tea was dense.

    Ye Fan sat quietly, calmly leading the tea.

    Li Er, however, was standing beside him, reporting the current situation to Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, we've followed your orders and placed a complete blockade on the Meng family."

    "The Meng family, however, has no intention of bowing down and retreating."

    "Moreover, I've also heard that he has gathered some forces to form an offensive and defensive alliance to fight us hard to the end."

    Li Er said in a worried manner.

    Li Er wasn't surprised by this result.

    The Meng family was so confident that there was no way they would concede defeat so easily.

    Now, the forces behind them hadn't gone down yet.

    Otherwise, once that Zhang Yizhu's mother's family got off the field, the situation in Jiangdong would undoubtedly be even more confusing.

    However, in stark contrast to Li Er's worries, Ye Fan was extraordinarily calm throughout.

    He took a teacup and slowly filled it, "Li Er, why are you in a hurry?"

    "Come, sit down and have a cup of tea with me."

    "Maybe, after drinking this cup of tea, that Meng family, will come to the door to apologize."

    When Li Er heard this, he was close to crying anxiously.

    "Mr. Chu, by now, why don't you have any sense of urgency?"

    "Still here for tea?"

    "Are you seriously not worried at all about the power of that Yanjing Zhang family?"

    "I've already told you, as long as the Zhang family doesn't fall, then Meng Chunhua won't be able to bow down to us."

    "Don't tell me to finish this cup of tea, even if we finish a hundred or a thousand cups of tea, the Meng family won't come!"

    Li Er was anxious and angry, somewhat grumbling.

    And then, as if to hit Ye Fan's face, Li Er picked up the teacup, one mouthful directly muffled.

    And then looked at Ye Fan and said angrily, "Mr. Chu, the tea is finished, how about it, has that Meng family come?"

    Ye Fan didn't reply, smiling imploringly.


    Suddenly, a roar sounded.


    Hearing the movement, Li Er frowned, when he immediately looked outside.

    Only saw outside the villa, the number of luxury cars, drove close, parked in front of the villa.

    The car door opened, and an old man led several people, immediately walked down.

    Behind that old man, there was the Meng family's eldest grandson, Meng Chunhua.

    Li Er even saw the Meng family's oldest grandson, Zhang Yizhu.


    "No way, right?"


    Seeing the scene before him, Li Er was shocked.

    A pair of old eyes instantly widened.

    He looked outside and then at Mr. Chu who was peeling grapes on the sofa.

    In between his horror, he lost his voice and trembled.


    A few seconds later, the sound of low footsteps, had come.

    And then, with a bang, the door was directly pushed open.

    "What are you guys doing..."

    Li Er stepped forward and was about to inquire about the intention.

    But the old man who was leading the group, where to pay attention to him.

    He directly pushed Li Er aside and thumped his knees at the thin figure on the sofa.

    "Sinner Zhang Zhengfu, I have come to ask Mr. Chu for forgiveness!"

    "It's the misfortune of my Zhang family that has produced such an unworthy descendant of Zhang Yizhu."

    "So much so that it has caused a mortal misfortune and offended sir!"

    "Please, sir, chastise!"



    "Zhang Zhengfu?"

    Zhang Zhengfu's words were only like a boulder falling into the sea, but in Li Er's heart, they set off a monstrous wave of horror.


    "Is this someone from the Yanjing Zhang family?"

    Li Er had been completely confused, his brain was not enough.

    He knew that Ye Fan was awesome, but he didn't think that Ye Fan was so awesome.

    Even the Yanjing Zhang family had traveled thousands of miles to personally come here and apologize at his door?

    "A bunch of stupid shit, what are you waiting for?"

    "And don't even fucking kneel down!"

    After Zhang Zhengfu finished speaking, he turned his head towards Zhang Yizhu and the rest of the Meng family and scolded angrily.

    In the face of Zhang Zhengfu's authority, none of the Meng Family's so many people dared to speak.

    Even Old Taijun Zhang Yizhu, in front of her brother, lowered her head in fear.

    After all, the Meng family was very clear.

    Their Meng family, the reason they were where they were today was because of the Old Taijun's mother's family's protection.

    The reason they didn't fear Ye Fan was also due to the might of the Zhang family.

    Now that the Zhang family had bowed down, what was their Meng family's strength and qualification to disobey Ye Fan?

    In the end, Zhang Yizhu knelt down, and Meng Chunhua also knelt down.

    The once unstoppable Meng family of Liaocheng finally lowered their proud heads in front of Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, we, were wrong."

