The King of Kungfu in school 1996-2000


Chapter 1996

"I won't let go, Belinda Ma, you don't want to be my woman, but give me a valid reason."

"Let me go, or I'll be rude."Belinda Ma raged.

Tang Zichen was also a bit angry, this woman, she was too ungrateful.

"Belinda Ma, to tell you the truth, I've killed women who are prettier than you."

"Are you threatening me?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm just telling you, don't think my patience is infinite, piss me off and kill no matter how pretty you are, before a woman, I won't say who it was, but it certainly wasn't worse than you, was killed by me."

"Then you kill me, my life has been ruined by you, you kill me."Belinda Ma looked angrily at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen lifted Belinda Ma's face and said, "Unfortunately, I don't want to now."

"Don't touch my face."

"I'm not just going to touch your face, I'm going to, hehe."

"Let go of me." First URL

It wasn't long before the mahouts, not far from the attic, heard the discordant sounds.

"Ugh."Everyone sighed, thinking that Tang Zichen had gone to Belinda Ma's boudoir to persuade her, but it was only a few minutes before, again, alas.

Just then, Niu Dancing Water came.

The more Niu Dancing Water thought about it, the more reluctant he was, he came today, ready to take Belinda Ma away, although he couldn't afford to provoke Tang Zichen, but they could afford to hide ah.

"Niu Dancingshui, what are you doing here?"A man from the Ma family asked.

Niu Danceshui said, "Where is Belinda, I came to look for Belinda, I heard that Belinda doesn't want to be with that Zhou trash either, I'm sure that Belinda wants to be with me, I want to take Belinda far away."

A young man from the Ma family said, "Niu Dancing Water, you disliked that Belinda wasn't pure before, but now you've announced your withdrawal and still come."

"Don't worry, I won't, I've already figured it out, although Belinda doesn't have the first second, but there's still a third and fourth in the future, until old she's mine, what do I have to dislike, I'm going to take Belinda and fly away."

A youth snorted, "Third, you don't have a chance either."

"What?"Niu Dancing Water was startled, Belinda had only been defiled twice, had she lost it again after a few days?

That young man from the Ma family said, "It's nothing, listen for yourself."

As Niu Dancing Water listened, it was true that there were some discordant sounds coming from the attic over there.

"Ah."Niu Dangshui's face changed, realizing what was happening.

"No, who is it, who is in Belinda's boudoir."Niu Dangshui rushed towards the attic.

"Stop."That old man from the Ma family bellowed and stopped Niu Danceshui.

"Master Ma, what do you mean, Belinda is being, you didn't go in to save her, but you're still standing here watching, you."

Old Master Ma said, "Niu Dancing Water, the person in Belinda's boudoir is Zhou Mi, this is a matter for their two couples, what are you an outsider going in to disturb them."

"The two couples?"

"That's right, all of us in the Ma family, unanimously agree that Belinda Ma is with Duke Zhou."

"That's right, Belinda only has a future with a genius like Duke Zhou, and you, Niu Danceshui, honestly, will also have some skills in Xixing Town, out of Xixing Town, fart."

The people of the Ma family mocked Niu Dancing Water, as if Tang Zichen's fart smelled better than Niu Dancing Water.

Niu Danceshui couldn't get close to the attic, and could only watch.

In the attic.

Belinda Ma finally didn't struggle anymore, letting Tang

Tzu-Chen manipulated her, because, inside, Julie Ma was deeply desperate.

Belinda Ma knew that her family was not far from the attic, but no one came to her rescue, allowing Tang Zichen to take her for a third time, she was already disappointed in her family, so she did not want to make any resistance.

After an hour or so, Tang Zichen sighed: "Belinda Ma, come with me, don't worry, this is the last time I touch you, I won't touch you again until you accept me completely.You've just seen it, the people from your family, all want you to be with me, otherwise, they would have already come in to stop you, although your family doesn't dare to kill me, but those few late middle stage Human Immortals, at least have the ability to stop me, but they don't.You, ah, resign yourself to your fate."

Belinda Ma's eyes were sightless and full of despair.

