Dish Best Served Cold 666-670


Chapter 666

Xia Yue's grudge against Mr. Chu, Master Xia knew quite a bit.

    Now that their Xia family needs to have a good relationship with Mr. Chu, people like Xia Yue, naturally they need to lower her presence and it's best to drive her out of the Xia family.

    Lest Mr. Chu would get angry when he saw her.

    However, it would be impossible for Master Xia to say that there was no pity in his heart.

    Xia Yue was the daughter of the Xia family, talented and skillful, and Master Xia once had high hopes for her.

    But unfortunately, she had gone astray in her relationship with Mr. Chu!

    For the future of the Xia family, Master Xia had to give up on her and put his hopes on his sister Xia Xue.

    Xia Xue's wrist was not nearly as good as her sister, Xia Yue, though.

    But that didn't matter, what mattered was that Xia Xue was much closer to Ye Fan.

    Sometimes, being on the right team was far more important than one's own talent.

    While the Xia family was preparing to meet Mr. Chu in the evening, a hundred miles away, the Haoshu Wang family.

    Wang Jiexi was full of remorse and kept sighing.

    "Dad, what's wrong with you?"

    "Why are you so sad when the Meng family is wiped out?"Wang Yuchen, who was on the side, looked on and asked in confusion.

    "Yu Chen, your father I regret ah!"

    "Our Wang family previously, shouldn't have been neutral and watched.It should have stood firmly on Mr. Chu's side."

    "Previously, our Haoshu Wang Family wasn't even close to Mr. Chu."

    "Now what a good opportunity to show Mr. Chu goodwill, and I let it go like this!"

    "I'm a stupid, stupid~"

    Wang Jiexi cursed as he fanned his mouth wildly.

    His heart was blue with regret.

    Of course, what he regretted was not only the great opportunity that he had missed out on by his own rashness, but also the benefits that the Xia family and other families had gained from the incident here.

    As far as Wang Jiexi knew, because of the contribution of the Xia family and other families in this operation against the Meng family, Mr. Chu was going to give the Xia family the management of a part of the Meng family's property that they wanted to be big.

    That was the Meng family, which had been a long time dominant in the western part of Jiangdong, and its assets, even compared to the Wang family, were no match for them.

    If you take out a little bit of it, you can make the Xia family, which can be ranked as a first-class family, lose all of its assets.

    Now that he was allowed to manage most of them, it was undoubtedly equivalent to the Xia family's wealth and power doubling in an instant.

    This foolish act of Wang Jiexi had not only lost Mr. Chu's goodwill towards him, but had also lost touch with a large sum of money.


    "My Howe State and Liaocheng are right next to each other."

    "Originally, if I had supported Mr. Chu unconditionally, this time, our Wang family would have at least fifty percent of the Meng family's property."

    "But now~"

    "I'm fucking stupid,"

    Wang Jiexi's heart was so remorseful and hateful that he wanted to incite himself to two big ears.



    Yunzhou, Genting Mountain Villa.

    It was evening, and the villa was brightly lit.

    The masters of the various great families that had previously followed the Meng family had arrived at Genting Mountain.

    They all carried heavy gifts, indicating that they sought to see Mr. Chu.

    In the villa, Ye Fan was lying on the sofa, peeling an orange while leisurely watching the TV.

    In the room, in addition to Li Er, there were Xia Xue and Master Xia's grandchildren.

    At this time, Xia Xue, dressed in a long snow white dress, is sitting next to Ye Fan, the pretty and fair face, as if out of the fairy tale Snow White Princess, is very cute and touching.

    "Xue'er, just bought the oranges."

    "Taste it, it's very sweet."

    After Ye Fan peeled an orange, he didn't eat it himself and didn't give it to Li Er, but gave it to Xia Xue beside him.

    Ye Fan also had a good impression of this girl Xia Xue.

    In the beginning, Fan Zhongxiong, Xia Yue and others united to make an attack on him, and he was never acquainted with Xia Xue, but this kind-hearted girl repeatedly pleaded for leniency for him, and was scolded by her sister Xia Yue for this.

    In today's world, materialistic desires are running rampant.

    There are too few kind and compassionate girls like Xia Xue and Li Xiaohong.

    Therefore, for such kind girls, Ye Fan would always treat them well.

    After all, even Ye Fan wanted this world to be more kind and beautiful.Less snobbery and vanity.

    "Thank you, Mr. Chu."