    "In the future, I...I, the Meng Family, would like to be at the forefront of Mr. Chu's, head."

    "Never...Never dare...Say one more word of no."

    Zhang Yizhu trembled and said.

    Meng Chunhua remained silent in fear.

    The grand hall, elegantly silent, only the Meng family's terrified voices echoed.

    Faced with Meng Chunhua and the others bowing down, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear.

    From beginning to end, he sat there with his head down, slowly peeling grapes, not even looking at them.


    Only when, a plate of grapes was in his stomach, did Ye Fan spit out the skin of the grapes in his mouth, did he look up, looking at Li Er: "Li Er, how is it?"

    "Before, I said that in less than a day, the Monks would bow down and worship!"

    "At first, you didn't believe it."

    "Now, do you believe it?"

    Ye Fan's words were resounding, but full of pride.

    The resounding voice resounded through the four directions.

    Li Er smiled bitterly and bowed his head, "It's me, Li Er, who is shallow and doesn't know the majesty of Mr. Chu!"

    "Today Mr. God is so mighty that the four seas have bowed down.I, Li Er, am convinced!"


    In the end, Ye Fan didn't make things difficult for Meng Chunhua and the others and let them leave in peace.

    However, although the Meng family's lives were saved, they were forced to surrender their entire estate.

    Not only that, Ye Fan also told the Meng family to leave Jiangdong and never to re-enter for eternity!

    So far, there is no Meng family in Jiangdong.

    Chunhua Group was overthrown overnight.

    All the family properties were taken over by Ye Fan.

    In just two days, the Meng family building was destroyed and Ye Fan was driven out.

    When the news spread, all the forces in Jiangdong were shocked!


As the saying goes, a single misstep is a thousand times worse.

    It was precisely because of Meng Chunhua's arrogance and self-righteousness that the Meng family was eventually wiped out.

    After returning from Yunzhou, the Meng family's hall was filled with despair and misery.

    Meng Chunhua and Zhang Yizhu and the others even knelt on the ground and requested to Zhang Zhengfu, "Brother, you have to help us."

    "The Chunhua Group is the crystallization of several generations of the Meng family, you can't just hand it over like this ah."

    Zhang Yizhu was filled with tears and begged miserably.

    Meng Chunhua was similarly grief-stricken and couldn't stop begging, "Yes, uncle, can you persuade Mr. Chu again?"

    "We know we were wrong, so please let him leave us alone."

    "You have to help us~"

    "Chunghwa Group, we can't hand it over!"

    "I'm going to nip it!"Zhang Zhengfu directly kicked Meng Chunhua on the ground then, cursing angrily.

    "Even now, are you guys still going to disobey Mr. Chu?"

    "It's a blessing to be alive after offending him."

    "You still want money?"

    "Go to your springtime dreams!"

    "Now you know what it's like to be afraid?"

    "Now you know what you regret?"

    "What the fuck were you doing earlier?"

    "Still daring to go hard steel with Mr. Chu, the audacity of a smaller family!"

    "My Zhang family was almost killed by you!"

    Zhang Zhengfu cursed angrily.

    After kicking Meng Chunhua away, he even threw off his own sister's arm.

    Turning his head, he directly left.

    By keeping the Meng family alive, he was already benevolent enough.

    As for the rest, Zhang Zhengfu naturally would not care anymore!

    People, in the end, have to pay for their actions.

    Naturally, one has to take the blame for the misfortune one has caused.

    After Zhang Zhengfu left, the Meng family hall was in despair.

    "Meng Chunhua, it's all you!"

    "It's all because of you son of a bitch~"


    "My Meng family, because of you, is dead~"

    "If I were you, I'd run headlong into the south wall!"

    "I told you long ago that Mr. Chu is absolutely extraordinary and must not be offended."

    "But you didn't listen?"

    "How about now?"

    "Meng Chunhua, be a million deaths!"

    In the hall, countless Meng family members, however, vented their anger on Meng Chunhua.

    Meng Chunhua, knowing that he had caused a great misfortune, kneeled down and bowed his head in silence.

    As for Zhang Yizhu, he also had no face to protect his favorite eldest grandson anymore.

    After all, the fact that Meng Chunhua had made such a big mistake had nothing to do with her arrogance.


    While the Meng family was in endless sorrow and despair, the entire Jiangdong was not at peace.

    The Meng family's ending had undoubtedly set off huge waves in all sectors of Jiangdong .

    Several big families that hesitated at the Sea Sky Feast before, after learning the news of the Meng family's demise, they all scrambled to call Ye Fan, saying that they were willing to cooperate with Mr. Chu to collect jade stones.