Tang Zichen pulled Belinda Ma up and put her clothes back on for her while saying, "This is the last time I will touch you, in the future, I won't touch you a bit until you completely accept me, if after fifty years, you are still full of loathing for me, I, Zhou Zhou, will personally send you home and hand you over to Niu Dancing Water.Now, you must come with me."

Tang Zichen took Belinda Ma's hand and walked out of the room, then down the attic, Belinda Ma did not put up any resistance, or, her heart was completely dead.

Tang Zichen held Belinda Ma's hand and walked up to the Ma family.

That Niu Dancing Water had a black face and said, "Zhou Mi, don't bully others too much, the heavens will definitely send someone to clean up."

"Bang."Tang Zichen didn't even look at it, Zhou Mi didn't finish a sentence and was kicked away by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said to the Ma family, "Everyone, Belinda has agreed to stay with me, thank you, don't worry, I'll take good care of her, so we'll be leaving first."

A group of the Ma family smiled happily, "Congratulations."

"Belinda, live well with Mr. Zhou in the future, I'm sure Mr. Zhou won't treat you badly."

"Yes, Belinda, in the future, when you soar to the top, don't forget about your sixth aunt me oh."

"And me, your eighth aunt oh."

Everyone panicked and fawned over Belinda Ma, but Belinda Ma looked dead, her eyes were dull, and she let Tang Zichen lead her, she didn't even seem to know what she was doing, that state of mourning was worse than death, it was heartbreaking to watch.

Tang Zichen is also very distressed, but, Tang Zichen must now take her away, only by taking her away, can she gradually understand who is really good for her.

Belinda Ma's parents were busy saying loudly, "Belinda, say something, say it, you don't really mean it, you don't want to go with him, say it."

But it was as if Belinda Ma hadn't heard them, and was fretting there like a dead man.

Tang Zichen said to those who congratulated him, "Everyone, thank you, thank you relatives for your blessings, I will definitely not forget you in the future, then I will leave first with Belinda."

Tang Zichen led Belinda Ma away, everyone sent Tang Zichen out, and when they reached the gate, they didn't send him off again.


"Goodbye Belinda, come back to your mother's house more often when you have time."

Tang Zichen picked up Belinda Ma, flew up and disappeared into the sky, and a group of people were still waving at the distant sky at the Ma family's gate.

Belinda Ma's parents, however, were crying miserably.

Tang Zichen holds Belinda Ma in his arms and flies into the sky.

Belinda Ma was hypnotized to sleep by Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen touched Belinda Ma's face and sighed.

Tang Zichen felt that he wasn't doing evil, and one day, Belinda Ma would thank Tang Zichen for taking her away today.

After that, Tang Zichen wouldn't touch her again, unless one day, she herself was willing, but really that day, it showed that Belinda Ma not only didn't hate Tang Zichen, but she liked Tang Zichen.


When Belinda Ma opened her eyes again, she had already arrived at the capital city of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.

Belinda Ma sat up sharply, only to see Tang Zichen sitting on the side with his eyes closed as he cultivated.

"Where is this?"Belinda Ma asked subconsciously.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and said leisurely, "You're awake, this is my Zhou residence, my room."

"You."Belinda Ma panicked and covered her body tightly.

"Oh, I've already told you, from now on, I won't touch you without your permission, you can relax."

"I want to go home, I don't want to follow you."Julie Ma said hatefully.

"It's too late to say you won't until you're at my house now, it's too late, when I took you away from the Ma family, why didn't you say a word and let me take you away in front of everyone, if you had said you didn't want to at that time, I would have left on my own right away, it's too late."

"I was so disappointed at that time because I was so disappointed."

"Aren't you disappointed now?Even if you go back, do you think your family will welcome you?No, what they want to see is that you follow me, not that you go home.If your family doesn't welcome you back, why are you asking for embarrassment."

"Me."Belinda Ma suffered inside, indeed, the family, save for her parents and other close relatives, didn't want her home at all.Suddenly, her desire to go home faded. Remember the website

Tang Zichen said, "You have nowhere else to go now, you might as well follow me well."

"Hmph, why should I follow you, is there no place for me to go when the world is so big?I, Julie Ma, am at least a fairy, and fairies are not lowly in any fairy kingdom."