    Xia Xueton was flattered and happily took the peeled orange from Ye Fan's hand.

    Happy as a child who had stolen the candy.

    Master Xia who was beside him was not to mention how happy he was at the sight of it.

    The better Ye Fan treated Xia Xue, then the better their Xia family's future situation in Yunzhou would undoubtedly be.

    Thinking of this, Master Xia was suddenly even more determined to cultivate Xia Xue as a future Xia family member.

    But while some people were happy and some were sad, Li Er, who was on the side, was not feeling well.

    He had been with Mr. Chu for so long and had never enjoyed this kind of treatment.

    The little girl in front of him, who had only known Mr. Chu for a few days, ate the orange peeled by Mr. Chu.

    He was jealous.

    However, now was not the time to care about these details, there were many families waiting outside, and while Mr. Chu was fine now, Li Er then took out the list of gifts that had been sorted out and reported to Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu, the owner of the Liao Cheng Guo family sent a pair of Qing Dynasty tea sets, and is now outside the villa, requesting to see you."

    "Tea set?"Ye Fan sneered, "What do I need him for?"

    A side of the summer old man stopped, but the corner of the eye straight draw.

    Qing Dynasty tea set, or a set.

    This is at least hundreds of millions of antiques ah.

    How many people begged for it.

    But Mr. Chu, what else did he say he wanted?

    I'll fuck it up!

    Is that too much of a pussy?

    While Master Xia's heart fluttered, Li Er was not surprised.

    He continued to read, "The owner of the Nanquan Tian family, sent a pair of gold and jade embroidery to seek an audience with Mr. Chu."

    "The Nanquan Tian family?"Ye Fan spoke in a cold voice, "He still has the nerve to come and worship!"

    "Throw them all out!"


    "The chairman of the Rainbrook Group, sending a pair of Tang Dynasty calligraphy and paintings, seeking an audience with Mr. Chu!"

    "Get him out of here!"


    Just like this, one after another, the powerful and noble family masters came to offer their apologies, but without exception, they all ate the closed door, even if they sent something, they were all thrown down the mountain by Ye Fan.

    Such a scene, watching Xia Xue and the others beside him, dumbfounded!

    In this great Jiangdong, I'm afraid that Mr. Chu is the only one with such courage.

    Those unbelievably rich and powerful people in normal days are just like pigs and dogs in front of Mr. Chu.

    But Ye Fan did not give them any face.

    But thinking about it, Ye Fan doesn't need to be polite to these wallflowers.

    In the past, Ye Fan treated them with courtesy, but they didn't listen or obey, instead they followed Meng Chunhua and Ye Fan.

    Now that the Meng family has fallen, these people are like wallflowers, turning around to pay their respects to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan despises people like these, how can he give them a good face?


They, in the end, did not see Ye Fan.

    It could be imagined that these people were afraid that this year's Spring Festival would be spent in endless trepidation and fear.

    After all, Ye Fan's attitude was already very obvious.

    It was clear that he had not forgiven them.

    But Ye Fan didn't see it, but Li Er came out and reassured to them.

    "This time, Mr. Chu is very chilly."

    "Back then, the Taishan Martial Association, if it wasn't for Mr. Chu's efforts to turn the tide, all of you here, how many of you would have survived?"

    "But you guys, it's just as well you don't know how to repay, but you're not even willing to give Mr. Chu a few tons of jade if he wants it, and you want to unite the Meng family against Mr. Chu?"

    "I'm telling you, if I hadn't stopped you, none of you would have escaped."

    "All of them will have the same end as the Meng family!"

    There was a dead silence.

    These words of Li Er's made these powerful family masters present in the room, their hearts were cool and almost desperate.

    "However, you guys don't have to despair too much."

    "This time, although Mr. Chu didn't forgive you, he didn't say that he would blame you either."

    "So, there's still room for everything to be salvaged."

    "For example, this time to raise jade for Mr. Chu is a good opportunity."

    "It's up to you guys to grasp it!"

    Li Er and Ye Fan, one singing white face and one singing black face, just like this in mutual cooperation, several more big families expressed their best efforts to raise jade stones for Chu Ye Fan.




    "Mr. Chu, your tactic of scraping the bones and knocking the mountain out of the tiger is truly superb!"

    "With this set of combos, the hearts and minds of Jiangdong are set!"

    "In the future, there will truly be only one voice in this Nodong Province."

    "That would be your voice, Mr. Chu~"

    After the various forces left, only Ye Fan and Li Er were left in the villa, raising their cups and drinking.