    It would definitely be delivered to Mr. Chu before the Spring Festival!

    As for the families that had previously followed the Meng family and refused to cooperate, after seeing the end of the Meng family, one by one, they were undoubtedly all scared out of their wits.

    There was both fear and remorse in their hearts.

    In the end, one by one, these families were like birds from a frightened bow, preparing heavy gifts and rushing to Yunzhou in the night, ready to go to Ye Fan's door to ask for forgiveness.

    After all, the Meng family's forewarning was right here.

    These families of theirs were inferior to the Meng family, and with even Meng Chunhua defeated, they naturally dared not fight hard against Ye Fan even more.

    Now, the best option would undoubtedly be to go and ask for forgiveness from Mr. Chu.

    Otherwise, the crowd was very clear that the Meng family's end would be their ultimate end.

    However, there were some people who were sad and some who were happy about the Meng family's demise.

    The Xia family.


    "Yes, yes!"Master Xia laughed.

    "Grandpa, what's wrong?"

    "What is it that makes you so happy?"

    Across the distance, the old man's laughter could be heard, and the two sisters, Xia Yue and Xia Xue, came over to inquire.

    "Xue'er, I'm telling you a good news."

    "The battle between Mr. Chu and the Meng family has already been decided!"

    "Just recently, the second head of the Yanjing Zhang family, came to Jiangdong in person and brought the Meng family's crowd to pay Mr. Chu a humble apology!"

    "In the end, the Meng family bowed down and surrendered their entire estate."

    "And, Mr. Chu also drove the Meng family out of Jiangdong, banning them from taking another step into Jiangdong for the rest of their lives!"

    "Just a moment ago, news came from Liaocheng."

    "The Meng family's eldest young master, the same Meng Chunhua who had spoken out against Mr. Chu on the Genting Mountain villa, was guilty and knew that he had made a big mistake, causing the annihilation of his family.As well as hanging himself, he committed suicide with fear of guilt!"

    "The Meng family has fallen~"

    "In the future, there will truly be only one voice in this Jiangdong, and that is Mr. Chu's voice."

    "Haha, it's so smooth~"

    "I thought that it would be a long battle, but who would have thought that in just one day, the winner would be split."

    "Xue'er, you're right."

    "Mr. Chu, it's the real dragon~"

    "Quickly, you quickly prepare some, and come with me to Genting Mountain Villa to meet Mr. Chu tonight."

    "Congratulations for Mr. Chu~"


    In his entire life, Master Xia had never been so happy as he was now.

    After all, he had gambled right.

    As expected, Mr. Chu had the last laugh.

    Furthermore, Old Master Xia also received news that it was said that among the Meng family's industries, there was a wantingly large portion that Mr. Chu would hand over to their Xia family to manage.

    From then on, their Xia family, their might in Yunzhou, would undoubtedly go even further.

    "Wow, really, grandpa?"

    "Mr. Chu is great, huh?"Xia Xue was also happy and alive.

    But her sister, Xia Yue, was so pretty and terrified that she couldn't be happy.

    She found it hard to believe that that Ye Fan, had actually won?

    "Sister, don't just stand there."

    "Let's go get changed.I'm going to visit Mr. Chu's house tonight~"

    "I want to wear the prettiest dress~"

    Xia Xue smiled and looked towards her sister Xia Yue.

    However, Xia Yue hadn't answered yet, but Master Xia snorted, "Tonight, Xia Yue doesn't have to go, just stay at home honestly."

    "Also, Xia Yue, you've been quite tired in the company these years, so in the future, don't go."

    "I'll let Xue'er take full responsibility for your position and work."

    "As for you, I'll find you an in-law, so get married as soon as possible."

    "Alright, you can leave.Xue'er stays, grandpa has something else to say to you."

    Master Xia said coldly and waved his hand, when he dismissed Xia Yue.

    "Grandpa, I'm not tired, I'm not tired at all, you can't kick me out of the company ah?"

    "Grandpa, I don't~"

    Xia Yue instantly panicked after hearing that the old man wanted to remove all her authority.

    Previously, she was the eldest princess of the Xia family and held the power of the company.

    But now, with a single word from the old master, he took away everything from her and made him fall to the altar, Xia Yue naturally found it hard to accept and burst into tears.

    However, the old master didn't even bother to pay attention to her and waved his hand, allowing his men to drag Xia Yue out right then and there.

    "Eyeless thing, even Mr. Chu dares to disrespect?"

    "You are also to blame for today's ending!"


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