"That's true, but you're the lowest ranking immortal, and you're so pretty, aren't you afraid of leaving your hometown and being raped again?"

"You."Julie Ma was furious, her insides tingling at the word rape, and Don Zichen actually mentioned which pot.

"I'm telling the truth, the best thing for you right now, is to stay by my side.I know you hate me, but there's nothing safer than being around me, I've already said I won't touch you again, so why not take this opportunity to get to know me better, and maybe, you'll find out what's so lovely about me."

"Please don't insult the word 'cute', you only make me sick,"Julie Ma scolded.

"Hahaha, it's no use talking about it, one day, you'll know how nice I am and, you won't even want to leave if I drive you away."

"Dream on."

After that, it was true that Belinda Ma did not leave again, she also wanted to see if it was true that Zhou Mi would never touch her again, she was not afraid to take the risk, after all, she had already been tainted by Zhou Mi three times, so what if she was tainted once more.

One day, Tang Zichen said, "Belinda Ma, do you know a true fire spell?"

"Well, it's none of your business."

"Oh, of course it's none of my business, but I'd like to exchange a spell with you."

"Not interested."

"Don't be in a hurry to refuse, if you learn the spell I impart to you, I guarantee that your strength will increase greatly, at the very least, I can guarantee that you will be able to enter the top one hundred of the Yunluo Immortal Country's pre-human genius list."

"Hmph, you continue to blow."

"Why don't you give it a try, if I can really help you enter the top hundred of the genius list, what will you repay me with?"


Don't want to try."

"Belinda Ma, I know that inside, you're actually shocked to hear about the top 100, and I know by how disbelieving you look that you're still quite rare inside.In that case, why don't you give it a try."

"You want to cheat me out of a true fire spell, no way, don't think I don't know."

"Haha, yes, I do want to learn your true fire spell, but I'm not trying to cheat.Alright, I Zhou Mi insulted you many times in my past and present life, now I will teach you a powerful spell for free, after three years, the genius list will be reshuffled, I hope that by then, you can go for it and enter the top 100 of pre-human immortals.After saying that, Tang Zichen taught the first layer of the Silence Technique's recipe to Belinda Ma."

Belinda Ma originally just hummed, not thinking that Tang Zichen would teach her anything profound, but after listening for a few minutes, Belinda Ma was a bit shocked, because Tang Zichen's Silence Art was indeed very profound, so profound that she couldn't understand it once.

"Alright, once has been taught, how much you understand depends on your own talent.By the way, you can use this spell, but you must never teach it to anyone else."

Tang Zichen didn't pass on the entirety of the Silence Technique to Belinda Ma, but only the first level, the first five styles, and there were still ten styles that Tang Zichen had yet to pass on, and most importantly, there were still seven styles that Tang Zichen had yet to practice in the back.

"If you learn these five styles I've passed on to you, I don't think it will be difficult for you to enter the top 100 of the genius list.Belinda Ma, don't forget the promise you and I made, if you enter the top one hundred, you have to give me a reward."

"What kind of repayment?Did I say that?"

"I don't want anything in return from you either, pass on your True Fire spell to me, plus, give it to me again willingly, remember, willingly, no longer forced like before, alright, you practice."

"Wait, I didn't promise you that."

"If you didn't promise, then forget I didn't teach you my spell just now, don't practice it."

"Me."Belinda Ma was a bit reluctant, the spell that Tang Zichen had imparted to her was powerful and she wanted to learn it, she found that she had been trapped by Tang Zichen.

Julie Ma said, "I didn't fully understand just now, can you teach it again?"

"Am I to understand that you've agreed to what we just agreed to?"

"Choomi, you said yourself that you'd never touch me again."

"Right, unless you want to."

"Okay, I'll bet you that if I can really enter the Pre-Human Immortal 100, then I'll teach you the True Fire spell, and then, willingly let you, that one time."Julie Ma blushed, she herself had never expected to agree to such a shameless thing.However, the temptation to enter the top 100 was indeed too great, as her fiancé, Niu Dancershui, had not been able to enter the top 100 of this ranking before entering the top 1000, and she was not as strong as Niu Dancershui before, but of course, she had just recently become an Immortal, and had not participated in anything ranking related before.

"Deal, then I'll impart it to you once more."