    Especially Li Er, he originally thought that the battle with the Meng family would be a bitter, long-lasting battle.

    Who would have thought that in just a day or two, he had completely brought down the Meng family.

    Of course, what Mr. Chu admired most about Li Er was more than just this.

    Through the issuing of the Meng family's misfortune, many forces that were normally unseen emerged unanimously.

    Some people's hearts that could not be seen were also seen clearly.

    Who was sincere and who was false, it was clear!

    "Let's not rush to celebrate just yet."

    "It's not over yet, is it?"

    "Those who have disobeyed me have been punished.But those who followed me should not be chilled."

    "Next, when merit is rewarded, give the Meng family's estate to the Xia and Ma families, all of them.Let them manage it on their behalf."

    The Meng family's fortune was hundreds of billions no matter what, but some of the key industries were able to create considerable profits year after year, and these were enough for them to divide.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "But, on the Haoshu Wang family's side, do you really not want to share some over there to appease Wang Jiexi?"

    Last time when Zhao Wuji's estate was divided up, the Haoshu Wang family didn't lend much light.

    Now that Ye Fan had pacified the Meng family, if he still didn't give some to the Wang family, Li Er was really worried that Wang Jiexi's mentality would collapse.

    After all, the power of the Haoshou Wang Family was still above him, Li Er?

    Now that he, Li Er, had inherited Mr. Chu's glory, the party had risen to the top.

    "Pacify him?"Ye Fan smiled back.

    "Previously, I had a hard time with the Meng family and called on all the powers of the Jiangdong to isolate the Meng family."

    "The four great powers of Jiangdong are the only ones who chose to be neutral."

    "He's not bad at learning the way of neutrality."

    "I can't fault him for being wise."

    "But since he has chosen neutrality, he is naturally not qualified to share the fruits of victory."

    "However, instead, we can prepare some gifts for him to send."

    "How about this, Li Er, you arrange for someone to send a book to the Haoshu Wang Family in my name."

    "What book?"Li Er was curious.

    Ye Fan laughed lightly, "Just send..."


    After making the delivery, Li Er left.

    The Genting Mountain Villa, which had been noisy for several days, finally returned to calm at this time.

    It was as if the tide had faded, but an inexplicable feeling of emptiness swept over Ye Fan's heart.

    He stood up, standing proudly in the Genting Mountain Palace, and looked down from afar.

    In the distance, there were thousands of lights and stars in the sky.

    However, even though Ye Fan had this boundless view, no one could share it with him.

    Then what was the pleasure to be had?

    After a moment of silence, Ye Fan then picked up his phone and looked down at it.

    There was no message from WeChat, and there were no missed calls on it.

    Two days.

    Since yesterday's Haitian feast, that girl, there is no contact with himself.

    Ye Fan most talked about sighing, shaking his head and smiling helplessly.

    "This woman, she can really give me a bet, huh?"

    To Qiu Mu Orange, it would be impossible for Ye Fan to say that he had no anger before.

    After all, being looked down upon by the woman closest to him, no man could have peace in his heart, right?

    But if you think about it, you can't blame Qiu Mu Orange.

    On the one hand, there's a three-year-long son-in-law who's a wimp, and on the other hand, there's the all-powerful Jiangdong kingpin.

    Not to mention Qiu Mu orange, Ye Fan reckoned that even his own mother would probably not believe that these two vastly different identities could be one person.

    However, now that the misunderstanding had been resolved, the anger in Ye Fan's heart had long since dissipated.

    Just like what Nan Chen had said, between husband and wife, bumps and bruises were inevitable again.

    Both sides, both sides need to be a little more understanding.

    Moreover, Qiu Mu Orange's starting point was also all for the good of Ye Fan.

    It was just that the wrong method was used.

    In the end, Ye Fan picked up his phone, gave Qiu Mu Orange, and sent a WeChat over.



    In the middle of the eastern suburban villa, there was a light on.

    A stunning and graceful woman was wearing a chiffon dress with a camel-colored tweed coat over it.

    The long, permed hair was worn loose, making it even more intellectual and mature.

    She finally tidied up the coffee table and looked back at the LCD TV that was on in the living room.

    It was the weather forecast at the end of the news.

    "Yunzhou, moderate to heavy snow~"


    Hearing this, she looked back at the window.

    Sure enough, under the dim light, there were white snowflakes, like goose feathers, falling down.