Tang Zichen imparted it to Belinda Ma once more, after which Belinda Ma began to cultivate the Silence Technique.

Although the Silence Art was precious, but Tang Zichen believed that the Nine Daoist Demons that there must be stronger spells, so Tang Zichen did not cherish it as a family heirloom, when it should be passed on to others, Tang Zichen did not hesitate to pass it on, and after Mu Qianji and others became immortals, all of them could learn it.

Tang Zichen had also started to spit out his cultivation, Tang Zichen hoped that after three years, he would be able to move up in the pre-human immortal rankings, for example, into the top ten.


Three years had arrived in a flash.

It had taken Tang Zichen three years to finally accumulate the Immortal Machine to 100, which meant that Tang Zichen was halfway to the halfway point on the path of the Pre-Human Immortal Realm, and halfway to cultivation.

"Pre-Human Immortal, finally halfway through the cultivation."Tang Zichen clenched his fists, feeling much stronger, before Tang Zichen was only just starting out, he was able to defeat Lou Lou Hu who had cultivated to halfway, but now, Tang Zichen had also cultivated to halfway, Tang Zichen had the confidence to dress those geniuses who were in the pre-human immortal stage and had cultivated to the late stage.

"This time, the genius list will be reshuffled, I must become the number one in the pre-human immortal stage."Tang Zichen's gaze was filled with determination.

Tang Zichen had to defeat the 16 people on the Pre-Human Immortal Ranking List who had cultivated to the late stage if he wanted to become the first place in the Pre-Human Immortal Ranking List.

Tang Zichen came to the next room, the next room, Belinda Ma, was cultivating, for three years, she cultivated the Silence Technique taught by Tang Zichen, she should be somewhat successful.

In these three years, Tang Zichen and Belinda Ma didn't leave the room for half a step, and no one from the house's servants came to disturb them, for the immortal world, three years is like three days.

Tang Zichen didn't bother Belinda Ma, although three years had passed, there were still a few months before the genius list was reshuffled.

"I should go see Little Fire and the others as well."

Tang Zichen turned around and left the Zhou residence.

Tang Zichen arrived at the small separate courtyard where Little Fire Mu Qianji and the others lived. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Little Fire, Thousand Splendor, Huanhuan, Rainy Creek, and Shisun."Tang Zichen stood in the courtyard and shouted out one by one.

Soon, everyone walked out of the room, they all had a layer of dust on them, it was obvious that they hadn't moved a bit in years.

"Brother Chen, you're here."Little Fire One called.

"Everyone's been working hard, let's get some rest."


Tang Zichen sized up everyone, all of them had made a cut, Little Fire and Mu Qianji, all of them had reached parahuman.

Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Yan Xingyi, Xia Xiaoxin, all four of them had reached the ninth stage of Tribulation and were not far from being quasi-immortals.

Mo Yuyan, Purple Pupil, Xiaobai, and Wang Xuewei, also all reached the eighth stage of Tribulation.

"Not bad, everyone has made rapid progress these past few years.Tonight, let's go to the restaurant for a big meal."


That night, Tang Zichen brought all of them to a luxurious inn and gave them a ruthless rubdown.

After eating, Tang Zichen didn't go back to the Zhou residence, but came to the small separate courtyard, after all, and Mu Qianji and the others hadn't been together for several years, after that Tang Zichen lived in the small separate courtyard for half a month, this half month Tang Zichen didn't cultivate, and everyone didn't do anything, like a holiday.

After half a month, Mu Qianji and his group continued their closed-door cultivation, while Tang Zichen finally returned to the Zhou residence.

"Where did you go?"When Tang Zichen returned to the Zhou Residence, Belinda Ma had finished her cultivation and was in her room a hundred times bored.Tang Zichen hadn't returned for half a month, she was a bit impatient with waiting, and she wasn't familiar with the Zhou residence, so she waited in her room every day.

"Aren't you in cultivation."

"I ended my cultivation, I waited for you for almost half a month, this half month, where did you go to get away again."

"Yes, I did get away for half a month, and to tell you the truth, there are a lot of women who like me, and there are a lot of women who are prettier than you."

"None of my business."

"Alright, I don't want to fight with you, how are you practicing now, in another month, the genius list will be reshuffled


"I, for one, don't understand a few things,"Belinda Ma said softly.

In fact, the reason why Belinda Ma had been waiting for Tang Zichen to return for the past half month was to ask Tang Zichen about those few things she didn't understand.

"Come with me."Tang Zichen said.

"Where to."

"Find a wider place and I'll practice against you."

"Ah."Belinda Ma was delighted, inside her heart she just wanted Tang Zichen to practice against her and teach her to solve those parts she didn't understand by the way, but she was afraid that Tang Zichen wouldn't agree, after all, it wasn't who she was, why should she be so attentive to her, but she didn't expect that Tang Zichen would take the initiative to practice against her.

The two of them came to the courtyard.

Tang Zichen said, "You attacked me."

Belinda Ma was not polite and immediately attacked Tang Zichen.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen commented, "Too bad."

Belinda Ma snorted in displeasure, "Where did I practice too badly."

"If you go to the Genius Ranking Shuffle in this state, then I'm really worried about whether you can enter the top 100.The effect of the move you just performed, the Ten Thousand Things Without Spring Avatar, is sickly and spiritless, not to mention offensive."

"Is it not like this if you cast it, I don't believe it."Belinda Ma said unconvinced.

"Then open your eyes wide and see clearly."After saying that, Tang Zidun performed the same one of the Silence Technique once himself, All Things Springless.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen just lightly punched out a punch, the air emitted a dull to chilling sound, and a cluster of flowers not far away from Tang Zichen suddenly changed from fresh branches and green leaves, to a cluster of flower bones.

"Ah."Belinda Ma's body shook, seeing Tang Zichen perform the same move, but it was so powerful that it was several times more powerful than hers, as if they were practicing completely different levels of spells.

Belinda Ma's eyes looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, Tang Zichen seemed to have shown her, what is the same as a spell, before Belinda Ma thought that there was only a difference between the higher and lower levels of spells, but she didn't expect that the same spell and different people would have such a big difference.

Tang Zichen said, "See clearly?What is the effect of this spell that you have cast?What's the difference between it and mine?"

"Me."Belinda Ma stammered for a moment, Tang Zichen's face was now serious, suddenly like an elder, Belinda Ma forgot all about that rapist image of Tang Zichen for a moment.

Tang Zichen said, "Now I'm going to teach you a little bit, so remember carefully, from the level of understanding of the spell, your understanding of the spell is problematic."


"Watch carefully."

"Uh, yes."Belinda Ma was speechless, but she was fierce, but Belinda Ma seemed to have no complaints about being fierce at the moment.

Tang Zichen was not stingy, nor was he too hard on her, guiding her bit by bit, her mistakes, her incorrect places, and correcting her again and again.

In this way, Tang Zichen taught her the Five Forms of Silence Technique, practiced it with her and guided her, spending ten days.

After ten days, Belinda Ma's application of the Silence Technique had completely reached the level that Tang Zichen intended.

"Well, not bad, it's reached my requirements."Tang Zichen nodded his head with a slight smile as he looked at the one time that Belinda Ma had just cast the All Things Springless spell.

Belinda Ma was relieved to see that Tang Zichen was finally satisfied, and she involuntarily pursed her lips, these ten days, being approved to death by Tang Zichen, she didn't know how much she had been fierce.


However, when Belinda Ma saw her growth over the past ten days, her heart also felt incredible, the difference in strength between her ten days ago and now, let alone three years ago, was too great.

Tang Zichen said, "Belinda Ma, now that you're participating in the Genius Ranking Shuffle again, I have enough confidence in you, in fact, it's not even impossible for you to enter the top eighty."

"Ah, the top eighty, oh my."Belinda Ma herself was shocked, you know, she was just starting out on the path of Pre-Human Immortal, ah, just starting out, she could enter the top eighty, it was incredible.

"Prepare well."After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away without any more nonsense with Belinda Ma.

Belinda Ma looked at Tang Zichen's back and was dazed for a moment.

In fact, right now, Belinda Ma was quite complicated inside, compared to three years ago, Belinda Ma had changed so much, Belinda Ma couldn't help but ask herself inside, "If Zhou Mi hadn't brought her here three years ago, then she would still be just a woman from Xixing Town who had just stepped into the Immortal Kingdom."