    The first snowfall of the new year had finally fallen.

    She laughed softly, slightly miserable.

    And then, with that, she turned off the TV.

    With her suitcase in hand, she opened the door and stepped outside into the dark snowy night.

    Before leaving, Autumn Mu Orange took one last look at this house.

    It was her first home with Ye Fan, but she didn't expect that it would also be the last~


"Evan, goodbye~"

    There were tears in the corners of her eyes and her heart was filled with sadness.

    Qiu Mu Orange murmured and instantly, she burst into tears.

    For the past two days, she had been here, waiting for Ye Fan.

    Waiting for him to come back, waiting for his call.

    She wanted to see him, but didn't dare to.

    She didn't dare to contact Ye Fan, much less have the face to see him.

    The reason why she and Ye Fan had come to this point, Qiu Mu Orange knew very well that it was all her own fault.

    Therefore, she didn't blame Ye Fan.

    She was to blame for everything.

    Only now, did Qiu Mu Orange know what kind of existence this man who had accompanied her for three years was?

    Ye Fan was right, it was her who didn't know him well enough.

    It was also her who misunderstood Ye Fan over and over again.

    Seriously, Qiu Mu Orange really wanted to go find Ye Fan and say sorry to him personally.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange really didn't have the face to go see Ye Fan.

    Moreover, after learning that Ye Fan is Mr. Chu, Qiu Mu Orange almost instinctively has an inferiority complex and feels that she's not good enough for Ye Fan.

    Thinking about it, fate really plays tricks on people.

    In the past, when Ye Fan first married into the Qiu family, no one looked up to him, even Qiu Mu Orange herself felt that Ye Fan, a country bumpkin, was not good enough for her at the beginning.

    But who would have thought that in just three years, his identity had been reversed!

    How insignificant is today's Qiu Mu Orange compared to Ye Fan, no matter his status or background?

    Together with the fact that before, she had repeatedly hurt Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange felt that Ye Fan must have been disappointed in her.

    Otherwise, he wouldn't have never contacted himself after the Haitian feast, nor had he returned to the villa in the eastern suburbs.

    Qiu Mu Orange was very clear that Ye Fan must not want her anymore.

    She was not a deadbeat, even if she had feelings for Ye Fan, but so what?

    She was the one who hurt Ye Fan in the first place, and now she is to blame for the outcome!

    It was time, too, to let go.

    Ye Fan, deserves a better girl than her.

    Like Nan Chen, like Xu Lei, all of them were better candidates than herself.

    On the streets of Yunzhou, Autumn Mu Orange dragged her suitcase and walked slowly.

    Snow was falling all over the sky, and it was freezing cold.

    Her heart was also as cold as the icy snow that filled the sky, cold to the bone.

    Tears, uncontrollably flowing.

    Originally, seeing her man standing on top of the world, as his woman, Autumn Mu Orange should have been happy, should have been happy.

    But now~.

    She didn't know why she and Ye Fan, walking around, ended up like this?


    "Why is that?"

    "Why ah~"

    In the end, Autumn Mu Orange could no longer control her emotions, shrinking to the side of the road and bawling, sad as a child.

    If she could turn back time, how much she wished that she could go back to the past.

    At that time, Ye Fan was still an obdurate son-in-law.

    And she was also the laughing stock in the eyes of everyone.

    But at least, Ye Fan was still there.

    In the past, Qiu Mu Orange envied the ten thousand feet of glory and also yearned for a lifetime of glory.

    But in the end, only then did Qiu Mu Orange realize, what about riches and glory?So what if I'm basking in the glory?

    In her eyes, they were all inferior to Ye Fan alone!

    I don't know since when, that man called Ye Fan has become her "world".


    The night was silent, and snow filled the sky.

    The mournful cries, however, echoed for a long time in this world.

    Finally, right at this moment, Autumn Mu Orange's phone suddenly buzzed and shook.

    It was a WeChat.

    It was a WeChat sent by Ye Fan.


    "Mu Orange, it's been three years.It's time for me to go home and see my mother."

    "I'm planning to spend this year's Spring Festival with my mother in my hometown."

    "I'll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning."

    "Before I leave, I want to see you."

    "I'll be waiting for you on Genting Mountain."

    "I hope you'll come."



    The winds are bitterly cold, blowing snow in the sky.

    On the Lake of Clouds and Mist, the waves of smoke were vast.