The capital city of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom suddenly began to become lively from this day onwards.

Many people from outside the country came to the capital to participate in the Genius Ranking Shuffle Competition.

At this moment, in Xixing Town, the Niu Family.

"Dancing Water, practicing hard for three years, this time, the Genius Ranking has been re-ranked again, you have to work hard this time when you enter the city."An old man said to Niu Danceshui.

Niu Dancing Water's eyes flashed with a sardonic color, he would never forget how Zhou Mi stole his fiancée three years ago. First URL

"Don't worry, Dancing Water will never disappoint you all in this ranking competition, in these three years, I have turned my grief into strength, I feel, right now, full of strength, I'm going to enter the top 100 of the genius list, and, I'm going to defeat Zhou Mi, I'm going to stomp on him in front of everyone, in front of Belinda.Then, bring Belinda back."Niu Danceshui gritted her teeth.

"Dancing Water, we believe in you, you've improved so much in these three years, you can definitely do it."

Niu Dancing Water gritted his teeth and said, "Of course I can, the heavens tormented me so much, defiled my fiancée, stole my fiancée, this is just a little tribulation from the heavens, a little motivation for me."

A young man from the Niu family was busy saying, "Brother Dancing Water, that's right, in the play sung in the theater shed, the protagonists in that play are all like this, at first they are insulted and tortured, only afterwards do they rise strong, you are definitely like the protagonist in the play, Brother Dancing Water, explode."

Niu Dancing Water's gaze chilled, and in his heart, he said, "Zhou Mi, wait for me, the time for me to rise has arrived."

Similarly, at this moment in the Xian Kingdom Palace.

The emperor said to a servant beside him, "The contest to re-rank the genius list will begin soon, I want to make sure that this re-ranking, the top three must be princes of my royal family, and the top ten must be more than five of my royal family.Otherwise, how will my royal clan make the people of the territory look."

That servant smiled and said, "Your majesty, rest assured, my royal descendants have always been incredibly powerful since ancient times.In the past, every time a ranking competition was held, the top three were all royal princes, and the top ten often had five or six, all of whom were descendants of princes.I'm sure it will be the same this time as well, after all, it's not like the ranking competition has only started for a year or two."

"Although it's true that in the past, every time my prince could take the top three places, but this matter is about the dignity of my royal family after all, I can't not worry about it.Go and call Yun Hua, Yun Meng, Yun Zi, Yun Lin, Yun Qiang, Yun Gu, these people to me.They are the top three ranked Human Immortals at all levels from the last year, and I want to personally lecture them.

There's still about twenty days until the competition, I'm going to give them special training."

"Yes, Your Holiness, I'll go and call."That servant immediately went to call.

The emperor sat in the main hall, his brows locked, he didn't know why, he felt quite worried.He had to make sure that the top three people ranked at all levels of the Human Immortal hierarchy had to be from the royal family, so as to show the majesty of the royal family.

At this moment, in Princess Yun Meng's back garden.

Princess Yun Meng was talking to a word called Yun Zi.

"Zi'er, in twenty days, the genius ranking competition will start again, how come you still have time to come to my place to play."That Cloud Dream Princess said.

That little girl called Yun Zi smiled and said, "Sister, what are you worried about, fifty years ago, I first participated in the Pre-Human Immortal Genius Ranking Competition, I won first place, and now it's been fifty years, can't I still collect this first place ah.I don't believe that there are still people who can snatch the first place of my pre-human immortal genius, besides, these fifty years, because I haven't heard where any genius has risen ah."That Cloud Violet Princess said with a confident face.

Princess Yun Zi, who was also incredibly beautiful and on the younger side of the age spectrum, was even more infinitely adorable.

Yun Zi said, "Sister, you have already contacted several sessions and won the first place in the late Human Immortal stage, you must be the same this time, right?"

"Of course, I must hold on to the first place, not only me, you must also hold on to the first place in the early stages, so that I can keep my royal face."

"Sister, there's no need to worry about that at all, in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, who else is more talented than our royal children, our royal descendants are not only more talented, but also have more immortal destinies, so we can definitely rule the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom forever."