    On the summit of the cloud top mountain, there was a thin figure standing proudly with his hands in the air.

    In the endless flying snow, he was looking down at the firmament and the heavens.

    Not for power, but just to wait for the return of a beautiful woman in the red dust!

    Like this, Ye Fan waited all night in this cloud top mountain palace.

    Waiting for the rising sun to rise, waiting for the snow to cover the ground, a new day, arrived.


    In the distance, a low roar was heard.

    Only a luxury car, crushing the snow, but driving into the Genting Mountain Villa.

    "Mr. Chu, Li Er has come to see you off."

    "Mr. Chu?"


    "Where are the people?"

    Li Er shouted for half a day and even went to look around the villa, but he couldn't find Ye Fan's figure.

    Until Jin Bao shouted and pointed forward, "Second Master, look, is that Mr. Chu?"

    Li Er followed Jin Bao's line of sight and saw a thin figure on top of the cloud-topped mountain in front of him, with a long spear standing on the side of the mountain.

    The head, shoulders, had been covered with snow.

    The black forehead hair, all a piece of crystal, reflecting the cold light under the sunrise.

    When Li Er saw it, he said in shock, "My God, Mr. Chu?"

    "What are you doing?"

    "You're not going to stand out there all night, are you?"

    "Are you crazy?"

    Li Er rushed over and patted away the snow on Ye Fan's body.

    Faced with Li Er's worry, Ye Fan smiled faintly, "I'm fine, and I'm not crazy."

    "Just waiting for my wife to come back."

    "It just looks like it's still not waiting."

    Ye Fan shook his head and said, although there was a smile on his lips, Li Er could see the loss in Ye Fan's eyebrows.

    Li Er was stunned, not knowing what to reply.

    Mr. Chu's family matters, of course he didn't dare to interfere.

    In the end, Ye Fan looked into the distance once again and gave up completely after seeing that there was still no one there.

    "Li Er, let's go, take me to the train station."

    Ye Fan said in a low voice, his face expressionless, making it impossible to see any emotions.

    "Mr. Chu, won't you wait any longer?"

    "It snowed heavily last night and the roads are covered with snow."

    "Perhaps Miss Autumn is on her way?"Li Er was advising on the side.

    Ye Fan shook his head, "No matter how bad the road is, it's time to walk in one night."

    "It's just that she doesn't want to see me, so let's not."

    "That way, it's a good thing for her too."

    Ye Fan was carrying too much on his back, and if Qiu Mu Orange followed him, he was destined to face many dangers and storms in the future.

    From this point of view, it was also indeed a good thing.


    Li Er didn't know what to say anymore, so with a final sigh, he also opened the car door and respectfully welcomed Ye Fan into the car.

    However, the moment Ye Fan was about to close the car door, a cry full of affection and sadness finally came.

    "Ye Fan~"

    That call, as if, pierced the emptiness.

    Echoed, through the ages!


Inside the car, Ye Fan, who heard the call, his body immediately trembled.

    "Stop the car!"

    Ye Fan drank in a deep voice, then asked Li Er to stop the car.

    After that, he walked off the car and looked ahead.

    Only at the end of his line of sight, a stunning silhouette, but quietly appeared.

    Red lips like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink.

    She was wearing a seven-foot long skirt and three thousand green threads.

    In the split second when the beauty appeared in front of him, Ye Fan only felt that the world before him lost its color.

    At this time, Qiu Mu Orange's eyes were red and swollen, and there were even tears flickering on her pretty face.

    After seeing Ye Fan, the tears were even more unable to stop flowing down.

    "Ye Fan, I'm sorry."

    "Before, it was all my fault~"

    "I misunderstood you, I didn't know you well enough, it's all my fault."

    "I should have believed you~"

    "You can yell at me and blame me all you want, I just hope, you don't leave!"

    "Don't leave me~"


    Qiu Mu Orange stood in front of Ye Fan, her pretty face drooping, tears falling like rain, and kept apologizing.

    Ye Fan didn't reply, he just walked over and embraced the beauty in front of him.

    And then, in the terrified eyes of Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan took the beautiful face in front of him and kissed her directly.

    Lips and teeth cling to each other, nose and breath smell each other.

    The two people's red lips were opposite each other, but they kissed passionately.

    Qiu Mucheng's body immediately trembled, the whole person was just like an electric shock, numb all over.

    Really, it was a magical feeling.

    Qiu Mu Orange, who had been a virgin for over twenty years, finally lost her first kiss today.

    After the panic, Qiu Mu Orange soon fell into it as well.

    Her delicate jade hands tightly embraced Ye Fan, a pair of petite bodies almost wanting to rub into Ye Fan's body, just like this, allowing Ye Fan to soothe her.

    No one spoke, and there was no need to speak.

    A thousand words had undoubtedly been incorporated into this orbiting tenderness.

    Under the Heavenly River, a pair of people, clinging to each other.

    The red lips were opposite each other, lightly spitting the sweet fragrance of the beauty.

    The Jinbao and others behind them were already dumbfounded.

    A pair of eyes were straight.

    In their hearts it was ten thousand percent envy!


    Who wouldn't be envious if they could conquer such a gifted beauty like Autumn Mu Orange?


    Jinbao's side was looking at it, but Li Er smacked him on the head.

    "What are you looking at?"

    "It's not yours to look again!"

    "Turn your head over."

    "Do you know if you're not allowed to see?"

    Li Er reprimanded harshly, while turning his head to peek at it himself.

    Jin Bao was filled with speechlessness.

    This really only allowed the state officials to set fires, but not the people to light lamps ah!





    "I can't breathe."

    It was only after an unknown amount of time had passed that Qiu Mu Orange struggled and pushed Ye Fan away.

    At this time, Qiu Mu-Orange's pretty face was as red as a peach.

    I really didn't know if it was because of shyness or lack of oxygen.

    But Ye Fan was laughing shamelessly, his eyes always fell on Qiu Mu Orange's face and never left.

    This undoubtedly made Qiu Mu Orange even more shy, and a pair of beautiful eyes stared fiercely at Ye Fan, "No looking."

    When Ye Fan saw this, he didn't tease her anymore.

    "Alright, I'm not teasing you anymore."

    "I'm going home for the New Year, do you want to go with me?"

    "Even an ugly daughter-in-law has to meet her in-laws, right?"

    "Besides, after three years of marriage, you haven't seen your mother-in-law yet."

    Ye Fan smiled and asked Qiu Mu Orange.


    When Qiu Mu Orange heard this, she became nervous almost instantly.

    After all, she was also getting married for the first time and had seen too many in-laws and daughters-in-law disagreements from movies and TV dramas.

    Now that she heard Ye Fan say that she was taking her daughter-in-law to meet her in-laws, Qiu Mu Orange was naturally nervous.

    She lowered her head for a moment, "That, do you really want to go?"

    "I'm not ready."

    Evan shook his head and laughed lightly as he saw the situation, "It's okay, my mom is very kind."

    "But..."Qiu Mu Orange still didn't dare.

    Ye Fanton smiled bitterly, "Forget it, you're not ready, I'm not going to force you."

    "Come on, I'll see you later when I have the chance."

    "However, I'm afraid you'll have to spend this year's Spring Festival at home by yourself."

    "Right, this is the key to the Genting Mountain Villa, this will be our new home from now on, so move everything over."

    Before leaving, Ye Fan explained various matters to Qiu Mu Orange.

    After everything was explained, only then did Ye Fan turn around and leave.

    After all, people Li Er was still waiting there.

    "Ye Fan~"

    At this time, Autumn Mu Orange pulled at Ye Fan again.

    "What's wrong?"Ye Fan asked in confusion.

    Qiu Mu Orange said softly, "Ye Fan, that, my company has a lot of business and I can't leave.Wait for a few days, when it's really New Year's Eve, I'll come over to you."

    Ye Fan smiled inexplicably as he heard, "What?Decided to see my mother again?"

    Qiu Mu Orange nodded her head, her pretty face blushing as she said, "It's always necessary to see it."

    "Besides, you and I have been married for three years, and I, as a daughter-in-law, haven't even gone to see our mother, it's always a bit rude."

    In the past, Qiu Mu Orange didn't fully accept Ye Fan, so naturally, she wouldn't think of going to see her in-laws.

    Now, after going through so many storms, Ye Fan had undoubtedly had an irreplaceable place in Qiu Mu Orange's heart.

    It was also time to go and meet Ye Fan's family.

    After talking for a while more, Qiu Mu Orange also sent Ye Fan away.

    At the summit of the cloud top mountain, Qiu Mu Orange cocked her head and watched the car carrying Ye Fan, slowly going away.

    At this time, Qiu Mu Orange, standing at the highest point of Yunzhou, looked up at the vast world below and looked back at the magnificent luxury villa.