"Everything can't be absolute, alright, Yun Zi, you should also hurry back to your cultivation, be careful of sailing a boat."

At this moment, a eunuch-like servant came and reported, "Join Yun Meng, Princess Yun Zi, His Majesty has asked you to go forward."


"Did my father say anything?"Yun Zi was busy asking.

"His Majesty told you to go and obey, regarding this ranking competition, and also, His Majesty is going to specially train you to ensure that nothing goes wrong."

"Good."Yun Meng also Yun Zi, immediately left for the palace where the emperor was.

Similarly, the other prince and princess, as well as the royal descendants, were also on their way to the emperor's palace.

In no time, Yun Meng, Yun Zi, Yun Hua, Yun Lin, Yun Qiang, Yun Gu, and a dozen others arrived at the emperor's palace.

The emperor looked at these people and said, "It's about to start another round of ranking competition, how are you all preparing?"

"Back to Father, we are all ready."

"Yes very well, but I'm still not sure, maybe you don't understand what this means to us, so you must keep your names.Yun Meng, Yun Hua, Yun Lin, you three, you must keep the first, second, and third place in the Pre-Human Immortal."


"Yun Qiang, Yun Gu, Yun Xiu, the three of you, you must keep the top three in the middle Human Immortal stage."


"Yun Zi, Yun Chun, Yun Blame, you three, you must keep the first three of the Pre-Human Immortals."

"Yes, Father."


What Tang Zichen was about to participate in was also the pre-human immortal ranking, so it was unknown if Yun Zi, Yun Chun, and Yun Blame could defeat Tang Zichen and keep their top three spots.Of course, none of them were aware of Tang Zichen's threat at the moment.

"The rest of them must all keep the top ten."


"Alright, I'll officially start a twenty-day special training with you guys, come on, order the next twenty days, over ten million years of immortal grass cannot be cut off, continue to supply them all."


The royal sons and grandsons in the palace, their faces were all excited, if they were ordinary people, where would they have such a large supply of immortal grasses, and they, who couldn't be cut off for the next twenty days, were fortunate to grow in the imperial family to have this resource.

The sons and grandsons of the imperial family were able to occupy the top three of the genius list for a long period of time, and it was also related to the supply of immortal grasses and so on.

At this moment, in the Zhou Residence.


"Lord Father, what are you looking for me for."Tang Zichen was cultivating the Silence Technique and Zhou Tie ran in.

Zhou Tie took out an Immortal Grass from his bosom and said, "Mi'er, for my father, I've worked hard and wasted a lot of effort to finally obtain this Immortal Grass, although it's only two million years old, but, it should be able to increase your Immortal Fate, a new round of genius ranking competition is about to start, you have to go for it, haha." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen looked at the Immortal Grass in Zhou Tie's hand and was moved, Zhou Tie was truly for his own good.

"Lord Father, no need, use it yourself, don't worry, I'll never let you down."

"Mi'er, what's the point of being polite to father, even if it can increase the mana a little bit, it's worth it ah."Zhou Tie shoved it into Tang Zichen's hand.

"Then, I'll take it."

"That's right, then you continue cultivating ah, I won't disturb you."

Tang Zichen didn't take the Immortal Grass, because Tang Zichen's realm was already halfway to the pre-Human Immortal stage, and it was difficult to reach the end in a short time, so he might as well save it for Mu Qianji and the others, or, Tang Zichen used it to refine it into an Immortal Pill.

More than twenty days, in the blink of an eye, it arrived.

The Yunluo Immortal Country Genius Ranking Shuffle Competition had officially begun.

Fifty years shuffle once.

Now that fifty years had arrived, the genius list would be redefined as to who was first, who was in the top ten, who was in the top one hundred, and who was in the top five hundred.

At the largest martial arts training ground in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, there was a sea of people.

Tang Zichen arrived at this largest martial arts training ground early in the morning with the people from his house.

"Mi'er, do you have the confidence to hold the sixteenth place this time?"The peripatetic stepmother asked.

The Don laughed, seemingly unconcerned, "Hold the 16?Is that all you expect of me, Mother Superior?"