    Really, all of this gave Autumn Mu Orange a dream-like feeling!

    All of this was just so unrealistic.

    "Are you Mr. Chu's wife, Miss Autumn Mu Orange Autumn?"

    At this time, there was a kind old woman behind her, who came over and bowed to Qiu Mu-Orange.

    Qiu Mu Orange nodded, while looking at the woman in front of her with confusion, "You are?"

    "Miss Autumn, hello, I'm the nanny of Genting Mountain Villa.By order of Mr. Chu, from now on, I'm responsible for all of Miss Qiu's food and clothing."

    "My surname is Wang, you can call me Wang Ma."




    "With Miss Autumn here, why doesn't Mr. Chu leave tonight?"

    "It's a few days before New Year's Eve. It's not a bad day."

    On the road, Li Er said with a "nasty" smile on his face, with no good intentions.

    But Ye Fan stared at him with no good temper: "No one will treat you as dumb if you don't talk!"

    This time home, Ye Fan had already put it off for a few days and couldn't put it off any longer.

    After all, it had been three years, and in order not to implicate his mother, Ye Fan had never returned home to visit his own mother in these three years.

    Now, he was about to head to the Chu family to settle the grudges from back then.

    Whether or not he could come back, Ye Fan himself simply didn't have any idea.

    Therefore, it was very likely that this would be the last year that Ye Fan would spend with his mother.

    Of course, Ye Fan hoped that he could stay by his mother's side for as long as possible.


    The wind was cold and the wheels were flying.

    Jinbao drove the car and quickly put Evan, on the train to Jingzhou.


And while Ye Fan was on his way to Jingzhou.

    A thousand miles away from Warsaw's Sun Country, Winter Capital.

    A helicopter, but on the tarmac outside of Winter Capital, slowly landed.

    The sound of the huge engine was deafening.

    Rotating wings, but also with air currents swirling wildly.

    When everything stopped, the helicopter's porthole was opened.

    A young man in a suit, but from the aircraft, jumped down in healthy steps.

    On both sides of the dozens of bodyguards that were already waiting here, suddenly bowed their heads in respect and worship: "Welcome three young master, to the winter capital."

    "Welcome, Third Young Master, to the Winter Capital~"

    The voices of respect and words of reverence gathered into a stream, but it shook the heavens and earth.

    The surrounding passersby heard it and looked over their shoulders, trembling in their hearts.

    Such a big row.

    It must be the eldest youngster of a giant consortium, right?

    Ignoring the confused stares of the passersby around him, the man stepped off the plane and asked his servant, "How are things going with the arrangements I asked you to make?"

    "Reporting to Young Master, everything has been prepared."

    "The Sun Country Sword God is waiting for you at the Sword God Palace, Young Master."The subordinate returned respectfully.

    The man nodded, "Very well, take me there."


    In the midst of the respectful response, the men immediately drove, carrying the man in front of them, to the Shrine of the Sword God.

    Sword God Shrine, adjacent to Mount Fuji, was the first of the six major shrines of the country of Japan.

    It had a high reputation within the country of Japan.

    After going through layers of security screening, a black Honda sedan finally drove under the Kenshin Shrine.

    Soon, the young man in the suit entered the magnificent Sword God Palace in front of him, led by a waiter.

    "The Chu Family's only Heavenly Descendant, Chu Tianqi, has come to visit His Excellency the Sword God."

    "These behind me are some meager gifts brought by the junior, please accept them."

    After stepping into the temple, Chu Tianqi soon saw an old man in blue clothes.

    A long robe, immortal and quite a bit of a Daoist legacy.

    Chu Qi Tian had heard before that the culture of the Sun Country was deeply imbibed by Huaxia, and whether it was the architectural style or the cultural customs, it was all in tune with Huaxia.

    Now it seemed that it was indeed so.

    Even the native Daoism of Huaxia could even see a few traces of it in the Sun Country.


    "You're a Chu?"

    Hearing Chu Qi Tian's words, the old man in green clothes immediately raised his eyebrows.

    A pair of eyebrows was clearly a bit more solemn as well.

    The name of the Chu Family was awe-inspiring to the overseas countries, and was recognized as the number one strong family in the world's martial world.As the Sword God Palace's Palace Master, Moonwatching River was naturally as familiar with the Chu Family's name as it was with thunder.

    "However, as far as I know, the only contemporary Heavenly Descendant of your Chu Family is not you, right."Moonwatching Moon River said in a deep voice.