"Wow, Miyi can still squeeze forward, that's great."The Empress laughed.

Unfortunately, she didn't know that Tang Zichen was aiming for first place in the pre-human immortal stage.

The current first place was, Princess Yun Zi of the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom.

The second place was Yun Chun, and the third place was Cloud Blame.

Not long after waiting in the martial field, the emperor of the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, an Earth Immortal level powerhouse flew out.

There was silence in the arena.

The emperor of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, he had already cultivated to the pre-Earth Immortal stage.


sp; In the entire Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, there was only one Earth Immortal, and that was the Emperor.

The strength of the Earth Immortal was undoubtedly strong, it was estimated that with a flip of a hand, he could slap a mortal immortal to death, let alone a Human Immortal.

Human Immortals were still divided into pre-middle and late stages, and Tang Zichen was merely halfway through the early stages of cultivation, showing the geometric difference between Tang Zichen and the strong Earth Immortal at the moment.

At the scene, everyone immediately prostrated themselves and worshiped, "Worship your majesty."

At this moment, Tang Zichen had to worship as well.

The strong were kings, the weak were insects, and before there was strength, the weak had no qualifications to be arrogant, much less cocky.

No matter how big the dreams and expectations within Tang Zichen's heart were, he was just a worm before he became before he became a strong Earth Immortal.

However, Tang Zichen's heart was disdainful, and Tang Zichen believed that he would one day surpass the Earth Immortal, an imperial throne that would, one day, not even qualify Tang Zichen to mention his shoes.

But in what year or month, or whether Tang Zichen would die and be killed in the middle of his life, there was no telling.Although the Nine Dao Demon King could give Tang Zichen help, he couldn't protect Tang Zichen from being killed by a strong man.

The emperor landed on the podium, then overlooked the countless heads in front of him and smiled, "Gentlemen, the fifty-year old Genius Ranking Shuffle Competition has begun again.Fifty years ago, many of you may have had regrets and felt that you didn't get your ideal ranking, but that's okay, today he has the chance to make up for that regret again.However, it's up to all of you whether you can take it to the next level.I hereby announce that the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, Human Immortal Realm, Genius Ranking List Competition, has officially begun, starting with the early stage of Human Immortal, then the middle and late stage of Human Immortal, in that order.Alright, everyone get ready, it's about to begin."

The countless people at the scene felt nervous, everyone was aware of the monetary value of this competition.

At this moment in the crowd, Niu Dancing Water from Xixing Town had eyes filled with determination.

Fifty years ago, when Niu Dancing Water came to participate, he was lucky enough to enter the top five hundred, as a genius from a small town, entering the top five hundred was something to be very proud of.

Niu Danceshui's eyes at this time, looking towards the far side of the crowd, far away Tang Zichen and Belinda Ma were standing together, Tang Zichen had his hands behind his back, looking like an expert lonely look, Tang Zichen's look made Niu Danceshui look very unhappy, Niu Danceshui wanted to go up and step on him, to see if he still dared to look like an expert lonely look.

As for Belinda Ma, she stood obediently at Tang Zichen's side.

Niu Danceshui saw Belinda Ma behaving like this, and inwardly said, "Could it be that Belinda has been disciplined so quickly?"

Niu Dancing Water suffered inside, seeing his fiancée, who had been disciplined to be as submissive as a female slave, felt bad inside.Niu Danceshui no longer dared to think about how much his fiancée had been squeezed by Tang Zichen over the past three years."

Tang Zichen seemed to feel a burning gaze and immediately looked away.

"Niu Danceshui?"Tang Zichen saw the Niu Dancing Water and snorted lightly.

Belinda Ma also immediately looked and saw Niu Dancingshui as well.

When Belinda Ma saw Niu Dancing Water, there was an unspeakable complexity in her eyes, once he was his fiancée, once and he was the golden boy and jade girl that everyone envied, once she also how much she admired the first genius of Xixing Town, now, it was hard to say it all.

Tang Zichen asked, "Belinda Ma, your old beau is here."

Belinda Ma didn't say anything, her gaze still complex as she looked at Niu Dancing Water.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Belinda Ma, I'll let Niu Dancing Water know how strong you've become under my tutelage these past three years, hahaha."


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