    The Chu Family was at the top of the power hierarchy, and a family in this position would be endlessly magnified by any little thing.

    What's more, the Chu Family's Heavenly Descendants were a matter of Chu Family inheritance and family continuity, not a trivial matter.The major powers of the world were undoubtedly extremely concerned.

    Therefore, the matter of Ye Fan's expulsion from the Chu Family back then was not a top secret matter.

    Many powers around the world knew a few things about it.

    These words of Moonwatching River undoubtedly caused Chu Qi Tian to frown, and his heart was even more determined to exterminate Ye Fan.

    Only if Ye Fan died would his identity as a descendant of the Heavenly Generation be recognized by the world!

    Otherwise, Chu Qitian was afraid that he would be living under the shadow of that lowly brother of his for the rest of his life.

    Thinking like this in his heart, Chu Qitian's appearance remained calm as he lightly smiled and said, "Without concealing anything from Mr. Sword God, ten years ago, the Heavenly Descendant of my Chu Family was indeed not me."

    "But unfortunately, that one has been expelled from the Chu Family."

    "So, the current Heavenly Character Generation is me, Chu Tianqi!"

    Chu Qi Tian smiled faintly, but those words were filled with pride.

    Sword God Moonwatching River didn't say anything else, he wasn't interested in meddling in the Chu family's domestic affairs.

    "Speak, Young Master Chu has come a long way to find me, what is it?"

    "It wouldn't be just to give me a gift, would it?"Looking at the Moon River, he looked towards Chu Qi Tian and slowly asked.

    In between his words, he looked up and around, but he realized that Chu Qitian had come alone.


    "Where's Yinglong?"

    "He didn't come with you?"

    "As I recall, wasn't Yinglong hired to enter the Chu family for your use?"

    Looking Moon River asked in confusion.


    Hearing this, Chu Qi Tian could not help but let out a long sigh.

    "Senior Sword God, I was about to tell you about this matter this time."

    "Mr. Hua Yinglong Hua, while on a mission, has been sacrificed."

    "By a countryside villain, who used treacherous methods to design an attack and kill."


    "You said that Ying Long he's dead?"

    "How is that possible?"

    "Ying Long has already achieved great martial arts success, an ordinary strong man would never be his opponent."

    "A country boy, how can he kill him?"

    Sword God Looking Moon River's eyebrows crinkled, incredulous.

    Chu Qitian didn't say anything, just had someone, present the phone to the Sword God.

    On it, there was a set of pictures that Ye Fan had sent to him at the beginning.

    The moment Moonwatching River saw that picture, his entire body, then involuntarily trembled.

    "This...This picture, are you sure it's real?"

    Moonwatching River's words trembled.

    Chu Qi Tian nodded, "The pictures are real and there are no signs of forgery."

    "In addition, my men have already found your son's corpse."

    "In a few days, it will be sent to the Sword God Palace..."

    "Who, tell me, who is it?!"Chu Qi Tian was still speaking, but the cold, icy voice of the Moonwatching River had already sounded.

    Chu Qitian was delighted at the sight of it.

    He expected correctly, Moonwatching Moon River had indeed taken the bait.

    He had heard before that this Sun Country Sword God was extremely protective, and even though Hua Yinglong was only his righteous son, Chu Qitian did not doubt Moonwatching River's determination to take revenge in the slightest.

    Chu Qi Tian intoned for a moment, while raising his head and saying in a deep voice.

    "The murderer, Ye Fan!"


    The wind was bitterly cold, rolling up the red leaves in the sky.

    Chu Qi Tian had left by now.

    In the Sword God Palace, however, it was depressing and dreary.

    "Senior brother, you can't go ah."

    "You have a special status, being the Sword God of the Sun Country."

    "If you enter Huaxia, you will definitely alert the top brass of Huaxia, and even disturb that Huaxia War God, Ye Qingtian."

    "If you are not careful, you will trigger a national war~"

    At this time, the other two Palace Masters of the Sword God Palace were struggling to persuade each other.

    The Sword God Palace, in total, had three palace masters.

    Moonwatching Moon River, ranked first, was the strongest.

    The other two, even if they weren't as good as Moonwatching River, they weren't much inferior.

    The three of them were the strongest bearers of the martial world of the Sun Country.

    Martial Dao giants like them who were already at the top of a country, every word and action, that represented a country.

    Therefore, they were naturally much more cautious in their dealings.


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